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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  August 8, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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yes, please! neuriva. think bigger. arthel: we begin today with a fox news alert, a tragic night in the windy city. a chicago police officer was shot and killed in the line of duty during a confrontation on the city's south side, another officer was wounded and remains in critical condition. at least one suspect is at a large. good afternoon, everyone. welcome to "fox news live." i'm arthel neville. hi, eric. eric: hello, arthel. hello, everyone. thank you for joining us on "fox news live." i'm eric shawn. new revelations about embattled new york governor andrew cuomo, he faces multiple allegations of
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sexual harassment amid growing calls for him to resign. now his executive assistant who claims he groped her under her blouse, she has gone public. her story and that of the female state trooper who said cuomo ran his hand, quote, between my west chest and my privates. curtis sliwa is here to react. at the southern border, the crisis continues, more migrants flooding already crowded facilities. local officials claim that thousands that test positive for covid are being released into the communities and the rest of the country. we have live coverage on all of these stories today. we have the latest on the migrant carrying coronavirus. alex hogan has the latest on governor cuomo and the allegations from executive assistant number one. let's go to mike toebin live in chicago, a city under siege from shootings that last night sadly
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took the life of a police officer. >> reporter: one chicago police officer has given her life in the efforts to keep the streets of chicago safe. she was young and relatively new to the force, 29 years old, on the force since 2018. a male counter part was also shot, he is fighting for his life as we speak, he is at the university of chicago hospital where last night police officers converged with their lets blaring, they could be seen hugging each other, shedding a tear out of grief for the fallen comrade. they say this is an example of how the cops put their lives above their own in their commitment to public safety. >> selflessly, they go out here and do their jobs, thanklessly they do it, without asking for anything. they do it because they love it. they do it because it's something a higher calling for them. and they do it because it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: it started with a
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traffic stop around 9:00 p.m. local time last night. part of the new community safety team, assembled by superintendent brown to combat the nightly gun violence we see in in the south and west sides. the area was on the south side. frequently when we report on gun violence in chicago, we talk about that area. there were three people in the vehicle, two males and one female. someone opened fire, there was an exchange of gunfire. both of the police officers were hit. one of the male suspects was hit. both males are in custody. the one who was shot is surviving at the moment. the female in the car got away and at last report she is still at large. we are expecting an update from the police superintendent and chicago's mayor, lorrie lightfoot we're standing by for that. eric: another sad reminder of the bravery and courage of our law enforcement officers. arthel: thank you. for more now we're going to bring in former d.c. homicide
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detective, ted williams. we know officers and families are aware of the risks they sign up for. however, with so many illegal and legal guns, both easily accessible, is the job of a police officer more dangerous now? >> hi, arthel. my deepest and sincerest condolences for the family of the 29-year-old police woman who made the ultimate sacrifice, her life for the citizens of the city of chicago. arthel, to answer your question, it is very much more dangerous for police officers out here now because police officers are out-manned and out-numbered and they are out-gunned. there are now more guns on the streets just in chicago along, by 9:00 this morning there was
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over 60 people shot, eight of them dead. it is a tragedy. but those guns, they're out there. and they are harming and they're killing not only the citizens, but now one of our chicago's finest has been gunned down. arthel: so ted, there is a gun pipeline that went from georgia to new york city. it's been shut down. what more can be done to get illegal guns off the streets? and also to get legal guns out of the wrong hands? >> well, i think what you need here is for police officers in these major metropolitan cities like chicago to get together with the citizens in these various communities. and even at times if they can, to move into these communities. because there are law-abiding citizens in these communities
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who would give police officers information on individuals who are armed, who have guns. and i think that that is a necessity in trying to bring about crime reduction in these various cities. arthel: i was going to ask you about the community policing and if it would make a difference. it seems like that's what you are telling me. can communication, ted, between law enforcement and lawmakers at the state level shut the revolving doors to many jails, keeping in mind, though, this is not to give police license to aimlessly and wrongly make arrests. >> what you just said, and i wholeheartedly agree with what you just said. there needs to be a connection, not only with law enforcement, but with prosecutors and judges. they all must come together and they all must work for the common good. unfortunately, that does not take place. as a matter of fact, in chicago
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the superintendent of police there, brown, has said that he does not believe the pros you cue tore, kim fox -- prosecutor, kim fox, is working with police officers and so you have that kind of a scism. in some way or other they have to come together for the citizens of chicago. arthel: how do you curb crime with guns at the hands of juveniles? >> it's very, very difficult. what you have to do with juveniles and adults in these various communities is you have to put more police officers out there, not less police officers, but more. they need more police officers in these major metropolitan cities to flood these zones and get these criminals out of there, even the juveniles. arthel: ted williams with such great advice, as usual. thank you, ted. take care. >> my pleasure. arthel: eric. eric: governor andrew cuomo is
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laying low this weekend after explosive allegations in the report from the state's attorney general. he was photographed walking his dog you alone. now his lawyer is branding one of his sexual harassment accuser as as liar, this as he could face charging from albany prosecutors and the woman who said he groped her under her blouse in the governor's mansion has gone public. alex hogan has more on the unfolding trauma. >> reporter: attorneys are speaking out again, poking holes in one accusation, saying the woman's story doesn't line up with the timeline of events within the governor's mansion. take a listen. >> the woman who is claiming she was sexually assaulted, she most certainly was not. there was evidence that they collected and that they ignored. and omitted putting in their report. >> reporter: the attorney general's office firing bark, reaffirming the accuser was not certain about the exact daylight of the incident when she claimed cuomo put his hand under her
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shirt. once again, the governor and his attorneys are trying to undermine and undercut these complaints which is flat-out dishonest and wrong, unquote. on friday, the governor's attorneys holding a virtual press conference blasting the ag and some of the accusers. despite being in the spotlight, governor cuomo himself has remained quiet, photographers catching photos of him walking his dog in albany. more than 50 of the state's democratic chairs are calls on cuomo to resign, a group releasing a statement reading in part, we thank him for his years of service to the great state of new york, which we all know he holds dear but demand that he immediately step down. well, some critics say that that will likely not be enough. >> calling for the governor to resign is not going to do anything. he's the only one with the power to resign. as an elected member of the assembly, i have the power to impeach. i think it's time my colleagues exercise that you power and
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remove this governor. >> reporter: the majority of new yorkers don't want him to stay either, a poll finding that 70% of people here want him to step down and 55% of people say they think he should face charges. there will be more to come out of this. we are hearing from the woman known as executive assistant number one in this report, this is after she gave a cbs exclusive interview, eric, that is set to air tomorrow morning. eric: thank you. we'll have more on what she said, the executive assistant, in a few moments in this newscast. we'll hear from republican candidate for mayor, curtis sliwa, he went to cuomo's office last week. his reaction coming up. arthel. arthel: thank you. at the southern border, fox news has obtained new exclusive images from inside a migrant facility in donna, texas, showing dozens upon december onf people crammed into pods and the facilities are getting even more
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overcrowded. bill malujan live on the border in texas now. bill. >> reporter: hey, arthel. look, border agents have a really hard job to do. they put themselves at risk day in and day out and we've just now learned of an incident where an agent was shot at. as we take a look at file video right now, according to a border patrol press release, early friday morning in the el paso sector, an agent, 3:00 a.m. in the morning, had about 20 rounds fired at him from across the mexican side of the border. he dove for cover, thankfully was not injured but border patrol camera operators did confirm on camera, they saw two subjects on the mexican side and armed with what afeared be a rifle, -- appeared to be a rifle, shooting in their direction. they are investigating one of the many risks the agents have to deal with out there. take a look at the video. fox news obtained exclusive
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images showing overcrowded inside the donna pass eu789. facility.there are more than 53e inside of the facility. each pod containing about 40 to 60 migrants. that is well over the covid-19 restriction guidance of about 10 per pod. just goes to show, this surge not slowing down any time soon out here and then take a look at the video our drone team shot this morning. we've been talking about the emergency tent compound in mission, texas. this is where all of those covid-19 positive migrants are being housed. our drone was out there again this morning and that compound is really expanding. we were out there when it was first built a couple days ago. it's just expanding day in, day out. when we first got out there they said the capacity was 250. it's well over 800 people now. take a look at this video we shot yesterday right here where we are in la jolla. part of the reason the surge continues, it's because migrants come across the rio grande and walk through the incomplete
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border wall. la jolla is such a hot spot for that reason. the border wall is complete and migrants are able to cross over and walk, the family units, they give themselves up to border patrol. border agents have to process all the family units and then runners are able to come across the border elsewhere. take a listen to what a border patrol official had to say about the got-aways that are able to get away. >> the vast majority of people that are trying to get aaway, do get away, because we don't have the man power to cover. we have very few people in the field. we're baby-sitting or sick. >> reporter: and any day now the numbers for july apprehensions are expected to be released. last reporting from the associated press is those numbers are expected to be well over 210,000 apprehensions in one single month. staggering numbers, we'll wait for those to officially come out. we'll send it back to you. arthel: staggering indeed.
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bill, thank you. eric. eric: arthel, from the border to washington, today could be the day president biden's $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passes. the bipartisan deal inched closer to the final vote in the senate yesterday. talks resumed you few moments ago. you see the senate floor there live up in the corner of your screen. we're watching for developments there. all eyes, though, are on a few key republicans who yesterday appeared dug in against the bill. peter doocy live with the latest, in wilmington, delaware, covering president biden who is spending the weekend 59 his house. hi, peter. >> reporter: a trillion dollars worth of taxpayer money for roads an bridges is of particular interest to the transportation secretary, and he is keeping tabs. >> the state of play looks good. the senate is working through the amendment process. there's a lot of procedure to be gotten through. we are within days, possibly within hours of seeing this
9:15 am
historic legislation that's going to get us better roads and bridges, better ports and airports, better future for our economy and creating millions of jobs. we're on the cusp of seeing that move through the senate. >> reporter: if there's no agreement to speed things up, final passage could happen in the wee hours of tuesday morning as early as 2:30 a.m. from there it will head to the house and for now speaker pelosi's plan is to attach it to $3.5 trillion worth of democratic priorities in a reconciliation budget bill, then make members vote on that. >> the fact that pelosi says she has to link them tells you she doesn't have the votes for the $3.5 trillion package. one of my colleagues said hey, a democratic colleague, said infrastructure is the desert. the $3.5 trillion spend a lot of money and tax a lot of money is spinach. i eat my desert and now i'm supposed to eat my spinach?
9:16 am
i don't think so. >> reporter: and just a few minutes ago we heard from the white house, the president is going to remain in delaware today. we do expect him in washington for at least the first part of the week to make sure that everything with this package stays on track. eric. eric: we'll be watching. thanks. arthel: turning now to the next month special election to recall california governor andrew newsom, the state gop yesterday failed to give any of its candidates the 60% backing needed for an official party endorsement. but the chairman of the california gop says that actually shows how strong their field of candidates is. she adds that the party doesn't want to discourage voters from turning out by tipping the scales. republicans, the candidates, they include radio host larry elder and former olympian, katlyn jenner. eric: up next, with embattled governor andrew cuomo resisting
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calls to step down, even from president biden and nancy pelosi, the always outspoken republican candidate for mayor of new york, curtis sliwa will join us on the very latest executive assistant number one going public with her accusation that the governor groped her. liberty mutual customizes car insurance so you only pay for what you need. how much money can liberty mutual save you? one! two! three! four! five! 72,807! 72,808... dollars. yep... everything hurts. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ did you know prilosec otc can stop frequent heartburn before it begins?
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eric: what he did was a crime. so says britney commisso, until today known as executive assistant number one who has now gone public with her accusation that governor cuomo of new york groped her in the governor's mansion and engaged in flirtatious behaviors. the attorney general's report found he sexually harassed 11 mo women. he denies it. a criminal investigation is underway. the state college slay churr is vowing -- legislature is vowing to move forward with impeaching him. investigators said a woman felt completely violated when cuomo ran his hand she says from her
9:22 am
chest to her privates and another time kissed her. curtis sliwa, first, britney commisso went public, said he groped her, rubbed her butt, said he broke the law and should be held accountable. your reaction. >> i've been telling you for a long time that andrew cuomo is a serial groper, a perv. because he's so pretentious and so because so many had sort of created a form of idolotry for him, in the middle of the pandemic, suggesting he run for the presidency and not joe biden, he all of a sudden is taking this fall in which he can't get up. but remember, to andrew cuomo, he's entitled to remain governor. he wants to run for a fourth term and there's nothing that should stand in his way. and that's why the state assembly has to drop the anvil
9:23 am
on him now, quickly impeach him so he does not drag out this process. out of all the women you mentioned who said they had been perved and groped by him, imagine he personally chose a female new york state trooper to join his security detail. people were surprised. she didn't have the seniority to achieve that goal. eric: they changed the rule from three years seniority to two years to get her on the detail. >> exactly. she was brought on specifically so that he could take advantage of her and again perver. v her likehe did the other wome. eric: that's not what he told the investigators, he said he wanted to diversity, women, minorities, that sort of thing. >> sure, diversity. diversity of different women that he could hit on, grope and perv. you know the bottom line is, right now his brother is on vacation, chris cuomo, from cnn, freido. he won't be the freido of the
9:24 am
godfather movie. he won't show his brother, andrew, under the bus. i have a feeling when all is saint done there will be compound set up, the only ones permitted will be the few remaining friends and all of you and me and everyone else will be told to stay on the outside and we can only look in. that's what's eventually going to take place. in the meantime, he has to drag us through this process and notice, it's democrats. this happened before with elliott spitzer, almost happened with bill de blasio, not anything in terms of sexual harassment but he was almost indicted, so it's democrats 2.0. that's why in new york state, we've got to shake our self of this blind belief that democrats are going to always do good for us even if they do bad to other persons. eric: you mentioned some of the democrats have been accused, former president trump was accused also, as you know. >> oh, absolutely.
9:25 am
but i'm just suggesting, eric shawn, that there is a remedy and all men know this. over the years, if you were in the military or you were in prison, they gave you something in your cheerios in the moment to calm you down so you wouldn't have the merge to urge. that may be the only salvation for male politicians out there, they need to keep their hands to themselves. eric: britney commisso, goes to the mansion, tells investigators he grabbed her under her blouse and she was executive assistant number one, here on the cbs this morning interview, here is britney. >> why did you file the criminal complaint with the sheriff res office. >> it was the right thing to do. the governor needs to be held accountable. >> so i'm clear again, being held accountable means seeing the governor charged with a crime. >> what he did to me was a crime. he broke the law. eric: let me read what she says
9:26 am
he did to her, told this to investigators. from the report. quote, he was like cupping my breast, he cupped my breast. i have to tell you it was at the moment i was in such shock that i could just tell you that i just remember looking down, seeing his hand. in response, the executive assistant number one, britney, pulled away from the governor and said you're crazy. he was my boss, let alone the governor of the state of new york so i definitely felt he abused this power, he had this presence about him, very intimidating. no one ever told him he was wrong. he definitely knew what he was doing was inappropriate. you know, he and his lawyers deny any wrong-doing. this is a photograph of when they took a selfie. she said he rubbed her butt when they were taking a testify see. you've been in -- a selfie. you know the streets, you know the cuomo, you know the governor very well. he's been called vindictive. he's doing a john got t's ti.
9:27 am
i mean, you attack, attack, attack. deny, deny, deny. how do you think it will end up. >> it will end up he will be prosecuted if he doesn't resign. you may remember elliott spitzer resigned when he faced being prosecuted, a federal judge transporting women across state lines for the purposeses of prostitution. he'll negotiate his way out. throughout all of this we know there will be civil lawsuits filed against cuomo and filed against the state. particularly the cadre of the women who were executive assistants who enabled him and did nothing about these damning charges from their fellow females in the workforce. he is protected by qualified immunity. think of the irony. he led the effort to strip qualified immunity protection for police officers so that they won't be sued for actions that they take on our behalf in the lined of duty and -- line of duty and yet he will sit there and won't have to pay for any legal expenses, willing not have
9:28 am
to pay -- will not have to pay anything into the settlements that will be made. it's us, the taxpayers, who have to fund that. he's protected by qualified immunity and the police officers throughout new york state are being stripped of that by an by andrewcuomo and other democr, that's what we call on the streets, a disgrace. eric: curtis sliwa, the always outspoken and controversial republican mayor for new york. we have invited democratic candidate eric adams to appear on this program. we look forward to the day when he accepts that invitation. curtis, thank you. >> my pleasure, eric. eric: arthel. arthel: today we mourn three losses in the sports and entertainment world. former florida state head coach, coach bobby bowden passed away early this morning at 91 after battling pancreatic cancer. the hall of fame coach built florida state into a national
9:29 am
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arthel: we're going to take you to chicago where the police chief, david brown, is holding a news conference after an officer was shot to death had last night in the line of duty. let's take a listen. >> sustained a fatal gunshot wound and she is deceased. she had three and-a-half years on the department. her partner, a male officer, was also struck and he is currently still in critical condition, fighting for his life. he had six years on the department. officers returned fire and struck one of the offenders who was taken to a local hospital. an update on the offenders in
9:34 am
custody, last night there were two offenders in custody. was yet to be located this morning, we captured the third offender, the female offender and she is in custody. all three offenders are being interviewed at area one detectives. a weapon was recovered on-scene at the time of the arrest last night. the officer who is deceased came on the job in april of 2018. her partner came on the job in august of 2014. despite the shock, grief, pain and sorrow we feel this morning, our brothers and sisters in blue put this uniform on each and every day.
9:35 am
they go to work, risking everything to serve the people of chicago. they come to work willing to run toward danger, toward gunfire, and they're willing to sacrifice their lives to save the lives of perfect strangers. they went to work today after last night's tragic events, officers are at work now, right now, continuing this brave, courageous work of protecting the people of chicago. it's in the honor of our lost officer that we work, that we sacrifice, that we serve, that we risk everything.
9:36 am
a new shift of officers, grieving and heart-broken will do the same thing tonight and tomorrow night and each and every night they serve. they go down dark alleys, no one would go down. they confront violent offenders, no one would confront. we sleep well at night because of these men and women, because of these brave men and women. i will close with this. our officers need this city to pray for their strength, to pray for peace, that they are comforted, that their families are comforted. i'm asking chicago to wrap their
9:37 am
arms around our police officers today and encourage them to continue their great work and protecting us all. i'll turn it over to the mayor now. mayor. >> i'm here to declare today an official day of mourning for our city. also these buildings will have flags at half staffs and i ask building to do the same. tragedy has struck again. we mourn the loss of a young officer and as i did private any
9:38 am
the early morning hours of today, i want to publicly offer condolences to her mother, her brother, family and friends. please keep this officer in your prayers. also keep the other officer who was shot in your prayers and his family and his friends and every day for the rest of his life uplift him and support them. they will need our help as a city. two young people doing what we ask, service over self, commitment and dedication. i also want to address another issue that's been lashing our city for far too long. there are some who say that we do not do enough for the police and that we are handcuffing them from doing their jobs.
9:39 am
there are others who say we do too much for the police and that we never hold them accountable for what they do, particularly in black and brown neighborhoods. all of this i say stop. just stop. this constant strife is not what we need in this moment. of course we have to continue the journey to achieve constitutional, accountable policing. that cannot be in debate at this point. but let me also reiterate what i've said before and what i know to be true. the police are not our enemies. the they -- they are human, just as we are, flawed, just as we are. but also risking their lives
9:40 am
every day for our safety and security. that reality became very real last night in an emergency room, amongst tears and fears from the finest and most courageous people i know. a mother lost her daughter last night. a brother, his sister. a family forever shattered. another continues to keep vigil at a hospital bed, sending up powerful prayers but no doubt fearing the worst. they are hurting, understandably so. moments like these, life gets boiled down to its basic essence. and so it will be for these two families. for the rest of us, people of
9:41 am
goodwill in this city, i urge you, we must come together. we must unite. we have a common enemy. it's the guns and the gangs. eradicating both is complex but we cannot let the size of the challenge deter us. we have to continue striking hard blows every day. no gang member, no drug dealer, no gun dealer can ever have a moment of peace on any block, any neighborhood, not in our city. to get there we must be united and single minded in our determination to do just that. the moment that we are in has been decades in the making.
9:42 am
but the manifestations are happening now, on my watch, on our watch. we have to be together in this moment, all of us, every block, every neighborhood. we have to reclaim the physical and moral territory, shoulder to shoulder, fighting for each other, not against each other. we have a common enemy. let's not lose sight of that. today, as we reflect and mourn, let's lift up the names of all of our victims of community violence, say their names. say their names. and pray for the lord to welcome the departed into a place where there is no more sorrow.
9:43 am
and also today i ask this. when you see a police officer, say thank you. say thank you. devoted, dedicated officers reported for duty today, despite the pain of losing one of their own and despite their fears and likely the fears of their family as they walk out the door to report for duty. these officers deserve to make it home safely today and every day. we owe them a debt of gratitude that we will likely never be able to truly repay. but let's not forget to try every day. say thank you to the chicago police officers that you see today and be grateful for their sacrifice and their service on
9:44 am
behalf of us all. arthel: an exhausted chicago mayor, lori lightfoot urging her community to say thank you to every officer they see today and calling for a united fight against a common enemy, which is guns and the gangs. they are the common enemy, not the police. much more on this topic that will be discussed over the weeks and months to come. crime is the enemy, guns and gun slingers and drug dealers and gang bangers, they're the enemy, not the police. we'll be back in a moment. at usaa, we've been called too exclusive. because we were created for officers. but as we've evolved with the military, we've grown to serve all who've honorably served. no matter their rank, or when they were in. a marine just out of basic, or a petty officer from '73.
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arthel: you may have experienced one yourself as the debate over masks continue to play out everywhere you go, including at former president obama's star-studded 60th
9:49 am
birthday celebration last night where numerous celebrities were spotted maskless at the obama's property in martha's vineyard. the guest list was scaled back because of fears over the highly contagious delta variant. let's bring in a doctor from the school of epidemiology. former president obama hired a doctor to be a covid coordinator. guests were required to submit a negative test, in fact, i couldn't find any reporting though on whether vaccines were required. vaccinations were required. they gave the guests masks. they followed martha's vineyard's boards of health which issued an indoor mask advisory, martha's vineyard in duke's county is designatessed by the cdc as an area of, quote, moderate covid-19 community spread and the party was held outdoors under a tent. did the former president's
9:50 am
60th birthday bash check ought allof the protocol boxes. >> thanks for having me. nice to be here. this sounds to me like they checked all the boxes. you know, this virus doesn't care about what party you belong to, doesn't care about who you are, just cares about being able to spread in situations where people are indoors, unmasked, and in particular people who are unvaccinated. as you said, i don't know who was vaccinated or who wasn't but these protocols that were in place are so important. they had it outdoors. they limited capacity. they out masks to -- handed out masks to people. they also had a testing protocol in place to make sure that people who were coming in were unlikely to have this virus because they were tested within 24 hours. i think this brings up the whole idea that going forward we're going to really have to think about these kind of things like point of care tests available to everyone in future so that people can start to have events
9:51 am
that they do have the kinds of very low cost tests available to them. but right now i think the key is that when people are going to have parties today, they have to really think about what the community transmission is, what the rules are, and to do everything they can to reduce the potential for spread. arthel: given that the delta variant of covid is so virulent, do you think there should be a nationwide consistent mask mandate or should mayors be allowed to institute mask mandates where necessary, even if their governor bans mask mandates? >> well, you know, this pandemic is happening nationally but the real issues are what's going on locally and so if there is local transmission that's very high, it's important for people to be able to act locally and to be able to institute whatever needs to be done to keep people safe. so i think that we know what works here.
9:52 am
we know that vaccination is the thing that everybody who is eligible can do. we also know that this virus spreads really easily indoors and masks make a difference. so wherever we can employ these kinds of tools that we know work, we're going to be able to reduce spread and that's what we really want to do artheling i te thing we have to remember is this virus is extremely contagious. the rules have kind of changed. the game has changed because it's so contagious and so we've been updating what we're recommending to people based on that. and we're seeing spread globally here but we're seeing really escalating here in the united states so people have to remember it's not about you, it's not about me, it's about us and what we can do to reduce the spread of this virus. arthel: a absolutely. it's about our country and saving us all and public health and we're being patriots by doing so. and make sure you cover your nose because the virus lives in the nasal passage. dr. ann ramoin thank you always very much. >> pleasure. arthel: eric. eric: overseas now, the taliban
9:53 am
fighters say they've captured one of the critical cities in northern afghanistan. that would be the third provincial capital the group has captured in three days. the u.s. embassy in kabul advising americans to leave the country immediately. u.s. troops expected to complete the withdrawal in a few weeks, if the taliban rises also that worries afghans and china. richard cox is here, former president nixon's grandson, on the board of the american university of afghanistan. chris, good to see you. >> great to see you, eric. eric: with the taliban advancing, i mean, man, what do you fear this could portend? >> well, it's a redux of the 1990s in many ways. the taliban were what caused problems in the 1990s for us, provided save haven for al-qaida, threatened allies in the region and destabilized the region and ultimately led of to
9:54 am
the 9/11 attacks in the united states. america has a great interest in what goes on in afghanistan. i think the interesting thing now is that the taliban advance is destabilizing afghanistan tremendously. when we see pictures of the scenes that you just put on tv, you can wonder what's going to happen in the region. russia's going to have interest. china is going to have interest. i think this really, the american withdrawal, will really lead to an opening up for china to play a more active role in the region and russia to play an active role in the region. a lot of people may say let's drop this problem in the lapse of the chinese and the russians. i think that would be a mistake. i think even china acknowledged that the u.s. withdrawal, the precipitous u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan could cause them many problems. the chinese have problems with the uyghur population, they think that's an internal problem that they have. destabilized afghanistan will provide a staging ground for muslim minorities to go after
9:55 am
the chinese government so they have a lot of problems in afghanistan. so i think that this taliban advance is just going to cause a lot of destabilization and it's going to be a problem for a lot of countries in the region. eric: your grandfather famously opened up china. as china is on the rise, it's like welcome to the big leagues. they'll have this problem on the doorstep and you're right, they blame us for it. can they, will they be able to deal with what's coming for them? >> well, i think this is so interesting. my grandfather would tell me many stories about the philippines. he said the philippines people would complain about the american -- the politicians would complain about the american presence in the philippines and pray they never leave. it's the same thing with the chinese right now, they claim to not want to interfere with other of countries' foreign policies but they're very happy that the u.s. was there, doing the dirty work of keeping afghanistan stabilized. i think china is in for a
9:56 am
massive challenge now. i don't think they're equipped to handle it. they don't have the people on the ground, they don't have the history with afghanistan, at least mod dearn china doesn't, -- modern china doesn't, to be able to handle such a complex place. you think so many countries have tried to conquer afghanistan or work with afghanistan, have failed, it's the graveyard of super powers. good luck for the chinese, i think it will be difficult for them. eric: ten seconds left, the university is fantastic. the american university of afghanistan. they've been attacked so certainly hope they continue what they do. chris, good to see you. thank you. arthel: we are back at 4:00 p.m. eastern. we hope you can join us then. as someone who resembles someone else... i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ nautical horn blows ]
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