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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  January 11, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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we'll see whether or not those stories have legs to stand on. meantime, an interesting monday. hope your weekend was well with family and close friends. meantime, see you tomorrow. have some changes on the horizon. we'll fill you on that in time. here's martha for neil. >> thank you, bill. the tweet storm is on twitter. facebook and other big tech company facing growing backlash for silencing conservative views in the wake hoff the capitol siege. all of this as amazon pulls parler off and now parler is suing amazon. amazon's shares down. the conservative revolt against big tech is very, very real. welcome, everybody. i'm martha maccallum in for neil cavuto today. this is "your world." first we go to jackie deangelis keeping track of thinks big moving developments today. hi, jackie. >> good afternoon, martha.
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when twitter permanently suspended the president's account, followers left the platform in droves. they went to parler. of course parler was suspended from apple, google play and amazon effectively getting kicked off the internet. parler suing amazon. they said this on "mornings with maria." >> i never thought we would live in a country where things like this could happen, coordinated companies cancelling what you're doing. >> now twitter was seeing a tapering in users when they began flagging content posted by the president. sarah huckabee sanders said i lost 50,000 followers to the radical left and their big tech allies cannot marginalize, sensor or silence the american people. this is not china. this is not -- this is the united states of america. we are a free country.
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we reached out to twitter. a spokesman said changes in follow acouldn'ts can be caused by a wide range of different factors and may be due to unfollowing or because accounts were in violation of the twitter rules. twitter, of course, isn't saying it's about the rules, which many question because the rules don't seem to be the seem for everyone. it's also not saying that the loss of followers is because they're leaving the platform, martha. >> thanks, jackie. a lot of important questions here. my next guest says that silencing by big tech constitutes unimaginable interference. liz peek calls it an assault on our freedom of speech. she joins us now. liz, good to have you here today. you think about the newspaper, the ways that different generations have communicated with each other. and to block it, the way that we see happening now, it's just an astonishing development. it's a really frightening one.
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>> martha, it is truly an assault on the freedom of speech. it's something that every american should rail against. every american should be alarmed by it. we have never seen this concerted effort to shut down any voices but now conservative voices. it's unimaginable. this twitter action had nothing to do with violence or trump inciting violence against the capitol. remember, just a few months ago, twitter is shut down very credible reporting from the "new york post" about shady business transactions of hunter biden having engaged in, taking advantage of his father's position in the white house and ukraine and china. that had nothing to do with violence. that had to do with suppressing other voices and helping joe biden become president. that they did. 24 entire several months attack
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on the right to speak freely about our politics and our candidate is just -- it's the worst thing i've ever seen in this country literally. >> i mean, you look at that as a form of voter suppression essentially. their argument for why they were blocking the hunter biden content becomes less and less legitimate. you look at their allowances for chinese dictators, for the leaders in iran. it's very frightening as an american to see what is going on in this country right now. also i just mention, the president tried to shut down -- he almost didn't sign the defect act because he wanted attention to be paid to this matter. so where should conservatives go now to fix this problem? >> it's a good question. section 230 basically protects
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these platforms against liability in a way that fox news is not protected or "the new york times." ironically the idea is that they're supposed to conduct neutral platforms. ironically further, apple in shutting down parler accused of it not reigning in their content. in other words, they wanted them to be a publisher which talks about section 230. where should conservatives go, in the 2020 campaign. this has to be a leading platform issue for republicans running for office. i think this will be wildly popular. nobody wants to see our freedom of speech squashed. martha, when you interview or look at polling about immigrants and why they come to this country, it's not about money. it's about opportunity. it's mostly about freedoms. freedom of speech, freedom of religion.
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these are incredibly important, iconic beliefs in america. you see those thrown under the bus now in sort of a partisan rage is unimaginable. we have to fight back against this. >> i couldn't agree more. people came to this country from other countries and they're the most terrified right now. because they have seen this happen in their countries. i think a lot of people, a lot of americans just so of oh, this could never happen here. you listen to the ceo of parler, i never imagined that something like this could happen in this country. people need to wake up. but two years is a long time to wait for any of this to change, liz. >> it's true. as for the parler situation, we do have antitrust laws. this was a fast emerging, fast-growing threat to twitter and facebook. therefore the ideas that these giants colluded and put parler out of business is unimaginable.
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and i cannot sympathize more with the ceo of this company. we do have now four antitrust cases lodged against google. my guess is the justice department will pursue them even more aggressively. by the way, liberal democrats let us not forget, elizabeth warren and many others calls for the breaking up of these tech companies. the tech companies have curried favor with the left. i'm not sure that they are basically going to escape harm from that side as well. they're too big, too powerful and everybody knows it. >> at this point given the makeup of congress and the white house, it will take some prevailing minds to get together as you point out to recognize the danger of this. it will come back to have backlash against them eventually as well if this game continues to escalate in such a frightening way. liz, thanks. we'll have more on the legal
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fall-out from this later this hour. now to a growing number of companies that are suspending political contributions, which companies have done for generations. but now they want to make sure that they are -- they're going against the certification of the election. at&t is the latest to do so. kristina partsinevelos is following that part hoff the story for us today. good afternoon. >> good afternoon, martha. companies across the country are staking a stand not donating to political leaders that tried to overturn the election. 147 lawmakers that voted to overturn the election as well as a riot that storm capitol hill last week. you have big businesses that have been known to donate to political leaders because they want to focus on specific areas of interest. now a slew of corporations from 3m, marriott, j.p. morgan have
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all said they're reviving their political giving via the political action committee. this started sunday and the trend has been growing dramatically today. just take this statement from mastercard. "we have suspended political action committee giving to members of congress who voted to object to the certification of the 2020 presidential election. we'll continue to review the criteria that inform our political contributions to ensure that they reflect our values." in some cases, you have the suspension that is a short term situation like facebook that said they would pause contributions. p.g.a. voted to remove the championship event from president trump's new jersey golf course next year. then finally, you also have the national association of manufacturers in washington that called for president trump's removal from the oval office. lastly, you have some corporations that have decided they're going to susspend
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political giving all together, that includes to republicans as well as democrats. martha, this just highlights a growing trend. companies facing increasing pressure from shareholders as well as investors over the political contributions. back to you. >> thank you very much. so coming up as house democrats push impeachment, a group of republicans are urging someone to push back on this idea. you might be surprised who that someone is when we come back. if these beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes,
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>> martha: nancy pelosi and the democrats set to introduce articles of impeachment against president trump this week in the wake of the capitol hill riots. john roberts is here with how the administration is responding to all of this on this monday. hi, john. >> particular that, good afternoon. clearly this is something that the president doesn't like. the white house is not too worried about the implications. the senate is not scheduled to come back until the 19th and difficult if not impossible for the senate to hold a trial and convict the president before he leaves office. and to have a trial in the senate later after the biden administration takes over is only for the reason of
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preventing the president for running for re-election could be a different calculus. white house says they're trying to keep the president focused on his accomplishments. the president is going to the border tonight. the white house tried to put together an operation on operation warp speed and one on rebuilding the growth. the president's republican supporters while denouncing the violence of the capitol building last wednesday also say that impeachment proceedings would further divide a fractured nation. here's michael waltz on fox this morning. >> this is just going to pour fuel on the fire. the president himself has come out repeatedly now and said he intend to peacefully leave the white house. he obviously has tens of millions of followers that feel
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like they have not been heard, that feel like he has been hounded and harassed since day one. >> one lingering consequence at the white house at least and what happened last wednesday, there's been a serious falling out between the vice president and the president. fox news was told last wednesday while the vice president and his family who had come to watch the ceremony were being moved around quickly by if secret service from secure location to secure location. the president never picked up the phone to call him number to see how he was. the vice president chaired a coronavirus task force meeting this afternoon. so he is here at the complex, but sources tell fox news, the vice president has not spoken to the president since last wednesday morning. martha? >> martha: quite a development. john, thank you. so mean while, a group of house republicans are now urging president-elect joe biden to step forward and to encourage
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house speaker nancy pelosi to drop the impeachment efforts against president trump in the spirit of unity going forward. they write this "a second impeachment days before the president leaves office is as unnecessary as it is as inflammatory. it would undermine americans and be a further distraction to our nation at a time when millions of fellow citizens are hurting ". i want to bring in general john yu. great to have you with us. >> hi, martha. >> martha: what do you make of that argument? obviously political -- deep political desire to try to prevent the president from running again and to punishment for what happened last week. also this larger picture of the desire for what is best to bring this country together. what do you think? >> i think there's some excellent points you just made. there's a short term desire to
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punish the president for his terrible actions last week. on the other and, using impeachment has serious constitutional and political challenges. first, we don't know whether it's possible to impeach a president after he's left office as john roberts reported. there's no time in the senate calendar to hold an impeachment trial before january 20. the constitution is not clear whether someone who is out of office can be impeached. the other constitutional problem is that since the major remedy for impeachment when someone is convicted is to remove them, the only other punishment left is disqualification from future office. you could make the argument let the american people decide that. the american people can choose to never elect him again. they can impose that judgment. why do they need to consume 20, 30 days or longer in a trial where everything else will have to stop like it did a year ago to have a trial of president
1:19 pm
trump on the floor and stopping the congress from doing the people's business. >> martha: it distracts me that there's an effort underway to remove or damage this president since day 1. it's hard to imagine in that environment with the same players in place that they're going to change their mind about that once they have dominated the house and the senate. do you believe that there is the will on the democrat's side to let that moment pass or do you think they will want to make sure and can they make sure with that vote that he can't run again legally? >> legally it's not clear at all. in fact, this will just prolong attention on president trump even longer for months and months because suppose the senate does convict, the house looks like they're going to impeach in a few days. suppose the senate does.
1:20 pm
suppose a number of republicans switch sides. even if they disqualify him, the president will go to court and say i want to run again. it's unconstitutional. i was already out of office. that will go to the supreme court, i'm sure by the end. we don't know what will happen. it will keep president trump at the epicenter for months and distract from a stimulus business, from getting president biden's nominees into office. >> speaking of the president-elect, joe biden, this is a moment where he could step up and show leadership. he could say that he wants them to drop this effort. i think of the pardoning of richard nixon. different circumstances. but we could have that same sort of moment to heal the country. do you think there's any chance that that happens? >> certainly a chance. i had the privilege to be general counsel of the senate judiciary committee when senator biden was the ranking minority
1:21 pm
member of the committee. he does think carefully about the constitution. he does think about that. as you say, this is a chance for him to heal the nation. he could say i don't want an impeachment trial. go ahead. the house can impeach him that puts an asterisks next to the president's name. don't bother with a trial. let's get it behind us. president trump won't run for office again. let's go forward and solve the pandemic. let's go forward and get the economy back on its feet. it politically very attractive. >> martha: i remember when the pandemic was the only thing we had to worry about. seems like a simpler time in a bizarre period. great to have you here today. good to talk to you. >> thanks, martha. >> martha: president-elect biden getting his second vaccine today. could his distribution plan impact others from getting their second shot? we'll talk about that.
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>> martha: the covid vaccine part 2 for president-elect joe biden. what about other americans waiting for their shots? over to peter doocy with the latest from the biden team. hi, peter. >> the latest is that the president-elect is trying to figure out how to advance his agenda with a senate focusing on an impeachment trial. here's an idea he has for time management.
1:27 pm
>> maybe a half day dealing with the impeachment, a half day on getting people nominated to confirm the senate as well as moving on. >> well, the one hiccup might be the president-elect saying he's not sure if it's possible. he's waiting for an answer from the parliamentarian. he's expressing frustration in priva private. but today as he hung around, waiting to see -- to make sure that there were no adverse effects from that latest dose, he gave his guys a vote of confidence. >> mr. president-elect, do you feel confident in your covid team, that they'll be able to vaccinate 50 million americans in the first 100 days? >> i do.
1:28 pm
let me make a couple of brief statements. number 1, my number 1 priority is getting vaccine in people's arms like we did today as rapidly as we can. >> bill: there's still a big question mark. how much does joe biden's covid-19 relief plan cost. he hasn't said yet. he assures us that he will thursday. martha? >> martha: thanks. still waiting for the answer. thanks, peter. all of this coming with states getting up to speed on speeding up the vaccine's delivery. it's been on everyone's mind across the country. the cdc saying of the 25 million doses out there, nine million have been administered. let get the read from arkansas republican governor hutchison. you headed homeland security. you have a lot of handle on the
1:29 pm
country on these kinds of efforts. what's going on here in your opinion? >> well, first of all, in forms of the vaccinations, you're right. it's on everybody's mind. whether you're a 7-year-old wanting the vaccination or you have compromised immune systems. we're working very hard. the challenge is that it's a limited supply, it's not coming fast enough and then we've got to work harder in getting it out and getting it into people's arms. we're making progress. we're up to 40% of the doses that have been received have been administered. we want that higher. i think president-elect biden's decision to get the doses out to the states is on target. we have to have the flexibility to manage that. we want to make sure that we stick with a two-dose regimen and make sure that we follow that protocol recommended by the
1:30 pm
cdc. >> martha: there's hubs that have opened in new york city today. what is your method for getting them? such like there ought to be be another way, to have a drive-thru, people show their i.d. or registration. people don't know if they should register. how are you doing it and are you succeeding? >> well, that's an excellent point. we could do drive-thru, we could do mass vaccination arenas and programs if you had an unlimited supply. when you have a limited supply, you have to set the priorities and that is what makes it a logistical challenge. we're pry tieing the 1 a, which is long-term care residents, staff and healthcare workers. our goal is to get that done by the end of january. then we move to 1 b, to a larger population. utilizing our pharmacies that are in every community as well as our hospitals. we will broaden that as needed
1:31 pm
when the supply increases. then we go to greater volume distribution mechanisms that we have, utilizing, you know, an arena, other facilities for a mass vaccination. >> martha: are you saying you've used every shot that has come to arkansas? have you had any go to waste like we've seen here? >> no, we haven't used every shot. i hope i didn't say that. the doses that we received -- the doses that we received, 40% are in people's arms. and yes, we want to up that percent. there's a lag there. it's a through-put. you receive them one day and out the next day. we want to increase that. we have to do better in it. if we had an unlimited supply, we would open up bud walton
1:32 pm
arena, open up war memorial stadium and we would have everybody get in line in a more organized fashion. we can't do that. we received a limited number of doses every week. we hope that does increase. >> martha: yeah, that's the problem. all of these states that have used a percentage of what they're getting out there. so operation warp speed has seemed to have hit a road block when it comes to the point of getting it in people's arms. you think the states are unprepared to have a better delivery system once you got them all? >> it is a big lift for all of the states to do this. here again, we're utilizing an effective program for the vaccinations as the vaccinations increase, you'll see the numbers grow exponentially. there's a three-day lag for the numbers that come in on the vaccinations. the providers, those doing the
1:33 pm
vaccinations, the pharmacies, they have three days to enter the data. there's a lag. we'll see that accelerate as we continue to get better at what we're doing. >> martha: yeah, we don't want to see wasted vaccines. ought to be a strong way to be on call if there's extras. governor hutchison, thank you. good to have you here today. >> thank you. >> martha: have to get the shots in people's arms. after fueling a free speach show down, big tech needs to start lawyering up. good morning, blair. [ chuckles ] whoo. i'm gonna grow big and strong. yes, you are. i'm gonna get this place all clean. i'll give you a hand. and i'm gonna put lisa on crutches! wait, what? said she's gonna need crutches. she fell pretty hard. you might want to clean that up, girl. excuse us. when owning a small business gets real, progressive helps protect what you built with customizable coverage. -and i'm gonna -- -eh, eh, eh. -donny, no. -oh.
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robiwithout the commission fees and account minimums. so, you can start investing today, wherever you are - even on the bus. download now and get your first stock on us. robinhood. >> you know, we've never allowed violence. and we don't even have a way to communicate. seems to me like an attempt to
1:38 pm
stop free speech at a convenient time. >> martha: that sounds like it. that was yesterday. today the social media company filing a lawsuit against amazon alleging political bias and calling for the tech giant to reinstate their platform on the amazon web services. so we reached out to parler and amazon. haven't heard back yet. this could be the first in many legal battles over big tech and free speech. so let's talk about that with former federal prosecutor. kate, good to have you here today. what did you think of parler's ceo and what they said here? >> the problem is, these are disputes between private companies more than anything else. it's growing to boil down to what the contracts between these companies said and whether there's a breach and hopefully they're able to get some sort of temporary injunction in the meantime.
1:39 pm
these lawsuits will likely drive on for quite a while. >> martha: so you referred to the rules there, the private companies, what they can and cannot sell and what goes on their sites. so they have to prove that they in some why led to this insurrection, which would be difficult to prove. >> well, actually i don't think that they necessary even need to prove that. these are mostly about the contract terms between the companies and whether amazon is required to provide certain notice periods before they terminate service more so than any federal level issues. i know there's been some antitrust violations that have been lodged. but in order to prove that, parler will have to show that there was a conspiracy to close off the market between these companies, which is going to be a difficult task on their end as well. so really unfortunately this does come down to a lot of free market ideas and how that is going to play out in the long run.
1:40 pm
really remains to be seen needless to say. >> martha: it speaks to that convergence with all of these companies that have gained a lot of power. you know, they present themselves as individual companies, which they are, but not as arbiters of the information on them. so at what point do they get to the level that they're treated like a utility and they have regulation? a lot of people are against regulation, in this case, we've seen folks on capitol hill saying there has to be something done. now we've got to this boiling point before anything was done. >> right. exactly. that's why you hear a lot about the protections that some of these companies have under section 230 where they're immune from liability to a large extent. also are now choosing to regulate what speech is on the platform. so are they entitled to both? isn't that having it both ways? that's something that people want to see changes to. biden has said that he's interested in potentially removing the protections.
1:41 pm
so you know, maybe they were trying to get ahead of the curve there. in terms of what can be done, it's very difficult when you have private companies and it boils down to what the free market looks like to a large degree. >> martha: going to come down to what the the politicians can agree on on free speech as well. it's benefitted the left in a big way, the decisions that a lot of these companies have made the last few months. it can come back to bite them. good to have you here today. >> thank you. >> martha: new details sparking more questions about security lapses before and after the riot. what the fbi was doing before all of this started. why nancy pelosi's reaction to a comment about aoc today. what it says about the future of
1:42 pm
the democratic party. being
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit . >> martha: a source telling fox news that fbi urged extremists not to go to washington d.c.
1:46 pm
>> the capitol believes that their department has faced immense scrutiny, immense pressure for events that happens wednesday. according to a source that text, the fbi visited pro trump extremists and urged them not to travel to d.c. according to the fbi and the nypd. they went as far to warn capitol police ahead of time about the potential of violence. the outcoming capitol head said that he tried to request the d.c. national guard be put on standby just in case ahead of the rally. his call, he said, was squashed byhouse and senate officials. now nine days before the inauguration, the mayor is asking the department of homeland security for added security, extending security well past the historic day. she's also asking that all first amendment demonstrations permits
1:47 pm
be cancelled right now. many have been cancelled at the washington monument already. martha, this just developing today, fox news has confirmed that the fbi is warning about plans for armed protests, armed protests in all 50 state capitols before, during and the run up to the inauguration. martha? >> martha: thank you very much. so breaking this hour, the homeland security department is beefing up preparations this wednesday. former fbi assistant director danny coleman joins us with a discussion on this. danny, this is a frightening time for this country. we head into the inauguration and you can hearaishah hasnie's report how they're beefing things up. what to you make of this? >> you said they're frightening times.
1:48 pm
i think that's a height of understatement. it's terrifying times. i'm in the security business. i've been involved in violence for decades. i'm concerned about our country and where it's going. we're so divided right now, it's a scary time. i'm concerned about my family even going out. so it's scary times. basically this inauguration is very, very important to our country. it's a symbolism, a change of power. i hope that they're going to put the secret service in charge of everything here. the fbi will support them. but these are bad times. they had professionals running it. they don't need to be worry about optics like with the capitol and let law enforcement people do their job. i hope they turn them loose andstop the violence from occurring there. >> martha: it's unnerving to hear the requests of the capitol police asking the house and the senate saying that they were getting more and more concerned
1:49 pm
as they got close to the event. there were more people coming and that they wanted back-up. as you pointed out, they were told that to have the national guard on the hill would be an optic problem. >> yes. that's difficult. that very typical of security people. we're dealing with unprofessional people worried about optics. if you remember, reagan was shot because the security plan was changed by his staff members that changed it and moved the demonstrators and the media close to the scene. that was an optic issue. we can't have that here. we don't have time for political correctness. staffers need to plan on tea and cookies and menus and let the secret service set things up and do it the right way. >> martha: so what is your suggestion? there's this event january 17 that says people are ramping up all over the country and also
1:50 pm
for january 20th. what needs to be done to make sure that these areas are going to be hardened because that's the only choice that we have right now? >> frankly, i would not have this inauguration outside. i'd do it in a football stadium. we don't have a secure football stadium. we can control access, drones to people. and then you can do that. right now we have a very strong presence. there's certain techniques that should be done. they need distraction teams nor a riot. they need a strong physical presence, monitor drones. drones are a huge issue. and they need to put out a cone so you can't fly a drone in there. there's a million things that we can talk about. let the secret service run it. let themkeep staffers out and let's have a safe event. >> martha: good advice.
1:51 pm
when you say you're terrified, that is unnerving. thank you very much. good to see you. >> great to see you. have a good with one. >> martha: next, the response from speaker pelosi to a question that she was asked on "60 minutes" about alexandria ocasio-cortez and her reaction is going viral. where does it say her party is headed? l's heart. it's been broken. ed be years of healthcare expertise, we'll be there when it matters most. this is medicare from blue cross blue shield. this is the benefit of blue. this is medicare from blue cross blue shield. if ththen i'm not a real potato reciidaho potato farmer.shes, genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore.
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>> why does aoc complain that you have not been grooming younger people for leadership? >> i don't know. you'll have to ask her, because we are. >> that was kind of sharp, dismissing her. >> i think she's very effective as are many other members in our caucus that the press doesn't pay attention to. >> interesting. house speaker nancy pelosi shutting down alexandria ocasio-cortez's claims that democratic leaders have been preparing the next generation of leadership. a look at this mean for the future of the party? let's talk to g.o.p. poster, jason nichols and republican strategist hao lambert. great to have all of you with us. what goes through your mind when you watch that exchange? >> i thought the first thing that goes through my mind is republicans have said that leslie stahl was somehow hard around the public and was really
1:56 pm
tough on nancy pelosi. i think nancy pelosi is probably a little frustrated because of some of the things that have been said by aoc. i think aoc is right in the sense that there needs to be new leadership groomed both in the house and in the senate. we need new energy. we don't know how much longer that they are going to be in the positions that they hold. at the same time, i think age is a number. i think the democrats need to look at people like barbara lee who they've overlooked for seemingly decades who has done an incredible job and is also someone who progressives can side with. >> new leadership which doesn't necessarily need to be someone in their early 30s. >> let's take a look at another interesting exchange about the stimulus. >> what about the covid of relief package that was held up
1:57 pm
for eight months? >> that was there obstruction. that was there obstruction. >> no, yours too. you held out for eight months. >> we held it up because there was no respect for our heroes. >> i wish you had the dial on some of these comments, what do you think? >> i think what she's trying to do is blame trump, that it wasn't her fault. if it's not surprising to me that this is her position. i think trying to get across in this interview that all the problems that we've had are because of trump and was also trying to distance herself from aoc, less about age and that's not all the party is. there's lots of other people, but i think she's trying to say going to be a more moderate democratic party and also saying we are the party of the people in the problems you have are with trump and that's not going
1:58 pm
to change now. that's my interpretation. if >> you want to weigh in? >> you hear about politics are supposed to touch, they were clearly to rails you can't touch with nancy pelosi and interview. one is the record as speaker and bringing up aoc and you can just feel the tension and anger through the screen from nancy pelosi and they are perfectly legitimate questions. the pushback on the stimulus, nancy pelosi within just a couple of days was able to get $2,000 approved for almost every american to go out. why didn't she do that six months ago? why didn't she do that in the summer? we know why. she made the american people wait and then she came out after the election with $2,000 so it's a perfectly legitimate question and you bring up the age factor. they are not grooming everyone. they've had the same leadership for decades. >> you have republicans asking
1:59 pm
nancy pelosi to drop the impeachment plan a call for unification, very quick, 20 seconds. respond to that. >> i think we need to hold people accountable, particularly our elected officials particularly when people have died on their watch and they have instigated the event. we could not allow this president to walk away as if nothing happened when we watched a police officer be beaten to death. i think there is no question, it would be a dereliction of duty if congress did nothing in this situation. >> think you guys. just breaking news coming in, acting dhs secretary scott wolf who has been interviewed a lot and is now stepping down. so his name added to the list of many white house officials and administration officials who have decided to leave before the end of this administration. we thank you for joining us today, in for neil your world. he will be back tomorrow.
2:00 pm
join me tonight at 7:00 p.m. eastern for the story and right after this am of five gets underway so stick around for that and have a great day, everyone. i will see you tonight at 7:00, more breaking news straight ahead and the focus of the five joining you right now. >> jesse:>> juan: hello, everyo. i am juan williams with jesse watters, greg gutfeld, brian kilmeade, and dagen mcdowell. this is the five. tech giants facing fierce backlash from conservatives and claims of censorship after two major social media crackdowns. twitter permanently banning president trump from his platform days after the siege on capitol hill. and apple, google, and amazon all pulling the plug on


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