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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  May 5, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> we begin with a fox news alert, republicans warning that free speech is under assault as facebook's oversight for today upholds the suspension of president trump's facebook and instagram account that has been in place for nearly five months. this is "outnumbered," i am emily compagno, harris faulkner, kayleigh mcenany, also joining us state department spokesperson morgan ortagus, and former chairman and fox news contributor trey gowdy. facebook's oversight board giving a time to re-examine the ban of president trump criticizing the indefinite
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nature of the suspension but keeping terms facebook and instagram account locked for now. former chief white house of staff said that the conservatives must be stopped. watch. >> a sad day for america, and a sad day for facebook, members of congress are now looking at it do they break up facebook, do they make sure that they don't have a monopoly? and i can tell you that it is two different standards, one for donald trump and one for a number of other people that are on their sites and suggesting that more nefarious things than what the president has been accused of. >> emily: all right, trey, starting with you here, there are so many angles that we need your perspective on and one argument is that facebook has created this because i independent to decision-making body that sort of undermines government regulation and oversight in the realm of accountability and clearly here doubles down on down on arguably
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censorship, and your g.o.p. colleagues have stepped in, there is a lot of legislation that has been proposed. governor desantis, senator haverty up across the backdrop of a few years of congressional hearing trying to hold a big tech to the fire, what do ordinary americans need to know? >> trey: a couple of things, that congress could repeal section 230 if they wanted to i'm republicans had all three gears of government and they did not do it, facebook is a private company. this is a private board, where it gets a little bit complicated is this kind of intersection of government and private entities, but emily, i think what most people want to know is what is the standard? can it be true but yet incite violence? can it be false but not incite violence? what is the standard by which we judge the incitement of violence? i don't know if you watch the nfl draft last week, i was incited to violence by dallas'
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picks. but i don't think anybody is talking about taking the draft off the air, so what is the standard? is it subjective, objective, reasonable person? i can make people making the wrong decision but not inconsistent, tell me the standards. >> emily: as a member of raiders nation, i know what incitement to violence looks like. i will go to you now for a moment, kayleigh, we talked about the facebook committee record of nine in how they have upheld over and over again the freedom of speech, right, and we saw them overturning bans on hateful content on violent rhetoric, but clearly not here, the former president has launched his website and says stay tuned about a potential platform, what do you of this? >> kayleigh: you are right, it has cited for the most part on free speech, four of the first five decisions that they issued were in favor of reposting content and some involved adult to, hate speech, so they have
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been very much on the side of the first amendment except when it comes to president trump, and you have to wonder if there are political motives, because as one strategist said, 60% of voters, that is a lot. one facebook every single day, brad parcell, the campaign manager who was an integral part of the 2016 campaign said that facebook was a highway we were driving the car on. huge for political donations and huge for getting a direct message out there outside of the mainstream media, this is crippling for someone who wants a political future. and should facebook have the power to influence a election? i would argue no. >> emily: if it is crippling for someone who wants a future, what about someone like president trump who has an established political history and robust swallowing, do you think that he in any way will be weakened by this? or is his decision for the new blog and potential platform moving forward will he never be hurting for online reach and donations?
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>> kayleigh: he obviously has a massive following, but he has to find a home for them, he was teased when with mark meadows not only the posting of the statement on the website, but also another vehicle for which he can redirect his speech is critical to have that outlet to way with your voters and we will see if he is able to manage to do that. >> emily: right, and harris, if you want to step in? >> harris: we are talking about the oversight board and the decision, that was facebook, it did not have to take the suggestion of the oversight board and i was watching just this morning thomas hughes who is the director of facebook's oversight board would ask if facebook is partisan, and he said he couched it, there needs to be greater transparency to help us understand what is going on. that is not an endorsement, but if you can work with the suggestions or the suggested decisions by a board that may not even be in concert at every step, that gives you a little bit of cover and what
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congressman buck told me last hour of colorado is now and it needs to come as a bunch of facebook's. there needs to be in the interim a lot of competition. and that will either force them to come forward with transparency or force the rest of us to have our own transparency. we do or don't like facebook, we are moving on, it won't have that. 60% of anything is a big number. 60% of voters, you know, checking out their facebook pages is a big number, so you want the check out to be fair in terms of voices and to the treatments that those voices get on the platform. >> emily: absolutely. and we know that the policy recommendations is up to facebook whether to accept them or reject to them. and to your point about transparency, that was a big part of senator haverty's proposal situation was calling for providing for more transparency into that moderation process especially with twitter that we have talked about a lot comes from humans and they have made some problematic decisions. >> harris: we don't know how
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they think or what they vote or how they like, they are facebook. they are not one of us. >> emily: exactly. and morgan, i would like to ask you, at your time at the state department you traveled all over the world and saw what stifled free speech looks like and the impact that it had, so what concerns do you have? >> morgan: that's a very good point, so facebook has about 190 million users around the world and as we were traveling around the world we would often try to figure out which social media platform was the best platform to use to speak to the local people to let them know about mike pompeo, president trump, et cetera. and a lot of times it was facebook. so i think if you look as a company that is a tough decision that was going to anger a lot of people no matter what decision that they made, but listen, if you look at it from a free-speech perspective, this is not the government taking a little bit more libertarian point of view, this is not the government telling someone that they don't have free-speech or
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can't have social media, this is a company and keep in mind most of these companies are in a very far left area in san francisco, most of the employees are very far left and we have actually talked about this before, i have on your show that to the point of view they come from is not a centrist point of view. so when the oversight board where never the management or the employees are all very left, therefore that point of view when they are trying to adjudicate these decisions, something that is centered can seem very far right to them. it so i don't think we are seeing a case of the government stifling free speech, what we are seeing is the need for the congressman that harris interviewed earlier, jim banks talked about this in a tweet about looking at to the antitrust legislation, we will have to look president trump and others will look at building platforms for more conservatives. that's going to take a lot of time. president trump had 30 million followers on facebook, so it will take a lot of time to build that. we better start now. >> emily: and trey, in terms
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of the control that facebook has is not just limited to their four quarters of the site as well, we see a lot of cases that trickle down into what they have on apps and the amplification ripple effect so that it is not just one set, but goes too many when it affects the users and you talk about the free market writing itself and having the consumer give the ability to actually make these choices, should competitors arise and to morgan's point about the government and we have here for example a vice president whose personal background and history and experience with donations coming out of silicon valley is certainly not in lockstep with the policies that she says she supports. >> trey: i think you put your finger on it, it's important that conservatives make the right argument, this is not a first amendment issue or a free-speech issue, because it is not government conduct, but you mention antitrust. you don't have a right to come on fox news, you don't have a right to say whatever you want with any other private company, it is an antitrust issue, but conservatives need to make the
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right argument or they need to find another platform to express their views. facebook, why are they so popular? why are conservatives using facebook? i'm not. but why are others? so we have to fight back in the marketplace too. >> emily: well said. moving forward the white house is now on defense. up next what the biden team is saying about a union role in shaping cdc guidelines on reopening schools. stay with us. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners. while mortgage rates are still near all time lows, home values just keep going up. now's the time to refi and take out cash. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out $50,000 or more, to pay down credit card debt and other expenses. and lower your payments $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa.
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's be on the white house is pushing back now against those claims that a major teachers union influence the cdc guidelines for school reopening.
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here is press secretary jen psaki. >> it is long-standing best practice for the cdc to engage in organizations and groups that are going to be impacted by guy nance and issued by the agency. it does not mean that they are taking everything they want or even a percentage of what they want. >> harris: long-standing practice, and kayleigh mcenany just shook her head. meanwhile the president of the american federation of teachers appears to take a swipe at parents in a response to article praising teachers. i think that many people who saw the teachers as glorified babysitters got a reality check this year when schooling had to be done at home. teachers deserve respect and recognition for all the ways they help communicate. well, we agree on that. they are very important in our lives. but it still felt like a swipe, kayleigh. >> kayleigh: i did feel like a swipe and know it is not best practices to allow the teachers
9:16 am
union to dictate science of the cdc. it is not best practice to give the guidelines to the teachers union and then directly input their recommendation. at the cdc is supposed to be a determining the science, not the wills of one with the teachers union. nothing like this in the trump administration when we came under fire with the white house making suggestions on school guidelines and how dare they metal with the cdc. this was the case not only was the white house on the email for the cdc, but the special interest group was dictating the science. is that extraordinary? it would be explosive if you had big farm on dictating the guidelines, it would never have happened, this is a huge scandal and i'm so glad the republicans on the hill are saying we want this looked into. >> harris: what you're going for there is to show that it was the same administration though. right? the cdc and the white house are talking, they are -- having them at one end and at the other, but connected in some
9:17 am
ways, but the teachers union actually gave a lot of money to president biden then candidate biden's campaign, so it is a different relationship not saying that it bends the rules in this period of time, but there is a different connection. >> emily: and i think that that is the whole point that the money shows either the influence or in the words of one of the authors of the emails how grateful they were to earn confidence of these unions. and an amazing op-ed for "the wall street journal" where he said it is time for the republicans to go on the attack of teacher unions, because the biden administration is not following the science, they are following orders. and he pointed out that it needs to be shown that we are highlighting here between the upwards of 20 million donated in the 2020 election cycle alone down to the direct impact that it has had on policy, on legislation, and parents are seeing this ad is what he calls a dilemma at home, but it is frankly a war on these decisions being made to his points
9:18 am
resulting in a grave harm the students. >> harris: morgan, i want to come to you but i want to refresh everybody's memory first and work this into the conversation if we can. impassioned people around this issue, remember that mom last month at that council board meeting. >> it's time, take these masks off of my child! [applause] forcing five, six, seven, eight, and 9-year-old little children to cover their molds knows in their mouth's where they breed for seven hours a day for the last nine months for a virus you know doesn't affect to them. that is not in their best interest, and this has to stop. defend our children. >> harris: a visceral reaction from that mother. morgan, work that into where we are today and how that fits knowing that the cdc took
9:19 am
suggestions from a teachers union and "the new york post" reported that at least two instances word for word as kayleigh pointed out. speak of the cdc has the most stringent guidelines that do not match the w.h.o. guidelines and we have seen a lot of mixed signals, so i think that it was around february 12th that the cdc said we needed 6 feet in ben students, three weeks later that was changed to 3 feet, and dr. nicole saphier has pointed this out on fox before that there was no study and between 6 feet and the 3 feet in order to change that rule. so where was the science? why did the cdc have the most stringent mask guidelines for children more so than the w.h.o. and health entities? if you look at this holistically, harris, the problem is we have such a lack of faith and trust in our large institutions in the united states. to so many people deal, and
9:20 am
whenever the cdc and other state health entities are guided or at least perceived to be guided by politics and not science, you can understand why parents are questioning and frustrated. if you look at a mckinsey study and you talked about the number of children that are being left behind from not going to school and a mckinsey study showed that children of color were about 3-5 months behind from not going to school. white children about 1-3 months, so we know that poor children, minority children are being disproportionately affected by not going to school. yet these people like randi weingarten who makes over half a million dollars i geared to lobby for children have to question where their best interest is. >> harris: i have to get your impression we saw that mom in front of the school board pouring her heart out on behalf of all of those parents who just want things to be healthier for
9:21 am
their kids mentally. and isolated for playing by rules that don't necessarily even effect their safety at times. >> trey: yeah, we were told for what? two years, follow the science. we just need to amend the mantra, follow the science unless it is overruled by one your largest political donors or unless your lobbyists like randy weingarten tells you otherwise. look, i am married to a school teacher who has been back in the classroom the entire year. it's a really hard job and you go in because he loved children and he value education. if what you're doing is hurting children and their education, maybe you need to stop listening to the lawyer lobbyist. joe says he likes unions. how about liking kids, joe. how about liking education more than you like unions. you can like all three, but how
9:22 am
about putting the kids at the top. >> harris: the children aren't writing checks to the campaign. >> trey: true. >> harris: okay, we will move on. spent more than 20 years on the force, but when she spoke up against the violent black lives matter protest on facebook this officer lost her job. stay close. ♪ ♪
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9:27 am
i care about going in harm's way. i love my police family like my own. so when you share posts and things like facebook i would really appreciate if you think before doing so. i've seen so many black lives matter hashtag posts just to let you know, they are terrorists. they hate me.e. they hate my uniform. they don't care if i die." her colleague sergeant mandy gray was demoted just for liking the post. ridiculous. both appealing talking that environmental changes against them be dismissed. what a story. i want to start with you, do you think this is overkill? one line in there and then dismissed from her job just over a simple facebook post? >> trey: well, i mean, the answer i will give you proves why people hate lawyers except for emily. there is substitute negative due process argument hid, do i think
9:28 am
the punishment fits the crime, i don't, but i have not seen her employment contract, all four if you have contracts with fox and you have constitutional rights to do things that fox won't letu do, like for instance go on another network. you have the constitutional right to do it, but you contracted that away. i don't know what her employment contract says, and i don't know whether police officers are allowed to praise black lives matter or march in protest with them? then we would have an equal application of the rules argument, but if she signed a contract saying i'm not going to say certain things on social media, then it is a contract issue and not a free-speech issue. >> kayleigh: that makes a lot of sense. emily, following up with you, our legal expert on the couch, is there a first amendment claim? she is appealing and take what trey gowdy says about substantive due process, but what about her claim to regain her job and her colleague within
9:29 am
her stature in the department. >> emily: first of all, that post was investigated by the county prosecutor's office on criminal charges, this is so mind-boggling to me that to answer your question, yes, that is the crust of her argument is that it is a person amendment argument, but to be honest there is a dichotomy as a government as a sorbonne and employer, their first amendment rights, but to trey gowdy's point, this country is filled with ex-sector employees because they have determined that their employer, the government interest in regulating their free speech outweighed their right to that free speech. frankly i think that the punishment is draconian, i agree with trey and if it makes its way through the courts that the supreme court breaks it up and i hope that they make an exception or change precedent, because it is absolutely in my mind as i said draconian. >> kayleigh: and harris, coming to you, you make a
9:30 am
distinction between black lives matter as an organization and their protest on the ground and the sentiment of black lives matter come something we all agree with on this couch and more broadly as a society, but i do want to play a clip from a black lives matter leader here in the greater new york area with martha maccallum, let's listen to what he had to say. >> if the country does not give us what we want, then we will burn down the system and replace it, all right, and i could be speaking figuratively, i could be speaking literally, it is a matter of interpretation. >> kayleigh: he might be speaking literally about burning down a system, and i don't know the motives, but i think if you hear a rhetoric like that, reacting from the organization. >> harris: so yes, there is a huge distinction between the organization and the movement as you say and he laid that out beautifully, kayleigh. i will say this, and trey, i will yield some of my time to you on this issue, a threat is a threat. if we did not learn that from
9:31 am
congresswoman maxine waters, and i know that democrats have jumped other defense, but if you take purely the fact that she, just to use her as an example, took police to protect her as she got on the ground in minneapolis before the verdict came in, close to the verdict in the derek shope in case, if you take what she said about confrontation and staying in the streets and you take what to dam support or remember, i don't care what it is organizationally or a movement wise, he is talking about literally burning things down, that is a threat. they are inherently looking at the problem. but trey, i want to hit you up on this, could you make the argument on facebook or twitter, and i've done this before, sometimes i will like things because i want to save them and look at them later. they fired her because she liked something.
9:32 am
>> trey: heard defense would be i liked it because i saw my friends name but i did not read the content, i'd assume that was litigated during her civil appeal process, yes, i mean, republican members of congress have said that they like to things without reading it, so just a note to self, read the content before you like something, because you are going to own every bit of it. so it is a possible offense, i assume that she has artie tried it though. >> kayleigh: was not just her, it was six individuals that liked it that were then punished, so ridiculous in my opinion, all right, guys, up next to the liberal media's latest attack on caitlyn jenner. the transgender candidate is getting slammed for oppressing transgender's. ♪ ♪
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>> california was once the envy of the world. we had what everyone else wanted, the american dream grew up here. yet where politicians and their policies have destroyed that dream. california needs a disrupter. a compassionate disrupter. >> harris: republican candidate caitlyn jenner going after california as leaders in her first campaign ad as she enters a crowded field challenging gavin newsom in the reelection. but the left is ramping up the attack on caitlyn jenner who is transgender. here is msnbc host joy reid. >> caitlyn jenner, the republican candidate for california governor does not speak for the trans community. but she has a longtime
9:38 am
republican who is a vehement trump supporter, they do not care about fairness and girl sports. it's about the fairness of the other to exist in their shadow so they can continue living in a country where their status is protected against all else. that is why the g.o.p. is selling rage over actual policy is the absolute worst. >> harris: trey gowdy, your thoughts. >> trey: well, i just want to stop and think about what a huge burden it would be to go through life as joy reid. knowing more about what it means to be black than tim scott, knowing more about what it means to be transgender than caitlyn jenner. can't decide whether she was hacked or actually said those terrible things about gay people. here's the good news, her ratings are so low only the camera operator and her producers and close family know what she says. but what a terrible burden to go through life knowing as much about other people's lives as
9:39 am
she does. >> harris: and you would no, you have filled in prime time with fox news at 7:00 p.m. and you have beaten her. in fact, "the faulkner focus" has beaten her many times, and we are on our as many before. but let's not talk about that. >> kayleigh: that's right. i want to talk about another joy named joy behar who last week tried to speak for someone with a different life experience paid tim scott does not know what systemic racism is. we need to stop talking about people who have different life experiences, saying that you must think a certain way. that is an inherent problem that we have. both of joys have it and a lot of other people. >> harris: let me follow up with an excellent point, there is no one who can speak entirely for their own race, ethnicity, or whatever we are talking about. gender, we cannot speak for all women. we need to break that habit. i don't understand why people even want to go there. it's a lie if they say they can.
9:40 am
>> kayleigh: that's exactly right. i am a person with a certain worldview and set of experiences that are unique to me. and when we speak, we speak for ourselves, not a group or a community, we speak for ourselves. it would just get to the point where we can stop pitting groups against one another and stereotyping, it will go a long way. >> emily: and joy reid wants to call justice clarence justice clarence on error. a history of really hideous slurs and things that are absolutely unacceptable. >> harris: i think she calls him uncle clarence. >> emily: what did i say? >> harris: she does not use his last name out of respect, she uses the slur. >> emily: that's what i meant. if i said something different, that was in my brain. i find are so inappropriate and to caitlyn jenner's point, who calls herself a compassionate disrupter, i think that's beautiful. and compared with joy reid who i would say is an antagonistic disrupter. a very negative disrupter, and
9:41 am
by the way, caitlyn jenner's ad is phenomenal as a lifelong californian, that was a really excellent ad. >> harris: morgan, i want your take on all of this. >> it's interesting that caitlyn jenner was accused, or the republican party i guess is accused of rage as it relates to the transgender issue. the ad that i saw, i viewed the ad yesterday and thought it was great. when i looked at the ad i saw someone focused on issues of everyday californians caring about getting their state back into a place where people are living and working and raising a family, the ad started out as we show talking about the dream of california, which i think everyone has always sought out when ronald reagan was governor, and i did not see a lot of rage, i see a candidate for governor who happens to be a republican who is focusing on issues that californians care about. the rage is coming from somebody else.
9:42 am
>> harris: i will come to you to take us home on this issue. i want to wonder why always the conversation floats, not always, but many times to words that divide us so much like race and gender and you know, joy reid, it is reflexive. it's almost like they run out of all of the other words in their vocabulary and go to the words that divide us. >> trey: i think that conflict sells, commercially it is successful, fear does too, the issue that the left, harris, only three kinds of republicans, caitlyn jenner is a transgender republican, and you would think that the left would celebrate that. but the only republicans that the left of likes, the ones that side with the democrats, the ones that lose, and they will like you after you die. but that is too steep a price to
9:43 am
pay to post "the new york times" to like us. we are not willing to die, but if you look at mitt romney, john mccain, they only like those guys after they lost and started not siding with the republicans. they did not like them when they were running for president. >> harris: our own sean hannity is getting a very first interview with caitlyn jenner on her republican bid. be sure to catch that tonight. i know i am popping my corn, 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox news channel. white students not welcome? one of the nation's top universities does a 180. who can sign up for a rock climbing course? ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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9:48 am
big guests coming up, marc thiessen will join us after the president's remarks expected at 2:00 p.m. eastern time on the american rescue plan. a big two hours coming up as "america reports" at the top of the hour. >> emily: a rock climbing college course has been open to all students after people complained about racial segregation according to a repoa description of the course at cornell specified that the class was for people who identify as black, indigenous, latinx, asian, or other people of color." the media reports banning white students as well as posted on reddit to lift enrollment restriction. trey, i want to read for you the sense of this group from the member of it. he said this, at the end of the day there was an issue of inaccessibility for minorities in the white-centric sports and the rock climbing group is a
9:49 am
small step for desegregating that community. so what is your thought on that? >> trey: yes, you know, kayleigh, i am old enough to be most of your fathers, so i want to tell you about a man who wrote before you were born who said judge me by the content of my character and not the color of my skin. amanda believed that we were all equal in the eyes of our creator and a man whose heart would be broken if he saw a black-only a sign just like it was when he saw a whites only sign. so i think that most of us want to live in a color-blind society, and this is the antithesis of a color-blind society. >> kayleigh: and martin luther king jr. said that we must learn to live together as brothers and to that end, morgan, i think a group that gets together more with people of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, worldviews is a more productive group. >> morgan: i have a hard time taking this article seriously.
9:50 am
we are talking about rock climbing, okay? and i just think about my travels in the last two years around the world with mike pompeo, secretary of state, and we listen to people to uighurs for example who are forced abortions who are forced sterilization because of their faith, and we have some idiots in the united states claiming that they are not represented because of rock climbing. i can't. >> kayleigh: i'm with you and it is something that is happening nation-wide. when i was at harvard law school, safe spaces were in vogue where literally you were forced to the other side of the room if you did not agree with what was happening. your speech had to be on the separate side of the piece of tape away from the other side. they had taped. so privilege speech was on one side and unprivileged on the other and then there was a safe space. and i think that concept is so regrettable, because to the point that morgan is making a
9:51 am
myself, integration, conversation is the key to stopping a lot of the disparities that we have. >> harris: you know, i never knew that. we reported on that as it was happening, the safe space conversation. what you're saying was there was a physical delineation between people? and what that tells people is that they are learning to debate that the world words don't matter. and how well you can debate a conversation with you representing somebody that you do not prove did something or the other, and your job to represent them if you are there defense attorney. so what exactly are they growing. fortunately they have you. >> kayleigh: exactly. >> harris: to apply that, who is the decider in this particular instance to figure out, you know, what that space is for in this particular
9:52 am
instance? who decides? the wording is if you identify as such, identify as an american who happens to be black, is there a box where i can check? and rock climbing, i love rock climbing, by the way. >> kayleigh: i will have to try it, my brother loves rock climbing. on the other side of this, we have a streaming production from a legal commentator that is from cornell law school and said this. he said the earlier description and suggested it was open only to students of certain racial and ethnic groups would have been a significant potential legal problem had it not been corrected. this controversy highlights identity politics can run into conflict with antidiscrimination laws and cornell's own university policy is against discrimination thoughts. >> emily: exactly, that goes to the departure of common sense and people start thinking it is acceptable for those policies, no, it runs afoul not only of the law but of common sense that
9:53 am
integration, the collected experience and identification with what unites us rather than divides us is clearly the way to go and reminded as well of nyu's multiple graduation ceremonies where they separated people who identify, what happens if you identify as multiple things? so many boxes -- spill unlike my kids. >> emily: and you can graduate more than once! >> kayleigh: anyway, you might be able to own wind that is out of this world, but not cheap, the price for the bottle that spent a year in space. you won't believe it, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ struggling to manage my type 2 diabetes was knocking me out of my zone, but lowering my a1c with once-weekly ozempic® helped me get back in it. ♪ oh, oh, oh, ozempic® ♪ my zone? lowering my a1c and losing some weight. now, back to the show. ozempic® is proven to lower a1c.
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9:58 am
orbit on the international space station. hitting the auction block incomes in a "star trek" inspired custom truck with a corkscrew made from a meteorite. morgan, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, are you in? >> morgan: if someone invites me over i will drink it. i'm notoriously known for doing this, we had champagne from the kennedy center box that i accidentally drank, and a bottle of pompeo wine from the veneer that was supposed to be a momento. my husband get so mad, i do this all the time, so if you have me over, i will drink it. >> emily: oh, my god, that is hysterical. trey, what about you? >> trey: my wife drags me where they sell into grape juice, i'm not comfortable talking about wine, but proving to me that you can get drunk for a lot less than a million dollars. to be two very true. so harris, you said on the call
9:59 am
earlier, you have been drinking through a straw? >> harris: because i drink my wine out of a box. i just pour it into a out my straw. if you have it, drink it, what are you waiting for, were not going to live a million years. by the way, if i had a million in cold hard cash, i don't think i would spend in on that. i might spend it on getting to space. >> kayleigh: i'm a good southern baptist girl, and i would not buy the million dollar wine, but would love to have a sit. >> emily: i went to marine back meteorite. >> harris: you live so dangerously. driving muscle cars, you want to meteorite. >> emily: it's amazing just to be next to you guys for a day. it has been amazing. >> harris: it has been a fun day. >> emily: think you morgan, trey, thank you for watching, and now here is "america reports." >> john: emily and company, thank you so much.
10:00 am
elise stefanik, from the republican party building support to replace liz cheney as the g.o.p. conference chair. singh president trump supports elise stefanik and now has a number two house republican steve scalise in her corner. >> sandra: arizona comes andy biggs joins us and just moments to discuss the future of the g.o.p., also on debt, then dominate edge of a teachers union lobbying the cdc, martha maccallum previews her interview with the new york city father fighting back against woke schooling. and marc thiessen joins us in the double standard of the left as joe biden takes credit for covid relief checks. >> john: we begin with the white house stepping up its defense of the center for disease can as a recent report reveals the agency's school reopening guidelines might have an influence by the nation's second-largest teachers union. critics say this goes against the administration's commitment to put science over politics. hello, welcome to a wednesday


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