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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  January 11, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> trace: great to see you on another jam-packed news day. >> sandra: it was a good one. thank you and we will see you back here tomorrow. "outnumbered" starts right now. >> this is a fox news alert. lawmakers gearing up for a new impeachment showdown on capitol hill. this comes after house republicans blocked the house bill a short time ago demanding that vice president pence invoke the 25th amendment to immediately remove president trump from office. so now democrats prepared an article of impeachment against the president over the capitol building siege last wednesday. if approved, this would mark the second time a democratic led chamber and peach the president. republicans slamming the latest effort reminding democrats calls a few days ago to unify the country. take a listen. >> i'm calling on president-elect biden to pick up the phone and call nancy pelosi
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and the squad to end the second impeachment. >> we shouldn't be pursuing this impeachment. we shouldn't be pursuing the 25th amendment. let's bring the country together and move forward and return to being america, the greatest nation ever. that's where we need to focus. >> you're watching outnumbered. i am gillian turner in washington. here is kennedy, town hall editor and fox news contributor katie pavlich, fox news contributor and fox nation host tomi lahren and very special one lucky guy today joining us for the very first time on outnumbered, "fox & friends" we cohost will cain. thank you for being with us. will, i want to come to you first. let's get into it. why is speaker pelosi still pursuing the 25th amendment option? hasn't it been made clear by the vice president and senate republicans that it is essentially dead in the water. they would need an incredible amount of support and wondered push this through. they would need the entire
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cabinet on board as well as two-thirds of the house and the senate. >> will: political retribution or at least this signal of political retribution. happy to be with you for the first time on "outnumbered." there was little that would get accomplished by pursuing either. president trump has nine days left in office. what would be accomplished is inflaming an environment of political retribution and i have to believe that's probably what nancy pelosi would like to do. if we look at the events of last week, i believe president trump is not blameless in the situation, the chaos that unfolded in washington, d.c. i think he is culpable for creating a chaotic environment but then we have to come back to our common sense on what it all amounted to when it terms -- when it comes to terms like inciting a riot, whether he's legally culpable. whether it amounts to impeachment. it does not. their words of his speech do not
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amount to either illegal or political act that can pass through the court system or either house of congress. what it amounts to is you're not going to get them out of office. not going to call most anything the next nine days. you're only going to try to exact your pound of flesh against president trump. that will only serve to inflame an already divided country. it's the pursuit of political retribution. >> gillian: kennedy, i don't want to get too trapped in the weeds of the procedural stuff but it's important at this critical moment when we are again talking about an article of impeachment drawn against the president. why is speaker pelosi bothering with the 25th amendment step? a lot of her credits are saying it's a waste of time. go straight to offering an article of impeachment on the house floor. should have done it today are a couple days ago. there is no path forward for the 25th amendment. why are you pushing it? >> kennedy: that's exactly right. it's like an nfl quarterback
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being tasked with free throw percentage. we are talking about two very different things. if she wants to remove the president via her congressional lane where she is house speaker, then that's where she would introduce and investigate an article of impeachment. the 25th amendment. what civics lesson we have had over the last six days. even steve bannon at one point said he thought that the president would be removed not through impeachment but through the 25th amendment. you start looking into the rules and you see it's quite difficult it would take more time for the removal than the nine days that the president has. i personally think i understand why joe biden has been silent. you don't want to make it too easy to remove a president because then it puts us in sort of this removal gutter and it
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sets a horrible precedent and joe biden should want to make it as difficult as possible for someone to remove him from office. what ifs party sours on him and they think he doesn't have the mental capacity to lead this administration and the democrats and they try using the 25th amendment on him. gets pretty dicey pretty fast. >> gillian: towards that end, representative james clyburn has come up with this, i don't know what to collect, compromise or a middle ground. katie, it's basically that he is saying let's not move forward. let's condemn the president right now and then table all of it and let joe biden and his administration get through their first 100 days and then we will revisit impeachment. we are looking at some time, three months down the line when president trump has long been out of office and the house is going to spend time revisiting this article of impeachment, debating, hearing, votes, whatever they're going to do. months from now the possibility
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of president trump being impeached. what do you think of that? >> katie: democrats waiting at all, including in the past four or five days to get the impeachment article out proves that their entire argument for doing so is not really honest in terms of saying that the president is so dangerous that you have to be removed from office at this very moment and cannot continue. if they wait to get joe biden's cabinet members through their confirmation hearings, through the first 100 days and then go back to impeachment, it will only prove what the critics of this, not just republicans but democratic constitutional scholars, jonathan turley for example has said about the abuse of the impeachment process for the sake of political ends. with a way to go through with his after the president is out of office, it's obviously purely political and in terms of your question about why nancy pelosi continues to push the 25th amendment option is because she
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wants to get on record all the cabinet officials working for president trump who are not willing to do this so that for the next four years or however long can beat them over the head with it and use it as a political weapon against them by associating them with the president in order to also ruin their future political careers. let's not forget also if they were to impeach the president even after he leaves office, he wouldn't be able to run again. as a number of different political paths here but it all comes back to exactly that. it's a political move by nancy pelosi. if this were about how dangerous the president really as they would've done it immediately which they are not doing. >> gillian: to katie's point, speaker pelosi insisting up and down and sideways in every which way today that the move to impeach is not motivated by political retribution. it's about security and entering the president trump cannot be reelected president in the future. making the case that he is essentially a security threat to the nation.
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>> tomi: she has been trying to make that point for four years. this is trump derangement syndrome to the nth degree. we have seen it for four years. they got their way. they won. they got there president that are going to get their socialist agenda but this has to be the kill shot. this is a way to divide conservatives and stacked the republicans, the g.o.p. against the trump supporters and get us to once again will fight one another so that democrats on the left get stronger. we cannot play into their hands. after call them up for what they are doing. we have to caution and that any type of political retribution could be used on them in the future. i know they don't think that's possible. they think they have such a stranglehold on such majority but they are still forgetting. let's take the capitol hill riot aside. let's talk about the average trump supporting silent majority individual out there who would never storm the capital but still very much loved president trump, still very much supports his america first agenda and thinks he was a great president. think about those people. there are millions and millions
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of americans out there who appreciate what this president has done we cannot get into the weeds and start fighting each other. that's exactly what nancy on the left wants and we will not give that to them. >> gillian: we have to put this down for now but we will pick up later with debate. speaker pelosi is not just pushing impeachment but also playing the race card when it comes to reflecting on the capital riots. take a listen. >> there are people in our country led by this president for the moment who have chosen their whiteness over democracy. >> gillian: she is taking a lot of heat for that. we will talk about parler, the so-called conservative to mentor that's going dark after amazon, apple and google all pulled the plug. has the tech giant gone too far? we'll talk about congressman devin nunes who says that china still hiding key evidence on the origins of the coronavirus and what he wants the u.s.
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>> kennedy: parler, the social media site popular with conservatives went off-line last night after amazon kicked it off its web hosting service. apple and google dropped parler in response to last week's violence on capitol hill. twitter ceo jack dorsey mocking parler with a heart emoji. all of this after facebook and instagram gave president trump the boot and twitter permanently suspended his account.
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meanwhile a rogues gallery of the world's most oppressive leaders still active on twitter including iran and venezuela. will, are these big tech giants acting like mean girls keeping parler from being the plastics? >> will: i love that analogy. i think it's bigger than that. i think we are evolving into a one point of view of society. you're only allowed to have one opinion. if it's not limited to technology. it extends beyond technology into academia and corporate h.r. america, the media institution complex. mostly in order to participate" unquote polite discussion, you have to have or toe one point of view. let me say this really quickly. we can't also ignore the business applications here. twitter, amazon, apple,
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"new york times," cnn or i'll happy to ride the wave of the attention that the president garner them throughout the last four years. stock prices, ratings, circulation went up. the minute they don't think they need the president anymore they are happy to divorce themselves of the attention that he broug brought. there is a business implication here. they put away an upstart competitor in parler. i believe the bigger story beyond text, we are evolving into a one point of view country and that is terrifying. >> kennedy: gillian, is there something parler could have done differently? it was appealing to conservatives because many conservatives feel like they've been unfairly banned, had their accounts shut down on put because of we tweeting or expressing particular points of view. parler was there or is our free-speech marketplace that was not in the business of censuring its users.
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should they have done anything different or were they a big threat because they were doing everything right? >> gillian: they could've done a lot better job of making users in the bounds of the law. i would say that parler, kennedy, is not a monolith. it's many things. one of the realities of parler is that conservatives, president trump supporters in particular have really flocked to the app especially in recent months and they use it as a nu to express their ideals and their political beliefs and that's great. the other reality about parler is that people use it as an actual venue to organize crime and violence. that breaks the law. not entirely up to parler to regulate that. it's up to capitol hill. i would bring us back to the tragic railway here which is that if lawmakers had all along fulfill their responsibility ane big tech platforms it wouldn't be left of the social media companies to police their users' speech so heavily. so far, congress has abdicated
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that responsibility and its fall into jack dorsey and mark zuckerberg and ajit pai and anyone else to. >> kennedy: ajit pai is the free-speech sec chairman that we had and i appreciated about him. katie, let's talk about the hypocrisy a little bit. it's a lazy and intellectual fall back to say president trump is literally hitler. these sites are giving platforms to actual tyrants who actually kill women, gays, and journalists like nicola maternal, the ayatollah and president erdogan in turkey who was turned into a full-blown murderous authoritarian. >> katie: not helpful for
9:19 am
people to be on spee parler calr the vice president to be executed. let's not pretend twitter is a clean platform. antifa is still on the platform with a nobler number of accounts that have organized a number of riots throughout the past year. let's not forget when isis was still in business they were using the platform to engage in terrorist activity. today you have dictators responsible for the killing of their own citizens. they are still able to freely post. twitter is going to claim that they are open to everyone, while also picking and choosing winners and losers, it shows the hypocrisy and they testified under oath that they don't coordinate their messaging or their actions but it's pretty clear that over the weekend these big tech giants were in touch with each other about next steps to squash the only competitor that we've seen on
9:20 am
the marketplace to try and give people an outlet for real free-speech, not criminal behavior or incitement. having real conversations about tough topics. >> kennedy: tomi, a lot of conservatives have left twitter and facebook over the weekend. there's been a slow push toward the exit but now you're seeing massive numbers of conservatives leaving. where do they go now? >> tomi: that's the difficult part. big tech essentially is telling us and democrats on the left is shut up or else. we will censor you. we will take away any of the other platforms you've created. shut up. they don't want us to talk about election integrity. they don't want us to talk about voter fraud. they don't want us to talk about president trump. they don't want us to talk about conservatives values and principles. some people say no there's others that are on twitter. mitch mcconnell is still on there. you're forgetting that there are
9:21 am
so many other americans out there that are terrified already of saying anything in there one outlet because they were never going to be touched by the mainstream media was social media now they have taken away parler. it's a clear message to conservatives, shut up and we need to send a clear message back, we will not shut up. they need to understand that. if we need to keep making platforms and doing it in a responsible and safe way we will do it. there's been people who would possibly create a platform that's safe and responsible and respectful that gives a voice to everything, not just conservatives and not just those on the left but everyone. the way twitter was postoperative but never did. >> kennedy: maybe it's elon musk. nancy pelosi denying that she's an obstructionist after it took months for congress to finally pass the second coronavirus only package. >> what about the covid relief
9:22 am
package that was held up for eight months? >> that was there obstruction. >> well, wait. yours too. >> there obstruction. >> yours too. you held out for eight months. >> kennedy: is the media exploiting the capitol hill riots to silence conservatives? we will discuss all of it next. >> we have media organizations who talk about mostly peaceful protesters while buildings burning behind them. people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections and lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, if your inflammatory bowel disease symptoms develop or worsen, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to.
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9:27 am
was no respect for our heroes, our state and local health care workers, police and fire, first responders, sanitation, transportation, food workers, teachers and they would not go down that path. >> katie: house speaker nancy pelosi blaming republicans. she mentioned mitch mcconnell but isn't it also the case and by the way mitch mcconnell is doing the reverse, blaming pelosi and schumer and the democrats. isn't it also the case that mitch mcconnell is the one that killed president trump's proposal by slow walking out which was to increase direct payments to millions of americans by forcin 1400 bucks e them $2,000. >> tomi: i think that's what a lot of trump supporters and conservatives are wondering. why does it seem like both sides of the aisle actively worked to make this president look bad, to effect the georgia election which we know it certainly did.
9:28 am
mitch mcconnell plated giant role. for nancy pelosi to say, do you notice when she's pressed on anything that she's almost unhinged. she is angry that anyone dare question her. it was interesting to bring up. democrats always like to talk about their transparency and how much they love journalists and then look at the way she acted when she was pressed even slightly. there is no doubt that the democrats held it up and we know why. there's no questioning. they held it up for political reasons. they held it up to hurt republicans and most of all they held it up to hurt president trump. we know this. they will go round and round in circles and the journalists will allow them to. the patriots out there, we all know exactly what happened. nancy pelosi ought to be a little concerned herself because although she's a radical, although she is the den mother, there's going to be a lot more radical socialists coming up through the ranks and they're going to challenge her so i hope she feels good about herself now because i've a feeling she's
9:29 am
going to be in the hot seat. it's going to be coming back on her. it all comes around. >> gillian: plenty of blame to go around here. is there any room to deliver the responsibility here at the feet of republicans and democrats to say look, at one point or another both sides failed to come through for americans and the most dire hour of need. both sides obstructed at one point or another in both sides really made the perfect the enemy of the good in the sense that if we don't get everything we want right now, screw it. we are not moving forward. >> will: yes, there is blame to go around and yes, both sides deserve some of that blame. to the point of the question that you asked tomi. mitch mcconnell and the republicans are responsible for delaying the covid relief bill in december. the question the nancy pelosi was asked about what happened in october. that was a flat lie that she told to the face of the american people. she is virtually on the record
9:30 am
as saying yes we deleted because there would be a new administration place. she and the democrats wanted to deprive president trump of a win before the presidential election when it came to the covid relief bill and that's just a flat out lie crossing pass... nancy pelosi. listen, the american people and i think tomi is right. they can see through the line they know the truth. the lies are not capable of being pace passed off as easilys they were in the past but we were told that the wuhan virus came from a market and it was a conspiracy theory to say he came from a lab. it got tom cotton kicked out of the editorial in the maritimes. months passed and they say it like they did come from a lab. lies have a way of being exposed in this one for nancy pelosi quite honestly has already been exposed. >> gillian: will pick up on the origin story. today marks a year exactly since the chinese state media report at the very first death in the
9:31 am
country from covid-19. the worldwide death toll stands at nearly 2 million people. today congressman devin nunes, top republican on house intelligence, is calling on the director of national intelligence, john ratcliffe, did declassify documents on the origin. take a listen. >> house republicans have come of this is the next step in our investigation. this and if reports out there in enough of what we are hearing and the people were interviewing that we believe there is much more to the wuhan lab. hopefully john ratcliffe can get as much as he possibly can out in the next ten days. >> gillian: the first reason seems logical that this information should be declassified. 300 plus thousand americans have lost their lives to this virus. americans are owed some kind of explanation. and the cat is kind of already out of the bag. the jig is up, whatever you want to say. we know the intelligence community has been investigating this, the armore origin of the s
9:32 am
for just over a year. you can't do it and then not produce any results for americans, right? >> katie: may be the one-year anniversary of the chinese communist party reporting a death but let's not forget on december 30 of a year ago it was the taiwan government that was warning the world health organization and the rest of the world but this is a human to human transmitted virus. the world health organization was lying saying there was no evidence of this spreading through human to human contact. that cost lives and would cost governments around the world time, precious time when it came to preventing this from becoming a pandemic. the bottom line here in terms of declassification is a national security issue, public transparency, and holding china accountable for what they did to the country. the mass majority of americans want accountability for china. we deserve to know why the virus was covered up and where it came from and how to prevent it in the future because so many
9:33 am
people have not just died from this but everybody's life has been impacted in some way. there are so many people who lost their jobs, still people being shut down. businesses that cannot operate, millions of people who are never going to go back to work in the same places that they were before as a result of this virus and so they want answers about exactly where it came from. given that china has kept out researchers and inspectors until now coincidentally after destroying evidence in the lab, getting rid of doctors who have simply disappeared. talking about the fact that this virus was human to human. there are so many leads that we've seen over the last year that deserve some tying up. >> before i let you go, yes-or-no answer only. as future president biden going to rejoin the world health organization. >> katie: yes. >> gillian: kennedy, i'll ask you to answer that. first, katie mentioned that the other shoe to drop is holding the chinese government
9:34 am
accountable for what happened no matter where the virus came from whether it was a lab or a wet market or an act of god. we know that the government allowed the virus knowingly and willingly to spread beyond the borders at a time when it have the ability, the capability to prevent that from happening. >> kennedy: we know in this country when we are transparent it makes a stronger. we know when china is okay can they withhold information, it's deadly. it's absolutely unacceptable because from what we have learned the virus was killing people months before china reported it. the w.h.o. was trying to get researchers and doctors in there to understand the origin of the virus and how was mutating and how it was sickening and killing people. they were blocked from doing that in order for china and the communist collective to save face. i hope that there are documents
9:35 am
that are declassified. the more understanding, the better. we have to make sure this never happens again but what we do know is once the genie is out of the bottle, it's going to be almost impossible to put her or him back inside. >> gillian: well said. got to leave it there. coming up next, more capitol riot fallout. a leading conservative voice because the media is trying to avoid the violence to silence republicans. speaker pelosi under fire for a word she used to describe the rioters. listen. >> there are people in our country led by this president for the moment who have chosen their whiteness over democracy. with mortgage rates at their lowest in history, it's time to refi. but if you're a veteran homeowner and need cash, here's big news. introducing refiplus from newday usa. it lets you refi at all-time low rates
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says the media is using the -- >> we should oppose all violence, all violence, whether it's capitol hill which is an outrage, whether it's the white house, whether it's a federal courthouse which is an outrage, whether it's people leaving the last night of the republican convention, that's an outrage. all forms of violence, all of it should be condemned. >> we have media organizations. talking about mostly peaceful protesters while buildings are burning behind them. >> katie: will cain, your response to that. it's been a massive double standard when it comes to what happened last year. the most expensive riots in american history. and what happened last week. >> will: no doubt about it katie, and i don't think it's devotdifficult to condemn both. i don't think it's hard to look back at the events of the summer and say it's a travesty to watch
9:41 am
in the united states of america is the blood, sweat, and tears of small business owners and entrepreneurs across the country are crushed and interned at the same time go what happened last week in washington, d.c., is absolutely condemnable. we should be able to do both. mark also said it's going to be a launching point to encroach upon our civil liberties. he's absolutely right. the left is already comparing last week to 9/11. 9/11 was one of the biggest sacrifices of our civil liberties. the coronavirus academic lockdown is our second-biggest sacrifice of our lifetime. this event will probably be yet another huge crackdown on our civil liberties. >> katie: there is a responsibility of the media not to make the situation worse and had over the weekend "the new york times" published a photo of a daily caller reporter whwho has been reporting on rios for over a year now and classified him on the front page
9:42 am
as a writer. it seems when we are in crisis and emotions are high, nuance and context are more important than ever and reporter should take a step back and say let's get the facts first before we move down the road of accusing certain people being involved in a situation. >> gillian: you and will and others are right to flag with the media's coverage of this event showed up a double standard. that's absolutely the case. i do have to point out that i feel comparisons to blm protests in the media coverage of that in the summer a little bit disingenuous. we are talking about -- excuse me, we can talk about media coverage is being a double standard and that's fine but when we look at the actual response of law enforcement it's not helpful to draw comparison because it's really apples to oranges. i said this the other day but it's worth flagging again. during the first two weeks of blm protests that broke out last summer 17,000 americans were
9:43 am
arrested in two weeks, just under two weeks. so far in response to the capitol hill riots, about 80 some people that have been arrested. are we to draw the conclusion that law enforcement is biased against blm protests and their movement? i think we have to draw a line somewhere. law enforcement, set that aside in this conversation, we talk about media coverage, law enforcement. again it's apples to oranges. >> katie: tomi, do you want to respond. >> tomi: i watch so many on the left over the summer tell me no justice, no peace, telling us we shouldn't be focusing on looting and rioting because it was a cry for justice. now what happened last wednesday which we have all and many conservatives if not all prominent conservatives have come out and said it was wrong. it was disgusting. i was one of the most vocal condemning it. where was the left all summer long as our cities were burning and businesses were closed.
9:44 am
tvs stolen, gucci belts stolen. so many people said this is what justice looks like. trump supporters and conservatives have every right to be upset and i also want to say everything that happened last wednesday was disgusting. those who decided to storm the capitol, disgusting. there were many, many patriots there who would never consider storming the capitol and wouldn't consider an act of violence that were there to show support for their president and election integrity. those people are being completely discounted it as if they didn't even exist. again, another double standard. >> katie: all right, we are learning new details about a viral video of a loan capitol hill police officer facing down the mob during a critical moment that likely save lives. that's up next. start the year smiling at aspen dental where new starts happen, every day. get exceptional care every step, unparalleled safety at evervisit, and flexible payment options for every budget.
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>> kennedy: democrats accused of ramping up their rhetoric. house speaker nancy pelosi tying the pro-trump mobs actions to their "whiteness." watch. >> it had been an epiphany for the world to see that there are people in our country led by this president for the moment who have chosen their whiteness
9:49 am
over democracy. >> kennedy: all right, this after president-elect biden likened republican senators ted cruz and josh hawley to nazi propagandist joseph goebbels. watch. >> they are part of the big lie. joseph goebel's and the great lie, you keep repeating the lion repeating the lie. >> kennedy: senator ted cruz writing "really sad at a time of deep national vision president-elect biden strives to call his political opponents literal nazis does nothing to bring us together or promote healing. this kind of vicious partisan rhetoric only tears our country apart." will, it's also incredibly lazy. whenever anyone evokes hitler or the nazis, they instantly lose their argument. what you see here are? >> will: a race to escalate. this is how you go from first to fifth gear as quickly as you can. an attempt to stand out to be
9:50 am
inflammatory. kennedy, i don't like social media. i'm not very good at it but i stink at it. it's a huge, huge bidding factor. the race to stand out. what happened at the capitol is abhorrent. it is doesn't mean layer onto it every society ill and political hobbyhorse. make it a race issue. i'm surprised that -- we can race as quickly as we can to putting on every single societies ill on top of it. no term has been more water down over the past five or six years than the term nazi. it is used, invoked, to your point, and almost every instance in our society. >> kennedy: and it's incredibly lazy. senator cruz, senator hawley, they are both under fire right now, gillian, for their part in wanting to perhaps overturn the electoral college results. they are being blamed for the riots which have been to concurrently with the discussion about that on capitol hill.
9:51 am
is there any way for anyone to come forward and either save face or extend an olive branch and try to bring a couple sides together? >> gillian: i will quote my stepfather who likes to say there's a lot of hope but no chance. i think we've seen that time and time again. in the day since wednesday. a lot of us covering those events live as they unfolded really did have a lot of hope and especially in the hours after when we got the realvideo and some the violence that went on. we saw that maybe wednesday's trauma would ride an opportunity, a foundation for some lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, if not unified, at least reach across the aisle and extend a few weeks of goodwill and courtesy during the remainder of the transition. it happens -- hasn't happened so far and i don't think it's going to happen. >> kennedy: tomi, do you think it's wise to invoke race every time you are disenchanted with
9:52 am
someone's actions? >> tomi: know it has absolutely nothing to do with race and beyond the term nazi become bling complete diluted in water down their term races has completely been diluted in water down. to refer to people's whiteness as of the only people out there were white people as if it somehow race issue once again only brings division and it furthers dilute the term that shouldn't be diluted. we should save the word racist for actual receipts and we shouldn't be bringing race into the discussion at all. i think i'm talking about senator cruz and senator hawley, and we are talking with them and somehow trying to pin this on them that they incited this because they wanted to contest election or challenge the electoral result, again, i would say you can do both. you can believe that there was voter fraud and election issues that went on and you can raise questions about that and call for an investigation of that and you can also say storming the capitol in any instance or any act of violence is wrong, completely wrong and disgusting. this is a tool to silence anybody that dared talk about
9:53 am
anything that the left doesn't want them to talk about. it's expected but it is still despicable. >> kennedy: despicable indeed. one man's quick thinking likely prevented the deadly shoot-out on capitol hill. coming up next, the capitol officer being hailed as a hero. wait until you see it. record low mortgage rates have fallen again, while home values just keep climbing. refiplus lets you refinance at record low rates plus get an average of $50,000 for retirement tomorrow and for peace of mind today. refiplus. it's huge news. it's only for veterans. and it's only from newday usa.
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>> gillian: we are learning brand-new details about a viral video of the capitol police officer staring down an angry mob wednesday. it appeared the officer being hailed as a hero actually lead this crowd away from the entrance to the senate chamber. here is the key moment. a riot or looks for the unlocked senate chamber to his right but instead continues to follow the officer in the foreground heading left away from that holiday. "the washington post" reporter notes that we are just minutes away from sealing off the senate
9:58 am
chamber it, and had those rioters made it to the floor, it could have turned into a deadly shoot-out. let's bring back the panel. safe to say that with most american tragedies on this day last wednesday we saw some of the worst in americans and some of the best. are you a quick thoughts? >> katie: just what a quick thinking hero, thank god, and those rioters did not make it into the senate. i shudder to think what would have happened based on what we seen so far of them beating police officers and other horrific things. thank god for him, and quick thinking. >> gillian: not a lot to think other than be relieved and grateful. right, kennedy? >> kennedy: absolutely. he reminded me of a bullfighter, throwing himself in front of the beast, engaging with those rioters to try and draw their attention away from the senate chamber. he did that very well, it showed
9:59 am
quick thinking, good training and hurl a schism on this part. tomi, what are your final thoughts? >> tomi: i'm a big supporter of law enforcement and i always will be. it really sickens and saddens me to know that they were trump supporter is actively trying to attack and harass police officers yesterday. but we are seeing the best of the thin blue line, that gentleman, that officer willing to risk his life for his job and what he believes in, and that's the same story for so many offices across this nation. a debt of gratitude to him and all who do that job every single day. >> gillian: well said. will come of this your first real "outnumbered" challenge. you have ten seconds to wrap us up. >> will: that is a challenge. thank you for having me come of this is fun. that is an individual hero, it's always important to highlight individual heroes. capitol police fought back that riot all across the board. that was underreported and there was a lot of criticism going their way. we know it's a good law enforcement effort in many occasions there across the capitol to try and maintain
10:00 am
order. >> gillian: i think you passed. we will check with our ep j and let you know. [laughter] great to have you. here is julie banderas in for harris faulkner on "outnumbered overtime." >> julie: thank you guys. fox news alert, has democrats plowing ahead with plans to impeach president trump a second time. that would be a first, as we are now getting details on their accusations against the president. this is "outnumbered overtime," i'm julie banderas in for harris faulkner today. the house today advancing a resolution calling on the vice president, vice president pence, to invoke the 25th amendment, to remove president trump from office following the capitol hill siege. but house republicans blocking the measure. now the house are preparing to move forward with the democrats' article of impeachment against the president, but g.o.p. counties ben waltz says this is the wrong response to this deadly assau o


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