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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  November 8, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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battles in this country over the years and over the decades and over the centuries. this is one more of those battles but we will get through it and we will be stronger for it. as long as we hold the declaration and the constitution firmly. we will see you next time on "life, liberty and levin". ♪ steve: evening everyone and welcome to the next revolution prayed on steve hilton and this is the home of positive populism. pro- worker, profamily, pro- community and above all, pro- america. tonight only one story of course and the election and its aftermath with my thoughts in a moment and joining us tonight for the hour we have matt gaetz, tammy bruce, jason chaffetz and sara carter. i know how angry you are and i know what you are angry about. i will end tonight as i always aim to on a positive note but let's start with this.
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>> what i did not know is that he would hurt so much. i did not expect this to break my heart. for him to cast a dark shadow on our most sacred right. mark: . steve: what a total charlatan casting a dark shadow over our most famous lights. you mean like this? spectrometer knows he's an illegitimate president. >> i created a illegitimate a clock and it's on my website and if you look at it it tells you how many days and hours donald trump has been illegitimate and as president. steve: for four years they have plotted and schemed to undermine and overturn that sacred right of americans democracy, for four years they have smeared the duly elected president and his supporters, not my president today screamed, not my
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president, for years on and still they are at it, still they parade and they are reckless condescending intolerance. >> i'm not going to say this, 50% of americans are racist and sexist and homophobic but i will say that that tells me that they will look the other way to that kind of behavior and to the plight of their fellow americans if, personally, they feel that they are doing okay and that they will do better under that type of presidency and that, i think, is despicable and un-american. steve: from deplorable to despicable. four years of nonstop hate and now they want the american they dismiss and demean to just roll over and pay homage to the new regime. no, no. no. they go on about democratic
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norms and how trump is undermining them. right, let's follow their example and let's call democratic norms. >> joe biden should not concede under any circumstances. steve: under any circumstances. now, i would not go that far but refusing to concede under any circumstances would be an attempted coup. that may be a democrat norm but it's not a democratic one. let's agree this, how could any reasonable person not agree that every legal vote should be counted? no, illegal votes should be counted. any evidence of fraud or irregularity should be brought forward in the courts should adjudicate. that is what the president said. that is what mitt romney said. it is even what biden said. >> it ain't over to every vote is counted. every ballot is counted. steve: every election has some
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level of fraud, a regulator tiara and sometimes it doesn't affect the outcome but when it is this close, this important with this many late changes to the rules, of course we should investigate thoroughly. not just for the sake of seeing our chosen candidate to win but for the sake of faith in our system. we just made a massive change to that system with very little planning and very little scrutiny. it looks like it's here to stay. it's essential to have a proper understanding of what happened and that's not just in president trump's interest but in the republican party's interest and in america's interest. by the way, everyone knows that if the positions were reversed every single democrat, every biden propaganda from cnn and nbc would be telling biden to fight and fight and fight to the end. so, we can do without the lectures about undermining democracy from the people who did nothing but that for four years with the russian
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conspiracies who try to derail a presidency with endless investigations, pseudo- scandals and a phony impeachment but we can also do without false hopes being raised. trump supporters have been through a lot and of course we want that trump second term but do not give us false hope that it can still be achieved if, in fact it cannot. we want the trump second term because of the success of the first on the substance and results and one the most successful in history. we laid that out for last week and our closing arguments. but i've said a number of times that real power in politics is not the office you hold it everyone loses that eventually but it's not even the policies you implement it they can reversed and usually are. real power is when you change the way people think and that lasts way beyond your time in office and way beyond your lifetime. hardly any political leaders achieve that. in my lifetime i can only think of three when i was going up in
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a uk market doctor who led the free market revolution and here in america ronald reagan who defeated the soviet empire and now we can add a third, donald trump on issue after issue china, manufacturing, middle east, open borders, and this war, trump challenge and defeated a fifty-year establishment consensus. the neo- defeated the globalist and defeated their ideology gone and replaced by donald trump's new conservative populism. yes, trump's own. pro- business on and relation, pro- worker on trade and immigration. this is a towering achievement and recognize that this week through gritted teeth bite trump's enemies and by the spectrum. from progressives like jamal in "the new york times" to mainstream democrats like claire mccaskill, to andrew sullivan who wrote, trump's core message was seared into one of our major
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political parties for the foreseeable future and realigned american politics. that realignment is real. winning nearly a third of latinos and record levels with black men, doubling support from black women and higher with lgbt americans and working-class americans and jewish americans and over half are native americans in the highest share of the nonwhite vote for 60 years. president trump has turned the republican party into a modern multiracial working-class coalition and that is a historic shift and a once in a century shift and meanwhile trump has helped turn the democrats into the party of the coastal and urban elites and look where biden is and got his support wall street, lawyers, professors and all of this gave biden huge advantages. you big money and over twice as much is the president but he had
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something else, money can't buy and the alignments of bias. big media and big tech. early study found big media is over 90% negative about trump and bite the election and look like 100% and how could that not suppress the vote and how could that whole washington post and abc with biden 17% ahead in wisconsin and how could that not suppress the vote? big tech suppressing the message and suppressing information that could hurt biden. trump had the entire establishment against him and they were salivating over what they called the great repudiation but it didn't happen. >> we wanted to see a repudiation of this direction for the country and the fact that it's this close i think is hurting. steve: republicans won in the senate and one seats in the house and when state legislators and the trump haters say that shows voters wanted republicans
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but not trump. but compare these results to 2018 when it was republicans on the ballot without trump and then they really was a blue wave. not this year. it was trump who saved the senate and trump winning seats in the house and trump getting those state houses back. but if bite is is satisfied he will have no mandate and no mandate of policy and never talked about his policies. no mandate even for his mask mandate. trump won the places where the bias was worse. latinos, black merits, working americans and they chose trump recovery not biden shut down. and if anyone tries any of that i'm telling you now, here on the show we will resist, resist, resist. yes, we are the home of positive populism, pro- worker, pro- america but if there is any retreat to establishment rule, whether from democrats or republicans like lindsey graham or lynn cheney, we will be the
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home of the peaceful resistance. in the selection donald trump confounded the posters and the studious establishment once again this time with his promises delivered in record established in this fight against woke supremacy. when you consider the forces raised against him while it may yet be a political victory there is absolutely no doubt at all that he won a moral victory and one that will and/or for generations. tommy, tell me what you think of that and please share this message when we post it. twenty knows now president of independent women's voice and fox news country peter tammy bruce. author of power grab and fox news contributor jason chaffetz and fox news can jupiter sara carter and author of firebrand florida congressman matt gaetz. what an all-star lineup. we will get you all in this conversation and then split you
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up so we don't have too much rushing and trying to get things in on time as we go through the show. i want to start with you, matt gaetz. to no one's surprise you've been out there in the lead fighting for the president over the past few days. i want to go back to what i said just earlier about false hope. could you point to the specific things that in your view could make a practical difference to the outcome of this election at this stage? >> if there aren't machines that were used in number of states that were switching votes that would be deeply problematic. similarly, if you people who are no longer residents of a state voting in that state it's a challenge but look, steve, we've got to member donald trump build a great republican party and a party that is doing better with hispanics and african-americans and it has in the generation and donald trump now has an obligation to the party he built to ensure that we expose and litigate every true example of a
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fraud because if we don't do that we will never win another election again. democrats spent four years delegitimizing this president and when i go to his inauguration and someone not attend his state of the union and i thought that was classless. if this election doesn't go our way we will not burn anything down but we will litigate before courts and only when the courts have made a decision will be have a legitimate partisan and i hope her but begins don't behave the way democrats did these last four years if it is not precisely what we would have sought. i think we got to build on the great party that donald trump has created for us and remains the most powerful, most influential republican in america. steve: very well put. i completely agree with that. i think that is right. bring forth the evidence and as you said and of course, we respect the rule of law and that is way it will go but there is a lot more set down this path and some things you are pointing to that we need to see the
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evidence. tammy, your thoughts. >> well, i would agree with matt. we are dealing with, in my opinion, the larger issue that supreme court as an example could look at that indicates that there is a real civic and impact on whether or not we can trust the end result of a vote, especially for state like pennsylvania. this is really about -- as you've noted in your monologue as well that there is always some kind of fraud. that is unavoidable but when you are dealing with the most vulnerable voting dynamic which are the mail-in ballots that is the biggest issue. now with it being about 50% of what came in we have to be able to deal with the nature of the legitimacy of this. if it can be legitimate. the bigger issue is, yes, if there are machines like the dominion dynamic that we know was in half of the counties in michigan in multiple states that
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would it has a major problem and perhaps it was the servicer, that could become a big issue. the other issue, of course, we got the recounts coming up. in those recount like georgia and wisconsin will have one is when the parties have a chance to audit as well and to see about signatures and the legitimacy of the ballots themselves. that could be significant. because of the volume of the mail-in ballots it becomes key because look, all we have here is -- it's one thing for a winner to be declared and it's another thing for all of us to agree and that is the core of legitimate government is that we as a population and the citizenry agree to be governed in this fashion and if we lose the ability to have faith in the election, then the legitimacy goes and that is a key of what trump is doing here. it's the legitimacy of all of this even though it's happened in the past, it's perhaps bigger now and we all deserve to have
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answers about what happened. steve: okay, again, very well put, very clear. jason chaffetz. >> there was no big blue wave. that didn't happen. i do think president has legal avenues to pursue but let's remember that counties administered the selection and states certified those elections, not the national media. there is not a single state that has certified their election yet. you know, you can have a crying stephen colbert putting on an act because he is an actor saying he so saddened by this but i never saw them crying about donald trump. donald trump, when he won his victory speech, first he did was thank and honor hillary clinton. joe biden in his speech is knight never even mentioned donald trump directly. did not thank him for his service and did not honor donald trump and all the success he had in the country and he did not even do that. you know, carts before the horse here.
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you've got to go through. the president has legal avenues and the strongest in art and penciling it where the sabine court of the united states has said you can't just unilaterally you may not unilaterally change those dates and that decision but then in nevada having people who don't live in nevada anymore vote. those are the two strongest. steve: those are specific things that we will look forward to the evidence being presented. sarah, we will just get you in here. not much time now but we got the whole hour so lots to cover for your quick thoughts now. >> i agree with jason but i agree with tammy and i agree with congressman gates. what we have here is four years of a president who was targeted not only by the mainstream media but by a bureaucracy that was intent on pushing him out and not only democrats but there were republicans that wanted the same thing and we know that but we saw that with the lincoln project. this president has gone after so much against him and now we see the american people must so many more have voted for him and over
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70 million and now it's up to the mirkin people to stand up and let the courts take care of the process and in the end we will get an answer. if the biden campaign in the biden future administration if that is what it will be believes that they won let this play out and let this play out in the courts. let us count those votes and let us find out what is going on with those computers and with dominion technology, in particular, and then we will have an answer and a peaceful transition of power. steve: i think that's right. i was very struck even at mitt romney, absolutely no fan of president trump was stating that position very clearly on all the shows this morning. i thought very clearly saying absolutely the president should pursue legal options and look into all these things and present the evidence and let the courts decide and make sure that process is followed just as you are all sane to make sure everyone can have confidence and the results. much more to discuss from the
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♪ steve: welcome back. tammy and matt are back with us. we were just talking about how the democrats are demanding they will behavior that they
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certainly never showed president trump and his supporters. tammy, i want to read something out and i just came across this earlier today from michelle obama. i just saw it before we came on airport of a legal period. this is michelle obama. also member tens of millions of people voted for the status quote even minute supporting live hate chaos and division but we've got a lot of work to do to reach out to these folks in the years ahead and connect with them on what unites us. even as they preach about unity in the same sentence they are insulting the 70 million people who voted for president trump. what is the matter with these people? >> it is remarkable. i've got a column coming out tomorrow addressing this kind of dynamic where whether it is the courage list that was being discussed amongst x obama and pete buttigieg staffers about punishing these staff, white house administration and donors
6:23 pm
and everyone who supporting trump to that kind of statement where for those of us who worked on issues of abuse, domestic violence, battered women, very similar abusive language. you have an individual who tells you you are bad and evil and no good and you will amount to nothing and then kind of they do you the favor of reaching out and saying you know, hello, let's be friends you fascist bit hello, let's be friends even though you are deplorable or even though you are a liar. it is what they know. they really have contempt for us. they also have a sense that maybe it would be good to get our help but ultimately certainly, as you have outlined not what they did, but for those of us who've gone do this for these years being condemned and being called fascist and being called not seize, there is nothing wrong is a pattern women
6:24 pm
are told there is nothing wrong with tammy out for yourself and there is nothing wrong with saying no and there is nothing wrong with standing for what you believe and that is what america will have to do right now b2 i agree. you are so good. you know this so well. matt gaetz, i've got something for you from today. if i could drop my jaw and he lowered when i saw this on tv that james clybourn from this morning. watch this. >> i'm not old enough to remember nikita khrushchev but i remember at the nations when he looked up and said we will bury you. i will never forget that. i don't understand how republicans can allow putin to dictate the forces of this country. that is what is going on here. steve: what are they talking about?
6:25 pm
putin is dictating president trump's response to this election? its genuinely insane. i don't know another were to u use. >> it's also a towel, steve. i'm increasingly concerned, given the advisers to joe biden of surrounding himself, he may import the domestic policy of the squad and the foreign policy of -- dick cheney. we don't want to be in a world where america is like the most policeman or the world piggy bank and we got to be prepared to stand and fight against that, if in fact, that is how this goes. like i said there are still a few more shoes to drop to see if that is in fact the case but steve, we've also learned about how god is to catch after the fact. if there is a lesson here, we have to be far more aggressive as the ballads are coming in because the ballots have been separated from the envelopes and it's very difficult to do the ex post facto authentication work that would give people confidence in the outcome of the election and so i think we got
6:26 pm
to be more diligent great look, how is it that project veritas and the national polls and is relatively small organizations are turning out more evidence in the civil rights division of the united states to form and of justice? that is our failure. we did not get out there and do the work on the front and to ensure that we weren't in this position. donald trump did everything he had to do to motivate 71 million americans to vote for him legally. steve: that's exactly right. >> can i add something? steve: bit later on, tammy. hold a thought because he got to go to break but in a minute and i just want to wrap this up by saying this massive change in the last-minute changes to our election system done on the fly practically. you are so right, matt. we got to get on top of it. it does matter but because according to democrats it's putin running it anyway so what will you do print coming up, sara y and jason are back with e 'slatest on the important georga senate race. ♪ ecutive years.
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♪ steve: with republicans needing to keep control of the senate all eyes are on those on the state of georgia which seems to be heading to two runoff elections. dara and jason are back with us. sara, this will just be an epic battle. right? >> georgia is the battleground state. this is where everyone is eyeing and what will happen in georgia
6:31 pm
will determine the future of the republican party. right now with a biden administration so as we watch georgia senator loeffler, senator purdue need to hold their seats. they know this. this is between the agenda that we had under the senate with rove again agenda and the republican hold off or whether or not it just flips completely to the democrats and opens the doors wide open for this democratic socialist agenda that is in place because believe me, just like bernie sanders said, biden harrison ticket is the most progressive socialist tickets america has ever seen. we are already seen it. look at what is happening right now with biden promising that he will have a mandate for masks across the nation and where we will all wear masks the minute we walked out of our houses but that is what he is promising, not that it will happen but that is his promise. he's promising to overturn with executive orders five, six of president trump's established foreign policy issues with iran
6:32 pm
and with overseas with israel and this is an agenda like none other. if the senate flips and goes to the democrats old boy, this country is in for something very big. steve: yet, especially jason some of the economic things which you know this better than anyone and you have to do through congress. if you want to reverse the trump tax cuts because you have to get the corporate tax cuts which he promised to do on day one will be disastrous for our recovery. what you think the kind of balance of the argument will be because the democrats will put everything into these races because as sara says in this 5050 they win the vote and then if they are in the white house than they have the majority through the vice president. on the other hand, the voters seem to have chosen to reward republicans as a check on any potential far left radical policymaking. how do you think it will play
6:33 pm
out in georgia? >> well, the choice is will you put chuck schumer in charge of the united states senate where they have talked openly about expanding the supreme court, changing the fundamentals of how the spring court works, getting rid of the filibuster rules so they can get to just a simple majority and listen to what chuck schumer said today. if they win georgia they will fundamentally change the united states of america. it does look like the republicans will win senator sullivan's seat in alaska and senator tillis' seat in north carolina meaning they have 50 seats but they need to get to 5100 ideally, 52. this could potentially be a billion-dollar race in january for the remaining power of what is happening in the united states senate. i don't think this country wants to see the democrats with the house, the senate and the presidency and promises and assurances that they will fundamentally change this country and get rid of things like nine people on the supreme
6:34 pm
courts. i just think that will resonate in georgia and it is a republican estate and there is a reason why they have a republican governor and two republican senators right now. but, i've got to tell you all eyes will be on georgia the first week of january. steve: and on top of, go ahead, sara. >> i was going to say this is just exactly what congressman gates was saying as well. this is a big lesson learned for robot begins and you have to pay more attention to what is going on before the election and you have to understand how this will play out. you have to resolve these crisis sees before they come into play. now as we look at georgia senator loeffler has a great chance so does senator purdue but they are going to run, i mean, like a billion-dollar campaign just like jason said. this will be it. this is all or nothing because
6:35 pm
the democrats know that if they control the senate chuck schumer is going to barrel through changes in this country like we've never seen an de- log ration is one of them and we will go back to regulating all of the businesses and -- it will be a disaster all the way arou around. steve: well, if you are watching in georgia i feel sorry for you for all the ads that will be coming your way but you have a very big response ability in that first week of next year. coming up, are tuesday's results assigned that the republicans could take back the house in 2020? details next. ♪ it's still warm. ♪ thanks, alice says hi. for some of us, our daily journey is a short one. save 50% when you pay per mile with allstate. pay less, when you drive less. you've never been in better hands. allstate.
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♪ steve: welcome back. democrats are in control of the house but their underwhelming performance on tuesday is that a sign that republicans could search to a majority? tammy and mac are back with a spread matt, you will be in the thick of this fight as well. what do you think?
6:40 pm
>> hell hath no fury like a slim majority in the united states house of representatives. the moderates and socialists have already constructed the circular firing squad and blaming one another for their losses. with the senate in republican hands and the house just barely an democrats hands my suspicion is the party that is able to really unify will do best and advocating for its policy positions but with so much angst and discord with omar taking to twitter today to play moderates i would suggest that nancy pelosi's probably sweating harder than jeffrey toobin on a zoom call with the current state of her party. [laughter] steve: while i enjoy that image or but ponder on it. tammy, over to you. >> don't enjoy that. this is great news in a certain sense that also alexandria ocasio-cortez has noted that she might not want to stay in
6:41 pm
politics because it's not going to be as much fun. when you really have to work it changes the environment. and then, it's just not the kind of funny thing that perhaps she has been experiencing. this will cut the wheat from the chaff. but additionally, when you're looking at what is happened in the democrats are making a mistake to not really take seriously what happened in the down ballot races with a phone call, briefing with the caucus became public where there was the in the fighting but the reality is that because biden needs someone like aoc more than she needs him in a certain way if the democrats continue to go on this line of defunding the police, of cozying up to china and iran, of shutting everything down again americans are watching because this was a statement and with president trump, let's remember, everything he has faced has not been a small fry issues.
6:42 pm
this has been major issues about corruption in this government ranging from the fbi and the d doj, pfizer courts, everything. now we've got this and he's in a very unique position, as are everyone running for office, about having to recognize the problems we have to face as a nation in order to get out of being in a coma. donald trump has woken everyone up and i think again this is not over yet but no matter who is in the white house for the next two years this mid term coming up will be fascinating and the democrats will be punished again if they continue with the cancel culture, with defunding the police, attacking the military, ice, border security will be an issue in the midterms will be fascinating and will change the makeup of the house and give the senate republicans more control. steve: yes. quick last comment from you, matt. i want to emphasize when 2018
6:43 pm
donald trump not on the ballot, not such a great night report for rebellions been out on the ballot the results were totally different. he helped achieve these results in the house. >> he may be on the ballot yet again. donald trump is eligible he may run for president in 2024 and let me be the first to say i would be right there with him fighting alongside him. he still gives us the best chance to win and may be a candidate for the presidency yet again. steve: so there you have it. that is now going to give total palpitations to everyone on the other side who wanted the great repudiation. not only did they not get the great repudiation but trump is not going away. thank you both. coming out, more on the fallout from the election straight ahead.
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♪ steve: welcome back. it's tuesday's results clearly stroke the blue wave failed to materialize. democrats underperformed across the board including for obama attorney general campaign to take control of statehouses. they won a grand total of zero republican legislative chambers that they targeted. why is this gop so important? jason and sara are back and this
6:48 pm
is a really big game and i remember talking to democrats for years and they were all looking ahead to 2020 and it's really important and they've got to take back control of statehouses and just explain jason why it is so important and why it wasn't important to them and so significant they didn't get anywhere. >> because for the 2020 sentence they will do redistricting and go back and allocate how many congressional seats also determine how much money you get and that is a huge thing and if you get to redraw the districts there now 27 republican governors and they picked up the congressman there in montana and will be the new governor of montana so there is no 27 will begin governors and the publicans controlled the majority of the statehouses and i want to remind people, steve, not a single republican member of congress running for reelection, not one, lost the election. that is just unbelievable.
6:49 pm
they did not pick up a single seat but instead democrats were losing seats. they will lose even more. here in utah burgess owens may very well pick up then mcadams and that will be another person going to the house of representatives as a republican. steve: i'm in california and those are great results and more to come. darrell ice is back. >> yes,. >> they ran for different seeds but he will be back. >> sara -- >> he is replacing congressman hunter for that seat and when that seatback and that was contested and there was a tough race for him even though it was finally republican but look at new hampshire, steve. that is an incredible victory there and they are both chambers of the house. in new hampshire from the democrats back to the world begins they had it in 20 so that is a huge victory and the democrats did not make any gains in texas and make gains in iowa
6:50 pm
and north carolina and those are all important states for them so there is a real dynamic at play here and come midterm elections and i think tammy brought this up, it will be interesting to see what happened because democrats are all bluster and want to make all these massive significant changes in what the market people are looking for is their economy to come back and for jobs to be stable and they want an end to covid-19 and they are really going to be watching very closely and the democrats will find themselves in a tough situation, midterm and the next few years. steve: yeah, just quick last thought jason. it's hilarious saying there is no consensus among the democrats about why they did so poorly in the house prayed literally, the moderates saying it's because we went to left and to aoc and aoc and her group saying no, we weren't left-wing enough. it's hilarious watching it. >> their policies don't resonate
6:51 pm
with the american people. they really don't. i predict and i wrote something for foxnews .com and i don't think nancy pelosi will come back to speaker. i don't think she can run the gambit there and get a coalesce a group of 218 members of congress. i think she will file papers or make an announcement that she will retire but that is my production. steve: i think it's sad to see her go, nancy antoinette. we did enjoy her when she was there. we'll be right back with all our broadcast and final thoughts, don't go away. ♪ but now a friend. still an electric car. just more electrifying. still a night out. but everything fits in. still hard work. just a little easier. still a legend. just more legendary. chevrolet.
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steve: exactly. i agree with that. i think that will happen actually. tammy. >> i think we got to >> from the beginning we have to remember he was mocked and condemned and he's become the most consequential president of the modern era with what he's achieved economically and with foreign policy. we have to remember he has defied all the predictions in the past. he's face down some remarkable
6:57 pm
things. i've gotta say we've got an election now separated by 50 or 60000 votes and three states. i suggest people buckle up and some places might not want to take down that plywood yet because we don't know what's going to happen but the democrats are trying to rush us along and perhaps it's because they are concerned what the end result will be. why not say short, we agree, why not have the process play out and look into all of it. >> nothing will change, nothing will change. al gore was president for 37 days in 2000. >> that's exactly what i was just going to say. timmy brought up such a great point. we have to realize were in a battle. this is a battle against the american people that voted for
6:58 pm
trump, against the establishment. the establishment is what wants to stop list. they are trying to teach everyone a lesson, and unfortunately the establishment has a mainstream media on their side that is working in conjunction with them. it's up to us as americans to stand up, to stand up to that in such a way, peacefully, and defend our constitution because she is the one thing that we have. that constitution and this country, once we give that up, if we allow the democrats to trample that constitution and rip it apart, we have nothing left and guess what, the rest of the world has nothing left because there is no place on this planet like the united states of america and that's a fact. >> exactly. jason. >> the election is not over until it's certified. we are eternally grateful for donald trump for returning the republican party in a
6:59 pm
conservative direction. the biggest bright spot for me was the rise of the republican women. you look at lauren and ashley and this whole group of republican women that are coming into the house of representatives, nancy pelosi and the democrats worst nightmare. we need more republican women and they are coming. they won their election, they will have a major impact in washington d.c. they did a great job recruiting them, and now they will have a big impact in this hundred and 17th congress. >> matt gates, i want to go back to you very quickly. populism, it's here to stay in the republican party thanks to president trump, don't you think. >> turns out populism is quite popular. we will not be a movement that invades everywhere, invites people across our borders illegally and impoverish as the communities in our country with trade deals that benefit national corporations at the
7:00 pm
expense of our great worker. it is who we are. we are a strong, growing party in the congress and we are ready to fight. >> there you go. i said in the beginning and going and positive. positive populism. that's all for tonight. see you next sunday when "the next revolution" will be televised. ♪n ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ greg: the race has been called for joe. immediately trump supporter's hit the streets to recap it. >> you don't have the tape? okay well over here we have an enraged trump family terrorizing a supermarket. do we have tape for that? nope we don't have it. ♪


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