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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  August 16, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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better in america? dow is up, jobs are good. vaccinations are good. all that was headed toward there anyway. after you take those three off the table what has gotten better? >> dana: even the media is saying the crisis for president biden are piling up. we'll be here to walk you through all that is happening this week. "the faulkner focus" is up next. here she is. >> harris: we begin with a fox news alert. americans being rescued from one of the most dangerous places on the planet right now. the time difference is 8 1/2 hours. nightfall right now. where the home turf enemy taliban are systematically owning afghanistan. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". mass panic at the kabul international airport. afghan systems go on the tarmac and as they lifted in the air
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some foal f*el to their deaths. -- if el to their deaths. some 6,000 american troops are on the ground in afghanistan to do whatever it takes to get our people out. as many of those who helped us in america's longest war as well. remember, president biden has made just one statement since leaving for a weekend break in delaware in camp david. he defended his decision to pull out troops from afghanistan. that's actually not the issue. why did the exit go so south so fast? and where is president biden to address the american people now? white house national security advisor jake sullivan says we will hear from the president eventually. >> he is focused on insuring that the mission, which is to secure that airport and continue these evacuations, that that mission continues and is brought to a positive conclusion. that's his overriding focus right now. he is deeply engaged on it and
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yes at the right point he will absolutely address the american people. >> harris: the vice president of foreign policy at the heritage foundation, walid faris is a national security and foreign affairs analyst. walid and james great to have you on the program. james, i will lean on your military expertise. what is the situation for protecting americans and the afghans on the tarmac now? >> it is nightmare scenario. two options here. one is the taliban can hold everybody hostage. all 6,000, everybody at the airport. they can starve them out and they don't have to attack the americans to do that. all they have to do is make sure planes can't safely leave. that's the worst case scenario. the best case scenario is the taliban sits there with arms folded and watch a kay otic and disastrous withdrawal and turn
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to the world and say look at the americans leaving with tails between their legs. >> bill: walid phares we have gotten word the president is set to speak at 3:45 p.m. today. and while james sullivan and the white house was defending the idea that the president had not spoken yet, there has been a lot that has happened in the time gap and will have by 3:45 this afternoon. it's already nightfall there. that's many more hours of whatever could unfold as james has just detailed. your take on the situation with the taliban and the united states. >> thank you for giving me the opportunity. the problem that i see with the administration, including the president and his officials, is that they may have expected one thing and it is something else. remember, there was an agreement from last year which was taken by the biden administration and changed. they had a different strategy. instead of adopting the
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strategy of region by region and empowering the afghan army they said we're leaving all of afghanistan and told the president and government of afghanistan and armed forces which is why this happens that they won't fight the taliban. there is a deal and the taliban promised. the taliban promised one thing and they -- >> harris: are we surprised the taliban would make a promise they didn't keep? >> the taliban engaged the -- they become a political party. we have given back what we have struggled for for 20 years. >> harris: politically i would just ask it this way. it would seem that former president trump and current president biden would have gotten much the same information. they both had the same plan to pull out the troops and that's a popular thing with the american people and with our
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american servicemen and women because we couldn't dee he define an endgame. that's not the issue. the pull-out is the issue. if president trump at one point had wanted to try to deal with the taliban. that didn't happen. he listened to generals. what happened with joe biden, the president, to think he could be the one to make them change? >> this is easy to explain. i don't think it's a military failure or an intel failure. walid alluded to this. biden himself made a calculation that the taliban would let us leave and that if things went to hell in a hand basket later the biden administration it wasn't our fault. we weren't there. what he doesn't understand in this part of the world honor is power. the taliban would never miss an opportunity to humiliate the united states going out the door. i'm sure biden thought they would be idiots not to just let us leave.
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from the taliban's perspective it is an opportunity that count be passed by and the problem is the biden -- they had no plan b. they were briefed that this could happen but they had no plan what do we do if the taliban actually attack us as we're leaving? and that's why we are where we are. >> harris: you and i both know those generals had plan b. it was something the military are amazing for but you have to listen to them. i want to get to this. general jack keane said a short time ago at the taliban taking over kabul. >> c17s are attempting to fly out of the kabul airport. it is a stark reminder of what defeat really looks like and the suffering that people are going to experience as a result of that defeat. when it really gets down to it this taliban victory we're seeing right before our eyes is something president biden truly owns. >> harris: wow. did you hear that, walid fare
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yes, sir? phares? a taliban victory. you say honor equals power. they scooped up some. we just handed them a way to -- we know the leader of the taliban is pretty close to al qaeda >> oh, yeah, that's the same thing with some differences. but what is important here. i've been monitoring social media and the arab media and the international media. what the taliban and their all aisles across from afghanistan to desire yeah are saying to the people of the region. they don't realize what is happening at the kabul airport, it's a wave of shock, jihadist are telling the people this is the price of being an ally to the united states. you can't imagine what is happening. the american public needs to be informed about what is happening on the psychological level in the region. a complete disaster.
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>> harris: before i get to that question. i had made that point. that came from the united nations. not my take on the current taliban leadership and al qaeda being close. that came from the u.n. that's problematic for us. we haven't even glimpsed the many ways those people are thinking about hurting us since 9/11 and biden's administration puts a target on our backs by saying we'll wrap up. originally by september 11th. james, you can't even write that. >> you have to realize that on september 11th this year the taliban will own more territory than they did on september 11th, 2001. that's a huge advertising campaign. there are two things. one is the terrorist -- potential for terrorist sanctuary in afghanistan. the other is, this the basically a global ad for resurgence of terrorism. it really is the worst of all possible scenarios. >> harris: quickly and i want to move on. walid, what does this mean
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going forward? you were mentioning our enemies and those gearing up to hit us. the timeline on that was might take them two decades to come back. did somebody just speed up the timeline? what does it look like now. >> i don't know what happened in the negotiations in qatar. i think congress should get to the bottom of this. >> harris: that was the previous administration? >> the previous administration had a plan. the current administration took the plan and modified the strategy. that's why congress should say what happened to the original plan take it region by region, secure the after gani forces are in control and then withdraw. we just offered them all of it and we messaged them on top of it and told them. many of our officials kabul will fall in 20 days, this area will fall in 60 days. what is this? we're telling the enemy and telling the taliban how many dailies they need to take these areas?
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they consider this a green light. it was a disaster. >> harris: i mentioned earlier. the president of the united states, his comp team announcing he will speak today at 3:45 today eastern. i talked to you about the single statement from president biden so far. in it he put the blame on president trump. he said this quote, when i came to office i inherited a deal from my predecessor. you say critics don't agree with it. james your quick take. >> biden has three big problems. they said americans don't care about afghanistan. that was their assessment. they lied to america. they humiliated america and americans are worried about terrorists coming back and getting them. three huge problems i don't think this administration anticipated. >> harris: gentlemen, thank you both. james and walid, appreciate your expertise and time. move to peter doocy live at the white house where just reported
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minutes ago the president will finally speak on this after relative silence over the weekend. 3:45 p.m. eastern. >> adding to that the president posted on social media channels i will be addressing the nation on afghanistan at 3:45 p.m. eastern. for now, though, he remains at camp david 70 miles away from here. he was supposed to be there until wednesday but this obviously changes the plan. >> we'll hear from the president in the coming days. president has spoken to this issue quite extensively and i know he will have more to say. >> republicans, jim banks from indiana said if joe biden doesn't address country today we should have doubts for his ability to lead our country for three years if you didn't already. the white house shared a photo this weekend. you can see the faces of some spies there. the info they shared included
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some surprise. >> i have to tell you that the inability of afghan security forces to defend their country has played a very powerful role in what we've seen over the last few weeks. the fact is we invested, the international community invested over 20 years, billions of dollars in these forces. >> that is not what president biden said was going to happen. >> president biden: the united states insist we continue to keep the commitments we made providing close air support, making sure their air force functions and is operable, resupplying their forces with food and equipment, and paying all their salaries. but they've got to want to fight. they have outnumbered the taliban. >> that was the last time the president spoke on camera about afghanistan, six days ago.
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that is going to get an update this afternoon. >> harris: you and i have to give an update on our jobs after a week. >> yeah. a lot happens. >> harris: if people weren't able to talk to us. peter doocy, thank you very much. we have breaking news right now from that airport. normally we show you live pictures from there but we can't do it right this second. there are now seven confirmed dead at the airport on the ground amid all that chaos. remember i was telling you how desperate it is a situation for the afghan citizens to try to gain some kind of situation where they can get off the ground. this was a little bit earlier. look at how many people on the ground. the united states has to suspend all those evacuation flights until they can take control of the situation. we understand their fear and pain. we fought this enemy, the taliban, in the longest war for america. but right now we need to get our people out. as many of them on the ground as we can who have helped us.
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this situation is dire. what will the president say to the united states at 3:45 p.m. eastern? he is tweeting about it. did it have to end this way, though? the backlash president biden is facing right now as the taliban are taking charge in afghanistan. they took the president palate's seat and sat in it. one member of congress already calling for him to resign. more reaction from republican leadership. senator john barrasso, a key member of the foreign relations committee. plus the crisis closer to home, the surge of covid-19 cases among migrants who crossed the southern border. mcallen, texas, is reporting that 80% of its covid sick patients at one medical center are people who just came across the border. as critics are slamming president biden over it. >> he doesn't have any credibility left with me. hard for me to believe in what he is saying when he is openly
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>> my god, it is one of the darkest, most embarrassing days we've had in our country and it is a tremendous embarrassment for the biden administration. every day i wake up as a congressman just as you did as a senator and you wonder what will be next. with this administration it is failure after failure, after failure. honest to god i can't believe i'm saying it but i am. it literally is time for this president to resign. >> harris: calling for the resignation of president biden there. stinging words from a sitting congressman as biden continues to come under fire for the chaos and danger going on on
8:21 am
the tarmac in afghanistan. editorials and op-eds no less blistering. the president tries to duck responsibility for a calamity withdrawal. from the "new york post" president biden will own the fall of kabul when the real killing begins. however, speaker nancy pelosi tweeted this yesterday as the taliban were literally storming kabul. the president is to be commended for the clarity of purpose of his statement on afghanistan and his actions. the taliban must know the world is watching its actions. oh, they know. joining us on focus now senator john barrasso of wyoming. third ranking member of senate republican leadership and on the senate foreign relations committee and glad to have him in focus today. senator, thank you. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: first of all, what does president biden need to say now that we know he is going to speak today six days since we last heard from him.
8:22 am
>> you are absolutely right. this is joe biden's vietnam but it is worse. it is super sized. not too long ago he said that under no circumstances would we ever see helicopters rising from the roof of the embassy in afghanistan. except that's exactly what we saw. so joe biden has really been a deer in the headlights, asleep at the switch. it is hard to say what he is going to say today. we do know he ignored the advice of his national security advisor on this and ignored the advice of military advisors on this. so whether you believe that we should have been in afghanistan or not, i think you have to agree that what has been done with the execution of this has been disastrous. as a result, you are showing the video of the people on the tarmac, people trying to get out of the country. there are people all around afghanistan who will be found and punished and executed. there will be blood on the hands of joe biden.
8:23 am
what is happening now in afghanistan is heartbreaking. >> harris: senator barrasso it is also complicated, too, i hadn't thought about it until you said this. those aren't necessarily all the people who helped us throughout the war. this is everybody who wants to get out of the grasp of the taliban. how can we tell the difference? we can't take them all. >> you are absolutely right. you take a look at this. i have been to afghanistan 10 times over the last number of years working with a afghan army and working with our soldiers. i was most recently there with president trump thanksgiving of 2019 to thank our troops. when president biden came into office, there were 2500 troops in afghanistan. he has now sent 6,000 in. you talk about people trying to get out. i was on a call yesterday with the secretary of state. he said they're trying to remove 60,000. some of them are americans. others just people that have helped us over the years. there is no way they are going
8:24 am
to be able to do this. what is happening now has been predictable and preventable and because of the policy mistakes made by joe biden as president. this was his first real test as commander-in-chief and he is showing the world his incompetence and ineptness on his part. >> harris: actually it is about the fifth, right? look at the border situation and the economy with run away inflation right now. that president has a lot going on in terms of the word crisis. this is the one in focus today and it is heartbreaking to see the reality play out on screen as you have just told us and narrated us through what is happening. quickly before we hear from senator blackburn. i want to get your response to something. you know, about what president trump was planning to do, it is being widely reported this president deviated. do we have any idea and the senate find out how exactly did they deviate from that plan and how did that get us to where we are now?
8:25 am
>> well, you make an interesting point. president biden has tried to reverse so many things that president trump has done successfully in terms of the economy, in terms of the border, and in terms of keeping the homeland safe. the reason we were in afghanistan in the first place is because of 9/11. here we are coming up on the 20th anniversary of that, the chairman of the joint chiefs yesterday told a group of senators the terrorist activity is going to be increased faster and more ferociously than he had anticipated. this is a failure of the biden administration. enemies around the world are celebrating this. this is a slap in the face of every man in uniform who has worn the uniform and been part of the battle and the sacrifices and the services they made and now coming up on the 20th anniversary of 9/11 what we are going to see is the taliban and terrorists once again back in charge in afghanistan. >> harris: i want to get to
8:26 am
this now. senator marsha blackburn of tennessee sunday morning futures said this could have been avoided with a conditional-based withdrawal. watch. >> it could have been avoided. the exit from afghanistan should have been conditions-based. it should have been based on the threat assessments. we know that president biden chose not to do it that way. he wanted to set a timeline and as the afghan and taliban, as the taliban has said all along, you may have the clocks, we've got the time. >> harris: senator barrasso, your final comments on this today. >> senator blackburn is absolutely right. if you make decisions based on the calendar on the wall versus the conditions on the ground you are doomed to disaster and that's what joe biden has done for america today. >> harris: senator john
8:27 am
barrasso, thank you very much, appreciate it. >> thanks. >> harris: i want to turn now to the other tragedy that was unfolding over the weekend. something again that the biden administration is going to have to respond to. they promised to help out with devastation in haiti. now we've learned that nearly 1300 people are confirmed dead after that massive earthquake that hit. the numbers are going up and we'll do our best to keep track. but it is heartbreaking nonetheless. now that country is bracing for a tropical storm as grace moves in. we're on the ground in haiti. plus covid-positive people surging across our southern border. where do they go next? we'll hear from one medical director in texas who says more than 3/4 of their entire population of covid patients they are treating are coming across that border.
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>> harris: we will know focus our coverage away from the manmade disaster to afghanistan to a natural disaster in haiti. officials announcing saturday's devastating earthquake has killed some 1300 people. thousands more are hurt, homeless or missing. this is a potentially dangerous tropical storm is barreling toward haiti. bryan llenas, you are live from the nation's capital. >> that's right. port-au-prince is the center of operations for the search and rescue in haiti. you can see tropical depression grace has arrived in the capital. bad news for the search and rescue effort. on the one front you have the u.s. coast guard which made its way here. we have seen them bring critically injured people from the southwestern peninsula where the earthquake was. we've seen them take out six
8:34 am
people this morning and bring them to ambulances that brings them then to hospitals. they need to be flying in the air to do that and this obviously will serving some challenges for their air capabilities. we spoke to the u.s. coast guard during their mission early this morning. listen. >> we've seen everything from crush injuries, debris falling on people, compound fractures, head trauma. we've seen the gamut trying to get to as many people as we can to get them to higher-level care. >> not only is the u.s. coast guard using choppers to bring in the wounded to port-au-prince and hospitals that can take care of them they're trying to bring in assets from all over the world, usa bringing in search and rescue teams to go through many homes, 7,000 homes damaged, 5,000 homes completely destroyed thus far. 5700 people injured. devastation we're just starting to understand. the scope. this earthquake was deep in the
8:35 am
southwestern peninsula in more the rural municipalities. so not only are we dealing that w that but we have a situation here where on top of that gangs are taking over some of these areas and so it is very hard to get humanitarian aid there via truck. the weather poses many challenges in the search and rescue but urban search and rescue is on site and here 65 people are four canines in the two major cities most effected in the southwestern peninsula. >> harris: we know about the corruption and their president was recently assassinated and know about the gangs in haiti. you are right. even without all this going on it would be trouble. prayers to haiti as you continue to search for people on the ground there. bryan llenas, thank you for your reporting. here in the focus we've been telling you for some time about the flood of covid positive people at our southern border overcrowding border facilities and potentially spreading the
8:36 am
virus. how about some evidence? stunning numbers, texas officials say the border patrol has released more than 7,000 covid-positive migrants into the border city of mcallen, texas, since mid-february. the director of one medical center in that city says 80% of the covid patients are coming from south of the border. our doctor marc siegel spoke with her not long ago. this doctor says most of the patients are these migrants, how is that happening if that's not happening? >> exactly, harris. doctor lopez is the director of the mcallen medical center. she often does not go home at the end of a 12-hour shift. she and her hospital are overwhelmed by unvaccinated migrants many who are covid positive and very ill. is that overburdening the system in the hospital?
8:37 am
>> things got a little bit hectic and we're making plans. we are working extra shifts. we're planning to get help soon from this because the cases are increasing very much, fast. we deal with suffering, we deal with pain, we deal with loss, but this is my first time that i see people suffering alone and the only face and hands and only optimistic word that they can have is from us, from the nurses. i mean, i think that this is a time where you really -- realize that this is what you are made for. >> dr. lopez said many of her fellow staff have gotten sick and died. as a group they mourn but still shoulder on, anxious, worried, but dedicated.
8:38 am
>> i had one that had a trauma and really the reason for admission was trauma. when he came into the hospital he was positive for covid. in the hospital developed the pneumonia and everything that we know they go through. to septic. he was complicated at the end. and he was -- he was with no one in this country. before he was transferred to icu he was sharing with me that feeling that he was coming in here to try to have a better life and now he was in a bed alone, not knowing how his family was in his country. so it was really impacting to see how his plan was one and ended up in a really different situation. >> for dr. lopez and others this is not a political story, it is a humanitarian crisis.
8:39 am
she says some catholic charities are building shelters to quarantine to protect citizens but they're filling up very much. >> harris: we have just learned the u.s. forces have killed two begunmen who fired into the crowd of afghans at kabul airports in separate incidents in 24 hours according to a u.s. official telling fox news. what is so critical about that is they have to get control of these people who you can understand are desperate to get away from the blood thirsty taliban but same time there is a crossfire situation going on because the taliban won't let them leave and our guys have to fight and you know they will. tammy bruce is in focus next. my time, a n during the vietnam era,
8:40 am
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>> i think we'll have to see what tomorrow holds. i was supportive of the withdrawal. the execution of it has been an embarrassment to this country. we were dealing with 1975 saigon now trying to avoid 1979 tehran. what happens in the next few hours and next few days will
8:45 am
determine the next few weeks and the next few months. but it is clear that this was botched on the assumption. >> harris: critics drawing the painfully obvious comparison between the chaos in afghanistan and the fall of saigon in 1975 as choppers were evacuating u.s. embassy staff, desperate people scrambled to escape and the country's president has fled. one cnn historian put it this way. >> afghanistan returns to being a safe haven for islamists. what have we spent 20 years doing there? if that occurs, this is the saigon moment for biden and that this will be a legacy. an albatross around helps neck for the rest of time. >> harris: the biden administration and the president himself are pushing back. >> let's take a step back. it is not saigon.
8:46 am
we went to afghanistan 20 years ago with one mission in mind. that was to deal with the people who attacked us on 9/11. and that mission has been successful. >> do you see any parallels between this withdrawal and what happened in vietnam with some people feeling -- >> none whatsoever. zero. no circumstance where you see people lifted off the roof of an embassy of the united states from afghanistan. it is not at all comparable. >> harris: now they're stuck on a tarmac with planes suspended because of the mess that's unfolded. tammy bruce is a fox news contributor and a friend of the focus. tammy first of all it was july 8th. i said the few words the president has spoken on topic. he didn't want to talk about it then and until 3:45 eastern i don't know if he wants to talk about it now. >> it will be fascinating. he has a big hill to get over because the last thing we heard him say was not true. either because he was misled or because the intelligence was
8:47 am
bad, or because he was not the first person to be advised. maybe it was two or three other individuals who then told him, or the other option which i don't believe, is that he was lying. my concern is that how did the president get that information? he seemed absolutely sure. when the reporters were saying your intelligence officials are saying this is going to fall, he denied that completely. so he has got a big job to do but america after hearing that is perhaps going to be looking at it with a bit of suspicion. >> harris: i don't know if you caught some of what john barrasso was telling me just a few minutes ago. you know, we got into it further. there was a plan that this president was handed. there is no daylight between what trump wanted and what biden wanted in people bringing troops home. we wanted an endgame. how it was executed deviated
8:48 am
from a plan that had been agreed upon that worked. >> we do know there was an agreement we needed to withdraw in some fashion. did it mean everyone? in the height of the taliban fighting season, in the summer? what's interesting in we get a sense from the july 8th commentary. they were living in a different reality. they had no idea what the afghanistan military was capable or willing to do. >> harris: everybody was sayingg it. >> you see, that's the alternate reality. a bubble. classic group think. you have a of think one thing. resist having any other information coming in from the outside. but you see i would contend also this is not a one off. you mentioned it a bit in your show. this is one of many catastrophes. everyone is talking about the dire catastrophe. the abandonment of the people of afghanistan. what about the economic flags
8:49 am
that are extremely red, inflation, gas prices, open border, thousands coming in with covid, the botching of the covid dynamic. mixed messages there. crime and extraordinary rise in crime in major american cities. all of it comes from the left wing messaging about defunding the police, in part. not trusting the vaccines that biden and harris pushed initially. the nature of not trusting the -- >> harris: harris said she wouldn't get it. >> if you have an illegitimate framework because of the flip-flops and because things aren't working it becomes an exponential kind of dynamic. >> harris: this headline. joe biden isn't the next, for he is the next fdr, he is the next jimmy carter and they write biden's failure is inexcusable. he has been in politics for far too long not to have learned
8:50 am
from his predecessors' mistakes. at least carter could claim the guise of inexperience. >> this tells you that leadership matters. that one person matters. everyone thinks maybe this is the whole point of bringing biden in. the bureaucracies will run the country. president trump showed us one individual can matter even when everything is against him. in this particular case you have perhaps a bureaucracy that has not known what it has been doing. explains catastrophes in america and problems in the world stage and never ending wars. we couldn't get rid of isis, it would take 30 years and trump says yes we can and we do it in 18 months. this is a disaster that is one of many, should not have been a surprise. if you can't control the environment in your own homeland how can we expect you to have any reality about what is happening in a place like afghanistan?
8:51 am
>> harris: our americans abroad are depending on leadership that matters, their lives depend on it. 50 years this person has been in office. a senator and eight years as vice president. >> it tells you the problem with the system. doesn't it >> president biden: we'll hear from him at dler >> harris: u.s. forces clear out of afghanistan after nearly 20 years of fighting. afghan cities fell to the taliban in 10 days. gold star families are speaking out. let's watch together. >> an american tragedy. it is a shame on the american government, on the leadership of the american military and the thing is they move on to better jobs while the rest of the country has lost loved ones and the american citizens have been betrayed and we deal with the carnage. >> i think right now he would be so angry. i have even spoken to some of
8:52 am
his marine brothers. they are angry. they feel that it was, you know, part of their lives gone for what reason? >> harris: lieutenant colonel daniel davis is from defense priorities. what would you say to the gold star families and the men and women who have given so much sacrifice physically, emotionally and professionally. >> i feel a lot of the same things. when i watched these images and where i was, i spent a lot of times in the airport at kabul and see the images that are heartbreaking to know where it used to be and where things are right now. i think some of these comments you heard are hitting the nail on the head. quite frankly we're putting way too much blame on biden for how he is getting out of here and let me say the way he has conducted this is absolutely a
8:53 am
contributing factor so it but this is 20 years in the making. those people are right. this is across the board republican, democrat, military, government, there has been so much failure here because this is inevitable. as i've been saying on your show over the years that this is a militarily unattainable mission. instead of being honest with the american people we had way too many people claim we were making progress and things were getting better. but behind the scenes they knew for a fact it was going bad and we have a bitter fruit of the unwillingness to be honest. >> harris: it will forever be asked whether or not what we're seeing now, though, the extracted pain, the exaggeration of an exit that was forecast months in advance that let the enemy gear up and take over an entire country in 10 days, it will be asked throughout the entire 20 year process, bad decision making, whatever it was along the way, no one denies it, that got us to the point where one person
8:54 am
made a decision that now -- i want to get this on the record because we just got this -- president biden has just ordered an additional 1,000 paratroopers to kabul. the pentagon put it. that will be 7,000 u.s. troops on the ground in afghanistan. when he came into office there were 2500. those gold star families, those people who have served deserve a word. what would that word be? >> well, i think that we need some accounting and some reconning with how we got to this point here. it is really important to point out. this is not just the last 10 days. when you look at what the taliban has done since 2017 they have been on a methodical process to take over territory and it accelerated rapidly. this has been many years in the making. i can't reinforce that enough. we need to hold people accountable, all of the people responsible for this and lied to the american people. >> harris: tammy bruce and i
8:55 am
watched you together and i would end the show this way to those gold star families and men and women landing now and been there before, we are with you, our prayers are with you, and we thank you. and we know -- we know for certain how great you make us as a nation. thank you for watching "the faulkner focus". "outnumbered" after the break. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind. now's the time to use your va home loan benefit to get cash before mortgage rates begin to rise. call now.
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>> harris: breaking news as we await president biden who will speak later today. 3:45 p.m. eastern. the chaos of the danger unfolding in afghanistan for our american people. we are getting reports the pentagon is now going to send an additional 1,000 troops. remember there's an extra thousand and then another extra. that's 7,000 people to help evacuate americans and some of the afghan people who have helped us. nearly three times as many as had been ordered to withdraw back in april. when he took office


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