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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  February 2, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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a principal threatening kids who return to school unmasked. >> your children will be held in and in school restriction situation. it's important that i point out they are not allowed on campus or on loudoun county public school property starting tomorrow it will be considered trespassing. >> laura: that's a misdemeanor. $2500 fine. ♪ ♪ >> greg: this part of the week is almost over for me. i am almost done. it's wednesday. stop clapping. they'll do whatever i say. happy wednesday, everyone. not if you're whoopi goldberg, a.k.a. karen johnson. who knew whoopi was a karen. i thought it was only for white
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people. roll it, francis. >> could welcome and welcome to "the view." you saw the news. whoopi will be back in two weeks. okay. >> greg: it's so cute when one of their side gets punished. they look like they ran out of raw cookie dough in the green room. whoopi was suspended for two weeks because she said the holocaust had nothing to do with race. she said this on a show called "the view" which has everything to do with race, except now. >> the holocaust isn't about race. no, it's about -- it's not about race. it's not about race. >> what's it about? >> it's about man's inhumanity to man. >> greg: that is heroically stupid, even for "the view." what did she think hitler meant when he said master race?
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the 100-meter dash at the berlin olympics? it's about some whites exterminating 6 million otherwise. what's the big deal. reminds me of a guy who looks at black on black crime and says that's just them doing what they do. if that callous person for me or you, we will be canceled faster than a tender date with andrew cuomo. thanks to liberal privilege, whoopi hangs on. here she is on colbert, which is french for "crushing bore." because i feel, being black, we talk about race, it's a very different thing to me. so i said that i felt that the holocaust wasn't about race. people are very angry and they said no, no, we are a race. and i understand. i understand. i felt differently. this wasn't based on the skin. you couldn't tell who was
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jewish. they have issues with ethnicity. not with race. most of the nazis were white people and most of the people they were attacking were white people. so to me, i'm thinking, how can you say it's about race if you are fighting each other? >> greg: talk about putting bengay on a sunburn. i guess colbert was too enthralled by the logic to push back. he gave about as much resistance as brian stelter at the cheesecake factory. what to do next? you go on "the view" again and read the prepared apology. merely pretending that you believe it yourself. >> eight is indeed about race because hitler and the nazis consider jews to be an inferior race. words matter and mine are no exception. i regret my comments, as i said. i stand corrected. i also stand with the jewish people. >> greg: that's a flip. even though whoopi wouldn't ever defend me, i'm hear, hear to defend her.
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anyone going for -- historical analysis from the view? they deserve what they get. it's like watching the real housewives of atlanta to learn more about the civil war. calling "the view" a lively show about opinion was like saying jeffrey dahmer was on the keto diet. free speech is about the worst kind of speech, not the best. "the view" is without fail the worst. it's the show that makes gloria steinem think maybe women should've stayed in the kitchen. they make the gibbering homeless on your street corners sound like the first continental congress. of course the media is way more offended by joe rogan's thoughts on covid than this rewriting of the holocaust and hilariously it was "the view" that wanted joe rogan censored. >> hasn't he also been chastised and corrected? he just goes back to his craziness. i don't know that he can be reformed. i >> greg: that was from a comments had more offensive crap
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fly out of her pie hole than a busted sewer pipe. >> everyone knows whoopi goldberg. she has been on tv for decades. if you don't know her heart, then you haven't been watching. >> this cancel culture is getting so out of hand. >> greg: now it's out of hand! shut up. you only care because you know her. for once, try defending someone you don't like or agree with that which is what we do. what i am doing with whoopi. i don't know her. i don't agree with her but i'll defend or even if she won't ever defend me. whoopi did a great service because what she said is exactly what critical theory is saying. remember, that stuff that the left denied was in classrooms but was in as many schools as frozen pizza and tiktok users? remember how you could explain it. whoopi did a bang-up job articulating their premise.
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that whites are incapable of being victims. they live to oppress and therefore they cannot be victims, even of each other. when the nazis exterminated jews, it was just white on white crime. who cares? especially if you're black. as the researcher says, crt points out that whiteness is already racist by its very color which seems racist. it allows you to lump jews and the rest -- with the rest of the evil whites like the nazis, serial killers on the cast of seinfeld. when you become inconvenient to their cause, blacks, asians, and hispanics become white too. just ask larry elder or any black person who isn't the left of karl marx who if i remember correctly was white. crt is designed to place people in only two racial boxes, white versus black or jews, asians, latinos or other lighter skinned nonwhites may find themselves shoehorned into the oppressors box. if you don't fall in line, then you're as bad as a nazi or
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worse, a white guy. race according to crt is only important to the color line between white and black and everything else is irrelevant and that's how the holocaust gets whitewashed. so goldberg, a jewish name she appropriated, set on tv. that in the hierarchy of oppression, whiteness is a loan of the top like the fats and sugars of the top of the food chart you can never judge success, struggle or failure any other way. to maintain the hierarchy, you equate nazis with jews under the umbrella of whiteness. really i don't think whoopi meant all of that. but given that she's a goldberg, she should have known better. [applause] let's welcome tonight's guests. she's killed more deer than interstate 80. editor and fox news contributor, katie pavlich. it took him just over 10 years to conquer the comedy scene in alaska. now he's set his sights
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on new york. actor, writer and comedian jamie lissow. she's burned more bridges than an arsonist with an e-z pass. fox news contributor kat timpf. and he once stubbed his toe on a pyramid. my massive sidekick and the nwa's world television champion, tyrus. [applause] tyrus, i go to you first for no -- >> tyrus: , gee, i wonder why. you and i shall never part. i love the color purple. i agree with you. 85%. >> greg: i'll take that. >> tyrus: two things on "the view." you cannot have conversations with people you're not comfortable with. what we saw on that show was whoopi was going down her own
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personal -- her peers said she's hanging herself. let's enjoy the fire. >> greg: you think that? >> joy behar asked her question again. then you saw when your friend has been suspended, she's going "okay." where whoopi was coming from, i understand. she's coming from the older african american perspective on racism. america has dumbed down race to one thing. either you're black or your white. which is demeaning to black people because they don't care if you're jamaican or african or you're from australia. you don't get that identity. you're just black. so the way she was describing it was, she was trying from the african american perspective, that you are white, so you get a pass. where she's wrong is the jews are the one group because of their religious beliefs that
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they are still separated and they get it from both sides. and also there's this resentment, especially in the '60s, ' 70s, '80s. she was wrong and she said she didn't think about it, ethnicity. because the racism in the world is far more direct. it's about dna, bloodlines. scotland, ireland, britain. they are all different and they have horrible names for each other and they know the difference between this and that. african-americans can relate to it. but she's been around the world enough to where she should've known better. when you work for a show and this is a reliable source. bodyguard for life. during the break, they'll go to the green room. they don't speak to each other. they're not friends. the one thing we know about the other side. one tries to crawl out, get back in. you're with us. the other thing that crabs do is they eat each other.
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yeah. crabs have got it rough. >> kat: learning a lot about crabs. >> tyrus: joy behar didn't look upset. she said she's gone for two weeks. >> greg: it might have been a legal thing. whenever we've done that, we do this, oh, that person. >> tyrus: i missed her interview she was talking about will whoopi the person. there was a moment for redemption. she could have said whoopi, you're missing the point about ethnicity. i understand your struggles but here is this. they didn't do that. "watch her burn." >> greg: that's what you do on tv. jamie, your white and you're in the whitest state in the world, alaska. did the story reach alaska? >> jamie: i'm going to be honest, i would like to never hear from whoopi again. and i think the "the view" should be canceled. i just wanted to get it off my chest. but as you asked me? that was unrelated. >> greg: i want to hear any of
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your latest "the view" jokes. >> jamie: i knew will be goldberg had a fake name. isn't it funny when you hear the serious story and they are like whoopi said... they should use her real name. that's how you figure out your "the view" name. like you get your porn star name, your first pet, the street that you grew up on. mine doesn't even make sense. i grew up on tool avenue and my cats name was gigantic. for my "the view" name. this was crazy to me because the colbert thing was where she doubles down and you get to see the truth which is fine but that it was almost like sad to see the coerced apology. what is the point? why bother? it's not canceled culture. it's take two weeks and come back.
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>> greg: they get to take two weeks off. they get -- we get the cancel culture. if. >> katie: you have to be careful if you come on the show. our career could be in great jeopardy. you're right. we can forgive her. she did apologize. this is forgiveness and move on and learn and grow in this kind of behavior doesn't work one way. if we're going to engage in that, the left has to do it. the left has been waging a war on anybody who strays from any kind of line with able event and have destroyed people's careers, their lives. they don't care if they are homeless on the streets. that's their goal. this incident i think proves how shallow the conversation on "the view" has become. the book that they were talking about on the holocaust if she would've read the first page, it's a quote by hitler that says the jews are undoubtedly a race
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but they are not human. that's on page one. if she would've done a little bit of starting. it's about her worldview and the critical race theory thing. this idea of seeing everything. a gross distortion of history. whether it's the holocaust of the foundation of the country. it forces you to push her own ideology into history without context or facts and that's exactly what she tried to do. the final point, there are black jews. there are ethiopian jews. not all jews are white. we are talking a lot about white jews. we should acknowledge. >> tyrus: having something to say about that. >> greg: kat is not a black jew. i'm sad. whoopi is my favorite person on "the view." she's the only one who could probably hang out -- what i could possibly hang out with.
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>> katie: have her here. she has two weeks off. >> greg: she's claiming she might quit. >> kat: there's a few things, if you're on tv and you have to talk about it, you are like got to be careful. the holocaust is definitely one of those things. it is wild to me that someone would get out there and be like hitler, actually not a racist. that's wild. but again, everybody says dumb stuff and conversation. not everyone converses on television about a bunch of random stuff every single day. stuff like this is going to happen. i don't think she should have been suspended, not because she wasn't wrong because she was wrong but if she would've said that she would never know she was wrong and why she was wrong. she apologize. we should forgive. it's impossible to not say something -- >> greg: we do a show every night. i have been doing this since "redeye" days. it's going to happen. these things will happen. it could be a short-circuit in
8:16 pm
the brain or a casual line or an emotional moment. you wish you could do a better job. the differences we are being audited as we are talking. what amazes me is that people can't tell the difference between an expert in people having a conversation. it's like going after rogan. >> tyrus: the guy literally talks for 18 hours. >> greg: there is no redemption, no forgiveness. we are going to change that. because we've got a huge announcement. jamie is getting a hysterectomy. just kidding. we are taking the show on the road again. i'm so excited. february 212 the 25th, we are headed to texas. we are leaving the country. we will be at dallas all week long. get your free, free tickets. go to and look for the link on the side of
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genexa is the first clean medicine company. what does clean medicine mean anyway? it's the same active ingredients you know and trust but without the synthetic stuff you don't want.
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well i don't want artificial dyes in my kid's medicine. is genexa right for me? yes! genexa uses clean non-gmo ingredients. well i don't want some hippy medicine! is genexa right for me? yes! -well i have a gluten thing. -yes! -well... -yes! -us? -yes! is this just another stupid big pharma ad? -no! look for genexa, the first clean medicine company. >> greg: at the network known for allies, they keep dropping like flies. it looks like cnn's integrity broke down starting from the top down. apparently those comically giant swabs couldn't protect these horny slobs. jeff zucker resigned today. lo and behold, zuck has his former star anchor chris cuomo
8:22 pm
to thank you. "i was asked about a consensual relationship with my closest colleague. i knowledge the relationship evolved in recent years. i was required to disclose it when it began but i didn't. i was wrong. as a result, i am resigning today." that sounds fishy but i've got to say chris cuomo has damaged more reputations than jeffrey epstein's flight logs. for zucker, it comes crashing down. it's a welcome departure from most of the lurid, disgusting stuff happening. why are they so damn horny? zucker steps down while this sinking ship of the network.
8:23 pm
i say good riddance, zucker. don't let the door hit you on the way out. but cnn will blame the door for a hate crime. their attributes to him have already started. >> thank you all for coming and welcome to the cnn chapel. i didn't know this was here either. for those of you joining us via zoom. where was i? we recently had to say goodbye to jeff zucker and i thought this would be a good opportunity for those who knew him best to say something nice so i will go ahead and get things started. when you think about it, the number of pedophile producers he hired was pretty small. >> i think jeff zucker was treated unfairly. i mean, i read chris cuomo's deposition. >> thank you, thank you. thank you so much. anyone else? i was going to say facebook has
8:24 pm
been great for the world. >> that is -- jeff zucker. mark zuckerberg. i'm an idiot. is there anyone here who has anything nice to say? there's 2,000 people in the room. jim acosta, you have no questions? per brian stelter's request. >> greg: we had to end on that note. kat, i wanted to enjoy this story so much. it's about a consensual relationship. not about their [bleep]. it should be about how bad the network is. i don't buy this story. >> kat: i want to know what really happened. if he resigned, it means he was worried about getting fired for something actually bad. i get that it's an h.r. technicality. but maybe i am a misogynistic pervert that he was doing
8:25 pm
>> greg: something stinky and smelly and gross and i want to know everything about it. i want to story to last for five months. >> katie: cnn and the relationship with cuomo was like dousing the building with gasoline. chris cuomo was holding the match and he was about the throne in there. when they fired him, getting rid of him putting it all and chris cuomo. this is cuomo's revenge. you can't tell me that this is about sex. the pedophile producers. they are under criminal investigations. there is way more that we are going to find out hopefully. >> greg: cuomo's revenge. it sounds like a medical problem. let you get in tuscany. i don't know where i was going,
8:26 pm
jamie. but lets go together. let me ask you a question. >> jamie: i'll follow you anywhere. >> greg: will you follow me with a coherent -- this is what's happening! i am starting to like chris cuomo again. what's going on? do you have any cnn jokes? >> jamie: i think when we all read this, i'm not even kidding. i first i go, do i not know what consensual means? hoover done that. have i've been missed saying this the entire time. didn't make any sense. i can't wait to hear more information about this. i will say one thing. i have a goal to someday be able to resign. it means you have a good job. you don't tender your resignation at arby's. >> greg: you don't. >> katie: you quit, you fill your bags with potato cakes.
8:27 pm
you get out. the toobin thing, that -- chances are that was consensual. >> greg: you brought up richard quest. story people forgot about in central park he was wearing a collar around his neck that was attached to another appendage. they took him back. that's why i know i'll always have a chance at cnn. he wasn't hurting anybody but himself. it was consensual. what's going on? >> tyrus: first of all you've got to say consensual different. he was having consensual sex with a woman. [laughter] >> greg: okay. >> tyrus: all right. here's what really happened. i don't know this to be true. but i feel like it's true. his love interest work for somebody.
8:28 pm
who did she work for? >> greg: andrew cuomo. >> tyrus: he got into trouble, did he not. he had an insider who knew the boss the news company. i know his brother got busted for interfering and helping. but he was getting help from perhaps somebody little higher on the food chain. then they promised cuomo he wouldn't have to fall on his sword but then they thought since they called him fredo, he would do that. but he was in the uncle. he made a deal and always telling everybody. if you want to bet a dollar that by friday they'll be something really bad but comes out and there will be a lot more resignations. saying "i'm leaving because i cheated on my wife years ago." yeah, statue of limitations ran
8:29 pm
out. i'm sure cuomo is laughing somewhere. >> jamie: allison was like, don't worry. no one's watching. then when they got busted, no, not our relationship. cnn. no one is watching cnn. >> greg: exactly. well, i feel great. next, it appears an interview was a joke to make the nfl seem woke.
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>> greg: he thought to head coaching job was next until he got the wrong text. always has the nfl nfl is lying that at all started over the wrong brian. that's happened to me before. former miami dolphins coach brian flores has filed a disk relation lawsuit against the nfl, claiming he was forced to sit through an interview with the new york giants so they could comply with the legal rule
8:34 pm
that teams must interview minority candidates for head-coaching jobs. sounds like the most awkward interview since prince andrew sat down with ""teen vogue"." in other words, he was discriminated against because the team try to get around the role it nudges teams to hire based on race. he says it was a sham because he knew they already had chosen someone else. thanks to a text he allegedly got from patriots coach bill belichick. in the text bill belichick starts by congratulating florez for landing the giants job within a confused brian flores replied he he hadn't interviewed for the job. a few texts later and it appears that build the logic had texted the wrong brian. he meant to text coach brian daboll, the guy who did get the giants job and not brian flores. that guy can't do anything right without tom brady. so yeah, that's true it's pretty messed up but it happens to everyone. that reminds me of the time i
8:35 pm
texted brian kilmeade when i was actually trying to throw my phone in the trash. yeah. yeah. yeah, that was harsh. all right. jamie, i know it's a sports story but it's really about texting. >> jamie: it really is. i love bill belichick. he has to put the jitterbug down when he starts drinking. >> greg: i know what it is. it's the giant phone for old people. >> jamie: is great, he texted me this morning and told me that he loves my portrayal of ray charles in the movie "ray." an interesting part of the story was the offering of extra money for him to lose games. in the draft pick. they were going to give them $100,000 to lose. that's got to be hard. that was me, i don't think -- i don't know if it's a good time to punt. it's the coin toss. if you are going to get
8:36 pm
incentivized by being bad at your job, imagine how much money you'd make. >> greg: it would be amazing how awful i would be. worse than this. can you imagine? you saw that. but he bad. don't owners just want to win? >> no, no. the funny part of this is belichick doesn't know how to text or he does that his glasses on. but the terrible part is that the rooney rule was put in place to stop this week. basically you're trying to tell old white billionaires from a different world, different era, how to do their business. they're not going to do it. they don't care. there is no consequence. there's nothing you can do for them. the only thing they can do in the case where it's true that he was offering to throw games, then looking at a situation where he probably should lose the team because he's tanking games which is horrible and illegal. it destroys the game.
8:37 pm
but for black coaches, they continue to change the bar. you have to be a defensive coordinator. okay. i have to be in offensive coordinator. two of the best offenses in football are run by brothers. eric bienemy in kansas city. every year those guys, how it used to be was the coordinators would get jobs. these guys don't get jobs. then you see a guy who coached in high school getting a job because he knows somebody. nepotism and you have to deal with the old boys club. but there's no consequences. there was one african american had coaching the nfl. at one point there was eight they thought they were going somewhere. this thing with flores, it wasn't his first time. the story about denver. showing up an hour late. yawning and looking around all he was talking but there's nothing more disrespectful than sitting down having a dinner.
8:38 pm
your auditioning. this is my philosophy. these are my coaches. they are like yeah, sounds great. sounds great. he got through that knowing that they were just doing this to do it that's not what the rooney rule was all about. he probably coached his last game in terms of football. he sacrifices the career to make a fight. honestly i don't think it's going to make a bit of difference. i respect and i'm proud of him for standing up for that but you can't -- what are you going to tell a billionaire? >> greg: i know kat, it's about football but it's also about texting. i assume that you want to talk about the texting. was he right to release the text? >> kat: no, that's not nice. it's not nice. texting, it's like so fun. but it's so dangerous. the amount of damage that you can do to your life. you have to go out in public. now you move your thumb and boom, life over. >> greg: it so true. >> kat: but it's fun.
8:39 pm
you sit in text. one night i spent a whole night texting random numbers and wishing people a belated birthday. you get a more window. if it was a couple weeks ago. they'll say the same thing oh, i got a new phone. they didn't know who it was. it's great, it's so fun. you've got to make sure you're texting right person. even if you are sometimes, your fingers get going. you have these feelings. i'm going to tell them how i feel. you shouldn't. >> katie: is giving me anxiety. if you email someone that you're thinking about but you not supposed to be emailing them. you're supposed email someone about them. that's happened. texting also. you have to be very careful about who you are writing to. >> kat: it's a game, like war. russian roulette. exactly. >> tyrus: starting randomly texting people.
8:40 pm
>> kat: it's the exact same as being in a war. >> greg: it's harder. >> kat: veterans day should be about me. as a person with a phone. thank me for my service. >> jamie: i have a bunch of jokes i have to say but i'm too scared. i would love to see if bill texted the other dude and said good luck next week. i would love that. >> greg: we've got to move on. the science clearly states lockdowns hardly hit mortality rates. americans who experience occasional bloating, gas or abdominal discomfort? taking align can help. align contains a quality probiotic to naturally help soothe digestive upsets 24/7. try align, the pros in digestive health. and join the align healthy gut team up and learn what millions of align users already know. how great a healthy gut can feel.
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>> greg: lockdowns wrecked your income and mental health. only good for the billionaires' wealth.
8:45 pm
the consequences will last generations but didn't slow the flow of patience. according to john's hopkins university, lockdowns reduced covid-19 mortality by only 0.2%. offense like other covid studies, it's a gross overestimation. the researchers did a meta-analysis of several studies analyzing lockdowns like school shutdowns, business closures, mask mandates and concluded "we find little to no evidence that mandated lockdowns had a noticeable effect on covid 19 mortality rates." 0.2%, that's not even half a percent. it's basically 0.0. in unscientific terms, lockdowns didn't do [bleep]. except let your older loved ones die alone, let your spouse misses a cancer screening and what your kids develop speech problems and let your friends overdosed on drugs. that happened. maybe lockdowns were worth it if you're a total [bleep].
8:46 pm
katie, what are your thoughts? >> katie: it's like these health experts can't accept common sense. in the same done a taxpayer-funded or overly priced study to prove what we knew two years ago. andrew cuomo who everybody was watching early on in the pandemic, june of 2020 was doing a press conference and he said something like 57% of new cases were people who were locked down. that's when we knew this was not working. and yet they continue to lock everything down and take peoples livelihoods away. they are still continue to do it with the measures they are implementing. it's infuriating. i am glad johns hopkins is doing the study. if you paid attention to the early data, we knew this at the beginning. >> greg: yeah. jamie, do you have any jokes about mortality rates? >> jamie: i probably do. what was in 0.2?
8:47 pm
those are the only ones that agree that lockdowns should continue, they died. i feel like if there is good data for lockdowns, good data against, shouldn't we have them? you look at the unintended consequences. people overdosing. tiger king. things like that. i was done with that. i'm done with it. we've got to send the kids back. and all seriousness, it's about freedom. i need my kids to go back to school to get my freedom back. >> tyrus: . i would like one study on something that worked. call me when you have a starting when something works. >> kat: could've probably made it worse. they close all the activities. beaches, everything close to. we are not going to not hang out with each other especially in new york. in our teeny tiny apartment she was breathing on each other. >> greg: they poured sand on
8:48 pm
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>> greg: will hall of fame voters get bitchy if eminem wins over lionel richie? the nominees have been announced. dolly parton, duran duran. lionel richie, back, and eminem. none of whom play or rock 'n' roll but that didn't keep me out of the canadian lacrosse hall of fame. eminem is 1 of 17 artist ever to get nominated in the first year of eligibility. he would be the only second white hip-hop artist to pull it off. you'll see vanilla ice is soon as you enter the building. he validates parking. tyrus, thoughts. >> tyrus: probably one of the best classes i've ever seen in recent years. all of them are in.
8:53 pm
i am shocked that lionel richie and dolly parton weren't in. as far as eminem goes, he's iconic. when you talk about the best guys. you want to save biggie smalls, tupac, dr. dre. eminem continued at a high level. even his bad stuff was still flat him. >> greg: i think he helps you in the sense that he's the most unstable person from detroit. you look pretty normal almost. >> kat: debatable. he was a big part of my childhood. his first album came out, i was in the sixth grade. we had so much fun learning the words i'm trying to figure out what some of them meant. >> greg: yes. did you ever meet him? >> no. we did go trick-or-treating at his house. it was exciting. >> greg: what did you go as? >> kat: different things for different years. i have to think about it. i will talk to my dad and i'll get back to you. >> greg: will have a meeting tomorrow and discuss it.
8:54 pm
>> katie: i went to trivia last night learned that eminem, the number one artist for sales between 2000 and 2010. makes perfect sense. >> greg: he sold a lot of stuff. >> katie: number one for a decade. i thought it was britney spears but i was wrong. don't take me to trivia. i'm not great. >> greg: jamie, this is where a comedian like you shines. it's a stupid, fluffy topic and no one really cares. i don't want to put pressure on you but you have a florida make a joke. >> jamie: tonight is going to be different. i looked up, how do they choose the nominees for the rock & roll hall of fame. google said it doesn't matter. i have trouble with this because i think -- i don't think the debates make sense. i like a bunch of people on that list but i don't know the parameters. i don't get with their influences.
8:55 pm
it's a great, duran duran and eminem, so many different places but if you had asked who did i want to get in, i would like dolly parton to get in. i want to know if they charge her breasts $25,000 for extra tickets. we remember the steve miller thing? this is how jokes are good, you explain them afterwards. he was upset because they only give you two tickets and if you want to bring other people it's $10,000 a ticket. only give a ticket for him and his wife. >> kat: her boobs are so big, they could be people. got it. >> greg: you're right, it was a change of pace in the d block. don't go away. we'll be right back. with this.
8:56 pm
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>> greg: think the kitty tablets, kat timpf, tyrus, "fox news @ night" with either the shannon bream's next. [applause] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> shannon: welcome to "fox news @ night," i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, two more fallen police officers laid to rest wednesday, one in los angeles and one in new york city. actor susan sarandon shares this twitter post comparing cops who gathered last week to mourn at a


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