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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 16, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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we want to saythank you to the , keeping us safe, setting up a shot in el salvador. will be back tomorrow night, the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink. see you tomorrow night. in the meantime, sean hannity. >> sean: thank you. welcome to "hannity." bombshell you report surrounding governor new york cuomo. according to late-breaking news from "the new york times," while mose associates waged a smear campaign against his first accuser, the first of seven, only days after her allegations became public. so is andrew cuomo going to be held accountable by the i believer caucus? we bring you that importance update straight ahead. the growing crisis, it's real, on our southern border where four suspected terrorists have been arrested while trying to cross illegally into this
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country, including three individuals from yemen. minority leader kevin mccarty will be here with an update and unlike joe biden who doesn't even seem to realize there's a crisis, mccarthy actually visited the border. we'll show you some of that videotape. but first with razor-thin majorities in the u.s. house and the senate, now democrats are attempting to implement what would be the single largest biggest power glad in modern american political history. as we speak there is now a full court press to abolish the legislative filibuster in the united states senate. look what joe biden just said earlier tonight. in the near view with abc's george stephanopoulos. >> aren't you going to have to choose between preserving the filibuster and advancing your agenda? >> yes. here's a choice. you have to do it what it used to be when i first got to the senate back in the old days when you used to be around there.
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and that is in a filibuster, you had to stand up and command the floor. you had to keep talking. you can call for -- no corn call. once you stop talking, you lost that and someone could move in and say, i move the question of -- so you've got to work the filibuster. you are back >> you are back for bringing the talking physical buster? >> i am pure that's what it's supposed to be. >> most want to do away. they know their socialist utopia vision that they have for america is insane, they know their medical bills will never get to 60 votes needed to clear the filibuster proof majority in the senate so now they'll just change the rules. we now hear tonight that the filibuster is incredibly important when republicans are in power but now that democrats are in charge, and must be abolished and abolished immediately. they can pass anything and
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everything they want and ram it down the country's throat. take a look. it's big what about that nuclear option, doing away the filibuster? >> that would be the end of the senate as it was originally devised going back to our founding fathers. >> it's used to prevent the senate from even debating in court and ideas. it's not a guarantor of democracy. it has become the death grip of democracy. >> i said let's not do the supreme court. we should have 60 votes which we do because we get bipartisan support. >> we hope our bipartisan colleagues if not, we will put our heads together and figure out how to go and everything is on the table. >> we still have 60 votes in place with the supreme court and mitch mcconnell changed that. i would prefer to bring it back. we are where we are and i do not think anybody is going to want to hamstring themselves. >> i favor getting rid of the
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alabaster. there's too much we have to do for this country. >> sean: amazing what a couple of years can do when you're in charge. here's what you need to know about the democratic party. it's filled with the most radical, far left individuals of any major political party in modern political history. their only real principle is power over everything. over the constitution. over the bill of rights. over the rule of law. over basic fairness and justice. they want one party rule, they won in perpetuity forever and ever. their plan to achieve this goal does consist of three main parts. number one, kill the filibuster. number two kokomo pass hr one with a simple majority. that's the bill that would expand voting to convicted fella sins, eliminate all voter i.d. whatsoever laws, expand massively male and voting. in other words, hr 1 creates an election system way more
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susceptible to fraud, abuse, valid harvesting. a dreamlike scenario for this democratic socialist party. the bill is not only unconstitutional, and federalize is control of elections, that is reserved for them. and that is where step three comes into play. they want the court packing and top democrats want to expand and impact the u.s. supreme court and lower courts with far left activists who rubber-stamped their radical agenda. in late january, less than a week after getting sworn in, joe biden started a commission to figure out how to get all of that done them. that would be a doomsday scenario not just for the g.o.p. but for the entire country. one party emma craddick rule always ends with the same results. higher taxes, more poverty, rapid corruption, broken
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promises, and they want to make d.c. and puerto rico a state so they'll think they'll have four democratic senators added in perpetuity. look at new york, look at illinois, look at california. that's what they want america to look like. fortunately we can let you come of the american people can stop this from happening especially if you live in west virginia or arizona. those two people right there, to quit democratic senators, kyrsten sinema, joe manchin have recently come out against ending the legislative filibuster. they followed through with their promise, the filibuster will remain in place, the very one democrats were demanding would also destroy the senate but joe manchin looks like he's beginning to buckle when pressured by new york's chucky schumer. if you are from west virginia, if you are from arizona, you want to call, you might want to write, i suggest you be polite but let your voices be heard.
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the party that puts power over everything, they will rule life pretty much forever. joining us now with the reaction, senior advisor to president trump stephen miller also altered to "never let a crisis go to waste," jason chaffetz. this is the danger when you have a campaign, presidential candidates, that is in the media mob-big attacked candidate protection program running a silent campaign from their basement bunker and never answering questions. these questions were barely asked and when asked never answered before election day. >> joe biden was portrayed by the media during the campaign as a centrist. as we have seen over the last couple of months, he has governed as a radical socialist and while he's been in hiding his far left progressive staff has systematically advance the
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most extreme agenda we have ever seen. if we get rid of the filibuster, if we abolish the filibuster, they will abolish the american way of life. they will take over our elections, they will completely dissolve the southern border of the united states, they will legally erase the distinction between biological men and women, they will force you to subsidize abortions with your own tax dollars, they will raise taxes through the roof, they've got the second amendment and a right to self-defense and the list goes on and on and on. that is what is at stake right now. >> sean: the filibuster, reconciliation, statehood. jason chaffetz, if they do that, well, kamala harris said if they can get legislation on guns they'll do it through executive order. we have already seen that they are usurping the power of the other branch of government you once worked for, the legislative
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branch, you've got to get the votes. apparently he doesn't think you have to get the votes anymore. >> this whole facade the democrats put up during the election saying they will unite the country, they would put their hands out and try to work with republicans is just absolutely totally hogwash. they know they have this moment in time and want to blow through the norms of this country, they want to bypass what the founders envisioned. if you wanted to bypass to get things done fast, you would have a monarchy or you would have a king. you wouldn't put a house and senate and there. senate is very conservative in nature because it's deliberative. you have to debate it. they do not want that. hr 1 is the key to this. they are going to change the elections, federalize the election, put the nancy pelosis and kamala harriss and joe bidens in charge,
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fundamentally change how many senators there are and how many supreme court justices they have. you cannot overstate how scary this moment is for this country. >> sean: if you want statism, authoritative they will bake in all of the things that we saw happen under the guise of covid into all future elections. that means you won't have any voter i.d., any signature verification, automatic registration, felons will be able to vote. all mail-in balloting, they will literally usurp even the constitution of pennsylvania, the laws of wisconsin, michigan, in georgia now they are trying to pass. they are going for everything here. >> they want nancy pelosi, a radical san francisco liberal, to be the dictator of u.s. elections and if you live in a state like pennsylvania or live in a state like michigan or live in any other state in this
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country, you will not have the sovereign right to establish her own election rule. that'll be taken taken from you by nancy pelosi to establish permanent one-party rule. i want to underscore what's at stake here. if they get rid of the filibuster, there is nothing to stop them from passing this bill and running roughshod over every single election in every state in perpetuity to and match their power because that's what they worship. they worship power. >> sean: i have no confidence that even the supreme court -- look at this past election. we have laws that say partisan electors can observe, they didn't observed. the written constitution of the state of pennsylvania was ignored. nobody seems to care. the laws in michigan and wisconsin were ignored, nobody seemed to care. i don't seem to have a lot of confidence in justice kavanaugh
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or justice john roberts, the chief judge. do you? i don't have a lot of confidence in them. >> i don't. the chief justice is the one who scares me the most. you had in the pfizer cases we well documented on this show multiple times, when they refuse that pfizer system and sees documents from the fbi, and thumb their nose at the supreme court, he didn't do anything. when you have case after case after case we just want to have a hearing, they won't even have those hearings. i do not think it's good enough in our country to say, we've got to rely on the supreme court to do what it's going to do. i don't think they can push it back. if they get rid of the filibuster and joe biden has signaled that he wants to do this, unlike what he did during the campaign, it will happen. >> sean: all right. stephen miller, jason chaffetz, thank you both. we turn our focus back to the
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southern border. the crisis growing worse day by day. the influx of migrants now set to be the highest number in 20 years. same guy was saying a week ago that we don't have a crisis at the border. at least one migrant facility is operating at 700% capacity. forget about social distancing and mask wearing and covid. unaccompanied minors separated taking turns sleeping on the floor with foil blankets and rarely taking showers. others crammed into tents, others cram at the cargo shipping containers, the ones with bars on the window but butterfly pictures on the wall, we are told no cameras have ever been allowed to see them. even a bc reporting the is total "mayhem" and there are concerns of foreign terrorist and extremist will now take advantage of the chaos and be
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slipping into this country on the tech data. fox called these very real concerns and notorious republican immigration lie. "washington post," no stranger to lying itself, reporting that democrats were questioning kevin mccarthy's claim that terrorists were coming across the border, either that he's wrong or lying, but according to axios', look at that. four suspected terrorists arrested at the border including from yemen and one from serbia. they want to start getting their news from other sources where that would be "the washington post." that means terrorists are able to mix within migrant populations and successfully get into this country illegally. this is not just a humanitarian crisis. also a national security crisis and add to that it's also a health crisis. commander in chief joe biden doesn't seem to realize, that there's no crisis going on. in fact they are getting pressed to joe biden, does he -- just
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for now, take a look. >> it seems to be getting worse by the end of the day. first of all, there was a surge in the last few years in '19 then the '20, there was a surge as well. they thought it was worse. it could be. but here's the deal. first of all, the idea that joe biden said "come because i heard the other day that they are coming because i'm a nice guy" -- >> they are doing this? >> here's the deal, they are not. >> do you have to say quite clearly don't come? >> i can clearly say don't come and don't leave your city or community. >> sean: joe was promising amnesty. no construction is happening. catch and release is back. widespread amnesty on the
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horizon. stay in mexico policy eliminated. just don't come here quite yet. we are getting set up for you. then we'll get you as quickly as possible the amnesty that i'm saying publicly i support. two months in this administration and joe biden is already putting this country in tremendous danger. joining us now with the reaction is house minority leader kevin mccarthy down at the border yesterday. we got some of the video, you can tell us what you saw. number one, i see a health crisis, financial borden on the american people. now a national security threat. he is incentivizing people to come. speak on his very first day in office, he said he was going to make all 11 million illegal immigrant citizens. there is a family from honduras, we asked them how long has the truck bed and 22 days.
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do you know why 22 days? 50 days ago they heard the president tell them to come. they call joe biden the migrant president. what we do is remove remaining to stay in mexico, getting 100 day stop of any deportation. he has created this problem. remember what president trump did. there was a surge coming over and president trump stopped it. he built a wall. i went to el paso, they built 133 miles of that. you know, the day they stopped? midnight january 20th. they stopped and they tore down the old barrier. somehow it is wide open. when i sat and talked to the border agency, the one thing i wish, all those men and women who work there because they are doing a tremendous job in extraordinary times, but i wish every american and especially president joe biden saw what my colleagues and i saw just yesterday and the day before. they open a new facility.
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under the trump administration? 91,000 -- they had capacity the day they were there. 1,040 people. do you know what happened? border agents we were supposed to protect our border had to be off the border and working there today so we are less secure. >> i assume that "the washington post" will be apologizing. i can hardly wait. national security, why would people from yemen be crossing? >> it's not just from yemen. what the border agents are telling me is they are seeing things they've never seen before. in this one section of el paso, they are catching 100-200 people per night and think of how many people they are not catching. the rush to the wall or the opening that has not been finished in the wall with women and children and they'll take men to the other section. the cartels go to the other section where the border patrol
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are working and stretched so thin and they are seeing more fentanyl than they've ever seen. they picked up more people than just yemen. told us they are on the national terror list, people they are picking up and what's the first thing the democrats said to me? i was lying. what does the dhs secretary say, it's not a problem. he literally told the rest of the world, not saying don't come, don't come right now. what does it mean when president biden say i'll make you all citizens? they will take that trek for 22 days to hurry up and get here. >> sean: did you get a chance to gain the cargo shipping containers where they are storing kids with the bar on it? they won't let us in the see them. speak of the they let us into, you and i are both fathers. >> it'll break your heart. what the agents told me, what they are seeing now, they picked up a 1-year-old, 3-year-old, 5-year-old holding hands.
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no one in sight for miles walking by themselves. why are the parents putting them through this? because president biden told him to come and he'll make them citizens. at no time is it right to break the law and come here illegally. we believe in legal immigration. but what's happening is more than a crisis. this is a human heart thing. a national security problem. ghost of the heart of what we understand and only one person has changed to make this happen. president trump had a secure border. >> what do you make of the effort, the strong push to get rid of the legislative filibuster passing everything the reconciliation, bypassing senate rules for example, the court, statehood, d.c., puerto rico, i can think of a bigger power grab in all my years of covering politics, 23 years on radio and 20 years here on fox, congressman. >> they are trying to overturn
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an election. marianne miller meeks, who won in iowa and is certified, did you listen to what speaker pelosi said this weekend? "it's only six votes, let's turn it over." they know their majority as they than they know they are going to lose, that is why they are destroying the institution that we know of the congress and senate. people don't have to come to work anymore. the only place they know to work anymore is build the capitol. they take away your right and the one thing you are talking about with hr 1, the most important bill the democrats, not to help anybody but the own politicians, taxpayer money. if they get $200 from someone contributing his campaign, they get $1200 from the taxpayer. they want to control the tell you what you can say in a campaign. i never dreamed this would be debated in america, let alone pushed and coming so close as to becoming law.
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>> sean: congressman, thanks for sharing your experience. this will be the single biggest power grab come a single party rule, to push the most radical agenda in our history and its unfolding before our eyes. people better start paying attention because it's real. thank you, sir. coming up, major shooting in atlanta just happening. developing story. latest breaking news ahead. another day, another massive scandal for governor cuomo. this might be the straw that breaks the camel's back. we will explain straight ahead.
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>> sean: this just in. fox news alert. eight people are dead at shootings at three different massage parlor locations in the
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atlanta area. jonathan hunt live with the very latest. >> good evening, sean. as you said, eight people and are reported dead by officials in georgia in three separate shooting incidents all at massage parlors all apparently owned, asian owned. the first of these shootings took place in cherokee county, we are told. that's northwest of atlanta. there, four people were killed. around two hours later, there were two separate shootings at two separate spa facilities in the buckhead area of atlanta. in the cherokee county shooting, that's the first one that took place, police say that they have arrested a shooting suspect, a 21-year-old man. he has been named by some local media. we have seen a picture of that man, but we have not directly confirm the identity yet with
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the atlanta police so we will not report it. but as you can see, they didn't have surveillance camera footage from the cherokee county spa facility and that is why they were able to track down a vehicle they believe was being driven by the shooter. interestingly, sean, they say the arrest took place some 150 miles south of atlanta. so if these shootings are connected and that is still only a theory, but if they are connected it would appear the shooter travel from somewhere north of atlanta in cherokee county into the city itself and then south and as we say, the top line here, sean, eight people dead all at what we believe our asian owned spas. police saying at the moment that they do not know at this point if the three shootings are connected and they do not know, it's the fact that many of the victims were asian women, speaks
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to an actual motive in any way. >> sean: will continue to follow that breaking story tonight. now also we now see the very latest with "the new york times" reporting tonight that people close to new york governor andrew cuomo reportedly plotted how to damage the credibility of accuser and former staffer of cuomo lindsay boylan when she first came forward. first to come forward with her accusations of harassment from governor cuomo back in december. according to the report, an open letter was circulated by team cuomo in an apparent effort to discredit her claims and dismissed them as being premeditated and politically motivated. get this, reportedly schemes to link her to and supporters of donald trump and the accusation of lot of a ploy for political gain. breaking tonight, joe biden asked about whether or not governor cuomo should resign. here is his answer.
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>> if they confirm the claims of the women, should he resign? >> yes, i think he'd end up being prosecuted too. a woman should be presumed to telling the truth and not be scapegoated and victimized by her coming forward, number one. but there should be an investigation to determine what she says is true. that's what's going on now. >> sean: george missed a follow-up question, what about tara reade, what about lucy florez and accusations they made against the guy they were talking to, joe biden. even amid all these explosive developments, some in the media are still covering for cuomo although there is growing evidence it's not just the scandal but a covid cover-up, tweeted today that my publicist asked the show "the view" several times if i could come on and promote my book but also someone who can talk about cuomo
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and what i've been doing to raise accountability for my husband's parents deaths. guess what they said to question my care to explain more, author of "make your own sunshine," fox news senior contributor janice dean along with tammy bruce. let me start with the first news, tammy, the accusation that they wanted to go out and send a loud message, they are going to smear, slander, besmirch, character assassination, bully the first accuser. your reaction? >> they obviously learned a bit from the clintons, didn't they. he was the hud secretary there, and i think the clintons really set a tone for this kind of approach. but what it shows you also as we saw with the nursing home debacle massacre is that everyone is expendable to these people. that cuomo is really the tip of this iceberg, that no one
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matters, no human being matters. it's the height of malignant narcissism. others might be diagnosing it as something else but it's frightening because these people have enormous power as we have seen and when people don't matter, when people are disposable you are going to see it in orders like the nursing home and you are going to see it with orders to try to destroy someone who is speaking the truth about who you are, even though you can't blame political opponents here because these are democrats, these are supporters, women who supposedly supported his agenda and those people don't matter either. this is a raw ugly malignant power where no one matters, no human being counts except for the person at the top. there are too many of these kind of individuals, it wasn't just weinstein, schneiderman, not just bill clinton. it's so deep in the democrat
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party, i think he fully expected to be defended and protected and i think right now probably doesn't know what to do, but he's not going to have a choice very soon by our other guest, the hero of this story, janice dean who he attempted to smear as well. and the lone voice for a very long time would not back down. she is the role model. she is the person who shows other women regardless of your political party and what you stand for politically that you can set up for other women and you can make a difference and you don't surrender. >> sean: i can't say it any better than how tammy said. she's right. you've been fighting for this injustice. what we now know is the following timeline. timelines are important. this executive order in the nursing homes was late march last year. they knew in june, we now have
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the numbers be but the nursing home deaths were out of control, obviously connected to the executive order. rather than rescind that executive order, they did the opposite. they worked on the cover up and worked on the book on leadership and received an emmy on top of all of that. also learning as you know, we had health care workers group homes for the development -- kids with developmental disabilities 10,311 workers got covid-19. 32 died. 552 residents at these group homes died with another 6,382 infections there. that order still in place today. when i found that out, he could believe it. reaction? >> it's just a list of things that we have to blame this governor for four. there is an investigation,
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several of them by the fbi, federal investigations, and the doj. and all i want now, sean, are those investigations to continue. obviously the me too part of this is important and no woman should ever have to be put in that position. of course i know full well about the cuomo administration smear campaign because i was part of that as well. i don't want them to take their eyes off nursing homes. we had over 15,000 of our loved ones in new york died because of the executive order of 9,000 infected patients being put into nursing homes and i don't want people to lose sight of that. the massive cover-up that went on for months, many months, i felt like i was alone talking about this and now there is a chorus of us. i feel like everyone has to come on board and ask for accountability and keep these
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investigations in place because we want answers. we need answers. our loved ones deserve that, sean. >> it's tragic. it was preventable. there were a lot of experts that got a lot wrong all throughout this period a lot of the models were wrong. march this time last year, anthony fauci was telling people don't wear a mask, a mask is not going to help you at all. andrew cuomo bragging, we've got the best health care system in the world and all this nonsense. okay. but when they knew, rather than make the change, of course, and show real leadership, that's when the cover-up again. the worst part of it is they had the beds, trump built the beds, trump brought in the navy hospital. that's got to frustrate you even more. >> we just won an investigation for the answers into all of this. i hope it all comes out so it never happens again, sean.
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tammy, thank you for the beautiful words. >> thank you both. sorry what happened to you and your family. when we come back, columbia now planning the ivy league college having graduation separating students on socioeconomic status and so much more. also we have more reaction from dan bongino, geraldo rivera straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: columbia hold six individual graduation ceremonies centering around race, sexuality, gender identity for example. the ivy league university will hold ceremonies for native, asian, latinx, and lag pt qi a+
10:42 pm
l abg t lgbt qi a+. these events bringing together of all of our graduates the high point in every other academic year, the smaller the liberatory events held in addition to but not instead of the main commencement. here with the reaction, fox news and shooter dan bongino, fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera. geraldo smiling, i don't know why. don't ask me for definitions because i can give them to you. i thought the left was about inclusiveness. that's what we hear all the time. everybody -- by the way, i'm inclusive. i don't care that people --
10:43 pm
>> inclusive plus. if you were asking what i think about this program, the cranky old man you see here sitting before you tonight, i would think it was wildly woke and impossibly politically correct and ridiculous, laughable, it did make me nauseous. but flash back to 50 years when i was a student at columbia, the school of journalism, i was in a special program for black and brown young people to get them into the local news business to integrate the news business, then it was all "viva la raza, black is beautiful." it's all about identity, who you are, where you fit in. the world is such a big impossible place, it's better to get your little stratagem -- >> sean: isn't this -- aren't these mix messages here? we should be accepting, we
10:44 pm
should be inclusive, we shouldn't isolate, we should be open minded, and all of a sudden we are going to break up into identity politics? >> i hate to say it. that seems so square in the language of the young people today, it seems, you note -- the word i use is square because these kids today, they don't want inclusion, are come out -- >> sean: that's what it is. >> gay people used to be an umbrella term to anything that was not heterosexual, straight. now it's all stratified. it's all compartmentalized. >> sean: all right. dan bongino, i've got to get your reaction. vehicle i don't think -- i don't think these kids want to be
10:45 pm
separated but i think they are taught by liberal lunatics. let me tell you, your hair is wild tonight. you've got a little george washington vibe. i'm thinking that. i'm serious, though, i'm really -- >> that's why i shaved mine in florida. i know the feeling. >> are we going back to segregation? >> sean: listen to this. the california bill proposing to remove cops who express religious or conservative beliefs. where's the inclusiveness? where are we supposed to be accepting of other people -- i do not give a flying... do you give a flying rip? i don't care what people do. >> i know you don't but liberals are obsessed -- don't the liberals have the bumper sticker "tolerance" on their cars? not at graduation ceremonies. columbia has come comeback, it's
10:46 pm
voluntary. hispanic graduation, lgbt graduation. okay. how would you feel if you walk into a restaurant again and it had a black section and a white section and the hispanic section and the owner said, no worries, fellas, it's only voluntary. wouldn't it be a little weird? i do not think segregation was a good idea, we've lost a lot of lives fighting this nonsense. it's time to go back to our goal which was supposed to be a color-blind society. easy for you and i to do. apparently not that easy for liberals to do. because that whole tolerance thing is b.s. >> sean: geraldo, last word. >> i remember in high school that we had a lot of the black students would segregate themselves at the lunch hour. let people be in their affinity groups of that's where they want to be. i find it tedious. i think it diminishes great
10:47 pm
institutions like columbia. i'm very proud of my association with that institution. it diminishes them, i think with all this political correctness appeared but different strokes for different folks, i'm sure. >> sean: we will leave it there. coming up, media continues to cover for biden's disastrous start, publishing one fall of peace after the other. bob doing his bidding as usual and biden continues to hold a news conference. we are going to tell you one so you can be prepared for it. joe concha straight ahead. if you have risk factors like heart disease, diabetes and raised triglycerides,... ...vascepa can give you something to celebrate. ♪ vascepa, when added to your statin,... clinically proven to provide 25% lower risk from heart attack and stroke. vascepa is clearly different. first and only fda approved. celebrate less risk.
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>> sean: the mob in the media continuing to play defense for the adverse struggling joe biden trying to claim biden has enjoyed a "largely gaffe
10:52 pm
restart" leaning into his presidency a. let's go to the videotape. >> i want to thank you, and the former general -- i keep calling him general, the guy who runs that outfit over there. a vast majority of economists left, right, and center from wall street to the private economic polling initiatives. am i supposed to speak? >> joe has better days than others. whopping 55 days to have his team announced that he in fact held a press conference next thursday. what took so long, happens to be one big agenda item per day and will this be a real press conference where biden takes questions on the fly or going to be entirely orchestrated the way
10:53 pm
it took to go to the campaign with all the questions and all the questioners with every second of it preplanned for it with reaction, fox news contributor media common list from "the hill" joe concha. stephanopoulos is a hard-core left-wing radical democrat. watch "the war room," you'll get to see the real georgie stephanopoulos. i'm not so sure i have confidence but he's teetering when he's able to pull him through for a moment, going through the entire unedited tape. >> cheap anchor of "abc news" george stephanopoulos obviously the communications director for president bill clinton way back when. as you noted earlier when he's talking about an investigation should play out as far as andrew cuomo as far as a sexual
10:54 pm
harassment allegations and there's no follow-up of, you have been accused of sexual harassment, sexual misconduct, what do you say of your accusers and what they say of you, that was so one-on-one journalism and stephanopoulos let him off the hook. nine weeks without a press conference and the leader of the free world needs nine days to prepare for his first press conference. look, we talk about how political had a hilarious deadline where in the first two and half months he hasn't had a gaffe so he hasn't been in the office for more than two months so even the headline is a gaffe. when the president said during his address last week that his covid relief plan would create over 2.8 million jobs by himself, multiple back checks show that's misleading because
10:55 pm
it projected to happen without the plan and when biden said that despite getting two doses on his own and he also said that there weren't nearly enough vaccines to vaccinate the american people -- no, there were 800 million doses ordered by the previous administration, the trump administration. so what is a gaffe and what is an outright lie at this point? really we were told that joe biden would be the second coming of george washington from a truth telling perspective and now it has been anything but, sean. >> sean: i'm not expecting tough questions except maybe peter doocy. would probably be the only one or two. joe concha as always. more "hannity" next.
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>> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. we hope you'll set your dvr and set it up for laura's show too.
11:00 pm
don't forget, 3:00-6:00 eastern at a station near you, will tell you more when. in the meantime i have good news. set your dvr for the next hour because let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham takes it from here. >> laura: thank you, sean. i don't have to say it now. you did my homework for me. >> sean: apparently you didn't know to say that so now i'm trying to help out my friend and colleague. >> laura: i am learning. i'm on a curve. greatly on a curve. hannity, awesome show. i love dan bongino and i'm lucky they'll make glad he's doing so well. that news about his health was so great. was grateful for his help. thanks so much. this is "the ingraham angle." why is the judge not looking to withhold potentially exculpatory evidence? and masks fo


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