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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 2, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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continuing coverage throughout the evening. it might be a long one. >> martha: it will be interesting and we we will be back for special coverage at 11:00. "tucker carlson tonight" is coming up next. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: fox news alert tonight, there has been a hitch and highly anticipated count in virginia governor's race. fairfax county the biggest and most democratic county in the state of virginia will not be supplying its vote results on time. we were supposed to have early vote after 7:00 eastern but an hour ago fairfax county official announced there is a delay and they need to rescan the ballots. they will release partial vote of early vote in person sometime this evening. we will be tracking that for us
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and also talk to brit hume to figure out how many votes they need apparently. good evening, welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." exactly one year from today is the congressional midterm elections. tonight, the governor's race is in democratic states may give us a preview of what could be to come. in new jersey come at the polls have just closed, phil murphy declared himself king of the long-suffering republic faces a surprisingly sharp republican called jack ciattarelli. it seems impossible murphy can lose where the entire vote, a million democrats registered with the republican. but despite those numbers, he may come close and that would be a deeply ominous sign for the party of joe biden cured the outcome of the races immediately. and then the commonwealth of virginia previously mentioned, that is the most consequential election of the year. terry mcauliffe once the governor of the state, he ran and won eight years ago as a moderate.
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probe did business democrat and didn't have time and won big. he's back but mcauliffe to run for virginia again but this time he's in a new man. like so many in the social class, terry mcauliffe has gone rogue. equity, diversity in the race-based politics of everything. if you weeks ago, mcauliffe said his parents have no authority over their children. most schools in virginia will force your kids with racist propaganda, and there is nothing you can do about it. if you complain, you are a white supremacist. mcauliffe said that repeatedly on television i meant it. to underscore the point, terry mcauliffe appeared at his final rally last night with his own actual constituents, the head of the countries most teachers union randy weingartner with the democratic party. like terry mcauliffe, randy weingartner up from virginia and never had children in public schools. in that way, it was a perfect match. here is part of what she said. >> we know what happens when
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terry mcauliffe was governor in this state. [cheers and applause] we know how things turned around in terms of the economy. we know how things turned around in terms of people being seen and respected. [cheers and applause] we know all of a sudden that people were heard, parents were heard, teachers were heard. speed when she's a lot of fun. would you put her at the podium if she was not paying you? no, course not, nobody would. but listen what she said. until terry mcauliffe was the governor eight years ago, certain people in virginia were not "seeing and respected." in other words this state was a racist and then, thank goodness terry mcauliffe, bill clinton's hatchet man from upstate new york arrived and liberated the place. terry mcauliffe is virginia's abe lincoln pier that is what they are telling you.
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it is hilarious. the most famous political expert a guy at a local college explained that only bigots oppose abe lincoln. >> the operative word is not critical and is not theory. it's race, what a shock, right? great spear that is what matters. that is why it's sticks. you can call it white backlash, white resistance, whatever you want to call it. it has to do with race. >> tucker: white backlash from a white resistance, white, white, white, evil, bigoted. that is the case including the experts are making for terry mcauliffe. calling the other guy a racist. they are saying that because election season, that usually works for democrats. what is interesting come in this case it is not working. glenn youngkin a republican candidate is not a racist. he is a christian, a decent uncommonly gentleman appeared too gentle for politics many assume. over the past few weeks, glenn
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youngkin has made a powerful and moving case with america that most people still want. a color-blind america where all is judged who we are as people as individuals under god and not for how we look. as a member of some group. that patient could get glenn youngkin elected as governor. we expect to find out tonight and out these hookups in fairfax county. there's a lot to assess and of course we will begin our coverage with a great brit hume, fox senior political analyst. thank you so much for coming on. what is going on in fairfax county and weiss is always happening and second, what does the race mean to the country? >> fairfax county has monkey shines with voting tabulation so i assume it might be a technical problem. until we know more, it is impossible to say whether this is meaningful or just the kind of thing that happens election night as systems are set up don't function the way they were supposed to. we will have to wait and see come i think, tucker.
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>> tucker: this is a race that democrats are intent on not losing, very intent. why do they seem so anxious about this race do you think? >> well, couple of things. the democratic party nationally is in trouble. and voters are disappointed in biden, angry at biden, trish stratus other things about inflation and many are distressed about what they thins going on in their schools that they didn't see to be aware of. people terribly disappointed in the disastrous afghanistan withdrawal. and the list goes on. this is the first real opportunity that people have had to cast a ballot, an objection to the sitting party in washington against a candidate in a state race. it isn't all there is to the race, by any means, but it is a big factor. and it is way down terry mcauliffe he, himself has said. not so much, tucker that he
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didn't have biden come into the state to campaign for him because he's trying desperately to turn out a full measure of his own democratic base, which if it all turns out might deliver him the vote. there are more democrats than there are republicans in the state of virginia, a state despite some family is purple. it is nice a blue state now and a win by youngkin or something close to a win would be quite negative message for the democrats to receive as they look ahead to next year. >> tucker: that is for sure. biden won the state by ten points a year ago. so the question -- what a loss by mcauliffe and the leaders of the party, with that slow down biden's agenda and may be people don't love this? >> well i think it would help. the voters are turning out against your party, and you've got great big controversial proposal pending, you are
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worried about both peeling away and you don't have any to spare, this obviously defeat tonight would not help at all. even a close call might not help. one more thing, tucker, we might take notices this. the mcauliffe campaign sought to make education among other things but education the big is. the youngkin campaign tried to make donald trump the big issue when he tried as hard as he possibly could to tie glenn youngkin to donald trump and a big whopper last night during te final events of the campaign that trump was actually in the state campaigning with youngkin which was absolutely false but that gives you an idea of it. youngkin is playing an interesting game where trump is concerned. he has not criticized trump or criticized his endorsement but he never campaigned with him and he certainly is no trump accolade and claiming all the credit. but it may be an interesting sign of how republicans will
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choose to campaign going forward. try not to alienate the trump base, which is very important to them but not to try themselves to trump, which democrats believe trump to be the biggest issue in their favor. it is a very interesting situation. >> tucker: it is. it tells us a lot. brit hume, thank you for coming on tonight. >> you bet. >> tucker: most people since this is a big deal and not a conventional governor's race. the state of virginia, it is complicated so we asked bill hemmer to join us right now for assessment of what exactly we are watching, hey, bill. >> tucker good evening to you. you are talking about brit hume in fairfax county and why is it so important? a lot of us in fairfax company, 11 months ago to the presidential election and you se the democratic nomination and joe biden had over donald trump, 70% with 419,000 real votes that equated to a 251,000 boats in his column last november. so come president day and the
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governor's race right now and you ask yourself why you have less than 1% of the voting on. i don't have an answer for you. i can tell you what election officials are telling us pure generally scan, they need to do it again and they will release a partial result of the scan sometime early this evening but then we have to wait and see the explanation after that. listen, population rang 1 out od cities, it is a big deal when you are talking about this amount of votes in an election we know will be tight, whether mcauliffe or youngkin who wins by a pointer to or less than that, it will be a tight race. come down here if i have a moment chesterfield, one of the suburbs doing without donald trump on the ballot? what about those members who said, they will cast their vote somewhere else or the independents will be in his favor. chesterfield county right now with 83% of the vote and coming young mcauliffe holds 55% of the vote. his team has to be very happy
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with this result right now and chesterfield. i will show you one more because pretty much of a bellwether for state wide election, here you go, tucker 92% of the vote is and in loudoun county right now. terry mcauliffe leads 55/44. so we started to take a little bit of an edge here out of glenn youngkin's vote here. we think youngkin needed to be at 42, at the bottom, 43/44 to win statewide appeared right on that margin here. we will see what happens with the remaining 8% of the vote in loudoun county. there is a time to go, tucker and i will check in later in the hour. >> tucker: amazing bill hemmer, thank you so much. so as we said this race has meaning and the "washington examiner" has been taking a really close look at what this race in virginia does mean. we are happy to have her join us. thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: so how do you determine watching virginia question work >> i think the selection has been about local .
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things that are very important to voters in a very community-based level, education, security, inflation. those are the things that they are voting on. i think the mistake that the democrats have made is they have tried to nationalize this race and make it all about donald trump. but voters are more complicated than that, whether you did or did not support trump in 2020 or 2016. these voters have moved on. they are thinking about their kids. they are thinking about their community. and that is what they are voting on. and i think that democrats have largely missed that, and i think youngkin really tapped into understanding the aspirational notion of woke is impure at any time you listen to him talk, he talked about the voters. he always said this is not about me, this is about you and the aspirational quality was very important to voters who are very
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concerned about their education, security and about what is in question. >> tucker: when you nationalize a race the way the mcauliffe campaign ferry foolishly did, what you are doing is turning into ideological and my worldview can accept it. but don't most people vote for politicians because they want their lives to improve in ways we can measure like better roads, lower taxes, super walk to the grocery store? where do they come up with the idea this was a good idea? >> well, because they think that the democrats believe that they are doing a great job. they are still sort of encasing the bubble. if you ask any questions sort of about the polling, biden will dismiss. we are fine, going up and down. they are very dismissive and not believing that they are in trouble. and they believe that voters sent them with the mandate to spend like drunken sailors. what voters sent them to washington for was to calm things down. they've done the exact opposite.
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and people are reacting to overreach. this is all about overreach, and it's also inside/outside election. it is very different in a right/left election. when it is inside/outside election, the party that is empowered traditionally loses racist. >> tucker: especially when it wrecks the country. >> great to see you and thank you so much. >> thanks for having me. >> tucker: they certainly haven't calm things down for the last year and a half. they have talked one stop the hole one issue, and they've talked about already, and it had anything but they are still talking about it. trace gallagher has since what you are talking about and hey, trey spirit speak the twisted logic is the democrats feel theo create these rate scenarios to prove that republicans are racist. a few days ago the g.o.p. glenn youngkin at a campaign stop in
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to the violent protest in 2017 standing outside of youngkin campaign bus where five people dressed as white nash was pretending to support youngkin. naturally mcauliffe said pony white nationalists were legit immediately condemned them and us be youngkin is disgusting and disqualifying. turns out the white nationalists sing created by the anti-trump, antirepublican political action committee. when asked about the stand, the lincoln project said it was to remind virginia voters that the g.o.p. embraces racist values. four years ago the virginia governor's race, another democratic group released an ad featuring a pickup truck flying the confederate flag with a bumper stick supporting ed gillespie with this tagline. watch. >> is this what donald trump and ed gillespie mean by the american dream? >> if republicans created pretend racist scenarios to it
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indict democrats, the media pushed back would be a little bit more severe. tucker. >> tucker: yeah, thank you, i totally forgot about that spot for years ago, trace gallagher, great to see you. >> you as well. >> tucker: the question of parents and to what extent they have a role in their children's life has been the center of this campaign. the school boards across the country particularly virginia demanded a roll with the parents are learning. one of the parents who spoke out, from loudoun county, he joins us on the eve of an election that is shaped by the story he was at the center of. thank you so much for coming on tonight. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: did you think the school board meetings would become the focus of national attention as a national debate? >> no, i didn't. it has become a movement and it's become a parents movement. a lot of parents were awoken in 2020. their kids were kept out of school.
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they saw what was going on in the curtain was pulled back on curriculum. and they realized, you know, there was a lot of things i don't agree with. regardless of your politics, republican and democrat, independent, some of this isn't right. >> tucker: that's for sure. and what is certainly not right indisputable is the attitude with which school boards, teachers, teachers unions responded to parents. the idea was hey, shut up, it is not your business what we are teaching your kids. on all the time you have worked on this have you come across anybody in these positions, teachers, administrators union head, has been open-minded, talk to you and had a real doll dialogue with you or an entire dismissal? >> look i'm from loudoun county and the school board has been a disgrace. we had a passing one school board member when they brought in a new individual peer that have more town holes in any onen the school board. i think parents, the frustration had come from not being able to
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hear their voice here to ask for town halls. they don't want to listen and they realized for loudoun county, it because they are covering up sexual assaults. this put you into an election where parents said, look my can care about my children's education. my children's education matters and specifically, the safety when i send them on the school bus or drop him off, it matters even more peer that gravitated for a lot of people. and i think one side terry mcauliffe was saying, look the associations and unions matter but mcauliffe sang parents matter and i will empower you peer that resonated through his campaign. >> tucker: you well my yeah, who did these people think they work for exactly, don't you pay them? whose children, aren't they your children? where do they get these attitudes? >> exactly. it is hard when you see people like terry saying, this doesn't matter but i send them to private schools. isn't that exactly having a decision and your children's education? we don't -- this isn't about
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every little fundamental issue. we will not get a perfect curriculum, but what we can do is empower our kids to be better and strive to be the best they can academically. i think that crosses so many political lines that it makes it individual impact to everyone. this has created a movement in virginia. it has also created a discussion ashley a set of. >> tucker: it is evil by definition. nobody loves your kids more than you do, period and i'm glad you called them out on that. think is much for coming on. >> thank you so much for having me. >> tucker: so education has been said again and again became unexpected center of the governor's race. but it wasn't the only issue. shannon bream is the host of fox news at night and our friend and joins us with what else has been going on in the common law virginia. shannon bream. >> tucker, the virginia voters to say the economy is their top issue facing the state for the
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commonwealth followed distantly by the pandemic and education. youngkin is ahead the economy voters by 25 points and education voters by 40 points. but the people most focused on the pandemic they were going from a wider 57-point margin. virginia has become his recovery from pandemic shut down. over half of the states economy positively or excellent or good and folks like mcauliffe. at the same time, 16% say they are getting ahead financially and as many falling behind. most of them, 66% say they are holding steady financially. youngkin campaign on cutting taxes including eliminating state and local taxes on groceries peer that has helped to give a big lead among 21% who say the candidate's position on taxes where the single most important factor to the vote this time around. president biden's mark on the national economy are negative. 54% disapprove so we will see how much a link between the democratic canada terry mcauliffe and the white house as it continues to .
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>> tucker: shannon bream, thank you so much, great to see you tonight. so the issue that is affected every american will affect politics and a big way. the scarcity, why can't you buy things you could buy last year? part of the answer is supply chain. the supply chain, what does that mean exactly? mike taylor is one of the few people that does know what it means. and complaint energy services and we are happy to have him on tonight. mike, thank you for coming on. when we hear the supply chains are falling apart, what does that mean and how long until it is fixed? >> well, tucker, i don't think we know the answer when it will be fixed but in our world we propane gas, welding supplies, and we have one heck of a time getting materials. i keep hoping it would get better. up at the shortage continuing and the prices and all the commodities we buy or going up drastically. right now i have six, brand-new trucks on order. they were months and months behind. i have to constantly replace my
5:22 pm
fleet. we don't know when they are coming in appeared in the meantime, getting delivery parts is hard to keep the trucks on the road. having a supply chain come i cannot tell you. >> tucker: so -- why can't you get those parts, they are made abroad, area some? >> i think it is a variety of factors. we sell heating system so getting new systems and boilers, welding supplies, lettuce reported. a lot is domestically they don't have the shipping capacity or labor force to get the materials to us. we are earning it constantly. we purchased many tanks, propane tanks for homeowners and businesses and industrial tanks co2 tanks, the manufacturers 8-10 months behind they tell us. they can't quote us prices as prices have gone up 40%. we are placing orders ten months ahead and it's hard to budget or predict where we will be. >> tucker: kind of a big thing since winter is coming.
5:23 pm
it is now november. people heat with gas. i mean, are we going to see parts of the country where people aren't going to be able to get the energy to stay warm? do you think that is possible? >> i deftly think we are headed for problems, tucker. we are exporting a lot of gas out of the country and inventory i think 23% lower today for a propane cast than a year ago. my problem more than anything at the moment is the labor shortage. my company we have 130 employees but i currently have 15 openings. i can't fill them. we have a brand-new welding supply in new york just above new york city and i can't get it open. cdl drivers, we are trying everything to get those peer that is one of the major problems across the country, the bottlenecks, finding delivery drivers. we resorted to 19-year-old daughter came home from college to help me make a video that we will use on social media for advertising to show how easy it is to deliver propane essentially. but on top of all of this across
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the country, we have the united states department of transportation on february 7th is implementing new strenuous training requirements for all new permit holders to get there cdl. so essentially, for 30 years we've had the same process and it was fairly easy to get a permit and practice. now they require behind a veil documented training and authorized training center modules. so the problems we have now will be compounded greater february 7th 5 times, i guarantee. >> tucker: it turns out we needed fewer marketing majors and more truck drivers. i wish someone had told us 20 years ago, mike taylor. fewer marketing majors. if i were to run for something no more marketing majors. mike taylor, good to see you. >> please, thanks to him appreciate it. >> tucker: so we have in progress and we don't -- new jersey and virginia, coming up
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: looks like we are getting flashes of real clarity tonight on the race in virginia. we will go to fox's bill hemmer with a report for us. >> i have a lot to show you, tucker. i have just spin around, think about the suburbs and the key areas. right now at the moment glenn youngkin has to feel pretty good appear of the rule part of the states southwestern down here on a percentage basis, not a real e total but percentage basis, he is outperforming donald trump and some of the rural companies, scott county 89%, lee county, almost 90% and by comparison 11 months ago, trump on a percentage basis with 84% and over here scott county, 83%. the point has republicans did well under donald trump last november. at the moment, glenn youngkin on percentage basis is outperforming him here that is impressive from the youngkin camp. now southeastern virginia, haven't checked in for a while.
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this is virginia beach. it is interesting to watch. let's come back to the governor's race here currently. youngkin is 58%, tucker, with half of the vote in. we had youngkin at a floor of 52% in order to do very well across the state. he's already up by six points on the floor with half of the vote and appear this is north folk, n vote. joe biden one this district was 71% to 72% of the vote with less than half 41% and terry mcauliffe underperforming, underperforming joe biden a percentage level. so we will keep an eye on this and youngkin's numbers below. what is happening in chesterfield, we just had a big dump in chesterfield of votes coming in 85%. youngkin is holding on 55%. why is that critical? we believe his floor would have
5:32 pm
been 51%. so you have got 50% of the vote outstanding and youngkin is hanging on a significant way in chesterfield. suburbs of richmond critical to win the state throughout the commonwealth of virginia. loudoun county, let's see, okay. we just had another caching of votes here. you are at 98%. and youngkin hanging on 44.5% m a 55%. why is that important? we thought youngkin would have the score 4042%, 43%, 44% at a minimum to win statewide. loudoun county you drop him 43%, he could still win the state based on the estimates, but so far, with 2% outstanding, youngkin stands a very good chance of outperforming loudoun county. just because we talked about it, tucker, fairfax most populated county in the state only 7.5%. you have a lot of vote still outstanding in fairfax. 8:30 and virginia, tucker. glenn youngkin has got to be
5:33 pm
feeling pretty good. but again this race will be tight throughout the entire night. back to you. >> tucker: that is for sure, especially with outstanding votes in the states because county. bill hemmer come appreciate it for sure. we don't know the final outcome but it is interesting an analyst at the political report i've seen enough glenn youngkin to beat terry mcauliffe and the governor's race. it doesn't mean it's true but people are following this closely. glenn youngkin is doing better than a lot of people expected to come amazing. so that will have consequences if it is true. elections always have consequences and one of the consequences a year ago a protest at the capitol january 6. the consequee of that has been a complete reordering of the way the country works the way we understand politics and the way that our civil liberties are protected or stripped from a spear that is the subject of the second episode of tucker carlson original series were spent months interviewing people who are at the scene thin and suffer the consequences sense for this episode appeared the entire
5:34 pm
thing is available on tuckercarlson and we strongly recommend it. >> the u.s. government toward town all messages of the previous regime and reorder the society from the top to the bottom. first the authority is targeted the people who had guns, law enforcement and military. it looks familiar now. >> it is very concerning military service members and law enforcement officers are a target for recruitment by the recruit. the term extremism is kept nebulous for a reason. >> some as opposition to public health rules like mask and vaccine. and some based on election fraud or believe donald trump can be reinstated. >> there is gray area and they can use the term as they like against the people that they like to use it against. me for example. >> investigating a psychological operation for an officer who led
5:35 pm
a group of people from north carolina to the rally that led up to the deadly riots. >> you see someone putting something for the extremist out there is a fellow marine is now four reporters. >> it cannot be overstated how dangerous targeting political opponents and purging them out of the one place where you are legally allowed to have a gun and use it government ordered use of a weapon. the danger of that cannot be overstated. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: that is part 2 of the documentary series "patriot purge" what is happening sense, part 3 tomorrow. we strongly recommend all of them come effectual and honest, they are corrected for the lives you have heard. you can watch on fox nation and of course tuckercarlson to sign up for you if you would like and we recommend that you do.
5:36 pm
emily rainey is the woman you saw in the clip a few a psychological officer and a very smart person. she has watched all of this since january 6. thank you for coming on. you spent ten years in the military and your whole world is the military until recently. when you separated. tell us from your perspective, it looks like january 6th was used as a pretext for political cleansing of the u.s. military. do you think that is true? >> tucker come i can tell you psychological operations is supposed to be conducted against four audiences the key word the keyword. >> tucker: yes. >> truly we could go to jail for using it domestically so when i watched all of this going down, especially in the rhetoric around january 6th come i was like, this is terrifying. >> tucker: so you recognize this immediately as an organized propaganda. >> yes, tucker. >> tucker: what do you think the purpose of that has been a question mark >> all i can say as this continues the military
5:37 pm
to include the 60 day extremist and what it was, we don't have an extremist problem and the military. >> tucker: right. >> we bleed red, white, and blue on the battlefield. there is no division amongst that cohesive unit but now there is. so now, you have conservative and looked at with suspicion. you have people who voted for trump, who supported their commander in chief for four years. now, you are an extremist if you do that. that is dangerous. >> tucker: so, again, you grew up in a military family and ten this your whole life. you are saying, that we didn't have the u.s. military, that was a lie. >> absolutely, but you can see all of these progressive social agendas are being used in the military almost as some kind of experiment to see what we can do in the larger society. because that is what the united states military is, a mixing pot, it is a melting pot for all.
5:38 pm
>> tucker: of course. >> of the united states citizens. so, now they are seeing slow purging of conservatives, at least, it is a very scary thought where that might go. >> tucker: to the january 6th happens and the incoming biden administration start talking about how this is the reason that we need to purge the u.s. military of white supremacy. that to be told, that they has been used ever since to transform the u.s. military. >> i will put it this way, during the 60 day stand-down, they used a series of vignettes. i was used as a pin yet, even though i have been cleared of any wrongdoing. i was used as an example by the military and the extremist stand-down saying what not to do when in fact the reverse is true. i did everything right by regulation, by policy and within my rights which is precisely why the military could not bring any charges against me and they never did.
5:39 pm
and i graduated honorably. >> tucker: therefore, you are an extremist. >> scary. >> tucker: tells you everything. emily rainey q played a great role in the documentary and we will see you again. >> thank you. >> tucker: following the election results in virginia and new jersey, there can be upsets tonight. it is starting to look that way but we don't know. but the indications are. part 2 "patriot purge" and fox nation free to everyone washington eye on we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so all of the state of virginia glenn youngkin is outperforming expectations to the extent that analyst with the cook political report and track record has declared the race for glenn youngkin. we are not going to do that. we can't do that. it's not official yet and fairfax county the largest democratic county in the state of virginia somehow doesn't have all of its votes counted. there was some kind of delay according to mcauliffe campaign. but again for glenn youngkin is outperforming donald trump across the state. members of congress already congratulating him. so the question is why has glenn
5:45 pm
youngkin done so much better than any republican has a right to do in a very democratic state? joe biden one by ten points. there's a lot of reasons by the collapsing, the country is in trouble and the teachers union destroyed the kids education. but immigration is also a factor in this race you're the opening of the borders come with a surge of foreign nationals into this country. that has affected how people vote. now the biden administration $450,000 to every illegal immigrant who has been traumatized by our immigration laws. reparations for illegals. hardly that is real but it is. running for congress and the state enjoins us to assess what we are watching, thank you so much for coming on. this has got to be again the race has not been called but clearly it is glenn youngkin. this has got to be good news for you and every person to prevail in the midterms. >> absolutely. you can see come up i was
5:46 pm
planning on smiling, $450,000 per individual crossing the country but clearly, these issues resignation thing and surprising to the democrats indoctrinating children is also not popular. i think that will reflect on the results. >> tucker: that is kind of the thing, you know typically a party if it has a dark agenda, if you don't go out on stages, hey, shut up, parents you have no right to a a in on your kids is education. we will get $500,000 in illegal reparations. why are they saying this out loud? >> well, you would think they shouldn't do that but we have gone past the subtlety and a certain point authoritarian leftist has to step out and reached to grab total control because once they grab total control, there is no going back. they have done that now also reached a point where they are willing to be out in the open and be totally over. this group of people have total content for our country. they really do for the american people. normal, everyday people.
5:47 pm
they have nothing but contempt for them. >> tucker: amazing. thank you for coming on tonight and we will follow the race closely. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: we are hearing and again not confirmed and no one's calling the race on the show for sure. but we are hearing a good night for all three statewide republicans running in virginia. again, you cannot overstate a departure expected and joe biden just won the state by ten points which is considered flat-out blue democratic state. the question is, why is this happening? crime appears to be an issue. and people do not want to see it disintegrate. and since covering this across the river in washington, d.c., he joins us tonight with his analysis or thank you a lot for joining us. so crime is an issue in this race, is it not? >> it absolutely is. what you are seeing his demoralized police department at the hands of democrats across the state and certainly northern virginia.
5:48 pm
that played a role as you so police officers and sheriffs deciding to side with glenn youngkin because they believe in the community they serve believe that youngkin and the republicans top of the ticket statewide will be protecting these communities. so like a lot of communities around the country where democrats have had control, you have seen more violence and you've seen more homicide and you see communities that have left and public safety is one of the factors that played into what i think a lot of voters showing up to the polls in virginia. >> tucker: i remember four years ago when the governor's race then, democrats mocked the idea something might be wrong with him as 13. nancy pelosi came to their defense commit called children of god. at one point the democrats understand they don't like ms-13 or other street gangs. why is this a tough lesson to learn? >> i don't know but i think the reason this is a tough lesson they are so beholden to the
5:49 pm
donor class that they ignore. that really is the message of terry mcauliffe's campaign. every time he did something buffoonish, the answer was he was serving some sort of money interest and not the voters themselves. as we look back at this race and we compare these two men and of course the other people down ticket, it will be straightforward comparison, who listen to the voters and responded to their demands? who sought to help heal the wounds they haven't heard and who stepped up to the donors? the answer is clear, terry mcauliffe every step of this race kept on putting his foot in his mouth on behalf of his donors. it is good to see him lose as a result of that tonight. >> tucker: is there anybody outside of the teachers union world who does not consider randy weingartner repulsive? why would you put randy weingartner on the final rally? it tells you it's all about the donors if you put randy weingartner on stage? >> yes, a active self
5:50 pm
sabotaging. i couldn't believe terry mcauliffe would do that. you look at the polls from "the washington post," education is the number one issue your opponent glenn youngkin has the edge. the answer to that is not bringing out the person who made parents miserable over the course of the last 18 months. that is what terry mcauliffe did. he brought randy weingartner out and stuck his thumb in the eye of parents and parents today, apparently responded in force. they decided, you know what, i'm going to change who's in charge in virginia. again, we will see how the results go but things are looking good for glenn youngkin. >> tucker: yeah, these are people who don't have kids in public schools or in some cases don't have kids at all lecturing parents about they don't have the right to control their own kids education. it is crazy. obviously, i hope they suffer. >> it is completely out of control. either way, the early vote here started on the 17th of september. we didn't get that debate until the 29th where terry mcauliffe said out loud.
5:51 pm
should not tell parents that schools should teach. that is a sign early voting should not be that long. after terry mcauliffe said that, democrats regretted their vote in the commonwealth. >> tucker: i bet that is true. great to see you tonight, thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: somewhere at beginning of covid, phil murphy the finance creep and governor of new jersey decided to crowned himself king who is god of new jersey. he is up for election and that's really formality of new jersey with voting numbers but what is interesting is that this guy was a part of the democratic machine might not be doing as well as he should an estate that is controlled by the democrats. this is the same governor who told us in the bill of rights really isn't relative to his job. speak with the bill of rights, as you well know, protects americans write an entrance the right to practice their religion as they see fit and to congregate together to assemble peacefully. by what authority did you
5:52 pm
nullify the bill of rights in issuing this order? how do you have the power to do that? >> that is above my pay grade, tucker. i wasn't think of the bill of rights when we did this. but when i wasn't thinking of the bill of rights. he certainly wasn't an an incident confirms that come a citizen, taxpayer, gym owner and phil murphy the finance guy tried to crush him at the very beginning of this pandemic. he joins us tonight on the eve of potential humiliation of phil murphy. ian, thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you for my tucker. >> tucker: every time we talk i think we enjoyed every time why do they put up with this guy? >> you know commit is a question that i think a lot of people are asking throughout the state of new jersey. to date we have 291,000 people who stepped foot inside the facility in every single person so that question. it brings a lot of concern with new jersey voter about the
5:53 pm
legitimacy of voting and why this keeps happening and people like phil murphy who seems to be untouchable in the state when nobody seems to like him. >> tucker: hasn't crushed you. every time you come on the show, expect you to be in prison or something. i don't know. [laughter] so you are the only person have interviewed a full year and a half who resist and unconstitutional efforts to shut down civil liberties and you are still here. how have you done that? >> because people support what we did and that was a wild card for phil murphy. the attention on social media and with the public not only new jersey but around the country allows us to be insulated from anything he threw at us. they tried everything they possibly could to shut down one small gym, and they have failed miserably, just like most of their policies regarding covid and running for state of new jersey. >> i can't resist asking but now
5:54 pm
that we have the numbers on physical fitness and weight, obesity being the main comorbidities for covid, do you feel vindicated? you insist on chemie dome at keeping the jam open but you have the right public health guidance now. >> you know we knew that from the start and that is why we did a publicly because we wanted to show the world that the public health strategies that the officials are putting forth were horrible and the exact opposite of what people should do to be healthy in a world where there are potential threats to your health. both things that you control and some things out of your control. >> tucker: for one thing you can control is being healthy and you made it possible for people to do that. i think you have taken a heroic stand and i'm glad you prevailed no matter what happens to murphy tonight. great to see you. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> tucker: boy, it is looking really like an upset. something is going on in virginia so we will go back to
5:55 pm
bill hemmer who is a deeply responsible person with the numbers. >> [laughter] i will give it a shot, tucker. good evening again. to let you know where we stand, 64% of the statewide vote on the screen. youngkin is hanging on 55/45 lead right now. i will show you one county and this is the area of richmond, washington, d.c., virginia county here. richmond, this is -- why am i putting that out? it's been blue for a considerable time and 97% of the vote terry mcauliffe getting 54% of the vote. that would be good for the democrats but if you went back and looked at 2017, ralph was up 67%. so this democratic county alone, mcauliffe is underperforming. why do i bring that out? this is the pattern we see in so many places across the state where youngkin is doing better where he's hitting the number that he needed to hit to get victory here. can't call it just yet but
5:56 pm
55/44, getting closer here in southwestern virginia, he is running up the numbers. to be expected that. not as many votes in the suburbs and northern counties here. just check in loudon while we have a minute, here you go, tucker 99% of the vote is in. mcauliffe 55% and remember youngkin had to get a minimum of 41%. that was his floor. expected to be a little higher than that, but performing very well in loudoun county. that is the picture as we see it right now. if you are in the glenn youngkin camp, you are pretty happy with the results so far. it is not over, but he did some things right in this election. we can say that 11 months from joe biden ten-point victory. by the way republicans feel they can take lieutenant governor and a g spot as well tonight. we will see in time if that becomes effective. tucker, back to you. >> tucker: back in august bill kristol endorsed terry mcauliffe. we should have known then. bill hemmer, thank you so much.
5:57 pm
>> thank you to, tucker. >> tucker: appreciated. charlie hurt the opinion of "the washington times" but more specific generational son of the commonwealth culture and he joins us tonight on the eve of what looks like a pretty big moment. charlie hurt, what do you make of this? >> i think it is pretty astonishing and i think what we are looking at right now, tucker a return to sanity to politics. i think the real lesson for tonight could be that we are seeing finally long last the death of racist politics in america. finally you had a guy -- and the way we got here was things had to get so bad that you had to have a guy come along and call out the fact that you have schools poisoning our children. this racist nonsense and say, you know what, this is not american. you know what my parents don't want this. of course the reaction to that
5:58 pm
is people like terry mcauliffe said shut up. parents shouldn't have any role in this pier the voter say, no, actually, you know what we do have a role in this and we will blow the doors off of this thing and returned sanity to politics in america. >> tucker: i keep thinking about you i'm a not to embarrass you but i happen to know you live in multiracial community in virginia, multiracial state. people seem to get along pretty well actually. they don't need to have stuff in their face. why are they constantly picking the wounds that are healing? >> because it is very effective in politics. it turns out if you can't have a free and fair debate or open debate about something, things go really bad appeared every time you open your mouth your opponent says, "you are a racist, you are racist!" that's not a hospitable way to have a conversation. but you are right, tucker you go into regular normal virginia you have people of all races, all
5:59 pm
creeds, everything working together to help somebody, to help patience for example, there is none of this. as soon as you turn on the tv, turn on cnn and you listen to terry mcauliffe. you would think this is the most racist place on earth. it's not. people are sick and tired of it. i haven't seen but i guarantee we will find there are a lot of democrats who came out and said, you know what i'm sick and tired of this stuff. it is all a distraction for the failures have democrats, especially in big cities. this is a distraction, and we will put this stuff to bed once and for all. >> tucker: it is such a disgrace and so cynical, so deeply cynical. charlie hurt, i hope this is a big victory for you in the state. great to see you. thank you. >> thanks, before. >> tucker: amazing, amazing very clear at this point that glenn youngkin has the advantage in this race. it has not been cold, but it looks like potentially republicans can sweep all three
6:00 pm
offices which is absolutely incredible. we recommend you go watch patriot purge, the second episode out today. and it should be out tomorrow. follow election night continues with a great sean hannity. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." the polls are closed in new york, new jersey and the commonwealth of virginia where all eyes are on the race between republican glenn youngkin and democrat terry mcauliffe. now, coming up, we have a full packed hour, county by county analysis. bill hemmer at the big board as well as the vote totals as they continue to stream in. keep looking at the board on your screen. this will be the most important thing to watch all night. keep in mind, just last year, joe biden won the commonwealth


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