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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  January 12, 2021 6:00am-8:59am PST

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disposal. >> i'll be on radio. and congressmen and women and i have some great guests and do senators that were about to elect joe biden. >> of course he didn't. a simulcast there. and that will be hopefully there are these things in enjoyable from 9:00 to noon. >> go catch the elevator. bye, everyone. >> trace: fox news alert. language called metafor. according to fox news sources >> julie: we appreciate your house minority leader kevin insight. mccarthy says president trump >> trace: joe biden seeking to acknowledges he bears some responsibility for last week's unwind president trump's riot in the capitol as house immigration policies such as democrats look to impeach trump letting asylum seekers into the country. a second time introducing a how much would these reversals single article charging the cost taxpayers? we'll look at that. president with incitement of heightened security in d.c. ahead of joe biden's insurrection. good morning, everyone, i'm trace gallagher. inauguration. what the f.b.i. is warning about the potential for violent >> julie: i'm julie banderas. protests next. sandra smith is off. house speaker nancy pelosi is >> we plan for the worst and we confident she has the votes to hope for the best and we want impeach the president should vice president pence refuse to to encourage our state partners to do the same. invoke the 25th amendment. democratic senator joe manchin you...look...stunning. warns against that move as republicans call on president-elect joe biden to intervene.
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>> there will be 48 democrats until we seat warnock and ossoff. until that happens you need 67 votes. we have 19 republicans. i don't see that. >> this president-elect could gain a lot of goodwill among republicans and democrats but among americans generally if he told everybody slow down. this president is not an imminent threat to this country at this point. let's get through the inauguration and let's look back and make some decisions. >> the chief white house correspondent john roberts is live on the north lawn. sources are telling fox news the president is taking some responsibility for last week's violence at the capitol. what are you hearing this morning, john? >> trace, good morning to you. as the president prepares by the way to head down to the southern border in texas, we may hear from him more today about a lot of different things including this and what want the truth to why i wake up feeling
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happened last week at the rawrrr... so darn awesome? capitol. we don't know exactly what it was that the president said but according to sources, the president did tell house that skin. and when you've got incontinence, minority leader kevin mccarthy you sure need to. he bore some responsibility for tena intimates pads lock liquid in, what happened in last and are now 100% breathable wednesday's capitol hill riot. to care for your intimate skin. are you still here? sources say mccarthy spoke via text tena2 to 52236 for your free sample. conference call to house kind to skin. protects like tena. republican colleagues, gop conference relaying what he and what the president discussed in a phone call yesterday specifically that president trump acknowledged that he was partly to blame for the storming of the capitol but axios is reporting today in that call the president was also blaming antifa for the violence according to ox yos mccarthy saying it is not antifa, it is maga, i know, i was there. house democrats also getting closer to taking up a single article of impeachment against the president. growing criticism from republicans that this is purely a political ploy and there is
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no way impeachment could remove president trump before he leaves office on the 20th but democrats are giving serious consideration to pursuing impeachment long after the president leaves office and purely to prevent him from running again in 2024. here is more from west virginia senator joe manchin on special report last night. >> let the investigations go on, let the evidence come forth and we'll go forward from there. there is no rush to do this i didn't know why my body was moving on its own. my eyes blinked way too much. impeachment now. we can do it later if they it turns out, i have tardive dyskinesia, think it's necessary. >> there is no rush to do this. a condition that may be related we can do it later if we think to important medications i take for my bipolar disorder. my fingers moved like they were playing a piano it's necessary. congressman clyburn from south that wasn't there. carolina said let's wait 100 tardive dyskinesia can affect different parts of the body. days after the inauguration and maybe we could send articles of it may also affect people who take medication impeachment over to the senate for depression and schizophrenia. it's a relief to know that today, then. so it's possible that if there is a trial in the senate, it td is manageable. learn more at might not occur until april which really raises the legal and political calculations of here who need cash.s for veteran homeownersle. all of that. refiplus from newday usa. democrats are calling on the vice president to invoke the it lets you refinance at today's record low rates
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particularly here in washington -kee-on-oh... -nope. where the capitol is being -co-ee-noah. -no. hardened up in anticipation of -joaquin. -no. next wednesday's inauguration. it just takes practice. asked about it yesterday the give it a shot. president-elect joe biden said [ grunts, exhales deeply ] he has no concerns about taking -did you hear that? -yeah. the oath of office outside on it's a constant battle. the west front of the capitol we're gonna open a pdf. who's next? progressive can't save you from becoming your parents, building. so things are still planned to but we can save you money when you bundle home and auto with us. go ahead as planned for next no fussin', no cussin', and no -- wednesday at noon. we'll be there covering it all. >> trace: yes, we will. john roberts live on the north lawn. much more on all this coming up. >> trace: headlines at the bottom of the hour. house set to vote on a null elected congressman nancy resolution calling on vice mace joins us to discuss why president pence to use the 25th she and some of her colleagues amendment to remove president want joe biden to help stop the impeachment push. trump from office. speaker pelosi says if that doesn't happen democrats will move forward with a vote to impeach the president, even if >> parler filing a lawsuit removing trump from office would take longer than the against amazon over their seven days he has left as decision to suspend the president. conservative social media >> julie: the f.b.i. releasing platform. surveillance photos of a person meanwhile secretary of state they say planted pipe bombs at pompeo is warning that move by the headquarters of both the big tech to censor conservative republican and democratic
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voices sets a dangerous national committees. precedent for the country. the bombs were found before they detonated but investigators do say they were real and they could have been >> censorship, political blown up. directness points in one the feds ask anyone with tips to go to >> trace: the trump direction. administration is asking states authoritarianism. not who we are as americans. to speed up vaccinations of it's time we put wokeism to people older than 55. telling the states they no longer need to hold back the second dose for people who have sleep. >> julie: what's in the parler already had the shot because there is no longer a risk of lawsuit and what are they saying? running out. for more on these and other >> it appears parler, the stories download the fox news conservative social media app is in a fight for their app, scan the qr code or go to survival after amazon and google yanked them from their cloud services parler claiming >> julie: president trump is in their lawsuit it was a move heading to texas right now to tour progress on the border wall. motivated by political animus. joe biden has said construction will not continue under his he said they fear not only for his company's future but also administration and he plans to his personal safety. >> people threatening my life. reverse trump's immigration policies immediately upon i can't go home tonight. taking office. edward lawrence is live in so this is really a lot, you washington edward, what policies in know. this is not just, you know, our particular is biden looking to roll back. civil liberties.
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they can shut down a billion >> literally all of them. really talking here about a dollwe were valued is clear the cost. the cost to taxpayers, potential cost to americans in the form of jobs as well as potential cost to everyone's safety. president-elect joe biden wants content on parler that a moratorium on deportations and stop building the wall encourages and incites violence among other changes. against others and parler is president donald trump about an unable or unwilling to identify hour ago says that they have and remove this content which had the expanse underway. is a violation of our terms of it has been successful and they service. amazon's move is just the latest getting attention out of are stopping drugs from coming into this country. the president saying they're silicon valley after twitter, stopping illegal immigration facebook and other platforms and now there seems to be a banned president trump surge of caravans in hopes of the new president coming in. indefinitely. getting reaction from tesla ceo former acting director of ice elon musk saying a lot of tom homan says reversing course people will be super unhappy now would be more expensive, with west coast hi-tech as the not less. he adds the changes to the defacto arbiter of free speech. asylum policy added to a moratorium. more undocumented immigrants in the president's cybersecurity chief defending the tech the u.s. giant's decision. >> immigration court clearly watch. shows 9 out of 10 central >> the first amendment doesn't apply to private sector organizations. americans who claim fear never that's not how this works. zbet released from the courts and don't qualify.
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they get released into the that's government impeding united states and they end up speech and the ability to hear. that's not what's happening being another fugitive. here. these are companies that have their own ability to enforce their standards and policies. >> trace: biden angered >> we're learning this morning activists on immigration reforms. he needs to put in more twitter has suspended more than guardrails in place. it will be months, not days to 70,000 accounts associated with make those changes. biden says he will offer the 11 million so-called dreamers a qanon and facebook says it will path to citizenship. he will end the asylum process erase stop the steal. that keeps people in mexico while waiting and end the merit julie. >> julie: thank you, griff. system that favors those not on trace. >> trace: for more let's bring government welfare. back to you. >> julie: thank you so much, in bill mcgurn, former speech edward. writer to president george w. bush and also a fox news >> trace: while washington contributor. prepares for joe biden's bill, good morning to you. good to see you. inauguration president trump it's not like we didn't know approved an emergency that big tech and media leaned declaration allowing federal resources to secure the city heavily left. i want to put the numbers on ahead of the inauguration as the screen the give our the f.b.i. warns of all armed audience an idea. these are contributions on the protests at all 50 state left. 1.4 million to president trump capitols inauguration day. from big tech. >> we don't order states to do
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15 1/2 million for the biden things. we make suggestions, we share campaign there. you know, some of those same intelligence and we offer companies we should note resources of a variety of verizon, facebook are also now kinds, whether that be manpower or assets depending on where it is and what the circumstances. pausing donations to republicans, bill. and now we know that a lot of we want to make it clear what's these tech workers will be available to them so we can flooding the biden back them up. administration. what do you make of all this as >> trace: the declaration will provide assistance to local far as censorship goes? authorities in the d.c. area >> well, i think one of the through the president-elect's gentlemen that you had on is inauguration. right. censorship is really the government. we're talking about two different things. >> they should be treated as a we talk about a legal case, another the moral case. bunch of thugs, come on, the the legal case i'm not sure they don't have the right to do what they do. shirts they're wearing, these the moral case is just because you have the right to do are the bunch of thugs. something doesn't make it right to do. >> trace: president-elect joe and i think there is a clear biden using strong words to renounce rioters who breached the u.s. capitol next week. effort to censor -- to shut my next guest sounding off to down conservative comment and intimidate them. erase president trump's legacy a lot of this is vindictive and and her article says don't
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disguised as moral preening for dismiss issues behind the this. i'm not sure about the legal invasion. miranda devine is a fox news case. clarence thomas, when the court contributor and "new york post" turned down one case on 230 columnist. good to see you. i want to play the sound bite said it really should consider from a "washington post" it in more detail. columnist on msnbc and get your passed in 1996 before many of take on the other side. >> there are millions of these platforms were even up. so there is a lot that we have to look at. but i think we have to be americans, almost all white, careful. a lot of people want 230 almost all republicans, who somehow need to be deprogrammed. repealed like the president. arguably it would make them >> trace: they need to be deprogrammed. maybe they deprogram at olive more censorship because they would be responsible. garden where anderson cooper i think a reckoning is coming. says they're all hanging out, one of the things that astonishs me about big tech. miranda. >> it is hate-filled language the conservatives don't like them because they rightly see from people like that them as trying to shut down "washington post" columnist but also from the president-elect conservative debate. joe biden as well. the left doesn't like them because they're big and successful. there is no need to keep adding that's not a good prescription fuel to the fire. for them going forward on there is already enough anger capitol hill. and division in this country. especially when they keep rubbing nerves so raw. you would think that everybody >> trace: we'll talk about the legal aspects of this coming up including from the president
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later, bill. i want to play the sound bite trump to president-elect biden would come together and try to from sean hannity and get your reaction on the other side. pour oil on troubled waters >> big tech is now attempting instead of just making things to successfully and completely 10 times worse, kicking a dog silence, shut down, make when it's down, you know, disappear conservative speech on even their own platforms. exaggerating the threat of what the same social media giants banned the president of the is going on, and not showing united states forever, permanent ban. many of his supporters also from using their platforms. any -- for people who feel alienated and disenfranchised. these are scary times. >> trace: a lot of republicans >> trace: everyone understands don't think he is hyping this at all. what do you make of that? what happened at capitol hill was terrible. >> i don't think he is hyping when you crack down after eye it. it is not just the big tech platforms. it is part of a larger effort. logical foes after condoning bad behavior. when you spent the summer trump made a big mistake. looking at destroying american we saw the riot. now a lot of people want to not history and sornl norms you let that opportunity go to can't pretend that the capitol waste to kind of step on a lot is exempt from the vandalism of innocent people and shut them down. you unleash. and i think it is very it only disenfranchises millions of americans and
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unhealthy for the government. pushes some to a place where again, i'm not saying they they feel they have nothing to don't have the legal right but lose. that's kind of the deal is you this is a terrible prescription. whatever else it is, it is also have a lot of people saying not a prescription for the look, we're being dismissed by half the country. healing and unity that soon to be president joe biden says that he wants for the nation. >> dismissed and also there is >> trace: speaking of president joe biden soon to me. a sneering contempt. he wants to know if congress you mentioned anderson cooper's snipe about trump supporters can spend half the day working going to the olive garden. on impeachment and half the day working on his agenda. that's all in keeping with rick scott said this, the senator. watch this. hillary clinton's slur biden's >> joe biden should be excited about the fact that he will be description ugly folks during become the president next week and should have a positive message but he is a hypocrite. the election campaign. the hatred for half your fellow he says i want unity but if you want to go forward with americans is unamerican. and it comes from a very dark impeachment, go ahead. this is not what americans want. place. and i don't understand why in >> unity with impeachment, bill. this country that is being >> yeah, it is impossible. look, joe biden was absolutely marked through its history with right in his victory speech. -- you don't see this in many he called for unity and healing, said we have to stop english speaking companies i don't know why you would throw that away.
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treating our political >> trace: i think if you had opponents as enemies. that he promised to be the president for all americans. trump supporters dismissing biden supporters in the same way, there would be a great but he hasn't shown any leadership to make those words deal more pushback in the media and on the other side. real for the people who are is that a fair assessment in really down right now and feel your estimation, miranda? that their voice is being taken >> it is, trace. away from them and so forth. i think what we've seen is i also think from joe biden's there has been this long march point of view, he shouldn't through the institutions for want to start his the last half century and that administration with an means that the media has been impeachment. he shouldn't want that to almost completely captured by whatever you call it. overshadow what he is going to whether you call it the left or try to do. >> trace: in your column roping in all trump supporters with wednesday's mob you write the just the anti-traditionalists following. there is an effort to lump the and they create a reality that 74 million americans who voted for mr. trump with those who suits them. they partisan and on the side rampageed through the capitol of the democrats. we saw that during the election thus rendering them unfit for polite society going forward. no denying the reality of the and social media now thugs. let me tell you about the exacerbates and accelerates people i know who attended that that problem. they are incredibly powerful rally to a person they are and they have decided that they decent, ordinary americans who are going to basically did not enter the capitol and wouldn't dream of disobeying a deperson, unperson 75 million
6:14 am
police officer. americans unless they cowtow like to expound on that a little bit? >> i think it speaks for itself. there is an effort to say all and denounce the things they believe in. >> trace: when they talk about these 74 million are all like safety and shutting down this. conservative voices. that's an implicit thought wouldn't it be across the board and wouldn't they shut down the behind the deplat forming of parler that they're all ayatollah, putin and shut down dangerous. i know a bunch. two dozen who went down there. the people who threatened rand many with families. paul and his family? it is one of those things it's and this is really a -- the so obvious and blatant. irony is the trump supporters if this was about safety it who did do this, did riot and would be an across the board assault police and so forth, policy but it's not. they did more harm to their >> you are so right, trace. the scary thing is when you say leader, their man, than the it's so obvious. left could ever do for -- and the double standard and they also harmed a lot of the hypocrisy is so obvious and out in the open and so shameful. the people who are practicing majority of peaceful, law it are not ashamed at all. abiding trump supporters. i think it will be very ugly it is as if they feel that they now have complete power and going forward. >> trace: i knew a few, too, they don't care how it looks. they are just going to press who were genuine people. their point home and grind the passing of shell done their opponents into the dust.
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adelson the morning, a huge and i think that any fair-minded, independent people. you don't have to be a trump casino magnate, trump supporter. supporter. you can be a biden supporter. >> i didn't know him personally you have to be looking and but he was a very important figure. he is now mostly famous for this and wondering what happened to your country. being trump's i think biggest >> trace: always great to see financial backer. also a very strong supporter of you, thank you. >> julie: democrats pressing ahead on impeachment but are israel. but he was important to a lot they ignoring the consequences? of conservatives. i saw an estimate that over his why some warn a rushed process could set a dangerous precedent life he had contributed $430 million or something to next. conservative candidates. so any conservative was looking to him for help. that's a big loss for conservatives. some who really put his money where his mouth is. so it's a big thing. >> trace: sheldon adelson was 87 years old. thank you for your time. we appreciate it. >> julie: meanwhile house democrats move toward
6:16 am
impeaching the president a group of republican lawmakers to joe biden calling for the president elect to help stop the impeachment saying it would just do more to divide the country. joining us now is one of those lawmakers who wrote the letter congresswoman nancy mace. you are a freshman republican congresswoman. you once supported president trump and he supported you. you enjoyed receiving his endorsement at the time you were running. has anything changed? >> yes, everything changed last wednesday with the violent attacks and leading up to those events. do you have a life insurance my life was threatened. policy you no longer need? now it was a very scary situation. you can sell your policy, even a i planned to have my kids up term policy, for an immediate there last week but because of cash payment. we thought we had planned carefully for our the rhetoric we were seeing i retirement. but we quickly was really afraid for my children being up there and the realized that we needed a way to supplement our income. if you outcome was my worst fear. have one hundred thousand dollars or more of life everything -- every accomplishment the president insurance you may qualify to had over the last four years sell your policy. don't cancel has been wiped out. or let your policy lapse without we have to start from scratch. finding out what it's worth. i worked for him in 2016 on his visit to find out if you policy campaign. he campaigned for me in 2020 qualifies. or call the number on your screen. coventry direct, and i supported his reelection.
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redefining insurance. is that net carbs or total?... but the outcome of the rally, some of the rhetoric led to that violence and it was a really sad day for our nation. i personally am devastated and heartbreak en and want to be part of the solution going forward. we have a lot of work on both sides of the aisle. this isn't the first violent event. we've had nine months of violence in cities across the country. i'm asking republicans and democrats to hit pause, particularly over the next 7 to 10 days leading up to the inauguration of the 20th. to acknowledge we have a problem with divisiveness in this country. to take responsibility for this problem. both parties at fault. work together to find solutions. i'm tired of this. there are americans who are upset and distraught what we're seeing on television every day. enough is enough. i want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem. >> julie: i'm sure you heard that the president did bear some responsibility for maybe
6:18 am
egging on the rioters. he spoke with kevin mccarthy, house minority leader. is that going to help republicans like yourself who are sort of turning away from the president? he did not in his words think that they were going to do what they did. he wanted to fight back and he wanted them to have their voices heard because he felt that the election was stolen from him. a lot of republicans like yourself that are turning their backs on the president that once stood up for you. are you concerned at all that your turn against trump will hurt your chances of reelection in 2022? >> i don't operate out of fear and i don't operate on what the next election is going to look like. i'm a single working mom with two kids. a constitutional conservatives and joined by others in the u.s. senate and house. both u.s. senators also supported us on the certification of the electoral college last week. i think it would mean a lot to this country if republicans and
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democrats would raise their hand and take responsibility for the things and the violence and the rhetoric leading up to eh, not enough fiber... this. what we now understand and see chocolate would be good... and my eyes were open after snacking should be sweet and simple. the delicious taste of glucerna wednesday is that rhetoric has gives you the sweetness you crave real consequences. while helping you manage your blood sugar. someone threatened to shoot me on social media because i with nutrients to help support immune health. wasn't fighting for the president enough. >> man: what's myo help my my livelihood. this isn't who we are as a nation. so when my windshield cracked... it is unamerican and we're the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... better than this. there are millions of americans who feel like their voices are with service i could trust. not heard and why they have -- right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ they love the president so much and aren't leaving his side because there is a vacuum of folks who feel like congress, d.c. has forgotten them and we >> trace: breaking news on have to be reminded about why ngressman jim jordan we're here today to work for them. and to be honest with them. and the dishonesty over the last eight weeks. there. virtual meeting of the house the vice president could rules committee. overturn the electoral college, what they're debating here is not true. that congress could overturn whether or not the activate the the electoral college not true. i had to walk through a crime 25th amendment trying to compel scene to go vote in what should vice president mike pence to have been a ceremonial vote on gather up all the cabinet the floor of the chamber in the members and go in and say that
6:20 am
middle of the night last week after the violent attacks on president trump is unfit and our nation's capitol. incapable of executing his it was a very sad day for our duties. they will vote on this tonight. country and i just pray for our if it does not pass nancy country. i want to have -- my children pelosi has vowed to go forward to have a good future. with impeachment. i'll do everything in i can to updates coming out of this call out those who are virtual meeting as they come responsible, and two, be part in, julie. of the solution. we have got to come together >> julie: backlash against today. we need a peaceful transition president trump increases after of power. thank you. the capitol hill riots, there >> julie: thank you very much. that's all the time we have. is a new op-ed from usa today we do appreciate you coming on out. this morning and congratulations to your win as it goes even further arguing well. quote, trump doesn't deserve >> thank you. post presidential benefits. >> trace: vaccine roll-out impeach him to insure he won't getting off to a slow start. get them. the federal government is for more on this let's bring changing its guidelines on who our power panel here fox news should get the covid shots. warnings of more violent contributors brian brenberg and protests ahead of joe biden's jessica tarlov. brian, let me start with you. inauguration next week. the op-ed poses a question. what's the plan to keep the do republicans believe after peace? acting dhs deputy secretary ken the insurrection trump cuccinelli is next. formeanted he deserves millions in taxpayer funded benefits if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes, every year for the rest of his life? how would you answer that question? >> what i would say is it's the
6:21 am
wrong question. this is what's been so frustrating with this entire debate. we should be talking about what the country needs to move forward, to heal, to take down the divisiveness, to take down the temperature. that's obviously the most important issue now. this op-ed raises the question should the president get office benefits and travel benefits once he leaves office? i mean, if you go to the rest of america and ask them should we talk about that issue now i think people would say no, we have bigger fish to fry and yet this is the kind of contribution we get to the conversation. it is why people look at what is happening right now and they say it's marred with vindictiveness and pettiness and vengeance. those are the last things we should be bringing into the conversation in a moment like this. >> julie: the op-ed calls for taking away the taxpayer funded benefits every president is entitled to. that means travel budget, office and staff, even secret
6:22 am
service protection. do you think that's a step too far or is that worthy of the punishment? >> hello? >> julie: we didn't hear -- then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. maybe you don't hear us. can you hear me? genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. let's try to get jessica back. always look for the grown in idaho seal. in the meantime brian let me ask you. is that going a step too far? >> yeah. state of the art technology it is one of these issues that makes it brilliant. you look at a moment and say the visionary lexus nx, lease the 2021 nx 300 for $359 a month for 36 months. what is it talking about and what's the priority? a lot of america in this moment experience amazing at your lexus dealer. what do we want our elected officials to be focused on? we're in the beginning of a presidential transition. we're at a critical moment in this country's history. we have a pandemic on our hands. what are the things we want congress and what are the things we want the senate to focus on? i don't think anybody out there is saying we want them focused on whether the president gets a travel budget after he leaves office or whether the president
6:23 am
gets office expenses after he leaves office. it is missing the forest for the trees right now. we're just seeing it so much in this impeachment debate. we're talking about an impeachment that might not actually play out until after president trump leaves office. well, what does that do to the incoming president? what does it do to his agenda and the important work that congress has before it? all it does is stall it and leave this divisive issue hanging over the heads of america. i just don't think we want to go there right now. we need to refocus and talk about real priorities which is bringing the country together and moving forward. >> julie: we're having trouble with jessica's audio. to be fair i want to present the other side. basically what people are saying is that the president and what nancy pelosi plans on doing what she introduces the article of impeachment tomorrow if in fact they don't get pence to invoke the 25th amendment, which doesn't look likely, that the president incited violence.
6:24 am
that he incited insurrection and why would he be eligible for millions of taxpayer dollars when he put taxpayers' lives in harm's way? the op-ed reads this. a vote for impeachment is a vote to take away the perks of trump's post presidency life. a vote against impeachment is a vote to maintain them. the message is simple, direct and easy to digest. not complicated. brian, doesn't ending protections like the secret service detail for president trump actually put the national interest at risk? >> i would hope that we're not talking about ending secret service protections for a former president. i would hate -- i don't know if the op-ed said that. an earlier version might have but they updated it. to advocate for removing secret service protection for a former president. i wouldn't want to be the
6:25 am
author on that article if something happened. it goes back to the fundamental question. we have to say it again and again. the point right now is to help the country move forward. does the president need to be held accountable? a lot of people agree he does but is impeachment the way to do that and removing post presidency benefits the way to do it? we have to have a bigger conversation. right now we're rushing through it. >> julie: jessica, should he be stripped of all the post presidential entitlements? >> no, i don't think so especially the secret service protection. that is a larger conversation once we get through the impeachment process and hopefully we get to the senate with it and mitch mcconnell would take it up. sorry about the nick call difficulties there. the joys of doing this from home. it is important to note it is completely unfair for it to be being placed at democrats to make sure oats the oounfication
6:26 am
moment. the president said that people read his speech and said it was totally appropriate what he said. people don't think it's totally appropriate. >> julie: here are some of our the months of lies that republicans have said to their top stories today. new guidance from the trump supporters that then turned into a riot at the capitol cost administration on the covid vaccine telling states not to five lives including an hold off on giving a second officer's life falls on the feet of the people yelling at shot to americans 65 and older. democrats about us being the the new directive comes amid a bigger people and us coming together and the ones who never push to accelerate the take that opportunity. they never even going back to vaccination roll-out. >> patriots head coach bill the 90s when lindsey graham belichick is declining the said impeachment we should move presidential medal of freedom he was set to receive this week. on. he thought bill clinton he said the violence at the deserved to be impeached about capitol changed his mind about oral sex in the oval office. accepting the award from president trump. storming the capitol is more >> julie: acting homeland important than what bill security secretary chad wolf clinton did in his office with stepping down from his post. wolf fighting the ongoing court battle over his authority as monica lewandowski. acting secretary. until republicans take responsibility we can't move on. a source close to wolf tells you need accountability to move forward as a country. fox news the capitol riots also >> julie: i'm glad we got you in at the end. factored into his decision. apologies for the audio issues. for more on these and other >> sorry about that. >> julie: brian, thank you both
6:27 am
for talking to us. stories scan the app to get the fox news app. >> trace: as authorities step up the investigation into last >> trace: the titans of tech week's riot the f.b.i. is using their power to senator warning that armed protests are free speech and support joe planned at all 50 capitols and biden. brand-new reaction from president trump on that coming the u.s. capitol ahead of joe up next. biden's inauguration. let's bring in acting dhs deputy secretary ken cuccinelli. thank you for joining us and we appreciate your time here. i'm hoping you can hear me on this. mr. secretary? he cannot hear us apparently. at novartis, our goal is to help you can hear us, sir? keep cosentyx accessible and affordable. trace gallagher, fox news. he cannot hear me. if you're taking cosentyx and your insurance one of the concerns that we had or coverage changes or you need help paying was, julie, what we were hoping cosentyx connect is here to help. to get at with the secretary don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. was the f.b.i. and i want to before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. read this warning if i can. an increased risk of infections the f.b.i. put out the bulletin and lowered ability to fight them may occur. that said the following armed tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, protests are being planned in if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen all 50 state capitols from 16 or if you've had a vaccine, or plan to. january through at least 20 serious allergic reactions january and at the u.s. capitol may occur.
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6:29 am
available to support them and make sure as best we can ú6 want to sell the best burger add an employee.ode? they're taking these things or ten... then easily and automatically pay your team and seriously so that we don't have something like happened at the file payroll taxes. that means... world domination! capitol where the threat was or just the west side. run payroll in less just not appreciated unfold in than five minutes with intuit quickbooks. some state capitol. >> trace: when you talk to these partners, sir, does this propagate change? will there be changes in security around the country during this time frame? >> so let's keep in mind we don't order states to do things. we make suggestions, we share intelligence, and we offer resources of a variety of kinds, whether it be manpower or assets, depending on where it is and what the circumstances. we want to make it clear what's available to them so we can back them up. so we can bolster their intelligence gathering going in. and hopefully as we all sit quietly by as i like to tell
6:30 am
security guards, hey, i hope you have a boring day. but we plan for the worst and we hope for the best. we want to encourage our state partners to do the same and we're willing to provide help for them to do that. >> trace: we talked about this. the acting dhs secretary chad wolf said he was going to stay for the remainder of the administration, then he resigned. but the white house says, sir, it is not because of the capitol hill violence, not because he called out president trump for that capitol hill violence and he released this in a statement. unfortunately this action is warranted by recent events including the ongoing and meritless court ruling regarding the validity of my authority as acting secretary. why exactly did he step down? the timing seems to be a little questionable here. >> i certainly accept his explanation for that and realize he is still with the department but he is not in the acting secretary role.
6:31 am
that is now fulfilled by pete gaynor who was the fema administrator and it is my understanding he will sort of close out the administration in that position. i've been working with administrator now secretary gaynor for quite some time and he knows the department well and is well prepared to lead the department. >> trace: ken cuccinelli, thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> good to be with you. >> julie: parler fighting back and filing a lawsuit against amazon after the tech giant removed their app from its cloud services. >> julie: silicon valley moves former deputy assistant to silence president trump and attorney general john yoo will join us next hour. his supporters. meanwhile president-elect biden new york governor andrew cuomo has been silent on growing does an about face on reopening questions about social media businesses in his state? censorship. blake berman reporting from fox what's this all about next. business live at the white house. >> no doubt when you look at from head to toe. i d the 2020 election cycle the money from employees who work at some of the biggest i was afraid to show my skin.
6:32 am
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6:33 am
said that by and large they can't keep the president's accounts open fearing it will lead to further violence. >> julie: blake, thank you so much. trace. >> trace: an illegal immigrant with a 30-year criminal history was able to evade ice for months because of sanctuary city laws. so what happened here? that's next. and your family you real piece of mind. refiplus from newday usa can make it happen. refiplus lets you refinance at the lowest mortgage rates in history plus get an average of $50,000 cash for the financial security you and your family deserve. refiplus, only from newday usa.
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6:37 am
>> trace: an illegal immigrant in california wanted for killing his ex-girlfriend in front of his tune about reopening businesses here in new york. their 3-year-old found that from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> we simply cannot stay closed i.c.e. had a detainer on him in until the vaccine hits critical september because of a previous mass. the cost is too high. incident of the l.a.p.d. did not honor it because of the state we will have nothing left to open. sanctuary laws. we must reopen the economy but william la jeunesse live in los angeles. the guy had a lengthy rap sheet. we must do it smartly and what else can you tell us? safely. >> julie: the governor making >> is not the type that you want in this country and it's hard to the about-face comments at the state of the state address see why california did. the u.s. ordered herbert florez yesterday. cuomo says covid-19 testing will be used to reopen deported ten times. restaurants, art centers, and his history includes guns, theaters. the move comes despite an trespassing guns burglary drugs uptick in coronavirus cases dui resisting arrest, illegal with the state's positivity entry, domestic violence. race. this is something new yorkers have been wanting for many months. not quite sure what changed the ice filed a detainer against him covid rate is over 9% when only in september. 1.4% of covid-related cases are it would've put florez behind bars or scented back to linked to restaurants, but yet el salvador. instead l.a.p.d. let him go, hair salons are open. allowing florez too, as you'll it has made zero sense. see here, shoot ruiz in front of all the new yorkers have left her daughter. and our economy is in the he fled to texas where on pooper and now he is coming out
6:38 am
saturday during the police chase and deciding yeah, let's reopen new york because there is he killed himself. like so many other tragedies, nothing going to be left at the end. this case illustrates the threat do you think? >> trace: conservatives are posed by egregious and often reminding people strongly that recidivist criminal offenders. every time they mentioned this it's another example of how over the past 9 or 10 months california's sanctuary policies lead to violence against reopening the economy the retort was always you're innocent victims while protecting illegal aliens who putting lives on the line. you would rather put the have no authority to be in our economy in front of the people country, according to i.c.e. who are getting the coronavirus who could die and the answer this follows the case of fernando lopez garcia's 15 year was that you are actually -- criminal history which includes battery of a spouse, assault the solution is worse than the with a deadly weapon, vandalism disease is what a lot of them and assault on an officer. were accused of saying. i.c.e. file detainers in june july and august all of which the governor's about-face is astounding on that. >> julie: just looking at the california ignored. in november he killed two in economy in new york. san jose. i don't know how long it will take for new york to rebound. the l.a.p.d. did not tell us why new york will come back but the they release florez. businesses, the tourism. president trump as you know that's what we need to breathe trying unsuccessfully to cut life into the city. you can't do that when you've closed all the businesses and funds to sanctuary cities. where are your customers? joe biden want to opposed they've all left. central policies flip-flopped in anyway, sad to see but i'm glad 2020 now supports them. >> trace: l.a.p.d. has not he has finally come around. >> trace: our next guest wrote commented. >> they have not nor do they an op-ed in the "wall street
6:39 am
respond to an email. journal" suggesting conservatives should stop >> trace: william la jeunesse justifying bad behavior by saying the other side did it live in los angeles. thank you. first. catching up on a couple things, no excuses for trump and we are waiting for the house hearing. they are deciding if they should capitol riot. conservatives are supposed to invoke the 25th amendment, julie, whether or not mike pence believe in objective moral truth. jerry baker is editor at large should say that the president is of the journal and "wall street incapable of carrying out his duties. that's a long shot. >> julie: and if that doesn't journal" at large with jerry happen nancy pelosi will present baker on the fox business an article of impeachment network. great to see you. i want to read a little more. tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts right now. it says, the path for >> the house rules committee is debating a bill calling to reinvigorating the conservative remove president trump from office. this is a few hours ahead of a movement. it must address the legitimate vote pressuring president grievances of americans and mike pence to use the 25th amendment to go through food. resist the temptation to win them over with fiction. this comes as house democrats are barreling towards the second could start with a turn toward impeachment vote with only days left on president trump's term. moral clarity. what are you trying to say to conservatives in a nutshell, and if vice president pence jerry? >> there is no question that doesn't comply with congress to invoke the 25th moment, the reason that people feel so democrats plan to start debate on impeachment tomorrow morning with the politically exposed to
6:40 am
move a pushback even from some strongly about trump there are democrats who including senator joe manchin take a listen to what he said. understandable reasons why people did that and why people would still do that and no >> question whatsoever that the behavior of the left, whether it is in the black lives matter protests that we saw last year, riots that we saw last year, whether it's in the recent crackdown by tech companies which make no mistake about it is without doubt an attempt to silence opposition. there is no question about any of that. but if you take something that happened last week like what the president did and what his -- some of -- a small portion of his supporters did last week but yes, but. then you are instantly diluting the moral disapproval and indeed the combination that we need to do for an event like that. it is no good to say yeah, i didn't like that. he shouldn't have done that. that was bad. what about all the other stuff, too? it instantly essentially semi exonerates the president and
6:41 am
those extremists for doing what they did. it is saying yeah, but they did it because other people have done bad stuff, too. no, that's not the right approach. we have to be clear and say look, we can't constantly justify bad behavior by saying the other side does bad behavior. that way is the way to justifying everything. >> trace: but staying on one side now, gerry, you have the legal scholars like jonathan turley, alan dershowitz saying legally the president did not incite this. when you talk about impeachment, the president did not incite this. forget the bad behavior on the left. focus on the behavior of the president. is there a case to be made there that we're taking responsibility or that the president should take responsibility for something that maybe he did not incite? your thoughts. >> my argument isn't the president broke the law. i'm not a lawyer. i can't say. jonathan turley and others know the law better than i ever will. the issue is not about whether or not the president broke the
6:42 am
law. quite revealing that people make that argument. not breaking the law shouldn't be the standard by which we approve of a president. presidents shouldn't break the law, of course. but they're held to a higher standard. they need to be held to a standard of behaving in a way that they fix the president and behaving in a way that promotes constitutional government and i would argue very strongly that what the president has done since the election in insisting on the election was stolen, in going through a process where it was repeatedly that case was repeatedly thrown out by judge after judge and still -- the president was perfectly entitled to do all of that to go through the legal system to try to make a legal argument, a constitutional argument the election was unfair. all those arguments. then at that point to continue and say i'm not going to accept the results of the election, which is what he did. it is not a crime and maybe what he said last week isn't a crime. it probably isn't. it is politically beyond the
6:43 am
pale and so damaging to the constitution of the united states. and that needs to be called out. as well as all the bad things that the left does, all the bad things the president's opponents do and by the way, trace, as you know, i spent most of the last year writing about the bias in the media, the bias -- behavior an the extremists. there will be plenty of things for conservatives righteously to be angry about next week but they also -- their ability to make that case is weakened if they don't call out what donald trump last week did as being the outrageous behavior that it was. >> trace: behaving in a way that befits is to you, gerry, should president trump resign before his term for the good of the country? >> you know, again, there is a
6:44 am
week to go. i don't know. i'm not sure. the "wall street journal" editorial page has argued that strongly and a strong case to be made for that. i think there are questions then about what happens after that -- after that happens. if the president resigns in disgrace that weakens his political position, some people might think that's a good thing. we have a week to go. my own view is we should get through -- let's get through the next week. i think it's probably -- president will be by the house of representatives. i doubt the senate will vote to convict him. the conservative movement does -- as it mobilizes to challenge complete democratic control of washington, the conservative movement does need to mobilize effectively and it needs to reflect what's happened in the last two months and try to get to win back the confidence of many, many americans who i think whose confidence has been shattered by what they've seen
6:45 am
in the last couple months particularly what they saw last week. >> trace: gerry baker of the "wall street journal." good of you to come on. thank you. >> julie: as california police search for a killer, they say the murder suspect could have been stopped if not for sanctuary laws. we'll have a live report on that coming up. plus a new push to speed up vaccinations. what a new trump administration directive could mean for americans trying to get protection from the virus next.
6:46 am
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>> julie: big news in the fight against covid-19. the trump administrations asking states to speed up vaccinations for people over 65 by not holding back the required second dose. health and human services secretary alex azar says the distribution in states has been too narrowly focused. it comes as a record number of americans were vaccinated on monday. joining me now to discuss is dr. marc siegel professor of medicine at nyu langone. i want to know why there would be a reason for any state to hold back on that second dose? you're not fully ed until you'v received both.
6:51 am
>> exactly. that's been a source of controversy. good morning, julie. it shouldn't be. because when alex azar is saying now there is enough vaccines coming out finally manufactured so he can guarantee there is enough second doses out there for everybody to get. so that's why he is saying liberalize the guidelines, give everybody the first dose. i have to say the strict adherence to these guidelines has been a huge part of the problem here. i was happy to see azar say look, everybody over the age of 65 has to be vaccinated as soon as possible. we have enough doses. 1.25 million doses were given out yesterday alone. the huge increase over 500,000. they're heading in the right direction but they have to get to 3 million doses a day to start to break the back of this. >> julie: 1.25 million people vaccinated on monday. that's an uptick and a great number to see. you talk about the elderly. you are talking about 65 and up. i don't necessarily think of
6:52 am
65-year-olds as elderly but 65 and up should be first in line. this enough to stay ahead of the virus? >> well, if the right people are vaccinated. there are over 130,000 people hospitalized in the united states from covid right now. about 80% or more of the deaths are people over the age of 65. so if we can have the rubber meet the road here and really vaccinate the elderly and high-risk groups we'll decrease dramatically on hospitalizations and deaths before we get the whole population vaccinated. i'm really interested to see that. nursing homes 39, 40% of the deaths we get all the nursing homes, everyone in a nursing home and all the workers in nursing homes vaccinated and the elderly around the country we'll get there and flatten the curve much sooner than you might think. maybe march. states like florida are already targeting those over 65. it has to be a national
6:53 am
priority, though. i believe also we've got to see large vaccine centers that are federally run as well. >> julie: would president elect's bidens plan to dole out vaccines at once help or hurt the situation. >> you started with something that's relevant to that. i don't think the feds should be holding back vaccine. i agree with the president-elect biden on that. let's get all the vaccines out to the states. but once they're there, let's remember that the pfizer and moderna vaccines have been studied for two doses. we don't know what one dose will do long term. we have to stick to the science on that. we have to say the clinical trials and the emergency use authorization was based on the two doses at set intervals. 3 weeks for pfizer, four weeks for moderna. we have to do that. >> julie: i want to touch on this. covid cases continue to surge across the country. california is at its worst and nobody seems to the cdc says the number of
6:54 am
influenza cases, however, so far this reason are dramatically lower than normal due to the covid safety measures in place. distancing and mask wearing. just to compare in the fall of 2019 the cdc reported more than 65,000 cases of influenza while this fall there were just over 1,000 cases. so with all of the preventive measures working, why are covid cases still on the rise? >> this is the right time to be talking about that. this is flu season supposedly right now and we're only seeing 1,000 cases, dramatic. that may mean some of the measures we're doing with distancing and masking is working. covid is much more contagious. we aren't doing nearly enough there. traveling too much. too many large gatherings, not enough mask wearing and distances. covid much more contagious. >> julie: all right. dr. marc siegel, great to see you, buddy. >> trace: fox news alert. f.b.i. officials warning of more violent protests ahead of joe biden's inauguration.
6:55 am
what they're saying could happen and where when "america's newsroom" continues next hour. my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward.
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7:00 am
>> trace: house democrats are speeding ahead with plans to impeach president trump for incitement of insurrection at the capitol setting their sights on a vote as soon as tomorrow. welcome to a new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm trace gallagher. julie, good morning to you. >> julie: i'm julie banderas, sandra smith is off today. democrats will have enough votes in the house where only the simple majority is needed to impeach the president. but they appear divided over sending it to the senate where a 2/3 super majority would be needed to convict. constitutional attorney alan dershowitz blasting the move by democrats. >> what the democrats want to do is simply impeach him. they can do that. you need to have the votes. they don't want to bring him to trial. they want to have the accusation hanging over him.
7:01 am
some democrats are saying we'll give him a trial but only after he has left office. there is no jurisdiction. congress doesn't have the power to try anybody unless they're in office. >> trace: mike emanuel live in washington good morning to you. when should we see action in the house of representatives? >> we expect some action this evening. house lawmakers will vote calling on vice president mike pence to take action urging him to use the 25th amendment to say president trump is not capable of carrying out the duties of his office. with many expecting pence won't do that house democrats are expected to quickly pivot to an impeachment vote tomorrow. >> there is not a lot of investigation that needs to be done. we were all victims and witnesses to it and saw the president's statements and tweets. so this will lay it out in more detail. it is sufficient to sustain the burden of proof for impeachment. >> kevin mccarthy in a letter to gop colleagues personally i continue to believe an
7:02 am
impeachment at this time would have the opposite effect of bringing our country together when we need to get america back on a path toward unity and civility. other republicans suggest president-elect joe biden should step up. >> this president-elect could gain a lot of goodwill among republicans and democrats frankly but among americans generally if he told everybody slow down, this president is not an imminent threat to this country at this point. let's get through the inauguration and let's look back and make some decisions. >> once the house votes to impeach it would head to the senate to a trial. one senate democrat says they don't have the votes. >> there will be 48 democrats until we seat warnock and ossoff. so until that happens, we need 67 votes. i think my arigt me particular we have 19 republicans. i don't see that. the house should know that also.
7:03 am
we've been trying to send that message over. >> the earliest the senate trial could start would be january 20th. inauguration day when president trump is already leaving office. trace. >> trace: mike emanuel live in d.c. thank you. >> julie: fox news alert. the f.b.i. is preparing for the possibility of more violence. this time at state capitol buildings across the u.s. as a result of a planned house vote tomorrow on president trump's impeachment. david spunt is live at the justice department. david, when does the f.b.i. expect protests to begin? >> julie, unfortunately any day now. they want to be ready. those in local law enforcement and federal law enforcement say they'll do everything possible to make sure we don't see a repeat performance of that terrible riot that took place in and outside of the u.s. capitol last week on january 6. right now, julie, i'm told there are at least two dozen cases stemming from that incident being investigated as
7:04 am
acts of domestic terrorism, not just rioting but domestic terrorism. there is an f.b.i. memo circulating to f.b.i. partners across the country warns about protests in 50 state capitols but specifically armed protests in 50 state capitols. capitol buildings from the u.s. capitol across the country, the governor of wisconsin, julie, last night ordered the national guard to protect the building in madison. california governor newsom yesterday said he is on high alert as well. >> the answer is pretty self-evident for anybody who has been around the capitol. everybody is on high alert in terms of just making sure that everybody is safe. i can assure you we have a heightened level of security. >> the department of homeland security treating the inauguration and a special national security event putting all hands on deck now, not next week as is traditional before
7:05 am
an inauguration. the news from homeland security comes as chad wolf announced he is done and stepped down before the end of his term last night just before midnight. sources tell fox news wolf while frustrated with court cases surrounding his acting status he was upset by the events last week at the capitol. the national park service announced yesterday they will close the washington monument until january 24th at the earliest because of some potential violence that could come around there. also trying to identify those people at the u.s. capitol last week. the f.b.i. has a tip line. if you have information you can give that information to the f.b.i., 1-800-call f.b.i. >> julie: thank you so much, david spunt. meanwhile two capitol police officers were suspended for their actions during last week's riot in washington and several more are currently under investigation. in a video that circulated
7:06 am
online, a capitol police officer appeared to take a selfie with a rioter inside the capitol building. another video appeared to show officers moving barriers aside to let people near the building. the officers' names have not been released. >> trace: it's a resolving door that's raising concerns about potential government censorship. senior employees at big tech companies like facebook, google and twitter are set to take up jobs in the biden administration amid the platform's crackdown on trump supporters. let's bring in ben domenech from the federalist. we pointed out earlier today some of the big tech media companies gave 15.5 million dollars to the biden campaign. about 1.5 million to trump and some of those very same companies ben, i want to put this on the screen for you, are kind of pausing donations to some republicans. we're talking about amazon, facebook, google, microwave row
7:07 am
soft, air b and b, verizon, t-mobile and comcast and big tech employees are going to work for the biden administration. what do you make of all this? >> i think we have to be concerned about this development. we've seen big tech really put their hand on the lever when it came to this election in a lot of different respects. not just the social media side, but in terms of their political donations, their support financially for efforts that led to a lot of changes in the way that voting happened in this year. and i think we're going to see shift that's happened. we've been talking for thsocial primarily. the shiny object of twitter and facebook. but what we're really talking about now are the guts of the internet. the infrastructure that's underneath all of this. it's one thing to say you can't use a platform to share information, to advertise or something like that.
7:08 am
it's another to say you can't use the equivalent of the roads, the water, the power that's underneath the internet super structure. that's something that i think is going to be a major factor going forward in terms of determining how are partisan divide is navigated in the coming years. if we have a situation where essentially people who are right of center you'll have to build your own internet infrastructure in order to function. >> trace: you talk about the big shift and the "new york post" editorial board writes the following. quoting, perhaps big tech thinks it can get away with all this now that democrats are going to control washington its execs may think they need to stifle the right to fend off the left's drive to dictate their behavior. it will feed everyone's concerns about the industry's power rather than give america the peace it desperately needs in the wake of the capitol hill assault, big tech is tossing more fuel on the culture war fires. agree with that? would you add something to it,
7:09 am
subtract, what do you think? >> i certainly think they're tossing fuel on the fires but i also think it's a situation that we've been predicting for a while. we saw how much we have seen these various corporations take on new responsibilities in dictating what is acceptable speech, what is acceptable positioning, or partisan allegiance in so many different ways in recent years. i think frankly that president trump missed a real opportunity there to push for major reforms within this space. certainly i do believe now that this is going to be a matter that is resolved primarily through the court system where we've seen people like supreme court justice clarence thomas raise the issue of section 230 reform. that may be the place where we have these fights go forward in terms of adjudicating who can even use these various corporate products. >> trace: it's interesting glen
7:10 am
greenwald tweeted this. history moves quickly. 9/11 attack was 20 years ago. nobody under 35, maybe 40 has a real political memory of it. liberals begging corporations to censor extremist speech. emotions exploited to demand quick new anti-terrorism laws and powers. the same dynamic, the same thing is afoot now. your final thoughts on this? >> i absolutely think that's true. i have a number of younger employees who have very little memory of 9/11 on the decisions made afterwards. a lot of people have questions about what will come in the wake of what we've seen in the last week essentially a crackdown that could extend far beyond anyone who actually did anything illegal or wrong in washington and simply to those who supported the idea that the president ought to fight this election issue to the end. people who waved flags or who have the wrong bumper sticker on their car have to be concerned even if they weren't at this protest.
7:11 am
that's something that i think sadly we are going to see extend in a lot of directions going forward. how we choose to live together. the people who supported trump and biden is the biggest question facing us as a nation today. >> trace: interesting insight. always good to see you. thank you. >> julie: patriots coach bill belichick taking a pass on the presidential medal of freedom. why he won't be on the receiving end of the high honor. plus a tale of two governors and two lockdowns. why so many new yorkers are fleeing to florida. >> new york is suffering and new yorkers are tired of being abused and demand that washington stop causing damage and starts resolving the damage they caused. if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back, inflammation in your eye might be to blame.
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7:15 am
>> trace: new england patriots head coach bill belichick announced he won't receive the presidential medal of freedom. he was flattered by the offer out of respect for what the honor represents and admiration tore prior recipients. in a statement released he said the decision was made not to move forward with the award
7:16 am
after the violence at the capitol. >> julie: some new yorkers leaving strict lockdowns behind and heading to florida where the governor there is taking a much different approach to fighting covid and they're seeing a big difference. our next guest writes in the "new york post" florida puts new york to shame in rational pandemic policies. carol markowitz is a columnist for the "new york post." what is the biggest difference between new york and florida when it comes to fighting covid? >> the biggest difference is everything in florida is open. indoor dining is open in all the cities. and they are living semi normal lives. everybody is still wearing masks and social distancing and washing hands and taking all the precautions without any of the insanity we're doing in new york. in new york city it is not uncommon to see somebody alone on a street masked. why? why are you wearing a mask alone on a street? we do it because we feel a
7:17 am
societal pressure to do it. in florida they don't do crazy things like that. it makes it easier to take the precautions seriously. it makes it easier to wear the mask in situations where it actually matters. >> julie: i want to talk more about indoor dining. i have a bunch of stats i want to get ready to put on the screen so we can compare and contrast the two states. in florida when it comes to in-person learning all districts are open in new york based on the region infection rate. as for indoor dining, full capacity in florida, in new york it varies by cluster zone. new york city is prohibited. mask face company recommended in florida. required in new york. a good one. vaccinations administered. florida beats new york 633,000 over that vaccines administered to florida compared to 579,000. i went to florida around thanksgiving and quarantined when i came back. that was the rule. i have to say we did do indoor dining there.
7:18 am
it was separated. we wore our masks walking in. the businesses are doing really well. i was in miami and actually very impressed on how miami in particular is handling covid. and honestly i felt like everybody there was very respectful with their masks on. don't think that people in florida don't wear masks. they do. they don't necessarily need to when they are socially distanced and that's how dining works and why their economy is not suffering the way ours is in new york city. >> that's absolutely it. they have a difference of leadership. we have governor cuomo told he was doing a great job throughout the process. he has been doing a terrible job. not only have our businesses been destroyed, vaccination program is all back ordered and reinventing the wheel. florida is going by age, what that matter e done all along. to people. it shows. it is a real big difference. i'm a life is doing a better jo
7:19 am
than new york. i want to say new york is amazing but i can't do it now because we've made such a mess of the situation. there is forreason new york city hasn't had indoor dining. only in new york city. the second lowest rate in the state. again, florida is doing it right. new york isn't. it is hard for a life long new yorker to say. >> julie: you write they have no faith in our people to do the right thing for ourselves and neighbors. floridians know what to expect and normal oo*irzed their lives to a large extent. what do you make of governor cuomo do an about face saying our economy, we aren't going to survive and be nothing left. we have to reopen businesses and reopen the economy. that's what new yorkers have been dying to do for months and months. is it too late? >> that's exactly it. he comes out yesterday and says this as if somebody else is governor.
7:20 am
you're governor and one who closed the businesses. who are you yelling at? it is wild. that's exactly what i mean. new yorkers woke up yesterday to a completely new perspective from their governor. they have no idea what to expect from the guy. that really matters. especially in hard times like this. we're going through a global pandemic. a serious thing and nobody is taking it lightly. in florida they know what to expect from their governor and goes such a long way toward sanity and living normal lives and we have no idea how to fix that. he could wake up tomorrow and decide to close everything. we really don't know. >> julie: thank you so much. >> thank you. >> trace: parler is forced offline sparking accusations of bias. >> parler committed no crimes. so why are they gone? conservatives speak to each other on parler and that's dangerous so they were banned zbl. the social media platform is now suing amazon. does parler have a case?
7:21 am
house democrats forging ahead with plans to impeach president trump a second time. why our next guest calls this move foolish. >> there are some very serious issues here. questions about not just the basis of the impeachment, but also this idea of a snap impeachment creating an easy, quick way to impeach.
7:22 am
7:23 am
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7:26 am
>> julie: top stories we're following this hour. more corporations and tech giants cutting off donations to republicans who objected to the electoral college results. critics are saying the effort fueled last week's deadly attack on the capitol. >> trace: the state department announcing it's returning cuba to the list of state sponsors of terrorism citing havana harboring american fugitives and columbian rebels and support for venezuela's leaders. >> julie: several vaccinations sites will open in california. for more on these and other stories scan the qr code on your screen and go to the app store. >> we're going to do it. be back online one day. hopefully soon. as soon as possible. but this is a real challenge. we have to build our own
7:27 am
infrastructure and our own everything in order to do it. >> trace: the ceo of parler vowing the site will return after apple, google and amazon kicked it off their platforms in response to last week's violence on capitol hill. parler is suing amazon seeking a temporary restraining order to prevent amazon from removing parler from its servers. john yoo is a former assistant attorney general and now professor of law at berkeley. i know the argument tends to be these are private companies but you look like amazon, apple, google get together, you know, it seems as if they are undermining consumer choice here a bit. where are we legally? >> good to see you, trace. i think it's a hard case to make out antitrust claim. it is not beyond the realm of possibility. they would have to show amazon
7:28 am
wanted to destroy a competitor. amazon for parler is not in the same space or run a messaging service. parler has to make the harder claim that amazon and twitter. twitter is on amazon also. twitter and amazon somehow conspired to want to drive parler out. right now we don't see evidence of that. it is hard to prove. parler is a much better claim which is they have a contract with amazon like you and i might have a contract with our cable provider and that amazon broke the terms of their agreement by kicking parler off right away without giving them time to try to put in better controls on inciteful or hateful speech on their platform. >> trace: i want the read you part of the lawsuit saying amazon web services decision to effectively terminate parler's account is motivated by political animus and designed to reduce competition in the
7:29 am
microblogging services market to the benefit of twitter. you say maybe this is -- what should be the next move of parler to kind of get back going again? >> i like the first half of parler's statement. they may not have a legal claim for antitrust it's best they appeal to americans and say this is fundamentally unamerican not as a legal matter but as a matter of policy and politics that you have these big tech companies now starting to pick and choose who they like, who they don't like to allow onto their systems. imagine 100 years ago we had -- 150 years ago we had the same fights about trains when railroads first came out or telephones first coming out. would we have allowed at&t or amtrak to decide we'll only let passengers on or allow people to use the phone who we agree with. we would have thought it was unamerican. that's the better argument for
7:30 am
parler to make while they go about the business of finding an alternate web hoster to put their platform on. >> trace: i want to go onto the next subject. the house is set to impeach the president again tomorrow. senator joe manchin said this. listen. >> let the judicial system do its job. we are a country of the rule of law, the bedrock of who we are. let that take its place. let the investigations go on. let the evidence come forth and we'll go forward from there. >> trace: your final thoughts on this, john. >> i'm not so sure rushing impeachment like this is way the house is going to tomorrow makes much sense. president trump only has about a week left in office. they are raising very difficult questions. i'm not sure president trump committed incitement under the criminal law. the other thing is i'm not sure if president trump once he is out of office can be impeached. he can be but it's an open question. the courts have never decided that.
7:31 am
should we be having a trial that will consume a month of the senate's time at the beginning of another administration, that will prolong how long president trump is going to remain in the center of our politics rather than just letting him leave office and then the system and politics move forward from there without having to worry about president trump every day. >> trace: always good insight and information. thank you, sir. >> thanks. >> julie: new jersey is opening six mega sites around the state to speed up vaccinations that got off to a slow start. the goal is to vaccinate 70% of the eligible population by the end of may. brian is at one of the sites in new jersey. hi. >> good morning. we're at the sears department store which shut down in september. it has now been transformed into a mass vaccination site and one of two open. eventually there will be six statewide. new jersey is only vaccinating
7:32 am
healthcare workers and first responders at this time. this morning we were able to get a tour and follow lieutenant steven bitman, a 20 year police veteran as he received his first moderna vaccine shot. the site is capable administering 2500 vaccinations a day. patients are in and out the door in 30 minutes. by appointment only. for bitman whose wife was a healthcare worker today's shot is a relief. >> i really didn't feel anything. it was a tiny prick and that was it, easy. i feel very fortunate to be included in this group. i think it's important not just for my health but for the health and safety of the people i served in the community. >> trace: new jersey has been given 651,000 vaccine doses. so far just over 220,000 doses or just 34% have been used. that's ranked 31st in the nation.
7:33 am
the u.s. has used just 35% of the more than 25 million doses of vaccines distributed. the slow vaccine roll-out prompting health and human services secretary alex azar to change vaccine guidelines saying the administration is now calling on all states to immediately release all vaccine doses to start vaccinating all of those over the age of 65 and anyone under the age of 65 with pre-existing conditions. azar says that ultimately those second doses that were put on reserve need to be released right now. put the shots in people's arms immediately and on top of that the bottom line is he believes that there will be enough supply to meet the demand. something that governors, including the one here in new jersey, have been concerned about. they need more supply they say once distribution ramps up. >> julie: brian, thank you. trace. >> trace: breaking news. the president is now aboard marine one and made comments to reporters. he is on his way to the
7:34 am
southern border wall there. he talked about the wall. said he thinks the wall kept caravans from coming north and believes it is a good security mechanism. he also tucked about impeachment saying it is a continuation of the biggest witch hunt in history and nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are posing a great danger to the country. meantime security being ramped up nationwide as the f.b.i. warns of plans for armed protests at state capitols in the wake of the deadly riot in d.c. can state governments avoid the security failures we saw at the u.s. capitol? that's next. >> we plan for the worst and we hope for the best. we want to encourage our state partners to do the same. new projects means new project managers.
7:35 am
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7:39 am
their 18th national championship. the tide were led by offensive stars harris and smith who caught three touchdown passes for the win and one of the most remarkable wide receivers in college football history. alabama's seventh title under the head coach. the most for any head coach ever. >> julie: an f.b.i. internal memo warns of plans for armed protests at all 50 state capitols and in washington, d.c. in the run-up to president-elect biden's inauguration. the bulletin sparking fears of more violence after last week's deadly riot at the u.s. capitol. dan hoffman joins us now, a former cia station chief. the f.b.i. put out a statement. the f.b.i. respects the rights of individuals to peacefully exercise their first amendment rights. our focus is not on peaceful protestors but on those
7:40 am
threatening their safety and the safety of other citizens with violence and destruction of property. how does the f.b.i. plan to prep for this especially when we saw such security failures with the capitol hill riots? >> the first thing we've seen this public service announcement from the f.b.i. and reportedly received tens of thousands of tips about potential attacks. that's the first thing they do is rely on our own citizens if they see something to say something. i would also expect three other things to be happening right now. first is overwhelming force at the point of attack at all of these state capitols which would deter attackers. and then an ability to go out and collect information on where they might be gathering and how they might be planning to attack. secondly, the national security council at the white house really because these attacks are planned across our nation, we need coordination and planning, central planning at the federal level. and the third is i wonder
7:41 am
whether the president's own advisors are encouraging him given the seriousness of these threats to attend the inauguration and address the nation and ask for calm and respect, the peaceful transfer of power, the hallmark of our democracy. >> julie: this sounds like a large scale threat. why is the f.b.i. warning of this now and how is the bureau going to handle it if they're unable to stop the protests from happening peacefully? >> i think there were a lot of lessons learned from the january 6 mob violence at the capitol and one of those was the lack of numbers. and reportedly we've got 15,000 national guard augmenting our forces here in the nation's capitol on inauguration day. that is certainly a key element. this is an effort for state, local and federal law enforcement all to be working together, department of justice and homeland security.
7:42 am
this is extraordinarily important for our nation. i would just add an additional concern from my perspective. while law enforcement resources are stretched this is an opportune time for terrorists to take advantage. we need to be aware of that as well. >> julie: the national guard will be on the ready. what is your take when you hear from capitol police that they requested the national guard some six times and they were unable to get it. had the national guard been in place we probably wouldn't have seen the insurgence that we did at the capitol. >> i think we're still in this the post facto, the stage where we're learning exactly what happened and i'm sure there will be some accountability for what was done wrong. the problem is we have to do it immediately so we really grasp those lessons learned and don't repeat the same mistakes in the coming days. the f.b.i. has warned us these attacks could begin as early as
7:43 am
january 16th. it doesn't give us much time to internalize the lessons learned from january 6 and implement new procedures so those mistakes are repeated. >> julie: thank you very much. appreciate you coming on. >> trace: new york governor andrew cuomo saying the state must reopen so that the economic resurgence can begin. money man charles payne is up next with more on the democratic governor's change of heart. >> after the war is when the reconstruction begins. we must plan and start our post covid war reconstruction now to seize the advantage. for so long. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. i'm still clear, five years now. cosentyx works fast to give you clear skin that can last. real people with psoriasis
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7:48 am
>> we simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits critical mass. the cost is too high. we must reopen the economy but we must do it smartly and safely. >> trace: new york governor andrew cuomo changing his tune over coronavirus shutdowns saying the state must get back to business despite a sharp rise in new infections or there will be nothing left open. charles payne is the host of making money on fox business. charles, great to see you. we have thousands of businesses that are shut down. you've got the virus still raging and the governor wants to reopen the economy. i think congressman lee zeldin said. let me get it straight when republicans have been saying this it means they're science deniners trying to kill people but when cuomo finally says this today he is a genius who should write another book about his incredible leadership. did i get that right? did he get that right, charles? >> he got it right.
7:49 am
this is a eureka moment long in coming. unfortunate. part of it is the stubbornness to look at places that were successful. particularly florida. you contrast the two approaches. you hit it off right in the intro. coronavirus cases are spiking. they're spiking in new york and california. they are spiking in germany. places with the most draconian lockdowns. it will take years before we write the book on what actually happened. we're playing it by ear trying to figure it out. from the beginning we knew we couldn't destroy the economy as we were trying to fight the virus and still because in my mind political ideology, that was exactly what cuomo and newsom and others did and 1.1 million jobs lost in new york state. scores -- tens of thousands of small businesses are gone for good. retail businesses are gone for good. it is an amazing amount of devastation that he has left in
7:50 am
his wake. >> trace: do you think that governor cuomo -- you can see newsom thinking around and see the governors thinking it is not the restaurants. we know seven and eight weeks into the lockdowns it is not the restaurants and salons. we're shutting down businesses we can easily do that because we have to do that and now they're thinking we're killing businesses and cases going up. maybe try a different tactic. maybe look at what is actually causing it and go from there. what do you think? >> i think so. wonder why it took them so long. their own data, new york state said the causes of covid-19 spread only 1.43% came from restaurants. most of that was employee to employee. california their own data was around 2%. they had the information in their hands and yet i think what you said, though, the easiest thing for them to do is shut down the small, voiceless businesses but 99% of business in new york state are small
7:51 am
businesses and it's unfortunate that they took this kind of beating when on the flip side of this these states are always carving out magnificent tax breaks, subsidies and everything else for the large businesses and listen, amazon is doing great. check out the stock. home depot is doing great. golly, why did they do it? something i will never understand, trace. it is really -- i'm glad he is coming up with this now but he should have done it months ago. >> trace: cuomo pressuring the biden administration for billions in bail-out money. 10 seconds, final thought? >> i like that he said he can't tax billionaires and millionaires. only one bill from there and he needs 15 billion. another epiphany and maybe he is turning a corner. we'll see. >> trace: charles payne, good to see you, my friend, thank you. >> thanks a lot. >> julie: a crackdown from facebook after it bans one key
7:52 am
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7:53 am
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plus get an average of $50,000.. that's me. refiplus. íh with acetaminophenction fights pain in two ways. advil targets pain at the source... ...while acetaminophen blocks pain signals. the future of pain relief is here. new advil dual action. >> trace: ken jennings chokes up in his first host as jeopardy. >> alex did this job pretty much perfectly for more than 36 years and better up close.
7:56 am
we were dazzled by his intelligence, charm, his grace. i miss alex very much. let's be totally clear. no one will replace the great alex trebek but we can play the game he loved and honor him. >> julie: facebook is banning the phrase stop the steal from its platform. explaining its move quote we're now removing content containing the phrase stop the steal under our coordinating harm policy from facebook and instagram. we removed the original stop the steal group in november and have continued to remove pages, groups and events that violate any of our policies including calls for violence with continued attempts to organize events against the outcome of the u.s. presidential election that can lead to violence. we're taking this additional step in the lead-up to the inauguration. carley shimkus with fox news
7:57 am
headlines 24/7 on sirius xm. it seems more and more you'll hear from the social media giants making and taking their stance on president trump. >> a lot of rule changes are coming in right now. this latest one facebook is essentially saying even if you post those three words stop the steal without anything else they will remove the post because they view that as a violent rallying cry given what happened last week. i'm sure that liability comes into play. they don't want to be held liable for any misguided group of people planning something awful on their platform but the double standard that comes into play. facebook has ramped up efforts to stop the spread of misinformation regarding the 2020 election or anything having to do with joe biden being illegitimate. i just quickly searched the words trump illegitimate on facebook and found a post from
7:58 am
2017 that says president trump is an illegitimate president and twitter said trump is an illegitimate president. this is political. one president is allowed to be illegitimate. another president is not. it's clear the platforms are quickly becoming places where only liberal thought can be expressed but conservative thought cannot. >> julie: facebook has put out some emergency measures they're calling them. let's put them on the screen. increasing the requirement of group administrators to review and approve posts before they can go up. automatically disabling comments on posts in groups that start to have a high rate of hate speech or content that incites violence and using ai to demote content that likely violates policies. i mean, they're basically censoring a part of the country on facebook.
7:59 am
i understand not inciting violence and hate speech. there is no room for that. but i'm wondering if they've gone too far. >> yeah. well, those rules that you just read seems like stuff that should have already been happening when it comes to hate speech but that is not all that is happening. it is interesting to see the reaction coming in from around the world. a spokesman for the german chancellor merkel said she used twitter's ban of president trump as problematic and expressed freedom of thought. two things to be concerned about. one is what this means for the future of the country. can we withstand this massive cultural divide? what does it mean for our children if they are taught that this sort of perspective is okay but the conservative perspective is not? what does it mean for the immediate future of our country? happening right now. there is so much anger in this country and i worry about these
8:00 am
social media platforms and their decisions exacerbating it even further. >> julie: great to see you. thank you so much. trace. >> trace: starting a new hour with a fox news alert. president trump taking off right now flying to the border wall in texas. his first public appearance since the riots last week on capitol hill. and welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm trace gallagher. julie, good morning to you. >> julie: happy to do a third hour with you. i'm julie banderas. sandra smith is off. the president's trip comes just hours before the house votes on a resolution pushing vice president pence to use the 25th amendment to remove president trump from office. he has only got a week left. speaker pelosi saying if he doesn't, she will move forward with impeachment. chief white house correspondent john roberts is watching it all for us up close. what is the president's focus this morning? >> good morning. focused on going to texas for
8:01 am
an event at the border. a speech at 3:00 this afternoon. on his way out the door from the white house to the marine one the president speaking publicly for the first time since he released that video on saturday night. the president railing against democratic attempts to go down the impeachment road again. listen here. >> president trump: the impeachment is really a continuation of the greatest witch hunt in the history of politics. it is ridiculous. absolutely ridiculous. this impeachment is causing tremendous anger. i think it is causing tremendous danger to our country and it is causing tremendous anger. i want no violence. >> house democrats are voting on a single article of impeachment. growing criticism from republican supporters that it's a political ploy and no way impeachment could remove president trump before he leaves office on the 20th. democrats are giving serious consideration for pursuing an impeachment trial after the
8:02 am
president leaves office purely to prevent him from running for reelection in 2024. joe biden looking into whether the senate could spend part of the day on an impeachment trial and the rest of the day on his confirmations. the president also stopping to make comments before boarding air force one at joint base andrews with his twitter and facebook accounts suspended the president going back to the traditional way of getting his message out talking to the press pool. the president there railing against big tech and saying that he has no regrets for his speech last wednesday morning saying it has been analyzed and was totally appropriate. the house minority leader kevin mccarthy telling the house gop conference yesterday in a call he had with the president monday the president accepted some responsibility for last wednesday's capitol hill riot. we don't know exactly what the president said but axios is also reporting today that the president was blaming antifa for being involved in the riot. axios reporting mccarthy told the president it is not antifa,
8:03 am
it is maga. i know, i was there. the white house trying to keep the president focused on the accomplishments of the past four years in addition to his remarks on the border wall, the white house also considering putting together some sort of event or remarks on operation warp speed, rebuilding the military and economic recovery. so we'll see how it goes between now and a week tomorrow. >> julie: all right, john roberts, thank you so much. trace. >> trace: as the house moves ahead on impeachment some lawmakers who want trump to face punishment say impeachment is not the answer. republican congressman tom reid quickly pushing through an impeachment will cheapen the practice overall making it a less severe punishment in the future and could further fan the flames of division. let's bring in saul wisenberg, a former deputy independent counsel and fox news contributor. congressman reid says the following. impeachment nowadays before mr.
8:04 am
trump's term ends would be a graver orr diluting the meaning of that important constitutional provision forever. we cannot and should not support that action because the emotions of the moment demand it. it is not the american way. is that a fair point or would you quibble with that? >> well, it is an arguing point. i think it's a fair political point. there isn't any question that what the president did does not constitute criminal incitement but keep in mind that you don't need a criminal violation to impeach the president. i think the argument from the other side would be in this particular instance given the gravity of what the president did we really don't need to spend a lot of time debating. we all saw the video of his speech and we saw what happened at the capitol. >> trace: former d.c. assistant wrote this. the president's critics want him charged for inflaming the
8:05 am
emotions of angry americans. that alone does not satisfy the elements of any criminal offense. therefore his speech is protected by the constitution that members of congress are sworn to support and defend. what do you think? >> again as a matter of criminal law that's correct even though none of the supreme court cases involve a president of the united states speaking while congress is performing a solemn duty. under the law there is no question -- if you look at even the language used in the article of impeachment, it uses a standard that the supreme court has rejected for incitement but also keep in mind, trace, forgetting about impeachment for a minute, what mr. shapiro said is true with respect to statutes that prohibit advocacy of lawlessness or advocacy of overthrow. there are a lot of statutes in the criminal code, federal
8:06 am
criminal code that talks about two or more people conspiring to hinder or delay by force the authority of the united states or to take property of the united states. so this is going to be a lengthy investigation. i don't think it will ultimately implicate the president but advocacy of lawlessness is not the only statute they will be looking at. >> trace: when you say advocacy are you intimating, saul, the case could be made the president was advocating for this even though it wasn't written or he didn't say it. he was advocating for this and two or more people took him up on this? >> no, i'm saying the opposite. he is completely in the clear as a question of criminal law with respect to incitement. but there are statutes that go beyond advocacy. you have people in the capitol who were taking property, who were shouting kill mike pence or hang mike pence, who were trying to delay the vote being taken by congress.
8:07 am
there can be other statutes that cover that and i can guarantee you there will be people prosecuted under that. i doubt the president would be but i understand from a "washington post" story today there were several hours went by when people were calling him and begging him to make a statement and it was very difficult to get a statement out of him. so to his supporters to stop what they were doing. so you have to distinguish between the kind of criminal activity you are talking about. but i don't see anything so far that would indicate that the president would be liable criminally. again, almost all constitutional scholars agree you do not need criminal activity to impeach a president. >> trace: just wanted to clarify. then the question, saul, of unity. listen to joe manchin. >> i think this is so ill advised for joe biden to be coming in trying to heal the country, trying to be the president of all the people when we will be so divided and
8:08 am
fighting again. let the judicial system do its job. >> trace: let the judicial system do its job. final thoughts on this. >> you know, i think that's a fair point. i think another fair point is that if you really believe -- if you are nancy pelosi and you really believe this was an impeachable offense take a vote. don't extort the vice president and ask him to invoke the 25th amendment which is not in play here. if you are being principled about this and not trying to play political games take a vote. >> trace: saul, always good to see you. appreciate it. >> thank you, good to be here. >> julie: it is david and goliath battle for the digital page as the site parler files a lawsuit against tech giant amazon challenging its decision to end hosting services to parler. griff jenkins is live in washington do they have a case, first of all. what has been the reaction so
8:09 am
far? >> great questions. we'll see where this case goes. now the federal judge in seattle set a deadline for parler's final commission. bottom line the social media app favored by conservatives is in a fight for their survival claiming in the complaint that amazon yanked them from their cloud services motivated by political animus and parler is seeking a temporary retraining order claiming amazon is violating the sherman antitrust act. the ceo says he fears not only for his company's future but also his personal safety. >> people threatening my life. i can't go home tonight. so this is really a lot, you know. this is not just our civil liberties. they can shut down a half a billion dollar company overnight. >> trace: amazon claims there is no merit to the lawsuit and defended their decision.
8:10 am
parler is unable or unwilling to properly identify and remove content that is a violation of our terms of service. so does parler have a case? well, former deputy assistant attorney general and berkeley law professor john yoo had this to say to you guys in the last hour. watch. >> so parler has to make the harder claim that amazon and twitter, twitter also is on amazon, twitter and amazon somehow conspired to want to drive parler out. >> now amazon's banishing of parler and other programs banned president trump. and news twitter suspended more than 70,000 accounts associated with the right wing conspiracy group qanon while facebook from will scrub the phrase stop the
8:11 am
steal from its platform with president's trump's attempt to block the electoral college certification. >> julie: griff jenkins, thank you very much. >> trace: as big tech cracks down on president trump and his conservative supporters one website is looking at a seemingly double standard when it comes to banning accounts. plus the trump administration urging states to speed up vaccinations for high-risk americans but are there still concerns about distribution? that answer straight ahead. >> we're in a race against this virus and quite frankly we're behind. but we're accelerating. the good news is that 700,000 people are getting vaccinated every day. we'll hit a million people and we need to continue to pick up that pace. my retirement plan with voya keeps me moving forward...
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>> trace: more world leaders are condemning twitter's decision to permanently ban president trump's personal account. mexican president calls it a bad owe men while german chancellor merkel calls the ban problematic saying freedom to express opinion is of fundamental importance. >> julie: as big tech cracks down on conservative voices the federalist argues it's a case of selective outrage pointing
8:16 am
to accounts twitter chooses not to censor despite promoting violent and hateful speech including one belonging to iran's supreme court leader. sean davis is co-founder of the federalist. you went on twitter and looked at many cases of double standards. what did you find? >> we have found over the last year a massive double standard from the left and big tech. recall all of the blm and antifa riots and all the corporate support we saw for that. recall all of the members of congress we even had saying protest isn't supposed to be comfortable. you had vox, a left wing website saying violence works. you had the atlantic justifying and rationalizing it. what is happening now isn't a crackdown on violent speech but a crack down who the left and big masters doesn't want to be heard. >> julie: here is parler's ceo on tucker last night.
8:17 am
>> i've seen a lot of people say it's scaraby but a lot of people participating in the five minutes of hate and egging it on and cheering and it is disgusting. people threatening my life. i can't go home tonight. this is really a lot. >> julie: this guy is getting death threats. i have read some of the comments that were on parler. there were a lot of death threats on there as well. there is clearly no room for inciting violence on any of these websites on social media but it is the internet and we have all been warned when you enter the internet you have to enter with caution. now to censor the internet seems a little not like western civilization? >> i think whenever you have germany looking in and saying maybe the speech controls you put are on a bit much you should probably back off. there was a russian dissident who i believe was the victim of a near assassination plot by
8:18 am
putin who came in and said i get death threats on twitter all the time. they never do anything about it. for twitter and facebook and apple and amazon to come in and pretend that's what is really bothering them when we know they haven't been cracking down on anyone on the left we know it is a lie. we know what they're doing. the question is now what will we do to stop them from doing it? >> julie: you remind me of something. i remember years ago there was contentious fighting in the middle east. i got a death threat back in the beheading days of isis. it was in arabic. i reported it. thank god i had cybersecurity team at fox that tracked down a person. an 18-year-old in syria. twitter doesn't do a darn thing. here is twitter's policy by the way. you may not threaten violence against an individual or group of people. we prohibit the glorfication of violence. when somebody told me they would behead me that tweet
8:19 am
existed. it was never taken down. so basically do you think that the ban of president trump has nothing to do with anything more than politics? >> it has nothing to do with anything but politics and ideology. recall a couple of days ago twitter allowed to trend the phrase and #hang mike pence. a company worried about death threats and violence. will they take that down and leave it up? twitter left it up. it tells us everything we need to know about what the company's aims are. >> julie: let's look at more examples of iran's anti-israel tweet. even though some governments started a contemptible move toward normalizing relations, palestinian will be free while the regime will perish. no doubt about this. colin kirkpatrick during the george floyd protests.
8:20 am
when civility leads to death revolting is the only logical reaction. the cries for peace will rain down. they will land on deaf ears. we have the right to fight back. rest in power george floyd. kaepernick's comments there are basically inciting violence, are they not? >> i actually don't think they're inciting violence. i think people have the responsibility for their own actions. >> julie: those are the words the en fighting the election and the decision. but when he used the wordpolice
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