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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 30, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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that is not only the mic always the option when you are looking to retrograde and without a war zone. many americans would like to see an effort to retrieve some of that, but john, the coverage of the story will continue. we will join our colleagues on "the five" tonight. thank you for joining is. i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. thank you for joining us. we will see you tomorrow as the story continues paid meantime, "the >> thank you. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. 20 years after the towers came crashing down september 11th and thousands of americans were killed on our homeland but al-quaida terrorists who were harbored by the taliban in afghanistan, we're back to the beginning. we're 24 hours from leaving the taliban in complete control of the country once again. americans scramble to get out on these final evacuation planes that are continuing to go out over the next several hours. general jack keane on a lot of
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the issues that we're facing right now in afghanistan as the clock ticks. lara logan is here as well. two veterans working hard to do everything that they can to get people out as the clock ticks down. their heroic stories and the help that they're getting from the u.s. military. all that is coming up. let's begin with the latest from jennifer griffin. you were in the briefing today. what are we learning at this point as we get closer to the exit time? >> right now it's 11:30 p.m. in kabul. 30 minutes from august 31st, which of course is the deadline that president biden has set and the taliban has set for all u.s. forces to leave. we know the u.s. military has until midnight august 31. so that would be about 3:30 eastern time tomorrow. we're in the final hours. it's not clear how many more
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evacuees they'll get out. we heard from the white house press secretary that 6,000 americans have been evacuated as part of 122,000,000 since august 14. she suggested there's a handful, maybe 100 or so americans left in the country. it's not clear how many of those still want to get out. we know from reporting last night there were americans that were not able to get through the gate. she said arrangements will be made with partner countries like qatar, turkey who will remain in afghanistan. the u.s. will not have a diplomatic presence after the u.s. military withdraws. but she said that those partner countries will be working with the united states to get any americans and any afghans that need to be rescued in the coming weeks and months. >> martha: a lot of questions raised by all of that. once we don't have -- think about the u.s. embassy and we have been waiting, really, for an answer on whether or not
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we'll have a diplomatic presence. every time they were asked about that the past couple weeks, we've heard a diminishing answer to that. now i think we're down to nothing. right? we're not going to have any u.s. embassy in kabul and no presence on the ground. so what is the avenue for people that want to get out? they'll hope for other countries to pluck them from the ground or give them some sort of avenue knew? >> first of all, we have an embassy there. it's an $800 million embassy. it's empty of american presence and no marines are guarding that embassy. so what happens the day after the u.s. military leave is anybody's guess. the embassy moved to the airport. most of the diplomats have been evacuated. my understanding from jen psaki, the it is state department will work with partner countries like qatar. they've been very active in helping rescue americans.
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turkey and qatar may keep the airport open so charter flights can come. in you still have another airport. there's land routes open. the question is whether or not the taliban will have checkpoints and whether they will tell their fighters not to harass these people. that's going to be the negotiation from tomorrow onwards, martha. >> martha: i also heard you ask a question about a man being held by the taliban. he's been held since 2020. were you satisfied with the answer that you got there about whether or not there would be any kind of trade or negotiation to have him released? >> i think -- i asked the question here at the pentagon. i just heard a question asked at the white house. it is clear that the special representative at the state department has been raising the issue of this american who has been held since february of -- january of 2020 in afghanistan by the haqqani network, the taliban network.
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what is notable, we had chris miller, the former defense secretary on "fox and friends" earlier today. here's what he had to say about rescuing mark. >> got to be a presidential priority. he says do it, it gets done. let's not talk about mark as a hostage. he's a prisoner of war. we don't leave prisoners of war behind. we've had to do that in the past. let's bring everybody home. let's not end this war this way. >> what is notable, martha, chris miller was the defense secretary for two months at the end of the trump administration when mark was still being held as a hostage. he said this morning that it would be easy for the president and for others to rescue this american hostage. he called upon president biden to do so. however, when he was defense secretary from november to january of 2021, he did not order such a raid. he did not rescue him. he was taken hostage in january of 2020.
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he's an illinois-born contractor a navy veteran. he had been living in kabul a decade when he was abducted. he's now assumed to be with the haqqani network. so it does seem a bit interesting that chris miller thinks it's so easy to get this american hostage freed when he didn't do so when he was defense secretary. >> martha: thanks, jennifer. jennifer griffin reporting from the pentagon. joining me now, general jack keane, former vice chief of staff for the army. good to have you with us. a lot has happened over the last several days. i want to go backwards from what we just heard from jen psaki with regard to a future presence of al-quaida, terrorist organizations, isis in afghanistan. listen to this. >> we're not going to do anything that will allow terrorists to grow or prosper in afghanistan or any terrorist organization.
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that continues to be the president's commitment and his order to the u.s. military the last several days show that he will deliver on that promise. >> martha: general, before you answer that, i'd like to play this from jake sullivan, the national security adviser on this topic. then your thoughts. watch. >> we have to be attuned to the possibility that isis-k or any other group in afghanistan would look to extends its reach beyond afghanistan itself. the intelligence community has briefed us over time that their current capability to threaten the homeland is not there, but that is a capability that they are seeking. >> your thoughts, general. >> yeah, well, as i said earlier, jake sullivan just provided the justification for why we wanted to stay there. because we know these organizations have aspirations to attack the united states and american interests. this is al-quaida and also
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isis-k. let me say something about isis-k. they conducted 77 attacks this year alone. most notable prior to the horrific attack at the kabul airport was a high school for girls where over 90 people were killed there, mostly girls, on may 8 of this year. so this is an organization that will absolutely grow now. it's got another 1,000 fighters as a result of the release of them from taliban jail. al-quaida was also released. it is indisputable what is happening before our eyes, martha. no amount of denials by this administration will change it. we committed to a terrorist organization to take over afghanistan. it's called. taliban enabled 9-11 by allowing
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al-quaida to prepare and execute that operation. were they complicit there? they were. we know full well the safe haven in afghanistan is going to reemerge and grow and prosper because the afghans are going to support it. that's just the facts of the case. yes, the threat to america is going to grow. when we talk about this over the horizon thing, there's a lot of wishful thinking here. will the military do its best, the cia or intelligence services do their best? of course they will. but it's not anything like what we had. here's the example of it. the places where organizations have aspirations to kill america are four. iraq, syria and east africa and yemen. three of those we're on the ground. the one place we're not on the ground is yemen. but we're close by. we're not over the horizon.
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we got kicked out and we had to shut down our special operations base. we're not coming over the horizon. this is the singular place where there's a growing threat against america and we have to come at a great distance just to track the enemy much less deliver a more tall blow to the enemy. actually delivering a mortal blow to the enemy is easier. seeing how they grow day by day and tracking arms is very difficult to do. we lost the eyes and ears of the people in afghanistan. their singular focus was on thinks organizations that was going to attack america. all of that is gone. this is going to be very challenging for us. we just can't whiff it away by saying that these two attacks we've conducted are evidence of how we're going to do this in
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the future. they're not that related in terms of what the real challenge is. >> martha: that's what i was going to ask you, general. thank you. general jack keane. now to the other big story of today. hurricane ida now down graded to a tropical storm. oneperson is confirmed dead. the state's governor says he expected that death toll to go up considerably throughout the day because there's so many areas where they have no eyes and ears right now because of all of these power outages and areas that they just can't get to. mike tobin is on the ground in new orleans where there's no power in the entire city. mike? >> well, martha, the wind damage you see around the french quarter here is typical. what you see behind me is roofing material. behind the city, downed trees and light posts, things of that nature. the big impact is to the power grid. nobody in new orleans has power. a few people across the state
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have power. president biden tried to assure the people of louisiana today noting that 5,000 guardsmen plus have been activated. generators are being moved in and drones are being utilized to assess the damage to the power grid. >> the people of louisiana and mississippi are resilient, but it's -- in moments like these, we can certainly see the power of government respond to the needs of the people if the government is prepared and if they respond. that's our job, if we work together. folks get knocked down, we're there to help you get back on your feet. >> the flood damage is much more significant outside of the protection of the new orleans levee system fortified after hurricane katrina. in lafitte louisiana, a levee was overtopped. >> you know, unfortunately this
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is a situation where the water is living on us. they have a great quality of life down here these fishing communities. you know, we want to make sure we can protect their livelihood and a great place to live here in southeast louisiana. >> now back here in new orleans, the flood water pumps which are essential to keep this city dry as it sits below sea level, they work off of individual turbines. the sewage pumps work off the grid. one thing city officials noted that that power system is not worked out, the sewage pumps will be a problem soon. >> martha: thanks, mike. very much. we'll check back in with him as that story continues to grow today. marine lance corporal riley mccollum just one of the 13 united states service members that lost his life in kabul. he was killed there. the 20-year-old from wyoming was married, he was about to become a dad in a couple weeks.
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>> it is so disgusting that these people cannot even acknowledge the fact that they just killed my son for nothing. for an ill-managed debacle of a freaking withdrawal from a country that we had total control of. that's what gets me.
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>> martha: that is the mother of fallen marine riley mccollum. emotions shared by many. her pain is obviously very raw and it is a very difficult interview to listen to with this mom. your heart absolutely breaks for her. rylee was one of 13 that were lost in that attack at the gate at the airport thursday in kabul. president biden observed the dignified transfer of soldiers in a very moving moment yesterday. i hope you watched it. if you didn't, you should watch it. we owe it to these service members that gave their lives trying to help people out of that airport in kabul. so joining me now, gold star wife jane horton, she lost her husband, chris horton, in afghanistan in september of 2011
12:20 pm
and karen vaughn who lost her son, navy seal aaron vaughn in afghanistan in august of 2011. first of all, ladies, thanks so much for your sacrifice and for your service and for the service of your husband and your son. just as a mom when i listen to this mother, it just absolutely breaks my heart, karen. what goes through your mind when you hear that interview? >> i remember those exact feelings of outrage. she's just trying to reconcile something in her brain that she can fathom that has happened. the righteous indignation of having your child die for nothing is overwhelming. i understand her feelings. i felt is same way after aaron died. with her situation, yes, we were done. the wore had been going on 20 years. it was over. time to have a strategy a plan. there was none. as a result of that her son and
12:21 pm
12 others are dead. i can only -- i can truly empathize with her anger and rage right now. >> martha: reading a story in politco about what they understood about the eminence of that threat and how according to this report in politco, which basically drew on classified materials and john kirby did not comment on this today because those materials were leaked. anyway, the gist of it is that they were very concerned about the gates. they were trying to get the gates closed and get people away from them. i think when you read a story like that, it adds to the outrage and the frustration so many people feel when they look at what this mom has gone through and all of the other families. >> yeah, it's incredibly difficult. sad to hear stuff like that especially with the intelligence on the ground and hoping there was a way this could have been prevented with this large precious loss of life.
12:22 pm
the truth of the matter, the war doesn't end tomorrow for the 1% fighting it. it's only ending for the 99% of americans that never fight it. this will always be with us. >> martha: you went to afghanistan in june. so besides feeling the pain of these families who you can understand unlike most of us, you've been trying to get people out. how is that going right now and what is your assessment of how it's been handled? >> you know, i don't know anyone that can say it's been handled well. i've been getting calls from democrat members of congress, republicans. nobody knows how to get anybody out. so there this vast network of service members and operators that have been doing everything that they can to create operations to get people out. people are up 23 hours a day, 24 hours a day trying to get our friends and allies and our precious afghan fellow humans
12:23 pm
out of this horrific situation. it's been horrible for everyone. i've gotten thousands of calls asking to get people out. i wish we could have done better for these precious people. >> martha: thanks, jane and karen for speaking from your heart about the experience that these people are going through and for the work you're doing to get people out. >> martha, can i say one thing? >> martha: please. >> one thing on my heart, talking to the war fighters that fought this 20 years. it was not for nothing. your service mattered. you raised a generation of afghans that knew freedom. you raised a generation of americans that didn't know what an attack on our soil was. you're noble and your service will be honored the rest of our lives. >> martha: well-said. i keep thinking about the fact that the average age of these
12:24 pm
young people is 22. most of them have no memory of september 11th and they went and served and they gave their lives to help these people in afghanistan and to help create whatever peace they could and whatever form that was possible in that part of the world to help keep people safe. we're so grateful to them and everyone that served there for everything that they did, including your husband and your son. thank you both. >> thank you. >> martha: so here's another infuriating piece of information. the deal that mike have reportedly kept the taliban out of kabul until the united states was fully ready to leave and why perhaps according to this reporting which we'll explain to you the administration and the white house decided not to take that deal or the pentagon decided to take that deal. lara logan joins us with her reaction to this next. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique.
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12:29 pm
path that was left in hurricane ida's wake. a stucking report claims that the taliban offered to stay out of kabul after it fell to the taliban and to let u.s. forces secure the city. according to "the washington post" reporting, they were turned down by u.s. officials including general mckenzie who you heard last week that said that they would only need control of the airport. so that decision some would say led to the security debacle that we witnessed and the terrible outcomes that we've seen the last several days and members of congress are seeking answers from leadership in the pentagon and the white house on all of this. aishah hasnie who was in that post for the briefing today on capitol hill. great to have you there. >> a lot of frustrations among republicans. that's why kevin mccarthy is
12:30 pm
calling on democratic leaders to come back to washington and address the afghanistan issue, this is after a growing number of republicans from the house, 40 of them and 4 senators are calling for the resignation or impeachment of president biden. the "washington post" also out with this damning report over the weekend that claims that when kabul fell, the taliban offered to let the u.s. secure the capitol. they said this was one of the options that they were giving to u.s. officials. they could secure the capitol. u.s. officials chose to withdraw. this is also the same time that august 31 deadline to evacuate was created. the post timeline of event also indicates two days before kabul fell, secretary state anthony blinken was vacationing in the hamptons. two republican house members have already introduced articles of impeachment against secretary
12:31 pm
of state blinken. >> we have a job and responsibility as members of congress of oversight of the executive branch. why are we not back in? getting the fact -- nancy pelosi called us back in a special session only to pass about $5 trillion. denying us the ability to have any oversight over afghanistan. >> speaker pelosi's office has pushed back on this. they did so late last week underscoring that the focus right now in the moment should be on the evacuations. leader mccarthy will have a roundtable on afghanistan later this afternoon. he has on his schedule an event in california for wednesday. we'll be asking him if he will cancel that and stay here in d.c. martha? >> martha: thanks. lara logan joins me now. she's reported extensively on afghanistan for two decades. she's the host of "lara logan
12:32 pm
has no agenda." lara, good to have you here. i want to get to this "washington post" story and your reaction to this. what it says is that after president ghanni fled the palace and there was a power vacuum in kabul, there was a discussion between general mckenzie and others and the head of the taliban who apparently according to this report told them that the u.s. mission was only to evacuate american citizens and allies and others at risk. the united states told him that they would need the airport to do that. but they said we have a problem. we have two options to deal with this. you, the united states military take responsibility for securing kabul or allow us to do it. apparently the answer is all we need is the airport. you control the rest of the city, to which ron clain just
12:33 pm
retweeted that they did the right thing. he said no, we were right not to take over security in kabul when the taliban asked if we wanted to, which confirms that story from the chief of staff. lara, what do you think about this? >> i mean, this is just hilarious. we're actually having a serious conversation about what the chief of the taliban told the u.s. that they could or couldn't do. does anyone else feeling like we're in la-la land? it's ridiculous what we're not talking about, what has the united states agreed to with the taliban? has this country -- has this government agreed to recognize the islamic terrorists that are responsible for 9-11 as the legitimate islamic emirate rulers of afghanistan? are they going to empower al-quaida with unprecedented legitimacy and power on the 20th anniversary of 9-11? that's the only thing that
12:34 pm
really matters here. everything that you're seeing in afghanistan now will be here in the united states if you empower not just one islamic emirate. remember, al-quaida has its affiliates. you've been lied to for years and told that these organizations in libya and mali, you don't have to worry about them. they're not con necked. it's not true. they share the same ideology and control. the haqqani network, they are the taliban. they are also the afghan al-quaida. they are the oldest al-quaida members in afghanistan along with bin laden's high guard. these al-quaida leaders are returning to afghanistan right now. some of them were always there. do you know what we did -- you know what we're not talking ant, martha? the united states military and this administration knew for
12:35 pm
months foreign fighters were flooding into pakistan and over the border. why are we not talking act sanctions on pakistan? they control the haqqani network. the leadership is based there. they don't do anything without pakistan. why aren't we asking pakistan for answers if we really didn't know this was happening? which nobody believes for a second. why aren't we asking pakistan to stop it? if you didn't want the marines to die, you had to take charge. why did we cede control to the taliban in the first place? you didn't make a deal to withdraw. you could have withdrawn. what congress needs to pay attention to is not recognize the islamic emirate of the taliban, which will lead to the islamic emirates of libya and yemen and everywhere else. this is the caliphate. the political heart hoff the caliphate. may not be the violent isis
12:36 pm
caliphate but the greatest victory in their history since they began. >> martha: i mean, they seem dumbfounded themselves that kabul fell into their hands as quickly as it did. they said this is the most joyful day of our existence. thanks, lara. always good to have you here. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: as threats loom around the kabul airport for these last 24 hours and beyond, no doubt, the clock is ticking down to our full withdrawal and u.s. veterans that return to the fight to get their interpreters and allies out say that they will not stop these programs that they're running until they get them out next. veteran homeowners. newday usa has dropped their rates again. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. these rates could cut thousands off your mortgage payments every year. with their two and a quarter refi, there's
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veteran homeowners, newday just announced you know, whether it's a fraction their lowest rate ever. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year. >> those that self-identified as americans in afghanistan considering leaving the country since august 14, we have thus far received confirmation that
12:41 pm
6,000 have been evacuated or otherwise departed. this number will continue to grow as our outreach is continuing. >> martha: the white house on american citizens evacuated from afghanistan. with 24 hours to go, there's huge concern about remaining americans and afghan allies that are stranded in kabul with no way out. my next guest helped rescue families in a daring mission that they called the pineapple express. jason redman is here. thanks for being here and helping so many people. thanks nor being with us today. i want to start by playing this sound bite from the weekend from the secretary of state, anthony blinken when asked about whether or not the united states had turned over the names of individuals who are trying to
12:42 pm
get out to the taliban. >> the idea that we shared lists of americans or others with the taliban is simply wrong. >> what was shared? >> so in specific instances when you try to get a bus or group of people through and you need to show a manifest to do that because particularly in cases where people don't have the necessary credentials on them or documents, then you'll share names of the list on people, but the idea that we put anyone in any further jeopardy is simply wrong. >> martha: scott, let's start with you. what is your reaction to the secretary of state and what are you learning that is actually happening? >> hi, martha. we were working the operation in the united states using communications with our interpreters and former special ops partners. we were in communication with them nonstop at the grass roots level.
12:43 pm
yesterday there was a bus with american citizens in view of the gate. the taliban were shooting over the bus, around the bus and enduring this for hours. i can tell you calls went in to the white house. the joint chiefs of staff from our team and others. that gate never opened and the taliban never came off there. so if manifests were handed over, guess what? the buses didn't get through? the taliban have those names now. >> martha: so what happened to the people on the bus? >> a lot of the americans that did not get through have pulled back. the air base, i won't get into details, but the air base is like fort apache. but we're scrambling right now to try to use our relationships to try to grab as many american citizens as we can and move them to safety because that is the immediate thing. when the last plane goes out of here and the lights go down in
12:44 pm
kabul, those lifts are target lifts. that's what we're scrambling to do right now. >> martha: that's the question, jason. how many people can you get out before 3:29 tomorrow afternoon and what do you think about what we're being told that oh, well, we'll still find a pathway out for these people? >> martha, yeah, scott nailed it. we've tried time and time again. i spoke with the state department, afghanistan american citizen hotline. they said we're doing our best to get these people in. as of midnight, the number was no longer working. yet we still have these time to get the american citizens out. we're doing everything in our power to get these people out. not only american citizens but the honor the promise that the american government made to all of these individuals that fought and served alongside scott and i and so many military members. >> martha: you've been using
12:45 pm
social media to get people through sewer tunnels, to get them around the taliban checkpoints, to show people where the checkpoints are, to give them safe passage to the airport. we hope the phone number gets back up and running. they said today there's still opportunity for people to get out and no doubt it's closing quickly. gentlemen, thank you for all that you've been doing for so many. thanks for being here today. good luck to you on the last day that we have here. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: the report is watering down of regulations for risk gain of function research. and dr. collins and dr. fauci that oversaw the funding that went to these programs and the definitions of them, which is also quite interesting coming up next. >> they were untreatable, this virus and resistant to vaccines. why was the work being done and in conjunction with nih funded scientists? the safe pilots.
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>> martha: u.s. intelligence still divided on whether covid-19 came from the lab in wuhan, china or originated in nature. now a report claims that doctors anthony fauci and francis collins helped to water down the regulations and the oversight of controversial gain of function research which has emerged as a focal point in the origins debate with speculations about the wuhan institute. doctors fauci and collins insist there's still safeguards in place in overseeing that research. joining me now, jamie metzel, a national security official in
12:51 pm
the clinton administration and among the first to call for a full investigation into pandemic origins in early 2020. jamie, great to have you with us today. this report was inconclusive. i know that you say it's just the beginning and you hope that they continue to dig in to what happened coming out of china. this other reporting today is very interesting with regard to what happened with gain of function research. we've had up and down denials from both doctors about anything that was done be u.s. taxpayer money at hhs or fauci's institute, had anything to do with gain of function research. here's senator rand paul and dr. fauci. >> dr. fauci, do you wish to retract your state where you claim that the nih conducted gin of function research in wuhan? >> senator paul, i never lied before the congress and i do not retract that statement.
12:52 pm
this paper that you're referring to was judged by qualified staff up and down the chain as not being gain of function. >> martha: what is your take on that, jamie and whether or not there's any of this gain of function research which cranks up the trans miss ability of viruses in order to figure out how to stop them but can be dangerous if leaked from a lab? >> the reason why i've been saying repeatedly that the issue isn't gain of function yes or no, but what was the work that was being carried out in the wuhan labs and what was the u.s. role in supporting it. it's a semitic issue whether or not it's gain of function. we're worried about gain of function making more deadly viruses. so in that exchange, rand paul and dr. fauci are right in a way. dr. fauci is right by the technical definition from a 2016
12:53 pm
nih document. the work wasn't gain of function. rand paul is right that it's gaining function. what we knee is a comprehensive investigation into the origins of the pandemic. 99.9% needs to focus on the work do being done in these chinese labs and they would have done it with or without our financial support. we need to take a tough look at the work we did. it's not appropriate that we were funding research in laboratories where we didn't have sufficient oversight. we shouldn't be able to demand the records, samples of the wuhan institute of virology, especially any work carried out with any u.s. government support. so it's probably wrong to demonize doctors collins and
12:54 pm
fauci. they have to be tough and tougher on china and demanding a comprehensive investigation with full access to everything. >> martha: you hit the nail on the head. it's semantics. the definition of gain of function has change toed allow this research to continue, right? >> it's a tough one. the term "gain of function" is not well-defined. it's a new -- in a sense, a new capability. there's different definitions in different documents. that's why we need to get away from this binary conversation about was it or wasn't it gain of function. there's lots of things that we do that could in common sensuous single be called gain of function that we like. some of the work that helped make the vaccines were done by giving viruses functions that they didn't have. gain of function in common sensuous single. it's not a binary question that
12:55 pm
if we supported gain of function it's inherently wrong. we need to look at what was the work being done, what did we support, was it appropriate or not. we need to dig and point fingers everywhere including at ourselves. >> thanks, jamie metzl. we're back with more of the "the story" after this. stay with us. news, great the lowest mortgage rates you've been waiting for are here. the newday two and a quarter refi has the company's lowest rate in history. 2.25% with an apr of 2.48. save thousands every year. plus there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. newday is holding the line on interest rates so every veteran family can save. call now. growing up in a little red house, on the edge of a forest in norway, there were three things my family encouraged: kindness, honesty and hard work.
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1:00 pm
ida is expected to pick up speed tonight before dumping rain in tennessee and ohio river valleys tomorrow. there's flash flooding and mudslides along the way. we wish those people well and a quick recovery in a very difficult situation. thanks nor being with us today for "the story," august 30, 2021. the "the story" continues tomorrow. see you back here. >> neil: thank you, martha, very much. we're on top of two storms gripping the world right now. certainly our part with the flooding and damage and winds and still more flooding and damage and winds to come from hurricane ida, now tropical storm ida. also following what's going on in afghanistan with less than 24 hours to go before we go and are gone. where does that stand right now? welcome. i'm neil cavuto. this is "your world" on a day of dramatic developments on the mother nature


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