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tv   The Five  FOX News  January 11, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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eastern for the story and right after this am of five gets underway so stick around for that and have a great day, everyone. i will see you tonight at 7:00, more breaking news straight ahead and the focus of the five joining you right now. >> jesse:>> juan: hello, everyo. i am juan williams with jesse watters, greg gutfeld, brian kilmeade, and dagen mcdowell. this is the five. tech giants facing fierce backlash from conservatives and claims of censorship after two major social media crackdowns. twitter permanently banning president trump from his platform days after the siege on capitol hill. and apple, google, and amazon all pulling the plug on parler, the so-called conservative twitter.
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the ceo of that company now fighting back suing amazon after the app was suspended by its web service. republicans say the move amounts to silencing their voices. >> we are now living in a country where 45 companies have the power, the monopoly power to decide we are going to white people out. >> the effect of this is there is no longer a free and open social media company or site for any american to get on any longer. >> they are completely inconsistent fear they will crackdown on conservatives but when the ayatollah says he wants to get rid of the jews and wants to -- that's okay with the social media platform. >> juan: the backlash now extending beyond social media. many corporations halting donations to republicans who voted to overturn the election. and a payment processing company
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says it is cutting ties with the trump campaign's web site. the justification that many of these companies, the web sites are giving is the prospect of violence. they say violence was being encouraged, a repeat of the violent episodes we saw the capital weather on the 17 and on the inauguration, do you buy it? >> so can the companies do this? is it legal? there could be some argument about that, but from my perspective, i think that as we said for a long time, private companies have a right to do this at this point up and until there is some sort of antitrust decision and it just got started against google and facebook by the justice department, those can take years to resolve and i remember that because i dealt
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with the microsoft lawsuit that the clinton administration filed on its antitrust issue. i didn't get resolved until late 2002. when i was at the justice department, so those things can take a long time. the other question is should you do it? i think that's where the real argument is. should all of these people be silenced? did parler abused its own terms of service? did it abuse apple's terms of service? all these things could be argued in court but the thing is all these huge momentous decisions are being taken in the heat of the moment in the nation in my opinion really needs a circuit breaker immediately. as for the companies that are making decisions again first amendment rights. you don't have to donate to anyone. you don't have to hire anyone, but do you have to make big announcements about it? so you're saying that say
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somebody was an assistant press secretary at the department of energy and a company decides to hire that person because they like her experience, forbes would basically blacklist that company because of that decision? that's how deep it is getting. i understand a desire to want to hold somebody to account for what happened because the more we learn about it, the worse it gets and it could have been so much worse than what it was, so i understand the concerns about the virus, i know the fbi is now saying there is talk of attacks against state capital before the 20th, additional things happening january 17th or possibly january 20th. i get they want to be responsible, but i do think these decisions are being made in the heat of the moment and everyone needs to have cooler heads prevailed. >> juan: in fact, the pga is pulling tournaments away from drums golf courses, but you also have as dana was saying,
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marriott, jpmorgan, hallmark, blue cross, american express pulling donations from politicians who voted not to certify the bite and victory. do you think? >> jesse: they can ask someone else. the thing is, twitter nukes donald trump for two specific tweets they said they found offensive. one was when the president said he wasn't going to go to the inauguration. they said that incited violence, and the other is when he said his voters had a giant voice. and they said that glorified violence. you know that's b.s. and everybody knows it is b.s. so i just want to establish that. if the american people do not need an unelected ceo to protect us from words uttered by a president who we elected ourselves. we don't need it. right now, this is an offensive against the president that started a very long time and we
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sought happened in slow motion. if they first started the black out his press conferences, then they started to black out his rallies, then they blacked out his accomplishments and blacked out any news that would have helped him win reelection a.k.a. hunter biden's laptop. and now they have monopolies. amazon, facebook, twitter, all of these companies, the strongest, most powerful, wealthiest corporations in the entire world and they have now conspired with the media and the democrats to reengineer the infrastructure of the internet to crack down their political opponents and their market competitors. you know in the early 20th century, teddy roosevelt came in and we went after these monopolies. one big railroad and one big oil company because too much wealth and influence was concentrated in those hands. and he rightfully busted them
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up. joe biden needs to bust these guys out. he won't because he's in bed with them and it scares me as an american because joe biden's penchant for political surveillance. you remember what he did to the trump campaign. you remember what he did to mike flynn. it is going to merge with silicon valley who basically own everything we do on the internet and they're going to go after and target political speech and political association and at that point, our country is in deep trouble and only i am going to be able to save the country at that point. >> juan: we are going to protect your right to speak out, jesse. they are even enclosing the washington monument's two tours now because of fear of more violence and we are not talking about violence by al qaeda or isis. they are fearing us, domestic terrorism in the united states
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and of course, but we saw last week was domestic violence. so something is in the air beyond trying to silence some conservatives. >> dagen: glenn greenwald, the famed journalist is reporting do you know how many people arrested in connection so far with the capital invasion were active users of parler? zero. the planning was largely done on facebook and their mechanisms and our law enforcement to stop this before it happened number one. but this is what jessie said. this is about the power of the tech monopolies, that they will censor, silence, and shut down and put away any business for any individual speech they see fit. the reason this is happening right now in my opinion is because the democrats won in georgia and you have the democrats controlling the senate and the house and the white house and these tech giants know they will be no
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repercussions coming out of washington. they're going to do what's been going on in schools and on college campuses across this nation. you silence dissent. he was silenced differing opinions and if you're a conservative or speak of conservative thought, they will shut you down, and i just want to point out that the chancellor of germany angela merkel came out and said the right to freedom of opinion is a fundamental importance. she called the president's account being shut down problematic. the left is president in mexico came out against with these silicon valley giants are doing and also the russian democracy advocated who was poison last year as against what's going on. this is the moment for everybody to speak up and to stand up for the speech that they hate the most because if anybody knows history, they know these
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companies aren't just going for conservatives. they'll end up coming for you too. >> juan: that's a good point. so i'll let you wrap us up here in this first segment, but wouldn't you be outraged if there was a left-wing president who was inciting mobs to violently storm the capital, threaten our representatives, stop a constitutional process, wouldn't you say oh, my gosh, the left is out of control, they should do something about it? >> brian: first of all, i am really enjoying the show come off to a great start, i hope i don't screw it up. right, but donald trump was not saying go take the capital. he said to go protest at the capitol. he wasn't saying take the bike racks and throw them. i will say this to your point. there were people who support donald trump that are really scared and scaring people who support donald trump like congressmen that have been by his side the whole time, like senators who want to get on a plane that just decided on this
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one vote when it came to the electoral process, they couldn't go along. like a vice president that's been remarkably loyal, more loyal than anybody else in my lifetime from dictating to al gore to any other vice president, i've never seen anything like it and all of a sudden m&a number one to be mike pence and lindsey graham and tom cotton, i think there's a little bit of a problem with trump supporter's they've got to rein in. a couple of things i think are important to point out. if you are down donald trump in particular, the pgas doing their part and now all these other companies that do business are doing their part. are you really going to think it's going to be great to rent a condo in the trump tower for business and a trump tower in a different city? or go to a golf course and get a membership in scotland? they are trying to hurt him in every way. they still fear him and as jonathan swan said last night, there is no indication that donald trump's base has been
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hurt -- other republicans have left him, perhaps, i get it, but after that, no. i will say this, the parler is the most disconcerting thing yet because they are an emerging app. you know why i know this is all about politics? the twitter ceo mocked the fact that the fastest growing up in the country, may be world was now neutralized and i thought google was in competition was with apple. they all agree on one thing, they want no other competitors, so that's a monopoly. on paper, they're competing, but not in real life and that's what's got to stop. the sad thing is, it's not up to jessie. it's up to you. it's up to you to tell democrats to say just because they are siding with you, it doesn't mean that we should keep regulation 230 in place. they should step up and understand this will bite them soon too. >> dana: there's a big
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constituency amongst the democrats and that's why i think it actually could happen. >> dagen: if you get rid of 230, you get more censorship, not less of it. >> dana: agree. >> juan: we have to take a break here. coming up, impeachment 2.0. democrats ready to charge president trump with incitement of insurrection. hear what president-elect joe biden is saying about that next right here on the five. (phone ringing)
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>> dana: nancy pelosi setting the stage for a second impeachment just days before president trump leaves office. democrats introducing a single article of impeachment against the president in accusing him of inciting an insurrection just last week and president-elect biden saying his team is looking into whether the senate can hold an impeachment trial and work to pass his agenda at the same ti time. >> dealing with the impeachment and getting my people nominated in the senate as well as moving on. >> dana: i have a little bit of a list, you might call it a sequence to react to. first, you have the democrats say it was an immediate necessity. they drew up the articles of legislation, then you had democrats say wait a second, we
2:19 pm
should wait and let biden's confirmations get done first before we do that, then you had mr. clyburn say actually, let's wait until biden's first 100 days and then we will do it and now joe biden says actually, maybe we can do nominations in the morning and impeachment in the afternoon which doesn't work because you have to do it first on the constitution. it's not quite on the same message. >> jesse: no. we are in the middle of a pandemic and people are without a job and the senate and the house are going to take up impeachment? what a colossal waste of time. when i don't think anybody democrat or republican can point to anything in president trump's january 6 speech where he incited violence. you can disagree with a tan around the town and the timing of it, but by saying i know everybody will soon be marching over to the capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voice is heard is not an impeachable offense. if people marched to the capital
2:20 pm
all the time. people object to electors all of the time. nancy pelosi did it herself. hillary after 2060 and said election was rigged with trump and the russians and then her supporters went to trump's inauguration and firebombed a limousine. are you going to lock up hillary for that? you can lock her up for other things, but not that. you have a situation where you can have a politician give a speech where he says can be peaceful and then his supporters can go out and commit acts of violence and that reaches the standard of criminal conduct? made a very good point, i'm sure you've seen it where you said we are setting a standard for all presidents to have them be impeached when their supporters commit violence even after a speech that they've given that is not advocating for violence
2:21 pm
and they are going down a dangerous road there because their supporters are usually the violent ones and they are the ones usually saying violent things like joe biden who said he wanted to punch trump in the face or just the other day called a bunch of republican senators. are you saying of some crazy maniacs make a run at those people that joe biden could be impeached for incitement? of course not. and that's why i am consistent in my condemnations. >> dana: you are. just like in the air block, you're going to save us all. i know there are some conservatives that have said the president should either resign or be impeached. but it's not a huge outpouring, it's a smattering. if the democrats seem to be on the same page that they want to impeach but not on the same timeline. do you think they have articulated their argument well enough? >> juan: i don't even know if it's a matter of what they have to say because all of us liberal
2:22 pm
conservative republican and democrat can see what happened and i think all of us agree that actions have consequences, conservatives often point to personal responsibility has their bottom line, and clearly the president is responsible not just what he said in that speech, it's what rudy giuliani said, it's what trump jr. said. the vice president is a coward. >> jesse: said the last election was stolen. >> juan: fine. i think these are words of incitement that something american history has never seen before, storming, and attack. what would've happened if they had gotten their hands on a senator or kidnapped vice president pence? what would've happened? >> jesse: you can condemn the actions but it doesn't make it an impeachable offense and you know that. >> dana: let me get brian in here.
2:23 pm
>> juan: go ahead. >> dana: i talk too long in a block so we have to move along. when it comes to joe biden, he is trying to figure out a way to get his administration not to be stuck in all of this when he wants to do covid relief, wants to get the cabinet confirmed, and this could really hobble h him. >> brian: i'll be quick, this just came across, secretary chad wolf has decided to resign, right before an inauguration when you need homeland security, totally responsible, don't respect that at all but real quick on your question, joe biden has a chance to assert himself. his whole theme of his inauguration speech is about coming together. you want to prove that you can do it and want to do it? you stand up and say understand how you feel but i'm asking you not to impeach. we have to start a fresh page, and leadership and delay. there are people that said i had
2:24 pm
with the president did but we only have nine days left. there's a lot of democrats who don't feel comfortable with th this. now we have rocket impeachment. in impeachment with no deliberations on wednesday and just going to just sit on her desk when he's at mar-a-lago playing golf and finding out he is no longer president officially. >> dana: i do want to check, i'm not sure if secretary wolf had to resign due to legal things because of the president's nomination and things going back and forth. i read it differently, but we will check it out and bring it to you. when it comes to this speed with which they can get this done, does it show that they could actually move faster on other things like covid relief? >> dagen: i'm getting ready to hammer nancy pelosi about that very thing, so we will do that later when the show but in terms of the lustful political animal that nancy pelosi is, may be
2:25 pm
joe biden the president-elect ought to get on the ring and tell her to pipe down. she's clearly using this impeachment push for fund-raising and to embarrass republicans trying to get him on the record in their support of president trump. also, may be tell nancy pelosi she shouldn't called up the chairman of the joint chief mark milley, what was that phone conversation about? a little cool of her own intervening and basically overstepping her own powers? it's a violation of the separation of powers if you are calling up the executive branch and trying to order military decisions. >> dana: i think a lot of people on the republican sides were raising money on the other side last week. stop raising money on these things. coming up, new york ramping up vaccinations after an extremely disastrous rollout. that includes doses having to be tossed in the trash.
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>> jesse: new york governor andrew cuomo finally changing course after a disastrous vaccine rollout. it expanding who can get the shot to include teachers, first responders, and people over 75. that's only after unused doses had to be thrown out because of the state's strict guidelines. and how is this for hypocrisy? the liberal governor now pushing to reopen the economy. >> we simply cannot stay closed until the vaccine hits a critical mass. the cost is too high. we will have nothing left to open. we must reopen the economy, but we must do it smartly and safe
2:31 pm
safely. >> jesse: it sounds like donald trump. brian kilmeade, i saw something over the weekend, new york city in 1947 vaccinated 6 million people in a month for smallpox. why can't we do a million and a month now? >> brian: so astounding what he just didn't compound that with what anthony found she just said. if china was only candid with us, we would have known this could be spread asymptomatic, we would've had better tests ready to go. wait a second, didn't donald trump say that? how many times did donald trump say we have to open the economy safely, we have no choice, this can't continue? and what did governor cuomo said? you have to be kidding me, you can do that, lockdown, shelter in place, didn't even wait for the inauguration, already changed gears. that was his point all along. case in point, would you rather be in florida right now that has
2:32 pm
an economy trying to work its way through while fighting and vaccinating at a greater pace or do you want to be new york, a hulk of the city totally empty devoid of people in business. the only thing we are good at is creating criminals and letting them out of prison. >> jesse: florida has more people than new york and less cases and deaths. how did that happen? >> dagen: because andy cuomo is a who kills the addled wow elderly essentially and florida is run by governor ron desantis. i know older people in florida who are vaccinated two weeks ago after all the people in the hospital had been vaccinated. that's how far behind new york is. so killing thousands of our elderly here in new york by sending covid positive patrons wasn't enough for andrew cuomo, he had to withhold the vaccine from people 75 years of age or older to make sure more people died. this is what bureaucrats do. they take something that is
2:33 pm
clear-cut and simple and complicated with deadly consequences. when becky micromanaged it and instead of letting the counties deliver the shot, tried to deliver it from albany and look what happened, no one's getting the shot. >> dana: also, you could have deployed the private sector. look at the innovation and the ability to move obligated logistics all around not just the state of new york, but all across the country. i do think they should have brought in more of the private sector to help because the private sector helps get the vaccine ready in the first place. andrew cuomo has that book out may be published prematurely, might want to pull that and have them revise his notes. he has touted his competency of one side and down the other but if you can actually give away life-saving medicine to people, how confident can you really be?
2:34 pm
>> jesse: you don't really think that he's done a goo goodb getting shots in people's arms in new york here, do you? >> juan: the numbers would indicate we should get more shots but it's not just new york, also florida. having a big fiasco now with distribution. to my mind, joe biden is not the president, and the man who is the president -- i'm just telling you the man who is the president didn't have any plan in terms of testing for the covid vaccine and now he has no plan for the distribution of the covid vaccine. i just think this is a lack of responsibility coming from the very top and it's not one democrat in new york and one republican in florida, it's a lapse in terms of our federal government's responsibility. i'm just saying if we had a national plan, it would have helped all of these governors,
2:35 pm
could have been a big win for trump when the vaccine was developed and yet we are having all this trouble with distribution. >> jesse: the shots went to the states and the states blew it, that's what happened in. coming up, the speaker snaps. nancy pelosi loses it after finally getting called out for playing politics with covid relief. your grooming business is booming.
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>> brian: nancy pelosi thought she was in for a softball interview where she thought she could bash president trump uninterrupted, but things didn't go her way after pelosi got called out for delaying covid relief for months. >> what about the covid relief package that was held up for eight months?
2:40 pm
>> that was there obstruction. >> weight. >> that was there obstruction. >> no, yours too. you held out for eight months. >> we held it up because there was no respect for our heroes. >> brian: she was criticized by her own party. this guy, bernie sanders said we had a much better deal i was stuck with $900 billion. how do you live on that? >> dana: i thought it was a great interview. one of the reasons why i was afraid on sunday night, i didn't want to go outside and play in the backyard on sundays because i was afraid i would miss 60 minutes. so my dad would set the alarm on the stove so that i could hear it from outside and make it inside and time to watch 60 minutes. she doesn't have a good answer on that because there isn't a good answer on it, but she did make a political calculation. she thinks it worked for her but
2:41 pm
the democrats are now in a weak position. granted, they just won the senate seat so they're in a much stronger position that way but in the house, they're weaker. if every incumbent won reelection and if republicans need something to rally around right now, the democrats seem intent on giving them just what they need whether it be nominees they think are way too far to the left or ideas about increasg energy costs, raising taxes, things like that. she's going to have a tougher time than she has had the last few years. >> brian: she does not like being challenged. that right wing zealot wolf blitzer had the audacity to ask her question. listen. >> even members of your own caucus want to accept this, $1.8 trillion. >> i don't know why you're always an apologist for the
2:42 pm
republican position. ro khanna, that's nice, that isn't what we are going to do and nobody is waiting until february. i want this very much now because people need help now. >> brian: she does not like being challenged. >> dagen: was that the we hate them interview? i wish more people in the media including leslie stahl and 60 minutes would call nancy pelosi out on holding up this aid before the election. that was her political calculation as dana pointed out, but they left $1 trillion on the table. again, suffering of others. a good look, nancy. >> brian: disappointed that she didn't do what mitch mcconnell did and for them to come together.
2:43 pm
all she knows is politics. she has no idea how to come together on any kind of compromise, don't you agree? >> juan: i've just been watching a different story than the rest of you because to my mind, nancy pelosi and president trump both wanted a $2,000 stimulus check in the mail boxes. they both said this, they said they wanted to go big and it was a republican in the senate mitch mcconnell who would not bring it to a vote. i think that's a fact. i think that's what happened. how do you say she doesn't compromise when you've got the $600 bill because she compromised and it was president trump was signing that. i know you guys like to pick on nancy pelosi, but i don't think history is as you been telling it. >> brian: please don't put dana in the same place as jesse. how do you feel compared to want? >> jesse: i like watching a nancy pelosi getting a little
2:44 pm
prickly there. she floundered at first and said sorry, i didn't obstruct and then she said actually, i only obstructed because our heroes were being disrespected. i have to give her credit. as a spinster myself, that is great spin. our heroes have been disrespected. the truth was, she just one of the bailout fund for liberal mayors and governors who couldn't balance their books and they need a little slush fund to help them get reelected and said they don't want to solidify injustice. beautiful line and watch out because every time the republicans obstruct this new congress, i just want to say we can't expect the republicans to want to solidify injustice and we will see what he says. >> brian: i do wish somebody thought more about the country.
2:45 pm
i hope someone will have the courage to do that. i'm not sure there on the rost roster. of next, now trashing aoc while progressives pressure joe biden to go big on liberal policies. bring up the music. good morning, mr. sun. good morning, blair. [ chuckles ] whoo. i'm gonna grow big and strong. yes, you are. i'm gonna get this place all clean. i'll give you a hand. and i'm gonna put lisa on crutches! wait, what? said she's gonna need crutches. she fell pretty hard. you might want to clean that up, girl. excuse us. when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you built with customizable coverage. -and i'm gonna -- -eh, eh, eh. -donny, no. -oh.
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>> dagen: good music has progressives pressure joe biden to go big, speaker nancy pelosi is lashing out at aoc. liberals reportedly want biden to use executive orders to reshape the economy, climate policy, and everything else in between, but the house speaker could have just complicated things with this attack on the socialist firebrand aoc. >> why does aoc complain that you have not been grooming younger people for leadership? >> i don't know. you'll have to ask her because we are. >> that was kind of sharp, kind of dismissing her. >> i'm not dismissing her, i respect her. >> dagen: bake a cake with
2:50 pm
that bitterness and let me eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. what say you? >> jesse: that was crazy. you could see her wince when aoc's name was brought up. she hates aoc. and here's why. nancy pelosi is all about respect and when aoc came in out of the gate as a freshman, she disrespected the speaker. she criticized her in the media, and then she tried to pry mary nancy's people in the house and now aoc is in purgatory and it's kind of amusing to watch her like a teenager who has been grounded banging of the door can i come out now? i've been good, i swear. >> dana: i thought nancy pelosi actually answered that beautifully because she's had to deal with this not only did she do that but remember, she occupied her office about climate change. she gave democrats the green new deal which is basically the albatross in the house.
2:51 pm
so i'm going to do a musical reference. i was thinking of you. close to the left of me, jokers to my right, stuck in the middle with you. that's how nancy pelosi is in her caucus. >> dagen: and reservoir dogs, a man gets his ear sawed off to that song. >> juan: again, it surprises me here we are talking about something to me that is just a distraction. nancy pelosi was almost in tears on "60 minutes" recounting how her office was trashed, how her staff had to barricade themselves, imagine if that mob had gotten a hold of nancy pelosi, mitch mcconnell, mike pence. that's what we should be talking about and by the way, lots of seniors on both republican and democratic leadership, but that senior woman, nancy pelosi held the congress together at a historic moment last week. >> dagen: your final word on that. >> brian: she had as much to do with it is kevin mccarthy
2:52 pm
or mitch or anybody else among leadership, she had a chance to push it forward and confirm joe biden as president, but it's not so much who we should be focusing on. that was the a block and this is further on in the show, so this is one thing. she's got a problem just like having a problem with the tea party. nothing to be embarrassed about. i think paul ryan had a problem with the tea party too, but he had to deal with it. but she cannot find any of her emotions. she can't handle this. the other leadership understood that there's other people that disagree with them in the party. she can't comprehend that. if >> dagen: how many photos did it take to get that rolling stone cover of them all smiling. one more thing up next. pay off my student loan debt.
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>> juan: happiness. it's time for one more thing. >> dana: so if you thought your fantasy football team was going poorly or your season, check out michael carr's lee. he lost a bet in his league and wound up having to spend 24 hours in a waffle house as punishment, but the rule said he would be allowed to leave one hour early for each waffle he ate so after five hours and 19 waffles, michael got his freedom but not before leaving a $1,000 tip. he was dreaming at life and people were donating to him but instead of taking that money for himself, he got a $1,000 tip which is totally amazing, love the random act of kindness. also, some of you going to be tg out of "the daily briefing" the show and joining bill hemmer from nine to 11:00 a.m. eastern
2:58 pm
every day for "america's newsroom," and i'm really thrilled about it, and i will still be on the five so you guys will have to put up with me for a while again. >> jesse: congratulations. >> juan: we were worried. we love you, dana. are you guys ready for some football? nickelodeon style? take a look at how nickelodeon covered last night's game between the bears and the saints. yes, they used animation to enhance the coverage. look for those slime cannons. it was intended for children but the response from every adult i saw on social media was overwhelmingly positive. here is spongebob squarepants making an appearance in the goalpost, so don't be surprised if you see more of this shortly not only in football games, but basketball, even baseball. it's fun on top of fun. went back and make it a slime cannon for the five? >> juan: i think so.
2:59 pm
>> jesse: we could use that once in a while. announcement about a dog, a new dog will be joining the five family. not my dog. my assistant johnny just got a new dog, born on halloween, but it gets better. johnny's cousin lauren got his sister and they've got the whole family and it's now one big cute family. almost as cute as a rookie, but very cute, congratulations johnny and the family. >> dana: so cute. >> juan: we've got a minute to go. >> dagen: we've got half a minute. here's a rascal, jake, golden retriever puppy. his owner said recently discovered that doorstop, fallen in love. you can watch this video on facebook. here is mine when i was leaving when i took a nap this afternoon, this is what charlie
3:00 pm
thinks of me. doesn't even look at me, there we go. >> juan: will owe you one. you'll be around tomorrow. special report is up next. hey, bret baier. >> bret: thank you. good evening. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, fox news has confirmed issuing an ominous warning about plans for planned armed protest in all 50 states, all state capitals before, during, or after joe biden's inauguration january 20th. the homeland security department meantime is ordering a preinauguration security measure beginning this wednesday instead of next tuesday. we learned an hour ago the head of homeland security acting secretary chad wolf is stepping down all in the fallout from last wednesday's event on capitol hill where he criticized presid


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