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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  December 16, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PST

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there is me in my old studio right there talking to them in the shows in modern warriors. still on sale if you want to get for christmas. jillian: absolutely. porch warriors, pete, thank you. have a good day. pete: thank you very much. my name will never be on a school. there you go. jillian: "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ >> more than a dozen house republicans demanding the acre swalwell from the intelligence committee. >> eric swalwell was infiltrated by an alleged chinese spy. guess how many minutes it got? zero. while twitter and facebook were slapping barn, the executives there were donating to the biden campaign. >> if joe biden is sworn in as president in january, big tech is going to run this administration. >> are you going to pay my rent? >> tables outside, citation need close. for my tables inside. same thing. leave me alone and et let me go about my business. >> they have done everything that government officials doing. all of a sudden, sorry.
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>> l.a.'s new district attorney is planning to drop special charges against an accused cop killer. >> it's unbelievable. i mean, i can't belief this is happening. >> northeast is bracing for what could be a blockbuster storm. you will definitely see at least 2 feet of snow for someone. ♪ ainsley: more than a dozen house republicans sending a letter to the speaker of the house nancy pelosi demanding the removal of congressman eric swalwell from the intel committee. brian: wonder if it's going to happen. comes amid reports of his ties to a suspected chinese spy. steve: rich edson is washington, d.c. as the white house scolds the media for ignoring the bombshell report. rich, we are talking about it but you click around, we are pretty much it. >> good morning, steve, ainsley and brian there are 17 house republicans who say that speaker nancy pelosi should boot congressman eric swalwell from the house intelligence committee. they write, quote: his close interactions with chinese
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intelligence services, however unintentional they may be, are an unacceptable national security risk. last week, axios reported suspected chinese intelligence agent chris stein fang targeted swalwell when he was a city councilman interacting with him multiple events over several years, fundraising for 2014 congressional re-election campaign and helping place at least one intern in his office. the republicans charged swalwell withheld that information from the intelligence committee for five years and to have an undisclosed relationship with a foreign asset like this, they say, is dangerous. white house meanwhile is focusing on the coverage. >> these baseless attacks were false yet covered breathlessly by the media. there was no coverage, however, will swalwell being the one implicated but not russia but china. >> report claims the alleged spy targeted other politicians, attempting to cultivate relationships early in political careers. swalwell says the fbi thanked
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him for his help in their investigation and that this story only leaked as political retribution. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. ainsley: all right. good deal. thanks so much, rich. did you have something to say, brian? brian: thank you. i just like to thank you very much, eric swalwell for being taken advantage of by a spy and giving up, perhaps, secrets of a nation. back to you, ainsley. ainsley: people might say this was five years ago but here is the double standard here. he went after president trump so many years with this non-russian story, proved to be nothing. and then he -- and nancy pelosi even called for jeff sessions to resign back in 2017 saying he was unfit to serve as the a.g. because he didn't disclose the contact he had with russian ambassador. that's the double standard. swalwell withheld this information about this chinese espionage operation. that what does that do to the american public? what does does it do to our national security. steve: our national security. ainsley: exactly.
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brain brian mollie hemmingway was on last night and talking about putting this in perspective. is a big story in almost any other era of journalism except this era when the "new york times" can't find room for it. ainsley: they haven't covered it at all. brian: we can find way for the pair gray elections but can't find room for a chinese spy to seems to have disappeared back to china. here is mollie. >> absolutely right the media have not been covering this as they should. the "new york times" still hasn't told its readers about eric swalwell being compromised in this way. china does target a lot of people. what is so disconcerting about this particular situation is that the house permanent select committee on intelligence really should have been spending a lot of time on this threat. that's what they exist for. and every time in the previous years that devin nunes or republicans tried to focus on china, the hearings were hijacked by will democrats whether it was swalwell or
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schiff to talk about russia and the russia collusion hoax. brian: prominent names on that list asking for him to be removed. republicans should be relentless on this. they have to underline the fact that china is a threat to america not to democrats and republicans and just add to this to put it in perspective. it was nancy pelosi who insisted that jeff sessions be removed and eliminated as attorney general because he did this horrible thing as a senator. and that's meet with a russian ambassador. remember all of that, when he ended up recusing himself from the mueller report? what happened to that nancy pelosi who was so concerned about our national security and russia not the same one who doesn't seem to be concerned about her eric swalwell and china. steve: here is what it comes down to on its face the story is about eric swalwell and he was the target of a chinese influence campaign. we know that that is true. because the fbi told nancy pelosi that in 2015. she told us that they told her that back in 2015. this really is about eric swalwell. but larger, the larger point
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it's about nancy pelosi. and it's about her judgment. because what did she do? she heard about the fact that he had been, you know, involved with this person, we're unsure exactly what the relationship is. but she still put him on the intel committee. his sophomore year in the house. put him on that super secret committee where they hear all of it. it's not just about him. it's about nancy pelosi and the speaker's judgment. ainsley: and about the double standard. withholding information. she went after republicans because she didn't like the meetings with the ambassador. they didn't -- they thought that trump was colluding with russia and went after him hard. same thing here. they kept it a secret though. they didn't tell anyone. the republicans said on the intel committee they didn't even know. nancy knew about this years ago? steve: and what happened to jeff sessions he recused himself and ultimately he lost his job. ainsley: you are right. steve: eric swalwell why don't you recuse yourself or lose your job according to though what
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those 17 republicans said yesterday. brian: ro khanna and had had tulsi gabbard. will said this is just the tip of the iceberg. ainsley: steve scalise on our show this week one of the other republicans close interaction with chinese intel services however unintentional they may be are unacceptable national security risks. brian: as we switch gears and talk a little bit about hunter biden and as it treat joe biden becoming the next president of the united states, i thought we were doing this story over the last week and a half. is this the year in review? they are actually rolling out the hunter biden i invest in all types of countries with no apparent skill and with no apparent ability to, i don't know, make profit off those investments. now all of a sudden people are unrolling this story and i'm saying to myself we did this story in october into november. but it was ignored by big tech, by everyone other major outlet,
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in fact, the "new york post" wrote story, you tried to forward this story about hunter biden, the emails, the revelations about his investments in the china. kazakhstan, ukraine and romania. your account got frozen. but now everything is unfrozen. and guess what? big tech combined, it seems, with the biden campaign to make sure this story didn't get out. not for your protection, but for joe biden to help win. and if you look at his connections, to what is now formulating his i guess his staff, and his cabinet, you see there is a huge biden connection with facebook and twitter executives as it applies to donors. in fact, look at this list as it unfolds. steve: that list right there. erin egan will vice president of privacy and it officer she donated $99,000 to democrats and joe biden in the final weeks of the campaign. she donated the maximum to joe
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biden. tone nateed 55,000 to the biden victory fund and 35,000 to the dnc. so, fox news looked at the fec records and found that all of these executives invested all that money as donations in to the biden camp before the run-up to the election. which was exactly at the same time that big tech and twitter and facebook would not allow the hunter biden story to go forward. so isn't that just delicious irony? so they are essentially putting their money where their tech is, where they're turning off all the conversation about hunter biden but at the same time, they are giving money to hunter biden's father so he becomes president. ainsley: they are not reporting on hunter biden thing. very limited coverage of that the "new york times" we told you isn't even covering eric swalwell. they control what the folks at home, what information is coming into their minds, into their families, into their lives.
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and if you don't report it, you don't know about it. if you are not watching fox news you don't know about some of these stories. zero twitter executives don't nateed to trump's campaign two facebook executives donated less than $300 to trump's campaign. senator josh hawley said big tech is going toned up running the biden administration. listen to this. >> it's totally predictable. we saw that these companies shoveling money at joe biden and kamala harris back during the campaign. now you look at this facebook executive is running the biden transition. you look at big tech executives ending up in key positions all over the place. and make no mistake about it. if joe biden is sworn in as president in january, big tech is going to run this administration. just like they did in the obama-biden administration. let's not forget google was on the line for an anti trust lawsuit back during the obama administration. and the obama team shut it down after google met with them. where else? in the white house. these tech companies are calling the tune and joe biden is going to do whatever they tell him to.
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brian: we will talk about big tech and as it relates to what we know. you might have to find a new big tech outlet in order to find out the truth. social media was supposed to be the ultimate ground for everybody to get free access to media as it happens. it's not turning out that way. steve: brian, can i justed a one thing to this? that is that twitter and facebook are private companies. they can do whatever they want to but, at the same time, if they are going to get protection of section 230 that limits their liability then they should be answerable to exactly what they have been done. so that's why there are so many people on capitol hill that say you know what? we probably ought to get rid of that especially when you look at the evidence of how far to the left all of the donations were this part "time." it's jaw-dropping. brian, back to you. brian: the pandemic has killed over 300,000 americans. hospitalized over 100,000 people. but the question is while we struggle to serve those people,
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should we destroy all businesses in the process? well these governors and mayors seem to have one move shut everything down and if i could quote mayor garcetti cancel everything. i've got news for you life doesn't get canceled. kids got to go to school. people got to go to work. small business owners got to find a way to make a profit or dare i say make a living. that hasn't stopped so many restaurants across the country, especially in california and new york for shutting down because the mayors and governors who are getting direct deposits to their account who live tax-free in housing that tax-free dollars put in their pocket where they have full staffs and they have drivers, they decide to shut down businesses. the first three weeks, dare i say the first three months, willing to suck it up. not anymore. as the shutdown comes again. as the stats reveal that under 2% of the positive cases come from restaurants, bars, and any eateries overall. they are still shutting down. and guess what? now these owners are standing up saying not okay. you can send your health
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newspaperrerrings. you can try to the shut me down. my life is more important than that case in point. anton van happen, he is owner the nic the greek gyro house. he sat there and watched health officials try to shut him down and they rolled on their iphones and he brought us front and center. let's look at a glimpse of his life. >> i followed the rules. i continue to follow the rules. and you guys still time after time are giving me tiizations. telling me i have to close my business. >> you are not following the rules. >> you are not following the rules. >> i am following the rules. my tables are inside. just because the health department has a whole process to go through that takes however long that takes. i have to close my tables for that time? are you going to pay my rent? are you going to pay my rent? >> you chose to make those decisions. >> i chose to protest by putting my tables outside and i never served one single person
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outside. i did all take out food and delivery. exactly what i'm supposed to be doing. brian: approximately 17% of all restaurants in this country shut counsel. more than 110 establishments have been completely closed. is he fighting for his life. you saw it there and then he hopped on with sean hannity last night. watch. >> i started talking to them. and they were like you need to close your restaurants. i said why, i'm complying. it's not like i have tables outside. i'm not breaking the rules. i'm complying now. why do you keep poking at me. i complied to what you want. have my hands tied. if i put tables outside citation and need to close. tables inside. same thing. why can't you leave me alone and go about my business. i was able to protest my two or three hours. which you guys agreed upon. so let me be now. brian: right now, that story is emblematic of california and there were thousands, one block away from us who restaurant owners cooks, hosts, waiters,
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waitresses protest in the street shut down our incompetent mayor says is coming right before christmas, steve. steve: they are going to shut down because of the big snow tonight. brian: and also overall. steve: the reason he was talking about his tables in those particular soundbites is because on friday he had left the tables -- there is the protest that brian is talking about where a number of hundreds of people there on friday, he had left the tables outside there in ventura, california. but only offered takeout or delivery. and he put his tables away and then the health department showed up and he thought he had a deal with the health department. but then they took his business license away. and that was a problem. he brought up such a good point. he said are you going to pay my rent? really, there are only two choices that if somebody, a government or whatever, an entity is going to say okay, you have to close, then have you got to pay their rent. i mean, that's what the ppp money was back in the day.
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but it ran out in early august. that helped all of these businesses get through. so the choices today are if you're going to make somebody close, then you have got to open them some money or do this and this is what they would really rather do, allow them to stay open and simply figure a way to do it safely. you know, when you look at when the ppp money ran out, ainsley, in the first week of august, the infection rate in california was about 50,000 a day. now, it is four or five times that number. it's a terrible situation out there. so, that's the choice for california. either pay them or go ahead and figure out how to keep them open. ainsley: you are right, steve. when you watch that video you realize so many things going through my head. first of all, you said the beginning of august, that's five months ago these restaurants have survived or tried to survive without ppp. lawmakers did meet for more than
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two hours yesterday republicans and democrats because they have got until friday to work this out unless they do the stop gap measure. they're leaving for christmas. these folks need money. two weeks to them is a long time, right? what gets me about this, the health department is shutting him down because he had tables outside? who cares? i do not care if he had tables outside. he still is following the rules. the rules are you can only do takeout and delivery. you can't serve indoor or outdoor. people can't sit at tables outside or inside. i don't care if he had empty tables outside. the guy is trying to survive. is he trying to pay his employees. another guy at another restaurant said you are asking us to lay people off, shut down and lay people off right before the christmas holiday? he said i am staying open for my employees. so elm pooh, i'm proud of people who are still getting, if they do it safely. getting takeout and delivery because you are still supporting your local restaurants. it's wonderful. but this lady comes in there who is getting a paycheck from the government. she comes in and says you have to shut down because you had some tables outside last friday?
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he is frustrated. you feel that i mean, imagine living without a paycheck. steve: the da conian choice the government says close down and we are not going to give you anything. that's not an american choice. an american choice is if we are going to close you down, we are going to pay you. and that's the government speaking. or, we are going to allow you to stay open and you have got to figure out how to too it safely. brian: dave portnoy, go ahead. he is the founder of barstool sports, which i love, hilarious videos on there he has been speaking out about this and sporting these restaurant owners he said they all just want a chance to work. listen. >> i don't know what government officials, politicians, expect these people to do. they just want the chance to, would. you know, have you seen staff like 90% of bars and restaurants are never going to come back in new york city. and, you know, there is no great answer right now to what's going on, clearly with corona. but the solution of just saying
3:19 am
nobody can basically go to restaurants or bars, that doesn't sit well with me or any of the owners. they wants a plan. they have done everything that government officials have asked. asked to wear the mask. less tables. 6 feet of separation. they built outside structures on their own dimes. they have restarted. they are trying to pay their employees. and then all of the sudden, hey, sorry, you can't even do indoor dining. ainsley: brian, in that video he says why are you shutting me down? she says you know the reason. no, i don't. where is the compassion. is he still following the rules just take out and delivery. brian: up to the inspectors to step up and be human beings, please. it's not about the snow. mayor de blasio says if the numbers increase we are going to look at a total pause, a total full shutdown like the spring. that's what he is saying. so as bad as it is now, just know it's going to get worse. and is he still getting paid. ainsley: brian, in addition to-to-that to steve's point they are saying you can't serve today. brian: that wasn't my point. that wasn't my point.
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♪ ♪ ainsley: you might ask why ideas related to socialism become so appealing across our country these pays, florida congressman elect scott franklin has a they're. frankly who served 26 years with the navy or the navy reserves kept florida's district 15 red after defeating the incouple bent in the primaries and democrat allen cone in the general election and he joins us now. good morning, scott.
3:25 am
thanks for being with us and thank you for your service. >> good morning, ainsley, thank you. ainsley: i any you represent the lakeland area between tampa and orlando. congratulations on your big win. we wanted to have you on because you feel very strongly about not taking our freedoms for granted. explain what your mission is. >> i would love to see our country get back to its roots and understanding exactly the kind of principles that made us great to begin with sadly that education has been taken out of the school system over the years and kids today don't understand what our repub best of luck is based on and they think free stuff is good and equate free stuff with socialism which we all know is wrong. ainsley: what is the reason? is it a lack of basic civics? >> that's a part of it. it's been taken out of the system and not a source for people to get that education anymore. ainsley: what were you surprised about when you were running. >> i was amazed how little people i considered to be educated government system and people who didn't know who their
3:26 am
congressman were. who thought i was going to be going to tallahassee once i was elected for congress and thought i was running for senate. these are people i would have thought would have known better. it's not just the kids. ainsley: you ran on a pro-trump christian conservative message platform to fight socialism and reopen our economy. if there is anyone we need to turn, to it's you. because you went to the naval academy. 26 years in the navy and reserves. you flew jets off of aircraft carriers. what did you learn? how did that experience help you today? >> well, first of all, it was the greatest privilege of my life and i would recommend it to anyone. the thing i learned is just really how precious our freedoms are here in the country. i had an opportunity to see the world. i experienced a lot of different cultures which is great. i always consider those my america appreciation tours and always glad to get back home. ainsley: how scary is it, the direction our country is going? >> it is scary. very pivotal time in the country trips history. our very republic hangs on getting citizens engaged and informed and involved. it's great that we had a lot of
3:27 am
people show up to vote in this last election. i don't think a lot of people understand the deeper issues. need to make sure they are educated. ainsley: lastly, what does freedom mean to you. >> it's everything. it's the opportunity to pursue the american dream. i truly believe in american exceptionalism. not just by nature we are born better than others. it's the whole philosophy that our country was founded for a government of the people, by the people and for the people. we have to protect that. ainsley: thank you for your military service and now serving us down there in florida. thank you so much for being on with us. >> thank you, ainsley, merry christmas. ainsley: god bless you. merry christmas. today folks in minnesota are going to learn the fate of the state's indoor dining ban. regardless of the governor's decision. more than 150 business owners have already vowed to reopen. we are going to talk to one who says defying the lockdown is the only choice left. and apparently no good deed goes unpunished. the media going after first lady melania for removing her mask to read to the children. joe concha is going to sound off
3:28 am
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l.a. county's new go d.a. wants to drop charges against aaccused cop killer. todd piro joins us with more as the fallen deputy's sister sister is vowing to fight back. >> good morning. without these so-called special circumstance enhancement to his charges. the accused killer's sentence could possibly be just 40 years instead of life. l.a. county deputy was off duty and waiting for food when he was shot in the back of the head. rhett nelson was arrested and
3:33 am
charged with the killing. prosecutors adding that he shot and killed someone else earlier in the day. our fox affiliate in los angeles is reporting that l.a.'s new d.a. wants to drop those enhancements, including murder by shooting out of a car and using a handgun to commit a crime both of which are still alleged. george, a former lapd cop was sworn in as d.a. last week vowing to reform the many justice system. his sister is furious. >> we are here to fight it. and next january 11th, we are going to go there and talk to the judge and see if we can get the sentencing back to where it should be. so it's like shocked about the whole thing. i don't understand how this guy is and what he is all about. >> gas con's transition team sending out a statement reading in part, quote. if convicted there is a possibility that decades from now the parole board could return he has been rehabilitated removing that today may not be in the public's interest decades from now. he could still be sentenced it
3:34 am
life in prison if convicted. he has needed not guilty. steve, ainsley, and brian, back to you. brian: thanks, todd. the federal investigation into hunter biden's tax affairs may seem like a big deal. but not apparently to the major news that have given it less than a minute of coverage. ainsley: 10 minutes. brain brian in the week since it was revealed. steve: opinion columnist are to the hill joe concha. we have talked about this. it seems like fox is only the one too long this story. >> seems like only one reporter is the one doing this story and i believe he may have lived with you for a while in a town near me here in new jersey his name is peter doocy. because when you think about it, joe biden has only gone on the record twice in terms of being asked about the hunter biden investigation. both tims it was peter as toy who had to yell the question because he never gets called upon to answer joe biden has given will will i'm proud of my
3:35 am
son and thanks for the con from the labor relations. the reason he is not talking about this he has been trained and staff been trained to think saw during the campaign and during the transition you have a press pool that's supposed to cover mr. biden more like they are auditioning for silence of the lambs 2 because they refuse to ask him about it because they are afraid they went get access to mr. boyden anymore although he probably will be the most inaccessible, most guarded president in modern times when he takes office next month, guys. ainsley: all right. so, the media is slamming melania, we have been reporting she went to the hospital. remember the children's hospital in d.c. to read to the chirp. she has done it four times. i think over the course of last year. wonderful, wonderful. right? the first lady is taking time out of her schedule to go meet with that's children that are sick and read to them. she has a heart for them. she walks into the hospital, mask on. she sits down to read. 12 feet away from the kids. takes her mask off and the media slamming her for that. this is what cnn says.
3:36 am
melania trump breaks children hospital rules by taking her mask off to read to the patients. daily beast, melania trump does the unthinkable and removes her mask at it will children's hospital. refinery 29 melania trump doesn't really care 'hospitalized children, too you? the white house released a statement, joe. they said the visit followed the hospital's mask protocols for public speakers that wearing a mask is not required when a person is giving a speech for broadcast or an audience. provided no one is within six feet of the speaker. the first lady was more than 12 feet away from the others in the four story a trim. joe, what's your reaction? >> you know the implication, right in the first lady purposefully went to a children's hospital so she may infect them with coronavirus. for starters, melania trump, the first lady has already had coronavirus. you remember a lot of people were focused on the president when he contracted it. she has it now. therefore, she has the antibodies, therefore she probably isn't spreading it. but, to your point, the implication also here is that there is a room full of kids sitting right in front of her and she was reading to them.
3:37 am
no, only two children present. as you mentioned she was still e antibodies. the rest of the kids that were listening were in 325 up patient hospital rooms that were broadcast throughout a livestream. know this melania trump the first lady has been treated more poorly by a country mile than any other first lady in history and that's a shame to your point, ainsley, she is just there to read to sick kid. can't we just put the vitriol aside for three minutes instead of attacking again and again, please? brian: what's interesting is kayleigh mcenany seems to end all her press briefings with what they should have asked. and blisters people and in the audience who just sit there dumbfounded why you don't ask about eric swalwell. why you haven't followed up on hunter biden ignored it in the fall how do you think that's requesting over while jim acosta pointed out you lie to us every day. >> you spread disinformation every day how dare you accuse us. jim acosta getting you are a
3:38 am
baseball phi, brain, getting in his last licks right now. bottom of the ninth, right? because he got a book deal out of playing the victim. brian: no one bought it. >> white house press correspondent. that's true, yes. friends and relatives did. let's not completely dismiss it. over all he is all those books go away during a bide administration. we had the me too movement in 2017. then with the press corps over the last four years the look at me too movement making themselves the story as jim acosta has done and other white house correspondents, other reporters and an are dos as well. guess what? under joe biden that all goes away and instead the narrative will be any problem that joe biden hats during his first term will be teamed as something he inherited. if something goes well, then it is because of his steady leadership. i already know what the narrative is going to be every othe next four years and it feels -- i to the to go i have the blizzard of oz coming apparently. snow many 18 inches in this neck
3:39 am
of the woods only fitting because it's still technically fall and we will probably get more snow from this storm here in jersey in the northeast than we got all last winter. god 2020 can't it end already please? ainsley: apartment living you don't have to shovel. steve: that started out as ministry analysis and then he concerned into joe concha the weather machine. >> can i tell you i wanted to be a weather man. play third base new york yankees and off season mr. c on channel see to compete with mr. g. it didn't work out. now i'm just joe in his basement too long media. brian: hope it works out for you. stay in touch. >> thank you, brian. ing. brian: let's talk about somebody else different career minnesota small business owners have had enough and preparing to reopen in protest of the state's covid-19 restrictions if they are not extended today. the reopen minnesota coalition made up of 150 businesses in the
3:40 am
state call the restrictions a gross injustice for the community. our next guest says she didn't have a choice but to risk it all by reopening her restaurant. i don't think outdoor dining in the winter in minnesota works. jane is the owner of boardwalk bar and grill and it reopen minnesota coalition. thanks four joining us, jane. >> thank you for having me. brian: jane, first off, how did you deal with the first shut down when they began to limit your business? >> when they did our first shutdown, it didn't feel right in my gut that they were doing this. i went to other business owners around me and said would you open up with me? and they were too afraid. and, of course, at that time the virus was still very new. people -- we just at any time know if we would even have a workforce because of the unemployment benefits that they were getting at that time the extra $600 a week. so we waited it out. and but this second one is
3:41 am
killing us. brian: so you say if they don't -- you are worried governor waltz is going to make an announcement on whether he will extend the indoor and outdoor ban of dining. of course, minnesota. past december 18th. so, what kind of response did you get when it came to organizing others who feel like you too in the business you chose? >> well, in this case, i opened up on december 9th. and it the other business owners are afraid. we should not be afraid of our government. this is an illegal and unlawful order. i am right on the border of grand for the, north dakota. their business is open and it's getting my business. i want to implore those that are in minnesota, me open up. we don't have to bow down to this order. and i'm so glad that these will
3:42 am
150 to 200 businesses are following our lead in this. brian: you have had this business for 11 and a half years. >> correct. brian: with you open, are you getting customers? >> oh my gosh, the support has been overwhelming. they are coming from all over the state. they are coming from south dakota. i am getting calls from texas, from florida, in this support. i had been threatened with massive fines and jail time from our attorney general cels. keith ellison. i know you have many stories. have you had laveda on here. i have been action for liberty. they are a group that fight for our liberty. i would urge everyone to two and support them because they are fighting with us and for us. brian: so you have got 150 minnesota restaurant and bars planning to do what you have already done. >> yeah.
3:43 am
brian: peytons not making them show up. >> no. brian: you put up plexy glass, you have separated tables. have you done things to being a knowledge the virus, right? >> correct. brian: so. >> we did it all. brian brian you tonight make people come. >> we don't. people peopl. brian: people are making their own decisions to come in. have you had any positive cases come from your restaurant. >> i have had none come from my restaurant at all. brian: the only thing is the state has the ability to take that liquor license and business license. >> yes. brian: hopefully you get some company to make it impossible. thank you for having the courage to do what you are doing. >> please go to action for liberty and support us. thank you so much. brian brian especially this holiday season because right now the government has not. hopefully you will get some good news soon. appreciate it. >> thank you. brian: thanks, jane. let's go up to janice who is tracking this nor'easter. keep tossing until you will say false alarm it missed us. janice: no. no. well, i hear ainsley would like
3:44 am
this storm so i'm going to make it happen. do you know what, brian, by the way, ps your interviews with these wonderful restaurant owners are amazing. keep up the good work. okay. let's talk about the weather. we have a big snow storm coming up and i heard joe concha say that this could be the biggest weathermaker that some states and cities has seen well in a couple of years. some of these snowfall totals will eclipse what we saw all of last season. and the storm is starting to get its act together across the ohio valley, the main low though is going to come up from the southeast. and that is a classic nor'easter set up, fending on where exactly that low set up is going to mean where the jnts are going to be. i will tell you philadelphia, you know, you are going to get some snow but it's going to be a mixture of the rain and freezing rain and sleet. it's going to cut back on some of those snow totals. new york city looks like maybe a foot. also boston. d.c. you are not going to get in on this one, unfortunately.
3:45 am
and the cold air is in place. we have winter storm warnings for all of some of these big cities where in, in some cases over a foot maybe two feet of snow and the blizzard conditions. you know what? i'm not going to be surprised to see blizzard warnings in effect for some of these areas as we go through the at a today. here is the latest snowfall. i want to make mention the icy conditions across portions of the mid-atlantic and that's going to lead to many so power outages. everyone are is going to be talking about the jackpot snow totals new york city, close to a foot or a foot or more. that's a pretty big deal. people need to pay attention to their local forecasters. we are all trying to get it right. we are all trying to get it right. we don't want to get this one wrong. but forecasting snow can be a little difficult. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. will. steve: that's right. it will be beautiful. we could have the most we have had in a couple of years. like you said, blizzard warnings, winds over had 5 miles per hour. it could be deadly. people need to take precautions.
3:46 am
ainsley: we don't want that. will ains. janice: good advice. steve: thank you j.d. quarter past the hour and jillian is here in studio with us. jillian: good morning; let's start with they are so. man opening fire at police after opening fire at cathedral planned to take hostages. he wanted to hold them until the u.s. government banks and corporations agreed to help poor people in latin american countries. police say vazquez opened fire outside the cathedral after a christmas concert earlier this week. no one was hurt. he had a criminal history that reportedly included attempted murder. a second coronavirus vaccine could soon be on the way. the fda announcing moderna's vaccine is safe and effective. it plans to decide on emergency approval tomorrow. the trump administration says it has agreed to buy an additional 100 million doses of the vaccine. and is discussing a similar deal with fires. >> we expect tpfizer.>> we expeh
3:47 am
everyone who wants it by 2021 will. jillian: comes as hospitalizations hit record highs. the latest count just shy of 113,000 people. a full-time salute for a final hero. hundred threads attend the funeral for north carolina police officer tyler herndon. will it will he was shot and killed while responding to a burglary at a car wash. the suspect is behind bars and charged with murder. senator thom tillis honored the officer on the that the floor. >> will officer howard k. stern none's life and career were senselessly taken away. his tragic death is the reminder of the dangers our men and women in blue face every single day that they request to work to protect our communities. it ains. jillian: officer herndon served on the force for two years. rush limbaugh forgiving emotional update on his battle with stage 4 lung cancer. >> every day remains a gift.
3:48 am
i wake up will every morning and i thank god that i did. you strive to make every day the best it can be. and that's exactly what i'm doing. >> limbaugh revealed he recently faced some medical challenges but says it is a blessing to be able to speak to his listeners. he announced his diagnosis in february and we continue to send him well-wishes. guys? steve: you know, it was februare aonce noment he had advanced lung cancer and the next day at the state of the union tracy the president presented him with the meld of freedom. ainsley: we wish him all of the best. he is such a fighter. i love that message just be grateful evidence day you wake up no matter what you are going through. make it a good day and be greatful for what we have. brian: top of his game. have you listened to his show? he sounds fantastic. steve: he was with us on election day, actually. rush limbaugh, we know you are watching. we are thinking about you. ainsley: absolutely. god bless you. everyone are safe a prayer for him right now. promises made -- thank you,
3:49 am
jillian. prom misses made, promises kept. the trump administration staying true to their pledge to secure the southern border. but is the progress at risk of coming unton under joe biden? acting cbp commissioner mark morgan is going to join us next. ♪ for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection. may cause headache, injection site reactions, back pain, and fatigue. ask your doctor about nucala at home. find your nunormal with nucala.
3:50 am
it's for all those people who refuse to wear a mask. you know, lying in isolation, in icu for seven days, i thought about how wrong i was to remove my mask at the white house. today, i think about how wrong it is to let mask wearing divide us, especially as we now know you're twice as likely to get covid-19 if you don't wear a mask. because if you don't do the right thing, we could all end up on the wrong side of history. please wear a mask.
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
steve: the trump administration says it will meet its goal of completing more than be 450 miles of that border wall by the end of this calendar year. but our next guest warns of disaster if construction is stopped under a new administration. mark morgan is the acting customs and border protection commissioner and he joins us now from d.c. mark, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> is there any possibility joe biden would continue to build the wall? >> look, as acting commissioner, i hope so. right now if you look at what the biden administration policies are going to be, it's not just about stopping construction of the border wall. it's about proceeding providing amnesty to millions of people. it's about getting rid of the cdc's title 42 order the my grant protection protocol which ended catch and release. giving free healthcare. steve, i could go on and on. that's not an immigration strategy. mark my words. that is an open border strategy.
3:54 am
the cartels and human smugglers already see that loud and clear and they are already fuel prer accepts with a change in administration our borders are going to be wide open and it is absolutely increasing illegal migration right today. steve: mr. morgan, is there any possibility that given the if a being that now we have got 450 miles of this beautiful very expensive border wall, is there any possibility the next administration would take it down? >> absolutely. look, they have said that look, these aren't my words. joe biden had said he will not build another foot of wall, quote. that is very disturbing. look, they have that -- they can do that. it's called a termination for convenience. they can terminate the contract for building the wall. but, steve, that's going to cost taxpayers billions of dollars. they are going to a way. we will have to go and settle an agreement with the contractors pay them for what they have done so far. there is, for example, for materials there is 270,000 tons
3:55 am
of steel that's already been paid for that we're going to have to reimburse to just walk away from. that's unconscionable to me. real quick, it's not just about steel and concrete going in ground. it's about state of the art technology. they are not just going to cancel steel and concrete. they are going to cancel technology a game changer for securing our borders. steve: congress has not acted on any sort of immigration reform. the president, donald trump has had to do things through executive order. get rid of things like catch and release and things like that. you have been on this program talking about it. going forward, you touched on this a moment ago. the open borders lobby is essentially asking the income president to quickly grant executive amnesty threw executive order and some little known law that nobody, except you, would probably know about. >> that's right. steve. you are absolutely rit. pause of congress' failure to act to democrats immigration crisis and that's key, this has had to have been done through executive orders which the up coming president could undo all of those on january 21st.
3:56 am
and if he does that, i'm predicting, steve, right here, right today, on this show. i'm predicting if they do what they promised they're going to do, specifically get rit of mpp for example, you will see another crisis at our border. and it will pail in comparison to what we saw last year. steve: i know the numbers are interest is currently a little surge going on at the southern border. so let's see what happens as we go forward. mark morgan thank you very much for joining us today live from d.c. >> thank you. steve: all right, straight ahead on this wednesday, senator tom cotton joins us at the top of the hour. plus, take a look, kayleigh mcenany, lawrence jones, lara logan, franklin graham and many many more. put down that remote. we will be right back with you ♪ what if i sleep hot? ...or cold?
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your happy place. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c. 1 house republicans are urging house speaker nancy pelosi to immediately remove congressman eric swalwell. >> "new york times" still hasn't told its leaders about eric swalwell being compromised. todd: talks intensify between congressional leaders on a coronavirus stimulus bill as unemployment runs out for 10 million americans in just 10 days. >> joe biden campaigns in georgia. >> stacey abrams you are a hero. >> his rally not without a it. >> off for your next united states senator john orcof. >> recommended the remove the abraham lincoln's name. >> lost their mind. they hate this country.
4:01 am
they believe we are defined by our sins. >> every day remains a gift. i wake up every morning and i thank god i did. you strive to make every day the best it can be. that's exactly what i'm too long. ♪' brian brian straight to a fox news alert. more than a dozen house republicans sending a letter to speaker pelosi demanding the remove moofl of congressman eric swalwell from the prestigious intelligence committee. steve: this all comes amid reports of his ties of somebody who is expected to be a chinese spy. will. ainsley: rich edson is live in washingtons a the white house scold the media for ignoring this bombshell report. rich? >> good morning, steve, ainsley and brian. this is 17 house republicans. they have written a letter to the house speaker nancy pelosi saying that she should boot eric swalwell, the congressman from california, from his role on the house intelligence committee. they write, quote: his close interaction with chinese intelligence services, however unintentional they may be, are
4:02 am
an unacceptable national security risk. last week axios reported suspected chinese intelligent agent christine fan christine fd him. interacting with him. fundraising for his 2014 re-election campaign and helping place at least one intern in his office. the republicans charged swalwell withheld that information from the intelligence committee for five years and to have an undisclosed relationship with a foreign asset they say is dangerous. the white house meanwhile is focusing on the coverage. >> these baseless attacks were false yet covered breathlessly by the media. there was no coverage, however, of swalwell being the one implicated with not russia but china. had? this axios report claims that this person christine fang was are courting relationships early in their career in the idea it
4:03 am
would pay off later. swalwell says the fbi thanked him for his cooperation and the fact that this story leaked, he called it a political hit. back to you. ing. brian: all right. thanks, rich, appreciate it. the story is not going away. people say it's the tip of the ig ice perrigo. a man that would know is joining us now g.o.p. senator tom cotton a member of the senate intel committee among his many other duties. senator, what's your reaction? first off, what is eric swalwell have access to that you think china might be interested in being that you are on the similar committee in a separate chamber? >> good morning, brian. any member of the house intelligence or senate intelligence committee has access to many so of the government's most sensitive reporting and analysis. obviously any foreign adversary would love to have access to that information. i guess eric swalwell says he is a victim in all of this. if that's the case what he should do is come forward forward and have a no hold barred press conference and explain exactly what his relationship with this chinese spy was. he keeps hiding behind the cloak of classified information. there is nothing classified
4:04 am
about his fundraising practices or his social life and the fact that he won't have -- the fact that he won't do that brain brian he is blaming the white house. it's axios that did this had over the course of a year. >> yeah. i mean, axios is not exactly a right wing outlet or a tool of the white house. the fact that he and nancy pelosi won't come clean and explain exactly what his relationship with this chinese spy was suggests that there is some information there that they don't want to reveal. steve: sure, you know, it is some information that we have been talking about here on this channel. and, you know, whether it's swalwell or the hunter biden story, you know, fox is the only one trying to ask joe biden about it will hunter biden out on the trail. what i think is curious though is that the "new york times," just googled it, they still have not even touched the fact that eric swalwell had this relationship with somebody who is purported to be a chinese spy.
4:05 am
you have a history with the "new york times." i believe you were briefly an op-ed writer there. so what do you think is going on with the "new york times"? why are they afraid to tell their people people about this story? >> steve, back when i owned the "new york times" i wouldn't allowed this kind of mouthpiece to go forward. it is revealing though the "new york times" is concealing what is a pal bombshell story a factt the member of the house intelligence committee had a relationship with a chinese spy and that their readers won't know about that unless they tune in to fox news. it makes you just wonder just how deeply in the pocket of chinese interest are these major media recommendation corporations? corporations. gotten money from running chinese prop began ga da over the years. many tv stations are owned by or affiliated with mega movie studios. trying to get access to the chinese theater market. there is a reason why there is no pad guys from china in major holiday movies. it's because they are owned by
4:06 am
companies like disney or like comcast universal that want access to the chinese market. it makes you wonder how much the american media industry is in the pocket of chinese interest if they won't cover these huge stories. steve: well, that's an explosive claim. and i know you are just asking the question. but what do you think? do you think that the major media outfits have been influenced by china? >> well, we have gotten hundreds of thousand of dollars from them. obviously these movie studios which own many of these news networks have huge multibillion dollars interest in trying to get access to the chinese market. i think, you know, if it was the oil and gas industry or the mining industry or some other disfavored interest in new york and los angeles, you can bet that the "new york times" would be running 18,000 word exposes on these conflicts of interest. steve: i never thought about that. ainsley: right. our biggest threat, coronavirus, don't forget came from china. they are not answering our questions about that.
4:07 am
"new york times" isn't covering swalwell. look at social media. they are barely covering the hunter biden thing. censoring republicans. fox news looked into some of the donors that were donating to joe biden's campaign and tens of thousands of dollars came from executives on facebook facebook or smiled twitter. look at this list. it goes on and on of the number of executives that gave a lot of money to joe biden's campaign. steve: how much did they give to trump? ainsley: they gave less than 300. two facebook executives gave less than 300, zero twitter executives gave to trump's campaign. what's your reaction? >> i think the he facebook executives may be called soon tore former facebook executives. this shouldn't surprise anyone. i mean, silicon valley is closely tied to the democratic party in general and joe biden and barack obama in particular. a lot of these companies rose to their gigantic monopolistic
4:08 am
status under the obama-by den administration. it reflects a deeper trend in which you have the major professions that are donating to things like diversity consultants financial extis. if you look at donald trump's donors though and some of their occupations some were things like homemaker, truck driver, welder, plumber, police officer, it reflects the bales of support are for the republican party vs. the democratic party. brian: let's switch gears and talk about what i know has been an obsession of yours and everybody in the senate. you have been as offensive as anybody. that is the two of dr. aring georgia balance of power in the senate. vice president biden was able to assemble in a parking lot a group of people that i imagined gathered for him. here is a little of his remarks which he tends to shout. >> what about when one and only stacey abrams?
4:09 am
[cheers and applause] will stacey, if we had 10 of you we could rule the whole world, god love you. is there hundred anyone who has done more to make sure the voice of every georgian is heard? i don't think so. stacey abrams. you are a hero. you are the one that got this going. [horns honking] >> we all thank you. and, of course, will pump for your next united states senator john orcoff will. ainsley: that's not his name. brian: unbelievable. by the way, stacey, congratulations on not it, the conceding the election. giving up on people that voted on the election. karl rove said 55,000 of them are on the automatic list that means there is only 30,000 difference. how many of those are new voters only 12130. she may be a hero and the only way to show someone is a hero is to honk. we know that.
4:10 am
but, senator, will will what are you up against with stacey abrams? is she really a force? >> are first, i have got to say those outdoor car rallies make me feel like he is speaking in a traffic jam with all that ridiculous honking going on. well, so joe biden may not know jon ossoff and raphael warnock's names but i guarantee you he knows their radical agenda because he also said at that event yesterday if georgia many are elects two republicans going to block joe biden's agenda. he has found out that's exactly what we are going to do stop them him from raising your taxes and taking your guns and raising the price of your energy and packing the supreme court and making washington, d.c. a state. those are the things that john ossoff and raphael warnock will do if they are elected to the united states senate. i bet that's not the people of georgia want. they will want people who will be a check and balance on a radical democratic agenda. they will don't want to turn over the united states senate to chuck schumer.
4:11 am
steve: let's talk a little bit about what's going on. let's move on from the john or solve i orsof race to the senat. covid deal good news there are so many people who are hurting, senator. give us an update. because you know what's going on. >> yeah, i certainly hope so, steve. i want to say it's tragic we couldn't have passed this bill four months ago. look like we will settle what the senate proposed and voted on with the majority of the senate back in early september. almost four month ago, that would get money to those who are hurting. those who have been impacted by this pandemic that china unleashed on the world. the waitresses the busboys, the bartenders, the janitors, the dry cleaners, people out of work and struggling at christmas time who are trying to make ends meet. nancy pelosi ended last week that she held all this up for months simply because she didn't want donald trump and the republicans to have a victory before the election. it is cynical and it is heartless. so where we stand right now is the last two sticking points'
4:12 am
the democrats have been demanding a no strings attached bailout for cities and states who don't each have income losses. we have held the line on that. senator mcconnell has rightly said in my opinion, democrats should give up on that. we will compromised and not demand legal liability protection for schools and universities and businesses who are doing the right thing. that's the way you make legislation in washington. but what we need to do is get this bill passed and get money in the hands of people who have been impacted. so they can put food on the table this month. get gifts for the kids. pay the mortgage at the end of the month. we tonight need any more delay from nancy pelosi and the house democrats. ainsley: what are the democrats' response when you say things like that on the floor and do you ever say this person owns a restaurant? they can't pay their employees? brian interviewed a lady who said i have an employee who is pregnant and she came into my office and i didn't have the heart to let her go. it's christmas time i can't really afford to i pa my element employee cans. she is pregnant and a single
4:13 am
mom. and it's christmas. telling them to shut down the restaurants but then the ppp money ran out in august. it's been five month. they are telling them to shut down their restaurant but yet they are not giving them any compensation. >>s i know, ainsley, it's totally unjustifiable. but the democrat have a key constituency which is democratic governors and mayors who have mismanaged their own states decades bailout at the very same time they are preventing people from making a living and putting food on the table for their kid lake eric garcetti in los angeles letting movie studios set out outdoor dining or not small restaurants. bill de blasio and andrea cuomo shutting down dining. you see this across the country all these democratic mayors are running to washington and patrons like chuck schumer and nancy pelosi demanding bailouts at a time when we should be allowing people to earn a living in a safe and responsible fashion and getting help to
4:14 am
those who need it who have been impacted who because of this virus simply can't earn the money to make end meet. that's what we should have done back in september. that's what republicans offered. i hope democrats will finally take yes for an answer this he can would. brian: up to 1.8 trillion. now can't agree on 900 billion. finally, senator, yesterday, mitch mcconnell called the white house and called kevin mccarthy and said i'm going to being a knowledge joe biden as president-elect. where do you stand? kevin mccarthy says not yet. i don't know what the president said back to mitch mcconnell whats to senator tom cotton say? >> nkt well, brian, the electoral college met on monday. and they voted but the president also has legal challenges going forward. and those challenges should be decided in the courts based on the law and the evidence. he has also released money for joe biden to begin contingency planning for his transition. do you know what he hasn't done? he hasn't sicked the department of justice and fbi on will joe biden's campaign the way barack obama and joe biden did. he hasn't fabricated evidence to get wiretaps on joe biden's campaign staff.
4:15 am
he hasn't started calling for the impeachment before joe biden even might take the oath of office. which is what democrats did to donald trump. in january of 2017. that's what the democrats did after 2016. so you can spare me the crocodile tears from all these democrats about breaking norms. they are the running breaking norms four years ago. brian: just for the record i did not cry. i'm just saying i'm just relaying. mitch mcconnell said yesterday on the floor. senator tom cotton thanks so much. steve: thank you, sir. >> thank you guys. steve: all right. it is a quarter after the top of the hour and jillian joins us right now with more headlines. jillian: good morning, let's begin with this a second full lockdown could be coming to new york city. the mayor warning it could happen some time after christmas. >> we're going to need to do some kind of shutdown in the weeks ahead. something that resembles the pause we were n the spring. will. jillian: the city banned indoor dining earlier this he can would. look at this, hundreds of
4:16 am
restaurant owners and workers held a rally in times square demanding some type of relief from city and state leaders. >> michigan senate and oversight committees enough to have subpoena powers in probing allegations of election irregularities. the resolution passing in both the state's house and senate the subpoenas demand access to all, quote, information and communications related to the november 3rd election including hard drive scanners and voting machines. after tom cruz trillion yelling at the mission impossible crew for not following covid-19 rules on set. listen. >> we are not shutting this [bleep] down. interest is it understood? will if i see it again, you are [bleep] gone. and if you can't be reasonable, and i can't many are, you are fired. jillian: cruise allegedly getting angry after seeing two crew members stand too close. comes after the filming of mission impossible 7 was hit with delays. the film is set to come out next
4:17 am
fall. well, they say honesty is the best policy, right? this little girl might be pushing it. in a letter to santa the girl says she tried hard to be good but miserably failed. she then writes i do deserve a coal but please i would love to have a present, actually more than one. you would think she would keep things small, right? her wish list includes a snake, a dj set and a trip to france. i personally think that is adorable. steve: who has ever had a it snake and trip to france on the same list other than brian? brian: that was last year. i have changed. steve: thank you. ainsley: thank you, jillian. cancel culture coming from the late great abe lincoln. brian. brian: finally. ainsley: his name could be erased from this school because critics say it didn't demonstrate the black lives matter matter to him. whats to lawrence jones think about that after the break? ♪ gentleman get no i can't get o
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4:22 am
>> i guess you can use a snappy slogan like defund the police but you know you have lost a big audience the minute you say it, which makes it a lot less likely that you are actually going to get the changes you want done. ainsley: former president barack obama warned democrats earlier this month against the push to defund the police. and now, after taking heat from progressives, the former president expanding on this message. >> the issue to me is not making them comfortable. it is can would he be precise with our language enough that people who might be persuaded
4:23 am
around that particular issue to make a particular change that gets a particular result that we want, what's the best way for us to describe that? ainsley: well, here to react is fox news analyst lawrence jones. hey, lawrence. >> good morning. ainsley: what's your reaction? >> well, i almost want to queue the tape from like two weeks ago when i was on "fox & friends." i said it at barack obama never said he was against actually defunding the police. he was against the way that they labeled it and the impact it would have on elections. i think what you are seeing right now is not a split within the democratic party. what you are seeing is that people feel like it's a failed message. but they still want to get it accomplished. look, but when you look at places like new york city and they're experiencing 96% increase in murders. i'm sorry in shooters, shootings here. it becomes concerning not just for democrats but for republicans as well. that are just -- want law and order safety for their communities. if you are talking about defunding any part of
4:24 am
government, as a libertarian, i'm always with that getting taxpayers more of their money. that's not the necessary saget of this movement. it's to get rid of the police and as a result, it's going to impact people's lives on a day-to-day basis. we are seeing that in the numbers right now. just not in new york city but philly and some of these other major cities. ainsley: what do you make of what is happening in san francisco? the school district is renaming 44 different schools. because of several different reasons. but let's take one that is named after abe lincoln who was hailed a hero for abolishing slavery. buff they say he didn't demonstrate black lives matter to him. because they say the majority of his policies prove to be detrimental to native americans. abraham lincoln, george washington, herbert hoover, tompson edison, dianne feinstein some of the examples of schools named after historic figures and they are changing the names. what do you think? >> i want to take the audience back to when i was talking about lift every voice and sing.
4:25 am
when there was this movement that the black national anthem. and i always told people that the lift every voice was a poem. the johns hopkins brothers did in 1900s at lincoln's birthday. and it is a cry for liberation. that shows you where abe lincoln was on this issue. of course, histories are complicated things. people have good and bad to the legacy. buff the bottom line is he freed the slaves and for lack people during that period of time, he acknowledged their quest for freedom. you know, i guess people can stop laughing about this movement going forward because they are actually affecting change. but i think the most problematic on both sides -- point about this on both sides of the debate is that people don't understand history. they want to pick and choose what portions to cover. you have got to tell the full story. have you got to educate yourself on it. i think that is a failure of our
4:26 am
education system will today. ainsley: ains lawrence, thanks so much for being on with us. >> thanks my friend. ainsley: kick him out. that's the message come from more than a dozen house republicans who want eric swalwell off the intelligence committee. one of the lawmakers who signed that letter is next. big spending from big tech. thousands of dollars pouring into joe biden's campaign from twitter and facebook employees. is this proof of the bias? lara logan is here to react next ♪ hey, big spender ♪
4:27 am
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4:31 am
a petition for recall that guy california governor gavin newsom is halfway to his signature goal 1.5 signatures are needed to get the issue on the ballot. that's the last thing he wants to hear. next, nearly $6,000. that's the tip a customer left in ohio. look at that. 5600 bucks. he asked for it all to be shared with the workers before christmas. isn't that nice? and finally 132 days that is a stretch a pennsylvania man is on in his quest to set a record for eating chick-fil-a. it started back in july and is planning to go until the new year. congratulations to him. it's the delicious year for him. ainsley: he can't eat it on sundays though. steve: that's the problem. ainsley: or it's wonderful. i love that they are closed. steve: buy it on saturday and put in the freezer. ainsley: more than a dozen house
4:32 am
members sending a letter to send to speaker nancy pelosi. calling for will it eric swalwell will to be it removed from the committee because of his ties to the chinese spy. brian: interactions with chinese intelligence services however they may be are unacceptable national security risk. though the that's logical. greg murphy signed the letter and now joins us. do you think this is going to resonate with the speaker? i hope so provment in 2015 that eric swalwell had been compromised and the fbi briefed him on this. and to his credit he broke off the relationship. however, that does not change the fact that he was compromised and things such as blackmail, et cetera, moving forward. and the fact that speaker pelosi knew this in 2015 and then appointed him to the intel committee and then reappointed him to the committee is in fact, in my opinion, a clear and present danger to the security of this nation. he has has been compromised and he should not be privy to the
4:33 am
special intelligence that only those members of that committee are privy to. >> congressman murphy, doesn't that say a lot about the judgment of the speaker that she would know that he had been the target of a chinese influence campaign and, yet, she still put him on that super secret committee that deals with all sorts of things involving china? >> well, it indeed was a hypocritical reaction. she attacked, you know, jeff sessions for something that was much less when he was the attorney general with russia and the fact that swalwell was the biggest proponent attacking the president of a made up ruse about russian collusion. but the fact that she has this knowledge. the fact that she knows that he has been compromised. and the fact that he continues to support him on intelligence committee i believe you have to question why is the speaker protecting china? why is she doing that against the will and the security of this nation? it really raises a great number of questions.
4:34 am
ing. ainsley: what do you say of the democrats i have heard nancy pelosi defend him. what due say to democrats that would say, look, this was unintentional not his fault. five years ago she went back to inn choo. he cut off the relationship as soon as he found out. >> well, unintentional as it is. and it apparently was inintentional. still he has been compromised. and it's to my understanding even family and friends of his until last week were facebook friends with this chinese spy. and so the fact that he was was in a relationship with a chinese spy and the fact that who knows what has continued on the chinese side since then, is really something that is very, very concerning we have enough concerns in washington, d.c. we don't need to be concerned with the fact that her speaker has put her own political intentions in front of the security of this nation. ainsley: how do we know there aren't chinese spies in the office wases of many lawmakers. >> we don't know. this is where our fbi and the department of justice we have to rely upon them to be diligent to
4:35 am
road out who are spies. i will presented a bill this last year called the influence act. chinese influence on college campuses has run among. we have it here. they are our greatest enemy whether we like to admit it or not. they are seeking the downfall of this nation. they are getting to lawmakers and especially with eric you swalwell up and coming achieve influence with will higher level of politics. we have to understand this is a clear and present danger to the security of this nation and the fact that the speaker of the house has promoted this is very, very concerning. brian: we acknowledge the soviets were a threat. democrats and republicans had different ways of approaching that threat. are we going to being a knowledge as a country that china is a comprehensive holistic threat on economic and military? >> you know, this is what scares me about a biden presidency. i don't believe he will be strong against china. you know, president trump was
4:36 am
very, very strong against china negotiating a fair trade deal i don't see that with the biden presidency. the fact they increased espionage during the pandemic is very concerning. they are our number one enemy we have to acknowledge that and confront that. steve: all right. congressman greg murphy great state of north carolina, sir. thank you for joining us today from the russell rotunda on capitol hill. >> thank you. brian: hopefully that resonates with swalwell. let's change gears. we are learning top executives at facebook and twitter donated tens of thousands of dollars to joe biden's presidential campaign according to fec records obtained by fox news. these are the same tech companies accused of censorship limiting access to the "new york post" bombshell report about hunter biden just weeks before the election. they said it was russian disinformation. here to react, someone who knows better and knows the truth. host of fox nation's lara logan. lara logan has no agenda. it doesn't mean she has nothing to do. it means she has no horse in the race. she is going to report fair and
4:37 am
honestly. lara, welcome. >> thank you so much, brian. brian: lara, first off, is this a surprise that big tech is all in for joe biden? and is this pay back because the trump campaign in 2016 used big tech to help pull off the biggest upset in american history. >> no, this is strategic, brian. this was actually a plan that was where by media matters for america and many very powerful people within the democratic establishment who wrote up their strategy in the wake of trump's election. in fact, as he was being inaugurated they were presenting it to donors. one of the things that it said was that they were going to counter the influence that big tech had had in being used as a platform by the trump campaign. and if you go back to president obama's exit interview from the white house was in rolling stone magazine. he put his defeat down to two things. one was that the white working class voters who voted him into
4:38 am
power not once but twice did not vote democrat in 2016. the other thing was fox news and big tech. you know, and that really is something that they touted very successfully. media matters for america has been working with facebook. they have a hate agent's list reportedly that is includes people like candace owens. you know, who obviously is not white, and certainly not a white supremacist. so what -- the only thing surprising about this is that people still expect facebook and anybody else to not be based. because they have shown their true colors. and millions of americans see it. we don't have any alternatives. that's the problem. people have nowhere else to go. big companies have been allowed to amass so much power. operate in a world in which u.s. law doesn't function because they are protected. they are allowed to build monopolies. protected from defamation laws. and people have no alternatives. if there was somewhere else to go that could offer the same
4:39 am
thing as facebook, millions of people would have left it by now. because they feel betrayed, ignored, silenced. there is so many things happening all over the country during the election that no one ever saw or heard about outside of social media. because they were ignored and suppressed. and people have lost track at this point of all the stories that big tech have suppressed. right? you are going to push russia co-collusion which is completely false. you are going to accuse the president of the united states of being a spy for vladimir putin of being a traitor and treasonous? that's okay? you are going to do that for years and push it out everywhere. you are going to take hunter biden's laptop and say that anyone reporting on that has to have a label on their site or it will be shut counsel that basically makes you an untouchable, right? it's supposed to destroy your credibility if you even retreat it or refer to it or just say it's worth consideration. how about we have a conversation about this? that apparently these days is
4:40 am
subversive. people in this country have watched an elected administration be subverted and undermined for more than four years. and now they are talking about subversion when it comes to wanting to find out whether the election was fair or not. that is an indication because they project forward what people can expect to be accused of after this. brian: hopefully something like parler is going to emerge. i have joined that and i can't believe how many people are on there. twitter said this to what you just said we enforce the twitter rules judicially and impartially for everyone on our service. political ideology especially that of our employees plays no part in this process because there are so many in the big tech who donated to the biden campaign. we reached out to facebook for a statement. have not heard anything back. i want to go to another area of your expertise if i could. and that's the border. did so many great specials on this. it's on fox nation right now. i want you to hear what mark morgan said about what could be happening under biden at the border.
4:41 am
>> you look at what the obama administration policies are going to be. it's not just about stopping construction at the border wall. it's about providing amnesty to millions of people and getting rid of the title 42 order the migrant protection protocol which ended catch and release. that's not an immigration strategy. mark my words. that is an open border strategy. the cartels and human smugglers already see that loud and clear and it is absolutely increasing illegal migration right today. brian: biden's plan to open borders. stop deportation, abolish ice. that means hey, central and south america, come on in. we are waiting for you. >> right? >> well, yes. that's certainly what people who are crossing the border at the moment are telling border patrol agents when they're being apprehended. i just spent a little over two weeks on the southern border in arizona and in texas and a number of different places. and the other thing that we heard about is that there are people gathering on the mexican side. there is another caravan that is
4:42 am
supposed to be building. according to intelligence reports. there is one town on the mexican side where they are sending a thousand people a day. the numbers are up crossing the border. joe biden's administration has promised no deportations for the first 100 days, which is three months. and what no one is talking about, too. the amount of covid that's crossing the border. border patrol has had around 4,000 agents get sick. they have had 17 agents die. brian: wow. >> die from covid-19. judge emmet sullivan, you will remember from the flynn case he just lifted title 42 restrictions which is the health restrictions. the health authority that the cdc actually insisted be enforced during the pandemic. and he listed that for juveniles. so, if you are a juvenile, you can be nows released into the community and hopefully you will show up for your court date. soing. brian: lara we already saw the ramifications of that. we saw a rash of unaccompanied
4:43 am
minors come across the border. they know our news better than we do. >> well, the cartels watch the news. these are some of the most sophisticated criminal organizations in the world. the most powerful, the wealthiest. and they are very strategic. they hire every specialist they need. and they are more violent than ever. they are all over. they operate in 40, 50 countries in every state in this country. brian: larr remarks finally, if joe biden says i'm going to take this virus seriously. 100 days wearing masks. at the same time, let's just send the vars over the southern border. it was controlled by the mexican marines on their southern border and by the remain in mexico policy the president put in. it's hard to imagine the bitterness being that great that he reversed a successful apology -- policy that actually controlled the border over the last year or. so i guess that's the truth we are going to find out when we watch -- when your feature is done. >> well, do they want a
4:44 am
successful policy or do they want an open border? because the man running for labor secretary is the former president of the open society foundation patrick who just resigned in order to be available he to take up a position in the cabinet. so, that's, you know, really what you are looking at. right? what is the real policy? brian: unbelievable what could be happening to our country very shortly. lara logan thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: great to see her stuff on fox nation. great to see janice dean who has a big storm right over her right shoulder. >> that is correct. and maybe the most snow new york city has seen in five years. it is happening, my friends. the developing area of low pressure off the coast moving off the southeast coast up towards the mid-atlantic, we are already getting some wintry mix across the mid-atlantic up towards the ohio river valley. but the main event is going to come this afternoon, overnight tonight. and in to tomorrow. and it looks like an all-snow
4:45 am
event for new york city. long island, philadelphia, we are going to get kind of a mixture, so that's going to cut back on some of the snow totals. but, boston, you could definitely see close to a foot of snow. d.c., sorry. this isn't your snow event. unfortunately. if you have like the snow. but, here is some of the snowfall totals. somebody is going to hit the jackpot. especially interior sections of the northeast, including new york. and pennsylvania. where we could get upwards of 2 feet of snow. look at new york city. if we get 12 inches plus. that he was the most snow we have ever seen in five years from a single storm system. other big problem here is the very strong winds. 45 to 50 miles per hour. wouldn't be surprised to see some blizzard warnings out for parts of jersey. maybe new york city. up towards portions of connecticut and massachusetts. so we will keep you up to date. but i would say most people are pretty excited about this. except maybe brian kilmeade. brian: exactly. janice: back to you steve, ainsley and brian. brian: not the excited at all.
4:46 am
janice: i know, i'm sorry. brian: i prefer not to hydroplane to work. steve: or slip sliding around. a foot of snow is very heavy. just saying. when you are scooping it out. ainsley: if we have a cold winter. it kills all the bugs for next summer. a mild winter the guy that comes to kill whatever bugs it's because y'all had such a mild winter. brian: causes stress at home for me. brian, you better stay. in guess who shovels the snow? steve: your wife. ainsley: dawn. brian: i don't pay well. she is not going to turn a profit on it. steve: there is a lot of weather news and whatnot. you have can always get it all day long on your smart newsing -- your smart phone app. fox news app. don't miss a moment of the top stories. take it wherever you are. just open your camera and shine the camera on the q.r. code right under brian. ainsley: do it every day you can't remember which side it is.
4:47 am
steve: automatically open up to the browser so you can download it so you can have it all day long. ainsley: thank you so much for that. go download it. manhattan's oldest restaurant has seen and survived it all from the revolutionary war to flooding caused by super storm sandy. but when francis' tavern when it survived -- will it survive the governor's lockdowns? that's the question. the owner is going to join us live. ♪o research shows people remember so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance,
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ainsley: today the northeast is bracing for a powerful winter storm. some areas could see up to two feet of snow. some fearing the storm could disrupt the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine. that could be awful. kristina partsinevelos less from our sister network fox business joins us with more. christina, what do you know. >> we know that mother nature could wreak havoc on the delivery of vaccines as well as your holiday gifts. and that's because the northeast, like you said, is expecting this massive storm. tonight and tomorrow dumping nearly a foot of snow. but, the chief operating officer of operation warp said that they have roughly about 2 pulp 9 million doses of the vaccine still to deliver in the coming days but that they have set a bunch of them aside in this safety stock which means they are keeping them in storage
4:52 am
should there be any delivery or weather delays. we reached out to u.p.s. u.p.s. said they have a health command center now in kentucky. and that they, quote: have contingency plans should it appear that a package like a vaccine may be delayed. we reached out to fedex and they said a very similar thing. but with this holiday season, 3 billion packages expected to be delivered, it's normal. you are probably wondering where are your gift? will fedex says follow the shipments online there could be delays. already overworked industry is facing a triple whammy, vaccines, holiday gifts and a winter storm. back to you guys. ainsley: thank you so much. steve, over to you. steve: ainsley, thank you. restaurants oowners say governor cuomo's latest restrictions could be the final nail in the coffin for their businesses. manhattan's oldest restaurant withstood the revolutionary wars. bombing and flooding but can it
4:53 am
survive another indoor dining ban? let's ask the proprietor of will the tavern. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: sounds like the governor may say, you know what in the infections are spiking. we will have to have another indoor dining ban. is that going to run you out of business this time? i mean, just hanging on the way it is. >> yeah, can were we are going to try to fight against that. but, lots of things we're probably a couple weeks away from i think we are just a bit stubborn and we don't want to lay off all our staff before christmas. so,ing that's the only reason we are holding off. steve: sure. one of the ways you have been able to hold on this far is back in the day, within the last nine months, you started to get that ppp money. and it ran through the beginning of august. and then it ran out. and then things didn't look so
4:54 am
good, except then the restaurants opened a little bit. right? >> yeah. exactly. and, you know, the ppp was a great help for us. >> are it gave us the opportunity to stay open and keep our employees employed. and keep them off the unemployment. that was really the beauty of it. and but now the weather has got cold and we might have a dozen people inside the whole day not going to are -- steve: it isn't. if the government is going to tell you have got to close. then the government should give you money. i mean, like they did with the ppp. but, if they are not going to, maybe the more economical way would be eddie, just to say, you know what, if you are going to be open, have you got to do it safely. you are ready to do that. >> yeah. we have been all along. you know, he released his data on infections and it was 1.7% for indoor dining, 74% at home.
4:55 am
you know, lo je'kelly thinking if restaurants are closed and people don't have a place to socialize, they are going to socialize at home. and it's going to spike it even further. safe place is indoor dining where we have the air ventilation with the social distancing. we have got the cleaning and the masks. this is where it's safe. not in your house with no ventilation. steve: exactly. i know you are trying to hang on and sell merchandise and folks can keep up thing. go to fraunces tavern on the internet and help eddy and his crew out. good luck this holiday season. >> you bet. will. steve: liz cheney, michael good win and franklin graham. plus you, put down the remote. we will be back in two ♪ ♪
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♪ cenbut they pack a punch.l, with over 20 essential vitamins and minerals they are the most complete mini multivitamin. so you can focus on punching above your weight. no matter how high you set the bar. try centrum minis. ainsley: more than a dozen house republicans demanding the removal of congressman eric swalwell from the intel committee. >> joe biden campaigns in georgia. >> for your next united states senator john ossoff. >> joe biden may not know john ossoff and raphael warnock, but i guarantee you, he knows their radical agenda. brian: the federal investigation into hunter biden 's tax affairs may seem like a big deal but not to the major news networks. >> the press pool that's more like they are auditioning for silence of the lambs ii.
5:00 am
>> they recommended the removal of abraham lincoln's name. >> for black people during that period of time, he acknowledged their quest for freedom. >> the northeast is bracing for what could be a blockbuster storm. we will definitely see at least two feet of snow for someone. ainsley: straight to a fox news alert more than a dozen house republicans sending a letter to speaker pelosi demanding the removal of that man, right there, congressman eric swalwell , from the intelligence committee. brian: all right, it comes as reports of his ties to a suspected chinese spy, who by the way recommended an intern to work for him after that. steve: rich edson is live in washington d.c. there he is at the white house, scolds the media for ignoring the bombshell report. rich? >> good morning, steve, ainsley , brian and this is as 17 house republicans sign on to that letter to house speaker nancy pelosi. they want pelosi to boot
5:01 am
congressman eric swalwell from the house intel committee. they write in their letter "his close interactions with chinese intelligence services however unintentional they may be are an unacceptable national security risk. " last week axios reported that christine fong targeted swalwell when he was a city councilman, interacted with him at multiple events, fundraised for his 2014 congressional re-election campaign and helped place at least one intern in his office. the republicans charged swalwell withheld that information from the intelligence committee for five years, and have undisclosed relationship with a foreign asset like that is dangerous. the white house, meanwhile, is focusing on the coverage. >> it were false yet covered by the media, there was no coverage , however, of swalwell being the one implicated but not russia, but china.
5:02 am
reporter: swalwell says he cooperated with the fbi as soon as the federal officials notified him, and christine fong and his suspected activity as a chinese spy and the fbi thanked him for that and he calls the fact that this story leaked nothing more than political retribution. back to you. ainsley: thank you, rich. let's bring in kayleigh mcenany, trump 2020 campaign advisor, good morning to you, kayleigh. so you hear the story about swalwell, new york times is not covering that. very limited coverage on social media about hunter biden. we know conservatives including the president are censored or they put captions underneath videos that he posts. they are trying to control the narrative when we log on to twitter or our facebook accounts, and so fox news looked into it. who these executives are donat ing money to, so many of them donated money to joe biden 's campaign we have a long list of them when it comes to the trump campaign, zero twitter executives donated to his campaign and two facebook
5:03 am
executives donated less than 300 to trump's campaign but look at this long list, kayleigh. these are all of the executives with these two social media entities that donated to biden. what's your reaction? >> it's absolutely amazing. i mean, big tech was the joe biden campaign. now, big tech is the joe biden transition, when you look at who he has on his transition team in addition to those donations that you're showing, he has an amazon executive, he has a former facebook director, a former facebook board member, a former facebook lobbyist, joe biden's campaign, his transition, and likely his white house will be filled with big tech. they rigged this election against the president by censoring the new york post, censoring me, who was just giving that story essentially and many others, and they rooted out information that would have turned 14% of joe biden voters away from his campaign, and a future presidency. brian: i know the president has not conceded. it looks like mitch mcconnell did yesterday. we saw him on the floor. he acknowledged that joe biden
5:04 am
in his mind won the election. he called kevin mccarthy, kevin mccarthy did not want to acknowledge it. i asked tom cotton where he stood. listen. >> the electoral college voted on monday and they voted but the president has also legal challenges and it should be decided based on the law and evidence. he hasn't sticked to the department of justice and the fbi on joe biden's campaign the way barack obama and joe biden did. he hasn't fabricated evidence to get wire taps on joe biden's campaign staff. he hasn't started calling for the impeachment before joe biden even might take the oath of office. that's what the democrats did after 2016, so you can spare me the crocodile tears from all these democrats about breaking norms. they're the ones breaking norms four years ago. brian: right, so what was the president's reaction when mitch mcconnell called him and does he believe the fights over? >> yeah, i couldn't have said that better myself, what senator cotton just said right there.
5:05 am
this president, you know, he's made clear his thoughts about leader mcconnell on twitter, and our founders set in place a constitution that had a process for becoming president and one step in that process is the electors voting. one step in that process is certifying the election at the county level and state level and another step in that process is congress confirming the results ultimately ending on january 20. they put in place certain face for when you have an election like this with mass mail-out voting and today i would just note that you're going to hear a hearing before senator johnson's committee from attorneys in nevada, one in wisconsin, that's going to walk through that this was a never-before tried system. mass mail-in voting, rip away the signature match requirements among other safeguards and you ended up with an election that half of the country does not have faith in. steve: you know, kayleigh i know you've had legal challenges all over the country, and the campaign has not been successful, but when you do look at the impact that social media
5:06 am
had what you and ainsley were talking about a little while ago , i mean, it really was rigged against donald trump. there's no doubt about it when you look at the evidence and you look at the donors, i mean, anybody who disputes that, it's laughable. i no one of the things that the president has talked about is repealing section 230, which protects them. even though they're private companies they get this protection, this liability protection. that was what he wanted to see in the defense bill. it sounds like, and i know you said this yesterday, when you had your white house press secretary had on, you said he was going to veto that. is it because there's no 230? is it because of the renaming of the bases? is it because of the pullout? what is it? >> well it's a number of things as i noted, in addition to the section 230 being absent whereby the way section 230 allows twitter to not flag chinese disinformation like saying that in the province that there's no
5:07 am
religious discrimination when we know the wegers had been tortured in that province, they can say that the china virus didn't originate in wuhan and it's not flagged. it's that, but it's also the fact that there are certain provisions in there that don't allow troop drawdowns in afghanistan and south korea among other places across the globe, it's very much not in line with the president's priorities as he noted so it's more than just 230. it's a confluence of different factors. steve: so he definitely is going to veto it? >> yes, he is. steve: okay. ainsley: so joe biden went to georgia. you know those two races are so important for both sides. he was down there campaigning and praising stacey abrams called her a hero, and he was down there to help john ossoff but he got his name wrong. listen to this. >> what about the one and only stacey abrams? >> [applause] >> [horns honking] >> stacey if we had 10 of you we could rule the whole world
5:08 am
god love you. is there anyone whose done more to make sure the voice of every george an is heard? i don't think so, stacey abrams, you're a hero. you're the one that got this going. >> [applause] >> and we all thank you. and of course, honk for your next united states senator john orsoff. ainsley: what's your reaction to that, kayleigh and is the president going to go back to georgia to help? >> you know, i'll leave that to the president to announce on his plans with regard to that. he's been there once but it's incredible to hear joe biden talk about stacey abrams who single-handedly rigged the georgia election when she took away the safeguards. stacey abrams, he said, if we had 10 of stacey abrams we could rule the world that's what joe biden says. i bet you could because what stacey abrams did is she rolled over the governor and secretary of state who did not do the due diligence for their state, got
5:09 am
rid of meaningful signature match, if you had a mass flow of ballots where you used to have a 6% rejection rate because signatures didn't match this time there was a .3% rejection rate despite a mass flood of ballots so i bet joe biden wishes he had 10 stacey abrams, i guess he could rule the world at that point. it's just amazing how he could say that so directly and not hide the ambitions, not hide the design and the plan from the american voters. brian: kayleigh i watched you almost every night with shawn. i saw your press conference yesterday. you're more prepared to do that, and you know they're not going to the press seems to have their own agenda and you also have these items, but i'm wondering where bill stepian is, where jared kushner is. they were the ones running the campaign. it seems like you got to be the press secretary and you got to talk about the fighting on the individual battles. do you need some help? >> no, i'm in good shape. i clearly separate my two roles and i love and my free time helping out with the campaign, bill stepian is still hard at
5:10 am
work and he put out statements recently, jared kushner too can't speak highly enough of him but he does have two lanes in addition to helping out the campaign in his free time and he also has middle east peace with four of those deals four more than the previous president. ainsley: you reminded the press yesterday why aren't you cover ing that? >> that's exactly right. historic. steve: and kayleigh, today, you are appearing as campaign spokes person, yet i think it was last night the campaign sent out a fundraising e-mail from the campaign asking should president trump run in 2024? what was that about? >> you know, i think that they are just putting out that thought. they are still focused -- steve: you are the campaign spokesperson. >> yes, yes, he is still focused on 2020 but 2024 look, he's the leader of this movement no matter what happens in 2020, 2024 there is for his taking. his base is strong. they're not going away the forgotten men and women are
5:11 am
forgotten no longer because they had four years of president trump, hopefully four more but 2024 it's there if president trump would like it. steve: let me just interrupt, add one thing. we've also heard stories that the president may not show up at the inauguration and it's a different kind of an inauguration going to be largely virtual anyway. is the president going to fly down to florida perhaps that same day and perhaps have a rally? same day? >> you know, steve, that is the million dollar question. i've been asked it a lot. i will leave that to the president. steve: give us a hint. just tell us a little bit of a hint. >> right now, he's still got his litigation playing out as we approach january 20, so i'll leave it to him. we'll see. we've got a lot to get through before we get to january 20. ainsley: one thing at a time i guess. what about an election integrity a lot of people are looking to the president to make sure that voters who went to the polls to vote for him or whoever they vote for that they know their voices were heard that everything was legal, we've got
5:12 am
this big election in georgia coming up in january, and another presidential election in four years. >> yeah, ainsley it's a great question. you know, this president, for 10 months, prior to november 3, 2020, has been talking about mail-in voting, has been talking about jimmy carter saying it is the most subject to fraud way of voting, and i was with him when his attorneys came before him, 10 months ago and said mr. president look at what they're doing state by state. we're going to try to fight this in court to make sure that the legislature determines the time, manner and place of an election, as the constitution says, and state by state, you go into the court and they said your claim isn't right. then you go into court after and they say your claim came too late. so, we've really got to figure out what happened with these courts, with these regulations, with the mail-in voting because it's not just the integrity of the election, but of 2022, 2024 and beyond because what happened this time can never happen again. brian: right and finally if the president does, in his legal
5:13 am
challenges all aren't successful , does he go to new york or does he go to florida? >> he is now a florida resident i'll leave it to him, but he became a florida resident, very proud to have him in the sunshine state, but leave it to him in the first lady to announce exactly what they'll be doing but right now he is fighting in court and he will continue those legal challenges and tune in today at 10 a.m. for that senate hearing that will be very eye opening. steve: i saw the florida governor ron desantis was at an event in west palm beach yesterday in front of hospitality workers and he said despite what's going on in other states, i'm not going to shutdown the restaurants, which was exactly what the waiters and waitresses and the cooks wanted to hear from the chief executive there. regarding covid right now, here in the united states, how does the white house feel the rollout , which is a couple of days old, has gone? >> look i'll leave it to the white house and speaking to my campaign capacity now, but you know, what i will say is
5:14 am
governor desantis is one of the best governors in the nation he has made florida a free state where you can open your restaurant, where the citizens have self-responsibility, where we all know how to protect ourselves from covid but shutting down businesses is not the way to go. we have a vaccine that's being rolled out, and it really is impressive feet for this president. we can protect ourselves from covid but we can also have a united states constitution where we don't have governor cuomo shutting down places of worship, governor newsom shutting down 85 % of california as several states go to orwellian way of lockdown. ainsley: kayleigh one of my best friends she owns three restaurants in florida. she's opening up un fourth one in january. stark difference from the folks out in california begging just to keep their one restaurant or their two restaurants open because they are all closed down that says a lot about the state of florida and why a lot of people are moving down there for tax purposes as well. what does the president say about the stimulus money because steve just interviewed a guy that owns the oldest restaurant
5:15 am
here in manhattan and he doesn't have any ppp money. that ran out in august. >> yeah, the people depend on it. look, this is an amazing program that the president put in place to get money to small businesses and you have radical liberal democrats like nancy pelosi who literally said, literally said, i'm okay with stimulus checks now, because in her words, we have a new president coming. blatantly saying it was politics that made her deny the money to the american people. there's no place for that in washington. there's no place for folks like john ossoff down in georgia who is basically said the exact same thing. we need politicians who put the people first, put small businesses first, like the ppp funding so people like your friends, ainsley, can operate their small businesses as we face this global pandemic. ainsley: she said minimum wage if that's increased to $15 an hour it'll change everything. she can't afford to pay everyone that much. >> yeah, it's a confluence of liberal policies that unfortunately should joe biden become president, are on the
5:16 am
horizon and will bankrupt small businesses and change the future of our country as president trump of course brought us the hottest economy in modern history when he came into office. brian: of course in a half hour we'll have kayleigh on to talk as press secretary in the same outfit. quick costume change, kayleigh mcenany thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. brian: see you soon. meanwhile according to reports jillian's prepared to give a report. jillian: reports are accurate. good morning and let's begin your headlines with this extreme weather that we're following. more snow on the southern plains making for dangerous road conditions. up to four in ofs falling in parts of oklahoma as the state sees one of its worst storms in years. this system is expected to hit the northeast today, pounding the region with heavy snow. a state of emergency has already declared in pennsylvania as some parts could see up to two feet of snow. >> president-elect joe biden taps former rival pete buttigieg for transportation secretary. biden also intends to choose former michigan governor
5:17 am
jennifer granholm to lead the energy department. meanwhile, biden's treasury nominees meet with defund the police activist, treasury secretary designee janet yellen, holding a virtual round table with the black lives matter co- founder and president of color of change. >> math use m giving the world an early christmas present he asked mans to post videos of themselves reading his new book called "green light" while impersonating him and they did not disappoint. >> what is a green light? >> much more than just all right i'm fantastic. >> now it show little part because no other man is going, you got to know where he's from. >> [laughter] matthew mcconaughey gave them a round of applause and told them to keep the videos coming. i feel like he's such a good sport about so many things that's so funny.
5:18 am
brian: i think he is enjoying his promotion. it was fantastic we're still talking about his book. steve: the second guy was the best. ainsley: he said go buy my book and then impersonate me those are really funny. thank you, jillian. what happens to hunter biden's investigation once his dad takes office? i think you know the answer, michael goodwin here with why the only way to protect the probe is to appoint a special counsel. >> plus, oh, we love him, franklin graham is here to deliver his christmas message, that's coming up. >> ♪ ♪ you know that look? that life of the party look walk it off look one more mile look reply all look own your look... ...with fewer lines. there's only one botox® cosmetic. it's the only one... ...fda approved...
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brian: the new york post op-ed that we want to bring your attention to says now that the election is over it's time for a special counsel to investigate hunter and joe biden 's business dealings in china and for the media to final ly cover the story. the author of that op-ed joins us now, michael goodwin fox news contributor and columnist for the new york post. michael, your point is not republicans need to score on democrats. you think that this is about the country and national security, in what respect? >> well good morning, brian. yes, look, i think what we know about the hunter biden situation is quite troubling, not just about hunter biden. it really ultimately is about joe biden. all of hunter's income seems to have come from the countries where joe biden was the obama administration's point man, whether it was kazakhstan, ukraine, china, of course, and he made millions upon millions of dollars from those countries and only because, as far as we can tell, his last name was
5:24 am
biden, and his father was vice president, so the idea that joe biden knew nothing about any of this as he has claimed is clearly false. he was meeting with the ceo of the company that they were forming, tony bobulinski, who said joe biden was quite knowledgeable about all of this stuff so the idea that he didn't know anything, he took hunter to china with him on air force ii in 2013. hunter landed a $1.5 billion investment from a chinese company that was tied to the communist government as they all are, so for joe biden to say he knew nothing doesn't pass the smell test, but the question then becomes, why does he say that? why does he insist that hunter never made money from china when he has to know that's not true so they are clearly hiding something and i think the only way to find out what they are hiding is to protect the hunter biden investigation. to preserve it with a special
5:25 am
counsel designation that would keep it going and make it very difficult for a new attorney general to kill it. now, bill barr, who announced the other day that he's leaving next week, i urge him in my column today to make this his final big act of business. i think he's been a terrific attorney general in many ways and he protected the john durham investigation into the 2016 spying by making it a special counsel designation. i think the same is due for the hunter biden investigation. otherwise, we're never going to know what china knows about joe biden. brian: and the ap report, the ap is saying they're considering it we have not gotten confirmation on that, michael, and think about this. you have one investigation that you're saying should take place for national security and it seems like personal politics, they are already asking the trump organization for certain papers, the new york ag. are we going to be looking at constant donald trump, the civilian being investigated? >> oh, i think there's no
5:26 am
question, the new york attorney general has made, she basically campaigned on it and was rebuked by others attorneys general who said that's illegal. you can not basically run because with a promise of prosecuting someone who you don't know anything about other than what you've read in the papers, and you have the new york manhattan district attorney cyrus mance doing the same thing and of course leaking everything to the new york times all the anti-trump media getting the leaks about these and they are running their campaigns by prosecuting and i would say in some cases donald trump, that's what they intend to do. brian: i just don't think they are going to alienate 50 million or maybe 75 million people if they continue to take this personal vendetta. you talk about dividing the country that would certainly do it further michael goodwin thanks so much go ahead, final thought? >> yes, just joe biden talks about unity and if you want to have unity and you're going to keep attacking and prosecuting donald trump, you're not going to have unity that's for sure. brian: absolutely, michael
5:27 am
goodwin, thank you so much. >> my pleasure, brian. brian: meanwhile, a second coronavirus vaccine could soon be on the way as soon as today. meanwhile, hhs secretary alex azar visited a hospital this morning where the pfizer vaccine already being administered, we're going to talk about that rollout and 17 house republicans are demanding eric swalwell be removed from the house intelligence committee one is congressman liz cheney we're going to talk to her, next
5:28 am
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5:32 am
including our next guest sent a letter to speaker nancy pelosi yesterday demanding that nancy pelosi remove congressman eric swalwell of california from the intel committee over his ties to a suspected chinese spy who helped fund raise for him. wyoming republican congresswoman and house gop conference chair liz cheney joins us right now from the rotunda, congresswoman good morning to you. >> good morning great to be with you guys as always. steve: good to have you as well. does eric swalwell represent a national security hazard? >> i think that he does. i think there are real questions about the extent to which he was clearly cultivated, financial support was provided by this bundling by this chinese spy, sounds like she placed an intern in his office and i think the real question is why speaker pelosi hasn't taken action. you've watched her again and again treat her responsibility over the intelligence committee with something less than seriousness. at this moment where we face grave national security threats.
5:33 am
not only has she let congressman swalwell stay on that committee, not taking action, she diverted the attention to that committee for months and months and months on to impeachment instead of being focused on the threat from china, the threat of the coronavirus, for example, so i think it's an issue of grave concern and she needs to take action and that's why we sent the letter. steve: well she said, you know, last week she wasn't concerned but at the same time, she's the one who heard from law enforcement or the intel community that swalwell had been , you know, compromised by this chinese asset, but it was her judgment, even though she heard that, to put him on the committee. >> right, and i think, you know , on the whole issue of the threat that china poses to the united states, this is a grave, grave threat, and we've got to have bipartisan agreement on being able to work together to defend this nation across-the-board from that threat.
5:34 am
it's one of the reasons it was so disappointing that the speaker said she wasn't going to participate in the china task force that the leader setup in the house. it's one of the reasons, frankly , why the national defense authorization act is so critically important. it has really important language in it that helps to protect against chinese industrial espionage, helps us to be much more independent, our supply chains and to protect our bases from the threat of chinese espionage. we really need to make sure, across-the-board, we're defend ing ourselves. steve: congresswoman we've been talking about the swalwell case for a while, but we had tom cotton on with us a little while ago, the senator from across the chamber there. >> i know tom. steve: you do know tom. we all know tom. and i asked him, why exactly did he think the new york times has not even touched this story about swalwell and china? and listen to tom cotton's
5:35 am
answer. >> i was told we had it, but apparently we don't, so, i'm going to go -- >> i heard it the first time. steve: he said it makes you wonder how deeply in the pocket of chinese interest on these major media corporations, the new york times, washington post has gotten money from running chinese propaganda over the years and many tv stations are owned or affiliated with major movie studios trying to get access to the chinese theatre market. in my tom cotton voice, in a quick way there. >> look, there's no question. look at things like the mulan movie that came out recently where they actually thanked the chinese government entity that runs the concentration camps that the wegers are now in and look at things like the nba where players are absolutely condemned and not allowed to speak out in support of human rights in hong kong. the chinese communist party, the chinese government has managed to infiltrate at the highest levels of our entertainment industry, of our
5:36 am
media, certainly we've got, you know, we know they've been engaged in the hack of personnel information. it's a very serious, very significant threat, and the fact that speaker pelosi refuses to address the situation with congressman swalwell, she's called it a diversion when we've said to her, we need to make sure we're protected against this threat from china. she simply is not serious about the threat. we as a nation cannot afford to have somebody as a speaker of the house, whose not serious about the most-important national security threat we face steve: do you worry there are fellow members of congress who may be, right now, influenced by china? >> look, i think we all have to protect ourselves. we all have to assume we know from what we've seen publicly, we know what the chinese communist party is attempting to do, and i think we've all got to assume that they're targeting anybody that they can target. we've got to make sure that people understand, look, i think that the coronavirus, the extent to which they caused that to be
5:37 am
spread around the world, has really shown a spotlight on the nature of that regime and has really focused the attention of not just people in the united states but our allies around the world on the threat they pose and how important it is we protect ourselves by moving supply chains, by ending our dependence on the chinese government for things like rare earth minerals, how important it is that we make sure our allies do not allow huawei to have access to their 5g systems, they are a real threat and they do not, we do not want to live in a world where the chinese communist party sets the rules. that is a world in which their massive individual surveillance state is imposed on all of us. we've got to stand up against it , america has to lead the way in doing that. steve: and now some people are just finally waking up to the threat it has been posing for a while. representative cheney thank you very much for joining us. have a safe trip as you travel back to wyoming to be with your family over the holiday. thank you, you guys too, merry christmas, everybody. steve: merry christmas, thank you. brian? brian: all right, vice president pence touting the success of operation warp
5:38 am
speed as the moderna vaccine becomes one step closer to approval. >> pending the approval, from the fda that some 20 million doses of the moderna vaccine could be shipped right from this facility out to the point of the need in states across the country. ainsley: this morning health and human services secretary alex azar visited medstar george down university hospital where he met with staff as they administered the first doses of covid-19 vaccine to their frontline healthcare workers. secretary alex azar joins us now , good morning, to you. >> good morning. good morning. thanks for having me. ainsley: you're welcome. we did have a question, because we had christina partsinevelos on whose one of our reporters on earlier. she was talking about the distribution. if this snowstorm rolls in what does that mean for the vaccines that have to be on, you know, cold for -- steve: dry ice. ainsley: exactly and if some of
5:39 am
the people have gotten the first shot is the second shot already at their hospital because they need that in two weeks or is that going to be on these trucks coming through? >> so, first in terms of the snowstorms as general perna has said we're following all of that. we literally know where every truck is, where every box is and we track all of that. we have prepositioned cdc people at each place receiving vaccine, so this is fedex, this is ups, express shipping. they know how to deal with snow and bad weather but we are on it and following it but you know, i just wanted to say i'm here with clair whose an icu nurse, with mike whose an emergency department nurse here at medstar georgetown university hospital. they're getting the pfizer vaccine this morning. what a moment. what a moment for me to be able to be here with our heroic frontline healthcare workers who are now going to be protected as a result of president trump's operation warp speed. i just want to say thank you to everyone at operation warp speed and thank you to president trump for his leadership and commitment to this program.
5:40 am
brian: i'm kind of embarrassed by some of the questions you're getting. instead of saying this is a great moment for the nation people are trying to play gotcha with you and it's just not the case. you're able to use your pharmaceutical background to get rid of the red tape to expedite the research in order to get this out there, and you asked government to front you a lot of money. you asked government to give you money for moderna, to give money for pfizer, astrazeneca, johnson & johnson, novavax, and they are all in phase iii right now. not everyone has gone great but you took a big risk and its actually paying off, so here is the question. moderna today could get approval. fda indicating it will. how does moderna figure into the distribution and do we have a choice? >> so, moderna is very important and again, if everything stays on track, i hope within days we'll see the fda authorization of the moderna vaccine, and if that's the case, we have a lot ted 5.9 million doses of vaccine of moderna for next week on top of the 2 million that's
5:41 am
been allotted from pfizer. we're just going to keep going week after week and more getting out but moderna is an important addition. of course it doesn't require the extreme cold-chain storage and it comes in a smaller pack than the 975 doses of pfizer but i want to also be clear, we're able to handle this pfizer vaccine. i was able to be here in the pharmacy where the lead pharmacist at georgetown showed the facility they've got. they have this. they know how to deal with cold chain storage. this is what we do. that's the motto of every player that's been involved. we do this. we do this every year with vaccines but moderna is going to be really important addition to our portfolio. steve: and you know, the importance of what you were showing us today is as these healthcare workers do get inoculated, the message is that help is on the way. unfortunately, as you know, mr. secretary, covid fatigue is starting to set in, and next week, people are going to be around each other from their families and, you know, riskier
5:42 am
behavior regarding masks and things like that. you're being very responsible right there. what's your message for people as we enter christmas week? >> well, i would say look at what is happening right here. 94% effective safe vaccine approved the fda is getting out. tens of millions of doses. 20 million americans should be vaccinated by the end of just this year. we'll have up to 50 million by the end of january. 100 million shots in arms between first and booster by the end of february. i want everyone out there to get to that moment but that means you've got to act responsibly between now and then , to bridge. that means wash your hands, watch your distance, wear your face covering when you can't watch your distance and in the holiday season as we go into next week, please be very careful about indoor gatherings, whether it's at a restaurant or a bar, or in your own home. you let your guard down, when you eat and drink you take your mask off when you're around family you think everybody is safe is you take off your mask and let your guard down. don't do that because i want
5:43 am
everybody whose here for this holiday season to be here for next year's holiday season, but safely and it'll be a normal holiday season next year, thanks to president trump 's operation warp speed. ainsley: mr. secretary i know that you have lost a lot of sleep over the last few months trying to get all of this out to save americans lives we really appreciate everything you've done. brian: if i can just ask one more question. you said last night that if we have this , we have to actually ask the hospital for regeneron or remdesivir, they aren't automatically offering it to us. you said you got plenty out there but doctors aren't using it? steve: if you have covid. >> yup, so if you are over 65, or if you're under 65 and are at serious risk of hospitalization from covid, if you get a positive test, please, seek out your healthcare professional and ask about the regeneron or lilly monoclonal antibody. we have supplies. they aren't getting used because you don't want to use it when somebody shows up at the emergency room. you want to use it when they're
5:44 am
first diagnosed so you keep that viral load down, you reverse the disease, pushing it back and you keep out of the hospital, hopefully. i was able to talk to the great leaders here at medstar georgetown hospital. they're setting up systems to get out in the community to use it effectively, because we don't want to overstress the healthcare system and the hospitals and these incredible healthcare workers when we have tools out there that can help keep people out. ainsley: for the moment you get your positive test ask your doctor about regeneron. brian: and remdesivir. >> if you are at risk of hospitalization, if you have a serious co morbidity or over 65 please ask your healthcare provider. ainsley: thank you so much for everything you're doing have a merry christmas god bless you. janice is tracking that nor'easter we've been talking about. >> janice: let's get to it, because we have a lot of snow in the forecast already happening. i dropped my little clicker, there it is. very important to move maps. but we have the snow moving across the ohio valley in parts of the mid-atlantic.
5:45 am
i will tell you we could even see severe weather with the storm, severe thunderstorm watch, perhaps, for parts of west virginia and virginia, so not only heavy snow but we could actually see the risk for isolated tornadoeses. this is a dynamic system, there are winter weather warnings for millions, 70 million people within this watch or warning and we could see more snow than we've had in some cases for many years. for instance if we get more than a foot of snow in new york city, that's the most snow we've seen in five years, and certainly, more snow than we saw last season. we're going to get the worst of it later on this afternoon, into the overnight, and then tomorrow morning, finally, things will start to clear out tomorrow afternoon. here is the latest snowfall forecast, so new york city 10-14 here, d.c. not your storm, unfortunately, or fortunately, 48 in philadelphia, because we think it's going to switch over to freezing rain and/or ice and maybe some rainfall, and then boston, you could get some pretty big snowfall totals but that purple area there?
5:46 am
we're going to have two feet or more for parts of upstate new york, and pennsylvania. we will keep you posted. back to you, steve, ainsley and brian. steve: thanks, j. d. brian: get goalie gloves so it doesn't happen again. ainsley: [laughter] brian: all right, meanwhile, franklin graham is here to deliver his christmas message, right after the break. ainsley: something we need. >> ♪ ♪ my nunormal: fewer asthma attacks. less oral steroids. taking my treatment at home. nucala is a once-monthly add-on injection for severe eosinophilic asthma. not for sudden breathing problems. allergic reactions can occur. get help right away for swelling of face, mouth, tongue, or trouble breathing. infections that can cause shingles have occurred. don't stop steroids unless told by your doctor.
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i think we both know the answer to that. always look for the grown in idaho seal. side dish? help the world believe in holiday magic. and this year was harder than ever. and yet, somehow, you all found a way to pull it off. it's not about the toys or the ornaments but about coming together. santa, santa, you're on mute! just wanted to say thanks. thanks for believing.
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5:50 am
>> the latest the gop demanding eric swalwell be remove the over ties to a russian chinese spy, 17 republicans have signed on for that, katie pavlich will join us plus new reports president trump is considering pushing for a special counsel to investigate hunter biden. senator rand paul is here to weigh in, and more and more wall street big banks moving or considering moves to red states fleeing new york amid widespread shutdowns and rising crime rates charlie gasparino has some exclusive new reporting on the exodus, big three hours, coming up live from america's news room, top of the hour.
5:51 am
ainsley: and we will be watching in the meanwhile here are quick headlines, a business owner confronts health officials over covid-19 restrictions in california. watch this. >> i don't support that. >> owner of the restaurant was ordered to close for putting tables outside despite the state 's outdoor dining ban. he claims the health officials said it was okay to put them out since he was only serving take out. >> a marine saved a baby trapped in a burning car. gunnery sargent kyle wetter saw the child's parents struggling to get the child's seats out on the side of a california road so he sprang into action cutting the seat out with his combat knife, thankfully nobody was hurt. the father of triplets said he would expect others to do the same for his family and he is a hero.
5:52 am
ainsley? ainsley: thank you so much jillian. well if you've never put your trust in god, do it this christmas. that is just part of franklin graham's powerful message of faith during this difficult holiday season. he is the president of samaritan 's purse and the billy graham evangelistic association good morning to you. >> and good morning to you. ainsley: good morning, we definitely need a christmas message. i know everyone has been decorating more probably this year than they have in the past, because we're just grabbing on to anything of hope right now. >> you know, there are many people that are so afraid and so discouraged this christmas. many people are alone, because the virus, but i want people to know that god loves them, and that god cares for them, and he sent his son, jesus christ, from heaven to this earth at christmas, and he came not to condemn the world but to save the world. ainsley, we're all sinners, and our sins separate us from god and god doesn't want us to be separated so he sent his son at
5:53 am
christmas to take our sins and 33 years later to die on a cross and shed his blood for our sins and then god raised him to life, jesus christ isn't dead, he's alive and he'll come into any heart that is willing to invite him and trust him, and put their faith in him. he will forgive our sins and heal us and this christmas season, we've never had a christmas season like this in history, where the world is locked down, people are afraid, people are scared. i want people to know that god has not forgotten him and god loves them very very much and i would encourage people, if you have never trusted jesus christ as your saviour, do it today. just say god, i've sinned, i'm sorry. i believe jesus is your son, and i want to trust him as my saviour, and i want to invite him to come into my life and if you just pay a simple prayer like that god will hear and it will change your life forever. ainsley: yes, i'm a witness to that, and i love jesus.
5:54 am
october 19, 1997, i said that very prayer and it did change my life. thank you for spreading that message. your family is incredible. i'm on your website right now, samaritan's purse and it's unbelievable. you can log on and see what's most-needed, hot meals for a child, rescue children in crisis , feed a hungry baby, where do you need, how can we help? how can we help your organization? what are you all doing? >> well you know, right now we've got about 9 million shoe box gifts going out to children around the world right now, and to about 130 different countries , and this is a massive undertaking, and it's the largest christmas program in the world today, and we need certainly help for that and we need volunteers, we need donations as we take these shoe boxes to really some of the most desperate areas of the world and it is so much fun, and brings so much joy into the lives of these children. ainsley: absolutely. you have two new things on fox nation. one is seven days in the holy land here is a clip of that about wars that the have been
5:55 am
fought in jerusalem. watch this. think of the blood shed and the wars fought and the persians and the syrians and the egyption s and those that have come against the city and have marched against the city and at times its been destroyed, and the children of israel will turn to god and all of a sudden they have piece and prosperity and forgive god. ainsley: mr. graham tell us more about it. >> well this is a film that i did a few years ago and there are millions of people who never have a chance to go to israel, to see these sites and i wanted to do something with my daughter so that the person could actually see the places where jesus was, the things that he touched, where some of these great bible stories happen so that they can see that and kind of visualize what took place at that time, and i think it helps us as we read the bible to visualize what took place, so it's a great thesis, it's a
5:56 am
devotion all seven days in israel, and each one focuses on a different miracle or a different spot where jesus taught so it's a lot of fun, and i guess it's on fox nation soon. ainsley: that one is already on fox nation, seven days in the holy land, available now, and return of the holy land will be available on tuesday the 22nd mr. graham thank you so much, god bless you and merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. god bless you. thank you. ainsley: thank you. we have more fox & friends just moments away. - i didn't know why my body was moving on its own.
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>> give yourself an early christmas present. download the fox news app so you never miss a big story. >> run to the radio. have a good day. >> sandra: this is a fox news alert. more than a dozen republicans sending a letter to nancy pelosi urging the house speaker to immediately remove congressman eric swalwell from the house intelligence committee. calling his past ties to a suspected chinese spy an unacceptable national security risk. good morning everyone. i'm sandra smith. hi, trace. >> trace: good morning, i'm trace gallagher. lawmakers pointing out back in 2017 pelosi called for the resignation of former attorney general jeff sessions over his meetings with the russian ambassador. they call swalwell's situation more dangerous and unusual. our own sean hannity had this to say. >> one thing is clear,


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