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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 24, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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interesting facts-conversation. that's it, all the time we have tonight, we hope you have the best night peer sean hannity takes over now >> sean: albright, tucker, whips, didn't hear you. welcome to "hannity." in six days, any americans, any allied partners inside afghanistan will be marked for dead, subjugated to the will of the terrorists now running the new islamic emirate of afghanistan and your commander in chief has now humiliated this entire country and is being bullied into submission by the terrorists, the taliban. >> we are currently on pace to finish by august 31st. the sooner we can finish, the better. >> i just tell you there is no way we can humanly get all of our american citizens out of the country by that time. >> it sounds like you are still
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working on our august 31st deadline. >> we are absolutely still leaning towards the end of the month. >> future american soldiers have to go back in a deal with the problem, confidence in the administration, how many are going to die? >> either he is senile or in denial but either way, it is reckless for our country in the disaster taking place is his responsibility. >> why don't you just say the number? >> we are going to leave it at 7,000 right now and i understand that is not a satisfying answer. >> i can't believe this is happening in our country today. >> particularly, the decision we heard today, he will have blood on his hands. >> americans held hostage, behind enemy lines. day ten. >> sean: we are now day ten of americans held hostage, trapped behind enemy lines and clearly president biden is letting the taliban call all the shots.
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he will not commit to keeping u.s. forces past the taliban's august 31st deadline. he will not commit to ensuring the rescue of all of our citizens and our afghan partners that we promised we would get out if this day ever came. he has no idea how many americans or how many of our allies are still trapped in kabul controlled by the taliban or elsewhere in the country. he doesn't know how many americans have already been evacuated and now fox news is reporting the military has started withdrawing from afghanistan. today, the u.s. embassy in kabul issued an alert. it was later deleted 30 minutes later calling on all americans to leave afghanistan or they are on their own. your government, wow. just get to the airport, they say, use your best judgment, they say. trust that the terrorists, the taliban will ensure your safe passage, but as we reported for
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more than a week, they are also saying there is no safe passage watch with your own eyes. >> we are stranded get to the airport, we get beaten up or we are afraid for our lives. the taliban are going door to door looking for people who worked with the u.s. government. of course, the u.s. citizens. so our lives are in extreme danger. we get more news to stay put in there and to be told that you are going to be evacuated. this is not comforting at all, because we don't know if we are going to make it out. >> sean: that was a fellow american citizen, now hopeful hopelessly trapped behind enemy lines, sensibly held hostage bye taliban. the airport is completely encircled, the cover the entire perimeter. they control who gets in, they
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control who gets out and now the taliban is apparently blocking, saying they are blocking all access to the airport for any afghan citizens. people who may have helped us the last 20 years. biden, he just signed the death certificates of every afghan that has helped the u.s. in the last 20 years and apparently they even have access to computer data so that these people will be hunted down, they will be murdered, their families will be murdered. joe seemed to care less. in a tone-deaf speech delivered over four hours late, biden spoke about infrastructure, voting rights and eventually got around to the crisis that is afghanistan but of course, took no questions after only being yelled at. doesn't want to get in trouble. a slight improvement over last wednesday when he refused to address afghanistan at all. a speech about vaccine boosters. biden is living in an alternate reality tonight and so is his clueless press secretary because
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today, jen psaki referred to the ongoing evacuation in kabul as a huge success while the people on the ground begged to differ. you might want to watch, circle back and learn. take a look. >> i would say that this is now on track to be the largest airlift u.s. history. >> i'm sure if they capture me, they will kill me. this is the wrong policy of the united states. >> when i was there, i got really scared. i came back. >> bringing american citizens out, our afghan partners outcome bringing allies out. >> i spent half of my life with the u.s. and now they left me behind. >> he served basically one-third of my life to this government and now i'm not even able to see
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my family. >> no, i would not say it is anything but a success. >> i am an american, evacuate us. >> sean: that is how jen and biden defined success. more than 20 people have died during the so-called evacuation that we know of. countless others have been brutally beaten by taliban fighters. women and children have been gassed, they've been whipped and stabbed. many evacuees have been forced to pay tens of thousands of dollars to hire private military contractors to escort them to the airport and just yesterday, jen psaki angrily claimed it was irresponsible to say americans are stranded in afghanistan. but just 24 hours later she said, of course americans will be left behind after the august 31st deadline. you've got to be kidding. we are going to leave americans behind? you decide. >> most of the criticism is not of leaving afghanistan, it is
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the way he has ordered it to happen, by pulling the troops before getting these americans who are now stranded. does he have sense of that? >> first of all, i think it's irresponsible to say americans are stranded. they are not. speak of one american is saying i really want to get out and i'm struck, somewhere in afghanistar kabul, with this trigger a thing to get to that person out, whatever the date? >> our commitment continues to be to u.s. citizens. if they want to leave, we will help them get out. we expect there could be some. >> sean: that is being stranded. that was aired on the fox news channel beer that woman we just played, jen, sadly just one of many contradictions from the biden administration. first they told everyone, just shelter in place. then they said make your way to the airport, we can't ensure your safety but we trust the taliban will give you safe passage. then they said don't come to the
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airport on saturday, it is too dangerous. now apparently anyone who is not out by august 31st, you were on your own. maybe the worst part of all this we could have easily prevented all of this chaos and carnage. in april he announced he would draw down all american troops. during peak taliban fighting season in the corner. you want to do a victory lap on september 11th? i have no idea. look at this timeline, pay close attention, it should have been stopped then. by june, the fighting was taking place in 20 of the 34 provinces around the country. joe biden ignored it all. by july, the taliban controlled a large portion of afghanistan and was picking up steam and job is telling us how great afghan forces were. on july 2nd, the dumbest
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decision up to speed come up to that point, withdrew from the airport leaving couple, our embassy and thousands of americans totally defenseless against the invasion and so they didn't get them out. the afghan army was in tatters, the taliban was closing in on kabul. joe biden did not reverse course, he stayed on vacation, he was never able to -- he did not perimeter around key u.s. assets, he did not destroy the billions and billions and billions of dollars of military equipment and black hawk helicopters that he left behind. that was shortsighted, that was pretty dumb. no plan ever in place whatsoever. in two weeks later, the taliban marked right to the center of kabul and biden still did nothing but stay on vacation and since then, the dutch, the french, the british, they have
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sent troops behind enemy lines into kabul to extract their citizens with their special forces and their paratroopers and our military is under strict orders not to leave the airport. americans were left to fend for themselves but the dutch protected their citizens, their troops went behind enemy lines, the french, the british but not american troops? this is utter humiliation on the world stage and worse, thousands of americans and thousands of our friends and allies are likely to be murdered soon by the taliban that is now in full control. some are already being tortured, some are already being murdered. even obama's homeland security secretary jeh johnson warning that the situation and kabul will get a lot worse before it gets better. now joe biden needs to grow a spine, answer some basic, pivotal, important questions. he needs to be honest for a change and cut the crap with the
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spin with jen psaki. commit that every american is out before you leave afghanistan. why would you leave one american behind, joe? will you pledge not to leave a single american behind? do we have special forces on the ground? are you willing to send them to rescue american citizens who are telling the news media they can't get to the airport? will you commit to extracting our afghan partners, who we promised to get out if this day ever came and you said last week you would get out. and for all the refugees who were rescued, what is being done to vet them? we want to specifics. in other words, we don't have a member of isis or al qaeda sneaking into our country and bringing harm to americans here. and the most important question is this, joe, why didn't you evacuate americans and may, in june, and july watching and knowing the taliban was taking
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the entire country in record time. there is zero excuse for that. there is no good answer. you failed in what is a surrender. but tonight, let me be clear. the president can still change course. we have less than seven days now. he can fight back, he can put in the best military on the face of this earth and send them, like the dutch and the french and the brits and extract american citizens. he can make it clear to the taliban that if they heard a single american, the consequences for them will be dire and he needs to mean it. sadly tonight i have zero faith biden is capable of ever doing the right thing. he's nothing but a career politician, no integrity, no morals, no beliefs and totally, completely, utterly, cognitively out of it. the only thing biden seems to care about is joe biden and those close to joe biden making money. now come august 31st, that is
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seven days from now, i fear those left behind will face certain death. here with reaction, two individuals from afghanistan now in the united states, worked with the u.s. for two years as a translator and his wife is currently trapped in kabul. we are disguising his name and identity for her safety. will you tell us your story? >> yeah, actually, my wife, she just made her way to the airport last wednesday. she couldn't make it inside there because the taliban don't let them get to the airport, they don't even let u.s. citizens enter the airport, but she made it to the airport and she was -- there and after three days she couldn't manage to get on board to the plane, so she had to come back home, but i am still worrying about her, that
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after the 31st of august -- >> sean: i didn't hear you correctly, let me ask you, did she leave the airport? did i hear you correctly? >> yeah, she had to return home, back, because she couldn't make it to the airplane. >> sean: you do know now, ahmad, you do now know the taliban is saying they won't let any afghan's go to the airport. are you aware of that? >> yes, they just block everybody including the citizens. i have heard many times from the news that the taliban won't let anyone to get into the airport because whatever they have, we are just worrying about our own families, about our own americans and those who are trapped in afghanistan now. >> sean: last question. does the taliban, have they identified to you? do they know that you work with the united states? did they know your wife was
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married to you and you helped the u.s.? >> yes, they actually know each and every one of us that are trapped in afghanistan. many that i worked with, they served to the county, the u.s. army, but now we are all left behind in afghanistan and they know each and every one of us and they are now trying to go door by door and look for those people and they are trying to kill them and leave them behind, so that would be -- >> sean: as of today, the taliban says afghans can't get to the airport. our prayers are with you and your family. we will monitor your case very closely. mohamed is joining us, he recently traveled to afghanistan to visit his sick father. he tried to leave several times but he was denied. he finally got out, can you tell us how you got out?
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>> yes, sir, it was really hard to get out. all the ways to the airport was blocked by the crowd and by the taliban, so i went there on monday to get out but it was really crowded. finally the tarmac behind the terminal, i met key surgeons there, showed them my green card but because of the crowd they couldn't help me and they told us to go to the market. we came back from the airport and find my way all the way to the northgate and there was too much crowd and i could not even get to the airport. so for the next day and the next day i received an email to go to the northgate again.
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i went there again and finally, a soldier pulled me from the gate and my father pushed me and i jumped from the airport and i find my way to return back home. it was really hard, really tough, and you cannot even imagine how i escaped that situation. there was a lot of gunfire, like, you cannot even imagine, the gas, the air bombs -- >> sean: let's go to the -- >> the sound bombs. it was really hard really hard. >> sean: and you know many people who were left behind. i'm glad you made it out but i will tell you, our prayers are with those who can't get out and i don't know if they are going to get out tonight and joe biden
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doesn't seem committed to getting them out but thank you for joining us, we appreciate it. we will continue to keep you and your families and our prayers tonight. now, breaking news out of the supreme court, finally a win. the court may be woke up for a few minutes but a new ad from donald trump's pack save america these by brad parscale and it has a strong message for president biden, his past comments coming back to haunt him. we've got to warn you some of the images out of afghanistan you might find disturbing. >> america is back. speak of the southern border is collapsing. >> covid infections. >> we amplify our power, we summoned a new strength. >> the taliban now in complete control of afghanistan. >> how did president biden get this all wrong? >> the first of all, the mission hasn't failed yet. >> if this isn't failure, what
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is failure? >> we need permission for american citizens to leave, true or not true? >> they are not in control. >> to leave this information can -- >> they are chanting "death to america." [shouting] >> sean: joining us now, florida senator marco rubio. you are on the important intel community. when you are on this program last week you told this audience that you and everyone on this committee was warning. i'm going to show this map, the timeline of the taliban on the march. as you can see, april of 2021, may of 2021, the red that fills up this map, now june and july of 2021. the taliban was on the march of the whole time, senator. you saw it come intel members saw it. joe biden had to be told.
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i understand the cia pulled their people at six weeks ago, senator. why did joe wait until the last minute? >> histories going to look back at this moment and this is going to be a big deal for decades but this is going to be covered as one of the worst catastrophes in american foreign policy history for two reasons. one, the failure of the administration to anticipate what they should have known, what the red lights were flashing the whole time, that the taliban was moving faster than they were talking and the whole time they were oblivious to it, it seems. then the botching of this evacuation come of this entire process. this is the way the process should have worked. what joe biden should have said is we have these people and this equipment and we are going to get it out of afghanistan and we will leave once we have and anyone that gets in the way including the taliban who will try to stop us, you will die if you get in our way. not august 31st, not august 29th, not a date. the goal is we are going to get out americans, get out the
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people who work for us and we are not going to leave the taliban. we just donated an air force to the taliban. >> sean: two factors. i keep showing this map with the dates of the taliban on the march and joe biden did nothing. that's point number one. point number two is joe biden is abiding by the taliban's deadline. i think the deadline, like you, should be when every american and every ally is out. the french, the brits, the dutch, they have sent their troops to rescue their citizens, why hasn't the most powerful military force on the face of the earth done the same, senator, because i'm looking at a countdown clock of six days, 18 hours, 9 minutes and three seconds and they are out. that is the taliban deadline and job's deadline apparently. >> but that is not even the deadline. that is the deadline of the last plane to take off. the real deadline is probably
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friday or saturday. it took until june or july to get 1,500 people out. august 31st is the last date will be any american on the ground in terms of the uniforms of the real deadline is actually this week. it's not the 31st. that is what you get when the white house is incompetent, the president's oblivious -- >> sean: senator, you are saying americans are going to be left behind? we are going to leave our fellow americans behind? >> i don't think there is any -- listen, they are already leaving now because you can't just put 6,000 troops and everybody on one plane. it's not noah's ark where you're going to put everybody on there and get everybody out at one time. the true deadline is not the 31st. they lie to people. you talk to people on the ground in there, that airport is chaos.
6:23 pm
total, complete chaos. unsanitary conditions rapidly declining and these people are all happy, this is the most successful rescue, they are out of their minds. this is what you get when a president is completely out of touch with reality and we have a chairman joint chief of staff that is worried about white rage. don't worry about white rage, general millie. worry about the americans were going to be killed by the taliban because of your botch efforts now and ongoing. >> sean: i have no words for the first time in my life, i can't even respond to that. senator, thank you and god help our fellow americans. they need prayers tonight. when we come back, reacting to jen psaki, what we see on the ground, what options remain, plus you won't believe the truly bizarre statements kamala harris just made. reaction, lindsey graham weighs in. when we return, busy breaking news night on "hannity." thank you for being with us.
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♪ ♪ >> a citizen is saying i really want to get out and i'm stuck somewhere in afghanistan or kabul, there were any problem, with this trigger a dramatic military type thing to get that person out, whatever the date? >> our commitment continues to be to u.s. citizens. if they want to leave, we will help get them out. again, we expect there could be some. >> sean: could be some left. jen psaki earlier today admitting some americans could be left after august 31st. wow. lieutenant colonel, i will let you walk through what every option now is horrible, i showed the map, the timeline, i showed the taliban on the march. we missed all those chances. what do we do now? >> we haven't completely missed it. still a limited number of troops on the ground, artificial deadline established by the
6:29 pm
taliban and what we ought to be doing moving forward is bringing additional troops, tell the taliban we are going to stay as long as necessary, and harming anybody that we are going to decapitate leadership and we could do it with one balm on the presidential palace. number two, u.s. military needs to be authorized to carry out recovery operations anywhere in afghanistan. there are nearly a dozen airfields in afghanistan. mentioned again, you cannot do that with a search and recovery. reality has got to be at some point. the only good news around all of this is the internal front is led by the vice president, ahmad
6:30 pm
massoud, and general zia who i will be on the phone with when you and i finish. rapidly building a significant force of resistance fighters, most of them, special operations guys were delivering their own humvees and aircraft next-door and in the northern area, and what they are looking for is everybody pay attention to this. humanitarian assistance. humanitarian assistance in the form of food, fuel and medical supplies. they are asking desperately for his covid vaccine or at least some prophylaxis of some kind to help those who are testing positive. we did this before, operation provide comfort in the 1990s for the kurds. i know a little bit about the resistance organization but the bottom line is we ought to be helping right now with humanitarian help and i hope we will have some of that set up in the next 24 to 48 hours.
6:31 pm
president biden also come immediately communicating with president xi jinping in beijing that with the help of palestine -- additional economic sanctions on china. the same thing in moscow and islamabad. number five, immediately lift the hold on the weapons in which the saudis, united arab emirates and israel have already paid. this will show our allies that we are still capable of carrying out a strategic vision for the future. and finally, close the uso than border immediately to help terrorism from -- not in the old isis but what is happening right now in afghanistan. this president ought to carry out these duties and presidential findings so they can help, humanitarian support is all they are looking for up north.
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>> sean: he needs to listen to you, colonel. that is the best plan we have considering we missed our opportunities in maine, june and july knowing they were on the march. we do, colonel, thank you. more questions surrounding the behavior vice president harris. she continues to embarrass america on the world stage. so far she has refused to show any sense of urgency in helping any of these americans and allies trapped behind enemy lines in afghanistan. laughing it all off last weekend what she is doing instead? she is sounding the alarm about christmas shopping. i didn't make this up, not taken out of context, take a look. speak of the stories we are now hearing, this might be the timeo start buying them because the delay may be many, many months. across-the-board people are experiencing the issue.
6:33 pm
>> sean: our fellow americans are stranded, trapped behind enemy lines, hostage to the whims of the terrorist group, the taliban. where are the priorities of the biden-harris white house? meanwhile we are learning that the plane from singapore was delayed over possible havana syndrome experience in hanoi but he remains in good health and will be in vietnam tomorrow. you could make a lot of comparisons. herewith reaction, senator lindsey graham, two big questions i have tonight and there really are two. how was it possible i keep showing this map that we have the taliban on the march, may, june, july, taking bigger and bigger geographical portions of the country and we did nothing good that is question one, how did we let that happen? question two is more meaty. joe biden, this artificial deadline and the possibility of leaving americans behind? >> number one you have the vice president of the
6:34 pm
united states talking about what you should do for christmas in the middle of the biggest blunders since 9/11. isis and al qaeda have to be licking their chops after this. what happened here, biden made a political decision to get all the troops out by september 11th, he didn't care about those who helped us, he didn't think through how to get the american citizens out first. he had a political goal and he didn't realize this puts everything into a chaotic environment. as for what to do next, it's over. it is over. joe biden has made up his mind, he has capitulated to the taliban, everything ollie north said is right, we should do but we now left thousands of people behind and are saving the stage for another 9/11. he created a perfect storm to abandon those who helped us and create another 9/11 for this country. you know what i'm worried about? i'm worried about an al qaeda or
6:35 pm
isis attack coming from afghanistan, that is what i'm worried about this christmas. >> sean: that is what i'm worried about too. you are saying, senator, joe biden saying and acknowledging, jen psaki's comments today that we are going to leave americans behind in afghanistan, that joe biden is basically going to sign the death sentences for the allies that we now know, the database, the names of any afghans that helped us and we had promised to get out of there. you are saying that is going to be the reality, that is it? he gets away with that? >> i'm saying i don't think he's going to get away with that, politically. i think there will be an uprising at home. it's the most dishonorable thing a commander in chief has done in modern times. he's going to leave the 31st of august because the taliban told him they have to get out. there's no way in hell we are going to get all americans out.
6:36 pm
we are going to leave thousands of afghans who helped us behind, and the isis fighters have doubled in the last ten days. the jailbreak lead to thousands of isis fighters in jail and on the battlefield. so i'm telling you, president biden has signed the death warrant for thousands of afghans who have helped us. he's washing his hands of afghanistan to our peril as a nation. >> sean: do you have any doubt americans at this hour will be left behind? >> listen, i have 200 cases in my office right now. ten of them are american citizens, there is no way we get them all out. marco is right, the operation in this weekend. by 31 august, we are going to have all of our troops out. how do you get past these circumstances? the taliban are not waiving us through, so there is no way we
6:37 pm
avoid leaving tens of thousands of afghans behind. >> sean: senator, we impeached donald trump over a phone call with ukraine, is that not an impeachable offense? does this not rise to the level of dereliction of duty, abandoning americans in a foreign country? not getting them out when you had control of kabul in may, june, july? not doing the right thing, getting the mount, knowing they are on the march? there's no consequences for that, politically? >> he should be impeached. this is dereliction of duty by the commander in chief. this makes it harder to fight future wars. who is going to help us in the future after we abandon our friends in afghanistan? the likelihood of a 9/11 is through the roof now because al qaeda and isis are coming after us. if you believe we left afghanistan and ended the war between the u.s. and radical islam, you are fools.
6:38 pm
joe biden has left us naked and blind in afghanistan. >> sean: a few mean tweets don't seem so bad now, do they? our own sara carter has exclusive details about one american still trying to escape afghanistan. we will get reaction and what does this mean for the future of women in afghanistan? straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: a personal story, tonight we are continuing to follow the harrowing stories inside afghanistan. sara carter has reported there often. one american trying to escape, she joins us now. i know you've been in contact with hundreds of people that
6:43 pm
you've gotten to know over the years. are they getting out or are they trapped? >> many are trapped. i was grateful enough we got one family out that my husband and i will be sponsoring. somebody who i consider family. i want to thank charles navarro and senator cotton for all the great work they've been doing but let me tell you what is happening on the ground right now. there are americans with passports that cannot get to the airport. there are americans were being asked to leave behind their families like the woman that i spoke with who has been on an emotional roller coaster. i've been on the phone with her for three days now trying to get her out and they told her, we should send somebody and we can get you out but you have to leave your husband behind and you know what she said to me? she called me back, tell them to stand down, i will not leave my husband behind. i will not leave my family behind.
6:44 pm
maybe the president of the united states has forgotten us americans and is leaving us behind but i will not do that. i've got to tell you, that is the true american. that is someone that should be here, that is somewhat of the president should be listening to. to the president tonight through me, saying, mr. president, please do not leave americans behind. do not forget us. there are children there. they've had the taliban on their tail, they've been literally running from house to house. i can't tell you how many hundreds of been doing this. i know for a fact speaking to former cia officers who are in contact with me right now, there are americans with passports that were literally turned away from the gates at the airport. and those that made it out, they've gone from one hell to another. they are pleading with the administration, they will be executed if you do not get them
6:45 pm
out, americans will die and they say the blood will be on president biden's hands. >> sean: i've been doing radio 33 years. here on fox, 25 years. i never ever thought in my lifetime an american president would given to a terrorist deadline and leave americans behind and leave our allies behind but it appears that is what we are headed towards and it appears that is what biden has locked into. >> that is exactly what has happened. what sarah has lined out is exactly correct. if you've got a phone number of a citizen or someone who cannot get out, tell me. i've got a phone full of phone numbers and every other vet in america who served in afghanistan has a phone full of phone numbers who we've been working with, that gate is closed, none of the gates are all closed, no, the taliban have beaten their families and their wives in their kids and all they
6:46 pm
are talking about is the numbers or the taliban deadline. any person who is not in a kabul airport right now is currently -- to the taliban. ten days of hostages. these doors are closing. joe biden said we are gone. and if you are lush, tough luck. you maybe have a day or two still to try to get through. u.s. citizens are amongst them, afghan allies are amongst them and they are the unsung heroes and we are going to do more about this. the network, reaching out to the men they serve, the people they know in afghanistan, citizens and allies and fighting every minute to get them through the small doors of those gates because joe biden won't do anything for them. he's turned his back on them. the taliban controls them and anyone left behind, let's not mince words, any citizen or ally of ours that is left behind, they are dead. their throats will be split, the taliban will hunt them down and that is on america and our
6:47 pm
commitment to them. >> 100% right. i've been getting text messages in my phone from afghanistan while we've been sitting here people standing at the gates that are not being allowed in. this is a crime committed the crime crime against the american people and is a crime against our veterans. >> sean: got help all of them. i can't believe it. this is what we've done. all right, thank you both. when we come back, women across afghanistan. oh, yeah, their future, dark, grim. the reality of taliban rule is unfolding before their eyes. it's a nightmare as joe biden abandons americans and our allies. layer, lauren ortega next as we continue. my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive. i discovered prevagen. i started taking it
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[swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. ♪ ♪ >> sean: we told you about
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americans, our allies left behind. what is the reality for women in afghanistan? former spokeswoman and lara trump, we are already seeing what's happening. women are being told how to dress, not being allowed in public, women are being beaten for how they dress, even murdered for food they didn't cook or how they cooked it, on top of everything else. what, it's back to barney rubble and fred flintstone era in afghanistan for women? no work, no school? >> it's absolutely devastating, joe biden in the biden administration that every woman and girl in afghanistan has just lost their fundamental basic human right. life is they know it is over in afghanistan for women and girls. we are talking about girls as young as nine years old being subjected to arranged marriages.
6:53 pm
we are talking about brutality, torture, rape and if they don't fully comply with what the taliban wants than they are killed. perhaps it is our federal government and the biden administration, but the taliban is a barbaric terrorist organization. the fact that we are in any way, shape, or form considering legitimizing them at all, especially as the government of the country is mind-boggling to me. i had incredibly low expectations as to how joe biden would be as president of the united states. he has surpassed even my lowest expectation at this point. every american should be shocked and shaken to our core by what we have seen happen under joe biden in such a short amount of time. god bless all of those people in afghanistan. >> sean: they will need our prayers. morgan, you were with secretary
6:54 pm
of state pompeo. we are leaving americans behind, our allies behind and women will be subjugated in ways, very rightly described by laura. it couldn't get any worse. >> i could not agree anymore and i've been in the room with secretary pompeo whenever you got on the wrong side of him in a negotiation and it is not pleasant for the other party but that is the kind of leadership we need, that is the kind of tone and attitude we should be taken with the taliban right now and not begging them and cajoling them right now in order to get our citizens out of the country and that is the fundamental difference that this administration does not understand whether it is negotiating with the taliban or the iranians or dealing with the chinese communist party. they don't understand negotiating from a position of strength. one thing laura just said that it's really important, she talked about this push to start to legitimize the taliban. why is that important?
6:55 pm
because china and russia still have embassies in afghanistan that they have not evacuated. they have recognized the taliban. over $9 billion of government have afghanistan cash in the united states right now in our various central banks. and there will be a push, i believe, by this administration to trade it gave the taliban access to this money. congress should stop that from happening and in the unitedunited nations you shouldt rid of the sanctions and that is what is happening over the next month, sean. >> sean: by the way, the chinese already lectured america, if you can believe it after covid, on human rights. the biden administration, not mike pompeo. thank you both. sad, tragic, preventable, all of this. more "hannity" after the break.
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7:00 pm
please set your dvr and never miss an episode. in the meantime, we have to hope and pray that joe biden will wake up and change his mind. and not a single american or one of our allies will be left in harm's way. there is still time, joe. wake up. we are americans. the dutch, the brits, the french can do it, you can. my heart is troubled, laura ingraham, how are you? >> laura: sean, it is disturbing. there is a lot on the homefront that is disturbing, as well, but an enormous amount that we are seeing unfold in afghanistan that just lays bare this pathetic experiment and representative democracy -- i'm sorry. >> sean: we are leaving americans behind. >> laura: what did we expect joe biden was going to do? what did we expect biden was going to do? i mean, it doesn't surprise me at all. not at all. fantastic, we really enjoyed sara carter was phenomenal. >> sean: have a great show.


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