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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  March 24, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> he believes he had been spared for a purpose by god. >> they look to us to meet the great challenge. jillian: it is wednesday march 2, '04, scary to be around, chilling details about the supermarket shooting suspect as democrats race to push their gun control agenda. >> i don't need to wait another minute. we can ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in this country. jillian: live in boulder with what we are learning about the victims and investigation into a motive. white house with missouri bases to house migrants flooding across the border. is a crisis yet? live in washington.
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carley: scenes like this, we are talking to the lawmaker who wants to throw slackers behind bars. "fox and friends first" continues right now. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. carley: we start with the tragedy in boulder and take a live look at the white house where the flag is flying at half staff to one of the victims. jillian: jeff paul is live in boulder. >> reporter: good morning. this investigation has a long way to go and that is evident by how it looks just outside the grocery store where the shooting happened but it gives you a glimpse of what this community is about, those fences are keeping people out but also the scene of a growing memorial of flowers, candles, a message that above all is boulder strong, some saying it has become a sad reality that has happened too
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often in colorado. >> it is part of our legacy back to columbine. i was a pallbearer for one of the victims of columbine. this is a sad and dark reality of our state. >> reporter: as the memorial continues to grow we are learning more about the 10 people who were killed. 51 and had worked at the grocery store for decades. jody waters, a mother of two, a grandmother. danny, 20 years old, worked overnight but had to come back to do some shopping at the time of the shooting. eric talley, a police officer first on the scene who headed toward the danger only to be killed trying to help others. the chief of police in boulder having a hard time facing the reality that she lost one of her
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best. >> i live three blocks up the street from the store. you are worried about your neighbors, your partners, everything when you get that call. i feel numb. it is heartbreaking. >> reporter: the man accused of carrying out the deadly mass shooting, ahmad alyssa faces 10 counts of first-degree murder. a police affidavit says he bought a gun last week. according to the new york times his identity was known to the fbi because he was linked to someone else who was under in litigation. his brother described him as someone with mental health issues and being paranoid or antisocial, someone with a short fuse. investigators plan to do a thorough job with this
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investigation and justice for all the families. the suspect is due in court tomorrow morning. jillian: scary details, thank you. the shooting prompting democrats to push for gun control as president biden ways executive action. carley: marianne referee continues coverage as republicans warn punishing lawful gun owners is not the answer. >> reporter: democrats pushing for gun control in the wake of that mass shooting in boulder. the center promising to take up gun-control discussions, president biden says he won't hesitate to act. >> i don't need to wait another minute let alone an hour to take commonsense steps to save lives in the future. we can ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in this country. once again. >> reporter: press secretary jen psaki echoing the president's
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urgency saying, quote, we are considering a range of levers including legislation, executive action that has been under discussion and will continue to be under discussion. some republicans coming out swinging saying it is another knee-jerk reaction. >> every time there is a shooting, we have this ridiculous theater. after every mass shooting democrats propose taking away guns from law-abiding citizens because that is their political objectives. >> reporter: plans to take up two house bills but not committing legislation that bans guns. jillian: a fox news alert. a missing firefighter from the raging inferno at a new york nursing home escorted to the medical examiner's office. the hero was attempting to rescue residents when the floor collapsed. one resident was killed, several others injured. state and local police assisting in the investigation. a sad correctional officer are
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killed at an iowa prison. inmate attempted several staff mirrors at the prison, the nurse and officer died from their injuries. officials have not released the inmate's name or a possible motive. police are working to figure out what led up to the attack and an investigation is underway. turning to the border crisis president joe biden is set to meet with immigration advisors as mexico's president blamed him for the surge. carley: the administration's next step on housing the overwhelming amount of unaccompanied minors. >> reporter: some of those advisors include secretary of homeland security alejandra mayorkas and xavier becerra, the health and human services secretary talked about this surge at the border. the administration cannot ignore every day the numbers continue to grow. look at the number of people coming into the united states, the number of people that are detained, the administration is
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stopping short of calling what is happening a crisis. the biden administration has been deploying more resources in recent days after the story continues to grow. yesterday the president spoke to reporters and said the us policy towards america that could make a difference. >> the key here relates to what is happening in guatemala, hunter us and el salvador. the last administration dismantles what we put in place. >> reporter: we found out yesterday the pentagon made the announcement the department of health and human services put in a formal request of the affirmative defense to house unaccompanied children at joint base san antonio, lackland air force base near san antonio and fort bliss, all 3 in texas to house those unaccompanied children. all this is happening during a global pandemic. the new york post is reporting
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border patrol released 2000 migrants without a covid test. axioms reporting the administration expelled 13% of migrants in the past week. fox news's griff jenkins was first to report in some cases people were being released into the united states without a court date, something we have not seen in recent times. there is a backlog of 1 million immigration cases. republicans wrote a letter to alejandra mayorkas about the reports, repeated claims that the border is secure. there are serious questions about the commitment of faithfully enforcing the law and the mayor of gila bend, arizona between tucson and phoenix declaring a state of emergency because of what is going on at the border. carley: thank you. a washington post analysis piece claims there is no migrants crisis at the border claiming it is a typical seasonal bump. former acting dhs secretary chad will says that is simply not true.
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>> that analysis is absurd and most americans would agree with that. we have a historic surgeon historic crisis not because it is a seasonal pattern. we know certain months of the year are higher trafficked than others but if we look at 2020 and other years we don't have this surge simply because it is warmer months. you have the surge because certain messaging from the biden administration. jillian: he said there is a backlog of immigrants contributing to higher numbers at the border. in california, deputy is in critical condition after a shooting outside a car repair shop. officials say the deputy responded to the call about a suspicious man hanging around the shop. the man opened fire when deputies approached him. a good samaritan ran over and picked up the deputy's radio and call for help. the suspect was later arrested. san bernardino county sheriff
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tweeting the family and departs appreciate the outpouring of support. the trial of the x officer charged in george floyd's death is said to start opening arguments monday. the court completing jury selection of derek chauvin's murder trial. there are 15 jurors including two alternates and an extra. he will be accused monday of the others are. the remains of a world war ii hero return to us soil 80 years following his death. pro session escorted marine private jacob cruz's flag draped coffin back home in southern california, he was killed in action in november of 1943. he was among hundreds of other marines identified by archaeologists. he was just 18 years old. carley: 10 minutes after the hour, president biden and democrats using the tragedy in
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boulder to push gun-control. a national spokesperson for gun owners of america says the left will use any shooting to push their agenda. she is next. jillian: senator bernie sanders taking on big tech on behalf of donald trump. the story behind that unlikely combination still to come. ♪♪ how great is it that we get to tell everybody how liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i mean it... oh, sorry... [ laughter ] woops! [ laughter ] good evening! meow! nope. oh... what? i'm an emu! ah ha ha. no, buddy! buddy, it's a filter! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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since i don't need to wait another minute little on an hour to take common sense steps, saving lives in the future and to urge my colleagues in the house and senate to act a we could ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in this country. jillian: president biden calling for stricter gun control laws in response to the mass shooting in boulder, colorado. democrats love the idea but critics are calling it a gun grab including our next guest,
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national spokesperson for gun owners of america, here we go again. what is your reaction as president biden calls for universal background checks and even an assault weapons ban? >> the thing is president biden is not being original. they called universal background checks red flag laws. the city of boulder and acted a pretty controversial two your assault weapons ban. i use that loosely because it included high-capacity and anything that was over 10 rounds or above. they already have every type of gun-control imaginable particularly one of the most popular ones already enacted in colorado and in the city of boulder and unfortunately this tragedy continues to happen. jillian: let's look at this
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voter analysis and this says should us gun law, a majority of people more strict with 54% saying that, one more to show you and this is a vote in favor of stricter gun laws, 80% biden that is, 9% trump voters. when you look at the background of the suspect found guilty of assault in 2018 it begs the question should he have been able to get his hands on a gun. >> he had multiple situations with other people using the hate crime issue to get away with a lot of what he did. that is the problem we have today, we have a lot of these people will say defund the police but then at the same time say we don't need a firearm because you need to call the police. this is just trying to show you are getting upset, telling the
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real fact, they had these gun-control laws in place before the tragedy happened but like usual it has nothing to do with actual school. it had to do with the person pulling the trigger and this person was using it as a way to spread evil. jillian: you brought up poll numbers. most people calling for stricter gun laws, their brain goes to background checks because there are background checks on federally licensed gun shops but not at things like gun shows. why would that be a bad thing if there are background checks in private sales? >> they can say the gun show loophole which honestly is a narrative the anti-gun left uses a lot to confuse people. in most gun shows you have to have an ff oh which is a firearms license, you have to implement background checks every time you have a sale.
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in colorado they have universal background check where every sale whether it is private, spousal loved one or family member, all transactions have to in the state of colorado, had to be through a background check. it has nothing to do with the fact that those who are law-abiding do the things that are pro-laws that are going to do so the criminals who want to do harm will get through any kind of law and to make sure they do as much harm and as little time as possible. jillian: thank you. still ahead a border mayor ripping president biden for sitting back while migrants fled his community. bruneau says the federal response to the crisis is a slap in the face. the mayor sounds off next.
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>> reporter: the border city of the rio texas bearing the brunt of the board crisis with 150 migrants arriving each day. president biden is leaving the city to slump and he joins me live now. good morning to you. president biden's border policies are slap in the face to your community. >> i believe that. i made a plea to president biden to stop the migrants in the community when experiencing a winter storm. we continue months later. despite the storm having passed, they are entering and overwhelming the system. carley: you describe migrants
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traveling through cities, your city is totally overwhelmed. >> i would say that. i have spoken to small business owners. they are being backed by migrants, worried they will have their items stolen. people are passing through parks right now and it is happening. it happened in february. carley: you posted that video pleading with president biden saying you need help. have you heard back from the administration and what exactly do you need that would help you the most? >> i spoke to several committees in washington dc, as mister rodriguez to speak directly to them. larger facilities, we have other
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organizations in that facility and trying to get it done as simply as possible but numbers are continuing to rise and grow and we are not like laredo or silicon valley. process of migrants and refugees and that sort of thing. carley: 150 immigrants arrive at dell rio every day, your community of 35,000 people. i'm hearing you say you don't have the resources to house these individuals that are you concerned about safety? other mayors say members of the cartel, trying to get into the united states themselves. >> two weeks ago there was a high-speed chase, an individual was trafficking humans. the eight individuals passed away, state troopers and the
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sheriff department is a true safety concern, when you have known human traffickers passing through the counties, a major concern. the legal court through nonessential travel. for human trafficking, or whatever the case may be. >> you mentioned those policies. president biden, one of the first things he did was the remain in mexico policy, he tried to do away with other things like deportations for 100 days which didn't work out. do you feel president biden created this issue and it is on your doorstep for you to figure out how to handle this whole thing? >> it escalated the issue and the administration is inaccessible now.
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we are asking for the plan. i am asking for the plane to mitigate the spread of covid 19 the you have a strong sense of nonessential travel and on the other hand, my community to covid 19, was being done now, without testing. what kind of plan is that during a pandemic? jillian: thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. jillian: 26 after the hour. congressman jody high's pics of donald trump's endorsement in a race for georgia secretary of state. the congressman joins us next. ♪♪
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gun-control agenda in response to the horrific shooting in boulder, colorado. will anything get done? georgia congressman jody high's joins me live. thank you for joining me. appreciate it. let's go ahead with president biden's stance on gun control that includes universal background checks, high-capacity magazine band, voluntary buyback of assault weapons, gun-control has notoriously been tough on the senate. do you think now is the time something could get done? >> it is always democrats use tragedies like this to advance radical agenda as it relates to gun-control in this case. none of these laws would prevent criminals from committing crimes. we already have laws that say you can't murder people. doesn't stop criminals from doing so. of course not. likewise when you say you can't have this weapon or that weapon, this ammo or that ammo, that stop criminals from using those
2:32 am
weapons, the only ones harmed by that are law-abiding citizens. at the end of the day, and release the faith communities across the country to address those spiritual issues, rather than blame guns for acts of violence. >> what does it say about supporting the bill, the background check bill? >> it says to me he understands. criminals don't abide by the law and their is nothing like taking away the rights of american citizens to protect themselves for the sake of trying to deal with the problem and he understands that. carley: let's talk about what is going on in your state, all adults in georgia will be eligible to get the covid 19 vaccine. this is a huge development. how are you progressing in your
2:33 am
state? >> really encouraging. i talked with a couple yesterday who received their second shot, an elderly couple and they could not have been more excited and feeling they are getting their lives back and now that we are opening up to all adults in georgia it is a great step forward. georgia has done pretty well keeping jobs and businesses open, and this is another step continuing in that direction and a real positive spirit of morale. jillian: you got an endorsement as you race for georgia secretary of state. why did you do that? >> what happened in georgia is an absolute disaster.
2:34 am
our voter integrity has been harmed and the confidence of people believing their vote counts. 500,000 fewer voters in the senate race because people in georgia, we have a mess on our hands, the secretary of state will take it on and deal with problems with voter integrity. >> brad roethlisberger fired back, what georgia voters do with that rhetoric and his recklessness is matched by his fecklessness. a candidate who accomplished nothing. what is your response? >> absolute insanity. to hide his dismal record. he blames others for the lack of
2:35 am
leadership he has displayed to look at what happened in georgia and pretend there were no problems in the elections is absolute blindness, there were problems and that reason the general assembly, the disaster that he created. >> candidate for georgia secretary of state and we will be watching and following. carley: listen to this. senator bernie sanders raises concerns about donald trump's twitter band. democratic socialist selling new york times columnist i don't feel comfortable about it. it is somebody else getting band who has a different point of view.
2:36 am
following the capital write trump is expected back on social media in a few months but this time on his own platform. and after refusing to make a wedding cake for same-sex couple, is sued again. jack if using to make a birthday cake designed to honor customer's gender transition. he's being sued for discrimination but philip says he disagrees with the cake's message. the trial is underway. >> it is time to go to adam for a check of the forecast. pretty nice yesterday. >> beautiful weather on the eastern half of the country. the western half of the country still looking like winter. early morning temperatures 50s and 60s makes for beautiful weather if that was the case in new york city. the frontal boundary, the heavy rain beginning to dribble on the gulf coast, an absolute downpour
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the last 24 hours or so. flood watches and portions of louisiana getting into the florida panhandle where there's heavy rainfall. a chance of that, better chance of severe weather tomorrow, and feeling temperatures to get the spring storms. >> still had new york city mayor bill deblasio promising transformational change. >> we never had a model for actually addressing structural racism. this group will change the world. >> he otto caldwell, the mayor's end of injustice. download the fox super 6 apps, do a chance to win 10,$000. the fox bit super 6 quiz show,
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carley: florida senator rick scott calls the winter olympics out of beijing saying china's human rights abuses are too serious to ignore. to big olympic sponsors, good morning. >> reporter: republican senator rick scott joining calls for the 2022 winter games to be moved from beijing. scott sent a letter to sponsors including air b&b, coca-cola, general electric, visa and others calling on them to demand the international olympics committee, due to china's human rights abuses. in an exclusive interview with
2:42 am
fox news, scott told me if they refuse they are told turning a blind eye to genocide. this after the biden administration this week impose sanctions on chinese government officials, that is due to human rights abuses, even after the new sanctions, trump national security adviser hr mcmaster said china thinks they have the upper hand. >> the chinese communist party leadership things they are emerging first from the pandemic they forced onto the world and it becomes more aggressive, we've seen it from bludgeoning to death on the whole malayan frontier, the largest landgrab in history in the south china sea extending the repressing of arm into hong kong and a continuation of the campaign and slow genocide. this should not be a surprise. there will be a lot of continuity between the trump
2:43 am
administration policies. >> scott last month wrote the president biden requesting a meeting to discuss the olympics. senator scott told me the president had not responded. he plans to follow up on that matter in the coming weeks. >> thank you. still to come giano caldwell sounds off on wednesday's first emanation plan to pay reparations. what is coming up on "fox and friends"? >> good wednesday morning. coming up in 16 minutes from now, a grocery store shooter had a history with police and the fbi, from assistant fbi director coming up shortly. the tragedy in boulder to push more gun control, retired marine bomb tech joey jones has an
2:44 am
important message for all of them? a border town mayor declaring a state of emergency. a migrant surge, blaming joe biden's administration for dumping the migrants in his town by a buck. they cannot cope with this. look at that right there. billboard in the heart of times square a block from where i am sitting sharing a no-nonsense message about increases for small businesses. we will talk about wto. what the fox. jillian and carly back with the news. you are watching "fox and friends first" on the fox news channel. excuse me ma'am, did you know that liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need?
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>> we never had a model for addressing structural racism, institutional racism, identifying it, acknowledging it, apologizing for it. this week will change the world. jillian: new york city mayor bill deblasio vowing to not only change the city but the world after announcing a racial justice commission to rethink the city's laws to eliminate racism. here with his take, fox news political analyst giano caldwell. what is your take on this commission that is going to rethink city laws? what is going on here? >> completely vague language. we have no idea what will happen until we see plans we don't know. of all who are monitoring and
2:49 am
making sure there is implicit bias when the laws came about but i want to ensure there isn't any form of reverse discrimination by way of new laws and what we saw at the height of the george floyd situation, a lot of towns and states want to ensure there isn't anybody and there is fairness in the law but could be at the expense of laws and fairness across the border, justice everywhere. fairness for everyone no matter what color. will: he's making big promises, not just change in the city but the world. it is extremely vague. they will look at some of the laws and some of them may be changed.
2:50 am
what is this going to mean, change to police department. >> it is very important. it is a term that people understand. stop and frisk, michael bloomberg, a decade over 5 million mostly black and brown people stop, the majority of the stops, didn't materialize anything of substance to take action on. they have to throw that in. that particular situation it made sense. disenfranchising people on the basis of their race. that's an example of doing something but bill deblasio.
2:51 am
jillian: the nation's first reparations program just approved in the chicago suburb, 400,$000, a check for home repairs. it is a pretty big deal. >> 16 families that would actually benefit from this, those between a particular period, these are people who have to show harm for discrimination for it to happen. that being the case, it is class action, the benefit from the class, this isn't something you will receive.
2:52 am
it is a branding technique, but legitimately, for discrimination, discriminatory policy. this is not reparations. carley: 16 families, the whole community, it is a smaller group of people but how do you feel about reparations? democrats are calling for them to be handed out. >> i had someone on my podcast say black folks should receive 500,$000 per family or person. i have an issue with it because one, you can't trace the actual, can't trace back to where the harm took place. i'm talking about through your
2:53 am
descendents and the question is what about you? you didn't have any part of slavery, you didn't have anything to do with that so who is paying for all of this is the question and do we really want to give a bunch of checks and say do whatever you want to do, that is always a question. carley: an interesting debate, thanks for joining us. carley: it is 7 minutes until the top of the air. from sussex to silicon valley prince harry's new job as a tech executive. that story next. the ♪♪ what's wrong with being ♪♪ what's wrong with being confident ♪♪ what's wrong with being ♪♪ what's wrong with being ♪♪ what's wrong with being confident ♪♪ ♪♪
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jillian: good morning, welcome back. a woman tried stopping a robber from getting away after stealing her purse. the video you are about to see may be hard to watch. we want to warn you. it does show the woman holding onto the thief as the car speed town a street in san francisco. she is knocked to the ground, but the car keeps going. the attack is just the latest in the series of crimes against people of asian decent. it's unclear if the woman was hurt. no arrests have been made. carley: that is devastating and hard to watch, yikes.
2:58 am
one of the women accusing andrew cuomo of sexual harassment she will not cooperate with the impeachment investigation. in a list telling "the new york post." she cannot participate knowing there is a lack of transparency and it's political. she joins former cuomo aid lindsey boylen in refusing to cooperate in the probe. decided to not come forward after the state assembly investigation committee revealed the allegations into the cuomo would likely take months instead of weeks. jillian: how about this the soon take fight on mars. mini chopper named ingenuity will aircraft. ingenuity arrived on mars nasa perseverance. includes a postage size piece of fabric write brothers airplane. nasa says it could take flight april 8th. jillian: prince harry lands a new job in silicon valley.
2:59 am
the duke of sussex will be a chief impact officer for a coaching and mental health start-up called better up. the company touting his role tweeting in part prince harry will work to champion the importance of focusing on preventative mental fitness and human potential worldwide. jillian: how about this dolphins in brooklyn, yeah, take a look. new yorkers getting a sighting in the east river. the pair spotted next to the shore. ocean wildlife could make appearance because of improved water quality partly because of less boat traffic. that's interesting. carley: feel bad for the dolphins, go back to cleaner water. we leave with you. this free donuts starting today. donuts offering free donuts april weapons until april 2 st. to receive the sweet deal you need to sign up for the chain's reward program. that's an important part.
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it comes after rival krispy kreme announced it would give free doughnuts to those who showed a covid vaccination card. carley: i said i have never had a krispy kreme cone in the after my vaccine that's the first thing i'm going to do. jillian: until then, "fox & friends" starts right now. >> mass shooting in colorado is reigniting the debate over gun control. >> we can ban assault weapons. >> we do not need more gun control. we need more idiot control. >> president biden set to meet with immigration advisers as mexico's president blamed him for the surge. >> and the mayor of arizona considering declaring a state of emergency because of what is going on at the border. >> the nation's largest teacher union new physical distancing guideline. >> teachers trying to continue a situation where tea parties don't have to work and getting paid. >> workers at smith college forced to undergo antibias
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