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tv   Watters World  FOX News  November 14, 2020 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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i know jim gray. he's part of the family. >> he's a "fox news" correspondent. greg: the decision desk calls te constitution firmly. see you next time on "life, liberty & levin." [♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. it doesn't add up. according to hillary clinton what happened? imposed to believe joe biden is going to be president of the united states? joe biden? there is something that doesn't feel right about this. you feel it, too. he didn't earn it. i didn't really campaign. he thought he was going to lose. he ran a losing campaign. so 10 days after the election, how is he ahead. let's try to put this together.
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trump was cruising to reelection. he beat mueller, he beat impeachment, he launched the hottest economy on the planet. his numbers were sky high until the china virus. biden slept through the whole summer. but the democrats had a plan,. scare americans into voting by mail. in the fall trump got sick, recovered, and smoked joe at the second debate. the hunter scandal broke, it got censored, but trump was on the march. and biden was making a lot of mistakes. he was spewing gibberish at tiny little rallies. trump trounced biden in every battlegrounds, then the states stopped count. then the next four days trump lost his lead in slow motion.
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boat loads of ballots pushed biden ahead. four days later his lead gets flipped in so-called dirty precincts in philadelphia? in everything is on the up and up, why can't we see sit. "watters' world" is going to address all the fraudal ghaightss next block, so be careful. it's like a feeling a parent gets when something happens to their child and they are not there. no enthusiasm, no ground game, no charisma, no vision, no idea. got more votes than donald trump? not only that, he got more votes than barack obama and the first
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female nominee hillary clinton and trump does 5 points better with blacks and 7 points better with hispanics and he still loses. but the rest of the republican party had a great night? something isn't adding up here. maybe biden went on the airwaves and big donors dragged him across the finish line. my instincts, something is fishy. maybe i misjudged america. the sheer volume of mail balance lots bothers me. it does. scaring voters away from the polls to vote by mail, that's how it all started. partisan government bureaucrats ordering balance lots based on
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old votedder rolls. ballot harvesting, bad idea. saying signatures don't have to match? ludicrous. and ballots coming in without postage is insane. there is too much telephone takes to fool around with mail-in ballots in the first place. the massive volume of mail ballots is too big. there are too many hands on them besides the voter. most of those hands are in big blue counties. what makes you think they wouldn't cheat him after they sheared and impeached him. they are guests on the rachel maddow show and say trump isn't
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a legitimate president. they called trump a nazi, and we are supposed to feel comfortable with their vote counts? republicans need to get a handle on these mail ballots going forward. democrats think they struck gold. they will do mass mail elections every time. republicans don't trusting this process. democrat machines counting for days after election day with no transparency and no chain of custody? absolutely not. we need to know who is president on election tonight. this can never happen again. all americans need to have confidence in our election. this needs to be sorted out. the trump campaign has every right to investigate fraud, irregularities, computer and machine glitches, sworn affidavits, all of it. we are big boys, we can take a
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loss. but we need to know if it's fair and square. when it's over this winter, i want a full audit of the election in all 50 states. appoint a commission. take a year, take two. let the lawyers go wild. democracy is too important to take the word from a creepy commissioner and cigarettes dangling from his mowlt and a biden-harris sticker on his chest. don't come too close to the count room? there is nothing to see here. i remember when democrats cared about the integrity of the election. >> this is about undermining the integrity of the our election. >> this is as continuing threat to the integrity of our elections. >> the threat to our election. it's a clear and present danger. >> leaders from both sides of
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the aisle should be joining now to insure the integrity of the election. jesse: democrats, we are going to hold you to your word. we are going to make sure the election had integrity. so sit back and be patient. you said you wanted us to be patient. democrats who didn't accept the last election, they will get to lecture republicans who don't accept this one? they investigated donald trump for three years, but they can't give donald trump three weeks to investigate corruption? hillary launched a coup. and democrats said trump wasn't even legitimately elected. >> the implication is donald trump is not a legitimate president of the united states. >> donald trump is an illegitimate president.
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>> i do think he knows that he's an illegitimate president. >> i think part of it is his own insecurity as an i am 3069er. ano d -- as an imposter. he's in that office way over his head. now democrats have the nerve to say no questions, let's wrap this up. we can't kick the tire a little after what they put us through for three years? no. it's an uphill battle, i am not going to lie, but it's a fight fighting. he needs to win the georgia recount and arizona and get help from in pennsylvania from the supreme court. there is action in wisconsin and michigan as well. but i have a feeling no matter what happens trump will be back
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in one way or another. here with reaction, former speaker of the house and author of "trump and the american future," newt gingrich. you have had about a week and a half to reflect on what we saw on election night and the days beyond. what is your feeling now? >> i think you pretty well nailed it. this is a fraud. the numbers don't make any sense. i began writing about this 10 months ago. republicans focus on campaigns, democrats focus on elections. nancy pelosi, the speaker, isn't a signal at the very beginning in 2019, h.r.1 was an outline of how to steal an election. if you look step by step, even though they haven't been able to pass it. different places have done this. i just learned today that the
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republican secretary of state ing signed a consent decree that does not allow us to check and verify absentee ballots. how insane is that? you go item after item. what they were doing is simple. everybody gets to vote as often as they want with no identity as late as they want including after the election. and all of it will be covered up so nobody will know what happened. that's the heart of the democratic party's election manual. we are watching it play out in atlanta. they are always big cities, atlanta, philadelphia, pittsburgh detroit, milwaukee. in nevada the whole state was involved because the governor and the democratic legislature passed a series of rules -- i'm told by the former attorney
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general that there are 600,000 ballots in nevada that no republican has ever seen. this has to be people shouldn't give up until every balance will the has been looked at by two human beings. one republican, the other a democrat. and we find out how many holes there are in the system. in five of the six states that are contested, you have republican legislatures. they ought to spent next year changing election laws and eliminating this stuff. in georgia, it's important because if we get senators perdue and loeffler and mcconnell is in charge of the senate, we'll be able to continue to reform things. if they win with their two radical candidates and schumer is in charge, they will pass a national bill to make the whole country behave in the crazy way
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these cities have. jesse: you are right about the state legislatures. they have to make it a priority from the jump. you cannot have tens of millions of ballots floating around. it's too much opportunity for mischief. there has always been election fraud in he election. but because it's mostly people voting in person, you don't have access and opportunity the way you have in a covid election. what the democrats i predict will do is make every national election a covid election saying this worked great for us this time, let's do it again in 2024. let's pump these states with so many ballots you won't have a chain of custody. we wanted everyone to vote and we want to make it so easy. but you are also making it easy to cheat. they have to get their hands on
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this or it will doom the republican party. a lot of this stuff is happening in the deep bluff precincts. there is -- the deep blue precincts. >> he legislature should be reminded that the constitution says explicitly it's the legislature. not the secretary of state. not the court. it's the legislature that's responsible. in these states the legislature ought to demand to be called back into special session. they ought to take charge. jesse: why aren't they doing it? why does it seem like the president's team is the only one fighting this. it seems everybody else accepted it and moved on and they don't care if there are lawsuits of fraudulent ballots cast. >> i have been active in the
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republican party for a very long time. so i think i can say with some knowledge, republicans play badminton, democrats play pro football. you know, frankly i don't understand why every one of these legislatures is not demanding to be called back into session. governor kemp refuses to call a special session. i can't for the life of me understand why a republican governor would preside over massive theft and do nothing to stop it. jesse: i agree. we are playing some football, people. joe biden preaching unity. but some of his fellow democrats are sending a contradicting message. we have to collectively burn down the republican party. because if there are survivors,
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people who weather this storm, they will do it again. >> i don't any those people should be able to profit from their experience in the trump administration and i don't think they should be forgotten. >> remember the people enabling this fraud. they must answer for defending trump's delusions. jesse: former first lady any heal obama demonized 70 million republicans. tweeting this. let's remember 70 million people voted for the status quo even though it meant supporting lies, hate, chaos and division. and alexandria ocasio-cortez pushing for black lists. candace, their idea of healing
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is them winning. they don't care about winning. their idea is shut up and watch me jam my agenda down the country's throat. >> that's right. and there can be no survivors in the republican party. this is the rhetoric you would expect from a party that has taken a hard left. this is communist-type rhetoric. they are saying all 72 million people who supported trump are irredeemable and deplorable and anything you do to them is okay. they are talking about taking people's jobs. they want a data base that says this person supported donald trump for president. and they shouldn't have a job. we are seeing them edge closer and closer to what we have been talking about for the past four years. this is not your mother and
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father's democrat party. they are hateful, angry, and seek to have revenge because they had they feel power taken from them. not because of white supremacy or racism. or misogyny. it's because of their own failures. the failures of barack obama when america believed in his vision of unity. fool america once, shame on you, but you are not going to fool us twice. if you need information on me to put into your communist data base, call me and let me know. jesse: the communist sympathizers in hollywood were put on special black lists and they couldn't work. they couldn't feed their families because of their sympathies towards communist russia. the same communist sympathizers today are creating their own
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list of trump supporters. it's not that they want to defeat you. they want to destroy you. they want to burn the party down. they don't want you to be able to put food on the table. they want to watch you hurt and feel pain. and that's pretty sick. >> it is sick. they wanted to seek to destroy this economy and america has woken up to that. trump has 10 million more voters than he had in 2016. when are they going to wage to the fact this is not a winning message for them. jesse: next, a fraud investigation. "watters' world" looks into the election legal challenges as team trump looks for a path to victory. also former vice presidential candidate sarah palin reacts to the race. - [announcer] is your hair flat, thin, and lifeless?
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>> there is no evidence of voter fraud. >> there has been no evidence of
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significant or widespread voter fraud. >> banginge banging -- banging m about voter fraud with no evidence. >> there is no evidence of widespread voter fraud. jesse: president trump is not going down without a fight. his legal team is moving full speed ahead with challenges in five states. georgia will recount all ballots by hand. in pennsylvania five legal challenges have been filed. in two victories the supreme court ruled ballots received after election day be segregated. and just thursday a state judge ruled the secretary of state lacked authority to change
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deadlines two days before the election. balance lots previously set aside will not counted. in michigan's wayne county a case was filed to block certification with several affidavits alleging fraud. ballots being sent multiple times into the scanners. ballots that couldn't be connected to a voter record. ballots being counted that had no signature. "tucker carlson tonight" documented proven cases of dead people voting. suspicious bags of ballots appeared out of nowhere. and several affidavits assert poll watchers were denies meaningful access to count rooms. the trump teamed d -- filed a
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lawsuit alleging. and alleging it would provide a more precise sampling of votes. so the question is with these le jitd ma --with niece legitiml challenges, is there a path to victory for president trump? tom, what is the most disturbing fraud allegation you have seen so far? what kind of impact do you any that will have? >> in panes vaib yea -- in penns structural fraud. 15,000 ballots were counted away from the prying eyes that would
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have an interest tonight, the president's campaign. you had the delay in counting. you had the counting that changes the results from election day that's suspect. if i am in pennsylvania and i'm a court, i would be worried about a process that of the rife with opportunities for fraud. it's the legislature of pennsylvania under the constitution that decides whether to bless this mess or not. despite the evidence of a blown election in pennsylvania in terms of process having all these mail ballots coming in and flooding a system in a way they knew was going to break it. jesse: even if just 20% of these affidavits have validity, that
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adds up testified to of fraud more than we had evidence of collusion in the last election. how do you see this playing out in the next several weeks. >> it's probably not going to play out too much longer. we have a real deadline between december 8 and december 14. the problem the president faces is they are going to be able to prove instances of fraud. if they weren't this would be the first reflects history of elections that didn't have fraud. the problem they have is there is a mismatch between the remedy they are asking for and what they will be able to prove. what tom is mentioning, under a cloud probably 650,000, 680,000 votes in pennsylvania. 1.2 million in michigan. there is no way the courts are
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going to throw out hundreds of thousands of votes in any one county because of suspect fraud. what they may do is allow more scrutiny of the pile of votes that's suspect. if you can knock out individual particularized ballots, because if there were irregularities, you would be able to do that. but they are so far behind in pennsylvania and michigan, i think it's too high a mountain to claim. jesse: i agree. but it's still worth adjudicating. would you guys agree that whether it's state legislatures or a national commission, they need to audit every state's election. they need to look at machines and see if processes were followed. this is the first election this country has ever had, more people voting by mail than
11:29 pm
people showing you have on election day. if you are going to continue to go forward in this same model as i suspect the democrats will do this. you can't have half the country being suspicious of the outcome. >> my view is the left will be happy to do that after january. this needs to be donnell by the state legislators now before they bless this compromised election in pennsylvania and georgia. is congress going to bless this? we saw election results across five states change from election night and we are going to believe it's on the up and up. jesse: newt gingrich said the state legislatures are playing badminton while the other team is playing football. the future of the republican
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party. will donald trump run again if he doesn't make it this time? and sarah palin steps into "watters' world."
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jesse: the election set new records. president trump won a record minority support for a republican. his impact on the party is huge as an outsider. so he will be shaping the republican party for many many years ahead. joining me now, florida congressman matt gaetz and ned ryun, ceo of american majority. you have national security, social conservatives, fiscal con rrs, and business community. where do you think the trump brand of populism fits into the party. >> the corporatists swooping in
11:36 pm
from the wings to see if they can push america off to the side. if you don't have trump in the white house to enforce a little strength in the spine, these guys will show up with big checks to promote their own economic interests. trump will have to figure out -- we'll have to wait to see the results of the election. but if he's not in the white house, how is he going to continue the legacy of america first. i would argue it's better to be a king maker than the actual king. jesse: if the special interests come with big economics to capitol hill, and the republicans don't play ball, they will go to biden's team. congressman gaetz *, i would
11:37 pm
love to see a third act if things don't break his way. he avenges a rigged loss. i think america would be down for that. i would think the media like they did in 2016, would love to cover a trump-biden rematch. >> i'm here to endorse the trump 2024 movement whenever the president wants to announce it. i'm only republican in congress who doesn't take any federal pac money because i find that entire process to be disgusting. joe biden said he wants to reach out to republicans. buff he's reaching out in the wrong places. the foreign policy of dick
11:38 pm
cheney and the trade policy of paul ryan. we impoverish our people with bad trade deals. the populism president trump installed in the republican party germ naits from the d gere enthusiasm of our voters. jesse: joe biden does have a history of reaching in the wrong places. gentlemen, thank you very much. i agree with both of you. was joe biden installed? many people asking that question after big tech, big media and big money dragged him across the finish line. sarah palin is here to react to former president barack obama's attacks in his new memoir. [♪] robinhood believes now is the time to do money.
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[♪] jesse: the media, democrats and pollsters all predicted a landslide and they were dead wrong. a lot of powerful interests worked together to purge populism for four years. wall street poured millions into the biden campaign. big tech, too. they circled the wagons around joe when it counted at the end. trump fought these powerful forces from the beginning, fbi, the intel agencies and pro china multi-nationals. over 70 million people cast their vote for donald trump, proving that populism and
11:44 pm
economic nationalism is far from dead. for more, i would like to bring in victor davis hanson. it seems like we did have a real crusader in the white house. we still do. he got in there on a mission. he pointed in the right direction. there was a lot of turbulence. but there is a sneaking suspicion, me and a lot of americans, that joe biden was installed. i can't prove his allegation. it's a gut feeling. but that's why you do these investigation. do you kind of have that feeling, too? >> i do. it's multi-faceted, jesse. he was outspent by 2.5 times to one. big tech, twitter, facebook, they were slanted and warped the
11:45 pm
news. 9 pollsters were not reflecting public opinion. against all those odds, he was still i think in the last poll still going to joe come that in the polls that were reliable. ' more votes than last time. he was not an anchor, he was a buoy. he's a jache's jacksonian figur. they did the same thing, the establishment in 1824. and he came back as a heroic figure. donald trump will always be four years younger than joe biden. jesse: the president has been
11:46 pm
compared to andrew jackson. it seems throughout history you get this cycle of populism and the redistribution of wealth, and the booms and the busts. it seems we are at a crossroads and i think you nailed it. victor, thank you very much. i appreciate it. a mess of an election. and obama rears his head. sarah palin is here to react to all of this.
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[♪] jesse: the 2020 presidential election will go down in history for many many reasons. here with her take, former vice presidential candidate, sarah palin. we heard how jesse watters feels, how does sarah palin feel about what happened. >> i wish there was a definitive finalized feeling. but we can only get to that once the votes are counted and codified and we do it fairly.
11:51 pm
hopefully we are down that road and the opposition isn't making irrational arguments that we shouldn't be trying to honestly counting every vote. hopefully we can get to that point where we can intelligently talk about how we feel about the election. jess what do you think when the democrats and the media says there is nothing to see, no fraud, just concede and unify. >> like they always do. right. there is fraud. and people are going to find out. studies of the algorithms and stuff that was plugged into this voting program. people will realize this happens. i think all of us know personally cases of fraud or illegal voting. when i was governor of the state i remember obama's right-hand man claimed to be an he has today voter.
11:52 pm
he hadn't been to alaska in a couple decades. i tried to make a deal about it, but nobody took me up on it. they said it's just one vote. but the seconds of state and the governors offices need to make sure there is accountability in their division of elections. so we can have trust in those in authority calling the shots for us. jesse: you can't have only the democrats trusting the election when they win. you brought up barack obama. he has a memoir out. only volume one. he took a shot at you. he said it seemed like the dark spirit long lurking on the edges of the republican party, xenophobia,
11:53 pm
anti-intellectualism. antipathy toward black and brown folks were finding their way to center stable. wow, kind of nasty. >> pretty dark word will. he uses the word dark. really? am i that spooky? obama, boo! obama knows in 2008 it was our campaign, our movement that began this voice of the people being heard. since then even more activism within that movement whether you call it the tea party or the declearables or the chumps. there has been great activism. i dubbed the hard working patriotic conscientious fedup moms i dubbed them mama
11:54 pm
grizzlies. i don't think the left can admit those mom grizzlies roared into activist and roared into office. now we have more diversity within the gop than we have ever had. we have had more diversity in the last election, more than we have since 1950. jesse: married women and middle class women voted for donald trump. there is sarah palin not on her dock this time. she is inside. thank you, governor, appreciate it. up next, last call that will make you do a double-take. (upbeat music)
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[♪] jesse: the masters is this weekend. people watching a lot of golf. imagine being in a golf course and seeing this. that was a 10-foot alligator on a golf course in naples florida during tropical storm. that's like a jurassic park situation. i wonder wait signifies. we'll tell you next week. be sure to follow me on facebook, instagram and twitter. "justice with judge jeanine" is next. and remember i'm watters and this is my world. [♪]
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judge jeanine: hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. flood supporters flood the nation's capitol as the commander-in-chief himself drives by and says hello to the crowds rallying in washington. we'll talk about that tonight, but first my open. the most important part of democracy is to do it correctly. the most important question tonight, is did we in 2020? there is no magic in electing a


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