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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 27, 2020 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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springs reflecting on franklin roosevelt taught us about the need to heal our nation. folks, i'm running as a proud democrat, but i will govern as an american president to unite and to heal. ♪ >> bret: good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. just been listening to former vice president joe biden speaking in atlanta. we heard from him earlier in warm springs georgia. we brought you both of those speeches live on fox news channel. we also brought you president trump's big rally in lansing, michigan, and his speech there and in just a bit we will bring you live, his speech in salem wisconsin. we do this now, we've done it before. breaking tonight, we are one week from election day in the u.s. millions of americans are looking forward to voting in what many on both sides are framing is the most important election in this country's history. almost 70 million of you have already voted. it let me that again.
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70 million people i've already voted. that is just more than half of all the people who cast ballots in 2016. seven days out. both president or candidates are an crucial battleground states on this final tuesday of the campaign season. we have big fox team coverage tonight. john roberts is in lansing, michigan, where the president made that appearance earlier today. peter doocy is in atlanta where joe biden has been speaking in campaigning on the ground. georgia hasn't been won by democrats since 1992. bryan llenas in state college, pennsylvania, as that state could be make or break for either campaign. phil keating, orlando, florida, also figures to be an essential element. alicia acuna is in tempe, arizona, where democrats are trying to find fertile ground in the desert and kevin corke is in ohio where people are lining up to vote early in historic numbers. all of that coming up in the show. president trump is hosting a rally in just a moment in salem wisconsin. it is the middle stop on a
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3-state tour as the president continues to campaign furiously in the final days. john roberts live in lansing, michigan, tonight where the president spoke a few hours ago. good evening, john. >> brett, good evening to you. you heard joe biden say just a couple of minutes ago, president trump likes to say it all the time as well, but this is the most important election in the nation's history. a sign of just what is at stake for the president on november 3rd, today here in lansing he stood in a cold, 40-degree rain for an hour and 15 minutes to energize his supporters. >> seven days from now we are going to win the great state of michigan. >> polls show he has an uphill battle but in the capital of lansing today president trump confident he can pull off another win in michigan, slamming joe biden for pledging to raise taxes by $4 trillion. >> he is the first candidate i've ever seen who is running on a promise that i will raise your taxes.
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>> the president again reminding voters of biden 'has past support for trade deals like nafta and tran's entry into the wto, which cost michigan thousands of jobs. >> we are going to have a great red wave, people that want to go out and vote. and i'm watching these guys, the way they talk. the polls, they are down 25 in michigan. i said no, we are going to win michigan. >> president trump also warning voters that biden may seek to pack the supreme court if he wins the election. the president tweeting biden's handlers want to expand the court. on top of that, they don't want to provide a list of who would be chosen for the court. must have a list of these radical left judges. last night, after a marathon campaign swing through pennsylvania, president trump residing over the ceremonial swearing-in of justice amy coney barrett, the first justice ever seated so close to one election. >> justice barrett will defend our rights, will defend our liberties and our god-given
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freedom. >> the president again talking about the need to reopen the american economy and to end coronavirus shutdowns. and for the first time, casting doubt on the alleged kidnapping plot against michigan governor gretchen whitmer. >> it was our people that helped her out with her problem. we will have to see if it's a problem, right? people are entitled to say -- maybe it was a problem, maybe it wasn't. >> the president also keeping up his attacks against joe biden over his son hunter's business dealings. >> he goes into a country in the family walks out with millions of dollars. the press doesn't report it, they don't cover it. >> but colleagues of the president again suggesting today attacks on the president's son are a dog that won't hunt. >> he doesn't believe voters are moved by the hunter biden stuff? >> i don't think it moves a single motor. i think we should be unifying, we should be explaining, we should be lifting people up. i think it's turnout election, but my assessment of turnout is
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the left is showing up no matter what. >> as you mentioned, the president in wisconsin now, he finishes off his day in omaha, nebraska, trying to hang onto nebraska's 2nd congressional district, he won in 2016 and it has only gone to a democrat, barack obama, once in the past 50 years, but the president faces an uphill battle there as well. bret. >> bret: john, thank you. julian rainey in michigan. chilly and sunny in wisconsin with the president is doing a couple laps, we are told in the salem raceway there around the crowd. there you can see the beast and he's getting out there momentarily, secret service on the move, we will bring you there momentarily. it democratic nominee joe biden spending much of the day today in georgia. normally a reliable red state that could flip blue next week. peter doocy reports from atlanta on the biden message down the stretch. >> joe biden's closing arguments boiled down to this. >> i run to unite this nation and to this nation.
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>> the man hoping to become the 46th president is channeling the 32nd, speaking in the georgia town where fdr stayed all most every year seeking relief from polio in the therapeutic waters of warm springs. >> this place, warm springs, as a reminder that though broken, each of us can be healed. that as a people and a country, we can overcome this devastating virus. >> biden says he will work with republicans and democrats if he wins but progressives are preparing to try to pull him to the left. >> we will have a cohort of progressives that are very clear about their objectives for wanting the implementation of, you know, medicare for all and agree new deal. >> there is pressure on the senate 'has topped democrat, dozens of new york elected officials have signed a letter to chuck schumer demanding he introduced legislation to expand the supreme court, warning anything less is unacceptable and we commit to organizing to
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hold him accountable should he fail to do so. the biden team is trying to stay on message though and with a flush of cash, they are going to air nationwide within one minute long tbi. >> so i'm asking for your vote. we need to a member this is the united states of america and there's never been anything we've been unable to do when we've done it together. >> michael bloomberg super pac is pitching in a fresh $15 million, the kind of spending biden used to laugh at when it was against him. >> michael, keep spending. [laughs] >> let's bring it home! >> barack obama has helped biden a lot the cycle online and on the trail, but he is looking for a different historical role model to help confront covid. >> fdr came looking for a cure but it was the lessons he learned here that he used to lift a nation. humility, empathy, courage, optimism.
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>> at that speed earlier in warm springs, a few biden supporters showed up and tried to get in, but they were turned away, told that it was a private event. this drive in this evening that seems winding down, a few dozen cars worth of biden supporters on short notice, but as for tomorrow, less than a week out from the election, the biden campaign still has not told us what he plans to do or where he plans to be. tonight though, all people care about is just getting it can't do my chance to honk on their way out. bret. >> bret: there you go, peter doocy in atlanta, thank you. please join tucker carlson tonight, he will have an exclusive and every with the man who says he was the former business partner of hunter biden, tony. he also claims joe biden knows a lot about his son's business deals. >> the former vice president has said he had no knowledge whatsoever of his son a best of his business dealings and was not involved in them at all. but this sounds like direct involvement. >> that's a blatant lie. when he states that, that is a
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blatant lie. obviously the world is aware that i attended the debate last thursday and inactivate he made a specific statement around questions around us from the president and i'll be honest with you, i almost stood up and screamed "liar" and walked out because i was shocked that after four days or five days that they prepped for this that the biden family is taking that position to the world. >> bret: you can see the entire interview on "tucker carlson tonight," 8:00 eastern time. today is the last day pennsylvanians could apply for a mail-in or absentee ballot. first lady melania trump was in the state delivering pizza to campaign volunteers, denouncing what she called joe biden's socialist agenda and defending her husband no matter what. >> i do not always agree the way he says things. , but it is important to him that he speaks directly to the people he serves.
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[cheers and applause] >> bret: lawyers for both campaigns are fighting court battles over the process as election day approaches. correspondent bryan llenas takes a look tonight from state college, pennsylvania. >> he still have your mail-in ballot filled out now, don't wait. >> one out of every three registered voters in pennsylvania is voting by mail, 3 million mail-in ballots have been sent, nearly 2 million have already been returned. 2020 is the first year pennsylvania voters can vote by mail without an excuse and the uncertainty is sowing doubt about election security. vice chair of the center county board of elections, michael pipe, says the voting system is secure. >> anybody who votes in person or by mail will have a bar code in the top corner of their return envelope that when they return that is linked to their voter profile. >> under pennsylvania law you have to apply to receive a mail-in ballot. that means that you have to fill in all of your personal information on this application,
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which is then cross checked with your voter registration application to make sure that there are no inconsistencies in that you are who you say you a are. this as republicans are requesting that the u.s. supreme court block counties from being able to count mail-in ballots received up to three days after the november 3rd election. the u.s. supreme court initially upheld the decision in a 4-4 type but taken up again, just as amy coney barrett could be the deciding vote. pennsylvania's democratic attorney general argues it's too close to election day to change the law. >> number one, it would confuse the voters potentially and number two, it places a real burden on county election officials. >> in a state where president trump won in 2016 by less than one percentage point, just 44,000 votes, republicans foresee an imminent legal fight post election day. >> i think unfortunately regardless of who wins either side, i think the other one likely will challenge it again in court.
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>> mail-in ballots cannot be processed or counted until 7:00 a.m. on election day, which all but guarantees we will not know the result of the election in pennsylvania until at least a few days. bret. >> bret: oh, boy. thank you. former president obama campaigning in florida today for his two-time running mate, the sunshine state is a key swing state and both teams are flooding the zone with surrogates. phil keating is in orlando tonight. ♪ >> former president barack obama back in his element again, delivering another vote for biden campaign speech today outside of orlando's camping world stadium. due to coronavirus, it was driving style, with people in and on top of their cars and trucks and spaced 6 feet apart with supporters honking as applause. in the former president again ripping into trump. >> he hasn't shown any interest
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in doing the work or helping anybody but himself and his friends. or treating the presidency as anything more than a reality show. that can give him the attention that he craves. >> florida of course is key, if not critical, to both campaigns, but that's what the president 'his daughter, ivanka, is barnstorming the big battleground state today. two campaign events this afternoon, one in sarasota and one in miami. >> everything that we hold dear is at stake in this election. the democrat party is not the party that it used to be. >> polls are showing biden and trump virtually tied in the sunshine state. >> i think it's showing kind of what we would expect, that it's going to be a very competitive election in florida, it's going to be a matter of turnout in florida, which people have already seen quite a bit of an it's going to be pretty close. >> on thursday, former vice president joe biden will be in broward county for the first
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of two stops in the sunshine state. the second one on thursday will be in tampa. president trump is also expected to make at least one more in person florida appearance before election day in the first one could be likely later this week. more than 6.5 million floridians have already voted. that's more than 60% of the expected entire voter turnout this year. bret. >> bret: phil keating live in orlando. thanks. more than a million and a half people have already voted in arizona. residents are being advised to get their ballots in the mail by tonight if they want to be sure they'll be counted. arizona's changing demographics and the politics of the pandemic put arizona up for grabs in 2020. senior correspondent alecia quinn you show his estimate -- shows us tonight from tempe. >> a growing latino electorate, arizona is a different state than the one president trump won
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four years ago. >> we are changing and it's not linear. we are just evolving and the state is a little less very goldwater of the old days and is a little more reflective of a national divide. >> once a g.o.p. stronghold, arizona is now bluer. in 2018 it elected its first democrat to the u.s. senate in 24 years. this year democrat mark kelly leads republican incumbent senator martha mcsally in most polls. >> you don't have events like this and you come in second in arizona. you don't do that. >> when he visits tomorrow, it will be the president's seventh this year. >> the reason donald trump is coming to arizona is because he's desperate and he knows he's losing the state. >> too many arizonans are facing hard times right now. >> in the real clear politics average, biden is ahead by 2.4%. he's made only one trip to arizona as a democratic nominee. >> it's not about presence in the state, it's about the values and what he's fighting for.
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>> he also has the support of one of arizona's best known political families, the mccains. >> he has the empathy and the courage and the compassion and the confidence to get us out of the pandemic. >> strategists think trump will manage a win but that may not be the case down ballot. >> from the u.s. senate to our own legislature, things are in flux. it's the energy is normally the indicator. >> three and a half million ballots have been mailed out here with 1.6 million returns. bret. >> bret: alicia acuna in arizona, thanks. stocks were masked -- mixed today, the s&p dropped ten, the nasdaq gained 72. president trump in wisconsin has just made his way to the stage, talking to a big crowd there in salem wisconsin. let's listen in. >> that didn't work out too well. because he had a lid, like a garbage can. it's a lid, it's called a lid, but he doesn't want to be
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president. one thing about this job, you've got to wanted and you've got to wanted. [scattered applause] and doing this -- i don't usually say it but i say it. doing this -- [indiscernible]. >> and unlike biden, who's made a fortune in politics -- what a fortune -- the press is not allowed to write about that though. but biden made a fortune. you know what? this has cost me billions of dollars and you know, i could not be happier, because we have done things that nobody else could have done in the first three and a half years. there's been no administration that's done what we've done in the first three and a half years with our military, with our vets, with regulations, with cutting taxes.
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biden a posthumous running mate, the most liberal member in the u.s. senate. she makes bernie sanders look like he's a conservative. even urged supporters to donate to a fund to bailout rioters in minneapolis where they had such problems until the national guard went in and they stopped it -- would you say that was about, what, 22 minutes, it was all over. including an attempted cop killer, they wanted to bail him out. the policies will set cop killers free. we believe if you murder a police officer you should get the death penalty and i know your state -- you murder a police officer. you saw a month ago the two young officer sitting in a car and a guy comes up -- you do that stuff and you can't get away with it. when a violent mob came to kenosha -- do you know kenosha? everybody know kenosha? biden opposed sending in the
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national guard. we sent in the national guard and we saved kenosha. we saved kenosha. kenosha wouldn't be standing right now. and i get a lot of credit. thank you to the sheriff and so many others for their support. they actually came out and supported me, thank you very much. where is the, is he around here someplace? thank you very much. that's great. i appreciate too -- it's the first time he ever did it. i appreciate it, thank you very much. fantastic. good man. good man. it took generations to build the america that we know and love, but if the radical left gain power, it would take them only a matter of months to burn it down, tear it down or destroy it. i'm the only one standing between you and the left-wing mob. i hate to tell you, there aren't too many of us, we are standing in your second amendment and many other things, right? [scattered applause]
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biden has not only declared war on police -- i mean, you know, it really is. my father taught me a long time, don't use the word cops. that's a little slang. always call the police, so i never use it. i see cops, but sometimes it's not bad. sheriff, let me ask you, cops or police or doesn't it matter? if it's done with a heart, who cares, right? if it's done with a heart -- so like i said, he declared war on the cops and it's not working out too well. you're going to see something. you're going to see a giant red wave. [scattered applause] you're going to see a red wave like they've never seen before and they saw a very big one. i tell you what, they got a glimpse four years ago because that was -- remember they said whether these -- where did these people come from? where did they come from? they are great americans, they don't want anything, they just want that level playing field and they came out and they voted, and this is going to be bigger.
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this is going to be bigger and they know it. they know it. they don't like to report it, they what's happening. they see what's happening, mike, don't they? they get it, it's going to be very big and it's going to be beautiful and it's probably going to start -- it doesn't have to start on tuesday. it can start earlier, early voting. you want to be there. at least ballots, was i right about the ballots? it's messed up like you wouldn't believe. now they say we like to get the ballots and maybe get them within a few days of the election and we will take ten days to count them up. oh, good, let's let the whole world wait while you count your ballots and you know what happens while they are counting them? they are dumping more ballots in there. where did they come from? no, they have to -- we had a great rolling right here. we had a great ruling, right? yesterday, supreme court said no, that's your date, it's called november 3rd, that your date, right? but sleepy joe declared war on
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american workers and biden spent the last 47 years outsourcing new jobs. it you got hit hard. opening your borders. you don't have borders, you don't have a country and sacrificing american blood and treasure and endless foreign ridiculous wars, countries most of you, including even most of the people, they never even heard of these countries. we are bringing them all back home, you know that. if they are coming back home. afghanistan, iraq, keeping some in syria. you don't mind we are keeping the oil. they should have done that with iraq. remember, i said don't go into iraq but if you go in, at least keep the oil. we need to keep the oil. biden was a cheerleader for nafta, china's entry into the world trade organization. he repeatedly tried to slash medicare and social security. he's a shill in a sense for foreign countries. it got to take a look at this guy's record. of course right now he has no
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idea where he has. that's an entirely different problem. that's a very big different problem, but who -- look, we have to say it like it is. we have the greatest country in the world and we have potential like no country has and we can't play games. we can't play games. we can't -- and besides that, he's not a nice guy. okay, just so you know, he was never -- if he was a nice guy i wouldn't say it. [crowd chanting] thank you very much. thank you. decade after decade, biden twisted his knife into the back of wisconsin workers, but workers throughout the united states. you don't have to take my word for it. a special group of people, the people of wisconsin, i spent a lot of money on this crazy video. look at this, and you're going to see it. i hope the people back here can
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see it. did you see it? that's terrible! you'll take my word for it. go ahead and play it. [scattered applause] >> my problem is i voted for [indiscernible]. i'm supporting nafta because i think it is a positive thing to do. and i do not pretend to be an expert on international trade matters. >> trade agreement like nafta [indiscernible] which forced american workers to compete against people making pennies an hour as a result a loss of 160,000 jobs. >> the president is absolutely right when he says china has been treating for 25 years and bill clinton didn't do enough about it, george w. bush didn't do enough about it, barack obama didn't do enough about it. >> arrives in china is an incredible positive development for not only china, but the united states and the rest of the world. a rising china is a positive, positive development. it is in our self interest that
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china continue to prosper. we want to see china rise. it's china is a great nation and we should hope for the continued expansion. china is not our enemy. we talk about china. our competitor. we should be helping [indiscernible] is going to eat our lunch is bizarre. [indiscernible]. bizarre. they are not bad folks, folks. china is not a problem. >> allowing china into the world trade organization, which you supported, extending status to china, which is supported, those steps allow china to take advantage of the united states by using our own open trade deals against us. in retrospect were united about china? >> no. >> doesn't he deserve some credit? it's better than in ca, it's
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better than nafta. >> it is better than nafta. i never said i oppose fracking. >> you set it on tape. >> show the tape, put it on the website. >> outputted on. >> would there be any place for fossil fuels, including coal and fracking in a biden administration? >> no. we would work it out. we would make sure it's eliminated. i guarantee we are going to end fossil fuel. no more -- no new fracking. i would gradually move away from fracking. >> and i think it's critically important on day one that we end any fossil fuel leases on public land. >> what about stopping fracking? [indiscernible]. >> there's no question i'm in favor of banning fracking. >> i have one final question. >> would you closed on the oil -- >> i would transition from the oil industry, yes. i will transition. >> in terms of business that's
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the biggest statement. >> basically what he's saying is he is destroying the oil industry. you were a member that, texas? will you remember that, pennsylvania, oklahoma? [scattered applause] >> now, to be fair, maybe biden is not telling us because he's forgotten his own plan. watch biden's staff quickly swoop in to shuffle him along during a quickie escape the basement trip to pennsylvania. >> here's the deal, one of the things that is important is that -- keep in mind although we are going to vote on barrett i think today. >> that was terrifying. >> what country we are going to be. four more years of george -- george, going to find ourselves
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in a position where if trump gets elected, we are going to be in a different world. >> president trump: that was yesterday. that was all yesterday. every day we could put up another treat. the whole thing is ridiculous. the whole thing. you know, until the plague came in from china, i didn't even have a race. and then it came in and we did a great job. we saved millions of lives, 2 million lives, 2.2 million who are supposed to die. in this guy, you know, [indiscernible] and xenophobic. don't ban china, don't ban chi china. very early on, very, very early, everybody said don't ban -- i'm not blaming anybody but they all said don't ban. i said at the heavily infected country starting from there, i banned china and then i banned europe with all of the problems they were having with spain and italy and france and everybody.
3:29 pm
i banned -- i banned europe and two and a half month later he was saying don't ban and then he runs for president, he locks out because pocahontas decided to stay in, so she took a lot of votes away from bernie. not too many. she didn't do too well but she took enough away that he ends up winning on super tuesday, right? and all of a sudden i got this guy running and he starts complaining that i should have moved faster, but he was two and a half months behind and i said that's going to be hard to explain, but i have to explain it to people. one thing nice is when you put this thing appear, it saves you a lot of words, right? it saves you a lot of words and then the other thing, remember for a year we will not frack. it affects you because of your energy costs and all of the things that affects everybody. we are right now energy independent. it's a great thing. first time. but it really affects -- can you imagine texas, pennsylvania, the
3:30 pm
different places, ohio, so many places, so many places. north dakota. can you imagine -- take texas. i mean, he's against oil. he's against guns. and he's against religion. right? other than that, he's wonderful, he's just perfect. and then they play it's a very close race in texas. i don't think so. you are against -- you're against oil, guns, and god. if you don't have a close race in texas. i know. they said the same thing four years ago, that texas is too close to call. it's going to be a very, very tough race for donald trump. it was donald, now they call me president. it will be a very, very, very tough race. i mean the polls have closed in texas, donald trump has won the state of texas -- they don't do
3:31 pm
that unless you have a landslide -- now they do the same thing. this time at least they say i have a little lead. how can you have a little lead when i'm the oil person that we needed to fire up your factories and your -- we can't -- they don't even know how to do it. they have like aoc plus three. they say okay, we will get rid of all fossil fuels. we have a problem in wisconsin, we are doing very well, we have a lot of factories, a lot of plants. how are we going to fire them up? she has no clue. she has no clue. i don't even think she studied it. maybe in high school she studied it, but probably not in college. did she go to college? tell me, did she? because i don't know. i don't know her background but it is not heavy into the environment. all of a sudden she comes up with the green new deal. and these people all day because they have to, because the radical left wants them. if the new deal will cost
3:32 pm
$100 trillion. if we have 100 perfect years, the greatest years in the history of our country, we can't make it, 100 trillion spent on the green new deal. in 2016, wisconsin voted to fire this corrupt political establishment and you elected an outsider as president who is finally putting america first. [scattered applause] and if i don't sound like a typical washington politician, it's because i'm not a politician. one of the reasons i was elect elected. if i was a politician i probably wouldn't have been elected, right? if i don't always play by the rules of washington and the washington establishment, it's because i was elected to fight for you and i'm fighting for you harder than any president has ever fought for you.
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[scattered applause] together we will continue to fight for american workers, support our police, defend our second amendment, which is under siege, but don't worry about it. don't worry about it, it's fine. but it is under siege. to secure our borders, and you know the wall is up to over 400 miles right now. we have [indiscernible]. over four, we are going to have it finished very soon. they don't talk about it anymore. if they use to go "he will never get a bill" because that was like -- you couldn't -- the democrat party was so against it, they said it was obsolete. use drones so we can watch everybody pour into the border. let's send a drone up there, right? walls and wheels, never get obsolete. about the only two things i know of that don't get obsolete. everything else is obsolete about 15 minutes after you figure it out. and ensure more products are proudly stamped without wonderful, beautiful phrase, "made in the usa," right?
3:34 pm
we will deliver record prosperity, epic job growth and a safe vaccine that eradicates the virus and quickly ends this pandemic, and you know, with the fake news, everything is covid, covid, covid. covid. i had it, here i am, right? i had it, first lady had it. barrett had it but barrett had it for about 12 seconds. young, young, immune system young. no, it's covid. your turn on the news, covid, covid. you know when they are going to stop talking about it so much? november 4th, you're right! november 4th! it's a whole crazy thing. i mean it's to complicate it to explain. these people are very corrupt, very dishonest, they've got a lot of problems. on november 4th you will hear we are doing extremely well and you'll see -- you'll see. if they used to always say that europe -- look at europe, look
3:35 pm
at europe. well, first of all, they count their cases totally different, but look at europe, they have a big spike and you know what, it's going to go down and we had a spike in miami, we had a spike in texas, arizona, it's all way down to very low numbers but i'll tell you, all they want to talk about is covid. but the good news on the fourth, they will stop talking. it you watch, they will stop talking. you get out that red wave, just get out, we have to win this election. this is the most important election we've ever had. we can't let this radical left socialist group take over. and i've been saying it now for a long time, because i see it. there's this inclination by a group of people, our country will never be a socialist nation. we will never become a socialist nation. [scattered applause] normal life will fully resume. that's all we want, normal life, seven months ago.
3:36 pm
we had the greatest economy in the history of our country. everybody was doing well, best numbers we've ever had and next year will be the greatest economic year in the history of our country. you see what's happening. you see how it's being built up and by the way, i'd love to do stingless, but nancy does not want to do it. she wants to get bailout money for her democrat-run states that are high crime and doing badly. and i spoke for wisconsin when i said no thank you, nancy. have a good time. we will get big stimulus right after the election is over. hopefully we can take back the house. that would be nice. get rid of her. get ready for a speaker, we will get kevin in there, kevin would be good. you know who kevin is, kevin mccarthy. if biden and the democrat socialists are elected, they will bury your -- you know what's going on, right? with the regulations.
3:37 pm
got your regulations down to a level, but we can go further. we have statutory requirements. we are going further. they will bury really your family and yourself and regulations, terminate religious liberty, dissolve our borders, indoctrinate our children with that really bad stuff that they want to teach in schools, which we've largely ended, but can be started again and destroyed the suburbs beyond repair. suburban women, you're going to love me. you better love me. did you see 60 minutes the other night? i always talk -- i say suburban women, and getting rid of -- you know those are regulations that essentially destroy the suburbs, okay? you know who was in charge of it? who would have been? cory booker. good luck. he's another beauty. we deal with some real beauties. we had a regulation where they can build low-income housing and projects in a neighborhood near you.
3:38 pm
a neighborhood near year. in the suburbs, right? so the fake news was saying we think that donald trump is having problems with suburban women. i said why? because i'm going to stop crime from going to the suburbs? because you know antifa and the anarchists, they view the suburbs as next. that's what they would like. so the suburban woman wants law and order, they want safety and they don't want a regulation that's going to destroy the suburbs. and then i listened to these people talk about how so four years ago they talked about the same thing. they said "women will not be voting for donald trump." and then after about four hours and they declared total victory for trump, you know they said he cannot get to 270. he cannot. this was in the afternoon. he can't -- and for about six month before that, by the way. it didn't just start -- donald trump cannot get -- cannot get to 270.
3:39 pm
he cannot get -- and they were right. we got 306. [scattered applause] we picked up a place called wisconsin. that helped. that wasn't -- that wasn't high on the list of victories. now it is, but we are just -- it just came out we are leading by like three points. that's good. they won't report that. they will look at 30 polls, some of them are totally fake, some of them are sickos, right? they look at polls where they interview 38% democrats, 21% republicans -- i said that doesn't sound too fair to me. and they will sit trump is done by 5. well, if i'm down by 5 when they're doing 38-21, that means i'm winning in a landslide. what kind of polls or these? seriously, what kind of poles are these? these people are crazy. joe biden will delay the vaccine, postpone therapies, prolong the pandemic, shutter your schools, open your schools, please.
3:40 pm
bankrupt your small businesses and shut down our country. he will destroy our country. and by the way, the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. i said that a long time ago. except what i originally said, i had no -- you know, i felt it and i felt it was bad. i just felt, it was an instinct, it can't be worse than the problem itself, so the shutdown with alcoholism, with drugs, with abuse, with suicides, with all the things that happened, it's worse, you can't do this. you've got to get your governors to open up. there aren't many of them. there aren't many of them now but you've got to -- one of the reasons -- this is another one we will go to the fourth, right? november 4th. they will be announcing we are opening -- stupidly like three weeks ago -- we think we are going to open probably around november 4th. how about that genius, okay? you'll all be open around -- a couple of days after the election. biden even wants to lock down
3:41 pm
young and healthy americans, yet for those under age 50, the recovery rate is 99.98%. think about that. 99.98. in the school kids, it's lower than that. biden's lockdowns would cause countless deaths from suicide and from all of the problems we have and we would have problems and economic -- people lose their jobs, they lose their jobs. their small businesses go out or they work for small businesses or big businesses go out. got to open up our states, got to tell your governor we cut to open up our states. does anybody like your governor to do you like him? [boos] okay. who likes the governor? [boos] is he going to win reelection? who does not like the governor? [scattered applause] all right.
3:42 pm
interesting. lots of luck, governor. it got to open up. a lot of governors that did this -- you know michigan, the only one that was allowed to go around and roam was her husband, right? he was allowed to go fishing and sailing. nobody else was, they had to stay locked up in a house but we won a supreme court case against them. they found it unconstitutional that she locked down the state of michigan. i just left michigan, i gave a speech in 32-degree weather in the rain. and they are great people and they are strong people so i said you know what i'll do? i won't put on a hat, okay? and i will just stand there in the rain and i'll freeze and i'll make a speech but i will tell you, there was such love, it was incredible. we are winning michigan too. no, no. if i had a nice hat, i was going to put it on and they were waiting for four or five hours. i said i feel so guilty. to get there very early, like probably some of you, you got
3:43 pm
here very early, right? [scattered applause] all of these front row i know got here. if they get very early. we have it where they get three or four days in advance -- where you hear three or four days? i know -- will you vote? you promise your voting for trump mack great. we have great people. we've never had -- four years ago we had the most enthusiastic campaign anyone has ever seen, probably there ever was. this, this campaign -- and i never thought i'd say it -- has more enthusiasm, more support than we did four years ago. [scattered applause] because you know four years ago i was a business guy, i was successful -- i was very successful. i came in i said i was going to do -- [crowd chanting] get it out of your system!
3:44 pm
so four years ago i came and et cetera -- just drove me crazy, losing all our factors, closing all are factors, then moving to mexico, they are making it in china, doing all these things. a lot of people -- a lot of places moved up to canada. canada was very tough on us but a lot of -- i saw the main reason i ran -- but i saw it all happening. it was so easy to see. i saw it all happening that's probably the main reason i ran, but four years ago i was just saying i'm going to cut your taxes, going to cut regulations, i'm going to rebuild her military. i'm going to do all the things i just said and actually i did more because like spaceports, we opened up spaceports. i never said i was going to do that. i learned that after watching russia and china and every thing else, i learned that after i was here but i never talk to -- one of these people right that there said he may be the only politician that actually did more than he promised during the campaign.
3:45 pm
i believe that's true. so we have -- so we have actually more enthusiasm because i did everything -- i mean i said the wall -- the wall was -- i mean, the wall was just a very expensive -- the border patrol wanted a certain way, very expensive, they are right, they wanted vision, they wanted steel, they wanted concrete inside and they said you know what, i'll do it, i want to do it the way you want -- i don't want to give you any excuses to doing a bad job in the border. if you only would have built the wall right. but all of the things that i said i did. everything i said , you did. and that gives this campaign more energy than a guy that was successful that said "hey, i'm going to do a lot of things" because you've been hearing that for years from politicians and they don't do it. they don't get the job. as i set about biden the other night at the debate, joe, you're all talk and no action, and it's
3:46 pm
true. and i look at him and i'd say "joe, why didn't you do it"? we should have done this, we should have done that. you've been there for 47 years and you left three and a half years ago. it's not like you left 30 years ago, he left three and a half years ago. and i only ran because of you, joe. because if you and obama did a good job i wouldn't have run. i mean, there would've been no reason and if i did i probably wouldn't have been able to win, soy only ran -- it was quite insulting to him, but that's the way it is. if biden had no plan, no idea. he didn't have a clue, he just wants to lock up this country. he really does. he's going to lock it up. if one guy walks up and says so i think we should close of our country, okay, that sounds good to me. while letting rioters and looters run wild. morris joe calls them, peaceful protesters. i call your protesters. you know why? because there is a legal definition. you can't have a political rally. they did that to keep me out, right? so i said i see, you are
3:47 pm
protesters. the only thing you can do is protest because they wanted to protect anarchists, rioters, people who were burning down your stores, so you have the absolute right to protest, so i called us a friendly protest, okay? officially. not a rally. this is not a rally. it's a friendly protest. okay, now we've gotten over the legal hurdle, haven't we? these people don't believe in science. they believe in whatever gives them power and whatever gives them control. the biden clan will crush you and crush your family. we will crush the virus and make our success -- make this country more successful than it's ever been. we have that kind of potential. we have the foundation set. you see what's happening, you see the kind of numbers we are doing. we are going to make our country more successful quickly and it's ever been. when the china plague arrived,
3:48 pm
we moved heaven and earth to fight the disease. we airlifted medical supplies, pioneered groundbreaking therapies, reduced the fatality rate 85%. think of that. 85 and now it's actually higher than that. here i am. i mean, i'm here, right? i said "give me that stuff" whatever it is i wanted and the next day i woke up and i felt like superman, right? i said "get me the hell out of here, i've got to go to wisconsin" and saved over 2 million lives, our excess mortality rate has been 42% less than europe. think of that, 42% and we are working with europe very closely. they have a problem. it should have never been allowed to leave china. ever. it should never have been allowed. it didn't go -- once it got wuhan -- wuhan province, it never got out, but it came to the usa and europe and the rest
3:49 pm
of the world. i'm working to make the breakthrough treatment i received, so what we are doing is we're going to make the regeneron and eli lilly, a great company, a similar antibody drug, antibody drug and we are going to make that available to people that need it free. all i know is i didn't feel great and after i took that i woke up the next day and i wanted -- i tell you, i felt like i could take on the world. i said "let me added" and here we are standing here freezing. thanks to our relentless efforts, 97% of all current emergency room visits are for something other than the virus. you don't hear those numbers from the fake news. think of that, 97%, and we are on track to deliver 100 million doses of safe vaccine and i say we are turning the corner. we are turning the corner, we are mounting -- like this racetrack. look at this. we are rounding the curve. we will vanquish the virus --
3:50 pm
and by the way, we are going to have the vaccine, johnson & johnson, pfizer, great companies and others too. we have the vaccine, we are going to have it very soon, like very soon but without it also, we are rounding the curve. we are rounding the corner. it's happening. we are going to emerge stronger than ever before. biden has made a corrupt bargain and the democrats in exchange for his party's nomination. he has handed control of his party over to a rage-filled socialist and marxist and left-wing extremist -- you see it, you see it in portland. how about portland? we could solve that problem and i would say a half an hour. anarchists. you know what happens to them, right? they go back home to mom and dad and they also stay in the basement. that's what they have in common with joe. well no, joe, in that one clip -- that was yesterday that took place, that was what
3:51 pm
happen. he was in the basement, heard that we were doing really well in pennsylvania, which we are. we are at least two or three points. it it doesn't sound like much. you know what happens, they will say he is 3.7 then you win by like 10. a lot of hidden boats out there. i don't know if i'm supposed to come plummeted by that or not, but they are hidden boats. they don't want to talk. they are -- they are all action, right? you call that all action. if biden wins, the flag-burning radicals on the streets will be running for -- you know that, they'll be running your government. they'll be running your government. this election day, you must stop the anti-american radicals by delivering joe biden and those far left democrats -- all democrats -- a thundering defeat. this has to be a big defeat so we can ended i'm a just end it. and joe biden, as you see, is a corrupt politician. he wants to send your jobs to china while his family rakes in
3:52 pm
millions from the chinese communist party. millions. and he gets money from ukraine. he gets money from russia. how about ukraine? 's son sits on a board, no energy experience, no nothing, didn't have a job, father becomes vice president, he becomes the judge of ukraine. sun goes on the board of buris burisma, 183,000 a month. would you say that's good? would you say that's good? if biden wins, china wins. china will only usa if this happens and they don't want me to win. they don't want me. we charge them tens of billions of dollars worth of tariffs. we never took $0.10 from china. and now we give out -- [indiscernible]. where is hunter? where is hunter? by the way -- come to think of it, how about the laptop from hell? and then you see shifty schiff. it was russia that created the
3:53 pm
laptop. oh. it was russia! shifty schiff. he says it with a straight face. watermelon shaped head, like a watermelon. it was russia! i said oh, no, here we go again. when we win, you win, wisconsin wins in america wins, that's what's going to happen. we are joined today by members of wisconsin manufacturers and commerce. they really helped us with this location and you know, we were going to be out of the airport but the governor made it very difficult so i said that's okay, get a location, friendly people. and your state -- your state's chamber of commerce and i want to thank them very much. where are you folks? where are you? what a group of people. where? where the hell are you? there they are. good job you did, thank you very much, i appreciate it. good job. i said how are we doing?
3:54 pm
they said sir, you're going to win easy. that's pretty good, they slightly know the area. i'm thrilled to receive their first ever presidential endorsement. they've been around a long time and they gave us -- we've got a lot of endorsements. a lot of newspaper endorsements today too. a lot of them all over the country and virtually every law enforcement group has given us the endorsement. even new york's finest. they've never endorsed a presidential candidate and they want to be given back -- we've got to respect our law enforcement. with got to let them do what they have to do. also with us is candidate for congress derek. where is derek? good luck, i hear good things. i hear good things. derek van horton, please vote for him. his competition is not good. not good. and also state g.o.p. chairman andrew.
3:55 pm
andrew, thank you. are we winning? if we don't win we are going to fire you so fast. i hear good. get out that boat. get out the vote. together we built the greatest economy in history and now we are doing it again. make america great again again. again again. right? those hats are obsolete. it's make america great again again. we increased middle-class family income, over $6,000 more then five times the gains made under the last administration. think of that. in a short period of time, african-american, hispanic-american, asian-american, unemployment reached their lowest levels ever recorded since april. we created a record 11.4 million jobs. i entered the nafta nightmare and proudly signed the brand-new usmca into law. that's going to be a big deal.
3:56 pm
just kicked in. wisconsin dairy farms were decimated under the obama and biden nightmare. there were decimated, and now you are doing very well, and you know, canada took advantage of you very much. you know that, right? not anymore. under the usmca, are dairy exports to canada are expected to surge by at least 100%. and we got rid of the tariffs. you know the tariffs. they used a charger -- you didn't know this, you like the song "oh canada." hockey game, nice song, the national anthem, right? they stand for the national anthem, our people have to stand for our national anthem. they have to stand. but canada treated us badly. 287% tariff. can you believe that? think of it. i learned about that, i said it's time to get out of the crazy nafta. nafta was a terrible thing. biden and obama through the workers of delphi corporation to the wolves.
3:57 pm
their pensions were wiped out. i signed in order to restore the pensions and health care benefits, promised the workers -- and these are workers in michigan, ohio, and wisconsin, that got really promised a lot of things and it never happened. we took care of it. i will never let anyone rip off our great american worker. [scattered applause] they were treated very badly with a lot of promises from biden and obama. by the way, you see the people they get for the crowds? obama was up -- he drew flies today, flies. drew nobody. you know the cars are honking, right? honk, honk, honk, let's go home. i never saw anything like this. they have cars. they have like 12 cars. now they have bigger circles for cars. i never saw anything like it. obama has no crowd. i thought he had like a crowd, right? he doesn't have anything. the only one that has smaller
3:58 pm
crowds is sleepy joe biden. he's got nobody. in the press doesn't like covering -- we have the opposite. we have so many people, they don't like it, but they never show -- they never show that nobody -- joe was speaking yesterday, there was nobody there before they carried him off the stage. think of it. he got nervous speaking to nobody. but that wasn't nervous, that was another problem. under my leadership, we achieved the most secure border in u.s. history. my opponents immigration plan completely limits u.s. borders by implementing nationwide catch and release. he would make every -- you know if that is, you catch a criminal, murderer i'm you catch them, you have to release them into the united states. then within two or three years they are supposed to come back for a trial. we had an argument during the debate, i said sleepy joe, they don't come back. yes they do. they probably come back. no, no, joe, they are murderers. they don't come back, joe. i turned out to be right, but
3:59 pm
you know that she would make every community -- >> bret: you've been watching president trump in salem wisconsin speaking for almost 4f another big crowd. we brought you his speech in lansing, michigan, live earlier today. we also brought you live speeches from joe biden in both warm springs and atlanta, georgia, and former president obama's speech in orlando, florida. all of those carried live on on fox news channel earlier today. it's what we do to cover an important election fairly. fair, balanced, and unafraid. we are seven days from election night. we promise we are going to cover it all fairly and get in the news around the world in between the fast-moving political developments. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. thanks for trusting us. that's it for this "special report." seven nights from election night, where one day closer to the election. we are still one day closer to getting all of this and the pandemic behind us as well. "the story" hosted by
4:00 pm
martha maccallum starts in about 15 seconds from new york. we will bump out with the president in salem wisconsin. musical physical >> martha: my thanks to bret. good evening, everybody. i martha maccallum and this is the story. we are one week from election night. 69% of americans say this is the most important of their lifeti lifetime. this is a hard-fought race in one of the most tumultuous times in american memory. and when those numbers start rolling in on tuesday night, we will start to see and break down the trends that we see among voters. one group, which will be closely watched, our black voters, particularly young black men. president trump got 13% of the black male vote in 2016. that was more than any g.o.p. candat


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