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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 1, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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it's just starting to come out and we will bring you more. the show that is the sworn enemy of lying, smugness, and m groupthink. have a good night. lin, smugnesd groupthink. have a ♪ >> welcome to the special edition of "hannity." happy new year. for the hour, we will focus on the importance of the georgia senate runoff race as we begin tonight with my monologue on why republicans need these two seats on january 5th, and analysisisn from newt gingrich take a look.y >> democrats tonight are making it is clear as ever that if they control take control of the senate, they would unleash what would be the single most destructive political force on you the american people. they have ever seen, don't believe me, listen to them, in their own words, they mean it. >> we changed georgia and then we changed america. >> change has come to georgia.
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change is coming to america. >> i'm hoping that in early january, democrats will pick up two more seats in the georgia runoff. and that would makeop our life a lot easier birthday gate to make sure that we don't have aar republican senate majority that we win these races in georgia, that we secure a democratic senate majority so that we don't have to negotiate in that way. >> barbara, the people of georgia, you remember less than two years ago that people like alec baldwin and alyssa milano and debra messing and all these hollywood libs were all talking about boycotting their state. all this money coming in from all yeah, san francisco, hollywood, dc. every liberal elitist that hates georgia to begin with. last night, the far left extremism of the democratic, georgia party, that candidates on full display, he directly
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renounced marxism and socialism because he's publicly advocated for it many times over the years and by the way, wouldn't give as straight answer on joe biden and court packing. i would have given him all the time he needed to give an answer. take a look for it. >> reverend warnock, your writings in your teaching come at you have repeatedly praised marxism and the redistribution of income, can you hear and now for all of georgians renounce socialism and marxism? >> listen, i believe in of free enterprise system and my dad was a small business owner. >> these are moralize from someone who invited fidel castro
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into his own church someone who has celebrated anti- semite jeremiah wright, he's also said police officers are gangsterss and thugs and refused to apologize for it. he said you can't serve god and the military. >> do you support expanding the supreme court? >> i'm really not focused on it. and i think that too often, the politics in washington has been about the >> politicians. >> he didn't ask if you are focused on it. and the senator is right. we have done the media mob john again. he does have a long history of radicalism. he does have a long history of dangerous rhetoric. in 2011, in a sermon he said nobody can serve god in the military. he mentioned mammon in the debate the other night. but that's not what he said. god in the military is what he said brady also said police have a gangster and thug make talent
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-- mentality. he's would support ending cash bail. the far left extremism doesn't stop there. tonight were learning more about the troubling record of senator perdue's opponent who is facingo incumbent david perdue because aside from endorsing an unhinged socialist agenda and i mean way to the left of bolshevik bernie, earlier this year, he quietly disclosed ties to a pro- chinese communist party media company. li and he got payments from the highly controversial al jazeera network. see what's going on? yes, rafael warnock, john, clearly ready, willing, able, to team up with chucky schumer the force of radical socialism, and destroy everything donald trump has encompassed in the last four years and probably investigatefo his family into perpetuity. it would mean a packed and politicized u.s. supreme court
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it would abolish the legislative filibuster, expect dcm puerto rico to have four new democratic senators they hope in perpetuity the majority of the democratsci support open borders, we'll become the united sanctuary states of america, will fund free healthcare for anybody inin the country illegally. that includes defunding the police, embracing lawlessness, ending cash bail, soft on chinaa soft on iran, tough on our ally israel policies. rolling back president trumps industry independence. kamala harris supports that and more. take this seriously we need as many checks and balances in placed in hospital possible. and stand in the way of the far left power grab. they must turn out more votes than stacy are brooms can. the bull by is actually factored in a cheating factor of 3.7 percent.
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i've never thought i would see that part of a pull factor. >> did you ever see a pull factor in cheating? >> i like him a lot, but that is a new one. probably accurate. normally i would say that, but i would say that in georgia and the intelligence and the drive that stacy abrams has brought to trying to steal the state, that may be right. i appealed appeal to every conservative in georgia to go vote as early as possible, and to make sure that kelly loeffler and kelly perdue did.
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on taking on warnock, he's a baptist preacher, he's give speeches for a living his entire balife. he is sort of passing and i think he was sort of trapped because as you pointed out, he really is radical. he was pretty hard to disown 20 or 25 years of radicalism in the debate. but i thought she did a very nice job of just sticking to it. this is the most radical candidate ever nominated by it so i think is going to be an extraordinarily important election. i think the odds are very high my motto is very simple. we have to win by a bigger margin than stacy abrams can steal. that's flat out the reality we are dealing with. >> if you watch, it was loud and it was clear. one of the ways that they can do it, the governor says yes, we need real signature verification
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checking. i'm like okay, we'll fix it, but if you have the ability to call into session the legislature, he steadfastly refuses, now it's angry republican switch week can't have them angry going into this runoff election knowing the importance of the outcome here. the president and the president's family to end his agenda, that four years of hard work. >> i think everybody should understand i would urge every georgian to call your state legislature and demand that they go back into session. and i think the governor would be well served to both call a special session to deal with some of the more outrageous things that are going on, and to insist that they have a genuine honest recount looking carefully at the signatures. the real problem is the signatures, and the agreement that they agreed to with stacy
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abrams is a disaster in which you want is an accurate count. >> i recently spoke with senators lindsey graham and senator john kennedy about the importance of the georgia senate runoffs in here is what they had to say. >> you know, senator, i'm worried about these two runoff races. january 5th. all tell you why. i'm worried because of what we know happened with stacy abrams, and mail-in ballots, we don't have a governor willing to call the legislative session i believe needs to be called to fix problems. the two signature verification systems that democrats sued and won, a dumb decision by the secretary of state. i don't know if that is going to breed over into this race. if it does, the country is in deep trouble. >> the secretary of state in georgia has about 250 investigations ongoing already
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of alleged voter registration irregularities, one of those is one of ms. abrams organizations. that's indication of how high the mistakes are. let me speak very plainly for a >> shakur. >> unless you have the iq of a vegetable, you know how important this election is. it is as second presidential election. why do you think president obama and mister biden are going to georgia to campaign. they are going to treat this as a second referendum on president trump and his accomplishments. furthermore, if we lose in georgia, senator schumer, senator bernie sanders, speaker pelosi, they are in charge.
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this is america, they are entitled to their opinions, but in my opinion, their ideas are barking mad. barking mad. do you really want to be governed by neo- socialist? so my message to the good people of georgia, i'm not trying to mess in your business, i knowal you're sick of politics, but, please,, take the time, and make the effort to go vote. look at it this way, if dead people can do it, so can you. >> i don't think i could say it any better, don't they need to change what we now know didn't work. you can't have for mail-in ballots one signature verification system and another one for same-day voters that have to show voter identification that have a state system where their signature is
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verified? the governor says i have no authority. he has the authority to put the legislature back into session for it he does have authority. the secretary of state is too busy to really care about that dumb deal he made. >> the republican senatorial committee and the rnc, we're not waiting or depending on anybody. we have got well overe 1,000 people on the ground, not only asking people to go vote, but watching for irregularities, that's not just on election day, that is now. we have lawyers ready, but all of this is for not if people won't vote. and i want them to understand how the stakes are. i think the president understands how high the stakes are. he's goingnk there saturday. i think he's going to speak straight up to the people of georgia. i hope he does.
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this is a second presidential election. president obama and mister biden are not going down there to play god. >> i don't think joe is up to it, no offense. i'm not sure he can get through five holes, senator, well said. people in georgia, your country need you desperately. >> you have been all over the georgia senate runoff races. i love my friends in georgia a live there and number of yearsun as you know. >> the future of the court if we lose georgia, bernie sanders will become the budget chairman not lindsey graham, so your money is at stake. they will be able to expand the supreme court farmrm 9-13 or a larger number to make it liberal. they will make dcs state adding two more democratic senators in perpetuity and probably puerto rico. the most important thing for the moment here, is if we retain control of the senate the hunter biden fiasco doesn't go away.
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to look into the issues regarding the ukraine and china. he's presumed innocent like every other american. if you thought mueller should be looking at the drums in russia, how do you justify it not looking at the bidens, china in the ukraine and everywhere else in the world. >> it's amazing all we been e through in then to get lectured by everybody. you believe the whistleblowers of the people they came forward under the signing affidavits and the penalty of perjury and possible sentence, did you believe a lot of them? i didn't. >> i think georgette was you
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know, now the secretary of state is allowing signature audits. that's better than nothing i wish we had done that a couple of three weeks ago where it would have mattered more, but i think what happened in wisconsin in georgia, they are challenging the systems. he may fall short, but he shedding light on the problem of mail in voting. there are two threats to conservatism. unverified and social media companies unregulated unable to be sued when they take down the content of the service. social media companies, the mail in boating will destroy conservatism if we don't push back. >> parlor rumble, there you go. thank you, senator. coming up, my interview on this special edition of hannity as we continue. a judge dismissing the lawsuit
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♪ >> george floyd's death, prosecutors are citing covid-199 is the reason saying that extra time needed to reduce health risk and make sure enough people are vaccinated. they're asking to push back the child by three months and the extension is granted that the trial is scheduled for march 8th. meanwhile, president trump pushing forward to a new fishing bell, working for a multibillion-dollar trade deal. at the legislation would phase out a specific net used exclusively in federal waters off the california coast. california senator dianne feinstein pushing back against the veto saying it ensures more sea life will be needlessly killed it. i'm jackie ibanez, now back to our "hannity" special. for all her headlines, log onto
10:21 pm ♪ >> david and kelly are running against radical john on soft. and rafael warnock. they are the two most extreme far west left liberal senate candidates in the history of our country. >> i recently spoke to david perdue about why the georgia senate runoff races are so critical to the future of the country. take a >> the extreme socialist candidate doubling down on the far left fennel for that will become reality if the republicans are not reelected. the country is calling out are friends in georgia, we need you. john on soft ripping up his open borders planting a recent event federal agents should be used to ensure that illegal immigrants are being paid fair wages. what about enforcing the law, immigration law, on the books. rafael warnock is continuing to align himself with the most extreme far left members of congress or to congress movement
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omar and recently participating in a fundraiser for warnock that included far left activist a history of purulent anti-semitic remarks. earlier today, barely there biden loomed up and down atlanta trying to drum up support. look at this crowd. it is huge. i guess all the peach state socialist showed upgrade there's only one problem. hardly anyone showed up. barely any people, and were supposed to believe he is the most popular democrat of allth time. more popular than obama and hillary. may be he's actually not. a lot of issues facing georgia, but also the country.
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by the way, that's in the latest ad take a look. >> i don't know how the heck you stay in such great shape, man. you must get up and do it, man. i reached up and grabbed his arms, it's as big as my thigh. >> it's not that funny. you know what biden didn't tell you? his radical past includes the nation of islam also comparing israeli prime minister did george wallace.l he will rubberstamp as well john on any of chuck schumer's far left agenda. green new deal, open borders, everything is free and taxes, taxes, and more taxes. packing the court and ending the filibuster. joining us now, first we're going to show his latest campaign ad, david perdue showing us what's at stake in this election. >> we win these races in
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georgia, that means we don't have to negotiate. >> no negotiation? think about that. they get total control and we get police defunded. illegal immigrants, voted. your private health insurance taken away. military, gutted. is that really what you want? >> is that really what you want? i was shocked that nobody showed up he supposed to be the most popular political figure of allr time. >> this is the second time joe biden has come down to georgia and not attracted a crowd. he came to springs before and he came down this time. we are 125 town tour of the state of georgia, and we have had bigger crowds than every single one of these stops and i mean small towns then he did today. o we want to keep coming down because he quietly told the
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democrats to cool it on defunding the police, that that's a loser, he said. they're denying they want to defund the police. here we have two candidates, one against tillie leffler and one against me that both want to defund the police, one is caught on video in and abolish the police. the other says that they are gangsters and thugs, these are two liberal democrats that we are running against that as you said, we'll be nothing, but rubberstamps for chuck schumer as he perpetrates his socialist agenda onhu america. >> explain specifically. i could say that donald trump supporters, i could tell them what is at stake.r four years of hard work is at stake. which is going to be ripped into they will never stop the never-ending harassment of the president and his family. and more importantly, what are the other issues you see because january 5th is not on everyone's calendar is a voting daypart gate know it's not, and we have the holiday season upon us. you just have to listen to what chuck schumer said. mi
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night after night, take georgia, change america. you heard a clip about aoc not wanting to compromise and negotiate.e. what schumer will do you is change the voting real so he can do whatever he wants with 51 votes. 50 in the senate and the vice president if they get their. they will have the majority and they will have two states, for democratic seats. they will stack the courts can absolutely try to change the electoral college. this is what i see coming, defund the police is only for starts. they want illegal immigrants to vote. they want to cut our military again which is what obama did in clintonhe did. i think the people in georgia have awakened to this absolute hypocrisy they are trying to perpetrate because they want to offend any of these policiesmi that are in the democratic platform. we see this all over the state. we need to make sure they want to get out and vote. if they want to help us go to
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perdue this is last line of defense here in georgia. >> senator, i cannot i mean for the people of georgia, your country needs you. this race, his reelection, is critical. my interview with kelly leffler as the special edition of hannity continues. ♪
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♪ piano playing ♪ "what the world needs now" ♪ ♪ is love, sweet love ♪ it's the only thing that there's just too little of ♪ ♪ what the world needs now is love, sweet love, ♪ ♪ no not just for some but for everyone.♪
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>> because at stake in this election is control of the u.s. senate. that really means control of this country. the voters of georgia will determine which party runs every committee, writes every piece of legislation, controls every single taxpayer dollar come up very simply, you will decide whether your children will grow
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up in a socialist country, or whether they will grow up in a free country. i will tell you this, socialist is just beginning for these people. these people want to go further than socialism, they want to go into a communistic form of government. somehow that doesn't suit georgia to well. >> sean: as we can to continue the special edition of hannity. we spoke to about the race in your jet and her radical opponent rafael warnock. >> we hear more and more about the radicalism of both candidates especially rafael warnock and his embrace insideyo the dimmer so the more we learn, the more obvious it is. rafael warnock is not fit to serve nor is joan on soft in the u.s. senate. >> nobody can serve god in the military.
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>> raffaella warnock attacks our military. >> with this power, the kind of gangster and thug mentality. warnock attacks are police. >> somebody has to open up the jails. >> rafael warnock is dangerous for it. >> joining us now with reaction a lot at stake here. what you have to say to the country in the people of georgia.>> >> sean, great to be with you. the future of the country is on the ballot here in georgia january 5th. we have to hold the line in georgia. we know the country is counting on us. we heard chuck schumer say it, now we take georgia and then we change warnock is the radical angel of change. the media is refusing to ask questions of him, there is no one willing to do it and he's not willing to answer those questions. i asked him in the debate if you
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would renounce marxism and socialism, he refused to do that, he refused to answer those questions that you ask, what was the nature of the child abuse investigations that he obstructed, georgians need to know these answers because this could be quat disqualifying. >> i also see a lot of money coming from outside the great state of georgia from a lot of hollywood stars that i think less than two years ago were talking about boycotting the great state of georgia i need live there myself for a number of years, my big question is, january 5th is not the exact ideal date to have an election, next week is a christmas then is new year's week and then there's the election. not in it ideal time to get voters out. >> listen, it's always a good time to defend our freedoms in this country, to stand up for the constitution and everything we've achieved in this country and everything we need to protect for future generations. i'm on my third statewide tour right now it's a firewall tour,
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where the firewall to socialism in this country and i'm getting out across the state as is david perdue. georgians are filed fired upright we're asking them to vote early because of georgians don't vote and president trump was here last week, he said to georgians vote for david perdue and kelly loeffler you have toor do it and exercise your right to vote. he's absolutely right great if we don't vote, we can see the election of americans first marxist senator in this country right here in georgia and that's why we are the firewall bear it. >> i love that you're calling it the firewall. i would not ask the good conservative republican patriots, freedom lovers, and trump supporters as matt was pointing out, that may be annoyed with their local politicians or their states elected politicians. this is too important. this transcends every issue to me. they would literally be the rubberstamp for the most radical agenda. to the people of georgia know
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exactly how high the stakes are as yu-gi-oh county to county, as senator perdue goes county to county. do they understand this is real? >> i believe they do. they are frustrated, the president is frustrated, we're frustrated and we're taking care of that being very methodical and how we approach this election to make sure it's free, fair, accurate,'r interested. they also know they have to get out to vote. if we vote, we won't willing. if we don't vote, we could lose the country. that so serious this is. georgians know another up to the task and the turnout at our evidence has been great.t. >> sean: if we've learned anything from november 1st, the dropbox being watched every day, are they being videotaped, number two and are there accommodations being made that every ballot,, according to georgia law, partisan observers have the right to watch the vote count. that didn't happen on november 3rd. will it happen on january 5th?
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do we know for sure that these things will be resolved? >> we are in the courts right now and working on that parade we have 4,000 additional poll watchers and we're taking every possible action to make sure it is pure, free, and trusted. >> we appreciate that. up next the architect will break down the state of the race in the great state of georgia. that is next. ♪ ♪ piano playing ♪ "what the world needs now" ♪ the only thing a disaster can't destroy is hope help now at
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♪ >> live from america's news headquarters, jack ibanez in new york. u.s. coast guard suspending the search for a missing boat that had nearly 20 people on board. the search lasted nearly 84 hours and spend more than 14,000 square miles. the boat was scheduled to arrive
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in florida on friday after leaving the bahamas earlier this week. officials have not released information about who was on board at that boat. federal appeals court reinstating the execution of lisa montgomery, the lower court vacated the execution date ruling the bureau of prisons acted unlawfully when they rescheduled her execution. of montgomery is convicted of strangling a 23-year-old pregnant woman and taking the baby. i'm checking up on the eyes, now back to our special "hannity" coverage. for all your headlines, log onto if you're watching most powerful news. ♪ >> now they are trying to steal this to important senate seats from georgia. these seats are the last line of defense to save america and protect all that we have accomplished. we have accomplished things that no other president has no other administration.
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>> the upcoming georgia senate runoff races could not be more critical for the entire country. the balance of power in the senate is at stake.r here as they take on the show down in the all important all eyes on the state of georgia. >> i read that you might be involved with some fundraising efforts there if you are, good, you're good at that. you're good at a lot of things. break it down for us, carl. >> i'm involved on the national finance chairman of the committee between the perdue campaign, the leffler campaign and the senatorial candidate. full disclosure, i'm deeply involved. this is a real race. the demographic change, the state is changing, particularly the atlanta area, more liberal people, it's stacy abrams, she has meant, see what you will about her, she spent tens of millions of dollars in other people's money to brian built up
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a giant in the vote starts on december 7th when you can mail in ballots. then chuck schumer, he wants to--he spent $84 million to try to defeat lindsey graham. he spent an ungodly amount of money, you don't think he's going to pour money into the state? those are the advantages that democrats have. on the other hand we have other perdue is 87,000 votes ahead. the rest, they failed to get 50 percent because it was a libertarian candidate. libertarians are not going to come out and vote for the we have republicans in the jungle time primary, they outnumber the democratic and the winner of the democratic sweepstakes here ran behind what people into his abated he would run. the best advantage commit these democrats are on the west, this
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guy is like you can't serve god and the military. socialism is getting a bad word is a youth minister hosted fidel castro. as a minister in atlanta hosted the reverend jeremiah wright. this is a lefty in favor of every nostrum in the bernie sanders playbook, and then geo tv. both of these candidates, david perdue and kelly loeffler are building estate of the art get out the vote organization using lots of georgians and plenty of volunteers coming in from outside the state. finally the argument there thatd senator perdue laid out. the only way to rein in the excesses of the democratic white house and the democratic housein of representatives is to have a republican senate he put it right, this is the last line of defense for conservative values that we don't control. never republican majority in the
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u.s. senate and they're going to have as you said it clear piles to this nutty agenda, get rid of the 60 vote rule and pass every and lock in a governing democratic left majority p from decades to come. >> to you have to giveco stacy abrams credit. she's built up a powerful mail in ballot force for the democrats. are the republicans ready to match that, number one. now it too, how are george is going to reacts we just found 6,000 ballots this week. and the mess that has been created down there. i think a lot of them are probably ticked off.em do they feel disenfranchised and want to throw their hands up or are they motivated they can get to the polls soon enough. >> they are going to get built a big get outei the vote machine. they've already begun. >> as big as stacy abrams?
10:47 pm
she's got over 600,000 already to go.n >> she may have, but the republicans are heading for bigger numbers and they've got to do some catch up because she's been spending tax-free dollars, she's been doing political work with tax-free dollars for years. i think she's naked into supposedly nonpartisan voter registration get out the to put it in a partisan context. but the republicans are going to have a good machine to get out the vote. you put your finger on it, how do people feel? our people going to say i voted for donald trump he didn't win reelection, he didn't carry our state, i'm staying home, or doeo they say i voted perdomo time because i believed in a conservative agenda and i want that agenda advanced. the policies put in place, i don't want them wiped out and i'm going to turn out the vote. that's going to be the message
10:48 pm
that david perdue and kelly loeffler are going to have to get across here in the next 49 days. >> i'm not trying to be insulting. do they have the right team in place? i'm asking honestly because this is no time to play around here. people have our best behind the scenes doing the best ads, the best ability to get mail in votes and build up that base and get people to the polls? >> they both looked at their operations and said you know what, we did good, but we can do better and they brought new people in and they brought their erams together. there are a bunch of adults down there that i really like. if you get in a situation like this and a lot of times there's so much pressure and so much controversy and people start going up against each other and sharp elbow start going. then you see it being leaked to the press, this guy's anou idio, that guys not. instead, what you're seeing is a
10:49 pm
group of eight adults that say we were in a tough fight in november, we're going to be in a bigger fight in january, we need help. i'm pretty optimistic that it's going to be a hard fight, but i think we can prevail. >> all eyes are on the great state of georgia. the senate runoff races are crucial to protect the country from an extremism that will be unmatched in history. if you're in georgia, know that all these democrats that we want to take your money and bailout states that are not as fiscally responsible, don't fund their pensions like california, new york, new jersey, illinois. higher taxes, court packing, two new states, for a new democratic senators. these races are critical, crucial to preserving the president's work, legacy, and critical to continue in real investigations into the real abuse of power and corruption.
10:50 pm
radicalism awaits his country in ways you can't imagine and in this point only georgia in georgians can stop it tonight were learning even more about the peach state socialist. now, fromis a 2017 sermon, he talked about wanting to dismantle the american empire. >> they set them free at the large freedom, and other words, i came to dismantle the value system of the empire. the religious folk, he should be fighting with me against the empire, are in cahoots with the empire. trying to steal money from the poor and give it to the rich through this terrible tax bill. >> there is some jacked up theology coming from american
10:51 pm
pulpits. >> fellow extremist appears to be taking his cues from quid pro quo joe n0 experience hunter because in a new ad put out by senator perdue, it exposes some of the troubling ties just like swalwell and just like the bidens to the chinese communist party. take a look at >> recently uncovered that john is being paid by the communist chinese government through media company with ties to a tech giant accused of spying. unbelievable, but absolutely true. he won't hold china accountable, he works for them parrot could get her to it down. i guess i'm the only one in the country and probably u-2 that hasn't made a bunch of money
10:52 pm
from china. you got hunter and joe, and now you have done soft. >> he is interesting. he had when he began the senate campaign to lay out all the customers and clients of his media production company making documentaries. he did lay out that nine out of his 101st projects that were played for by the government that underwrites what he did not reveal was that he'd also done work for a chinese media company which has as a minority stockholder the chinese communist party, so wait until after the democratic primary and then filed an amendment to his filing. which again is owned by the chinese communist party. you can't make this stuff up here at its unbelievable. >> you think it's just breaking
10:53 pm
through for the people of georgia how high the stakes are and what are they not being told even by their local media about these to radical candidates? >> both sides are ramped up. the democrats are underperforming on the early male in balloting, the republicans are doing better they are, not a lot but some in the only have three days worth of data so far on the in person early voting, but it looks pretty good. it started off as it did in the fall, heavily democratic. that drove people to the polls on monday, but by yesterday, and this evening, and by the weekend, we're going to pull ahead, it's just as we did in the november election and a win narrowly, i think we will win by bigger margin. i am the chairman of the national fundraising efforts on the behalf of the republicans in georgia. i think will win the early vote.
10:54 pm
he was referring to the united states. let me translate that. capitalism, american capitalism we know that's not true. we know the thing that makes people poor is absence to capital, absence to education, absence of the rule of law, but he's blaming the poor iner amera on the thing that is bold more people out of poverty around the world and that is our free markets and a system of capitalism. he then went on to say the socialist church. in the rich need to understand that their responsibility is to level the playing field. let me translate that. socialism is morally superior. second of all, taxes should take that have to get to those who don't. this guy is way out there on the
10:55 pm
left. one of the reasons i feel good about the republican effort in georgia is the longer it goes on, the more it becomes apparent. we got ossoff saying i likeou bernie sanders, i want him to be the chairman of the committee. we have two guys that believe in raising taxes., website going to do to georgia? they're going to be taxing georgia businesses, taxing savings, taxing georgia recovery. it is going to be nutty if these two guys win, and that's what i think at the end of the day, they don't. >> sean: more hannity after this. ♪ muscle and joint pain with topical nsaids first. a formulation they recommend can be found in salonpas. a formulation they recommend can be found in salonpas. salonpas. it's good medicine. hisamitsu.
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♪ >> that is all the time we have left tonight. before we go we want to wish you and your family a very very happy new year. last year was pretty tough. have a great night.
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♪ >> i'm laura ingraham and this is a special new year's addition of "the ingraham angle" from washington tonight. 2020 was a slightly challenging year for all of us, but here is "the ingraham angle", we tried to alleviate some of that with a little bit of fun now and then from biden finally coming out of that basement to the completely out of touch hollywood celebs. there was no shortage of opportunity to laugh and by my isde for the entire time was ramen. author of our we still pushing this book the spider who savede


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