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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  January 26, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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novo baked brindisi one of the o tweets right there. to commit trump never enacted a muslim band. the order does not specifically bar muslims, it applies only disses when ofer funny how cnn' army of fact checkers seem to miss those lies. well, that's all the time we have tonight. the fox news at 19 take it all from your. e it all from here. shannon? >> we have more coming up on the travel restrictions and how they were covered and handled differently. breaking tonight health authorities announce they found a brazilian variant of covid-19. the patient to minneapolis originally traveled to the south american nation is now in isolation. the brazil variant is one of 3
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mutations getting international attention. scientists say it is the most concerning because it spread so deeply deep in the amazon rain forest. democrats and over the article impeachment against former president donald trump to the senate shortly after hearing this advice from the current president. >> unity requires you to eliminate the vitriol, make anything you disagree with about the other person's personality or lack of integrity or they are not decent legislators so we have to get rid of that. >> tomorrow senators will be sworn in as jurors in the unprecedented seconded senate impeachment trial against mister biden's predecessor who is now private citizen. jamie raskin read the article from the senate floor notably
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calling for the removal of a former president is no longer in office. >> the president shall be removed from office on impeachment for and conviction of treason, bribery or other high crimes and misdemeanors. donald john trump by such conduct has demonstrated that he will remain a threat to national security, democracy and the constitution if allowed to remain in office. >> the impeachment article also mentioned section 3 of the fourteenth amendment. democrats allege donald trump's comments on january 6th incited insurrection at the n should prevent him from ever running again. president biden will continue his rapidfire executive orders and actions during the trial reportedly including some on racial equity tomorrow but debating another round of coronavirus away for the american people make it complicated as a new strain of covid-19 hits the heartland. i'm shannon bream in washington,
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we begin with chad program looking at a major change from the first impeachment trial. how will this be different than the last time around? >> the main thing is chief justice john roberts will not be presiding, patrick leahy from vermont, the president pro tem, the most senior member of the majority party will preside over the senate trial, he has been in the senate since 1975 so tonight basin the article across the building from the house sides of the senate side, this is the second impeachment trial in 53 weeks in the fourth time in american president has been tried in the united states senate, tomorrow they will swear in the jurors, the senders will hear a lot about jamie raskin, the democratic representative from maryland, lead impeachment manager, the adam schiff of this round and lots of questions on capitol hill whether or not is even appropriate to try the president after he has left office. as republican arkansas senator tom cotton.
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>> the impeachment powers designed to convict and remove officeholders from office, the constitution especially says it applies to the president, and civil officers. donald trump is none of those, he is a private citizen. >> they have tried exponential twice before in three trials but never for a former president, senate majority leader chuck schumer says there must be consequences. >> the theory that the senate can't try former officials would amount to a constitutional get out of jail free card for any president who commits impeachable offenses. >> the trial is going to be dark until the ninth of february giving both sides time to get ready and who knows whether they will have witnesses or evidence? >> how does this impact president biden's call for unity and trying to get past what happened in our country?
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>> may not be helpful because republicans say this is throwing gasoline on a burning fire, joe biden so far is taking a hands-off approach in the senate trial. here is a spokesman. >> as you know he is no longer in senate and he will leave it up to members of the senate, democrats and republicans, to determine how they will hold the president accountable. >> during president clinton's trial in 1999 the senate did operate on a dual track, legislation in the morning, the trial in the evening, the senate right now is continuing to work on nominees, they confirmed janet yellen as secretary of the treasury today, tomorrow at noon they will confirm tony blinkian a secretary of state and covid-19 bill is probably weeks away and republicans will bring democrats to drag their feet if it takes too long. shannon: two thirds is the number you've got to get in the senate for an actual conviction. any chance, you read the tea leaves, you know the hell better than anyone, they get to that number?
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>> very slim but watch the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. a few votes to convict that could provide cover for other republican senators and lindsey graham, republican senator from south carolina says republicans are going to vote to convict, look where they are from, what state they are from and maybe what they think of their future political career. shannon: there's going to be a lot of that over the next couple weeks. thank you. it is being called a strong message for president joe biden from china. beijing had refrained for years complying in taiwan's southwest air defense identifications on, now china has done it twice in two days. most recently flying a 15 plane squadron into taiwanese airspace with activated missile defense systems in response lose the biden state department reaffirmed what it calls a rocksolid commitment to helping taiwan defend itself.
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another dave executive action for president biden, he signed a by american order aimed at helping to keep his campaign promise of reviving us manufacturing, he ordered the rules intended to force the federal government to step up purchases of goods made in the united states. pickups to getting coronavirus vaccines and people times that the drive-through skills the chick-fil-a manager came in and yet one of the an occupation sites in south carolina. kevin cork investigating the state of vaccine rollout and why republicans control red states seem to be faring better. you've got my extension. >> exactly. if you're talking about chick-fil-a, i am all in but mysteriously or perhaps miraculously, just a week after the inauguration of the biden administration the number of covid-19 deaths are down, way down, they declined on percentage and absolute basis in
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the past year but that is not stopping some from partially criticizing the biden administration strategy to combat the pandemic. what do alaska, west virginia and north dakota have in common? states with the highest per capita covid-19 vaccination rates in america, evidence, argue critics that the increasingly let the feds take control of the virus strategy championed by some on the left is not the most effective way to fight the virus, the latest republican a growing wave of criticism of the biden administration's covid-19 response, and administration whose cdc director said this. >> i can't tell you how much vaccine we have. >> the president with this assessment friday. >> nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in the next several months. >> and a spokesperson who claims there is no concrete plan left by the outgoing administration which is a straight up lie according to a former trump administration official name brian harrison. he tweeted we at hhs gave your team over 300 transition briefings.
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and how can you have discovered two vaccines developed them all the way to approval, manufacture and distribute with 99.9% precision, 14 million doses to 14,000 sites and it is labeled as there is no plan? we had to do everything from scratch, the cdc reports worldwide the us has delivered by far the most doses of the vaccine including nearly 1.6 million on friday alone. a target the biden administration hopes to hit consistently very simple >> with the grace of god we might get to 150, 1.5 million a day. >> this as the wall street journal in an op-ed is accusing the administration of attempting to micromanage the status response writing vaccine
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administration was always intended to be state lead and the biggest state mistake so far have been adhering too much to federal government's initial guidance. the journal says that guidance to limit the first batches to healthcare workers and long-term care residents followed by front-line employees and those over the age of 75 was problematic the states couldn't find enough takers and precious doses ended up going into the trash which is why they are used in states like alaska, west virginia and north dakota had worked around federal guidelines have done much better than most. shannon: to that point we will talk to alaska's governor about what they are doing and how they are getting it later in the show. thank you. police in riot gear outside an ice facility in portland deploying teargas in an effort to disperse demonstrators all violence wreaking havoc across the pacific northwest. senior correspondent rick leventhal is tracking at all,
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another destructive few days out there. >> more than a dozen arrests some at a protest last night into a coma, washington. a police officer responded to reports of street racing had his car surrounded by a mob banging on his windows, the officer, a 30 year veteran of the forces he feared for his safety you so he lit his siren and drove out of the crowd injuring at least one person. he's been put on paid administrative leave pending investigation and sunday evening at least 200 people some described as antifa writers took to the streets near where the incident occurred as many were reportedly from out of town wearing black clothes and tactical gear started fires and damaging buildings, and one point trying to open the gates of the county jail chanting freedom all. two were arrested wearing right gear and ski masks trying to climb onto the roof of an unsecured building armed with a handgun and knives. saturday night in portland, an ice facility was targeted by
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protesters who chanted no borders, no nations, abolish deportations. in seattle protesters declare the chief of police announced a change in policy. after months of violent demonstrations the chief says people who destroy property during street protests will be arrested and prosecuted. the chiefs is the new directive is focused on those who are just trying to be destructive even the city attorney says their policy has been consistent. >> we will make arrests. we will prosecute those cases and make sure. >> reporter: president biden hasn't really condemned the violence his press secretary weighed in earlier today. >> peaceful protests are a cornerstone of our democracy that smashing windows is not protesting and neither is looting. actions like these are totally an acceptable and anyone who committed a crime should be prosecuted to the fullest extent. >> portland's mayor ted wheeler first rate a man after leaving a
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bar. the man confronted the mayor about not wearing a mask, the mayor claimed he didn't have to because he was eating but the man who was not wearing a mask followed the mayor to his car and after warning he had pepper spray the guy didn't back off the mayor sprayed him right in the eyes. shannon: there was warning. the president pro tem of the senate, patrick leahy, is expected to preside over the upcoming impeachment trial, john roberts is not constitutionally obligated to preside because donald trump is not the president anymore, john kennedy's take on the latest development. welcome back. >> thank you for having me. shannon: we always enjoy having you. the headline from politico says trump conviction could hinge on due process concerns, you and i went to law school.
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do you think what you see in the senate will provide adequate due process? >> bear with me for a moment. when senator schumer threatened justices neil gorsuch and brett kavanaugh on the steps of the supreme court before group of supporters, senator schumer went too far. when congresswoman waters told a group of her supporters to literally get in the face of every member of the trump administration they could find i said congresswoman waters went too far. donald trump went too far on january 6th. senators, house members and
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presidents cannot put the world into possession of their every thought. does that mean that i have decided to vote to impeach donald trump? know, in fact based on the information i have right now i'm going to vote to dismiss the proceedings and i predict that there will not be anywhere near the votes needed to impeach the president. why am i going to vote that way? because i think these proceedings have very urgent and grave defects. number one, nancy pelosi, who hates donald trump with the energy of 1000 suns afforded him no due process in the house, none, 0, zilch, not a. he didn't have a chance to defend himself. i don't know how you can do
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that. due process matters in america. number 2. we are being asked to impeach a president who isn't president. we are being asked to proceed when we don't even know if this is constitutional. you couple that with the fact that this is a very tender moment for america. i just don't see how this is in the common good of our country. i think it is corrosive to the common good. third -- >> let me read something -- i was going to ask you this in this context. you talk about this being a tender moment. senator marco rubio said yesterday he thinks it is counterproductive, flaming a
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fire in the country. is this more than just about the president and more broadly about the divide in the country? about the 74 million people who voted for him? not just him? >> marco is right. i hate to say this but i believe it and it is just my opinion, we all are entitled to our opinion. i believe that in part these proceedings represent a thinly veiled effort by the uber elites in our country, by the permanent washington types who look down on most americans, who think they are smarter and more virtuous than most americans, to denigrate the people of this country who chose to vote for donald trump and not vote for president biden and if i have learned anything in my four years in washington dc
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unfortunately it is the determined condescension of the tuna tartare crowd is very real and relentless and i think that is what a lot of this is about. shannon: you mentioned in dc for four years, for a lot of folks feels like dog years so it might feel like a lot longer than that but there are very pressing important things ahead of you in the days and weeks ahead. we will check back in during impeachment. >> let me mention one other thing. there is, i know that common sense is illegal in washington dc, but a fair-minded rational person would ask congress to vote to file a declaratory judgment action past the supreme court to rule on the constitutionality of impeaching
12:19 am
a president who isn't president before we put the country through this and i will leave it at that and thank you for your time. >> a little more about that, senator kennedy, always good to see you, thank you. what can states learn from each other about the vaccine rollout? alaska governor mike believe he and texas lieutenant governor dan patrick join us live next. those who du more with less asthma. thanks to dupixent. the add-on treatment for specific types of moderate-to-severe asthma. dupixent isn't for sudden breathing problems. it can improve lung function for better breathing in as little as 2 weeks and help prevent severe asthma attacks. it's not a steroid but can help reduce or eliminate oral steroids. dupixent can cause serious allergic reactions including anaphylaxis. get help right away if you have rash, shortness of breath, chest pain,
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>> shannon: of the top three the top 3 states excelling at per capita rates of getting its residents vaccinate have republican governors as the biden administration promises greater federal involvement in the vaccination process. let's talk about the phenomenon with alaska governor mike believe he and governor dan
12:24 am
patrick. welcome back. i will put up this list on the vaccine rollout, the doses administered per hundred thousand as of today. the governor of alaska at the top of the list was what are you doing other states and territories could learn from? >> we understand alaskans and thank the trump administration for operation warp speed because the promise of the vaccine, we set up our systems to deliver the vaccine. the only thing i hope is they keep the vaccines -- in the manner that we are doing. shannon: lieutenant governor in texas, you have your own way of tackling this problem.
12:25 am
we keep hearing from california and other place where governors say we need more vaccine and that you look at the vaccine tracker on cdc and there is a lag with some of the numbers. a lot of the states are in the 60% range of using what they have on hand. where, blaming the feds, asking for more vaccine unit look like millions of doses are sitting on the shelves somewhere. >> we do a lot of things differently in texas, we have already vaccinated 1.7 million people, that leaves the country, we are big state. by the end of the month we will be close to 2 million or over 2 million but the truth is we have a long way to go in one of the things we are doing is getting it out as quickly as we can so it doesn't sit on the shelves and moving with local partners to find the best way to distribute it once we get it to cities and counties and hospitals and homes that distribute them. the thing that is important is the public needs to know and understand it as the governor of
12:26 am
alaska, great state that i love to visit, we need more vaccines, texas for example, we have 4 million people over 65, 1,000,008 healthcare workers, 6 million other people that fall under the 18-65 chronic illness that can qualify so we get a little over million a month and it will take several months to get through, we are trying to organize the best we can but our goal as soon as we get it is to get it out to the public and that is what we are going to do in texas but it will take some time and we don't want to overpromise and under deliver so we are trying to be as transparent with the public as we can be. shannon: you will need the information and need to figure out for themselves, it impacts your states, the daily news reporting biden blocking trillion on his first act,
12:27 am
opponents are celebrating this because they say oil and gas activity exacerbates global warming and endangers the sensitive arctic region. what does it mean for you in jobs and industry in alaska? >> great question. this opportunity for everyone and in alaska many of these prospects we have located near some of our most impoverished people. this takes the opportunity away for jobs for these folks but also revenue for the local community, takes away the possibility we will have more oil in the pipeline which is more oil for everybody of the cost of energy so it is a canceled culture across the board and in our case against development opportunity, jobs, cheap energy and something like that.
12:28 am
>> something to pass on to the american consumer. your final thoughts on energy and where we go from here. >> they what you are you will say about donald trump or joe biden debating which pretty you are from or you support but one thing about donald trump's policy and i'm a big trump guy was he put america first. everything biden has done so far in his executive orders is putting america last. these america last whether it is opening up the borders, what he's doing to public schools or oil and gas because we were becoming very energy independent from the rest of the world. is going to make us dependent on the middle east once again, killing jobs as we don't have as much federal land as alaska has but we like the heavy crude that comes down with sweet light crude from west texas, we like to refine it in texas, he will cost us jobs but as the governor said the price of gasoline is going to go up, price of heating oil will go up, joe biden, his legacy already after a week is i'm putting america last. >> we will track what he does and the impact of it as it
12:29 am
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>> shannon: what the shannon: with the signing of another executive order this one reversing his predecessor's been on transgender people from serving in the military present biden reigniting a heated national debate. perhaps the biggest cultural changes to the military during the obama administration was greater integration of women and transgender people into our fighting forces. >> we opened every combat specialty 2 women, we became stronger, when we entered the ban on transgender services we became stronger. >> reporter: some in the lgbt
12:34 am
cute community defended them prominent military leaders question the new policy publicly at the time. >> if you are being medicated, unless it is fairly temporary you will get discharged. it is my understanding some transgenders need lifelong treatments, gender dysphoria is the distressing transgender person might feel if they are born in the wrong body. not all transgender people suffer from distress. >> before the trump administration reversed the obama administration policy on transgender people the military highlighted transitioning in uniform like ainsley chester. >> my legal name is gail chester. >> sisters your journey of becoming a transgender male. >> i need to do what i need to do no matter what. >> chester starter hormone therapy in early spring of 2017 while in the air force. >> transition can be different for everybody.
12:35 am
some people might just want to change their name, they might want to have certain surgeries, they might want to do a combination of both. >> does it make us more lethal. i would are you it doesn't make is legal. >> jim mattis agreed with that assessment. in february of 2018 metis ordered a partial reversal the obama policy noting in a memo to then president trump transgender persons with a history of gender dysphoria and those requiring or undergoing gender transition would be disqualified from military service. transgender people without history of gender dysphoria would be allowed to serve. >> do you believe the currently serving transgender troops are weakening readiness? or reducing lethality?
12:36 am
>> i have submitted to the president what i think is the best military advice. >> president biden believes gender identity should not be a bar to military service and america's rank this out in its diversity, america is stronger at home and around the world when it is inclusive. >> now in reversing the trump mattis policy the biden administration will ensure the, quote, are medically necessary transition related care authorized by law is available to all servicemembers like staff sergeant chester. >> for those transgender servicemembers who are discharged or separated because of their gender identity it will be re-examined. >> groundbreaking executive order from the new president, a move critics say may be loaded with unintended consequences, let's go in depth on the sensitive issue with the center for military readiness president elaine donnelly, good to have you with us. no secret you say this is a mistake. i want to read something to the white house and rolling out the new policy they say in 2016 encumbrance of study concluded open transgender service has no significant impact on operational effectiveness or unit cohesion in formulators,
12:37 am
they felt comfortable moving forward this would not be a distraction to the us military. >> that statement ignored the study that was done by the trump administration in 2018, they looked at the actual data, not just speculation from rand, a government contractor, what they found were serious impact on readiness, operational and readiness problems. for instance less than 1000 troops were diagnosed with gender dysphoria, they accounted for 33,000 hours of medical visits, medical costs increased 300% and a young man like the one you see, when you have to leave for transition, real life experience transition and medical care you could be gone for a year or more. that makes it a readiness issue so we have a president that has added an injury to the insults we saw against our troops in the previous week.
12:38 am
he not only decided to change the policy regarding transgender's in the military he is also going to reinstate critical race theory and that means if you never heard of that, you talk about white supremacy. if you're not a minority you are a white supremacist, your racist it if you deny that proves you are racist. how are troops supposed to put up with that kind of instruction and how are women supposed to put up with violations of their privacy? it is difficult enough to be in the armed forces, you give up privacy, this will complicate things when men get to have access. shannon: if they are presenting as women there is a transition process and time period place in which those things would line up.
12:39 am
the human rights campaign president says the greatest military in the world acknowledging that is what we have to value readiness over politics and qualification, discrimination, final words. >> when you declare a new gender order and you pretend biology doesn't matter, when you pretend you can change a person's biological sex when science says that is impossible that doesn't help military readiness and when you force doctors and nurses to go along with this misinformation they know it is not true but there's no such thing of a conscience clause. under president obama and the policy that is reinstated chaplains, doctors, nurses, anyone who has an ethical problem with this if they feel hesitation about doing surgeries are giving hormone treatments they know are unethical, in the military there's nothing you can do about that. if you have obstructions you must but go along and by the way
12:40 am
previous defense secretary says in the armed forces they are not free to say anything describing problems that have occurred so when operational and readiness accounts cover all of these expenses and consequences you are not going to hear about it because that is the. shannon: you bring up an interesting point that we will get into more because conscience objections and those kind of things are available in other portions of the medical community in this country. it will be interesting to see. >> the administration said they will not apply, not here. jillian: we will stay on it, thank you, good to see you. as president biden signs executive orders the media has taken an interest in what he is eating for dessert, that is next. hter... she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement. brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth. listerine® cleans virtually 100%.
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>> president biden is an ice cream fan. i thought sounded and i've worked here before. before the president was
12:45 am
inaugurated i asked him, his favorite ice cream was chocolate chip. shannon: tv host. morgan writing about the white house press corps saying president biden told trump lied about the vexing rollup of the groveling us military putting halos on saint joe and kamala. no wonder trump supporters still don't believe anything they hear. "national review" contributing editor and fox news contributing editor murdoch. >> great to see you. shannon: i could ask your favorite ice cream flavor, still free to tell us, those are the questions we are getting. >> rum raisin. i love that stuff. shannon: that sounds good. peter doocy had an exchange with president biden who to his credit said give this guy a question. >> i know he always asked me tough questions and always has
12:46 am
an edge to them but i like him anyway so go and and ask the question. >> thank you, mister president. you think we will be at the point there are 1 million vaccines per day. >> they went on but kudos to president biden he said i know you will ask a tough question and i'm willing to have an interchange. >> absolutely. no reason for the media to be as a marxist and abusive as they were to donald trump, they have serious questions, you might ask president biden, he wants a $15 per hour minimum wage, don't you fear your $15 per hour minimum wage will wipe out companies and restaurants and small businesses that are struggling through the covid-19 pandemic, how will they pay this money?
12:47 am
you might ask a question like what do you say to governor cuomo, a member of your party who so botched the rollout of the vaccine they are thrown away because that expired and gone to the trash. what advice would you give to governor cuomo to put a end to that nightmare? you can ask a tough question like that, suggesting he supported the south in the civil war, this sort of thing former president trump had to contend with but instead about ice cream, what flavor ice cream, these are the questions i expect from first-graders, not journalism communications. shannon: those questions what we expect from the press, no matter the administration. a lot of funding over hunter biden along with the family, under the headline church and bagels to go, the first white house other, biden waived his supporters while his son waited at the takeout window, it turns
12:48 am
out one of the co-owners of the bagel shop is leading the covid-19 response at the biden white house so probably not a coincidence but the wall street journal says hunter gets a bagel when asked the question conference and influence sales as extensively as breakfast purchases. what do you think? >> another amazing example. hunter biden was invisible throughout the campaign, they kept them under wraps, they wonder who he is, where he is, is he talking? ask some tough questions, ask his dad questions about his son's unsavory business dealings and suddenly the services and all we hear about our bagels and it is astonishing people who are in the media, supposed to be watchdogs over the powerful are
12:49 am
not exercising the craft, their profession or essentially what is expected of them in the constitution, the one to stand up to people in power. this is the kind of coverage you would expect in a fashion magazine or something like this. incredibly disappointing and very serious topics which i'm not suggesting being mean or not just what you could do your job as a journalist, tough questions without being uncivil or abrasive. this unnecessary but they completely opposite with these marshmallow light questions. >> there are a number of questions hunter biden would do himself a favor to answer and a lot of unknowns that leave people wondering and speculating. always good to see you, thanks for being with us tonight. california officials refusing to release the data driving there covid-19 lockdowns saying it would just confuse you, the public.
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>> shannon: even shannon: even if he faces a recall campaign california governor gavin newsom remains less than forthcoming about the data behind his tight pendant restrictions but now even liberal heroes like this made his counterpart in new york are signaling a willingness to
12:54 am
loosen the onerous lockdowns. alex evans shows us tonight. >> here in new york governor andrew cuomo says declining cases mean restrictions could soon ease. across the country in california the statement think it's stay-at-home orders. demand for icu beds decreasing california, the state scaling back on the lockdown that went into effect in december. >> we are seeing a flattening of the curve. >> governor gavin newsom face another challenge of campaigns to remove him. organizers say they collected more than 1 million of the 1.5 million signatures needed for statewide ballot the college activists say they are angry about pandemic restrictions and raging cases of covid-19 as the vaccine effort continues around the world the eu calling out astrazeneca for delivery delays. >> the european union has the development of the vaccine and
12:55 am
its production and wants to see the return. >> lockdown tensions boiling over a second night of unrest in the netherlands. police dispersing crowds with dogs and water cannons, smaller cities protesters smashing storefronts, setting cars on fire and throwing rocks at police. officers arresting more than 240 people. in jerusalem, deal with protesters where police trying to shut down orthodox jewish schools violating lockdown orders. masks obama demonstrators clashed with police, burning trash and throwing rocks. east of tel aviv a bus driver was pulled from his seat, pepper sprayed and the vehicle set on fire according to local reports which is real shutting down its international airport until the end of the month, the country ramping up its vaccination campaign in a race with a more contagious variant in britain and south africa. in france the health minister warning of a potential third national lockdown of current measures like border restrictions and the curfew
12:56 am
cannot bring cases down. >> alex hogan in new york, thank you. most-watched, most trusted, most grateful you spent the evening with us. could made from washington. i am shannon bream.
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♪ no not just for some but for everyone.♪ is fox news alert, for millions of americans in the path of severe storms, alabama waking up to widespread destruction left by a suspected tornado overnight. we are tracking that dangerous system for you. >> protests are cornerstone of our democracy but smashing windows is not protesting and neither is looting. >> the biden administration addresses violence on the west coast but is it too little too late? portland's mayor who pepper sprayed a man who confronted him on the street of his own city. >> chickil


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