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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 25, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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and groupthink, and have a happy thanksgiving, and you are in the best of hands. trey gowdy is here and he can take carve off a turkey like curve off witnesses of a committee. it is all yours, trey gowdy. speed dumb xp to welcome to the special edition of "hannity," i'm trey gowdy and for sean. and we began with a fox news alert, president trump has announced a pardon of former national security advisor michael flynn. and long and tumultuous legal saga and as you may recall the fbi went after michael flynn in a way that even jim comey admitted they would not pursue someone and president obama's white house. his case was about to be closed. and they decided to interview him anyway. and the lawyer for michael flynn, no heads up to the
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white house counsel. not even permission from the acting attorney general, james comey was supposed to be working for, sally aids, flynn was treated differently. they wanted to catch him. they wanted him to make a mistake. we are not a country with two justice systems. if you wouldn't do it to your friends, you shouldn't do it to your enemies. the doj dismissed the case against michael flynn but that was even tied up in court. the president's pardon ends this legal saga for michael flynn. and making the announcement the president tweeted "it is my great honor to announce that general michael flynn has been granted a full pardon. congratulations to general flynn and his wonderful family. i know you will now have a truly fantastic thanksgiving. and our own sean hannity writing "happy thanksgiving to general flynn and the family. his family the way they were treated by the government of the united states, the deep state, and democrats has been a
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repulsive injustice. after four years of, they can rebuild their lives. this can never happen again." we will have full reaction and analysis throughout the hour. but first, breaking news out of pennsylvania where a state court judge has ordered officials not to yet certify the results of the 2020 election pending a forthcoming hearing. an earlier today in gettysburg, pennsylvania state senator republicans held an election hearing bringing in witnesses who alleged evidence of voter irregularities, ballot counting abnormalities and alleged election law violations. here are just a few sample from rudy giuliani outlining the evidence. take a look. >> we have two major gaps. you have 672,770 votes that were not inspected by anyone. secretly put into the ballot box. and then you have this gap that
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i don't understand between the mail-in ballots that were sent out to 1.82.5 million. that is totally impossible to explain other than what some of the witnesses were suggesting. that they were basically stuffing the ballot box. >> mark: and a special unannounced witness as president trump called in a made one thing clear. he is fully committed to ensuring the integrity of our elections now and in the future. here is the president. >> this election was rigged, and we can't let that happen. we can't let that happen for our country. this election has to be turned around because we won pennsylvania by a lot and we won all of the swing states by a lot. we have hundreds and hundreds of affidavits, that are even worse than the stories i am hearing. why wouldn't they have been
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overturned election? certainly overturned in your state because we have other states that are just as bad. >> trey: here it with more is rick leventhal. rick. >> to the case rudy giuliani is arguing is separate than an appellate court judge today causing any further steps to certify election results in pennsylvania. the president's campaign is not a plaintiff in the suit. the republicans including mike kelly or suing the state alleging mail voting rules are unconstitutional. pennsylvania certified its presidential results yesterday, but hasn't yet certified any other races. the appeals court orders stops the state from certifying any more votes until evidentiary hearing can be held and said it should stop its certification of the presidential contest to the extent that there remains any further action to perfect the certification of the results. >> something was drunk done wrong and this election was on e unjustly, it was a fraud.
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and we are talking about very importantly, many more ballots, many more votes than the number we need. >> trey: a hearing scheduled for friday has been postponed. we are still waiting to learn when lawyers will be back in court on this case, trey. >> trey: thank you rick. democrats and enablers in the media had a different when it comes to election integrity. stacey abrams doesn't concede, she's a hero. president trump, well, that is x substantial threat to the republic. so ask yourself, what is an exceptional error rate in elections? how many unlawful votes are acceptable, whether a mistake, miscalculation, an innocent error or fraud. wouldn't you want to correct it so they elections are as close to perfect as possible? president trump and his campaign are bowing to ensure that every legal vote is counted and no unlawful votes are counted. three years were spent gathering zero evidence to impact the 2016
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election. three weeks are they too long to look at the integrity of the one in 2020 or is the analysis different depending on whether the media likes the results or ? joining me now to explain more fox news contributor charlie hurt along with former white house chief of staff reince priebus. good evening to you both. >> hey, trey. >> trey: let me start with you. what is wrong with desiring the minimus or zero mistakes in our election? you were in charge of wisconsin. you were in charge of rnc. tell us about election integrity and what you have learned in those two roles? >> well, thank you for having me on. high matt, charlie, happy thanksgiving. look, this is nothing new. this has been going on for a long time and i think both parties have plenty to blame and i certainly believe the
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democrats are taking advantage of the coronavirus. but weep at the same problems in wisconsin years and years ago. we had the milwaukee police department of all entities issue a 70 page report many years ago in milwaukee. and it wasn't the republican party saying this. it wasn't donald trump at this time. it was the milwaukee police department saying that clerks not doing their job. voter rolls where billboards and vacant lots were located. i think what the party needs to do moving forward as well, we need a permanent group of people that come together and that all the players in the party the conservative movement to hold these legislators accountable. they have control in wisconsin, arizona, pennsylvania, michigan, ohio, georgia, and we need to clean it up. we can take advantage now of our majority in the states and
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finally get to it. i think the rnc can lead on this effort moving forward. >> trey: charlie, the president said the evidence is pouring in but the deadlines are closing in. how do you see the legal efforts, particularly with the electoral college meeting in a few weeks? >> certainly it is an uphill battle for the president at this point, especially the states have already begun the certification process. but i think you put your finger on the most important point, and that is, what is the level of fraud or abuse that we would accept? the thing to remember is for every illegal or improper vote that is cast, somebody who should be allowed to vote in this country is having their vote canceled out. that person is being disenfranchised. so any number above zero should be unacceptable to all of us. i think it is so interesting, we
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are hearing a lot of these -- they seem like outlandish accusations about votes that are switching and about voting machines and all of this kind of stuff. maybe four years ago i would have said, oh, that is ridiculous. i don't believe any of that. but think about what we have been through for the past four years. think about what general michael flynn went through in the past four years. think about what you had to deal with for the past four years with all of these endless, russian investigation's and the impeachment and all of this stuff. my level of credulity might trench hold of credulity has fallen for it. and i have to believe just about every accusation if it involves an accusation of something that these people will do to donald trump to stop donald trump in the media will look the other way. i believe anything. all of his sleep, i want to see the evidence and i want to be
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assured without a doubt that the accusations are correct and accurate but my goodness, i'm open minded to everything because of what we have been through for the past four years. >> trey: you know, reince the great thing about living in a democracy there is always another election. this one we have coming up and it just a few weeks. is there going to be an impact? do you think there will be an impact, this litigation and illegal pursuits on the runoffs in georgia? >> well, that is a great question. i hope the impact is that it energizes republicans even more to get out and vote and realize that, you know, you always hear republicans say we need to win by three or four points to combat the fraud. well, maybe that is true. but what i would also really focus in on is getting as much as you can the president down to georgia. getting don jr. down to georgia, eric, because we don't want to
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see, you know the most ardent trout fans in georgia say "hey, it isn't worth it." we worked hard and went to these rallies. so i really would focus in on that pier that is where my mind is on it, really trying to speaa to motivate them and to get them excited about voting in those really pivotal senate races in georgia come january 5th. >> trey: charlie, do you see a danger that the longer the presidential election is litigated, that the president supporters in georgia will be less enthusiastic about going out in january? it is only the united states senate that hangs in the balance and that is a pretty big deal. >> it is a really big deal and because it is the united states senate and the last refuge of any sort of sense of sanity in washington, it is the entire federal government hanging in the balance because of those two seats. i don't blame the president for
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wanting to fight this thing to the very end. here is why. because that is not what undermines people's faith and frustrates conservatives and republicans. what frustrates them is the fact that there is all of this evidence and that there was funny business that went on in the election. whether that was enough to turn the outcome of the election or not, i don't know. but the problem isn't president trump shining a light on it. the problem is the fact that this stuff happens in the first place. you think -- but i do think you are right. if we think the suppression poles at the beginning and before the election that said there biden winning by double digits and trump has no hope or chance of winning joe stay home. you think that is bad, think about what it is like on the back end where you feel like and you would think that the guy got 10 million more votes than last time after being told he couldn't win or no chance of
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winning. and then people say, well, it doesn't matter anyway. i can't think of anything more devastating, more demoralizing peer that is why we have to fight so hard as you said at the beginning of this to make sure that every single vote counts and is legal in every single election heart stop. >> trey: charlie and reince thank you for joining us tonight. i hope your families have a great thanksgiving. now also to my all eyes on the state of georgia. control of the u.s. senate literally hangs in the balance and the runoff elections are mere weeks away. democrats have made it clear if they win control of the upper chamber, they are ready to unleash the most liberal, political agenda in the history of this country. and they are not interested in bipartisanship, compromise. if they have the house, the senate, and the white house, they will seek to fundamentally change this country.
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a supreme court packed with new progressive activists, justices, two new states in d.c. and puerto rico and four new senators abolish the electoral college of california and new york and always pick the president. the green new deal, investigate political enemies and that is just orders. but the margin in the house of representative's razor-thin. speaker nancy pelosi lost seats to kevin mccarthy and democrats are pointing fingers and assigning blame following these unexpected losses. the g.o.p. even managed to flip four house seats in california. here to break it all down, former white house deputy chief of staff, fox news contributor karl rove. welcome to you. >> thank you, congressman go to be with you. >> trey: thank you. you are frequently called a political genius. i've seen kevin mccarthy's high school and college transcripts. no one ever called him a genius, but i do think he deserves a lot of credit for winning seats when no one thought he could, particularly in california.
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how did he do it? >> well, first of all, let me say the fact that i was the first person to appear at a fund-raising event for the united states congress from bakersfield, california, kevin mccarthy, nothing should be read into that peer that was many years ago he did a fantastic job, and we had the most diverse group of candidates that we have had i think in my lifetime running for the house of representatives, including many qualified women candidates. african-americans, hispanics and second of all, a fantastic job of raising the money necessary. he didn't beat the democrats. we will never have as much money as the democrats between michael bloomberg, labor unions, silicon valley's billionaires, we can ever match it but a heck of a job of getting sufficient funds to help their candidates. third, he kept on message and focused on the swing voters in this election so that he could win back the seats.
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not only win back the ones we lost, but knock some democrats out expected to have easy reelection victories. i remember the final week or two, the arguments the republicans to lose 15 seats, 18 seats, 19 seats or go as high as 20. instead, the republicans gained seats and cut the margin for nancy pelosi to a thin edge. >> trey: it is razor-thin. let's move from california to georgia. how close are those races? >> they will be awfully close. full disclosure. i'm the chairman of national senatorial committee joint fund-raising with kelly loeffler and the battleground. and so i thought an invested interest in this. i want to see both candidates win. it will be a very close race. the democrats will outspend us. there's not been a single u.s. senate race this year competitive senate u.s. race which republican candidate spent more money than a democrat.
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that will be the case. the national democrats, silicon valley, bloomberg, you name it from all the liberal interest groups are into this thing big. and the question again will we have sufficient funds and good enough message. we have two terrific candidates and they have two flawed candidates chuck schumer did a lousy job and has good as kevin mccarthy did, chuck schumer did terrible. these two candidates one and a valid socialist socialism is given, getting a bad name. the other is a trust fund left-winger who started to document many -- documentarian and first clients were al jazeera and chinese media coe minority stakeholders the chinese communist party so we have some really amazing democrats we are running against him georgia and that will ultimately be one of the reasons the republicans win both seats. >> trey: you mentioned, karl,
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you are on the ground and you mentioned the candidates. what are the issues the republican candidates are the wisest of campaign on in the next few weeks? >> first the deep contrasting views between the two candidates. you have two left-wingers in the form of don althoff and raffaella warnock and you have two mainstream conservatives and kelly loeffler and david perdue. so const crest on the issues but second of all raise the issue given the fact that we are going to have president-elect biden in office january 20th and democrat howell center nancy pelosi. wouldn't it be better if we had a republican senator to act as a restraint on the impulses of nancy pelosi, chuck schumer in the squad? the aoc came out and said we need to win these two seats because of democrats have them, then we don't need to negotiate with republicans. those were her words. she is saying we can roll over them.
6:19 pm
that is an important issue to talk about. finally, both of the republican candidates have tremendous backgrounds and done a lot for the state and important to remind the people of georgia what they have done both in business and public service outside of government and what they have been doing in the united states senate. >> trey: karl, the democrats may have famous hollywood folks but the republicans have you so i like our chances. happy thanksgiving. when we come right back -- yes, sir, when we come back you will not believe what president obama said about reverend jeremiah wright. plus senator tim scott here to explain what to expect in the runoffs, the runoff races in georgia. stay with us. learning begins in faith. it must move upwards toward the highest thing, unseen at the beginning - god. and freedom is essential to learning.
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its principles must be studied and defended. learning, character, faith, and freedom: these are the inseparable purposes of hillsdale college.
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♪ >> trey: welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." president obama made his self-righteous comments tonight lecturing hispanic evangelicals on what he thinks should be important to them, watch. >> there are a lot of evangelical hispanics who, you know, the fact that trump says racist things about mexicans or poets detaine undocumented workers in cages, that they think that is less important than the fact that he supports their views on gay marriage or abortion. >> trey: and he called care dominic kelly loeffler's attacks on raphael warnock and jeremiah wright crazy despite long list of past controversial statements from reverend wright. here are just some examples. >> no, no, no! god bless america!
6:25 pm
it is in the bible! now, we are in thickness because of stuff we have done overseas that now has been brought back into our own front yard! america sickens, coming home. >> lied about the virus as a means of against people of color! >> trey: meanwhile, they are attacking each other over calls to end the practice of cash bail in criminal cases making law and order a central thing of the campaign by joining us now with reaction, south carolina senator tim scott, welcome, senator, how are you? >> doing well, congressman how are you doing tonight? >> trey: i'm doing fantastic. tell us what is at stake in january in georgia? it seems like a lot. >> a lot at stake, it is not
6:26 pm
simply controlling the senate but controlling for legislative agenda for america. the two sides cannot be further apart. one side once a $4 trillion tax increase and when you get that, it win two seats in georgia. our side lower taxes by $1 trillion. what that means, trey for the average person listening from a 60% increase in your taxes. for single moms a 70% increase in your taxes. that means the ability to add more justices to the supreme court. we've had nine justices for the last 150 years. they want to stack the courts so that they can continue to transform america into a socialist utopia. it just can't happen. when we win those two seats, we will be funding the police, not what the democrats want to do. it is too deep is to defund the
6:27 pm
police. this is the most consequential two senate seats and all of america at all times. we save the nation and continue to move in the right direction by having those two seats won by two republicans january 5th. we will spend a lot of time trying to make that happen. >> trey: i think you already have spent a lot of time in georgia. i think you helped a couple of weeks ago, didn't you? do you think it would be helpful for the president to go to georgia between now and the runoffs? >> you are right, trey. working with kelly loeffler and david purdue, but there is only one giant in the party. and that is president donald trump. donald trump comes to our great state of georgia and here is what happens. president trump has a chance to talk about his enormous support for historically black colleges and universities. one of the reasons why president trump's african-american numbers went up by 50% this election cycle is
6:28 pm
because brought the highest level of funding to hbc news and made the funding permanent to past criminal justice reform making up for the disaster of 1994 crime bill brought to you by joe biden. he is the one who made sure that we focus on the console anemia research and for every single georgia he brought tax form and reset to clear more jobs not lost more jobs. president trump is the person that make sure those two seats remain in the republican column and descendant. >> trey: senator we have a minute and a half left but i want to ask about thanksgiving and not just legislation, subcommittee chairs and that is at stake in a couple of weeks too, isn't it? >> a valid question, the end of the filibuster, they destroyed
6:29 pm
the filibuster to get the legislation priorities dumb but more importantly, can you imagine bernie sanders as the chairman of the budget or elizabeth warren on the bank committee becoming the subcommittee chairman of the consumer protection and financial institutions? or senator hirono on the judiciary committee being the chairwoman of the constitution? that is lights out for our nation. we have to have a firewall for america. and that firewall starts and ends with those two seats in georgia. >> trey: the answer to all of your questions is no, i cannot imagine that, and i do not want to imagine that. i want to end on a happy note. tomorrow is thanksgiving. i am very, very thankful for you and your friendship over the past decade. what will you be celebrating and giving thanks for tomorrow? >> one of the most important things i'm thankful for is i have the good privilege of being born on the same day as your mom. we share that birthday, and we
6:30 pm
celebrate it together. i look forward to wishing her a happy thanksgiving tomorrow. but i am also thankful my mom's covid for you. i'm thankful that i live in a country in a community and a state of south carolina that believes in second chances. as a guy almost bailed out of high school, having that second chance brought to me by the good lord and the people of south carolina and has meant a world to me and my family having a chance to be a contributing member of the south carolina family and of america. what a blessing. second chances, something to remember. >> trey: amen to second chances. thank you, senator and i hope you and your mom have a blessed thanksgiving tomorrow. straight-ahead... joe biden has been busy making announcements about his incoming team and it seems neither republicans or the far left are happy about it. ari fleischer, sean duffy will be here with more. we will be right back.
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♪ >> trey: out joe biden tonight continues to signal a return to the bad old days reaching into the recycling then of the obama/clinton era fixtures to fill out his administration. it is already drawing some irony from the far left especially as biden socialist doors like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren likely won't be joining the cabinet. take a look. >> what about formal rifles from your own party, elizabeth warren? have you talked to them about cabinet positions? >> i said, we already have significant representation on progressives and our administration, but there is nothing off the table. one thing is critical, taking someone out of the senate,
6:36 pm
taking someone out of the house and particularly a preferred person of consequence is really a difficult decision that has to be made. >> now biden's cabinet picks so far suggest return to failed policy of the obama administration. that include leaping piles of cash on the tour of iranian nuclear deal, and soft on china, soft on syria and much more. meanwhile, democrats and loyal allies in the media continue to show just how bias they are against republicans which calls for endless investigations, even after the president leaves office. them media never met a republican investigation that should have been gone and a permit an investigation that should have ended. take a look. >> i think it is enough. how much are we going to just let pass by from this presidency which has come so close to
6:37 pm
destroying our democracy more than any other president? and i do think there needs to be a degree of investigation. and also, a postmortem of what happened and where they softened and didn't hold? >> trey: 20 may now former republican congressman sean duffy along with author, a full measure of investigative journalist cheryl atkinson and fox news contributor ari fleischer. welcome to you all. let me start with you, wino sanders, wino elizabeth warren. >> i think actually joe biden is getting lucky with this. he doesn't want them in his cabinet. if they were in his cap and it would be a bridge too far. i think the turmoil that would be created on the inside would create a lot of strikes for him.
6:38 pm
so we can say he's got progressives in there but he really doesn't. he says that to appease the left, but you know, the other factor, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders basically come from northeastern states. so, if some governors picked their successors. so he's got some realpolitik reasons not to pick them, but i think he is breathing a sigh of relief he doesn't have to put bernie in the cabinet. >> trey: cheryl, vice president biden set a new day in america but you can't tell that from some of the cabinet picks. it looks more like a throwback thursday. what do you make of some of the same names being recycled from the obama/clinton days? >> i think that was probably to be expected and we could have predicted it. you know, trey a look at coverage of things and if the tables turned come i am certain all of so far are getting a soft landing and most of the media i biden and would d
6:39 pm
scrutinized with hostile responses in the media if similar announcements made by donald trump ear that is what happened when he became president. i think we will get to see now as we saw in 2016 how the media transformed itself to cover the president lake declared to be uniquely dangerous so they announced the spending ethics and standards to do so. now we get to see how they operate if biden becomes president, how differently they operate with him in the oval office versus how they gave donald trump, the treatment they gave him over the past four years. >> trey: sean you are a formal cross -- former prosecutor but if investigate for a crime don't you need a statue and lock someone up, don't you actually have to have the jury trial and a conviction? why all the talk about investigating president trump after he leaves office? >> i was a better prosecutor,
6:40 pm
trey, but prosecute donald trump for what? to make america energy independent and rising the american wages? for more opportunities for american workers? rebuilding the american military? it doesn't make sense to me. so i think these are the socialist the dictator's prior administration and prior supporters of those administrations and prosecute them all. there is nothing to prosecute donald trump over. you are right. there is no statue, no jury trial. here is what concerns me. joe biden should be very concerned about the day he ran for president because if republicans keep the senate, make no mistake, republicans will continue to investigate the hunter biden laptop. as two former prosecutors, you don't get a better smoking gun than hunter biden's laptop. we see foreign money falling to hunter biden and going to the big guy who we know is joe biden. and we will know and find out joe biden is compromised from the chinese.
6:41 pm
and prosecutors and investigators love this kind of evidence and the senate will have it. the one let me ask you a communications question. i think one democrat voted for jeff sessions for ag and three democrats bill barr for ag. how should the republicans handle biden's nominees if they still controlled the senate come inauguration day? >> i am still enough of a traditional and i believe the president entitled to put their team into the cabinet. now, where you draw a line, in my opinion, congressman, if so far to the ideological if they do more harm to america, than it is a principal vote to vote no. the other litmus test the senate to pass an adult, anybody who he names to play any role whatsoever in boosting the dossier or give credibility to the dossier should not be confirmed. that was such a dirty trick in politics.
6:42 pm
it let lose three years of tumultuous investigations and pitted one person against another, divided our nation and the worst kind of ways, and it was all bogus. so if any dividing people put up and play any role in promoting the dossier, i hope a republican will vote no. >> trey: sharyl what do we know about the names being floated cia director, and secretary of state, what was their resume like in the previous administration with serving with obama and clinton? >> i guess it depends on who you ask because the fans and the people they worked with such as secretary of state hillary clinton would say they have a great track record. i think a neutral look would also find some things if you turned over the rocks here and so we look at jake sullivan in the state department named by a whistle-blower and someone who worked under the obama administration and official in the state department who named jake sullivan as being one of
6:43 pm
the people and the documents shredded in the basement of the state department benghazi and we can document sorting session was never question about that. no law enforcement body ever seemed curious about it. nothing was ever done about it. these are the types of people involved in the alleged coverups and mischief never handled or no accountability for. and talk about bringing back into government. i think a neutral media would examine some of this record and be recording on it. but i don't think you will see a whole lot of it overall. >> trey: no, that is on the christmas list but i don't think i will get it until then, maybe not. thank you come all three of you, happy thanksgiving to you and your family. straight ahead, covid hypocrisy is a new level. we will tell you about it as the special edition of "hannity" roles on. ♪
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♪ >> welcome back to this hannah d special interest when you thought the hypocrisy on the left on covid and thanksgiving could get no worse, it did. after wanting citizens to avoid trouble for the holiday denver mayor michael hancock flu. i'm pretty sure that means traveled to mississippi to visit family. he later gave a half-hearted apology for his decision. and in the los angeles the department of public health just admitted there is no scientific link between dining outdoors and the recent covid-19 spike. so much for we will follow the science thing. and now after facing backlash, andrew cuomo canceled his thanksgiving day plans with family including his 89-year-old mother. and remember the judge in san diego who allowed strip
6:49 pm
clubs to temporarily reopen despite a ban on indoor church services? well, last week governor mike huckabee made a humorous suggestion for california churches to remain open despite covert restrictions. one pastor followed the governor's advice. watch this here >> i would think it is ridiculous to say that people are safer in a strip club then they are at church. but churches across california or going to announce that their pastor would remove his tide during the sermons and he will take out an article of clothing making a temporary stripper so people can go to church. >> let's go! ♪ >> by the way, governor huckabee said he would bail me out if i got arrested for that. we went joining us now with more former arkansas governor and fox news contributor of
6:50 pm
mike huckabee, fox news contributor janette nesheiwat and civil rights attorney leo terrell. welcome to all of you. doctor, i'm going to start with you and try to get that out of my mind. thanksgiving, families trying to make the hard decisions on what to do tomorrow. give them some advice and then tell us about the good news. the light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccines. >> yes, first of all tomorrow is a day of things so let's give thanks to all the good we have even though suffering through the pandemic. the good news is we have a vaccine that is weeks away. but you want to protect yourself until then. what you want to do is stick within your bubble, stick within your household and try not to travel per the cdc recommendations. stay with your own immediate family. if you are going to travel and enter other households which you shouldn't according to the cdc, wear a mask, practice social distancing 10 feet away and open a window. those are little things to help
6:51 pm
protect yourself. of course, get tested because we have a quarter of a million deaths so far in this country. we are having 2,000 deaths a day day, 88,000 americans currently and so now the behavior now, trey will impact the number of cases we see two or three weeks from now and the trajectory of where we are going in the futu future. >> trey: governor huckabee, you are familiar with my beloved home state of south carolina. sometimes, depending on what church you go to, you could say it was emotionally peaceful protest. you could get away with it by doing that. and it's states other than south carolina. how do you address the hypocrisy of sating you can gamble go to and since my mom is watching dance clubs and i will not use another word but how do you wage through the hypocrisy to say you can't go to church but you can do all that? >> that is the problem, trey. you cannot wait through the
6:52 pm
hypocrisy but you have to laugh at it and frankly ignore it and challenge it. one of the reasons that a lot of americans have had it up to here is because they feel like the public officials who tell them to be careful, they are not being careful. who tell them don't go eat out but they go weed out. while gavin newsom with $700 person french laundry restaurant didn't wear a mask and the denver mayor. you add all of this up and i think sometimes people are afraid the public officials are not trying to control the disease as much as they are trying to control them and the people. we do need to be careful. we need to socially distance, where the mask and do all of those things for everyone's safy and well-being. but the hypocrisy, that is unhealthy as covid. and that is why a lot of people are sating enough. if you will not follow the directions and advice, then don't give it. >> trey: mr. terrel the governor says lots of people are saying it is enough but gavin nt
6:53 pm
set of rules for his kids, i can eat out that you can't and i know california is different but even after a while they get tired of the hypocrisy don't you think? >> let me say this without hyperbole. this is the first time, trey come i want to leave the state f california. why? the hypocrisy insulting the intelligence of every citizen in california. we have a county health director who is not elected and makes $500,000 who is not even a medical doctor. and she shouts down the restaurants from outdoor dining, as you said. the democrats always say, we follow science. there is no science. one additional fact, there are more people infected and government buildings than outdoor restaurants. when i say to you hypocrisy, it is too much for me, i'm hoping maybe i can find a place either in south carolina or next door to governor huckabee. but it is just ridiculous out
6:54 pm
here because it is too much democratic control. and it doesn't justify the shutting down of this entire estate. >> trey: dr. nisha what, it will assume that despite the hypocrisy, they were certain things that we ought to do to keep others we care about safe, despite the fact that elected officials are not doing it themselves so in other words don't let all the hypocrisy jeopardize health. am i right about that? >> absolutely. know your wrists and take personal responsibility and understand, for example, if you are over the age of 65 with underlying medical conditions, you are high risk of complications. so understand your risk and take common sense precautions. it is simple to wear a mask. that can prevent thousands of cases and thousands of deaths here at of course, we know and have heard it before social distance 6-10 feet away to help protect ourselves, help protect
6:55 pm
our loved ones and go a long way. we are at the home stretch, we truly are, trey. we are literally weeks away from a vaccine and by the end of this year 30 million doses and by spring/summer the rest of americans will be able to have their vaccine as well. this year they will focus on giving it to high risk people in the nursing homes and those with underlying medical problems. and then by march /april everyone will be vaccinated. we are almost there. stay positive, stay healthy and focused on protecting yourself and others and we will get there. >> trey: thank you for reminding all of us. we have a lot to be thankful for despite the challenges of 2020. i hope all three have a blessed thanksgiving. thank you for joining us. more of the special edition of "hannity" right after the break. and see the difference.
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♪ >> trey: unfortunately that is all the time we have this evening. my new book "doesn't hurt to ask" is out now.
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it will help you win arguments over the holidays even if a brother-in-law like that when i do. check it out trade trey thank you for joining us and a wonderful thanksgiving tammy bruce is in for laura ingraham. hey, to, to me. >> i hope your brother-in-law knows you will say that because tomorrow will be interesting. >> trey: i can't wait. thank you very much. >> trey: you too. >> trey: tammy bruce in for laura ingraham and this is special edition from "the ingraham angle" from motherly new york city. rules for the but not for me. which hypocrite liberal telling you to stay home this thanksgiving while flaunting the roles himself? we will tell you later in the show. and a new ban on outdoor dining going into effect in just hours. we talked to a restaurant owner who says this will devastate small businesses and families in california. plus laura here for thanksgiving


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