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tv   California Recall Election Coverage  FOX News  September 14, 2021 11:00pm-1:00am PDT

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>> widgets over california's recall showdown the voters from the golden state said the governor should keep his job. it was a high political drama that captured the attention of the country. democrats warned the country could have nationwide consequences. republican california economic inequality needs a major overhaul. in the end the voters say no to the recall. >> no is not the only thing expressed tonight. i want to focus on what we said yes to as a state.
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we said yes to science, yes to vaccines, yes to ending this pandemic. we said yes to people's right to vote without fear of fake fraud. >> hello, everyone trace gallagher in los angeles. continuing live coverage of the recall election. it is 11:00 p.m. on the west coast, the polls closed three hours ago but it did not take long to recall what was once seen as high-stakes political face of pure democratic governor gavin newsom his job on the line over covert mandates wildfire management, homelessness, and rising crime. he emerges as the victor by a wide margin, but even in this overwhelmingly blue state, the voters remain largely divided over how to resolve the issues that plagued california. over the next two hours, we will examine what now possibly lies ahead for the state. and the governor, gavin newsom. for the latest let's bring in
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matt finn live in orange county, california, with more, hey, matt. >> trace come a short while ago larry elder took to the stage and spoke for a half an hour conceding to gavin newsom, telling the rowdy crowd to be gracious in defeat. elder say they lost the battle but they will win the war and even after of the associated press declared that newsom will survive this recall, a lot of elder supporters here continue to be cheerful and celebrate elder tonight. there is still an upbeat atmosphere here in this election night party. elder says it forces governor newsom to pay attention to issues important to them homelessness, education, fire and water issues in california. earlier tonight in sacramento, elder said thank you to the recall, fire, vaccines, and women's rights. >> i can't think of anything
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this man has done in the last two years that the success he deserves another day in office. however, we recognize that we lost the battle. we are certainly going to win the word. >> tonight, i'm humbled, grateful but resolved in spirit of my political hero robert kennedy to make more gentle the life of this war. thank you all very much, and thank you 240 million americans, 40 million californians, thank you for rejecting this recall. >> so here at the larry elder election night party in orange county, all of his staff, naming them first and last name taking pictures with supporters. now the event is wrapping up your to hundreds of hundreds of people funneling in and out throughout the night in support of larry elder who conceded to gavin newsom. >> the 30 minutes, did he talk
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about the future and may be running again? >> you know, he did not talk about his political future, but he kept repeating we may have lost the battle but we will win the war but we have forced newsom to pay attention to issues that matter to us. so it does not seem like he's going away. he told a political reporter earlier today, he has movement herein california, and he is not going to take a backstage anytime soon, trace. >> live in orange county, matt, thank you. kovic 19 issuing the harshest lockdowns of the country but critics claim the shutdown triggered more problems, including skyrocketing crime, homelessness and unemployment and republican candidate larry elder penned the follow on the current governor. >> nearly a third of all small businesses have shut down forever because of the way he ignored science and shutdown the state. on-again, off-again, covert
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requirements. >> governor newsom defended his choices and survive the recall. for more inside, let's turn to the panel, susan from the newsgroup, democrat strategists there are normative and conservative commentator alicia crowell spirit all of you, thank you for staying up late ad we very much appreciated. alicia i want to go to you first and i want to play a little sound bite from larry elder, the 30 minutes he spoke tonight and get your reaction on this, let's listen. >> my opponent, governor gavin newsom... come on, let's be gracious, let's be gracious in defeat. we may have lost the battle, but we are going to win the war. >> trace: we mentioned he was talking to a radio host earlier tonight in california, alicia, and he said, you know, in certain words, he is a political force in california. do you see larry elder running for office again, possibly against gavin newsom next year?
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>> i sure as heck hope so and if not against gavin newsom, eric turner, i wish we could recall that guy with his covid policies as well. larry could potentially be mayor of l.a. in addition to that. i think your audience knows him well as the years of fantastic radio broadcaster. he has a son of southern california. there are lots of voters out there that he can appeal to but the cards were stacked against him here. you had $70 million to the recall efforts and like $5 million alone in the campaign that newsom was able to gain in the last ten weeks alone. the democrats turned out to help him and elder with other people like kevin kiley, caitlyn jenner kind of left on the sidelines with tens of millions of dollars coming in from teachers union and lobbyist for gavin newsom. >> trace: we will talk to kevin kiley later in the broadcast but i want to go to you, sarah because gavin newsom
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really never defended his record. it was all about painting larry elder as a clone of trump. trump if you vote for larry elder, and a lot of people said no, that will not work, well, it appears maybe it was effective. your thoughts. >> yeah, we have seen a lot of conservative recall referendum on democratic efforts to end the pandemic, which i suppose, now that newsom has won in a landslide, but this is also a referendum on republicans. i mean, elder is a lot like trump who is unusually unpopular in california and a lot of the rest of the country. and following trump's playbook of pretending that the election is unfair because he was likely to lose. californians and americans across the country frankly republicans only believing in
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democracy when they win. but we also have to remember, yes, gavin newsom might have stepped up a couple of times but it was not a good look to eat at an expensive restaurant. but overall, he's done a good job handling the pandemic. california the infections has the lowest of all states. and he was able to use to send stimulus checks to help during the pandemic. >> trace: yeah, but the people who shutdown the businesses we will play later, the businesses shut down repeatedly with no science and gavin newsom said i'm following the science. time after time after time, he did not follow the science. we challenged him on it and he refused to answer the question because he knew he did not follow the science. to you, susan, i'm wondering what you think about kind of wrap us up of what you thought of tonight and were you surprised at all. >> there are a lot of angry people in california. they are still angry.
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the 2022 race has already begun. larry elder has done remarkable things in the republican party and as an outsider of the republican party. he raised a lot of money. he still gave an enormous lift. he showed a republican can barnstorm the state and do great interviews and make their arguments for different solutions. gavin newsom looked strong, but if you think about it he had to raise $70 million and keep all credible democrats off of the ballot in order to achieve the results. >> trace: $80 million some said and he had to bring kamala harris, president biden and other stuff to hold on. i want to put this up the california teachers association saying "this election outcome is a victory for the students, public education, and working families." no to compromising values, no to shortchanging our students and safety and note to dismantling public education system. california schools, i guess,
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elisha krauss a disaster but is this a victory for students and then we will move on? a massive loss for students and yes, the fact a disaster would be a major understatement, trace. i live within walking distance of two schools, one english and overcrowded with low funding and awful, awful ratings according to the state guidance system. the other one costs upward $50,000 a year, fully armed security and no masts inside. which one is ellie u.s. feed and which one fully private or a place that gavin newsom would probably perfectly comfortable sending his children. the hypocrisy and double standard is failing our children in the state and republican party would be very smart to jump on the bandwagon. >> trace: we spend the most and down and the bottom of the 10%. and i want to move to a topic and get your response, antony blinken testified before congress. i want to play it back and forth between blinken and ted cruz and then you can always end. >> i want to understand did you
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give them thousands of names? >> no, i did not. >> hundreds? >> i will not put a number on it on it. >> how many of those individuals did you give the taliban the name to? >> senator by definition, these were in limited incidents with a bus or group of people to get them through a checkpoint where they got to the checkpoint. >> trace: sarah, robust back and forth on this whole day. my question to you is: did, are you surprised? you are our center fielder here. are you surprised nobody so far has resigned? >> no, not, i'm not. certainly i think it makes sense there's a lot of questions about he pulled out, but i actually think considering the situation, we might have done as well as we could have, sadly. i mean, the biden administration inherited a due date, but not a
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plan to pull out. so this is bound to be chaotic in order to stick to trump's due date with no plan. but i look forward to learning more. i'm glad that congress is certainly talking about it. >> trace: i don't know about the plan. we should have kept it and a lot of other things, step-by-step of what we should have done. nobody ever asked him. anyway, i move on, susan, to you. your thoughts on the testimony you heard today. >> well, i think it is horrifying. i think the biden administration is a catastrophe informed policies and i wouldn't say much different in the domestic policy. there are people resigning from the military. people who are giving up their retirements. they will not serve under this commander in chief. they will not survive under these generals appear they will not serve any military that does not respect the values of america. this is a very serious problem.
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i hope it does not destroy the voluntary army, of america. >> trace: breaking news coming in, sarah, susan, elisha, we will talk to you in a little bit. thank you for sticking around. breaking news from the capital, moving to block the texas abortion law. the doj is asking a federal judge for a temporary restraining order to prevent texas from following through on its recent law banning most abortions in the state. senate bill prevents women from exercising their constitutional rights. this new legal action comes on the heels of attorney general merrick garland merrick garland denouncement against the biden administration would sue texas over a new abortion law. last thursday the attorney general said "it is clearly unconstitutional and the obvious and expressly acknowledged intention of this statutory scheme is to prevent women from exercising their constitutional rights. more breaking news as it comes
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in. meantime, north korea has fired two ballistic missiles and waters off at the the eastern coast. that is just two days after he claimed tested a newly developed missile. south korea joint chief of staff said missile flew to the waters of the korean peninsula east coast. it is believed north korea is pushing to bolster its weapons arsenal amid a deadlock in nuclear diplomacy between conning and washington. talks claim the u.s. and north korea have stalled since 2019 when america rejected the norse demand for major sanctions in exchange for dismantling an aging nuclear facility. kim jong un's government rejected the biden administration's effort to open dialogue demanding washington abandon its "hostile policies first. still ahead, gavin newsom sends off a recall and will remain the governor of the golden state, but was the effort just another test of unity for
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the democratic party? that's next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> trace: well, now governor newsom staying in california, there could be real political consequences nationwide. can appoint a new senator to evenly divided chamber in the next year or so. the first big test whether democrats can fire up their base ahead of next year's midterm election when republicans fare fair to take back the house. the congressman at sherman, thank you for staying up with us. we appreciate it. do you think in california that the recall rules are about to be revisited in the state, sir? >> first, i've got to say, this is a smashing victory. we are now 65%. that is better than 63% biden
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carried the state by which is better than 62% then gavin newsom got in 2018. this is a huge democratic victory at a time when biden's ratings are down because of afghanistan. we won huge and this is great news, especially for terry mcauliffe and virginia. this is the best day in this time. as a recall... b1 do you think governor newsom comes out stronger, weaker because history shows win or los usually come out weaker. >> i don't think that is the case. there are so few recall elections. this is the second one since the gold rush. so you can't, you can't really have enough data points. the fact is, in part and embracing gavin newsom but either to a greater extent, rejection of those who hold this
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recall and forced a huge cost on the state in order to administer and were trying to overturn the 2018 election. a recall is best used when somebody does something that is corrupt or shows that they are incapable or does something that is even surprising. gavin newsom has been the governor they elected to. >> trace: which is not to say he's done everything right because he's made significant mistakes over the course of the pandemic. he made significant mistakes when it comes to fighting fires in california. the state is in many people's opinion, a mess. >> i think the voters of california strongly disagree. we are the ones in california. we are talking 65% rejecting this recall. >> trace: $80 million put towards it and bringing the president in the period 24% republicans in california. >> dub votes were cast before
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biden's plane touched down. we have been voting for a month. the votes that were counted before had been cast by friday of last week overwhelming support. >> trace: do you think he should have focused, do you think the governor should have focused on some of the problems in california? some of the big time issues we have in the state, the highest taxes, housing prices, energy costs? >> the governor focuses every day on those issues. but as to whether his political strategy in this race and as to whether his campaign commercials were good, 65%. the most -- remember just a month ago, pendants can say we can lose the governor in california but we win by eight enormous and shocking margin. that is why fox news had the banner made up to say "newsom survives." he didn't survive, he smashed, overcame, conquered. the strategy of this campaign
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has got to go down in history has an excellent strategy. >> trace: let me just put this on you you say the number at the bottom of the screen 63% and 37 left, we have a lot of ballots to be counted. and some conservative counties yet to be added to that poll. yet at the end of 100% this is more like 60/40, would you be as satisfied? >> 60/40. >> trace: with only 824% of the state being republican voters, would you still be as satisfied, showing 60% of people? >> we were afraid we were going to lose. we were seeing polls that show this as almost a dead heat. 60/40, no one was talking 60/40 a week ago. this is a huge victory at 60/40 and if it is 65/35, so much the
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better, i expect the margin will go down a little bit in the wee hours of the morning. but three days from now, it will go up a little bit as they count the final ballots, the ones put into the mail over the weekend. so i think this is a smashing victory. repudiation of the recall, repudiation of what the republican party stands for. a huge shot in the arm for our efforts to regain and control the governorship in virginia, which is another suburban state. had i can't imagine that terry mcauliffe air canada in virginia has the future governor. i can't imagine to have a better day than this. this will be a good electoral year for him. >> trace: thank you for coming on, we appreciated. >> thank you. >> trace: the leading g.o.p. candidate in the recall to donald trump leading up to the election. so california voters still stoked by the comparison? our panel will talk about that
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♪ ♪ >> trace: welcome back. president biden hitting the campaign trail to rally voters. a last-minute push to culminate the failed recall effort for republicans. the president tried to persuade california is by making it about former president trump, saying larry elder is a trump clone. >> all of you know in the last year, i got to run against the real donald trump. [laughter] this year, the leading republican ran for governor is the closest thing to a trump clone that i have ever seen. keep gavin newsom measure governor. or... [cheers and applause] you will get donald trump. >> trace: the question is did biden's warning help the
11:30 pm
democratic base? let's bring the pennell senior advisor of kamala harris 2020 campaign and democrat strategy sarah norman. and the host and conservative commentator alicia krause and southern california newsgroups susan shelley. it is late but i will get the names right in the next segment and thank you for coming back. i appreciate it but i want to play the sound bite from gavin newsom and 17 seconds and then i will get your response. >> i want to focus on what we said yes to as a state. we said yes to science. we said yes to vaccines, we said yes to ending the pandemic. we said yes to people's right to vote without fear of fake fraud and voter suppression. we said yes... we went during the whole thing, elisha, i said yes to science. he said no to science on several occasions because he was never challenged here or there nose science to shutting down outdoor
11:31 pm
dining and we will play the sound bite because outdoor dining was shut down. there was no science and we asked him the question. we asked him the question and he avoided it, knowledge and he didn't have the science. we are just following the science. your thoughts. >> my thoughts are that this unfortunately will create a greater divide in the state of the haves and have-nots, the rich people who bought off gavin newsom time and again and the people like yourself and i and my neighbors, lower middle class families, poorer families, immigrant families, business owners and women that have been damaged by the she session that gavin newsom's policies have made worse. honestly, i feel the most sorry for his kids, sending to the summer camps unmasked but then caught and pulled them out of it. his children, every child in the state deserves to live the life of an innocent educated child. he is preventing us from doing
11:32 pm
that because he is taking millions of dollars from the teachers union and doing their bidding which is not in the best interest of our children. >> trace: if we have the sound bite, let's play andrew mars talking about gavin newsom and then sarah can respond to this. >> he didn't follow the science because when outdoor patios, there was no science. in fact, the numbers grew because he shoved everybody into their homes during the holidays and out of state patios and state businesses like mine that would have kept them safe to get together thanksgiving and christmas. i'm sorry, it is infuriating to me. >> trace: sarah, i know you are a fan of the governors but a lot of businesses lost tons of monies, lost employees, lost their businesses altogether. and some of it was quite frankly not following for science. what would you say to a business owner like this? >> look, when the virus hit, we really only have one shot to shut it down before it spreads
11:33 pm
and detrimental results on business. and newsom and other democratic leaders were trying to stop that from happening. now, you also remember, it's not that the science changed. it is that we collected more data and we learned more. and we are always following what we knew from science. >> trace: there was zero signs about outdoor dining. he had admiral brett giroir onto our program who said "there was no signs concerning outdoor dining." the cdc did not recommend that and that did not come from the cdc. there was no science. we asked the governor about this, susan and he avoided the comment because he did not have an answer. >> own health secretary said there was no science. they just wanted to find a way to keep up the home so they closed restaurants. they closed bars and restaurants because they could do. they decided to use licensing,
11:34 pm
liquor licenses, permits, as their weapon to chorus businesses. that is what they did. they closed everything they could close and empower the teachers union to close the schools at the local level. this has been a disaster for california. and i know the people are very scared and they were very frightened about reelect me or its death campaign. people were very frightened. people, they are 6 million people in california who voted for president donald trump, but there are 11 million people who did not. and so this is a real puzzle for the republican party. because yes, you have a tremendous, energized, powerful 6 million strong electorate, but you also will run into the opposition when you feature that. so this is a puzzle. they have to focus on solutions to the problems and stay away from personalities in order to prevail. >> trace: it is a puzzle. we had brad sherman on and you may have heard it, elisha, he
11:35 pm
was sane and magnificent win but a bellwether for the rest of the country. i'm not sure that is true, but what do you think? will we see more candidates across the country painting republicans as trump, as trumpism? >> absolutely i don't think that beto o'rourke and ted cruz will be much as close as we thought it was. you saw a lot of liberal californians fleeing the state and fling places like new york to go to red states. unfortunately, i'm worried about making them purple, going to purple states and making them blue. i think there is deftly a part of the trump base of the republican party but as we have seen in california for many years, even pretrump era, california is not typical bible belt where i'm from kind of republican. and we need to be focusing like i mentioned on school choice holds incredibly well in this
11:36 pm
state and why? effective for a mom like me in the valley or single hard working mom in south central l.a. this is something larry elder talked about the g.o.p. should jump on. we should be endorsing and getting behind and finding incredible candidates like those and others. those are the republicans to appeal to voters in the state and reach across the aisle. i think it was effective for newsom to compare larry elder to donald trump because he knew that even republicans in california are not big fans of donald trump. >> trace: elisha, susan, syrup we will get back to you. in the meantime the california recall we will keep an eye on others thinking that it blends. in texas, unrelenting 24 hours ago, came to shore as category one hurricane and just a tropical depression but the threat to life and property is not over. the storm is drenching the gulf coast of texas and
11:37 pm
louisiana but flooding rain and half million homes and businesses have already lost power and how concerned nicholas could stall over the region unleashing massive floods. hurricane harvey 56 years ago, what it did? same situation. this is a part of the country that is hurting in the deadly wake of hurricane ida. here in los angeles the bomb technicians blame for massive explosion that shook south l.a. back in june. the federal investigation concludes that the technicians made major miscalculations when they overloaded and then detonated a containment container with fireworks. faulty equipment to blame. 27 people hurt. the blast cost $1 million in damage to the neighborhood appeared and tributes now pouring in for norm macdonald who lost his battle with cancer tuesday. mcdonald best remembered for host of "saturday night live" weekend update.
11:38 pm
fellow comedian sarah silverman tweeted "there was no one like him on this planet." canadian prime minister justin trudeau calling his fellow countrymen a genius and great canadian. norm macdonald was 61. still ahead, gavin newsom surviving the recall push in the golden state, but california voters are notoriously unpredictable. so mo what might happen in 2022? we will talk about it next. an ipad worth $505 for less than $24. a stand mixer for less than $20. a 4k television for under $2. a macbook pro for under $16. as well as a playstation 4 for under $16. and brand new cars for less than $900. offers hundreds of auctions every day. all auctions start at
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♪ ♪ >> trace: well, tuesday night the night to celebrate for democrats but indicative the results on a national scale. democrats have long had a stranglehold on california, but should they suspect to keep in swing states with the midterms approaching? a former two-time policy advisor to national senatorial committee and frequent political
11:43 pm
commentator. great to have you on. he had one of the congressman on from california. and he was saying that he thinks it is done. this recall, brad sherman thinks it is done in the rest of the country should pay heed to this. do you think this is a bellwether for the country? >> i don't. that is a ridiculous notion. what happened in california is specific to this particular election at this particular time. when you have one side spinning ext million dollars, $80 million, and the other side spinning $10 million, the results are relatively predictable. to see this as indicative what will happen during a time we know the president's party traditionally loses the first midterm election, which is by midterm election next year and we know a number of headwinds. by the way, including california. the idea of one can take this and nationalize it to me is completely ignorant.
11:44 pm
again a ridiculous notion. >> trace: what about the strategy, lonnie? do you see more people, candidates doing more of the trump bashing and painting republicans as, you know, clones of donald trump as joe biden said about larry elder this week? >> i think at some point, trace, it is a tired argument. it is the same playbook they will go over to in california. they will go to it other parts of the country. but you know, what it really masks and with that strategy masks, you never hurt anybody who supported gavin newsom talk about the reasons affirmatively why they were supporting him. it was always about, well, he's not donald trump. he is not the candidate who looks like donald trump. there was never an effort underway to disband his record on any number of different issues. i think you will see that play out across the country. there will be an effort to make the democrats about the past. the republicans incumbent upon
11:45 pm
republicans to make this election coming up in 2020 about the future, but what is to come. if they can do that, they will be successful. >> trace: what about the future of gavin newsom? he will run again and is em bolded because we have a democratic consultant who says the following "the republicans have gone after newsom for the last year and a half and have field. what makes them think they will have a better chance in the general election when the governor has convinced voters to let him stay? does may be the prospect of other democrats challenging him seem more appetizing to them after this recall or not? >> i don't know the challenge will come from democrats. i do think it is the case one should not misunderstand what happened tonight. tonight was not some glowing endorsement of everything that is going on in california. to the extent there are candidates next year willing to carry forward a message. listen there are things to
11:46 pm
improve on in california. there are things we need to get right whether dealing with wildfires, homelessness, these kind of messages will resume. remember when gavin newsom the only reason he's facing a recall election because millions of californians, democrats, republicans came together to ask for this recall election to happen here that similar dynamic will remain next year and very important for democrats not to overplay their hand there although it is possible that they will. >> trace: when you look at the numbers come i'm not sure you can see the bottom right-hand side of the screen and i can show them to you, no one the recall 65% yes, what happened in the past few weeks? do you think republicans at some point in time decided that maybe it was just no longer worth going to the poll and a losing proposition in the past, five, six, ten days? what is your thought on what happened? >> trays come a couple of things first of all the enthusiasm that was they were three or four weeks ago for some reason did
11:47 pm
dissipate. i do think frankly, some of the people who thought this was going to be closer wasn't closer because the margin was expanded by people who were, in fact, more enthusiastic to vote and keep gavin newsom in the office and others not worth it. the other thing i would say on the point i was making earlier and you have a huge financial disparity between the two sides, let's not forget the anti-recall forces here literally have multiples of six, seven, 8/1. if we count the different groups involved. when you have been politics that big of a disparity in money, it is difficult to win. that is the reality. this election really was a peculiar election. i think it is very difficult to take this and nationalize it as we discussed earlier or take this and say this would look like future elections in california. this was a very particular time and a very particular space. again, the financial disadvantage the pro recall was after his two significant.
11:48 pm
>> trace: i have got to go but what about larry elder? does he have a political future and is he a political force in california now? >> i think his message, the one of change is certainly one that resonated. he will be able to do what he wants to do, but i say this, trace, briefly it is important for california governor to understand, they will not be competitive unless and until they can show an alternate vision that is attractive to more californians. that has to be a big part of any republican appeal going forward to. >> trace: thank you for staying up with us, lanhee chen, appreciated. >> thank you. >> trace: look back at notable campaign moments and a look ahead what comes in the golden state as newsom survives the recall. ♪ ♪
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11:53 pm
what do you think the next step is for california? do you think there is a movement afoot to may be change or the rules of recall elections? >> i don't think so. i think that the recall elections are so rare that it's just not the priority right now. i think what will continue is the strategy of how compared and contrasted to trump, especially now that we have seen how bad the california voters rejected elder who is a lot like trump. and we know that trump is incredibly unpopular and never wanted the majority of americans. he tried to win the way many republicans tried to win. voter suppression and minority rule. i think the two things that will continue to see is democrats are going to continue to use trump to win and another lesson is the
11:54 pm
california recall is that republicans really only believe in democracy when they win. >> trace: what about recalls, elisha, the whole concept here is they have a bunch of recalls right now and they want to get the d.a.s left-wing d.a.s george, they want them out because they see crime rates going up. they see people -- >> nominees, by the way. >> trace: being put back on the streets, not only that but they see people walking into, you know cvs and grabbing armfuls of stuff and walking out with no consequences. >> yeah, because unfortunately propositions which cost if not more than a recall by the way for democrats to say that democracy, you know, the democratic process. i think is a wonderful thing cost too much money. i would like to check on those
11:55 pm
props. in 2014, made a lot of felonies in the state, including the fact you just reference or breaking into my car here on the streets of los angeles and misdemeanor instead of a felony. celebrities like sophia bush and gavin newsom, nancy pelosi tried to hide something. it is for the children. i just want to address what sarah was saying and rather disingenuous to compare larry elder to donald trump in any way be put that man has long as i've been a life has been doing a lot and a great spokesman for the conservative movement. so we won't end up having greater longevity then donald trump will. so of course, the democrats will tried to recall. they are already doing it and gavin newsom said he would do the spirits so it becomes very apparent democrats only care about rigged elections or interference or changing the rules and republicans have the power. >> trace: ten seconds to wrap
11:56 pm
us up. >> the story here is that unions say gavin newsom did a lot of favorites during the pandemic. they came through, and they will collect their prizes. >> trace: they are, the teachers union especially come a great win for the students. well, they know and told gavin newsom in the schools would reopen. ladies, we will see you next hour. another hour of live coverage is coming up next. ♪ ♪
11:57 pm
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> the people of california's have spoken to my sticks election for the state of the political drama captured the attention of the nation is now over. despite being dogged by economic and social problems in the golden state democratic, gavin newsom has survived the recall election. >> i'm humble and grateful to the millions of californians that exercise their fundamental
12:01 am
right to vote and express themselves so overwhelmingly by rejecting the division, by rejecting the cynicism by rejecting the negativity that is defined our politics in this country over the course of so many years. >> i have continued to live coverage of california's recall election. it is midnight on the west coast, polls closed 4 hours ago but did not take long for gavin newsom to learn his fate. 's job once over the line over covid mandates, wildfire management, homelessness, rising crime and economic inequality beat the recall by a wide margin but even in this overwhelmingly. state's political popularity is not sealed. we will examine his future as governor and long-term consequences of the election not just in california but across the nation. let's bring in matt finn in
12:02 am
orange county. good morning. >> the election night party for larry elder is over. larry elder conceded to gavin newsom, spoke for 35 minutes and at the end of his concession speech said he knows he will be asked what he's going to do next and he said as a former radio host, stay tuned. in a speech he gave to his supporters he named his staff and took pictures with them, he may have lost the battle but they are going to win the war and earlier tonight in sacramento governor newsom thanked voters for saying no to the record saying yes to science. >> i am humbled and grateful to the millions of californians that exercised their fundamental right to vote and express themselves so overwhelmingly by
12:03 am
rejecting the division, by rejecting the sentences them, by rejecting so much of the negativity that has defined our politics in this country over the course of so many years. >> we are forcing them now to pay attention to the problem of homelessness. we are forcing them now to do a better job on schools, we are forcing them now to do better job on clearing of forests, forcing them to do a better job about energy, forcing them to pay attention to what they should've paid attention to two years ago. >> also touched on racial issues he said he is a year later, his pporters the wicked tonight are also uniter's and he says he has become a political force in this state and he is, quote, not going to leave so we have to stay tuned to see what is next. >> thank you. gavin newsom has survived the
12:04 am
recall election for larry older was refusing to say whether he would accept the results but elder has officially conceded. former insight on what lies ahead we go back to our panel, joined by susan shelley from the southern california newsroom, sarah norman and conservative commentator alicia krause. a good place to start because you had larry elder saying we force them to look at things like homelessness and force them, didn't really have much debate on that because there was no debate and really all the democrats did in this thing was point at the republicans and call them trumpers. >> i'm hoping gavin newsom fuels comfortable a little bit because of he continues to run forward with his agenda historically we see the midterms look good for the party that isn't in control of the white house and i think republicans are going to run
12:05 am
away with the house and the senate a year from now and may be - talking to kevin kiley and other family members who say even though this is democratic supermajority in california assembly there's a reason gavin newsom went on with these executive orders, these unconstitutional executive orders numerous court struck down and refuses to acknowledge that and these mandates because even he knew that moderate democrats and the status and we would not have been okay with his overreach during the pandemic. >> when does gavin newsom start addressing the things that got them in hot water to begin with, some of the things the recall people were saying this is a problem that needs to be solved, when does he start addressing the homelessness and rising crime and high taxes and high housing prices and wildfire mismanagement and all that stuff people are thinking what's going on in the state of california?
12:06 am
>> i don't think he's going to address it, during the campaign we saw i'm picking up trash and clearing up homeless and and some walking around in t-shirts looking like he was working hard but i don't think we will see that again, the 2022 campaign will be a carbon copy of this. where the republicans put up he will say it's another trump. there elder was called a white supremacist. it is ludicrous, the message they are pushing is so strong that they can't help themselves and even when it is completely illogical they push it forward and with enough money and tv it gets - >> a good point because larry elder was called a white supremacist, the white face of black supremacy and a woman in a gorilla mask throwing eggs at him as if this was maxine waters or barack obama it would have been a hate crime and yet the progressives did not say a word. why is that?
12:07 am
>> to call out one exception is a bit harsh but someone through an egg at him and republicans are freaking out. an attack on our capitol, when was the last time anyone actually featured all the hate messages and death threats on aoc's twitter. no one should be throwing things at anyone but seems like a small anything compared to everything that has been ignored. >> if it was former president obama or another black candidate who was a democrat it would have been a crime. we had this interesting new revelation, bob woodward actionable, he says the chairman of the joint chiefs was alarmed
12:08 am
by trump and he assured his chinese counterparts that the us would not strike, he said generally i want to show you the american government is stable and everything is going to be okay. we are not going to attack or conduct any kinetic operations against you. you and i have known each other for 5 years. if we are going to second phone to call you ahead of time. it is not going to be a surprise so all of us a general millie is going to call the chinese and say hey, listen, here's the deal, the president is about to do something, just wanted you to know about it, the president responded, donald trump said if it is actually true which is hard to believe that he really would've called china and on this thing and was willing to advise them of an attack or event that is treason and a lot of people said that is treason. what do you think? >> if we are going to go after
12:09 am
flynn for a few phone calls and things he did this is definitely treason and if it is not something we should be taking lately and if i were people in the obama administration up to the president of the united states himself i would be asking for resignation immediately. >> what do you think? a lot of people on the left today on msnbc are saying no, he is actually a hero, what he did was heroic. >> i don't like that he felt the need that he had to this and go around trump but the reality is a was really afraid of trump's mental state. >> what mental state. is their mental probably didn't know about the former president had? what evidence did he have that there was a mental capability problem at the time that he
12:10 am
would feel the need to do what the former president called treasonous action? >> for one thing the fact that so many people close to themselves the need to go against trump's orders because it is so erratic is one sign. another thing is he would say something in the morning of the exact opposite it might, plenty of times, and untrustworthy president. and we see that with so many people that were directly under him being fearful of his state of mind and having to go around him for our country up safety. >> go ahead very quickly. >> i got to say i'm more fearful of the ccp, more fearful of their attacks, their technological attacks, their hacking of private information, governmental information, lying about covid and covering it up
12:11 am
when the entire world watched countless lives we could have saved had they been honest and truthful about it. it is unbelievable for you to try to equate the two. strong for anyone in the military or serving under a president to pretend something like this to an enemy is okay. >> it is wrong for all the conspiracy theories you are spreading and denial, the inability even to address that many people close to trump regularly questioned his state of mind and his judgment. >> reporter: people are questioning the current president's state of mind almost on a daily basis and his judgment as well. next time around, we don't know that yet. california has spoken so it is next to the state? joining us is political writer with the los angeles times, great to have you on. we go back, your paper was pretty tough on larry elder, any
12:12 am
pushback, you think it was reasonable, rational, was it fair? >> there was controversy but i can't speak to that because i don't use twitter. >> and you think the records were focused on that? seems like there was a lot of criticism that the los angeles times wasn't really focusing on the records gavin newsom and larry older. they were kind of positioning this like democrats want to them to wear president biden said he was a clone of donald trump and it wasn't really an assessment of who's record was better, it was kind of a personality effect. >> we done a lot of hard of coverage of the administration,
12:13 am
his behavior and policies and - >> do you think this recall will force the governor to look more harshly at the things that got them in this recall in the first place, do you think the la times will push him on these things, the problems california has been having? >> looking at the way the returns are coming in, the between the know and the yes, in the system but there's a possibility he retains office by more than the margin in 2018 which was a historic margin. the question whether there will be a change in his policies. i inspection, this is very
12:14 am
democrat state, democrats outnumber republicans by 5 million votes, that; they were worried over the summer and democrat donors $70 million, will be the monday morning quarterback in but the margin of paul's, choosing the policies. >> we appreciate it. up next, the reasons that force the record, coronavirus adult, crime and homelessness have many californians up and i'm so what happens next now that newsom is still the governor of california?
12:15 am
12:16 am
12:17 am
12:18 am
>> what pushed voters to sign a petition for the california recall election several reasons cited for why recall came out
12:19 am
one of them being farmers frustrated with newsom's high tax, covid 19 shutdown, a damper on their sales and agriculture limits. farmers in the 15 billion a culture sector and key part of the voting place joined the recall movement to the start to newsom in support of someone they hoped would fight harder for them. owner of several dairy farms in los angeles saying he's not there for the state of california, we are angry and the people of the state want this guy gone. how important is it that governor newsom listens to their concerns now that he is staying? the author of recall newsom, great to have you on. you look at the farmers, they've been through so much during covid and need someone to help them and you wonder if that is going to happen.
12:20 am
>> the governor has shown no capacity for self reflection. when you talk about why the recall came to be, why is it we sacrifice the most and get the least in return, we pay the highest taxes and drive over the deepest potholes. poverty, inequality, homelessness, agriculture issues, draconian cutbacks for our farmers, folks told to take a shorter shower even though we get more than enough water, catastrophic wildfires because we don't properly manage our forest, this was an attempt by the people of california to bring change to the government which is fun to a broken. >> we thought it was going to be a dogfight, this recall and suddenly it changed. one in your estimation changed? >> that is a very important point.
12:21 am
a few weeks ago polls showed this was a statistic -- statistical tie. there will be debate about this but $70 million and special interest groups, the recall log in some unlimited campaign contributions, a $5 million check, that is a dream come true among gavin newsom, a governor owned by special interest groups and he used that money with fear mongering ads and malicious lies even the associated press called out as false. the governor called out president biden, kamala harris, bernie sanders and others, tried to delegitimize the recall process calling a california coup and changed the rules of the election to move the date of the election to a time he thought would give him the upper hand.
12:22 am
>> you said you won't criticize other republican candidates, why was that? >> the recalling california is different than an ordinary election because there's two questions on the ballot, first is yes or no do you want to remove gavin newsom as governor and you need 50% which is look like we didn't do for him to be gone, second question is a separate question and that is who would you want to replace him so that only becomes relevant if you succeed on the first question so i tried to keep all the folks running his replacement as part of the same thing because none of us would become the new governor let's get 50% on the first question. >> he repeatedly said you wanted to focus on what gavin newsom was doing wrong. do you think there was an a focus on what he was doing wrong and what point in your estimation was not hammered enough? >> i don't think there was a focus because california is the most beautiful state in the
12:23 am
country. i'm biased because i care but our government managed to turn it into a place everyone wants to leave for our population decline for the first time in california history last year. we've been on this long-term decline as a state which gavin newsom brought to a freefall, we have the harshest level of government coercion and control of any of the 50 states, the worst business locked in and our kids were 50th out of 50 getting back to school. i've seen this in a number of the legislatures, our state legislature and state capitol have been captured by lobbyists and special interests and gavin newsom embodies the culture of corruption but instead the focus being on his failure to lead our state and serve californians the governor spent millions of dollars making it about anything other than that. >> you talk about the state
12:24 am
assembly and i'm curious because democrats are controlling the state of california. how is it? how do republicans get a bigger foothold in this state in the years ahead? >> it is important we focus on basic quality-of-life issues causing people to want to leave california and making it so hard for folks to get by. california has the highest taxes and highest rate of poverty, nice rate of inequality and rest homelessness, among the worst public schools and crumbling infrastructure. of the message is let's get back to basics, save our roads, manage our forests, maintain our grid, restore our water, do the things government is supposed to come into the well and do nothing else, the message of restoring integrity to the government is what i think would be a broad coalition of people. >> i talk to a restaurant or the other day who feels the state of california doesn't care about
12:25 am
you unless you rely on the government or work for the government, they love you and if you have your own business they don't care about you. good to see you, thank you. >> you back. >> larry elder claims the mainstream media didn't bother with the attack because he was a republican. would things be different a democrat was attacked? that is next. every day, coventry helps people get cash for their life insurance policies they no longer need. i'm an anesthesiologist and a pain physician by specialty. i was trying to figure out what i could do with this term life insurance policy. i'm sorta stuck because i can't just go out and buy more insurance, because of my diagnosis. i called coventry direct and everything clicked. there actually were a lot more options that i thought there ever would be. coventry helped michael like we've helped thousands of people sell all or part of their life insurance policies for cash. even a term policy. there probably are a lot of people that are in a similar situation who don't know
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12:29 am
and larry other was the victim of an egg throwing attack and many republicans called out media for ignoring the attack. the leading republican challenger to gavin newsom was furious over the incident and how mainstream media, elder did not hold back his feelings over the weekend. >> they would be talking about this as a crime and systemic
12:30 am
racism, a white female, talking about how we of endemic in america. little coverage in the left-wing media. it is a double standard. >> house democrats introduced a proposal tax increases, $2 trillion to push their $3.5 trillion infrastructure package through the house, steve scalise spoke against the proposed methane tax as part of the proposal. >> and one who uses natural gas or household electricity their costs go up if president biden and speaker pelosi get their way. we pointed out how this will break president biden's pledged to raise taxes on anyone under 400,$000, this way people hardest because your electricity bill will go up, hospital bills will go up.
12:31 am
>> democrat strategist sarah norman and conservative commentator, i want to play the video again and get your take on something that got a lot of plate over the weekend because people were appalled by it and the reaction of the left. what do you think of where realism of the attack and what he said and if he had a d in front of his name it would be different. >> it would have been a hate crime. imagine if it was president obama and someone in a gorilla mask through an egg at president obama or vice president harris. imagine. it would be in the news every minute for months. there would be investigations, it is outrageous that people have dismissed it in the media and on the left as not as bad as
12:32 am
january 6th, really? it is just a lie larry elder is a white supremacist racist, the same lie used against donald trump. it is nonsense. >> if this was a supporter in that mask i don't even know where to go with that. you want to give me 10 seconds because we're going to move topics? >> were this an attack on any democratic candidate, decent republican candidate even if they were in the opposition would have condemned this and it is disappointing and if i were sarah i would be embarrassed democrat in this race including governor newsom didn't condemn this assault or attended assault on larry elder and members of his team, his communications director, a female minority was also present, his security was attacked. this was atrocious and i think
12:33 am
you can condemn the unlawful attack on the abca18 but also condemn this is where we are with politics in the state of california and the double standard democrats have. >> not sure this person's name has yet been released. the $2 trillion tax thing from the democrats today, politico saying house democrats are moving forward with the long-awaited plan to raise taxes to pay for the next big spending package with 47 taxes, collectively worth $2 trillion. it would be the largest package of tax increases in decades and just democrats willingness to raise rates. the wall street journal today on this said that your own peril because this could do it a lot of democrats in 2022, your thoughts?
12:34 am
>> the narrative is taxes are going up but not on most people. it's going to be on the uber rich and this will help us recover from covid and stimulate the economy and also go after the debt that republicans are always concerned about. this is a good thing for our nation. >> uberrich, if it goes down into its family's making 400,$000, couples making 400,$000. you live in california, san francisco, new york, you are not the uber rich. and paying your fair share. your thoughts. the agenda they are pushing will create more inflation, higher cost of living, iron energy costs, higher food costs, this is happening in california where i possibly use driving people out and to take these policies national, to tax the rich more and that is not working in
12:35 am
california it is just going to cause more hardship for people who are middle-class, working-class, trying to make a living, trying to buy a house, trying to buy groceries, it will make everything more expensive. >> california making 600,$000, 59% in taxes. you want to wrap us out of this. >> i don't understand how this is going to help the economy and taxes are going up on a lot of people. in addition we need to talk about how costs are going up for average californians and average americans. i went to the grocery store with my three girls in the cost of things is drastically increasing in fuel costs have a lot to do with it. i'm a fan of helping the environment and being a good steward of this gorgeous earth god gave us but we need to be looking at nuclear energy and not shutting down pipelines that
12:36 am
would lower gas prices for americans. >> you were great, thank you for staying up, we appreciate it. now a quick look at the other stories making headlines. reports out of south korea that north korea has launched two ballistic missiles, that reportedly landed outside japan's territorial waters just days after the north tested a long-range cruise missile, they are steadily developing the weapons program, a stalemate in nuclear arms talks. in florida a former nurse facing possible 5-year prison sentence after pleading guilty to threatening the life of vice president kamala harris, 39-year-old phelps recorded the threats in a series of videos, phelps who is black told authorities she threatened the vice president because harris isn't, quote, actually black, the fate of accused, robert durst in the hands of the jury, shot a friend announcer years ago because she had information
12:37 am
about their steps missing white, they describe durst as a machinist - narcissistic psychopath to be held accountable. he denies he killed his friend and just in time for the holidays, updated gadgets from apple, the computer giant has unveiled the iphone 13 and brand-new ipad many, the latest bottles feature sharper cameras at the same price of the iphone x, around 700,$000, some carriers even up for free phone and predicts consumers will be eager to upgrade and still had the recall of california, gavin newsom failing. how did the youth vote play a role in the final result?
12:38 am
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12:42 am
the only california governor to lose a recall election. some younger voters might not remember the 2003 election but did they get involved and show up in big numbers? with us to talk about that is a strategy director for today is america. did younger voters get involved? my oldest daughter voted, do you think they got involved, with their enthusiasm to younger voters we hear about this year? >> what i saw from last year's election, california saw a record number of young voters choose amazing but this year we will see what those numbers look like but what i saw were young conservatives, the energy is there and bigger than i have ever seen before, people are sick and tired of what gavin
12:43 am
newsom has done the beautiful state of california and now gavin newsom is staying as governor of california, the next year is going to show the true side of newsom, we haven't seen anything yet and the genesees and millennial americans will realize this is not what america should be like. >> people talk about agency and millennials they think of young people as being on the left, being liberal especially in california. do you find even though you're working with young conservatives that it is harder to bring young people into the conservative fold? >> i don't think so. it is very much hostile full. our generation, i am 22 years old, we care about our freedom, we are care about our liberty, our country and it takes a little bit of pushing, education in order to turn on millennial
12:44 am
origins the american, that is what we are doing on abca1 in and instagram and many organizations are affected. >> what you mean when you say pushing education? are trying to educate people, what democrats are doing wrong, what conservatives are doing right, is there a balance, what is the goal? >> the goal, we are trying to teach the next generation of americans this country is the greatest country and in the history of the world, i dropped out of college. i was taught to hate the country, hate who i am, hit being american. what we are doing is teaching kids who love our country. it's not about democrats or republicans. if you love this country more than likely a conservatives.
12:45 am
>> what do you make of the results? it was a resounding victory for the democrats at least with 70% of the precincts being counted right now. >> i was pessimistic about tonight. i saw this coming. my message to the people who voted to keep gavin newsom, you voted to keep the crime, you voted to keep the poverty, you voted to keep the high cost of living, high taxes, lockdowns, this is going to continue on, gavin newsom is going to continue with his firm grip around californians and it will get worse. >> i talked to some young people your age and one of their big concerns as their own safety. they haven't gotten into it is not like they are battling or saying we need to do this about this, the insurrection, they are worried about their own personal
12:46 am
safety. do you feel that from your fears? >> absolutely. you look at california the crime is skyrocketing, it is going up and up and up every single day and i really do think once we see what is going to happen in the next year in california and i hope california thrives, hope does well in the next year. what we've seen under this regime we will see crime skyrocket, the next generation of americans, will be the largest voting bloc next year for 22 and it will be the deciding factor california will look like and when it comes to personal safety the next generation of americans is going to realize in order to be safe you can't just rely on the government. the government has not done a great job keeping us safe, covid cases on the rise in multiple
12:47 am
states especially california and new york with the strictest mandates in the country. people are waking up. >> thank you. republicans were hoping for an eleventh hour rally and about some significant support from evangelical churches. why did we not see the upset they had hoped for?
12:48 am
12:49 am
12:50 am
12:51 am
>> republicans were hoping for major upset that gavin newsom offended of criticisms about his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, crime and homelessness. california podcast host kristin garcia, great to have you on. re-surprised at the outcome? >> i wasn't. everybody is quite disappointed but surprise is not something i would say, this all came up very quickly for people and we went from nobody having any idea what gavin newsom was doing at all, saying all eyes including the nation's eyes on california pretty quickly and this is a function of people not quite ready to break up with gavin just yet but i don't think this is a ringing endorsement of gavin. .
12:52 am
>> this is going to come down to it and they started pouring money into this recall campaign for gavin newsom and the vice president came out and the president came out, there was clearly concern among democrats so when you look at the numbers in the bottom of the screen and it was a resounding victory, just wondering if i don't know if we picked these numbers, not sure we thought it was going to be like this. >> i don't think anybody thought it would be as close as it was pulling before. a different take on it is i think this is exciting the fact that it got this close in a state that is blue is extraordinary and i think people who founded and led the recall ever need to take a victory lap saying we brought attention to the corruption in california and woke a lot of people up like
12:53 am
myself that this guy is a public politician like the rest of them. we thought he was a good guy, one of us but he's not, he's one of the elites and they did a great job putting a great light on that and republicans came up short, independents came up short getting out the vote but he did not enjoy the latino support he enjoyed when he ran for governor in 2018 and he is running again. this will measure in the election season. he is sweating in and he should be sweating it because his record is abysmal. >> when you say woke up a lot of people what was your wake-up point? >> i wasn't paying attention and don't think i'm alone in being a california voter that i voted for gavin many times, supervisor, mayor, thought he was doing a fine job. i voted for him in 2018 and then all of a sudden when my kids couldn't go to school, private schools were open and a lot of
12:54 am
the rules kept changing and what did it for me was in california we have a color code system and people paid attention to the purple, the red, the orange, that determined whether our schools and businesses could be open and they changed it so many times, we are not going to let you know what the numbers are, just tell you what code you are in and you will abide by it. he lost a lot of people there. and put himself in a limousine liberal crowd by saying you are too don't know what is going on and that is when i started getting involved in saying why is he determining my future and whether my kids go to school while his go to school and this nonsense about science, there is no science once you dug into what he was doing and a lot of californians felt the same. this is a lot of rhetoric and
12:55 am
not a lot of facts. >> we challenged him, he wouldn't answer the questions, he stopped following the science at some point but the teachers union said this was a big win for students across california. a lot of parents like you said what? >> we forgot to get better at winning. not sure the gop knows how to win in california and i pick a little bit on larry elder, i applaud dates who ran. a lot of great candidates that could have been good governors but larry's set a lot of oxygen out of the room and he was the front runner where a lot of defending himself instead of being a true pugilist people want to vote for a leader with a strong vision, who doesn't apologize and too many moments democrats and the newsom campaign were able to contort
12:56 am
the message and larry was back on his heels defending himself, i am not a white supremacist, a black man defending himself against being a white supremacist? he should've come out swimming, talk about white supremacist, white supremacists show up and put on a gorilla mask and heckle people. white supremacists - >> i got to go, it was great, that is it for us. fox and friends.
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will >> we will win the war. gavin newsom surviving california's recall election but as the governor keeps his seat residents are struggling under his covid restrictions. >> another contentious day on capitol hill. >> jimmy carter owns the disaster of the iran hostage crisis. you own this.


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