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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  October 14, 2020 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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>> recovery when you've got covid-19. i would hope the least that came out was fewer cases. >> antibodies, antibodies. i took it, felt like superman and i said let me at them. >> wednesday, 20 days out from the election. covid-19 to the economy, donald trump and joe biden in the final stretch in a race to the white house. >> i hope the rest of the committee have more confidence in my integrity than to think i would allow myself to be used as a pawn to decide his election for the american people.
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jillian: amy coney barrett pushing back on democrats as they suggest she would win trump's favor in a potential election case. live from washington. todd: look at this. talk about an underdog was a brave pup takes on a black bear and wins. jillian: "fox and friends first" starts now. wow. your microphone is up. todd: of all the music ever written this is the only one in my range, the only side can sing. jillian: usually what my friends are not up for that so i get the question. welcome. todd: it is what america loves. jillian: you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday morning. todd: yesterday was deadly serious. judge amy coney barrett found to
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be no personal agenda to the supreme court in day 2 of confirmation hearings. >> democratic senators growing her for 11 hours on healthcare, abortion and the november election, griff jenkins live from washington to break it down. >> reporter: from abortion to healthcare to gun-control to election disputes judge barrett showing her hand on how she would vote on any particular case as democrats quilter, ranking member feinstein zeroing in on roe v wade. >> do you agree with justice scalia's view that roe was wrongly decided? >> it can be wrong in violation of the canons for me to do that is a sitting judge. >> on something that is really a major cause with major affect on over half of the population of this country who are women after all it is distressing not to get a straight answer. >> reporter: on healthcare vice
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presidential nominee harris looked hard at the election implications. >> republicans are scrambling to confirm this nominee as fast as possible because they need one more trump judge on the bench before november 10th to win and strike down the affordable care act. >> i never made a commitment or been asked to make a commitment and i hope the committee will trust my integrity not to entertain such an idea and i wouldn't violate my oath is confirmed. >> reporter: and impressive moment during her roughly 11 hours of testimony, she was doing it all along with no notes. >> most of us have multiple notebooks, notes, books, things like that in front of us. can you hold up what you are referring to and answering our questions? is there anything on it? >> it says united states senate on the letterhead. >> that is impressive.
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>> senator durbin asking barrett what impact did george floyd's video have on her? >> i have two black children. it was very personal for my family. my 17-year-old daughter, adopted from haiti, this was very difficult for her. we wept together in my room, to understand there would be a risk to her brother and the time she might have one day. that kind of brutality has been an ongoing conversation and a difficult one for us. >> reporter: if you don't get enough yesterday, today is round 2, each senator gets 20 minutes, expect barrett to continue to tell senators she has no agenda and you are not getting justice scalia, you're getting justice amy coney barrett. todd: that george floyd line of questioning really stood out.
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former white house press secretary sarah sanders knows a little bit about being in the spotlight, since judge barrett is handling the interrogation with strength and grace. >> is too smart to take the bait, she ran circles around them. she made them look small and she looked like a highly qualified, strong, independent woman that she was and reminded people what a supreme court justice should look like. the big take away, one of the things we saw as this was wrapping up his justice barrett is 100% ready and capable to take on that role. >> reporter: day 3 kicks off in just hours, you can tune into special coverage starting today:30 eastern. jillian: the fight for older voters ramps up on the campaign trail. >> trading barbs over the economy, medicare and covid-19. with the campaigns could be planning instead of the debate.
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carley: donald trump and joe biden hitting he battleground states yesterday, the president holding a rally in pennsylvania where he blasted biden's energy policy while touting his own antiestablishment rhetoric. >> putting our great, and respects were, joe biden and a democrat socialist will kill your jobs. i don't always play by the rules the washington establishment. i was elected to fight for you and i fought harder for you than any president has ever fought for their people. >> reporter: the president accusing biden of wanting to than fracking, a claim the former vice president says isn't true. he took a moment to focus on a different kind of energy, his own. >> whatever it was, very quickly. i don't know what it was. antibodies. antibodies. i don't know. i took it, i felt like superman.
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jillian: biden addressing elderly voters in florida while slamming donald trump's coronavirus response. >> i hope he would come out of it, what has he done? he doubled down on the misinformation he did before and making it worse. >> reporter: former vice president conference or the drive in style speech telling voters that if he wins florida it is all over for donald trump. >> ring was personal conduct, diagnosis, has been unconscionable. as long as donald trump remains president, the more reckless he becomes. three more weeks before we end this madness! >> reporter: the race is on, 12 million ballots have been cast so far including 1.6 million in florida alone. some show that while biden leads nationwide the race is tighter in some swing states. the president is back on the
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trail today holding a rally in iowa. both candidates will reportedly be holding doing townhall events instead of that debate on thursday. todd: a recent gallup poll says 56% of voters say they are better off than they were four years ago. jillian: here's what joe biden had to say. >> what people who feel they are better off today under the trump administration vote for you? >> if they think that they probably shouldn't. >> karl rove says the economy is the winning issue for donald trump. >> 56%, says something about the sense of prosperity and we are better off and life is better and opportunities are bigger and we have more opportunity for our family and future and community, even with all the difficulties we've got. it shows the strength of the
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economic issue of who can better restart the economy, donald trump can be joe biden. todd: donald trump went to iowa, joe biden will be home in delaware thursday in jillian's city of pennsylvania. todd: the city of pennsylvania, philadelphia. another news we are following a fox news alert, three police officers hospitalized after being assaulted during a protest in rochester, new york. they were attacked with a weapon but police didn't say which kind. one protester has been arrested. the unrest started after a man was arrested for failing to appear in court. the city has been on edge for more than a month after this body camera video showing a man wearing a hood died in police custody. todd: two men charged in a plot to kidnap gretchen witmer denied bond, doubling coming after an fbi agent revealed they considered put her on trial and
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killing her. the feds discussed abducting virginia governor ralph northron. he hinted donald trump is to blame. >> these threats are not coming from another country. it is coming from washington and it needs to stop. >> reporter: 13 men have been arrested, more bond hearings could come on friday. jillian: newly declassified documents show news reports to corroborate claims from the steel dossier. the sources they use include yahoo and mother jones, obtaining the material as part of donald trump's declassification of all documents related to the russia investigation. the largely and verify dossier by christopher steele, former florida attorney general pam bondi here to weigh in at the 5:00 hour. >> the phone call voters will never forget. >> this is oprah winfrey. it really is oprah winfrey.
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this is oprah winfrey. >> holy smoke. >> early voting begins tomorrow. >> oprah cold calling voters in texas urging them to get to the polls, early voting underway in the lone star state with former congressman beto o'rourke's powered by people organization. jillian: long lines, crazy. it is 11 minutes after they are. kamala harris takes part in democrat grilling of amy coney barrett as they push her to recuse herself from election cases. should she recuse herself as the democrats vice presidential nominee? and attorney breaks it down next. todd: plus the five alarm concerning one neighborhood, the halloween decoration that has people calling 911. "fox and friends first" on a busy wednesday morning returns. ♪ these folks, they don't have time to go to the post office
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>> do you agree the u.s. constitution does not afford gave people the fundamental right to marry? >> whether i agree or disagree with no hints, no previews, no forecasts. jillian: judge amy coney barrett taking a page from ruth bader ginsburg. todd: keeping a lid on her opinions about hot button issues even when pressed by senate democrats. joining us to react special counsel for litigation and communication efforts liberty institute jeremy dice, thanks for being here. this constant attempt to trip up amy coney barrett and get her to violate the ginsburg will, how did it play to the american people? >> the more the american people see of amy coney barrett the more they like her and the more she talks the more we realize
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how well-qualified she is for this position on the seat of the supreme court of the united states. always efforts by the left to disqualify her or intimidate, political intimidation designed to slow her nomination down because they don't like or if they can't do that, tripura been disqualify her from sitting in judgment of any cases, it is not going to work, the more she talks the american people like her. they know a good justice when they see one. jillian: what was her standout moment yesterday? >> very clear the standout moment was lifting up the notepad and see nothing on that piece of paper but if that wasn't the singular moment of the entire day because the left would not give her a chance to talk and there's a reason why they don't want to give her a chance to talk, because she sounds so very intelligence, reasonable. she is as comfortable behind the desk as she was in the odyssey. the left have a hard time laying a glove on her.
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todd: democrats obviously pushing judge barrett to recuse herself from certain cases, that was a constant theme over and over and over again. should kamala harris recuse herself from the hearings because of her conflict of interest? listen to what kamala harris had to say yesterday. >> republicans need one more trump judge on the bench, the reasonable question about your impartiality, undoubtedly over this decision in the affordable care act case if you refuse to recuse yourself. >> he is running for vice president, some go so far as to say she's running for president. should that disqualify her? >> of course not. senator harris has a responsibility to provide advice and consent over the nominees of donald trump so she has a
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responsibility to be asking these questions and be engaged in this conversation was wildly to the.and is she's doing it from a distance, she got to be in person looking across the dais, judge barrett traveled from indiana to answer questions as she is responsible to do. it is time for the senate to continue this process. what the american people do not want is more political theater which is what they are getting right now. there is that enough posterboard for a small landfill, the kind of posters up there are outlandish at times. the reality is all the senators including, harris have a job to do and that is to look at the credentials of judge barrett and confirm her to the supreme court, they should do that right away. jillian: what do you think we will see today? jeremy, can you hear us? todd: is this jeremy? jillian: we only had a couple seconds left anyway. we appreciate you being here.
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todd: 18 after the hour. a nancy pelosi meltdown after she is grilled on coronavirus relief talks. jillian: the fiery interview taking washington by storm. >> what i say to you is i don't know why you are always on apologists, many of your colleagues apologists for the republican positions.
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>> members of your own caucus, $1.2 trillion. >> don't know why you're always on apologists and many of your colleagues apologists for the republican position. what makes me amused if it weren't so sad is how you all think you know more about the suffering of the american people than those of us who are elected by them to represent them at that table.
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>> a fire exchange between nancy pelosi and wolf blitzer. next week mitch mcconnell is planning another vote on targeted relief for american workers, $500 billion measure includes new ppp funding and boosted unemployment benefits. >> europe scrambles to tighten covid-19 restrictions as cases that a record high. todd: calls for more cooperation among the world's wealthiest countries. >> good morning, despite the world getting closer to reliable covid-19 treatment many countries are struggling to clamp down on a second wave of this virus, 700,000 people across europe tested positive over the past week alone. the czech republic is leading the eu in a break numbers with 450 coronavirus cases per 100,000 people over a two week period. the first to lockdown and close its borders in the spring, today the czech republic reentered
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restrictions in an effort to ward off the new spike in cases. to germany, 400,000 daily cases, gatherings in a number of german cities restricted to 10 people in public and private settings. germany is approaching 10,000 total death as angela merkel issued a warning to the eu advisory board saying i'm watching with great concern the renewed increase in infection numbers in every part of europe and i must say the situation continues to be serious as american pharmaceutical company eli lilly announced they are pausing and antibody treatment over safety concerns, it does remain the focus for the international community as experts are concerned winter months could bring - >> the most biggest sports stars testing positive for covid-19, dustin johnson pulling out of las vegas this weekend, the
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world's number one golfer city started experiencing symptoms. soccer star cristiano ronaldo is silent, showing no symptoms. he last played on sunday. todd: the new york times appearing optimistic at the end of the pandemic. jillian: following the science next.
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>> republicans in this committee joins an amicus brief urging the court to overturn -- >> do you think we should take the president at his word when he says his nominee will do the right thing and overturning for the character? >> you are aware of donald
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trump's statement committing to nominate judges who will strike down the affordable care act. jillian: democratic senators but there for gas to catch amy coney barrett offguard on the for the correct. todd: our next guest call that line of questioning election fear. obviously you have your opinion on that line of questioning, do americans see through it as a scare tactic or is it resonating with some people that this is something we should legitimately be afraid of? >> it might resonate with people who are in the camp with kamala harris and maisie hirono. from day one you saw the pictures, the personal stories they were telling. this was from a party that told you obamacare isn't left enough. obamacare was the most left thing america ever science four years later it was just a half measure, it should be medicare for all, all about bernie
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sanders, alexandria ocasio cortez's plan. there is a great amount of theater. is is where we can have the most impact on the 2020 election, the most impact on donald trump by scaring them into use your doctor and you lose your plan which is weird because we heard that kind of thing before but don't remember where, somewhere. todd: we were told we would lose our doctors will lose our plans or something. jillian: a lot of her responses were well thought out. let's take a listen to her response on the aca. >> i think your concern is because i critiqued the statutory reasoning that i am hostile to the aca and that is because i'm hostile to the aca that i would decide a case a particular way and i assure you that i am not. >> how do you feel about everything she's handling and her answers and her poise?
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>> she is ridiculously good and it is very impressive. show us your notes, she held up a blank pad, that is somebody who really has it all together. one of the great answers she gave, senator lindsey graham about why she's putting herself through this, she knew it would be tough and there would be caricatures of her family but if being tough wasn't a reason not to go far why should somebody else have 2 indoor? really powerful positive message that should be played over and over but her answers, she disagreed with john roberts. so fascinating the litmus test they wanted to put on amy coney barrett for talking religion is now the litmus test about obama care or roe versus wade. always a litmus test but ruth
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bader ginsburg was confirmed 96-3, no litmus test whatsoever. people like dick durbin or maisie hirono never try. todd: the goalposts seem to be moving. the new york times reporting it strikes optimistic tone that the pandemic will end sooner than thought. operation warp speed, there is the quote on the screen. the new york times actually giving trump administration credit? >> the adage, a broken clock is right twice a day, amazing with less than three weeks, this got printed but it is true it is working and the trump administration following the science, blown apart, about -- how do we move past, with as
1:33 am
little contention and doing it well. and 50% effective rate. $1 billion towards getting these things together. it shouldn't be political. we should be good, we are finally working to gather from coronavirus and people still wants to make a political nightmare, but fear mongering should be opposed to. jillian: running out of time, they are better off today, probably shouldn't vote for him, listen to joe biden on monday. >> why do people feel they are better off today under the trump administration vote for you? >> if they think that they probably shouldn't. 54% of the american people are
1:34 am
better novak djokovicz economically today? their memory is not very good. >> gallup poll showing 56% of americans in this poll say they're better off than they were four years ago and 4 people at home, 45% after president obama's first term. >> that was amazing he called him a dog and pony soldier. this was still the candidate telling us he is running for senate. joe biden is always saying i am candidate for senate. i don't know why he responds. they feel they are better off than four years ago, coronavirus has been off-line establish a lot of people and a lot of businesses, lockdowns have done a terrible job but the american
1:35 am
people are remarkably resilient, and they hope to do that, and not voting for a guy who promises to raise your taxes in joe biden. jillian: we appreciate your time, see you next time. let's talk about this. the american people still not getting a clear answer whether or not if elected to the presidency joe biden and kamala harris would pack the court. listen to what joe biden had to say on monday. >> i'm not a fan of court packing. i want to keep focused. jillian: kamala harris was asked whether or not she is a fan of this. listen to her thoughts. >> biden said yesterday he's not a fan of court packing. do you agree with that? >> very clear.
1:36 am
from an election - >> would you say you're not a fan of court packing? jillian: she says joe biden has been clear where he stands. >> when kamala harris is clear, it is the exact opposite of very clear. two things stand out to me from what kamala harris said and joe biden said, one, this is happening, 110% of democrats gain control of our country. they talked about it, not hiding from it and give thinly veiled i'm not a fan of it but that doesn't get to the second part of it, they are clearly going to do it and we need to iterate this, don't let the democrat definition of what they say court packing is dissuade you. jillian: filling a vacancy. >> like you are wearing a black
1:37 am
top today, you're not. it is weight. course packing is expanding the court, that is the only definition, it is not doing your senate duty to fill seats. jillian: listen to what mike we had to say on is using his time in questioning. >> court packing is manipulative, has great danger, political and constitutional harm, setting up a 1-way ratchets and increasing incrementally, like the senate in star wars. >> if this were to happen, it changes the entire country, changes everything. todd: we can disagree about policy, this is a seachange. jillian: we will have pam bondi
1:38 am
coming up. day 3 of amy coney barrett's confirmation hearing begins shortly before 9 am, 8:50 a.m.. let's talk about this was a marine commander fired after a training accident that killed 9 servicemembers this summer. lieutenant colonel michael redner was relieved of his duties, 8 marines and one sailor were killed when their assault vehicle sank in july. it is still not clear what caused the incident. todd: extreme weather, a fourth death blamed on hurricane delta. the national weather service, 49-year-old man died in a parents in pensacola beach, florida, also blamed for the death of a 19-year-old in louisiana, fires caused by natural gas leak and a faulty generator. officials urging caution while using generators is 50,000 homes remain without power. jillian: a driver after a huge
1:39 am
piece of metal smashes through his windshield. came flying off of flatbed tow truck driving next to add water medina in florida, right above his steering wheel. he was hurt by some of the shattered glass. his family says he faces life. jillian: one family is halloween display people are calling 9 one one, the decorations appear to show the home on fire. the 7 in riverside in southern california. it was inspired by the movie pirates of the caribbean, they are not calling it because pirates are there. the homeowners say hundreds of people stop by every night to see it at the fire department made a note that the one called about the house, it is not an actual fire. jillian: what if there was a fire? it is 21 minutes until the top of the hour, donald trump and joe biden duking it out with 20 days until the election. jillian: john thomas says he comes down to the base and voter
1:40 am
turnout, the gop strategist breaks down the key to victory in six crucial swing states next. ♪ that works better for you. start taking the right steps at frank: now i'm trying to get better. stronger than ever!
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jillian: 20 days until election day, donald trump and joe biden dumping their way through the battleground and 6-week state in particular could decide the outcome in november. what should each candidate be doing to win that? john thomas joins me to break it down. thanks for being here. let's give the folks at home an overview, as far as electoral votes in battleground states, michigan up 16, pennsylvania with 20 in florida with 29.
1:44 am
let's break these down, 270 needed to win. starting off in michigan, taking a look at this, 2020 so far, joe biden has 50% support, 43% for donald trump but if you will notice the president won by a slim margin in 2016. where do we stand with michigan? >> michigan is going to be tight, you have to look at where the polling was in 2016. on average hillary clinton in michigan 5 to 7 points as well and trump nearly squeaked it out. what he has to do in michigan, this is one of those states the economy is the top issue. he has to drive the fundamental message that voters still trust trump over biden on the issue of the economy saying i have done it once, you can trust me to grow again. jillian: let's head to wisconsin, joe biden with a lead, the president, 47% hillary clinton 46.5%, to focus on wisconsin? >> request tipping point, they have a perfect blend of rural
1:45 am
white voters that are blue-collar the care about trump's economic message, the issue is top of line in the state. trump will take his message to the people. that is where rallies and other things allow him to drive his message. he's got to get out the vote and should be okay. jillian: speaking of that message pennsylvania, one of the hot states to watch for, you have the president in johnstone, biden spent a lot of time in pennsylvania being from scranton, pennsylvania living down the road in delaware, 2020 this is what we are looking at, joe biden 50.8% but as you can see the president did win pennsylvania by a slim margin in 2016. what do you see happening there? >> i caution you in 2016 pulling averages hit hillary clinton up 68 points in that state, pennsylvania is something i'm watching closely because if
1:46 am
trump wins pennsylvania that is his firewall to block joe biden from winning this election. it might all come down to pennsylvania. jillian: 20 electoral votes up for grabs. we will be watching pennsylvania closely. in addition to north carolina, slimmer than pennsylvania at this point, 49.8% of the vote in 2016. explain what needs to happen. >> similar situation, what trump has to do is focus on his base, expand the coalition, make sure his voters turnout, that is where the get out the vote machine is critical, he has the infrastructure in place and has to execute it. jillian: florida a big state we are watching as well. 2020, this one is close, the president taking this one,
1:47 am in 2016, rallying in florida, his base in florida seems to be fired up at this point but as you know at this point, still you're trying to get those last-minute moderate undecided independent voters. can the president do it there? >> florida is florida in the sense it is always going to be close. the president has a few things, he is a resident of florida. george bush only won florida by 545 votes. trump has to take advantage of his greatest strength, dominating the media market, and moving things at the margin, it is going to be tight, can't forget florida. jillian: final word to the voters in arizona this morning if you're waking up there, this is what your numbers are looking like, only a couple seconds left to go. >> it will be a tough day, the
1:48 am
economy is the top issue. reopening of the economy and regrow once again. jillian: keeping a close eye, we know you will as well. thank you for joining us and stay tuned, jonathan morris, got live. - [announcer] imagine having fuller, thicker, more voluminous hair instantly. all it takes is just one session at hair club. introducing xtrands. xtrands adds hundreds or even thousands
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>> democrats confronting reinoehl with hot button religious issues. >> do you agree with justice scalia's view the row was wrongly decided? >> i have an agenda to decide cases as they come. jillian: do you agree the u.s. constitution does not afford gay
1:52 am
people the fundamental right to marry? >> i have never discriminated on the basis of sexual preference and would not ever discriminate. todd: what are they trying to achieve with this line of interrogation? jonathan morris joins me, great to see you. with this the democrats in direct way of going after her direction instead of directly going after it right before an election? >> in 2017 when diane feinstein and amy coney barrett's earlier confirmation, she said, was very condescending from my perspective, she said your problem, your honor, miss barrett, it seems the dogma, referring to her catholic faith, the dogma went loudly and you. as if to say if you really didn't believe deeply what you
1:53 am
believe, if it wasn't living deeply within you, you would be okay but the problem is you truly believe, it is part of who you are. that did not go well for diane feinstein and i think democrats have steered away but they are attacking it from the perspective of gay rights and abortion understandably. todd: let's look at judge barrett talking about her faith. >> i decided to pursue a career and have a large family, multiracial family. our faith is important to us. all of those things are true but they are my choices. i'm committed to the will of law, dispensing equal justice for all. todd: how have we become a society where any of that needs to be defended? >> i was with a client of mine in washington state who was
1:54 am
saying i am so proud to have my daughters see this woman of faith, with her family behind her with such a strong career, that should be a amazing feminist principle we should praise and watching her, knowing she adopted two children from haiti and saying i can do this, i can be a great judge and still hold onto my faith and my family values. pretty amazing, and amazing example, taking her political views aside and her judicial thinking. look at her life. it is amazing. todd: aoc says it is a fact that many gop lawmakers would attack jesus if he came to congress even though nearly all gop lawmakers are christians. we are running out of time, we will put it on screen. what do you make of that week?
1:55 am
>> amazing they are critical of her religious faith, bring her religion into her job as a judge, she's not a decent judge, she shouldn't be trusted and then aoc bringing religion right into the halls of congress saying let's use jesus as a litmus test for you guys. i find it to be ironic and hypocritical. todd: maybe jesus could get something done in that congress because they can't get anything done. jesus would make all of us uncomfortable absolutely. todd: we appreciate your time this morning. jillian: to the story we are following. bringing the drama to a highway at oregon. a photo of the stubborn animal as she sat and stared him down on the highway, for a lot of the truck.
1:56 am
the other two were captured, safely back home. look at this tiny dog staring down a black bear and when, jack russell chasing the bear into the woods. the bear literally falling over itself as it tries to get away. todd: any shot of that dog's jersey? todd: congressman greg steube breaking down the first day. todd: why the nypd correcting for cash as we approach election day. formerly senate will join us live. when we started our business
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>> not making a deal with anyone. >> it is wednesday, 14, supreme court nominee amy coney barrett fending off democrats attacks and doing it all without a cheat sheet. we are on day 3 of the confirmation hearing. todd: donald trump talking energy, joe biden in pennsylvania, the democratic nominee slams the response from florida, the bitter battle for battleground states. >> sensitivity to our constituents needs. >> see them on the street


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