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tv   The Five  FOX News  May 31, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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have for today. we will be back tomorrow. "the five" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >> dana: hello, everyone i am in a prenup. -- dana perino. this is "the five." it is memorial day, the unofficial kickoff to summer and after making it through more -- covert restrictions, crowds are back in full force. soaking up the scent and getting together for barbecue. today, it would not be complete without honoring and remembering
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the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for our country and freedom. we salute all of our military heroes. and we have a fun filled show in store for you. we are enter in your venmo questions. we got the good ones. let's keep going. facebook question from hailey l. what is your favorite summer barbecue food? i have to start with jesse watters who is the host of jesse's feeding frenzy, to point out. >> jesse: i will go with ribeye and marble i. not a lot. just salt and pepper. maybe once or twice and there you go. >> dana: are you a medium well guy? >> jesse: medium rare. >> dana: i love it well done. i really do. you go to a barbecue, what are you looking for? >> corn on the cob. even butter beans.
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you can't took them -- cook them onto grill. >> dana: geraldo, what is your favorite thing? do you like to eat -- >> i love grilling personally. i love steak chard. corn on the cob really is the favorite. it is corn on the cob, you smear it with butter. you go with your beer and what else could happen to make you happier. >> dana: ryan? >> number one, if you eat like that, why do you have the abs that you have? that is impossible. that will be another special for geraldo and "fox nation." and i will add this. i think you agreed with me. we are not allowed to have a cookout until the fourth of july. we get the green light or red light from the president of united states. i think this is bad even to
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discuss hypothetically. let's say president biden gave us permission. i would just like a turkey burger. i would like it to a point mcmichael it is unfrozen. i have to buy -- it isn't so -- it is like a piece of ice from gray shirt covering a woolly mammoth. i cannot separate the two. i would like turkey burgers, frozen, but this year. >> dana: i'm going to go with potato salad. it is one of the only times you have the potato salad. i like the potato salad anyway i can get it. i really can't make it easier -- either. i only have it when i go to somebody else's house. anyway, here's another question from instagram. did you ever go to summer camp and let's start here. geraldo, did you go to summer camp? >> no, my family was not a summer camp family.
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i was breaking a lot of the time. i did go to boy scout camp for one weekend. i remember they showed dracula, the original dracula. and i went to bed covering my neck because i was afraid the vampire was going to come suck my blood as i slept in my sleeping bag. it was part of the rivera family tradition. >> dana: summer camp felt like something people in the east coast did. i dunno about you, jesse. jesse, i believe you lived in summer camp. >> jesse: yeah, my parents want to be out of the house. i went to survival school or sometimes it is kind of -- the kind of felt like reform school, mike, i was being sent with other kids into the wilderness who had emotional problems. and i survived. and here i am. but i do want to watch geraldo's special on metabolism. it is intriguing. >> he want me to without the abs
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now? [laughter] >> dana: well, it could one of those nights. ryan, did you go to summer camp? do you sent your kids to summer camp? >> no. you have to sit there, wrapped up in gaza by yourself with a max on. i would add that i did go to the soccer camp. it was like you played soccer in hot temperature and you would get water once a day, which did not make any sense. we were being starved mitochondria is not the same after a summer camp of soccer. i would actually add, too, when it comes to the camp, i just don't think it is a good thing. what does it say about your family? you go to school all day. and they say, go away. go grow up on your own. check in on your communion
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confirmation were graduation. >> dana: are you with me? camp is great. >> note. where i grew up, the only people who went to camp in the mountains are down at the ocean worldwide, hoity-toity people. i grew up in the woods. who needs to go to camp? we were playing port every single day. i did go to girl scout camp they kept once the mayor until i got kicked out. and just a quick confession. geraldo, the thing about slipping like this because you are afraid of vampires biting your neck, i still do that. i still -- right under my chin from doing that as a kid. so that is a little weird. maybe i should not have confessed that. >> maybe dr. drew can say on speed dial.
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best dracula ever happened and costello. that was the best dracula ever. it is in black and white. >> when i grew up, only the jewish kids went to camp. >> i was -- i went to sky ranch bible camp. that was good. and then i also -- summer fun day camp because my mom and dad worked. i loved that. every friday, every other friday, we got to go to elitch's. >> one more thing before we go. i did some are -- during the day. and the guide that was in charge of my summer was mr. baldwin the father of alec baldwin, billy baldwin, stephen baldwin, and he was a big guy, offensive lineman
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type guy. great personality. wonderful leader. , die and historian. that was my experience with the baldwin's. whatever happened to him? hold on one second. what is summer recreation? and how is that different from camp? >> like i said, i'm amending my original answer. it is a day camp. they did not want you to sleep over. they want you to go home. >> it is called day camp, brian. >> does coach day camp and sleep away camp expect i thought we were talking about the meatballs with murray. >> less question for this block. facebook. what does your beach set up look like? i know that you have a particular way you like to set up. >> i don't bring, like, loads of gear to the beach. i do preferred the beach with the leg extension.
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i like to go totally horizontal and really lay out. that is what i'm all about. >> so 1970s. >> dana: what about you, geraldo? >> i don't like the beach. i note that is a strange thing. i always had -- yesterday. my friend and i did a round trip. i love the water. but the beach it has always been for senator eight people. i never enjoyed baking there. >> i have a wicked beach set up. down in, like, i got bags already packed in new york city where there is not any beach. it has. it has sunscreen and towels. you have to have an umbrella. >> coney island. >> well, sort of beaches, geraldo. coney island is like a two hour subway ride. i can get to jersey before i can
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get to the coney island but also, crocs are a great beach shoot. you are going to have a wicked beach set up. >> you will have a lot more beer than you think. last word on that beach set up. >> i usually put my stuff down and go on a run and stay on the move. as a kid, i used to go on the beach. i think geraldo can relate to this. jesse, you, too, from like i olympic there was a beach pass where you could take your bike. you go down with everything you need to spend the whole date there. until my bike got stolen at the end of the day and that kind of tour it for me. i waited it out until i got my lessons. i don't -- just a bad story at the end. >> you are still upset. >> i would have been. >> i used to have a surfboard that i could not use because i did not know how to surf but it was great for picking up chicks. >> why don't you show us some
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we will continue to enter in your, venmo questions. happy memorial day. thanks for giving your barbecue early to come to this show. let's go to instagram questions. firecracker, who always gets those questions and. but what you name your yacht if you had one. let's go to geraldo. you have a yard or a sales book? >> my sailboat verdure. -- voyager. that was my statement of expiration as well as a name for the vessel. and my current boat i have had for 25 years is named after my oldest daughter, isabella. i got -- by the coast guard issued a. i have some funny pictures of that. >> what did you do? >> i was near the canadian border. i was doing absolutely nothing. i was boarded by one of those inflatables. i got very, you know, testing one they were -- why me? well, we have to check these
2:17 pm
vessels. 45 minutes later, we left on absently good term. >> that is my -- that have taken absolutely everywhere. the entire boat. big benefit here on the boat next week. we are doing a benefit. people who pay the most money a ride to lake erie, one of the great unused assets in the great lake. the largest body of freshwater. >> keep talking, geraldo. what else? [laughter] dana, what about you? they know, but what you name your yacht if you had one? >> dana: when he first asked the question, the thing that came to mind was a name that if i said it, like -- if i said it, then people might know my password. >> oh. >> dana: i will have to pass off of that. >> okay. treatment i'm going to go with see you. see you.
2:18 pm
>> got it. what about you? >> yacht. let me correct that. the first one would be named patsy after patsy cline. and in my second yacht my backup in case, like, the first one needs an engine rebuild, it would be murrell. it could be a girl's name, but it is really moral haggard. i will probably -- by the way. >> two yacht. >> like a true capitalist. what would be that name of your yard? >> geraldo's -- better than mine. what kind of life are you leaving? 300 miles. i got boarded by the canadians. and that was tuesday. >> u.s. coast guard. >> that is right. >> they spoke our language and not canadian, so that must've
2:19 pm
been good for you. >> the canadian border is closed. >> it right. >> they closed the wrong border. >> little by little, they will get to. >> absolutely. back to me. i would just say it would probably be if i could afford the lettering, better than gutfeld. right on the side. if they could read the whole thing, if it is big enough. >> greg: i would probably name my -- this is might yacht. >> that is nice. >> let's go to instagram questions. 1983. we love you, heidi. who is your favorite tv family? let's go -- >> oh, man. you just stumped me. i am a tv consumer. do i have to just pick one? the ricardo's.
2:20 pm
lucy and ricky. the first family of television. little ricky, hilarious show. you can't do any better than that. >> okay. geraldo, what about you? >> well, desi arnaz and lucille ball were the favorites and my family. we also like the nelson family, you know, ricky nelson and his family. they sang some great tunes during the day. i have no idea what you guys are talking about, so let's go to brian. >> first off, i would have been really into the -- that book came out. not the best relationship in that world. it kind of ruined it for me. you will know what i mean in a week or two if it gets on the bestseller list. no doubt about it. not even close. i'm surprised the others have not put this out again. cunninghams. "happy days." check disappeared -- chuck
2:21 pm
disappeared. never looked for him. the first few episodes, chuck is gone, no one cares. the spinoff series. the parents had to be very happy about that. fonzie was able to fit in. that is the family i wanted to be in. kind of mixing in life and others. but the way they got along, i think that is something we can all aspire to. it is no doubt the cunninghams. >> the cunninghams for that win. what about you, dana? >> dana: i would say the wilders in "the little house on the prairie" series. that show came on at 4:00. i had about three quarters of a mild walk to the front door to watch the show. there were no dvr's. i would run all the way home in order to get there in time to see my favorite show, "little
2:22 pm
house on the prairie." >> i would say "the geraldo show." >> i'm going to change it. do you remember "the wonder years"? the older brother who was a bully and the older sister who was a hippie. and the father who did not like to express his emotions. he just drank and yelled at people. great show. >> how do you not know "i love lucy"? >> i was born in 1978. >> it repeated forever. >> no. they did not repeat that. >> i heard it was the first multi-camera shoot where they would set up multiple cameras. >> you did go to camp, brian, the camp of over sharing. >> you are right. >> i think geraldo and bryant would bump together at that camp. [laughter] >> if we could have -- [overlapping speakers]
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♪ as you charge ahead. illuminating the way forward. a light maker. recognizing that the impact you make comes from the energy you create. introducing the all-electric lyriq. lighting the way. ♪ look at today's headlines. budget made some political appointment. the presence of democracy is in peril. he said the soul of america is animated by the perennial battle between our worst instincts and our better angels. democrats and the texas legislature have walked out of the house chamber to try to block a controversial election form -- reform bill. the republican governor said he will call a special session to try to pass the legislation.
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increasing number of emergent citizens have been apprehended as they have tried to smuggle illegal drugs into the united states. since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. tonight at 6:00 eastern, we will have exclusive evidence showing that magnitude of the growing criminal element along the out-of-control southern border. i'm mike emanuel in washington. joint for a special report, top of the hour. now back to "the five." ♪ ♪ >> welcome back to "the five" memorial day special. first up, another instagram question from a firecracker. this one is for you. first up, if you could have an exotic service animal, what would you choose and why? an exotic service animal, dana. >> dana: before the commercial break, i have been thinking
2:29 pm
about it. what that most -- but animal can you most easily clean up after because it is a service animal, you may still have to the clean up after it. my first thought was an elephant. that is a lot of cleaning up to do. hard to do. i was thinking of a draft because i'm so giraffe because i'm so short. i think i might just go with a sloth. because i don't know if -- but everyone would want to come to help you. >> i love it. jessica what about you? >> jesse: i will go with a lizard. i will explain why. you could shove a lizard on your shoulder and you could go about their day. you don't have to really think about it. i'm going to go with lizard, final answer. >> if you're going to do a lizard, why not -- it is one of the largest lizards. i think some can create horrible infections if they bite you.
2:30 pm
>> why would you give me death kind of lizard? >> because you could walk it on a leash and scare people on the street. [laughter] brian? >> is dana getting these questions ahead of time? those aren't the rules? >> dana: that was in the teams. >> oh, yeah. when i'm done talking, i just focus on myself. [laughter] that hurts my feelings, jesse. how dare you. that is good. you need to know what to say at 5:00. and for the weekends, too. >> thank you. >> i believe spider monkey. i need a service animal that does not need me. i think they may be the human being's equal. i would like a service animal
2:31 pm
where we help each other. spider, monkey. >> geraldo, what about you? >> a dolphin when i'm on the water, which is often. would have the dolphin swimming alongside at may be an eagle or a hawk. it would roost on my shoulder. you know, intimidate people. >> what service is that? >> they could alert you to the coast guard. >> at least that. >> as short as the lifeguards. the dolphin would be very handy if someone fell overboard. and they communicate now. you have a conversation. >> hello? hello? >> mine is also a bird because a bird can potentially communicate for you. like, a cockatoo may be, or just a parent. i always wanted to be kind of a pirate. i could just have a parent on my shoulder and just great --
2:32 pm
parrot on my shoulder and just -- >> at the end of the show, we are going to nope too much. >> that is completely 100% true with the covers up around my neck like this but i'm afraid to go to sleep if my neck is not covered. [overlapping speakers] >> i owned a parrot for many years. used to mimic -- my parrot.
2:33 pm
i seldom remember them. they always involve a hero which i always assume is me. they always have happy endings. i love to sleep as a result. [laughter] >> yes, on that note, jesse, keep it clean? >> jesse: i usually don't like to share my dreams. but in this case, i will share my last dream. last night, i dreamed that i was shopping for an escalade and i was looking at the dealership and the tires in the front did not match the tires in the back and i had to problem solve it. >> only an escalade? one up something fancier? it is a dream. >> jesse: , fine. what do you want? a bentley? come on. >> dana: on that note, brian, your last dream? >> to dream, you have to sleep.
2:34 pm
i have not slept since 1997. i cannot remember a single dream i was hoping geraldo and jeff's would be longer it so that i could try to remember at one point i got nothing. i passed out and then i'm jarred awake at 2:30. there's no time to dream and aspire, it just time to lose my short-term memory. >> that means that you sleep very deeply. i just made that up, but i want to make you feel better. >> bryant has no subconscious. >> thank you, jesse. i feel so much better now. >> ever since i was a little kid, i left to went up and tell everybody my dream. and then this happened in this happen. that is probably a very boring thing to duplicate the dream i remember it most recently was i dreamed that -- i won't say who it was. someone pretty senior in the
2:35 pm
federal government but not the most senior resigned. i had this dream ended the next day, i was going on my business and in my head, i thought this person had resigned and i had to fact check it. >> my dream last night was actually kind of a sci-fi videogame dream where i had a jet ski that could fly which was pretty cool. i was still living in my childhood bedroom. so the dream reminded me that i was still a loser at the end of the day. >> you need to see somebody. >> i could fly on my jetski i was still a huge dork. up next, do we still do things that we hide from our parents? we will answer that when ever memorial day fan mspecial returns.
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♪♪ wouldn't it be nice if we were older ♪ ♪ then we would not have to wait so long ♪♪ >> perfect song. had we gone to the beach that would be that music i would prefer to hear. and of course, -- i got to speak over them. it was not so disconcerting. it takes time to think about people put most of which, geraldo is covered put up close and personal. i'm not even sure about that one. let's continue with our fan mail questions. i will begin, jesse, it with you. this is instagram question from jenny. evidently jenny is hot or hot for lucas. i'm not sure. question, do you do anything now that you hide from your parents?
2:41 pm
jesse? >> jesse: i probably hide my emotions for my parents. when they are not watching. [laughter] i don't want my parents seeing me upset or angry or off keel. i just tried to the present and nice, calm, everything is okay vibe to my parents because parents are very. i don't want them to that were apex but i'm getting a sense that nothing is right in your life, jesse, that you are hiding at all. it is a picture rate. >> jesse: i'm here on memorial day. >> absolutely. i think about my self-esteem. what about you? is there anything you hide from your parents? >> nothing. my parents and my mother in particular, like, when she was diagnosed with cancer and she passed away about a year and a half ago, everything was out there. it was always like that for the most part. but literally, when -- every -- i held nothing back.
2:42 pm
over a couple of things i told her. she was like, maybe you could have, that one to yourself. maybe i did not need to hear that one. and i say that because it is awesome. >> great. great place. dana, are you as healthy? >> dana: probably not know. i can't think of anything bad that i hide from my parents. but also because we don't live close together. we don't chitchat on the phone. and you make this it feels like therapy to put me. i have been on "the five" for the last ten years. everyone including my parents knows everything about me. there's nothing left to find out. >> did you drink and not tell them? did you date and not inform them? >> the question is, do you hide anything now from your parents? >> you are right. i feel terrible. geraldo, --
2:43 pm
>> my parents are -- my parents have gone to heaven. but you know the old saying that you spend your childhood hiding your weed smoking from your parent and then as a parent you hide all of your weed smoking from your children. that is a general rule. >> that is a great lie. >> i feel somehow, geraldo, i feel worse. here's a facebook question from alyssa w. we will start with you, dana. have you ever sent an embarrassing text to wrong person? >> dana: not an embarrassing one, but my husband, peter, it has a a couple. not to wrong person but he uses voice text. sometimes the -- the translation does not pick it up right. i can't say on the show. a couple of the things that have happened but they are so embarrassing. he really needs to read and
2:44 pm
proofread these things before he hits sand because he embarrassed the entire family. >> geraldo? >> i remember one awful text i sent i finally broke up with her or got rid of her or something. and i sent it. >> oh. >> oh. ouch. >> we are not going to use names, right? >> many years ago. i don't remember the names. >> yeah. well, sort of. i thought i did. i was complaining about someone and i thought i said that complaint to that person i was complaining about and i had a mild panic attack. >> wow. jesse? >> we have to be capable of stealing the emotion of embarrassment. i can't think of anything. [laughter]
2:45 pm
>> all right. >> more like you. >> i now put aside my contribution roku i took the lead. now i will play color commentator. straight ahead on the show, what kind of music do we listen to it while driving? a question is next on the "the five" -- on "the five" memorial day special. ♪ limu emu & doug ♪ hey limu! [ squawks ] how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening!
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it's beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. - or the beast. - the beauty, - [macaw vo] pretty boy. has failed. the beast, john cox, will open schools, get our economy roaring. learn about california's nicest, smartest beast at ♪ ♪ ♪♪ heaven is a place on earth ♪♪ >> welcome back to "the five" on this memorial day. we have more of your fan mail questions. jesse "what kind of music do you listen to that when you drive around? >> jesse: now i listen to howard. before, 955, pl j. 043. you know? >> nobody knows what those are.
2:50 pm
>> jesse: in new york. [laughter] >> dana, what do you like to listen to that when you drive? >> dana: country music. i don't drive, i sit and listen. i am also intra- -- in charge of the music. if i'm on sirius xm, highway is a good one. my husband always has the bridge on. every single time we get a new car, steely dan is on. i like to change it to the country music. >> are you also country? >> i love country music but when i'm driving and i have driven a lot, i put on songs that i enjoy singing that i know the words to. my voice is so bad that i don't even sing in church. it is the only place if i'm alone that i can build out interstate love songs. like great hits from that '90s that i still remember from, say,
2:51 pm
college or postcollege. country is generally depressing. >> welt -- [overlapping speakers] >> willie nelson is great. johnny cash. >> some of them are. heartbreak. you know? part break. >> a lot. >> you don't know anything about -- [overlapping speakers] [laughter] >> will -- >> brian, it's your heart broken? >> note. you told me ten years ago if i like country, i would say you are crazy. but now i listen to tony atkins and i also listen to howard stern unless he is complaining about people not wearing masks. also, a lot of podcasts. now that i can fully understand how to connect my iphone to my radio, i have never had so much control in my life. >> i got to weigh in here.
2:52 pm
brian listens to florida/georgia line. nsync is more country. >> you are jealous. bob dylan. >> i knew -- nobody more country than billy joe schaefer. >> dylan, elvis, sinatra, rolling stones, grateful dead, billie holiday. >> the next question comes from instagram. do you have a favorite amusement parks ride? >> dana: i used to love all of them. there was this one at elitch's where you stood up and they would go up and down. but i have to say something that has happened as i got older, as i understand it, your inner ear
2:53 pm
balance changes. you feel woozy when you get off the ride. i went to iraq at a fun fair in california. i felt like my brain was rattle all over my head. but i did love it. to world cup i left all of it. >> jesse, you got a bunch of kids. >> the teacups, very family-friendly. if i'm going solo and anything with the loop the loops, i am in. i am in. i may cry, but i'm in. [laughter] >> brian? >> the exhibit at disney. i like to see the talking manikins. or is that an exhibit? >> i'm the cyclone in coney island, my favorite ride. >> make a too. i love roller coasters. >> and the ferry -- the ferris
2:54 pm
wheel at coney island. my daughter and i go. okay. we will be right back with more of your questions or at least one more question after this on the special memorial day addition. life... doesn't stop for diabetes. be ready for every moment, with glucerna. it's the number one doctor recommended brand that is scientifically designed to help manage your blood sugar. live every moment. glucerna. ♪welcome back to that same old place♪ ♪that you laughed about♪ ♪well, the names have all changed♪ ♪since you hung around♪ welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you. riders, the lone wolves of the great highway.
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welcome back, america. all they need is a bike and a full tank of gas. their only friend? the open road. i have friends. [ chuckles ] well, he may have friends, but he rides alone. that's jeremy, right there! we're literally riding together. he gets touchy when you talk about his lack of friends. can you help me out here? no matter why you ride, progressive has you covered with protection starting at $79 a year. well, we're new friends. to be fair. eh, still.
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back, it's time for one more question. facebook question from lisa d. "what was your biggest splurge last year? remember it was covid year but when you were out shopping or online shopping, what was the biggest splurge? dating, you've got to have
2:59 pm
something. >> technically it was adopted my dog dale because he has cost me maybe $10,000 in vet bills so far because he gets into trouble and eats stuff he shouldn't so technically that was the biggest splurge. >> i remember when you got dale, who knew he was going to cost that much money, but worth every penny indeed. jesse. >> i bought a house, so that was quite expensive. >> that's a big splurge. that's a big splurge. a good investment indeed. brian kilmeade buried >> home gym. it includes -- just finished it and i can finally take geraldo with a few more sessions, i'll be able to square up with the man who once owned his own boxing gym. >> okay, geraldo, how about you? >> i bought myself a new bentley, paid cash. [laughter] >> do have change of attend? >> are you running narcotics through the canadian border? [laughter] >> wonder if the coast guard is watching us.
3:00 pm
i bet they are because who wouldn't? the show was amazing. but that is it for us. enjoy the rest of your memorial day, everyone, we will see you back here tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good evening, welcome to washington, i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier. america is returning to normal on this memorial day weekend as crowds gather together, often without masks and with immunization against the coronavirus. new york city, once an epicenter of the pandemic, is now a symbol of the comeback with stores reopening and tourists were turning. unfortunately, crime is also returning with them. correspondent david lee miller reports from times square. good evening, david lee.


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