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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  August 1, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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eric: a fox news you alert on several major stories, gunfire riching through new orleans -- ripping through new orleans french quarter last night. the crowds are running from the scene, police say they arrested a suspect and they're looking for at least three more. meanwhile, in new york city, a gunman on a moped shot 10 people outside a laundromat in queens last night, this is the latest violence in the city where crime's been spiking and the city's race for a mayor centers on public safety. hello, welcome to "fox news
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live." i'm eric shawn, hi alicia. >> hi, eric. another big story, the crisis at our southern border which you can see in drone video from our fox flight team. the situation there now becoming a full-blown covid crisis as migrants continue to cross into the u.s. meantime, many americans are still confused over the latest mask and vacation seen guidance after the cdc reversed course and said even fully vaccinated people should mask up indoors in covid hot spots. eric: we have live fox news team coverage on all these stories. mark meredith at the white house on the latest covid restrictions, we'll talk to representative ronnie jackson in you few minutes and charles watson on last night's shooting in new orleans. first, brian llenas has the latest on the brazen moped
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drive-by shooting last night? brazen indeed, the nypd says after 10:40 p.m. last night two male gunmen wearing hoodies and face masks started shooting toward a crowd of bystanders in queens, new york. the shooters were followed and picked up by two other men on mopeds and they fled the scene together. in the end, 10 people between the ages of 19 and 72 were shot last night and rushed to local hospitals. the good news is, they suffered nonlife-threatening gunshot wounds and all are in stable condition. police say this was a gang related shooting, three of the 10 people shot were known gang members and believed to be the targets. >> it's a recurring theme that keeps happening and it has to stop throughout the city. that's gang members, that's guns, multiple guns on the scene, scooters being used, masks. lastly, unintended targets
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getting hit. >> reporter: on friday night in the bronx, an nypd lieutenant officer was shot and wounded during a struggle with an armed suspect. this is body cam footage showing the struggle. four officers confronted the armed suspect which led to a struggle, the suspect its gun went off and the officer was shot in the ankle. >> he's reaching for it. stop reaching for it. stop reaching for it. stop reaching for it, dude. [bleep] >> he's reaching. >> reporter: major cities across the country continue to grapple with a surge in gun violence over the last year. shootings in new york city are up over 21% compared to last year, 104% compared to 2019. now, commissioner shea says the shot officer is expected to make a full recovery and, eric, the suspect is a well-known gang
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member who has had several prior gun arrests, something that we have been used to over the last year, people who were arrested on gun arrests out free, shooting again and then arrested again. eric: a lot of officials blaming gangs and guns for this and the court system for letting them back out of the streets. brian, thank you. >> of course. eric: alicia. >> you now to the terrifying scene in new orleans as gunfire rang out in the french quarter on bourbon street, packed as usual on a saturday night. police making one arrest so far but searching for more suspects. charles watson has more. hi, charles. >> reporter: hi, alicia. the shooting happened this morning around 3:00 on a very crowded bourbon street in new orleans french quarter and video we've seen circulating around online it seems like every other weekend on bourbon street, people enjoying themselves and moments later chaos. in this cell phone video you see
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a huge crowd of people running for their lives, scrambling to find cover as a barrage of gunshots are let off between bourbon and orleans street. five people were wounded by the gunfire. we don't know the extent of their injuries at this hour. according to local reports, none of the injuries are considered life-threatening. the new orleans police department says it he detained at least one person and they're searching for others but it is not clear what if any connection those people have to the shooting. the mayor and police superintendent sean ferguson were both spotted on the scene a short time after the shooting, however, both left without speaking to members of the media. new orleans, like many other cities across the country, is in the midst of a police shortage and a spike in crime. so far, there have been at least 316 shootings in the city since the beginning of the year. 65% increase from this time last year according to city data. in june, mayor cantrell
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announced the plan to reduce gun violence in the city. that will focus on prevention, apprehension and intervention. the city is spending $1 million on 70 new cameras that will monitor 24 hours a day for crime and we've reached out to the new orleans police department to try to get some more details about the shooting. so far, we have not heard back but of course we'll keep an eye on this story as it develops. >> charles watson, thank you. more tragic news in america's crime crisis, a 19-year-old tiktok star died after being shot inside a southern california movie theater monday night. the man and his friend were both shot in the head in the la suburb of corona in what police call an unprovoked at the scene. police say the suspect is in custody and charged with murder and had no prior contact with
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the victims. barasas had nearly 1 million followers on tiktok. eric: now to the crisis at the southern border where the brutal summer heat is not slowing the surge of migrants who continue to pour into the country and now there are concerns that some the migrants could be infected with coronavirus and may be spreading that across the nation. we have the latest from the border. >> reporter: there are a lot of people out there who thought maybe this border crisis will slow down a little bit in this brutal summer heat. i can confirm, it's hot out here. i can also confirm nothing is slowing down. the numbers are only getting worse and the apprehensions are shooting through the roof. take a look at the video that our drone team shot out here in la hoe ya this morning. -- la jolla this morning. there was a group that came across the border, ultimately detaining a large group of 20 to 30 or so. this happens day and night, like
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clock work, every day. take a look at this video, as soon as we landed in texas, drove over here, lo and behold, a group of at least 100 being apprehended once again. border patrol picked some of them up, put them in the back of the pickup trucks. a lot of kids and family units waiting. rio grande valley had 20,000 apprehensions in one recent week. staggering numbers and because of that, the biden administration started resuming fast track deportation flights back to central america, dhs sources tell us what that means is they're sending back some family units who are not claiming fear, not claiming asylum, starting those immediate deportation flights without a hearing. take a listen to what congressman byron donalds had to say. he said you cubans are not let in but if you come from a northern triangle country, the chances to get in is higher.
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>> this is pure politics. if you come from a triangle country or somewhere overseas and they think you'll be a democrat voter, their view point is come on in, the water's fine. if you're under tyranny in the country of cuba they want to block you for really two reasons. one because cuban voters tend to be republican voters. more importantly, if you're going come come from cuba and flee tyranny, it's the same yod ideology that the political left supports. >> reporter: take a look at this photo. it's one of the biggest parts of the crisis. the border patrol chief putting out these photos, there they was a recent smuggler with four migrants inside of the car, some kept inside a plastic box. one was trying to hide inside a roll of carpet. it was 102 degrees in the vehicle with zero air circulation. they were able to rescue the my grans. back out here live, as we look
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out here, it's incredibly hot and humid out here. hearing from dhs sources that border patrolman power is running incredibly low, many agents were sucked into processing, doing paperwork for family you units and that's leaving few you if any agents out here in the field doing active patrolling. so the crisis not slowing down, thousands showing up here every single day. we'll send it back to you. eric: all right, bill, thanks so much. did you hear about this, the water burger, migrants who said they had covid, they were seen coughing with symptoms of covid, in a moment we'll talk to texas congressman ronny jackson, the former white house physician, on if enough is being done to protect us from migrants who may be infected as they move out across the country. alicia. >> and eric, there is more confusion over coronavirus guidance as the highly contagious delta variant continues to spread even with
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vaccinations on the rise many president biden floating the idea that new restrictions could be coming. mark meredith is live at the white house. >> reporter: good afternoon. the white house insists americans will not see the 2020 style lockdowns but president biden himself suggests that it's possible more covid restrictions could be coming in the weeks ahead, this comes as federal health officials continue to track the delta variant as it spreads in communities coast to coast. >> i don't think we're going to see lockdowns. i think we have enough of the percentage of people in the country not enough to crush the outbreak but i believe enough to not allow us to get into the situation we were in last winter. but things are going to get worse. >> reporter: but the president insists that things can get better if more people choose to get the vaccine. the white house is urging businesses and states to provide people more incentive to go get the shot and it appears in recent days that seems to be working. we've seen an jump tick in --
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uptick in vaccinations. 164 million people in the country are fully vaccinated, close to half the total population. we have seeing 72,000 new cases per day, that is more than a 40% jump in just the last week. with cases on the rise, the cdc is once again recommending millions of people wear masks but this time regardless of their vaccination status. this is drawing instant pushback from so many people, including lawmakers who argue that the cdc can't seem to find a coherent message. new york city's mayor is saying he plans to announce the new guidelines or suggestions he is thinking of on monday. the fight over masks in school rages on. the cdc is recommending everyone who is going through a k-12 school should wear a mask even if vaccinated. south carolina officials will not enforce the guidelines and the governor defended his decision. >> we are not going to allow
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our schools -- we have a law if south carolina. we passed it last year. it says that the schools cannot require masks. this ought to be up to the parents whether the children wear a mask when they go to school. that's a parent decision. >> reporter: that's how the governor of florida feels as well. he signed an executive offed orr allowing pairings to decide whether their kids should wear a mask in school. we heard from one of the heads of the second largest teachers union group in the country last week who said her members are going to try. there are a lot of people what this means for schools in the weeks and months ahead. alicia. >> we're all wondering. mark meredith, live at the white house. we're going to have a lot more on this with dr. marc siegel straight ahead. eric: well, with the delta variant of the coronavirus spreading rapidly, we're told there's a sharp spike in cases among the my grants you arriving at -- migrants arriving at the southern border.
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alicia: three members of the progress off squad slept outside the capitol on friday night, protesting the ends of the pandemic eviction moratorium and griff jenkins is live on capitol hill now with more. hey, griff. >> reporter: hey, alicia. the fight continues since friday night activeists and protesters have been camped out here on the steps of the capitol, this is the house here and they are fighting to extend the eviction moratorium that ran out at midnight. as you can see from the signs, eviction is violence, the other one, how can congress go home while people are losing their homes. this was organized by congresswoman cori bush, slaws'. louis congresswoman, tell me, why are you doing this? what do you hope to accomplish. >> i'm doing this because right now you what we're facing is an eviction emergency, an eviction emergency that touches all across our country and i can't for the life of me understand why we are saying it's okay to force people out they've homes
9:19 am
because as legislators or of because our -- the powers that be didn't make it happen from 7 to 11 million people. this is unconscionable, it's inhumane. so what i have in my toolbox is to organize. that's what i know to do. because this didn't happen on friday, we just decided you know what, let's make sure that congress knows that the administration that people -- and that the people, the people who are on -- who are already receiving pay or vacate notices know that people are standing up for them and that's us. so we have the community out here. we have org. of any sayses -- organizations out here, we have congress members that say we need this moratorium now. >> reporter: do you want congress to come back to vote, why? >> yeah. well, there are multiple ways it can happen. that's one of the ways. if congress comes back because how do we go on vacation, how can we go on vacation when we know people are about to be evicted from their homes.
9:20 am
we don't need to recess. we need to do the work for the peopleism asking for my colleagues to come back, let's let the leadership know that you will vote yes, you will vote yes to extend the moratorium through december 31st which is the bill that's on the table right now from chairwoman maxine waters. we can do this and then you can go on your vacation. also, the other thing we can do is, you know, let the senators -- the senate is still in session. not only that, the president be, the cdc, can they work on trying to get this thing done. somebody has to move. >> reporter: let me ask you quickly, the administration, president biden says that they cannot extend the moratorium because of the supreme court ruling last month that said cdc overstepped their authority in doing so. so they say they can't do it. >> they said they can't do it. but this is the thing. right now, as of midnight last night, now millions of people, millions upon millions of people are about to be forced out of their homes and what we've been
9:21 am
told is that the notices started going out days ago. some people right now today they were waiting last night to see if they were going to actually have to move out and now they -- they thought the government would step in and say no. now those people are looking for trash bags to find stuff to put clothes in so they could move, people are trying to figure out where am i supposed to go. that's happening right now. whatever we have to do, even if we have to fight in the courts, we have to do something to make sure that people are able to stay in their homes and right now i'm calling on my colleagues to he show up right here, right now with me to stand for the people and then also make the vote. let's get back and do the vote. let me say this. the rules committee, house rules committee, the chairman said that the rules committee is ready to come back and convene to get this work done if we get 218 votes. >> reporter: thank you, congresswoman. we'll be watching it. she says they're not going he anywhere until there is movement on this. in san francisco, protester as well outside speaker pelosi's house saying they want her to
9:22 am
come back to washington to do exactly what congresswoman bush says which is to vote on the moratorium eviction that has now expired. alicia: griff jenkins, thank you. eric. . is astronomical, the number of people and some of them are coughing. they're obviously sick. ands there's no doubt, i mean, we protect ourselves, we wear a face covering, we wear gloves. we do our best so we can continue helping others. if we get sick then we're out of the game. that's a problem and then these people are getting out to other places around the country and people don't know that they're in the country, in their city or state. that's a problem. eric: that's sergeant manuel cassis describing the threat of migrants he says infected with covid being released into his community. he and others are sounding the alarm, warning the nation that
9:23 am
coronavirus could spread across the country from the migrants flooding the southern border. we're told they're tested and are quarantined if they test positive. reports say many migrants refuse to be vaccinated and border facilities are overwhelmed. texas congressman ronnie jackson joins us, former white house doctor for both presidents obama and trump. dr. jackson, welcome. >> thank you for having me. eric: in your opinion do infected my grans pose a -- migrants pose a public health danger to citizens of the united states. >> we have hundreds of thousands of immigrants crossing our borders every month. 35,000 this last month of june were got-aways that we saw cross the borders but never had interactions with. when i was at the border months ago, we talked to hhs facility, they told us at the time that
9:24 am
they were testing people, had they weren't tested by border patrol and they were showing up at the hhs facility. the day they walked through the door, 20% tested positive for coronavirus and during the stay fore5% tested positive. eric: that's a quarter. >> 25%. that's a quarter, a quarter of these people, they're completely unvaccinated for the t most part. they have a high rate of infection. and now we have the delta virus here, they're coming across the border in greater numbers than ever before. they are a huge health risk for the country, completely ignored by the biden administration and the message is so inconsistent with mask mandates and vaccine mandates and distancing and talking about shutting things down again now. simultaneously, the southern border is wide open and they're encouraging people to keep coming in greater numbers. it's horrible for the country. eric: you pointed out they're not tested at the border, they're tested at facilities like the one you visited, catholic charities, they tested people. there's ten hotels that they're
9:25 am
put in the hotels, volunteers apparently say, watch them, they bring them food but you have the family that went into water burger, told police they had covid and officials are really concerned that that can walk out of the hotel or get on a bus and be gone with covid. >> there's no control at all, eric. you've got to look at the political motivations. hhs is trying to test a few of them. they're turning most of it over to the ngos like catholic charities. they're politically motivated. i'm sure they do great things but they're very political. i've dealt with them a lot. eric: they say it's an isolated case and there's a great deal of miss information. >> it's not -- misinformation. >> is not an isolated case. they put them at a hotel. that's not the way to quarantine. they should have been returned to the country of origin. they shouldn't have been brought into the country to start with. when they're found out to be covid positive, they should be returned. this is not the way this is
9:26 am
supposed to operate. people are getting on planes, trains and busses that are covid positive. they're taking it to small towns and cities all over this country. eric: you're a physician, you're a doctor, we're told about one-third of the migrants refuse to be vaccinated. here's some of the statistics from the countries, from where they're coming in terms of vaccination rates. it's astounding. guatemala has a vaccination rate of 1.91%. less than 2%. honduras, just over 3%, 3 and-a-half. mexico is 20%. el salvador, 23%. what is the potential danger if you have migrants who refuse to be vaccinated, who are not vaccinated, who spread out across the country. can they spread coronavirus because they're not vaccinated? >> 100% they can. they absolutely can. we worked hard over the last year to get back to normal in the country in a lot of someplace mays and we have large numbers of the u.s. population
9:27 am
has stepped up and got vaccinated, a large number of people that didn't get vaccinated have a natural immunity. we reached herd immunity in my opinion. i can almost guarantee if you look at the numbers we are there they. these people will come in and they will dilute that and we'll be back in a situation where we're in crisis and we'll have government trying to shut us down again. that alone, the fact that they have such low vaccination rates in the countries should be enough to stop immigration from those countries all together. they should be frozen right now. eric: guatemala, 1.91% according to covid vax live, the percentage of vaccinations in that country. dr. ronnie jackson, congressman from texas, doctor and congressman, thank you for joining us. thank you for your insights. >> thank you, eric. eric: alicia. alicia: the new epicenter of the pandemic in the u.s., florida, which is now reporting a record number of cases, but governor ron de santis is standing he defiant as the cdc releases new mask guidance just
9:28 am
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eric: here's some of the headlines we're following for you at this hour. the west continues to burn as another fire has been ignited, as the total of 87 fires now burning across 13 states. the second largest one, the
9:33 am
dixie fire, well, that is scorching northern california. it will take at least two weeks before that fire is fully contained. sadness in arizona as the border patrol agent and civilian driver were killed in a head-on crash early yesterday morning, this happened just after midnight near the u.s. border patrol's you tucson sector. both drivers were pronounced dead after the crash. in san francisco, activeists gathered outside nancy pelosi's home demanded congress pass an extension to the eviction moratorium that expired yesterday, taped a mock eviction notice to the speaker's front door. the moratorium expiring represents a real threat facing millions of americans who are behind on their rent. we saw griff jenkins report on congresswoman's cori bush's protest, the protesters sitting on the capitol steps. alicia: florida reported more
9:34 am
than 21,000 cases of coronavirus on saturday, the highest single day total since the pandemic started as the delta variant spreads, florida is now the epicenter of the pandemic in the u.s., accounting for about 20% of all new cases in the country. this comes as governor ron de santis is pushing back against the return of masks. dr. marc siegel joins us now, he's a fox news medical contributor and professor of medicine at nyu langone hospital. thank you for being here. how concerned are you about the situation in florida right now? >> i am concerned about it. but i think it's actually something that can be remedied as follows. about 50% of all floridians right now have both doses of the mrna vaccine, pfizer or moderna or the j&j shot, actually, 50% are fully vaccinated. that's not enough. we have a lot of vulnerable people out there that have neither had covid which gives
9:35 am
them some immunity, or have had the vaccine. that's too many. there's probably 100 million unvaccinated without having had covid nationwide. florida definitely has a lot of this going on so i don't know that the focus should be on masks, although it's definitely been shown that masks in public places indoors, if you're unvaccinated, clearly plays a role at diminishing spread. i'm not sure it's the right time for the governor to be pushing back on that. mandates is a different question. i recommend mask use for the unvaccinated. the key here is to get more people vaccinated. alicia: let's listen to what governor de santis had to say. now he's barring school districts from implementing any sort of mask mandate. here he was last night on fox. >> this coming school year, every district in florida had planned on doing optional for masks and i think that's the right policy. the cdc comes in and says every single person in a school, students, teachers, staff, have to be masked at all times. that is not consistent with the
9:36 am
evidence. that is not data driven. alicia: dr. siegel, is there evidence, though, that these masks can help especially in hot places like florida? >> you know, i spoke to cdc director walensky over the week and she had new information. she said over the summer schools have shown outbreaks beyond what we were seeing previously because last year there was less than 1% of kids that if they had covid spread it within schools and i think the fact remains, alicia that you're more likely to spread it outside of schools but within schools it's low transmission, kids are unlikely to get sick but there have been 4 million cases among kids so to answer governor de santis' statement, i think the science is evolving here and, again, cdc is concerned about outbreaks in schools over the summer. and i think they should be focused on kids that can't be vaccinated because they're too young. i think it has to be the proper kind of mask. i don't know if it should be mandated but attempts should be made to put in place but it has
9:37 am
to be a mask that works, not some cloth mask that's flopping on your face that does nothing. alicia: there are a lot of parents who say that the masks on the children, the very young children, are harmful to their mental health and emotional health. there's an organization in san diego county that is suing the state of california over mask mandates in schools. >> so that's why i like the word recommendation rather than mandates. they're not wrong either. i mean, masks can cause breathlessness, they maybe cause less oxygen, they can cause anxiety and socialization issues and performance an at this -- anxiety. i talked to multiple kids who have problems with masks. that needs be factored in as well. there's a risk of the virus and also a risk to your mental health. that has to be considered. alicia: the spread that is happening right now across the country, here's what dr. anthony fauci had to say this morning to abc. >> i don't think we're going to
9:38 am
see lockdowns. i think we have enough of the percentage of people in the country, not enough to crush the outbreak, but i believe enough to not allow us to get into the situation we were in last winter. but things are going to get worse. alicia: so no shutdowns in all likelihood but what does worse look like to you? >> first of all, you're ray -- hurray for him saying no shutdowns. we have the 165 million people fully vaccinated. out of 165 million, only 165,000 hospitalizations. no way we're going back to where we were last winter. i don't know if i agree it's going to get worse. i do think we're in a bad patch right now and we have to get more people vaccinated to fight the delta variability. delta variant is at least two to three times more contagious than previous and looks like it can cause more severe illness among
9:39 am
the unvaccinated. the vaccinated are almost only getting minor symptoms and that's really good news. alicia: it felt like we were so close to getting rid of the masks and moving on just a little bit more. dr. marc siegel, thank you so much. >> just get vaccinated. thanks, alicia. alicia: exactly. eric. eric: an attack by a drone on an oil tanker in the persian gulf. guess who did it. israel and the u.k. and others blaming iran for the deadly strike. will it prompt the biden administration to finally get tougher on tehran? you oughta customize your car insurance with liberty mutual, so you only pay for what you need. oh um, doug can we talk about something other than work, it's the weekend. yeah, yeah. [ squawk ]
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♪ ♪ i am tiffany. and this is just the beginning. when you earn a degree with university of phoenix, we support you with career coaching for life, including personal branding, resume building and more. that's our promise to you. that's career services for life. learn more at alicia: tense% flaring up against in the middle east after israel's new prime minister directly blamed iran for a deadly drone attack on an oil tanker in the arabian sea last night. the strike killed two people. the u.k. also now blaming tehran
9:44 am
which denies involvement. so far, no one has claimed responsibility. trey yingst is live in jerusalem with more. hi, trey. >> reporter: alicia, good afternoon. two people were killed thursday in the arabian sea during an attack against an oil tanker. today, israel says iran is to blame. the vessel is linked to an israeli billionaire and was reportedly hit with a suicide drone. the uss ronald reagan escorted the tanker to a safe lotion. no no country has taken responsibility for the attack. iranian state media says it happened in response to israeli strikes against syria last week. they called on the united kingdom to respond strongly to the incident since one of the people killed was a british national. this comes as iran prepares to swear in a new president president on thursday. the hard line judge will take over as the country's new leader and is considered to be far more hawkish than the current president.
9:45 am
israel's new leader used a cabinet meeting today to speak directly to incoming regime in tehran about their actions. >> we expect the international community to clarify to the iranian regime that they made a big mistake. we in any case have our own way to relay the message to iran. >> reporter: we are getting new information this hour, the united kingdom says they too believe iran is behind the you attack and the country's foreign secretary saying today there will be some sort of concentrated response to this incident in the arabian sea. alicia. alicia: trey yingst in jerusalem, thanks, trey. eric. eric: so how alarming is this? let's bring in dan hoffman, former station chief, also served in moscow, iraq and pakistan and is a fox news contributor. we have two people killed in this, dan, as you know, one as trey just said a british subject, a british citizen and now the israeli foreign minister joined the u.k. foreign minister
9:46 am
in blaming tehran. what do we do? >> well, i think first of all we have to recognize that there's a real escalation going on in the gulf between iran and israel. israel reportedly did take a lethal strike against an iranian -- the commander of an iranian proxy militia in syria and remember, israel launched significant attacks against iran's nuclear program as well, while iran has been very active in launching attacks against shipping in the gulf. iran's widespread use of drones, the houthis in yemen as well as by hamas against israel and so for the united states there's significant concern about freedom of navigation but in a greater issue for us is the nuclear deal and the biden administration is very interested in getting back into they that very flawed deal and i'm sure that president biden is asking the intelligence community whether the domestic
9:47 am
crisis in iran might induce the iranians to get back into the deal to receive some sanctions relief and relieve some pressure that they're facing from their own population. eric: you just mentioned the domestic crisis, there's been widespread protests on the streets of iran throughout the country against the regime. how significant is that, especially in the way the biden administration calculates its efforts to try to get back into the deal? >> i think that's really significant and it goes back -- you know, back in november of 2019, known in iran as bloody november because people took to the streets to protest against the inept government and we had record low turnout for the iranian presidential election, under 50 of% turnout and people hitting the streets, protesting lack of basic services like water all over the country, including in tehran, also exacerbates the issue of separateism in iran
9:48 am
which has been a big deal in western parts of iran and there are those significant numbers of the population protesting lack of water with placards of i am thirsty. and so iran is under unprecedented strain, economic train from horrific government mismanagement and uttery inept government ability to deliver basic services from the sanctions that the trump administration imposed and then as well from the separateism. that certainly weaken's iran's hand. the challenge for the united states is the jcpoa was horrifically flawed as we stated many times on the program because of the sunset clauses. if we relieve the pressure by eliminating the sanctions, then we eliminate our leverage to strike a better deal. i think that's the challenge for the biden administration. eric: and finally, dan, as you
9:49 am
point out, tremendous pressure on the government domestically and now the new hard line president takes over this coming week. at the same time dealing in foreign affairs, iran apparently striking out. what if the shadow war in the persian gulf escalates? what do you fear could happen? and do you think it will get out of hand? >> well, i think israel is certainly trying to deliver a very clear statement about a red line, that iran should not be targeting gulf shipping and that mercer street ship is run by the zodiac group which is an israeli-run group and so the israelis are making it clear that they will counter iranian strikes and that's meant to deter future iranian action but there is the concern that when iranian hard-liner ibrahim raissi takes office august 5th that iran may ratchet up the pressure. the question is whether iran
9:50 am
bows to some of the pressure and retracts or whether they go into full rogue status and proceed with development of a nuclear weapon and up the kinetic attacks on israel and our allies in the gulf. i think that's a key requirement for the intelligence community in the united states right now. the biden administration can be informed and make better policy. eric: as well as targeting opponents and activeists both inside and outside iran. the world's largest state sponsor of terrorism. dan hoffman, always good to see you. thank you. >> you too. eric: alicia. alicia: eric, there are troubling accusations against a professional hockey player and had they have the nhl saying they will protect the integrity of the game. next, why the league is opening a formal investigation into one of its stars.
9:51 am
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alicia: troubling accusations against nhl player evander cane, his wife claims he bet on his own games to make money and in some cases tried to lose them. christina coleman has more. >> reporter: his wife is alleging that her husband is a gambling addict. in her instagram stories she tagged the nhl and said can
9:55 am
someone ask how they can let a player bet on his own games. she posted a picture of a casino gambling for dummies book and said when your teammates give you the book maybe they're trying to tell you you're not the best at the table. he told her he was going on a trip to europe, on vacation. evander cane released a statement, saying unfortunately i would like to address the completely false accusations that my estranged wife and soon to be ex-wife made against me. he goes on to say, quote, i have never gambled bet on hockey, never gambled or bet on any of my games and never thrown a game. he says he looks forward to cooperating with the investigation. the nhl commented, saying quote, the integrity of our game is paramount and the league takes the allegations seriously, we intend to conduct a full investigation at this time.
9:56 am
in november of 2019, evander cane was sued by a casino in las vegas over half a million dollars in gambling dent. in january he filed for bankruptcy in california. they say it happened two years after he signed a seven year, $49 million contract with the san jose sharks. again, evander cane denies his wife's claims and the nhl investigation is underway. alicia: christina coleman in los angeles, thanks, christina. eric: it's good to be with you and we'll be back at 4:00 p.m. eastern with the news and stick with us on fox news channel. thank you for trusting us. with more news from washington, mike emanuel standing by at the nation's capitol. rated us #1 for network quality in america according to j.d. power.
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to lose weight and get healthier. mike: we are waiting an update on bourbon street in new orleans leaving five people wounded early this morning welcome to fox news live i am mike emanuel hair ween footage from the video live camera showing crowds running to safety after repeated gunshot charles watson has everything that we know, good afternoon. good afternoon the shooting happened around 3:00 o'clock this morning on a very crowded bourbon street, what we can see video circulating around social media seems like any other weekend night on


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