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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 28, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PST

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that is terrifying. but as divided as we are and as much as we bicker, at least we are not throwing pig guts at have a great weekend, everyone. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome to washington. i am mike emanuel in for bret baier. president trump loses another big challenges in pennsylvania but it could end up in the supreme court even as his options to salvage his own job >> good evening. donald trump loses another big challenge to election results in pennsylvania but this one could end up in the supreme court even as his options for salvaging his own job continue to dwindle the president is presented and involvement in the georgia senate runoff that will determine the balance of power in the chamber for the next two years. kristin fisher starts us off tonight from the white house. >> reporter: donald trump will
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involve as the campaign tries to exculpate its fighters up in court after receiving another setback in a pennsylvania court room this afternoon. a federal appeals court has rejected the trump campaign at latest effort to stop the state from certifying the election for president-elect joe biden. the case was argued last week in a lower court that the president's attorney rudy giuliani claims widespread voter fraud in pennsylvania but the third circuit court of appeals ruled today, quote, the campaign's claims have no merit. the number of ballots it challenges is far smile smaller than the 81,000 the margin of victory and never claims fraud or that any votes were cast by illegal voters. in response another member of the president's legal team tweeted the activist judicial machinery in pennsylvania continues to cover up the allegations of massive fraud. on to the supreme court but the three judges on the panel were all appointed by republican
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presidents and then georgetown university law professor jonathan turley noted the judge who wrote the opinion is a trump appointee. the district judge is republican federalist society member. this type of language is reckless and wrong. >> is going to be a hard thing to concede because we know there was massive fraud. >> reporter: during his first year and a with reporters and selection donald trump says he thinks the electoral college would be making a mistake in voting for joe biden but if they do the president says he will leave the white house on january 20th. >> certainly well and you know that. >> the man donald trump 5% with 2020 election was the most secure in american history is speaking out. >> i stand by that. >> reporter: he talked to 60 minutes about what he regrets the most. >> it is not how i wanted to go out. i think the thing that upsets me most about that is i didn't get a chance to say goodbye to my team and i worked with them for 3 and a half years in the
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trenches. >> reporter: next saturday donald trump is heading back out on the campaign trail but not for himself. he's heading to georgia to campaign for those two republican candidates in those cortical runoff races that will determine control of the u.s. senate. mike: many thanks was the top republican in the senate urging his colleagues to help ensure georgia's two gop members are reelected in the crucial runoffs, donald trump's announcement that he will go to georgia the campaign in person is celebrated as a thanksgiving miracle by the candidates. steve harrigan has tonight at story from atlanta. >> donald trump will be here december 5th campaign in an election that could determine control of the senate. >> we will have tens of thousands of people show up but i think it is important. >> getting voters out has been a challenge in the past in georgia
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but this time there have been 700,000 requests for mail in ballots, 3 times the number requested in 2018, the president's visit comes after trips by a string of republican senators intent on building a firewall in georgia and maintain republican control of the senate a key part of both republican candidates campaigns. >> georgia by the number of 52.5-47 rejected the democratic offer not only my opponent but this liberal radical -- >> this is america. >> the amount spent by cbs has approached $300 million. the attack for personal. >> we made clear to the people of georgia that david produce a quick abuses office to enrich himself. >> one challenge to the republicans getting out the vote in the voting system which is
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itself under attack. what is not clear is how much the president will be focused on the two candidates or his own election battle. the president continues to claim there are widespread irregularities in georgia vote. a lawsuit filed wednesday by some of the president's supporters names georgia's republican governor and secretary of state, alleges, quote, massive election fraud and seeks to have the results of the presidential and congressional races set aside. >> we were robbed. i won by hundreds of thousands of votes which everybody knows it. >> the georgia presidential that is being counted for the third time. the recount is expected to end by december 2nd, the first two count for joe biden and by more than 12,000 votes. election officials don't expect any changes from discount. >> the iranian side is considerably iran's suspended nuclear program is in tonight, iran is foreign minister suggesting israel is behind the assassination.
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benjamin always details from london. >> a daring and sophisticated attack striking at the very heart of iran, and ambush the left the so-called father of the iranian bomb dead. he was killed in wealthy suburb outside to run when at least 5 attackers opened fire on his car for blowing up a nearby truck, killing him and the number of bodyguards. he was long wanted by decided sanctioned by the un. benjamin netanyahu called them out directly last year after disclosing so many iranian nuclear documents. the iranian foreign minister is already blaming israel tweeting in part this cowardice with serious indications of an israeli ross is desperate warmongering by the perpetrators. advisor to the supremely different revenge saying iran would, quote, defend like lightning on the killers of the suppressed murder. this is just the latest in a series of attacks on iran's nuclear program amid first
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concern on the amount of enriched uranium iran is producing, 12 times the amount a lot of the 2015 field, last week in the us and b-52 bombers as a deterrent and senior israeli officials predictably sensitive. go in the coming weeks. >> iran's overall goal is to wait out the trump administration and this action could make it more costly for iran if iran wants to respond immediately. >> just under a year ago the us assassinated general soleimani. back responded by attacking us bases in iraq and at the time the two countries stood on the brink of war. whether iran retaliates now for the state remains to be seen. if iran did retaliate it would make it harder for a biden administration to rejoin the jcp away which iran badly wants and beads, sanction relief. and something us allies in the region are firmly against.
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>> thanks stocks were up during an abbreviated friday trading session, the dow gained 38, the s&p finished had mine for a new record close. nasdaq jumped 111 to a new record close. for the holiday shortened trading week the dow rose to and one fifth percentage points, the s&p was up to a quarter, nasdaq gained almost 3. wall street welcoming joe biden, janet yellen as his treasury secretary. meanwhile biden continues to get pressure from progressives to bring more of them into the fold. kevin cork is with the biden team and rehobeth beach, delaware. >> would you like to be more closely involved as treasury secretary for the new administration. >> i don't have anything for you on that.
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>> reporter: the them your when asked publicly but janet yellen is widely expected to name treasury secretary and the incoming biden administration. of confirmed by the senate she would be the first woman to hold the position in us history. the 74-year-old economist has been credited with helping steer the us economy after the 2007 financial crisis. experience that could prove useful after this year's covid-19 induced slowdown. >> it comes to this position with a lot of experience and qualifications but she will confront the fiscal challenges we come out of this pandemic. how do we pay back the debt we incurred in fighting covid-19 and get the economy growing again? >> reporter: wall street seems to like the pics, yellen's apparent selection is being viewed skeptically by the progressive left many of whom hope for elizabeth warren, a fierce critic of the banking, insurance and pharmaceutical industries. warren herself has tweeted support for yellen calling her an outstanding choice for treasury secretary adding that she is smart, tough and
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principled. another area progressives are expressing concern with the biden team is its position on defunding the police. >> i never ever supported the funding police. we should get more funding for the police for different reasons. >> mister biden made conflicting statements about police funding but settled on a proposed $300 million in additional police funding largely for training. black lives matter organizers say now is the time to settle the debt for their support during the election. we want something for our vote. we want to be heard and our agenda prioritize. we are not going away. the former vice president is expected to continue to fill his cabinet with a number of announcements expected next week. >> thanks a lot. one of the big questions for the incoming administration is who will be the justice department. here is a look at the possible contenders for attorney general. good evening.
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>> reporter: president-elect joe biden is yet to name the top law enforcement officer but he wants to run his department of justice, the complete opposite of the current one. >> i will not do what this president doesn't use the justice department as my vehicle to insist that something happen. >> reporter: to make those changes fox news has learned president-elect biden as a long list and is considering names from california attorney general xavier becerra to sally yates to former supreme court nominee merrick garland who fox news has learned some of the names gaining most attention are former homeland security adviser lisa monaco and yates, yates who served as attorney general for the first ten days of the trump administration was fired for
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refusing to enforce the president's travel ban on muslim majority countries, and may face opposition from republicans for signing the 2016 f isaf to surveilled trump campaign aide carter page. >> the department of justice submitted with the fbi fisa applications. >> reporter: 8 is no fan of the current doj. william barr's move to drop the case against michael flynn was, quote, highly irregular. >> to her credit she was very miffed at just comey for doing the end around her and going straight to michael flynn. >> when is now a free man after the president pardoned him this week. attorney general william barr advocated to drop the flynn case prompting outrage. earlier this year yates will, quote, the justice department is not a tool of any president to be used for retribution or camouflage. and all of government the justice department weekly functions and interested bond with americans to dispense justice without fear or favor. when asked if his department of justice with go after former
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president trump in the future biden said this. >> there are a number of investigations i have read about that are at a state level. there is nothing at all i can or cannot do about that. >> reporter: biden is referring to the financial investigation into donald trump's taxes by manhattan district attorney cyrus vance junior and john durham investigation looking into the origins of the russia probe. it's possible that could wrap up after joe biden has already taken the oath of office. mike: republicans picked a 11 feet in the house and third in california. the former congressman defeated tj cox. that was the balance of power, 225 democrats, 225 republicans eight seats uncalled. the vatican prepared to issue a first history with a prominent
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american archbishop, that is next.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> mike: president trump says coronavirus vaccines will be delivered next week or the week after. he made the is currently respecting will be delivered next week or the week
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after during the conference with military personnel thursday. the fda will review pfizer application for emergency use of its vaccine december 10th. the president says first responders and the most vulnerable will be the top priorities, johns hopkins is the us past the 13 million mark for infections with 265,000 deaths. the tsa reported screen 560,000 people at airports nationwide yesterday, for your last year was almost 1 million hire, black friday activities curtailed by the coronavirus, government leaders have urged people including shoppers to stay home. we will talk about with the ceo of online retailer overstock next was the pandemic is putting a strain on the nation's food banks as they tried to fill in the gaps for people who are struggling during covid-19. >> reporter: bridges filled with leftovers after holiday season but more americans struggle getting enough food on the table
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sending them to food pantries instead. newcomers who never needed help getting in line for the first time. >> very hard and we need to be concerned with what we have and be grateful for what we have. >> reporter: according to the us census bureau one in 8 americans did not have enough food this past week, lines at food bank stretching for miles with people waiting for hours. >> people who lost their job and never expected to be unemployed. folks who are very sick with the virus and unable to work again. >> reporter: americans look to make it through the holidays, there could be relief around the corner with the likelihood of the vaccine, many agreed to thousand 20 has been a year of much. >> people are isolated and in need of care. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people applied for
12:20 am
unemployment, 80% of food banks served more people this year, what they needed more help and funding. charities feeling the strain around the holidays. feeding america 660% of food banks are short of staff and despite the demand for more volunteers charities are sending their workers home to better social distance during the pandemic. many volunteers are usually older which puts them at higher risk of contracting covid-19 but without help and funding some of these organizations might have to close for good. mike: thanks a lot. in tonight's focus on faith pope francis making history by naming the first african-american to the college of cardinals, chief religion correspondent lauren green as details. >> reporter: pope francis elevates 13 new members to the college of cardinals, the highest-ranking clergy in the roman catholic church. included for the first time in
12:21 am
history and african-american, wilton gregory, the archbishop of washington dc. >> i was the one that was chosen but obviously there have been wonderful, there are wonderful under african-american bishops. >> the 72-year-old gregory was born in illinois, he rose through the ranks of the church shepherding american bishops due to multiple times was the first wave of the clergy abuse scandal. than in 2004 pope john paul ii named him archbishop of atlanta, georgia. last year in the wake of another abuse scandal involving disgraced ex-carla x priest theodore mc character pope francis appointed him as archbishop of washington dc, the seat of american politics. many are asking why it took so long for america to have a black man receive a red hat of the prince of the church. the author of the next pope says the wounds of slavery and racism
12:22 am
corrupted catholicism. >> in the wake of the civil war the church did a very bad job reaching out to newly emancipated slaves. that is the beginning of the story. >> reporter: gregory will become a cardinal at a time when america needs healing from political and racial divisiveness. >> good leadership involves not only what the individual does, but what the individual inspires others to do. >> reporter: this is the most diverse yet, and to reflect the people that served. >> long green, thanks very much. media reports a three people have been arrested after a war memorial in portland was vandalized. authorities say the statue was toppled. the memorial was erected in 1903, honoring soldiers of several american wars, ten and
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>> ♪ >> mike: today's black friday shopping event is supposed to be
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different than in the past because of the coronavirus. in chicago shoppers do you think going black friday shopping event is supposed to be different than in the past because of the coronavirus. you're looking live in chicago where shoppers are out and about was there and lines outside of stores in chicago and across the country in spite of warnings from health experts and government leaders. missing this year the sometimes near riots at big name stores. many companies have moved their blockbuster deals online. let's talk about all that with overstock ceo jonathan johnson. welcome. >> thanks for having me on. >> how is this black friday different and is there potential good news for consumers looking for deals? >> black friday is different like most of the year has been different for retailers moving in greater instant online. and i think consumers can find great deals online and the sooner they do their shopping better the bottleneck where online purchases shipping will be the issue.
12:28 am
>> reporter: the executive of the gap said people are not spending money on things like travel or sporting events or concert so with more disposable income available heading into the holidays research suggests people will be more likely to buy products across our brand so you can't really go anywhere are we likely to spoil our loved ones with gifts? >> i think so. we will be standing on our loved ones and we see people spending on their homes, buying the room furniture, patio furniture, trying to extend their living space to be outdoors, heat lamps and heating devices, fire pits, there's a lot of money being spent on homes and a lot of money being spent on those whom you with at home. >> we are looking live images of downtown chicago. a lot of people out and about.
12:29 am
is this surprising to you and at all alarming considering the pandemic >> at overstock we put our employees health first. our 30 seventh week in a row of working from home. we had a very small thanksgiving in my home. online shopping is the safe way to do it. what people like to do after thanksgiving and through the holidays, safe, secure. >> reporter: let's hear from some shoppers. >> we in line seeing if we can get any deal. >> very hard, you need to maximize your dollar. >> possible to limit the risk of getting covid-19. >> some folks wants to see and feel the deals for themselves. >> reporter: i guess what people have become more comfortable with shopping online over the years. if you don't want to wear a mask
12:30 am
wait in line online is the way to go head overstock or online stores it is the way to shop in the year 2020. >> on capitol hill this talk of a new covid-19 relief package but no deal with how critical is it to provide more relief to struggling americans in order to make sure those in the restaurant business know their hard-hit industries have cash in their pockets to shop this christmas season? >> we know exactly when the stimulus checks hit earlier this year. people were quick to spend. i suspect those who need it again particularly before the holidays when people are hard-pressed to make ends meet. >> shauna dawson:wish you and your employees will during this holiday season, stay healthy. up next, military readiness,
12:31 am
where we were, where we are and where we are going. beyond our borders, a restaurant owner in toronto is arrested for repeatedly defined the ban on indoor dining. police accused adams kelly of breaking into his own establishment and kicking open the door for customers was he was led away from the restaurant thursday in handcuffs. britain plans to create a new watchdog to police big tech companies including google and facebook. the goal is to counter their market dominance and express -- for the next winning consumers and small businesses, the government will said it will cut up its markets unit next year. lawmakers in taiwan get into a fist fight and throw pig get at each other over a soon to be enacted policy that would allow imports of us pork and beef. it is a measure that has been met with fierce opposition clearly in taiwan. other stores beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> mike: a senior u.s. defense change senior us defense official health fox news the uss nimitz carrier strike group has been ordered back to the middle east following an exercise off the coast of india. it is said to be part of preparations to deal with us troops withdrawing from afghanistan and iraq. it is reportedly a defensive measure designed to send a signal to iran and other adversaries not to test us metal during this period of transition. another purge in the trump pentagon, several members of the defense policy board have been removed including henry kissinger, matlock albright, christopher miller looks forward to naming new members in the coming days. four years the we brought you a series of exclusive stories about how us military planes were grounded and aviators cannibalizing warplanes for parts as part of a widespread
12:37 am
military readiness crisis following two decades of war. donald trump made rebuilding the military a priority, the former chairman of the house armed services committee who made readiness his priority is retiring. jennifer griffin spoke with him as he left his office. >> reporter: thornberry was elected to congress in 1994, fifth-generation texan and first to chair the powerful house armed services committee, he served four years as chairman. >> that is a lot of years. >> most of them were books but these are some commemorative items. a master from switzerland brought me this cowbell which he thought was appropriate since we are cattle ranchers in texas. >> reporter: or legislators. perform very helped set up as a part of homeland security after 9/11, was an early proponent of cybersecurity, and served on the intel committee.
12:38 am
>> i am often asked what keeps you up at night? it is no foreign threats that worry me, we can handle china, russia or iran. the thing we can't handle is if we self-destruct. that is the thing that worries me the most is what we might do to ourselves. >> reporter: he is most proud of the work he did to rebuild military readiness after two decades of wear and tear from wars in the middle east. four years ago fox news, visiting military bases where aviators did not have enough parts to keep their warplane airborne. >> not only the personnel. imagine taking a 1995 cadillac and trying to make a ferrari. >> we found a third of the faa teams, marine corps planes couldn't fly. half of the superhornets couldn't fly. have the b-1 bombers couldn't get airborne, troops were cannibalizing planes to get them parts. what has changed in the last
12:39 am
four years? >> it has improved. we could go backwards. f-18s only 50% of them were able to fly, marine f-18s, now it is up 70%. just a week or so ago i was at the only base in my district, and air force base, they are flying t 38 trainers that were first built in 1961 but last built in 1972, the newest plane we are teaching people to fly was built in 1972. >> does donald from get credit for the improved readiness? was it the budget? >> budgets matter and so over the obama years the defense budget was cut about 20%. under donald trump it has come back up about half that. about 10% and that has helped. it is not all fixed and we could easily slip backwards. before covid-19 we lost up a lot of pilots, mechanics, folks who
12:40 am
left the military, we can't replace that experience. >> reporter: the armed services committee hearing room is named for another chairman, carl vinson who but it head place with fdr and pushed for a navy ship funding in the years before pearl harbor. >> what he did in peacetime that provided the wherewithal that our navy could start to push back. >> reporter: for mary's portrait will hang your vinson's. he chose this for the background. >> this will be a for the long liable for the armed services committee and hopefully remind folks to read the study and keep learning which national security is just going to -- >> after 26 years in congress max born barry is retiring. >> is there room for max thornberry in today's republican party? >> sure. i think most people in the country want problem solvers,
12:41 am
they want people who will up their sleeves to get things done, not worry so much about celebrity, notoriety or credit. i hope and kind of think we are starting to swing back that direction. >> reporter: in washington jennifer griffin, fox news. >> reporter: breaking tonight we are getting word authorities from los angeles are issues a stay home order as the other on a virus urges in the region, the measure bans most gatherings, the new order which will be in effect until at least december 20th advises residents to stay home as much as possible, always wear a face covering outside the home and prohibits all public and private gatherings except constitutionally protected church services and protests. when we return the panel on donald trump's decision to campaign indoors and how the pandemic is affecting the holiday season. >> private hundred graham, happy holidays to my wife and daughter
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ocean spray works with nature every day to keep you healthy >> ♪ >> ♪ >> senator perdue wants the president to campaign for him. as a result, he senator purdue wants the president to campaign for him and as a result is insulting the president's of the nile about the election outcome.
12:46 am
>> don't be disappointed yet because this race is far from over but i am going saturday night in georgia, a tremendous row -- >> the question whether donald trump would engage in georgia in those critical runoffs. charles payne of the washington post, contributing editor for "national review" online. the president's impact on those races in georgia. >> a problem for republicans balancing competing interests, donald trump suggesting the results in georgia was fraudulent, on january 5th. if it turns out they want to
12:47 am
vote for donald trump, the result of fraudulent, why would they turn out on january 5th? democrats have the same issue. a lot of folks turned out in georgia to get rid of donald trump, they have accomplished that objective so how are democrats going to get their troops rallied to turn out on january 5th. a lot of competing interests. >> a lot of politics, and the actual voters. >> i suspect it is a higher energy level than you might have in the senate runoff. history is not a guide to what we are about to experience, and potentially control of the whole senate. it might fall off a little bit.
12:48 am
there is still going to be much more excitement than otherwise. the president is going down because they think it is a net benefit but as tom suggests, going to remind all the democrats what they are again stand may stimulate their turn out. >> as we look at these critical runoff races that decide whether it is chuck schumer leading the senate or mitch mcconnell. >> whether chuck schumer is majority leader or mitch mcconnell continues as majority leader most republicans understand what that means. of chuck schumer's recovery leader, packed supreme court and end of the legislative filibuster, and if i were donald trump i would say turn up as much as you did for me in november if not more so. 700,000 mail in ballots, and the
12:49 am
next three or four days, and they appear out of nowhere. they are marked for oss asoff and woreoff for democrats in the majority, to get out there and get their votes in with these odd mail in ballots. mike: the supreme court 5-numfour decision in favor of religious groups in new york over restrictions of new york state. neil gorsuch's concurring opinion, quote, what could justify so radical departure from the first amendment's terms and laws settled is about this application? even of the constitution had taken a holiday during this pandemic it cannot become a sabbatical. on the other side, john roberts,
12:50 am
restrictions violate the free exercise clause, to on that series, a difficult question at the time. it is a significant matter to override determinations, in the midst of the deadly pandemic. >> reporter: you know, amy coney barrett sided with conservative on the court, justin roberts with locals, she was a swing vote and this, we have seen -- this is something that is going on for a long time, restrictions have been in place for months and religious conservatives have felt unduly burdened by them especially the capricious nature of some of the restrictions.
12:51 am
it was a victory for religious freedom. >> reporter: a lot of religious people felt it has been a nanny state situation. worship responsibility in this era, what are your thoughts? >> i was struck by the conflict between conservatives on the court, between neil gorsuch, chief justice roberts trying to hold a line to keep the court out of these controversies when it is not necessary to weigh in. neil gorsuch with the help of amy coney barrett managed to get five votes and wade into that controversy, with verbal fireworks, that may presage or be a case of what is to come now that the court has a new lineup.
12:52 am
mike: pastors in new york are quite relieved. take a listen to this. >> the mayor of new york went to a huge rally after telling everybody to social distance, no hypocrisy, double standard, induce social distancing and wear masks and it will be safe. mike: your thoughts on that and the amy coney barrett factor in the new course. >> a victory not just for freedom of religion but for fourteenth amendment equal protection. everybody stay home, it is a harsh and unpleasant but fair, you can't go to church but go to a strip club or a casino and gamble and do the roulette wheel and that sort of thing, whether you are religious or not it is unfair you can't sit in church
12:53 am
and worship god but it is okay to go to a strip club, seems completely bizarre and nonscientific. as far as the issue of the supreme court weighing in, that is why we have a supreme court to weigh in and make sure equal rights are protected. they are looking at the clouds. mike: we talked earlier about a toronto restaurant tour who got arrested for breaking into his own establishment and letting customers in. a stay-at-home order very briefly, your thoughts on the covid-19 crackdown. >> you are seeing the holiday travel over thanksgiving, these crackdowns, they will see more pushback from the public who are fed up. mike: when we come back the panel will weigh in on winners and losers of the week.
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> mike: we are back with our panel with their winners and is back with our panel with their winners and losers of the week. >> reporter: i start with my loser which is trump's legal team as reported earlier, most republican appointed judges in federal court in pennsylvania, could make this legal team the loser every week because of the record that was filed but especially significant now. the winner of the week is' war for guy who displayed his troubles with the winners throughout his career, diego margo, national hero of argentina passed away this week at the age of 60. a wonder if there ever was one.
12:59 am
>> you are up next. >> is legal woes invented, never seen a case where the performance of justice are prosecutors brought the case. and exhaustion. and then keep playing. mike flynn has this behind him. and restaurant owners and patrons in los angeles. the weather is beautiful, no reason you can't have outdoor dining in southern california, that the end and people have some semblance of the line of business. >> religious conservatives,
1:00 am
loser is denver mayor, the denver hypocrite telling residents to stay home for thanksgiving was caught at the airport trying to hop a flight to be with his family. the lockdown for me but not for thee mentality. >> tammy: welcome to this special edition of hannity. the left's overreach i'm tammy bruce in for sean. weave begin with a fox news alert. >> tammy: breaking tonight president trump and his legal team are vowing to take their fight to preserve election integrity all the way to the u.s. supreme court. after an appeals court earlier today dismissed a lawsuit over voting procedures in pennsylvania. now, following the ruling, trump lawyer jenna ellis tweeted, quote: the activist judicial machinery in pennsylvania continues to cover up the allegations of massive fraud onto theme


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