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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  January 28, 2022 2:00am-3:00am PST

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pull back the curtain on president biden's covert migrant operation. source telling fok news white house is turning ice into unofficial travel agency for some with a criminal past. >> carley: fox news capturing more footage of the mass release of the migrants into the homeland. federal contractor caught on mic admitting the president and his team are betraying the american peep welsecret flights in the middle of the night. griff jenkins joins us with more on the story. good morning. >> griff: good morning, carley
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and todd, that video made the cover of the new york coast, border cover-up. everyone i've talked to in the last 24 hours says we've reached a breaking point and congressman james comer joining the calls for president biden's impeachment. watch. >> james: this is something i respect a republican majority to hold president biden accountable. joe biden has explaining to do to people looking out their window seeing people transported in the dead of night into their neighborhood. >> griff: ice has become unofficial travel agency in the wake of the leaked video you are seeing showing migrants being flown in under the cover of darkness. >> i get the secrecy, this is -- [indiscernible] -- the american
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people. >> griff: more stunning video of single adult males in brownsville and san antonio being released into the community, some with criminal records. that is part of why texas governor abbott convened meeting of a dozen state attorneys general and not having it. >> people are dying today because of open border policy allowing into the country. joe biden doesn't care about victims of human trafficking, if he cared, he would step up and do something about it. >> griff: since lone star began last march, texas seized 1100 pounds of fentanyl, equivalent to 258 million doses. that is texas dps. cpc have seized more in the
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physical year of 2022 and texas continues to make matters into its own hand and ken paxton will join you guys to weigh in. todd and carley. >> carley: thank you. new yorkers expected to come together to mourn the slain police officer jason rivera. ashley strohmier joins us live with more. ashley. >> ashley: todd and carley, hundreds, if not thousands, are expected to come to st. patrick's cathedral to honor the life and sacrifice of officer jason rivera, he and his partner mora were gunned down earlier this month. mora succumbed to his injuries days later. flags are flying at half staff. firefighters line the fdr to salute the rookie officer's casket, which was draped with flags.
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officers were seen escorting rivera's family and widow and console eg them. thousands came to pay respects to their fallen brother, so did people in the community. take a listen. >> i want to pay my respect to this young life, service for the community. >> my youngest is 22 and this is just senseless. >> he is one of two of new york's finest who sacrifice their life for us, it is very important for me to say to the two young men, one of the two, thank you and i'm here to say thank you. >> ashley: rivera just married his high school sweetheart in october. mayor adams didn't speak at the wake but spoke at an event at laguardia. >> our city mourns the loss to of two officers. today's wake
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one and funeral tomorrow of both these officers. we sit under the tree of public safety because they watered the tree with their blood. we should never forget that. >> ashley: officer rivera's funeral is slated to start at 9:00 this morning. among those expected to give ulollings are mayor adams and rivera's widow, his partner, wilbert mora will have services federal 1 and 2, those will be at st. patrick's. back to you guys. >> carley: there will be thousands of people at this funeral yesterday. thousands showed up for the wake yesterday. you just listen to the new yorkers who ashley featured in her piece and they said they didn't know him, but wanted to pay respects because he was 22
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years old, so young. he was a hero and sacrificed his life for new yorkers to keep people in the city safe. you think about all the people who want to honor his sacrifice and then think about what the public sentiment was like a year ago, a year and a half ago during the black lives matter riots and protest and how people couldn't even fly a thin blue line flag at their homes because they would get fired or called racist. the sentiment has changed back to normalcy and reason, but it is horrific where we had to get to the point where record number of police officers were shot last year and crime is skyrocketing across the city. the media and hollywood, people with all the power and private security who propped up this defend the police movement, they should be ashamed of themselves. >> todd: this is what happens, what you are seeing on the screen, when you demonize
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police, which is what the defund police movement did. what did they think would happen? did they think it would be a nice social movement and everything will improve in this world and it will be butterflies and roses? no. the scene we are seeing on the screen, we predicted it would happen, it didn't need to happen. it is senseless it did and a young lady is without her husband, he will not be there for the rest of her life. next week we bury officer mora, his family won't have him all because of this notion of cops sometimes make me feel uncomfortable. they are doing a job to keep you safe and it is high time this country appreciate today and recognized it. >> carley: without a doubt. jason rivera's father, family friend described him as a broken man. he is not eating, sleeping or believing this happened. one of jason's friends quickly said this is a guy smiling all the time, a beautiful soul, a beautiful person, they took a
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good one. he was the baby brother of the block. that person is 22 years old, had a beautiful future ahead of him and lost his life sacrificing his life for the safety of others. all right. we're not going to forget him. look at that beautiful face on the screen. turn to this now. a lot of snow coming from -- janice dean is here with our fox weather forecast. >> janice: good morning to both of you. take a look at it. cold air is certainly in place and will dip as far south as florida, they will feel the cold temperatures in a decade in miami this weekend. a lot to cover. it is cold, it feels like winter for much of the country and we're dealing with this powerful nor'easter across the northeast coast. we have blizzard conditions anticipated for parts of the dmv, del marva in new jersey up toward maine. it will be quite a cutoff
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between snow and not a lot of snow. that is why the forecast is subject to change, but it hasn't budged in terms of thinking. it will be a coastal event, we will see snow for the mountains, midatlantic and appalachian, the heavy snow will come along coastal areas. the red there, those are blizzard warnings, snow blowing around for duration of hours. tell be impossible to travel. good thing it is coming on saturday. here is snow forecast for now from the dmv, del marva, long island and the bulls eye is new england including boston. it will be a tough call and we're now casting as it happens overnight tonight. i will tell you, winds will be impressive and i will leave you with this, the coldest air of the season in florida for south florida, miami, 38 degrees, with wind chill of 37, that is pretty
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rare. we'll continue to follow it. download the app, we'll give you the latest snowfall details. >> todd: i don't know what to tell lee, i'll figure it out. >> janice: lee should be on standby. >> todd: lee is on standby, no snow plow guy. about to be 10 after the hour. starts at the border and ends at a town near you, what republicans are doing to put an end to biden's bad border policy when attorney general ken paxton joins us. >> carley: lara trump jason rantz are up next. "fox and friends first." ♪
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>> todd: president biden drops the ball on the nation's borders. >> carley: ice reveals the suspect accused of killing calloway was in this country illegally. attorney general, he's had a criminal rap sheet since the 1990s and wanted for murder, i believe in el salvador, as well.
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he's a bad guy in this country, how is that possible? i know you are not getting help from the biden administration without federal help, how do we make sure this doesn't ever happen again? >> that is the problem, it will happen again. we predicted this, it will happen all over the country, not just texas. sad to say, biden administration has known this, as well. cartels are making hundreds of millions of dollars every month and some people coming in may be terrorists or criminals just like this. >> todd: this situation is impacting your state tremendously. it is not just your state, ice agents have been forced to be travelocity. new video shows secret flights full of illegals. take a look at this video. >> i get the secrecy and all
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this [bleep], this is above my pay grade. >> what is the big secret? everybody knows this is happening. >>-- betraying the american people. >> todd: ag paxton, one ice agent telling fox news this is the tip of the iceberg and this has been happening since february of last year, it happens all the time in cities and airports across the country. how is every american not outraged by this. >> i think a lot of americans do not understand this is going on, they are shocked when they realize the federal government is sneaking people in middle of the night, whether on a bus in texas, law enforcement says it is in the middle of the night in the cities and they unload and it is happening all over the country. i don't think americans can believe his president is behind this, that is what is going on. >> carley: vice president kamala harris was in honduras yesterday
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to attend new president's inauguration, she also apparently addressed the root causes of illegal immigration. she says don't expect to see result anies time soon. listen to her here. >> the work we need to do is work that will manifest over a long period of time. hopefully not too long issue but certainly not overnight. the problems we need to address are problems that did not occur overnight and solutions, if they are going to have any impact, will not occur over night. >> carley: she is busy addressing the root cause and says it will take a long time to fix anything. in the meanwhile, ice is releasing peep welcriminal records into our country, why is she even trying to address roots causes when there is such a pressing issue happening here right now? >> i agree it will take a long time, the way they are approaching this. reality is, she is wrong about the amount of time it took to
2:18 am
have this happen. illegal immigration numbers went up trilel from the time trump was in office to biden in office and that started occurring quickly because they changed policy and stopped following federal law. we will get more crime, more drugs, more covid, more people are going to die because this administration doesn't just not care about immigration, they are encouraging it. >> carley: they are and texas is trying to do all they can. it is an issue that is not going anywhere and clearly affects peep nel states across the country. ag paxton, thanks for joining us. >> thank you, have a great day. >> carley: 18 after the hour. shoplifters are so embolden this man felt comfortable dragging a 70-inch television out of target during the middle of the day. jason rantz is not holding back about what is go og in his town, he is next. >> todd: what do rihanna and
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tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant® with tremfya®... ask you doctor about tremfya® today. >> todd: unbelievable. dramatic shootout caught on camera in houston, texas. three officers hit in the foot, arm and leg, all expected to make a full recovery. the suspect hijacked a mercedes at gunpoint.
2:24 am
rosales is accused of killing killingloway is wanted for another murder in el salvador. he will appear in criminal court later this morning. and republican challenger to aoc cueir announced proposal before taking part pro-police rally outside bragg's office. two nypd officers were shot and killed. the republican rejects aoc's socialist policies, he is deupon sendant of cuban refugees. >> carley: a man is seen stealing a 70-inch tv from a target. staff say he has stolen from the store 22 times and has a rap sheet dating back to the 1980s. jason rantz is joining me. this is a ridiculous situation
2:25 am
to see guy carrying a 70-inch screen tv out of target in broad daylight and thinking he can get away with it. he has 22, stolen from the store 22 prior times, has rap sheet dating back to the 1980s. clearly a judge must have lookd and said, okay, you are going to jail. is that what happen? ed >> jason: no, this is seattle, we don't have judges that put criminals in jail n. this case, on first appearance, he was released. prosecutor office asked for $5000 bail. given this person has been trespass from target and has a long history, he is a threat to the public. the judge decided to release the suspect on his own, personal recognizance. he is still not in jail n. this case, the judge, belinda young, according to the paperwork,
2:26 am
seems to indicate the suspect has covid or came in contact with covid, mentions of having to quarantine for quarantine period, we assume that is what the case is. he is in a homeless sxhoelths i'm sure he is being responsible and isolating from everybody else. >> carley: i think the criminal justice system and mental health system has fail third degree person. he clearly has issues that need to be addressed. how is arresting him and releasing him back to the streets, how is that the solution or the right thing to do? >> jason: it's not. clearly there are cases people can be helped. i would argue, if you have a criminal record back to the '80s and at 56 you are doing the same thing, in this case, accused, i would argue whatever you are trying to do is not helping and there is a local nonprofit
2:27 am
organization that is operating this homeless hotel and put a letter in to the judge suggesting he's on the right track and things are improving. what basis would anyone make that case? >> carley: the video, it is so brazen, a tv is bigger than him and he thinks he can walk out of the store with it. what are people in seattle saying about this? it is a liberal city that elected soft on crime lawmakers. have you noticed public sentiment at all changing? >> jason: there has definitely been an attempt to course correct. first time in 30 plus years issue the city elected a republican to citywide office, in this case, seattle city attorney ann davidson got elected. part of the reason is out of control crime. some is petty stuff, normally misdemeanor goes to the city attorney n. this case, it is going to the prosecuor around
2:28 am
how often this person is accused of doing such things. there is course correction going on, whether or not the politicians on council, which lean far to the left, will allow ann davidson to do her job, we have seen resistant and pushback. >> carley: jason, you are a smart guy and thought about this. what philosophy drives the d.a.s to think putting criminals back on the streets will make things better? >> jason: we've constantly heard them say and this is not just seattle, it is across the country, that the criminals are the victims. >> carley: right. >> jason: that they are victims of systemic oppression inherent in the criminal justice system and heard activists say we will try to dismantle systems. they believe the reason, underlying cause is poverty, underlying cause is being
2:29 am
homeless. we know that is obviously not true, not everyone each remotely who is homeless or impoverishs are committing criminal acts. they don't just hold that viewpoint toward people stealing 70's-inch tv from target, they hold that view of people involved in violent crime, drive-by shootings, sexual assault. we've gone so far to the left in cities, it is backfiring and have you to look at the dat a. >> carley: it is. without a doubt. jason, being the voice of reason, we appreciate you joining us this morning. thank you. >> jason: thank you, appreciate it. >> todd: you had me laughing, man, it ain't funny, it is sad. pennsylvania democrats running the other way as president biden heads there. joe concha thinks he knows what is going on there. he is next. throughout] trelegy for copd.
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>> carley: president biden heading to pittsburgh to tout his infrastructure plan. it is what is missing from his visit speaking the loudest. >> todd: more and more democrats are distancing themselves from the president. brooke. >> brooke: two high-profile democrats will be missing from the visit to pittsburgh today. john federman, the lieutenant governor and gubernatorial
2:34 am
candidate josh piro, the state's attorney general. both turned down an invitation from the president citing scheduling conflicts. they are not the only ones, their absence adds to growing list of dem krats putting distance between themselves and the white house. earlier this month abrams claimed a scheduling conflict when biden came to town for voting rights speech. and beto o'rourke told the dallas morning news he is "not interested in any national politician coming to the state to help decide the outcome of his election," and some are calling this the biden effect, the president's plunging poll numbers become election liability for democrats. franklin and marshall college poll find approval rating dropped 16% at end of october and republicans say it shows democratic party has pushed the american people too far.
2:35 am
listen. >> this president and the house and the senate, speaker pelosi are trying to move this country as far left as they can, knowing the american people disagree with him. the bottom line, this year we're going to win back the house of representatives and i think win the senate. >> brooke: president biden tries to rally his base, campaign committee is adding seven house democrats to front-line members list, those are candidates they consider vulnerable to losing their seat necessary the midterm later this year. >> todd: thank you. let's bring in joe concha. happy friday to you. why does it seem so many dentist appointments, haircut schedule when is joe comes to town? >> carley: got to wash the hair. >> joe: got to clean out that salt and pepper shaker, that is the excuse given to me. we
2:36 am
can't go out, it worked out well and someone fell for it, she is upstairs. when you have lost beto, you have problems. we saw this movie earlier this month, stacey abrams. voting rights. it is hard to blame democrats for quarantining themselves from a toxic president. less than one in three voters in the state of pennsylvania think your president is performing well, the last thing she wanted to do was attach themselves to him for easy campaign ad blare all over the state when they did appear with him and will not do that now. look, this shows how things are going to go in 2024, if this keeps up. when georgia is considered state that candidates can't be seen with president biden or pennsylvania and two states joe
2:37 am
biden won in 2020, how will that look in nevada, florida, michigan, it is looking ugly right now among his own party. >> carley: to your own point, of all the polls that aired in recent weeks, this is most telling. president biden approval rating 32% in pennsylvania, 34% in georgia, 39 in new hampshire, 42% in arizona and 46% in nevada. these are states that helped him win the white house. the administration must be keeping track of poll numbers, why aren't they responding accordingly? >> joe: great question. the way you respond accordingly if we go to sports analogy, general manager of a team, you start firing people, right? maybe the chief of staff hasn't been giving the greatest advice in the world. maybe the dhs secretary running the border, not doing good job. have you to show you care by firing somebody who is doing a
2:38 am
poor job within your cabinet or it looks like you will stay the course and that is what this administration is doing. they are staying the course, the problem is the course is going off a cliff, carley. >> todd: ladies of "the view" saying ridiculous things about the supreme court. listen. >> only been two black men, those numbers are shocking. >> one doesn't really represent the black community. >> amy comey barrett was put in there because she is a white woman going against ark bartion rights. >> todd: where do people come off questioning barrett and thomas because they don't fit their narrative? >> joe: can i put human in quotes when describing joy baier. if you are conservative black man like clarence thomas, by
2:39 am
the way, "the view" has become irrel sxrant has sagging ratings to show it. the view is having issues finding a conservative person to fill that spot. who wants to be a human pinata on national television? >> todd: literally the worst. happy weekend. enjoy the blizzard. this story tough, bail reform blamed for allowing her son's alleged killer to walk free. >> prosecutors prosecute. we are not in there to be a social justice warrior, all right. we're in there to punish people for the crimes they committed. >> todd: that mom tells us about her fight for justice next.
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>> todd: "new york post" revealing the biden family has done $31 million in deals with chinese elites. >> carley: cheryl casone joins us live with details. good morning. >> cheryl: it is friday when the
2:44 am
band comes back. that is right. never before reported revelation, "new york post" writes in an op ed, the biden family has done five deals with china, some reaching the top of chinese agency. hunter investments fund could be worth $20 million, he sold his stake. his lawyer confirmed he sold his stake. referencing hunter biden laptop, two chinese made that deal happen and were involved in others, that total $30 million. >> todd: pays to be a chinese eshg lite and to be a biden and a clinton. not great look for ri, and the twitter guy. >> cheryl: need to look at this, pop star rihanna and jack dorsey
2:45 am
teaming up to back groups who want to defund the police. we are proud to commit to organizations working on climate justice across the u.s. and caribbean with collaboration, start small, justice partners. several other groups listed in this e-mail, this tweet, have been vocal about defunding the police. in fact, one group, ndm collective believes mount rushmore is racist, symbol of white supremacy, we reached out to rihanna's and jack dorsey but they haven't responded yet. >> carley: i love this big story and jet blue deserves a big shout out. >> kayleigh: exactly, jet blue offering free flights to families of jason rivera and
2:46 am
wilbert mora, both killed in the line of duty a week ago. we were shocked and saddened to learn of the tragedy in new york city, we have a long history of supporting our hometown new york and other places. jet blue crew members live and work. the airline offers free flights to members of law enforcement, who wish to attend the funerals. rivera's funeral starts a couple blocks from here. i'm sure you saw this morning when you came to the studio in midtown manhattan, finally, we are seeing and i don't think this would have happened of the last mayor, we are see thanksgiving mayor say we are going to give these two men an amazing sendoff. >> carley: flags are flying at half staff, as well. cheryl, thank you. todd. >> todd: the mother of a slain army veteran calling out progressive pol -- politicians
2:47 am
as she says bail reform laws are rewarding his killer. joining me now is the mother of sergeant hassan korea, who was stabbed to death in 2018. as a parent, i cannot begin to comprehend your loss. when you see the state bending over backward to make things easier on your son's killers, how much of a punch in the gut is that to you? >> it is an insult, it is an atrocity, a disgrace, i feel tormented, tortured. i feel -- like having an out of body experience. i can't wrap my head around how this is possible. >> todd: i don't think any of us can wrap our head around it. the new governor kathy hocul is standing behind bail reform.
2:48 am
listen. >> i will absolutely stand behind promise why we need bail reform in the first place and looking for data that shows me that bail reform is the reason that somehow crime is going up in 9100 cities. >> todd: whether the killing of your son or the killing of countless other sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, how much more proof does she need? >> well, you know, i read that yesterday she wants to see numbers. let's look at low number offenses. senior citizen walking into the lobby of his building and gets attackd and robbed from his cell phone and $30. the woman trying to get on the elevator and gets raped on the elevator, those are crimes we need to be looking at. those low-level offenses that lead to bigger crimes.
2:49 am
>> todd: broken window policing, you are 100% right, why we are not is unconscionable. she wants a cap on murder convictions, your son left behind a wife and three kids, there is no cap on that, he is never coming back, where is the justice in that? >> there is no justice in it. we were looking for life sentences for all four of these people. now in the blink of an eye, we are capping it at 20 years. a father is dead forever, these people need to be in prison forever. >> todd: the woke politicians sold in that this will help you, they don't seem to be helping you, do they? >> no, like a runaway train crashing into the black and brown community, leaving a path of dead bodies and victims in its wake. >> todd: finally, what can you tell us about your son?
2:50 am
>> hassan was an amazing young man. one story, he had a mission and the mission was to get out all women, children and his battle buddies. that was the one and only story he ever shared with me about afghanistan, one of his proudest moments and what he prided himself in. he is doting father, loving father, great son and friend to many. he was an amazing young man and we loved him tremendous. >> todd: keep his picture on the screen, this is what a good guy looks like. he served our country, he died senselessly in the streets of new york city, why do we prefer the bad guys over this guy, over your son? it makes no sense. hopefully the work of people like you madeline, brings that to the floor so something finally changes. we apologize for the loss of your son, nothing will bring him back, hope your words help lead
2:51 am
to some change. thank you for your time this morning. fox news continues to pull back the curtain on joe biden's covert migrant operation, we'll show you brand-new exclusive video as lara trump joins us next. but it's not like that's my only interest. i also love cooking with heart-healthy, idaho potatoes. always look for the grown in idaho seal. .
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♪ >> until this video came out to actually prove it, we at any time know exactly how they were transporting these illegals from one point to the other, but the american people do not want these people in their neighborhoods and this is something that joe biden has snuck around. it's illegal. and i do expect congress to hold him accountable. >> calls for joe biden's impeachment begin following the release of footage exposing secret flights of illegal immigrants released in suburban towns under night fall. fox news contributor lara trump joins us now. one former president was impeached in the house over a phone call.
2:56 am
shouldn't this president be impeached over actively facilitating the destruction of our sovereign border. >> yeah, you would think that would be enough. let's see what happens here. look, one of the most basic functions of a president is to secure our border here in america. and we know that the biden administration has failed every single day at doing that. we had millions of people come into this country illegally last year alone. that would be enough to impeach a president. they have done everything but invite people to come to america illegally. but then, todd, to see these flights, to see that under the cloak of darkness, in night, there are charter flights, which, by the way is a very nice way to travel. the guy in this video actually said, wait, to identify take my shoes off when i get on a plane and these people get to walk on charter flights to west chester, new york and then they get on buses and the buses don't even tell the police officer here
2:57 am
where these people are going. this is unconscionable. this was done on taxpayer money. so not only is joe biden allowing people to come to this country illegally, he has been flying them all over america, busing them all over america. the people of america are paying for this to happen. so, yes, i would think if anything, you would be able to find some way to call for impeachment here. you know what? it is not a victimless crime. people say we want to help these people. you guys reported earlier in the show over 250 million lethal doses of fentanyl have crossed our southern border under be this president's watch. you see so many reasons this is a problem. >> carley: yeah, the drug issue is a big deal and the fact that cartels are making money off of this is another huge deal. we have been playing footage all morning, this body camera footage that shows a dhs contractor who was working this flight that landed at west chester airport, illegal
2:58 am
immigrants were let out in new york. this body camera footage. shows him even questioning the strategy. listen to this. >> i get the whole secret deal [bleep] but this is above my [bleep] pay grade. the government is betraying americans. >> we learned that there were 14 people on the terror watch list that were caught at the southern border last year and then you just have to wonder if those people were caught and how many got through and how safe are we in this country right now? >> you guys have talked all morning about an officer in texas being killed by a person who was an illegal immigrant with a rap sheet. you talk about the fentanyl i just mentioned coming into america. the gangs coming into america. this is so bad for our country.
2:59 am
everyone who lives in a border state has felt the impact of this and now it is being felt all across america. because these people are being flown and bused everywhere in our country. todd, you mentioned it earlier, the fact that donald trump got impeached over a perfectly acceptable phone call, yes, joe biden should be impeached over this very thing. this is a failure on every level to stand up and do your duty as president of the united states. and so many people at this point say it must be purposeful. how else could you allow 2 plus million people that we know of to come into america illegally. fly and bus them all over the country, if it weren't on purpose? this is unbelievable. and has to stop. we are going to lose our country if we don't get this under control. >> todd: if i'm the republican, i highlight this in every single campaign ad between now and november and say come january 2023, we are going to look into this.
3:00 am
an investigation will lead in all like lie hood to an impeachment of president biden. lara trump is a great weekend. thank you for getting up with us. >> thank you. >> carley: that poll that shows president biden losing support in swing states is a big deal. >> todd: as we get toward november. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a great weekend. >> war on america's law enforcement takes another violent turn. >> as three police officers in houston were shot thursday. >> it's been a tough week for law enforcement. these unare inherently dangerous times. >> border crisis continues to deteriorate. >> an ice agent told me they feel the been turned into a travel booking agency. >> somebody has to hold the president accountable for abandonment of the rule of. >> did president biden tell ukraine to prepare for an invasion. white house says no. but ukrainian official says otherwise. >> biden white house needs to re


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