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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 20, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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weekend with the ones you love. we will see you soon. sean hannity takes over now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: americans held hostage behind enemy lines, day 6. >> sean: welcome to "hannity" this friday night, americans held hostage behind enemy lines. this is a 6, and there is sadly, we can report, no end in sight tonight. a month ago in july, secretary of state antony blinken, he was warned it directly five weeks ago, by 23 top diplomats inside of afghanistan, that the fall of kabul was, in fact, immanence.
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the biden administration ignored that dire warning, and here we are, in this situation, at this hour, where thousands of americans, tens of thousands of our afghan allies, are in extreme danger. their lives are at risk. many of these allies will be murdered if they are left behind, and the worst part of all is every bit of this was preventable. but the president of the united states, he has been completely checked out, missing in action, he endured every clear warning that this was all going to occur, in a press conference earlier today, joe biden once again showed his true colors, repeatedly told outright lies to you, the american people. a man without character, career politician, clearly no moral compass, withering, decrepit shell of a human being, who puts his own priorities, obviously, above those fellow americans abroad. and until midday today, joe's
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plans were to go back on vacation in delaware until he was pretty much ashamed into staying at the white house for the weekend. the reality for the country is this: we really don't have a president, seemingly aware and capable of leading. just watch joe biden lie again and again today. take a look. >> as we continue to work the logistics of evacuation, we are in constant contact with the taliban, working to ensure civilians have safe passage to the airport. >> sean: safe passage to the airport. please tell me he is not serious, because his own state department sent a memo to those trapped in afghanistan again today, reiterating "the u.s. government cannot insure your safe passage to the airport." oh, and the gates might change from time to time here and maybe joe did not greet his own state department memo. and look at this, in a briefing called "with lawmakers," lloyd austin said americans have been
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beaten by the taliban in kabul, outside of the airport. some were beaten with rubber fan belts. joe biden clearly lied, his own state department and his own defense department are highlighting these lies. the taliban is absolutely not allowing safe passage. watch with your own eyes. >> the president says he has no intelligence that americans have been unable to get there. the question, obviously, does that square with reporting on the ground? >> i mean, not. >> i don't think so. they are not allowing anyone to go inside. >> getting into the airport itself, it was just heartbreaking, people pushing, scrambling, crying, screaming, children crying out. [child crying] [interesting shouting]
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>> sean: if you can't get in, you are obviously then a hostage behind enemy lines. look at this headline, "cnn, abc, nbc, fox news correspondence, fact-check biden on afghanistan evacuations. the reality and the rhetoric are miles apart." our very own jennifer griffin said "i am having a hard time digesting what we heard because i could in fact-check it in -- fast enough in real time." what is the point of controlling the airport, joe, if you can't control the perimeter? the people controlling the perimeter right now, that would be the taliban. and if people can't get inside, how do we get them home? it is so sad that even joe's friends in the liberal media cannot and will not be able to shield him from this crisis, and frankly, for good reason. would you want your family in the middle of this? forced to try and claw their way
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through several taliban checkpoints in the midst of this utter chaos, and depend on the goodwill of the taliban? a terrorist organization? to allow you to go to the airport when they are beating people? today's state department memo says "we can't secure your safe passage to the airport and we can't guarantee what entry points will still be open." it is a nightmare appeared with the horrors don't end there. the lucky ones that have gotten past the taliban beatings and the checkpoints and actually made it to the airport, they are then forced to wait for hours on end, trapped between the walls of the airport and the taliban fighters that are surrounding the perimeter of the airport behind them. others are forced to move from gate to gate to gate until they can find one that is actually open. the gates open and close at a moment's notice, and in between each gate is another taliban checkpoint. according to reports, the taliban are using these
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checkpoints, they are searching for anyone and everyone on their hit list spirit and to make matters even worse tonight, for over eight hours today, not a sk off from that airport, karzai international airport, not one. the primary reason for the hold up, only a handful of countries are now actually accepting our flights, including qatar, which they are now saying are at full capacity. they do not have the capacity to take any more incoming flights, and meanwhile, the ever so compassionate joe biden is blocking afghan refugees and their families from flying to the united states. i thought that was a promise to them that if it ever got this bad, we would get them out. don't have to stay here forever, but we promised them to get them out, because they will die. and get this, according to joe biden, all of our allies, every one of them, they are applauding his heroic leadership. okay. another lie. take a look. >> i have seen no question of our credibility from our allies
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around the world. i have spoken with our nato allies. we have spoken with nato allies and the secretary of state. national security advisor has been in contact with his counterparts throughout the world and our allies, as has the general, excuse me, keep calling him a general, but my secretary of defense. the fact of the matter is, i have not seen that. as a matter of fact, the exact opposite, i've gotten the exact opposite, as we are acting, committing to what we said we would do. >> sean: here is a headline for you, joe, from "the telegraph," "british parliament holds joe biden in content over afghanistan." here is another: "nato allies rethink on alliance afterward biden's unilateral afghanistan exit." another: "leaders blast biden over afghanistan. we thought america was back." joe biden abandoned our allies from our friends, all partners, and even our own fellow citizens in the middle of the night,
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frankly, but don't worry, according to joe, a little chaos was bound to happen, that was all factored into this, he said, and there is no reason for us to begin to be in the region because al qaeda, he thinks, magically has disappeared, perhaps nobody told him that they were released from prison's just days ago. take a look. >> let's put this thing in perspective here. what interest do we have in afghanistan at this point, with al qaeda gone? we went to afghanistan for the express purpose of getting rid of al qaeda in afghanistan, as well as, as well as getting usama bin laden. and we did. >> sean: and today, joe's own pentagon said the exact opposite, that al qaeda is very much alive and well in afghanistan, working alongside their taliban partners, and we don't even have an embassy presence or intel assets left to
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counter any threat. and now, the taliban may even -- al qaeda -- has access to massive stockpiles, billions of dollars of sophisticated weaponry that we left behind, because there was no contingency plan, thousands of guns in armored vehicles, yep, even black hawk military, night vision goggles, ammo uniforms, you name it, they got it all. look at your screen. these taliban fighters are now mocking the united states of america in their own propaganda, dressed up in gear taken that we left, that joe left them, from u.s. stockpiles. one the notorious global terrorist was even pictured with a u.s. m4 rifle, flanked by other terrorists wearing u.s. military gear from head to toe. there is no plan to recover our gear or weapons, there is no plan to get rid of them or dest. there isn't even a plan to rescue our fellow american citizens, yep, that are held behind enemy lines.
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get to the airport, says biden. trust the taliban. they guaranteed safe passage, he's telling us. take your beatings, risk your life, we can to ensure your safety? that's his plan? that's it? the taliban feared president trump. they realized that their actions would have immediate and dire consequences, and as a result, no americans were killed for well over a year, the last year of donald trump's presidency. now, no one respects joe biden. not the taliban, not our geopolitical flows, russia, hostile regime, china, the mullahs in iran, they are all wr allies don't even trust us at this point. and according to a breaking new report from bloomberg, biden promised to g7 leaders the u.s. would keep a security presence in afghanistan kabul safe, and then utterly failed to keep that promise. well, tonight, i always say let not your heart be troubled, my
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heart is troubled. our fellow americans are in deep trouble tonight, behind enemy lines, our friends, our allies are in deep trouble behind enemy lines. you know, leave no man or woman behind? well, great britain and france, to their credit, they sent in troops to kabul to escort citizens from kabul, successfully, to the airport. why haven't we? we have the best military fighting force on the face of the earth. yeah, americans now can't get to the airport, held hostage, and they are behind enemy lines day 6. joining us now with more, former secretary of state mike pompeo. i know you have plenty of contacts in the region. without asking specific questions, which i will get to come i want you to give your best assessment of the situation on the ground and what potential options you might see to get our fellow americans and our allies out. >> well, sean, you pretty much
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catalogued the chaos and the tragedy of these past six days. we now have americans trapped behind enemy lines. today, what president biden said frankly made it worse. i did not hear a single thing from him today that would have given comfort to those families. there is still no plan to get these americans back feared i did not hear a single thing that would give comfort to the allieu spoke about. i have heard from people in the region, they are frightened by the american collapse, the american collapse of temerity and strength and power that we demonstrated for four years that had frankly kept the taliban at bay and prevent it precisely what you are seeing happen today, and i did not hear a single thing that would frighten a single taliban, thinks there is any risk this administration will impose any cost on them for their activities, for what they are doing to americans today, holding them hostage, not permitting them to get into the airport and kabul so we can get them home to their families. this is a debacle of significant proportions. we have not seen anything like this, the united states, in an awfully long time. america has the tools to fix this. alarm military could certainly figure out a way to get these
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folks back and to destroy some of these millions of dollas in equipment that we left behine american resolve and leadership, and president biden has refused to show this for the entire time. >> sean: this is all preventable. the biden white house was warned, they were warned by their own people, they were warned weeks ago this was inevitable. i'm told, for example, the cia pulled their people out over six weeks ago. they all saw it coming. here's my question, now. biden administration has been trying to place blame on both you and president trump. i happen to know a little bit more than the average person. because your plan was based, one, on conditions on the ground, before anything else, and also, confirmed by the president and mark meadows, you were right up to your eyeballs as part of these negotiations before any negotiations take place, to the extent that you are able to share, my understanding is, donald trump, on the phone, with the taliban leader, was clear and unambiguous. if you don't -- if we have a
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deal and you violate any aspect of that deal, let me tell you, the might of the united states military will be brought to bear in ways that the world has never seen before. something to that effect. is that true, sir? >> sean, that is absolutely true. i was on that phone call when he spoke with mullah barada, he told him very plainly, he set down a set of expectation and have every expectation you will comply with those conditions. if you do not comply with those conditions, we will reign american power on top of you. sean, from time to time, they pushed a little too far to a checkpoint or something it was inconsistent with our understanding and we crush them, we had a deterrence model that that america is strong, you are weak, you are going to do the things we want you to do, and until you do, we are not going to comply with the promises we made. look, sean, as much as we wanted to get everybody out, we did not get to the point where the conditions were right to do exactly that.
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we went from 16000 to 2500, and we maintained the order that had been in afghanistan. we were successful in doing that. now they have twice as many come almost three times as many american military in there and it is chaos. this is because of failed leadership. this is because the taliban think they face no risk from this president of the united states. >> sean: that threat was so real that for over a year, not a single american was killed in afghanistan, and the taliban understood what the consequences would be. my question is, we watched 10% of the country get taken over by the taliban, 20%, 30%, 40%. five weeks ago, the state department said that kabul will be overthrown. where is the sense of urgency, at that moment, to immediately identify every american, where they are, and extract every american, the logistics to get it done as expeditiously as possible, why did that not happen, mr. secretary?
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>> sean, it's pretty incomprehensible to me. i can't explain the absence of planning. at first they said they planned, then they said they couldn't have planned -- i can't explain, where when they saw this, they didn't do the right thing for the american people. i can assure you that president trump and i would have done that. every time the taliban pushed, we pushed right back. we had a deterrence model in place, when the taliban pushed year, 10%, 20%, we withdrew, we withdrew the support that was needed to make sure that we could get americans out from behind what was to become enemy lines, to make sure we could support our allies, the promises that we had made to them, all of these things, the things the whole world is seeing right now, american leadership crumble in the face of this taliban might. this has got ramifications that will last an awfully long time, sean. i hope this president is determined enough to begin to take back the capacity to exert american influence in this region and deal with the taliban in a way that president trump and i did for so long. >> sean: mr. secretary, thank you. joining us now, cohost of
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"outnumbered," fox news contributor kayleigh mcenany. fox news contributor joe concha. joe, we had what i call the media mob candidate protection program. that evolved into the media mob presidential protection program, of all things biden. but even the media saw today the lies one after another, rhetoric, joe biden telling this country does not match the reality and their own reporting on the ground, and the visuals, the images that we are all witnessing ourselves. speak with the visuals are there, right, the optics are there, you cannot spin those in any way, shape, or form, like watching a footbal game, you see the home team is down 42-0 and say things aren't that bad. i see earlier, kate bedingfield, the communications director for the biden administration, and she said with a straight face to really guist over on nbc, the
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president never shies away from taking questions. it's like, wow, we once had baghdad bob, now kabul kate, bedingfield in this case, and it would be hilarious if it was not such an insult to our intelligence because there's not been more a protected, scripted, least accessible president in the tv area by a country mile, the proof is in the numbers. biden has only done nine sitdown interviews since in office, the same point in office, president biden had did 50. mr. biden is also petrified of fox news reporter peter doocy, never on a paper to be called on by jen psaki's communications team. the president had no monkeys or to follow up questions and never came from the press corps. biden had no evidence of allies criticizing our credibility, a headline that came out just this week, disbelief and betrayal, europe reacts to biden's afghanistan miscalculation. scare quotes. biden also approached the
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bin laden raid today. that's funny, you may recall he opposed that. he said the al qaeda had no pree in afghanistan. "the new york times," no the this is a hot mess and a duster dumpster fire, sean, the world's most dangerous place and we have the president, the state department, the pentagon, telling us three different things. this is only getting worse before it gets better. >> sean: if it gets better. i mean,hat is the problem, we don't know if it will get better. kayleigh, let me go to you. and by the way, you only took a whopping five questions, that needs to be discussed, as he was leaving, somebody screamed out "why do you trust the taliban?" secretary of state, former secretary of state mike pompeo has confirmed, the president has confirmed it, mark meadows confirmed it, you are the white house press secretary at the time, and that is the taliban, the reason not a single american died in the last year plus of donald trump's
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presidency, in afghanistan, in large part was due to the president's very strong admonition, warning, backed up by what he had done to the caliphate and defeated them in syria, et cetera. my question is, when they make the statement that somehow i inherited the trump plan, the trump plan wouldn't have allowed them to take ten, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60% of the country on their march all the way up to speed 32. that's the big difference, kayleigh. what insight can you bring to us? >> yes, let me be categorical. i was in the room, i was there with president trump. this would have never happened under president donald j. trump. never. the taliban was on notice. you just heard secretary pompeo lay that out. the taliban looked and they saw what happened to soleimani, who president trump took out. they saw what happened in syria, when they gas to their own people and president trump took immediate, swift action. there was no misunderstanding as to what president trump would do if the taliban acted out.
6:21 pm
i talked to the president this week, he talked to me about some of the conversations he had, some of the very ones pompeo mentioned, he was tough, he was firm, and the actions and results showed. this would not have happened, sean, and it is amazing we have a president today, who you have reporters saying "why do you trust the taliban," when you look back at joe biden's interview with abc, i'm paraphrasing here, but he said something like "the taliban is going through a reckoning where they are deciding their place in the world." do you think the taliban cares about their place in the world as they gunned on women without burqas, beat up americans -- and yes they are beating up americans -- and he went on to say he was essentially grateful for the taliban guaranteeing americans free and safe passage. no americans are passing freely and safely. if they are, they are very few and it is a perilous journey to get there. ask abc, nbc, cnn, fox news, who have all dismissed that lie, among many others that joe just mentioned from president biden. >> sean: all right, joe, thank you, and of course, kayleigh, thank you. when we come back, sara carter
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spent a lot of time in afghanistan and has a lot of contacts there. she has an exclusive report for us out of afghanistan tonight, when one of her contacts was beaten badly by the taliban. wait until you see this disturbing video. also tonight, as we continue our breaking news coverage, afghan women continue to live in fear after the taliban's takeover. lara logan, morgan ortagus, and much more. stay with us with is busy breaking news friday night. ♪ ♪ feel the clarity of non-drowsy claritin. and 24-hour relief from symptoms caused by over 200 indoor and outdoor allergens. try claritin cool mint chewabls for powerful allergy relief plus a cooling sensation. live claritin clear.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to "fox news life," and matt finn in los angeles. three u.s. military helicopters picking up the hundred 69 american stay outside the kabul
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airport. press secretary john kirby says they were fetched from a building where they had been told to wait for extraction. what comes amid reports of targeted killings in areas overrun by the taliban. in a speech earlier today, president biden pledged to do everything possible to evacuate american citizens and afghans who aided u.s. forces. expected to intensify into a hurricane tomorrow as it barrels to the northeast, could become the first hurricane to make a direct hit in new england in decades. hurricane watches from nantucket to martha's vineyard. travel storm watch is also in effect for new york city. i'm matt finn. folly headlines, log on to ♪ ♪ >> sean: tonight, afghan women are living in fear, they are fearful for their faith, for their lives under oppressive taliban rule.
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they know what it is like. many of them lived through it before. and according to multiple reports, the attacks, the torture, the human rights violations have already begun. on many levels. here with the very latest, she has reported many times now from afghanistan, has many contacts in afghanistan, and has been in contact with people now for the better part of, you know, a week, our own sara carter, investigative reporter, sara, what is the latest? >> oh, sean, people are living in terror right now. can you imagine being hunted down by the taliban, hunted down like animals, women are hiding, most of my sources, i have been speaking to over 30 people in various different groups. some of my sources are around the kabul embassy and around, as well, the kabul international airport. they are in hiding. they have been beaten. i have one source that was beaten so badly, his leg was almost broken. they had to escape, one of them had a baby, they were huddling
6:29 pm
all night, i was on the phone with them. some of these folks actually have visas to enter into a kabul airport and cannot get into the kabul airport because there is no one to allow them into the gate. the gates have been open, they have been shot. now we are hearing they may open again. i have other family members at home who are calling me during the day and during the middle of the night, i can literally hear the gunfire outside of their homes, as the taliban is searching for them. i did receive video which i am not going to show, video which you were privy to and some others, showing the taliban behind some of the homes and some of the people that are high-value targets for them, which means that their lives are directly, directly in danger. that if they are caught, they will automatically be killed. this is a terrorizing situation for everyone. we have been in contact with the state department. i have also been in contact with people at the kabul airport.
6:30 pm
believe me, there are a lot of americans there, sean, who are working so hard and diligently to try to get something done, but unfortunately, there is absolutely no leadership coming from the white house or from the department of defense or the state department. they are hoping that maybe something will happen in the next few days and things will get under control, but right now, people's lives are literally in danger, people are hiding, and they are on the run. >> sean: and they are behind enemy lines and they are not allowed to get to the airport in spite of the fake news reporting out there by the biden administration. even the mainstream media mom has been calling them out on that live here all right, sara, keep us updated. our prayers are with your friends and people you know and everyone else in that situation. we are also learning even more about just how gruesome, just how brutal life under the taliban really is. for example, an afghan mom blinded by the taliban says they will feed women's bodies to
6:31 pm
dogs. and afghan karate champion telling reuters that she fears everything is finished for all female athletes in the country. what an absolute human tragedy. here with more reaction from a former state department spokeswoman morgan ortagus, monmouth host lara logan. lara, you've spent time there -- i believe morgan, you are as well, but you know the reality of the situation on the ground. what are you hearing? >> you know, sean, as i have been sitting here listening and to the show, a friend of mine's brother was just shot inside the airport in kabul. another friend of mine called because a former intelligence official that we both know, whose family is being hunted, it's not just immediate family, its extended family, as well. the taliban have all the biometric records, they have taken over the intelligence agencies, they have addresses, detailed lists of everyone who they are looking for.
6:32 pm
>> sean: oh, boy. >> killing their children. and hearing the same thing sara's hearing, gates are open, gates are closed, checkpoints are open, checkpoints are closed, between the military and state, the orders are changing constantly, nobody is making decisions, and those are private american citizens, many former veterans, but not all, some of whom are on the ground and some of whom trying to rescue people, trying to hunt, you know, find the families of special operations soldiers and move them to safe houses, because they are being hunted, and what they are telling me is there literally on the brink of going to the germans and the australians to get the mission because the u.s. military and state department keep blocking the flights, they keep refusing clearances, and that they are so frustrated that at this point, they think that general milley should resign, that he is making this mission impossible, they don't understand why there isn't a perimeter already established and controlled by the u.s. military. five days in at this point, they say it is unacceptable, and what
6:33 pm
i am hearing from afghan security officials who have been directly involved and talking to people right now is that that august 31st deadline is not optional or the u.s., the taliban is telling the u.s. that they have to be out of the country by then. they are pushing for 100% power. they are ordering afghan officials who they are supposedly in talks with to swear allegiance to the taliban's islamic emirate. if you recall, it became the leader of al qaeda after bin laden, he swore publicly to the islamic at the right of the taliban, and they want to see the taliban flag flying over afghanistan for the 20th anniversary of 9/11. that is what afghan intelligence and security officials have been telling me, and they say there are no talks, that the europeans, everybody else knows it, and they are just grabbing up their people and running for the exits as fast as they can because this is going so far south. >> sean: and they are not having success getting to the
6:34 pm
locations they want. morgan, you are with secretary of state pompeo during this entire time that all of this had been negotiated under very different circumstances and terms, that would have dire consequences immediately. had the taliban ever stepped out of line. we did not lose a single american in over a year, in the last year of donald trump's presidency as a result of that. tell us what you know and what you are hearing. you know many people on the ground there today as we speak. >> yeah, sean, i've spent the last week trying to get friends out, people that i worked with over the last ten years that i have been personally in and out of afghanistan. i was there several times with mike pompeo, but you had on kayleigh mcenany and others earlier talking about the plight of women in afghanistan, remember just a few years ago, in 2017, i went with the american university of afghanistan to speak at a women's entrepreneurship conference in afghanistan.
6:35 pm
i was at the hotel, which lara has traveled and reported throughout the world, so she knows this hotel very well. i was speaking to a crowd of women at a conference. i think we were there for at least two days, and the vision of those women is really burned into my head, but i'll tell you what's different from when the taliban ruled 20 years ago to how they rule now. there is a generation of women, of young women, that were born, you know, right when the taliban fell, or maybe they were toddlers, but they have grown up with social media. they have grown up in a free and independent afghanistan. and i see some of them still bravely protesting. i don't know how they have the guts to do this, but i have seen the images of some of them doing it, some of the female politicians speaking out, you know, i worry about the afghanistan that we are leaving behind, obviously, there are so many people that are desperately trying to get out. you really have a brain drain, sean, you know, i was helping a friend, thank god he got out,
6:36 pm
who was a lawyer in afghanistan, a harvard educated lawyer in afghanistan, we were able to get him and his immediate family out, you think about all of these people that may have been educated in the united states or trained with us, the smartest people in afghanistan are fleeing because they are subject to being killed by the taliban, so i think the real human tragedy of all of this that we will see unfold is not only the fact that it is likely that al qaeda will reconstitute, we think that is probably a given, but the human aspect in all of this, not just what they are seeing right now, but the fact the smartest people are fleeing the country, what's left? >> sean: yeah, if they can get out. that's the scary part, and those wrists lara are talking about are chilling. they have the names, the database. thank you both. we appreciate getting some truth, because we are not getting it from joe biden. all right, don't forget, watch
6:37 pm
part one of the new season, "lara logan has no agenda," 21st century terrorism revealed. timing could not be anymore appropriate. the sunday night, 10:00 p.m., on the fox news channel, don't miss it. when we come back, the intel community continues to turn on biden, as does the pentagon, as does the state department. you've got the white house, the state department, defense department, intel all giving us different stories. and amid fears, of course, that afghanistan will become a pre9/11 terror haven moving forward. we will get an update, jason chaffetz, dan hoffman with reaction straight ahead. thank you for being with us. ♪ ♪ i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now tonight, biden is failing so badly, so lost, so
6:42 pm
confused, that even then, yeah, our old friends in the deep state, yeah, his allies there are now being forced to face the truth and reality. listen to james clapper himself, part of the russian hoax, earlier today. take a look. speak with the intelligence community for years, led by ciae viability of the afghan government and the competence and willingness to fight of the afghan military, and certainly, this goes back to the obama administration, when president biden was aware of this, he's well aware of this. >> is it likely afghanistan becomes a terror haven, much like it was before the u.s. invasion, before 9/11? >> absolutely. i think it is a question of the time i'm going to be sooner rather than later. >> sean: here with reaction, fox news contributor jason chaffetz come along with former cia station chief dan hoffman, also a fox news
6:43 pm
contributor. let me go to the intel news side of this first with dan hoffman. dan, the intel community, my understanding is the cia left 6-8 weeks ago. they pulled all their people out. they didn't do that without telling the biden administration. now we are getting evidence, more every day, as biden today was contradicted by both his state department and by his own defense department, and the intelligence communities been very clear, we told them. how can this happen? >> well, i think for sure the president had his own policy he wanted to pursue, and he might have listened to the cia analytical assessment, but it wasn't going to influence his decision. you know, today was really important because dod press spokesperson admiral kirby said that yes, there is al qaeda in afghanistan. and he was contradicting the president when he said that. but he also said he didn't know how many. and he didn't know where they were. and the reason why is because we
6:44 pm
took away our intelligence footprint, we closed bagram air force base, we closed the embassy. we don't have the capability to detect the threats that are out there to us because if we think the war is over, it is not. the taliban, isis, and al qaeda have us in their crosshairs and want nothing more than to target us in the region and beyond, we know that, and the cia has produced lots of intelligence about that. and we don't have the military to take connecticut action against them, so we are in a very precarious position right now. >> sean: and it's only going to get worse. and jason chaffetz, i agree with james clapper's assessment, it's inevitable. you are very aware of our intelligence capabilities. it's the greatest in the world, there is no doubt about it. we've got to give credit to the 99% that protect us and keep us safe every day, but you don't act on the intelligence and you don't listen to your own state department diplomats on the ground, five weeks ago, you're not prepared to use
6:45 pm
military force if necessary, as the taliban takes ten, 20, 30, 40, 50% of the country and not act, this then becomes inevitable, but at the end of the day, the buck don't stop with him, and he blew it, now the question is, do you see anya successful conclusion, defined by getting every american and afghan he ally that we promised, that helped us for 20 years, out of there safely? >> i hope so, i pray for them. we were served well by the boots on the ground. we were screwed over by the students. it's the boots versus the suits. i have no problem with the boots and how they acted, but let's go back, let's remember that it was joe biden and barack obama that released people out of guantanamo bay and put them back on the playing field. let's remember that joe biden backed up by susan rice and victoria new land, and that whole team, and so when you get
6:46 pm
to this point, you realize there were months where things could have been planned and executed properly. it was the obama-biden team that actually put things in motion that did not prioritize bringing out the civilians, that did not prioritize people holding american passports. you look at those planes full of people, i am glad we are helping people that were helpful to the united states, but i want to see americans first put on those plans and brought home to the united states, and why did we give up the kabul airport? gave up the bagram air force base before we are able to extract those people? this is like, you could get a group of third-graders in there and they could do better. it is about priorities, and they have never had this as a priority. they have never believed in america first. >> sean: how they didn't prepare for this, i don't know. it's chilling on levels that i can't even describe. thank you both. when we come back, california recall election fast
6:47 pm
approaching. the left is clearly panicking. gavin newsom continues to defend joe biden. talks about more draconian covid measures. larry elder, he was attacked by the "l.a. times" today. he will respond, we will have a full breakdown, straight ahead. ♪ ♪ [ heavy breathing ] allergies with nasal congestion overwhelming you? breathe more freely with powerful claritin-d. claritin-d improves nasal airflow two times more than the leading allergy spray at hour one. [ deep inhale ] claritin-d. get more airflow. i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now gavin newsom, california democrats, they are in an all out, full on panic ahead of the september 14th recall race. polls now showing a race neck and neck, on whether to recall the failed far left governor. now, just look at his disgusting headline from the "l.a. times," "larry elder is the blackface of white supremacy
6:52 pm
you've been warned." the "l.a. times" printed that. here to react, he is leading in the polls, in terms of who would replace gavin newsom, if question one, he is recalled. i see you smiling. we have been friends a long time. i am sorry, i am genuinely come a to friend, sorry that you have to go through something as evil and horrific and racist as that. >> well, sean, thank you for that, but i anticipated that would happen. this is why a lot of people don't go into politics, because of the politics of personal destruction. this is not the first time the "l.a. times" has attacked me. there is another writer that all but called me a black david duke. i the event of a politician for a little more than a month and at first they tried to keep me off the ballot claiming i did not turn over five years of taxes, ended up suing and a left-wing judge that elder was right, threw it out and put me back on the ballot, and then i
6:53 pm
was accused of hating women because i wrote an article 21 years ago where i cited a study from the left-wing annenberg school of journalism that looked at 25 questions, ask of men and women, if men knew more about those questions as did women come and i quoted a left-wing professor who said the reason women knew less is because they get their primary source from local news, and she said watching local news makes you dumber," i did not say that, she did, and then i was accused of brandishing a firearm at a former girlfriend. i want to say right now, i have never brandished a firearm, loaded or unloaded, at anybody. as for the rest of the allegations she made, not going to dignify them by giving them a comment. and now this article from the "l.a. times," you are right, sean, they are scared to death. they know if california can elect a conservative governor like myself, and they can and they will come on september the 14th, that any state can't come and they're deathly afraid of this. i am told that senator dianne feinstein is more feeble than joe biden, and if she retires and becomes incapacitated, they are afraid that i will appoint a republican governor, and that would shift
6:54 pm
the whole balance in the senate. so for all those reasons, it is made a for the democrats, so joe biden has weighed in, kamala harris has weighed in, elizabeth warren has cut a commercial, record on crime, homelessness, rising cost of living, the way he shut down the state without paying attention to science, attacked, attacked, attacked, and said it was driven by republicans. that is all they've got. >> sean: rolling blackouts, brown outs, water shortages, paying for water, the covid hypocrisy, and i guess gavin newsom has a very different view of what foreign policy should be as he prays joe biden this week, which i'm sure you you took note of. >> oh, shorted. he said he is proud of what joe biden did in afghanistan. it is a window into gavin newsom's incompetence. you did not mention the end of employment development come he allowed $30 billion that should have gone to unemployment benefits for people in california, go to criminals and international criminals, the man is completely incompetent
6:55 pm
and that is why nearly 17 million people signed a petition, may be a third of them independents and democrats that voted for him two years earlier, that is why i am asking people to go to, he has already raised about $50 million, primarily from the teachers union, they are afraid of me because i support school choice, the public sector unions, hollywood, and big tech. >> sean: yeah, they are going to throw a lot of money at you. this just crosses so many lines and such a double standard among, you know, the woke snowflakes out there. apparently you can say anything about an african-american and it's fine, even in the "l.a. times." it's disgusting. nobody should have to go through that in this day and age, period, end of sentence. larry, thank you, and i'm sorry you had to go through that. more "hannity" right after this. ♪ ♪
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have left great we hope you never miss an episode. and like to say let not your heart be troubled, but mine is the let's pray for our fellow americans and their safe return for this country as they remain tonight behind enemy lines. keep them in your prayers in i know i will be keeping them in mind. where ingraham is up next, we hope you have a great weekend.


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