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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  August 29, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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afghans, don't do it again, don't side with foreigners, we're here to stay. that is what they are using this for, they are using the bloodied americans as a warning to their own people. >> have to cut you off. we'll lose time. that is whatt. >> ashley: this is a fox news alert, i'm ashley strohmier. five rockets were fired at the kabul airport. c-ram engaged in defense. jennifer griffin is here to explain about the c-ram system you were explaining 10 minutes ago. >> we can confirm with a senior defense official that five rockets were fired at the kabul
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airport in the last hour. but i understand there were no casualties, and the v ram system that stands for counter rocket and mortar system was deployed. that's the defensive system the u.s. has at bases that can detect incoming artillery or mortars. that was used effectively, i'm told and the threat was mitigated. but all of this shows how dangerous the next coming days will be as the military completes its withdrawal from afghanistan. it began its retrograde earlier today. we reported on a u.s. drone strike that took out two suicide bomber who were in explosive latent vehicles 2 kilometers from the airport.
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that threat -- there are ongoing threat streams. biden was warned there could be an attack on the airport in 24-36 hours. we have seen that attack at least the five rockets. but again i'm told from senior military officials that the threat stream continues and it will continue until the u.s. yous out on august 31. ashley: that will make it difficult for the around 300 americans left in afghanistan if they want to leave afghanistan. >> that number of americans is a tricky figure. as the 8 department reached out to some of those 300 or so americans that are left. some of them indicated they would prefer to stay.
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we know of americans who were stopped by taliban checkpoints from getting to the airport gates. the taliban had promised to let the americans through. but as the final hours with the u.s. on the ground there at these checkpoints it's anyone's guess whether the taliban will honor their agreements and let americans through. but it's really the people in the special immigrant visa category and the vulnerable afghans we made promises to to come to the united states because we know they will be targeted by the taliban. those are the much larger numbers standing outside the gates of the kabul airport and will been likely to get in. as the hours wind down and the
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airport has come under rocket attack. it's increasingly difficult for the u.s. state department and military to let me through the gates. >> does this mean that the airlift for the time being are going to be stopped and will they pick back up at some point? >> they have not been toopped. but it's a stop-start process. when you have a threat like the rockets coming in. at a height there were 0,000 afghan evacuees being flown out with a plane landing every 45 minutes and taking off in about an hour. but to pull out the troops and remove equipment. we had 2,500 troops at the airport.
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you can't snap your fingers on august 31. it's a process over a number of days. we heard from senior officials that they will take eligible afghans or citizens on the flights out up until the last moment on august 31. if there are american citizens out there who still want to leave, there is a number they can call at the state department and they will try to get them into the gate and on a plane home. ashley: is this the threat they warned about as far as the attacks on the airport? or is this going to be ongoing until the 48 hours is up tuesday. >> what i have been told is that it is a very complicated matrix
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of threats right now. you have the suicide bombers trying to kill people at the gates and to create mayhem as we saw the other day which left 13 american service members dead at the abby gate. you have car bombs like the one taken out by the drone strike just 3 kilometers away from the airport. you have rocket fire coming into the airport. there are threats against military and civilian planes flying in and out of the airport. there has been gunfire against those planes. fortunately none of them have been hit. but there is grave concern about the threat to planes taking off as well as personnel still left at the airport. ashley: i keep seeing the video of the planes flying over kabul
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and it worried me just watching it. jennifer, should it concern anyone left in afghanistan whether american or allies and interpreters, anything like that, kinds of relying on the taliban, a terror group, taking their word they will try to help them get out? >> that is coming to an end. the arrangement made with the taliban the last two weeks was a marriage of necessity. it was not something anyone would have chosen under any circumstances. but the taliban controls the city. and if the u.s. wanted to get anyone through those checkpoints they had to rely on the taliban and negotiate with the taliban and cajole the taliban to let american citizens through as well as other afghans. that was the arrangement.
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it was and the first choice. it was a last choice. but it was an arrangement they had to use. they have gotten 117,000 afghans evacuated the last two weeks. and they had to go through cal ban checkpoints to get to the airport. if you ask me if everybody should be worried about what comes after august 31. yes. anybody living under taliban rule as soon as american troops leave, the taliban will go house to house and they are going to seek retribution for anyone who cooperated with americans, and there is a great deal of terror in afghanistan tonight as we speak. it will continue, and the taliban may not be able to form
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a government. if you were looking out on the horizon we are already seeing groups in the pashear valley. it most likely will become aville war. ashley: what happens -- say the president does extend this 31st of august deadline. i know it's not likely. but say he does. could we see a retaliatory instance from the taliban because that was not part of the arrangement? >> i think that's why you won't see the president extend that deadline beyond august 31. there is slim to none chance that changes.
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right now the taliban have held fire against u.s. troops and u.s. forces. despite roughing up american citizens, they have not shot or killed any american citizens on their way to the airport. after august 31, it's anyone's guess. the threats the military believes are from isis-k. the taliban probably are not disappointed that isis-k carried out the suicide bombing. because all of these groups want to make it look as though the u.s. is withdrawing under fire. and so, you know, at this point, every hour that the u.s. is on the ground between now and august 31 is extremely dangerous and extremely difficult to get any more -- any more evacuees
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out. ashley: joining us on the phone is andrew mcneil. a former green beret who served in afghanistan. >> i think we'll continue to see status quo from the u.s. military. i don't want to talk tactics or military strategy given there are still americans on the ground. but they have to evaluate what type of capabilities the enemy has. what are the range of those mortars. once they have a better understanding of what came into the compound, i think you will see the flights resume. hamid karzai airport isn't set up to be a large military
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evacuation point. so it's easy for the enemy to come in with a population, jump out of a truck and fire a rocket and go back into the populace. that's why the military wouldn't pick a location like hkia. jenna: why difficult they pick this -- why did they pick this? >> closing bagram air base was one of the biggest mistakes we have seen happen the last couple weeks. that would have allowed us to understand what's going around and not have refugees crowd around the gates. we are manufacturing the dangerous situation so close to
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the city of kabul. obviously that decision needs to be analyzed. it's clearly a mistake and we are seeing the ramifications over and over again. now that we are in this situation the military is execute the best they can with the card they are dealt. ashley: you are not there, you are not on the ground. but you are a former green beret. you have seen what it's like. explain to us what's going on in these u.s. servicemen's heads. they have 48 hours to get people out and that time is closing. >> i have been in communication with a lot of them trying to help get american citizens out. trying to get some of of our interpreters out, and afghan
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partners who are at high risk. if i had to guess, i would say they would be happy to stay if we understood we could control the threat and get clarity how many americans are left. how many afghan partners are still in the region. we saw some of the news come out the last day if there was a plan to get people out. but with a lack of clarity and a lack of direction, i think they just want to move on and get out of the region. ashley: we are going to break. we appreciate your time and we'll follow this throughout the night. thank you so much.
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mark: welcome back congressman brian mast, combat veteran, afghanistan. who gave up a lot. azmi fought in afghanistan -- as he fought in afghanistan, there is no good choices now. so, just from your own perspective. what can we do. it is a hundred times more
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complicated before. we don't have many intelligence, we are in quite a situation hire. but seems unless we use overwhelming military force, we're going to scatter out of their as fast as we can and leave god knows how many american citizens and allies. >> the choice has to be making commitment we will choose right strategic objective, it has to be several things, every american, no man left, no woman left, every single american. president biden he is looking at several different red lines, unfortunately we have a president that is allowing himself to be given a red line by a terrorist organization, that should not be followed. he is giving them red line. any interruption of our operations will be met with a strict response. we have not seen that out of him yet to this point, he needs to stand up to that red line and alike an american, even more so, an
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american president. the second needs to be, if we don't look at the quote most advanced military weaponly and every item in that inventory from stigger civiles to helicopters to -- missiles to helicopters and drones, say we'll take every one of those items out of their hands off of the battle space, then we'll see civilians and military alike not just from the united states, but from other country killed with our equipment. for years to come, they are two strategic objectives that need to be met. >> do you think he will do that. >> unfortunately, no. again, i'll go to what i said, if an earlier segment. we have a president that is begging for participation trophy, for sinking a ship then sending out lifeboats, saying, see, look what i did for everyone. his number one goal is optics.
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his number one goal is not the american people. his number one goal is not those who helped us. a joe biden quote following vietnam war, we have zero observation to get out one or 100,000 foreign nationals. not a moral obligation or otherwise, that is a quote from joe biden. about those that helped us in vietnam, that how he feels about those that help americans, zero obligation to them. you talk about callousness, coldness of him. it is reflected in his life from the lifetime he has been in politics, right up until this very minute. it is putting our soldiers and or nation, domestically and abroad in the greatest risk that we've seen in my lifetime. mark: congressman mast, i have seen this administration and secretary of state among others blaming american citizens of afghanistan for not getting
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out fast enough. now joe biden said he didn't realize that taliban would takeover this fast, he said some weeks ago it would not happen. american citizen sitting in afghanistan listening to your president, you don't have access to intelligence. and so maybe you are not moving as fast as we should ven couraged people -- have encouraged people, but idea we will blaming now the hostages for the situation in place, and secretary of state did that too, for secretary of state to say, just because we're out by the 31, does not mean we'll use all our diplomatic power, who the hell does he think he is kidding? our diplomatic pressure and economic pressure? and these cockroaches are suddenly going to start releasing american citizens. this is what i reject the most, the lies, we keep hearing lies from this
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administration, no? >> their diplomatic power means squat. to another point they have been making on that system front, we have leverage of billions of dollars held in banks. that is no leverage whatsoever for a group that came to power without one of those dollars, why our intelligence community is putting such an emphasis on that? it is simply a talking point for them that does not add up to get anyone out at the moment the last service member leaves ground in afghanistan. you look at, that and all those and why that occurred, you have contradicting information back and forth from state department, department of defense to americans on ground, show up this time, don't show up that time, don't go to the gate where you can get in because in say serious threat. we know that they were making one of most dangerous checkpoints anywhere on the face of this earth, real threats of
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vehicle-borne ieds, you name it we moved a location to here, no we'll send a bus for you now, these were the contradicting pieces of information given to the americans, any wonder any of them, able to make it to the gate. mark: and speaking of that. i read a piece the other day, not a single american citizen has been evacuated from outside of kabul. not one. we're just talking about kabul. but all americans are not in kabul. so i think this is going to reverberate for decades to come, american citizens overseas have very reason to are fearful, i believe the southern border wide open is another impeachable offense, he defied a supreme court
9:25 pm
decision, he is acting like a dictator, as is the speaker of the house, i think we're at a tipping point, we either stand up as american citizens and demand immediate accountability and yes recriminations now or we'll lose this republican. congressman thank you for everything. including your patriotism, thank you very much. >> all the best. mark: god bless, we'll be right back.
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ashley: this is a fox news severe weather alert with the latest on hurricane ida. the storm is a deadly category 2. it inches closer to mississippi with 100-mile-per-hour winds. it leaves behind a trail of destruction and at least one death reportedly the result of a fallen tree. powerful rains and winds have been battering the state all day. 1,700 homes and businesses are in the dark. president biden declared louisiana a major disaster site. that will clear the way for
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hurricane assistance for victims. headlines. log on to ♪ ♪ mark: welcome back america. we're joined with another great american hero, dan crenshaw, congressman from texas, he served navy seals for 10 years, 5 tours of duty, reached launching of rank of lieutenant commander. lost his right eye while in afghanistan. his other eye is not functioning as well as he would like. 2017 received a masters degree, great hero, very smart man, congressman, a question for you. >> thank you. mark: as we see what is unraveling and has been unraveling for some time.
9:31 pm
what was the biden administration's mission? >> a great question. it gets to the heart of what we have been debating for 20 years in the united states since the second day that we were in afghanistan, we all agree there was no debate, we needed to go and to do something about 9/11 and take it to the people responsible. but there has been a debate since about what do we do now, it seems that mission according to joe biden of the simply get our troops home, that should never be the mission. this gets to heart of debate. the goal of the never just to keep our inter military at home that is not national defense. that is not national defense, that means, being forward deployed, building alliances and helping other partners keep our country safe, the world is a small place. and terrorism traveling
9:32 pm
quickly. this is a lesson that we learn after 9/11 but appeared to have forgotten. the mission can't just be bring troops home. but that was joe biden's mission, he was singularly focused on, that his advisers told him something different, military told him something different, they gave same advice they gave to president president trump and president obama. they wanted the same thing but they had to deal with reality of the situation there are extreme costs to just withdrawing everyone, it makes you feel good. that only strategic objective is good feelings, i don't think we feel good about it now. do we? strategic objective should be is keep america safe, then you do what it takes to keep america safe at lowest cost possible, but to make that objective, we have been struggling to find
9:33 pm
that plant for 20 years -- balance for 20 years, we had that balance in 14. we found that in a low-cost, we were keeping american safe and preventing a terrorist safe haven, we had not lost a troop in 18 months, we made this horrible blunder, well, i don't know about we, joe biden is leading the country. now we have blood on our hands, that is the reality of what is going on right now. mark: the implications congressman crenshaw, beyond afghanistan now, are unbelievable. we're not getting all our citizens out. we are not gotten a single citizen outside of kabul, our citizens will be targeted all over, the border is wide open, as if nothing is happening. the military's budget is flat.
9:34 pm
while everything else in the government is getting massive increases, when it comes to domestic programs and so forth. i am troubled by this president of the united states, whether he is competent and i'm not talking about dementia, but competent by personality and attitude in leading a great country, i am gravely concerned we will have three and a half more years of this should in our on k-o constitutional system, the republicans talking about it impeachment. we have no other way to deal with a commander in chief who won't be a commander in chief. >> it worse than we thought it would be. we have to deal with reality, second in line is kamala harris, and third is nancy pelosi.
9:35 pm
these are existential questions for our country, they seem to be three terrible options and then our avenues to make something happen, they are real questions, it should be noted. whether he certainly now suffering from whether old age or dementia a very clear change in joe biden freshing , from even a few years ago, i heard stories of barack obama not trusting joe biden judgment, of him kicking joe biden out of the room during serious discussions say about osama bin laden raid because, as he put it. joe biden's not process was dangerous. to the mission. so his judgment to always been in question, there are people who stated this. but he has been on the wrong side of every major foreign policy decision, it has become worse than we thought, all we wanted from
9:36 pm
joe biden, at least as a conservative, to not do anything, enjoy the policy, do nothing, keep all policies in place. maintain the same present we are in afghanistan, until it is more proper time to leave. leave our economic policies as they are. stop doing things. i can't imagine an easier way to have high approval rating and a successful ftse than -- presidency than just do nothing, but he can't, it is really dire for our country. and i don't say this from a partisan perspective, i would rather joe has highest approval ratings possible and our country was on a good track, that would make my happy, i take no comfort in fact this might be good for republicans politically that is not true. by the way, i recall plenty of democrat say we need bad stuff to happen because that only way to get trump out of office, republicans don't think that way.
9:37 pm
they want good things for the country. and we need joe biden to realize that. we need him to reverse course, a lot of these riches are not -- issues are not irreversible. >> when we come back, are we getting the rest of our citizens out of afghanistan? 1 we're fully out of there, secretary of state said we'll use diplomacy and economic pressure, i would like to know from you, whether you think that is effective, we'll be right back.
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mark: welcome back. congressman crenshaw, we're told that isis fights al qaeda, and al qaeda fights isis, last time i checked taliban let isis and al
9:42 pm
qaeda out of their prison. maybe they normally fight each other, i know they have one enemy, that is us. my question is what in the world could be the plan to get american citizens out of that country once every troop has left. diplomacy and economics? is that effective. >> a great question, it is what democrats and republicans have been asking this administration. in a private meeting with house of representatives, and secretary of defense, secretary of state, director of national intelligence, chairman of joint chiefs, the question was the same, why can't we extend the deadline, tell the taliban to kick rocks, my opinion is we need to retake places like bagram and additional airfields to give our citizens and allies more options to get out, secretary of state in particular has been lying about realities in the
9:43 pm
ground, and jen psaki has been lying about them and joe biden. there is no possibility of getting peep out safely -- people out safely if we remove our troop present, that is the only language these people understand, they don't care about diplomacy or hurt feelings or international standing, this is the taliban we're talking about it is frustrating. i first heard joe biden say the mission was to get our allies and is the ats out of afghanistan. it was just perhaps.
9:44 pm
it is a shame. mark: there are wars and there are wars, you can engaged. ? hand-to-hand combat then with 2500 noncombat troops backing up afghans on our air force. isn't that like a perfect situation where they do most of the fighting. you have a lot of cockroaches in prison. now the situation, they have more land than they had. and they have our equipment and our citizens. >> and they have a terrorist stave a half -- safe haven, we have direct threats, intelligence would assume al qaeda would be able to externalize their operation. within a year. we decimated their capabilities but when we stop fighting them and say that battle is over, they don't. we were not at war on
9:45 pm
september 10, 2001 or in 1998 when al qaeda ordered attacks on our embassies in kenya and tanzania. they were at war with us. just because we leave, and joe biden said we ended the war. does not maybe the war is actually ended it means we gave up strategic strong hold, to fight them, that is all it means we lost eyes and ears. we're in a much more dangerous place now. as you said, i don't think -- when we have not lost a soldier in 18 months that does not qualify as a war, that qualifies as a stalemate, we finally found the balance of lowest possible cost to achieve strategic objective of denying terrorist safe haven. mark: my question, if you are ukraine, taiwan or
9:46 pm
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mark: congressman crenshaw, the terrorists are empowered by nation state enemies of ours are empowered too. they are not going to take joe biden seriously, i am worried most about communist china, taiwan, putin and ukraine and israel. and iran. what are your thoughts? >> i think that is right. there is strategic plunders here and tactical blunders as well. from a strategic stand point, these competitors like china, and iran. that is always looking for leverage over the united states, and for those openings these weaknesses, chinese are doing the same, i believe i heard chinese were propagandaing the taiwanese saying that america doesn't have your back. who is to say we're wrong when we don't stand up for what is even easy.
9:51 pm
i mean, i don't see how we can recruit sources any more, how we can recruit people to work can us, translators, national defense does not mean sitting on your shores keeping your shoulders safe, that is not about what i signed up for, i don't need your pity or compassion. i just want to be sent to do my job, i need to keep you safe, how that is how shoulders, veterans -- soldiers and veterans think, even gold star families think like this. i speak with them all of the time, their main concern, they know their son or husband did not die in vein, they were protecting their country, they are concerned about now, will our country be protected from now on, who is taking fight to the enemy if we decide to just give up, what does that say to china. it is a strategic blunder in
9:52 pm
so many ways, by point is, needs to be keep getting made, it can be reversed, focus on short-term right now if we respond with overwhelming force and go on offense and reset the chess board our leverage, then we could come back from this. at least a little bit. these things are reversible but we need decisive act from white house. mark: do you think that man who lit the fuse to this will put the fire out. >> no, it is almost like arsonist is bragging about how well they are putting out the fire, they started. that was the impression i got from jen psaki talking about military flights coming out, this historic operation of flights coming in and out, and evacuating people. she goes to such a great success. it like arsonist bragging
9:53 pm
about the fire truck showing up, it is perplexing. we need to call on pelosi, if that what it takes to bring us back to session and put forth a resolution demanding this. when me and sheila jackson lee ask the same question, that is amazing. we want to extent the deadline and get pour people out. our people out. >> problem is we have all wrong people in powerful positions, most people said, what is going on. speaker pelosi thought it was going swell. she was praising the president of the united states congressman crenshaw, i want to thank you for your heroism, and for your patriotism, please keep up the fight, got bless you, sir. >> thank you, mark, great to be with you. mark: we'll be right back. (vo) how do you know when you've found your team? whether you're winning, or just doing your best.
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mark: welcome back, for many months -- 18 months not a single american soldier died in afghanistan. the country of largely mark: for 18 months, not a single soldier died? afghanistan. now this failed miss, men have died. citizens are going to die. but we leave in afghanistan a genocidal mess. a disaster for national security, a disaster for our military, and a disaster for the american people. no citizen traveling abroad can assume in this administration that they will be protected or kidnapped, but they will be released. i have never seen anything like this in my life. as i go through american history i have receiver seen anything like this before. the democrat party nominated a
9:59 pm
man they knew was incapable of being president of the united states on so emlevels. the praetorian guard advanced him and celebrated him. the democratic leadership is pushing their power for centralization and massive amnesty. they go ahead with their agenda despite what this country faces. disaster. thosear who say a 20-year war is enough. ,but now we have an endless war. serious attention needs to be given to a mechanism to remove this president. i understand who is behind him. kamala harris and nancy pelosi behind him. but it's the only mechanisms we have understood our republic. we can show the world that we the people through our
10:00 pm
representatives are serious. the discussion and that debate needs to be mainstreamed. i expect the republicans in the house and senate will start talking about it immediately. ♪ ashley: this is a fox news weather alert. i'm ashley strohmier in new york. hurricane ida is pounding the louisiana coast. the louisiana sheriff confirming at least one person died, reportedly half a tree fell on a home outside of baton rouge. the monitor storm made landfall sunday as one of the most powerful hurricanes to ever hit the united states. the national hurricane center warning they could


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