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tv   Hannity  FOX News  August 18, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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from tonight. that's it for us tonight. our documentary on ufos tomorrow morning on absolutely worth watching. we will be back, 8:00 p.m. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, groupthink and smugness, sean hannity takes over about now. >> sean: all right, tucker thank you. welcome to "hannity." an unknown number, thousands or perhaps tens of thousands of our fellow americans are trapped behind the lines throughout the country of afghanistan in what is one of the biggest foreign policy debacles and disasters in history of this great republic. the taliban has encircled the international airport and are viciously beating, whipping and abducting people who are attempting to gain access to that airport. but this morning, some hope.
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the memo from the state alert. the memo continues the united states government cannot ensure a safe passage to the international airport. for updates, follow us on facebook and twitter and to check your spam folder for messages. now break this down. we cannot ensure safe passage. follow us on facebook and twitter, and if that is not one of the most sickening things i've ever heard it, no rescue plan for our fellow americans, no plan whatsoever. we don't even know how many americans at this hour are actually behind enemy lines. we don't even know where they are. god help all of them at this hour. today during a speech, not about afghanistan. biden completely ignored the
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real crisis, the life and death crisis for our fellow americans in afghanistan and as per usual took no questions at all, i'm sure fearing that his staff might get angry with him. it's simply spineless and pathetic, cold and out of touch and it's unacceptable of an american president. joe biden and his secretary of state, his defense secretary. his national security advisor, they have failed our fellow citizens in a way that i never thought i would witness in my lifetime. his secretary of state, secretary of defense, frankly they should all resign in disgrace. general milley is obviously completely incompetent and he needs to go especially after his comments today. anyone else that planned this idiotic shortsighted withdrawal and failed to see the obvious handwriting that was on the wall, they all need to go and be fired. americans now are trapped all
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over the country and surrounded by terrorists and the only plan left to get them out is to beg the terrorists to please allow safe passages to people that we know you don't like to the airport. listen to what secretary of defense lloyd austin actually said earlier today. >> do you have the capability to go out and collect americans? >> we don't have the capability to collect large numbers of people. it's obviously not close to where we want to be in terms of getting numbers through so we will work that 24 hours a day and seven days a week. we will get everyone that we can possibly evacuate, evacuated. and i will do that as long as we possibly can until the clock runs out or we will run out of capability. >> this is insane, no capability whatsoever? not even a commitment to try and do everything in our power to help our fellow americans. did you not plan for this, lloyd
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austin? apparently not. the situation tonight is dire and the taliban knows the truth. they are brutal, they are evil, they are terrorists. by the way, the viewer a warning and what we are about to show you is graphic. the afghan woman pictured here was reportedly murdered by the taliban while she was not wearing a head covering. another woman had her eyes gouged out. why? for having a job as a police officer. taliban fighters cut off this woman's ears and her nose after she attempted to flee from her husband who she was forced to marry when she was only a child. and as we speak, taliban fighters are now going door to door forcing young women and little girls to be their sex slaves and to marry their "fighters." they are now being executed. some are being hung, some
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dismembered, some shot and some beheaded. and more scenes of carnage. women and children, beaten, shot and stabbed, where we can't guarantee a safe passage but we urge you to go to. one taliban fighter was sure to whipping people trying to get to the airport and this man was actually kicked in the face and abducted on the back of a pickup truck. one cnn producer was attacked and almost pistol whipped. watch this. >> the most frightening moment for our team came when our producer brent swales was taking some videos on his iphone and two taliban fighters came up and were ready to pistol whip him and we had to intervene and scream and it was another taliban fighter who came and said don't do that, there are journalists. but i've covered all sorts of crazy situations. this was mayhem, it was nuts.
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>> sean: we lost contact with one individual providing fox news with images from outside of the airport. his last message to us reads as follows. today i was trying to take a video, i was close to the airport. the taliban saw me and they took my mobile phone and they beat me very bad. at the walls of the airport, even more heartbreaking scenes. look at this according to the daily mail. we have afghan women begging to be let in. and look at this. others pictured attempting to pass their babies over a wall. and tall razor wire, even throwing them over in a desperate attempt to save the lice of their children. just think how desperate, how hopeless a parent must be to go to that
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length? they know what awaits their children if they don't get out but they know better than to trust the taliban. but we are witnessing here chaos and carnage, surrounded by terrorists. we have americans behind enemy lines. how many? we can't tell you. all at the utter mercy of the taliban as thousands of americans, our allies and afghan partners are all trapped behind his enemy lines. every single life is at risk and every american's life is hanging in the balance. the worst part of all of this is it was all easily preventable. everyone knew what was happening when american forces began to pull out. remember what donald trump said to us last night? based on conditions on the ground, also a very firm warning came to one american, hath no fury. when donald trump defeated isis and the caliphate it would be far worse in terms of the magnitude of america's response.
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that was his warning, the taliban were making rapid gains. last week, oh, how did they get 60% of the country, then 70%, then 80%? they had weeks to witness the move of the taliban and what was unfolding before the world. biden could have paused. he could have drawn dow at any point in april. he could have done it in may, june, july, august. at the very least we could have held on to the air base until every american in the country was out of that country. that alone told the entire story. and when does the military ever leave before every u.s. citizen is taken out before they leave? between friday and last monday, what did the administration do to stop the taliban from taking kabul? no, joe was on vacation and jen
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psaki was out of the office not responding and now entire country has fallen. thousands of americans are trapped. there is no plan for their rescue. when these americans eventually get home, and we pray they all get home, sadly, they will have nothing to do with joe biden because tonight their lives are basically hanging in the balance on the compassion of the taliban, if you could ever imagine. everyone in afghanistan is now at the mercy of the taliban. joe biden seems to care less. take a look. >> when you see what happened over the last week was it a failure of planning, execution, or judgment? >> look, it was a simple choice, george. >> we've all seen the pictures, hundreds of people packed into a c-16. we've seen afghans -- >> that was four days ago, five days ago. >> what did you think when you first saw those pictures? >> i thought, we have to gain control of this. we have to move this more
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quickly. we have to move in a way in which we can take control of that airport. and we did. >> you don't think this could have been handled better in any way, no mistakes? >> no, i don't think it could have been handled in a way -- we're going to go back in hindsight and look but the idea that somehow there is a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, i don't know how that happens. i don't know how that happens. >> so for you that was always part of it? >> yes. >> sean: joe, let me ask you, when you saw the taliban was on the march and took over 10% of the country did that not provide you an opportunity to act? could you not have responded then? 20% of the country, 30% of the country? 40% of the country, taliban is on the march, joe. i know you're on vacation. when it got really bad and paid no attention those hours mattered the most at that point
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because you let it get to that point but you couldn't get out without the chaos? what if you had followed donald trump's model that he used with isis to defeat the cal fate and bomb them to smithereens? thousands of americans, thousands of our fellow americans and friends and allies might soon perish, frankly, because of joe biden. doesn't seem to care. i don't know i could have done. i guess he doesn't care or has no clue. we'll let you decide. maybe the media mob will finally wake up to the fact that this president is a complete, total, cognitive mess. maybe a tough tweet from somebody like president trump who they feared, respected, and believed would act wouldn't be so bad in a moment like this. although, it never would have come to this, his last year, year and a half, not a single american died in afghanistan. he warned them what the consequences would be if one american died. if they showed any geographical
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ambition. this has got to be dealt with. joe biden clearly is not up to the job and the world knows it and what's worse than that is every hostile regime, putin knows it, xi knows it, mullahs in iran knows it, kim jum ill knows it and the taliban know it. let's pray for the people in afghanistan who have been left to defends for themselves. we can't guarantee them safe passage but we urge you to make your way to the international airport. joining us now is an american. he's trapped in afghanistan. desperately trying to get out. we've decided not to show his face, not to name him, because his life would be in serious risk at this point if his identity is exposed to the taliban. he now joins us. can you tell us what's going on now and what you see unfolding? >> good evening.
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i'm trapped here with my family, we have -- family, all around [not able to decipher] >> we tried to go there with the family. there were thousands and thousands of people. we tried to get closer but
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unfortunately -- - -- back home -- so we tried to go there with the family. we tried to get closure, but unfortunately we are faced with the taliban and we were very frustrated. and i see there was no way, and how to get out of here. and make it back home. >> sean: sir, we had a little hard time hearing you but i've been able to pick up an awful lot.
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may god guide you home safely. and every other person behind enemy lines tonight. there were so many gut wrenching scenes out of the afghanistan and many are drawing comparisons to the fall of saigon in '75 but to be very honest, it's far worse. let me give you this viewer warning, some of what you are about to see is incredibly graphic. take a look. >> do you see any parallel between this withdrawal and -- >> president biden: none whatsoever. zero. there will be no circumstance when we see people being lifted off of the roof of the embassy of the united states from afghanistan. >> helicopters and black smoke visible, the american diplomat including the evacuation to the airport, and at least 500 staff. the embassy shuttle and the flag
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is coming down. >> the evacuation of america is interrupted by sporadic gunfire. ♪ >> sean: here with reaction donald trump jr. is with us. i saw the president scheduled today and that was about covid. no questions. no discussions. no updates. no plan. nothing at all to help our fellow americans. and by the way, the interpreters, and all the people that we promised, if this day ever came we would protect them and get them out of there. not necessarily bring them here but we would bring them to safety. none of that has happened. your reaction? >> well, i'm surprised they didn't do the press conference from an ice cream shop, sean,
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because that's all he's been capable of doing. it's an absolute embarrassment. the reality is this. as far as i'm aware joe biden has created the large hostage situation perhaps in the history of the world. if we have between 10 and 40,000 americans blockaded off from an airport that our embassy, when we say embassy, we have to use quotes because the embassy has fallen to the taliban, so a bureaucrat from d.c. is saying they can't guarantee their safety but they should get there anyway. they have been blocked by the taliban, trapped by a terrorist regime. this is arguably the largest hostage situation in history, and it's all unjoe biden. he took my father's plan and wanted to change it because he wanted to make it his own. he wanted to be the one to get credit so rather than doing it in the late spring before the fighting season and using your brain and knowledge and listening to the guys that are the door kickers, not the generals, that have been too busy worrying about critical race theory and learning about
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white rage which no one had ever heard of prior to last week, he didn't. he wanted to make it his own so he could get credit and he made stupid decisions and now he owns all of it and he owns the largest hostage situation i have ever her of and i imagine anyone else has ever heard of. >> sean: i had mark meadows, he's one of a few sources that i have that confirmed to me a phone call that your father had when he spoke the first time to the taliban leader. and in essence, and your dad kind of confirmed it when he was on the show last night, the call went something like this. you saw what di to the cal fate. you saw how i destroyed them in record time. let me be very clear. if any comma is missed, any dot to any agreement you violate, if any harm comes to any one american, what you saw in my defeat of the cal fate will be nothing in comparison, and that
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apparently, your father said, do you understand me? he said these words. do you fully understand what i'm telling you what will happen? apparently they -- then your father said and in kind of trumpian form, okay, now we can begin our negotiations. that was confirmed to me by numerous people. i doubt joe biden had that as part of his plan. >> no, joe biden got rid of all contingencies. had they violated any of those things they would have been droning on the roads coming in but joe biden didn't want to do that. joe biden wanted it on his own but the difference primarily, we know this, we understand the taliban. they understand strength. they understand resolve. and they look at joe biden and they know he's none of those things. the man cannot walk up a flight of stairs. the man cannot get through a sentence. he can't answer questions from a press corps that's effectively
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his marketing department and has been for the last few decades. donald trump was not afraid to take those questions whether during covid or any other time. he would get up there and answer them for hours. joe biden can't be bothered. he could barely be bothered to take a few minutes off his vacation while the world burns and that's the difference. the taliban know that. they are going to take advantage of it, and guess what, sean? they aren't the only ones who will take advantage of it because our enemies and our allies alike are watching. they watched joe biden turn their backs on not only americans, but our allies. china is chomping at the bit because whatever their schedule was to take over taiwan, it just -- accelerated rapidly. they know they can't depend on the u.s. empty suits, pretty much empty brains, making the decisions and or listening to generals that have simply focused on being woke rather than doing their
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damn jobs and it's a disgrace and it shouldn't be happening in this country. >> sean: i couldn't say it any better. donald trump jr., thank you. join us with more reaction, senator lindsey graham. i happened to be privy to a conversation you had with president trump, and you were very passionately talking to the president at the time about the need to keep minimal forces and how -- how to properly withdraw, and keep -- prevent things like this from happening and keep the gains that were made in place. you successfully came to an agreement. >> right. >> sean: this is not what donald trump handed to joe biden, blaming donald trump, this is not the plan you and donald trump agreed to. >> no, this is all on president biden. he's done two -- he's taken the most dishonorable path available. he ignored sound military advice. there is no plan to get u.s. citizens outside of kabul into
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kabul, and once they get to kabul there is no plan to make the taliban let them through but here's what i take today from the news conference. we just issued a death sentence to all of those who fought with in us afghanistan. it's clear to me they are resetting the table here and they are trying to move the ball and say, we're going to focus on american citizens and we're going to leave behind the thousands of afghans who honorably fought along our side. that's what they are saying today, so two things have happened here. one, the chance of another 9/11 is 10 fold because of the way biden has handled this and the chance of other people helping us in the future after this debacle is almost zero, so joe biden and apparently our generals and our secretary of defense will willing to sacrifice all of those who helped us because they don't have the will or the determination to get them out. >> sean: senator, i want to ask you this because we have untold thousands of americans now
11:23 pm
behind enemy lines. yes, those that assisted america. those interpreters. those people that we promised, god forbid, if it ever comes to this, we would protect them, i don't see any military option because every american then would become a human shield and i don't even want to describe what we both know would happen. there is no military option, senator. we're at the mercy of the taliban now. >> well, change it. you don't have to be at the mercy of the taliban. my god, you don't think we can beat these guys if we want to? here's what i would do if i were president of the united states. i would tell the pentagon to give me a safe corridor of passage plan for every corner of afghanistan. i would tell the taliban we're bringing every american home. they are coming from every corner of afghanistan. if you get in the way, that would be a hostile act against the united states and we'll use military force. i would tell them the same about the interpreters and all those
11:24 pm
who helped us. we don't have to accept this. >> sean: all right. senator lindsey graham. we appreciate you being with us. we're praying for our fellow americans. when we return, great mark levin. he has some very strong words for biden and his disastrous plan. american now behind enemy lines. how do we get them out? how do we bring them home. straight ahead. >> tech: every customer has their own safelite story. this couple loves camping adventures and their suv is always there with them. so when their windshield got a chip, they wanted it fixed fast. they drove to safelite autoglass for a guaranteed, same-day, in-shop repair. we repaired the chip before it could crack. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service you can trust, when you need it most. ♪ pop rock music ♪ >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> sean: biden's undeniable dereliction of duty in afghanistan, even some of the media mob, they are being forced to face reality. that's not stopping some democrats from trying to claim he's actually doing a great job. for example embattled governor gavin newsom said monday he's incredibly proud of president biden, speaker pelosi even had
11:29 pm
the audacity to claim that biden's withdrawal was strong and decisive. nancy, sell that line of adam schiff to any of the thousands of americans behind enemy lines in afghanistan tonight, that we can't protect because of biden's decisive action. higher -- here for reaction, author of the huge best seller with almost a million copies sold, number one as of today was for the fifth consecutive week, number one on for the sixth consecutive week, and i know this isn't about american marxism. also the host of life liberty and levin. i never imagined we would be seeing this in our lifetime. americans caught behind enemy lines. we had all the time the world to see its unfolding and they did nothing. and they allowed it to happen. and now we are at the mercy of the taliban because i don't see any good military option, mark levin. >> if nancy pelosi thinks biden
11:30 pm
has done such a great job, why doesn't she trade places with any woman in afghanistan? and let's see if she thinks biden has done such a great job? where are all these women's rights groups, where are they today? have you heard anything from chuck schumer? i haven't heard a damn thing from him. the vast majority of the democrats are either praising biden or not saying anything. it's really quite outrageous. and i have another question, who's running running the government? joe biden goes to camp david most of the time, doesn't take a single question or make himself available today. it was another huge embarrassment while he's trusting republicans, why doesn't he treat the taliban the
11:31 pm
way he is treating republicans? and we haven't seen the vice president of the united states for a week. who's running the government? nobody. general austin and general milley, if you think what is going on is so horrible, and you've got to roll in it, for all history. for all military history. austin and millie are going to go down in history as disasters. what happened to those national security advisors in both parties who said vote for biden against trump? they go down in history, too. where is madison kelly today? i don't know, they are nowhere. now, we're negotiating the taliban. what exactly are we negotiating the taliban. the release of american citizens. what are we prepared to give them? you see, there are only two ways out of this, and that's this. we crush these bass starreds like the cockroaches they are
11:32 pm
for a few days. use our military might and expand that area around the airport, and if you lay one finger on an american citizen we'll track you down for the rest of time. nobody believes joe biden has the stomach for that. what's the other way? to pay them off. like the iranians. he's paying off iranians. he's already given billions of dollars to the iranians so they can get nuclear weapons. the iranians are probably working with the taliban telling them this guy is a pushover, so they are negotiating the taliban. what are they giving the taliban? i would love to know, and for you folks who say a 20-year war, donald trump left afghanistan pretty much neutralized with 2,500 noncombatant personnel. our air force at that air base that the soviets kindly built for us, intelligence services, and about six to 7,000 nato forces. for an entire country, that was
11:33 pm
it. and they were pretty much neutralized, weren't they? we haven't been hit and we weren't hit and there hasn't been a single soldier killed in 18 months. can't say the same about chicago where citizens are being killed daily. now, that said, so this so-called 20-year war is now a 40-year war. now the enemy is stronger than ever. some of the best weapons from us. al qaeda on the rise. all these freak show terrorists, they will all be collecting in afghanistan. maybe they will try and knock off pakistan because after all pakistan has nuclear weapons. that's an easier way to get them to actually develop them. they are working with the chinese communist enemy. they are working with fascist putin. our allies have to be scared to death. ukraine, taiwan what do you think they are thinking? and the prime minister of israel who shouldn't even be the prime
11:34 pm
minister of israel. this bennett, now he's going to meet next week with biden to talk about national security? this is the last time that they should be talking with the biden administration about security. and what about the border. it was bad enough they were coming in illegally, perverts, drug pushers, covid-19, our border is open now more than ever before so the rise of the terrorists. working with the enemy states that we have to deal with. he should close that damn border, secure the border. it's the least they can do, and what does he do today? he uses pseudo-science to say children need to wear masks. he's turned the department of education to undermine republican governors. he's attacking politically desantis. this guy is a disaster.
11:35 pm
it's about time the democrats -- use the "i" word, impeachment. look at what joe biden has unleashed on the american people. in addition to defying a supreme court decision, he needs to be removed and if we can't find kamala harris, remove her and nancy pelosi, just go down the line. we need to show the american people that there are some people in washington who are very, very concerned about what's taking place at the head of our government. we have never in american history seen anything like this. that's it. >> sean: american marxism, the number one book in the country still and it's at, the last chapter is my favorite, we choose liberty. life, personally targeted by
11:36 pm
biden. he has a message for joe, and then we'll talk to an interpreter who risked his life to help us an he'll tell us how many lives are in jeopardy tonight. as we continue our coverage, thank you for joining us.
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>> sean: now >> now rather than focus on saving thousands of americans trapped behind enemy lines inside afghanistan, rather than taking any responsibility for this disgraceful, reckless exit plan if you want to call it that, instead of focusing on saving american lives, what's joe doing? he's attacking republican governors like ron desantis over
11:41 pm
masks and not taking a single question. take a look. >> i'm directing the secretary of education, an educator himself, to take additional steps to protect our children. this includes using all of his oversight authority and legal action if appropriate against governors who are trying to block and intimidate local school officials and educators. >> sean: during today's disgraceful remarks biden afgha. not once. took zero questions. i wonder how you're feeling if you're in afghanistan seeing that today. here with reaction, florida governor ron desantis. you served our nation in the military, with the prestigious navy jag corps, deployed in iraq during the 2007 surge, served as a seal commander in fallujah. worked for the commander in gitmo. your background is extensive.
11:42 pm
i'll get to the attack by biden in a second. what's your assessment? when they took 20% of afghanistan why didn't they act or 30% or 40%? or 50%? how did he stay on vacation as kabul was falling before the world's eyes? can you explain that because i can't. >> he's asleep at the switch. obviously after 9/11 we needed to go in and rout the taliban and al qaeda but in hindsight we should have come home after that. i think it's been very problematic. having said that, and i think trump was right to say we needed to come home from afghanistan, how you do that matters. when you're leaving thousands of americans to fend for themselves behind enemy lines, that matters. when you're leaving billions of dollars in military equipment for our enemies to just take, that matters. it's going to make that area a disaster. obviously americans are at risk.
11:43 pm
sean, you know who is looking at this? china, russia, north korea, all of our adversaries are taking a measure of joe biden and they see this is not somebody who is capable of leading with conviction and leading on the world stage. they are going to do everything they can as long as he's president to take advantage of that, and i think we're in for a rocky 3 1/2 years as long as he's president. >> sean: i don't know how we get every american out of there safely. there was one big part of the president's message, and this is the call i keep referring to, confirmed on this program last night by mark meadows, the chief-of-staff, donald trump was very clear with the taliban. if you step out of line one time i will obliterate you. there would be no waiting. it would happen immediately and expeditiously. that was missing as 10%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 70% of the country was taken over by the taliban.
11:44 pm
joe biden didn't lift a finger, governor. how do you not react when it's happening before your eyes? >> not only that, he was on vacation. they had to ply him off vacation to give kind of a half cocked statement on camera. then he goes back on vacation and he's obsessed, while you have all the stuff going on with afghanistan, obviously all the stuff at the southern border which you and i have talked about, one of the biggest border disasters in the history of the governor. inflation, gas prices, what does he do? he's obsessed with having the government force kindergartners to wear masks all day in school. in florida we believe it should be a parent's decision. biden thinks the government should be able to come in and overrule the parents and force these kids to wear masks. you've got to wonder, where are your priorities that you're so obsessed with this issue and taking away parents' rights and you're letting afghanistan burn, our border burn, and so many
11:45 pm
other things in our country fall to pieces. >> sean: you know, when covid first hit, you were regularly on this show, on my radio show, often, as a matter of fact. you mobilized every single state agency to protect the very large elderly population that you have in florida. for example, you never sent covid patients to nursing homes or the villages or any communities where people were older and more vulnerable. now you've done something, now that the cdc has said in no uncertain terms even fully vaccinated people, it will not prevent people from getting covid, you've done something quite innovative. you've now institutionalized and mobilized your state once again to build these mono colonial antibody centers, regeneron centers, ely lily centers so whether people are fully
11:46 pm
vaccinated or not get covid they can get the infusion of regeneron as quickly as possible and that's going to be available all across the state. you're doing that right now, correct? >> that's right. we already have four sites up. we're going to have by the end of the week we'll have 10 to 15. they are going to each be able to do 320 treatments a day, sean, which is a lot. beal doing thousands of these, available every single day, and you and i know people, we know people, they took this, they had symptoms, and it was resolved. it can keep you out of the hospital and they can save your life. more people need to know about it so that's one of the reasons why we're doing these centers so people understand, if you're covid positive you actually have an ability to do early treatment which is great. >> sean: and that's probably been the most under-reported therapeutic out there. our friend, governor abbott, he's in our prayers, i know he had the infusion himself. i applaud you and others for
11:47 pm
doing this and setting this up immediately now that the science shows the vaccine will not necessarily protect you. it's not protecting many people. governor, great to have you back. please come on more often. appreciate it. after the break, an afghan interpreter who helped american forces for over a decade begging the biden administration, his family is trapped behind enemy lines. he'll join customer along with sarah carter as our coverage continues. thank you for joining us.
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[swords clashing] - had enough? - no... arthritis. here. new aspercreme arthritis. full prescription-strength? reduces inflammation? thank the gods. don't thank them too soon. kick pain in the aspercreme. >> sean: now tonight thousands of americans are at the mercy of the taliban amid the biden administration's unmitigated, unprecedented failures, lack of commitment to guarantee that all americans get evacuated safely.
11:52 pm
tonight we are following the story of sabir nassir. he worked as an afghan interpreter, living in the u.s. but trying to desperately get his family out of afghanistan. joining us now to explain more along with a fox news contributor who has known him for a long time, first, what are you hearing on the ground and there were many thousands of people that were promised by our government that if this they ever came would promise to get them out safely, is that correct? >> good evening everyone and thank you. yes, i fought for this country, i served 11 years for the u.s. marine corps and i lost my fingers in the war, the taliban cut my fingers off and cut my body, i got a lot of shrapnel. i worked for the navy seals, but
11:53 pm
right now the taliban are hunting my family because the country made a documentary movie about me. and my family is in the movie, too. and other journalists that worked with me. the taliban just cut off my cousin's neck a couple of days ago. they moved from bagram province to couple and they are hunting my family, my family and my brother's family, they all are living close to the airport. in one week i didn't sleep, i didn't eat good, and i am very worried about my family. i might lose my family. and i am asking for mr. joe biden, he broke his promise and left my family and other american allies behind. what is your answer for humanity? for me that i support and sacrifice for this country and now i need your help, what you will do?
11:54 pm
thank you. >> sean: sara, you know many people -- and our thoughts and prayers are with your family tonight. you know many people like him and his family. we know they are behind enemy lines. you get told to go to the airport, we tell you to go to the airport but we can't guarantee you a safe passage through the airport. it seems we are at the mercy of this brutal terrorist organization. >> you're absolutely right. i've been on the phone all day and night. i've been talking to my friends, people i consider friends in afghanistan. just like family in afghanistan just like saber who say that their mothers have been beaten and at their sisters have been beaten, people
11:55 pm
often slaughtered outside the gates. i know now people have arrived outside of the gates even with american passports and visas to enter into the kabul airport and they have been turned away because there is so much confusion at the gates right now. there were planes that literally lifted off the ground today with empty seats because nobody knows who to let in or let out. it appears that even at the embassy everything was burned, even the visas. so when they destroyed everything they destroyed all the information come now on the ground and people are trying to get it onto the ground is to get free from the country. there are amazing americans i can't mention right now who are helping people over there, both american and afghan allies that were doing what they can to get people out and that's what's keeping our hopes up. >> sean: there are thousands, sarah. thousands. we may -- pray for your family and every american in harm's way tonight.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this
12:00 am
evening. we hope you'll set your dvr so you never miss an episode. our thoughts, prayers, love, support are with the people in afghanistan, and we pray we get you home soon. our prayer is for all of you tonight. in the meantime let not your hearts be troubled. laura takes it from here. it fr here. >> laura: i enjoyed your interview with president trump. it was good to have him on camera. it laura: i enjoyed your interview with donald trump, it was good to have a camera, not the good on the phone. you know what i'm saying? better to have him on camera and i -- i watched every minute and don't think i prepared for my show enough. >> you've been doing a great job in your coverage. laura: we will pick up where you left off. see you tomorrow. this is the ingraham angle.


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