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tv   Outnumbered Overtime With Harris Faulkner  FOX News  November 30, 2020 10:00am-11:00am PST

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live past 75. ezekiel emanuel hates old people i love them. i want the president-elect to heal but i do think this is the beginning of much to come. thanks everyone on the couch. what a great show. happy monday to all and now here's harris. ♪ >> harris: president trump is not backing down over his fight over the election results. you are watching outnumbered overtime now i'm harris faulkner. the president is speaking out on his first interview since the election after weeks of legal challenges claiming voter fraud in battle ground states like pennsylvania and georgia. the president told our own maria bartiromo there are huron dreads of affidavits backing up those fraud claims but that many judges are refusing to even look at them signaling he may take the fight to the highest court in the land. >> i'm going to use 125% of my
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energy to do it. you need a judge that's willing to hear a case. you need a supreme court that's willing to make a real big decision based on everything that -- it's not like you are going to change my mind. in other words, my mind will not change in six months there was tremendous cheating here. >> harris: john roberts is live for us. >> john: harris, good afternoon to you. a number of fronts challenging the current vote count across the country. in arizona, that's where the president's attorney rudy giuliani is heading up a hearing which is going to examine evidence of voting irregularities in that state. you will recall there was a similar hearing with pennsylvania state lawmakers in gettysburg last wednesday. this one, of course, involves republican lawmakers in arizona. meantime, giuliani is claiming
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that at the arizona hearing democrats used mail-in ballots as a backup in order to erase a big trump lead. the president's legal team plans on taking its case in supreme court tcase inpennsylvania to te court. don't know the timing of that but told it will happen soon. in georgia some movement there after a federal judge ordered dominion voting machines be impounded and not reset in three counties, cobb, gwinnett and cherokee counties. and the president adding yet another name to his political hit list if you will this time it is the name of georgia governor brian kemp. the president tweeted about kemp, quote: why won't governor brian kemp of georgia the hapless governor of georgia use his emergency powers which can be easily done to overrule his on citizen that the secretary of state and do a match of signatures on envelopes it. will be a gold mine of fraud and we will easily win this state. the president lashing out on kemp yesterday on sunday futures
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with maria bartiromo. he said he is ashamed for endorsing kemp in his election. today's georgia's republican satisfies brad raffensperger firing back the criticism over the vote count massive amounts of disinformation are being spread by what he called dishonest actors. listen here to wraps berger. >> there are those who are exploiting the emotions of many frump supporters with fantastic claims half troops and apparently misloading the president as well. >> john: the president claiming the fbi and doj is missing in action when it comes to voting irregularities. here is what he said yesterday i asked are they looking at it everyone says yes they are looking at it. you would think if you are in the fbi or department of justice this is the biggest thing you could be looking at. where are they? i have not seen anything. they keep just moving along and
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go onto the next president. >> john: 79% of the president's supporters believe the election was taken away from him. so among that group of people, at least, the president seems to be successful in making the case that he would have won had it not been for what he calls massive voting irregularity. the president tweeting about that this morning saying, quote i'm not fighting for me. i'm fighting for the 74 million people not including the many trump ballots that were tossed. a record for a sitting president who voted for me. you know, you could make an argument whether or not, harris, there were enough voting irregularities to turn over the elections. certainly we have seen some voting irregularities, particularly georgia where several thousand votes were counted that wasn't enough to turn over georgia but the president's most ardent supporters believe he would have won had it not been taken from him. >> harris: well, and as i pointed out last hour, john on
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outnumbered love having you join us there on occasion, there are still all of those people who still believe this and with all their hearts they want to make sure that their votes were counted. everybody's were counted. not something to ignore. we will go forth. good to see you. you mentioned arizona. i have got to find out what's going on there right now. president trump is accusing the justice department of being missing in action as steps up claims of elections fraud. watch this. >> this is total fraud. and how the fbi and department of justice, i don't know, maybe they are involved how people are allowed to get away from this stuff-boy this stuff is unbelievable. >> harris: i want to bring in tom dupree former assistant attorney general. i will hit you with the duong first and then talk about you about what is happening in arizona. first of all, the doj, do you anticipate a larger look at voter fraud from the department of justice and how will we know what kind of the tipping point is to get them involved? >> right, i think the tipping
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point, harris is the standard the attorney general set forth a few days after the election when he authorized all federal prosecutors. incredible instances of voter fraud that would be sufficient to change the outcome in the state. the president is right that after the attorney general made that announcement. we haven't really heard a lot from the justice department. but it seems to me one conclusion you could draw is that the justice department investigators are looking for this evidence but they just have yet to find it. >> harris: when the president expresses his frustration. and i don't know what normally things would look like in terms of the president having anticipation or an expectation of the doj doing something. but you just heard john roberts this morning. we have been reporting it. it may not be enough to overturn an election. at this point there are instances that would, i would imagine, have some legal standing for somebody to look
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at. what makes it so that a judge says yes, i'm going to look at that case? >> right. well, a few mention here, harris. i guess one thing is if the numbers aren't sufficient to change the outcome of the election. then they are not going to put it on a fast track. if you are in a universe where there could be 20 or 30,000 fraudulent vote casts enough to tip the outcome of the election. at that point a judge might actually think about stopping the certification process, holding up, finalizing the count until you can be sure that those votes were validly cast. if, on the other hand, you are in a situation where the number of votes is so small that it wouldn't make a difference one way or the other, my sense is that judges probably would say look, we have to investigate this. we have to get to the bottom of it i'm thought going to put a certification process on hold if we are talking about a relatively number of small votes. >> harris: federal judge issued an order to wipe or reset
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dominion voting machines in three georgia counties. that move in response to a republican led lawsuit challenging the results there. meanwhile, a top georgia election official just today fired back at claims of election fraud. >> anything with a computer has vulnerabilities. acid the other day it's like playing a game of back a mole every time we knock down one there is a new crazier one. we are doing our best to be transparent and answer all these charges because there are people out there who people respect and believing some of these things. >> harris: first a reaction to that. >> yeah, my reaction here, harris, is that the judge is doing what judges often do in a case like this. you have plaintiffs who are saying there was something fungi going on with the machines. have you got the owner of the machines, the defendants saying there is nothing wrong here. what the judge is saying look, let's just preserve everything. let's preserve the statute quo.
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so the fullness of time when everything doubles down we can actually look at the machines and confirm that there was nothing going on here. it seems true that even if you are not a supporter of the president, the fact that being observed is a good thing. it will elate any suggestion that there was fraud or tampering if in fact that's the case once they can examine the machines and get to the bottom of it. >> harris: all right. good to see you. always. tom dupree, thank you very much. you know i had just mentioned arizona. we are going to get a report later in the hour so we can check in on the arizona house and senate hearing that's going on with the trump legal team and giuliani and ellis want to know what's happening there. joe biden's pick for white house budget director is drawing fire from republicans. but she is also tangled with progressive democrats in the past. plus, georgia showdown and it's all over control of the u.s.
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♪ >> we know what the stakes are we know that if chuck schumer gets his way and says now we take georgia, then we change america, they would fundamentally and radically change america for the worst. we are not going to let that happen. we are the firewall to socialism, to stopping socialism in america right here in georgia. and we are going to do that. >> harris: we are the firewall to socialism.
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strong words, rally cry from georgia senator kelly loeffler as president trump is set to campaign for her and fellow republican david perdue this saturday. they both face run off races which will determine which political party controls the u.s. senate. purdue's democratic challenger jon ossoff on what he thinks is at stake. >> we all know what's going to happen if mcconnell holds the senate he will try to do and biden and harris just like he tried to do to president obama. it will be prals, partisan trench warfare, obstructionism as far as the eye can see a moment of crisis when we need strong action. >> harris: power panel now former utah congressman jason chaffetz radio talk show host leslie marshall both fox news contributors. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> good to be with you. >> harris: this comes down to who have the better argument georgia voters. less about georgia and more about the u.s. senate.
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have you got to be able to sell that. >> yeah, i think chuck schumer stepped in it right away when he went out and boldly said first we take georgia and then we take the country. they fundamentally want to change the way we do things in this country. they have already talked about changing the supreme court from how we operated for more than 100 years. they want to add washington, d.c. and puerto rico as states. this is a radical far left socialist type of agenda that chuck schumer has advocated. kelly loeffler and senator purdue have exactly right. republicans have 50 seats right now. get one or two best of those then have you balance in this government and i think that's what georgians want. >> harris: leslie? >> well, the socialism line is working definitely for republicans. that's completely contrary to what joe biden has done and is being attacked for not doing by the progressive faction of my
10:17 am
democratic party. look, joe biden has been clear. he doesn't want medicare for all. joe biden has been clear he doesn't want other socialist programs that we are hearing out of georgia. the country has become one big socialist communist if you you will nation. that's just not the case. i think what georgians have to look at is do they want to get something done? because with over 400 pieces of legislation that were passed in the house and sat on mitch mcconnell's desk and nothing happened to that do we want four more years going forward of the same thing we just experienced for the last four? >> harris: don't people like divided government that way it doesn't tilt over like a broken legged chair in one direction? i mean, i don't know. >> harris, harris hairs go ahead. >> can i add something, harris? joe biden said he wasn't going to tell us what he was going to do on packing the supreme court. he said he would have to figure that out later. doesn't he owe us an answer before the senate race? shouldn't joe biden have to come clean and say does he or does he
10:18 am
not support packing and changing the supreme court? why can't he answer that right now? >> harris: well, it would take a reporter asking him. my hand is in the air. i don't know. anyway, president-elect joe biden rounds out his economic and communication teams in this way. some of his picks are now facing immediate criticism. republican senator tom cotton of arkansas tweeted. this. biden said he wanted to unify the country, but he has picked a national security team that is weak on china, a dhs nominee who sold visas for powerful political friends, and a partisan hack who called susan collins the worst for omb. the worst. that last reference is to budget director pick tanden. leslie please go first. >> my mother always told me don't write anything down you don't want the rest of the world to read. this is the problem we have with
10:19 am
social media, if you requesting to attack that that's right sadly in the world we live in tit-for-tat or revenge that person is not going to give you the vote. i'm also enough refuse when they had a right to pick their cabinet. we are in a different dime. it will be hard for joe biden to pleets everyone frozen progressive and not glad centristst there aring some going to have be a difficult time like meira being confirmed. >> harris: republicans vowing to fight. >> yeah. absolutely. look, advice and consent of the united states senate when the senate is balanced 50/50. if it joe biden is he going to have trouble on both sides. he can't afford to lose a single senator on his side. that gives deal-making ability on the republican side. that's why georgia is so pivotal. there needs to be a better
10:20 am
balance in this government because nancy pelosi is running the house and potentially joe biden is going to be running the white house. i think america wants a balance and i think georgia will provide it. >> harris: here's what i wanted to get to, a spokesperson for republican senator john cornyn tweeted this tanden who has a stream of comments about the republican senators whose votes she'll need stands advisory chance of being confirmed. just a little evidence on all of this. leslie, you talked about receipts can come back to haunt you? >> absolutely. i think it's sad quite frankly where it a democratic or muck senator already made up their mind rather than sitting that individual. they have already chaired their hands for the american people. i think that's sad for the american people. quite frankly we shouldn't and sadly we do we shouldn't be judging individuals based on their tweets and maybe that's
10:21 am
how come donald trump is not going to be president again. >> harris: interesting. jason, real quickly. don't judge anybody on their tweets. that seems a little ironic. >> yeah. boy, if the senators on the democratic side of the aisle would have ever done that maybe they -- the supreme court nominees would have had a different experience. the problem is republican senators have had a person experience with this important and it hasn't been good. >> harris: protestings in the streets of los angeles imposing new surges. another drug maker says it is requesting emergency approval of a vaccine. we are moving forward flexion. the latest on the timeline. >> thanks to what president trump has done here, we believe we are going to have people getting vaccinate you had, presidency of people before christmas. flings now so their laundry
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>> harris: ahead of the breaking news we are monitoring via reporter in arizona. i wanted to bring you notes coming out of that hearing. trump legal team is alleging voter fraud at a hearing in arizona. the arizona state legislature is holding a hearing on election integrity right now. earlier rudy giuliani, attorney for the president, arizona state legislature to hold this hearing on election integrity and that he is -- i will present on behalf of president trump. and so he talked about that. now this is happening simultaneously we have a reporter on that. we will bring you the details from that. going on at the same time, the canvassing board is meeting right now. the head of elections in the state of arizona, katie hobbs and the governor doug ducey are seated at the table side by side 6 feet apart. they are in front of the canvassing board in the process
10:27 am
of certification in the state of arizona. so as they certify the votes and that will show as we know unless something happens in the next few minutes that we don't know about president-elect joe biden has won that state. that stinks is going on right now adjacent to the fight that's happening, the legal fight arizona house and senate now in a hearing with the legal team from the trump campaign rudy giuliani, jenna ellis via virtual. wow, it is all happening this hour. we will bring it to you in a live report coming up with our matt finn. keep watching. another major development in the fight against covid-19 now. moderna says it is asking the fda today for emergency approval of its vaccine candidate. the company's cio gave credit to scientists and to the president operation warp speed. watch. >> will warp speed at the end has been helpful to us to across
10:28 am
all government agencies and so for shipping, delivery because it's one thing to get a great vaccine which we know today we have and another thing to get the approval of the fda which i hope will be in the next few weeks. we need to make sure it's distributed in the u.s. >> harris: meanwhile, united airlines has reportedly already chartering flights to covid-19 vaccination for descrikdz if the fda approves it next week. blake burman is live for us at the white house. so, blake, we are again watching two lanes operating in parallel getting the vaccine approval and diveg the vaccine out. they are not wasting any steps. >> they are not. things are certainly moving harris in the right direction. the focus has been on moderna as there was a double dose of great news coming out of that company. first off moderna saying it's covid-19 vaccine candidate is 94% effective. they also say in their trials that continues to show that it is safe. secondly though, the company's
10:29 am
ceo stephon how just heard from there also saying the severe cases in the trial were seen in those who ended up receiving the placebo. it is part of the reason why they're now applying to the fda for their eua that is the emergency use authorization. here's the potential schedule going forward the fda set to take up firestone's candidate on december 10th. and suggested moderna could be one week after that. >> the fda has indicated to us that likely the advisory committee should happen on december 17 and hopefully everything goes well in the next couple weeks, you could expect between i would say a day or two meaning we are able to ship the product. >> now, when the fda eventually approves a vaccine whatever it might be pfizer, mow concernna, something else down the line, operation warp speed the secretary over at health and
10:30 am
human services alex azar says distribution will then begin immediately. >> well, as you said it will ship within 24 hours after fda approval and up to nursing homes, hospitals and pharmacies to get that dispensed it. really could be within days of fda approval we will start seeing vaccines in people's arms incredible 10 months into this pandemic hitting our shores thanks to what president trump has done here. we believe we will have millions of people vaccinated before christmas this year. it's just unheard of in the history of public health. >> when the moderna news came out this morning this was the reaction of president trump. he tweeted quote moderna now applying for emergency vaccine approval. fda must act quickly. however, harris, the fda has been pretty clear on this. they say when there is an eua brought before them they will take weeks to go over the information and the data. they say they want this to be vetted and thorough. they left of center said,
10:31 am
harris. they believe the process should be transparent. back to you. >> harris: just from my own digging as a reporter has to do with the timeline. 14 day trial. they want to look at what happens in the body 28 days longer. do you need that second shot, if you get it how much immunity do you have. >> a slightly different timeline than we would all love to have which is now. blake, thank you very much. a member of president-elect biden's covid-19 advisory board has made a rather grim prediction. >> we fully expect in a week or two ar thanksgiving we will see a indecember and propositions and another week or two after that dh t. ism youly that means whoever celebrated with you family, with friends over thanksgiving will find themselves nut hospital in
10:32 am
icu over christmas and new years. >> harris: i have got to tell you it's so hard to listen to that following all of the good news that we have previously heard. dr. janette nesheiwat is a fox news contributor. doctor, but that is our reality right now. because the vaccine doesn't cure covid-19 in the current stream that we had people are still getting it? >> that's absolutely correct. it's unfortunate there is a two to three lag. we will see a surge in the cases in the next two to three weeks and surge in hospitalizations. you are absolutely right. blooft vaccine will do is prevent from you encountering covid. your risk you have severe illness is smother. the markable data that just came out over the weekend with moderna proves that 100 percent of people that get that vaccine will have zero effect and will not be -- will not have any severe complications. so that's really, really significant data. what that ultimately means is
10:33 am
it's going to save lives. we have over 2'6" 0,000 deaths right now. hospitals are reaching capacity. icus full by the end of this week in temperature parts of the country dry. near live 2,000 deaths a way. reassures information vaccine is coming out n plts of does. take time to distribute it throughout the country. until then it's critical that we jad by to wear four music and shormd arend avoiding large crowd until then. >> harris: my dad is you senior plex 83 years old he teltsdz me daily everyone needs to lang on longer. give yourself time for that vaccine to do it trick. >> that's right. >> harris: some californians are taking to the streets in outrage over newly imposed restrictions in l.a. county limiting gatherings of people in the same household with a few exceptions. meanwhile, new jersey governor phil murphy announced just last
10:34 am
hour indoor high school youth and adult recreation sports are banned. at least until january. he also announced a reduced limit on outdoor gatherings so 25 people. just before this last wave of restrictions world health organization envoy dr. david nabaro warned city and state leaders too much on lockdowns watch. this the only time we believe a lockdown is justified is buy you dime to reorganize. we group. protect your by and large we would rather north do it. lock johns have one konst sequence you must never ever do it. making poor people poorer. >> >> harris: talk to me dr. measure was about lock jowngs. >> we like to use proven.
10:35 am
lock downs have more detrimental impact on the community and americans than the virus itself. it's important that we take personal responsibility and take the basic steps and measures of protecting our selves and our loved ones by wearing your mask, avoiding parties and gatherings and travel that's unnecessary until wee get this vatican seen on the market which is just really truly weeks away. so we really need to do the best we can until this vaccine is available. buff we have to actually look at the data. dample forearm, degreesing schools in new york city when there is a 3% poverty rate shut down outdoor dings for example in los angeles when the risk of transforeign relation being out doors is extremely low when you are outcoarse bowers have you that air and ventilation. follow the science and do the pest we can because lock downs can have mental emotional implications. it causes anxiety.
10:36 am
depression, increase in drug use, alcohol use, substance abuse. domestic violence. and that is the problem. but i understand we have to take precautions. you know, they said that the lockdowns are last resort and the concern is reaching hospital capacity. not having enough beds and also not having the staff, harris. if you don't have doctors and nurses and exray techs to respiratory techs to manage ventilators we will be if there trouble. we need beds for those who get in car accident or who have a stroke or heart attack. covid is not the only disguise that we are managing at this time. we have a multitude of other diseases and we have to make sure that we have enough staff beds and pppe for. >> harris: i know it's not everything the arbitrary and rolling shutdowns as you say last resort we may have reached that point in some places also
10:37 am
critically hurts families too small businesses that higher 66% or more of the american working force out there. if they can't come back it makes it very difficult on everybody dr. nesheiwat, thank you so very much. >> than thank you, harris. >> harris: i promise more news. arizona has now setter fifd its election just moments ago at the state local and federal levels. joe biden the winner at the top of the ticket there. as president trump sign mull takennously this is happening right now. president trump's legal team is in that state virtually not giving up there is a hearing with state senate. that looking a integrity. certify in one area and fight goes on in another. a live report on what's happening at that hearing. stay close.
10:38 am
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>> harris: a fox news alert now. president trump's legal team is holding a public hearing in phoenix, arizona today they are joining via virtual have d.c. with members of the arizona state house and senate. this as the secretary of state has certified the election results that have joe biden winning. that happened just seconds ago. we told you that on breaking news as we were going to the commercial break. our matt finn is live in phoenix with the latest. so, matt, simultaneously they are fighting a battle in arizona. talk to us about this hearing and looking at the integrity of the election. >> harris, that hearing is happening right now in this downtown phoenix hotel and for the past couple hours there have been lots of president trump's supporters here at the stop the steal rally that's taking place outside of the hotel. and today's hearing is host you had by several arizona state
10:43 am
senators and representatives and president trump's attorneys rudy giuliani and jenna ellis are physically present here in phoenix. this is not an official bipartisan hearing at arizona state capitol. witnesses were not sworn in today. instead, this is described as a fact-finding hearing. so far giuliani has done a lot of the questioning with one witness talking in length about dominion voting. today's hearing is happening as the state of arizona certified its vote with president-elect biden has the winner. the president's attorneys and republican lawmakers at today's hearing are try position collect any evidence that would just entire legislature to hold a special session with the trump team insaying they could change how electors could vote in the electoral college on december 14u9. >> it's your constitutional power solely. we don't share it with anybody. that doesn't say congress. it doesn't say governor it. doesn't say newspapers. it says the state legislature. the supreme court has said you can change that and take that
10:44 am
power back any time you want to. because it's your power, not not theirs. whatever the governor secretary of state theirs legislature. we're not guided by the governor. we're not guided by the secretary of state. we are not guided by joe biden. we are not guided by the "new york times." and we're not guided by all those stations that call the election. do you know what we're guided by? the constitution of the united states. the vote [inaudible] false. it's fraudulent. if they certify it, they're certifying the false statement to the united states of america. >> we are askin we are not askiu to overturn an election. we are asking you to make sure thought corruption that occurred here does not stand. >> arizona's republican governor doug ducey has acknowledged that
10:45 am
president-elect biden has won this state's 11 electoral votes. harris? >> it was great to get a dip in you could clearly hear the back and forth rudy giuliani and some of the state lawmakers in arizona as breaking news is happening. matt finn thank you very much. we will check back as the news warrants there. as joe biden's coverage gone to the dogs? why some critics are already saying that the media is treating the president-elect very differently. from president trump. ♪ good morning, blair. [ chuckles ] whoo. i'm gonna grow big and strong. yes, you are. i'm gonna get this place all clean. i'll give you a hand. and i'm gonna put lisa on crutches! wait, what? said she's gonna need crutches. she fell pretty hard. you might want to clean that up, girl. excuse us.
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10:50 am
reporters who howelle howled aty tweet with howling about president trump this is a push by the left wing news media to humanize biden and make him seem like the anti-trump that's been their theme as they his campaign for him. joe concha. fox news contributor. >> harris: this is one of those where i put it on your plate and see your reaction. >> a lot of scooby snacks here. ruh-ru the night and day coverage that we're see betweening a president-elect trump and president-elect biden. it's like back to the future. if you love 2008 and president-elect obama's coverage. well, this is the sequel for you. well, look, and i will give you one microcosm in the way these two men were covered after
10:51 am
speaking on behalf of an administration and shaping its message will be female. so now we are acting like we haven't seen a female driven communications team in the white house before except at last check the current white house press secretary is female. the current white house communications director is female. the current vice presidential communications director is female. the first lady's spokesperson is female. the second lady spokes fern is female. i am pretty sure female driven. you didn't see any of that coverage even noted in the current coverage of president trump. that's a microcosm and preview of things to come for biden being given the praise for the same thing entrepreneurship did. >> harris: is it only about women or the women that seem to agree with one another? and with that we are out of time. >> on monday and leave it there. >> harris: yes. well the president-elect has hurt himself. it happened at home over the
10:52 am
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10:57 am
i have had people in my household wear them. i have some of them in the closet right over there from my husband's patients. and for friends and family that sometimes are uncomfortable going into the office. no, this isn't a problem. when you are older, your bones are more brittle. they are more fragile and they might take longer to heal, no there isn't a problem at all. if you have ever worn one of those and i have. they may not be comfortable but you can work just fine and can you walk just fine with them. >> harris: that's leslie's fancy way of saying these boots were made for walking. >> ha ha. >> harris: i look at what president trump came down on a wet surface in some shoes that were made for working and that was kind of harsh to do and difficult and he was kind of hanging on and this is a situation where people may look and say no, this is worse, this guy fell, are they worried? how do you see it?
10:58 am
>> well, i hope he is okay. nobody wants to see anybody do that and have that sort of trouble. i saw lawrence jones, i saw lawrence jones on outnumbered earlier when he said old things break. and it may be just. >> harris: did he say that. >> it may be just as simple as that everything a president does it goes under scrutiny. everything. but you are going to see this daily drum beat of you who different they cover joe biden than they did donald trump. they came up with the wildest stories about donald trump. he was open you could see it on camera what happened. but then, you know, they have this, you know, hey, i was playing with my dog and all you are going to hear are fawning stories about joe biden. it's just a duplicity that's getting tiresome already. it really does bother me how differently they treat donald trump from the rest of the political world when they seem to agree with somebody.
10:59 am
>> harris: lest i, i want to get your reaction. i haven't heard from anybody on your side of the aisle yet on the soft glove softball treatment. will whenever they are injured or whatever the situation is health wise. this is a bigger issue in terms of the coverage and access that these candidates and now president-elect give. certainly compared to president trump where it's been the unfettered access for four years. >> look, there is a couple of things. i said to you before, harris. you know, a true journalist like yourself reports the facts and then there are people like jason and i who opine about the facts there are presented. look, you know, everything the president does whether they're democrat or republican is going to be covered. but, how it's covered there is a responsibility to be impartial for the journalists throughout by the free press.
11:00 am
something said that the president currently donald trump attacking the free press has hurt himself with the free press by making those attacks. >> harris: he is still talking to the free press. we will see what happens next with president-elect joe biden. good to see you both. thank you, tailly briefing now. ♪ >> president trump says the fbi and justice department are, quote: missing in action if response to accusations of voter fraud. hello, i'm dana perino and this is "the daily briefing." ♪ ♪ president trump again saying the election was rigged and stolen during his first interview since the election. and right now in arizona, the president's legal team is holding a hearing on the election. that's after the state certified its results for joe biden just moments ago. so we have team fox coverage. matt finn is live there in phoenix. let's begin with chief white house correspondent john roberts on the north lawn. happy monday


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