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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 13, 2020 3:00am-6:00am PST

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take what's your expectation. >> i would say three to five days. you recall congressman doug collins. carley: all right "fox & friends first" is over. jillian: and "fox & friends" starts right now. have a good day. >> urgent manhunt underway right now in arkansas after a police officer is shot and killed. >> the suspect identified as 29-year-old la carious howard. >> released secretary of state had no authority to extend the deadline. >> what are these false claims of widespread election fraud doing to this country. >> one more step in delegitimizing democracy. >> aoc taking on the moderates of her party and she tweeted this photo staring down senator joe manchin. >> it is aoc who runs the floor. it's the reason why the democrats will have the smallest majority since world war ii.
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>> this one is blocked and returned for the touchdown. [cheers] brian: all right. we will discuss all these stories but, first this. a fox news alert. the urgent manhunt underway right now after an arkansas police officer is shot and killed. steve: it's just a terrible story. letarius howard is suspected of opening fire outside a motel in west helena near the mississippi border. police were looking for him in a separate shooting. is he considered at this hour armed and dangerous ainsley. ainsley: yes. and then also, overnight, two north carolina police officers were shot while they were trying to break up a fight at a nightclub. four other people were also shot. all are expected to be okay. two suspects are now in custody. brian: it's unbelievable. the lack of sanctity when it comes to our officers is just out of control.
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and there seems to be a wild west attitude in this country right now. i don't know what's going to reverse it. i will tell you the whole defund the cops thing i couldn't think of a worse phrase. meanwhile the judge will hear appeals in the trump campaign challenges in the georgia and other states. steve: this as we count of 5 million ballots begins promptly this morning all across georgia, ainsley. ainsley: that's right. griff jenkins is live in washington as the legal battle heats up. hey, griff. griff: can you say that again ainsley, brian, steve. happy friday to you. the trump team is fighting in philly this morning. hear five appeals where they are seeking to have some 8,000 ballots toss for what they allege are ineligible votes. this coming after the trump campaign won a victory yesterday when a judge ruled that the secretary of state lacked the authority to extend the deadline for voters to confirm their identity. but the ruling did not effect the overall vote total. trump campaign spokes woman
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woman kayleigh mcenany weighing in. >> we believe in the counting process, that ballots without signatures, dates and addresses which are required by law, were counted in some democrat counties but not in some republican counties. this would amount to potentially tens of thousands of ballots that were counted improperly. griff: in the battle down south the peach state hand recount in georgia about to begin. first time do it. deadline next friday november 20th. out west the arizona g.o.p. filed a new lawsuit to force a hand recount and it comes as several other major networks join fox news in officially calling the grand canyon state for joe biden. meanwhile, a coalition of federal and state election officials who spearheaded protection efforts on november 3rd releasing in statement saying there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or was in any way compromised. though something to watch by the way, guys, here to on capitol hill as president-elect biden tries to modify forward a
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growing group of republican senators including lankford, graham, grassley and thune are all calling for the president-elect to resume his getting the daily presidential briefing on intelligence. brian, ainsley, steve? brian: i don't know how that could hurt, griff. why not? after all the former presidents get it and why not former vice puts. bring in jonathan turley. former law professor george washington university. last time we spoke jonathan they were talking about different things could do in terms of taking a look at this election. now you find out a recount in georgia now in pennsylvania. they actually won in court, did the president, that is for ballots that arrived after election day. could you clarify? >> >> well, what happened is shortly before the elections the secretary of state unilaterally extended that deadline without any statutory or legal authority. what the court is saying well, you know, you don't have that
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authority to those ballots can't be counted. this is appear example of you who we are sort of hashing out these questions. no one is saying that there is a huge ballots that suddenly flipped just that there is a lot of irregularities. a number of orders. a number of computer glitches that people are looking at. that doesn't change the fact that we are treating biden as the president-elect. it doesn't change the fact that many of us believe he should go forward with the transition, including the support of the administration. but it also means that we have issues that still have to be resolved. this is one of the issues that was resolved in the favor of the trump campaign. steve: let me ask you this, jonathan as we look and griff detailed different lawsuits across the country, and we have geraldo at the beginning of this week it sound like from rudy giuliani they may file up to 10 lawsuits. as of this friday, today, friday the 13th, you know, it is unclear if they are going to
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file any more. it's also unclear exactly who is leading the president's legal effort do you see a clear legal strategy that they are pursuing at this time? >> quite frankly, i don't. i think that the trump legal team has lacked focus and discipline in its message and its litigation. it really needs to ramp up its game significantly. steve: yeah. >> in the end these things may fizzle out. it's just that they deserve to be looked at. this is a close election. it's odd to hear these calls about abandoning all of these challenges there are hearings scheduled to be heard. hillary clinton said before the election that biden shouldn't concede regardless of what happened on election day. steve: yep. >> in 2004 the democrats refused to accept the ohio certification in congress at the final stage because they believed there were still, quote, irregularities.
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so these challenges have occurred. we're better off if we just address them. and the irony is that joe biden is better off. this is unlikely to change the result but it may change some minds if joe biden is viewed as supporting these reviews and saying to his campaign stand down. let's go ahead and let these things go forward because there is 27 million americans that didn't vote for me. and i want them to trust that i am their president. but that hasn't happened. there is a presidential moment here for both of these candidates. president trump should say that the president-elect should be getting these briefings and proceeding with transition even though he is challenging the results. and the president-elect should be saying that these challenges should be -- should go forward and his campaign should not oppose as much transparency as possible from this point to the certification of the results.
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ainsley: wouldn't that be nice. the president instead is now saying if this is certified for joe biden that he might run again in 2024 according to reports. president obama, he sat down with scott pelley and with gayle king and those introduce are going to air on sunday. but they are releasing a few clips. here is president obama saying he is more shocked at the republicans that are claiming voter fraud. listen. >> what are these false claims of widespread election fraud doing to this country right now. >> they appear to be motivated, in part, because the president doesn't like to lose and never admits loss. i am more troubled by the fact that other republican officials who clearly know better are going along with this. are humanerring him in this fashion. it is one more step in
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delegitimizing just the incoming biden administration but democracy generally. that's a dangerous path. ainsley: jonathan, what's your response because there are a lot of people that voted that don't trust the system anymore. >> yeah. it's a rather odd comment that confirming the validity of the votes is delegitimizing democracy. democrats have challenged the outcome of these votes. in fact, democrats challenged legitimacy of the trump elections for four years. but, you would think that the way to uphold democracy is to assure that, well, democracy happened. and, you know, what i don't understand about this rush to end all challenges is what's being achieved here? people are treating the president-elect as the president-elect. most of us are supporting his going forward with the transition. we also don't see the great harm
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to democracy in guaranteeing that votes were counted. if nothing else, if not just this election but future elections. this is a very different election. we use new systems. new software. should we take a look at that and resolve these questions? brian: i would love for president obama at one point to not answer in a partisan way and why can't say hey, listen, i understand these absentee ballots that came that were just flooded out unrequested to all these states made people feel unsettled and the number of people who voteside certainly heartening. however it might take a little time but we will come to the same verdict. once in a while i would love to hear that because president bush has no patro problem being limei know you are not a software expert. what is the story with the dominion voting system. do you believe there are in glitches in that that either side should be looking at? >> right now all my kids are saying oh my god, someone is asking dad about software and computers.
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[laughter] >> they knew -- they knew this moment would come. steve: how does this tivo thing work? [laughter] >> well, the thing is, we have had glitches in this. in michigan you had thousands of votes that were given to biden that belonged to trump. now, that doesn't mean it was nefarious purpose. this is a new software that apparently is vulnerable to human error. and it was used -- it was rather ubiquitous. it was used in a great number of states half of the districts in michigan. that's one of the reason why some of us are saying take a look at this and open it up to make sure the software systems like that functioned correctly and if they were vulnerable to human error that human error didn't occur. those types of errors can affect a lot of votes. brian: the president tweeted that out last night. steve: he retweeted it. i looked into it. with that dominion software, five counties in michigan and georgia had problems. and the dominion software was
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used in two of the counties and in every instance largely it was human error, a problem, but the software did not affect the vote counts. so, jonathan, going forward, even though, you know, this will be adjudicated and, you know, it -- they will have their day in court as you were touching on a moment ago, there will always be people who remember targets of the argument up to that point and think that it was rigged. >> yeah. that's why it's so harmful to see within 24 hours of the election being called for biden people saying there is absolutely no voter fraud here and nothing to look at. and it's also harmful to hear the former president say this is harming democracy to look at these votes. it only magnifies the colonels of many citizens. you know, this is -- these are the same media outlets that they feel has been biased against the president. this is one time where we can
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come together and say let's look at all of this. even if it doesn't change the results, which it's not likely to, it might change how we do these elections in the future. we might actually learn something. but, more importantly, it will magnify our confidence in who was elected. there is very little chance that this is going to reverse the outcome. but the legitimacy of the biden election can only be strengthened by review. steve: well, let's see. all right. ainsley: jonathan, thank you so much. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. let's talk about the divide in the democratic party because you have the joe manchins of the world and even jim clyburn talked be doesn't like the message of defunding the police that was not a good message for our country. joe manchin was on with brett he is not going to be the 50th vote for packing the court or ending
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the filibuster. he reiterated that message on twitter. look what he wrote on twitter. defund the political science. defund my butt. but i'm a proud west virginia democrat. we are the party of working men and women. we want to protect american jobs and healthcare. we don't have some crazy socialist agenda and we do not believe in defunding the police. brian. brian: so then quickly aoc, who is for defunding the police, so is the squad, so is a great many democrats, including kamala harris supported the cutting of $150 million out of lapd, look what she tweeted out her staring down the back or at the back of the head of joe manchin with a game face on as is he clapping. steve: it's crazy. maybe she is thinking i really would like to be like him or it's the death stare. >> it's the death stare and here is aoc trying to defending the police. keep in mind, too. there is also a few of the messages for democrats to really
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come to grips with electoral college throwing it out. people kind of like that tradition. socialism we kind of like the capitalism thing attached to it. packing the court? not nearly as the popular. we never thought it was popular but no one said anything before the election. here is aoc in a call yesterday in a virtual town hall expanding on her defund the police message. >> what i think it means to me is that i believe that the path towards justice is a long arc and it happens in steps. i believe that this call for me personally is a step to build a world where we are safe in more than one way. and that safety is not just an officer with a badge and a gun but that safety is also a mental health worker that shows up when you are in crisis.
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safety is making sure that you are not evicted from your apartment in the middle of a pandemic. brian: here's the difference. i understand where she is getting at. she wants to make people understand that law enforcement doesn't have to be handing out tickets or arresting people. guess what? police officers don't do that. i mean for the most part you don't see the gun or the badge. oftentimes they are asked for directions. they are asked to help out down the block. they have police athletic leagues there is so much more to policemen or women than arresting you or having a gun. she points out widespread police violence which i don't understand. well, good luck with that because while this long arc happens kevin mccarthy might end up as speaker of the house. he spoke about the influence of the squad on the stunning unpredicted success the republicans have had and are continuing to have in the house where they have already picked up 10 seats. listen. >> it is aoc who runs the floor. they cannot move legislation
3:17 am
without her. it was also that new socialist wing of the democratic party who has controlled it. but it was also the mandate that america does not want to have socialism. it is the reason why not one republican incumbent lost. it's a reason why we are going to have 40 new freshmen. it's the reason why the democrats will have the smallest majority since world war ii. steve: and you know nancy pelosi is an expert at counting. and she knows exactly that her majority in the house is as slim as it's been in a very long time. and she and all the other democrats are thinking how much did the super progressive wing of our party hurt us at the ballot box? going forward, i would be surprised if we sees a much as we did in the last year. brian: ainsley, how much ice cream in her subzero freezer, how many votes did that cost? their leadership and wonderful people i'm sure all in their
3:18 am
80s. if the democrats don't get the sense they have to turn the page i don't know what other smoke signal they need to have. steve: do you know what, brian, i wonder if in that refrigerator with the ice cream they had a little pints of rocky road because since then they certainly have had one. ainsley: all these politicians it is talk, talk, talk. when you hear from the public what they really want i was watching "fox & friends first" and jillian interviewed a police officer who said, look, i was committed to this job. this is what i wanted to do. i i wanted to run into danger and protect the people of new york who couldn't protect themselves. he said now i'm retiring early. i wanted to stay in for 30-plus years. i have to retire early because my heart is not in it anymore. you hear these stories and you realize these are people's lives. and we are all protected because of them. i like the fact that i can pick up the phone and call 911 and know that my home and my family is going to be protected and a police officer is on the way. when you defund, there aren't
3:19 am
going to be as many to come to our rescue when we really need them. steve: they are already having that problem. ainsley: i know. you are right, steve. money is pouring into the state of georgia with the balance of power on the line in that senate in those two twin senate run off races. florida senator rick scott just campaigned in georgia and he says keeping the republican majority is vital. he's up next. people cough in the country, at sea, and downtown. but don't worry, julie... robitussin shuts coughs down. - with the ninja foodito intelligesmart xl just pick your protein, select your doneness, and let the grill monitor your food. it also turns into an air fryer. bring outdoor grilling flavors indoors with the grill that grills for you.
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steve: well, the republicans and the democrats are expected to spend a fortune on tv ads and whatnot with the balance of power on the line down at georgia with twin runoffs there florida senator rick scott who was just elected chairman of the national republican senatorial committee is paying a visit to america's newest battleground
3:24 am
state later on today. he joins us now from washington, d.c. good morning to you, senator. >> good morning. we are going to win in georgia and on the right side of the issues. i put an ad unjust take exactly what chuck schumer said. he said first they are going to take georgia and change this country which means for the democrats pack the supreme court so they can take away our religious freedom and second amendment rights. don't -- cut the funding for the police. socialism, medicare for all which is going to kill private healthcare insurance for 150 million americans and the green new deal which will kill fossil fuels and our economy and spend what 90-some trillion dollars. this is crazy. steve: well, you know what? after chuck schumer said that the other day, we were joking here on the show it won't be long until somebody does turn that chuck schumer soundbite into an ad which you did. since you just mentioned it, we will play a little of it. >> >> now we take georgia, and then
3:25 am
we change america. >> their change reduce funding for police, eliminate employer-based health insurance. packet support. steve: how potent a message will that be for georgia. there are a lot 6 people in georgia who wanted a change and did not like what was going on and would like to see somebody new in those jobs. and if the republicans can win one, they will control the senate. but if the democrats control two, they will have the power. >> well, you know, georgians are like floridians -- actually most of the country. we like the life we have. we don't want higher taxes. we don't want our -- you know, we don't want people to take away our religious freedom and second amendment rights. we like the police. we like law enforcement. we like public safety. so, i mean, what the democrats want to do is not what america wants. america doesn't want socialism. i mean, look at miami. we picked up two house seats over probably the biggest issue was this idea that americans want socialism.
3:26 am
we don't. we want capitalism and free markets. give me a chance at a dream. i grew up in public housing my mom said hey, she called me rickey. ricky, you have got the chance to live the dream of this country. go do it. steve: sure. this morning down in florida they start the recount in earnest. they have got to finish by wednesday at midnight. you have been through some famous recounts as well. do you have faith in the system because a lot of people go eh, it's rigged. there was fraud and stuff like that. you have been through it, you know better than anybody. >> well, people in florida if people follow the rules, then it works. so you can see this election we just had worked. in my election two years ago, two supervisor elections decided not to follow the rules. and then after i won by 54,000 votes, chuck schumer sent a lawyer down and said i don't care what the votes are we are going to win this election. so we had lawsuits. we had recounts. and by the way, there was not one democrat that said this is wrong. you know, we shouldn't be doing.
3:27 am
this they were all in on it. bill called the voter act set the standards for mail-in ballots. on top of that have to have id to vote. have your signatures matches. that's why people are losing faith. you can't play these games and say people are going to be okay with it. steve: you know, senator, i remember as part of recount in your senate race where it looked like, you know, you guys were locked in a tie until it was declared that you were the winner, obviously. that's why you have got that pin on your lapel right now. chuck schumer, so many talking about how the gsa is holding up the transition for president-elect biden. but didn't chuck schumer hold up your orientation as a senator? >> oh, yeah. immediately. he even though i won by 54,000 ballots the night of the elections. he made sure i couldn't come up
3:28 am
for orientation. you can't come up until we get through recounts and lawsuits. i couldn't start doing anything to get prepared for to be a u.s. senator until i went through all of that which took a few weeks. and so, i mean, look, let's go through the process. let's count all legal ballots. we will know who won. it's not going to be joe biden or donald trump deciding. it's the voters decide. steve: that's the way it's supposed to work. all right, senator. thank you very much for joining us. we know you have a busy day in georgia. >> it will be fun. steve: indeed. coming up on 6:30 in the east. moderna one of the several companies working on a covid-19 vac seeable. our next guest actually volunteered to be part of the trial. what was it like? hear from him coming up next. who is usaa made for? it's made for him a veteran who honorably served and it's made for her she's serving now we also made usaa for military spouses and their kids
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coming, go to, or call right now. your insurance marketplace. healthmarkets. find your fitscore and get your answers today to get the most out of medicare. call now. jillian: 7 people dead and two others missing after devastating flooding in north carolina. heavy rain from tropical storm eta leaving homes and cars under water. look at this. a reporter from our fox affiliate in charlotte was live on the air when a bridge collapsed right in front of her. watch. >> this is incredible -- okay. we are backing up. we are backing up. just right here live on tv we saw the road collapse that same road that we were just standing on seconds ago.
3:33 am
jillian: i can't even believe that crews rescuing dozens of people standing in rising waters as people in florida clean up the damage left by et attachment more than 150,000 new cases of the covid-19 reported in the u.s.s. on thursday. breaking the daily record yet again. hospitalizations also hitting records in several states. california becoming the second state to pass 1 million total cases despite some of the toughest restrictions in the country. texas was the first state to top a million cases just days ago. brian? brian: thanks, jillian. as we head into what scientistst say could be a rough winter. experts are optimistic on the latest vaccine data from companies like pfizer and now moderna thanks to their trial participants. we not have been possible without volunteers. joining us now to share his experience with his experience moderna vaccine trial volunteer jack morningstar. what made you want to take the risk and get involved in this? >> interesting question. so there were a bunch of reasons but actuality matily boiled down to me looking at the trial data
3:34 am
from the first and second phases which suggested to me that the vaccine was safe enough for me to put it inside of me. and then also, triggered a significant immune response i was hopeful it would actually work. at the same time we were seeing a spike of cases around the country but more specifically at college campuses including here at unc chapel hill where i go to school and provide a good data point in the study. brian: nice 3, 0,000 people you and a couple of your friends did it too. you are not sure if you got the placebo or you got the no concern in a vaccine, but the after-effects indicate you got the vaccine. >> yes. that's correct. i did experience some side effects after the first injection. i was a little bit fatigued and i had a fever the next day but i was able to shake that with a
3:35 am
couple ibuprofens and there was pain at the injection site which i'm told people experience with the shingles vaccine just for a reference point. brian: one shot but then you need two shots with the moderna vaccine, correct? >> yeah. that's correct. you need the initial dose and then i think it's 27 days after the first dose you get. brian: did you think you got the virus at all? have you tested positive? have you taken a test since you got the vaccine. >> since did i develop a fever the day after the vaccine i had to go in for wellness visit and second test it tested negative. sings i got the vaccine, i mean there has been no indication that i have gotten sick and i don't think i have been exposed to anyone anyways. from what i have been told i'm part of groups and i know a lot of people vaccine have been exposed in quite intimate settings and they have been --
3:36 am
brian: jack, do you think -- have you been tested for the antibodies? do you still have them? they say once you have them you have the antibodies once you beat it. do you have antibodies? >> so they did -- i mean for the study, they do bring you in to do blood draws and do all those measurements. they don't do the official unblinding until they apply for the emergency use authorization. at that point they will allow all the people who got the pla placebo to get the actual treatment. brian brian so you don't know if you have the antibodies right now that would mean the vaccine is working. >> yeah. that's the hope. brian: okay. what should everyone know about the moderna vaccine if it comes to market in december? >> that's an excellent question. i'm glad you asked. some of the -- i mean, tech savvy personal i have become aware of a lot of the misinformation that's being spread online about some of these vaccines and its process.
3:37 am
i like to emphasize i don't think now is the time to be fear mongering about vaccines. i don't think we should be low grade fever and arm pain is nothing. what we should be faithful of is the death tally that we have seen 140,000 currently spiking at a terrifying rate at that we should be fearful for the thousands of people across the country who are hospitalized and intubated. we should be fearful for american society that covid wreaks on it. i think if you do get the opportunity to take the vaccine whether it be in a clinical trial or once it becomes publicly available, i encourage everyone to do so because it will ultimately save lives and also help us establish some of the normalcy -- brian: jack, love the message and also on a lesser note it would be great to have kids to actually sign up to college and go to classrooms again. >> agree. brian: that would be fantastic. and make parents feel a lot better about writing that big
3:38 am
check. jack morningstar great thing did you it. good thing you and your friends did. >> thanks for having me. brian: go get them, jack. former president obama said racism helped lead to president trump's win in 2016. candace owens has a different feeling.
3:39 am
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and may provide temporary relief. ha! these drops probably won't touch me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. what is that? xiidra, noooo! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda approved treatment specifically for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. one drop in each eye, twice a day. don't use if you're allergic to xiidra. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and unusual taste sensation. don't touch container tip to your eye or any surface. after using xiidra, wait 15 minutes before reinserting contacts. got any room in your eye? talk to an eye doctor about twice-daily xiidra. i prefer you didn't! xiidra. not today, dry eye. brian: former president obama says racism is to blame for
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trump's victory in 2016. steve: he writes in upcoming memoir it was if my very presence in the white house had triggered a deep seeded panic a sense that the natural order had been disrupted. for millions of americans spooked by a black man in the white house, donald trump promised an elixir for their racial anxiety. >> here to react is the founder of president-elect and founder of blackout candace owens. good morning to you, candace. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. do you agree with that that president trump won because americans were spooked by a black man in the white house? >> this is so unfathomable and so backwards and so wrong. i will say this. i think with these remarks barack obama is making history in the wrong kind of way. he will be the first president in the history of america it that ever left office and held such hatred and hostility for the country that gave him everything. to say that people were spooked. if people were spooked and feeling racist or feeling that
3:44 am
white supremacist he never would have stepped foot into the white house. he understood this when he ran. i remember there was an incredible interview that then senator barack obama gave where he was asked if you don't become president of the united states do you think it is because america is not ready for a black president? and rather than take the bait he said something incredible. he said no. i believe in this country. if i don't become the president of the united states it's because i haven't painted a vision that americans felt they could step inside of. where is that former senator? where is that senator barack obama who understands that actually his fault. the mistakes that he made that turned the american people that elected him against him. he won, this is a majority white country. okay? barack obama won because white americans voted for him because whited americans believed in him. by the end of those terms those same americans no longer believed in him. that includes me. i believed in barack obama in 2008. i no longer believe in him and what he has become anymore. brian: very similar to what van jones said when donald trump won this is a white lash coming
3:45 am
back. think about the facts. he crushed john mccain and destroyed mitt romney he got more votes the second time around. when he came in he actually had 60 votes in the senate. it was his policies. the foreign policy, the domestic policy the obamacare that was incredibly unpopular it wasn't him it was the party not him. candace. >> that's right. america is not a racist country. will you find racist, sexist and my misogynists of course you will. we are not a perfect species find hate. this country gave him everything he has. he should so he some respect and dignity. where is the strategy of this long-term? are they going to keep saying this every time something happens? donald j. trump gained 10 million voters since 2016 did. 10 million more people become racist since 2016 did. 10 million more people including
3:46 am
black people doubled his support amongst black women received 18% of black male support now black people are becoming racist and white supremacists and deplorables, to atoo they should pivot on this strategy because they're losing the american people. this is not a winning message for democrats. steve: candace, one of the co-founders of black lives matter has requested a meeting with incoming president-elect biden actually wrote a letter on saturday, i think. it said in part in short black people won this election. she goes on to say we want something for our vote. we want to be heard and our agenda to be prioritized. i think it's natural for people who help somebody get elected would hope that the incoming president. the incoming anybody in a position of authority would obviously if they took their support they would want to have that person help them going
3:47 am
forward. isn't that just a natural thing? >> you know what i love about this? it's that the bigger part of this is actually the fact that we're finally admitting that black lives matter is no not apolitical and not an arm of the democratic party. i have been saying this for years. they pop up every time around elections and they seem to go away and they appear again election time and start seeing images of dead black men and women and billions of dollars are raised and nobody, i don't know why any investigative journalist has answered the question where does the billions of dollars go when you donated to black lives matter? now you have them saying hey joe biden we worked for you and we want something in return. i love this transparency this is what i have been looking for. black lives matter again i will state is a political arm of the democrat party meant to cause disruption and unrest and to get the race narrative fostered throughout america during election cycles. ainsley: candace, thanks for being with us. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. janice has the forecast for us.
3:48 am
hey, janice, what is the weekend look like? >> you know it, depends okay where you live. everybody will get a little of something, i think, across the east coast we are saying goodbye to et tax finally, after weeks of this storm. it is a post tropical system and it's racing to the north and east out of atlantic. we could see the potential for some heavy rain along the outer banks. certainly some gusty winds, rough surf, high waives all along the east coast. we still have flash flood warnings in effect for some these vulnerable areas. the damage in parts of florida up towards the carolinas very significant. some of the video that's coming out from just a tropical system it. doesn't take a hurricane to cause a lot of damage. so there is the latest track. we are going to say goodbye to this storm. it's out of here. and we will continue to monitor the tropics because we have something in the caribbean we will have to watch. otherwise rain and mountain snow for parts of the northwest. feet of snow in the mountains. prepping for skiing season, i suppose. there is a silver lining and it's friday. friday the 13th.
3:49 am
back to you steve, ainsley and brian. steve: friday the 13th, 2020. brian: thanks, janice. meanwhile 12 minutes before the top of the hour california's governing commuting dozens of sentences 10 of them immigrants facing deportation. next guest's son was killed by illegal immigrant in california and he says the move makes him sick. everyday you're eating acidic foods; you're constantly weakening that enamel structure. pronamel repair allows more minerals to penetrate deep into the enamel layer and it repairs it. it is pretty phenomenal. we've always done things our own way. charted our own paths.
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3:53 am
ainsley: governor gavin newsom granting pardons and commuting sentences for 35 current and former convicted felons this week, including 10 immigrants facing deportation. and our next guest lost his son drew rosenberg at the hands of an illegal immigrant in san francisco back in 2010. don rosenberg joins us now. good morning, don. >> good morning. thank you for having me on. ainsley: good morning. thanks for coming on. how do you feel about this. >> well it, makes me sick. this guy just does not understand the victim's perspective on any of this. i mean, i have never once heard him in 13 years he has been in statewide office to mention one victim of these people but is he more concerned about their well being. they made a statement that, you
3:54 am
know, deportation would create permanent spration. somebody needs to explain to him the definition of permanent. it's just mind boggling. ainsley: would be the best punishment for someone like in your case an illegal immigrant that killed someone's child? >> well, i think if they, you know, if it wasn't murder and i will tell you, this the guy owho killed my son didn't murder him. it was a traffic coalition but hcollision buthe had no businese road. gavin newsom's policy as the mayor of san francisco telling these people they could drive without driver's licenses. but i think somebody who kills someone and then turns his life around in jail, good, give them extra privileges. let them work with other inmates to help them turn their lives around. but, it's an insult to the victims to just let the guy go. and particularly, they never
3:55 am
contact the victims to ask them how they feel about it. ainsley: so have you never talked to gavin newsom about it? >> well, no. i did -- it was probably 2013 i spoke to his chief of staff when he was the lt. governor. i sent him a long letter. he promised me would respond. he was lt. governor. all he was doing was promoting his book. and i'm still waiting seven years later for him to give me a call. i'm not holding my breath. ainsley: and your son was killed in 2010? >> yes. as a matter of fact monday will be the 10th anniversary. ainsley: gosh. what do you think he would be doing right now? what did this man take away from him? >> well, you know, he would be an attorney now. he was halfway through law school. i am sure that he would be married. the woman who he was -- had been dating for years, you know, i have no doubt in my mind that he
3:56 am
would be married and i would have a couple of grand children ains well, don, we are very sorry for your loss. we wish you all the best. keep fighting. this doesn't happen to other families. god bless you. >> thank you. that's what i do. av act us if anybody abicus if they want to contact me or see what we are doing to stop stuff like this from happening. ainsley: okay, don. thank you. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: you're welcome. still ahead, "fox & friends weekend" host we have pete, jedediah and will. we also have geraldo rivera and joe concha and they are here live coming up. . it's the only 65+ flu vaccine with four times the standard dose. and it's free with medicare part b. fluzone high-dose quadrivalent
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♪ brian: manhunt underway right now after an arkansas police officer is shot and killed. >> the suspect, identified as 29-year-old letarius howard. >> the trump campaign winning a campaign. >> it's odd to hear these calls about abandoning all these challenges. >> now we change georgia and then we change america. >> georgia, don't let these radicals change america. >> the democrats want to do is not what america wants. the america doesn't want socialism. >> trump is so evil. he absolutely relishes the idea that things are getting worse and it's going to be in biden's lap. >> this one is blocked and returned for the touchdown.
4:01 am
[cheers] ♪ small town anthem ♪ everybody got a story to tell ♪ everybody got a hallelujah ♪ everybody been through a little hell. steve: good morning, everybody, welcome to hour two of "fox & friends." it's 7:01 on the east coast on this friday, the 13th day of november. good morning, everybody. the eyes of the political world on georgia where currently joe biden leads by 14,000 votes. and this morning in every county, they have got to start the recount. and the audits. and they have got to be done, ainsley, by wednesday at midnight. that's the law. ainsley: yes. yes, you are right. and we have these twin senate races. this is huge because this will determine if republicans hold the majority in the senate. that's rye rick scott is spending all money pac money to
4:02 am
go there and use soundbites from chuck schumer and his ads in georgia, brian. brian: then all of a sudden keep an eye, too, on the legal fight in pennsylvania. and arizona yesterday cnn called arizona for joe biden but they there is still thousands of ballots that need to be counted in arizona. and i don't know what they are doing in north carolina. i cannot believe they are still waiting to give that -- all those electoral votes to the president. meanwhile griff jenkins is live in washington as that legal battle heats up. griff, it's hard to keep ahold of all of it. that's your goal this morning. were you successful? griff: it is a hard, tough job and i don't know what north carolina is doing. they are certainly taking their time, brian, ainsley and steve, good morning to you. you know, the trump campaign is going to be fighting first this morning in philadelphia, 10:00 a.m. a judge there will hear five appeals where the trump campaign is seeking to have some 8,000 ballots tossed out for what they allege are ineligible votes. this after the trump campaign won a victory yesterday in pennsylvania when a judge ruled that the secretary of state lacked the authority to extend
4:03 am
the deadline for voters to confirm their identity. but the ruling did not effect the total overall vote total. now the trump campaign spokeswoman kayleigh mcenany was weighing in on pennsylvania yesterday. watch. >> we believe in the counting process that ballots without signatures, dates and addresses which are required by law were counted in some democrat counties but not in some republican counties. this would amount to potentially tens of thousands of ballots that were counted improperly. >> meanwhile in the battle down south as you mentioned, steve, the hand recount about to begin in georgia with a deadline of november 20th. former congressman doug collins who is heading up that effort was on "fox & friends first" and had this to say. >> the first time in georgia we have an actual hand ballot recount. this is an important first step. this let's us know the ache reals integrity of voting system is there. this is about every legal vote. griff: out west the arizona g.o.p. filed a new lawsuit to try to force a hand recount and
4:04 am
it comes as several other major networks join fox news in officially calling the grand canyon state for joe biden. biden by the way is getting some support from a growing group of republican senators including lankford, graham, grassley and calling for the president-elect to resume getting the presidential daily briefing and it's worth noting just in the last hour or so, guys, china has officially congratulated president-elect biden, a foreign ministry spokesperson sending congrats saying they respect the choice of the american people. brian, ainsley, steve? steve: all right, very thorough. thank you very much, griff. the "new york times" is reporting this morning that if the race is certified for joe biden, the president will announce that he is running for president again in 2024 shortly thereafter. apparently outside the white house it sounds as if the current goal is to delay the certification of joe biden. more lawsuits could actually be filed. we have heard that there could be up to 10.
4:05 am
but it is unclear where or when. but, nonetheless, jonathan turley, legal adviser, was on with us just about an hour ago talking about if there are fraud claims, or suggestions of irregularities, they have to be investigated. watch. >> no one is saying that there's a huge contra of ballots that suddenly flipped there is a number of irrig glarts a number of computer glitches that people are looking at. that doesn't change the fact that we are treating this usual joe biden as president-elect. we also don't see the great harm to democracy in guaranteeing that votes were counted. if nothing else if not just this election but future elections. every would think that the way to uphold democracy is to oea sure that, well, democracy happened. steve: indeed. the department of homeland security cyber security and
4:06 am
infrastructure actually yesterday came out with a report because they're responsible for helping states make sure that their voting systems are secure. and they say that this election that concluded last week was the most secure in american history there is zoir evidence any systems were compromised, ainsley. ainsley: let's talk about georgia with the recount. this is historic. never happened in that state before there are 5 million people that went out to vote for the presidential election. it's a very labor intensive process to do. this they have to count these by hand. the trump campaign is saying that they will have observing rights. they have designated monitors and that they are allowed in recount locations. and as far as money being sent there over the last six days, they have brought in $32 million, the national republican senatorial committee and they have also sent a dozen staffers to the state of georgia to go and monitor this and to make sure severing running correctly. i think we are all curious to see if there was a discrepancy in the first totals versus the
4:07 am
second totals. senator rick scott, he has put together this political ad because as soon as chuck schumer said we take georgia and we change america. we all said everyone around the country they are going to use this in a political ad and that's exactly what they did. watch this. >> now we take georgia and then we change america. >> their change? reduce funding for police, eliminate employer based health insurance, pack the supreme court. ainsley: rick scott used pac money that he controls for that ad. the run-off for two seats on january 5th. we had senator rick scott on our show earlier to find out why he is involved. he is spending a lot of time in georgia. listen to what he said earlier. >> georgians are like you know floridians. actually most of the country. we like the life we have. we don't want higher taxes. we don't want our -- you know, we don't want people to take away our religious freedom and second amendment rights. we like the police. we like law enforcement. we like public safety. so, i mean, what the democrats
4:08 am
want to do is not what america wants. america doesn't want socialism. i mean, look at miami. we picked up two house seats over probably the biggest issue was this idea that americans want socialism. we don't. we want capitalism. we want free markets. give me a chance at the dream. brian: so, rick scott weighed in and marco rubio has already been there i'm sure the president is going to show up and barack obama is going to be there. a lot of people moving there when you talk about here we are in november. we are not going to have an election until january 5th. all the republicans have to win is one and democrats both to get a majority in the senate which matters so much. let wants bring in joe con challenge. fox news contributor opinion editor columnist. let's switch gears covid virus getting really concerned because the cases are rising in all 50 states. really concerned because we're talking about lock jownsz again. the "wall street journal" coming out and said haven't we learned anything last time? all they do is delay and the virus comes back. and in our economy may not come
4:09 am
back. and it hasn't stopped in chicago's mayor from coming forward saying this. residents are strongly advised to not have guests in their house unless they're essential workers. cancel thanksgiving, avoid travel. joe, is that okay with you? >> going to be a tough thanksgiving, brian, no question about it. i keep checking the long range forecast. it's the 26th of november. i want to see if i can have a gathering outside. if it's 50 degrees or above i'm going ahead with it no question. many people who haven't seen their family members in many, many months that's going to be a tough pill to swallow. look at the gallup poll that came out. less than half of americans agree with another series of lockdowns. that's down nearly 20% from april. so while a lot of people were behind this in april, not so much now it's been patently inconsistent and partisan. think about it large gatherings are very bad when it's say a trump rally or a college football game or going to
4:10 am
church. but, suddenly, that outrage spittinspigot gets turned off jn as we saw last week. large celebrations after biden projected as election winner nbc chicago. according to cnn in chicago a growing crowd gathered to celebrate outside of trump tower. they were cheering and ringing bells while some people were hanging out of their car windows with biden harris signs. people began popping champagne. i saw one video fell off my chair and broke two ribs in the process. where you actually had people gathered around with masks on so i guess it made it okay. they have a champagne bottle. they take a swig of the champagne and put the mask back on. they pass the champagne bottle to somebody else and they take a swig and pass it on while putting the mask back on. i'm pretty sure that defeats the process, guys. steve: so in other words you are supposed to drink it through the mask and leave the mask on and drink it? is that the correct way, joe? >> something like that. but i went back and read all
4:11 am
these stories about the biden celebrations last week. missing two key words super spreader events. suddenly the outrage gets turned off because i guess the cause is bigger than the virus or something. >> ainsley: i don't know if you saw this we are going to play this clip for our audience. joy behar was saying that she thinks that president trump really wants the cases to go up because it will hurt joe biden. listen to this. >> it occurs to me that trump is so evil at this point -- i really think he is evil. i think he absolutely relishes the idea that things are getting worse and it's going to be in biden's lap. i really think he likes that. that's how sick he is. ainsley: joe, what's your reaction? >> so the guy who got covid-19 who had to go to the hospital for a couple of days, he wants people to go through that same experience. that's the argument that's being made here. look, joy behar has actually compared donald trump called him
4:12 am
a quote domestic terrorist. said he should be charged with crimes against humanity. and i could go through the other 3456 things ridiculous that she said but we have finite time because this is cable news. now, look, you say okay, well, "the view" why are you talking about this it's not media, it's entertainment show. "the view" falls under abc news division before you believe that before you stay has no influence. every politician conservative or otherwise democrats obviously go on that show. if you have to sell a book, even if you are conservative, did you go on that show for conservatives probably not a very pleasant experience that's the pointed you create conflict and get other headlines out of it and you sell more books. here's the thing if you are a trump supporter, here is your good news. a biden presidency is like a mute button for joy behar because suddenly the one trick pony and this is all she has at this point in her career is bashing president trump. you take trump off the stage you basically take behar off the stage so she becomes invisible
4:13 am
for four years and for our ears that's probably a very good thing. brian: keep in mind the joe biden team is big into lockdowns this adviser this dr. osterholm says maybe a 6 week lockdown may be needed to control the spread. really in the "wall street journal" says the cost of severe lockdowns are horrendous. the u.s. is still recovering. jobless rates surge in two months 14.7 the highest since the great depression. tens of thousands of businesses closed. some will never reopen. i hope we don't have short-term memory loss. i hope people understand we can't do that again. joe, thanks so much. >> thanks, guys got to go build an ark my back yard line in under water i'm not getting out of here without a boat. hope animals going the ark root. steve: i heard home depot is sold out of arks. >> i'm building one myself by hand, my friend. brian: got to build your own that's what the internet is for. ainsley: joe, i don't think you needed it. didn't god promise no more flooding that's why he created the rainbows?
4:14 am
god's promise. >> you are better at that book than i am. brian: that's why she hosts the bible study on fox nation. get a full screen up and promote ainsley's series. jillian, what else is going on? jillian: we are following a number of headlines including a fox news alert. an urgent manhunt is underway after an arkansas police officer is shot and killed. letarius howard is accused of opening fire outside a hotel near the mississippi border. police were looking for him in a shooting. he is considered live and dangerous. we will have a life report from that police station later this hour. president trump is banning americans from investing in firms with china's military. the executive order covers 31 countries including tech giant huawei. the businesses pose a threat to our national security. it is set to take affect in january before president-elect biden takes office. senator dianne feinstein wants to stop processing judicial nominations. the california democrat says the senate judiciary committee
4:15 am
should pause hearings because president-elect biden should be the one appointing judges. last month senate majority leader mitch mcconnell signaled the confirmation process would continue into the lame duck session. and rain putting a damper on the start of the malsz teres. round 1 was delayed for several hours it. will resume after being suspended due to darkness. paul casey will start on top of the field. he finished round one of seven under par. defending champ tiger woods not so far behind. he finished 4 under matching his best first round at the masters ever. he is tied for 5th place. looked they could have used an ark there he almost got a hole in one. jillian: almost doesn't count. steve: archdiocese claiming governor andrew cuomo of new york his restrictions violate their first amendment right. next guest accuses the governor of antireligious tunnel vision. we have that story coming up
4:16 am
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because that's the way to connect to my family's traditions. he has to know where he comes from. we need internet essentials. there's no excuse to not get connected. ♪ ♪ >> this is about mass
4:21 am
gatherings. and one of the prime places of mass gatherings are houses of worship. i understand it's a sensitive topic. but that is the truth. if it's a church or a mosque or a temple, there will be a maximum of 25% capacity or 10 people. brian: that's pope -- i mean governor cuomo telling us what we should do with church. last month that was -- see that is what he was saying limit decision to limit house of worship. the dies sis of brooklyn fight back against these restrictions asking the justices to hear their case on the grounds of religious freedom. here to discuss it is executive order of the beckett fund for religious liberty. monday say alverado. tell us about the stalls of worshiping in the new york area.
4:22 am
>> depending where you are orange zone or red zone and you can have 10 to 25 people in these very, very large churches. these are targeted restrictions that were designed to limit the orthodox jewish community. the community is asking justice brighter to hear at the casbrey. specifically said limit houses of worship. you heard it yourself earlier when you heard that clip. brian: he says it's a super spreader and you already admitted to wearing mask. you are going to spread out. you are not saying everything should be business as usual. >> no. not at all. the churches have had this incredible protocol that they put in even before it was required by the government. and they haven't had a single event of covid spreading. these are safe places these are safe spaces to gather so they don't get depressed and issues with alcoholism. we are seeing crazy things
4:23 am
happen with people's mental stability with covid. the solution is solace. brian: this seems to be something reasonable people can work out. what kind of success have you had trying to work this out with governor cuomo and his staff? >> zero success. this has been restriction after restriction. i think i have been on your show three times talking about governor cuomo as the big apple's biggest bigot. he goes after communities of faith. specifically the jewish community and having other communities then get caught in that crossfire where they have to go out and go to the supreme court. the highest court in the land for relief. it's ridiculous and it is unscientific. brian: your timetable montse. >> we just had oral argument 10 days ago they appealed yesterday to the supreme court we hope they will get some kind of relief before sundown today. brian: the diewrs are about to close genesee the mayor and governor go back to
4:24 am
winter/spring because numbers are going up. best of luck along the way. >> thank you so much. brian: unbelievable. thank you montse. coming up straight ahead the minneapolis city council wanted to eliminate the police department. now they want money to hire extra officers. our next guest's store was burned down during the riots in may. she has a message for that crazy racouncil. she's serving now we also made usaa for military spouses and their kids become a member. get an insurance quote today.
4:25 am
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ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. right now an urgent manhunt in arkansas after a police officer is shot and killed. the suspect opening fire outside of a motel as police were looking for him in a separate shooting. carley shimkus joins us live with more on this search. carley? carley: ainsley, the suspect still on the run this hour speeding off in a maroon suv right after the shooting. officers from the west helena police department in a hotel acting on a tip about a shooting when the suspect they were investigating allegedly opened fire from inside the car, shooting and kill the officer. now, arkansas state police and federal agents at the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms are assisting in the investigation and a manhunt for the suspect identified as 29-year-old letarius howard who was last seen in that maroon suv. he is also wanted in a shooting
4:29 am
from last week and is considered armed and dangerous. arkansas lieutenant governor tim griffin tweeting heart breaking news tonight out of helenna. my thoughts and prayers are with the family of the officer who was killed in the line of duty. i hope the killer is apprehended and brought to justice. god bless the brave men and women in law enforcement. ainsley, back to you. ainsley: all right. thank you, carley. let's hand it over to steve. hey,. steve: steve thank you very much, ainsley. in minneapolis the city council and police chief have clashed over plans to bring in outside law enforcement to help with the surge in crime amid an officer shortage. >> it is challenging to us to have a bunch of requests that doesn't -- that doesn't feel like it addresses the issues that we have been raising. >> resources are hemorrhaging. our city is bleeding at this moment. i'm trying to do all i can to stop that bleeding.
4:30 am
steve: oh my goodness. our next guest snows all too well the effects the increase in violence has had on minneapolis' community after her salon that had stood there for decades, was burned down during the riots in may. owner of flora's hair design flora westerbrooks joins from you minneapolis to discuss. flora, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: the situation is this past week the chief of police went in front of the city council and they said i need some more money to hire because so many officers are on leave right now. many with ptsd after what has happened in your town it is reported. that they are thinking about trying to hire people from the sheriff's department and the transit authority to come help with what's going on in your town. flora, what is going on in your town? >> well, all i know that, you know, there is a lot going on. you know, our business we lost our business, you know.
4:31 am
due to the riots. george floyd and we don't have the police patrol. we don't have the help that we had before. and i just think they need to maybe sort of like retrain, you know. and we don't need extra help. we need the police we have. and just, you know, just, you know, retrain them. and, you know, and keep the ones that we have, you know. we don't need extra help. i don't think we do. steve: flora, if they were to be retrained, retrained regarding what? >> how to, you know, to get along with, you know, with people in the community. you know, people of color, you know. and you know, not shooting, you know, any unarmed, you know, person and that sort of thing.
4:32 am
but, you know, at the end of the day, we need them. steve: absolutely. and do you know why you need them? let's just look at some of the statistics since last year. last year 2019 the entire year through 2020, year-to-date can you see arson up 76%. assault up 25%, about. homicides up almost 90%. and robberies up 37%. so, you know, and your town is one of the places that has talked about taking money from the police department because the budget -- the police are getting too much money the way it is. floor remarks have you heard stories about where people call for help and help doesn't come? >> yes. i have heard that, yes. absolutely. i have heard people call in and waiting for, you know, for the police to show up and the police has not come in. yes, i have. um-huh.
4:33 am
steve: the night your business was destroyed by looters, and arsonists, ultimately, you know, calls were made, hey, i got a fire here, nobody came, how are your rebuilding efforts going so far because i know they have got to go fund me page and people would like to help you go to it was we have been congress nic ling your struggle to rebuild where are you on this. >> i'm pretty much where i was the last time. it cost so much to even get the rubble, you know, everything, my property cleaned up, you know, going through bids and these bids are, you know, they are very high. and the money that i did raise was, you know, go to just for the clean-up to do the, you know, to put the building back, the structure, i'm not getting anywhere. >> officials here in the city haven't said anything. my mayor.
4:34 am
no one. no one. steve: they all said they would help you when they came when the cam whereas there now that the cameras are gone -- >> yeah. that was in june. and i haven't heard from them, no. steve: now they are thinking about whether or not to give more money for more cops. they are going to have a vote in minneapolis later today. flora westerbrooks. once again if you would like to flora go to our page good luck to you. >> thank you very much. steve: still ahead congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez is defending calls to dee dee fund the police. >> i believe justice long arc and happens in steps. steve: okay, "fox & friends weekend" host will, jed, pete, you are next. ♪ ♪
4:35 am
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♪ ♪ it's friday, i'm in love ♪ ainsley: good morning to you. it's friday, the 13th. and we are joined by our weekend crew, our friends pete, jedediah and will. hey, guys. will: good morning. pete: what's up, guys. ainsley: good morning. we wanted to get your reaction to this because you know there is so much infighting in the democratic party which way do they go moderate or very progressive? and joe manchin who is way more moderate. he thinks these socialist ideas are crazy. he was on with bret on monday and he said he is committed to voted against ending the filibuster and packing the court. he reiterated that message on
4:40 am
twitter. this is what he tweeted out defund the police, defund my butt. but i'm a proud west virginia democrat. we are the party of working men and women. we want to protect americans' jobs and healthcare. we do not have some crazy socialist agenda and we do not believe in defunding the police. and aoc, let me show you what she tweeted out a picture of her sitting behind joe manchin during the state of the union address giving him the stink eye or the death stare. what are your thoughts? jedediah, since you are the female on the panel, i will start with you. jedediah: yeah, this is funny to watch but this is exactly what's going to go on now. joe biden is going to have his hands full, frankly, because aoc is not going to back down. to her credit, she believes strongly in what she is saying. i don't think she is a phony by any stretch. it's not just going to be joe manchin. it's going to be loot of democrats deeply concerned about race losses in the house. there is going to be a lot of democrats worried about the defund the police movement and the movement towards socialism
4:41 am
and socialized medicine is a big problem. let's be honest. the message of unity from joe biden sounds great. but it's hard to unify within your own party, let alone to reach across the aisle and have democrats and republicans come together. so, he has his hands full to say least. brian: all right. so i want you to hear what aoc said about her defunds the police. she is not the only one. believe me, that was the chant of the spring and will, have you weigh in. let's listen. >> the path towards justice is a long arc and it happens in steps. safety is not just, um, an officer with a badge and a gun, but that safety is also a mental health worker that shows up when you are in crisis, safety is making sure that you are not evicted from your apartment in the middle of a pandemic. brian: so i'm not too sure that joe biden feels any differently, will. he was quoted during the debates
4:42 am
as saying -- he announced that black parents were right to worry that their children would be shot by the police. will: yeah, i don't know that there is a civil war within the democratic party there might be a few heretics like joe manchin on or about spamberger. put yourself in her shoes she wins a district in queens with 70% of the vote. universally loved by her fans on twitter. at this point the democratic party echos her sentiment. she is the democratic party. while she is the democratic party she is not american. i do think there are storm clouds on the horizon. i think democrats are very excited about a possible presidential win but two years from now, four years from now, this message i think if they read between the lines it doesn't take much reading between the lines america rejected defund the police. america rejected identity politics so best of luck to the democratic party embracing aoc. steve: you know, pete, the more she said, the more times republicans repeated what she said and it helped the
4:43 am
republicans ultimately during this election. pete: that's true because she is a privileged moron and what she just said makes no sense. she would be the first person to call the police if she was assaulted or accosted. anyone knows a badge and a gun are required in situations where you can't just send a social worker. it's one of the dumbest things i have ever heard on its face. then you have got joe marchen sick burn, senator defund my butt? like he is talking like your grandpa would trying to take on the young kids ant it ain't going to work. i second what will said this is not your daddy's democrat party. i know i'm on to talk about another book, but the book i previously wrote called american crusade chapter 4 is called leftism, how democrats left america quite simply your grandfather's liberal democrats have been replaced by leftists who are globalists who hate america who want to tear down our structures because it's -- they are so woke that the parishy has to come down and our history has to be rewritten.
4:44 am
joe manchin is done. is he not the democrat party. is he done. he might as well change his party affiliation. they are the party of radicals. nancy pelosi is a resaid yafl the old school liberals from san francisco. we are talking about leftists now who want to tear down america and rewrite our history. we are requesting to have this infighting segment 15 times in the next month and they are going to have a reckoning. i think it goes to the side of the left unfortunately. ainsley: pete, i know you have been working on another book. tell us about it. pete: yes, a new book coming out on november 24th. proud of this one. modern warriors, a special we did on fox nation. it's based on 15 interviews with its seals, rangers, green berets, medal of honor recipients. snipers. galguys and gals who are walkede ground sense 9/11. one-on-one conversation at the bar telling the real story of what it is like to smell combat and feel it and hear it and how to transition back home. modern warriors it's gritty and
4:45 am
raw and real. enjoy it yourself or give it as a gift. it's the first fox news book. check it out. brian: great to go to a bar and order a book and not have to order food. those are the days. pete: not true. brian: not for a while i keep hearing. jedediah i hear you have been booking the show all week. who have you come up with to make those guys look good? jedediah: it's been quite a job. no one wants to come on with pete and will would you believe that. brian: i do. jedediah: no everyone loves pete and will. marsha blackburn general jack keane and franklin graham coming up on the show this weekend. we have a packed weekend. you should join us. put us in six boxes. will: brady bunch thing. steve: we watch it from home. now with the review of pete's new book modern warriors, will? will: i would suggest it's five stars. is that how we rate books. two thumbs up. it's number one, top of the amazon list, "new york times," who cares? is it already number one, pete?
4:46 am
i mean, i don't know. pete: it is now. i will with will go get it folks. steve: all right, we will be watching. ainsley: yes we will. steve: thank you all for coming on. jedediah: thanks, guys. ainsley: hand it over to janice for our weekend forecast for us. hey j.d. janice: good morning. nice to see everybody on the weekday and the weekend. let's take a look at it. we had tropical storm eta made landfall in florida. brought a lot of destruction to parts of florida as well as the southeast. just a reminder it doesn't take a hurricane to cause incredible amounts of damage and flooding. but we are going to say bye to this system, thankfully 45 mile-per-hour post tropical system moving out to sea. but we still have the potential for some heavier rain showers across portions of the coastal north carolina area. south carolina. and then we are going to see the rough surf and rip current along the coast. that going to exit very quickly for this weekend. we do have a weaker system behind it that's going to bring the potential for unsettled
4:47 am
weather across the midwest, the ohio valley, the northeast and parts of the great lakes and then the west is very active with more heavy rain and mountain snow. it's kind of a good news situation for them because we have had so much wildfire danger and it's a very dry. much needed moisture for the west. and then, of course, the tropics are not over yet. we have had eta and theta and iota this weekend in the caribbean. it's not over. it's 2020. it keeps going and going and going. we will keep you posted. bark to you steve, ainsley and brian. brian: thanks for the swirling clouds. it was a wonderful effect. i owe you a favor. jillian mele have you other effects and other news. jillian: not swirling clouds though. i do have your headlines. today a bond hearing resumes for the father and son charged in the murder of ahmaud arbery. gregory and travis mcmichael and in court yesterday. they tried convincing a judge to release them from jail. but arbery's mother pleaded to keep them behind bars until trial. no decision was made on their release.
4:48 am
the mcmichaels are accused of shooting and killing arbery in a georgia neighborhood in february. they claimed they thought he was a burglar. arbery's family says he was on a be jobs portland's newly reeffect elected democratic mayor is making the city more inclusive. ted wheeler tweeting in part council authorized the city auditor to remove feminine and masculine terms from the city charter. this important step will help make our documents more exclusive of all gender identities. oregon was the first to add gender neutral option on drivers licenses. so you could get paid thousands of dollars to move to the mountains. arkansas is offering $10,000 to entice top talent to come to the ozarks. the northwest arkansas council is looking to recruit people with jobs in science, tech engineering and mathematics. but you don't have to work in those fields. and in case you are wondering i know you are, brian, a bike included in the deal for remote workers to explore the area. brian: home depot i don't see any houses or roads.
4:49 am
jillian: if you are joe concha you can build it yourself. steve: i just looked it up that area is home to three fortune 500 companies the headquarters of these companies. walmart, tyson, bentonville, tyson food and j.b. hunt looking to recruit residents. brian: a lot of bears there, too. don't bears live in the woods? steve: not there. not in arkansas i don't think. brian: if you are a bear, let us know. [laughter] steve: because that would be news. brian: yeah. jillian would have it. steve: coming up a big republican victory, a woman who flipped her southern california district from blue to red. she got the check. ♪
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
4:53 am
apes ainsley one california house seat sphbling from blue to red, republican michelle steel defeating her democratic challenger the incumbent in a very close race that cook political report labeled lean democrat. so steel's win adding to the number of wins elected to congress this year. michelle steel joins us now. good morning congresswoman
4:54 am
elect. how are you? >> i'm doing great. thank you very much for inviting me this morning. ainsley: i'm sure you are. you are welcome. congratulations on flipping this seat. how did you do it. >> i just stick to the issues because i already have a proven record. >> lower taxes and less regulation since covid-19 we closed down almost 8 months businesses being closed down. i stick to the issues. another thing is there are a lot of people who wants to defund the police or dismantling. instead i actually declared orange county law enforcement appreciation day and do you know what? we have to support police and all these law enforcement officers because 99% of these people are good people we training. you know what we cannot dismantle or we cannot defund. i just stick to the issues and i think that's the reason that i
4:55 am
won. ainsley: i know you and maryland strickland the first two korean american women that have been elected to congress. she is a democrat and she won in seattle. tell me your story. what made you want to serve? >> you know what? actually, first generation. and i was born in korea, raised in japan. so i speak korean as my first and japanese as english language and english my third. never thought my mom actually was [inaudible] state board -- that's the reason that i decided to run for state board of and that's the way i started. this is my fifth election. i won all five. do you know what? i stand for american dream. ainsley: what do you make of so many women minority growing this year. >> me with my accent i still won.
4:56 am
and people actually, when we stick to the issues and we just try to work with residents and work for residents i think we are going to keep winning. ainsley: your accent is part of your story. you are a beautiful person. you speak three languages and don't let anyone tell you differently. congratulations, go out there and fight in washington. >> i will. thank you very much for inviting me today. ainsley: you are welcome. a big hour coming up for you. we have got geraldo rivera. we have general jack keane. we have nicole malliotakis and ari flisher as well as sarah sanders. it's the only one... ...fda approved... temporarily make frown lines... ...crow's feet... ...and forehead lines... ...look better. the effects of botox® cosmetic, may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing,
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making life's journey, just better. brian: today a judge will hear appeals in trump's challenges in pennsylvania and other states. steve: it might change how we do elections in the future. we might actually learn something. >> urgent manhunt in arkansas after police officer is shot and killed. >> suspect identified as 29-year-old howard. steve: balance of power on the line in georgia. >> we are going to win because we are on the right side of the issues. >> trump is so evil. >> this is all she has in her career. a biden presidency is a mute button. >> it will assume this morning.
5:01 am
defending champ tiger woods with best first round in masters ever. ♪ ♪ ainsley: it is friday the 13th and you're looking at the white house where we have heard there's some reports from the new york times this morning that the president could announce that he's running for reelection in 2024 shortly after biden certify, brian. brian: we will hear comparisons just like bush 43 ran and rush 41. they compared it to the adams family. steve: the president is not the movie. brian: uncle fester is not,
5:02 am
sorry. steve: to try to sort it all out griff jenkins dispatched to our location in washington to update us on the friday the 13th. griff: big hearing in philly in a couple of hours. a judge will hear 5 appeals where the trump campaign is seeking to have a thousand ballots cast after being ineligible yesterday after victory for trump team. the secretary of state lacked authority extending a deadline to confirm their identity but the ruling did not affect the total vote count. trump campaign spokeswoman kayleigh mcenany had this to say. >> kayleigh: we believe in the counting process, that ballots without signatures, dates and addresses which are required by law were counted in some democrat counties but not in some republican counties. this would amount to potentially tens of thousands of ballots that were counted improperly.
5:03 am
griff: down south hand recount is about to begin in georgia, they'll be done by noon next wednesday with certification deadline on november 20th. out west, arizona gop launching a lawsuit to force a hand recount just as other major networks join fox news and officially calling arizona for joe biden. perhaps that's what china was waiting for. they extended congratulations in the last few hours this morning via foreign ministry spokesperson. former president obama blasting and the republicans backing him. we might not have it but trust me, he took a hard shot at them. while president obama in 60 minutes interview are saying that republicans and president are to blame for delegitimizing the election.
5:04 am
group of senators, graham, grassley and thune are calling for vice president resume getting presidential daily briefing, we will see what happens. that will be something to watch on capitol hill today, brian, ainsley, steve. steve: sorry about the sound bite. [laughter] brian: we have an extra. steve: thanks, griff. let's bring in -- ainsley: let's bring in geraldo rivera, sorry, steve, bring him in. steve: there he is. ainsley: all right, we are all fighting. we are all fighting to bring you in. got it. hey, geraldo, what do you make of this? hi. and then we are doing the recount in georgia, do you think this will make a difference, what will we get out of this? geraldo: probably not the differences, but, listen, this
5:05 am
category of votes arriving late and deemed unilaterally by the secretary of state to be -- to be qualified even if they arrive 6 days after the election, it is a big enough category that it is one of those systematic problems that jonathan turley and i tried to warn against last week. these are the kinds of errors the big hunks of errors that might make a difference. in this case this is ten thousand votes they say that are segregated. we don't know which way they would have gone. mail-order ballots tended to favor joe biden. let's assume that all 10,000 were for joe biden, that would reduce the 54,000 vote margin more or less in pennsylvania to 44,000. that is still hurculian task to surmount, to win back 44,000 votes there, 11,000 in arizona. similar amount in georgia goes on and on, these are daunting tasks and i just -- i ask two
5:06 am
things of the president. i ask that he be begin this planning in his own mind to leave with grace and dignity, celebrating the fact that he's probably the most successful one-term president ever. he remade the court, he remade the economy, he got us out of international deals that were detrimental to the american people. he has so much to celebrate. let him go out with grace and dignity. that would be wonderful and won again in 2024. he would be the strongest republican by far n. the meantime in georgia, he will go down to georgia after thanksgiving and he will win the two runoffs down there two. i want him to start thinking that this process as tight as it is and agonizingly close as it is has a shelf life that runs a certain amount of time. there has to be a certification by the state by certain date, certify the vote and then we will have officially 46th president of the united states. you know, and let -- let things
5:07 am
proceed by their constitutional natural, natural course. brian: and if things are proceeding it will be a biden administration. elizabeth warren typed editorial. the lesson is clear, bold policies to improve opportunity. voters recognize reforms are necessary to fix what's broken in the nation. republican leaders can't acknowledge the election outcome and grind congress to a halt. lots of big changes that a biden-harris administration can achieve through executive orders on day one. you know elizabeth warren and how she profiles, what do you think she had in mind, geraldo? geraldo: what she has in mind, regulation of banks and drain the rich kinds of action.
5:08 am
brian: environment. geraldo: i don't credit as treasury secretary nor bernie sanders as labor secretary for the simple reason that the two democrats have states where there are republican governors, if they leave to take cabinet positions they'll be replaced by republican governors by anybody the republican governors suggest and i would suggest to you that at least one of two republican governors pick a republican to replace elizabeth warren or bernie sanders tilting the senate lead even -- even more toward mitch mcconnell. i don't credit them. and i think more broadly, in the -- in the sober light of day when you look at what the election had to say, what this election had to say is that the american people particularly among the most conservative of the american people, the latinos detest socialism. they don't want socialism like they had back home in venezuela or nick ago or -- nicaragua.
5:09 am
they want the chance to be all they are capable of being. they hate socialism. they need cops. the whole movement to defund cops is -- is one that's ridiculous. joe manchin who even if some miracle the democrats win both seats in georgia, he, joe manchin will not go along with packing the court. he has said as much. chuck schumer loses an ally right there if he attempts to expand the supreme court of the united states. governing will be a lot harder for these folks than campaigning ever was. steve: sure, the election was harder than ever before because of the pandemic and without a doubt the coronavirus impacted everyone in some major. there were so many mail-in ballots this time and that's why there's so many complaints from many on different political sides. and right now, you look at the infection rate and it's approaching the stage, geraldo, it sounds like they may shut schools down again and it's a
5:10 am
bleak thanksgiving for a lot of people. nonetheless, on the view joey bayhard had this observation about what is going on with the president and the pandemic. >> it occurs to me that trump is so evil at this point, i really think he's evil. i think he absolutely relishes the idea that things are getting worse and it's going to be on biden's lap. i really think he likes that. that's how sick he is. steve: geraldo, do you think the president wants it to get bad to it looks bad for joe? geraldo: i -- i feel sorry for joey to make a statement like that. i've known her forever. the cynicism there is dripping with venom. i really don't like it at all. to wish evil at the country to get back at political rival, the rival being the president of the united states. i think it's awful. i think the president having suffered it, having recovered,
5:11 am
having his wife and son, both infected, now having so many of his key allies in and around the white house infected, it is something that he lives with. not to mention the fact that it is the pandemic that defeated him. he ran not against joe biden, he ran against this -- this insidious epidemic that's affected the 4 corners of the world and he could be just vulnerable enough for some suburban voters to swallow distaste for the democrat and jump that way. it is terrible timing. the fact that dr. fauci a couple of weeks ago, oh, a vaccine will not make life regular until 2022 for goodness sake and dr. fauci is saying, the vaccine will change everything, wait until we get our hands on it before the end of the year. we will start vaccinating people and kumbaya, the world will be swell again. maybe it's all of the fact that before, president trump lived
5:12 am
the moat embattled presidency, the most evil way possible by the mainstream media against him. the pornographic pollsters that had voter suppression polls that had people away from voting because they didn't think their candidate had a chance, like wisconsin he was down by 17 according to the latest polls. you know, things like that really have to be reassessed and otherwise we may never have another republican president. if mail-in ballots become a thing where voters need no effort to cast the ballot, all they have to do, they get the mail and some party boss from the block comes walking around and say, you know, jack, did you get your ballot, did you fill it out right, let me mail this down and goes with a pack of 100 of them representing his block. that's the way politics used to be done when the dead used to vote twice in cook county in chicago when i was a younger man.
5:13 am
there's some real election reform that has to take place but if mail-in ballots become a thing, i think the republican party is going to be like the dinosaur, we are going to be extinct. ainsley: all right, geraldo, thank you so much for joining us. geraldo: okay, ainsley, on that hope note. ainsley: i know. [laughter] ainsley: can you leave us with something for the weekend? all right. wish you all the best. thank you, geraldo. jillian has the headlines for you. jillian: good morning, urgent manhunt underway after arkansas police officer is shot and killed. howard suspected of opening fire outside of a motel near the mississippi border. police were looking for him in a separate shooting, he's considered armed and dangerous, we will have a live report on the manhunt later this hour. another fox news alert. 7 people are dead and two others missing after devastating flooding in north carolina. heavy rain from tropical storm eta leaving homes and cars under water. a reporter from our fox
5:14 am
affiliate in charlotte was live on the air when a bridge collapsed right in front of her. watch this. >> this is incredibly scary. okay, we are backing up, we are backing up. this right here live on tv. we saw the road collapse, that same road that we were just standing on seconds ago. jillian: i can't even imagine. dozens of people stranded in rising waters as people in florida clean up the damage left by eta. more than 150,000 cases of covid-19 reported in the u.s. on thursday. breaking the daily record again, hospitalizations are hitting records in several states this as we expect to learn the effectiveness of moderna's vaccine. 30,000 americans have taken part in the trial, one of the volunteers joined us earlier to share his experience. >> i mean, since i got the vaccine, i mean, there's been no indication that i've gotten sick and i hope a lot of people --
5:15 am
exposed in intimate settings and they've been -- >> jillian: thursday night football, the indianapolis colts lead the afc south after convincing win over the titans. >> and returned for the touchdown. jillian: oh, man. the colts scoring 21 unanswered points in the second half winning 34 to 17. send it back to you. steve: what a play. brian: good thursday night football game. thanks, jillian. shake up in the pentagon leadership is raising concerns about a swift withdrawal from afghanistan, general jack keane
5:16 am
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brian: shake-up at the pentagon's top leadership reportedly raising fears among military officials and reporters that the u.s. will accelerate withdrawal from troops from afghanistan, maybe south korea. let's bring in fox news senior strategic analyst retired four-star general jack keane. i watched you last night with martha. you are not somebody that's alarmed about the change at the top. jack: no i'm not because i've been told and i take it at face value that secretary esper who by the way i provided advice to and i thought was doing a pretty good job to be frank about it, but the trump administration and i think the president himself felt that secretary esper was -- was not following the president's agenda and he has every right to remove a cabinet official for whatever reason. but that's the stated reason and
5:21 am
i take it at face value. i don't buy into the hype that's coming out of this that there's a plot here that's taking place by -- by his removal and others and the president will rush through troop redeployment home that are not planned. based on what i've been told, our planned deployments in syria, iraq and afghanistan and the timetables associated with them remain in place. no change. brian: general in doing interviews for veterans day, when some veterans have trouble adjusting back at home, you know what really hurt them and i don't have to explain it to you but maybe the audience is when they watch what they did in iraq in the surge get overrun when we pulled out and the creation of isis, they said was this all worth it to lose life and limb for this? if that's, indeed, the case, do you worry about the same thing in afghanistan among those who sacrificed so much over the last
5:22 am
20 years, if we pull it out and the taliban comes back? jack: i personally went through this over the vietnam war, the commander, paratroopers and then we walked away from it at the end because it was too politically tough to deal with. most definitely. the situation in afghanistan certainly rises to that level but violence is up 50% in the country. president gani after i had spoken to, he said he would have a cease fire which is what would normally happen when peace negotiations are taking place between his government and taliban, there's no cease fire. quite the contrary, the violence has increased, yes, if we just walk away from that, that would be an absolute disaster for the country, for the american people security.
5:23 am
how we end the conflict, brian, is actually more important than how we began it. the end has a legacy all of its own and it sends a message to our allies and friends but also to our adversaries. brian: right. jack: the mental toughness it takes to end the conflict favorable to the united states is, i think, in our national interest. we've got a handful of people, a few thousand that are helping the afghans do the fighting. brian: if you are in wheelchair making your way through the kitchen you are proud of what you do but if we go away, damage to the young man in iowa or montana. i picked up "the new york times" today in alaska one of the fishing boat captains said are we being invaded? or are they breaching national
5:24 am
air security, what message are we supposed to take from this? jack: they took a page out of what the iranians are doing with proxies and what it is, they are operating below the -- the level of conflict as much as they can to intimidate and coerce our allies to test the united states' resolve. what putin in particular is doing, he loves the international press he gets out of this and what's that about. he's playing to his own audience at home. russia is back on the world stage as powerful country. his narrative is not that he's violating our rights but they're violating his rights or russia's rights. that's what he uses this for. it's largely for domestic audience. good news putin's popularity is tanking in russia due to economy or handling of the pandemic. they don't have the hospital
5:25 am
infrastructure to support the number of cases they have people hospitalized. brian: amazing the vaccine didn't work. who would have thought? companies that invest in china, that has anything to do with the chinese military, that's now banned, really? what took so long and this might be an executive order that even joe biden would have trouble overturning if, indeed, he does emerge to president? jack: i think president-elect biden if he becomes our president, certainly has an opportunity to build on some of the successes that the trump administration has had in dealing with the chinese communist party. all that said, this, yes, why did it come so late? i can only surmise, brian, the major issue that took almost 2 years with the trump administration in dealing with the chinese communist party was the trade imbalance and tariff war that we are involved with
5:26 am
and and any ancillary issue would have distracted and hurt leverage. delisting chinese companies on the stock exchange is another thing that the congress is advocating and something we should do, because, one, they don't abide by our rules and, two, some of the companies are also supporting the development of chinese military capability. brian: general, thanks so much. always great, retired four star general, fox news strategic analyst, i appreciate you being with us today, general. >> have a great weekend. brian: you too. list of republicans flipping house seats is growing. congressman-elect nicole mallito switching district red. she's here to talk about it. ♪ ♪ history
5:27 am
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i just want to encourage all of you to join with yael eckstein and the wonderful work of the international fellowship of christians and jews. god tells us to take care of them, to feed the hungry. and i pray holocaust survivors will be given the basic needs that they so desperately pray for to survive.
5:30 am
steve: 8:30 in the east and we have a fox news alert. right now urgent manhunt in arkansas after a police officer is shot and killed. jeremy pier with affiliate in memphis joins us.
5:31 am
jeremy. reporter: police officers are saturating this entire city as well as surrounding areas and they are receiving help this morning not only from the arkansas state police but as well as agents from the bureau of alcohol, tobacco and firearms. according to police the suspect they are looking for is this man, 29-year-old latarius howard. according to police they went after him because she shot a man last week. the chief of police told us last night officers received a tip of howard being in hotel and officers got to hotel approached car and he shot several shots and the officer later died. we are working to learn more information surrounding the investigation, specifically who howard may be on the run with as well as the name of the officer who sadly lost his life here
5:32 am
helenor, arkansas. ainsley: another gop victory in the house, natalia takis flipping red after democrat incumbent concedes. republicans have now flipped 10 seats in the house with 8 of them won by female candidates. new york congresswoman elect joins us now. good morning to you. congratulations. >> thank you, good morning. ainsley: good morning. what do you think was the reason for this seat and so many other flipping from blue to red? >> here in new york city and i assume cities in america people are fed up with the direction democrats were trying to take us. in new york city where we have de blasio and we have alexandria ocasio-cortez, they've moved our city so much to the left and you have individuals like my opponent who rallied with the defund police movement and had
5:33 am
gone along with the gang and people want to see a two-party system, they want to see checks and balances and i will be the only republican representing our city in washington and it's a much-needed voice and perspective. ainsley: i know that you represent the southern part of brooklyn and staten island. there's 16gop women newly elected to congress. is the party changing? was this the trump phenomena or is this a permanent change for the republican party? >> i could tell you it's much-needed new blood coming to the party, not only do we have most females in history of coming to congress from the republican side, but we also have a number of minorities, we have immigrants who have come from korea, from cuba, from the ukraine and also we have military veterans as well as in the republican side. but i can tell you that this is important because it's the message. you have aoc and the socialist squad and now we have
5:34 am
individuals that come from diversed backgrounds and many fled communism or socialism themselves or like me, the daughter of a cuban refugee, to be those messengers to say why is socialism bad and push back and to fight to protect our freedom and our liberties and we reopen our company and we keep the capitalist system that provides job and opportunity and that is something that i believe and obviously in this election results across the country that americans want and i think that's very critical point to be making. ainsley: i understand that you want to form your own squad, the antisocialist squad. >> we don't have a name but there's definitely an interest and people that are concerned and have similar stories at mine. my mother fled communist cuba in 1959, she came here for liberty and opportunity as millions of immigrants did. we want to preserve that. we want to preserve the american dream that allow my parents
5:35 am
daughters -- their daughter is now going to be a united states congressperson and as i mentioned we have immigrants coming from cuba, from korea. we share the story and we will get out there and tell the story to americans and fight back against those who want to dismantle the economy and want to destroy capitalism and want to takeaway freedoms and bring socialism to the country. ainsley: we look forward to watching your career. >> thank you very much. ainsley: you're welcome, trump campaign picking up a legal win in pennsylvania, so what does the court battle look like moving forward? ari flisher and sarah sanders to discuss it next. ♪ ♪
5:36 am
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want more from medicare, call now to learn about humana medicare options that are good for your health and your wallet. a licensed humana sales agent will walk you through your options, answer any questions you have and help you enroll over the phone. plans with a zero dollar monthly plan premium are available in many areas. call now and we'll also send this free guide. humana, a more human way to healthcare. ainsley: victory for the trump campaign's election legal battle after a judge rules that pennsylvania secretary of state lacked the authority to extend the deadline for voters to confirm their identity. brian: this comes as a hand recount of nearly 5 million ballots begins today in georgia. steve: where does the president and his team go from here? let's have a discussion right now fox news contributor and former press secretary to
5:41 am
president george w. bush ari fleisscher and former press secretary to president trump, sarah sanders. good morning to you. >> good morning. steve: seems like filings that the president and his legal team have made seems to delay certification as long as possible. does that look like it's going to work? >> no, but i think it's important to separate two issues here. one, is there enough votes that the president can get to everturn the election results and the second is do we have problems and fraud of the election that need to be cleaned up and the answer is emphatically yes and the cases should proceed. the constitution was upheld. the rights of a legislature to set the rules was upheld. no secretary of state can step
5:42 am
in especially antitrump secretary of state like this one and change the rules on a whim. that's what we have laws for. we are a nation of laws and not man and that's what the court upheld. ainsley: sarah, you've been in politics with your family for decades, what need to change as far as voting is concerned? how do we fix the problem so we don't see it again? sarah: every state is different and people are operating under a different set of rules so i think that we have to take it case by case but i think the most important i think and ari certainly touched on this, is that we need to make sure that we are fixing the system because at the end of the day, we need to make sure every american has confidence in the validity of our election. that is upmost importance of making sure that people feel like every legal vote was counted and that there wasn't fraud committed and they can two to sleep having confidence knowing that their vote was
5:43 am
counted, that it was tabulated and that the person who was meant to win by the selection of the people who voted for that person is the ultimate winner and i think that is so important in this process and we don't want to get lost in that, we must have transparency and we must have confidence in our election. brian: hopefully we will see what happens in georgia by hand and wisconsin and maybe independent arbiter look at diminion software. there were issues but they said it didn't amount to any permanent ballot switch. we just don't know for sure. so now let's talk about what we do know for sure, january 5th, will decide balance of power. money is pouring in for the next two months. what is the message that's going to resinate with a changing georgia electorate, ari?
5:44 am
>> well, it's fascinating about georgia, it's not unusual. two races in one year not usual. there's a big difference between the intensity of turnout and a presidential and the intensity of turnout in a special and in georgia, that special typically goes republican. so it looks -- brian: ari, there's nothing typical about georgia now. >> no, there's still typical things, patterns that are hard to overturn and i think massive turnout in the presidential is what made a difference. georgia is close but it still leans republican. steve: sarah, the democrats are going to back up and spend a lot of money in that state. this is a good time to own a tv station in atlanta and all of the georgia market.
5:45 am
sarah: certainly a lot of money will be spent, but i think the big contrasting message that the two candidates particularly in the republican side have to make is what is at stake and how different our choices are here. i think, you know, we are fighting back, these are the last two places where we can hold the line and fight back against the liberal mob. i think the last thing americans want is for chuck schumer to join with nancy pelosi and push socialism down on our throats and allow the liberal mob of washington to take over communities all over the country. the two seats are critical at stopping that and we need to make sure we do everything we can do push perdue and loeffler over the line. it could not be important than to have that right now. ainsley: sarah, ari, thanks for
5:46 am
joining us, have a great weekend. >> thank you. sarah: thanks for having us. ainsley: janice has weekend forecast on this friday the 13th, hey, janice. janice: good morning, we are saying good-bye to latest tropical storm eta which brought tropical storm. tropical system that moved across florida and southeast. you can see the temperatures behind it. we have much cooler air moving in and another cold front that's going to help push the remains of eta offshore. there's the satellite imagery. a little bit of rainfall across the coastal north carolina region and gusty winds and big waves and sur youf and we will y good-bye to storm. maybe showers in the great lakes and midwest. in the west coast, heavy rain along the coast and mountain snow to prime for skiing season
5:47 am
as we get into the winter months. there's your forecast today. much quieter as we say good-bye to eta, we will deal with mostly sunny skies and cooler weather across northern plains and the system in the northwest will bring potential for heavy rainfall across the coast and flash flooding potential and winter weather advisories on rockies and cascades in the pacific northwest. have a wonderful weekend, my friend. friday is here. brian: you too. steve: meanwhile after all the stress of 2020, a home spa might be just the thing to improve your health and house. coming up next live from his backyard available over the counter. voltaren is powerful arthritis pain relief in a gel.
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sandra: good friday morning, legal battles mounting, the latest on president trump's continued fight for the white house. plus more on the growing rift between moderate democrats and progressives and joe biden's plan on nationwide mask mandate. what we are now learning katie pavlich, senator tom cotton joining us live at the top of the hour. steve: pandemic has kept so many
5:52 am
stuck at home this year for hours on end and as we head in winter months we will be spending more time at home but an at-home spa might be just what the doctor ordered. here to show you the ultimate home hot tub, we've got in his backyard, home contractor skip badell, people are talking about how we need to be outside, why not put one of those outside your back porch. >> i will tell you, steve, you have the outdoor retreat that is we built this summer now closing up and it's important that we continue to stay outside and have a place to relax and unwind, a home spa is a great way to do that. i did a lot of research and found out that master spas was the best, world's largest manufacturer of hot tubs and all made right here in the usa. let me show you the one that we chose for my home. this is the michael phelps
5:53 am
series. 72 jets, steve and 8 seats each massaging different parts of your body. if you look over here, you have the shoulder and neck seat, right. jets up against the water, it has magnetic biotherapy, lower backseat that massages your lower back n. this seat right here you have 22 separate jets on one seat alone. steve: whoa! >> unbelievable power. you are massaging and relaxing. this is one of my favorite features, steve. you see the two giant jets down there, 28 on your feet, giving you the ultimate foot massage while inside the tub which is absolutely amazing. so after you get through some of these and i can't speak on all of the features but my favorite
5:54 am
features not many tubs have is full body lounge chair. you get the lay down flat and this massages you from head to toe your whole body at the same time which is really great. flow one -- now one of the great features is led lighting inside the tub and nice because it sets the ambience and sets the mood, you can change the lights or live the one color light while enjoying hot tub experience. in addition to that, we have a premium sound system in there. [laughter] >> it's amazing. bluetooth connects, wi-fi, you are playing your music right through the tub and it sounds absolutely incredible. so you have the lights, you have the sound, and you have the hydrotherapy, so now you're outside and enjoying home space and you're relaxing and distressing and in addition to that, steve, it's easy to keep clean, so the technology now is
5:55 am
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5:56 am
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>> thanks for watching. if you have time sunday night at 10:00 watch jim gray's on his new book talking to goats "fox news sunday" on see you. >> sandra: fox news alert an a manhunt for a cop killer in arkansas. the officer was shot at a hotel. the suspect is wanted in another shooting. when they approached him he opened fire. the officer who was hit later died at the hospital. the suspect is 29-year-old latarius howard. we'll have more on this story in a moment. first we begin with the legal battles as they pile up as president trump challenges the results of the election in several battleground states including pennsylvania where his campaign claims thousands of ballots were improperly counted. good morning, i'm sandra smith. hi, trace, happy friday.


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