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tv   Bill Hemmer Reports  FOX News  November 9, 2020 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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two children, the show has not announced his replacement. >> dana: he says that he was happy to be known as a kind man, which is wonderful. thank you william and thank you for joining us everyone, i'll see you on "the five." bill hemmer, i was also nervous to meet you. >> bill: why? >> dana: i don't know, you're like bill helmer. >> bill: we grew up with alex trebek. nice to see you. ♪ the monday after, hello everybody, i'm bill hemmer. the senate gets back to work in a moment for the first time since the election expecting to hear from readers mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer. we will take you there live when it happens. on the to-do list, keep the government funded and passed covid relief. what will they say? chad pergram kicks off coverage.
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>> good afternoon, bill. mitch mcconnell is in the driver's seat, we expect to hear from him shortly. he is the one who wants to do a narrow coronavirus bill sometime during the lame duck session of congress. it appears as though the opportunity for nancy pelosi to do her own bigger version of a coronavirus bill may evaporate. here is the senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> 6.9% unemployment is a stunning indication of a dramatic comeback of the econo economy. that ought to affect what size of any rescue package we additionally do. >> congress must also either lift or suspend the debt ceiling this session and approved the defense policy bill. the deadline to fund the government is december 11. everyone will be looking at how mcconnell gets along with biden. this is mcconnell bidding farewell to his friend as biden presided over the senate for the
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last time as vice president in late 2016. >> you've been a real friend. you've been a trusted partner. and it's been an honor to serve with you. we are all going to miss you. >> mitch mcconnell promised to make president obama a one-term president, that did not happen. the question in washington is which version of mitch mcconnell shows up, friend or foe to joe biden? >> bill: watching the floor there, thank you. possible major breakthrough in the race to find a vaccine. pfizer reporting that early data shows its vaccine against the virus is 90% effective. dr. marc siegel, david as midway in in a moment. david lee miller on the news of the afternoon. >> this could be a game changer as you just mentioned, worth repeating. pfizer reporting that the effectiveness of their
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coronavirus vaccine according to some of the preliminary studies more than 90% and that is significantly higher than many of the experts had anticipated. according to an independent analysis, and a trial of 44,000 participants some of them took a placebo. 94 cases of covid were reported, test results were better for those who had two doses. less than nine cases of the virus diagnosed. no serious safety concerns were observed, later this month pfizer and its partner will apply for emergency authorization. the company ceo sounded optimistic about the future. >> you understand the hopes of people, millions and billions and hundreds of governments. now we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. >> pfizer did not accept funding
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from operation warp speed to develop the vaccine, pending fda approval the company will receive $1.95 billion for 100 million doses. and here in new york, the state on saturday had its highest infection rate since june. in new york city, thousands celebrating the election took to the streets although many wore masks, there was no social distancing and the chair of the city council called it an emotional crowd, the very next day that same official wanted new yorkers to take precaution citing a second wave of the virus. the white house has now denounced these joe biden inspired celebrations calling them super-spreader events. meanwhile, a very disturbing new statistic across the country. more than 10 million americans have now been infected by the coronavirus. >> bill: thank you david lee, dr. marc siegel is with me. we may get interrupted. good afternoon to you.
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is the pandemic coming to an end with this news? >> not yet, bill, but i have to tell you this is extremely historic news and the ceo of pfizer's right to call it that. let me explain why. we've never made a vaccine this quickly. this is brand-new technology that hasn't been used in a vaccine that we are using yet. also, 90%, let me tell you what that means. we are trying to slow the spread of this virus, the more effective a vaccine is the more we can do that. the measles vaccine is about 97% effective and we stamped out measles in the united states without vaccine. same with smallpox, it stamped out smallpox around the world. 90% is a terrific tool. if we are able to use that and so far, so good, it looks very good, safety looks good, those 94 people out of the 22,000 who got the vaccine, 94 people had the virus but the vaccine, 90%
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of the time it stopped in its tracks. that's what we've been looking for. if this is useful around the world, it looks very, very good. we could end the pandemic and create herd immunity using this vaccine. >> bill: to specific questions for you, doctor. the way i read it, they've been testing this group for two months which is a period of 60 days. at what point do you know it's 90% effective? >> you know it's 90% effective when it hits people who were also hit by the virus. when you accumulate enough people who encountered the virus and the vaccine protected them to come up with a statistic certain to you know reached that point now. none of us thought the number would be as high as 90%. we were hoping for 60%. the flu shot is 30-62% effective and we encourage everyone to get it every year.
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>> bill: would they have known this a week ago or a month ago? >> i don't know when they do this. it could be that they encountered the data over the last few days, i don't know when they knew. i don't like all the politics that's going on over this vaccine even today, you are hearing people say don't take it if it's the trump administration, that's so disappointing. we have to stick to the science and of course the public deserves to know when they knew. >> bill: alex azar says this is a historic day for public health, he's right about that. what role did operation warp speed play? >> operation warp speed the primary role that it's playing period is the idea that it will zoom manufacturing to meet the science. they didn't give bio intact, the german company working with pfizer, they didn't give the money up front. they declined it. but they are going to pony up
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close to billion dollars as you heard david lee miller's say to make the hundred million doses we need to give everyone, they didn't get involved in the development but they are going to be involved in producing and distributing. the shortcut is not on the science side, it's on manufacturing. what makes it so it -- it's never been done at the speed before peter >> bill: got it. david osmond now, markets are just booming today. >> markets are ecstatic about this, to put a final point on whether this was related to warp speed or not when a contract was signed between the government and pfizer back in july it was a part of work speed. so it definitely was a part of it. if they would not have worked as hard as they did if they were not assured of the $2 billion from the federal government once the fda gets approval. so it was a part of work speed. but the markets see this as part
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of the recovery, think about how well the economy has done without the vaccine so far. we have a 33% increase in the gdp, last quarter we just had a jobs figures on friday down to 6.9% on appointment. we still had too many people unemployed, we always want to mention that but the comeback from the downswing from the lockdowns is just remarkable. and now with the vaccine all of the stocks that have been beaten down, the travel related stocks, oil stocks, airlines, casinos, et cetera are taking off like rockets. >> bill: watching the ceo of pfizer, he talked about election day being an artificial date. wasn't working off a timeline. he said i was predicting this would happen at the end of october and it happened one week later. what's your take from it? >> just imagine if this news had come out one week ago. just seven days ago.
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if the news had come out on the eve of the election, there is no question that it would have affected a lot of the votes in those razor-thin margins of swing states like michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania itself. you never know, but the question is whether or not pfizer did it deliberately, whether they knew this news a week ago and decided to withhold it because they didn't want to be part of the election one way or the other. it's hard to say, it's one of those things we may never know for sure but undoubtedly it would have affected the outcome of the election. would have swung it entirely, would we be saying trump won? rather than biden winning at least becoming the president-elect, we'll never know. but clearly you can see from the market investors are just ecstatic about this. >> bill: phenomenal turn of events. what are you waiting for next medically? >> medically i want to see the safety dialed up.
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we already would know if there was a safety problem, we've had a safety monitoring board watching carefully. i want to see that emergency use authorization and then i want to see the high risk groups getting this at the end of the month beginning of next month, the elderly, the poor, the health care workers i want to stand there and take this vaccine and be on your show and tell everybody to take it. that will be at the beginning of next year when we get over 100 million people taking this vaccine, we are going to slow this virus and stamp it out. >> bill: watching the markets, watching the medicine, marc siegel and david osmond, nice to have you both. president trump filing his defense secretary naming and acting replacement, also the trump campaign continues to pursue lawsuits to challenge the results. andy mccarthy on the fate of that at the moment today. also, waiting to hear from senate leader schumer and mcconnell with the senate balance of power still up in the air.
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these elections are big moments in history. based on the headlines we have seen already, this is more of a 720-degree turn than a 360. >> very much so, what a year. you would've expected nothing less in 2021 to end this way and it's not even over yet. it's not over until 2021. i think the republicans have a strong chance of holding onto the senate, the democrats would have to win two seats in order to take that back and generally what happens is the republicans do better once the field is clear. in 2008 stephanie chambliss won 49.8% of the vote and won 57% in the second and 2018 you had republican senators who won 49% of the vote and won 52% after the runoff. history is on the side of the republican generally speaking. however, in 2008 obama had just
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won, the senate was decided, you've got control of the senate so everybody -- >> bill: you feel good from a republican standpoint? >> i feel good, but like the democrats were saying before the presidential election, i'm confident but i'm not overconfident. a lot at stake. >> bill: i want to get to a comment from chuck schumer. the eyes of the country are focused on georgia for the next 55 days. >> yeah, there has been some serious grassroots party building in georgia led by stacy abrams. here's what you have to ask yourself, are the trump voters that came out en masse and george are going to return again in january? biden was able to win georgia and i have a feeling that people who lost the election will be less excited than people who won going forward up to that runoff
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election. so i think it's even money who wins that race in january. with control on the line, a lot of what happens between now and then and congress particularly passing a big stimulus package that aids state and local governments are going to be very important to the success of whoever wins that race. >> bill: chuck schumer in new york, it's been played a lot and for a reason. here's what he said. >> now we take georgia, then we take the world. now we take georgia, then we change america. >> bill: the reason why that is so important, mark, as if this continues in terms of the recount and biden-harris are going to the white house, the biden-harris agenda is on the ballot. >> you're absolutely right, i think chris makes an important point about how the trump voters need to be motivated if the
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republicans will hold it which is why i think it's very important that donald trump lead the charge and go out there and win. he can go out on a whim, i think it would be good to have a victory and save the senate. truth be told, i think that in its heart of hearts i think joe biden wouldn't mind if mitch mcconnell was in charge. joe biden gave a very gracious speech in which he talked about unity and coming together and working together, if the democrats win back control of the senate he is going to be under unrelenting pressure from sanders and ocasio-cortez, he can work with mcconnell. they are friends. they get things done together. i worked for jesse helms and joe biden was the ranking member and they passed the -- >> you are the one filibustering
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here, nobody can work with mitch mcconnell. mitch mcconnell is the king of obstruction. joe biden once to win georgia so he has a chance to get his agenda through. i wouldn't be surprised mitch mcconnell blocked cabinet posts let alone judicial picks. so yes this is a very important election for the joe biden agenda, america overwhelmingly supported joe biden, he won back by 5 million votes nationally. this is a very important election, i would expect donald trump -- >> bill: i'm sorry, i've got breaking news. thanks to you. >> we'll go from here. there is one aspect of last week that has gotten lost but i want to single out right at the sta start. by every indication, the 20/20 election appears to have been free from meaningful foreign interference. if there is no suggestion that our foreign adversaries were allowed to undermine the
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integrity of our process. according to the director of cybersecurity and infrastructure security administration, "we have no evidence any foreign adversary was capable of preventing americans from voting or changing votes." the head of the nfa and u.s. cyber command reported tuesday night "the actions we've taken against adversaries have insured they aren't going to interfere in our elections." the trump administration and the senate spent four years supporting the state and local election authorities on the front lines. new tools and information sharing partnerships, unprecedented coordination,
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hundreds of millions in new funding, new consequences for bad actors like russia, if they interfere. the absence of any reports of a foreign interference a ringing endorsement of our bipartisan work and it slams the door on the embarrassing, irresponsible rhetoric that some washington democrats spent four years broadcasting. too many voices tried to talk on our progress. urged americans not to have confidence and smeared anyone as unpatriotic who opposed the proposal to rewrite election laws. well, mr. president, the people who pushed this hysteria could not have more egg on their face than they do right now. none of their demands became law. none of them.
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the speaker of the house did not get to rewrite election law and yet because of the sensible bipartisan steps that some of us championed, our defenses and countermeasures proved to be radically better shape than back in 2016. so it's time, let's talk about where we are now. according to preliminary results, voters across the nation elected and reelected republican senators to a degree that actually stunned prognosticators. the american people have reacted to house democrats radicalism and instruction by shrinking the speakers majority and electing more republicans. then there's the presidential race, obviously no states have yet certified their election results. we have at least one or two states that are already on track for a recount.
12:24 pm
and i believe the president may have legal challenges underway in at least five states. the core principle here is not complicated. in the united states of america, all legal ballots must be counted. any legal ballots must not be counted. the process should be transparent or observable by all sides and the courts are here to work through concerns. our institutions are actually built for this, we have the system in place to consider concerns and president trump is 100% within his rights to look into allegations of irregularities and weigh his legal options. let's go about 20 years ago. 20 years ago when florida came down to a very thin margin, we saw vice president gore exhaust
12:25 pm
the legal system and wait to concede until the summer. more recently, we accepted the media had called president bush in 2004, democrats baselessly disputed the electors and delayed the process and congress. in 2016, election loss all recount and legal challenges in several states. if any major irregularities occurred this time, of a magnitude that would affect the outcome, then every single american should want them to be brought to light. and if democrats feel confident they have not occurred, they should have no reason to fear any extra scrutiny. we have the tools and institutions we need to address any concerns. the president has every right to look into allegations and request recounts. and notably, the constitution
12:26 pm
gives no role in this process to wealthy media corporations. the projections and commentary of the press do not get veto power over the legal rights of any citizen including the president. more broadly, mr. president, let's not have any lectures. no lectures about how the president should immediately, cheerfully accept preliminary election results from the same characters who just spent four years refusing to accept the validity of the last election. and who insinuated that this one would be illegitimate too. if they lost again. only if they lost. so let's have no lectures on the subject from that contention. in late august, secretary hillary clinton said "joe biden should not concede under any
12:27 pm
circumstances. i think this is going to drag out and he will win if we don't give an edge." that same month, speaker pelosi and at the leaders both stated president trump needs to cheat to win. in october, speaker pelosi was shopping some conspiracy theory about the postal service, she said "i have no doubt that the president will lie, cheat, and steal to win the election. "does this sound like a course that has any credibility whatsoever to say a few legal challenges from president trump represents some kind of crisis? at this time last week, small business owners and cities across america were boarding up their windows in case president trump appeared to win and far left mobs decided to
12:28 pm
reprise their summer rioting. suffice to say a few legal inquiries from the president do not exactly spell the end of the republic. here's two professors from florida law school and new york law school, this is how they put it. "for centuries, we've asked people who are unhappy with their fellow citizens or government agencies and institutions to bring their claims to court." president trump is "a traditional response that affirms rather than undermines american institutions." this process will reach its resolution. our system will resolve any recounts or litigation. in january, the winner of this election will place his hand on a bible just like it happened every four years since 1793.
12:29 pm
what we know for sure is that the outcome is guaranteed to delight tens of millions of americans and disappoint tens of millions of americans. but we also know that we will wake up on january 21, still blessed to live in the greatest nation in the world has ever seen. and in no small part, that is because we respect the rule of law, we trust our institutions, and neither of those things is outweighed by pronouncements from partisans or the press. and now on an entirely different matter, the last several days
12:30 pm
have brought huge good news in our fight to beat the terrible virus. this morning, one drug manufacturer announced that ongoing trial suggests their candidate for a vaccine may be more than 90% effective. 90% effective. this is a huge testament to the ingenuity of the american private sector and their global partners and the historic efforts of congress and trump administration. we've flattened regulatory roadblocks, we sped up trials, and laid groundwork to distribute a vaccine as fast as possible. last week, we learned the on employment rate has fallen 6.9%. 6.9%. with more than 630,000 new jobs
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added just in the month of october. remember, back in the spring time, many experts estimated we would still be saddled with double-digit joblessness through the end of this year. turns out, the news did a whole lot better. another testament to the strong economic foundations that congress and the trump administration spent three years laying before the pandemic struck. most of all, to the resilience, the incredible resilience of the american people. to be clear, our work is not finished. too many americans are still suffering and infections are climbing across the country. we cannot give up on common sense measures like wearing masks because we've grown tired of them. the senate will have a busy few weeks, i hope our democratic colleagues will finally put
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aside their all or nothing obstruction and let the targeted pandemic relief, targeted pandemic relief is what we need, let it move forward. we will need to fund the government, reach agreement with the house on the national defense act and confirm more thoroughly qualified news. i welcome all on michael back to the chamber, and i look forward to finishing this year's strong, our states and country are counting on us. >> bill: hang with us for a moment, we have no evidence of foreign interference says mitch mcconnell who himself was locked up in a reelection campaign in kentucky. he won easily in his home state. talked about the shrinking speakers majority on the house side, talk about a radical agenda presented by the democratic left and they talked
12:33 pm
about president trump may pursue all legal avenues. a quote from what he said, 100% within his rights to look into possible irregularities. now we await chuck schumer, he'll step to the microphone in a moment here to we played a clip from saturday afternoon where he was on camera in the streets of new york talking about the reelection, the senate races in runoffs. two of them in early january, next week in georgia that we change america. if that's something we will have many discussions about. some 55 days away. if chuck schumer is not there, we'll move on. got it. in a moment, i'll speak with maria salazar mott republican congresswoman-elect who flipped a democratic seat and also want to bring in chrissy houlahan of pennsylvania, she won reelection and ladies, good day to both of you. congresswoman from pennsylvania,
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welcome to our coverage. congratulations on your reelection. i want to play a clip from governor cuomo on "good morning america" earlier today on abc, talked about operation warp speed and the vaccine. when he was talking about was whether or not he trusts the trump administration to administer this. watch. >> the good news is that pfizer tests look good and we'll have a vaccine shortly. the bad news is that it's about two months before joe biden takes over. that means this administration is going to be implanting a vaccine plan. i've been talking to governors across the nation about that, how can we shape the trump administration vaccine plan to fix it or stop it before it does damage. >> what is he talking about there? >> first of all, i want to say that i was incredibly heartened that mitch mcconnell and i
12:35 pm
agreed on a few things from his speech that just transpired. i'm really excited we appear to have bee an effective vaccine, e both agree it's important to continue to do the right thing which is where masks and socially distance. that was a really good message that we can agree on. in terms of the governor and message there, we need to make sure that in the months we still have of whatever administration that we are working to aggressively dispatch that vaccine. >> bill: if pfizer says it's good, pfizer says it's good to go, would you take it? >> i would trust and follow the science. if the scientists are approving this and saying this is good, then i have already taken a pledge and commitment bipartisan elite to take that vaccine together. the science i believe it's still
12:36 pm
out and i will wait to see how that transpires in the next couple weeks. >> bill: what does your victory in pennsylvania tell you? about how the people voted? >> i think the victory here in pennsylvania tells me a number of things, one is that we are a purple place. my community is, my commonwealth is, our country is. we are bipartisan and we like our government to work for us, we want to see our state government and local government and national government working for us. if president trump has a plan to roll out vaccine distribution that is effective, terrific. if our state governors have that plan, terrific. if our local governors have that plan, terrific. we need to get our economy going and be safe and healthy. >> bill: congratulations and your reelection, thank you for your service on this veterans week. >> thank you. speak to chuck schumer at the microphone now.
12:37 pm
>> any ticket in our nations history. they have given them an enormous burden, a decisive mandate to take the reins of the executive branch and marshall this government into action. for they will assume the high offices at a time of unprecedented challenge. our great nation faces the greatest economic crisis in 75 years. the greatest public health crisis in a century. extraordinary inequalities of wealth and income strike at the heart of the idea of america. racial disparities and our society strike at the heart of the idea of america as a place of equal justice. climate change threatens the very future of our planet. the american people have placed their faith in president-elect biden to confront those
12:38 pm
challenges head-on, to relieve their suffering, to repair our democracy, to recover our economy, and rebuild a country and a planet for this generation and for the next. i have no doubt their faith will be rewarded. but i also have no doubt that the task ahead is daunting. while the country prepares for a change in administration, it must also brace for the darkest days of the covid-19 pandemic. over the weekend, the united states recorded its 10 millionth case. we are now confirming nearly 100,000 new cases per day. on track to eclipse more than 1 million new cases per week. as exhausted and impatient as we all are, for our lives and livelihoods to return to normal, experts are warning us that the worst phase is still ahead. the quickest way to turn the
12:39 pm
tide come across the virus and get back to normal is to do what we should have been doing all along. take the virus seriously. listen to the scientists. and to dedicate the necessary resources to get the job done. president-elect biden is already preparing to do just that. today, he named several health experts and scientific advisors to serve on a covid-19 task force. it sends the right signal that while the president-elect will not assume office for another few months, his administration will hit the ground running. and his policy on covid-19 will refreshingly be dictated by fact and science. it's a major turning point that soon we will have an administration that actually acknowledges that this is a health care crisis. that knows our economy won't fully recover until we solve it. i'm confident that a biden administration will do that.
12:40 pm
but congress must play as part too. nearly 15 million americans have lost health insurance through their employer. democrats have a solution to that problem. let's get it done and make sure those families have health coverage. medicaid programs across the country are experiencing a huge influx of new enrollees well state budgets struggled to bear the added costs. the hero's act ensures that medicaid is strengthened and secured for the duration of this pandemic. let's get that done too. and today, we received news that the entire world has been waiting for. a u.s. company has developed a vaccine for covid-19 that according to the preliminary research and news reports is 90% effective. the fda said it would approve a vaccine that is 50% effective. so, while the fda needs to review the vaccine to have a vaccine that is 90% effective is about as good as it gets.
12:41 pm
we democrats will do everything we can to make sure this vaccine or any vaccine is distributed quickly, fairly, equitably and the challenges now scale and delivery. congress should fund a national vaccine program and the administration whether the trump administration or biden administration must do everything to reach minorities and underserved communities. combat vaccine hesitancy and ensure that the vaccines are free to everyone. this will be a massive and complex undertaking unlike anything that our country is seeing. and we must all work together from the president to congress down to local communities health departments to ensure that it gets done right and it gets done fairly and it gets done equitably.
12:42 pm
so while the incoming administration prepares to take on the surge of covid-19, congress should pass a strong, comprehensive covid relief bill that actually meets the needs of the american people. excuse me. when it comes to health care, education, testing, tracing, unemployment benefits and many other critical issues, this republican majority has proposed totally inadequate solutions. as the disease surges across our country once again, there is no
12:43 pm
time for inadequate solutions. i hope now that the election is behind us, our colleagues are ready to come together in a search for an adequate bipartisan solution rather than the partisan stunt voting legislating we've suffered for the past few months. now, i must spend a moment on something that will garner too much attention over the next few weeks. baseless claims by the president and his supporters that there has been widespread voter fraud and that the election was somehow rigged or stolen from president trump. that kind of rhetoric is extremely dangerous, extremely poisonous to our democracy. as in any campaign, the president has a right to bring legal challenges and request recounts. however, there is no legal right to file frivolous claims.
12:44 pm
lawsuits must have basis in facts and evidence and make no mistake, there has been no evidence of any significant wide spread voter fraud. joe biden won this election fair and square. the margins of his victory are growing by the day. and former president george w. bush commendably acknowledged that fact when he congratulated president-elect biden and vice president-elect harris on their victory. republican leaders in congress should also do the right thing. republican leaders must unequivocally condemn the president's rhetoric and work to ensure the peaceful transfer of power on january 20. i've been heartened to see a few of my republican colleagues, three i believe, congratulate the winning ticket. but too many, including the
12:45 pm
republican leader, have been silent or sympathetic to the presidents fantasies. even some nonpartisan members of the current administration have refused to move forward with the former process for incoming a administration. according to "the washington post," the administrator of the general services administration has declined to sign a letter allowing president-elect joe biden's transition team to formally begin its work. it does not matter whether the president is happy about the results of the election, the peaceful transfer of power is a hallmark, the bedrock of our democracy. and it must proceed unimpeded. the gsa administrators should sign the paperwork immediately in order to allow the important work of the presidential transition to proceed. america remains in the middle of the worsening health and economic crisis and if there is
12:46 pm
no excuse, none, for the outgoig administration to impede the new administration's preparations to deal with these urgent challenges. there is no law or requirement that president trump concedes the election or leave the office of the presidency with grace. but as history prepares to write the final few sentences on the trump presidency, it will surely note how this president and his republican allies here in congress treated our democracy on his way out the door. >> bill: the headline there, the widespread fraud no evidence, i want to bring in maria salazar congresswoman-elect from southeastern florida. congratulations to you and good afternoon and thank you for your time. you went out for the seat two years ago, it did not happen then. why did it happen now? >> socialism. that's the word. it scares us. my community doesn't like to
12:47 pm
hear it, democratic socialism or pragmatic socialism. you can't be floating around with that idea because we know what it means. 20% of the hispanic democrats voted for me, because they have experienced that dogma and we do not like it. that's why i won. besides that, i think this time around we have the opportunity to explain to the viewers and voters that my opponent was not the person that we needed to serve this community because miami because i'm sure you know is the ultimate melting pot, we need somebody that knows the community, the very diverse with all types of hispanics, the african-americans, anglo-americans, i'm very honored to have been chosen to be the next representative. >> bill: what's interesting is that donald trump increased his share of the hispanic vote nationally by seven points from where he was in 2016.
12:48 pm
african-americans he increased his share by two points. would be a big deal in the cities but it wasn't just miami where hispanics were tracking his message. it was houston and other parts of the country. how come? >> because of the economy. because i'm very happy that you are asking me that question, we want to be part of a family. we want to be part of the g.o.p. we want to be part of that prosperity. this administrations offered us to be able to be at the table, to be sitting at the table. that's exactly what we need, we come here and we have love and gratitude for the united states. we want to be part of the system. the trump administration gave us the possibility, january february last year more hispanics, more african-americans, more women, more minorities were working more because we had 6 million jobs that could not be filled.
12:49 pm
if you were in the -- you are making more money even if you were making $10 an hour. that's the reason why we are here. that's why i'm very happy that my party has understood and it's now realizing that we come of the hispanics, we share the same values that are entrenched in the g.o.p. family oriented, god-fearing, we want to come and give not take away. >> bill: more women are part of the republican house come january. what was the attraction? >> the attraction is to serve and that's the reason why i ran. i've been on television for 35 years. to be to not, other women. other women with a number of public and party are going to be members of the house. >> we care about our kids, that's why i did it.
12:50 pm
i have two daughters, i want their future in my case as the first generation american, i want to keep the american agenda going. and that's why i did it, i'm sure that most people i will be meeting next week at orientation are women that are mothers that want to preserve the american system which is the best in the world and we the immigrants or first-generation americans like me know it better than anyone. that's what we want to preserve for the future and for the benefit of my children and for future grandchildren. >> bill: will bring you back soon, congratulations. congresswoman-elect salazar. andy mccarthy with us, this question about voter fraud you heard what chuck schumer said no evidence of widespread fraud. you heard what mitch mcconnell said, we have no evidence of foreign interference. then you get this tweet from rand paul, here's what rand paul
12:51 pm
said. your government said 1.1 million dead people stimulus checks and i wonder how many of those folks also voted absentee. where does this lead? >> those are all very important theoretical concerns. but elections don't get turned around on the basis of theoretical concerns. we all had a lot of theoretical concerns about male and ballots but the thing that changes results is that there has to bed evidence of fraud and impropriety. there's a lot of things being said that are legitimately raised people's hackles but on the other hand you weren't seeing that met with the hard evidence. >> bill: over the weekend and into saturday and sunday, these questions from republicans about software issues. they pointed to a county in
12:52 pm
northern michigan near traverse city, it was 2-1 joe biden then they flipped it around. what do you make of these claims about software issues russian mark is there merit to them? >> i spent a lot of time looking at that and the reports seem to be inconclusive at the moment about whether or it was a software issue or a human ever issue in the execution of commands to the software. if it's a software problem you would expect it to be replicated across the many counties. i think they said over 50% of counties if i'm remembering this right in michigan used this software. so it should be easy enough to find out if there is a replication of that kind of ev ever. >> bill: i think you need to figure it out, that's where we are going.
12:53 pm
no longer -- thank you andy, nice to see you. we'll talk again this week. some more breaking news right now from the right house, president trump firing his defense secretary today. to the pentagon we roll and a live report right after this. come on back. so you only pay for what you need? just get a quote at really? i'll check that out. oh yeah. i think i might get a quote. not again! aah, come on rice. do your thing. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ inflammation in your eye might be to, looks like a great day for achy, burning eyes over-the-counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes
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you don't have to sign up for anything. just go to and get a coupon to use at your pharmacy. that's it. i opted in. i opted in. you can, too. opt in and save big today. >> neil: katy perry facing criticism after urging to call their trout supporting family members with messages of love support. "the first thing i did is text and call my family members who do not agree and tell them i love them and i'm here for them." the news from the pentagon, president trump announcing that he fired his defense secretary. follow-up today from the pentagon now. lucas, what happened? >> bill, even the news sent
12:58 pm
shock waves through the halls of the pentagon. the army navy and air force are completely blindsided by the news. that's because he was seen as largely being lapsed up with the president on just about all the issues except for one. over the summer and a very public dispute with the president, defense secretary said he did not want to see active duty forces used to quell the nationwide protest. >> the option to use active duty forces should only be used as a matter of last resort. and only in the most urgent and dire of situations. we are not in one of those situations now. i do not support invoking the insurrection act. >> a senior u.s. official said the president's chief of staff mark meadows called him and let them know he was being fired before the president's tweet. he had supported the president from moving defense funds to help build a wall to removing thousands of troops from germany after the president's public spat. in lockstep on downsizing with military involvement in iraq and
12:59 pm
afghanistan to focus on china and russia. there wasn't good enough apparently. mr. miller will be his replacement. here's more on christopher miller. until today, he was director of the counterterrorism center. secondary defense in combating terrorism. he served as special forces with multiple deployments to iraq and afghanistan is in. he left the military in 2014 and hasn't been out long enough to become defense secretary according to some officials meeting we not even sure if this move is legal. back to you, bill. >> thank you. for the last 40 minutes or so, several tweets on behalf of their president talking about the results in georgia, pennsylvania, wisconsin, and nevada. georgia will be a big presidential win as it was on the election he tweets. pennsylvania prevented us from watching much of the ballot count, unthinkable and illegal,
1:00 pm
he tweets. wisconsin is looking very good. and also come in about is turning out to be a cesspool of fake votes. we will see how that turns out. the dow is losing five or 600 points in the final moments. >> thank you, bill. 835-point again for the dow jones industrial. we were up close to 2,000 and points. all of this on news of a vaccine hope out of pfizer that has a 90 plus percent efficacy rate. that is pretty good stuff. and that has a lot of people thinking that maybe some beaten down economically sensitive issues could come storming back as people are going to be more interested in storming back to work and not hold up in their homes. this of course has cases spiked in the united states and states like new jersey and connecticut are doing just that.


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