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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  September 2, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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>> ♪ ♪ >> fox news alert beginning a new hour on breaking news. the number of people killed up to 20 after remnants of hurricane ida slammed the northeast and the mid-atlantic with heavy rains and historic flooding across multiple states days after it hammered the gulf coast. welcome. i am sandra smith in new york and this is "america reports." hi, john. >> john: i am john roberts in washington. a state of emergency declared in new york, new jersey and pennsylvania as rain turned
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roads into rivers across new york city. mayor bill de blasio issued a state of emergency and asking people to stay off the streets if possible. the storm nearly shutting down the city's subway system which is still running with limited services. video on social media showing port showing water pouring into the subway station. >> sandra: massive flooding covering cars and pushing through front doors. >> john: fox team coverage on ida's devastation. david miller live in the garden state. we begin with brian live in queen, the scene of tragedy. >> right now we are talking about at least 20 people who have died in this historic
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rainfall and flash flooding between new york, new jersey and pennsylvania. in new york 9 people died, 8 in queens and in their basement residential dwelling. this is an apartment where 4 feet of water rushed killing a 22 and 43-year-old. it was a mother and son. the father and one son got out. a 2-year-old boy also died in a basement style apartments. we are talking about epic historic levels of rain. 3 inches per hour yesterday. unheard of. central park saw 3.5 inches in one hour. the subway system flooded out. 17 trains were stuck underground. they suspended the nation's largest subway system because of this flooding.
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there was a travel ban until 5 a.m. so all non-emergency cars were off the streets. the first ever national flood emergency warning sent out in new york city. to help people to get out of rising waters. for many it was too late. there are hundreds of cars abandoned on the streets and highways in new york city. we know there were at least 100 rescues in rockrand and west chester county by the first responders and firefighters who saved people from homes. mayor bill de blasio spoke from right here in queens a couple of hours ago. he said this was much worse than what they were told it was going to be. >> yesterday morning, the report was 3 to 6 inches over the course of the whole day, which was not a particularly problematic amount. that turned into the biggest
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single hour of rainfall in new york city history with no warning. now we have to change the ground rules. >> meteorologists and the national weather service warned about excessive rainfall and flash flooding for a couple of days. the cleaning and mourning is just beginning. >> john: amazing 10 days ago we saw a record of rain in 1 hour and now this on the backs that of that. >> sandra: that new record broken after just a week. focus in new jersey starting to pick up the pieces. one tornado and severe flooding leaving a huge mess behind there. governor murphy seeking a major disaster declaration. david lee miller is in new jersey with the latest. a lot of water. >> much like the flood itself
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the death toll continues to rise. 3 major rivers here in new jersey have yet to crest. take a look at this it street which is adjacent to the river. you can see for yourself a sampling of the flooding. most of this is sewage water that was backed up. it's remained at this level and the water has not yet here started to recede. throughout the state 5 people are confirmed to have lost their lives because of the storm. that number might have been higher if not for the her oic efforts of first responders. they pulled 2 people from a car but a third person was swept away. 4 people died trapped. >> their home in elizabeth, new jersey. at least one tornado in new jersey touched down.
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ashley thomas and her family sought refuge in the home's basement and barely got out alive. she described their ordeal. >> it was like a war zone. i could not believe the ambulance was slamming on the brakes because there was a wire down or a tree. our community was destroyed. in 5 seconds that's all it took. >> south of here in montgomery county pennsylvania outside of philadelphia. they were also ravaged by the storm. 3 people killed and people were being rescued from the roofs of their home and placed in boats and taken to safety. throughout the region, many roads still closed and bridges damaged or destroyed and there are reports of individuals that are still unaccounted for.
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sandra, here in new jersey, the storm dumped more than 8 inches of rain ask the folks here say the flooding is worse than it was during super storm sandy. >> sandra: we have heard that from many. this is the "new york post" this morning. the cover. swamped. flooding chaos. as storms wallops the city. the exit of the subway with water pouring in. you said, john, it's like something out of a movie around here. it's brutal. i talked about the abandoned cars along the road ways. everybody has a story and hopefully everybody is calling their neighbor to check on them. >> john: many times i have seen water falling in a cascade down subway steps. i heard you talking about your
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commute this morning. brian to turn around and go back. we expected to get hit hard here in washington, d.c. and we didn't get much at all. it went up through pennsylvania, new jersey and new york. fox news alert. the taliban preparing their new government if afghanistan. the pentagon says it's possible that the united states will work with the taliban in the fight against isis-k the group responsible for killing 13 american troops in the bombing out of the kabul airport. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. if you have not heard it all you have now. >> well, the new relationship between the u.s. government and military and the taliban is yet to be determined. the taliban continue to brandish american weapons. the fighters expressed anger the
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u.s. disabled all of the military planes and helicopters at the kabul airport. taliban fighters took on the role of police in kabul today helping with traffic and issuing a statement like this one from a member of the taliban special forces urging calm. "my message to the honorable people of kabul. everyone should go to work and live. office and shops should operate and have no fear of anyone. hard to take hearing those words from the taliban. here at the pentagon yesterday the defense secretary and chairman of the joint chiefs were asked about working with the taliban in the future. >> this is a ruthless group from the past. whether or not they have changed remains to be seen. as far as our dealings with them at that air field or in the past year or so, in war you do what you must in order to reduce
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risk. not what you want to do. >> what about the possibility of coordination between isis-k and them? >> it's possible. >> it's hard to predict where this will go in the future. >> a stunning admission as a result of the new reality on the ground in afghanistan and the absence of intelligence networks which had to be rolled up as part of this hasty u.s. withdrawal. >> john: you said the taliban was angry that the u.s. disabled the aircraft that were left behind. >> they were a little surprised. we saw reports from the fighters when they entered that airport in the hours and minutes after the u.s. left. they were surprised when they got into the cockpits and realized the planes and helicopters were disabled. >> john: maybe they expected flying lessons. >> sandra: joy jones a retired marine bomb techian.
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as far as us working with the taliban in the future. that would assume we would have trust in the taliban. can envision a future where we can trust the taliban fighters. if you leave a couple of trillion dollars worth of equipment that looks like your own military and do it in a way that gets people killed and you do it in a way that the entire country is sick at their stomach, you want to paint the best narrative you can. we will see pictures and videos and reports of the taliban using our equipment to go on the offensive against people who worked for us. we have to make it look better while president biden is in office. you say there is a common enemy
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in isis-k and spin the narrative that way. isis-k is made up of taliban fighters who didn't think the taliban leadership was ruthless or mean enough. most of their recruiting for the taliban and now isis-k are from young boys that become romanticized warriors that don't understand diplomacy and only have a blood thirst. i don't see the taliban being a benevolent country. when they are get these young men, they will go somewhere else if the taliban is not holding public executions. as much as i am disgusted with our own government's narrative, i don't see the taliban sticking with this. >> sandra: the defense strategy
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we have seen from joe biden so far, karl rove took it on in the "wall street journal." respond to that. but also listen to making your stomach sick, americans watching this debackally. debacle. this is mohammed. and the "wall street journal" broke this story who helped save senator joe biden back in 2008 when his helicopter went down in the mountains of afghanistan. >> they will find me and attack
10:14 am
me. [inaudible]. >> sandra: he was left behind not because he could not get out but he could not get his wife and 4 children out. the man who helped save joe biden and 2 other senators in 2008. he is stuck in that country. he is pleading for help. joey. >> yes, you are told the truth when you hear the press secretary or the president throw out this gross number. 100,000 people and they never said who they are. when we can look at here and see, at least over the last 6 months, it's over the last half of the trump administration when we knew the direction this was going and stated it, that's when you do this.
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that's when you process sivs and have everything ready. you know who you are bringing. they are approved to come and you have a method to do it. none of that ground work was laid. the real blame was not having this ready before the taliban moved on kabul. we have a phone call that shows -- we said president biden had bad intelligence or had good intelligence and made a bad decision. it looks like more a bad decision instead of bad intelligence. you see a man playing the politics rather than the policy and outcome. that's what jeopardized our national security. >> sandra: we hoped and prayed the decision making process involved information that the president and military brass were getting on the ground want the intelligence we were getting on the ground. it was more politics that
10:16 am
decisions were based on. joey, thank you. we will get more reaction coming up, john. general keith kellogg will join us. >> john: yes. a lot of the mainstream media turned to other stories. not just hurricane ida. i don't want to say forgetting but not highlighting that americans and afghans are stuck behind enemy lines and what are we dog to get them out. northeastern states reeling after 20 people dead and large areas left underwater. we will speak with a man overseeing rescue in his pennsylvania town ship. >> sandra: and a sweep power
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>> sandra: police say one student was killed in a student yesterday at a high school in winston salem, north carolina. >> one student was located with a gunshot wound. >> [silence]. >> medical responders began life saving measures and the injured student was transported to wake forest university baptist medical center where he succumb to his injuries. >> sandra: it happened during this hour yesterday.
10:22 am
when police locked down several schools. a suspect was taken into custody hours later. no name has been released and police would not say if there was any relationship between the gunman and the victim. >> john: fox news alert. scenes of devastation after hurricane ida tore through the region last night hammering states with rain and powerful winds. the death toll is at 20 and certainly will rise. jason is the emergency manager director just outside of philadelphia. we understand that at least 3 of the 20 deaths occurred in montgomery county, pennsylvania. what is the situation like in your town? >> right now thankfully we are dealing with the rekeyed river. -- receding river. the last 24 hours we saw
10:23 am
historic levels we have not seen for 50 years. thankfully none of those deaths were in our municipality but our hearts are with those. we are doing what we have to do. >> john: we have seen the pictures of flooding in bridgeport and norrisistown. you are on the north bank of the river. flood stage is 13 feet. this morning the water was at 26.3 feet. what is that like? >> that is a level we have never seen before. normally we see levels of 20 or 19 feet. getting close to 27 feet we saw water in areas we have not seen
10:24 am
before. it taxes our first responders to get the people rescued. >> john: your emergency management agency affected from water rescues. were they in homes or businesses or swift water rescues? >> it's mostly the southern border of our township. a lot of those homes are residential areas with apartment units. most were from the residential units. because the river waters were coming up so high, the first floor level was taken over by water. we took people out of the second floor or attics of their homes when they called 9-11. >> john: we are looking at pictures in pennsylvania with gas stations with 3 feet of waters of them.
10:25 am
listen to what governor fill murphy of new jersey said. >> casualties are limited which is there but for the grace of god. it's extraordinary. look at the house behind us to get a sense of how it could have been. it was a storm with tornados being the big story in the south and flooding in the central and northern part of the state. this will take us some time to dig out of no question about it. >> john: you mentioned hurricane agness and that did $2 billion in the state. any early smaments of the cost here and any idea how long it will take you to recover? >> i wish i had an estimate.
10:26 am
it will be in the million dollars. it's going to take us sometime. the waters are coming down. but that's when the fun part begins when we clean up and see the damage. some houses were completely under water. some 3/4th of the way. the word everyone is using is historic. this is going to be the new standard for what we plan for moving forward. >> john: all right. we will let you get back to work. jason there in pennsylvania. good luck to you and everybody working with you. our prayers are with you. >> i appreciate that. thank you. >> sandra: ida leaving behind destruction in half of the country. scenes of flooding across the northeast. we will hear from the mayor of the new jersey burrough where more than 10 inches fell last
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sandra: ida pummelling the northeast last night with the death toll climbing to 23. that's the latest at this hour. the new jersey officials are still coming to grips with the catastrophic storm damage across the state. joining us on the phone from northern new jersey is mayer there. give us an update on the conditions. >> so far we have been fortunate here in that the flooding while
10:32 am
it's been major, no injuries. no major difficulties other than with our sewer pumping station. the brook which runs through our town has been flowing very heavily at this point. we had about 5 to 6 inches of rain. most of it it came down in a torrent that was like if you opened up your bathroom tub and the faucet and just let it flow. some of the areas surrounding us, the route 65 area leaving sussex is closed. there are detours going around. i received reports of some flooded basements. the fire departments are going to be able to get out there and help people.
10:33 am
in general, this was one heck of a storm. one of our fields it completely flooded. our pump station we were not able to get to it because of flooding. we are working on getting a grant from fema for flood mitigation grant. one fortunate thing is we only had one in our town, one resident lose power because they had put up a flood wall around the substation. at one point last night when i drove around, some of our state police had to block out 23 south because the manhole covers were being forced up in the air by how much the water was flowing.
10:34 am
6 to 8 inches floating above the manhole. the covers were floating. they did a great job as did our dpw and all of the local first responders. >> sandra: mayor, part of the problem was a lot of people had said they didn't see this amount of rain coming especially in new jersey. those tornados shockedo many. how did this unfold? a lot of the evacuations didn't take place until after the torrential rains came through. this is emergency. what about preparations? was there a missed opportunity to get people out when we knew this was coming? >> well, in our area, we were fortunate, again we didn't get the flood like i saw in other
10:35 am
places. we are in the northwest corner of new jersey here high pointe. the water flows down from here. but we got quite a bit of -- again i credit our fire department. we were fore warned and took preparations that were necessary. you can't anticipate the rain to come down the way it did. the tornadoes i lived in new jersey my whole life. i don't remember tornadoes. it wasn't something we dealt with on a regular basis. how do you prepare for an unprecedented rain? you do the best you can and learn and then debrief and try to make things better going forward. hopefully we didn't lose -- no
10:36 am
one was injured in our area in suffolks. >> sandra: in new jersey boats are going through the streets with rescue efforts. there is a lot we still don't know about this storm and the damage obviously. we continue to report the death count from the storm in the northeast went up to 23. mayor, we appreciate you joining us. >> john: how do you prepare for that except to have enough boats. much of the focus on the north east but days after hurricane ida went through louisiana people are struggling to get food and gasoline. more than half of the gas stations in new orleans are out
10:37 am
of fuel. and homes and businesses are still without power. the latest on louisiana in a few minutes. >> sandra: the left wing media downplaying the exercrepts of biden's last phone call with afghanistan president ghani. is he being held accountable? our panel will debate next. i'd like to take a moment to address my fellow veterans
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>> sandra: a new supreme court ruling allow one of the strictest abortion laws in the united states to precede. the justices denied an emergency appeal of the texas abortion law. the high court suggested their order will not be the last word on this new law. other challenges can be presented. that's driving a lot of headlines today and a lot of coverage of that decision. >> john: yes, jonathan will join us in the next hour to talk about that. keep it here on "america reports." white house press secretary jen psaki refusing to address the leaked phone call between president biden and then afghanistan president ghani. left leading pundits are giving
10:43 am
the president a pass. our panel sean and richard. it's been a while since we had a political panel because of the flow of the news. according to reuters in that july 23rd phone call, president biden said to ghani, i need not tell you the perceptions around the world is things are not going well in the fight against the taliban. there is a need whether it's true or not to project a different picture. he continues we will continue to provide close air support if we know what the plan is." sean, you have a u.s. president asking a foreign president for something possibly to lie with the condition of american military support on the line. where are the democrats and why are they not lining up to impeach him? >> does that sound familiar? that's the reason why democrats
10:44 am
impeached donald trump over a phone call. this is brutal for the administration. that's why jen psaki doesn't want to talk about it. the afghanistan president said the taliban is making advancement. we need close air support. instead of dealing in reality joe biden cares only about the perception. the left wing media skewered joe biden but -- president trump they are not using the same standard for president biden. >> john: this was all breaking when he was in the white house.
10:45 am
>> was this a good idea to begin with? with that being said when you talk about ghani and the afghan government and the 300,000 troops that vanished in 20 seconds in the taliban took over. the question i have and it's a question for congressman duffy and other members of congress who were around 20 years, where was the congressional oversight? it's not like the afghanistan government went bad on january 21, 2021. we knew there was trouble there. why weren't members of congress asking questions about what was happening in afghanistan. i think there are a lot of americans wondering, why wasn't congress holding the pentagon of both parties accountable for what took place in the country?
10:46 am
>> john: sean, do you want to take that on? >> i would love to. the congress gave the president of either party too much power. the power with the argument is congress is not the chief executive. it's the president's decision how you withdraw from afghanistan. >> [overlapping talking]. >> hold on. he did listen to cia's advice that the taliban would take over. he should have left more troops on the ground and kept bagram air base. he should not have given the taliban billion dollars in american military equipment. the president executes as the chief executive. congress can't do that. 435 people can't run the withdrawal. afghan war. you know that, richard. don't try to pass the blame. >> no, my goal is not to pass
10:47 am
the blame. i agree with everything you said. we could have a debate about whether biden went wrong with the withdrawal. on 20 years congress voted to send billion dollars and thousands of troops to afghanistan in this so-called mission to prop up a democracy over. in this so-called mission to train afghan forces. this whole time, we know that this training went to nothing. this afghan army disappeared within minutes. where was the congressional accountability? if congress is the purse, why didn't they say where this money is going? >> john: to that point, the afghan military knows what they need. to say you will pull out close air supporto the troops on the ground don't have support from
10:48 am
the air, that was one of the main problems. >> they could not stand up. >> biden should have had a more of an american force on the ground. that's what donald trump would have done. he had conditions. joe biden had zero conditions. got out and left people on the ground strand there had and equipment. >> john: it's fascinating watching the two of you debate. a spirited conversation. good to have you back. >> sandra: historic flood devastate the northeast and mid-atlantic. a massive wildfire is raging across the west burning more than 200,000 acres. now thousands of homes could be at risk. we will go there live next. >> this town southlake tahoe depends on people visiting this
10:49 am
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>> ♪ ♪ >> john: a plane with 4 passenger crashed into a building in farmington,
10:53 am
connecticut. police say were reports that the plane had trouble taking after take off. flame and smoke erupting. no word on injuries from the incident. authorities say they do not believe anyone inside the building was hurt. >> sandra: high temperatures and low monument and gusty winds and bone-dry conditions challenge crews fighting the caldor wildfire near lake tahoe threatening 300 structures. we go live to south lake tahoe california with william. >> the good news in the last 24 hours, the fire only grew by 7,000 acres. containment is up by 5 to 25%. this is the ski resort. the fire is about 3 miles to the south. lake tahoe is about 300 yards
10:54 am
here. in between you have south lake tahoe. the casinos and the resorts and thousands of businesses. the firefighters goal is to stop the fire from reaching here. >> terrible. very scary. >> we are out of our house and we don't know if our house will be gone. >> using everything they had helicopters, tankers and bulldozers and hand crews and back fires, last night they fought this 320 square mile fire to a stand still saving hundreds more structures than they lost. >> we are fighting from the size of the fire and we can't get in front of it. it's too dangerous. we have to push in from the side. >> this video you see here was shot by a fire fighter. the bear escaped but suffered severe burns on its paws.
10:55 am
even after a fire is out the ground remains red hot. tell melt the soles of your shoes. the fire fighter suffered third degree burns after falling. every national forest in california is closed for two weeks because the fire risk and the lack of firefighters and the cost. over 18 days this cost $80 million. the dixie fire nearby over 450-million dollars. >> sandra: wow. praying for that fire fighter and the bear. william, we will check back in with you soon. thank you. >> john: i hope someone will take care of the bear. fox news alert. the death toll on the rise after the remnants of hurricane ida pounded the northeast with tornadoes and rainfall and flooding. fox team coverage coming right up. >> sandra: new images. we are waiting for the white
10:56 am
house press briefing. it was delayed an hour. it is set to begin at the top of the next hour after a top pentagon official sparked questions about our relationship with the taliban. will the u.s. work with our long time enemy against isis-k? a former national security advisor keith kellogg will join us in the next hour. th thirty g. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! [sighs wearily] here, i'll take that! woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and now with two new flavors! thousands of veteran homeowners have discovered the power of using their one gram of sugar, va home loan benefit to get money for their family. we called and we got $58,800. newday lets you borrow 100% of your home's value. i called and got $54,200. near record low rates means lower payments. turn your equity into cash with the newday 100 va cash out loan.
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number one in reliability, 16 times in a row. most awarded for network quality, 27 times in a row. proving once again that nobody builds networks like verizon. that's why we're building 5g right, that's why there's only one best network. >> ♪ ♪ >> john: fox news alert to begin a brand new hour. we expect to hear from the white house as the northeast rescue crews search for families stranded by the flooding. i am john roberts. >> sandra: so many people checking in with loved ones across the northeast. still dealing with the situation down south as well. i am sandra smith in new york. brand new pictures coming to us at the top of the hour. millions in the northeast woke
11:01 am
up if they went to sleep to record flooding. we are seeing a rising death toll as a result. now at 23 fatalities. rescuers try to help people trapped inside or on top of building structures, on roof tops waiting for rescues. >> john: the death toll doubled since this morning. it is expected to flame. -- climb. tornadoes and rushing flood water left a trail of destruction against several states. all coming from the same system that hit the gulf coast with a wallop. one of the strongest hurricanes to ever make landfall. >> sandra: in the south supplies are dangerously low. in new york city the storm shut down the big apple. that's where we find brian.
11:02 am
he's at a sight where there was damage and loss of life as well. >> good afternoon. that death toll is at least 23 people in the tri-state area. new jersey, pennsylvania and new york who lost their lives from this historic rainfall and flash flooding. in new york the death toll in the city rose to 12. they found 3 others in queen in their basement apartment. the landlord woke up and found them dead this morning from the flood waters. this is the scene we are seeing around queens. 11 of the 12 deaths in the city are. people died in their basement passport. -- apartments. it's the lower level of the house. a mother and son died when the 4 feet of water came in. the father and other son made it out alive. this is a story in queens. the subways deluged last night and shut down. 17 trains were trapped in the
11:03 am
water. people were rescued. everyone came out okay. that's how bad this weather was. hundreds of stars stranded. people escaped their vehicle on the major highways in the city. we saw more rain, a monthy's worth of rain in several hours in new york city yesterday. central park saw 3.15 inches in 1 hour. that broke a record from 11 days ago when henri, came ashore. rescues are continuing. this new york 100 people have been rescued. in rock land and west chester county north of the city. they are helping people get out of their homes and get to safety. the bottom line is forecasters did see and put out a forecast saying we could expect extensive rainfall.
11:04 am
the governor and the mayor of new york have both said they were stunned and not prepared for the level of water that they saw yesterday. new york city can take about 2 inches of rain per hour. they saw about 3 inches of rain yesterday. when it was said and done 6 to 10 inches in several hours. the emergency flood warning for the first time in the city's history but not enough time for the families in queens, new york, to get out in time. a 2-year-old toddler died as well about 10 miles away from where i am standing. >> sandra: hard hit queens. >> john: difficult to prepare when you don't know what is coming. a couple of hours of south of new york a monster tornado ripped through new jersey. look at this. many of the houses stripped down to their foundations.
11:05 am
shana from fox 29 philadelphia is live on the scene. that's not the short of thing you typically see in new jersey. >> that's right. the governor was here surveying damage. saying the time is changing. the climate and infrastructure changed over the years in new jersey. i will give you a sense of what is going here. we are south of philadelphia now about 30 minutes away. the navy recruitment officers are helping this home damaged by the tornadoes. this was a living house with family members. a mom and a dad. the mom is 8 month pregnant. she and her 2 daughters and husband were home when this tornado hit. they ran down to the basement and huddled. they lived to tell the story. they are grateful to be alive. this is what is left of all of
11:06 am
their memories. this is not the only story we are seeing here. we have multiple families cleaning up what they can as they work to restore some sense of normalcy. we have people on the roofs. so much damage. you can't estimate what some families are going through. this is very agcultureal. lots of farm land. these are few developments light now. what is remarkable is that no one was hurt in these homes. also remarkable to see the path of storm. some homes were unscathed. you have some that won't be able to come back to normal. definitely a work in progress. the governor is saying this is not an overnight recovery process. we know he is not lying. >> john: yes, it's the
11:07 am
capricious nature of a tornado. one house is destroyed and one not far away is untouched. we heard the governor of the state phil murphy saying this was not expected. the forecast track of the storm was supposed to take it through washington, d.c. but then in the final hours, the storm took a turn to the north and ripped through there. was anybody expecting this would happen? i asked that because we had tornado watches here in washington, d.c. which never came to pass because the storm missed us. got a little rain but not a lot of wind. >> right. a lot of families said they were listening to those warnings that you had on our phones. they were going off. we were in pennsylvania covering the flood when some of the storms were rolling. this family said they got the alert on their phone. they didn't take it as a joke. they ran down the stairs.
11:08 am
the husband was being a little stubborn but his wife implore and he was grateful because they got in the basement just in time. 6 seconds later they saw light and everything was gone. heed those warnings. >> john: thankfully no injuries there. a new reality is setting in, in terms of the weather. >> sandra: live images from a ballpark in bridgewater township new jersey. this is where the summer set patriots play ball. what a scene this is. completely flooded. they woke up to this scene this morning. completely flooded. you can see from the lower seats. you are getting a closer look
11:09 am
here. the dug out is under water. all the way up to the fence and into the parking lot. this is the home stadium of the yankees double-a affiliate in new jersey. new pictures just coming. in. a remarkable scene in bridgewater of that playing field. >> john: wow! that's mostly grass. the damage will be grass and concrete. it's in a bowl. what a remarkable video. >> sandra: we just got those images. we are just starting to see some of the damage and some of the screens like in that can only be brought to you by helicopter views. there will be and drone images coming. in the death count in the northeast reached 23. just the devastating impact of this flash flooding that began
11:10 am
last night. we are getting a look at the devastation. we are continue to watch that for you and bring you any new video and pictures as we get it from this storm. it's been days since ida swept through the south. they are just grasping the devastation. fox news got a look at the destruction from above. stacy is live 30 miles north of baton rouge casey, that dripping spanish moss off the tree there is is amaze. >> yeah. beautiful background. so much devastation around you. we have a chance to go up yesterday in a black hawk helicopter. it was an exclusive invitation from the u.s. army corp of new jerseys who play an extensive role in the recovery efforts here. the flight was really a fact
11:11 am
finding mission. we were a fly on the wall getting eyes on the hardest hit areas like new orleans. they identified what equipment is needed like generators and pumps and how to get rid of storm surge near lake pontchartrain outside of the federal levee protection system. >> [inaudible]. [muffled audio]. you see nothing but standing water. [inaudible]. >> [muffled audio]. [buzzing audio]. >> john: some levees will be cut in places to allow the water to drain. 15 then patched back up on.
11:12 am
that's a common extra. what is evident is how large the foot print of destruction is. leaders say it's what keeps them going. listen. >> at the same time you are inspired by the needs and the fact that the corp of engineers can do so much to help people. it's great to be part of that effort. >> something else apparent during that flight, not only will it take weeks or months but in some communities it will take years before they are fully recovered. >> sandra: wow. thank you. >> john: supplies like water and gas low in the south. grady with that side of the story now. live in louisiana just a few miles east of new orleans. what is the scene like this? >> well, john, more than 60% of
11:13 am
gas stations in new orleans and in baton rouge are without any type of fuel. when you see a gas station that fuel you see extremely long lines. across the street people have been waiting since this morning to get gas. the line between 90 minutes to 2 hours. then over here of the just an hour ago, this gas station had a tanker truck come in and fill it up. the line has already formed going in that direction as well. governor john bell edwards said the lack of fuel and other supplies to this area is really hampering the recovery effort. president biden spoke today about what the federal is trying to do to alleviate problems. he said they will tap into the petroleum reserve to get fuel in pumps quickly. he said he will waive restrictions on truck driving hours so truckers carrying food,
11:14 am
water, and fuel can make it into this part of louisiana as quickly as possible. this is a time lapse we took early this morning. when the line was just forming. people order there was gas here. it took us 5 minutes to walk the entire line. any time people hear there is fuel, they come and they come in droves. they need it for their cars that they have not filled up and they need it for their generators as well. this is going on day 5 with no fuel and no power. >> john: grady, thank you very much. sandra, they are saying in louisiana that some parts the state may be without power for a month. it's going to be a long september for a lot of people. >> sandra: that's devastating. the amount of people without power on day 1 was reaching up to 2 million residents of that state. it's about a million now.
11:15 am
absolutely devastating. we hope they get the power back. >> john: the one thing i wonder, because i heard stories, what does it look like on grand isle? that area? it got hit square on the nose from the hurricane. reports so far are not good at all. it it would be great if we had somebody down there to have eyes on the ground. >> sandra: some places are so remote. it takes days and weeks to learn the extent of the damage. more ahead on the flooding. up next afghanistan. >> john: the white house refusing to talk about president biden's call with afghanistan's former president where biden told him to change the perception about the taliban and how quickly the government was collapsing. general keith kellogg on that. and the pentagon saying we might
11:16 am
have to work with the taliban to go after isis. what is that all about? and home values are at record highs. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow 100% of your home's values and you can take out $ 50,000 or more. pay down high rate credit cards, improve your home, or just give your family the security of having cash in the bank.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> fox news alert. the white house where the press secretary jen psaki is taking questions from the news media. let's listen in. >> there are 30 members of the court commission from diverse backgrounds and diverse views. they will examine a range of questions about the future of the court including term limits and court expansion and several additional topics. we have not reached out to the commission. it's important they do their work on the timeline designated and examine from a broad point all of these questions. the president will review their work when it is completed. >> the president doesn't have
11:22 am
thoughts on the construction of the court? >> he is waiting for the conclusion of this report and seeing where they come out. >> on the pharma bankruptcy [inaudible question]? >> i want to speak to our team to get you a more specific comment. >> what avenues are available to you in the short term for reacting to this [inaudible question]? what do you envision happening here? >> steve, that's what the president directed his team to look into. we are 12 hours since this ruling. what the president made clear in his statement the impact of last night's decision should be immediate and requires an immediate process. we asked the gender policy council because it's important
11:23 am
for there to be a point person at a senior level in the white house. he directed them to work with the legal team here at the white house and the department of justice and the department of health and human services to determine what steps can be taken here to protect a woman's right to choose and access to healthcare for women in texas. >> [inaudible question]? >> we can never predict rules, steve. we know the makeup of the court. we try to stay out of making predictions. >> in afghanistan do you see the possibility of freezing afghan assets? >> first let me give you an overview of the considerations and good questions are. no one should assess we are consideringiesing --
11:24 am
considering easing of sanctions on the taliban. we have not reduced pressure on the taliban leaders. we will judge and we want to make clear we will judge the taliban on their actions. at the same time, we also want to ensure there is assistance to the afghan people. humanitarian assistance and other assistance to keep them afloat and make sure we provide that from the international community at this point in time. there have been steps taking issuing a license to allow humanitarian assistedance to go through. that's not through the taliban. that's through outside organizations. that's what we look to contribute to. >> the president served for a long time as chairman of the judiciary committee. he's been in in town longer than most anyone. what is he looking for from
11:25 am
a commission to offer him? what do you say to critics who say he is avoiding making a yes or no decision? >> we would say to critics the president has a long history working on judicial issues. he takes the role of institutions including the supreme court seriously. that's one of the reasons why this court was put together -- i mean this commission and constructed the way it was. with a diverse set of viewpoints and expertise and asked them to look at a broad set of questions. wants to give them time to do that work and come out of that with some viewpoints. he wants to leave them space to do that. the fact he named a commission with diverse viewpoints reflects his strong commitment to preserving institutions and also
11:26 am
taking a fresh look at things that need to change. >> [inaudible question]? this would take a legislative change. why doesn't he say how difficult this would be. >> i think it's clear it's difficult. the president's view on the expansion has not changed. he wants this commission to take a close look at a range of issues, not just court expansion which is an important question for them to examine but term limits and a range of questions that the commission is looking at. in the president's statement today we made clear in strong terms his viewpoints on the ruling of the supreme court in this case. rulings like that do raise concerns not just for the president but people across the country about how the court is operating. i will note what he said. for the majority to do this without a hearing or due
11:27 am
consideration of the issues insults the rule of law and rights of all americans to seek redress from your courts. that's a concern for him and should be for all americans. >> 100 to 200 american citizens [inaudible question]. do you believe they are still in the country. what is the latest on the diplomatic mission? >> my collegiate the state department is briefing and we will give a more recent update. we are in touch with the diplomatic officials working in close coordination to determine if they have left the country. there are reports as you have seen or reported yourself about charter flights. if i can speak to, that it's a popular question. there has been confusion about
11:28 am
this. we don't have air assets in the country and we don't control the air space. anyone suggesting we are preventing these flights that's not accurate. we can't prevent a charter flight from taking off. where we have concern is the fact we do not have reliable means to confirm the details of charter flights including who is organizing them and the number of american citizens. the accuracy of the manifest and where they will land. charter flights are landing on u.s. military bases and we have concern about flights where we don't have that level of information and understanding about the manifest and the protocols that are underway. there is also a question, they continue to be active isis-k threats. there is a question of whether
11:29 am
these flights go and land. we know isis-k has a keen interest in attacks against aviation targets and our personnel on the ground in military bases. these are the risks we take into account. >> this is a texas related question. >> sure. >> what advice would be the president give to a woman in texas right now who wants or needs to get an abortion? >> what the president would convey to any woman who is trying to get an abortion, seek an abortion, be able to employ her constitutional right to seek healthcare that is enshrined and allowed by federal law, i don't think he would give medical advice. that's not the role of any president. he would convey to them, i have
11:30 am
asked my team. i have asked my team to use every lever at their disposal to ensure you have that right and ensure you have access and can have the ability to seek medical care that every woman should have across the country. he made that a priority. >> is it the understanding or the expectation they will come back with specific ideas? or is it possible they determine there is not much beyond making sure somebody takes this to the supreme court? there are other things the federal government would be able to do? >> the president has every hope and expectation that leaders across the government will seek every means they can to protect a woman's right to choose in texas it. i don't know yet what they will
11:31 am
come back with. >> on the texas law. has the president been in touch with speaker pelosi and [inaudible] about their plans to pass legislation? >> she has every intention to do that and speaker pelosi put out an intention to put up roe for a vote. >> did the administration have a message for industries in texas? [inaudible question]? >> that's not a call we are making from here. the focus of the federal government is to look for every resource to ensure women in texas have the ability to seek healthcare. >> following up on the texas law, why does the president
11:32 am
support abortion when his own catholic faith believes it's morally wrong? >> he believes it's up to the woman. i know you in never faced that choice. let's move on. i think we have to move on. you had plenty of time today. >> how many green card holders and siv applicants remain in afghanistan? >> i wanted to give you an update on one piece asked yesterday. how many people have come into the country? this is something that the dhs will provide regular updates on. between august 17th and 31st,
11:33 am
31,107 people arrived in the united states. 4,446 are u.s. citizens. 14% to 2,795 or 9% are u.s. lawful permanent residents. 77% which is the statistics i gave yesterday are other afghans at risk. siv applicants and others. this include a small numbered of third country nationals that were evacuated. in terms of your question which is a good one in terms of how many people are in the country now. there are people we don't know are eligible yet. it's hard to define those numbers. that's something that the state department will be assessing.
11:34 am
how to work with this population to help people biopty who want to depart the country can depart. who want to depart the country can depart. everybody who wants to leave afghanistan and come to the united states will not be able to and will not be believe abell. -- eligible. we want to do out reach. what programs they are eligible for. >> the taliban and questions whether it's keeping its promise for amnesty. [muffled audio].
11:35 am
[inaudible]. there are reports that the taliban took people out of homes and shot them. is it possible that our reliance on the taliban to keep their word [inaudible]? >> well, i don't have any confirmation of those details at any rate u.s. government. i would point you to the department of defense and others who might have additional details. what i would note here. no one is saying from the federal government -- no one, president or secretary of defense -- that the taliban are good actors. that's why we are being soclear we are not rushing to recognition. we will watch clearly. we have a range of leverage at our disposal including access to the global marketplace. we will assess of course based on how they treat individuals in the country and how they treat women and let people who want to leave, leave. those are factors we will
11:36 am
assess. i don't have any confirmation of specific reporting. >> john: jacqui heinrich asking questions of press secretary jen psaki. can we trust the taliban to partner with the united states in fighting terrorism given reports from the bbc that the taliban is carrying out executions. former national security advisor for former vice-president mike pence keith kellogg. mark milley said we may need to partner with the taliban to go after isis-k. is this a case that the enemy of my enemy is my friend? >> yes, john, thanks for having
11:37 am
me. to you and sandra. we have an option. we will have to work with the taliban. they won and we lost. after 20 years they now own the country. what is important to understand and this is important for me to say. that's not a result of the great work that our young men and rem in uniform did over the last 20 years.women in uniform did over last 20 years. yesterday and weeks before that the president stood in front of the american people and said that all of his decisions were unanimous. that's the reason why i have been so strong on accountability going forward. look, we made the decision to leave 10% of the americans behind. we made the decision to not evacuate all of those who fought along side of us. we made that call.
11:38 am
we made the call to not expand the perimeter just a few weeks ago when he got on the ground there even though we found out later we were talking about the taliban, which resulted in 13 great americans being killed. the largest loss of life in afghanistan since 2011. there needs to be accountability at the senior levels how we got in this position. now that the taliban runs the country we don't have many options want they own it and we don't. >> john: how do you have accountability. the democrats don't want hearings. they want to move past it quickly. how do you hold people accountable? >> well, that's a great point. everybody from the administration wants to move on to find out who is playing football this week. the accountability is with his senior advisors.
11:39 am
he won't fire anybody and nobody should resign. that's unfortunate. some should leave. his national security team failed in everything they advised the president. a few weeks ago he said the afghan army would stand. it folded after 20 years. why? you talk about congress. they ought to have a blue ribbon commission that ought to look at the last 20 years of howly got to today. one thing i would say strongly: do not include any 3 or 4 star general involved in afghanistan. they were part of the problem. we lost a country. a country we fought for, for the last 20 years. we should figure out how we lost
11:40 am
it. >> john: this phone call on july 23rd between president biden and the former president of afghanistan ashraf ghani. he was one of the first to leave. the president said we have to change perceptions. whether it's true or not. if you want u.s. military support to continue come up with a different plan. you were in the white house during the zelensky process and the impeachment process. your thoughts on this phone call and the conversation the president had with ghani. >> look, this is a great question, john. i was in the situation room when that call was being made and heard the conversation. i later said i didn't think that was a necessarily bad call. now we have a president telling a former president of the country with ghani to try to change the perception. he goes out in front of the american people and tells them everything is fine.
11:41 am
he lied to the american people. if that's not a serious breach of faith i don't know what is. what he did with ghani and what he told the american people is of serious consequences and they need to look at. that we won't but they should. >> john: i think you are right on the first point. they should look at it but likely won't. general keith kellogg, thanks for joining us today. >> sandra: the other big topic is the white house press briefing and the supreme court's decision not to block texas's controversial new abortion law. critics call it a blatant violation of the constitution. we will ask jonathan turley next. veteran homeowners, great news the lowest mortgage rates you've been waiting for are here. the newday two and a quarter refi
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11:46 am
>> sandra: the supreme court deciding not to block a controversial abortion in texas. the 5-4 vote allows the law to ban abortions after 6 weeks of pregnancy before many women know they are pregnant. jonathan turley joins us now.
11:47 am
a george washington university law professor. great to you have here. your piece points to what you say has been apocalyptic coverage of this decision pointing out the mainstream coverage rangers from the death of roe v. wade to being in a vegetative state. the "new york times"s and is this how roe v. wade dies? you say no? >> this is how legal analysis dies. it opinion -- seems that opinions are irrelevant. the court refused to issue an injunction. is it doesn't believe this warranted the court's intervention to enjoin the law. the reason is technical. the two people sued were a judge and a clerk.
11:48 am
they are not mandated in enforcing this law. what the court was clearly saying is that they could enjoin people and not laws. even in dissent chief justice john roberts admitted it was not clear from the case law they could issue an injunction. he felt there is a novel situation and they should do so. that's a good faith argument. for people to say this was a contrived, manufactured decision of the majority is really looney. there is a good faith issue here. you have the same folks coming forward and saying, well look at this radicalized court. this came up repeatedly. during the gorsuch confirms the democrats said how do you explain these five justices voting together? and four justices vote together
11:49 am
on the left. you call one ideology robots and these are deeply difficult constitutional questions. people can disagree with them. it's a matter of jurisprudence. this law can still be challenged. what the court is saying that this is not the basis for an injunction because of the parties involved. >> sandra: that didn't stop president biden from issuing a statement hours after this came out. he said the court's ruling is an unprecedented assault on a woman's constitutional rights by allowing a law to go into effect that allows family members to sue a family or a friend who drives her to a hospital or a clinic. he said:
11:50 am
ekg >> so is this it unleashing unconstitutional chaos? >> no. what is chaos is when you don't get the result you want and people call for you to just change the court to add a majority of liberal justices to dictate the results. that's chaos. chaos is when a president won't state his view on court packing even though he previous said it was a boneheaded idea. this is called process. you might not agree but the majority on the court felt there were serious questions about the constitutionality of this law. they are not ruling on the merits. that can come later. the response to pack it because they didn't give us the result we wanted is a definition of
11:51 am
chaos. >> john: always good to see the professor. new developments in the plane crash. police in connecticut say four people are dead after a small private jet crashed and skidded into a building this morning just west of hartford, connecticut. all of the victims were on the plane and no one in the building that the plane hit was hurt. police believe a mechanical failure during take off resulted in the crash. two pilots and two passenger on board that plane. >> sandra: crews in the northeast trying to reach people trapped by flood waters. that include around philadelphia where the river put entire neighborhood underwater. we will take you there live next. pads veteran homeowners, this is the best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows.
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>> john: updating fox's top story before we go. on the effort to rescue people still stranded by flooding in
11:57 am
the northeast, 23 people reported killed after ida dumped record rain and spun off one monster tornado. the schuylkill river in pennsylvania has overflowed its banks and left an entire section of philadelphia under water. gwen mckelly joins us on the phone. you're on the northeast bank of the schuylkill river there. you have a lot of developed riverfront. what is the situation there like in your town? >> the situation is we're starting to see water receding thank goodness. what happened this morning, we were preparing for flooding since yesterday morning. never intending or expecting floods to get to the level they did. they were reporting yesterday to be coming in at 14.2, which would be close to record numbers. the record is 17 feet.
11:58 am
we crested late this morning at 16.35. >> sandra: wow. that is something. gwen, what about rescue efforts ongoing? what is happening at this hour? >> we have a lot of shelter in place going on right now. we're -- we have a number of apartments and townhouses that abut the river. people are stuck in there. we have seen numerous numbers of cars being pulled out of our parking lots down the river. we're in a section of the city where the river is -- the river is a small island. then we have our canal and a business district. the canal and the river met. this is the second time i've ever seen that happen and certainly never to the level that is happening right now. catastrophic flooding. >> john: amazing.
11:59 am
we should point out the death tell now up to 25. i take it there were no fatalities there. but as the water is receding, what is being left behind? >> the water is receding and there's lots of damage. you know, we're a small business district. there's hundreds of employees that will be left wondering if their places will be able to be cleaned out and they'll be able to come back to work. it's sunshine here. looks like it's a beautiful day. however, you know, it will take us a little time to -- the lower portion a little bit of time to regroup from this. we're resilient. we've had a lot of stuff going on here. this is a low-level in the city that sees flooding. >> sandra: our best to you and your communicate at this time. these are really stunning images
12:00 pm
that are still coming in from your hard-hit areas. thanks for joining us. thanks to gwen for that. of course they're calling it in the middle of complete chaos, what they're dealing with, john. >> john: yeah. so many people suffering and our hearts go out. >> sandra: coverage of this storm will continue here on the fox news channel. thanks for joining us. i'm sandra smith. >> john: good to see you. see you tomorrow. i'm john roberts. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: thank you, john and sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum. breaking right now on "the story," in moments we expect some tough questions for the pentagon. we will take you there live as soon as that gets underway. that as to the chairman of joint chiefs general milley was asked to what extent would the u.s. consider coordinating with the taliban beyond what we saw during the evacuation. >> any possibility of coordination against isis-k? >> it's possible.


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