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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  August 21, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> that is despicable. and he did it without a concern for the american people, the lowest of the low. joey jones, thank you for your service and being here tonight. everyone, don't forget to set your dvr so you never miss a show. i am jeanine pirro advocating for truth, justice and the american way. ♪♪ dan: hello, welcome to "unfiltered". a couple of messages i need to get out there that's important. the ps is over. first message is for joe biden are president in name only. you failed, you are a total effort colossal, epic failure. you have the american people and our country, you failed our
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military, army, marines, air force and navy, you failed the afghan people and our allies. you, you, you. you failed everyone. because you are a coward. you failed. history will remember this is one of the most colossal epic political failures in america's history, you did this. not our military, you did this not only did you fail, when you're failures became obvious to everyone as we watch afghans fall off plaintiff trying to get out of the country taken over by medieval savages, you dismiss them telling people don't worry, it's just a couple of days ago. take a look at this. >> hundreds of people packed into a c-17, afghans probably. >> hours four, five days ago. dan: is there a statute of limitations of people falling off planes trying to ride planes on the outside to escape your failure?
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there's a fourth day statute of limitation? did i miss that? that's the image that last forever. there is no statute of limitation. as joe biden again facing chaos and afghanistan and their withdrawal was inevitable. >> the idea that somehow there's a way to have gotten out without chaos, i don't know how that happens. dan: biden should have resigned yesterday, he should have resigned last week. that's a serious message, i don't take it lightly. he doesn't resign, joe biden should be impeached. i get what many of you are saying, kamala harris spent, ladies and gentlemen, it can't get any worse right now. the decisions this man is making when he's conscious or catastrophic and costing people lives and relationships and reputation of the united states. the damage right now is incalculable. i have another message.
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during the trump years we had all the time in the intelligence community, donald trump wakes up and drink diet coke in the morning, whatever it was. we need more. we need people to start telling the truth. when did the president know, did he do it anyway? there's only two possible scenarios right now, but the president was want that or he wasn't. it's simple, isn't it? 's simple equation. now some people are starting to speak out and i'm glad you're doing it. we need more. you may have seen this explosive article in the "wall street journal" later in the week, the state department warned almost collapsed. what did joe biden do? did he ignore it, did he care? did he read it? good question, isn't it? i think we are entitled to the answer, he's only controlling the most powerful military in
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the history of scenting being, maybe we are entitled to an answer on that. you think? have another message, lesson, many of you fought bravely for our country but some didn't. we fought for you, too. our people gave a lot. some gave everything. some families gave everything. some of our soldiers came back missing pieces of themselves and the ones who came back whole didn't leave your country without baggage. the thoughts they have to think about every day, the things they thought they will never forget. you can't un- watch that movie once you've seen it but it's your country right now. the execution of the withdrawal was unforgivable in a terrible mistake but it's your country and you're going to have to take it back. we can't stay there forever. we had a revolution for freedom and liberty here centuries ago.
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you're going to have to do that yourself. we can't be there forever. a message for the military the military leadership, we been there 20 years. you owe us, the american people, and exit strategy. you have to show us what winning looks like. what are the metrics for success, we can't stay there forever. i've heard this over and over, well, we've had forces in korea, germany, these are entirely completely different countries, it's a different argument. they have a history of law and order and structure no matter how bad some of the moment in their history work, they have a history of even receipt, military over there trying to train where the afghan military can't read. you owe us a strategy, we can't
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be there forever because this is the kind of stuff that happens you have a plan but no exit plan, i played a lot and law enforcement, you never go into a house without a way out. her secretary often think they can't rescue thousands of people at a time, our people from kabul which has fallen? >> you have the capability to go out and collect the method. >> we don't have the capability to collect large groups of people. dan: we do have a keeper but a, five doesn't want to. he doesn't want to. are you telling me motorcades and hot zones all over the world but when it comes to the president's life we can see. but we can't get clear arteries and veins into kabul airport to get our people out? come on. our soldiers would do it in ten seconds flat if you give them the order.
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it's been told over and over by military leadership, who got to pica over there, we are going to fight them here. i've got an idea, what about pakistan? many in the intelligence community must three years. we are going to fight the mayor, too? how that we don't like them over there and we don't let them in here because some of these things, they were the ones who stop the trump travel ban from these countries. how about we just don't let them in here? how about that? how about we harden up the home? most important message of all, one that matters the most matters the most to me right now. to our soldiers who served in afghanistan, your sacrifices were not in vain. what you did was noble and honorable, who served with dignity and honor. yes, you made sacrifices, you gave the afghan people 20 years
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of relative stability they've never seen before, that's because of you. you did that. don't ever forget. they owe you to decades of the most peaceful time in their lives you brought them from they ran from your. we didn't run from them. when we came in after 9/11, all you saw was their backs as they ran away. you should be proud. you did not serve in vain. joining me now, special forces cyber afghan war veteran, tim kennedy. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >> it is my pleasure. dan: we have noncombatant evacuation plans in place, we can talk all day about withdrawal from afghanistan, i think the rest bipartisan consensus that the mission had to come to an end at some time
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but we out our people, military people and diplomats and people like you who served and left a lot on the battlefield whether you came home goal or not, we owe them a better exit strategy from this disaster. >> that's true, this is russ. we have different categories, personal recovery and evacuation operations, there are rehearsals and plans and strategies beco in place with all of us and i am dumbfounded, we have the best, we have the most powerful literary that's ever been part of this species, cuts us from the american military. my brothers and sisters have capability that they have never seen in her worst nightmare. that ability exists and like you said, we could put in a place in any moment on the planet and it would be absolute. we could get the americans on the ground at afghanistan anytime we want, set capability comes with this amazing country
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and military. dan: as someone who has looked our enemies in the face, you know what they are about, the terrorists, they don't change. their currency is death and pain and destruction. listen to this, joe biden on "good morning america" somehow the taliban is going and exit expo center crisis. >> the taliban has changed? >> no. let me put it this way, i think they are going through an exit center crisis, do they want to be recognized by the international communities based on legitimate government? i'm not sure they do. dan: it's hard to get my arms around, this is a terrorist group, they are not speaking out like freudian psychology right now, they are killers. >> it walks like a pet, talks like a duck, it's a duck. i've fought them personally and
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i've seen them throw acid on little girls walking to school, general mutilation to indescribable acts of violence against anybody who would help americans. it doesn't exist with any form of humanity, they will burn homosexual's a life, i've seen it personally important event change the law the way that is in a place like that. have a anything else that would happen 94 and what they are and there's only one think they understand that is we have that
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ability lose a few thousand life right now we are at a fork in the road. 75000 afghan partners that have served from translators and the families of those people diplomats and officials, we have so many americans on the ground right now trying to do their best to protect people, we could have more loss of life in the next two weeks than the last 20 years, that's how crucial and dangerous this moment is right now. dan: that last part, i couldn't agree with you more, there tooth decisions, two decisions i think there were the most catastrophic terrorist one, surrendering first was obviously a catastrophic decision. we control the, 20 minute you
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help fight, couldn't help our people out otherwise. the decision not to go back and get our people get our embassies, get them out there while the germans promote the president of the uk on this country, you know having served our people, our which i put on the ground, we get them in a moment if we told them to. >> never leaving someone behind, that's not a model or just our brothers and sisters who went up fight on the shoulder, at any american you can't understand from you can't grasp the power of those words that will never leave you behind, will run through fire and death and fury try to rescue an american citizens without hesitation or consideration of our own self-preservation for the sole purpose of that. we do anything for the american people, anything from american citizens, we have the capability
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and there is no doubt in my mind with one decision every american in afghanistan can be recovered but that decision has to be made at the highest level. dan: tim, thanks. i deeply appreciate your service and again, i know you know this but none of this was in vain, you guys are real heroes. >> i know that and so does everybody else, they are having a rough moment, talking to my uncle who served in vietnam, but we know it matters. doctor cancer fighting for 20 years, a man might die but what he did for that time was still protecting and preserving that life and that's what happened. dan: while we are on the topic of joe biden, somewhere someone e-mailed me, they asked the question, they said if joe biden were trying to destroy the united states, would he do anything different?
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it messed up my whole show and got me thinking during the break, i'm a republican, that's no secret that i was trying to be a victim for a moment and i thought if i were going to do strike the united states, but i do anything different than joe biden is doing now? i paused during the break and i came back and said no, no. i would pretty much do exactly what joe biden is doing right now. if we were going to destroy and do permanent damage to the country, one think would have to do is wipe out the border. no effective country, and effective country has borders, right? it's not just a land mass undefinable. look at this and watch and examined. everything going on in afghanistan right now, we have al qaeda tell event being strengthened, terrorists are crossing the border at a level we've never seen before, who said this? was at the local manager at the
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fast food joint? no, this was the outgoing border patrol. maybe we should take that seriously. respect terrorists at the southern border, you set the terms, trying to destroy the united states, totally swiping at the southern border while the northern border, that would be one way i would do it. do you know another way? you have to do strike the economy and when you look back on history, looking through a 12 step plan, how to destroy a company country, one aspect is to destroy and decimate the currency. examples are everywhere. white republic, pave to strike the economy so joe biden thinks it's at that good idea while inflation is out of control, spent 3.5 trillion more dollars we don't have so let's pump more money into the economy to chase markets which will make the price of stuff go up making it harder for you to buy stuff.
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pretty soon we will have seniors on fixed income in the country joe biden thought it would be a good idea to deface our currency and our country. look at this headline, they think we are just making this stuff up. nbc inflation priming higher-than-expected in june and price index rises 5.4%. inflation levels we haven't seen in nearly two decades. i think the best way if i were biden, to try to really make sure you stick it to the country, he would definitely have to support, implement, do whatever you can to back up the people, critical racism theory, that's what is pretty cute have to put into our schools, put into corporate america, you have to get americans to hate each other. not my character or anything like that, no, just by looking at each other, what better way to divide us internally into an
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oppressed class based specifically on skin color? joe biden is a big supporter of critical racism. would you do anything different if you were to destroy the country? have to push discrimination and critical racism theory. one of those people pushing this is ypres -- he had a book, how to antiracism from a strange title for a book that's literally discrimination. here's a quote from the book. the only remedy to racist dissemination is antiracist discrimination, office clinician is back and he goes on to say the only remedy to pastor summation is present discrimination. in case you were confused about the death of his thinking on racism, he defines racism in a conference once, one of the golden rules defining the term if you don't use the term in the definition, he don't define a
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pen as a and type object but here he is defining racism. >> are defined racism as a collection of racist policies that lead to racial inequity substantially by society. dan: salt racism is racist see behind our racist thing, that's what racism is? if you're confused by that definition, was everyone else who listened to that. if you are trying to destroy our country and you had a 12 step program, joe biden would have 11.765 rate. 2022 and 2024 cannot come fast enough, begging you to start this now, make ten phone calls to your friends about good candidates and issues that matter, post ten times on social
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media and e-mail ten for friends, to every month until we get these people out of power, our country is worth saving. don't give up. >> we now know president biden had plenty of warning at the taliban take over so how did pete screwed up so bad? former afghanistan special commander and formeme
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welcome back to "unfiltered". how did joe biden create this chaos in afghanistan parks is only two choices. his given the information so either couldn't process the intelligence given to him or he ignored the intelligence given to him from affording him about potential collapse of kabul in afghanistan and he did it anyway. we know he happy intelligence because there spent reporting confirmed by multiple sources, especially the "wall street journal" saying internal state department cable morning of our kabul collapse. people have been warning about this for years, decades. i was in afghanistan in 2011, people were talking about instability. joining me now to discuss this retired general, formal special operations commander in afghanistan and former chief of staff, i think defense secretary in the president trump.
10:26 pm
general, you are there, nobody has his finger on the pole like the afghan national army was capable of more than your. i had people telling me in 2011 the place would collapse if we left. did you think the asked afghan national army was capable of withstanding an assault from the savages? >> absolutely not since 2005 as the time and commander in afghanistan through my time as an ordained commander and command and general fair in the country. we have reports of the inability of the afghan national security forces to be able to defend their country against the taliban. they routinely lost without substantial help from us. dan: that is troubling to hear. sources on the ground telling us over and over, this is joint chiefs chairman mark milley on the decision to abandon, what he
10:27 pm
says here is really bizarre. >> if we were to keep the embassy going, that would be a significant number of forces stay the same so had to collapse one or the other. dan: when you are working with president trump, charge for four years, he never did this. he had a withdrawal plan, this was not a plan. we abandoned any common sense, to runway 45 military base, 20 minute hilo flight out of kabul and we abandoned it, it makes no sense. >> you don't need to be a military genius to get this out. you don't leave the command and control center in afghanistan from you don't abandon your brain, your central command center in fact what's happening under this administration. to say they can't keep the embassy's political nonsense. maybe mark milley was on capitol
10:28 pm
hill talking about white rage and the pentagon and white supremacy, he would have forced the military apparatus and focused on the dire situation in afghanistan. i was in the oval office with him and secretary of defense when we briefed president trump and we said rapid decline in afghanistan is not only possible but it would happen rapidly if we didn't protect the situation. he was there and anything he other says otherwise today is a flat out lie. dan: it's a sick blame game. general, having been there seen at, you must be devastated, you lost, i can't imagine, and must rip the heart of you to watch this collapse. his third dereliction of duty to not have an evacuation from than expected and afghan military. there were some afghans who did but general, you are in the business of war, we have to have realistic battlefield assessment, afghan national army
10:29 pm
was not ready, some can even read or count. one guy told me some of the soldiers didn't even know right from left. >> worse than that, they wouldn't fight in many circumstances so another thing the american people don't know that went up with our assessment, i got to pile on general milley new, i worked for him too often 12 and 13 and afghanistan when he was the i jc commander so he was a three-star commander in charge of afghanistan under general dunford, the i commander so they knew exactly the capability but worse, they wouldn't fight the muslims so they wouldn't fight even the taliban and al qaeda because they were muslim so they start stop fighting. my guys would come out of the conceal position because they were advising and assisting them and they would get them to move along and that's when our guys would get hit so i had to
10:30 pm
caution my guys against this because i didn't want my guys unnecessarily getting hit when we still have a mission to advise and train and assist while being in a firefight with the taliban and al qaeda. this is another part of their unwillingness. i do want to caveat this by saying there are brave afghan national security force members, yes. most definitely. but the majority of the afghan national security forces do is a discredit to them, obviously but let's say as a commander you have to understand everything. they knew this, they knew it going into it and worse, president obama and vice president biden and their entire national security team along with senior generals in 2014 completely changed the strategy
10:31 pm
which completely put afghanistan on the road to utter defeat by the taliban and al qaeda. in 2013, we had 90% of afghanistan rural areas, the lowest rate for u.s. service numbers, we were in our way, we news a couple of years to solidify it, we had afghan local police program and guess what happened -- they change to strategy even after the taliban and al qaeda said we can't win with this strategy, they changed the strategy and went to noncombat operations and pulled out. dan: unfortunately, i've got to run, thank you for your time, i appreciate it. thank you. joe biden again making a huge mistake this week as afghanistan descends into total chaos. my friend army veteran pete, he was there, he's next to break down the failures and some of us on the ground. ♪♪
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[♪♪♪] jackie: welcome to fox news live. i'm jackie ibanez in new york. millions of people in new york and new england bracing for the unwelcome arrival of henri. it's expected to hit the tip of
10:37 pm
long island toward noon, then it could move towards connecticut or long island. leaving behind massive floods and power outages. rising covid cases across florida have led to water restrictions. the mayor is asking for the area to cut back on watering lawns and washing cars. conservation measures are expected to be in place for at least two weeks. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "unfiltered." now back to dan bongino. dan: welcome back to "unfiltered". we can't emphasize enough this week has been for the biden administration. after days of dodging the press,
10:38 pm
questions all the time, it like the answers but he took the question. biden finally decided maybe it's a good idea to take some questions and downplayed it. >> you've made significant progress, secure the effort, we have no indication they haven't been able to get income through the airport, please made an agreement with the taliban thus far. dan: that's not true. total bs. drink me now, fox and friends weekend cohost, pete, thank you for joining us. but total crab, you know and i know it, you have friends in afghanistan, probably friends and sources who anna there now, that's not true. people who can't take it to the effort, medieval savages in the taliban to give us permission? it's crazy. >> what joe biden said is one 100% not true and i don't know
10:39 pm
if he knows it or not, we don't know what he's knows these days but it's verifiably untrue. his plan is to trust the kat event, how to supplant from the podium, trust the taliban to get american citizens into kabul airport through a couple of gates. i can't tell you how many people have reached out to me. guys i start with, afghans here in the state who the other afghans and afghan interpreters, still on the ground right now reaching out saint here are people to get to a gate let alone through a gate in the camp because, here are the pictures of them being beaten. talk about interpreters, some cases american citizens not able to get that's being harassed and beaten by the taliban and guess he takes to the podium says we are making progress? there's so much spin, you have to believe he knows something we
10:40 pm
don't accept he doesn't. ultimately manifestation of the non- planning they have had in its utter chaos. relative to what they want to say, utter chaos. they are itching to go out. they are itching to go outside the gate, they are not allowed to because joe biden would never make such a bold move like this. dan: i know, this is one of those times where it will about cursing or whatever on the air it gets even worse, the line doesn't stop there. here's a video of joe biden saint, how his nose didn't grow, listen, our allies don't worry, as if he can't read the headlines. >> afghanistan has been a joint effort to nato allies. they went in together and leaving together. we are united with closest partners, execute mission at hand call into question the men,
10:41 pm
to claim that they ran. those who have never fought for the colors should be careful about those who have. dan: that was in the uk, chairman of the foreign affairs committee and headlines everywhere. the german lawmaker, fundamental damage has been done to our relationship from european allies, you think joe biden that somehow? >> who's going to be rebuilding the alliance so back to see him because i don't know if he doesn't send out mean tweets doesn't demand that they pay up, it turns out a non- leader of your alliance is worse than anything else. i don't cut much talk to the europeans, they always sort of have the members of alliance anyway, so much political caveat
10:42 pm
on the navy and australia great troops but they couldn't leave the base of the day, this was our fight where i disagree with them, is america's prerogative to make the call. for them instead america is being by someone who doesn't know what he's doing on a mission that's totally blown up their left holding the bag. they don't have capabilities although i will say this, they are sending french, british, australian out of their embassy, something we are not doing. dan: a quick look at these pictures and i'll leave you on equipment because you observed from a thank you from a friend. our men and women, boots on the ground doing the right thing. look at these photos, women and babies into the base, giving kids water, fist bumps and telling them things will be
10:43 pm
okay. what is a marine, the helmet, a baby in his hand, pictures coming out of the uc you guys did good work in our soldiers didn't. >> amen, thanks for saying that. , to say that to every single event and afghan fact, this is not you. you did your part and based on what i'm hearing from you are still doing their part trying to get your afghan brothers here who fought alongside you, shoulder to shoulder, that is real and you should be proud about. army rangers on the ground right now, they want to go outside that wire and get the american citizens. austin and milley and biden won't let them do it because they are more afraid of the taliban anthemic care about
10:44 pm
american citizens. this is about doing right by our people, yes, the war is over, let's ended by bringing our people home. god less those boots on the ground right now. dan: thanks for your service, appreciate it. >> thank you. dan: first, disastrous fall of kabul, thousands of americans trapped behind enemy lines. next in a rebuttal, democratic strategists will make hurricanes on how we can fix it. ♪♪
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you don't think this could happen handle better in any way? no mistakes? >> no, i don't think it could have been handled in a way -- we are going to go back in hindsight and look but the idea that somehow there's a way to have gone out without chaos ensuing, i don't know how that happens. dan: joe biden said he would not have done anything different from a seriously? is to debate his response, democratic strategists, crystal, thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me again stuart crystal, i don't have a problem with joe biden's decision in solid trump's decision, the mission and afghanistan had to come to an end.
10:51 pm
candidly, pretty wide bipartisan agreement, that is not the problem. my problem here joe biden, the execution of this was clearly a debacle. we didn't get our people out, i'm interested in your take, should we have done this differently? >> listen, we have to give president biden credit for believing and pulling said he was going to and he's done it. now the process hasn't been dismissed from other things that could happen if untreated, but we also have to give him credit because he's on the president has occurred to actually do this. president trump has forget to make this execution a plan and see it through but joe biden, it's in his back right now and i think he's doing the bestie can't and we have to give him credit for that. dan: crystal, i'm sorry, i
10:52 pm
obviously disagree, the segment is called a rebuttal, i don't agree with that at all, it doesn't take courage to ignore the literary intelligence community advice and say if you do this this way, people will die. the government will collapse i want definition, he was warned. the strike broke this week from of military leaders giving, sourcing people all over we can tell them to do this, you make the decision himself that not pelagius. that is just ignorant and dangerous. >> when he said he made the decision, make a decision to withdraw american troops with something he said he would do, he's doing it right now. again, it's the process with respect absolutely not. other things that could have been changed? absolutely. the president said he will reevaluate the plan and move forward and look inside hindsight to see what they could happen doing different but he gave a press conference friday stating 5700 americans have been safely evacuated out of
10:53 pm
afghanistan, he's working to make sure any of afghan allies like interpreters or people just on the ground helping american troops are safely being evacuated as well so again, there are holes in the process absolutely but again, he's executing it in real time and we have to let the process play out. august 31 isn't here yet so until august 31 hit, we have to see, for the process and plan get smoother as we get closer to the final day? dan: one last question, do you agree with president biden's decision to not rescue our people from problem like the united kingdom and french and german? >> he's have never said he's not going to rescue our people, he said any american who wants to get out -- any american who wants -- but any american that wants to get out, he's committed to making sure every american in afghanistan is getting out. he said it at the press conference friday.
10:54 pm
dan: he may have set but the americans on the ground staring down the taliban government tell him otherwise. >> doesn't mean they are not going to get out. dan: well, when the taliban system which is not the right way to do it but thank you for joining us, appreciate it. dan: my hero of the week coming up next. ♪♪
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welcome back to "unfiltered". our hero of the week is wooded chicago police officer, carlos, he spoke from his hospital bed as his partner was laid to rest. they were both shot during the traffic stop. >> thank you for your support and your donations and prayers. [inaudible]
11:00 pm
dan: thank you for your service, sir. brave men and women do the every day, they put that uniform on. that does it for us tonight on "unfiltered". we will see you back here next saturday night 10:00 p.m. ♪♪ marxism." i will see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jets *. jets -- i'm jesse watters. the hostage cry is. you can only hide for so long. biden hid when he was in the senate and during the campaign and during covid. first he killed vaccine confidence with the j & j pause. then he killed the border. now


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