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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  August 28, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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thanks for watching, i'll see you next saturday night. don't forget. ♪♪ >> we begin with a fox news alert. moments ago a brand-new security alert from the u.s. embassy in kabul afghanistan. all americans already at the airport being told to leave due to a specific credible threat of terrorist activity in the area. earlier joe biden sent an attack set an attack is highly likely likely medic 24 -- 36 hours. you've heard politicians talk, it's all they do, a quarter in
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the back of them and they tell you a story. he like to tell you about, it's not who they are, they talk about a policy they don't like by conservatives, you hear liberal state all the time, that's not who we are. you know what definitely is not who we are? we don't leave our people behind. let me say that again. we don't leave our people behind get the bike and ministrations seems to have forgotten that because that isn't who we are, back to the biden administration is. the biden administration is leaving the american people behind. it setting up to blame americans. >> there are some americans may not have decided to leave by the 31st. that is possible. many americans remain citizens, they have extended family members, 20 or 30 others i want to bring with them when they are not ready to make that decision to. >> but i will say but i think it's relevant to this is that
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our military operation will come to an end by august 31. what does not have an expiration date is our commitment to any american for whatever reason decides not to take us up on the offer every patriotism she now. dan: it's disgusting, they are trying to flip the script to blame you for leaving your behind. let me reemphasize again. we don't leave our people behind. but tread this fairytale by the way that joe biden gave a warning on the ground about the impending danger. joe biden was caught off guard despite being warned. how do we know? "wall street journal" story from early august, the biden administration publicly expressed confidence in afghan security forces even as forces melted away and the taliban took over provincial capitol only a week ago, the administration
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anticipated it would maintain enduring medic presents to assist the afghan government to counter the taliban. what planet did joe biden live on? we don't leave our people behind. we didn't leave anyone behind in the battle of mulkey picchu and somalia 19923. blackhawk helicopter shutdown resulting in 19 dead american soldiers including two snipers. army master sgt. and army first sgt. first class randy shugart, they were one of the medal of honor. let me tell you story, we don't leave people behind. i tell this to my students and secret service economy when i was an instructor having a bad day, they thought they had it tough. they were also snipers, providing overwatch from a helicopter. one of the other he los went down. i asked three times, three times
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to be put on the ground. knowing they both knowing and understanding fully that if they want on the ground that the attack somalia board would kill them, to but they weren't going to leave their people behind in the broken helicopter on the ground, they were injured. they asked three times, denied the first time, denied the second time, third time they were finally given permission. it got on the ground. they had the fight of their life. they died, both of them. before they died, they left their weapons with the private. we don't leave our people behind. someone should wake up joe biden and tell him that. joining me back to discuss afghanistan is my friend from a afghanistan war veteran, fox and friends weekend cohost and my friend, pete. i'm just really upset as you are.
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we don't leave our people behind. the story, it gets me everything will time willingly sacrificing their lives to get our people out, we live by a code of this country and it isn't joe biden's coat. >> no, it's not. story is still in the spirit of america's warriors. but still what our war fires want to do. thank you, that's what veterans have been doing in lieu of our government willing to keep that promise. i don't know but i have had a heavier heart in the last 36 hours. i got bedsheet in front of me of those 13 names, the 11 marines, that navy foreman, about a soldier and i'm carrying it with me because those names cannot be forgotten and what they were willing to do in a vulnerable position they were put in to literally reach over a wall in enemy territory, controlled by
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the telegram knowing is a threat, knowing my sister kay had a bomb threat, there is already a notice put out. they were running because they had one promise -- we will not leave you behind. here's what i know right now according to background sources of our state department 350 americans right now identified as americans in kabul around afghanistan want to leave, they are not inside the gates, they will be left behind. 280 self identified as americans are also wanting to go home. we are about to leave them behind as hostages. let's be clear, let's not seek what we will do in a week, let's see in two weeks, this is the taliban isis k al qaeda accardi have biometric database left behind by the biden administration. anyone who's worked with us at all is on that list. they will be found, they will be dead and that will be an ultimate betrayal of what our
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country represents. you saw that marine colonel who said i demand accountability from my leadership because there's a unit leader, you know what you would be fired for pretty basic violations of coast, basic violations of counterparty leaving anyone behind, all of us basic aspects of honor are things still mired in rank-and-file and our general class from the planning to the execution failed to follow through and people are going to die as a result. dan: this is a biden created disaster. we had a perfectly functioning fairfield, what kind of idiot sleeves that behind in a landlocked country? just a military guy, smart man. there are no ports in afghanistan. even worse, it's surrounded by hostile countries. it's a small border with china surrounded by pakistan which has shielded the taliban for years and you can't swim out of
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afghanistan. hundred and 80 forfeits an airfield to try to secure one in a 4 million populated city surrounded by friends and folk? who does that? >> and 80 wrong about everything who's obsessed with whatever dedication he has to ending it and we all want to end it but just like a seven-game series, seven-game series you can play all seven games and sometimes all the last shot in the last 30 seconds. as all history will often remember. how we executed bungled this and created -- we've created a legitimized terran state. we have a legitimized taliban making them effectively the guards of our voice the same let the isis bomber through. now we've got another letter it's going to happen. i thought the chauvin was clearing out a way out. the same telegraph outlet isis
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okay fighters audibly air. you asked any operator, one evacuation route is zero. tooth is one. you need a contingency plan, the ability to have flexibility in a dynamic situation, not be holed up in one airport with seven gates your closing because of bombers in enforcing marines, 11 which are debt to reach their arm over the barrier hoping the taliban hasn't let a suicide bomber through. dan: with all due respect for the man's prior military history, joint chief has to resign. he has to resign, your living by the code, you got to step down but you have a special coming up on this for u.s. allies aren't going away anytime soon. thoughts about that. >> i alluded to the fact that americans have stepped up in the house. modern wires afghan extraction.
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tonight 10:00 p.m. on the fox news channel we are airing a special, i sit down with poor judgment, for americans who served and they are using their own private network, their own what's app chat rooms to coordinate around taliban checkpoint so the promise made to afghan allies is the field. they said i'm in my flip-flops in my kitchen table in phoenix all day long coordinating evacuations of afghan because the government won't do it. it's a powerful special 10:00 p.m. sunday night. check out. dan: will all be watching. thank you for doing this. i know you have to get up early tomorrow, appreciate it. >> anything for you, thank you. dan: a lot of heartbreaking stories coming out of afghanistan as tragedy unfolds here. one interpreter which is want to remain anonymous, fight of his life to get his pregnant wife out of kabul. thank you for joining us,
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appreciate it. >> thank you. dan: what happened with your wife just before the attack and where is she right now? >> they attacked my wife, she was at the airport three days. almost 12 hours, no one to talk with the marines, she wants to talk with the marines, they didn't let them go in but she has all the documents and papers but there were too many crowds. finally she got to the gate with a guide, he helped my wife and
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got her out of the crowd and cutter now. dan: flat message if you want to send to our leadership after the service you provided our country? >> please don't leave behind anyone. they will find them, they will kill them. most of our friends say i hope you. please don't leave them behind. if they find your family, they will kill them. tell them give me your paper. please don't leave them behind. help them. dan: thank you, sir.
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we appreciate your service to the country and i can sense in your voice, your obviously devastated. thank you very much for what you did for our country. >> thank you. dan: biden administration officials said they are causing this disaster. let me repeat this in case you missed it the first time. this is a biden caused disaster with the decisions made terrible decisions. can't run from them, you're not a protected class because you are democrat even though you are a protected class by the media. when other resignations going to start? we have not seen any or heard any leaks, nobody threatening to resign which is weird because remember how many people threatened to quit everything the times they disagreed with the decisions in the trump administration? >> as attorney general built bars to consider splitting up the president doesn't stop. >> off not h.r. mcmaster was out, john bolton is an, john kelly, secretary of homeland security was very upset and emotional and set in the news
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and intended to resign. >> mick mulvaney former white house chief of staff who up until a few minutes ago plus a special envoy to northern iowa meant, he quit. he said i just can't do it. dan: so nobody can't do it. donald trump picks diet coke instead of pepsi, everybody wants to design and get joe biden makes the single -- actually three dump decisions from about to get to this, leaving equipment behind from a three of his dumbest decisions i've ever seen, ever even read about in the history from a commander-in-chief and yet strangely nobody is threatening to resign but remember the trump administration? let's go through headlines, everybody wanted to resign about everything, almost as if it's all literal. the first one, long hours withdrawn from defense secretary
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express prepared a resignation letter's official site. officials always say something. they are not saying anything up. another one two top military officials tried to resign if time allows disgraced concerts. there's more. kristin nielsen inevitable resignation, department of homeland security, attorney general bell park turned to request your over terms attempts to fire fbi director ray. the last one, top officials say they would resign have the unproven covid-19 vaccine. so to be clear, we have a landlocked country in afghanistan, joe biden abandons our secure airport, the one secure runway in a landlocked country, you can't swim out, chaos ensues and get we haven't seen a single person have the dignity to take a letter, put it on the desk and say i resign. how is that? is there any dignity left? almost as if it was just political impacts against trump
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and again, joe biden is media protected class, insulated from all his deadly decisions. here to talk about leadership from the man who literally wrote several books about it, retired navy seal. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> thanks for having me, rough days. dan: it is and i read your books on leadership, they are fantastic because they involve real-world examples. leadership isn't about taking responsibility and a second later saint i take responsibly but you are the idiots, i didn't really do anything. that's not taking charge. >> it's definitely not an we have seen the worst possible thing here we got and administration that keeps me naïve the over estimating, capability of afghan army and underestimating the power of the telegraph making naïve assessments which is bad enough but then you're too arrogant to
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listen or pay attention to what's going on on the ground and erupt up with horrible situations and it's magnified by what you said which is not taking ownership of the situation, pointing blame on trump in the afghan government, the excuses you make, the blame you place doesn't solve the problems and that's why it's a complete failure and i think this is the beginning of the end of the biden presidency. dan: i heard you earlier in the week in an appearance, he said something powerful, clearly upset and you said, one of the things i alluded to, trusting in the taliban at checkpoint, murderous medieval savages to let our people through. whoever made that cop should have resigned yesterday you said we dictate to then we don't dictate to us, we have the most powerful war machine in the history of humankind more than capable boots on the ground doorkeepers to get this done. how are we letting savages
10:18 pm
dictate to us what's going to happen? >> it is awful and on top of that month we surrender billions of dollars worth of weapons and equipment, armored vehicle, night vision, aircraft and for decades to come americans and people around the world people are going to be attacked and killed by these weapons and it's a disgusting factor we are going to have to deal with in our military goes to work with these people in the future which we likely will, we are going to go against fighters have the weapons we created. it's sickening. dan: one last question, as a trained high level military operator, can you think of any sound technical reasons why what forefront a 20 minute helicopter left with a large step back in a secured facility to try to do and be back out of an airport in
10:19 pm
the middle of a 4 million population city in public? can you think of any reason to do that? >> zero reason to do that and on top of that if you make that mistake, if you make that mistake, you call the 82nd airborne, 31st and to get back into what you've got to do. dan: thanks a lot and thank you for your service to the country, appreciate it. >> thanks for having me on. dan: before we go to break, i want to recognize the most important part of the show stop what you're doing and let's recognize permanent the 13 american heroes who lost their lives august 26, 2021 defending the airfield in kabul. this was one of the last pictures posted on social media by one of these heroes, nicole gee. she said i love my job, yeah. we know you did. we know you love your job. "god bless america", folks in all those who defend her. all those who defend her. be right
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reports that president biden was to keep 2500 troops in afghanistan. >> every major newspaper and television outlet set
10:25 pm
recommending to the president 2500 troops in afghanistan not a lot. happy ask any of them for a correction? >> we don't make it a habit to talk publicly one way or the other. dan: joining me back to discuss, iraq war veteran and u.s. senate candidate, becca and republican congresswoman, lori. jake, there's no excuse for this, the biden a ministration can't have it both ways. they can't say we planned for this but unexpected chaos. he was warned, his and tell people we've seen the cables, intel people want president biden if you do this, chaos and death will ensue and he did it anyway. your thoughts on back? >> you are right, joe biden for the markham people last month told us a life. he said the afghan army could defend itself against the taliban and now he's trying to say this was inevitable. that's a disgrace unfathomable.
10:26 pm
we had a secure airbase with two runways and decided to concentrate or force it, a civilian airport with only one airstrip. joe biden's weakness and incompetence, it's unfit for the job, able to rise to the level of events. every iraq veteran who lost their lives, they are infuriated, it drives me insane to see the weakness we are seeing from our military right now. dan: i want to thank you for your service, i know everybody is understandably upset at the failure we have in the white house but you are the best of us. congresswoman, you've got to be responsible for your decisions. he is the president of the united states, a public figure, a constitutional republic, not a monarchy. the guy has to go he should resign, i get it, and kamala
10:27 pm
harris equally as terrible, it's about accountability. at this time, they are both terrible which has to be accountable, he made terrible decisions abandoning, trusting the taliban leaving equipment behind, the man must resign. >> you are exactly right and we can't just not have enough applesauce as an excuse here for what taking place. in the past 48 hours, 13 families have received a knock on their door letting them know their son or daughter has died. one of those mothers is a constituent of my. 4:00 a.m., cathy mccallum did a knock on the door, lance corporal ryan mccullough, he was 20 years old. easily married and his wife will give birth and if you without him by her side. this mother told me, she said joe biden killed my son.
10:28 pm
our military leaders, so-called commander-in-chief are clearly and up to. i can't say i trust my four boys to enlist right now and start with this pathetic leadership. joe biden has shown is incapable of leading our country. he's taking orders from terrorists instead of giving them. even worse, he's giving the taliban the location and names of american citizens and our allies. that is a kill list. just like you said, we don't leave americans behind. unfortunately for us, joe biden is the best thing that's ever happened to the taliban. his weakness is their strength. hundreds including american soldiers are dying as a result. joe biden needs to resign, he needs to be removed from office and kamala and nancy and followed him out the door. the families of the 13 soldiers deserve his resignation. they are still stranded in
10:29 pm
afghanistan, they deserve his resignation. the veterans like you and jake who have served in afghanistan, deserve his resignation. i formally called on him to resign in any democrat stonewalled the accountability efforts team with suicide bombing women hating murderous terrorists they have to be held accountable and we are pouring all options to do that. dan: good luck in your grace, thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> thank you. dan: general mark miller back in the biden ministrations incredibly stupid withdrawal from afghanistan but did he sing a different tune during the trump ministration? will ask a former cabinet members coming up next. members coming up next. ♪♪
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"unfiltered" with dan bongino. ♪♪ dan: welcome back to "unfiltered". fox news alert, u.s. citizens are being advised to leave the airport due to a credible threat in the air. lucas, since his live with the latest. what you got on it next. reporter: the second time in two days all americans anywhere near the gates to the kabul airport to leave immediately. this is moments after president biden said the situation on the
10:36 pm
ground continues to be extremely dangerous and the threat of terrorist attacks and airport remains high. our commanders informed me an attack highly likely in the next 24 -- 36 hours. a warning a day after the u.s. military thrown where's killing two isis fighters in eastern afghanistan and there will be a third the pentagon not naming who they killed. officials are not calling geysers fighters leaders, instead just targets and told the isis fighters are not on the u.s. military to deal with, the state department earlier claimed the taliban were separate entities. earlier today i asked john kirby what he thought about that. >> the deputies theater of the taliban, $10 million bounty on his head, are they separate entities? there's a certain matter here, there is a modeling of taliban.
10:37 pm
i'm pushing back a little bit on is the relevance of that discussion to what we are trying to do today. >> some people thought it was very relevant. security problem for the network and the taliban also has a bounty on his head to the tune of $5 million. dan: thanks a lot and thank you for your great reporting, appreciate it. afghanistan quickly becoming a breeding ground part of terror groups like ice, 2017 president trump was right again for doing exactly that. >> the consequences of a rapid exit are both rejectable and unacceptable. hasty withdrawal would create a vacuum that terrorists, including isis and al qaeda would instantly fill, just has happened before september 11.
10:38 pm
dan: joining me now, former chief of staff, i think defense secretary, former president trump. thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> thanks, appreciate you having me. dan: her in the room for a lot of these high-level conversations during the trump administration, i'm getting tired here of joe biden blaming president trump for the deal with the taliban. as a conditions base deal. just three days after the deal when the taliban broke the deal, trump bombed the hell out of them three days later so it's weird how biden says he's locked in by the trump deal when trump didn't consider himself locked in by the trump deal. >> you are right, this is a total failure in leadership. when you don't have a plan to attack your enemy and safeguard american citizens, the only thing you're left with the politicization in the apparatus
10:39 pm
and you are left with ultimate like mark milley wind to the america public chasing around white supremacy in the halls of the pentagon instead of executing ice and al qaeda in afghanistan like we did. we call preparation the environment, conditions based withdrawal to achieve the process, you have to assess the magnitude of power they can overcome. present trump did that with his actions when i was running the counterterrorist program with a special operations forces. resident biden is doing that with nothing but his mouth and reacting to the situation on the ground, he's reacting to the loss of americans service members, reacting to his failure in the only reaction he has to blame, it's a dismal failure of leadership. dan: fact not what you do. the whole essence of leadership is if you screw up, you say you screw up and you fix it. he's focused exclusively on blaming other people other than himself and he hilariously keeps saying i take responsibility but
10:40 pm
works. you were in the room for a lot of these conversations, i am disappointed in mark milley. with all due respect to his prior military service, he still a public servant and powerful one at that right now. he's seeming to imply affect the decision to abandon, which is actualizing that he went along with us. you remember him saying anything like that when you are working in the trump administration? >> no. when he was working for us, he was with the intelligence, he knew the posture al qaeda and isis posed in afghanistan during our withdrawal process and he knew command-and-control, that could not be cut off, cannot cut off the head of our operations if you want to manhunt al qaeda and terrorists and safeguard citizens. he was in the room the secretary of defense and director of national intelligence, the room being the of office and we made the right call based on the intelligence, you cannot or
10:41 pm
unconditionally surrender it if you do, the taliban welcome back with force in days. not years, days. he's saying the exact opposite publicly because he's carrying to his own ego and the play opens of the mainstream media and thus the highest ranking uniformed officers on the job is to advise the president of the united states. he's failing in his mission entirely. dan: that is stunning but he was in the room same stuff completely different than now. that is tough to hear. i appreciate you coming on the show to give us that. thanks for coming on, appreciate. >> thanks so much, appreciate it. dan: joe biden said he's taking responsibility for what's happening in afghanistan but again, he's blaming president trump that's not how that works, okay? is this a trend with joe biden? a closer look when we come back.
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welcome back. talking a lot about decisions by biden administration. who made this stupid decision? ms. officials provided the taliban names of americans and afghan allies to evacuate.
10:48 pm
speaking of account about a, joe biden's pretending to take responsibly while simultaneously blaming donald trump. >> either response about the for fundamentally happened of late. here's the deal, you know i wish you one day to say these things, you know as well as i do have the former president made a deal with the taliban to get all american forces out of afghanistan by may 1. dan: this guy is probably full of it, i would say something different but it's a relatively family from his network but to be clear, biden was locked into donald trump's deal with the taliban, donald trump wasn't. here's what happened, i want you to read this, this is important from march of 2020. u.s. military conducted an airstrike against the taliban fighters in afghanistan hours
10:49 pm
after president trump said he had a good talk to the leader of the group u.s. forces spokesman said an airstrike wednesday in response to taliban fighters attacking afghan forces. the taliban called for the escalation. you know why just to reiterate, trump had conditions for his own and the conditions were, who hit us or the afghan army and we will bite your butt off, those with the conditions. trump wasn't locked-in by his own so biden, to pass the blame, he's trying to blame trump, he didn't get stuck to the own his own feel? even address this condition himself in this article, was biden handicapped by the deal here is the quote. u.s. officials made clear at the time the agreement was conditions based and the failure of inter- afghan to negotiate a
10:50 pm
settlement would have nullified the requirement to withdraw. this is a pattern in the biden ministration pretending to take responsibility but not taking any responsibly at all. that's not how it's done, i said at the beginning of the show he made three catastrophically awful decisions he should resign immediately. the decision to abandon him, pure unadulterated stupidity, definitely stupidity at that. trusting the taliban giving a kill list and number three leaving $84 billion in equipment behind? no. it time for joe biden to resign. past time. the conditions in afghanistan looking a lot like just before 9/11. was actually money the country? a former cia officer said not a former cia officer said not who you think coming up next [sfx: radio being tuned] welcome to allstate. ♪ [band plays] ♪
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the taliban comes back, some really bad guys are going to come back with them. "the issue is" not taliban control of the country right now, it taliban don't control the country, nobody does at the breeding ground, these kinds of actions people to come back and take root. that's what brought us 9/11, the same dynamic. dan: that was former u.s. ambassador afghanistan, did you hear what he said? it's very important. basically the problem here isn't
10:56 pm
that tolerance is in control of afghanistan, it that no one is in control of afghanistan. during me back to discuss this former cia operations, thank you for joining us. appreciate. >> you but. dan: ambassador, thousand interesting by. i don't think we have fully grasp the dynamics, you having in the intelligence go for a long time, but taliban is not a governing body, not a civilian complaint review board, these are medieval savages. in your experience, what is the dynamic between them, isis, is it just a group of people who move back and forth and change uniform based on who's paying for the day? how does that work? >> i want to focus what you said, the folks who are pulling the strings in afghanistan are their next-door neighbor, pakistanis specifically the
10:57 pm
intelligence service, i as i. we've known that for many years so if we want to try to get control over that country and have more interest trying to wrestle the terror threat, it's going to run through islamabad the question is, is interested in engaging with us? they have for many years so right now the taliban is made up of lots of different sanctions, fighting with isi, tcp out of pakistan so it's a gigantic mess it it's going to be an extraordinarily challenge but we don't have the people on the ground so we are going to have to lean on other people and partners to include the pakistanis who have been partners for the last ten, 20 here's. dan: is this one of these enemy my enemy is my friend you've seen it before in the past where sunni shieh, they put their
10:58 pm
differences aside because they all hate us, is this the same dynamic on the ground not asked the bombing of the airport, the taliban was embarrassed by the winds of people trying to escape in downtown kabul at the airport, they wanted that place cleared. his calming effect, they wanted these people. >> you are dynamic we are facing, the americans enemy number one are gone, you have a bunch of us that's when to get worse and certainly directing each other so i think you're going to see the play up, internal bombing of each other because we don't care about them. the great concern is in the midst of all about, you start to have terror camps set up again outside of the control in particular groups through that, that training as individuals sent throughout the middle east
10:59 pm
were you with the increasing numbers of attacks against our interest and allies and in addition, to europe and god forbid, u.s. homeland which i think now that a greater chance happening than ever before so absolutely the greater degree of that within afghanistan amongst these various groups, it's going to create a space for the training camps and that the concern i'm hearing from my colleagues. dan: i've got about 15 seconds but trusting the taliban, this is ridiculous. >> they want to destroy rachel ideology was bringing down u.s. in the u.s. why he would put yourself on the back of the taliban think they will then insane. dan: thank you for joining us, appreciate it. >> you but. dan: before we go, you can stream my show, the dan bongino
11:00 pm
show on fox nation weekdays 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., don't miss it. follow "unfiltered" as well on facebook and instagram. at "unfiltered" on fox. that doesn't for tonight and "unfiltered". i hope to see you back here saturday night 10:00 >> welcome to "watters world" this is a fox news alert president biden issuing a warning hours ago that an attack is highly likely in the next 24 through 36 hours at the kubul airport. american still try to escape the taliban takeover the ongoing evacuation likely will not be enough to get all americans out by tuesday's deadline. if another attack happens and so many more cannot make it out alive us


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