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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 21, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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one hurt special. the wise guys. they break down the first month of joe biden presidency, tonight, 10:00 p.m. eastern. i'll see you next weekend. with due deliberation surrendered our southern border, it now open to anyone from anywhere in the world. who wishes to enter our country.
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leaving one to wonder when america isis a sovereign nation any more, or a simple globalist landingr spot. they have come to a halt, border patrol agents are pulled away from normal duties to service an onslaught of illegal and unaccompanied children, they are left incomplete. what i witnessed is sad and outrageous, sad, because of the blood that was to create our southern border. sad for the children who are terrorized, victimized and abused on 2000-mile trek, unaccompanied by a parent, and sad for an american who is quickly quietly, and with little fanfare losing her sovereignty,
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this was no accident, this is by design, a clueless left worshipping president who seems to have lost control of his faculties and and day one, put america last. now the biden administration --opening the border during campaign and transitions period, trumpeting the a that are so weak, that their effort to reverse was, do not come, now. as opposed to tomorrow. biden's welcome mat goes beyond his statement, hatred donald trumpnd and his policy see so intense there was a concerted effort to reverse anything he did in order to open the borders when president trump came into office he fought against all odds to get job done, he is the where where wall, experience and
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determination to do what others couldls not. one after reaching a deal with mexico, migrants were held in mexico while their claims were considered by us, and migrants could not just mouth credible fear, they should to prove. numberer 3, president trump word with guatemala, honduras. and el salvador to hear cases while citizens remained in their country, and she stopped catch and release, and priority deporting of criminal aliens,y e hardened the ports of ept reeker the construction of the -- the mere mention of trump caused
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immigration numbers to be lower than in decades, along comes joe biden and reverses it all. this week, the democrat passed a bill in the house pushing to grant two million illegals already here, amnesty. tonight, you will also hear from sheriff mark, on the front lines on the battleground, in cochise county, arizona that covers 83-miles of our international border with mexico and he talks of massive crush of illegals, things were -- everything organized and calm under president trump. how he the sheriff sees immigrants from 141 country breach the southwest border, 1100 gang members, ity is rur a
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playground for the drug cartels. and how the roads trump built to accommodate the building of the infrastructure for the walls, is now policed by cartels, to traffic iss drugs, and shootouts are no uncommon. the saddest part of my interview, he says many where he lives don't even feel they are part of america any more. the biden administration has -- andd a result he is risking american lives by allowing people coming in from under developed country travels in large groups, through multiple counties then puts them on public transportation to send into the interior of our nation. without even testing them in the
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middle of a pandemic. latest is a reported use of taxpayer money to fly and bus illegals to northern states, i spoke with a woman who told me thate these children are not evn being finger printed. no dna has been taken, these kids come with no records, and many don't end up with family, or a nongovernmenting oriation,, oregonization, leads me and many others ask. is ited even over when they get here? brought by coyotes? now this whole thing is an outrage, it has to stop. the normalization and acceptance of the violation of our laws and illegal activity, by a president,t, and his administration is a violation of the consititution, and biden's oath of office.
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he swore to protect us he is not. once they come here, illegals are shrouded by our constitution, they are entitled to all the rights we as americans have and welcoming of individuals about whom we know nothing who the nation is contrary to the spirit of the law, rewards of illegal behavior and financial burden placed you on to nod only feed, house, educate is an outrage. even worse, bringing in hundreds of thousands of illegals from third world countries, who have not been vaccinated or tested for covid during a pandemic is a
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dereliction of duty. going to places like churches and synagogues and houses of worship, he throws down the welcome mat for o those demandig access to the american dream. with an arrogance of en try the entitlement. america has to offer. these opportunities folks are for our children and our grandchildren. not for people that joe biden and his ilk are courting as voters in next election. that is my open. let me know what you think on my facebook and twitter. and if you like my opens you love my closing statement. butt first, let's look at my exclusive border investigation from arizona, mexico border. take a look. >> i am here at border wall of
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cochise county, we'll take one of the razors to the top of the mountain to find out where the biden administration on their first day in, decided to stop construction of the border wall, and end all of the border patrol at the border. as you can see, i am standing here in middle of some construction material, the material that is used for border wall in front of my, on the first day of biden administration, the contracts were canceled, and everyone was told told there would be no further construction of the border wall, everyone left, there is one security guy here that is the guy who has been hired by a private company that owns this material to make sure steals but, there is total stoppage of any work at the border now. and as we go up, we'll seed, that the border wall -- we'll see that border wall was stopped there is not protection at all,
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sheriff, here we are in border of mexico and united states in cochise county, how much land borders mexico. >> in our country. we have 83-miles of international border, county that 38th largest in country sce00 square miles. >> how can you police what is going on in terms of immigrants coming in from mexico? >> that is a huge complex challenge. that is why we rely on our start partners, federal partners and local law enforcements. judge jeanine: let's talk with -- about what happened on first day with biden administration, how did it change what you are doing.. >> let me say, we had organized calm on this border. which president biden signed the executive order that declared southwest border nonemergency is took away, funding, resources,
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technology and stopped the construction of this wall. judge jeanine: you can see the wall where it stopped there is a trench, they were in midst of putting l more of the metal wall in this trench? correct? t>> yes, the trench it took a year, this is a huge smuggling area, behind me is mexico, and behind us, a 6-foot trench for the wall that is cemented in this just stopped, we now have open trenches, and open pits, brings that were put down here, that are not done, you seal that today it is a mess. will see that today it is a mess. judge jeanine: along the the bor who do you see in terms of immigrants, illegals coming in, how do you compare with texas and terms of arizona immigrants.
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>> judge, in our county we deal with cartel traffics, they have cocontrol on human struggling, drug -- human smuggling and drug smuggling and we see it, in the last couple months we had a dozen go to the hospital, based on pursuits, a couple dead. judge jeanine: sinaloa cartel, violence, why here is arizona as opposed to texas. >> i think for us we're rural, we're large. playground for cartel is attractive to them they come out and work in the mountain areas and be concealed. we did amazing things here to
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put cam on the border. judge jeanine: what would you say on joe biden if you were able to talk to him today. >> you have to get us on table. the bottom line, mr. president, we share the citizens of this country, and these reckless, haste i plans, the executive order,ec serve one person to opn the country. for community at risk, humanitarian, and let's note forget national security, 9/11, should have taughts something that was a national attack. >>, we're in a global health pandemic, we're ignored on the southwest borders, almost like we're not part of america here, this is opposite, we can share stats off the charts, we're in
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crisis mode, what should alarm everyone american, what laps whs is not what we know but we don't know that is coming across the border. judge jeanine: what are categories ofs people who cross here. >> h we get 4 to 500 unaccompand minors, every day, 2500 to 4,000 adults, and most of single adults coming across, that is what we know. i can promise you, that get aways that one that are released that we're told can no longer we can go after any more, wire seeing in our cameras, are those that are getting away, they are camouflaged. they come across the border in cochise with camouflage. that set up by the cartel, there is a shop across the line why they are outfitted and camouflaged. this is organized, there is a
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scout looking at you and i right now. when cartel are better organized than our federal government, we will lose, no we're losing. judge jeanine: brian mcintyre. >> same concept. differentine: what is now in terms of the movement of immigrants and what they are doing. >> really impacting us right now is. the cartel using social media to recruit individuals from well outside of the country. to assist them in transporting people north through the county judge jeanine: they recruit people to help them bring in illegals. >> absolutely, once they make it over the wall or barbed wire fence, they have to get north. judge jeanine: and the moral in your was on the and law enforcement? given overall message of biden administration. >> well, i know my office is
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moral we stay high. because you know this is the job we love. this is my county, i was born and raised here, i love it here. and raised my kids here, and want to make to the best it can be for other people who do the same. i rail worry about moral of federal law enforcement and border patrol agents, and i analogize it to, if you are in a war, every day you are asked to take a hill and every night you give it back it is hard to want to hump' up that hill the next day. judge jeanine: john, i suspect no one knows better than what is going on in the border, how many acres do you own on mexico and arizona border?n >> we have 16,000 acres. >> 16,000, we're sitting on your don't pre. property. >> we are, i leased to area to
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the contractor for a detail -- detour while they were building a border. judge jeanine: not any more, how done you feel. >> that is one of worst things that happened in my lifetime on chance of getting the border control 123450d why is it bad? >> well, we have a wall, 10 1/2 miles of the border, we have the wall up. but the infrastructure is is not done, if it is not completed border patrol cannot get up here when it floods in the summer, there will be no access to the border, and already the border patrolor is impacted on access, they are cutting the bottom of the wall, they are not climb it they are cutting the bottom. judge jeanine: you mean with equipment? >> theyip chip out the grout. and then cut a foot and a half
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piece and crawl through, they put it back in place. judge jeanine: thank you to everyone that i talked to at the border. still ahead, peter navarro, leo terrell, and my closing statement. buzz why isn't biden administration honest with us about the border crisis, we ask the sheriff that question in our continuing exclusive investigation at the border. and reacted from mark meadows next, don't go away.
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judge jeanine: the biden administration knows the numbers. they can't call it a crisis. sometimes they get close and say no it's not a crisis. this guy, majorkas, it's not a crisis. >> it's upsetting and disrespectful. for the men and women of cbp, putting their lives on the lines every day. and disrespectful for the community enduring this. judge jeanine: why won't they be
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honest? >> they have an agenda to open up this border. judge jeanine: until the biden administration is honest with us about the crisis we won't be able to get ourselves out of this. joining us, former white house chief of staff mark meadows. where are we headed with this border crisis they are not willing to call a crisis? where will we end up with all of this? >> by some estimates we'll have almost 2 million people crossing the border illegal by this year. when you start to look at those kinds of numbers, there is no other way to describe this than this is joe biden's hurricane katrina moment. he's ignoring what's happening down on the southern border. you went down. your opening monologue and the way you covered the border is
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unique. because most of the media, they are not going down. we have democrat members who would rush down when it was president trump addressing the southern border. now they are saying we shouldn't look at it. we shouldn't address it. it's the overwhelming message it sends to two different groups. the message it stones those coming across the border illegally. come on in, the border is open. the message to the american people is joe biden doesn't care about the impact it will cause in communities across this country. judge jeanine: one of the things that was so sad that sheriff dannels shared with me. they don't feel like they are part of america anymore. while america is shuddering and businesses closed and wearing masks, they are bringing these people in, no one is testing them. he said it's like modern day slavery when the cartels are
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bringing in these young kids, and the coyotes. these kids are stuck with them forever or the families are stuck with them. it's stunning the way he described it. >> you are exactly right. it's interesting. the cartels are more argued than the biden administration in how to deal with this. the cartels are noalg exactly -e knowing exactly what to do. it's as if the biden administration is sending them a memo on what part of the border they need to attack. it's the human toll. the kids being trafficked. the overcrowded conditions. the covid-19, the kind of contagion we believe is going on and we have had confirmed in some cases. what about the schools and the education. we have a great country, but we are also a country, a nation of
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laws that we have to address. joe biden is not doing that. judge jeanine: in the 20 seconds i have left, you know, those contracts, the building of the wall. ply understanding is they are -- my understanding is they are rock solid. the people will still get paid even though they are not building the wall. is that your understanding? >> we made sure those contracts were not only signed. but we made a commitment on behalf of the united states government made a commitment before we left office. judge jeanine: mark meadows, thanks so much for spending this time with us on justice. have a good evening. judge jeanine: how could anyone possibly justify biden's
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just like that.
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>> fox news confirmed border
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patrol agents are releasing illegal bored crossers who claim asylum. >> joe biden planning to travel to the southern border at some point, he said he is in no rush, miami beach officials are extending 8:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. curfew for another week. police have made more than a thousand arrests. there has been fighting in the streets, restaurant trashes and many partiers refuse to wear masks, not college students but adults causing the problems. eve.
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and i don't think he's making the decisions. i think it's the people round him. they are so vindictive about the positive impact trump made on the border and on america. judge jeanine: joe biden ban dismantling president trump's border policies on day one of his administration. now a record number of is immigration attorney biden transition adviser david lee poled, thank you, you know, we said that the unaccompanied
4:33 pm
minors are not met with cruelty they were met with in cages like during the trump administration. what do you base that on? >> let's talk about that. you know, one thing this trump administration showed us with cruelty, and kids at border and separation, and treatment of people,ume humanitarian and kids, they are still coming, they are coming because this is not a biden issue. this is something that has been going on. in ebbs and flows for decades. judge jeanine: what has been going on in ebbs and flows. >> look at 2019.
4:34 pm
everyone is screaming about a surge at border, but in 2019 there were 150,000 people that came in much more than today. judge jeanine: are young, the 100,000 in february is highest number in 15 years, that is the fact. and if you want to go through the cages, i want you to look at a picture of a cage, bear with me. this cage, with children in it, the date is 2014 that was built and used during obama administration, obama was cutting the -- putting the kids in cages, your numbers are wrong too. biden is sending them? >> just because you say my numbers are wrong does not mean they are wrong. judge jeanine: no, these are the facts. >> they are not facts. there are few things that i heard on the show that are
4:35 pm
facts. >> all right, david, let me ask you. now, you say that people are coming to this country, now. for a better life is, that what you believe, they all have legitimate claims? >> i don't think if you can find a quote of me saying that, i am saying, what ---- >> that is why i'm asking you. >> may i finish, please. what i are the facts that people are fleeing horrific violence and cruelty in central america, okay, this is not new. problem is that donald trump with all of his chaotic administration. lifted any kind of aid to central america, spotted -- the central america minor program.
4:36 pm
this is trump's failure. >> you are so wrong, i am sorry, you are not entitled to your own facts, donald trump gave money to the country to incentive them. mexican president disagrees with you, he said that stemming of the flow was happening with donald trump. and that this is a disaster. he believes that the cartels are coming to mexico, now there is a real gang operation on his border as well. well. >> is the president wrong. >> last week. the congress passed -- rescue plan bringing money to american households, republican
4:37 pm
--ig >> congratulations, what does that have to do with immigration? other than burdening the americans with more taxes? >> let -- judge jeanine: let's stay with what we're talking about. >> let me finish and i'll tell you. judge jeanine: go ahead. >> okay, the fact that this will be a very popular piece legislation. the democrats came into power, president biden kept b his promise, putting covid relief out there, making america better, he is making america great again. judge jeanine: he is bringing -- david, i am a stopping you right there, i don't told rate lie -- tolerate lies on my show he is bringing covid into this country after americans were not allowed to go to work, church, visit family or funerals he is
4:38 pm
bringing in a pandemic, thank you for snog. nothing. judge jeanine: still ahead. you are not going to believe it, but next, we heard what joe said on campaign trail. and hunter's business dealing. can we trust the president to be tough on china, peter navarro joins me next to sound the alarm, don't go away.
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judge jeanine: american officials met with chinese representatives in what turned out to be a very rocky first meeting. what are the implications. joining us to sounds the alarm, former trade advisor, peter navarro. there is a meeting with the secretary of state anthony
4:43 pm
blinken. they meet with the chinese in alaska. give me your take. >> this was the fiasco in alaska. they ripped the faces off sullivan and blinken. biden should have pulled those people back immediately. i met with the same people 10 times. they wouldn't dare talk to me or lighthizer like that, much less the president. the reason is because they knew if they tried any of that wrap, that we would throw another $100 billion worth of tariffs on them. when the gangster from the chinese communist party started lecturing our guy on the moral equivalence of concentration
4:44 pm
camps versus race relations here in the united states, what blinken should have did was stands up, grab sullivan by the name of his neck, walk out of there and have throws gangsters back on a plane to beijing. this is a five alarm fire. we have got chinese rip-off to a rocky road. the other thing that's going to happen. biden wants to go down this rabbit hole of russia. that's noise. china is 1,000 more dangerous than russia. the idea of getting lectured by the chinese about race relationships. that's fed by cnn and the zuckers of this world. they did it to run down president trump. now that payment is due.
4:45 pm
the chinese communists who are putting people in concentration camps. crushing democracy in hong kong and they are getting ready to invade taiwan. there will be a 10-alarm fire by the time this is over. judge jeanine: no one knows better than you. you were there at the same table. thanks for joining us. coming up. thursday biden referred to kamala as president harris yesterday. he had trouble going up a flight of stairs. what can we expect from his big press conference thursday? tempur-pedic's mission is to give you truly transformative sleep.
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judge jeanine: welcome back. we have all seen biden falling up the stairs in this video. but what we can't remember is the hysteria from the media when trump walked gingerly down this ram at west point. >> the matter of a president's health is of great importance to the american public. >> do you see something possibly
4:50 pm
neurological that could be throwing off his balance. >> we know so very little about president trump's past medical history. judge jeanine: joining us leo terrell and tomi lahren. i'm not going to say a war. what's your reaction to this hypocrisy? >> we all feel sorry for joe biden. nobody wants to see anybody struggle ever. but the double standard is the only standard of the left. the fact of the matter is this. the left is going to dump joe biden in five or six months and put kamala in as we knew. we were never supposed to hint at this that joe biden may not be up for the job. now it's perfectly clear. we would never talk about
4:51 pm
someone who was ever mentally unstable. but this is the president of the united states of america. we haver right to talk about it and be concerned. his own party said maybe not the nuclear codes. maybe this is not the best idea. they wanted to take the nuclear code from joe. and they know something we all know. this is not good for our country. and the world knows it. that's the sad part of all of this. whether you are republican or democrat. the world sees this. we are coming from a place of weakness. and that's never a spot the united states of america wants to be in. >> you are hearing crickets from the left regarding joe biden's health condition. when you look at the totality of the circumstances, something is wrong with joe biden. i didn't vote for the man, but he's our president.
4:52 pm
he's an embarrassment. when a foreign nation like putin is challenging our president. that tells me something is wrong. for him to constantly keep calling kamala harris president harris. that's a problem. and we saw him falling down. something is wrong with joe biden. i want to hear from his white house medical doctor. and the worst thing that could happen to this country is kamala socialist harris to become president. >> he said it during the campaign. now he's saying it while he's in the white house. where is the call for the 25th amendment? does he have the mental acute and ability to be president? >> back during the trump administration when everybody was calling for this, they thought it was because they wanted to get rid of donald trump. they knew joe biden is not ready
4:53 pm
to be president of the united states. they will toss him out and dispose of him just like they planned to for months. we'll sit back and say we are shocked this is happening? we have been saying this for months on ends. we knew this. judge jeanine: leo, you got 15 seconds. >> it's amazing that those people who voted for joe biden, millions of people voted for joe biden. they looked the other way when it comes to his mental health. joe biden is not running this country. it's being run by a circle of socialists. why do you think aoc and bernie sanders are so happy? because they are controlling the white house right now. judge jeanine: next, my can't miss closing statement on disastrous los angeles d.a. george gascon and his latest george gascon and his latest insult to victims
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judge jeanine: tonight los angeles gascon completed his first 100 days in office, he is celebrating. >> a major cultural shift, our effort to transform. that creates more crime. more victims, and inequities are just beginning. >> great. so, is crime down? have you stopped plea bargaining are criminals afraid of you, no. the opposite, major shift you are talking about george gascon is a shift that benefits the criminal, you are clueless, you are dangerous. you are a so-called d.a. with a policy of setting no bail so a
4:59 pm
criminal walks after committing a crime, no sense taking a criminal away from his line of work, gascon wants to ban enhancement for heinous crimes. he is provided early parole for cold flooded murderers, i spoke with a senior, who said he is looking to down size his gang unit. so, a torcher murderer, a gruesome murderer of a child is not allowed to have additional penalties imposed, making sure that l.a. d.a. move to 21st century with a 21st century approach, all prosecutors who work for him on -- oppose him. how is it you are celebrating?
5:00 pm
you are facing a recall. are you stupid too, thank you for watching. i'll be with the five monday night, see you then . mark: i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." we want to talk about national security. then talk about immigration, before, a few comments. >> i am concerned about what is going on in this country. so-called fundamental tran


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