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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  November 24, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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this is the third one to fall into a well in india this past year. bill hemmer, do you know how you get an elephant out of the well? >> bill: here we go. >> dana: very slowly. it took 12 hours. >> bill: wiled on to the folks in india. see you in two hours. good afternoon everyone, big hour now. i'm bill hemmer, tensions over restrictions flaring up as the number of cases arise days before turkey day. more than 12 million americans about the virus here in the u.s. and more than a quarter million have died. many governments ramping up restrictions ahead of thanksgiving and the cdc urging people not to travel. in new york state, here was the scene when business owners how the meeting near buffalo. the sheriff's deputy showed up. the business owners demanded those officials show a warrant or get out. watch. >> who reported this? >> you know what, i don't know.
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it's anonymous. >> if you need to know your accuser. >> you need to get a warrant. >> you don't get to violate the constitution. you don't circumvent or subvert the constitution. >> called in. okay, i'm asking you to leave. >> bill: some of the officials they get out but the sheriff saying the health department does the horsemen and deputies only provide security. laura ingle has a follow-up and she's on mom island here in new york. what happened here? >> you know in the days leading up to thanksgiving, it feels like there's a sense of stress that we have not felt before and as you mentioned the exchange in upstate new york between those business owners and health inspectors was really an example of frustration boiling over about restrictions that have
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been put in place. here's a little bit more that exchange. >> i'm asking for you to have some compassion for people who have lost everything. >> we do have compassion. >> then have compassion out in the parking lot, this is private property. this is private property. it's private property, go get a warrant. because of the sheriff's deputies and county health inspectors ended up leaving with the anchor remained in the air for those business leaders who say they just want to work so they can survive and asthma restrictions on dining, gathering and socializing are announced here in new york with covid cases surging, city leaders are telling people they will start encountering more of a police presence to check travelers coming in and out of the big apple during the holiday season. while some deputies and officers say they will continue to do their jobs, they may have to draw the line they say a telling people how many visitors they can have in their homes. that was something that governor andrew cuomo addressed today.
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>> nobody is looking in your window on thanksgiving. you know everything i know. it's up to you. the results are going to be decided by you. >> governor cuomo also said this week that he's a little worried about the news about the vaccine coming. it is of course good news but when people hear that it's coming, it may have people let their guards down with the social distancing and wearing the mask, something to keep in mind as we get closer to thanksgiving. >> bill: we shall watch it. meanwhile the president transition is underway after the trump administration approved the use of resources, millions of dollars to the biden team. trump officially has not conceded the race. in the meantime president-elect biden naming six picks for six key policy and national security appointments including members of the so-called washington establishment with ties to the obama administration. peter doocy has the reporting
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live in wilmington, delaware. >> good afternoon. the days of the trump foreign policy mantra america first are over and that is according to the man who is nominated now to be america's top diplomat, tony lincoln. >> we need to be working with other countries and we need their cooperation. >> the incoming national security advisor jake sullivan says he's going to reimagine that job and treat issues like racial inequality the same as he would treat nuclear proliferation or terror threats. also he's saying alejandro may or guests nominated to be part of the homeland security will spend a lot of time working on immigration. >> this is one of the hardest jobs in government, at gigantic agency. the dhs secretary needs to keep us safe from threats at home and abroad.
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it's the job that plays a critical role in fixing our broken immigration system. >> there is major emphasis now on treating climate change as a national security issue. biden is creating a new job for john kerry to sit in the situation room at the white house for sensitive secrets and addressing climate change remains top of mind. >> at the global meeting and glasgow one year from now, all nations must raise ambition together or we will all fail together. failure is not an option. >> and with the transition, the first day that the biden team who are announced still here along with president-elect on the vice president elect going
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over some things. >> bill: got it. let's bring in karl rove. i thought when it what gentleman jack keane had to say in the analysis after the speeches were made in wilmington was very interesting. he says -- he was arguing that america sees china differently than they did four years ago and they see iran differently and the meadows of the middle east differently and then the question becomes to you, how will joe biden prosecute these international issues? >> this will be one of the very interesting tests. in the public life and public service, if you enter at a certain time, and then they are coming back today in the biden administration. in the world has changed. can you put the iranian nuclear deal back together or should you even try? where the changed circumstances
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of this unusual and very profoundly important alliance between arab countries and israel, do you need to look at the middle east with fresh eyes? the china that we saw in 2009, ten, 11 and 12 is entirely different than the kind of aggressive rival that we see today in china. so do we try to go back and recreate the playbook of leading from behind and the early days of the obama administration or do you have to again step back and say circumstances are different? same with russia for example. same with trade issues. >> bill: a lot of this was very pre2016 today. populism in america has not receded and i don't know how joe biden sees that or how he will address that. does he see it as an aberration or does he see it as something
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that is real to stay? >> and does he see it as a domestic issue only more populous around the globe particularly in western democracies western mark and does he believe that something has to be done to trim in that sentiment and keep it from sort of undermining western democracy? this will be a test of the new administration, how nimble are they. how capable are they are bringing fresh thinking into what are not old issues, but new issues with old labels. we had a china issue in 2009 but it was entirely different than the chinese that we face today. i love the idea, the national security advisor says i'm going to look at these international issues and the domestic concerns at the left and they will all be equal. the environmental justice will be there with nuclear proliferation. you will be as concerned with some of these sort of and
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sentiments of the left and we are with concrete issues facing america strategic posture in the world, i don't think so. >> bill: i wrote the quote down from biden, keeping us out of wars and defeating terrorists. and the isis caliphate, all of this now is ripe for discussion and we will see how he does with it. as the swamhas the swamp won by? >> in that sense, yes. these people have experience. i'm not one of the people that buys that this is "the swamp." people have international experience, i'm not sure the label the swamp is descriptive at all. now the question is how did they
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apply to the new and change circumstances? abraham lincoln, 1860, so we think and act and do. the dow popping 30,000 for the first time ever today. who is a live look at the big board right now. we are hanging on just above it and we will see whether or not because about that mark. then president trump with a surprise appearance today weighing in on this from the briefing room. speak to the stock market has just broken 30,000, never been broken, that number. that's a sacred number, nobody thought they would ever see it. that's the ninth time since the beginning of 2020 and it's the 40th time that we have broken records during the trump administration. all the people within the administration that have worked so hard, and they are doubling
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down on this revved up faxing timeline, this is news again. we will dig into that moments from now. this and long lines reported that covid testing sites and various parts of the country. two days before thanksgiving in the crackdowns keep on coming. on deck, stephen hahn, patch lock, steve doocy coming up on this tuesday before thanksgivi thanksgiving. ♪ they were able to give me a personal loan so i could pay off all of my credit cards. i got my mortgage through sofi and the whole process was so easy. ♪ choosing sofi was literally one of the best decisions i could have ever made because it gave me peace of mind. ♪
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♪ >> president trump: give thanks for the vaccines and therapies that will soon and the pandemic. it's just such a tremendous feeling to know that they will be coming and they will be coming probably starting next week or shortly thereafter. >> bill: that was president trump speaking from the rose garden last hour and some of the country's top health officials say we could be weeks away from the first covid vaccine shipment. dr. see', we knew you at harvard and i we know you at brown. don't tell me about the vaccine, there's a clear schedule being laid out. mid-december for those who need it the most, the most vulnerab vulnerable, health care workers, and probably march, april and into may. >> bill, thanks for having me
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back on. look, this is all really good news. december 10th at the fda advisory committee will make its recommendation and the fda will make a call. i think they are going to authorize it and basically on december 11th, the first american should probably get vaccinated. the first group as you said it, vulnerable people, first responders, health care workers and then we go down the road from there. 30 million doses, maybe a month starting december, and that basically puts us into march march /april. and i'm hopefully by then anyone who wants vaccine should be able to get it. >> bill: is just said the first vaccine december 11? >> if that's what i'm hoping for. if the approval comes on the tenants the vaccines will get shipped out and may be on the 11th of first american may get it outside with clinical trial. >> bill: that is awesome news. what about regeneron? is this a game changer with the
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antibody approved? >> i'm very enthusiastic about the date on antibodies. the problem is right now we don't have a lot of doses and that's a big issue. if most people who get sick today won't be able to access it, we will be able to do it with some number of high-risk people but i wish we had more doses. >> bill: so the testing lines, these are daunting. we see them all over the country, making sure they are getting tested in rok around families and friends. my guess is doctors, we will see this around christmas time and will probably see around new year's eve into the new ye year. and my unfortunately wrong about that or right about that, i should say? >> this is not where we should be this late into the pandemic. i wish we had built a testing pandemic, and we had a bunch of
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instances where we saw a long line for test and that's unfortunate. we have the capacity to have done better but we haven't done it in terms of building. >> bill: that rearview mirror is perfect because that's the way hindsight is. with the cdc early on says they got the test, it works and failed miserably. >> it calls for a lot more testing and i think if we had a lot more testing, i don't think this is just hindsight but here we are and we have to keep working on having more testing available. i do think we have the ability as a country to do it, i just want to see more of it out there. >> bill: big headline though. you decide december 11th. that would be really great news, right doctor? >> absolutely. once these vaccines get out it will make an enormous difference. >> bill: do think one has the lead, is it astrazeneca or
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pfizer? which vaccine would you say is likely to be used first? >> i think pfizer. they have filed their eua and i think that will be given on december 11th. i don't know december 11th for sure but that's my best guess. >> bill: would you take it? >> i'd have to look at the data but based on what i've seen, i would. >> bill: think you for your time. we are watching a developing story here in new york city come up to one nypd officers shot a bit earlier today. we will get you an update about what happened on the scene and how they are doing at the moment. seattle's police union it is morning there could be a rise in violent crime and longer response times after the city council voted to slash the department's budget. details on what they will do now, next. he's ♪ ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> bill: we are still there at the moment. also restaurant owners took a new hit in california, covid restrictions are tightening nationwide and this is not going over well. ♪ veterans, record low mortgage rates have now fallen even lower. by refinancing at newday you can save $3000 a year every year. with their va streamline refi, there is no income verification
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>> bill: at 3:31 p.m. here in new york, a big day for the
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stock market, 401(k) hanging on about 30,000 for the first time ever. analysts say it's partly because of progress on the vaccine, lots of good news on that front. also word that president-elect biden will nominate former fed chair janet yellen to be as treasury secretary, but as a coronavirus cases rise and crackdowns continue, many businesses are struggling. by the day. jeff paul, santa monica, california, with that story now. >> bill, a lot of restaurants here in l.a. county have spent a lot of their own very precious resources and money to make sure they can have out outdoor dining, they've built decks and have tables out here, barriers to bring in some business and now they feel like they are being punished because of other restaurants not following the rules exactly and sticking to those health protocols. the local health department here in l.a. county says it really comes down to a surgeon recent cases in the area, and that some people are eating with multiple households at times without a mask.
12:33 pm
>> while there is high compliance in the majority of our restaurants, we have a few thousand restaurants that are not in compliance, particularly on the distancing requirement which can create additional risk for exposure. >> some of those restaurants are not going down without a fight. the california restaurant association filed a court order today to stop the ban on outdoor dining which takes effect tomorrow at 10:00 p.m. a judge has since dismissed about and we are learning of at least ron restaurant group who has filed a lawsuit to stop the action and within that lawsuit they write that the county's order could actually spread the virus and make it even worse. they see the restaurants will be forced to lay off employees who will then most likely spend their spare time meeting with family and friends. restaurants out here is a part of that is definitely true, there will be some layoffs because of this. >> it's just been devastating.
12:34 pm
now that we have to close the outside, we will have to tell 11 of our employees to go home. how are they going to pay their bills? >> now one city within l.a. county is not going to be banning outdoor dining, at least not yet. that's the city of pasadena because they have their own health department and they will be watching the numbers on a daily basis and make a decision for that particular community. >> bill: and they are going to get some business. i think you jeff paul, let's bring in matt schlapp, chairman of the american conservative union and chris hahn, former aide to chuck schumer and host of the aggressive progressive podcast. gentlemen, how are you? a good day to both of you. we got some good news out there, the dow at 30k and the vaccines are on the way and here's the president earlier today. speak to the stock market just broke 30,000, it's never been broken, that number, that's a sacred number. 30,000, nobody thought they would ever see it. that's the ninth time since the
12:35 pm
beginning of 2020 and it's the 40th time that we have broken records during the trump administration. i just want to congratulate all the people within the administration of work so hard and most importantly i want to congratulate the people of our country because there are no people like you. >> bill: it's are two things they are, the vaccine and the dow both on my watch, that was the message from the briefing room today. >> i think the president deserves to spiked the ball here to a large extent. trump-autonomic's worked out very well, not just wall street which had an uneasy relationship but also for regular americans that work hard for a living. average american saw their take-home pay go up and that's because real wages went up and also taxes and regulations went down. i think when it comes to this unbelievable period of time that we've had to deal with with the
12:36 pm
coronavirus, i think, look. this is american ingenuity on display for the world. the communists gave us this menace, but look. it took a free society and an open economy to come up with these medical therapies. we know of two and we know of others that have helped heal people. >> bill: i look at the dow, chris, we passed 20,000 only three years and ten months ago. and now, we are up by 50% yet again. >> the biden bounce, let's call it what it is. remember how biden took credit for the stock market them and if he got elected president? you have to give president give president-elect biden some credit for this too, but that said, most americans don't really care about wall street, they care about main street and president trump had let main street down. president trump has let main so
12:37 pm
it's time to move past it. >> bill: that forecast for the vaccine will be out there very soon as we mentioned a few moments ago. here is governor cuomo, gentleman, he did an about-face and a significant way. he's going to have thanksgiving with his mom no more. roll this. >> my plan was to be with my mother and two of my daughters. which would have been for people, which is well within the ten people that we said. but it's also not smart for me to be with my mother, because i'm working. with the senior citizen. >> bill: of elise stefanik said, is arrogance knows no bounds. i think you could probably say that about new york and about
12:38 pm
california. and about a lot of places during this period >> you could. it seems like the worst job you have done at the pandemic level, the more likely you are to get an award. i don't know why it's so conflicting to decide whether or not to spend thanksgiving with his mother, i think that's his personal choice. he should do what he thinks is safe and what he thinks it's write. all americans should. my wife mercedes and i have five children and in the commonwealth of virginia all seven of us can't eat together at a table in a public restaurant because our governor has decided by decree that only six people in a family can sit together so i have to put one of my children at a separate table. this is the insanity of the moment. the american people are using their masks, practicing safe social distancing, and make sure they are being hygienic. but there comes a point when the boot of government is extreme and the people with the boots on and are hypocrites. at the mayor of chicago, the
12:39 pm
governor of california. >> bill: just ask the restaurant owners and the employers who work there. chris, go ahead a period >> governor cuomo is doing the responsible thing and not having thanksgiving with his mother. the president of the united states, meanwhile, who has had several super-spreader events at his white house will now have holiday parties at the white house which will continue to spread coronavirus to his friends and supporters. let's talk about what's really going on in america. we had a trump administration that has been absentee on trying to lead us on how we should behave during covid-19 stop the spread and protect ourselves and our friends and her family. if donald trump took a lesson from andrew cuomo, we would all be out a better place right now. donald trump has failed and american people have sent him packing. >> actually is dr. fauci said under oath that the president took his advice that each and every step in this whole
12:40 pm
pandemic response. those folks, talk about super-spreader's. they don't talk about it when it's a republican or conservative event, they don't talk about gavin newsom's dinner, they don't talk about chuck schumer running into the street without his mask on. >> bill: we talked about it time and time again. >> you know how bad it was personally, so let's stop pretending the president of the right thing. he did not. >> bill: should we give the governor another enemy? >> look. i don't think political people should be getting anis. but i guess his conferences were well watched. >> bill: the same group gave al gore an enemy. >> where's mine? >> bill: it's coming. a leading republican with a warning on what government could look like if democrats control the house and senate. again the republicans hold the line?
12:41 pm
we talk to an incoming republican congress freshman about that. >> if democrats take over the senate, bernie sanders will be chairman of the budget committee in the united states senate. you know what, i may not be your cup of tea out there but let me tell you this, i'm a lot better than bernie sanders when it comes to her money. so a lot is at stake. ♪ [ engines revving ] ♪ it's amazing to see them in the wild like th-- shhh. [ engine revs ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive.
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♪ >> bill: democrats with a small majority in the house next year. at the moment they are said to have 222 seats but with nine racist or left, the republicans to keep that number down and close. i will bring in republican congressmen out of texas, south west dallas and served on the national security council for president trump in the air force. thank you for your service.
12:46 pm
congratulations on your win and welcome to the program here today. >> bill, good afternoon, thank you for having me. >> bill: i don't think anybody called this house to be as close as it was. how did so many people miss it? >> look at taxes. they spent millions of dollars in taxes a big blue wave here and we rejected that. we won every single seat contested and going back with the same numbers and gained across the country. and i think the president and taxes, are you listening, but we were and especially when it comy and other policies that we wanted to reject and keep our py high. >> bill: why did you win? >> well, i come from a great district. we produce oil, gas and tremendous amount of agriculture. those are security things and we need a voice in washington to stand up to continue on the path to energy and it looks like we are. >> bill: interesting to biden
12:47 pm
doctrine versus trump doctrine and there will be a microscope on this now. john kerry came to the microphone and said with regard to climate change, no country alone can solve this crisis. he said who are right to rejoin the paris accord and talked about the u.s. getting 13% of global emissions. how is that going to go over? >> it is ridiculous first off to think that the u.s. is doing anything other than leading the way on this. and a tremendous amount of energy but we have lowered harmful emissions to record breaking levels in the last 30 years. national security depends on a couple of things but one first and foremost producing affordable, reliable energy of which my district and what my district will do. >> bill: okay, but we are going back to the paris accord. what is the impact of that? >> what it means to americans
12:48 pm
and the 10 million americans who spend their lives in the oil and gas and energy business is it means we will put more regulations and make it more difficult for those folks to keep us strong, to keep our industry industry has been number one oil and gas producer of the world which affects all of our lives. by the way, the message to the liberal agenda is that we have raised a billion people out of poverty in the last ten years. we didn't need the paris accord to help us do that. >> bill: lindsey graham, by the weight republicans don't gain a lot unless you keep the senate. lindsey graham talked about that short that short-term. >> if we lee's ohmic lose these two senate seats in georgia, pelosi will run the house, the senate d the president will fall short and biden gets to be president, you will have pelosi, chuck schumer and biden, that is from for big government. a nightmare for conservatism and the end of checks and balances.
12:49 pm
>> bill: you have to win them both. will that happen? >> well come i think so. right now the state of georgia is helping the president seeking the legal consultation to count every single legal vote and making sure that system is ready to go. but when you look at the seats that we have won across the country come i think georgia will speak up into the right thg january 5th. nc graham is right we don't need big government like energy, butd about john kerry having a position that will not be confirmed by the senate. we need john cornyn, ted cruz to ask hard questions to see what his qualifications are and if he is ready to stand by a country where in the last four years we have made major gains in economy and national security. >> bill: for many people wonder why george is close in the first thing. we will see if that is the case in january. sir, have a good turkey day. thank you for your time, the
12:50 pm
congressman in texas thank you. we need some ideas what to cook this year peter doocy has a ton. he had so many he wrote a book about it. his new cook book "happy in a hurry." we will see him next. thank you, buddy, come on in. research shows people remember commercials with nostalgia. so to help you remember that liberty mutual customizes your home insurance, here's one that'll really take you back. wow! what'd you get, ryan? it's customized home insurance from liberty mutual! what does it do bud? it customizes our home insurance so we only pay for what we need! and what did you get, mike? i got a bike. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis
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♪ >> bill: to give thanks for the vaccine and therapies that will soon and the pandemic. it is just such a tremendous feeling to know that they are coming and they will be coming probably starting next week or shortly thereafter. speai think we will have 40 miln vaccines at the hand of the year and to vaccinate 20 million people. but then it will continue through january and february and hopefully by march, we will see
12:55 pm
vaccine available for the general public. >> bill: the stock market, the 401(k) that dell's urging and hanging onto 30,000. we will see in a moment whether we close above that mark, with the vaccine and word about janet yellen serving as treasury secretary. all of the drive in the market today. good news. president trump, annual turkey pardon. and retire to the home state of ireland and only one declared the national thanksgiving turkey we saw from the rose garden. >> i hereby grant you a full pardon. thank you. [applause] >> well done. it says in the teleprompter, speaking of turkeys, fox & friends cohost steve. with bacon braided smoked turkey breast, the coauthor of the book, happy in a hurry, how are you doing?
12:56 pm
>> doing okay. >> bill: you look great, the first thing i will say and say hello to your wife. >> she is a big fan. >> bill: i'm a big fan of her also so. what is this creation? >> i don't know if you heard about it but this thanksgiving during a pandemic will be a little different than any thanksgiving we have had before. you know, a lot of people are downsizing. for instance, my kids will be someplace else. peter doocy outside of joe biden's house and in delaware. my daughter will be elsewhere so it is just my wife and i. we are like a lot of people in the country who one or two people and so a lot of people rather than 20-pound turkey, you get a 6-pound turkey breast. you take 1 pound of thick, sliced bacon and you make like a bacon weave. and all over the internet and you stick it in the open. i stuck that in the smoker for three hours. after i showed that, how to make it on fox & friends this
12:57 pm
weekend, this cookbook went to the number 2 cookbook. only the number 1 book of all time barack obama barack obama book. >> bill: no kidding. >> absolutely. there is no drumstick and that turkey. >> just use that. but how is that book doing so well? >> two things, one, think about the title. we are in a pandemic. who doesn't want to be "happy in a hurry?" but when we are so isolated for so much of the day now, we have time to think about the things that are important. what do you look forward to all day? we look forward to dinner. and so, you know, the cookbook is quick and easy food that you can make, but it taste good. a little different. so for instance the bacon breaded turkey breast but this right here. >> bill: it is like dessert. >> it is does her and infect both of these are in the holiday
12:58 pm
chapter of the cookbook. but this is one of the things that people are trying to do and that is baking and this is called -- a guy at work told me this was his favorite dessert. and what it is it is so simple to make a little meringue at the bottom, three egg whites and sugar and cream. you make it like a meringue, bake it for a while and put a layer of whipped cream on it and bill, you've got it right there. >> bill: i've got a fork and i'm 6 feet away. you will be home with kathy, right? and your kids will be on the computer unconsumed chapped or what? >> for father's day we did a zoom chat and it was different but we are okay with that but we will never have another pandemic like this but listen as a father of three grown children, this has been a crazy year. my daughter, sally, we have been planning a year and a half a big wedding. and we wound up with ten people and that is all it took because
12:59 pm
the core of both of our families, peter doocy, and sally has said to this day, you know what if i can do it all over again, i would just have ten people. things are just different. so next year will be better. christmas could be a little bumpy but when you think about it, if your kids are at home right now, first of all, they make a mess. you have to clean up after them and there is always an argument what to watch. >> bill: i think the wedding story, really, that is a life lesson. >> absolutely. you know, as the father of the bride, i've always regret the idea of having to pay for a big wedding. but as it turned out we went from 150 people to ten. and i would say four years to have the big wedding. and i thought sally would be heartbroken, but the way it turned out, so important and the family was there. that was the important thing.
1:00 pm
>> bill: happy thanksgiving to you. i will be diving and that in a moment and i hope you sell a million more cookbooks. >> if that happens i will be "happy in a hurry." >> bill: no doubt about it great to see you. check us out tomorrow 3:00 eastern come a big day. >> neil: dow jones 30,000 and no food for thought play on words and two anchors hooking up food, that is a whole nother issue, but this is a record issue. we have never seen that dow 30 so high. other average markets near record and so all of this is based on rolling optimism not only a number of vaccine candidates out there, but that there is going to be an orderly transfer of power. so it looks like everything is coming up roses or at least -- welcome everybody, i am neil c


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