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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 2, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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because we believe everybody deserves a chance. and sometimes one chance is all it takes to change everything. see what scholarship opportunities you may qualify for at welcome to fox news at night, i am shannon bream in washington. >> breaking tonight, much close to telling what could be a huge upset in virginia governor's race. no decision yet as the republican outsiders glenn youngkin given little chance th beginning has come rowing from behind what could be a shocking defeat, we are down to the fina 3 percent of the votes yet to b
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counted. mcauliffe in the 48 percent range, this is a campaign that' been blocked by and education and the economy among many othe things. we will have to keep a look at it because this is somewhere with they had. at democratic stronghold just one year ago. indicative of how things shake out in the 2021 election cycle. it could be good news depending on how this race shakes out, we start with white house correspondent with the latest o what we know about what's happening in the old dominion tonight. >> talk about watching this one down to the very last second. a bellwether or a harbinger of things to come depending on you definition. the truth is no matter what happens in the commonwealth of
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virginia between mcauliffe and youngkin. this has been a historic night in a bit of a surprise perhaps even a bit of an earthquake depending on how things shake out as we take a look inside th numbers you see 51-48 is where we stand at this hour. fox has not yet called up by ou decision task desk however with the lead of about i guess about 9,495,000 votes, it is a significant hill to climb for the former governor. for the record, it has been quite a while since a republica when the statehouse in the commonwealth you have to go bac to 2010 when then governor mc donald when it. other than that, all democrats going back to 1998. we will have to keep an eye on that. president trump former president , the 45th president of the united states has already decided that this is a done deal , he weighed in with the statement not long ago and basically what he is saying is it's his supporters that turned
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out in large numbers to help push glenn youngkin over the finish line. all mcauliffe did was talk trump, trump, trump, and he lost , thank you to the maga voters for turning out big. the governor elect three is a huge win for parents who are concerned about the education o their children as much as it is a massive voter rejection of bi government socialism. again, i want to reiterate, we haven't officially called it here at the decision desk but right now he is leading late in the game if you will, so we wil obviously keep watching that. leader on i will share some interesting notes from around the country as we take a look a some mayors races in seattle an in minneapolis in particular. that and more coming up a few minutes from now. >> kevin, we will check back with you on those and our
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extended coverage tonight. let's bring in the dream team t talk about the virginia gubernatorial contest that coul serve as an indicator of how th next years midterm elections could unfold. along with a host of the next revolution welcome to all of you . virginia comer president biden one by ten points a year ago. new jersey in a close race that we are watching, there was a wi by president biden there at 16 points was the margin. tonight it is still too close t call. what you make of what we're seeing tonight? >> it's a national story clearl into local story. a story of the candidates to. on a national level there are two big takeaways. so far at least the biden presidency in terms of how it's affected real people with real lives as a failure it's a failure on multiple fronts, specifically on those issues that really affects people whether they think about the
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cost of living, about their daily life, their kids school enzo won the biden presidency hasn't delivered that return to normalcy that people were promised the second take away i think is a more political one and that is that the democrats march to the left, which we hav seen it really pick up pace ove the last year or so that has been a complete flop, people don't like it, they don't want it, what manifestation of that has been the issue of what is taught in schools, the critical race theory debate and so on, but it's not just that, it's th way the teacher union seems to take such dominance over policy that has been an issue in the election. the way that he has really zeroed in on parents concern in virginia for example how the pandemic was handled, particularly with respect to education, the way he conducted himself in the campaign. he rallied very local candidate if you like. he really represented the state
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and values very strongly where m cauliffe tried to nationalize the race and make it about trump , people didn't want that either. i think there are lessons both for that national parties on ho you handled the issues, and certainly lessons about how you conduct campaigns, but the big when i think is that the democrats want to have a good year next year, they've got to do a lot better on those for delivery issues, what happened in the economy, what will congress do on the biden agenda we'll any of this make any difference in people's real lives. >> martha, have to bring you in. virginia was getting all the attention in you said listen, new jersey is big gray did you have any idea it would be this big? what do you make about what's going on they are? >> it's interesting. there was a phil murphy moment that didn't get as much attention as what happened on the debate stage with terry mc auliffe when he talked about parents but phil murphy and one of the lines i think that jack
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ciattarelli really seized on is if taxes are youth income it were probably not your team because if taxes are extraordinarily high, they are the highest taxes in the countr in new jersey. i think that was something that resonated with a lot of people in new jersey regardless of how all of this ends up going, there's also the nursing home issue which got a ton of attention in new york state, bu the truth of the matter is that more individuals died in nursin homes in new jersey because of people were taken out of the hospitals in the early stages o covid and put back into the nursing homes. murphy did not get the kind of negative attention that the governor got, but the policy wa the same in new jersey as well. people in new jersey noticed al of that. i think there's a ton of factor surrounding all of those things including schools, covid, mandates and elevate that have caused some interesting backlas in new jersey. i think the bergen county
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example is one very generally i has gone red and tonight it looks like ciattarelli has pulled out a win. they're is a lot to watch, lots of similar things we've seen in other places that didn't get much attention because nobody thought it would be close very. >> i want to read something, he says virginia is opposed trump gop could look like engaged in the culture, focused on issues that matter to parents and families, mobilized, fighting for and crucially not revolving around one single personality like donald trump. this is the way forward brett, what lessons do you think regardless of how this turns out , the fact that this is such a right tight race in a place where president biden won by te points a year ago. what do you think is a lesson they will take from virginia, particularly new jersey. >> no matter what happens republicans ran well tonight in states where ten points for joe biden in virginia, big wins, 15 points in new jersey, and we will see what happens here in
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the end. have questions about what does this say for senators joe manchin and cinema on capitol hill. what does that say about that. the reconciliation bill that comes in the next day or days. how does that affect them. when he comes back from europe and says that his policies didn't affect this. it seems to be a direct linkage to problems across-the-board, and you can't say it's one race because new jersey, virginia, u and down in virginia as well. >> leslie, there is going to be a lot of speculation about what this means and we are still waiting for these races going into 2020 to, but the more immediate issue that brett talked about i'm trying to get things done here in washington there's been a lot of infightin in the democratic party between the far left and the moderates about trying to come together
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and getting some kind of packag done on the hill. of republicans pull off this wi in virginia and make it close i new jersey, what about that fighting versus the squat and others who say we've got to swing for the fences and we nee to do some really progressive staff great how do you think washington will recalibrate potentially after tonight? >> i wrote a piece they came ou today for fox news and included in that something that you just said, shannon, but i want to go further. even if terry mcauliffe wins when it comes is close or loses its the same either way for my party for the democrats they have to take a page out of the republican handbook. back in 2016 many republicans like trump they held their nose the united, they voted for him and got it done. they got their candidate into the oval office. and regrets need to do the same thing with legislation. every degree, the president lowering approval ratings latel ways into this.
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they won that in getting legislation done and put forth when you have the majority, eve in the house and you have the white house and the tiebreaker was the president in the senate. there's just no excuse. i also want to point out the couple about the things because we keep mentioning the name donald trump and i think the former president is actually bye-bye the reason i said that is democrats have to learn you cannot campaign saying the othe candidates is pro- trump and you're not pro- trump, that is ancient history right now as we have seen in the gubernatorial race in virginia. the republicans need to see tha as well because mcauliffe to distance himself from trunk he didn't go to the virtual-realit they had he did not want him he had consul donald trump coming to him so i think republicans need to look at that as well that may be they need to really hone in on their disinterest moderates base and not the fringe elements, the more talk just like democrats have to hon in mb strong on their majority people like myself that are
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centrist and moderate, democrat people like a joe manchin for example. i think you learn from this i'm sorry, the old dog can learn ne tricks, but voters don't want the old dog and mcauliffe has been before. when i saw his name come out i thought not the strongest to win . and that's why i don't think donald trump will have his easiest time as he wins in 2024 and i don't think it will be guaranteed that he would win as president. i think american voters want newness and also come out white women, i mean you are talking a very high percentage of white women who fled to youngkin. i think because he ran a better campaign and he had a message h jumped onto even though he may not have been completely accurate all the time with critical race theory. when he said what he said about the parents not being involved
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in having decision-making ability. i cringed. we want decision-making ability. >> , baz mama bears are bad. he is doing better and then in suburban areas than expected an certainly then president trump to. we have a lot more to discuss i the extended coverage, but let' find out where the votes are coming into the race. phil, i've got to ask you because this thing about he wanted to bring it in for sure and the vast majority of people there was a fact that there wer to in ten people who did not have a good impression of president trump will elected to vote either way. i think it's something we diges over the coming days in see where how it settles in and the new political face of american
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politics. but as for now i want to tell you why we can't call, virginia. i was just with the decision desk there and i want to just break this down in the southeas of north norfolk city. we believe that norfolk city 45 percent of the early vote has not been counted. i can't explain why but over here in chesterfield county, remember the suburbs we talked about southern side of richmond 's city of richmond, in chesterfield, 40 to percent of the same day vote, which would mean people that showed up at the voting booth today to vote has not been reported. now that would seem to suggest, shannon, since republicans tend to show up on election day, and democrats for the most part, this is a trend, would participate in early voting or vote by mail as a better way to
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say it, than that would probabl attend good news for youngkin i chesterfield. we don't know where these votes are, we don't know who therefore , we don't know why they haven't been counted yet. virginia said they were going t count the early vote first and give us that information first. most of the 95 counties in 38 cities did that. chesterfield was not one of the apparently. than i would come appear to fairfax, it's been a topic all night here, we believe at the moment in fairfax there is 12 percent of the early vote that is yet to be reported. fairfax appear, chesterfield down there and it's norfolk ove here in the southeast. that is how we wanted to explai if you got all that what's happening in virginia. here in new jersey, i just came down from upstairs, shannon and this is a real race.
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they're is some projections tha we are seeing on our computers that appoint, point and in half two points in the end perhaps. why is that? go appear to bergen county. winning this county by five points. phil murphy he won the county b 15. it appears that the lots of the vote for bergen is in. let's come appear to the northeast, this is sussex county , so the heavily republican area, you would expect ciattarelli. you would expect ciattarelli to do well and indeed he has put a lot of that vote has been held back. not a lot of rowboats. we expect more to come in now from sussex county. they're and we pop down here to burlington, let me get this right here on the map. you're again, you have ciattarelli with the lead, quit
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significant lead. how did murphy do in burlington four years ago? here is the vote total for murphy and his victorious race for the state house four years ago per eight if you come back to 2020 when you see the state of play right now, this is what is confounding as about new jersey and maybe we make a call tonight and maybe we don't, maybe we go to the hours tomorrow wondering who won new jersey. you see right here, 68 percent, want with county, 61 percent. they're our precincts in essex county, that is specifically ne work that are still coming in, heavily democratic as we follow the numbers come up murphy with a handy lead right there in essex county. but you see what he did four years ago. he was up around 80 percent. and at the moment he's not quit at that number, but still prett respectable for the democrats
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seeking reelection in new jerse so that gives you an idea right here new jersey, it is a real race, and for a lot of people who discount that long before the race was held today. >> bill is going to work 24 hours. brett and martha, what now with the president returning from overseas coming he left without getting these incomes down tonight and than potentially, that electoral news, we will se how they shake out. brett, what do you think the white house is going to feel an reaction to this? they're going to have to have some reaction. if we go back to virginia. we get lots of e-mails and messages about our screen there that we went from 97 percent to 95 percent. i and the questions to the decision desk and basically the expected vote number as an
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estimate and the turnouts and some of these areas are greater than expected. we have up on the screen these different numbers and we are saying that they have these, yo just talked about 40 percent an some areas in big numbers that have not been counted and there is lots of questions about how these people are dealing with this and each individual county. >> is that for me? >> i will try to answer it the best way i can. for example, here in loudoun county the estimated number is 99 percent. if we are going through this throughout the night, sometimes it was at 80 percent, and that was just an estimate for what w believe based on the numbers fo the governor's race from four years ago. so that is factored into this equation. when you do get a big turnout, it is hard to know who is doing early vote by mail, it is hard to know who showed up on election day.
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but that help explains where th estimates are, and that is why it says est in this upper corne of chesterfield here. that is just an estimate again. we don't know how much of the vote is out there. is that clear as mud? >> yes it is, but you know the allegations are there is that w don't make this bull come up more and more people are out there saying all these district and counties are just waiting t see how many votes tear he mc auliffe needs to pull off this race. what we're saying is we're getting individual communications about what votes they have left and right now there is too much out for us to make a call in this race even knowing what we know in each on of these. >> when you went back to 2017, this is what the model was base on. 1.4 million in gillespie 1.4 million. that is kind of the models were set up in 2021, we blew by all
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of that turn out. it wasn't to point to, it wasn' two-point for. i would say the ap just knocked the number down downward we thought we were at 96 and went to 94 so maybe they see more votes out there than even we expected and some of these big counties like prince william, and chesterfield. >> there's also a lot of things coming in about counts in new jersey as well for example, reporting that bergen county on one election document said that they have counted the heavily democratic male devotes and the another document says they haven't quite counted all those votes yet these are the things that are going to raise a lot o people's concerns as they look at how all of this is going and it is incredibly tight right now . they're are about 10,000 votes
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apart in new jersey and this is where it becomes very people raise a lot of questions. when you have all of these meal in votes in the questions of whether or not, what the format is, exactly when they're counted , how many we're sent out , how many we're returned. all of this are things that we need to nail down. we're not done with the possibility of extra innings here in either state. >> no. >> if you think about the fact that there are still a couple o days for things to come in, at least we know in virginia and when it is going to be this close potentially, i know you were talking earlier about more than 100,000 ballots requested are not back yet. will they all be returned? we don't know. there could be extra innings in these races and we know that attorneys have been hired right out of the candidates have they're little teams at their they anticipated this potential but there's really tight margin we are going to watch brickey
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one thing i would had we acted our voter analysis in virginia, we did not do voter analysis in new jersey. we're relying on the associated press for the numbers from precincts. in virginia, the reason why we were able to get your exit polling there earlier tonight, shannon, was to give us an idea about how people were feeling about the issues was because we were in contact with the voters for period of five days trying to understand where they are on the issues are just to help clarify a little bit. much more to discuss over the next hour and a half or so for extended coverage. we're going to check in we did hear from the candidates tonight , but i didn't hear anything that was closure one way or the other. gate there really wasn't coming into look at what happened you have to look at what tear he mc
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auliffe did not stay when he hit the stage. there was no concession but there was really no sense of hope involved in his discussion or any type of sense that he wa going to win this message. he said we are still counting the outstanding votes were stil looking for what's going forwar here he thinks his campaign supporters, he thinks his family . and that was about it. at that point the large part of the ballroom was largely filled and it quickly emptied out from there. what we've got remaining here i campaign staffers who are sort of hanging around the hotel, some are at the bar, most have left, supporters have largely left here as well and it's just a group of reporters and media just finishing up their days here are so there is not much expected from the campaign this evening. they did have a fairly large event here in northern, virgini to close out this campaign, but we have not heard any sense fro
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the mcauliffe folks for a timeline for when or if we're going to hear from him again, and as you noted there was no concession, there was no type o sense of where they are going forward from here, when you loo at when you're talking to aides who were working on this campaign they are all but acknowledging things are not looking good for them they haven't been for some time here that is why this place has largely emptied out. >> we are all here, we will check back in with you the blue state governors race, apparentl too close for comfort for with new jersey incoming governor facing closer than expected talent from former state assemblies men senior correspondent senior correspondent has the latest tonight this is a name a lot of folks didn't know 24 hours ago outside the state of new jersey.
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the final results went up tonight for the governor is expected to take the podium. let's just say, he's the warm u to the governor expected to mak his remarks in a few moments. the democratic campaign here as confident, at least publicly of trying to express confidence. they are concerned saying this is not over. the lieutenant governor earlier this evening came down here and said that they are still waitin for the democrat suburban counties around new york city the night will go a long freigh again, republicans versus telling me obviously they have to mail in ballots and because
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of covid and covid 19 there is ton of them the local board of election offices started to count those about 13 days ago, they had to be postmarked by today and they had to they can still be received by local boards of election until next tuesday, a week from now phil murphy is now taking the stage behind me to make some remarks believe. so he is at the podium as you can see. looking publicly optimistic and smiling, but this is going to b a long night this evening, but they are hopeful considering th democrat ridge suburbs as well as the meal in ballots that are not counted. we will wait just a moment to see if the governor makes remarks to those that are still here are though a lot of people
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have left because they night is not young. here is governor bill murphy. >> greetings from asbury park. thank you all so much for sticking around. we are going to have to wait a little while longer than we had hoped. we are going to wait for every vote to be counted and that's how our democracy works. for almost four years now, our focus has not spent on trying t do more for the already have much, but to do much for those in the middle and at the bottom so that they have more opportunity. our cause has not been looking out for people gathered around corporate board table, but for the camp family gathered around the kitchen table like maureen growing up. our mission has been simple to build a state where every child regardless of race or gender, creed or zip code has the
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opportunity to live out their hopes and achieve their america dream. these are the values we have pu to work. we are leading with compassion and empathy, not anger and despair. we are following science and facts, not the political whims. we may not always agree, but when we disagree, we sit down and we treat each other with respect in understanding, alway seeking common ground. or shared values are far more important than any one person. what we can already take from tonight is knowing that many of our friends and neighbors like us do not want to go backward t lieutenant governor sheila oliver, chairman leroy jones, vice chair peg schaefer, our incredible team led by molly an
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jackie. the thousands of volunteers who knocked on doors and made phone calls, our friends and organize later labor who stood tall in support of us and our mission t everyone, we say thank you all so much and most importantly fo me, i think my family. many of whom were here tonight, i hope they still our and i especially think the chair of our campaign, the finance chair of our campaign and tammy murphy . and, the four most important things that tammy and i have ever accomplished, josh, emma, charlie, and sam murphy. we love you guys so much. so we are all sorry that tonigh could not yet be the celebratio we wanted it to be, but as i said when every vote is counted and every vote will be counted,
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we hope to have a celebration. again, thank you all commit may god bless you all in may god continue to bless the great state of new jersey and the united states of america. >> he just heard from the current governor of new jersey hoping to be the next governor but in a race that is much tighter than anyone anticipated it would be. let's get more insight as we wait on virginia and new jersey and some of the numbers we are seeing at that. it is great to see again, robert's frisky always great to be on the show. >> what can you tells about new jersey because i don't think anybody that you not claiming victory that he would have expected that he would be in this kind of race at this point in the night. >> i can tell you, where the only group that predicted the race would be competitive when we put out our poll monday we had down to a four-point margin and we thought the emphasize
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breaking against murphy, we had murphy below 50 percent, so we did see this coming. this week with all the polling you are seeing so many people were frustrated by vaccine mandate and deaths in nursing homes just like what was happening in new york. the anger toward murphy was palpable and people tend to vot against people in new jersey is the place that is hard to get reelected as governor. we're not shocked by this tonight. >> if virginia happens for the gop that would be a ten-point swing there at least in favor o glenn youngkin. you had called it i think 2.3 percent in favor of youngkin . >> it is 82.7. we didn't think it was as white as some thought it was going to be.
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we thought it would be ed nailbiter. the numbers you see in places like chesterfield county and he is meeting his goal in big places to get what he needs to get to to keep that margin upright obviously come out with ballots that are postmarked today and counted as late as friday, it's not going to be final and i understand the decisions you are making, but i think this would be an nailbiter , we thought it would be, but it looks good for youngkin. it taking a long time to figure out what's going on in new jersey but. >> you have been accurate in a lot of what you've done over th last few years and it seems lik this year it's pretty close to on the nose and some of these really big races. we've got to jump and go to new jersey we want to look in on th republican given otori all candidates ciattarelli. its lesson in. >> we are going to make this a better place for business, we are going to downsize big government, or going to support our state and local police.
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and we are going to get back to basics and teaching critical life skills in our school, providing vocational training for our students that don't wan or need to go to college in we're going to leave that subject matter on the kitchen table between mom and dad in their kids, that is where it belongs. here is the deal. because you've been here for five hours were all going to lychees and they've got 325 pie in the oven right now. listen, thank you, thank you,
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thank you. it doesn't happen without you. less than 2 miles from where we stand right now my father was born in for family house on industry street. my grandfather built that house. my grandparents lived in one unit across the hall with my parents in their unit upstairs with my aunt and uncle, their kids across the hall was my aun and uncle in their kids my mom got to do wash on tuesday. they shared one wash machine. new jersey has always always been home. why am i so passionate about ne jersey? because like all of you, i love this date and i realize it's broken, you know it's broken an i'm convinced, i am convinced that together we can fix this state. we can fix it. here is what we're going to do.
9:36 pm
sometime real soon, we can declare unequivocally of victory , we will begin to fix the state of new jersey and mak this state someplace where everyone feels confident they can live, work, retire, start a business, raise a family, let m say one other thing when we are able to declare victory sometim real soon. going to be one of a lieutenant governor. you know that woman that won th primary for me because she took care of the guy and the studio.
9:37 pm
i wish i could come out there and give everyone of you a hug and a kiss. chris, you give good hug spirit last time you hugged me i was sore for a week. here is what i need to do. we've got to begin the planning that needs to be done to make sure we can declare this victory . you can launch is closely over the next week or so in order fo us to do what needs to be done to certify this when. the great news is we have sent message. let's i left about this, and although it was not my attention , we have sent the message.
9:38 pm
every single time it's gone too far off track. people of this state have pushed , pulled, and prodded right back to where it needs to be. listen, sometime real soon come over going to do this again. what we're doing right now and we will declare a victory. thank you all so very very much. thank you. >> you have been listening in new jersey where we heard from the democrat contender and the republican contender for the governor's race that is much closer than anyone would have expected. both are talking about the vote still yet to be counted and still say they will fight on an hope to bring a victory home. bill is tracking all of this. >> i just heard in new jersey
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listen you going to go to bed and not know who won, that's just the way it is great i don' know a lot of people who put money on this result right now, but that is where we stand. how did it happen? and what is going on? i take you to burlington, new jersey where ciattarelli has. just at nine or ten-point lead. i was looking at what murphy's numbers were in 2017, in that county, this is, shannon, this is a flip. he turned it upside down from 2021 in that same county. it's really remarkable if all this hurt holds up your. i will pop over to ocean county. you would think 43 ciattarelli would do well in ocean county. up here in monmouth county as well way above 60 percent good number for him. i think one of the more telling things is bergen county. he has got a five-point edge right now as it stands here at
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12:40 a.m. east coast time and going back four years ago when that same place, you see it again. back to 2021, he pulled the trick in these places appear in sussex, or more of the vote has come and, a little bit, 1200 votes here, 2,000 down here, yo would expect the republican to win there, but in that particular county, but that is where we are, shannon and we don't have a winner in new jersey. gig at think we might have some other news and another states. it's now official. fox news is calling the virgini governor's race or republican glenn youngkin. it has been a hard-fought long battle here. the pulling last week finally showed us that the likely voter we're going to search for youngkin. it looked like he close strong. what you think finally got him over the top. >> it's official. the fox news decision desk is
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calling this race for glenn glenn youngkin. he will be the governor elect o virginia. what is amazing is it looked like it was going to tip earlie in the night. we had to wait until some of those big places as bill described them came in with all their final votes great if you look at where he went from the beginning, and he was not counted and in this race at all. dealing with a former governor who had a democratic machine in the state that joe biden won by ten points, he was not well known, he was way back in the pack in fact he had to work har to win a primary, and then he managed to figure out a way to campaign on the issues that people in virginia cared about and that is what one him this race. he turned this tide really in the past few weeks, i would say within a month that this really turned for glenn youngkin his
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now the governor elect of virginia and is going to bring with him a lot of republicans that will change the way the commonwealth operates. to give this site of his campaign says a new kind of leader, and i think that the definition of glenn youngkin an how he pulled off this very upset when in virginia and how he turned it just over the last several weeks by really understanding where the people of virginia were this is a testament to the fact that candidates matter. the person matters, but he had no surrogates. he had to team of people that was cobbled together over the course of this while he started to get more momentum. the team came together. he worked for the harvard business school graduate. he said he system ever ever did
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and brady grew up in virginia beach for the most part and he talked about his really positiv message he kept saying america is the greatest country in the world. you are hearing that from the other side. he said it every time he went out there and i think he gave people a reason to feel good an they wanted to support them. >> as a businessman, he had the opportunity to play it like mit romney did where we focus on hi business career. he didn't really do that, he focused really on issues and education became the issue that lifted up this campaign. also, he had going for him a president a democratic presiden who was falling in the polls an a number of key misses by the biden administration. i think this race in particular will send a message here in washington, dc and i think we don't know where this is going to go as far as how it affects moderates on capitol hill how i affects these pieces of legislation that are still stalled because president biden
9:44 pm
can't get across the finish line . we have yet to see that and we have yet to see where this new jersey race ends up no matter what happens in new jersey, the message has been sent virginia is a republican state now and i was ten points to joe biden's favor just a year and a half ago . >> i want to point out, we have heard him say this quite a bit on the campaign trail, but just a reminder of the lease had ten months ago our first internal poll i had a 2 percent name id with a 3 percent margin of error , he says we've been focusing on the issues most important to virginia and he really has been very successful he became known for wearing those sweet fast and walking around and talking to parents, talking about kids and really trying to connect with people, but, you guys hear him say that he was polling basically could have been at negative 1 percent based on the first internal polls and he's not a politician we didn't know who he was, so h
9:45 pm
has the commonality with president trump that he was a successful businessman, he wasn't a political guy, but ver different in their demeanor in their execution of their campaign. >> he is going to be a candidat as i said who is a model for republicans for the future, but he is a very strong individual, he's got a lot of energy, he is 6'4" so when he walks into the room he gets a lot of attention. the way that he navigated the issue of the former president donald trump at something i think you will hear a lot of discussion about he embraced th president's policies, i thought it was interesting the other night when they were pushing th polls, the teleprompter, was he going to be part of it wasn't easy he said i was going to be somewhere else that night but h was always threatening that needle and away and president trump was one where i thought w saw the race and said congratulations to him. >> but he also said the only on because my base was motivated.
9:46 pm
but in reality he motivated people in the suburbs, he motivated people in the virgini to cross over and vote for him. that is something today that donald trump could not do in virginia, at least as the environment is currently. so this is a unique candidates that managed to walk between those minefields of political. >> i think about president bide to who we said is on his way back from scotland and will lan and sort of see a new landscape you think about bill clinton in 1994 shifting towards warped welfare programs and going towards the middle that was after the midterms when republicans and newt gingrich had an enormous sweep that you wonder if the biden administration tries to recalibrate before that potentially happens to them and takes the message that we're seeing tonight in virginia and
9:47 pm
new jersey as well. regardless of what the final outcome is in new jersey or whether he stays the course. >> in 2009, we saw a race in virginia that went to the republicans and it was a harbinger of things to come. it was ahead to big wins for th republicans in the midterm. i think you could be seeing tha this time, but we could see joe biden take and triangulate much like bill clinton did when newt gingrich had the big movement back then. >> i think we are just seconds away potentially from hearing from the man who is now the governor elect a virginia littl bit of warm up here. glenn youngkin getting ready to take the stage great local pastor of a major church here i virginia, he has been one of those who has spoken on a lot o these tough issues. the loudoun county school board issue he has been politically
9:48 pm
savvy and involved in these issues so that is a big church lot of big pole in the northern virginia area, it looks like he is praying before glenn youngki and their grade they were open talking about their faith and how that is a big part of their lives. they been very open about that part of their lives. >> it's a big thing for a lots of virginians and a lot of people think about how this rac played out. you look back i mention 2009, h managed to talk about the economy even though there were lot of social issues that we're around there and there were a lot of candidates that looked a that race and said this is how republicans should run, especially in the suburbs. they're will be a ton of candidates to take the blueprin of the book of the youngkin campaign and say this is what i need to do around the country. the question is does he start getting whispers about running for higher office outside of
9:49 pm
virginia governor? you never know. those things happen. >> i think that he is an i said before i think they candidates and having good candidates cannot be underestimated. we just saw jack ciattarelli wh is a personable guy he connecte with a lot of people talking about ordering hundreds of pizzas from the pizza guy down the road. so that they are coming off authentic that people have connected with. >> this is going to be the next lieutenant governor lucy sears who is the first black woman elected to statewide office in the commonwealth of virginia an she is a unique history, a marine and someone who really resonated with a lot of voters throughout the commonwealth, bu in the same environment, where democrats we're trying to label this ticket as white supremacis musselwhite nationalist, here i
9:50 pm
the first black female lieutenant governor. >> pushing back against the crt idea insane we don't want to hi them against each other. she is a person to watch and an up and comer the new lieutenant governor when she is warning of the date of virginia, the commonwealth of virginia. we are about to hear from her a well. [cheers and applause]
9:51 pm
alright, alright. settle down, settle down. >> i am at a loss for words for the first time in my life. >> we love you. >> i love you too. >> i am here marine corps, motivated, dedicated. so i am here because of you. i am here because you voted for
9:52 pm
me, i am here because you put your trust in me that is the only reason i'm here. thank you. thank you. i've got my speech. i want to introduce to you my husband, harris. he is another marine. my daughter, tosha. and my other daughter donal. i'm telling you, that what you are looking at is the american dream. the american dream.
9:53 pm
when my father came to this country august the 11th of 1963 he came at the height of the civil rights movement from jamaica. he came, and i said to him it was such a bad time for us why did you come, and he said because america was where the jobs and the opportunities were. and he only came with $1.75. $1.75. took any job he could find and he put himself through school and started his american dream and now he is comfortably retired and then he came and go me when i was six years old. when i stepped on that pan am boeing 737 and landed at jfk, i
9:54 pm
landed in a new world. so let me tell you this, i am not even first generation american, when i joined the marine corps i was still a jamaican, but this country has done so much for me, i was willing, willing to die for thi country. usa. >> usa. usa. usa. usa. usa. >> end so i say to you, victory indeed. but i say to you, there are som who want to divide us and we
9:55 pm
must not let that happen. they would like us to believe w are back in 1963 when my father came. we can live where we want, we can eat where we want, we own the water fountains. we have had a black president elect, not once, but twice, and here i am living proof. in case you haven't noticed, i am black, and i have been black all my life. but that's not what this is about. what we are going to do, is we
9:56 pm
are going to now be about the business of the commonwealth. we have things to tend to. we are going to fully fund our historically black colleges and universities. you are going to hear from your governor elect glenn youngkin, and he has got a day one plan that i'm already tired about. i don't know how we're going to make it today to. but he is going to make sure we keep more of our money in our pockets because he's going to get rid of all kinds of taxes. we are going to have safer neighborhoods, safer communities , and our children are going to get a good education.
9:57 pm
because education lifted my father out of poverty, educatio lifted me out of poverty, education lifts us all out of poverty because we must have marketable skills so our children can not just survive, but they will thrive. that's what this is about. eight is a historic night, he has it is, but i didn't run to make history, i just wanted to leave it better than i found it. and with your help, we are goin to do that we are going to have transparent government in is i used to say when we were on the trail, hold on, virginia, help
9:58 pm
is on the way. the calvary has arrived. thank you. god bless you. and finally, and finally i want to thank my staff because i couldn't have done it without them, we were a ragtag bunch of people. we ran an impossible improbable campaign. again, god was exactly with us, otherwise we would never have made it and so i want to finish up by thanking you jesus, how sweet it is. [cheers and applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please
9:59 pm
welcome your next first lady suzanne youngkin. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ [applause] >> we are waiting on suzanne youngkin to come to the mic. i have to say, i spoke with her a few years ago on the campaign
10:00 pm
trail and very laid-back for someone in the middle of a campaign, they said they were determined not to get it down and dirty with it. let's listen in as she's about to introduce her husband. >> incredible, incredible. it has been the highest honor to spend these last months traveling around this commonwealth. meeting virginians, you are welcoming me into your homes come walking me in your parks and welcome me in your houses of worship, you were the most kind, hospitable, industrious, dedicated, wise thinking, caring, and beautiful people to me, and i am forever grateful. i do want


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