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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 2, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> harris: we have a picture for you now. voting underway now in virginia where there is a lot more at state than just to believe the commonwealth for the next four years. the governor's race and seen as a referendum on the biden administration. that's what happens when your way out comes out with pulling against it. it could also set the tone for next year's midterm elections
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were control of congress hangs in the balance. "outnumbered" i'm harris faulkner joined by emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany. mollie hemingway is here and in the center virtual seat, bret baier. going to be along a busy night for him. glad he could stop by. neck and neck race between ten between terry mcauliffe the democrat and glenn youngkin is close. mcauliffe is trying to tie youngkin to former president trump. watch. >> guess algonquin duncan is finishing his complaint? he is doing an event with donald trump here in virginia. i am here with you and they have trump over there. think about this for second,
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folks. it is sensitive for us with trump here in virginia because of charlottesville. >> harris: he's either delusional or lying. you can make the call yourself. the former president was not in virginia and never campaigned with youngkin side-by-side. he did make the case for him on a tele- rally. meanwhile, youngkin attracted big crowd that is rally last night where he made his final pitch to voters. >> i was a kid that was watching dishes and taking out trash and i was 15 years old and i'm running to fill an office that was held by patrick henry and thomas jefferson. and i'm getting a chance to do this and i want to thank you for considering hiring me on that day, i'm going to be overwhelmed with a sense of opportunity and overwhelmed with the sense of privilege to go work for all of you as the 74th governor of the commonwealth of virginia. god bless you all.
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let's go win this. let's win it. >> harris: bret baier. here he is being accused of being with donald trump last night and we know that that is incredibly untrue and alike. at the same time, the person who would be perhaps "on the ballot" is petabyte in and that's a nightmare for mcauliffe. >> bret: good afternoon and thank you for having me. the president's approval ratings are one of the things he's been facing an issue of education is another one. it's interesting to see that his closing argument included a pitch by randi weingarten who is the head of one of the biggest teachers union, the american federation of teachers. it appears tone-deaf because you've a lot of these parents upset with the teachers unions. it is an indication that
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mcauliffe realizes he is lost on the issue and he needs to fire up the unions to get voters to the polls and is getting i don't think it's going to break one way or another. a lot can change just by who shows up today. >> harris: it's interesting. it's between nine, seconds ago, senator ted cruz was in focus with me and he made the point that it's squeaky type here and in new jersey where it's tightening. even if that is the case, democrats did not jump on the right issue and by the time they did, it was too late. is it too late moving forward particularly for president biden? >> mollie: what's interesting about these races is how tight they are. virginia is a pretty democrat state. as you noted, joe biden won by ten points. that should not be difficult for
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mcauliffe. he's a previous governor and he is not a crazy candidate. he is running in a state that should be able to do this in a cakewalk. the fact that it is close is not just an indictment of the biden agenda and the democrats control of the presidency, the senate, in the house and their policies are very unpopular with people. it's indicative of what's going to happen in a landslide. either mcauliffe pulled out an earlier youngkin pulled out nearly come over looking at something next year that's going to be monstrous. >> harris: when you hear the lie at the lectern and may be by the candidate himself. someone handed it a piece of paper that i don't know if anybody can conjure donald trump. what does it tell you about the race and how politically dangerous? >> kayleigh: very politically
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dangerous. he's been fact-checked on the number of children with covid-19 and hospitals but he is repeating a lie. it was called out of this one on faulkner focus by political playbook this morning. i've an operative who worked for the republican candidate for four years ago. he said the republican enthusiasm for nothing then like it is now. he was shocked by the crowd themes. the enthusiasm is unmatchable. this is from our own guy benson. we were singing their stands in stark contrast to the crowds mcauliffe is drying. even when he brought the sitting president of the united states the area. i was told by someone on the ground there that the crowd was the same that pramila jayapal withdrawn by himself. the loudoun county fairgrounds
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was several times the size of mcauliffe was waiting for youngkin to take the stage. while mcauliffe has boundless energy, his audiences were listless. mcauliffe were to my stomach youngkin were large. >> harris: and the crowds were not dictating who's going to the poll on that date. we know that north of 1 million people early voted. i'm reading that most of them would've been democrats based on what they know about the democrats intended voters. that would mean independents and republicans, it may be in this instance the cards do matter. >> kayleigh: and that's why this makes it so exciting. all of this watch is what will be well weather for the rest of the country. i would like to draw viewers attentions to a couple of topics in it. their alternate theories about whether youngkin needs the heavy
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blue suburbs there in northern virginia. one theory is that he does not. to your point, he's carrying the south and people are coming out in droves. he might not need that traditionally blue area. the second theory is that with education as a top priority there for voters of virginia, he is indeed flipping those areas. that is an important component for people to watch for the second topic is one of black and hispanic votes in virginia. they are crucial component of voters obviously they respectively make up 20 present a 10% in the trunk coming in today, black votes were heavily in favor of youngkin in latin and his tino were in favor of youngkin. it will be interesting to see how it plays out today. >> harris: activate.
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youngkin cannot stop talking about president trump. every turn on the campaign trail. take a look >> a column donald trump and khakis. >> wears donald trump? 's pledge allegiance to him six times. my opponent as a trump want to be. this is about virginia. >> bret: he made it about trump. president biden mentioned trump in his speech with mcauliffe 20 times. there flies stomach flyers linking youngkin and trump. it was a big part of the race. >> harris: white? >> bret: why? they sense that he is not a good factor for suburban virginia and that is been true in the past. in the last election was by ten points, as you mention. he lost 520,000 votes in
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virginia. you look at northern virginia and you see where youngkin is campaigning. he is campaigning in northern virginia. in loudoun county. he's getting the big crowds and the places where donald trump lost by more than half a million votes. >> harris: and that's why ask why. you can look at the past it only serves you to learn from it. you've to show up to today's world. be five and the education problem across party lines. it hits home with parents. their reaction to that education stuff and all of those issues peered the dod's actions and how the youngkin campaign reacted t. >> harris: i wondered about this. we were wondering about the ten points at biden's won. in loudoun county, he won by 15. it gets worse when you look at where the republican candidate was last night. >> bret: and he's been there a
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lot. he's been in northern virginia a lot. fairfax county's another one where a lot of people he's been campaigning there. and if it holds, northampton county and prince edward county, that have voted ten times for the right candidate who won the gubernatorial race at spirit watches early that night. >> harris: we be watching you watching those. just ahead. politicians across america keeping a close eye on what we have been talking about here come the virginia race, which centers on education and crt. the candidates are pitching very different priorities for their state schools. we want to get into it because you may see this and other places contra country. we want to understand the fighter. that is next.
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>> kayleigh: less than seven hours into polls close in the virginia governor race. time and time again we have heard from voters to education and critical race theory are top concerns. loudoun county has been ground zero in the fight against crt. republicans are hoping that parent frustrations with the direction of local schools could swing suburban voters to their side. democrat terry mcauliffe seems to be doubling down on wokeness. a bad move. he is proposing that the state was to diversify the teaching pole peered watch. >> and we to diversify our teacher base. 50% are students of color and 80% of the teachers are white. if you go teach in virginia for
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five years in a high of a canned area which could be geographical coursework, we will pay room, board, and tuition. >> kayleigh: quite a closing argument. meanwhile, glenn youngkin says a vote for him as a vote against political race theory. >> what we won't stoop is teaching our children everything and a lens of race were we had divided them into one group of an oppressor and one is an oppressor and we put them against each other and we still are dreams. we will not be a commonwealth of dreams dealers. we will be a commonwealth of dream enablers and builders. >> kayleigh: education does not tend to be the first go to issue for the republican party. democrats tend to pull better on that issue. but i would like to drill down on this. "the wall street journal," back in governor desantis won, had an editorial out and they said
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that school choice moms tipped it. we're looking at critical race theory and virginia and could education be the difference maker for the republican and virginia as it was for the republican in florida a few years ago? b5 100%. it could be the issue not only in virginia, but the issue that is a blueprint for republicans and suburban districts around the country. as i said before, across is for endemic party lines. for democrats to turn around and say that it was not taught in virginia it was not made in republicans, it's a blind eye to the fact peered with pointed that out numerous times about crt. one of the voices that cut through his condi rice on the view. she talked about this and she said was very concerning. she said that blacks feel powerless because of race. i wish that black children were fully empowered to know that
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they are beautiful in her blackness but to do that i do not need to make white children feel bad about being white. in a way, this conversation has gone in a totally wrong direction. harris coming up and sing this for long time. i think that issue cut through to the point where condi rice was being called a supporter of white nationalist in some quarters. it was crazy. it crossed over. >> harris: and that's because the left -- it reports the whole court on this issue. it decides who is black enough and who the enemy and who the victim are. what is unfortunate about that is that not everybody in that political party or votes that wait agrees with that or feel that way. i'm sure that when joe biden said if you do not vote for me you're not black, i can't be the only person in america who spoke up. i have a platform and i was loud about it, but i can't be the only one. i found that there was irony.
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third to my use that word today. terry mcauliffe, it would man who was governor of virginia before saying that 80% of the teachers were white and had a problem with that. what was a percentage when he was governor and why did you change that? i find it to be so interesting that he plays that card now heard who says you have to look like someone to teach some? that's reticular. my husband taught third-sixth grade in l.a. unified. tall 6'4" white guy. he moved to mexico to learn the language so that he would be able to have more success reaching out to children in southern l.a. and he did that as a 6'4" white guy. you do not have to look -- building diversity is a beautiful thing. diversity of thought and there's lots of ways to do it. i feel like i'm preaching now, but i feel strongly about this. it's really offensive and it seems to be happening a lot on
9:21 am
that particular side of aisle among people with the biggest megaphones. >> kayleigh: preach any day you want. emily, a question to. he's made the a loudoun county school mother showed up at a meeting a few days earlier. october 26. she said that her 6-year-old came to her and asked if she was born evil because she was a white person. something she had learned and a history lesson at school. that mother would dispute that characterization from mcauliffe. i assume he has a few words from others like her. let's roll the tape. >> i'm not going to let parents come into schools and make their own decisions. stop the bill and i don't think that parents should be telling schools they should teach. i met a school board member that's at our school boards were
9:22 am
fine. as soon as glenn youngkin got nominated, all of sudden these people started showing up creating such a ruckus. >> kayleigh: these people. the cold parents. >> emily: it is a heartbreaking example of the impact it has on a home. it's not generalized concepts we are speaking of. it has an impact on the children and for lifetime. it's not just about the topics being taught in school. it's also about the rent's ability to way and about their education. there is a politicized agenda there to virginia and what happened coursework we promptly saw more than half of the majority of the students failing to meet proficiency standards in math and reading. he doubles down, as is on those clips, and then youngkin successfully uses those as his complaint. look, this is your governor or potential government that is saying he was parents should not
9:23 am
weigh in on your kids education. you should not even show up to the meetings. you have to email and it's a four word limit. parents are hand strength from participating their children's education has record speaks for itself. >> harris: widening talk about that record? i was governor before and this is what i did to change things. interesting. >> kayleigh: we'll see what happens tonight, but anything can happen. pulse is one thing but the polls what matters. you had stephen shepard and political saying this is momentum versus math. i think that is well said because mcauliffe did a very good job turning out the early vote early on but now the momentum seems to be would speak to you. can the momentum beat the mass from the early vote? it's a good question. let's say that youngkin prevails. it is as a template for the 2022 midterms for the republican party? >> mollie: either way, this is a template for the republican
9:24 am
party because of how democrat the state is and it's close. i am a mother in virginia of school-age children. i can confirm that these issues are massive. it's not just critical race theory. it is that so many people got to see what was happening in the governance goals during the covid shutdown and they saw what teachers unions were doing. one year into the biden administration about what we heard of how awful the trump administration was his bully i'd buy what was happening under biden. >> kayleigh: the senate says that the polling shows a majority parents are unhappy with their public schools. this is a huge issue. coming up, as we keep an eye on today's turn out virginia, the division amongst the democrats gets nasty.
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for people who could use a lift new neutrogena® rapid firming. a triple-lift serum with pure collagen. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks. neutrogena® for people with skin. spit went democrats had hoped to pass president biden's massive spending bill by today not onlyt a big legislature of win for the president but boost terry mcauliffe in the neck and neck virginia governor's election underway now. but joe manchin, he had a different idea. it took out that ranch and threw it and saying that he will not be pressured into backing that t
9:30 am
of his party. >> holding this bill hostage is not going to work and getting my support for reconciliation bill. what i see her show games and budget gimmicks to make the rean bill estimated to be twice the . it's obvious. compromise is not good enough for a lot of my colleagues in congress. it is only nothing and their position does not seem to change and was recruited everything. >> harris: cori bush immediately went after joe manchin saying that joe manchin does not get to dictate the future of our country. his opposition to the bill back better is antiblack, antichild, antiwoman, anti-emigrant. >> bret: 's been saying that since the beginning. he will not vote for a bill he has not seen and he does not
9:31 am
know what the effect will be on the economy. there's a lot of vague language being thrown around on capitol hill. not legislative words and there are other moderates beside joe manchin. they want 72 hours to look at the bill. bernie sanders a few moments ago saying that the by partisan bill supported by mansion. the one that your four increases the deficit. >> kayleigh: week! >> harris: those numbers aren't even close! >> bret: that are not. and we don't know what the second bill looks like. there's a lot of vagueness. >> harris: are you talking cbo score or were we talking about what joe manchin is looking at? what is he looking at question rick >> bret: the reason he
9:32 am
gets there is that the programs, in order to get the price down, they put the years on the programs down to two or three years as opposed to ten. if you look at congress that is going to face something that someone has, they're not going to just take it away after two years. it's going to be extended. when you extend the program into ten years, you get to the actual figure that joe manchin is talking about. >> harris: if we could ever take money back and kill an agency, we might want to start with the irs. but it's hard to take them out once you put them in to play. >> mollie: that will be happening. or talk about it on election day because of democrats were caring about the prospects today, they would've passed the infrastructure bill with bipartisan support and that is what they're not doing. what they are not doing as it being the moderate and uniting party that they claimed they would be when they did take the white house, the senate at this
9:33 am
time. they have not been governing. they've been nearly holding onto power. they are governed with the cori bush style agenda and that was causing problems in virginia and that's going to cause massive problems a year from now as they have to defend a lot of house seats that are full of people that are not happy with the democratic agenda. they are in a mess right now, but it is a mess of their own making and they did not think through this as well as they should have. >> harris: and senator ted cruz is right about this. there are other moderates. just outside of joe manchin and christian sentiment, and you're alluding to this too. there are two feckless or they feel faultless stomach powerles. >> mollie: it's interesting were talking about one or two senators in the democratic party. kyrsten sinema and joe manchin. there have to be 50 republicans that are holding the line and don't matter at all.
9:34 am
the bill is so radical that even really good democrats like joe manchin and kyrsten sinema unable to vote for it. that should be a message to people. they're nowhere near as moderate as they claim to be. at a time of economic uncertainty to do this type of unpopular spending package and adding summary problem which is not flying. >> harris: senator cruz had a whole list of these people who should be more moderate based on what they're always saying what they promised. he said they're nowhere to be found. do you think that joe biden ever thought that he would be talking about squad members and hostages? >> kayleigh: i think he did. >> harris: hostages politically. >> kayleigh: he is the hostage taker. when joe manchin says that you're not going to change his vote by holding it for structure hostage, the president of the united states' response over this. both times he went to the hill he was supposed to say vote for infrastructure and he did not do
9:35 am
that. he tied the two together and to progressives said that they felt they were being given parker stomach commission. democrats have an interesting way of trying to win over joe manchin. kyrsten sinema is being chased into a bathroom. this is not how you deal make and this is not how you went back over moderate spirits bill and this is how bullies get what they want. they change around the playground. >> emily: and to point out the vagueness, if you're unable to intellectually get over the details and discuss policy, you just have hyperbolic language. you say everyone is this and by labeling other members of the party, it enables the progressive left members to eight, creighton enemy and be, bolster their particular base. we saw fund-raising on the leg which that nancy pelosi was trying to create.
9:36 am
she sent out an email saying why speaker pelosi suggesting we should allow a couple of democrats to leave unpopular cornerstone policies of the bill back better plan? it's like the democrat donner party. by cannibalizing each other, it enables them to keep their progressive bases and green light the stocking of the conservative democrats like joe manchin kyrsten sinema which is horribly inappropriate and illegal. >> bret: we have not done regular order. there's a mark up and it an argument. echoes of the process. it has not happened in a while and these massive bills. the last time we had it a massive messy bill like this was obamacare in 2009. guess what question rick there is a virginia's governor race back then. guess what? the republicans won that race and the midterms in 2010. i'm not saying the past is prologue, but we are here again.
9:37 am
>> harris: and whatever you say can you get last word, it's always the best last word. we will move on. as we keep a close eye on the polls in virginia which very mel may set the stage, president biden is bringing newe sleepy joe after he appeared to take a nap at the global climate summit. everyone remembers the moment they heard... “you have cancer.” how their world stopped and when they found a way to face it.
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veteran homeowners. the newday two and a quarter refi ensure complete! is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. >> emily: with the entire world watching, president biden appeared to fall asleep during opening speeches during the climate summit in glasgow. the president wants to position the u.s. as a global leader in climate issues, but that may be hard to do if you can't even stay awake. sean hannity calls it an embarrassment.
9:42 am
watch. >> some people need to sleep and president trump used to refer to him a sleepy joe. he needed an aide to walk over and wake him up. that is how bad a cop. >> emily: what you make of this? >> bret: some of the speeches are boring. but if your nickname in the 2020 campaign was was sleepy joe by your opponent and if you have criticism from republicans of -- of not being with it for the entire tenure presented something, i would think you would be drinking a lot of rebel and staying up for the cameras. the criticism will come and he is clearly a sleep there. there's no doubt about it. when that aid comes over, he's going over to wake him up. >> emily: and that's a common theme of this administration.
9:43 am
optics matter. there seems to be a sitting inhumanity with this president, but he is the commander-in-chief. the president of the united states and the leader of the free world. he keeps being so ordinary. if i was president, i would do anything to stay awake because i know that the world is watching me. especially if the climate summit. i would be digging nails into the palm of my hands to stay awake. why can't he grasp the optics that he still fails at every day? >> mollie: i hate to disagree, but i engaged in a separate or like analysis of this film. well i think it's clear he was about to fall asleep, i don't think he was asleep quite yet. rem cycle aside, it looks and appropriate. why was he even there listening to a low level staffers talk this way question rick he is the president of the united states. if he wants to have a leadership
9:44 am
role, he can't be there with everyone else falling asleep. he should have more verbal to play. >> emily: is it hard to ask for someone who is extraordinary rather than so very ordinary? >> kayleigh: went from snoozing the basement to sleeping at the climate summit. and what a scary time to do so when satellite images so russia with a military buildup on ukraine's border in north korea's fighting off off missiles. you have a very concerning hypersonic weapon in china. what's the commander in chief during question rick he is sleeping at the climate summit. what a very sad metaphor for this presidency and very scary thing for all of us to watch. >> emily: and you can't fake passion, short. but for a president who has articulated this is one of his primary concerns. echoes back to the stamina, energy, and interest at a minimt
9:45 am
a president should hold. >> harris: for someone who is crisscrossing the world in a private jet, it's tough. it can be tough. it is a punishing schedule. being president is not easy and i would imagine those speeches that because of what mollie mentioned, these were long after the leadership statements that open the conference. i covered that live when the president spoke yesterday. that was a leadership statement. what we are going to do for the extended strategy that he released yesterday. in each of those leaders were doing that. that's not what this is or was. >> emily: nine, you bring up a good point. why is he sitting there? this is an issue. and we know this in effect that it is, among aoc and any scientist around the world, and existential moment. >> bret: that's of the administration side. >> harris: i don't know about you, but existential moment.
9:46 am
i would not be sleeping at all. not at all. i wouldn't even go to sleep when my baby went to sleep because i she was so precious. i was exhausted. but if you're facing the end of the world in a few years and people are talking about how they're going to help you stave it off, superman, you might want to stay awake. the other superheroes are speaking. i don't know. it's not a good look and it can happen to anybody. >> emily: such a great point. we elect a leader who we hope will share in the best of what is around us and will take counsel with others and who is speaking at that moment that he slept through? which whites counseled that emits? coming up, it comes down to today in virginia in the closely watched governor's race. plus, voters in minneapolis are deciding the fate of the city's police department is crime there is soaring.
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but with will join as line as mr. hammer takes a spin on the touchscreen for us. plus, dan henniker with "the wall street journal" on what a potential youngkin win will mean for the midterm elections. plus, at senator joe manchin moments ago saying it would take quite a while to pass the social spending bill or it could. senator bill have it or is here and all that more coming up. joining dominic join john and me next. >> emily: a key test for the the ballot measure says that the agency would take a "comprehensive public health approach to policing. what do you foresee having their coursework" >> bret:we've seen the blame and the police department for the increase in crime there. i think that there are real
9:52 am
questions about which way minneapolis is going to go. the people on the ground want more police and not less. >> emily: a lot of boots on ground saying that those who have lived in the most dangerous affected areas said that this is where we want just competent policing not to dilute the police force. first responders clambering together to say that public safety includes law enforcement unit is naive and ridiculous to think that you could parse out and have a department of public safety without actual law enforcement as well. >> mollie: it's interesting because the d from the police movement is very toxic for many. it's also very popular and democratic areas and minneapolis is 1 of 5 cities that has a deep pond the police measure today. denver, austin, albania, and cleveland are discussing these
9:53 am
measures. we are seeing very different ideas of what policing should be and for most america, they say that we have experienced horrific increases in violent crime in every city in america and they look at the attacks on police not being something that proves their quality of life. a lot of these people have already fled the cities and how these ballot measures will go is up in the air. >> emily: that's a great point. saving the trends that we have moving, will be a stark contrast between urban and ex-urban and suburban areas moving forward? >> harris: to mean in terms of how they treat the police? >> emily: whether these votes pass or what counties invest. >> harris: i don't know if i agree that they will deal with such different issues. small business has come a huge issue. spike in crime, huge issue. what we have seen coming out of
9:54 am
the street, it is a one-size-fits-all. defund the police. the people experience of the same things coming out of the efforts to do that no matter where you live. a spike in crime in that sense -- look at seattle and the suburbs around it. small businesses got crushed. it's heartbreaking. with minneapolis, the thing that i am watching for now is how many chances to the get? if they don't get it right this time, what happens next? those neighborhoods that are most tender and it need to call 911. look at chicago and other places. when you call 911, you need somebody to show up who might actually have a gun and can defuse the situation take somebody down as a perpetrator going to kill someone. i don't know if deciding a public safety department command or whatever. a community-based thing. i don't know if they're going to have that kind of training. if they don't get it right, do they get another chance?
9:55 am
hub will be no? what is the litmus question what do people have to die to figure out? >> kayleigh: what happens cosmic shootings spike by 50% and they rolled back. interesting that they had a reversal. this should not pass. >> emily: exactly right. more "outnumbered." stay with us. homeowners. r veteran newday's refi rate is the lowest in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. one call can save you thousands every year. and it's easy. there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. and while some banks are raising their rates, newday is holding the line for veterans. lock in your rate.
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this is a va mortgage rate watch from newday usa. while national mortgage rates are starting to climb, newday is holding the line at two and a quarter percent, 2.48 apr. so every veteran home owner can save. >> they are voting right now in the critical gubernatorial race in virginia and we have it covered for you right here on fox all night. be sure to catch democracy 2021 with bret mayor until the polls
10:00 am
closed. we've got the five special report and then brett mar. >> sean: -- don't miss it, pop your corn. virginia and new jersey, you saw the ballot measures, defund the police. a lot to watch for. we have it all tonight on fnc, "america reports with john roberts and sandra smith" now. >> sandra: a fox news report. the first major test of how voters feel about joe biden's presidency is unfolding in a high takes governor's race. hello and welcome to new york. >> john: i'm john roberts in washington. the nation watching to


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