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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  September 16, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> thank you, good morning. jillian: there is a lot of news to follow today for sure. todd: that story that interview with that father absolutely heart breaking. we will be following that story on the channel all day long. hopefully we'll get an update soon. jillian: carley shimkus is in florida she will have live reports throughout the morning. "fox & friends" starts right now. have great day. ♪ ♪ >> i have great confidence in general milley. >> the white house defending general mark milley as he faces allegations of treason. >> i will give you even odds eventually the white house throws him under the bus. >> gabby petito's boyfriend now a person of interest. >> we are pleading with him at this point. please speak with us. >> brian laundrie has been hiding out here at his parents' house ever since he returned home alone. >> migrant encounters showing no signs of slowing down. >> there were more than 200,000 during august. >> that's about the population of birmingham, alabama crossing our border in one single month.
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>> the biden administration has been encouraging leaders to mandate vaccines. >> i'm not vaccinated. i had covid. you are not going to tell me about my body, threaten me. >> 3, 2, 1. >> the four person crew blasting off just hours ago. it's the first time no astronauts are on board. ♪ ♪ ainsley: good morning, america. it's september 16th, 2021. thank you all so much for waking up with us. it's going to be a great day. brian: we have a different name to our show. named another show just now. ainsley: good morning united states of america. how is that? brian: i don't want to get sued. ainsley: good morning friends, "fox & friends." brian: much better. steve: we are fox you are our
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friends. listen, we have lots to talk about. ainsley: not necessarily, right? steve: we talked about this yesterday and the "new york post" has got the cover. wolfe in sheep's clothing that's general milley and general li and he called him at the conclusion of the trump -- at the conclusion of the trump turn after january 6th and before the election essentially he said hey, look, donald trump is unstable but i'm steady. i'm going to take care of you. we are not going to blow you up. if we try, to we will call you first. ainsley: according to new book called "peril" by bob woodward and bob kosta. was he undermining president trump or is the woodward and costa reporting false information. brian: that's how you get your master's degree at war college you warn the.
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ainsley: the enemy, adversary brian: describe the bombs that will hit you. get your missile defense ready. we have known each other five years. if we're going to attack why will call you ahead. fantastic. he feared trump was suffering from a serious mental decline. so what happened yesterday? let's explain ourselves? well, we know joe biden is going to back him. we for this. the spokesman for the joint chiefs of staff colonel butler said in defending the allegations he said the conversations were vital to reducing tensions and avoiding unintended consequences for this conflict, for a would be conflict. to me, it seems like speaker pelosi got him exercised, look out, trump's nuts. you better stop him. the problem is, pelosi isn't in the chain of command and he has got people he has got to check with and for the second call, we had an acting defense secretary and that acting defense secretary said he knew nothing, chris miller, about this. which is a problem. ainsley: chris miller also said that he recommended that the president keep 2500 troops on the ground there in afghanistan
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before the pull out. he said no, the president was determined because he thought that the military officials were pushing barack obama back in the day. to keep our troops there and he didn't agree with that and also being reported nancy pelosi, according to this book. that is not out yet. nancy pelosi called general milley, demanding that the nuclear football be taken away from president trump. and milley summoned all the senior officials according to the book and told his officials that he must be involved in any decision to launch a nuclear weapon. so, was milley colluding with nancy pelosi to undermine president trump's constitutional ability to have that nuclear button? steve: well, you know, president trump feels like milley stabbed him in the back and he's got to go. however, as you mentioned a moment ago, joe biden and jen psaki think he's just great. watch. >> i have great confidence in general milley. >> the president has worked side by side with chairman milley for almost 8 month as the chairman of the joint chiefs. his experience with him has been
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that he is a patriot. he is somebody who is -- has fidelity to the constitution, and he has confidence in his leadership. steve: and here's the reason why the white house loves general milley. because milley did exactly what joe biden said for years he was going to do. he ended the war in afghanistan. fox news has got some exclusive reporting that apparently joe biden ignored advisers on afghanistan because he was so hell bent on ending it. according to our sources, the u.s. commander in afghanistan, army general austin scott miller appeared before the senate armed services committee. he spilled the beans behind closed doors and of course naturally you know how washington leaks. now we know exactly what he said. he advised against the full afghanistan withdrawal early in the biden administration passing the recommendation up the proper chain of command. he recommended that the president keep at least 2500 troops on the ground to maintain stability and miller said the
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taliban could take over the country much faster than what the intel community was saying in one or two or three years. and he feels good that he was able to present his views to the president, but the president didn't listen. brian: because he said that barack obama was rolled by the generals. he wouldn't be. but it doesn't end there. not only did general imlil who mysteriously disappeared from the battlefield before this withdrawal took place. maybe he stood for something. i believe general milley wanted to keep 4,000 troops in there and he was ignored. he doesn't go and circumvent this president or say that or do it behind closed doors but that is the report. more on this. secretary of state blinken, as well as secretary of defense austin, also believe we should have left presence there and blinken called up the president after meeting with nato in brussels, meeting with nato ministers in march and says listen, our allies are getting a little upset. they are worried if we pull out there is going to be a problem. and he finished up with an
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explicative saying that the general strong armed president barack obama so he wouldn't buy time. our allies did weigh in. they were all concerned. the secretary of state tried to convince joe biden he was too bullheaded and thick-sculd the secretary of defense said that so even joe biden's own team tried to tell him what a disaster was about to happen and he ignored all of them. it. ainsley: blinken goes on to say the president and blinken, they were proponents of pulling out of afghanistan. blinken's concern was we are doing this too quickly. the recommendation was to extend the mission with u.s. troops for a while, to see if it could yield a political statement and buy time for negotiations and then he goes on to say that biden was un -- he was undeterred. he explained in colorful language that he felt the general strong armed as i was saying earlier, president obama in staying in afghanistan, instead that he would withdraw troops by august 31st and that was that and that was when it was going to happen. steve: that was when it was going to happen because joe
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biden had a date and joe biden said all of my military advisers say this is the right course of action. ainsley: that might not be true. steve: they warned this could happen. ultimately they said okay, boss, whatever you say we will make it happen. in fact, general miller told congress that abandoning bagram was because of the constraints of the number of troops imposed by the president's orders because he is the commander-in-chief; however, there are number of u.s. senators on the republican side who say that when you look at joe biden's foreign policy mistakes, starting to add up. and there seems to be some commonality. watch. >> i know president biden has said he will stand behind and stands behind general milley. and maybe that's true for the short-term. but i'm going to give you even odds that eventually the white house throws him under the bus. because the white house desperately needs someone besides president biden on which
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to blame the stunning incompetence in afghanistan. >> my old buddy joe biden is about as dumb as a rock on foreign policy for 30 years. he has been a disastrous president of the united states. the reason the taliban are in charge today is because of joe biden not donald trump, not the generals. brian: if joe biden had any self-awareness he would understand that general milley made the assessment that president trump was on mental decline and he had to jump in. has he thought or read anything that people are writing about him and how they cut off his microphone rather than ask questions the political story that his staff views the view me television when he starts taking questions from the press? people are talking about him the same way. dolls owe want general milley to make the same psychological assessment on him and decide call up our allies and adversaries and circumvent the white house? doesn't he understand that this is the same criteria unless general milley is just so
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blatantly political that only republicans should fear his assessment. ainsley: president trump was asked about it and he is accusing general milley of treason and they want general milley to resign. steve: we all know the way we left afghanistan or in the process of leaving has been disaster. it's been so messy. and now stories are coming out from the pentagon going, you know, we know we were in charge of doing it. but the boss told us and we said don't do it but he did it so, sorry. ainsley: we still have hundreds of americans. at least 100 that we know of behind enemy lines there. steve: but the evacuation flights have paused because of measles. for a week. brian: all states got a call yesterday and told how many afghan refugees they are going to be told to take. top of the list texas is number two and number one taking the most would be california. i guess that's the price you pay for having the president show up. you get to take 10,000 people you know nothing about. meanwhile. ainsley: 6:10 on the east coast.
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switch to xfinity mobile and save hundreds on your wireless bill. plus, save up to $400 when you purchase a new samsung phone or upgrade your existing phone. learn more at your local xfinity store today. ♪ steve: fox news alert. police now naming the boyfriend of missing 22-year-old gabby petito naming him a person of interest. ainsley: investigator say brian laundrie is lawyering up and refusing to answer any of their
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questions. brian: carley shimkus is outside the laundrie's family home in florida as gabby's dad plead for him to cooperate. carley? >> yeah, that's right. good morning, steve, ainsley, brian. and as we stand outside brian laundrie's parents' house we haven't seen any movement. no lights turning on. typical for this time of morning. he has been hiding out here ever since september 1st when he got back from that cross-country road trip without gabby petito. he may have been the last person to see her but he hasn't said anything about her whereabouts. imaby's father joe petito was on "fox & friends first" last hour and he made his feelings about brian very clear. take a listen. >> i don't care what happens to him right now. that can't be my primary focus if he is going to sit in the comfort of his home and get home cooked meals while my daughter is out god knows where. you know. i don't give two craps about
3:17 am
him. i want to make sure that we get my daughter home first. carley: now, yesterday police named brian laundrie a person of interest in this case. he has remained tight-lipped at the advice of his lawyer. but, police say that is not good enough. listen. >> we went to the door saturday night. we asked to speak with brian and his family, and we were essentially handed the for theirattorney. that is the conversation extent of the conversation with them. >> north port police called this case odd. to say see how odd it is here is the timeline of event. on july 2nd, the couple left new york and set off for the cross-country road trip they were documenting for youtube series. august 12th they were in moab city, utah. police responded to an altercation between them. august 25th, that was the family's last known communication with gabby.
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september 1st brian returns here to florida in gabby are's van. and then 10 days later gabby's mother filed a missing person's report. as for that august 12th altercation, a witness told moab police he saw brian and abby arguing over the phone and saw gabby hit brian in the arm, climb through a driver's side window of their van as if brian had locked her out. the police report also says brian explained he and gabrielle have been traveling together for the last four or five months. that time spent created emotional strain between them and increased the number of arguments. gabby's mother also says that she received a text message from gabby's phone on august 30th. but she isn't sure that that message was actually from gabby. she has floated the possibility that brian could have sent that text message which, by the way, said that she was in yosemite national park in california.
3:19 am
family may be thinking that brian could have possibly sent that text message to throw the family off the scent of where she might be. just a theory on the family's part at this point. the other thing that the family wants to do is get the tip number out. the tip line number 1-800-225-5324. police say that they have already received hundreds of tips. and they are combing through all of them. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. ainsley: to your last point, they said that brian returned to north port, florida on /1. which is september 1st. the day before the mom says she got a text message from her daughter saying bad cell service. talk later. she said i did the math. you do the math. do you think she can get from that side of the country all the way to the florida in one day? that's what makes her think that her daughter did not send that message. carley: absolutely. if i could, the other thing the police report, the moab, utah police report that was released
3:20 am
yesterday. it also had some interesting details. brian told police after police officers responded to this physical altercation that the couple had gotten into. he said that they both suffer from the same condition but the name of the condition was redacted and they also said that they weren't taking medication for whatever that condition was. which also raises some questions about their mental or physical status. steve: sure. and, carley, when they talked to the police out in moab, they said, you know, we don't want to press charges. they said you know what? the cops said we are just going to separate you. brian, you stay in a hotel and gabby slept in the van that night and apparently the next day they were on their way. but it's interesting, moab police are saying they are not ruling anything out because apparently two days after that report newly wed couple was
3:21 am
found shot to death in south mesa which is not too far away? is there a connection? carley: yeah, so the timeline is very interesting, steve. so, the altercation between gabby and brian happened on august 12th. the last time that that newly wed couple was seen was the next day in the very area that the altercation between gabby and brian took place. and then i believe it was five days later that the newly wed couple's bodies were found riddled with bullets. there was some competing timelines on the dates as to when the couple -- very shortly after that fight. so, yeah, moab police are saying they aren't ruling anything out. each a possible connection between the two. brian: by the way, we have the police chief come up from north port next hour. thank you so much, carley. ainsley: they had been traveling together for four or five months the police say. there was emotional strain between them that led to increased number of arguments.
3:22 am
steve: and the fact that carley said they both revealed to the police officer out in moab that they were suffering from some sort of a disorder and not taking medication for it although it's been, you know, somebody took a sharpy and redacted that so we don't know what the disorder is. ainsley: the dad said, look, brian is at home and he is safe with his family. my daughter is somewhere out there. we just want to find her. i don't care what's happening in brian's life i'm so just desperate to find my daughter. my only daughter he said. brian: changing gears and talk about something we are all talking about the vaccine, not to get the vaccine and the president is running out of papers with us. you understand how frustrated he is jim brewer doesn't seem to care. outstanding comedian sells out venues wherever he goes. then getting rules if you want to see jim brewer you got get vaccinated he was not comfortable with that he said on facebook. i'm not performing at any venue that requires vaccination. when the tucker carlson show read about this, they booked him
3:23 am
and here's how he explained his decision. >> when our leader put that out there and pointed the finger like we're the demons? i'm not vaccinated. i had covid. you are not going to tell me about my body. i know you don't threaten me. i have two friends fully vaccinated and they got covid and they are both sick. so, what is -- this is not about safety. because if it was, just like you said and i said on my video. eat more fruit, take care of your body. go to the gym. i have been saying that forever. you would have thought i called people savages for doing that. steve: so he says he is not going -- he has canceled a couple of dates one in new jersey and one in michigan. apparently the general manager
3:24 am
of the new jersey clubs is not going to change the venue vaccine policy. he says it's their job to protect the concert goer the artist and employees and hopes to see breuer down the road. steve: on the other side you have patton ozwald who canceled dates because they are not requiring people to be vaccinated. ainsley: jim breuer says i know i'm going to sacrifice a lot of money i'm not going to be enslaved to the system or money. he said getting covid vaccines is a choice. he feels his fans are being forced to make that decision. he said if you try to segregate my audience or my following i'm walking away. brian: he also said i have a friend who had his child get vaccinated and briefly paralyzed. i did fundraisers for them. okay now. i don't want to be responsible for that we see this over and over again. that comedy club owner says that's my responsibility to keep everyone safe. i don't really know if comedy club owners are responsible for people's healthcare. so i don't blame jim breuer says listen, i don't want to be
3:25 am
responsible whether he got it or not. natural immunity should enter the conversation even if he got vaccinated. he doesn't have to be responsible for 600 people getting vaccinated even if five have a negative reaction they got the shot to be able to see jim breuer. he says i don't want this responsibility. i totally understand his point. steve the good news is, you know what? for the folks in new jersey and michigan where he is not going to go he was on tucker last night. ainsley: that's his choice. he is able to do it and lose some money if that's what he wants to do and that's his message. hand it over to jillian for more headlines. jillian: let's begin this story because a police officer dies after being shot by suspect in missouri. authorities say officer blaze madrid evans was called to a mommy when he and another officer met with gunfire. the suspect cody harrison was shot and killed. he was out on bond at the time despite a lengthy criminal history. 22-year-old madrid evans was a new police officer in training. today, disgraced south carolina
3:26 am
lawyer alex murdaugh is expected to turn himself in to police. he is charged with conspiracy to commit insurance fraud after arranging a botched scheme so his son could collect a $10 million payout. police say murdaugh admitted to conspiring with a man to kill him on a back country road but his chosen hit man curtis smith failed only wounding murdaugh. smith is now in custody. murdaugh's wife and son were shot to death in june. no suspects have been named in their murders. but now police are opening an investigation into the mysterious slip and fall death of murdaugh's housekeeper after the coroner said an autopsy was never performed. special counsel john durham will soon take his case against a cybersecurity attorney to a grand jury as part of his investigation into the origins of the russia probe. sources telling fox news that durham wants to charge michael success neck with providing a false statement to the fbi. this stems from a 2016 conversation in which susman reportedly made a link between
3:27 am
the trump campaign and russia. susman's attorney says his client has committed no crime. and over night, our first look at a window of the world on board the spacex dragon rocket. four person crew blasting off just hours ago from the kennedy space center. [inaudible] jillian: wow, this mission is historic as it's the first time no astronauts are on board. they will spend three days orbiting the earth. this inspiration 4 mission is being financed by billionaire jared isaacman raising money for saint jude's research hospital. so cool. steve: it was very cool. thank you, jillian. that last shot, brian, we had a banner up, but you know with that four shot did you notice that the civilian astronauts are wearing pants. brian: they are? really? you mean separate clothing? are you sure it's not just a belt across the unitard?
3:28 am
steve: can't tell there. brian: can we see the other shot? steve: i think it's kind of on a loop. but anyway, it's more like the "star trek" thing where they got a top and a bottom. brian: "star trek" a unitard with just two colors. ainsley: "star trek" was actually filmed here on earth. when you go into space your shirt would fly into your face without gravity. brian: that's why you would never see an astronaut wear an untuckit because it would fly up. ainsley: fly up and expose your face. brian: that's why they would not get. steve: why do you need to tuck it? ainsley: raise your shirt the gravity keeps it down. brian: there is no wind or gravity. if you are an astronaut and walked on the moon or been in space call us and settle this once and for all or if you have been on "star trek." steve: that also limited. ainsley: filmed on earth. steve: meanwhile, listen to this and look at these images, thousands of migrants line up under a texas bridge to enter the united states.
3:29 am
do you know how many there are there? 7,000 as agents find an abandoned toddler and baby on the banks of the rio grande river. ainsley: that breaks my heart. we're going to talk to the national border patrol council president about the crisis that seems to be getting worse by the day. that's next. or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium.
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steve: president biden's border crisis not going away as over 7,000 migrants travel to del rio, texas and waiting near that bridge, waiting to be apprehended after they have crossed into the united states. this as department of homeland security reveals migrant encounters in august once again topped 200,000 including more than 18,000 unaccompanied children. and border patrol releasing this shocking photo. look at that two small children abandoned along the river with a note left identifying them as siblings from the country of honduras. brandon judd is the president of the national border patrol council and he joins us lye. brandon, good morning. >> it's good to be with you. thank you.
3:34 am
steve: so you know that last image, it's a little 2-year-old girl and apparently a 3 month 3-month-old baby. just abandoned by somebody, presumably their parents. but nonetheless, that's heart breaking. >> it is and if we didn't have the resources right there at that time of the, we wouldn't have encountered those two children. if you look at the 7,000 under the bridge i'm going to tell you it's amazing we had the resources. steve, when i put on a uniform and go to work, i can tell you every single day if seems like we have less and less resources. because of those 7,000 people we are having to pull people from the southwest border. from the northern border and coastal borders. we are destabilizing those borders as well. so, instead of the biden administration looking at this problem and saying there have been solutions in the past. this isn't rocket science. we can come up with a solution immediately, they continue to
3:35 am
pretend like it's not happening. it's like they're putting their head in the sand and they are not protecting the innocent. they're not protecting the united states citizens and, of course, those small children that if we wouldn't have found them they would have died. steve: right. i know our white house correspondent brought this up last week in the white house briefing room where he asked jen psaki okay, let me get this straight. so if you have a company with more than 100 employees, you have got to make sure that all of your employees are vaccinated, geu but if you are a migrant walking across our southern border, you don't need a vaccine, right? and the answer was correct. well, now, it turns out the u.s. is going to start requiring all migrants to -- who are going to apply for residency to be vaccinated unless, brandon, they're crossing illegally which we know they are doing left and right. >> yeah, exactly. i can personally tell you again that when they come in our custody, we don't test them for covid. we don't vaccinate them. we just release them into the
3:36 am
united states. and so, you know, he is requiring united states citizens to get vaccinated but those people that are entering our country illegally, they don't have to get vaccinated. they're able to spread the disease throughout the united states. again, the hypocrisy knows no end with this administration. steve: and, you know, we mentioned this about 0 minutes ago. the evacuation flights into various countries out of afghanistan, have been put on pause for a week because of an outbreak of measles. i mean, you know, we have been talking about are these people properly vetted but then you wonder whether they're going to be bringing a disease into another country and that is the worry about what we are looking at at our southern border. >> yeah. covid-19 is just one of the diseases that comes to the united states. we see it all the time. we take people into custody all the time that seem sick. we take them to the hospital and they are diagnosed with many different diseases. and that's what's coming across the border. you know, it's not just that they are not vaccinated with
3:37 am
covid-19. we're looking at hepatitis, we're looking at all kinds of different diseases that people aren't being vaccinated for and that's come into the united states right now as we speak. steve: do you know what, brandon? the white house seems to be okay with what's happening. you look at those pictures, you see the kids abandoned. you see 7,000 people, you know, sheltering in place under a bridge until they are apprehended by the government because they got to be metered out. this is -- is this exactly what joe biden wants it to look like because it looks chaotic to us. >> for his base, this is exactly what they want. they want the borders to be open. they want people to flood into the united states. we know that. we have seen that all the time. all you have to do is look who is stack in the department of homeland security. look at their background. look where they come from. they're coming from open borders groups. that's the problem we are looking at right now. there is no enforcement right now on the border and that's why we are seeing these thousands
3:38 am
upon thousands of people crossing. it's not just 7,000 under the bridge. we already had more than 2,000 people in the stations in del rio. that's why we have to meter them out because we just don't have the capacity to take these people into custody. steve: well, it's a tough job. and we're glad you are there. but we wish it wasn't this situation. brandon, thank you very much for joining us live today from tucson. >> thank you. steve: all right. 22 minutes now before the top of the hour. taliban infighting reportedly taking over kabul's presidential palace. our next guest says the power struggle could lead to a civil war. and, back-to-school plans hitting a speed bump as schools nationwide report shortages of bus drivers. how it's affecting parents and students straight ahead. you're watching "fox & friends" live from new york city on this thursday, september 16th.
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breen brian predictablement taliban fighters brawling inside the presidential palace over who deserves credit for the u.s. withdrawal and how the power positions were dolled out. one side will pushing for diplomacy and the other side haqqani said the victory was due to their willingness to fight. the president of the american islamic foreign for democracy zuhdi jasser. they thought the vice president was killed, he had to go on proof of life and go on television. is this predictable? >> this is standard operating procedure they want credit. they know they are going to be running a government and interbattles happening between haqqanis and taliban. it's all the same type of terror groups but at the end of the day this isn't rocket science. the blinken state department and
3:44 am
biden administration should have known that civil war was going to break out as we left satisfying h. afghanistan and unfortunately, instead of setting up and giving our allies the panjshir resistance and other groups handing them the weapons and ability to defend themselves in this known civil war that was coming, we actually handed the weapons to the islamists. we handed them to our enemies. i mean, it's just completely absurd. we have dropped the people off a cliff and now we have allowed this civil war to be their decimation over the next few months. brian: yeah. this is something that was somewhat predictable but now you have 80 million people evidently that depend on the government for aid for food and shelter and basic needs. the government was doing that with our financing. who is feeding these people? >> this is exactly the problem. we supposedly, brian, wanted to save money by leaving and getting our troops out from the quote, unquote, endless war. okay, fine. i agree we need to get out.
3:45 am
but now what we're doing is turning around and handing billions through the u.n. to now the taliban government, so we are not saving money. and by the way, now we are letting the government be run by the taliban so the money won't go help the people like in syria and elsewhere, it's going to end up helping dictators helping our enemy helping the likes of iran and other terror groups that i hope the taliban is designated as a terror group as soon as possible. brian: yeah. evidently they got $1.2 billion from a world organization we gave two thirds. they turn around we are a big country with a big heart give us more. we will continue to give them more because they let our people out and that went so well. >> yeah. this is the obama-biden now legacy. we saw it in iran at the altar of the nuclear deal they did anything to please the islamists and now at the altar of supposedly getting out of afghanistan we are now handing
3:46 am
over our security to the u.n. which is run by the likes of, you know, iran and others that really don't care about human rights. so now america is weak. this is why they are having fights in the presidential palace. they are drunk on power. they are drunk on trying to say who did this and who won, et cetera. brian: zuhdi the big thing is they say they not only beat u.s. they beat all of nato. fantastic. what a great legacy for president biden. zuhdi jasser, thanks so much. >> any time. thanks, brian. brian: meanwhile, by the power invested in me i would like to go to the senior meteorologist right now janice dean for the fox weather forecast. janice, make it special. janice: okay. i will i love the fact that you have so much power in your vest. all right. across the nation we have 72 here in new york. we have a cold front that's marching across the midwest and that could bring the potential for showers and thunderstorms. maybe some severe storms. this is what is left of nicholas, bringing heavy rainfall across the gulf coast including louisiana, mississippi, alabama and the
3:47 am
florida panhandle. this will be kind of the last day, but we are still looking at potential for heavy downpours and that could lead to some flash flooding. now, what's left in the atlantic we have a couple of systems we ever watching. i will point those out to you in a second. we are dealing with above average temperatures for the central u.s. the northwest, some cooler air there and wildfire danger continues. we have over 80 wildfires across the western u.s. all right. queue the jack hammers. you have so much power, brian. can you make sure that the jack hammers stop when i do my forecast. brian: the problem is i gave them this job and gave them a deadline. i can't really tell them don't do it during the weather cast. janice: okay. brian: when he they're done, they're going to be done next december, then i will definitely make sure they don't do it again. janice: you don't have that much power then? brian: then i don't. thanks so much, janice. janice: bye. brian: explosive new book u.s. warned about covid outbreak earlier than previously thought.
3:48 am
what this could mean into the investigation of the origin. where parents have to figure out how to kids to in person learning. bus driver shortages still ahead. using the national guard. ♪ every day is a winding road ♪ ♪ even ice cream is like whooping cough, it's not just for kids. whooping cough is highly contagious for people of any age. and it can cause violent uncontrollable coughing fits. sometimes followed by vomiting and exhaustion. ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination because whooping cough isn't just for kids. bogeys on your six, limu. ask your doctor or pharmacist about whooping cough vaccination they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need.
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3:52 am
ainsley: after spending a year getting kids back inside the classrooms. parents are wondering how their children will get to school. a country wide bus driver shortage is leaving parents scrambling in the mornings in maryland's anne arundel county 21 bus routes have no service and on top of that, dozens of delays forcing parents to find an alternative before going to work themselves. that's what's happening to our next guest anne arundel county school parents. we have cheryl suite. davey, i understanded to you quit your job. you went back to work once you found out the kids were not going to be learning over zoom and then you had to quit your job to handle this you have four children? >> that's correct. yes. ainsley: tell us your story. how is this affecting them no how are you handling balance and getting kids to four different schools? >> it's craziness, chaos.
3:53 am
my oldest is in middle school. is he a seventh grader and then i have three in elementary school. my son is the one that's having the biggest problem with the bus with not showing up at all. so we're having to, at the last minute, scramble to get him to school and get my daughters ready and because i'm going to have to drive him to school, to identify have my daughters ready over an hour before they should be because we have to drive him to school and then they have to be ready when they get back for us to take them to school, so it's chaos in the mornings. and it's just hectic and anxiety is through the roof. ainsley: cheryl, i understand you have 11-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter and she has been crying in the mornings and crying on the way to school? >> yes. absolutely. she is having a lot of anxiety issues this year, even though she is a seventh grader. of course, last year she wasn't physically in school due to the
3:54 am
covid-19 outbreak, so this is her actual first year going into middle school. and with the bus situation, it's adding more stress to her. ainsley: how is it affecting you? what's your schedule like in the morning? >> it's very crazy. i have been unemployed due to covid-19 and having to stay home with them because of the whole pandemic and schools being closed and i actually just found a job and i'm due to start within the next few weeks, but, you know, i'm hoping that i can hold onto the job because of the fact that, you know, i might have to be late to take them to school or have to leave early to pick them up from school. ainsley: davi, i know you don't have family around that can help you had to quit your job drive them to school. finding out 6:30 in the morning whether or not the bus is coming? >> yeah. so the first update that we get in the mornings is at 6:30. you get either a text or email with the link to check what buses will not be in service at
3:55 am
all, will be less than 20 minutes late or greater than 20 minutes late, and the middle school kids, my son is supposed to be on the bus at 7:30. that's leaving less than an hour to get all kids out the bus so my son can be on time. ainsley: cheryl, the governor in your state of virginia ralph north up there is not considering activating the national guard like they have done in massachusetts. why is there a shortage and what's the solution? >> i mean, i think my biggest thing is they really didn't think this through. they were more worried about pushing the kids back to school and not, you know, thinking about the trption portion of this and that a lot of us rely on that to get our kids safely back and for the to school. think they need to possibly wave people having cdls, try to increase the hourly rate for people who are going to be driving the buses. they really need to find and
3:56 am
come up with some kind of blood solution. it's only the second week in school and i mean, if this continues, who knows what's going to happen? ainsley: davi and sharyl i wish you all the best and are able to fix this and hire more drivers. this is ridiculous. you have to get your kids to school and you got to got to work to it put food on the table and buy them those backpacks. don't go anywhere, lara trump is going to weigh in on the allegations against mark milley when "fox & friends" returns ♪ ♪ at aspen dental, we help you find your happy place like milkshake mustaches high fives and high dives. or 3-on-3s... 2-on-2s... and 1-on-1s. we see how these moments make us smile so, we make it easy to share your smile
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4:00 am
"new york post" has the cover. >> wolf in sheep's clothing. >> if general milley had these communications, he is a smoked turkey. gabby petino's boyfriendis now . >> he may have been the last person to see her but he hasn't said anything. >> he is going to sit in the comfort of his home while my daughter is out god knows where i don't give two craps about him. i want to make sure we get my daughter home. >> shows no sign of slowing down. >> more than 200,000 in august.
4:01 am
>> those entering our country illegally don't have to get vaccinated. >> john durham special counsel days it not hours away taking his cybersecurity susman. >> want to charge susman with providing a false statement to the fbi? 3, 2, 1. >> space rocket [inaudible] >> four person crew blasting off just hours ago, it's the first time no astronauts are on board. ♪ ♪ steve: a beautiful sunrise you are looking at myrtle beach in south carolina where it's currently 74 degrees. they are going for a daytime high of 85. if you live in one of those condo buildings, apartment buildings right now would be a perfect time to go out and walk up and down the shore. ainsley: they can finally walkenned and down the shore all the tourists are gone. that's probably their biggest
4:02 am
industry in myrtle beach. great golfing and restaurants. it's always fun. brian: i also think that if you need money get a metal detector go into radio detector and walking the beach without people there is the best place to find fossil or a diamond necklace. steve: you mention money. see, that's the problem with the new digital currency who really carries money anymore. brian: i know. can't find bitcoin in the sand. ainsley: have you done the melt detector thing? brian: i would. i never quite had the financing to buy the right type of metal detector. steve: we did it in boy scouts. ainsley: did you find anything? steve: we were in kansas. like 2,000 miles. brian: hard to find a good beach there. steve: look at that a prairie dog. ainsley: remember the rock mining they would come to our middle school and mine those rocks and i would pray that i would get a diamond. steve: you were panning for gold. ainsley: right, right. brian: that would be a better way to stay rock mining.
4:03 am
ainsley: they brought these baskets and you would shake them. steve: with a screen. ainsley: yeah, with a screen. brian: i wish we would have another gold rush. that would be fun. if you find gold, tell us we are going to go. steve: latest gold rush, brian, to your point earlier was bitcoin. ainsley: it's up now. i got notice on my phone i think it's 46,000. steve: how many do you have? ainsley: just a portion of a coin. steve: okay. very good. ainsley: pete hegseth was on the set two years ago telling all of us is he going to try it i said all right i will give a little bit toward it. brian: pete, tell us what you are worth if you are watching. steve: anyway, thank you very much for joining us, hour two of "fox & friends." listen to this. fox news has learned exclusively that apparently president biden ignored the a afghanistan. he simply did not listen to them. ainsley: this has the white house defends joins chiefs of staff chairman general mark milley amid treason accusations over those calls to china.
4:04 am
brian: peter doocy joins us with more as general milley prepares to testify at a senate hearing. peter? >> good morning, the chairman of the joint chiefs does not deny he worked around the commander-in-chief when it was donald trump and he did not do it in secret. a spokesman is telling fox that there were plenty of others on his call with china in this, quote: his calls with the chinese and others in october and january were inn. keeping with these duties and responsibilities conveying reassurance in order to maintain strategic stability. all calls from the chairman to his counterparts, including those reported, are staffed, coordinated and communicated with the department of defense, and the interagency. president trump has some new thoughts. quote: milley is a complete in the job. the only reason biden will not fire or court-martial milley is because he doesn't want him spilling the dirty secrets on biden's deadly disaster in afghanistan. president biden does not seem concerned about a top general free-lancing behind his back and doesn't seem eager to give him
4:05 am
the ax. quite the opposite. >> sir, did general milley do the right thing. >> thank you. thank you. go. >> i have great confidence in general milley. >> there have been some republican lawmakers calling for milley to be tried for treason for his role in these calls. but he's going to be under oath well before any kind of legal action of any kind. a week from tuesday, september 28th when he testifies before the senate armed services committee. back to you. steve: must-see tv. pete, thank you very much. let's dial in lara trump fox news contributor not far from myrtle beach. good morning to you, lara. >> good morning. i'm from wrightsville beach, north carolina. it's a beautiful time of year down there. steve: indeed. lara, what do you make of the fact that now the pentagon is going yeah, general milley called his counterpart in china to warn him that if you're unstable father-in-law tried to start a war, he would stop it.
4:06 am
did general milley stab your father-in-law in the back? >> it certainly appears that way, steve. and i struggle to find another way to see this, quite frankly. we now have, within the span of a little over a week, two phone calls that we learned about. one from joe biden to the afghan president and now mark milley that would have certainly resulted in an impeachment for donald trump and, yet, i guess we have forgotten now about the phone call joe biden had we're just done with that one. now we see that obviously this was insubordinate. obviously the chain of command was broken. this borders on treason. i know some people have said this is a treasonous act. it doesn't matter, guys, whether or not you like the president of the united states, whether you agree with him politically. that is the president of the united states. that is the commander-in-chief. and that is the individual that calls the shots and needs to
4:07 am
know about phone calls like this. yes, we are finding out there were more people that were involved. but if the president of the united states himself did not know that that is a big problem. brian: do you think, evidently that gap period between the election day and january 20th, the inauguration day, the president was incensed a lot of the time. in fact, this is what one quote was about general milley. he says he feared trump was suffering serious mental decline. how would you characterize the former president during that period? >> well, that is an absurd reflection of what actually happened. when you have a very questionable election result and you don't get results for quite some time, i think you probably would be a little upset as well. my father-in-law, when he was the president of the united states, had complete and total control of everything. by the way, you contrast how he acted as president versus joe biden, at least the world knew that we were serious. at least we weren't being
4:08 am
laughed at at least we weren't getting 13 service members killed over in afghanistan while donald trump was in office. so, i think it's a ridiculous assessment. i'm not surprised that that is the characterization of somebody that doesn't like him. but i think we all know that that was not the case. ainsley: according to this book "peril" not only did milley have this call with china telling them if we're going to attack you i will let you know in advance. they're also saying that nancy pelosi called milley commanding the nuclear football be taken away from your father-in-law during this time period. and milley summoned his senior officials and told him that he must be involved in any decision to launch a nuclear weapon. and, if that's the case, is that collusion? this is what chris miller, he's the former acting secretary of defense, he says: i did not authorize these calls with china. that's a violation of duty. he said pursuit of partisan politics and individual self-interest are a violation of an officer's sacred duty. and have no place in the united states military. a lesser ranking officer accused
4:09 am
of such behavior would immediately be relieved of duty pending a thorough and independent investigation. as secretary of defense, i did not and would not ever authorize such conduct. so, if there is an investigation, and if it's true, your father-in-law is accusing him of treason, the republicans are demanding that milley resign. will he resign? do you think he should? >> i don't know whether or not he will resign. i think this is yet another embarrassment for america and i think a lot of people would like to see him resign. i think at the very least we could ask that we get some answers from him that he -- we hear in a congressional setting exactly what happened here. we certainly want to get the transcripts, the full transcripts from this call. and i'm curious, was nancy pelosi sworn in as president of the united states? and none of us knew? maybe she ought to answer some questions, too. it's a real debacle and quite a mess right now. i hope we can get this sorted out and i hope it's not like everything else that has happened under joe biden where
4:10 am
we just sweep it under the rug. steve: well, it's impossible to sweep under the rug, lara, what's happening on our southern border. you know, we showed folks a moment ago an image of 7,000 migrants under a bridge waiting. and look at this. it's a picture of a 2-year-old girl and her 3-month-old baby brother. somebody abandoned them down near del rio, texas. just, you know, waiting for the americans to come and save their lives. it's just heart breaking. and then you look at the bridge with 7,000 people underneath. they're just waiting to be apprehended and now the news is apparently the administration in their wisdom has decided okay, if you are a migrant and you are coming into the country, we need to vaccinate you, give you at least one shot. but only if you do it legally. if you are illegal, do you know what? you are not going to get a shot. >> i mean, i just wonder sometimes how dumb do they think the american people are? what you just described there is absurd.
4:11 am
the fact that we have a fully open southern border, that people can just come on over in any way they want, they don't need to be vaccinated, i was watching the show earlier when it was described exactly how this hand happens. they come over and then they are transported all across the united states of america. they are not tested for covid. they are not vaccinated. but back to that photo of the 2-year-old and the 3 month old, my daughter, carolina just turned 2 last month. this is a horrifying thing to see. and when is it enough? where is aoc by the way? remember when she was crying down at the southern border during the trump administration about all the kids? where is she now? i know she was busy at the met gala flaunting around in that very fancy dress of hers. why is there not more outrage from the folks on the left about what is happening at our southern border? especially to these kids? 2 million that we know of last month alone. if you extrapolate that
4:12 am
2.4 million people illegally in america that we have documented at this point. think about all those people that come over. we never know about guys. brian: all right. lara trump, thanks so much. appreciate it. ainsley: thanks, lara. >> thanks, guys. brian: august to august a year up 300 percent the number of illegals year-to-year. turning now to a fox news alert. the boyfriend of missing 22-year-old gabby petino now considered a person of interest in her disappearance. steve: investigators say brian laundrie is not helping with their search or answering any questions, except through his lawyer. ainsley: carley shimkus is live outside of the laundrie family home. the sun is coming up. we can see the house behind you now. carley: that's exactly right. the sun is coming up. it's a new day. the search for gabby petino continues. now, she was on a cross-country road trip with her boyfriend brian laundrie. but, on september 1st, he returned home without her. he has been inside his parents'
4:13 am
house right behind me ever since then. and he hasn't said a word. he may be the last person to have seen gabby but he hasn't revealed any information about her whereabouts. and gabby's father, joseph petino, he was on "fox & friends first" earlier. and take a listen to how furious he is with brian. watch. >> i got to be out there to help her because the one person who is supposed to be leading the charge is sitting home in lazy boy chair not talking to anybody. carley: now, gabby's dad isn't the only one that is angry. north port police listing him as a person of interest yesterday and demanding he come forward with any useful information. the couple had been traveling together since july 2nd. on august 1st, moab city utah police responded to an altercation between the couple. then on august 25th, that was the family's last known
4:14 am
communication with gabby. fast forward to september 1st, brian returns home here in north port in gabby's van without her. 10 days later, we're at september 11th, gabby's mom files a missing persons report. as for that august 12th altercation, a witness told moab police he saw brian and gabby arguing over the phone and then saw gabby hit brian in the arm. then things got really heated. she climbed through the driver's side window of the van as if brian had locked her out. the police report also says brian explained he and gabrielle have been traveling together for the last four or five months. that time spent created he emotional strain between them and increased the number of arguments. there have been a lot of focus on this police report. says his only focus is on finding his daughter. >> right now, i can't give her a hug. i know she needs it and she needs help and she is nowhere to be found. i can't focus on that.
4:15 am
i'm just hoping that she is stuck somewhere. she is hurt somewhere and she needs our help and we got to go get her. carley: gabby's father has been so vocal and been on television so much because he wants the photos of faby to be on tv as much as possible. there is also a tip line and police have said hundreds of tips have been pouring in na that. they are combing through all of them steve, ainsley brian and as we speak. steve: carley, as we look at i believe that's the house back behind you, that's not her camper that they traveled in because the police confiscated the van a couple days ago. >> it was a white custom van that is all over gabby's youtube channel because they were living in it over the last few months while they were on their cross-country adventure. and police said yesterday that
4:16 am
they have finished searching the van. they said that they were interested in a few things that they found in it, but they didn't reveal any information as to what those things or why they are interested in those particular items. ainsley: carley, have they said anything about tracing her cell phone to find out, you know, when it left the utah area or when it was last seen or what about her credit card? carley: those are great questions. there is going to be a press conference later today and i'm sure that those questions will be brought up there has to be a way to trace her steps digitally. as a matter of fact, gabby's mom said that she received a text message from gabby's phone on august 30th. but she is not exactly sure if gabby herself sent that. she said it could have actually been brian who sent it the text said that she was in yosemite national park you could possibly trace where that text message was coming from if it wasn't
4:17 am
coming from the california area. well then that raises a major red flag. steve: absolutely. and if anybody in the laundrie house behind you want to come out and talk, carley shimkus will be there all morning. thank you, carley. carley: we'll be there. ainsley: the mom said she got that last text message the last day of august. on september 1st, he the boyfriend or fiance i don't know what he was was back in that house in florida. she says you do the math. brian: 17 minutes now after the hour. jillian mele, also good at math but more serious stuff. jillian: i prefer not to do math on tv because it feels it never ends well. ainsley: makes you nervous. jillian: good morning. let's begin your headlines with this. are texas reaching all time high police reporting 60 killings so far this year. that's one higher than the previous record set in 1984. police data shows homicides in the city have been on the rise for at least the last three years. the fbi promising reforms after chilling testimony from a tearful simone biles and team
4:18 am
doctor larry nassar. >> to be clear i blame larry lay nassar and i also blame an entire system that enabled and perpetrated his abuse. jillian: fbi director christopher wray followed the gymnasts apologized for failing to properly investigate their sexual abuse allegations. he said the agent responsible for investigating larry nassar has been fired. the white house put out a statement clarifying it offered her a phone call not a visit to discuss the covid vaccine. minaj took to instagram saying she would never lie about the invite. there after she mosted she is in quote twitter jail after what some i have a controversial comments about the covid vaccine earlier this week. a lawyer wear as terrifying costume to take a stroll on a texas beach. look at this right before a tropical storm slams the coast. while he dressed up at michael
4:19 am
meyers classic halloween movies and got lots of look from very nervous neighbors. you can see officers get down on the sand and put his hands behind his head. he was ticketed for disorderly conduct. ainsley: why is he dressed? up a scary weird costume. steve: everybody was supposed to be off the beach. jillian: i don't know why. brian: this is another reason why i don't like halloween. jillian: i love halloween i don't like that outfit. brian: can you end up on the wrong side of the law. jillian: i already bought candy corn. brian: candy corn is thanksgiving? ainsley: thanksgiving no it's halloween. brian: doesn't it flake in your mouth? ainsley: thanksgiving is turkey tender lion and are mashed mow tato. brian: no candy corn? ainsley: my mom never served candy corn. brian: you don't have any wax at your house? steve: i love it.
4:20 am
brian: good for you. doctor says i'm not eating enough wax. steve: listen, straight ahead on this thursday, a chinese defector telling reporters sherri markson, that he warned u.s. officials in november of 2019 about coronavirus in china. >> i felt they were not as concerned as i was. sorry, i kept repeating myself. in an effort i tried to persuade them. brian: he was in jail for years. now he was out and trying to tell the truth. hear more from that interview as we look to find out what really happened in wuhan. ♪ with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement as someone who resembles someone else...
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4:25 am
the intelligence agencies in the united states in november 2019 were taking this seriously. that there may be a virus spreading in wuhan. >> i felt they were not as concerned as i was. so i tried my best to provide more data and information. they may not believe the government country would do something like that. so i kept repeating myself in an effort. i tried to persuade them. >> which politicians did you tell about the new coronavirus in wuhan? steve: great question. sherri markson is the author of what really happened in wuhan. an investigations reporter at the australian she joins us now
4:26 am
from australia. sharri good morning to you -- good evening actually out there. >> it is late at night here. look, this is a really fascinating story that's emerged because it wasn't just chinese defector who was telling, desperately trying to tell the american intelligence agencies that there was a problem. you know about the intelligence that said the wuhan institute of virology workers fell sick with cody-like symptoms. that was discovered by pompeo's team in the state department in late 2020 but, in fact, that intelligence also came into the possession united states government at that time no one knew there what a coronavirus about to cause a global pandemic. two crucial pieces of information that they should have acted on and serious questions need to be asked about
4:27 am
what the intelligence agencies are doing if they are being given this credible intelligence serious warnings from chinese defectors and not acting on it. ainsley: we found out that the first case in china was i believe december of 2019. you are finding people were reporting it spreading in wuhan much earlier. when are they saying that it started spreading? >> absolutely. and i have looked very closely at this question as part of the investigation for my book. in my view, based on my entire investigation. people i have interviewed both chinese whistleblowers on the ground and also intelligence sources. the virus, i think, broke out in september. at least. steve: wow. >> some people in the documentary and you will see it when you watch it on fox nation on tuesday, some people suggest it could have even been earlier than that on the record. ainsley: what makes you think that? >> in my view it's september because there was -- the virus
4:28 am
database taken offline in september of 2019. there were other things that started happening. unusual activity at the wuhan institute of virology from that time frame which we detail. then in october, there was a blackout at the wuhan institute of virology, which is consistent with everyone in there being kicked out so that there could be a mass sterilization. and by november and i detail this very clearly in the book the virus was spreading throughout the community in wuhan. there is testimony from doctors who were dealing with a lot of cases. 23 cases a day by november in wuhan. so, really october was the time frame when it started to spread and at least september was when the incident occurred. brian: all right. so next week on fox nation, your documentary comes out and then it's all based on your brand new book what really happened in wuhan. sharri markson thanks so much. go to fox nation and pick up a copy. >> thank you so much for your support. ainsley: one hour documentary. she interviewed a lot of people in the intelligence community
4:29 am
and interviewed donald trump and she has some shocking information that she says will come out on tuesday. steve: thank you, sharri. and good evening to you it. >> thank you so much. brian: the democrat running for virginia governor gets into a testy exchange. former governor mcauliffe with the sheriff. listen to this. >> support defund the police? are you out of your mind. >> sir, never support defunding. >> i won't even dignify that with an answer. brian: he is talking like that to a sheriff. is terry mcauliffe being honest about his record? going to talk to the sheriff who wants to make sure the state's next leader packs the blue. ♪ i've lost count of how many asthma attacks i've had.
4:30 am
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the new sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair has the science to show that the toothpaste goes deep inside the exposed dentin to help repair sensitive teeth. my patients are able to have that quality of life back. i recommend sensodyne repair and protect with deep repair. ♪ ♪ jillian: good morning, we are back now with your headlines, former lawyers of the illegal immigrant convicted in kate steinle's killing asking president biden to release him. died after struck by ricochet bullet walking walking father
4:34 am
san francisco pier in 205. the man who fired the gun was acquitted on murder and manslaughter charges. but he remains behind bars for being ex-felon in possession of a gun. his former lawyers argue the charge is, quote, premised on lies and misinformation. two wildfires are threatening the giant sequoia trees in nevada. the fires have burned over 7,00. fires are both heading toward the giant forest, home to over 2,000 of the iconic trees. between 7 and 10,000 of the giant trees destroyed by wildfires in 2020. how about this? what would you do in this situation? a massive alligator swims right up to a paddle boarder in florida in a close encounter was caught on camera. watch. >> go away oh my god. why are you messing with me? jillian: the alligator hissing as the woman pushes it away with
4:35 am
her ore. oar. the gator ended up swimming away and the woman made it back to shore. i can guarantee i would not be that calm or nor would i attempt to touch it with the oar. >> it seems floridians get it. they don't seem to be scared of them at all. i appreciate it, jillian. 26 minutes before the top of the hour. virginia democratic candidate for governor terry mcauliffe who is running to win back his old job was forced to defend his record on public safety to a room full of sheriffs this week. one law enforcement leader was not having it. >> you accepted an endorsement from the new virginia majority. they are a large defund the police organization. >> first of all, sheriff, i'm proud to accept any endorsements. group that endorse me am i for defund the police? are you out of your mind. >> sir you never support defunding. >> i don't think that dignifies
4:36 am
an answer. >> answer to either one of those questions. >> i don't care what you belief. i have a track record. brian: a little bit angry, isn't he? that sheriff hank joins us now in montgomery county, virginia. sheriff, put this in context. this virginia, this new virginia minority -- majority, this is a group that's for defunding the police. and they endorsed terry mcauliffe. why is he so outraged by the question? >> brian, he advised me at one point that he sems endorsements from anyone but this particular group did endorse him and at the time, the former governor tweeted: it's past time to defund the police and that he was proud to accept the endorsement. he tweeted back it's time to defund the police. >> past time. brian: to defund the police. >> he didn't seem to remember any of that yesterday. brian: were you surprised at the anger he showed toward you if he is so pro-law enforcement why is he so angry at you, sheriff, for
4:37 am
asking? >> well, he is angry at me, number one, pause i have publicly supported his opponent who i believe will defend us and defend our commonwealth and keep our communities safe. and that's what all of the sheriffs want to do. but, i have got to tell you it's been a tough year or two. and you know, we don't need anybody working against us. brian: do you think that an experienced politician like him would know the difference between groups that endorse and support him? do you think that he would be savvy enough to understand what a group like the new virginia majority stands for if he was so pro-police and have them sneak by his people? >> i don't know if he would know that or not. but i will say i'm kind of surprised that a polished politician like himself behaved in the manner that he did. brian: what else did you ask him whether he supports or not? was there something about
4:38 am
qualified immunity? >> yes. that was my original question. and it was a follow-up to a previous question by another sheriff. and the former governor side stepped with his answer. and just said that he would protect any officer that was doing what was right. so i was attempting to nail him down on a yes or no. and i asked him: can you give us a yes or no? and that's when things wept south. brian: did he tweet out that he is proud to get the endorsement of the new virginia majority. what's at stake, sheriff? there you go proud to be endorsed. together we are going to keep virginia moving forward start with building a more inclusive commonwealth that lifts up working people across virginia. it looks like your murder rate in virginia is an all-time high. crime is an issue, correct? >> correct. brian: and that comes from the top? >> and, brian, the sheriffs and police chiefs and our state
4:39 am
police partners were all doings everything we can, but it's becoming increasingly hard to retain the good people that we need it and even harder to hire are. things are not getting any better and we have got to start getting some support from richmond, and above richmond. brian: governor northam has been a flat out disaster for that state and for law enforcement. and anger that will terry mcauliffe are toward you anyone that wears the uniform with will have any more respect. it will hank parson, thank you so much appreciate it? >> thank you, take care. brian: sorry you were treated like that. i don't think any sheriff should be talked to like that by asking a simple question. thank you for joining us, sheriff. >> yes, sir. brian: up next, a florida police chief will join us with an update for the search for gabby
4:40 am
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shingles doesn't care. but we do. ♪ >> it's heart wrenching, you know, we can't -- i got nothing that, you know, that's my only daughter, you know, and i can't -- right now i can't give her a hug. i know she needs it and she needs help. and she is nowhere to be found. i don't know, you know where -- where to even begin. steve: where do you begin? that's the father of missing 22-year-old gabby petino pleading for help as police reveal her boyfriend is now a person of interest. in her disappearance. here with the latest the chief of the north port police department in florida chief todd garrison. chief, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: okay. so why is this guy a person of interest now? >> well, we're conducting a missing person investigation and two people went on a trip and one person returned. and that person that didn't return is gabby.
4:45 am
steve right. >> there is only one other person that was with her. steve: and what -- when was the last time we know she was communicating with actual people? >> well, we're trying to sort through all of that right now. you know, there is some data we have to verify that it's actually coming from her. so, you know, right now that's part of the investigation. i'm not ready to get into. steve: okay. i think you are referring to the fact that the mother got a text and said there is no cell service in yosemite and the family feels maybe that text message was not from her? >> well, you know, we have to vet everything. and just because you receive something that doesn't necessarily mean it's coming from that person. so, it's important that, you know, we narrow down exactly who is sending the messages. steve: sure. you know, maybe i have seen too many tv shows. is there a way that law enforcement can triangulate by
4:46 am
using cell towers and things like that where those messages came from? >> absolutely. we are using all the technology available. the fbi and our other local partners are working diligently around the clock on this. and all that data is being analyzed. steve: all right. i see you tweeted out earlier, mr. steven berlino esquire he is the lawyer for the laundrie family the north port police need your help finding gabby petino. please call to us arrange a conversation with brian laundrie. two people left on a trip and one person returned. #where is gabby, #find gabby. so you are appealing directly threw through twitter to brian laundrie and his lawyer to at least come talk to you and they won't talk to you? >> that is correct. you know, my primary mission in this right now is to find gabby. and i want to raise enough
4:47 am
awareness out there to where everybody in this country knows about gabby petino. steve: okay. >> and hopefully that will lead us to her. steve: and that's a live image right now of brian laundrie's house. we believe he is there right now. i know you have had limited conversation with his lawyer. you know, we haven't heard from him. we have only heard from the family through the lawyer. has the lawyer explained why he doesn't want to talk to you guys and, instead, says they would like it remain in the background? >> the only thing we received was that statement and based on that statement, he said there would be no further statements made. steve so, to recap, gabby's family is cooperating. i know you have probably reached out to the utah police because they had a run-in apparently the two of them had, you know, a squabble a couple of weeks ago that was reported to the police. >> correct. >> but brian, and his family, in
4:48 am
that house, they -- they are just not going to help. they don't want to talk. >> that is correct. they do not want to provide any type of information, any type of discussion at all. steve: okay. can you tell us a little bit about the argument that the two of them is known -- we know that they had that because it was reported by, i believe the moab police. >> correct. what i know is what documents we have gotten as far as the police report goes and the conversations we have had. you know, law enforcement officer took whatever action they felt was necessary that night. you know, like i said, earlier, it's not uncommon that people have disagreements in relationships so i don't know if that altercation had anything to do with her disappearance at all. steve: apparently they told the police they had been traveling for four or five months. sheets was under emotional strain. both of them suffering from a
4:49 am
disorder. and then we just kind of lost track of her. so, well, good luck, chief. we know you want to talk to brian laundrie. >> thank you. steve: who has returned to florida in the van. you guys have the van at this point, right? >> we do have the van, yes. steve: all right. well, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. steve: by the way we should point out we have received to the newsroom the body cam video of the moab police talking to gabby and brian from a couple of weeks ago and we will show that to you in 10 minutes. in the meantime, let's check in with senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast for this thursday in the summer and it kind of feels like it today. janice: it does. absolutely. we have showers and thunderstorms in the neighborhood as a cold front moves through across the midwest. the potential for showers and thunderstorms as well. take a look at the maps. 71 here in new york. we do have that cold front moving across the great lakes. so the 50's and around around the chicago area and the
4:50 am
remnants of that tropical storm nicholas hanging around parts of the florida panhandle in towards mississippi, alabama, and louisiana. so we could see an additional 2 to 4 inches on top of the heavy rain that they received this past week. areas of concern, we got two of them. one off the coast of africa and he one very close to the u.s. that is going to move out to sea, we think, bermuda is going to have to keep an eye on it and obviously rough surf and rip current over the next couple of days for the east coast. all right, steve back to you. steve: all right, j.d., thank you. >> you bet. steve: still ahead on this thursday a dedicated educator schooling students about skills pay the bills without a college education. the teacher behind this viral online series you are going to want to see it coming up next right here on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ now, that dream... . her reality. nexium 24hr stops acid before it starts,
4:51 am
for all-day, all-night protection. can you imagine 24 hours without heartburn? ... say hello to the place where rolling hills meets low bills. where our fields, inside and out, are always growing. and where the fun is just getting started. this is iowa. so, when are you coming to see us? ♪♪
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4:54 am
jillian: good morning we're back with quick headlines. portland, oregon and mayor ted wheeler have already abandoned a boycott of goods and vierses from texas. the progressive city announcing the ban earlier this month after the lone star state passed a law banning abortions after six weeks and city council instead opting to donate $200,000 to abortion services. >> and a new jersey state
4:55 am
treasury official says it is set to shed its assets over the ben & jerry's israel boycott and the parent company has 90 days reverse the boycott before the garden state's division of investment divests $182 million. the decision to stop selling ice cream was made by ben & jerry's and not unilever. ainsley? ainsley: thank you so much. a generation of american men have reportedly given up on higher learning, as 1.5 million fewer students enrolled in colleges and universities than they did five years ago but to teach kids, there are other options for their futures. oregon elementary school teacher blakemanley is highlighting the value of skilled jobs by pairing up with employers for his web series called "manle y jobs." blake manley joins us live now, good morning to you, blake. >> good morning, how are you? ainsley: doing well, thank you. this web series is nine episodes called manly jobs. what is your background and why
4:56 am
did you want to do this? >> well i'm a former logger and forrester from eastern oregon and well we just saw there was a need and what happened was last year during distance learning during the fall, we couldn't teach the way we normally could and so instead, we started coming up with these job shadows that we could put online for kids to see so that they were still learning about jobs while being in the classroom the virtual classroom. ainsley: this is not commonly taught in our schools. what's the reaction from the students are any of them interested in these professions? >> the reaction is great. we have two reactions. one is they were excited to see something fun and different rather than just a zoom call or an assignment online but the second reaction which is the best reaction is at least in my district, there's at least five kids that are looking at that career, now that they saw it on manly jobs. ainsley: many of us just walk through our days and don't think about where our products where they come and think about
4:57 am
logging and building houses and wood and how important that is in our everyday life. tell us a little bit about that, educate us. >> well, what people don't realize is how many of the products come from the forestry industry. it's not just lumber that you use in your house. it's not just posts and poles. there's everything from chewing gum to sell cellophane to those basic products of toilet paper and paper that come from the forestry industry so teaching about those jobs and teaching that that's a viable career, i feel, is extremely important in our school system. ainsley: some of these kids have to pay their way through school through college their parents don't have the money to doubt and they are in debt when they get out of school. what type of salaries are we talking about with some of these jobs? >> most of the jobs we featured start between 20 and $25 an hour which is significantly better than what you'll get when you go down to a minimum wage job, no matter where you are in the country. ainsley: then what's the highest you could make probably? >> oh, you could make the log
4:58 am
trucker that we followed make between $75,000 and $80,000 a year, driving truck. ainsley: that's great and you say schools focus too much on college on the college or bus sed a each pro. explain that. >> yeah, so in my generation, it was go to college or you're not going to get a good job and we know that's not true today. we know that, you know, 50% of our student body is not going to higher education because they want a job straight out of high school. they don't want to get that debt and then do the same job that they are going to do straight out of high school, so our goal is to educate them on how to get those jobs as soon as they get out of high school rather than go to college and end up at the same job. ainsley: what are some of these manley jobs that are looking for people to hire? >> well the latest episode that we just did was with knife river corporation and they're looking for truck driver, concrete,
4:59 am
mainly concrete drivers, because they don't have enough. when we were there, they needed 21 drivers and they had 15, and so those 15 drivers are working full blast trying to put enough product out there, the industry needs. there are many other jobs involved in it. the logging industry right now, newly-released're normally a normal logging company is one, two, five people down because there's not enough people to fill the occupation. ainsley: if we want to watch these episodes where can we find them? >> we have a youtube channel. if you look up manley jobs you'll see all nine episodes. we have two more coming out and we'd like to put out more, but my editor that works at the school and i work at the school, we started school. we've got kids in class. ainsley: okay portland oregon high school called sweet home high school.
5:00 am
blakemanley is a teacher and also created these episodes. >> the white house defending general mark milley as he faces accusations of trees om. >> this is yet another employee embarrassment for america. ainsley: now a person of interest. >> he's been inside his parent 's house right behind me, ever since. >> they do not want to provide any type of information. any type of discussion at all. >> showing no signs of slowing down. >> there were more than 200,000 during august. >> the biden administration, they continue to protect like it's not happening. it's like they're putting their head in the sand. >> snl fame not laughing about vaccine mandates. >> i'm not vaccinated i had covid. you're not going to tell me about my body. >> alligator swims right up to
5:01 am
a paddleboarder in florida. >> go away! oh, my gosh. why are you messing with me? >> ♪ brian: you're looking at a place that aniston law enforcement never saw before it's called charleston, south carolina founded in 1670. steve: was that bridge there back then? brian: it was according to my reports. this was, it was named in honor of king charles ii and he was at the point at the west bank of the ashley river, but was relocated in 1680 at a present site which became the fifth largest in north america within 10 years. steve: brian are you reading wikipedia because i don't know if that's accurate. brian: i think this one is and by the way charleston i think the best years are yet to come according to reports.
5:02 am
it's downtown is referred to aspen independence la. steve: right there there's an aircraft that folks can go ahead and tour. ainsley: a lot of the school kids go there. my sister spent the night on there with all of her friends when we were in elementary school so that's the arthur avan ell bridge, and they built it right next to the cooper river bridge and dropped the cooper river bridge into the cooper river and made it reef for the fish and water life underneath. steve: anyway, it is kind of a grey day to start down in south carolina. welcome to fox & friends, hour three, for this thursday, wherever we are in a cloudy location, wherever you are we hope it's a sunny day. brian: right by the way the zip code, 29401. ainsley: do you know the area code? brian: 843. ainsley: good job. did you read that? the three area codes in south carolina. it used to be all 803 and then when i was little they had
5:03 am
expand it because so many people moved to south carolina. traffic is beautiful, historic if you go downtown, but so many people are moving there. a lot of our friends up north are moving down there. steve: it's beautiful. brian: if you're just heading to work now call in sick. you'll be in traffic and you'll never get to work on time. two minutes now after the top of the hour. fox news learns that president biden, get this , ignored the advice of top military advisors and even secretary of state on ending the war in afghanistan. steve: this as the white house defends joint chiefs of staff chairman general mark milley, amid treason accusations over his two calls to china. ainsley: peter doocy joins us live with more as general milley prepares to testify at a senate hearing. good morning. reporter: good morning and the chairman of the joint chiefs is saying yeah, i did it. i told the chinese that i would give them a heads up in advance of any order by president trump to attack, and there were plenty of pentagon people on the line. a spokesman says this. his calls with the chinese and
5:04 am
others in october and january were in keeping with these duties and responsibilities, conveying reassurance in order to maintain strategic stability. all calls from the chairman to his counter parts including those reported are staffed, coordinated and communicated with the department of defense, and the inter agency. president trump has some new thoughts about all of this. "milley is a complete nut job. the only reason biden will not fire or court martial milley is because he doesn't want him spilling the dirty secrets on biden's deadly disaster in afghanistan." the general who had been in charge of u.s. forces in afghanistan, scott miller, told lawmakers privately this week, he advised president biden to keep 2,500 troops in afghanistan , biden of course decided he wanted zero, instead. that is the same advice general milley gave president biden, 2,500 should stay, according to a wall street journal report last month, but even though so many aspects of the drawdown went haywire biden still has
5:05 am
milley's back. >> did general milley do the right thing? >> thank you. let's go. thank you. >> i have great confidence in general milley. reporter: but lawmakers up the street don't really care about the biden/milley relationship. they are a lot more interested in whether milley broke the chain of command under president trump and they are going to have a chance to ask him about that at a hearing a week from tuesday. back to you. steve: peter thank you very much around 3:00 yesterday, here on the channel we took live from the pentagon the press briefing with admiral kirby, and he was asked by jen griffin and others about this , and extraordinarily , keep in mind, he is the spokesperson for the pentagon. mr. milley is one of the top brass at the pentagon and his answer, kirby's answer was well, you know, that happened during the last administration, so you know, i'm not going to answer anything hypothetical. he needed a better answer because people want to know exactly what he did, and i have
5:06 am
heard other people say, you know what? there are 15 people in the room, when milley made the phone call, there is a transcript. let's see the transcript. ainsley: well if you read these excerpts that the washington post is releasing about this book that woodward and robert costa are about to release, it's called "peril" and they also talk about that conversation with china and look how i've got your back. if we're going to attack you i'll let you know in advance but they also say that nancy pelosi called up milley and demanded the nuclear football be taken away from president trump. steve: because she said he was nuts. ainsley: right so he summons all of his senior officials and apparently, according to this book, he told them that they must be involved in any decision to launch a nuclear weapon, so the question is, was milley colluding with nancy pelosi to go against donald trump to undermine his constitutional nuclear power? brian: the thing is are they doing it because he's democrat? obviously seems to be in that direction. obviously, he's trying to make
5:07 am
the whole military politically correct, and embrace that accusation earlier and then when nancy pelosi talks, he jumps? really, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff? you could take the call, but don't change your policy. the wall street journal writes, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff typically are respected across political aisles and milley's reputation already damaged by a botched afghanistan withdrawal and a kabul drone strike that killed civilians and is still unexplained. the general's credibility is in doubt. if the books account is in accurate he needs to say so explicitly and specifically, but he doesn't seem to be running from it. what i think is interesting is secretary of defense esper knew about these calls, but the acting secretary of defense miller didn't. he said he did not and would never authorize milley to call china and he did twice. the last conversation, i think, is the most disturbing. general lee, you and i have known each other for five years. if we're not going to attack we'll call you ahead of time and it's not going to be a surprise. well thanks, fantastic.
5:08 am
we give you zillions of dollars to build the defense department and you head off our chief adversary? by the way we'll hit you if you want to get your missile defense ready, you build up your nuclear arsenal that you want to move into place why not do that so i think there's a lot going on here, but we've been mentioning general keane is among the people that don't have a problem with it. he said general keane said on fox yesterday, that he takes milley at his word and called his actions responsible, not irresponsible. ainsley: milley admits to it. it is what his word is. brian: he called just to make sure they didn't think a nuclear attack was coming. not to circumvent donald trump. steve: because, as general keane said yesterday in the afternoon, he said that and it's detailed in the washington post. before milley made the phone call, they picked up. we picked up intel that china was freaking out, hey what's the united states doing? you know, is trump unstable, is he going to strike stuff like that and that's when he reached out. ainsley: general keane is not in favor of releasing the
5:09 am
transcripts. many people are calling for them , donald trump is calling this treason. steve: donald trump released his transcript for the president of ukraine and everybody got to see it but general keane said he did not like the idea of releasing that for obvious reasons. senator john kennedy and senator lindsey graham both weighed in on what's going on with the president and general milley with laura last night, watch. >> i know president biden has said he will stand behind and stands behind general milley, and maybe that's true for the short-term but i'm going to give you even odds that eventually, the white house throws him under the bus because the white house desperately needs someone besides president biden on which to blame the stunning incompetence in afghanistan. >> joe biden has been about as dumb as a rock on foreign policy for 30 years. he's been a disastrous president of the united states.
5:10 am
the reason the taliban are in charge today is because of joe biden, not donald trump, not the generals. steve: i was just going to say and nonetheless, the white house stands squarely behind general milley. brian: so the president's approval ratings dropped to 42% stunning drop when he was at 54% a short time ago but now fox news learned about the president and he ignored army general austin, remember he was the commander in afghanistan and he got up and left. why? because he had 2,500 troops and he said if you just leave them here we'll be able to hold off because if you pull them out now , the taliban could take over the country much faster than intelligence estimates of one to three years. foxconn firmed that general milley had the ability to present his views to president biden several times. president biden ignored it. secretary of state anthony blinken goes over and meets with nato in march and he says
5:11 am
basically our allies are very concerned about the speed in which we're pulling out and he thinks the government of afghanistan could collapse. he pushes back on that. general austin pushed to slow the drawdown to encourage negotiations between the taliban and the afghan government. he pushed back on that using an expletive saying they tried to, they rolled president obama when i was vice president, congratulations, mr. president, you got your way. now we learned why you waited for seven or eight years to become president because almost all your instincts are wrong and we have to live with the humiliation of your move in afghanistan. ainsley: the defense secretary lloyd also said that they wanted to pushback, they wanted to slow down this withdrawal, so basically we've got blinken, defense secretary lloyd, we have army general austin, scott miller all saying that he chose to ignore all of their advice about this withdrawal. many of them wanted to withdrawal, they just wanted it to slow down. brian: and he blames trump.
5:12 am
all of this is, like no, we're seeing right here, your own people told you, you didn't have to deal with trump's six-pager which gave you a rough format on how to handle it and every breach would have been retribution, you decide not to have any, just hand over the keys, ignore ghani's -- ainsley: close bagram,. brian: can't defend it and you didn't blow it up like you should have. you left the hardware there, because you didn't anticipate, and you blame trump? that also shows that blinken is insincere when he said that. steve: well i think this news about the fact that he ignored all of his advisors is coming out because two weeks ago joe biden said all of my military advisors said this is the right plan. brian: this is in the book so it's not just about trump. it's about biden's great instincts that we're stuck with now. steve: biden ignoring the advisors on afghanistan, that is the fox news nugget that we have uncovered.
5:13 am
anyway, another fox news alert. the boyfriend of missing 22- year-old gabby petito is being named by police in florida a person of interest. ainsley: investigators say brian laundry is refusing to answer any of their questions. brian: carley shimkus is live outside the family home in florida with the latest. carlie any activity? reporter: that's right, yeah, not yet. we haven't seen any activity outside, brian's parents house we've been here since it was dark outside since about 3:00 in the morning, nothing yet, but he has been hiding out here since september 1 when he got back from that cross-country road trip without gabby petito, he mate have been the last person to see her, but he hasn't said anything about her whereabouts, and gabby's father, joseph petito, he was on fox & friends first earlier and made it very clear how he feels about the boyfriend. listen. >> i don't care what happens to him right now. that can't be my primary focus.
5:14 am
if he's going to sit in the comfort of his home and get home cooked meals while my daughter is out god knows where, i don't give two craps about him i want to make sure we get my daughter home first. reporter: now, yesterday, police named brian a person of interest in this case. the chief of the north port police speaking out on "fox & friends" last hour revealing why they decided to do that. listen. >> we're conducting a missing person investigation and two people went on a trip and one person returned, and that person that didn't return is gabby. reporter: yeah, police have called this case odd, and to see just how odd it is here is a timeline of events on july 2, the couple left new york for the cross-country road trip that they were documenting on their youtube channel. they made it to moab city, utah on august 12. that's when police responded an altercation between them.
5:15 am
august 25, that's the family's last communication that they can confirm came from gabby, fast forward to september 1, brian la undrie travels back west to eiten florida where i'm standing right now, in gabby's van and then 10 days later, september 11, gabby's mother files the missing person's report. now, as for that august 12 altercation, a witness told moab police he saw brian and gabby arguing over the phone and then saw gabby hit brian in the arm, climb through the driver's side window of their van as if brian had locked her out. the police report also says this brian explained he and gabrielle have been traveling together for the last four or five months. that time spent created emotional strain between them and increased the number of arguments. now, gabby's mother says the last text message she received from gabby's cell phone was august 30.
5:16 am
she says that the text message she received said she was in yos emite national park and didn't have cell service but gabby's mom says that may not have come from her daughter. it could have come from somebody else possibly the boyfriend, brian. they are speculating it could have been to maybe throw the family off the trail of where gabby might be. all speculation at this point. there is a tip line that police have said they are receiving hundreds of tips, that number 1- 800-225-5324, the family wants everybody to be on the lookout for gabby petito as the search for her continues this morning. steve: that's right and carlie, so brian, the person of interest , is in the house behind you, and -- >> we think. steve: because i think that's where the police took the van, her van, on monday, but -- ainsley: away from the house. steve: when we were talking to
5:17 am
the police chief in the last hour, he said that there is a way to try and you late and figure out where that final text message came from, so if the message is theres no cell service in yosemite and it came from arkansas, that's going to be a red flag. reporter: that's absolutely going to be a red flag, and it seems like the police chief when you spoke to him got excited when you asked that question. he said absolutely, we can use cell towers to triangulate to see where the text message was coming from they are all over it and using the technology they have at their disposal to find gabby. the other thing that's getting a lot of attention is the moab, utah police report. both of them said that they suffer from some sort of condition, the name of that condition though, steve, ainsley , brian, was redacted in the report. ainsley: they are not taking meditation indication they said. a parent worries the moment your child is born for the rest of their lives i can't imagine what her parents are going through
5:18 am
thanks so much. steve: terrible story. all right, 8:17 now, and jillian joins us with more. jillian: that right good morning so let's begin with this. a police officer dies after being shot by a suspect in missouri. authorities say officer blaze madrid evans was called to a home when he and another officer with met with gunfire and the suspect cody harrison was shot and killed and he was out on bond at the time despite a lengthy criminal history. 22-year-old madrid-evans was a new police officer in training. >> after spending a year getting kids back inside classrooms, parents are now wondering how their kids will get to school. in maryland anarundle county, 21 bus routes have no service while buses running are delayed by 20 minutes, a frustrated parent joined us earlier. >> my oldest is in middle school and he's a 7th grader and then i have three in elementary school. i have to drive him to school, i have to have my daughters ready over an hour before they should be, so it's just chaos in the
5:19 am
mornings and it's just hectic and anxiety is through the roof. reporter: massachusetts called on the nation guard to help transport kids to school. shortages are being blamed on ongoing concern over covid and disagreements about vaccine and mask mandates. >> comedian jim brewer is standing up to vaccine mandates. the snl alum joins tucker to explain why he's canceling shows at venues that require guests be fully vaccinated. listen. >> i'm not vaccinated. i had covid. you're not going to tell me about my body. you don't come telling me and threatening me and everyone else as if we're the demons. this is not about safety, because if it was, eat more fruit. take care of your body. go to the gym. i've been saying that forever. you would have thought i called people savages for doing that. reporter: brewer said he understands it will cost him a lot of money but added that getting the vaccine should be a
5:20 am
choice, of course. that's his opinion. steve: like eating more fruit. brian: he doesn't want to be the person responsible for someone getting a vaccine and then something going wrong especially, and he doesn't think he should be doing that. thanks so much, jillian. ainsley: willing to lose a lot of money but it's worth it. brian: 20 minutes after the hour a heartbreaking photo showing an abandoned toddler and baby on the banks of the rio grande. texas commissioner george p. bush says situations like that why the asylum system must be changed and more. doug ♪ got a couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. what do you say we see what this bird can do? woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. looks like we're walking, kid. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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5:24 am
brian: got a new report claims more and more texas latinos are leaving the democratic party behind and the ongoing crisis at the border is partially to blame this as the dhs source reveals
5:25 am
migrating counters in august soared well over 200,000. that's up over 300% from 2020. joining me now is texas land commissioner and candidate for texas attorney general, george p. bush. george, what do those numbers mean in practical problems for texas? >> well, it's overwhelming our capacity to handle not only crime in border communities, but dealing with the processing of hundreds of thousands of new individuals. i was just on the phone with the city manager in del rio and they say there are thousands of asylum requests now just sitting under the international bridge. we've seen the images of children that are being abandon ed on the banks of the rio grande river as well but we've got a serious asylum crisis on the southern border. it's overwhelming our resources, and the federal government is demonstrating no sense of urgency on this so the state of texas is stepping up to build wall, to assist our customs and border patrol officials and do
5:26 am
what we can because the federal government is not doing their job. brian: well we had the remain in mexico policy and you're suing to build the wall. where are both those situations? the supreme court said do it, put remain in mexico back, what's happening with it? >> well we're hearing that the administration is slow playing the american people on being transparent on implement ing this important policy and to remind your viewer s this is probably the most important migrant protection protocol that was keeping order on our border, because now, folks know that they can apply for asylum and have their case heard in the united states being caught essentially and released into our system and that's not a good policy. it results in disorder and chaos and the anarchy that we're see ing every day on our southern border. brian: as land commissioner what is your reaction also as a parent when you see a baby in a carrier with a two-year-old in the brush. >> it shows that this administration is not compassionate when it comes to this policy.
5:27 am
to say that it's okay for parent s to pay $10,000 to a coyote to send their children to the american borders not the compassionate way to handle an immigration crisis. we are a country of laws, not of men, and we pride ourselves on order and methodology and a process by which we potentially allow folks to apply for legal status in our country. what we're seeing now is completely lawless that only benefits the cartels and it's the administration sending these false promises to not only central america but throughout the world, that all you have to do is come here, get to the border, apply for asylum, and then blend into the shadows with a notice to appear hopefully in the next two to three years before an immigration judge. brian: you have a hispanic background and if the republican party has a bright future they win over the hispanic vote and the hispanic community. i know it's a diverse community. having said that there's end roads being made in texas. why? how? >> well, i'm proud to report to
5:28 am
you, brian, that many in the conservative movement here in texas have been laying the groundwork for years if not decades and the labor of, the fruit of our labor is now being seen where folks like president trump carried over 93% hispanic, i would venture to say over 80% speak spanish as a first language but yet president trump is the first republican to carry that county since warren harding, i believe. you look at javier lobos, the new mayor of mcallen, the first republican in decades and just because of simple issues whether it's border security, second amendment, faith and also entrepreneurship that completely aligns with the republican party, and that's why we're having a lot of success. president trump carried and flipped five counties that hillary clinton won in 2016 and there are several state house of representatives that are in democratic-controlled areas that president trump won, so, i suspect during redistricting
5:29 am
you're going to see a lot of announcements of conservative democrats come over to our side. i'm proud to be a part of that effort to make sure that the hispanic community continues to vote republican. brian: he wants to be the next attorney general in texas and if california wants success they should take a lesson from texas another lesson from texas. george p. bush, texas land commissioner you have your hands full thanks so much appreciate it. >> great to be with you. brian: good luck with your campaign. meanwhile straight ahead, general mark milley getting a vote of confidence from the white house despite him facing accusations of treason in some corners over reported calls with china. retired army general dan bullock says the joint chiefs chair is politically driven and should step down. with voltaren arthritis pain gel my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pain pills voltaren is the first full prescription strength gel for powerful arthritis pain relief... voltaren the joy of movement
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♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. steve: welcome back to fox & friends. former acting secretary of defense christopher miller is joining calls for general mark milley to resign over accusation s he had secret phone calls with china. miller telling fox news, "i did not and would not ever authorize such conduct." ainsley: meanwhile president biden is standing behind the general saying general milley has great, he has great confidence in general milley. brian: retired army general big a deer general i should say
5:34 am
joins us now, general, whose right here? general jack keane who said to fox yesterday, he takes milley at his word and called his actions responsible? or so many others? >> i believe his actions are irresponsible and they fall somewhere between treason of duty, we never would tolerate that in our subordinate officers we would remove them immediately , lt. colonel sheller , recent examples this is, i am being reached out to by many people in the military who have lost confidence in the chairman. there's a perception out there that he did this. he needs to do the right thing, have some moral courage, step aside, we need to conduct an investigation and he needs to be held accountable for this either treason or somewhere between dereliction of duty. steve: general, joe biden and the white house say we stand by general milley, but if general
5:35 am
milley did this to joe biden, you got to figure, he probably be fired by noon. >> oh, there be no doubt that president trump would have fired him. i would assume it would have not taken until noon, right? and rightly so. this is a loss of confidence. how many times are we going to lose confidence in this guy? first of all we have have a border security situation which the military has tremendous responsibility and our border security is failing right now. the withdrawal in afghanistan was a disaster. the policy, military strategy leading up to the withdrawal was a disaster and now, we have these phone calls to counterpart s. i talk to many of my counterpart s as a division level commander, special operations command africa and never would it have entered my mind to make any comments like this. we have to develop those relationships. they are necessary, but this , if true, is treasonist or at the least, dereliction of duty.
5:36 am
ainsley: that's what president trump said too. he said if it is true it's treason. i know that you've called for milley's resignation many times. you say you know how he operates as a politically-driven general. what do you mean by that? >> well i've watched him over the years and i've watched many of the generals and most of the joint chiefs, they're in place right now. they change their colors. you know, a lot of them started off with george bush, transition ed over to president obama and bought off on all the bad policy in africa, afghanistan, iraq, syria, all over the world that weakened america's position with their allies. then they transition to president trump which i knew be difficult for all of them. apparently it has, because they undermined him behind his back, and then they go back to president biden who has demonstrated how it's an in competent administration, and we are in a lot of trouble
5:37 am
economically, fiscally, in the safety and security of americans and i am afraid for our reputation and for our military service members on the ground in many places of the world. brian: if you're afraid then we're afraid, but the good news is that china's going to get a heads up if we bomb them so that's good to know, that that war college class is going to be in session. appreciate it, general. we hear your alarm. >> well, i hope americans do and i hope they call for him to do the right thing. i know our service members believe there's a perception, perception can be reality. it's one of the rules of a leader, and if you're not operating effectively and you're hurting your organization, you need to step aside. steve: all right, general thank you very much. ainsley: thanks for your service >> god bless you all, thank you steve: indeed. 22 minutes before the top of the hour, switching gears, still ahead, week two of the nfl season is here and there's tons of great marquise matchups . fox sports sideline reporter jen hal
5:38 am
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don't miss our weekend special. save up to $900 on sleep number 360 smart beds. plus, free premium delivery when you add a base. ends monday. to learn more, go to steve: well, football season is officially underway, we've got a full slate of must-see matchups this sunday, on fox. there are the games right there. here to break down the games and players to watch, fox nfl side line reporter jen hale. jen, good morning to you. >> good morning! thanks for having me, steve. steve: i would imagine last week , it was great to be back on the sidelines, right? >> it was amazing. so much better than being in that first row that we all referred to as methodology and to have fans back in the stands, everybody was so happy to have football back, we're calling this the year of the fans and boy the fans are certainly living up to that already. steve: let's talk about the fan favorites for this weekend. you've got the saints at panther
5:43 am
s at 1:00 on fox of course, what do you think? >> this is the game i'll be at and boy, availability is the key here, so, there's still in exile from hurricane ida, they haven't been back to new orleans since last month before the storm hit and now they have the biggest covid outbreak in the nfl so far this is something the nfl has been preparing for. they knew it be a fluid situation this year, so because the saints have six offensive coaches and nutritionists and a player all testing positive, the entire team is in something the nfl is calling mitigation protocol. everybody has to test everyday, no joint meal, you can't eat together, you take your food to go and mandatory masks, so can the saints use that as a rally ing cry? sean peyton is the very best but i think fans are really going to have to watch and see whose actually cleared to play on sunday, does it get worse or does it get better, the panther s won last week, they
5:44 am
are going to be energized. i am taking the saints and this one by three. steve: you're absolutely right because they could do a test before the game. you're out, just like that. also, at 1:00 on sunday, 49ers vs. eagles. >> yes, okay, so full disclosure the odds makers all have jimmy g and the 49ers coming into phil it and winning. i disagree. i think the eagles, hertz and his new weapon the reigning heisman trophy winner, i love that connection, steve. last week, devonte's very first professional target it was a touch done and he scored. i think there's so much room for growth with that duo and again that home crowd that we talked about a minute ago, this is the first significant game they are going to have seen in their stadium since before covid. i'm going with them and taking the eagles by five. steve: meanwhile the late game on fox, falcons at buccaneers. >> okay, steve for everybody who was wondering, tom brady and
5:45 am
the buccaneers going to have some sort of super bowl hangover certainly does not seem like it. they look better than ever and picked up right where they left off last season and i think that is very bad news for the falcons they have a lot of new pieces and i think it's will come together for them this season but not this weekend , tampa against tom brady and again a home crowd so i'm thinking brady and all of those returning super bowl starters have touchdowns. steve: sure, jen, a lot of people will be watching for that but then again i know a lot of people who just want to win a million dollars of terry bradshaw's money. that guy be loaded. >> yeah, i wish he would send me some, steve. it's really easy to play, it's free, all you have to do is download the fox super 6 bet app , and you answer six questions. hopefully we helped you out a little bit here with inside information, and you could win a million dollars. terry has already given away 5 million dating back to last season, so it's easy to win and it's fun to play. steve: all right and it's always fun to talk to you jen hale, we
5:46 am
thank you very much we'll see you on the sidelines come sunday. >> thanks so much have a great day. steve: meanwhile on the sidelines on avenue of the americas senior meteorologist, janice dean, for our fox weather forecast. >> i feel really lucky because we didn't have rain in this morning's show.s take a look ats the temperatures in the 70s across the east coast and still dealing with the remnants of nicholas for parts of louisiana, mississippi, alabama and the florida panhandle, flood advisors are still in place this is the last day we'll see all of that moisture stream ing in, which is great news, but we're still going to have to watch the atlantic because we have a couple of features out there in the tropic s. we will keep an eye on. here is your forecast today 73 with, you know the potential of showers and thunderstorms across the northeast we have this front moving through, the west coast, we still have warm temperatures there and wildfire danger, especially across the interior sections there. 80 large wildfires burning, the conditions unfortunately are not going to improve with dry conditions as well as high heat, and gusty winds, and there are
5:47 am
the areas of concern out in the atlantic. we could see odette out in the next several days but both of those storms look like they are going to stay away from the u.s. for now. we'll keep you up-to-date, steve back to you. steve: janice dean with our weather and jack hammer report. i hear them working across the street. it's new york. steve: it is. all right, thanks, j. d., back to work building stuff. meanwhile, a school custodian who walked an hour to work every day, counting his blessings after teachers hand him the keys to a new car! he's going to join us a along with one of the women helping to change his life but let's check in with bill hemmer with a preview of coming attractions at 9:00 eastern time. bill: hey, good morning to you , great story by the way saw the video yesterday really good stuff. what was the interaction with the chinese? we will search for answers with ambassador nikki haley don't miss that coming up, the border is still a mess we'll take you there live, where is gabby petito, a press conference today might give us some guidance on
5:48 am
that, and what was facebook up to and how did it affect you, the user, inside on that, big morning join dana and me in minutes we'll see you then, top of the hour. this is mike. mike blew his entire life savings on a permanent perm shampoo invention, which actually attracted more cats than customers. now instead of wasting money, mike is looking to save it with amerisave's great rates. see how much you could save at
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5:52 am
the extra mile after learning their school custodian walks an hour to work everyday, so teachers at unity grove elementary school helped raise money to buy chris jackson a car , and they surprised him at work. his reaction, was priceless. >> the school got together and we raised the rest of the money. >> it is a car! oh, my stars, thank you! thank you! i thank you, all! ainsley: chris jackson joins us now, along with one of the teachers who spearheaded the fundraising efforts, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning, chris i loved your reaction. tell us how this all unfolded when you were walking out in the parking lot what did you think was going to happen? >> i thought, i would say when it was like they needed help, that's all i could think was okay, these women need help, so that's all i could think of, but once we got outside, and all of it unfolded that's when i was
5:53 am
really looking like oh, so i was looking at my car the whole time it was like oh! that was these though, it was a blessing. ainsley: jody tell me how you got, how you pulled all this off >> so back in june, we found out chris had fallen on some hard times and so we knew that he needed a car and we knew that he had some money, and so we saw this one of the first grade teachers here, megan macdonald found this car on facebook that a mutual friend had and so she called her and kind of worked to deal with her and told her the story and they graciously came off the price a little bit but we were still a little bit short, and so we post ed on our staff's private facebook page, we really want to make this happen for chris, and we had the money just within just a few hours. ainsley: that is so sweet so chris a lot of people might have given up ongoing to work if you have to walk on hour. how much will this help you what does this mean for you? >> it's a major blessing, it's a big help, because now, it's
5:54 am
like it gives me a sense of independence where you don't have to depend on nobody like that no more. it's a great feeling. it's just a big window open and a big door open so it's great. ainsley: up until this gift you had a tough year? >> say that again? ainsley: you had a tough year before you got this car? >> one more time? >> have you had a tough year? >> oh, tough year, yeah, yeah, i had a tough year, and moreso to say like the tough year, it's more of maintaining, like if i didn't maintain, this year would have went all the way down the drain, but once you have a sense of maintaining, whenever you do come through uncertain storms you can weather them. ainsley: that's right. >> it's just awesome. ainsley: got to go through the valley before you get to the mountain, and jodi, you gave him that mountain when you helped raise money for this car you and all the faculty there. what does chris mean to the school and to the students? >> chris is such a blessing to
5:55 am
our school. he works so hard. the kids adore him, the staff adores him, but i want everybody to know, i was just a very very small part of this. there were so many big hearts that were put into place over this , and our community and our school just pulled together to make this happen for him, because he is such a blessing to us and we appreciate him from the bottom of our heart for everything he does for us. ainsley: jodi, i heard that somebody in the community one of the parents is going to pay for the car insurance for the first year. >> yes, so we have a local person that kind of stepped up and said hey, i heard your story and we want to pick-up chris' insurance for the first year, so we got that taken care of too, which was a huge, huge blessing for chris. >> that's awesome. ainsley: all right well thank you all so much. chris, what do you want to say to that community member and to all these people who helped you? >> thank you! from the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you. you're a major blessing and i really appreciate it.
5:56 am
ainsley: chris, i understand today is your birthday? >> yeah, today is my birthday, so to the world and everybody, you know, you want to say happy birthday to me, chris on facebook, you want to say hey, happy birthday, even if you want to send donations, black lion 1015 cash-up, you can do that that's fine with me just say hello, hi, and send your love and it goes from there. ainsley: chris you seem like a great guy you're making a difference in those kid's lives. god bless you and happy birthday we're glad you were born, thank you, jodie for everything you do more fox & friends moments away. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes.
5:57 am
each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> i can't wait to see everyone in person, charleston, west virginia, and you can see the rest at >> bill: we will see you there. good morning everyone, credibility of america's top general now went out. mark milley under pressure, pressure to address accusations of treason as the pentagon and the white house both defend his actions. i'm bill hemmer, it's thursday, nice to see you again. >> dana: he always has loved thursdays, and i like them, too. republicans are pressing for answers in response to a report that general millie place secret calls to china in an effort to undermine president trump. >> bill:


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