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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 16, 2020 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> for a long time, for decades in these democrat run cities, the they have designed a system that no one has challenged, where it's been rife with fraud. >> want to get down to the votes, let's pick pennsylvania. we identified 632,000 illegal votes. jillian: it is monday, november 16th. team trump says election results will be overturned based on wide widespread fraud, the president making it clear he has not conceded. we're live in washington with more on evidence promised by the president's lawyers. jillian: several states reimposing coronavirus restrictions, some urging americans to cancel thanksgiving as joe biden advisors preview big changes we could see from their white house response. carley carley: and the hero of police officer who got a call his own house was on fire as he risked his life to save his family. jillian: "fox & friends first" continues right now.
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♪ you start me up, i'll never stop, never stop. jillian: good morning. it is monday. it is another week. carley: sure is. welcome to the week, jillian and everybody out there. jillian: you're watching "fox & friends first" on this monday. i'm jillian mele. carley: i'm carley shimkus. the 2020 election will be overturned, that's the message from president trump's team. in a fox news interview, rudy giuliani claims to have evidence of widespread voter fraud. jillian: griff jenkins has more. president trump refuses to concede. >> reporter: in trump fashion, it wasn't a formal concession, the president appeared to come close when he tweeted this. he said he won because the election was rigged. no vote watchers allowed, vote tabulated by dominion with a bad
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reputation and bum equipment that couldn't qualify for texas which i won by a lot. the fake and silent media and a more. 20 minutes later, he clarified the tweet adding he won in the eyes of the fake news media. i concede nothing. we have a long way to go. this was a rigged election. this as the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, telling maria bartiromo that the president did not concede and he continued making claims of widespread voter fraud, without providing evidence. watch. >> you want to get down to the votes, let's take pennsylvania. we have identify 632,000 illegal votes. 632,000. it's enough to have the president win the state by 300,000. which is actually what he won it by. >> reporter: giuliani saying they will be back in court in pennsylvania this week, arguing these allegations and more, despite the trump lawsuits failing to gain much traction
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there. former president obama putting pressure on president trump to concede. >> it is your job to put the country first and think beyond your own ego and your own interests and your own disappointments. my advice to president trump is if you want at this late stage in the game to be remembered as somebody who put country first, it's time for you to do the same thing. >> reporter: meanwhile, president-elect biden's incoming chief of staff, ron klain, says congress cannot wait to act now on covid relief. >> i mean, we need action during the lame duck. there's a lot of things that are going to have to wait until joe biden is president. but this is not one of them. >> reporter: and we'll see president-elect biden today along with vice president-elect harris addressing the state of the economy in remarks this afternoon in wilmington. carley, jillian. carley: thank you, griff. as the legal fight forges ahead, ken starr says we need to let
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the legal system play out. >> our system is designed to check, let's check it out. a lawsuit was filed just on wednesday in michigan. let's let this process run. the lawsuit was filed by the legendary lin wood in georgia, don't mess with lin wood. let's find out. in the united states we allow the jury to hear all the evidence and that's what happening right now. don't rush to judgment. it's important, especially given the fact that so tens of americans feel right now disen franchised. so let's get the facts in, allow the litigation to run its course. carley: two republican governors have come out urging the president to begin the transition process with president-elect biden. several states order new restrictions as the u.s. surpasses 11 million confirmed cases of covid-19.
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ashley strohmier joins us live as president-elect biden's team pushes back against talks of a lockdown. ashley. >> reporter: good morning. reports suggest the pace of the covid-19 pandemic has sped up after 1 million new cases popped up from just eight days ago. that's the fastest rate since the pandemic started. the latest numbers show more than 11 million cases and as i said with that 1 million new cases in just a week, this is forcing some states to impose tougher restrictions. washington, for instance, a few of the new covid-19 rules include restaurants only doing outdoor dining, gyms have to be shut down, parties to five or fewer people. they are allowing religious services and offices to stay open at 25% capacity. >> we have a pandemic raging across our state. left unchecked, it will assuredly result in grossly overburdened hospitals. left unchecked, we will see
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continued untold numbers of deaths. we will not allow these things to happen. >> reporter: and here's some reaction to the new restrictions. take a listen. >> being a private facility, i'm able to monitor and control my level of traffic and screen my clients. >> i think it's necessary. in my opinion. it will affect my business. i know. but it will affect it more if everybody gets sick. >> reporter: and just yesterday michigan governor gretchen whitmer said in-person classes at high schools and colleges across the state will be suspended for three weeks. this along with eat-in dining and bars. the last time whitmer imposed restrictions she was struck down by the michigan supreme court for violating her constitutional authority. presumptive president-elect biden's covid-19 team pushed back on lockdown suggestions. >> if we just lock down the entire country without targeting our efforts, we are going to exacerbate the pan he --
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pandemic fatigue people are feeling, you will shut down jobs and the economy, we will hurt children in education. >> reporter: they said the healthcare system is at the end of its rope. >> i think it is the healthcare system's breaking, literally breaking that will unfortunately bring us to a sense of reality of what we must do in the short term. >> reporter: hospitals around the u.s. are saying they are running low on beds and nurses for covid-19 patients forcing some to set up overflow facilities. this is in large and small towns and cities alike. jillian: thank you for the update. carley: new york govern for andrew cuomo is threatening to sue president trump if the coronavirus vaccine is not distributed fairly. >> if the trump administration does not change this plan and does not provide an equitable vaccine process, we will enforce
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our legal rights. we will bring he legal action to protect new yorkers. carley: cuomo voiced doubt about a vaccine released under the trump administration, saying he wants the state to independently verify it before it's distributed. firing back, president trump threatened to put new york on the back burner when the vaccine is ready. jillian: the president's supporters marched in d.c. this weekend as violence erupted with counter protesters, leading to 21 arrests including one man charged with throwing fireworks at trump supporters. kimberley klacik joined us earlier and said more action needs to be taken. >> to hear there was only 21 arrests made was shocking to me because you saw so many people that were involved. it sets a dangerous precedent across the country. the bad actors know you can come to democrat controlled cities and cause chaos and basically get a slap on the writes.
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jillian.jillian: rob smith wast saturday's hallly. he said -- rally. he said the president's supporters have been dehumanized by the left, that violence against them has become an acceptable norm. >> the dangerous thing is these people have been so dehumanized, that they become the targets of violence. when the sun went down over d.c. last night it descended into chaos and lawlessness. i got back to my hotel room. i was watching a lot of this stuff play out from my window and i watched it play out on the internet. it's very sad that you have antifa and the far left and the blm types think that it is completely appropriate to harass, bully, terrorize, and assault people just because of who they voted for in the presidential election. jillian: here's a recap of how much time was spent covering the
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chaos. cnn spent 15 minutes on it. msnbc, nearly five minutes and the other networks, just seconds. carley: an oklahoma police officer being hailed a hero after saving his own family from their burning home. police say officer anthony louie was responding to a call, not realizing it was his own home in flames. the officer running through the engulfed porch to saving his two -- save his two sons. he was hospitalized with second and third degree burns but is expected to be okay. god bless him. jillian: house leaders are discouraging fellow democrats from taking a job in president-elect biden's cabinet. the new york post reports party leaders like nancy pelosi wants them to stay put so they can maintain their majority in the house. one source says the biden transition team was told to not poach their members. pelosi's team denies the claim. carley: justin johnson finished
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off a historic masters performance with a win on sunday, the lowest to par in master's his tri. jillianhistory.jillian: he gota congratulations from his girlfriend before shedding a tear. the margin of victory was the largest since tiger woods' victory at the '97 masters, woods awarded johnson his green jacket. shedding a tear is not exactly accurate. he was full-on emotional. it was cool to watch. carley: getting a jacket from tiger woods, you'll never forget that moment. the president says he never conceded and the legal team claims to have proof to overturn the results. do they have a case? the national security you law and a policy expert joins us next. jillian: how the new england patriots paid tribute to our heroes during last night's win against the ravens.
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so he is pro testing it vigorously. as he gets more evidence of the rigging that has gone on, he's outraged. carley: joining us now, chief counsel and senior advisor for the senate foreign relations committee, jameel jaffer. we have a new phase in the president's legal fight to hopefully regain control of the white house. rudy giuliani was on with maria bartiromo yesterday. he says he has proof that the election was rigged by the dominion voting machine. he calls it a far left company with ties to venezuela and china. but the department of homeland security has called this the most secure election in history. so where do you come down on this? >> well, look, i mean, if rudy's got evidence that there were votes being illegally cast, he's got to come out with it.
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rudy mentioned 630,000 votes illegally cast in pennsylvania. we're not sure what the number means. it's important for the american public to hear the evidence, bring it before court and get the case add jud adjudicated. we have a lot of appearances, not a lot of details. this is what the american people are looking for and what they need to present to the courts over the next few days. jillian: let's get a look at the ongoing lawsuits. they're outstanding in arizona, michigan and pennsylvania. keeping in mind there are outstanding and ongoing election lawsuits, former president barack obama weighed in on this on sunday morning. take a listen. >> joe biden will be the next president of the united states, kamala harris will be the next vice president. there is no legal basis. >> he's getting support from members of the republican party who are not challenging him. >> that has been disappointing. but it's been sort of par for the course during these four years.
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jillian: i'm curious your take on what he had to say. because you hear him saying there's no legal basis. to your point you just made a minute ago, if they do have evidence that, as you said, they need to start showing this, because the american people also i think deserve to know what's going on. what do you think about what barack obama had to say? >> well, look, obviously president obama has a point of view. he supports vice president biden, his vice president. at the same time, republican governors like mike dewine in ohio, governor spencer cox in utah, not all of these are moderate republicans who are coming out and saying the president needs to see it through. president george w bush has acknowledged. i think it's uncouple bent for -- incumbent for the american people to come together, if there's evidence of voter fraud we have to know what it is. there's limited time. the electoral college meets mid-december. there's not a lot of time for
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the president and rudy to put their case out there. if they've got a case, now's the time to make it. they're facing challenges. the election -- they withdrew from the pennsylvania case. that's a challenge for the president right now. carley: let's talk about the georgia senate race, an important of how important they are. some people including the new york times' tom freedman encouraged people to move to georgia to vote in the election. something tells me that's not necessarily legal. >> that's exactly right. it is against georgia law to move into georgia simply for the purpose of voting in an election. if you move to georgia, you have a plan to stay there and a make it your residence, you're allowed to vote there. you have to demonstrate that intent. that's georgia state law, the law in almost every state in the union, you can't just move somewhere to vote. it's completely inappropriate. it's a very important election. the people of georgia should decide that.
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the two senate seats will be extremely important. jillian: thank you for your insight, your time. carley: the time is now 19 minutes after the hour. americans are facing growing calls to stay home this thanksgiving. but a new study shows a large number planning to ignore that advice. jillian: and four astronauts blasting into orbit as spacex blasts into history books. what it means for the commercial -- for the future of commercial space flight. >> ignition, liftoff. today's ways of working may work differently tomorrow.
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ignition, blastoff. carley: nasa as h astronauts me history. cheryl casone joins us with more on the mission. good morning,. cheryl: it was an exciting moment and a victory for spacex's chief, elon musk. nasa designated the launch as the first operational flight of the crew dragon spacecraft that was built and operated by spacex. this ushers in a new era of publish/private partnership. robert zubrin joined you earlier and weighed in on the launch. >> spacex has not only done the capsule. they cut the cost of space travel by a factor of five. this will open up travel to march. cheryl: they will stay at the space station for five months.
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carley: we heard a lot of people are heading out of new york city. cheryl: more than 300,000 residents have permanently fled nenew york city as crime, homelessness, dirty streets, quality of life issues have emerged during the pandemic. the residents filed change of address forms. the west side has the biggest exodus that had over 9,000 change of address. jillian: a lot of people trying to figure out what they're doing for thanksgiving. cheryl: a lot of people may not be making good decisions about thanksgiving as covid-19 rages on, a new study shows 38 americans will participate with thanksgiving with 10 or more family members. 27% said they would not social distance, as daily confirmed cases recently hit 180,000.
2:26 am
obviously, health officials across the country, including dr. fauci, are saying you might want to skip it. carley: it's a crazy year. thanksgiving is going to to be a different one for many people across the country. cheryl, thanks so much. jillian: still ahead, oregon's governor threatening jail time and fines for those who violate covid-19 restrictions. that has some asking where was this hard nosed response when antifa was destroying parts of portland. tom homan joins us next. carley: pfizer racing to get a covid-19 vaccine out to the american people. one trial volunteer's experience next. >> my arm was extremely sore, kind of like when you have a flu shot and the next day i was pretty fatigued.
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>> it's a very dangerous situation. and our hospitals have been sounding the alarm. if we want to give oregon a fighting chance, we must take further measures to flatten the curve now. jillian: oregon governor kate brown announcing a mini-shut down that will carry hefty penalties from fines to jail time. many are asking where was this during violent protests. tom homan joins us now. let's take a look at the fines for violating the two week freeze. that includes up to 30 days in jail or up to $1,250 fine or both. you know, a lot of people are saying this is a bit of a double standard here. what do you say? >> i say it is a double standard. i say it's hi hypocrisy at the highest level. where were these rules, where was this executive order during
2:31 am
the protests that turned violent? where was these rules when you had looters and people burning things down and spitting on cops and assaulting cops. there were very few arrests, very few prosecutions, because they said they had the right to peacefully protest. the governor should read the first amendment. not only does it give you the right to peacefully pr protest d gather and petition your government, it also gives the right to gather for religious freedoms. for her to say you can't go to religious or family events, it's ignoring the first amendment. i don't think the governor has the right to overrule the first amendment. jillian: you feel for the business owners where their businesses were shut down for a few months back in the spring and with a lot of rioting and protests going on, businesses were destroyed and people are trying to make a living the best they can and now they're faced with more restrictions. >> i just don't think the governor has the authority to
2:32 am
supersede someone's individual rights under the constitution. this governor -- let's face the fact. she has failed the state and that's just not a political statement by me. if you look at what occurred in that state the past year, she refused government help from president trump, the riots have continued in portland. they never went away even though she said it's president trump and the federal agent's fault that the protests and riots got out of control but they're still going on. they ignored antifa, they ignored black lives matter and the actions they've taken, they want to vilify the law abiding citizens, the taxpayers of the state. jillian: there are protests and things going on across the country. we saw them in d.c. over the weekend. the president calling them out, blasting them, after the marchs that were there and you saw the counter protesters, we're showing the video on our screen, out there throwing fireworks and harassing people. >> it's ridiculous, where black lives matter and antifa think
2:33 am
they have the right to protest and the protests many times turn violent. the other side have no right to speak, they have no right to get out there and express their opinions. it's ridiculous. they want to call the administration, they want to call the people like myself, they want to call us nazis, they want to call us the third reich. the nazis suppressed free speech. that's what antifa does. they don't want the other side to be heard which is ridiculous. we need to hold antifa accountable, we need to find out who is funding them and hold them accountable and the president directed the fbi to investigate them, how they operate, who is funding this and hold them accountable. charge them with crimes. zero tol tolerance. if you want to stop this, let the police do their jobs. if you step out-of-line, you burn something, you attack someone, you're arrested and prosecuted. let the police do their job. you see the out-of-hand protests
2:34 am
diminish. jillian: running of out of time but i want to get your opinion on this. new york federal judge ruled that acting secretary dhs chad wolf was not lawfully serving when he suspended daca applications, saying his role and position in doing that was invalid. what do you know about this and what does this mean? >> i say the judge didn't read the homeland security act of 2002 that was passed by congress, specifically section 103 that gives the secretary exclusive authority to determine the order of succession within the department. that's what happened. i think the judge is relying on gao's finding that was done illegally. let me tell you something, gao is partisan. because they say something, doesn't make it right. i've dealt with gao for 30 years. when the ig comes into an investigation, they say nothing has occurred, everything is fine. the democratic members of congress say okay, let's go to gao. all of a sudden they find thing. gao finds things because it's a matter of their existence.
2:35 am
if they don't find problems, they don't get funded. gao is partisan, inaccurate most of the time. the judge should rely on the homeland security act of 2002 rather than the findings of the gao which are wrong. jillian: tom, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. have a good day. carley: pfizer's covid-19 vaccine could be up to 90% effective and widely available by early spring. the medical breakthrough is possible thanks to brave volunteers willing to risk everything to keep america healthy. one of them, tricia rim, joined us earlier to share her experience. >> the only side effects that i had were my arm was extremely sore, kind of like when you have a flu shot and the next day i was pretty fatigued, more than normal as a stay at home mom. other than that, nothing that stuck out. carley: johnson & johnson is launching a two dose trial of its vaccine. dr. jeanette nesheiwat weighed in earlier on which one is
2:36 am
better to take. >> we know firsthand, we learned so much these past six months, large crowds, lack of social distancing, this is grounds for transmission. these are breeding grounds for transmission of the virus, could potentially be a super spreader event. we have to take precautions. carley: johnson & johnson hopes to have up to 60,000 people in its trial. now onto extreme weather. hurricane iota intensifying overnight as it takes aim for central america. it's expected to hit as an extremely dangerous category 4 storm, bringing winds up to 145 mites an hour. in nic nicaragua residents are evacuating with iota expected to bring up to 15 feet of storm surge. adam klotz is tracking that storm for us right now. what's the latest? >> good morning, carley. you said it, category 4 hurricane, possibly even a category 5 hurricane. this is going to be a big, powerful storm, it's going to do a lot of damage across portions
2:37 am
of northern nicaragua, up into hon dihonduras. it's a very strong eye wall. you see it right in the center. the timing of this particular system is it's going to approach the coastline over the course of today, before eventually making landfall late tonight, into early tomorrow morning. this is now midnight when you're beginning to run up along the coastline. this is a mount us in part of -- of ---it brings a lot of rain to high area, that will continue to be a problem. it's been a busy, active season. this is our 30th named storm, our 13th hurricane, our sixth major hurricane and there are still two weeks left. so there's still an opportunity we could see another storm or two before the season's over of. back to you. carley: right now, it's all about hurricane iota. adam, thanks for keeping us updated. jillian: thanks, adam. the patriots saluting the
2:38 am
military sunday, sporting helmet decals in honor of fallen soldiers. the team dedicated the matchup with the ravens as their salute to service game. they beat baltimore. carley: . the time is 38 minutes after the hour. chuck schumer exposing the real reason democrats want to flip georgia. >> now we take georgia, then we change america. carley: one of the democratic candidates isn't seeing eye to eye. raphael warnock's blunt message to the democratic leader, next. ♪ we didn't start the fire. ♪
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jilliancarley: raphael warnock slamming chuck schumer insisting the state's runoff races are about more than control of the senate. >> this race is not about me and chuck schumer's name is not
2:42 am
on the ballot. healthcare is on the ballot. this i race is about the people. carley: warnock faces incumbent republican, kelly loeffler. joe biden will likely head to georgia soon to campaign for both candidates in the senate runoff. >> i think you'll see the president-elect campaign as we get closer to election day. we'll put resources there to help the candidates win. i'm hopeful we can win the seats. carley: he did not say when biden will likely visit the state. alexandria ocasio-cortez and stacy abrams have started fund raising initiatives to support the campaigns. senator perdue and ossoff spoke out sunday morning about what's at stake in the high profile race. >> these seats are the last line of defense against the liberal socialist agenda the democrats will perpetrate.
2:43 am
you heard schumer say last week if we take georgia, we change america. we heard aoc say we have to have those two seats because they don't want to negotiate, they want total control. schumer will change the rules in the senate so they can do anything they want. >> what we're feeling for the first time in four years is hope, is recognition that with trump departing we have the opportunity to define the next chapter in american history, to lead out of this crisis but only by winning these senate seats. carley: the runoff elections take place january 5th. still ahead, bill de blasio says new york city schools will open today after leaving parents, students and teachers in the lurch all weekend. jillian: a state assemblyman says schools aren't the problem, bad leadership is. he joins us with his message, next. odi air fry oven. make family-sized meals fast. and because it's a ninja foodi, it can do things no other oven can, like flip away.
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>> good morning, everybody. coming up on "fox & friends," 13 minutes from now on this channel, we have georgia congressman doug collins on the latest on the recount in georgia. also, rudy takes the lead in the president's post election legal fight, saying they have new evidence. do they have a strong case? joe biden catching flak for silence after counter protesters attack trump supporters at the million maga march on saturday. we have ben domenech about that. plus, hhs secretary alex azar gives us an update on the battle against covid. plus, john rich, lawrence jones, carol markwits from the new york post and you. so put down that remote. we will be with you very shortly. in the meantime, back to "fox & friends" first and here's
2:48 am
carley. the school is not spreading the virus or if the school has a much lower positivity rate than the surrounding area, then the school is not part of the problem. and you could argue keeping the children in the school is part of the solution. carley: well, governor cuomo and mayor bill de blasio appear at odds over how to handle coronavirus when it comes to kids in school. mayor de blasio delaying a city-wide school shutdown for now. what is the best way to navigate rising cases while putting our children's education first? new york state assemblyman mike lapetri joins me to discuss. there are rising cases in new york city. when it does hit 3%, the mayor could shut down the nation's largest school system once again. what are your thoughts on a second shutdown? >> well, let me first just say
2:49 am
this. while cases have risen, hospitalizations and deaths have remained virtually flat. since the onset of covid we developed new therapeutics, hospitals are stocked with ppe ultimately, i think de blasio has no clue what's been going on since day one. i mean, this is what happens when you elect a see saw mayor who is up one day, down another. mark my words, if schools do close, our children will be the collateral damage, their mental health, social risks and educational atrophy of children sitting at home especially during the winter is beyond measure. students need to be in school so parents can focus on returning to work in a safe manner. carley: and you know, while bill de blasio has signaled that he might shut down the entire school system, cuomo, governor cuomo is urging him to take a more strategic approach, only shut down the schools where the
2:50 am
positivity rates are highest. do you think that could be the solution to this problem? >> i think that focusing on areas rather than as a whole is always a better solution. i mean, you're better off looking at it from a case by case basis instead of doing one size fits all approach and i would have to say that i think by targeting a certain area, identifying the reasons behind certain cases rising is a better solution overall. carley: you know, meantime, there is a big dispute going on between president trump and governor cuomo over the vaccine rollout and the governor made a lot of media appearances over the weekend. take a listen to a portion of what he had to say. >> it's not that people don't trust the vaccine company. americans are worried about political interference in the vaccination process. we have to get into the black and brown community. we have to educate them. there's going to be a lot of distrust about this vaccine. the vaccine will only work if people trust the government
2:51 am
enough to take it. carley: what are your thoughts on this dispute? president trump says that the vaccine could be rolled out in april but if new yorkers want to get it the governor may have to eat some crow and say he was wrong to distrust the trump administration's rollout of this vaccine. >> yeah, cuomo thinks he likes to write the book on political leadership. yet he refuses to take any responsibility for the deaths of thousands of our most vulnerable citizens in nursing homes. he wants to play politics with the vaccine. i say not a chance. let the people decide. let the people decide if they want to take the vaccine, let them take it. if they don't want to take it, fine. carley: i remember when governor cuomo was praising president trump over the ventilators he was able to get new york and other high need states and the navy hospital ship. so it's been quite some time since that moment of
2:52 am
bipartisanship unfortunately. we want to thank you for joining us this morning. thanks so much. jillian: fireworks and fists flying at this weekend's million maga march. even after the violence played out, senator bernie sanders says most americans support a far left agenda. fox nation host rachel campos duffy is live to react, next. ♪ hese beautiful idaho potato recipes are just side dishes, then i'm not a real idaho potato farmer. genuine idaho potatoes not just a side dish anymore. always look for the grown in idaho seal.
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♪ jillian: violence erupting in our nation's capitol. rioters causing after a pro-trump rally. police erupted suspect with fireworks attack. host of moms on fox news rachel campos-duffy. good to see you this morning. rachel: good morning, jillian, always good to see you. jillian: let's go ahead and take a look at the outcome of what happened in d.c. over the weekend. you see there were 21 arrests on saturday. four officers injured. one stabbing victim. rachel, your response to the video that you saw happening? i mean, it was coming out pretty fast and furious on saturday evening. >> yeah. it sure was. listen, all day we were seeing these beautiful images of what a real peaceful protest looks like, people singing in the street. waving their flags. singing the national anthem. just joyous. and no -- you know, no violence. you didn't see any business
2:57 am
owners worried about these protesters. but then come night fall the bad elements came out from the other side. and i had been waiting, jillian, to see if joe biden or any of his people even on the sunday shows were going to be asked about this violence towards peaceful protesters on the other side. peaceful americans who simply have another point of view. nobody is asking joe biden about this. and he is claiming to be the leader of unity and if you can't put a comment on this or urge comment on this you can't claim to be the leader of unity. we saw all summer, jillian. not only with these people out and destroying businesses but celebrities and even of many of joe biden and kamala harris' staff members were contributing the bailout fund to get these people out. so they're empowered.
2:58 am
they are celebrated and that's why we see nothing happening here. by the way, the mayors of these cities have -- bear a lot of responsibility. why are the police officers not empowered to put this down quicker? and i think what is going to happen and you saw many videos, jillian of people getting punched in the head, coming up from behind. hitting women, hitting children. this has been absolutely outrageous. and if the police officers and the mayors don't do something about this. people are going to take it into their own hands. and then we are really going to have problems. jillian: the right of people to protest is such an important part of our country. let's talk about the direction of the democratic party. bernie sanders said yesterday that the american people desire his far left agenda. take a listen. >> when you are talking about expanding healthcare to all people as a human right, when you talk about effectively taking on climate change. when you talk about making public colleges and universities
2:59 am
tuition free, these are not far left ideas. these are common sense ideas that the majority of the american people support. carley: you look at the house races that democrats lost and that sort of tells a different story. what's your reaction. >> absolutely. the election 100 percent true that the american people do not want socialism. and there is a very good reason why. socialism has never worked it. doesn't lift anybody out of poverty it. never gives opportunity. it always leads to less growth it. always leads to political repression, which we are already seeing a lot of. and people don't want it. i mean, the green new deal is a perfect example. shall bernie sanders and his protege alexandria ocasio-cortez claim to be on the side of working americans. the green new deal will destroy working class jobs. it will make housing more expensive. it will make heating your home more expensive. and that inevitably affects the working class and the poor.
3:00 am
the rich elite who wants these radical environmental policies. jillian: we're out of time our show is over. exclusively on fox nation. thanks for joining us. "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day, everyone. ♪ ♪ >> we have more than enough illegal ballots already documented to overturn the results. >> it's time to concede the day after the election. >> don't rush to judgment. allow the litigation to run its course. >> the far left blm think it is completely appropriate to terrorize people just because of who they voted for. >> only says we are heck tech, we are a big family. we think of ourselves as the party of the people. >> 3, 2, 1. ignition. lift off. >> four astronauts take flight


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