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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  September 8, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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records of the stock market has hit under our presidency. >> laura: ability on the last one was five days ago. that's it for us tonight, don't forget to set your dvr and always stay connected with us. be sure to pick up your usa made in freedom matters gear, now more than ever. go to lauren, all for the tunnels to tower foundation this month. "gutfeld!" is next. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> greg: happy wednesday everyone. emily is back. we've got rick harrison from "pawn stars," and of course, kat and tyrus are here as well.
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[cheers and applause] but also joining us tonight, the 45th president, donald j. trump. roll it savannah. >> got failed industries along with regular bed rest and plenty of fresh vegetables present at meeting of the minds, part one. >> that's right. our first ever one-on-one sit down with the man himself. okay, he sat and i stood what you can hardly tell the difference. it's true. i headed down to bedminster, new jersey, to interview the president and our conversations cover topics from afghanistan to the economy but mostly we focus on me and how i am making a late night tv grade again. but the interviews fandom far and wide an end much like kat applying her hair extensions, i want to use every single piece
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of it. but first, greg's seven jokes. >> greg: seven. seven jokes. according to research, cannabis has extended the use of heart attacks in young people. and i guess this answers the age-old question, who do i have to sleep with to get my project on tv? 23 years after their affair, monica lewinsky says she still waiting for an apology from bill clinton. the difference is bill clinton is 75 now and these days he can't remember if he had sacks with that woman or not. so 9/11 mastermind mastermind could mastermind collegiate mohammed has been behind bars at guantanamo for over 20 years and still doesn't have a trial date. good news is, prison officials
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have finally approved his request for a sex change. on a similar note, some of the afghan women i considered attacking their new afghan government with car bombs but then they remember that none of them are allowed to drive. somber, truthful. late-night hosts, jimmy kimmel is back on the air after taking the summer off, he missed a lot. kimmel says if you are not vaccinated, you shouldn't get a hospital icu bed to come but i'm not sure if jimmy was being sincere because he wasn't crying. anyway, it's just funny hearing someone say, icu, who nobody actually sees. i don't want to suggest that kim also has become boring and predictable but last night during the taping, people in the studio audience were changing the channel. and that's your seven jokes. all right. part one was donald trump. >> great to see you
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mr. president. >> thank you very much, greg. >> greg: the most important question i have to ask you is how about my ratings? >> your ratings are fabulous. we are the king of late night and you are beating some very terrible people. they are so bad. it's about time somebody came in. congratulations. >> i'm mildly talented. >> and you are very different. >> greg: speaking of, do you remember how much i hated you and that brief period of time? >> if there was a brief period where you want a fan of the news started noticing things were getting done. you said i may not like them but look, we have a good economy, good military and everything. and then you started and i don't know if it's a love but it's getting close and you like it. >> greg: i wouldn't say it's love but i would say it's
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admiration and admitting that i was wrong because i was focusing on words and not deeds. now we are at a time where there are no more mean tweets and you have a really nice precedent and the country is in the. who would you rather have? >> i don't know that he is a nice president, but everyone is getting not because of the travesty of afghanistan. people are getting in by the hundreds and by the thousands and these are not the people necessarily that wanted the protection. so many terrorists are coming in. they pushed their way onto the blank. >> why do you think that democrats have had such a problem with incentivizing shin. if you introduce friction on the border, you reduce immigration. they don't understand that.
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and what is the problem with that? >> i really believe it's gross incompetence? the only thing good about afghanistan's it is what makes the border look good. and it was the we just want to order. we want people to come into our country but i want a line and a gate and the people that can walk through, illegally. >> when you think that they moved the military, and since president trump, he calls of the past administration who has signed a deal, you think of that. but you don't know why, because they knew the consequences and the conditions were tough.
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and the military goes last and safely. sadly those 13 great soldiers and 200 people, you know 200 people, more than 200 people were killed and a lot of people were badly injured. >> it was better to be feared, right, and that's the difference. they don't fear our president. >> i don't know if -- he just doesn't seem like they know what they are doing. i don't even think it's a question of fear, it's a question of respect and being smart. i dealt with abdul, and that's the man. he's now the head of this how the van and was the head of the south van when i dealt with him. i started off very tough. you will pay tremendous consequences.
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you could have taken our time, i care or two years, and for them to fly around in apache helicopter, this is the greatest war machine that there is. the apache. the very, very, tens of millions of dollars. they have 28 of them and that's more than any country in the world has except for us. >> greg: i can't even get a gun in new york. if i could have joint of the television i could've gotten a helicopter. >> no problem. i saw that the other day. we can't have guns but the television can have 27 each. >> i could have a helicopter that could get me to the hamptons and back. >> greg: that's only part one. for more, let's get immediate feedback from the media on the amazing part one interview. >> jean nelson reports, with
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jean nelson. >> first off, i would say that's probably the hardest hitting interview of a president that i have ever seen. >> you know, it was really a lot of, and it was only part one. i have four parts of the interview to go. and it looks like it might have captured your heart. >> i live right around the corner. >> greg: why didn't you say so in the first place? i'll drink the water. ♪ ♪ [laughs] let's walk on then tonight the
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guest. he just offered tyrus five bucks for the wrestling belt backstage, "pawn stars" star ron harrison. host of "outnumbered" emily companion. and fox news contributor, kat timpf. and world champion tyrus. [cheers and applause] so rick, welcome to the show. >> i mean how do i follow-up that interview? >> greg: at which? [laughs] >> probably the second one. >> greg: the look on your face was you were very disturbed and full of regret. >> and i had a tear in my eye. >> greg: one thing you notice though his trump is always
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entertaining the matter what. >> it was fun when he was president, it really was. with biden, you just know for a fact that he's going to say something really weird at a press conference and everyone is going to talk about it. trump talks about, every tele- band gets 27 guns. >> greg: it's directionally true. it probably does come out to about 27. you should go there. "pawn stars" should go there. >> i'm cool, i'm cool. >> greg: he would all be an alliance with the same guns and none of the guns work. the taliban would try to give you guns for opium. [laughs] all right, tyrus, i know you had some thoughts about the interview. have your thoughts change?
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>> i normally wouldn't do this but wow, man. people when interviewed presidents change and you can kiss his . that was a great conversation. the residual effect, and i'm not talking about that second thing, i don't even know what that was coming but i'm proud of you both. he came out tonight, nice job. but all around the world right now, you are hearing jim acosta and brian stelter dancing in the streets where back and we have something to talk about in the next six months, and you have a new book deal, you brought him back in away and cnn is excited. and i would say, bring it on. >> greg: i want to be roasted. emily. good to see you got your
8:13 pm
real estate license. >> my theme is presidential. >> greg: you are like a hot topic real estate agent. anyway, you sell gothic houses. anyway, thoughts, cares? >> i just keep thinking, i miss that guy. two of you and the banter, the president you have in the white house, everything we've been told is actually alive. because of that, 13 service members have died, we've surrendered after a 20 year war and we lost $83 billion worth of equipment in the future is probably more bleak than it's ever been for those who remain here. and he always leaves us with these concise points and stuff to talk about for a long time.
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>> greg: it's weird, kat, because some of the stuff when you read it doesn't sound funny until it comes out of its mouth. >> i was reading it i thought it sounded funny because i could imagine it coming out of his mouth. and the first thing that came up was, tell me how bright i am which is what it's exactly what it's like to be around you all the time. congratulations on your rating. [applause] >> you did it, greg. you've stood alone, you you through the show on your back and you come up by yourself, with no help for anyone, and the fact that the interview was in new jersey. i have some questions, >> greg: i feel like peter brady being ganged up on by greg and marcia because i lied about
8:15 pm
something. it was kind of fun, and good for you. that would be the first time you'd ever said that. >> greg: i prefer it when you guys talk behind my back. not in my face. >> when i have i ever done that? >> we talk about him on the podcast but that doesn't count. >> greg: we got to move on. part two of our interview later in the show, it gets even better. up next why lefty politicians keep spending, criminals are winning. ♪ ♪
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>> greg: welcome back. did, but the bill so a suspect could kill? now a man has been shot in the chest. now liberal lawmakers as their friends, career criminals are free to offend. free rhymes. george howard shot on the demand that last month in minneapolis and he was arrested before in a domestic assault, but sprung from jail a couple weeks prior with money from the minnesota freedom fund. the same group kamala harris urged her twitter followers to donate to during the 2012 the campaign so they could free more mostly peaceful protesters who go on to commit mostly peaceful assaults and murders.
8:21 pm
and just days after a similar attack violent crime has literally become rinse and repeat thanks to liberal policies. it's all thanks to the human easter ireland statute, bill de blasio. who will replace, if you are on your own nobody is listening. finally in oregon, video shows a shoplifter waltzing right out of lowe's with thousands of dollars in electrical wiring. store employees are helpless to stop them, bringing new meaning to the phrase, do it yourself. apparently jails are not booking shoplift offenders during covid. it's become so common that stores in portland have an express lane for people shoplifting 12 items or less.
8:22 pm
as anyone tried to shoplift in your pawnshop? >> yeah, it's not going to happen. and it wasn't your nicest part of town. antoine on my show, i've got him in a lot of guys like that that student my door. and if it's five bucks, you are getting stopped. >> greg: if you remove the motivation not to commit crime which is getting your kicked or corrected, then you will get caught in the crime. you are just a chronic thieving hendley, compelling in. and and not every crook or
8:23 pm
degenerate bomb isn't like a misunderstood artist that was dealt a bad hand and could maybe be better with the love. and all the stories, it's an electrical wire and they feed their family. >> greg: unless they are a family of robots. >> perhaps that's true. >> greg: maybe it is true. did you look into the research? >> i think that research exists in your head only. >> no one is going there. >> now. i got help us all. >> and i think those people should probably stay in jail.
8:24 pm
>> there is this hysterical knowledge. >> they don't want people stopping the people leaving with stuff because i don't want anyone to get hurt. so why don't you have, it's like a t-shirt gun filled with stinky goo. and don't shoot the people, you should the goods. you are already going to claimant on insurance so they can sell it. if everything they steal smells like, you are only going to be able to sell it to kill me. it's unsellable. but that make sense? >> have you ever been to a recycling yard? it doesn't smell that nice. >> has a thing the lord got greg gutfeld. kat made a good point. these guys stole the wires to
8:25 pm
rip them out and slang the carper. big business. they will probably make a couple of grand on the copper wire, which is why they are stealing wire. >> greg: and the fake license plates. >> it doesn't matter. you could literally take it tick-tock dance video, and he could do all that and still make money and never go to jail. the sad thing is that one young man who wanted to stop them and his partner said it, don't. because this guy is going to get fired. not the [bleep] stealing. i live in louisiana and when that happens, it's called sheet, skeet shooting. so they run out of the store with their stuff and it's called, boom! >> greg: we are heading
8:26 pm
towards the culture. this guy in new york city why couldn't she sue the city for billions or millions of dollars. there was no bail reform like that if this he was getting sued for these victims. >> here in new york a part of the problem with that we are seeing in contrast to jersey is the same reform laws are on the books but they removed a judicial discretion. so all of these people are seeing my hands are tied whereas in jersey and other places, the judge is saying absolutely the sky participated in a hate crime. contrary to classifications of horrible things like sexual assault, then you could say this guy needs to be off the street. this is a problem with these
8:27 pm
overbroad decisions. one-size-fits-all criminal justice reform decisions and when you take away the individualized discussion come up there ahead of you has consequences on both sides. unjust detention and unjust release. meanwhile when you tack on the gd celebrity endorsements like kamala harris and everybody throwing in their money, then it just becomes combustible and then we are seeing because of it. >> greg: we are looking for a 3500 square foot. >> i like my outfit. >> greg: it with the taliban lacks in diversity, they make up for in perversity. [cheers and applause] i finally had to say, 'it's not ok.' it was time to talk to my doctor about austedo. she said that austedo helps reduce td movements in adults...
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you can experience better hearing with no obligation. call 1-800-miracle right now and experience a better life. ♪♪ energy is everywhere... even in a little seedling. which, when turned into fuel, can help power a plane. at chevron's el segundo refinery, we're looking to turn plant-based oil into renewable gasoline, jet and diesel fuels. our planet offers countless sources of energy. but it's only human to find the ones that could power a better future. >> greg: the taliban glass ceilings has our politicians reeling. the officials expressed their deep concern that the new afghan
8:32 pm
government has no women in charge. sadly instead of future being female it looks like the flintstones with our apache helicopter. one thing about this how they and of the kind of like a boys club. they are like that chippendale dancers except their clients are goats. the taliban 2.0 doesn't look like that. the faculty at fast fire but with less armpit hair. perhaps it's there wokeness, obama released in 2014 in exchange for army sergeant bowe bergdahl. that's right, those dirt balls not fat and sassy at gitmo and if a few years later they are back in power. it's a few years trade. that gives taliban credit for their patients and all they had
8:33 pm
to do was wait for a president who was so weak he would hand over his dog for a scoop of butter per goal. the taliban announced that they will only be throwing who are vaccinated. >> i think -- >> greg: they do keep women in a cabinet but not that cabinet. >> yes, you know, as objects. of course. it's true. you women aren't human which is why also the worst part is i've seen other places sort of take and run with this narrative. this is a headline on cnn about this. afghan women were protesting the all-male interim government, as if that is the thing specifically they are
8:34 pm
protesting. i think they are protesting the fact that they are not seen as human beings, not even close to them being part of the government. i guess we finally found something that they are willing to say bad about the taliban, though. lack of diverse representation. not inclusive, finally they are going to say, oh, now they've gone too far. >> greg: no trans or bisexuals in their cabinets. it's a travesty. >> greg: it is a travesty. >> what are americans supposed to feel? we have on one hand our largest law enforcement agency telling us that this guy is one of them ten most wanted criminals in the entire planet. on the other hand we have our impotent biden administration telling us, take a wait-and-see approach. this guy is in charge of law enforcement, all of the law enforcement in couple and we are supposed to wait and see how he does.
8:35 pm
the more horrifying thing however is, yes. this sharia law terror organization government didn't put females in their ministerial spots. that's what we are supposed to be upset about? because they don't have ovaries or they didn't vote for these people? that's why we are supposed to care about something? honestly i think people see through the sham and they see through that shame is a president because americans care about each other. we care about our allies and we don't leave each other behind. >> greg: speak for yourself. >> while they agree with me. [laughs] >> greg: how do you feel about -- what a deal obama made with bowe bergdahl. [laughs] >> it's the new ai but it's absolute idiots. he hasn't fired anybody. he has fired nobody. because he can't fire them because he hired every woke
8:36 pm
person and every gender and everything else like that. >> you have to remember their names also to fire them. [applause] >> he has all these really arrogant people who all believe they are doing a great job, just everything is being handled by people who are not doing a great job. >> greg: it's all for our own good which is why they can be so bad. last word to you, tyrus. >> what the [bleep]. you are shocked that women aren't in the government? by the way, those goats are held against their will. they are not willing participants. i just think we need to get that out there. the goats try to get on planes, too. their paperwork wasn't right, it's hard with a huff to get your passport. but, what are they going to do? will they take away their enemy
8:37 pm
that they gave them? like as soon as that came out in the meeting, and i know joe can't do because he's an old white man and anyone he fires, he will get sued because he must a misogynistic whatever you want to call it so they are literally sitting there saying, do you believe they are not putting women in the government? as soon as that came out, as soon as i yelled out any name, fran tarkington, you're fired. just get out. if you are really that stupid, they let them read it. but short balance economy. >> by the way, the taliban also banned a girl sports which is awesome. [laughter] all right, coming up, don't go away. donald trump has more to say. ♪ ♪
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>> and now, the meeting of the mines, part two. >> greg: why should i say a thing, let's get around to two. i want to ask you a question about covid, you had covid. and my wife, you met my wife about six years ago in mar-a-lago, she still not gotten vaccinated. i keep talking to her or her to get her vaccinated and she hasn't. what would you say to her? >> first i would say why is she not doing it, does she have some sort of religious thing? >> greg: she's skeptical. she doesn't trust. >> well, she's russian. you can't argue with that. >> i think i know your wife a little bit. she's great and, let her do what you want to do. i got vaccinated and i got very good, and i think it saved millions and millions of people worldwide. they saved almost 100 million approximately, 100 million
8:43 pm
people died. i think we could have been into that situation because it was very bad. and if you do get sick, you don't get sick like they were before meaning, you don't die. so i would recommend, but i would also say, let her have her freedom. she needs freedom. >> greg: is seen is a lot of freedom from me, i found. >> i probably get that. >> greg: think i might know the answer but how hard is it being president from the scale of 1-10? >> two forms of presidency. the other thing, i had to survive. the survival was much tougher. and it comes down the escalator,
8:44 pm
and we have every prosecutor after me. they are looking at deals that i didn't years and years ago. it is a disgrace. number one, and number two, if you don't survive you can't do a good job in terms of running. so i had survival and i had running the country. i would say the survival is actually much tougher. president and friend of mine, very successful guy. he is to call me dawn. donnie. donald. you lose all your friend. but mr. president, could i ask you one question? what's the toughest? and the toughest actually was the united states dealing with this maniac that we have over here with pelosi and assumer, that was probably the toughest.
8:45 pm
and isn't that a shame? >> there is a lot of -- there was a rational response to you. and i lost friends when i would defend you. >> but you also gain friends. >> greg: i also gained friends and i didn't listen to my family members who are voting for you. when i turned and started listening, i lost all of my other friends. did it bother you to see the friends that you had and lose these friends because you became president and it's like what you were doing or did you become emotionally and irrationally unhinged? derangement syndrome? >> if they call them a lot of things but derangement syndrome is one of them. we rebuilt the military and took care of everything, and they took care of vaccines and
8:46 pm
helping people medically, and it was an emotional response. >> the largest regulation cut by far. >> greg: why do people respond emotionally rather than rationally? >> it must be my personality. i rebuilt the military. all that beautiful stuff, that brand-new stuff. and you know who has it now? the taliban. i built it to gift to the taliban. these guys are carrying two rifles and wearing our uniforms applying our helicopters. and it's a disgrace. >> greg: might have converted them because it's like christmas to them.
8:47 pm
i first spoke to him by phone. i said it, it's nice to speak to you by phone, abdul. and he goes raaahhh, and you know if you go to broadway shows, and it's very interesting. i've been saying it for a long time. our country, the worst decision ever made was going into the quicksand which is called the middle east. $2 trillion and millions of lives, because i like to count both sides. millions of lives and the place has been obliterated. it's more dangerous now if you think about it. i had them in check. i wiped out isis. you know who i took out? i took out the leaders, the biggest people and nobody even believes what i did. in a few months it can be all be dissipated. >> greg: all right.
8:48 pm
i got said, we will milk this interview for all it's worth. we have more of it tomorrow night right here on "gutfeld!." up next, a new reason to care. spice up your life. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ life is full of surprises when you least expect it. (woman laughs) and open. what happened to all your things? i know you needed a place to study, so... and other times, it pays off knowing what to expect. at university of phoenix, you can count on fixed, affordable tuition from the moment you enroll to the day you graduate from your program. learn more about our tuition guarantee at i'm really nervous. i don't know what i should wear.
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>> greg: at welcome back tonight. at what you first welcome our first live musical guests, the dave matthews band! just getting, it's time for this. "two stupid stories." >> greg: first up, the year sitting on our left us stuck in a route and its lack of variety giving us anxiety. the average person is and tried anything new in two for 12% of people it's actually been over a year, according a new poll. there's always a new poll, emily. this is despite the fact that 60% of people who did try something new is that it made them happier. but it can be hard to find the time considering how a new study by the local cable company found the average british person will spend 112 days of their lives deciding what to watch on tv. losers! i guess they have too many options, that's why i love all three reruns, clips of life,
8:53 pm
liberty and living. and clips of myself working out. [laughter] tyrus, what are your thoughts can come up in the last time you tried something new? >> i can't. i just tried keeping the lights on. >> that's a traditional, it's like cleansing coke, leaving on. >> i tried a new toothpaste for a little while. i ran out of toothpaste. so then i had to go down the hall and he is my husband's toothpaste and he said, he kept saying, why are you using my toothpaste? and then he bought me toothpaste which was the same toothpaste i had before. >> greg: i can tell you already hate each other. >> no. exciting stuff. >> greg: that's matrimony, toothpaste. what about you emily? >> i just moved here so that's
8:54 pm
pretty new. number two, i wanted to talk about that british poll thing. why was that not "downton abbey"? and 49% of them you said with literally get so overwhelmed, they couldn't decide and gave up watching anything at all. >> greg: is one point less than half. >> whatever it is, it's insane. >> the answer is 35. >> what do you make of this? >> i think the whole poll is b.s. it's literally was guys coming out with clickbait. i haven't done anything new in two months and that's the story. i mean, there's no economic reason to make a poll about, you haven't gotten anything new? >> greg: you know what the story is -- go ahead emily. >> the old milk people, khalifa
8:55 pm
farms, you are totally right. they always make all these additional commercials. nailed it. >> greg: there you go, thank you whoever that was. we have to move that 45 back to 33. don't go away, we will be right back. ww. weight loss that works. wellness that works. join today for 50% off at! hurry, offer ends september 13th!
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i mean just because you look like someone else doesn't mean you eat off the floor, or yell at the vacuum, or need flea medication. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ >> greg: we have time for a few final thoughts. >> i have to give a shout out to cousin trevor murdoch, the new n.w.a. world heavyweight champion. trevor, i hope you're happy. you're a champ. >> greg: excellent. rick. >> making money is my third or fourth favorite thing in the world. >> greg: say the website again. tomorrow night, we've got more
9:00 pm
trump. as we get more and more into this, gets even more incredible, emily. set your dvrs every night we never miss an episode. thanks to emily compagno, rick harrison, tyrus. evil shannon bream is next. i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> shannon: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight: hours for now president biden is set to lay out his new strategy in the fight against coronavirus. critics suggest it's really part of a broader distraction campaign to shift the focus away from afghanistan and to exert more control over your life. the panel, including j c


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