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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  March 12, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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i need indeed. indeed you do. the moment you sponsor a job on indeed you get a short list of quality candidates from our resume database. claim your seventy five dollar credit, when you post your first job at tucker carlson is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." there are a lot of stories that we could have opened with and talked, about but in the end we couldn't get our minds off of joe biden's covid speech. did you see that last night? the one where he seemed so sad about the lockdowns and the crushed businesses, kept kids out of school, an entire generation, he said, driven so many to suicide. yet never once, mentioned or en hinted that he and his party for the very forces behind those lockdowns. i'm really sorry about your black eye, he says, as he
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punches you in the face. it was bizarre. the whole speech was like that. it had a hallucinogenic quality, like it wasn't quite real. but then joe biden himself isn't quite real. maybe that's the reason he talks that way.oe biden has been living in utter seclusion for more than a year. he hasn't spoken to anyone but his own lackeys. he hasn't driven a car or sat on the grass and looked at the sky, or been anywhere or done anything except in the most controlled possible environment. what an incredibly weird life that is. joe biden must imagine that everyone in america is terrified of corona as he is, and is living in the same kind of bunker. joe biden is totally cut off. alex berenson described last night's speech as late soviet. the more we thought about it, the more perfect that seemed. here's a clip of russia's own joe biden, the late leonid brezhnev. like biden, he was very -- also like biden, despite his
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frailty, he never lost the enthusiasm for d pointless wars. he is the one who ordered the soviet invasion of afghanistan in 1979. in late december of that year, he addressed the soviet youth id a televised speech. as you watch this, see if you can spot the similarities to what you saw last night, and keep in mind, when this was shot, he was a full five years younger than joe biden was today.ul >> tucker: they are tried to tell him how the teleprompter works.
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brezhnev remains the countries figurehead but it was the ideologues behind the scenes who ran the show. brezhnev had his own susan rice and barack obama to make the horeal decisions. the similarities, as we said, are pretty amazing. over at cnn, however, they didn't see it, or maybe they did see it and they didn't care. cnn always did love brezhnev. in any case, the usual chorus of toadies strained for a high note last night. watch themhe tell you how wonderful speech was as if you do not have a tv and did not see it for yourself. >> how refreshing. how human. how compassionate. how american. >> biden tried to lift our spirits with a medicinal message about recovering our sense of collective cause. certainly, it was healing. he didn't say "you need me."
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"i need you." "i need you." i mean, my god, didn't that hit? >> people always talk about the feeling of the relief they have hearing biden, but what he is doing now was above that. >> the president is saying help isis on the way. we are all in this together. i i need youris help. we are all americans. >> woo!! hallelujah. >> tucker: hallelujah! can i get an amen? brother biden is preaching the word, preach, brother biden, preach. speak. what was it about joe biden's shaky monotone last night that inspired them. most people found it depressing. maybe we are being too literal. it probably does not matter what joe biden said.
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he could have called for the bombing of toronto, and cnn's panel of trained seals would enthusiastically applaud it. it is their job to enthusiastic applaud what joe biden says. our job is to figure out what joe biden's speech meant for the country. so, let's look at it for a minute. the lockdowns have been tough, biden conceded. god knows how we got them, butkn we did. those restrictions will be lifted as soon as we can lift them. we will return to some version of the country we now only dimly remember. we love to do that. we mean it, we love it.on but in order to go forward and take the boot off your neck, we are going to need every american to listen carefully and obey our orders. do what we tell you to do. that won't be easy, but if you do it, there is a payoff for good behavior. if you are obedient, there is a chance, not a guarantee, of course, but a distinct possibility, god willing, that you may be able to see some of the people you love around july 4th. that could actually happen, sladies and gentlemen.
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listen to this. >> if we do our part, if we do this together, by july the 4th, there is a good chance you, your families, and friends, will be able to get together in your backyard in your neighborhood and have a cookout and a barbecue and celebrate independence that doesn't mean large events with lotsnd of people together, but it does mean small groups will be able to get together. >> tucker: did you hear that, america? there's a good chance -- not a sure thing, but what is a sure thing these days? but a good chance that you might be allowed to have a modest cookout four months from now. that is, as long as you will be regulations, weather permitting, and assuming current federal projections unfold according to plan. that is your price! this offer does not apply to full-time memberss of the radio station otheris families, but with luck, that could be your reward after a year and a half of lockdowns. a fourth of july cookout in your veryou own backyard, assuming yu have one. don't ever tell us that
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joe biden isn't a compassionate, generous man. he if he is offering you, with some medically necessary caveats outlined by dr. anthony fauci, the right to the cook your own hot dogs, with the provision, obviously, but you do it in a small, masked group seated far apart at a prescribed distance from one another. don't get crazy and hug or celebrate or talk too loud orce anything like that.. moderation is the key here. but still, a socially distanced barbecue! what other wonders does president biden have in store for us? well, you are going to have to get vaccinated to find out. sorry, that is the other requirement, should have mentioned it. everyone needs a shot, period. that is what biden said. and that is a lot of shots. the good news, now that we are on what joe biden describes as a "war footing" with this virus, vaccinated people against it is a counterterrorism operation. what we did to isis, we are going to do to covid. biden did not mention drones, but we will need soldiers, and
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that is why joe biden is building a vaccination corps that will include active duty members of the military, an army of vaccinators. watch. >> two months ago, this country did not have nearly enough vaccine supply to vaccinate all or near all of the american public. but soon, we will. now, because all the work we've done, we will have enough vaccine supply for all adults in america by the end of may. that is months ahead of schedule. and we aree mobilizing thousands of vaccinators to put the vaccine in one's arm. >> tucker: thousands of vaccinators to vaccinate everyone. that sounds amazing. but it does raise at least one question. what if you don't want to get vaccinated? not everyone does. some have religious objections. others have concerns about this specific medicine. others simply don't want it. do you need a reason to turn
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down the vaccine? and what happens if you do turn it down? will you be allowed to fly on airplanes or go to work, or enter the front doors of madison square garden? joe biden didn't specify, but it's pretty hard to believe he would support any kind of vaccine coercion. as he has told us so often over so many years,d it is your body, it's your choice. >> i support a woman's right to choose under that constitutionally guaranteed provision, and quite frankly, i always will. folks, you know, i'm going to fight to protect a woman's right to make our own personal decisions when it comes to their health care. >> tucker: quite frankly, you've got the absolute right to make your own personal decisions about your own personal health a care. period. that's in the constitution. joe biden would never violate that right, he has been defending thatut right since before you were born. it isha your body, it is your choice. period.
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of course, as with everything, there are caveats. if you don't take the shot that joe biden wants you to take, if you persist in making your own personal decisions about your own personal health care, then joe biden is going to have to shut the country down again. no socially distanced barbecue is for you, buddy. you're going to have to eat your hot dogs alone inside. >> if we don't stay vigilant, and the conditions change, and we may have to reinstate restrictions to get back on track. >> tucker: to which cnn might say "hallelujah!" that we are not cnn. we are left wondering, could there be any civil liberties implications to any of this? we don't know, the answer, and that is why we are happy to turn to attorney and journalist, glenn greenwald, who joins us tonight. glenn, thanks so much for coming on. i don't think this is snecessarily debate about vaccines or this vaccine or medicine, even. there is a civil liberties component to all of this that
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hasn't gotten a lot of attention. how do you see it? >> there's been a civil liberties component to the covid debate from the very beginning. obviously, there have been about freeates speech. now, you are not permitted to question the efficacy of masks, whereas a year ago, if you had gone online and said that you should wear masks, you probably would have been banned because the consensus of the time was thatus you shouldn't. but there was a very consistent message for the first 4-5 months, which was anyone who doesn't stay-at-home, stay-at-home, is essentially killing grandma, sociopathically, risking the lives of older citizens, and then suddenly, in may, when george floyd was killed by the minneapolis police and there was this b huge protest movement all over america, suddenly the exact opposite message rained down, which is now it o was not only your obligation not to stay at home anymore, it is your obligation to go out onto the street, huge numbers of people,
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densely packed, one on top ofto the other. from the very beginning, health advice andn lockdown laws and just social -- of the social ethos surrounding what we are required to do has been completely politicized by people pretending to only follow the science, and we see the mass draconian limitations on our freedom of movement, on our freedom of association, on our ability to live, businesses closed all over the united states, and no right even to question the efficacy or the wisdom of those policies. >> tucker: so, on the question of vaccines, and again, this is not a debate about this vaccine or whether he should get vaccinated, but there are some people who don't want the vaccine, for whatever reason. it seems very likely, at this point, that they will be restricted from doing a number of things that americans have taken for granted that they can do, like go to work or fly on
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airplanes. is there a civil liberties implication there? is that a violation of their rights? >> of course. i personally intend to take the vaccine when it becomes available, that is just the assessment personally that it have made, but other people, as you said, for scientific reasons, for political reasons, for religious reasons, or whatever other reasons, don't wantic to take the vaccine. in fact, large numbers of the population, not just in the united states but countries around the world, are adamant about not takingng it. the question then becomes, why should they be restricted? if all of us who want to take the vaccine and who are able to take it are now protected from getting a virus or from having the virus harm the organism when we do get it, that's the point of the vaccine, why are people who don't take the vaccine a threat to anyone but themselves? which is, essentially, the whole foundation of individual liberty is that you always have the right to do t whatever you want without the government requiring you, as long as you are not hurting anybody else, but they
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are already talking about things like faxing passports, where you only can have the rights of citizenry ifsp you submit to a vaccine that you don't actually want to have, and i can't even think of, maybe since the internment of japanese americans during world war ii, a civil liberties restriction as her calling and disturbing as that. >> tucker: i haven't heard it as crisply and intelligently summarized as that. there is no question as to why they are trying to shut you up. glenn greenwald. t thank you. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: well, it was quite an experience yesterday being the very first target in the pentagon's new operation silence the talk show host. friends called us in concern. "are you guys all right?" and for a minute, we will concede we were almost rattled. if the woke generals treat us like they treat the taliban, we will be fine. 20 years later, the taliban are still here. maybe if we promise the pentagon we will change gender on our
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show. they send us billions and hundred dollar bills, they have done that before, that might kick-start our struggling opium poppy business. something to think about. anyway, we are fine. so thank you for the concern. well, on january 6th, the capitol police officer shot and killed an unarmed woman called ashli babbitt. why did he do that? perhaps it was the right thing to do, perhaps it wasn't. we still haven't seen the results of the investigation. tonight, the attorney representing ashli babbitt's t family has been looking into it because no one else seems to care. he is with us next with what he found.o ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: don't call it a violent white supremacist insurrection, but last night in portland, oregon, a group of angry white people attacked a federal courthouse and set it on fire. of course, they were from antifa, so it doesn't count. either way, there were still people inside the building when they set it on fire. >> tucker: so, how did this start?
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as if they need a reason to break things and set buildings on fire, but in this case, it was portland's mayor, the profoundly beta ted wheeler, announcing he is seeking to who million dollars for police funding. radio host jason rantz oversees the pacific northwest and the lunacy there for us. jason, thanks for coming on. why were they so mad? >> in part because of what you just said, the mayor of portland decided to get more funding for the police department. they got rid of the gun reduction violence -- gun violence reduction team, and since then, there has been a rash of deadly shootings. they are on pace to have another historic year. on top of that, on monday night, the federal government took down the boards and fencing around the federal courthouse, which meant antifa now had a reason to go ahead and attack it again. they quickly tried to put up those boards before the antifa
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violence. the antifa members showed up, took them down, burned them, and caused the traditional amount of chaos that they do. of course, in portland, like so many other cities where this happens, the media for the most part are calling riots "demonstrations" and calling domestic terrorists simply "protesters." >> tucker: did hundreds of federal agents swoop in, grab everyone's cell phones, as they try to burn a courthouse? >> no, there was one arrest, which actually tells you, rather instructive a number, only one person gets arrested, because in portland, like in seattle and other places, police officers aren't able to do their jobs. >> tucker: jason rantz, thanks for that. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: well, we have learned the new secretary of defense, took a munch of money from raytheon, overruled the national guard and ordered that troops remain in washington. according to the pentagon, the troops are necessary to protect
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us from insurrectionists. so, who are the insurrectionists? was named ashli babbitt, a veteran from san diego. you probably did not hear the media remember her on international women's day because she has the wrong social class. she is dead. she was killed by a capitol hill police officer. what happened at the riot at the capitol building on january 6th. you would think a police officer shooting an unarmed woman would prompt some calls for transparency. whether you agree with her politics are not. but hasn't. we still don't know the name of the police officer, and more critically, we have no idea why precisely he felt the need to shoot ashli babbitt. there was an investigation. apparently. we haven't seen it. terrell roberts is the attorney representing the family of ashli babbitt, we're happy to have him on tonight. mr. roberts, thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be here. >> tucker: so we have been wondering for more than a month why exactly ashli babbitt was shot. what have you learned, can you tell us? >> well, we don't know why she was shot. there is no good reason why she
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was shot. this is not a case for deadly force should have been used. all the officer had to do was step forward, establish his presence, give her verbal warnings, and she didn't comply, and he had grounds to arrest her, arrest her, could have arrested this 5'2", 110-pound woman easily. but instead, he shot her. you don't use deadly force unless you are confronted with a threat to your life or a threat on somebody else's life. and there was no immediate threat to the officer or to anyone else. that corridor was clear of congressmen. there was not a congressman close to ashli babbitt. she was not a threat, and it's baffling, why he would go ahead and shoot her first, rather than take the other steps of just merely arresting her. >> tucker: you said there was no warning. the officer never warned ashli
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babbitt. i think it is pretty conventional to warn someone before you shoot her to death. are you sure there was no warning? do we know that? >> i can tell you this. the video, the people taking video on ashli's side of the door, there were several people, you cannot hear a warning. now, if he is behind -- it looks like he has concealed himself in a room. he is wearing a mask. she has all the way on the other side of the room. there is lots of noise on her side. it should be understood by the officer that someone is not going to hear him. the warning has to be audible, has to be heard, so what you do is you come out, as she is going through that window, you come out, you take a place in the middle of the corridor, you eyes with her, and you give her the warning there. this is something that is standard in all police training. it is feasible, you give a warning before you shoot
9:26 pm
somebody. >> tucker: so, this is the only gun violence that they have the capital. despite the lying, not a single gun was confiscated from a single rioter. this is the one instance of gun violence. why don't we have a statement from the capitol police, the result of the investigation that presumably they did into the shooting, why don't we have that? >> there is no explanation. we are two months down the road. they've been doing an investigation. we should have some statement explaining why they needed to shoot this lady. >> tucker: i agree with that. and it has nothing to do with politics, it's just decency, and the minimum which would require of our government, i should say. thank you so much for joining us. >> sure thing. >> tucker: mr. roberts, thank you. we were told for years that the government of syria was diabolical, we were ordered to hate them, and we were told that they used chemical weapons in 2018 on their own people.
9:27 pm
was there evidence of that? tonight, there is evidence they were lying about that. we will tell you what it is after the break. ♪ ♪
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type 2 diabetes can have a big impact on your life. but how can it be prevented? well, the first step is knowing
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if you something called prediabetes. take the 1-minute risk test today at >> tucker: in april of 2018, there was one of those rare moments of total bipartisan consensus. to make you very nervous. everybody, democrats and republicans, political operatives, the investigative journalist you see on tv, they were in total agreement on one point. the united states needed to boml syria immediately.n we need to hate syria and its leader, president bashar al-assad. the never quite explained why he was so bad. but in april of 2018, they gave us a hint. they told us assad had targeted his own people with chemical weapons, including chlorine, and for that, we were assured the united states along with a coalition of the willing needed to punish syria. now, we raised doubts, obvious ones come about that story at the time. forom one thing, there was no
9:33 pm
evidence that a chlorine gas attack had actually happened. none. at the pentagon,d. the defense secretary claimed there were "a lot of media and social mediaa indicators that either chlorine or sarin was used." wait a minute, we said, media and social media indicators? you are the military, shouldn't you have actual evidence before we bomb a sovereign country? shouldn't we at least know that they committed the crime we are killing them for? days after the alleged poison gas attack, we ask that same question on this show. >> before we go to war, we share all of this is real? do we really know that assad was behind the gas attack? it is not a defense of assad, but an obvious question, how can we know that conclusively so soon after the attack happened. >> tucker: your knots must ask super obvious questions like do we know this really happen. for the crime of asking that question, pretty much every media organization in the country l followed the pentagon's ordered and tried to shut us down. jen rubin of "the washington post" wrote
9:34 pm
this: "he is insane!" meeting this show. "fox news is not a nose organization." noah rothman of commentary called the show "nothing less than undiluted russian propaganda."hm because we were defending assad, who by the way, saved huge amounts of christians in syria, but we are not allowed to care about that. that was the media climate on april 14, 2018, when the u.s. along with france and the u.k. bomb syria. a year later in march of 2019, the world chemical weapons watchdog weight in. according to a final report from the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons, there were "reasonable grounds"r to conclude that "the use of a toxin chemical as a weapon took place" give the pentagon named that report indicated their decision to kill people in syria. something they would want to do quite a bit more in the future, including recently under this new administration. but two opcw investigators went
9:35 pm
to syria, ian henderson and brandon whelen, objected to that initial report. now, according to the kurtz foundation, an organization that represents whistle-blowers, several former opcw investigators and high-level officials -- this is fascinating -- are calling the conclusions invalid. specifically, they are alleging the investigation was scientifically biased, that it was improper, and that it was unethical. and we should be clear about this. these are not partisan actors. these are people who have worked with the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons since it was founded. they were involved in developing the protocols and procedures the watchdog uses to investigate the use of chemical weapons. one of them was the first director general of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. so they are not lightweights. they are not just celebrities weighing in on this. they are people who do it for a living. according to investigators, officials at the opcw switched their findings secretly, just hours before it was due for publication.
9:36 pm
investigators have said there was no evidence the chemical attack in syria, but there interim report was edited, that stated chlorine gas had in fact when used. afterward, according to the investigators, opcw officials continue to compromise the investigation by ignoring scientific procedures and scientific methods as they barreled toward their preconceived conclusion that there had been, in fact, a chemical weapons attack on syria, so of course, syria deserved investigators are now asking for an open forum to fix the errors in the report, but they are not getting it. instead, the opcw is attacking them in public. that is what happens when you ask the p questions people in charge don't want to answer. now, this is not just an important issue because of what happened in 2018. if the pentagon and our media can lie about pretext in order to justify bombing sovereign countries and get away with it, then they will do it again. and that should concern you. aaron mate is a journalist with "the grayzone" and has been
9:37 pm
covering this story from the very beginning, unlike everyone else.aa thanks for coming on. it soundsng like they threw this back in the face, certainly of you and this show, oh, we were right all along, it sounds like this report really was compromised. >> tucker, first of all, thank you for having me in covering this global scandal, which has not gotten the attention it deserves. the facts here are overwhelming. the original opcw team that went to syria did not find any evidence of a chemical weapons attack in douma. they wrote up their findings in a report. that report was suppressed and kept from the public. they were then removed from the investigation and replaced by officials who had never set foot in syria, who then put out a final report that excluded the key scientific findings of the original team, and reached unsupported conclusions. and it is not just an allegation from two whistle-blowers.
9:38 pm
it is documented, in a damning series of leaks that have come out, given to wikileaks, who got some at "the grayzone", we were shown in detail what a cover up this was, and anyone can see the facts for themselves. instead of grappling with these facts, the opcw, as you said, has attacked these whistle-blowers. at the u.n. security council, when the former chief came to speak out in support of the dissenting inspectors, the u.s.e and its allies blocked him from speaking. so when you won't let the actual scientist speak, when you won't let their evidence be waived and when you are preventing top officials like him from speaking -- it tells you that there is a cover-up. this week, a letter came out with a number of known signatories, including five opcw officials, calling this out.
9:39 pm
as you said, these lies can lead to war, we know the consequences from the iraq war, and even today, these allegations of chemical attacks in syria are being used to justify the ongoing u.s. militaryf occupatin therere and the sanctions that e destroying syria, presenting preventing the import of food and medicine, renting it from rebuilding. it is not good for syrians or americans. it is only good for warmongers in washington.. >> tucker: i completely agree. as you are talking, i am thinking, why is this left to aaronr:ee mate and "the grayzono report? where is "the new york times" in this? i'm glad you came on tonight. aaron, thank you. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: so, one of the people who was hammered with these lies, had her run for president derailed by them, t tulsi gabbard. she has been telling the truth since the beginning, and she joins us to look back on that experience. thanks for coming on.
9:40 pm
i remember when you were running for president, again and again, you were an apologist for a man who used chemical weaponser against his own people. how do you think about that, now that the truth is emerging? >> well, when this was all happening, tucker, i was asking him question you were: where is the evidence? where is the evidence that would provide the basis for the u.s. to launch a military strike against syria? that evidence was never presented and it is very clearau now, as time has gone on, there was a cover-up, and why was there a cover-up? it became very clear that this opcw report, the final report, was tailored before it was actually released in order to provide cover for that unconstitutional military strike the united states launched against syria in april of 2018, and really, what is at stake here is the credibility of this international organization, the opcw, that people are supposed to be able to trust to be a
9:41 pm
neutral entity, to provide objective facts based on what their investigators have found on the ground. it is very clear that did not happen in this instance, and the impact of this is not only the credibility of this investigation, this alleged chemical weapons attack in douma, in syria, but it will undermine the credibility of all past reports and investigations from the opcw, as well as any future reports and investigations they conduct. it calls into question their very integrity. >> tucker: everything you said is absolutely true. it does not answer the question i've been mulling over for about five years now. why isve this the third rail? of all the things you could have said, and you know, gotten away with, effectively, the one thing they couldn't handle was calling into question a missile strike inal syria. why was that such a sensitive subject for so many in
9:42 pm
washington? >> well, look, you look at the warmongers in the different countries that have been involved, and you see everyone coming together, not unlike what happened with the war in iraq, where people were criticized then for merely asking questions about these alleged weapons of mass destruction, the evidence that was used, the so-called evidence that was used as an excuse to go to war, so you look at the people who benefit from this ongoing regime change war in syria, and you can kind of start to connect the dots about why merely asking the question of, hey, where's the evidence? if you're going to send our service members out to conduct a mission and use american taxpayer s dollars to do it, and unconstitutional military strike on another country, you would think you would want to have the evidence to be able to back up such a serious, serious action. and really, at this point, the only way we can move forward in a constructive way is for the opcw to do exactly what we are
9:43 pm
calling for in this letter, provide an open, transparent forum for these investigators to be able to really examine all of the facts that were put together and put them forward for the public. >> tucker: really quick, because i can't resist. in a functioning country, or if you want your country to function, don't you want responsible adults in positions of authority to step forward at critical moments, like before you send bombs in, to say, hold on, don't we have the evidence? isn't that the system that you want? >> i will tell you, tucker, as a soldier and a veteran and twice deployed to the middle east, that is exactly the kind of system and leadership that we want. this is one of the reasons why i ran for president, because that responsibility that the commander in chief has, in moments like this, to make the right decisions, to ask the tough questions, that's the kind of leadership and judgment that the american people deserve. >> tucker: yeah, and don't have. tulsi gabbard, it is great to see you tonight. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> tucker: so, last night, in his brezhnev impersonation during his prime time address, joe biden suggested that right-wing crazies, maybe white supremacists, where behind the attacks on asian-americans that you are seeing all over the country. are they behind those attacks? we've got some video on that. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: you've heard that there has been a dramatic increase in violence against the asian-americans. there have been a lot of stories about it in the media, and factually, that seems true. in new york alone, authorities say there has been a 1900% increase in violence against asian-americans. nan question is why is this happening? joe biden has suggested it is
9:50 pm
happening because people on the right, probably white supremacists, have tied thee coronavirus to china. so it is white supremacy. >> vicious hate crimes against asian-americans, who have been attacked, harassed, blamed, and scapegoated. at this very moment, so many of them, our fellow americans, are on the front lines of this pandemic, trying to save lives. and still, still, are forced to live in fear for their lives, just walking down streets in america. >> tucker: so again, joe biden is tying these crimes, which are real, to the right. he is saying anyone who talks about where the virus came from, talks about it may have escaped from a lab, is promoting violence against asian-americans, that is why they are being attacked. but it is a lie. the attackers don't look like trump voters, necessarily.
9:51 pm
>> the terrifying encounter on february 25th captured on surveillance video. the attacker brutally assaulted her first with a weapon that appeared to be a rock inei a so. >> i felt the impact. next thing i knew, i was on the ground, and i was suffocating in my own blood in the mask. >> the accused attacker, ahe 41-year-old, former emt with a violent pass. so many other attacks nationwide happening f against asians, many of them in chinatown, she believes she was targeted for being asian-american. >> tucker: it is just awful, but notice the immediate need of people like joe biden and the rest of his party to make this into political ammunition. these kind of attacks are going on all over the in philadelphia on tuesday, for example, police have confirmed that a a motorcyclist attacked n asian-american driver and began hitting him with cinder blocks.n here is part of it.
9:52 pm
>> [bleep]! [bleep]. [bleep]. >> no! no, chill, chill. >> [bleep]. [bleep]. [engine revving] >> tucker: is it really republican racists doing this, as joe biden suggested last night and so many other democrats have told us? ying ma is the author of "chinese girl in the ghetto," and she joins us tonight. thank you for coming out tonight. the left -- >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: good to see you. this violence from the very beginning, which seems low and divisive, but also seems incorrect. what is your view of what is happening? >> well, it is not only incorrect, it isy despicable.
9:53 pm
so, let me first say that racism against asian-americans, or racism against anybody, is not acceptable, and i don't doubt that to some extent, the covid virus has increased hostility or resentments or racist attitudes among some white people, however, in the most horrific attacks we have seen on video, widely available to the public, time and time again, the attackers are not white. like you said, they don't quite look like white supremacists. they do not look like white voters or trump voters. many of these attacks have occurred in heavily democratic cities where they did not vote for trump in 2020 or 2016, so what the democrats are the far left have done, actually quite effectively, in the past year or so, is to libel former president trump for something the democrats themselves actually are very much guilty e of, and what is that? that is their silence and their cowardice before black on asian attacks that often occur in america's urban areas. these are attacks i have written about for decades. the past two decades, at least, and i've written about them in my book, "chinese girl in the
9:54 pm
ghetto," and i know that they have occurred frequently,ea well before president trump came onto the national political scene, and we are not talking about racial animus between the two races, but what we are talking about is that we must be honest. >> tucker: i don't think you are allowed to be honest. i think that is the most severe crime you can commit right now. but i'm grateful that you are willinge to risk punishment by doing it anyway. ying ma, thank you so much. good to see you. >> tucker, thank you so much for having me. >> tucker: of course. there's a lot going on. we will be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: we have nothing more to say about this highly disturbing image, but at this point, it is tradition. so with that, we leave you tonight. have the best weekend with the ones you love. we will see monday, every weeknight at 8:00. sean hannity is next. ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity" this busy friday breaking news nine. now the media mob is calling at the biden blitz, heaping praise on turbo joe for surviving, oh, 18-20 minute scripted speech that i'm pretty confident he practiced a lot, and they want you to know that there's definitely nothing cognitively wrong with joe biden. the last three weeks, just erase that from your memory, like the movie, what, "men in black," right, that's everything. anyway, we will get to all of that, and bring you biden's
10:01 pm
blunders, a week in review,


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