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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  November 1, 2020 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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daylight savings times of figure that out. thanks to charlie hurt walter kirn kat and tyrus. stay tuned for "the next revolution" with steve nelson which stars and probably four seconds. >> i will be the greatest jobs president that god ever created. >> he delivered the highest number of people working in american history. the lowest unemployment in 50 years the lowest black hispanic
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and asian unemployment ever. seeing that the forgotten men and women won't be forgotten anymore. >> for the first time in decades earnings rose faster for the lowest. than the rich. under obama inequality went up and with trump it came down to her by the end of last year three-quarters the people entering the labor force were coming off the sidelines the highest since records began. >> to keep our country out of war we will remember those three very famous words, peace through strength. >> trump is the first president since the 1970s not to start a foreign conflict greater chips are coming home to the middle east and their military power has been massively passionate he he eluded his establishment
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predecessors in peace through strength just about covers it. our horrible trade agreements with china and many others will be totally renegotiated. that includes renegotiating nafta to get a much better deal for america. that's literally what he did. he put tariffs on china and renegotiated nafta to produce the usmc the most pro worker trade deal ever. the local supply chains were reconfigured jobs came back to america household earnings rose and inflation stayed low. the globalists were wrong and trump was right. >> i will produce for the inner cities and i will produce for the african-americans. >> opportunity with williams of dollars of investment for urban areas record funding for a starkly black colleges and reversed the destruction joe biden's crime bill the only federal reform after george
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boyd -- but george floyd well, here's blocked police reform the lowest black party ever and average income for black families within rice. the trump administration was secure and defend the borders of the united states. >> catch and release terminated the were nearly finished asylum seekers remain in mexico caravans turned back thanks to the threat of terrorist and the result legal border crossings down gangs under attack immigration under control. >> we are going to appoint justices of the united states supreme court will uphold our laws and our constitution. >> gorsuch cavanaugh barrett, moving on. >> i'm also going to propose a massive tax cut to unleash prosperity in every city and
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every state and our country. trump tax cuts gave the average family next to $2000 a year am reduced their business taxes for him among the highest in the developed world to one of the lowest. as a result companies came back to america and investment booms. >> we will get rid of these horrible regulations that make it impossible to do business in this country. >> a massive program of deregulation and high investments which boosted productivity and decrease workers pay. energy deregulation helped america become a net oil exporter of for the first time in 75 years. >> our focus must be on defeating terrorism and destroying. >> they were given operational control after years of second-guessing by obama-biden. isis last 100% of their territory. get the picture?
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that's just the top 10. have their ribbon a president who delivered so many of his promises in so many policy areas as donald trump? biden says who cares? coronavirus. what is even talking about? trump shut down travel from china in january and fauci said that saved thousands of lives. where is the hired death toll? new jersey run by democrats new york run by democrats republican florida no lock-down no mask mandate to many elderly people much lower death rates. what's the best single thing any leader could do quick spring the pandemic to an end as quickly as possible. the only way vaccines and treatments. trump was on it from the start. he brought the drug companies to get them at military and the practice and he yelled at the fda. if you had biden we be waiting years for the vaccine and years
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for the treatments. the idiots in the media attacked trump saying we are rounding the corner but even "the news york times" on pandemic expert now says this quote experts are saying with genuine confidence that the pandemic in the united states will be over far sooner than they expected. not because of his pandemic response but because of it just like the other issue that dominated the stupid we showed you trump's record on racial justice and yet he will bring law and order. equally he will bring opportunity with this platinum plan for black americans boosting lending to black entrepreneurs and millions of new jobs. i'd would shut down opportunity. trump will expand it. biden would abolish school choice but with trump there will be more. biden says he will heal the racial divide.
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mr. ua black, mr. crime bill that destroyed countless black families and communities. on the issues come on the policies trump made the right choice. on the economy he pioneered a new conservative populism pro-business on tax and regulation for trade and immigration and he leapt left us the greatest economy we have ever seen lifting up those left behind by the establishment economics biden would take us back to. perform policy perhaps trump's most consequential achievement and greatest legacy reversing decades of establishment surrender to confront china's rise. biden says normalcy. for working americans normalcy is cruelty. they send your jobs to china and go to china to get jobs for themselves. you get poor, they get richer. normalcy and career politicians like biden/harris totally controlled by the bureaucrats.
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biden says we won't calm. biden is practically comatose the feeble stooge of fighting faction on the far left. the snooty snotty superficial establishment wants this election to be about style not substance. that may be fine for the already comfortable but for americans struggling who want to climb the ladder of opportunity with the biden speech about the soul of the nation put on the substance in any fair election trump would be resoundingly reelected but we don't have a fair election. nbc, abc, cbs, and pure "new york times" facebook twitter all of it nonstop wall-to-wall biden propaganda the alliance of bias, colluding as press information and suppress trump's votes. they are the ones undermining our democracy.
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for three and a half years they plotted and schemed against president trump from morning until night and look what he was still able to accomplish another want to destroy trump and his supporters not because of policy or anything real but because of their insane irrational hate. yes there is a policy argument. trump recovered it and biden shot down. this is bigger than that. this is about the threat to our values and our freedom. it's about the frightening left in the universities in the media and corporate america. it's about the divisive ideology of white supremacy and establishment machine trying to crush the populist revolution that started finally to put power back into people's lives. don't them do it. don't let them win. they will just to rage against
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the machine not against it. let us know what you think. please share my closing argument 20 posted. trump 2020 campaign senior adviser katrina pierce. it's so wonderful to see you at this crucial moment just a few days to go. how do you see things? >> it's good to see you as well steve. i feel really great and the campaign feels really great or that president has a record and you said that a sooner monologue comparing and contrasting what it would look like if joe biden were to win versus president trump's continued success prosperity lifting people up from where they are today. i can tell you i've traveled all over this country right now. i've got three more states to hit you for tuesday and the support in the enthusiasm and excitement is bigger than it was in 2016. i've been with trump the
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candidate from the beginning and i see nothing like what i see just walking through an airport or going to a grocery store so many brand-new voters. a person came up to me and said i just turned 65 and i've never assert -- i've never voted but i just registered to vote. people see what's happening now but a light of -- a lot of light has been shed on corruption. >> i want to ask you about the sense of momentum. i don't know fine seeing what i want to save but it seems to me this is incredible energy and momentum led by the president the energy on display the rallies the crowd and the momentum. the question is we see that and we are looking for that we see the rallies but if you were on the other side they don't show trump at all. how would you get that sense of energy and momentum from this incredibly biased media that we have?
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>> look there's a trump rally going on pretty much every day somewhere in the trump surrogates are out there. the entire family is campaigning in all the surrogates are out. we have buses. you can't go out of your house today steve without seeing some sort of trump rally somewhere. there are flags all over the place where there be caravans or boat parades. i've seen some money signs that i did not see before so you can't go anywhere and to give you an example we just went to a department store one day and by the time we exited the department store people have their flags hanging because they couldn't keep them in their cars. everyone is seeing the moment and that's what the democrats are trying to change the laws and the 25th hour. let's face it you don't try to stop a loser and they are trying to stop a winner but it's not going to work. >> by the way can testify i've seen a massive trump flag at the
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end of my street which we certainly didn't see in 2016. i'm in california remember. katrina stay with us but i want to bring in a rather guess "fox news" contributor sara carter and turning point usa founder charlie kirk. charlie your thoughts and your response to what i have to say in my closing argument in your thoughts. >> your closing argument was terrific and just like katrina i been crisscrossing the country that i'll be in north carolina toward giving five speeches and we were in wisconsin today arizona texas you name it we've been there and be an uzi as i'm in the energy is incredible. in these last couple of hours of the campaign everything that is done has an exponent on top of it. one of the big myths told by the pollsters the pundits and the prognosticators is this race is over. no matter what happened the last couple of days it's irrelevant that the opposite is true for the late braking effect is what got ronald reagan at the elected
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in 1980 and every poll had jimmy carter winning until the reagan revolution rose up friday saturday and sunday and you saw "the des moines register" poll that came out a couple of hours ago donald trump's up seven in iowa and republicans are over performing a congressional districts according to that poll better than they did in 2016 and 2018. that's a poll but "the des moines register" has been the most consistent predictive poll of any battleground state in the country when it comes to the saturday before the tuesday. the president is breaking at the right time 33.1% gdp growth promises kept promises made and not to mention biden they have corruption all around them and bad energy around the entire campaign. president trump's peaking at the perfect moment. to begin with their reince me of charlie and katrina to speak to your point is well everyone says
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it's all about trump, it's all about trump and he wants to make it all about himself. it kind of is all about trump in the sense that he would, we would have had those results that i laid out. we wouldn't have that incredible range of accomplishments if it wasn't for his personality if it wasn't for the nature of donald trump and there's no surprise and it's sitting in a way that he is so at the heart of it in these final days and conveying that energy. >> absolutely steve. if you think about former vice president joe biden you will see a person there that will absolutely undo an america first policy. everything that president trump has been fighting for everything he's accomplished everything he's done for the american people for the foreign-policy ending the horrible iran deal the border wall deregulation
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making us the number one producer in the oil out doing the saudis and everything is about america first. when you think of a biden presidency you think okay they are going to undo all of that. that's the american choice and it's also between liberty and lot down. you just talked about that in your opening monologue and that's so important. american liberty and american freedom and charlie brought up a great point and so did katrina. we are seeing it a shift in the moment i'm is on president trump site can feel it. i was in michigan and i was in pennsylvania. the people are out in force. they know what they want. this is all about america first and america knows who will do that and that is president trump. >> sara we are going to talk about that about lock down and how that's coming into focus. the media they think they are hurting trump's chances with this endless focus that they now
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have on coronavirus in this obsessive coverage of coronavirus. i have got a theory why rising case numbers we have seen reported could help the president. that is next. don't go a a a a a
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>> welcome back. record case numbers you know the deal they are doing it to hurt the presence re-election chances but i think it could be helping because her mind people there's a real choice recovered with trump or shut down with biden. look what happened in the uk today. here's what i tweeted earlier. warning from london the idiot in charge of england announced another national lockdown. this is what you get from biden unthinking obedience to clueless experts hubristic centralization and government overreach and the pseudoscientific vs recovery not shut down. sara you are just talking about this. let's pick it up again with you. i think people are looking at this and they know it's not politically correct but they hear the president's message which is so clear now no more lot down we have to get back to
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work and that's what people want. >> it is in that's why we saw the soaring gdp astonishing and historic in and of itself in the president is right. we seen the hypocrisy of the american people know this. we have seen a lockdowns and how it's affecting our children with no school, no church in people being separated great governor newsom wild and crazy rules and regulations for thanksgiving. no more than three different types of family members around the thanksgiving day table. i mean this is getting to the point of ridiculous. we know as americans that we can make our own decisions and our own choices and we are going to do the right thing and help those that are the most affected those that i think would be most at risk from covid-19 but we have to be smart about it and we can see what happens during a lockdown.
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skyrocketing drug eviction suicide problems at home, psychiatric problems and problems with their children. the president is right he knows the direction that he wants to take it in the news looking at the science and so is the administration. >> that's exactly right in the california stuff that's what you get with biden. you'd have the california craziness imposed everywhere. that's what he's talking about national standards. katrina it's been evident to me in the last few days the smug posts on mpr and the other media saying oh this is not the backdrop that the president would have wanted with cases soaring and they really believe this is bad for the president but i think in terms of the political argument around this he's on the right side of this and this emphasizes that and makes people think you know what if we have widened and we have
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all these cases and it's not owing away the real answer is that the president's been talking about the vaccine and treatment the real problem is the shutdown. >> sometimes i wonder what planet many of these people out because when you look at these lockdowns and shutdowns you can go to the liquor store but you can't go to church and for some reason plexiglas is going to stop a virus. we are talking about shutting down and hiding from a virus that has over 95% recovery rate so while the media continues to focus on the number of cases which newsflash we are doing more testing so you are going to find more cases people just aren't buying it and the media continues to insult the intelligence of the american people and the reality is if my neighbor can go to the liquor stores should be of the go-to church. if nancy pelosi can go to her
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hair salon and not wear a mask a lot of other women want to get their hair done as well. >> charlie, your thoughts? >> i think they open up america argument is going to be the hidden voter this election for the democrats and the pollsters have vastly underestimated the anger middle-class families have toured the double standard lot downed standard of these democratic governors especially in michigan and pennsylvania. the president needs one of those states to win re-election. you have to governors that it decided to be completely totalitarian in their draconian on scientific lockdown measures in the president talking about reopening and being wise in being smart but not being afraid. he himself has contracted the virus and that's the leadership that will bring record results in the black community and the hispanic community the small business community in the suburban moms.
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they want their kids back to school they want fall sports to get restarted. i think that's the hidden vote that is not going to show up in the polling until the results on tuesday. that makes a lot of sense. thank you everyone katrina thank you so much. get back to the campaign and good luck with everything. >> i'm on with you tomorrow. >> sara and john are staying with us and we have much more. when i started cobra kai,
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the lack of control over my business made me a little intense. but now quickbooks helps me get paid, manage cash flow, and run payroll. and now i'm back on top... with koala kai. save over 30 hours a month with intuit quickbooks. steve: welcomed back we are back with sara and charlie. sara is interesting to me the media is so biased and one of
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the things they have been saying for the last couple of weeks as trump has no clothing on and in 2016 u. was really good radio to simple messages in this year he's all over the place. just not true. if you actually look at how this election is sending up you've got to clear closing arguments from the president. one we party talked about which is trump are covering or biden shut down but the other ones he's really hammering and i think it's coming across clearly he did in the final debate in these doing it in these rallies is the insider outsider thing which is time not a politician and i'm running against the establishment. by this done nothing and it's clear on the outside and that's why i've got things done and that's why you should vote for me again. sin absolutely. he represents the american people but everyone said in 2016
12:32 am
he was a disruptor and i disagreed with that. i said that disruptors were the american people. they voted for somebody they knew would get the job done. they were sick and tired of the swamp and sick and tired of how washington d.c. is being run. every single day that president trump's in office is exposing this swamp ready showing what has happened, the abuse of power the corruption and malfeasance the weaponization of the fbi and the weaponization of the intelligence community, people making money. people in august who literally their careers in congress or in the senate who are millionaires. how did they become millionaires? how did they get so much money? hunter biden and his father in china what was going on? these are all questions the american people have had for years about almost every single person in washington d.c.. they are sick and tired of a
12:33 am
two-tiered system so what they signed president trump's somebody you could deliver. steve: charlie judd the joe biden corruption i think that's right in its own right but actually it's part of his really big and important argument which is it reminds everyone that joe biden is the swamp. >> that's right and president donald trump's successfully running as an outsider isn't incumbent one of the first times i've seen that happen and i have to say when i look at the joe biden speeches and rallies he's the most depressing dark and negative presidential candidate i have ever seen. i was watching one of his speeches and outside all the polling and the numbers just look at the two different stories are being told. president donald trump should win this thing convincingly. what's the narrative of president trump? we are tough, we are gritty and we have perseverance. we are going to get through this. joe biden told us we are going into it dark winter.
12:34 am
who wants to vote for that? his entire speech of this whole argument is things are just going to be awful and the guy right now is really bad. we as human beings are programmed to want to believe in something better. that's why barack obama one and he had open change. his story was better than that run the john mccain and i think donald trump will be where warded politically. he's telling a better story, we are tough we can get through this and our best days are ahead. sin exactly right and he said exactly as you have been saying but you put it so well. trump is ending this campaign is the optimistic candidate any of leiden in the angry old man argument cars in the parking lot. absolutely brilliant. i'm going to feel that in claim credit for it.
12:35 am
thank you guys. we will see you on the other side of this break. much more on the countdown to election day,
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steve: tell you where on the other week and we'd love to know when can we have you back in here you are. it's great to see you. i was asking about the things you are interested in talking about in one of the things you mention was america first and how that's an important game for the president and why you think that's so important in the election? >> yeah i think it's awesome. the reason it's mostly important as you have the biden administration and the biden campaign that has proven there's a clear and balanced as it relates to how they plan to handle the crisis think about they are handling the house side of it that but there's an economic crisis is really important and sheltering in place is not something small this is his can handle or take
12:40 am
another round of. it's super important as well because of the uncertainty that comes with the imbalance that the biden/harris administration is producing. a huge thing and i want to increase your taxes which will cause corporations to have to hit their bottom line and that means cuts in employment and stifling the economy. i think they are putting america first, putting america first is where we need to focus or that needs to be the topic of all of our discussions going forward. steve: when did did the president first start using that phrase america first? it's such a good example and just tonight in the rally i saw him roughly say yes that's who we are. he went to the united nations and said yes america first. i put america first and you should put your country first. smith. >> every politician should put
12:41 am
their country first. for a couple of decades people like joe biden have been selling our middle class out to foreign countries to enrich themselves and their families and our national corporations. president donald trump in his closing argument should reinforce he renegotiated the trade deal israel are rain in the end ending the endless wars and every decision he has made is not then what's going to best benefit some sort of deal and instead to put our workers first and our country first. this is a paradigm shift. president trump represents a complete and total change in how we view foreign-policy trade policy immigration policy economic policy and how we engage on these cultural issues and for those of you watching right now that it felt like you're losing your country all you have left is president trump and the other institutions that are then taken over by the globalist anti-american forces
12:42 am
president trump is the soul fighter that represents all of us to want to see america's best days ahead. >> 100%. its trumpnomicsnomics putting america first is in just about america it's the whole world. look at what he did 30 into the iran deal and i brought that up earlier because it's so important to reduce the nation supporting terrorism. look at what obama did. he turned over billions of dollars to iran for what? so it can harden the rest of the world and president trump says let's end it. he rebuilt our relationship with israel and i just had to laugh i saw rachel tweeting out you were talking about her husband earlier there's a parade in jerusalem for president trump. not only are the amish having a parade for him but people in jerusalem are so what we are really seeing is a shift in the way we think and by the way
12:43 am
hollywood should be so proud because isn't hollywood that says you should put yourself first and then you can help everyone else click here you have a president that's putting his country first and the people first and then we can help everybody else. steve: another thing you mentioned is how you are not seeing enthusiasm for biden among black voters. tell us about that. >> particularly the blackmail vote. in 2018 and george during the governor's race we saw the democratic party kick the black vote to decide to support stacy your gums and now we are seeing it happen again but this is something we have to focus in on. these are the voters that were impacted by the 1994 crime bill in their families. these are individuals who some of their families are sitting at home and they have a family member who is incarcerated not to mention a lot of our black
12:44 am
males are part of those individuals who were able to find employment when we had record low unemployment for african-americans. these are the voters that i think will come out and vote and the african-americans that will push the present across that finish line. steve: after all of these charges thank you janelle for pointing that out. we will pick it up on the other side of this break. biden's main pitch seems to be that he is a nice guy. is he? we have a shocking testimonial for
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steve: it turns out that good old joe biden stuff fuels -- from recent in-depth profile of biden, biden's effusive than this has disguised he sometimes lavishes morgue gratitude on strangers on selfies then they too years keeping him in office. just, not in a disenchanted former aide once called widen and egomaniacal autocrat. charlie he is an egomaniacal autocrat not the nice guy from where ribisi claims he's from.
12:49 am
>> i don't think he's been in scranton for 65 years. deonte the personality side of it what the real revelations of the last couple of weeks have shown us is yes i think is not very good to vendors in these sorts of things that he has sold out our country to china and to ukraine and the fact that the media has remained totally silent on the hunter biden laptop and tony bobulinski has reached an entire new level in my working theory is the activist media are looking at each other and saying i do want to be to blame for getting donald trump reelected. and so outside of the personality stuff joe biden's character for selling out our country by his son is reprehensible. steve: janelle that's right it is another example where the media as a called them earlier the alliance they are colluding to protect biden. eric digging in.
12:50 am
with trumpets and list by former employees who say something against trump. no one is doing that with biden and they are not just not digging and be totally suppressing the story that charlie mentioned. >> absolutely and steve you said it the best in the first half when he talked about style versus substance. this is a campaign strategy for the biden campaign and the reason why is because they don't have substance. they focus on the style of the president and try to. this narrative to get people to think that what you see on tv is the character of a person even though you don't know what the character of a person is unless you send -- spend personal time with that individual and you have to do it on both sides. this whole narrative that you should focus on the style of the president not the substance is trying to take the voters away from seeing what he's done in continuing to do. i think this is just a campaign
12:51 am
strategy. >> sara gets a bit like what we are talking about earlier with coronavirus but i think it could end up backfiring. people see this incredible, the union of power all these powerful forces coming together to get biden elected. i think americans have a natural rejection of that of the soap lately unfair. this alliance as bias may do more harm than good for biden. >> president trump is not just running against joe biden is running against big tech, is running against the mainstream media is running against the swamp he's running against the elitist establishment and the american people see it and they love it and you want to know why? they love it because president trump is a fighter. he isn't giving up. look at all the rallies over the weekend and look at the people that are coming out to see him
12:52 am
by the thousands. even in arizona they are lining up down the highways with flags. they are the underdogs, right? we are the end of dogs the american people from the establishment for decades. they finally have someone who's willing to stand up and fight or them. that's what the american people are looking for and that's what the american people wanted that's why they are underestimating who's going to win on november 3 because a lot of people are going to show up and vote for president trump on november 3 and a lot of them are to have. steve: very good. thank you all. coming up our final fox before the election. don't
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steve: i can't believe it, it's our final show before the election. we'll get your thoughts. >> we heard the tale of two
12:57 am
messages. the president is sending a message of survival and positivity, then you have the message of doom and gloom. election day will tell us where the spirit of america lies. whether it's been broken by the pandemic or whether we'll continue to thrive and survive like we always have. i'm looking forward to see what happens, and i am hoping president trump is definitely back in office. steve: there you go. charlie? >> we are so lucky to live in a country that is the greatest to ever exist in the world. i have had the opportunity to get to know the president. no one works harder or is more committed to returning this country to exceptionalism and greatness. we rei a -- we reembrace that
12:58 am
risk-taking spirit and challenge all the orthodox ideas that put america on a collision course. for my generation's sake. let's turn out in record numbers on tuesday and shock the world again. steve: that's way it's feeling like. both of you. sarah, your thoughts? >> i think this is going to be one of the most momentous in political history. we have been through so much the past four years, even the last five years since candidate trump was running. i think he is already victorious. this is the first time in a long time americans are fully vested in our election process.
12:59 am
we are an incredible nation. and on november 3, no matter what happens, i believe americans are the winners here and president trump was part of that. steve: we have got a minute left. going back to the point you made earlier. after all the allegations about this president being a racist, and if it's the black vote that puts him over the edge, how wonderful would that be? >> for the republican party as a whole, we can focus on these issues. it's a huge huge moment. steve: that's exactly right. what i love is the message of opportunity for all. lifting people up. working people. people of all races and
1:00 am
backgrounds. that's the positive energy we are getting and i hope it continues. we'll be back not tomorrow on "life, liberty & levin." ♪ jesse: welcome to "watters world" i'm jesse watters. moments away from president trump taking the stage in the battleground state of pennsylvania for his fourth and final rally of the day. and we're going to bring you the president once he begins but first the home stretch that's the subject of tonight's waters world trump surging into election day with a lot of momentum. he's won back to back to back weeks since kicking covid america shattered america records in third quarter hosting 33.1% growth number best in history and wasn't even close.


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