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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  January 28, 2022 3:00am-6:00am PST

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all like lie hood to an impeachment of president biden. lara trump is a great weekend. thank you for getting up with us. >> thank you. >> carley: that poll that shows president biden losing support in swing states is a big deal. >> todd: as we get toward november. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great weekend. >> war on america's law enforcement takes another violent turn. >> as three police officers in houston were shot thursday. >> it's been a tough week for law enforcement. these unare inherently dangerous times. >> border crisis continues to deteriorate. >> an ice agent told me they feel the been turned into a travel booking agency. >> somebody has to hold the president accountable for abandonment of the rule of. >> did president biden tell ukraine to prepare for an invasion. white house says no. but ukrainian official says otherwise. >> biden white house needs to release the transcript of the
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call to zalinsky no word what was said no. doubt it was bizarre. >> slain nypd officer jason rivera. >> hundreds if not thousands of people are expected to come here to saint patrick's cathedral. >> i get overwhelmed. he is so young. that could be my child. anyone's child. >> i refryer football truly grateful. football is a gift and i thank god for allowing me to play it >> ainsley: police under siege, a dramatic shootout caught on camera in houston, texas. that gunman striking three officers. one in the foot. one in the arm, and one in the leg. all are in stable condition thank goodness and expected to make a full recovery. >> steve: the suspect has been identified as rolland cavio. he fled the scene now in custody after hours long standoff. that shooting adding to a total of six law enforcement officers shot across the united states in less than two days there have
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been four police officers shot and killed since the start of the year according to the officer down memorial page. that is four too many. >> brian: all right. that's not it. meanwhile ice concerned jose rosales accused of killing harris county corporal charles galloway is illegal immigrant. the professional criminal has been on the run since 1996. rosales wanted for another murder in he will value sar door. he will appear before a criminal court this morning. right there that should be the story that everyone is leading with around the country. because the guy does not belong here. he has created chaos in a state that is desperate for some type of federal help to control their border. they have gotten a dial tone ever since president biden has taken office. >> ainsley: we saw that footage in brownsville, texas. our cameras were there. this is a little of what we known so far. thankfully we got tips and sent our cameras. in saw people getting off
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federally funded buses walk into a fillings, back back out and put in taxies and transported to the airport. and they go to live with their relatives here in the country. they are illegal. and then we also saw the secret flights. that video footage was released by fox. and this is also funded by the government. they get on buss and they are taken to cities all over our country. >> steve: yeah, so the other day when we described the video from bill melugin's team, you know, an ice source says it looks like an ice release. we didn't know exactly what that was. apparently these are been going on. that's what ice is doing these days. they are not sending anybody back to their country of origin, but, instead, they are a travel agent for the most part for people who are in this country, illegally. and the joe biden administration is using ice to ferry them around to the various states. a quote from the ice source to fox news says between releases and the vaccine mandates, the
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morale is at its lowest. imagine going to the office to make phone calls to coordinate travel for someone who came in illegally, some of them with criminal records. so the source called ice now an unofficial travel coordination agency. and, ainsley, to your point, ice was asked, hey, is the federal government paying for them to fly all over or go all over? and what the source said was that ice contacts the family and asks for an address where that person will be going. then they ask them to buy a ticket on a bus in that case or on an airplane. if they don't have the money or they say, you know, i'm not going to do that, an nfo buy business the ticket and then bills the federal government. so all those people are going somewhere thanks to the american government. >> ainsley: you are paying for it. >> brian: flmplet gos religious organizations krauthammer catholics, luted tran groups take the government money and facilitate getting
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them fresh clothes stippens to pay. >> ainsley: food, shelter. and maybe provide the transportation. what happens is they call back and send for more. a lot of them in this case we are seeing a lot of single males. that's a risk, it's a violation of title 42. turned around. we are in a pandemic and back to the original point of the ice morale ice morale says if you do not as a ice officer you are fired. you are done. yet you are illegal immigrant more than likely not vaccinated judging by the countries you are from. you get. in how does that build up morale and logic? sometimes you see footage that you see on other channels and sometimes there are stories covered different ways. the reason why you are seeing these men being led out and then into our country is exclusive video because we are the only ones interested. we have great reporters it really started turning around with our drone team.
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when our drone team started showing what was going on on the ground over the rio grande and saw there on the bridge, then everyone paid attention. the bridge emptied they go back. do you know what's so disturbing about this? it's not that they have bad policies. it's an intentional no policy which really frustrates the border states and just about every state. many of which were invited down to texas to meet with the governor of texas, 25 a.g.s showed up. and for about an hour they told their stories and tried to come up with a battle plan because they have been abandoned by the federal government. >> steve: here's what the governor of texas had to say about what's going on. the lawlessness on our southern border. >> it is astonishing that one law breaker, that we are having to wage legal action against, is the president of the united states. there are laws passed by the united states congress that the president is not enforcing.
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there are united states constitutional provisions, that the president is not upholding. somebody has to hold the president accountable for his abandonment of the rule of law in this country. every single one of your states, the residents of your states are facing consequences sometimes deadly consequences. because of biden's open border policies. >> ainsley: he said the leading cause of death for americans ages 18 to 45 is fentanyl. not covid, not car accidents, not cancer. and going back to that ice story where this ice source is speaking, he says, that they are releasing migrants with criminals like assaults, dui, drug possessions and illegal reentry into our country. if they have a misdemeanor they are released into our country. the only ones that they hold are the ones that have serious felonies. he says the mass releases have been happening discreetly since february and he said the video, recording that we are able to
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show we found out doesn't even scratch the surface. >> steve: yeah, it's been going on since february. obviously when a new administration comes in they get to decide how they are going to enforce the law. to say governor abbott's. they look at the laws as written. they figured out what loopholes to use and what they wanted to do and because the biden administration is the federal government and they enforce the law regarding migration. you know, their authority supersedes texas and every border state. and any state in the united states. so they decide what they want to enforce and more importantly, what they want to ignore. when you look at that, does that look like a problem to you or does that look like a really good idea? the biden administration has decided that is what we're going to do. it will be interesting to hear what they have to say now that fox news has revealed this video. and this has been going on for about 350 days.
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ing. >> brian: they call out tiktok. remember, if you have a video that shows that masks don't work like dr. scott gottlieb say, they ban you from youtube. but tiktok is used as the number one operating vehicle for drug distribution communication and human trafficking. it's happening on a daily basis. tiktok, take it down. why can't -- that is a black and white issue. human trafficking. i'm pretty sure we can agree as a world not good. >> ainsley: greg abbott said the carltses in mexico are using tiktok to recruit smugglerrers to bring illegals in our country. >> steve: using tiktok to appeal to american kids hey you want to help us get some people over the border? do this. so they are trying to do something about it but to the governor's point down this texas, regarding the illegal drugs, texas is saying we have stopped enough fentanyl to kill
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220 million people think about that. that's over half of every american could be killed by the dosage of fentanyl that the bad guys have brought into this country. we're going to be talking to ashley moody, she is the florida attorney general. she is coming up in the next hour of "fox & friends." >> ainsley: meeting with greg abbott. headquarter a hero, massive crowds expected to attend the funeral of slain nypd officer jason rivera later this morning. a live report from saint patrick's cathedral is coming up. >> brian: president biden heading to pennsylvania today to promote his infrastructure plans. some prominent keystone dem won't be there. are there more party problems that we know of? ♪ ♪ limu emu ♪ and doug. we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast.
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>> brian: there you go. the funeral for fallen officer jason rivera expected to draw massive clouds later this morning. >> steve: it will at 9:00. family, friends and new yorkers are expected to speak today as the city mourns young hero taken far too soon. >> ainsley: ashley strohmier joins us live from outside of saint patrick's cathedral with all the details for us. ashley? >> yeah. hundreds, if not thousands of people are expected to come here to saint patrick's cathedral this morning to honor the life and sacrifice of officer jason rivera. he and his partner wilbert mora were gunned down earlier this month when they were responding to a domestic violence call in harlem. flags will fly at half-staff across the city following a powerful miles long recession for his wake yesterday. firefighters lined the fdr to salute the 22-year-old officer's
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casket draped with flag. thousands of police came out to pay respects to their fallen brother from all over the world. so did people in the community. >> i just wanted to pay my respects. young lives that have left us. this is senseless. >> he is one of new york's finest. sacrificed their life for us. >> it was just very important for me to say to these two young men, one of the two, thank you. >> jetblue offering free flights for families of the officers as well as members of the law enforcement who want to attend the funerals. rivera married his high school sweetheart in october. his widow posting a moving message on instagram describing how empty she feels saying, quote: this is the heaviest my heart has ever felt. i love you so much [inaudible] in heaven. see you later.
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officer's his partner 27-year-old wilbert mora will also have his services february 2nd at saint pat's as well. back to you guys. >> steve: thank you very much, ashley. it's very noisy there because as you can see behind her they are closing down fifth avenue. they are creating a frozen zone. the "new york post" this morning on their cover, not only do they talk about the border crisis but they also say new york city stands with the new york police department and inside, look at this. here is a poster. and what they're asking people to do is take this poster to fifth avenue this morning at 9:00. and hold this up. patrick lynch had suggested that thousands of people flood that area to show that you support the police. and if you cannot go to fifth avenue what they suggest is you simply put that up in your window so that the people driving by, people come up to your house, they know that you
3:18 am
support the cops and you stand with the new york police department. >> ainsley: when i was driving in this morning, all the barricades were there. they are getting ready for the big crowds. i talked to a police officer yesterday who lives out on long island. he said i'm come in for the funeral. i need -- he has a side business and he was going to do some work in my house, and he said next week i can't come that day because i'm going to go officer mora's funeral, too. he says i try to go to every single officers' funeral. you can feel the effect when you drive down fifth avenue and dry past the cathedral and see the all officers getting ready when i passed by it i thought of the wife yesterday taking the coffin into saint patrick's cathedral for the initial services and then the big funeral is today. i thought she just walked on this very ground and comes here to bury her husband. >> brian: yeah, i mean, there is so much going on. the lives of these two men and also what's going on in the city. just when you think the whole city is mourning and getting on the same page despite what they
3:19 am
put out the washington, d.c. branch. the tires of four new york city police department patrol cars and van police vehicle from there in connecticut were slashed some time shortly around 6:30 wednesday in harlem right near where the vigil taking place. there is some people in new york city that are just flat out evil. the other story is this 16-year-old new york city evidently aspiring and successful rapper he shot a cop and at this hour he is walking free according to his lawyer he is back doing homework. he is out on a $250,000 bond. >> steve: 16-year-old cammeron williams also known as steve blue. there he is in his mugshot, posted a $250,000 bond. what that means is that $15,000 in cash. so he came up with it. because he has a record deal. and he got some of the advance money and so he got out of jail. what happened was 10 days ago today, cops were called to an
3:20 am
unruly crowd in one of the boroughs, the bronx. and this rapper, this guy who is now charged, was told by the cops take your hands out of your pockets. we want to see your hands. that's the case. we wanted to make sure you don't have a gun in your hand. it turns out the guy had a gun in his hand in his pocket. there was a scuffle with the cops. next thing you know, the gun goes off, hits the rapper in the groin but shoots this police officer who thankfully has been released. his name kasim pinont the prosecutors did ask for no bail but the judge said, you know what? we are going to give this young man a chance, even though he has got previous gun records on his arrest warrant. ains the judge is judge dennis boyle. he has come under a lot of fire for being overly quleent and patrick lynch with the police benevolent association shame on judge dennis boyle for allowing this to happen. the people of the bronx won't be
3:21 am
safe as long as he is on the bench. >> steve: yeah. >> ainsley: it's ridiculous what is happening here in new york city. this guy shot a cop. do you remember growing up i remember being a little girl and my dad walking down the hallway oh my word somebody shot the cop he is going to get the electric chair. we had that in south carolina at the time. that was the standard. if you shot a cop you were in big trouble. you were probably going to die. >> steve: why don't we still have that? >> brian: this guy missed time in jail. cammeron williams' attorney says cammeron has been released and will be back to his regular productive life focusing on schoolwork and music career. he is get on with his life as these cops continue to heal. patrick lynch as you alluded to said if anybody wants to know why we have a crisis of violence in the city or wife we are about to bury two hero police officers look no further than this disgraceful bail we lease this individual chose to carry illegal guns twice. he chose to fight and shoot a new york city police officer. there is no treason believe he
3:22 am
will not do the same exact thing when he is out on the street tonight. >> ainsley: he also had a 2020 gun possession arrest on his record and he was placed on probation for that one. >> steve: exactly. they were trying to help him because he is a juvenile there are people here in new york who want to change the law because currently if you are a juvenile, you are -- you go into family court rather than criminal court. so if somebody has a gun, if you are 16 or 17 years old, they want you to be part of the criminal court program but there are a lot of lawmakers that say no. no. >> ainsley: walked out of the detention center last night 7:00 in brooklyn. >> brian: the mayor said that's what i want and said no we are not doing that this story for actress golden legend goldy hawaiian. gold hahn.she is extremely conce most clear-thinking people about a generation of kids who are growing up in this pandemic very
3:23 am
impressionable ages whether they are 4 or 14 who have been told you are going to die. don't wear a mask and you don't leave it over your nose, you will be punished. you are not allowed to go to school and hand out with your friends and play sports. she hearkens back in the time 1950s there was a sense that weekend be nuked by the russians any melt. saw a move of explosion and people being burned and had to run back home and talk to her mom. totally traumatized she thinks about that and channels that and thinking about these kids today. she is grandparent now. covid trauma is hurting a generation of kids. we failed them as a nation. >> steve: right. that's the headline. and in the op-ed she says today we are in the midst of a national trauma that could very well surpass 9/11 and approach the heightened terror of the cold war years. the covid era has changed our children's lives in far more real tangible ways. social distancing, school closures, daily mask use.
3:24 am
people are frayed of air, spaces around the air around them. constant fear not seen in decades this tells us as a nation we have failed our children. >> ainsley: she goes on to say in the article that the cdc, the american academy of pediatrics and the u.s. surgeon general all have agreed that the state of our children's mental health is now at a level of national emergency. she says we have failed our children and she talks about the suicide attempt rate. she said it's gone up. she has been working with children's organizations for the last 20 years. started this organization mind up. nonprofit and focuses on the mental health of our kids. america has failed our children, she said. >> brian: no one ever brings up mental health. the kids, too dangerous. going to stayvaxed. a teacher feels as though it's too much of a risk. we are not going to worry about the kids and never come up in conversation. they are never represented at the white house. they are never represented at these medical sessions. you never hear it brought up instinctively from anthony fauci or the people that pretend to work with him. i do end with an optimistic note. she says we will survive the
3:25 am
covid-19 pandemic. i'm not sure we can survive an entire generation whose collective trauma seconds them hobbling into adulthood. we need more research, more preventative care and intervention. if we get it right kids could emerge as the strongest generation america has produced. can someone please focus on getting that part of the this pandemic right? >> steve: to your point, ainsley, we learned a lot during the pandemic. and they haven't really balanced the concerns with people who are vulnerable with the children. you know why -- do you know how they would have paid more attention to the children? >> ainsley: how? >> steve: if the children could vote. >> ainsley: right. >> steve: right? >> ainsley: i think about teenagers though. they're the ones really affected. little ones in different ways. these teenagers they didn't have the normal experiences that we did. and listen, life gets really stressful later on and you have to start paying bills and worrying about different things. these teenagers they are going through this at an early age. time of their lives. >> brian: enough done.
3:26 am
>> ainsley: u.k. >> brian: u.k. done. sweden always been done. we will work through it. we are not going to hide from it. that has to be has to be the mindset. we are changing gears. this is how we are living with it game on. look at the numbers dropped 28% over the last week. we are beginning to come out of this variant pretty quickly. >> steve: that is good news. because of we are all frustrated with it at the same time, it's still impacting at love people. 12,000 people died last week here in the united states. >> brian: you can't hide for three years in yr closet and expect to live your life. >> ainsley: hand it over to carley she has headlines for us. >> carley: good morning to you all. important news to get here here. the white house is flatly denying reports of president biden calling a russian invasion in ukraine all but certain. cnn reporting biden told ukrainian president valentine's day zelensky of kyiv could be be prepared for impact. house spokesperson tweeting in parts this is not true.
3:27 am
reports of anything different are completely false. meanwhile the future of the nord stream 2 pipeline is still uncertain. listen. >> it need to be tested and certified. no gas will flow through it currently a hunk of metal at the bottom of the ocean. >> general jack keane joins us next hour to discuss rising tensions with russia. and today president biden is heading back to pittsburgh to promote his successful infrastructure bill. he invited three high profile democrats to join him but two turned him down citing scheduling conflicts. this comes as president biden's plunging poll numbers become election liability for democrats. and a big retirement announcement in the nfl. steelers q.b. big ben roethlisberger emotionally retires in a video. take a look. >> retired from football a truly grateful man. the steeler nation the best fans in all of sports. thank you for accepting me as your quarterback over the years. football has been a gift.
3:28 am
and i thank god for allowing me to play it. >> carley: in roethlisberger's time in the black and gold the steelers never had a losing season. big ben was selected to six pro bowls and helped lead pittsburgh to six super bowl titles. tune in sunday when the rams post the niners for a spot in this year's super bowl that game happening on fox. those are your headlines, guys. >> brian: one west coast team playing in a west coast super bowl. >> carley: exciting thing for the west coast. >> brian: i'm very happy for them. >> carley: we will know next time we are on the curvey couch next week. >> brian: shoveling snow. is it going to be the niners or rams? got to be so stressful. >> steve: thank you, carley. >> carley: see you guys. >> brian: i will take it from here. thank you. time is up for healthcare workers to get the covid vaccine under biden's mandate. even after staffing shortages surge. two healthcare workers who have already lost their jobs because of their company's mandate join us next.
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i'm greg, i'm 68 years old. i do motivational speaking back pain, and fatigue. in addition to the substitute teaching. i honestly feel that that's my calling-- to give back to younger people. i think most adults will start realizing that they don't recall things as quickly as they used to or they don't remember things as vividly as they once did. i've been taking prevagen for about three years now. people say to me periodically, "man, you've got a memory like an elephant." it's really, really helped me tremendously. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> brian: you have heard this song before. time suspect now but thousands of healthcare workers to get vaccinated for covid-19 as the biden administration's mandates starts to take effect. similar mandates have already forced some healthcare workers heroes out of work. our next guests are among the more than 200 blue cross, blue
3:33 am
shield mitch began employees terminated for not getting the shot. lisa and bill join us along with their attorney noah horowitz. first off, alicia, what went into your decision to not get the shot. >> thank you first off for the wonderful opportunity to share our story. i very much had a lot of time thinking about this and praying on this. and there was absolutely nothing about it that i could support. and it very much went against everything that i believe in. >> brian: did you have the virus? >> no, i have not. i have not been sick. >> brian: bill, what about you? >> yeah. mine was the same way as far as this went definitely against my religious convictions. i have had the virus several months ago. but in the meantime this still definitely determination on my part that that was not something i wanted. written bine so we are in a country now where you could
3:34 am
decide about -- private business can decide about your healthcare. noah, what can they do legally to get them back on the job? >> so legally my clients understood that they had a right to submit religious accommodation requests for the covid-19 vaccine. what this case comes down to is that the company decided to tell them that their religious beliefs were not valid and it accomplished that task by interviewing them for 15 minutes and making a judgment on whether or not they were telling the truth. so, in terms of getting them back on the job. the company can do the right thing now. that's what we want. we want the company to make amends for this profit that they put in place that stripped my clients of their rights under title vii of the civil rights act. >> brian: what kind of track are you on to get this back in court and get them back on the job? >> we are trying to move as quick as possible. always a few hurdles to jump through when bringing a lawsuit. we have 200 clients right now and working through the logistics of making sure all of
3:35 am
them are going to have a claim against the company. >> brian: i hope you win. here is what blue cross blue shield said as a private employer we can put policies in place to protect the health and safety of our workforce. provided ample notice to our employees about this particular policy. and the test stations to deadlines and process involvement. we did provide a number of accommodation to employees. but still, alicia, you are not taking it, and you can't believe you are job. your thoughts. >> after 22 years stellar employee disheartening for a company to turn their back and let me go. >> brian: bill, what are you doing now? >> right now i'm still looking for a job. and, you know, it's not been easy. still kind of punch in the gut having been pastor for several years to be denied my religious accommodation and basically told my religion is a lie that it can't be real to be denied that
3:36 am
has been like i said kind of a punch in the gut of just waiting and still looking for a job that could match what we [inaudible] >> brian: noah, do you believe if you can win this case it will be a message even to the military to put the men and women back in uniform, to the hospitals here in new york city to let them go work again? >> it's a message to respect employees religious freedoms. they have a rate to request these exemptions to the vaccine. the employer should not be second-guessing and inserting its own judgment as to who is spiritual and who is not. and nothing says more about my client's religious convictions than the simple fact that they were willing to be terminated for them. that's key here and that's why we are going to win. >> brian: you see how often what they told us about the vaccine. what they told us about the mitigation efforts. how wrong they have been along the way. they for this. you guys should not be working. it's sinful. i appreciate you telling your
3:37 am
story. bill, best of luck and noah, hope you win. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> brian: you got it vice president harris once again tackling root causes of the border crisis but says don't expect improvements any time soon. one retired special agent joins us next as border patrol agents share harsh words for the biden administration.
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>> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed with chasing the big idaho potato truck. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. >> the work we need to do will be work that will manifest over a long period of time hopefully not too long, but certainly not overnight. solutions, if they are going to have to have any impact are not going to occur overnight. >> steve: there you have got the vice president kamala harris traveling admitting solving the border crisis won't happen overnight. she promises once again to tackle the root causes of migration during a visit to honduras. her come as leaked audio tense meeting between border patrol and secretary alejandro mayorkas. >> it may appear that people are
3:42 am
trying to indicate that everything is honky dory, we know better. i know better. >> the commitment remains. key will keep fighting. let me just say you can turn your back on me but i will never turn my back on you. >> you did the day you were appointed. >> steve: here with reaction retired ice special agent now running for texas land commissioner victor avila. good morning to you, victor. >> good morning, steve. >> clearly the ice agents, you understand their frustration because they are not being allowed to do their job. in the meantime kamala harris is down in honduras for the inauguration of the new president. essentially what she is saying is when you would need to address the root causes. and they are poverty and corruption in honduras. you know what? what's going to happen? is the united states going to write checks so people don't come up? and what about corruption? certainly they are saying the new government, you have got to worry about everybody there.
3:43 am
victor, wouldn't it be easy to worry about our southern border and make it so people who aren't supposed to can't cross it? >> that's a very logical solution for me. and as an agent that worked in mexico, and i was station dollars there and worked in those conditions yes with a corrupt government, i know firsthand how it is to deal with these governments, but they could end this right now. they have the ability to -- they make it sound like it's an impossible task when they know exactly what's going on down at the southern border. this is very purposeful. the border patrol agents understand that i just came back from a five-day tour on the border speaking to the agents themselves. and they are crushed. they are demoralized. and they basically have had enough with this administration not allowing them to do their jobs. guess what? we are feeling the effects, especially here in texas, where our police officers are being killed by illegal aliens. >> steve: absolutely. in fact, you brought me to our next topic and that is we now
3:44 am
know that the killer of harris county, texas, corporal charles galloway has been on the run since 1996. he keeps changing his name. apparently it is jose oscar rosales. he was arrested in mexico. he was wanted for murder in el salvador. victor, here's the thing. and there is the deputy who was killed tragically. here's the thing. because the biden administration is not enforcing our southern border policies and as enacted, you know, by the u.s. congress. people just come and go. they come and go. this guy for decades apparently was just coming and going. killed a cop. and was wanted for murder and we never stopped him. >> no. it is complete lawlessness, is the best way for me to describe it as i continue to go to the border. i have been going down there since last year when this administration took over. and it has only gotten worse,
3:45 am
steve. it is completely -- it's unrecognizable. i don't recognize our state. i don't recognize our country with, like you just said. we have these laws that have been passed legislatively in our country and completely being ignored by this administration. and it's frankly taken the lives not just of our police officers, and by the way i want to give my condolences to the family. i have been there. my partner was killed next to me 10 years ago and i was shot three times while we were in mexico development i know what it's like. i have been battle tested. i know the consequences of these open border policies under this administration. and that's why i'm running for this very important position of texas land commissioner. finally do something to secure our border. >> steve: no kidding. because texas, when we see what texas and your governor there are doing to try to stop the illegal migration compared to the open door policy of the administration. a lot of people are just scratching their heads. it it's like i thought it was illegal to cross the border without papers and whatnot. apparently not. victor avila, we thank you very much and good luck to you.
3:46 am
>> thank you, steve. >> steve: all right. 14 minutes before the top of the hour. and carley joins us. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. listen to this. the national black lives matter movement is facing questions after reporting $60 million in its bank account last year. but no financial or senior director. the movement's founder stepped down last year naming two women to take charge of the finances. those women say they never accepted the role. "the washington examiner" also reporting the group never filed its 2020 taxes. and its 2019 taxes were filed under a nonexistent address in los angeles. a veteran owned d.c. restaurant is facing a liquor license suspension after several vaccine mandate violations. big board, a popular bar and grill near capitol hill has already received two $1,000 fines as well as a verbal and written warning. the big board has also received complaints of mask violations. the business may be able to
3:47 am
appeal its case as early as next week. teammates say they're uncomfortable changing in a locker room with transgender u penn lia thomas. awkward concerns have been ignored by coach. college track athlete says the ncaa is deliberately turning blind eye continue to justices to women's sports. writing in an op-ed they used to call me the faster girl in connecticut as fast as i am. i can't outrun the advantages posed by competing with biological men. caitlyn jenner spoke out on hannity. listen. >> i love the trans community. but we have to do what's fair. we have to do what's right. >> this as a growing number of female athletes say the future of women's sports is uncertain. those your headlines. steve, over to you. >> steve: carley, thank you very much. a couple minutes before the top of the hour. janice dean joins us. janice, i know it hasn't happened yes. but everybody is getting ready
3:48 am
for tonight. >> janice: yeah the computer models coming into agreement coastal storm and impact millions of people along the i-95 corridor. there is the future track comes tonight. the worst of it all day tomorrow. all day on saturday. we now have blizzard warnings in effect for parts of new jersey, delmarva, up towards maine and massachusetts. where not only heavy snow but blowing snow for duration of hours is going to make travel impossible in some of these areas. i am glad it is coming on a weekend. hopefully people will heed the warnings, but, yeah, 6 to 12 inches certainly for some of these big cities. there is a sharp cut off between a lot of snow and not a lot of snow. but i want to err on the side of a lot of snow. people need to prepare for that will north carolina to coastal maine. snow, wind, flooding, power outages and this is going to be a high impact storm. blizzard conditions along the
3:49 am
coast and it could change so i need people to be very prepared and listening to your local forecast. steve, back to you. >> steve: that's right. i was just talking to somebody who lives out on long island. they said it's either going to be two inches or two feet but you say be prepared. >> ainsley: yeah. on the higher side. that's my forecast. >> steve: all right. you are usually right. j.d. thank you very much. >> janice: okay. >> steve: still ahead. a red revival? republicans in illinois are hoping their state's redrawn district map will give them an advantage. up next, we will talk to a teacher and business owner who thinks he can flip one blue district red. ♪ before nexium 24hr, anna could only imagine a comfortable night's sleep without frequent heartburn waking her up. now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts, for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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>> ainsley: the countdown to midterm elections are on. republicans in illinois are hoping their state's redrawn district map will give them an advantage. next guest tea party and business owner running as republican for congressman bill foster's seat. jerry evans joins us now. good morning, jerry. can you hear me? we can't hear you. there we go. there you go. good morning to you. >> i gotcha. good morning, ainsley. >> ainsley: districts in illinois in november. what does it mean for you as a republican. does it mean you have a chance? >> absolutely.
3:54 am
so, what we have been seeing over 2021 is we have been seeing suburban moms and people in general coming back to the republican party and coming back to a message of law enforcement and coming back to a message of educational opportunity and parents rights and coming back to a message of a free economy. we strongly believe this is a district we can flip. also, even the democrats believe that the democrats just yesterday came out and just said that this district the 11th congressional district is actually vulnerable for the republicans to flip it i'm running for u.s. congress to go ahead and bring that conservative voice to congress and make a change for the everyday american. >> ainsley: why do you want to run for congress. >> i want to run for congress because as a husband and father and businessman and teacher, i really believe that leadership, it's about service, it's about integrity and sacrifice. also fueled by compassion. what we have seen over the past year with the biden administration pursuing far left policies is that it's just hurt everyday americans. like the people that i know as well as the poor. i'm absolutely not okay with that i'm run for u.s. congress to stand up for free economic
3:55 am
opportunity and stand up for school choice and parents rights as well as just for the everyday american. >> ainsley: when you look at the map of illinois of your state, a lot of it is red, the majority is red. you have cook county which is chicago. we do so many stories of crime in chicago and there are a lot of democrats that live there can you see it's blue. you are a music teacher, you are a business owner. and you say these past few years of government overreach has hurt your children, has hurt the students that you teach. has hurt your employees. tell us how. >> yeah. so, you know, for me, as can you guess musicians tend to not be at the high end of totem pole of earners in america. because of 40 year high of inflation i had to raise prices to make sure teachers can pay their bills. gas prices skyrocketing and energy prices skyrocketing and all the other economic factors that effect people like me as well as parents who want to give their children music education. music education can help students stay away from substance abuse and help them
3:56 am
with confidence and a host of other things. parents are having a hard time with that i'm not okay with that. >> steve: well, we wish all the best, jerry, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks, ainsley, god bless you. >> ainsley: god bless you, too. we did reach out to congressman bill foster. we have not heard back. new shocking revelations about the biden's ties to chinese businessmen. how the family raked in $30 million. pete hegseth and rachel campos-duffy are going to join us live to react. ♪ the potential for rich returns. entresto is the number one heart failure brand prescribed by cardiologists and has helped over one million people. it was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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1 . [gunfire] >> ainsley: under siege, a dr. mat tinge shootout caught on camera in houston, texas. >> adding to a total of six officers shot across the united states in the last two days. >> these are inherently dangerous times. >> border crisis continues to deteriorate. >> my agents told me they feel the agency has been turned into a travel booking agency. >> the lawlessness in the united states of america right now and it starts at the top. biden needs to be held accountable. >> did biden tell ukraine to prepare for invasion. the white house says no. but ukrainian official says otherwise. >> biden white house needs to release its transcript of the call to zalinsky. we have no doubt what was said on the call no doubt it was bizarre funeral for jason rivera expected to draw mask crowds this morning. he and his partner wilbert mora gunned down responding to domestic violence call. >> i get overwhelmed.
4:01 am
he was so young. that could be my child or anyone's child. >> i retire from football a truly grateful man. football has been a gift and i thank god for allowing me to play it. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> steve: you are looking at the lighthouse down in cape maine, new jersey, just about as far as down as the jersey shore as you can go. right now 33. and as you can see overcast. janice dean was talking about the weather. the northeast is preparing for the coastal storm. there is a blizzard warning right now as we start this friday morning for cape may. they are looking for everywhere between 8 and 15 inches of snow before it's over in cape may along the coast. >> ainsley: well, i have never been there. it looks very pretty. today is january 28th. i just saw that my mom's birthday. has been, mom, i am so glad you were born.
4:02 am
>> steve: think about it, if she wasn't born. >> ainsley: i know. i'm very grateful. because i have my daughter now because of my mom. yeah, three generations. so i was in 3rd grade we lived in charlotte, north carolina. and the challenger exploded on this day years ago. remember christa mcauliffe was the first school teacher to group and it was my mom's birthday. >> brian: goldie hawn talked about indelible moments. she had hers with the cold war and bomb shelter thing. they say for other generations it was income a classroom with a teacher on board when the challenger blows up so it was exposed to all these schools. and then you have 9/11, obviously, then we have the two-year pandemic where we erroneously put kids in masks and we have second graders who don't know their abcs. >> steve: so anyway, welcome aboard to this friday. >> ainsley: but it is a friday on a happy note. it is friday. >> steve: tgif thank goodness it's fox.
4:03 am
>> ainsley: somber mood in new york. we saw those two officers killed. a funeral today and one next week. everyone is talking about that in new york and streets are closed because they are expecting thousands of police officers to be in front of saint patrick's cathedral. this morning they are laying to rest jason rivera. >> steve: there you can see him being brought into the cathedral for the wake. family, friends and fellow new yorkers will speak today at saint pat's as the city mourns a young hero taken far too soon. >> brian: he was assassinated according to a guy ray kelly told us on this show that just wanted to kill cops. sadly he was successful. but lost his life in the process. ashley strohmier joins us live from outside saint patrick's cathedral with the details. how are the crowds, ashley? >> yeah, brian, in the last 30 minutes, can you really start to tell that people are starting to show up. we saw five buses, you know, jam-packed with police officers getting out about 15 minutes ago or so. and earlier i was saying
4:04 am
hundreds, possibly thousands. but i can say that number will be closer to the thousands with the amount of people i have seen show up. like i said in the last 30 minutes or so and the funeral starts at 9:00. this is to honor the life and sacrifice of officer jason rivera. he and his partner wilbert mora were gunned down when they were responding to domestic violence call earlier this month in harlem. flags will fly at half-staff across the city following that powerful miles on procession for his wake yesterday. firefighters lined the fdr to salute the slain rookie officer's casket which was draped with flags. thousands of police came out to pay their respects to the fallen brother from all over the world. so did people in the community. >> for such two young people it's terrible. >> a little overwhelmed because is he so young. that could be my child. anyone's child. >> will serve the city and his
4:05 am
life is taken. how do you explain that? how do you justify. >> jetblue is offering free flights for families of the slain officers as well as members of law enforcement who just want to attend the funerals. rivera married his high school sweetheart in october. his widow posting a moving message on instagram describing how empty she feels saying, quote: this is the heaviest my heart has ever felt. i love you so much, mi polito forever in heaven. his funeral slated to start at saint patrick's cathedral. two hours. his partner 27-year-old wilbert mora will have his services slated for february 1st and 2nd. back to you. >> steve: people are asking what in that instagram message from his widow what mi pollito means in spanish it means chick or little chicken which obviously
4:06 am
is the nickname they had for him. it is heart breaking. there will be thousands of people here. unfortunately it's bitterly cold. it's below freezing here in the northeastern part of the united states. but i remember back, i think it was 2017. also on a friday at saint pat's when hero cop steven mcdonald's passed away. he had survived being a paraplegic for decades after he was shot in central park. remember tens of thousands of people showed up and paid their respects to him. i am sure there will be that many people today were it not for the fact that it is so darn cold. >> ainsley: show the signs printed and take this down to fifth avenue in front of saint pat's or put this in your house or window. >> steve: isn't that a great message? anybody who shows up the "new york post" printed this poster up, new york salutes the new york police department right there. and even if you don't attend, put it in your window it's a
4:07 am
good message. >> brian: six law enforcement officers were shot around the country in the last two days. in st. louis a police officer very critical very unstable condition. again, it happened in and around st. louis a place where a lot of the anti-cop movement started in the so-called ferguson effect. three houston police officers were shot. we know one was in texas was killed over the weekend. a day after these two officers were shot. one would later succumb to his wounds on tuesday. but, add to all of this, the anti-cop feeling around the country and how to reverse it because while you sit there and say well, the cops haven't been empowered. the laws are pushing them back, the defunding is happening almost every major city, including a billion dollars cut out of this budget. how do you change things? one thing you could do to change things is change some of the laws. if joe biden had saw this thing without a political lens, he would say we have got to get rid of no cash -- this no cash bail reform. we got to get rid of that right away. we have to find a way to upgrade
4:08 am
the salaries of these people and empower things like the undercover cops to do their job. that was really outlined in today's "new york post." one of the editorials says joe biden can't just tell us about how bad guns are when he visits new york city. he goes on to say jonathan tobin if biden wants to help rather than virtue signal and tired talking points about gun control. he should join forces with suppress reluctant governor and legislator bail reform law thatt gift keeps on giving to criminals. denounce lawmakers around the country who think their main job is to those committing crimes rather than victims. sadly, there is no record of joe biden pushing back against politics. if you see at the border the disaster policy, he has done nothing. if you look at build back better, it was so liberal it was never going to pass. he didn't change it and now we have voting reform. it was so radical, it would nationalize elections. he knew it would pass. he didn't examine it. there is a hope but there is not
4:09 am
a practicality to that wish. >> ainsley: joe biden is coming here to new york next week. is he going to meet with our new mayor. and the article goes on to say i know what his message is going to be. he is going to say too many guns. because crime has gone up in this city. but he says he just virtual signals. he repeats these talking points. he said what the president and the mayor need to do is press our reluctant governor and the albany legislature to repeal these bail reform laws. he said what about the victims? you know, we are protecting the criminals and not the victims. by not prosecuting them he is talking about alvin bragg who is our new d.a. who is so woke, he says he is so worried about creating more equity that he thinks that by not -- by not prosecuting the criminals, who aren't doing the major crimes that that will present equity in our community. that's more important than putting these bad guys behind bars. >> steve: and because the new mayor here in new york, he has got a plan. he says albany has got to do something. if joe biden just comes down and says you have got to do something about guns, to sound
4:10 am
like the mayor. the mayor has a plan. joe doesn't have a plan. he has a talking point. you meant matily, you know, we have heard from the state legislature that thing about changing bail reform dead on arrival. right now as the "new york post" op-ed page wrote two days ago, right now governor hobleg has got the maximum leverage because ledges law temperature is negotiating the budget. if she really cares about safety and thinks that this no bail thing is a good idea she can't possibly but many democrats do. right now she should try to negotiate and say okay, democrats, and republicans, if you want this, i want that. now is the time to let's make a deal. otherwise, another year or two of the same kind of stuff as a funeral for a fallen hero starts in two hours just about two blocks from where we are sitting. >> brian: also a mayor with a
4:11 am
lot of political capital right now combine with the police chief countless press conferences demanding all those things take place if they really believed it buckled his party. he got elected as a common sense democrat which implies that there isn't a lot of common sense with democrats. and he could use his political capital that window is open for about six months. let's see him use it for the right things. >> ainsley: let's talk about schools because covid is another concern. parents are starting to get frustrated not only because you had the national school board association sending that letter to the white house calling parents domestic terrorists and possibly the education secretary miguel cardona being involved in that because, if you read that email, it looks like he was involved in it. >> brian: he was. >> ainsley: you know, he is under fire now for that he faces allegations of pushing equity and hasn't done enough to keep our kids safe during covid and getting back to normal sooner. so this is what he said. he is calling on the united states to re-set after covid and reimagine -- there is that word again, education. >> while we must stay cog than
4:12 am
zandt and supportive of the challenges our heroic educators face daily, to keep our schools open today, we must also simultaneously meet this moment in our country's history. a moment to reimagine education. we can't lose this moment. a chance for a re-set in education. by going back to the same pre-pandemic strategies that didn't address iniquities. instead, let's do what america does best. let's turn crisis into opportunity. >> steve: how many times have we heard never let a good crisis go to waste? while he made those comments yesterday, it's not exactly clear how he is reimagining or what he would like to change. so specifics though that he has suggested and these are things we can all get behind. he would like to see teachers not paid much, you talk about your sister all the time like to see teachers get paid more.
4:13 am
more money to low income school areas. universal pre-k which is very popular with a lot of people. increasing the reading levels. we'll all like american kids to read better and know more stuff. this is the thing that i think is almost ironic. he want to create more authentic parent and family engagement but over the last six months, when we have seen the families engaged at the school board level, so many of the school boards won't listen, hello, loudoun county, the irony is that he, to the earlier point, has been accused of being one who asked for the national school board association to write the letter to the administration comparing parents to teachers. and using the patriot act. he has denied that that has been used. but, nonetheless, he wants to reimagine but doesn't really give a lot of clues. >> brian: i talked to a lot of teachers, teach in new york city. they will can't get the parents involved. it's almost impossible. then when this virtual schooling happened, you couldn't even get them to press their kids to get
4:14 am
in front of the camera. so that's the problem. a lot of -- some of the parents want to be involved and we see that issue with some people that don't want them involved at all. and the other one is a lot of parents are just not involved, whether it's a single parent working two jobs or just not hands on with their kids. and i just think if you look at the dollars that pour into the school system in new york city, you would see that money is not the issue. it's what they are spending it on. how they are doing it what the curriculum is. and i would love to see teachers make more. but if you break down where it is, they actually think there is a lot of fat in that budget. and i'm so encouraged by eric adams choice of education secretary or chancellor because he is for the private schools. he likes the -- he likes the academies, and he is for accountability. when it comes to teachers. so, you know, that could be his hidden gem. >> ainsley: when it comes to schools a hard three years now with remote learning and the masking, cancellations of proms, field trips.
4:15 am
parents aren't allowed inside the classroom anymore. to drop your kid out in front. kids are wearing masks. and has been very stressful. there has been some good that's come out of it when you go to the d.c. area. and those counties there. when you go to. >> steve: and you have. >> ainsley: and we have. we have been to chicago and talked to parents and sat down and had these conversations. many of them did not know who was on their school board. do you know who is on your child's school board? these parents we talked to they learned each of the members of their school board. they started going to school board meetings and speaking out and become more involved in their kids' classroom and what they're learning when they noticed some of these kids are learning crt and so they would go and complain to the schools. we all got a glimpse of what our children are being taught inside the classroom, which has been a gift to us. we had fox digital go to pennsylvania and they talked to parents who were stressing the involvement in children's schooling and how great that has been. watch this. >> i view my role in my child's education as being central to it. >> i am as their mom i do often
4:16 am
know what's best for them. >> we are getting realtime feedback from our student when they come home each day. >> some of the problems we are seeing today are due to the fact that parents fell asleep at the wheel. the pandemic has been an opportunity for parents to get a better understanding of what their kids are learning. who are these people that are making decisions for the kids? >> do we always make the right decisions for our kids? i can say no. but i do make what i feel are the right decisions for how i want for my children to grow up. >> steve: check that out on and this is one of the reasons why in the wake of what happened down in the commonwealth of virginia, more people are actually running for school board. >> if they have got the time and the opportunity, they want to sit there. and they want to have the input. others are, you know, they are just talking to the teachers more. they are listening to their kids more. my kids left the high school five years ago. six years ago. i still talk to the principal. i talked to him yesterday about something. and, do you know what?
4:17 am
just pick up the phone. you got a question about what's going on? call your school it's that easy. >> brian: get the masks off the kids everywhere from 3 to 20. they need to be off the kids, it's got to happen right away. >> ainsley: all right. let's hand it over to carley she has headlines for us. >> carley: yes, i certainly do. i have a story that's getting a lot of attention especially online. more than 200,000 people sign a petition demanding that two texas brothers and their friends be freed after being charged with capital murder in the death of their stepfather. all three were arrested saturday in texas. they are being charged with beating their stepfather to death. after their 9-year-old sister said he had sexually assaulted her. chicago mayor lori lightfoot tweeting this bizarre post burning residents to get vaccinated. the democrat writing the message is clear, get vaccinated comfort of home and this stack could be yours. the photo shows get vaxxed spelled out cash on rawsmght
4:18 am
twitter spoot say the oddly spelled stack 626 bucks. getting football fans the chance to win a hot sauce themed and edible representlyca. launching a spoofed crypto currency bone coin. must share the most bone coins by super bowl sunday to win a big prize. and tune in this weekend when the rams host the niners for a spot in the super bowl. that game on fox. >> football and bone coin. >> steve: i wonder if anyone has done the analysis what people people buy franks hot sauce i bet it is before the weekend not like you would buy it on a monday. the games are over and everybody uses it on everything. >> ainsley: i love that company. but i can't eat it. >> carley: she says she has to cushion it. >> ainsley: i don't want to put
4:19 am
down the company i can't do hot sauce. can do you hot sauce. >> carley: moderation. some people say there is no point in eating food if it doesn't have hot sauce on it. >> steve: my daughter mary feels that way. went toe boston college became a big fan and add vo cavity all things buffalo. >> ainsley: make your mouth burned. >> steve: it opens you up. who needs the sudafed? >> brian: do you know who loves hot sauce? hillary clinton loves hot sauce. >> steve: by the gal gallon, absolutely. >> brian: texas governor greg abbott urging to hold the biden administration accountable for the border crisis. ashley moody will join to us explain why the president's policies are making every state a border state. i'm not done reading yet. the state department warning russia if they move into ukraine, they can kiss the nord stream 2 pipeline goodbye. general jack keane on the reality of that. ♪
4:20 am
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4:24 am
>> if russia invades ukraine, one way or another, nord stream 2 will not move forward. as senator cruz likes to say, i don't quite him often but as he likes to say it's currently a hunk of metal at the bottom of the ocean. >> brian: state department warning russia if they make a move into ukraine the u.s. will make nord stream 2 pipeline sit useless at the bottom of the sea. it actually bypasses ukraine, by the way. the white house flatly denying reports that president biden told ukraine's president to brace for impact of a russian invasion on yesterday's call. let's bring in fox news strategic analyst retired four star general jack keane.
4:25 am
i will bring you both things. first on nord stream 2. can you tell me what the impact would be if we convinced the germans not to finish it? >> well, certainly, listen. nord stream 2 never should have existed creating that kind of dependency of germany and europeans russia a known adversary. a huge strategic blunder by america, right for trump to go after it on sanctions. wrong for biden to remove those sanctions. we are overstating the value of it now as a deterrence to putin just in this crisis alone. because the fact is there is no income coming from nord stream 2. it's never been ache at this i have thed. and putin is already weaponizing the pipeline going in to ukraine. he has cut back close to 50% on the natural gas. he has already beginning to do that and cut down his own income for the sake of the crisis. but, should we -- should nord stream 2 be sanctioned?
4:26 am
certainly. never get activated certainly i agree with that don't the value of it in this crisis. >> brian: call if correct we are done giving them weapons. we gave them $200 million worth of weapons over the last few months. the baltic states have helped out. germany has sent helmets. that's it. do they have enough to hold off from a russian invasion and survived it. >> even if we gave them everything they wanted i'm not certain, one, they wouldn't be able to hold off the russian invasion and, two, obviously it would be tough. they would impose significant costs. listen, i mean, the russian's lessons learned from 2014 in eastern ukraine they look at that as a military failure. they were never able to take all the territory they wanted. at that time ukraine had a very immature military. it was the civilians that joined the fight that made the difference. and that's why we have so many conventional forces here parched and ready to go. >> we have different than the 2014 incursion.
4:27 am
i do think -- i don't believe it's imminent because we are still in a diplomatic phase and putin is going to run that out as much as he can to see if he can get some concessions. after all, that was his major objective here. but, and some of the units aren't all in place yet. brian. the main effort, which would be in eastern ukraine, they still have some units to move in there and they still have more units to move into belarus and of course we have the olympics coming february 4th and 20th installation that would compromise president xi and take him off the world stage. but, some time after that i think, it's clearly there ukrainians know what's really going on here. we don't have to tell them what's happening here. i mean, they have informants and they are in close contact with what happened in the russian military. so they have a sense of what the timing is and they certainly have the sense in terms of what their own fate is. >> brian: the way i understand it there was a new big
4:28 am
sentiments some people didn't want any part of the west and ukraine. dombas region sectioned off. they don't vote. now what's happened since 2014. more of a push. ukrainian nationalism. push from russia to the west. vladimir putin has lost the minds of ukrainian people. who he always claimed want to be part of russia. >> yeah. i'm glad you brought that up. brian. i mean, that is so insightful. because, in their own lessons learned, from the 2014 ukrainian operation in eastern ukraine, not only did he consider it a military failure, but he has considered it a political failure, because, the intent and pursuance of that operation was to make certain that the new antigovernment regime that was now in power, given his russian stooge was pushed out by his people, he wanted them to stop moving towards the west in terms of economic, political, and military immigration and guess what? guess what?
4:29 am
it galvanized the three administrations to do just that and zelensky has done more than his two predecessors that is at the heart of some of the frustration that putin is bearing over should he or shouldn't he take matters into his own hands to change that government. >> steve: another great job outlining what could be one of the most impact offul thing to happen to past relations since the end of the cold war clearly. thanks so much, general. >> have great weekend, brian, you and the team. >> brian: you too, thank you. up next, new shocking revelations about the biden's ties to chinese businessmen. how the family raked in $30 million. pete hegseth and rachel campos-duffy are going to break it down for us. they seem so happy in those pictures. ♪ ♪ if you have advanced non-small cell lung cancer, your first treatment could be a chemo-free combination
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4:33 am
>> brian: hunter biden and his father in the spotlight again once again over alleged financial ties to china. >> a "new york post" op-ed peter schweizer claims chinese elites have paid some $31 million to the bidens writing, quote: every known deal that the biden family enjoyed with beijing was
4:34 am
reached courtesy of individuals with spy ties. and joe biden personally benefited from his family's foreign deals. >> steve: let's talk this over with "fox & friends weekend" co-host rachel campos-duffy and pete hegseth. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: rachel, you know, when you play what if, what if this were a republican whose family had gotten $31 million from five deals with the chinese that would be a big story. there doesn't seem to be curiosity from the mainstream media. >> rachel: none, actually this should be the biggest story in the country. this shows that our president is potentially compromised by chinese spies, by the chinese communist government. that he enriched himself and his family. nobody in their right mind believes that hunter biden is an amazing businessman made $30 million because is he bright and intelligent and business savvy. everyone understands what this
4:35 am
is. this should have been the number one story during the election because we ought to have been able to go to that election with all the information but the media and big tech blocked it because they wanted joe biden in office and the people who are hurt are the american workers. because if our president is compromised is he putting his family and his secrets, his family secrets ahead of the best interest of the american people. >> ainsley: you know, pete, what's frustrating about this we see these secret flights when you are talking about immigration. they say they are following the law. but then in the dead of night they are doing -- and then you see follow the science with covid and they tell us to do one thing and we see many of them doing the opposite or they tell us advice and then that advice changes over and over. then we see this with china is it pay for play? all this corruption and the media doesn't report on any of it. so they just get away with it. >> pete: yeah, the elites think they play by different rules. of course the communist chinese
4:36 am
targeting elites and have. fang fang and eric swalwell same deal different transactions. with the bidens ultimate it's like a bad bond film. in this case the enemy really does want global domination and they really have compromised the family of the current occupant of the white house. so the more you unravel it, the more you start to understand why they won't take china on in a tough way when it comes to the origin. the business of the bidens is politics and enriching and using politics for their business. the business of the trumps was real business. donald trump was like a real international and national businessman who went into politics and therefore they scratched and crawled for every connection he might have that means is he compromised and that he was tougher on russia and tougher on the chinese, especially as it pertains to ukraine than biden ever has been. this as rachel said should be a massive story. they won't because the elites, who also are happy to benefit connection to the chinese and the media as well won't report
4:37 am
on it and they haven't. >> brian: let's just hope the president does not lift some of these tariffs because china has violated everything on phase one from the trade agreement on place from the trump administration. i know you do most of the booking yourself, rachel, pete is unreachable during the week. so what have you done? >> i'm going to tell you who i booked. first everyone should read that "new york post" article by peter schweizer. our number one guest is brian kilmeade. we worked really hard to book him and got him. dan bongino, lara trump, representative ashley hinson. dan bongino, lawrence and of course enes kanter who we also love hang. he changed his name to enes freedom we should change that on the kyron. >> steve: we are going to be watching because it's going to be really snowing here in the northeast tomorrow. pete and rach chem, thank you very much. >> ainsley: thanks, guys. >> rachel: bye you guys. >> brian: see you tomorrow. steve: meanwhile, let's go down
4:38 am
to texas. texas governor greg abbott taking on the border crisis and inviting states attorney general to come here take a look. >> every single one of your states, the residents of your states are facing consequences sometimes deadly consequences because of biden's open border policies. >> steve: florida attorney general ashley moody was there flew about 1,000 miles. going to join us next on "fox & friends." dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those drops will probably pass right by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what's that? xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda-approved non-steroid eye drop specifically for the signs and symptoms
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4:43 am
>> ainsley: texas governor greg abbott blasting biden's border policies as he calls on attorneys general across the country to hold the administration accountable. florida's attorney general ashley moody was at that briefing with governor abbott and she joins us now. good morning. >> great to be with you, thanks, ainsley. >> ainsley: tell us about the meeting? what was your take away? >> you know, it is imperative that those of us that have the ability to do something to hold this administration in line with federal law get together, discuss how we can do that and really see the impacts of right here where it's happening in person, you know, many of us have been down here multiple times. i was here with governor desantis over the summer. we started seeing record folks pouring over the border. we were feeling the effects in florida with drug overdose deaths be crime, and we felt it was important to be here. note that the president still hasn't been here. it's so important that those of you was that can get together and push back we get here strategize and talk to law enforcement and plan.
4:44 am
>> steve: you mentioned drugs. he said yesterday that meeting, the leading cause of death of fellow americans, ages 18 to 45 is fentanyl. he said not cancer, not car wrecks, and not covid. look at these numbers, ashley. the amount seized last year, 10,586 pounds of fentanyl. that is up 132% from the year before. what kinds of stories are you hearing from your constituents in florida or your friends in florida about this? >> you know, i will go on unrelated events throughout the state of florida and i will have parents telling me about losing a son that was a star athlete and took a pill that had fentanyl and died or folks of young children that take pills not knowing it has fentanyl in it. one pill can kill. we are having to launch campaigns to get this message out. but so much of this is preventable. you know, at the beginning of the year, we saw reridiculous
4:45 am
acts. canceling those who went after sexual predators or offenders. telling our sheriff to release back into the communities those that had been traffickers or burglars even though they are here illegally release them back communities when we know they will reoff what we once thought was just them failing to follow law. federal law requires that obama did it, trump it d. it, you deport knows here illegally committing crimes but now, now they are going a step beyond, they are building infrastructure and programs totally outside the law to facilitate illegal immigration it must be stopped. we will push back. and we thank you for shining a light on this. >> ainsley: now we know about these secret flights. one went to your state, jacksonville that we know of. there might have been more. ashley, thanks for coming on and what you do. >> great, thank you. steve. >> ainsley: you are welcome. janice, we are all eyes this morning, especially.
4:46 am
>> janice: yes, absolutely. we are going to talk about the nor'easter. i have to make mention we have record-breaking temperatures in florida. cold temperatures that is. the coldest air they have felt in some cases in over a decade. we are going to set some records as well. look at that melbourne 30. jacksonville 24. 38 in miami. yep, that would be the coldest air since december 28 of 2010. so, pretty incredible. let's talk about the nor'easter, right? computers are coming into agreement. we do think this is going to be a blockbuster event for coastal delmarva region. delaware, virginia, maryland, up towards new jersey, long island, and then into massachusetts and maine, connecticut as well. it's going to be a doozy. and but, you know, the cut off between 4 to 6 inches and 12 to 18 inches is pretty thin so new york city and philadelphia, you are right on the border between a lot of snow and measurable snow. so i need to pay close attention
4:47 am
to your local forecast as we get through the next 12 to 24 hours. blizzard warnings in effect though for parts of those areas i mentioned the delmarva up towards new jersey and maine, that means winds, strong winds for duration of time, 3 to 6 hours. and that's going to make travel impossible. so, the bulk of the snow is coming overnight tonight. all day saturday. and all day saturday event. those are the snowfall totals so a wide swath of 5 to 8 inches. some areas are going to get 8 to 12. then the jackpot, we think, is going to be new england, connecticut, easter, long island, i think, massachusetts up towards maine. they could get over 2 feet of snow. so, ainsley, bottom line is, be prepared, we're going to get a lot of snow. plowable snow, probably. and just prepare for the worst because we are going to get quite a bit of snow and maybe some blizzard conditions also. back to you. >> ainsley: okay, thank you, janice. coming up, president biden is heading to pittsburgh this morning to promote
4:48 am
infrastructure. top democrats won't be there. a republican running for senate joins us on what pennsylvanians need to hear from the white house. ♪ we gotta tell people that liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need, and we gotta do it fast. [limu emu squawks] woo! new personal record, limu! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty. ♪ only pay for what you need. before discovering nexium 24hr to treat her frequent libe heartburn... ♪ claire could only imagine enjoying chocolate cake. now, she can have her cake and eat it too. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn?
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♪ ♪ >> today president biden heads
4:52 am
to pittsburgh with $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan he's already past. but the democrats keeping their distance. josh pirro state gubernatorial candidate and john fetterman, democratic state candidate and governor both turned down the president's invitation of scheduling conflicts. as the presidents plunging poll numbers could be a big liability for democrats. let's talk to army veteran dave mccormick a republican running against four senate and also some republicans in the primary and joins us right now. from pittsburgh. good morning to you. >> go to, how are you? speak with a to code top democrats the president comes to town and they don't have enough time because of scheduling issues. what do you make of that? >> it is bad time when your party doesn't show up.
4:53 am
president biden inherited secure borders and a great energy sector and energy independence and inherited the greatest economic recovery in modern history. and here we are a year later. we have record inflation. we have 50% rise in prices at the pump and crisis on the border which is affecting and i heard your earlier gas the crisis is a big deal across the country. and then finally, we are being challenged around the world because of the weakness president biden showed and the incompetence with afghanistan. so i think it is a tough position and he is going to try to explain to the people of pittsburgh why we should double down on that agenda. he has to top sell. >> steve: you know, david, before this week the president, you know, his poll numbers are going into the ditch for the most part with inflation we have never seen inflation like this. the supply chain problem and crime and stuff like that, he is
4:54 am
desperate to change the subject. and that is why the white house is delighted, hey, let's talk about fixing the supreme court because that will motivate the base. but at the same time, he's talking about infrastructure which already passed, it was bipartisan but the only way to get things done in washington. bipartisan, they were able to get that through, but everything else he is pushing, build back better, boating rules, those things are dead on arrival. >> i think the fact that all of the things he has taken on has struggled and chipping away at confidence. it is not clear that he has of the filmic clear vision where he is taking the country and the results are troubling. and so when i travel across pennsylvania and i talked to working families, the issues they care about, the tabletop issues, the country, the big thing, stephen and the reason i'm running is the american thai have lived in so many of us
4:55 am
have lived is chipping away and not available for our kids and their kids. that is why americans have lost faith in the president. it is not just republicans. it is across the board they have lost faith in president biden to ledo's. >> todd: to your point, david for the first time in a long time people are afraid to walk the streets. you know, two blocks behind me st. patrick's cathedral they will have a funeral for a rookie cop who was gunned down a couple of days ago. joe biden thinks the problem is guns. he doesn't talk about bail reform and a system of getting this out as a problem. >> first of all there is a spiritual problem in terms of the way the far left has taken us on the defund the police movement and lack of respect and appreciation for what the law enforcement is across the country appear that challenges recruiting and that challenges everything so that is a huge problem. another is secure borders problem where we see sanctuary
4:56 am
cities like philadelphia, murder rates at a all-time high crime creeping into the suburbs, and this is something that is absolutely on the minds of everybody that i talked to across pennsylvania. and it is actually resulting in an increase in suburbs of philadelphia on gun purchases. the gun issue is a red herring. the real problem is bad policies, bad thinking and lack of appreciation for law enforcement. >> steve: he's running for senate and the great state of pennsylvania, dave mccormick come as you can see from glenn youngkin collection. >> no, it says senate on it. >> steve: thank you very much for joining us today. >> thanks. >> ainsley: don't like an hour from now new york city police officer jason rivera, a live report coming up
4:57 am
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about once-weekly ozempic®. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! ♪ you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription.
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5:00 am
liz, you nerd, cough if you're in here! shh! i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. what about rob's dry cough? works on that too, and lasts 12 hours. 12 hours?! who studies that long? mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs. ♪ ♪ >> ainsley: under siege a dramatic shoot-out caught on camera used in texas. >> adding to a total of six shots across the united states in the last two days. >> these are inherently dangerous times. >> the border crisis continues to deteriorate. >> the agency has been turned into a traveling booking agency. >> it starts at the top and needs to be held accountable. >> did president biden tell
5:01 am
ukraine to prepare for a invitation? they say no but the white house has other ways. >> we have no idea what was set on this call and no doubt it was bizarre. >> nypd officer jason rivera to draw a massive crowd this morning. >> he and his partner willis done down with a gun violence call. >> he was so young. >> a truly grateful man. ♪ ♪ >> this is a fox news alert and it is 8:01 where officers starting together outside sink catholic cathedral fifth avenue midtown manhattan. big crowds are expected for the funeral later today for a fallen officer jason rivera. ashley strohmier is live at the cathedral standing outside. ashley, we hear the bells and see the lights. >> yeah, the bells just started
5:02 am
about 2 minutes ago. the first time we have heard this out here since 3:30 this morning. but i do also want to mention, i was just told only officers from the 32nd precinct are allowed in st. patrick's cathedral right now. that is the precinct that rivera and officer mora were a part of and also to note the precinct was less than a quarter of a mile where they were gone down. obviously this is for the funeral of jason rivera and his partner were gunned down earlier this month responding to domestic violence call in harlem. the flags will fly half-staff across the city with a session for yesterday. the firefighters aligned the rookie officer's and draped with a flag. thousands came out to pay respect to fallen brother all over the world, but so do people in the community.
5:03 am
>> i just want to pay my respect to this young life that has left us. it is senseless. >> he is 1 of 2 new york privates who sacrificed their life for us. >> it is important to me to say to these two young men, one of the two, thank you. >> jetblue is offering free flights for families of the slain officers as well as members of the law law law officer and the sweetheart just got married in october. his widow posting a very moving message on instagram describing how empty she feels saying "this is the hardest my heart has felt. i will see you in heaven, see you later." slated to start in less than an hour at 9:00. his partner, 27-year-old wilbert mora will have his services at st. patrick peer of those are expected to be on the first and
5:04 am
2nd of february and obviously, guys it is a somber moved around st. patrick's right now, back to you. >> brian: ashley, is that the room and only the 32nd get to go in there? >> you know i'm not sure. that was the information i was given 5 minutes before i came on air. i was asking an officer, you know, what is going on with everyone else blocked off? there was some officers allowed in but when i asked how many people, how many officers in the 32nd precinct, they said thousands. speak to that street behind you will be full of officers. >> ashley, let me ask you this, currently a frozen zone, sixth avenue and they've already stopped all of the traffic here on sixth avenue so in a frozen zone and thousands of people expected not only police officers but also the public. they won't all be able to get
5:05 am
in. are there public address speaker so people can hear the services outside? >> you know, they were doing mic checks in front of st. patrick's about an hour and a half, two hours ago. it is quite possible. we haven't been told that, but they were doing microphone checks where you could hear what was going on inside outside. >> brian: ashley strohmier, good to have you, thank you. >> ainsley: lots of crime going on in the country and that brings us to a fox news alert. a dramatic shoot-out on camera in houston, texas. that can munch striking three officers one and the foot, when in the arm, when in the leg and all in stable condition and expected to make a recovery. fled the scene but now in custody after an hour long standoff here that shooting adding to a total of six law enforcement officer shot in major u.s. cities in less than . >> brian: so there have been for police officer shot and killed since the start of the year according to the officer down memorial page.
5:06 am
meanwhile, confirming jose rosales accused of killing harris county, texas, corporal charles galloway is in the country illegally when he murder that officer. the professional criminal has been on the run since 1996. he was wanted for another murder in el salvador. he was apprehended in mexico. he will appear before a criminal court later on this morning. and you know, you look at the number of law enforcement officer shot, why is that? well, in large measure because a lot of guns, but also because they are not many consequences for breaking the law. so, okay, i will break the law. and a cop will come over and try to stop me and say, i will not take it to a judge. so unless they feel like they can get away with everything. unfortunately too often they think that, but then they get
5:07 am
the squeeze and see a police officer and pull out a gun. all breaks loose. >> ainsley: that guy should not be out on the street. a senseless murder. a number of officers according to the fbi killed last year the highest reported in the past 20 years. >> brian: it is pretty interesting, you know, the disaster which is portland. they say, okay if you want to get hired back i know you want to retire in an incentive to come back but of the 81 retired, no support and being defunded. two came back. nobody wants the job. and also not backed by the people. you don't become a cop because you want to be rich or you want to be famous. you put your life on the line as we see, too, people you do not see walking in and say that is dangerous. some of these things are normal traffic stops. one of the police officers get shot or pulled somebody over because speeding. so there is no normal day for a police officer.
5:08 am
now that you defame them and defunded them and diminish them and now you want them to come back into your city and bring back a law order that they had come a lot of them threw up their hands and say, "it is your problem now." >> steve: joe biden is coming to town thursday to talk to eric adams who has a plan and biden's plan is no more guns. joe biden sees the political reality of it. the defund the police's political poison. so they are trying to step away from that but at the same time walk a fine line and not anger his base. meanwhile, we have shown you these pictures of the migrants being released down on the southern border in brownsville, texas. film aleutian a couple of days ago -- film aleutian a couple of days ago. largely young men and families, children, mothers were being
5:09 am
released. in these releases by the tens of thousands have been going on, ainsley since february. >> ainsley: that is what one told reporters and i didn't get his name, but he said between releases and the vaccine mandate, morale is at the lowest. imagine going to the office to make phone calls all day to coordinate travel for someone who came in illegally. some was with criminal records. he goes on to say contact a family member of the illegals and asked the family member to pay for bus ticket to get to their family somewhere in the united states. if the family decides they will not pay, then these ngos buy the tickets and the ngos bills the government which means you are paying for it. he goes on to say the mass releases happening discreetly like he said since february. the reporting only scratches the surface. >> steve: and you mentioned releasing people with criminal records. >> ainsley: misdemeanors,
5:10 am
anyone with a misdemeanor so i sold, dui, drug possession, illegal entry and the only ones i old are those that really serious crimes and felonies. >> brian: governor abbott sit down with maria after attorney general and states across the country. keep in mind it is not that president biden has a bad policy but no policy and not address it and not bring it up. and no one asked them to a point to address it and ever since the situation, no other media outlet care is, "the new york post" has four pages despite law enforcement because it is that outrageous peer that is exclusive. i think that is sad nobody else cares about that small airport in jacksonville, florida. meanwhile, governor abbott does not have the luxury of ignoring this. it is overwhelming dispute and he's taken out personal resource lone star for 10,000 of his
5:11 am
troops to go out and tried to patrol the border. there's only so much you can do. here he is talking to maria. >> there is lawlessness in the united states of america right now and it starts the proposition of the country that needs to stop. biden needs to be held accountable. he himself has caused it. reckless, dangerous and deadly. we will be asking a federal judge to put sanctions on the biden administration for not complying with the federal court order and not complying with federal law. >> when you are the federal government, you can do whatever you want to. how to selectively enforce the law. that so infuriates the governor of texas as it does with the attorney general, the great state of florida, who met with him yesterday and actually on the program. >> what we once thought was that not following law. the federal law requires that obama did it, trumpeted it to
5:12 am
support illegal crimes but now, now they are going a step beyond in building infrastructure and programs. totally outside of the law to facilitate illegal immigration. it must be stopped. we will push back. >> brian: i wonder if ice would do a mass boycott? they already turned their backs on homeland security secretary. but i wonder if ice just says, "my reputation, i'm concerned what is happening with the country." but if they all decided just not to do it, force the administration to address it. because they gutted ice and didn't let them do anything and now they are travel agents to make sure illegal immigrants get put in your neighborhood. >> ainsley: imagine working for the federal government they are essentially telling you to break the law. these illegal immigrants, send them out to various places throughout the country. and don't talk about it. you are not allowed to talk
5:13 am
about it. >> steve: don't enforce the law, which unfortunately and now we have a police officer down in texas who is dead at the hands of an illegal pure just one other thing. if you think it is okay these people come into the country, what about the fact they are bringing tons and tons of killer drugs. there was enough sentinel seized in texas to kill 220 million americans. and you know what's come a lot of people don't realize this, but the internal people think i'm justifying pot but sentinel used for all of those things is the number one killer of americans between 18 and 45, so much emphasis on covid but look at this, but the number one kilf fentanyl and completely preventable and can stop the flow of drugs across the border. >> brian: i hope they are wearing masks. >> steve: understand you have breaking news. >> ainsley: this is an important story breaking right
5:14 am
now. we will get to a fox news alert right now, the firefighters are responding to a bridge collapsed in pittsburgh. several cars and port authority bus with three people on board reportedly snow covered bridge when it collapsed but so far no injuries reported. officials say there is still a strong smell of natural gas in the area. and authorities are asking those to avoid the area. this comes as president biden to tout infrastructure deal in pittsburgh. check this out, surveillance videos capturing the moment a pair of mass thieves ran their suv into a jewelry store. the suv was stolen after ramming and then ransacked the business. when using an ax to break the display cases. they stole undisclosed amount of cash. the public is asked to help track down the suspects.
5:15 am
elon musk ripping president biden after commander-in-chief posted a video promoting electric car production but not teslas peer at the tesla ceo replying to the tweet, writing "biden is a sock puppet in human form" peer that is greater. he later added biden is treating the american public like fools. most also with near ottawa tweeting canadian truckers rule as the drivers take a stand against strict canadian vaccine orders. those are your headlines. >> brian: tough words from the richest man on planet earth. a sock puppet in human form. >> ainsley: he is very smart but a little creativity though. >> steve: meanwhile 50 minutes after the hour effect of the story that is all over and on the forefront of your mind. family members of murder victims fighting back against kate brown
5:16 am
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5:20 am
♪ ♪ >> steve: oregon's progressive democratic governor kate brown under fire as her push for clemency frees nearly 1,000 convicts from prison early since 2020. our next guest melissa grasso found her fiance boston french shot dead in their bedroom in 2006 and out the brother responsible for the murder could walk free. melissa joins us now along with
5:21 am
kevin manic them attorneys with the manic law firm which filed a case against the governor. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> steve: melissa when you heard he could be released early, your fiance's killer, what did you think? it was a joke? >> a little bit at first, nervous, scared, terrified, her broken, you know, kind of all of the feelings come rushing to you in that minute. >> steve: absolutely. if he is released, think about it, he is still your fiance. he might be coming for you next. i know that is a worry you have. >> yes, it is, he has had 16 years to think about how i played a part putting him in there. he's had 15 years to build up anger and frustration and in the situation that put him there. >> steve: your only source of protection is a restraining order? a piece of paper to protect you?
5:22 am
>> that is what i was told. a little frustrating because, obviously, a pits of paper against murder is a little frightening. >> ainsley: monique your case against the governor goes like what? >> we filed what is called a court order by governor kate brown to comply with the law, asking the court to compel her to follow the law as it is right now on the clemency process, which is critical involvement of the district attorney's and the victims. they are supposed to give their thoughts enforce to make a decision to reduce a felon. >> steve: you know, we have been talking about before people go to prison, lot have been freed because no cash bail but these people are already in
5:23 am
prison. what rationale as a governor and others aside from covid? >> well, kevin could go into this much more detail, but her rationale is the dispatch. she refers to them as juveniles and committed the crime as juveniles and she feels they have a great capacity to rehabilitate and that because of their brains were not developed and may be should get a little -- >> steve: kevin as per your cocounsel, your an expert at why they sprang all these people. >> basically, what the governor has done is decided she is super legislature. she is going to change the law across the board and retroactively release people who
5:24 am
are murderers,, soldiers who were convicted and sent to prison with specific sentences. we are supposed to have truth of sentencing in oregon and there's a whole line of fire that she supposed to follow and in every clemency case, she is supposed to be listening to the victims, listening to the district attorneys and getting the criminal records and reviewing all of this and announcing she intends to shorten a particular sentence and the public is allowed to comment. she is not doing any of that. she sent 500 cases to the department of corrections saying "oh, release these people orally" peer that is not how the law works and we are asking the court to mandate the governor follow the law and look at each individual case on its merits. she will have to listen to the victims tell her about the horrible impact that this has had on them. >> steve: melissa, kevin says the governor needs to listen to the victims. you are a victim.
5:25 am
just imagine the governor is listening to you right now. what is your message to her? >> i would like to know why i don't seem to matter in this case. i want to know why my family doesn't matter, why the victims of other crimes don't seem to matter to her. >> steve: that is a great question, and it is a tragedy. let's see what happens. melissa, monique, kevin thank you for joining us live. >> thank you. >> ainsley: don't make >> steve: we did reach out to the governor's office but she has not called us back. if she does, we will let you know. i'm not going to hold my breath. 25 minutes after the top of the hour universities and step across the country are saying no to the covid booster mandate. up next a professor and student drawing the line join us live. monitoring breaking news out of pittsburgh where, take a look right there, a bridge has collapsed. several cars and a bus with people on board, as you can see
5:26 am
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♪ ♪ >> ainsley: students and professors at the top universities in the united states pushing back the
5:30 am
schools covid booster mandate with petitions to get the requirement for hundreds of signatures. our next guest provide an inside look what is happening on the campus peer professor of economics boston college, peter ireland and third-year law student george mason university jacob. good morning, gentlemen. >> good morning, thank you. >> ainsley: you are welcome thank you for being on with us. professor come i will start with you. what is the date you have to get the booster? are you planning on doing that? >> it is coming up in a couple of weeks in early february. i haven't decided yet whether or not to get the booster. i'm hoping that some of our sensible changes in policy may make my decision making easier. >> ainsley: what are those efforts? >> well, we have started a petition about 900 parents, alums, students have signed. we repeatedly key members of the
5:31 am
administration and to the trustees of the university outlining the case for something more sensible along the lines of a recommendation or even a strong recommendation for evacuation as opposed to across-the-board mandate. we hope that we'll have some influence. >> ainsley: i know you have had covid, you have been vaccinated and trying to make a decision whether you want to get boosted. jacob, let me talk to you george mason in fairfax, the new governor has said no to the mandates for employees. are you reaching out to him or hoping he gets involved? >> yeah, we are calling on the governor to fix this problem for us. certainly, a critical situation. he freed mandates and imposing it, and yet, they want to reach out to make health decisions for the entire student body anyway. >> ainsley: why are you against getting the booster? >> i'm not against getting the booster. i'm against forced to get the
5:32 am
booster. especially not dealt squarely with us or been honest with us in the past. they told us after the first mandate, masking requirements would end and yet four months later as we are still massed and now they say those requirements will continue. i don't know why we trust them to make medical decisions when they have not been honest with us in the past. >> ainsley: we did reach out to george mason and they did not send a statement. we got one from boston college and professor ireland, boston college's firm on covid-19 policies created to help protect the health and well-being of the university. and lead to a vaccination rate of 99.3% and successful semester of in person learning based on public health recommendations and sound science, we believe the booster requirements will result in similar successes during the spring semester. your response, professor? >> yes, my response is quite positive. i believe they have done a terrific job of bringing the
5:33 am
students back to campus from an personal learning. i taught every single class in person and the year 2021 and it worked out. but in the appeal to science. this is what disappoints me and almost embarrasses me. we are trained to hear from the staff and critically evaluate. but what the status shows that the vaccines, yes, effective at mitigating symptoms, but not so much so in preventing infection and contagion. so the data weakens the case across-the-board mandate. and again, push us toward something more sensible, a recommendation. >> ainsley: professor, thank you so much for what you do for the students at your school. jacob, thank you for joining us. we wish you the best at law school. >> of course, thank you. >> ainsley: if you want to find out more information -- you're welcome, no college
5:34 am thank you for being with us. still ahead who's in charge of black lives matter's massive bankroll question work they have a lot of money. geraldo rivera on the $60 million in question, but kevin james tackling a new role, a preview of his new film about new orleans lodge and sean payton. >> you know what drew brees does? hello, for the last few years, i've been a little obsessed
5:35 am
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5:39 am
>> brian: that was a clip from "home team" stored and produced by kevin james. he plays nfl coach and in real life sean payton. the film season super bowl winning coach with his next coaching challenge and that is his son six grade football team during his suspension. it is fantastic and based on a true story. kevin james joins us right now. kevin, congratulations, another winner. >> thanks, brian, appreciated, but he. >> brian: you heard about the suspension of sean payton and grave williams and others, what made you and adam say, there is a comedy? >> he called me and said there is an idea for a story about sean payton and what took place after the suspension. all through the year. once i found out what he did was turn that down time of his life into an incredible story and the
5:40 am
greatest year of coaching football in his career, he said, after winning a super bowl, just very interesting story. it was like, oh, man, this is a great movie. >> brian: you have your brother on the set. he does a great job, gary. rob snyder, one of your great friends. adam's brother-in-law the cowriter on it. and you also had your wife. >> yes. >> brian: there are some moments in it, you connect. everybody loves stand up and you can clearly act. i saw you were with her son in the movie. and you have to bond with him. he's upset about the divorce and whether that is true, it does not matter. you had to break the ice with him. can you describe those moments? do you challenge your own kids because you have four of them. >> i did think of that, what it would be with my kids and try to reconnect with them. it would be horrible. that is what moved me so much,
5:41 am
sean, when this thing happened, he gave him a moment to think about and access what was important and bond with this kid. he's got a great relationship with us unto this day. >> brian: the documentary, his daughter, as they looked back at at what really happened. and the super bowl winning coach goes back and coach as son's sixth grade team. he has moments, this is the best thing i've ever done. my family, the most enjoyable season ever. and you see those real moments happening. how much did you say, i kind of want to stick to the movie and what really happened and how much did you say, i have to make people laugh? >> it was a combination pure just one of those things, balance fun and tell a story. a lot of fun things did happen with that team. so, it was like just working in such a perfect way that sean motivated them to the championship.
5:42 am
they lost the championship, which they did which was great for the other coach and team to say they be super bowl sean payton steam. >> brian: but to this offense that crushed the war years he calls him out to try to solve this offense. in your movie, you call bill a coward. could you not afford him? was he too expensive with coming in cheap? >> that was the one, no, no, no. we made a decision and i don't think bill was available at the time to film it. we wanted to do it live. he was great. he was willing to do it. it was a scheduling thing, so we had to go and it was funny. >> brian: kevin, the one thing that is clear is sports matters to you. you wrestled, and a lot of your personality come i know your kis wrestle. are you concerned as we see these impressionable moments that kids are not playing sports
5:43 am
anymore just because they are not stars, they are not playing. the stats show it. do you think about that as a dad and going through this sports movie, coaching youth sports? >> sports definitely shaped my life. i would love if not entirely but partially shaped my kids is life. and great for me to learn about life and being a teammate and coming you know, working hard. you know, for things. so, it is tough to say that you have to be in sports, but it definitely helped me for sure. >> brian: the movie is great, "home team" and if we get a chance to smile again and i think america needs it, good job. >> thanks, brian come appreciate it. >> brian: there you go, since that movie, that interview will come a long time coach sean payton of the new orleans saints stepped down. no one knows why but catch this movie about that time in his life when he was suspended from
5:44 am
football and it's called "home team" and kevin portrays him. very true to see what will happen to sean payton in real life. new york giants and for more on that, in fact, i will not ask about sports but talk weather. janice dean come up with the forecast, hey, janice. >> you scared me for a little bit. i was impressed that you made kevin laugh. that was amazing. sounds like a good movie and a good movie to stay indoors because we have a nor'easter that is banging on their doorstep. all of the big cities. we think new york could up those forecast totals today from 3-5, may be 8-12. stay tuned. let's take a look at it, snow falling around new york city area. this is the arctic front, the main event pier that comes overnight tonight into tomorrow. you can see philly, new york city eastern long island connecticut massachusetts, maine you will get warmth with the storm
5:45 am
because we think all of the computer models are coming into agreement with allowable snow and blizzard warnings in effect with delaware, maryland, new jersey, eastern long island. i'm concerned about you. you can see the snowfall forecast totals 8-12 easily for the coastal areas. coastal flooding will be a concern. we think the bull's-eye will be new england, boston area. where are for the heaviest band set up, we could get over 2 feet of snow. this will be an all day event and then the winds 30, 40, 50, 60 miles per hour all day long on saturday. so the water will pile up. here is what is new, blizzard warning and snow totals turning to the up. we have hurricane warnings out there investigating this thing. a big deal. we will keep you monitored, brian come i know fox weather is yelling at maps today. we will definitely keep you posted throughout the day and tomorrow, back to you. >> brian: my wife will not be yelling at me because i will
5:46 am
actually be home for a snow storm may be first time ever. i'm going to shovel, thank you very much. appreciate it. stay on top of it as i know you will. 15 minutes before the top of the hour. check this out we are honoring a hero, st. dominic saint patrick's cathedral, nypd officn rivero, geraldo rivera joins us live but first dana perino what is coming up on her show. i'm sure you will be leading but this. >> absolutely we are, thank you, brian. new york city's finest gathering today to pay respects to officer jason rivera shot and killed today. we will be there with first hand account. rivera many officer shot from a florence jones to react. president biden heads to pittsburgh to make a case all is well in the u.s. economy. we will ask them what they think of that. what app is china making all olympic athletes download before the games begin?
5:47 am
what will they be doing with that data? we will have a report with making the most of our time today. we will see you at 9:00.
5:48 am
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♪ ♪ >> ainsley: a fox news alert, police ems and firefighters responding to a bridge collapse in pittsburgh. the mayor speaking just moments ago saying so far no fatalities reported appear at about three people are injured. >> we do have a collapsed bridge that we are dealing with. we will be dealing with it throughout the day to make sure everybody is secure. there was a gas leak. the gas has been turned off. it is not hazardous to the people is what i've been told so far. >> ainsley: several cars and the pots on the bridge at the time it collapsed 6:00 this morning.
5:52 am
the bus appearing to still be stuck on a dangling remnant of a destroyed bridge. officials say there was a strong "smell of natural gas" in the area but the gas has been turned off. nearby homes were evacuated and authorities asking to avoid this area. this comes the same day president biden is set to propose his infrastructure deal in pittsburgh. how about that? brian come over to you. >> brian: ainsley and brian and carley, the president is going to be talking with us today in the circuit in pittsburgh. >> ainsley: we will be watching that and speaking of that, today is my mom's birthday. mom, i love you very much. she is the best mom. >> she is watching. >> ainsley: in the meantime, who is in control of the bankror black lives matter? after cofounder step down a charity watchdog group is demanding to know who is in charge of the $60 million they happen in the bank? describing it as "a giant boost
5:53 am
full of treasure drifting in the night with no clear direction." >> ainsley: here to react "the five" host geraldo rivera. >> hi, happy birthday to your mom. i'm sure she is as delightful as you are. >> ainsley: i don't think i've ever heard her say a bad word about anyone. thank you so much, geraldo. what do you make about this and where do they get all the money? >> they had a great marketing idea. so when you go back to the acquittal of george zimmerman, the security guard in the death of trayvon martin, 2012-2013, a tremendous feeling there was no justice when it came to cops, they blame zimmerman a cop, black men not getting justice. black lives matter became a great slogan appear at the three women who devised it came up wih very punchy, very poignant made
5:54 am
great black lives matter and it accelerated years later during the death of george floyd. the reaction to that optimal black lives matter really took off and became the favored charity. nonprofit status and collected tens of millions of dollars beginning in may of 2020. where that money went is a mystery. my problems with black lives matter, it made very clear from this seat. they say black lives matter but they only consider black lives important, i think, when involved in the death, you know a cop was not involved. for instance, in washington, d.c., we will be covering the funeral of jason rivera shortly. in washington, d.c., the blm chairman of that town in d.c. called it cup propaganda and how dangerous to be a black man in
5:55 am
washington, d.c., than to be a cop. he is right, over 220 deaths and black lives matter did not protest any of them. but a cop was involved. so i worry that finances and purpose, philosophy or both in question. >> the fact is we don't have a name or a face to black lives matter. so different, rainbow coalition jesse jackson and the '60s, martin luther king, he knew exactly the organization. you know exactly what was going on with that kind of company. you know what you were doing. you were giving to a marxist group and never asked the officers, for their admission statement. we got some really crazy things off of the website about socialist agenda. there marxist march, but that is it. right now, as we sit here, we do not know who is running that organization. >> we do know the founder
5:56 am
patrice, she resigned blm global network. she is very controversial because the group you mention, the national league of policy center demanding and claims that she has several homes, several homes where over $3 million. nl, suddenly has resigned. the people she has appointed in here instead don't seem to want the job. they both say they may have been designated as the next leaders, but they don't want the job. as you mentioned, they raised $90 million or so. they still have $60 million in their coffers. what are they doing with it? you know, what is the intent? they are a nonprofit but who is the management? where is the audit? the audit for the irs and
5:57 am
authorities? i think the search for what happened to that money will imperil the group as it currently exists. again, it is a ship without a captain, a runner list, a slogan in a long time but not much more. >> steve: not many answers and we have a lot of questions. in the meantime, two blocks to the east of us saint patrick's cathedral. geraldo, we have been to funerals at st. patrick's, it seats 400 people. there will be thousands more on the streets paying their respects to officer jason rivera, who was murdered one week ago today. you can't really tell from this live shot, but there is a light snow falling midtown manhattan. you know, if that wasn't happening, it would remind people of christmas. christmas is a happy time. this is a sad time because there is so much heartbreak of what
5:58 am
happened to him. a lot of people in the city, they just don't feel safe. >> i was there on fifth avenue yesterday across the street watching, yet another cop funeral. i remember lou ramos from a couple of years ago. this is gut wrenching. jason rivera, this 22-year-old, it blew me in eight immigrant from the dominican republic wanting to be a cop and improve relations between police and the community. just an idealistic hardworking courageous cop, married last october to dominique. love for life, childhood sweethearts and to think this fallen hero being wrenched from us by a dirtbag with a glock and extended magazine. it was a domestic call. a mom worried her son would beat her up and cause all kinds of trouble. she calls the cops. the domestic violence calls are the most dangerous. you never know what is going to
5:59 am
happen. the cops go in, wilbert mora and jason rivera and the cops go in there. this guy opens fire, ex-con with a long record shoots them and shoots them more when they are down. and of course, wilbert mora cling to light but jason died immediately. the third cop shoots him and turns out quarterly wounds the perpetrator. but now, just think about every one of these families now have a gun. and you get calls for these domestic violence situations and the cop opens the door. they get shot at, killed in new york city shot in the last week. my goodness, what the hell is happening? it is shattering, and eric adams, the police captain now mayor is making the right sounds to me. i want him to succeed. but this must stop. >> brian: geraldo, thank you very much for your point of view
6:00 am
and joining us today. you can see it in that shot at street level that apparently, there are some speakers just beyond that one officer, loudspeakers and we will be able to hear what is happening inside st. patrick's church in 20 seconds. >> ainsley: jason rivera, your family is listening we appreciate everything he did for the city and for working as an officer. rest in peace, jason rivera. >> and we will do it again next >> bill: that is not a movie set. it is houston, texas, yesterday afternoon. a suspect exchanging multiple rounds of gunfire with police. all three officers were wounded on that scene. an everyday occurrence for police in america. a big part


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