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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  October 6, 2020 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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again just this week. there are great things happening in our country. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and still unafraid. "the story" hosted by martha maccallum on the other side of town starts right now. good evening, everybody. i martha maccallum. welcome, this is "the story" lime tonight in salt lake city ahead of tonight's big vice presidential debate. for two weeks now until election day and it's the president's first full day back at work at the white house. he is making some major waves. pulling the plug on the covid-19 relief bill, telling his team to stop negotiating until after the election while instructing mitch mcconnell to focus full-time on confirming amy coney barrett to the supreme court. that starts on monday. majority leader mcconnell is here tonight exclusively with his reaction to that.
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and in moments, white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany, she is one of a growing list on the president's orbit, in his orbit, that is now infected with covid-19 here before we came on the air tonight, reports that stephen miller, advisor to the president, has also tested positive. he was on air force one, on his way to the debates of the president has urged people, though, regardless, not to fear this virus. then joe biden today taking a starkly different tone with his message in gettysburg short time ago. watch this. >> it affects us all. it can take anyone's life. it's a virus. >> don't let it dominate you. don't be afraid of it. you're going to beat it. >> martha: white house press secretary kayleigh mcenany joins us now. good to see you tonight. you are off-site as you are also one of the many who are recovering.
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there is a piece in axios today, with trump's return, risk rises in the west wing. it shows a white house source told axios "it's insane he would return to the white house and jeopardize his staff's health while we are also learning of new cases among senior staff. this place is a cesspool." we understand there are a couple people who tested positive on your staff. we just got the news of stephen miller. what's going on over there, i guess is the question. it sounds like a pretty difficult situation. >> yeah, a lot of us have been teleworking over the last couple days, including my staff, out of an abundance of caution. stephen miller of course testing positive this evening. he has been self-quarantining for five days but nevertheless tested positive based on a prior exposure. i talked to him just before coming to air and he is doing well. we are taking all necessary precautions. obviously, there was an outbreak here in the white house but we've been checking on staff,
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all necessary contact tracing procedures and i do want to thank fox for refraining from reporting the names of junior staffers. we thank you for that. >> martha: it's a long list of people and i think you accurately describe it as an outbreak and that people are taking precautions to isolate themselves. it does raise questions about the way that things have been handled. there's been a lot of backlash to you for coming out and speaking to reporters after it was learned that hope hicks had it. we heard from chief of staff meadows that they decided to pull you off that plane because of some concerns. it's not surprising, this is from "the new york times" michelle goldberg, not surprising that the white house press secretary, the very face of administration propaganda, didn't wear a mask while briefing reporters on sunday, even though she had been exposed to the virus. i'm sure you would take issue
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with that depiction of yourself, but why the decision to go ahead and briefed them when you knew you had been exposed? >> i certainly would take issue with that. let me back up. the briefing i had on thursday, prior to that i had no knowledge of hope hicks testing positive. i went into a briefing knowing that i was in close contact and after learning that i was, me and my entire staff started wearing masks, as we've done with prior close contact instances. i removed my mask for 58 seconds to answer the questions from reporters, who knew i was close contact. we were outside, we were socially distanced, so that they could hear me clearly just as the doctor at walter reed did. notably a reporter was shouting "how dare you only take two questions?" all the while knowing i was a close contact. i wore the mask diligently but leave it to the media to once again mischaracterized this. >> martha: we are about to show the interview that i did with mitch mcconnell just a
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short time ago and you know, i did ask him if he was concerned about the fact he is now three senators down heading into a very important confirmation process for amy coney barrett and he said, we have done everything that we needed to do here. these senators did not get it here and i asked him and everybody will see this in a little bit, re-suggesting the white house has been lax? he said that we have done what we needed to do here and i don't want to intone how he said it, you will hear it in a minute, but what is your response to that? >> we have had events moving forward with the business of the american people. the event was outdoors. people are encouraged to wear masks when they can, socially distanced but people have been pinpointing the one event, that is for certain, but no one knows that. this is a group of people who come together often in different capacities. we are republicans, we do
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business with one another. some of us work together in the west wing. what we've been doing is diligent contact tracing, praying for the president. i spoke with him just before coming to air and he is feeling good, in good spirits but we are very mindful that while we have had a lot of asymptomatic cases in the west wing and most of us hahave been doing fine, that is not the same for most americans, which is why the president's move into therapeutics to help the rest of the country right now right now. >> martha: we are just looking at the rose garden ceremony and i think there are at least nine now who contracted it and they were all tested before they went there, right? >> many of them were, many in close contact with the president. the protocol is designed to protect the president and the officials of the united states. >> martha: would you do an event like that again that way, or would you handle it differently? maybe freak everybody out a little bit and insist that they
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were masks at this point? >> nobody can point to that event and say yes, there were a number of people who tested positive -- >> martha: obviously, but i'm asking if you were to do an event like that again given what's going on now, would you do something differently? >> it was an event outside. some people wore masks, several photographers were masks and they all tested positive. with any event you take a certain amount of risk -- >> martha: i'm just saying -- >> article two, section two gives the president the power to fulfill his constitutional duties. >> martha: i do want to ask you about the president's decisions to end negotiations on id bill. a lot of strong reactions to that, that it might not be the greatest move this close to an election to be on the side of the negotiation that is pointed to as the one who said this is done, it's over. why would the president do that at this point, with four weeks to go? >> ? >> everything the president
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does, it's pursuant to a larger goal of his. he will work to get relief for the american people but notably, every time we have put forward a proposal, like finding that matched when nancy pelosi asked, we actually exceeded it by $5 billion, she then rejected it. after months of unserious negotiations, the president said fine, if you're not interested in negotiating, let's move forward. he's done everything at an executive capacity to protect those facing eviction, unemployment insurance, but we need nancy pelosi. a serious way. everything the president does is pursuant to hopefully getting fe american people. >> martha: she has not budged since the very beginning. are you indicating we may seem some different sorts of deals? other executive actions for the airlines? is that is something that is on the table right now? >> we have offered to do a straight passing, i met several of these airline workers who
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said i'm going to lose my job in weeks. these are real people. the omnibus package, the big one, we have offered everything we can possibly offer and nancy pelosi should work with us here. >> martha: will there be any smaller deal that the president can enact unilaterally? is that a possibility at this point? >> i know chief of staff meadows is exploring every possible avenue and certainly if there is a way to do that in executive power, we would do it because the jobs of the american people and airline workers are very important. >> martha: got it. we hope you continue to feel well and we wish everybody there a quick recovery, or hopefully a symptomless experience as much as possible. thank you. good to see you tonight. to speak at thank you, good to see you. >> martha: still had come of that interview. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is here with us. he breaks down why the next round of covid negotiations fell
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♪ >> martha: president trump back in the white house but off the campaign trail as he works to recover from covid-19. his opponent joe biden spent the afternoon in pennsylvania, a state that could prove crucial to victory in 2020 to deliver a message of unity and healing. that's why he was there, in historic gettysburg. a turning point in the civil war and the side of its bloodiest battle.
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watch this. >> too many americans seek not to overcome our divisions but to deepen them. we must seek not to build walls but bridges. we must seek not to have our fists clenched in her arms open. let us seek not to tear each other apart, but seek to come together. >> martha: here now, dana perino, anchor of "the daily briefing" and cohost of "the five." juan williams is also cohost of "the five" and political analyst. great to have you back now. your thoughts on this speech we just saw a bit of from gettysburg. obviously, he's going for the unity message and the country does feel very divided. >> juan: i don't think there's any question we are a polarized country, martha. but this is interesting to me because gettysburg is a moment in our history. everyone remembers fourscore and seven years ago where abraham lincoln in the midst of
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the civil war reaches back to the founding fathers and says we have to come together to survive as one and i think joe biden was doing that today. do your point, is he really thinking he's going to reach republicans who are trump supporters? the polls don't show that. this strategy is about reaching independent voters who are getting tired of constant success with womenr-pointing, voters, who really want to see some healing. that message did come through in biden's speech today. >> martha: president trump tweeted about his lead in a pennsylvania poll, one lead against fracking, the second amendment and religion. he called them fake polls and said he will win pennsylvania. pennsylvania is always a very important state. >> dana: he won it in 2016 and of course joe biden claims that as his home, even though he didn't spend all of his life there, but he was born there and he says these are where my roots are. biden is trying to figure out a way to get people who voted for obama and trump to get them back into his corner.
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some of the polls look very good for him but the thing is i don't necessarily think it's just women. its senior citizens and that's showing across the board including in florida. also just three weeks ago, maybe about how biden was going to stay in delaware at his house while president trump was in all the battleground states and now, here we are. president trump has to be home because he is recovering from coronavirus. i'm sure he will be back on the campaign trail again but now you have biden out there, and he's preaching the unity message. i felt something in that speech today that he feels like he's got the wind at his back. the media has been helpful, look a little soft touch. he feels like he has the money advantage and things president trump is on his heels and he's feeling pretty good. >> juan: i want to make one quick point, pick up on what you're saying, today trump is pulling ads out of ohio. biden is putting money into ohio for everything. >> bret: it's very interesting when you look back at this
4:18 pm
period in the obama race, president obama was leading by less than joe biden is right now and when you look back to 2016, hillary clinton was a bit back on her heels at this point in the race. there was email storage, another email investigation so she was playing a little bit of defense. it feels like biden, with a month ago, and i would point out that the news cycle changes every 48 hours so we could be telling a different story in a moment here, he does feel like he is in the driver's seat at the moment. >> juan: right, there's been more stability to this raising just the way that you described it. you go through the conventions, not much changed and then you hit the first debate and what we've seen subsequently, i wouldn't point to any one pole or certainly anyone staple but i will say in totality, what we see is a trend line and the trend line is to vice president biden's advantage. >> martha: anything can happen. everyone watched the first
4:19 pm
debate wondering how fully joe biden would purport himself on that stage and he by all accounts it did well. but anything can happen going forward and the president is going to have to really pull a rabbit out of a hat at the next debate. he's going to have to blow everybody away. >> dana: but first we have to look at tomorrow night's debate and i think vice president pence is going to be able to reassure seniors that president trump is going to take care of them when it comes to social security and medicare. the issue is covid. kamala harris is going to talk about the coronavirus response and that is there in with seniors but the economic message for vice president pence tomorrow night is the most important thing he can do to turn things around and i think president trump goes into the miami debate with many people thinking he's the underdog and i bet you will see a different president, a different type of debate. i think he will likely be declared the winner of that debate and then it will be going into the playoffs. >> martha: and i'm also just struck by one thing i want to say before we leave this topic. coronavirus will end, eventually. and the president who is elected
4:20 pm
will be the president for four more years as a people really do need to focus on the policies these people are bringing to the table because mark my words, this virus will be in the rearview mirror sooner rather than later when this person takes office in january, so it really is the underlying issues that will be more important, even as covid get so much of everyone's attention right now. thank you. >> martha: kamala harris, among the democrats blasted by mitch mcconnell for moving ahead with the supreme court nomination for the senator response to that and also breaking news tonight that the president said to his team, no more negotiating on another round of stimulus. why does he do that at this point? that is next. days and nights out of sync, keeping me from the things i love to do. talk to your doctor, and call 844-214-2424.
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>> martha: democratic vice presidential nominee presidential nominee kamala harris off the trail today to focus on tomorrow's big name. on twitter this week of the judiciary member slammed her republican colleagues, riding this, moving forward with the confirmation hearing in exactly one week threatens the health and safety of our members, our staff and the hardworking people who keep the senate complex safe, clean and operational. this is completely recognized. chairman graham must delay the hearing. i'm joined now by senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. good to have you with us today. thank you very much. it's good to have you with us. chuck schumer, senator shaner has also chimed in on this and here's what he had to say about the possibility of holding virtual hearings. speak of the idea of having virtual hearings where no one is with the witness, for the highest court in the land for a life appointment that would have
4:26 pm
such effects on people's lives makes no sense. a virtual hearing is virtually no hearing at all. >> martha: sir, you are up against the clock and covid in your effort to move the nomination through and you hear these criticisms from your colleagues. what do you say today? >> we've been up against covid since may and had numerous hearings are mildly with senators calling and remotely. occasionally witnesses remotely. i think the nominee will be there in person. some members of the committee may choose to be remote. we've been dealing with this since may. all of a sudden it becomes disabling? this is just another effort to try to delay the process on this outstanding supreme court nominees that the president has sent up to the senate. >> martha: you plan to start on monday. give us a window into how you're going to kind of push this
4:27 pm
through and what does the markup look like on the 15th of october? that might be a bit tricky. to speak at chairman has indicated that there are two dates that will be essential. one is the 15th, one is the 22nd. the nominee will come out on the 22nd and then be dealt with soon thereafter. that's the flowchart leading to consideration of the nomination. it's about time we quit talking about process and start talking about the nominee herself. an absolute sterling choice. the president could not have picked a better nominee. outstanding scholar, wonderful family, seven kids, two adopted children, special needs child as well. a very supportive husband, overworking couple. quintessentially american and it's a great success story and she will be a great member of
4:28 pm
the supreme court. >> martha: how would you rate the possibility that you can get this there and get it done? believing there are still the votes but there could be numerous roadblocks ahead. how optimistic are you that she will be on the bench by the election? were nominations cleared by the election? >> that's the plan and there's nothing i can see that would keep that from happening. we've operated successfully in a covid environment. the senate has done that for quite some time. in fact, the current members who have a problem got it somewhere else, not here in the senate. we've been operating successfully with masking and social distancing since may and we are going to continue to do that. you don't shut down a fire department because one of the firemen ended up sick one day. we're going to continue to operate. the american people are entitled to it and that is what we will continue to do. >> martha: in terms of the vote on the floor, are going to have to change rules to get that through and he just mentioned
4:29 pm
the senators likely didn't get it there. do you hold the white house at all responsible and some of the other behaviors that some people think have been too risky? >> we don't have to change any senate rules to deal with is either in the committee or on the floor. no rule changes are required whatsoever. i do think there have been risky behaviors in other areas but not in the senate and this nomination is now in the senate. we know how to handle this, we've been dealing with this since may and will handle it successfully. >> martha: you're saying you think the white house has taken too many risks? >> there's no question that some of the infections occurred elsewhere and not here, so what i'm telling you is since may we have operated successfully here in the senate. we know what we are doing, we are following cdc guidelines and we get the job done. >> martha: before i let you go i just want to ask you about the president signaling that there is no further negotiation on a
4:30 pm
covid relief bill. nancy pelosi saying this is who they are when she heard the news, the president urging you to move forward with the nomination but to put this to the side for now. what's your response to that? >> this is been going on for two months, we reengaged in july. the speaker never made originala reasonable offer on the floor, a proposal to deal with kids in school, small businesses and health care. we couldn't get a single democrat to even take it up. i think it's clear, martha, they didn't want to get a deal this soon. we will reengage after the election, as the president said. i think we do need another rescue package but because of the impending election we simply weren't able to get together. >> martha: do you think you will get punished for that in the senate races which are very close. and it's 50/50 whether the g.o.p. will be able to hold the
4:31 pm
senate. is this going to hurt that? >> what will really hurt the senate is putting the supreme court justice front and center, let the american people take a look at her, evaluate her credentials. every single challenger to every incumbent is opposed to this nominee come every single one of them so we will let the american people in each of these states that are hotly contested decide how important united states supreme court is in casting their vote november 3rd. >> martha: leader mcconnell, thank you very much. another is a lot on the plate right now and we look forward to speaking with you again, sir. thank you. >> thank you, martha. >> martha: dimarco see 2020 special coverage after this. stick around. >> martha: we are in salt lake city, utah, and we are about to sit down with a group of students and talk to them about what's on their mind as we head into this presidential election.
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>> martha: big night tomorrow night in the vice presidential debate, will take place right here in beautiful salt lake city, utah, which is home to ten colleges and universities. in a lot of students who will be voting for the very first time in a presidential election. look at the recent fox poll that shows a large majority of voters under the age of 30 favored democratic presidential candidate joe biden. we sat down with five students registered in this historically red state and asked him about the issues that will guide their vote with four weeks to go. >> overall, how does covid weigh on your vote and how you might vote? you think the president has handled it well committee think about and could handle it better? >> i watched the debate and i thought joe biden did blame president trump for a little much, however, that being said, i do think there are a lot of
4:37 pm
things he could have handled better. he knew about it pretty early on and i think it helps to not shut down the economy, might not have taken action that would've been beneficial early on. which has endangered a lot of americans' lives. while i wouldn't blame the entire crash of the economy and covid on president trump, i do think it should've been handled better. >> each state has their own governor and they created their own response so i do think trump tried to shut the board's and got the ppe equipment all these governors, it is actually been praised by democrat governors to do that. >> donald trump's rhetoric against masks, it's not a big deal when it's a simple, scientific fact. it's detrimental to us. he see republican areas like utah county with higher cases when less people are wearing masks. this could actually be prevented by a mask in a lot of ways, so i think donald trump handled this poorly, because he's setting a terrible example for the
4:38 pm
american people and the citizens of the world at large of how to take measures to prevent this from happening. >> martha: i'm going to ask each one of you. what's the number one issue for you? >> i would probably say climate change is definitely one of the most important. >> i would say economy. >> i'm big on foreign policy. >> i'm going to have to pick three. rebuilding the economy given the state that it's in, climate change, and also health care. >> the economy. >> martha: okay. i want to do the same thing and ask you each, one word to describe president trump president trump. >> one word to describe president trump that i would use is irresponsible. >> reactionary. >> powerful. >> selfish. >> very outgoing. >> martha: interesting. let's do the same thing with joe biden. >> leader.
4:39 pm
>> very old. >> dedicated. >> slow. >> confident. >> martha: interesting. so when you look at the state of utah, do you think, regardless of how you feel, raise your hand if you think president trump will win this state? everybody. will you look at the united states right now, do you feel like it's headed in the right direction or do you feel like it's headed in the wrong direction? >> given our current state, i would say we are back by decades, especially when it comes to civil unrest. all the progress that we made over these years is being retracted by leaders of the conservative party currently. and i think with the joe biden election we can get back on track and take some steps forward. >> martha: you support joe biden. do you have any concerns about him?
4:40 pm
there've been a lot of talks about his ability to do the job. does that concern you at all? >> he certainly wasn't my number one choice in the primary. he wasn't even my top five but i think as i've gotten to know him a little bit better as a candidate i've become more confident in him. i think he's the steady leader we need right now. >> martha: is it hard for you guys in college, the trump supporters, defined the people are comfortable with your support for the president? >> in utah it's pretty conservative but i definitely have some friends who have a hard time with my views. >> i feel like, especially on college campuses, free speech i feel like is under attack. as a conservative group on campus, when we bring our right wing speaker on campus or even hold meetings, our properties are vandalized, we are harassed, we are called names. there is a sabotage from left-wing groups that try to get us to not hold meetings. in that sense, it's extremely hard. i believe conservative speech is
4:41 pm
under attack in college campus campuses. >> martha: do you feel like people like him have the right to speak out and hold their meetings and say what they want to say about it a question absolutely. i'm with the college democrats and we also have a college republicans chapter and we try to work together whenever we can to do joint events and that something we are looking to do because if we can't have conversations with someone of different views, then we can't make any progress at all. i certainly can respect people with different opinions than me. >> martha: raised her hand if you think your friend, the people you know in college, raise your hand if you think they will all definitely vote. a few. >> there is always going to be those people who are may be in the middle ground and feel like they shouldn't vote, however, i disagree with them and think they shouldn't vote third party and shouldn't stay home. they should get out to the ballots and exercise their right to vote.
4:42 pm
>> martha: do you have concerns as a young person in america that there is a fundamental change coming, that people are leaning more to the left? does it concern you, or not? >> it is very concerning. i wish in the vice presidential debate especially, vp pence and senator harris would be able to talk about policy substance and have substantive arguments, constructive arguments so that voters can really make an informed decision. i believe that it just sets a precedent and an excepted climate for the political atmosphere. >> it hard to see myself looking for republicans like president trump because i do care about immigration and other issues and i do think many younger voters are in the same boat. they might be a lot more moderate or even liberal and would love to be able to support conservative candidates. >> martha: raise your hand if you think joe biden will win.
4:43 pm
do you think president trump will win? you are not so sure. >> yeah. >> no. >> martha: thank you guys very much for your time today. small group, interesting poll. moments ago, joe biden answering a question about the fate of the second presidential debate. his surprising response and brit hume coming up next. now is the time for a new bath from bath fitter.
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>> i learned so much about coronavirus and one thing that's for certain, don't let it dominate you. don't be afraid of it. don't let it take over your lives. don't let that happen. >> martha: a bold message coming from the president last evening. prompted praise from some corners and harsh criticism from others. today former first lady michelle obama put out this closing message in support of vice president biden, former vice president. >> a man who knew how deadly this virus is but who lied to us and told us it would just disappear.
4:48 pm
who, in the greatest crisis of our lifetimes, doubled down on division, resentment, railed against measures that could have mitigated the damage, and continues to hold massive events without requiring masks or social distancing, knowing that exposing his own supporters to a dangerous virus. >> martha: joining me now, fox news senior political analyst brit hume. good to have you with us tonight. clearly, the president is wrestling with this virus himself, it's about this issue squarely back in the center of the conversation, at least for the time being, and the president has a very different take, obviously, then michelle obama. your thoughts? >> i'm not sure exactly if michelle obama was making any kind of direct reference to the present's returned the white house and the upbeat message that he announced and
4:49 pm
has repeated. if she was, i would tend to quarrel with her. obviously, mistakes have been made along the way an and i neay everybody involved in this manner. i think his worst mistake was doing all the talking during the early coronavirus briefings when he made the whole thing all about him. and now it is all about him. of course, his ailment makes it even more so. it's an issue that is not good for him. politically speaking, not a good situation. however, when it comes to the disease and whether we should let it dominate our lives, think he is on the right track. everything we now know about who gets this disease and how sick they get tells us that for people 55 and older it's quite dangerous. but even there according to the cdc, the survival rate is almost 95% and for every other age group it's 99% and above.
4:50 pm
we are now seeing that they fit all these waves, lots and lots of cases, and in the 50 college surveys, nobody died. that's remarkable. for that we have this wave of shutdowns that have done such terrible damage to our economy that doctors are warning has been very hard on people's health. harm to children's mental health and so on, so there really was never a good balancing of the risks involved. the risks were all on the disease side and not on the collateral damage steps aside -- >> martha: i think we have the numbers you were referring to of the survival rates. 70 plus 594.6 survival rate and we know the comorbidity issues
4:51 pm
are also very, very significant this to how this disease plays out for people. this is joe biden on the tarmac just a short time ago being asked about the second debate. let's watch this. >> i'm not sure that what president trump is all about now. i don't know what his status is. i'm looking forward to being able to debate him but i just hope all the protocols are followed, what is necessary at the time. [reporter question] >> well, i think if he still has covid, we shouldn't have a debate. >> martha: he was asked that question and that is how he responded. opening the door to potentially not having a debate if he thinks it's within the time frame that is dangerous. >> look, have been the medical authorities been telling us all
4:52 pm
this time that to avoid infection you stay a certain distance apart and you wear masks and even in certain circumstances you might have a partition that separates you from others and that way you can get on with life. and presidential and vice presidential debates are part of that, so the idea that the president potentially infected him in some way, that you can do stage and in person debate flies in the face of all that we've been told about this disease. if we are now to believe that all the precautionary measures that we talked about, that people who carry the virus can transmit it despite distancing and despite masks and other precautionary measures, then we are in a whole new ball game. i don't think we are. >> martha: britt, thank you very much. we will be watching together tomorrow night, the vice presidential debate when it gets underway tomorrow night. good to see you. thank you. >> thank you.
4:53 pm
>> martha: the newly declassified documents from an obama era intelligence briefing .2 a clinton-backed land, alleged, to smear president trump by tying him to russia. new documents on this. that is coming up next. i'd call my grandfather as a result of the research that i've started to do on ancestry. having ancestry to fill in the gaps with documents, with photographs, connecting in real time means that we're having conversations that are richer.
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>> martha: as the long wait for the durham report continues, the director of national intelligence john ratcliffe declassified documents revealing former cia director john brennan briefed then-president obama on a purported hillary clinton plan to try candidate trump to russia in 2016 and distract from her private email scandal. senior political correspondent mike emanuel gives us the story tonight. >> martha, good evening. these are handwritten notes from former cia director john brennan written, according to a source familiar, after brennan briefed president obama. at one point brennan writes "approved by hillary clinton, a proposal from one of her foreign policy advisors to vilify
4:58 pm
donald trump stirring up a scandal claiming interference by the russian security service." the notes say on 28 of july, in the margin he writes potus, but that section of the note is redacted. if dennis has any evidence of collaboration between trump campaign and russia. the remainder of the notes are redacted except in the margins where it says "jc, dennis, and susan." that could be reforming to james comey, former obama chief of staff benefit, denis mcdonough and susan rice. the cia sent a memo to former fbi director comey and peter strzok writing "the following information is provided for the exclusive use of your bureau for background investigative action or purposes as appropriate. one example the cia includes, "an exchange redacted discussing u.s. presidential candidate hillary clinton's approval of a plan concerning u.s. presidential candidate donald trump and russian hackers hampering u.s. elections as a mean of distraction --
4:59 pm
distracting the public from her use of a private email server. write a hearing with soap before the senate judiciary committee, comey was pressed with what he did with information provided by the cia. >> a letter now saying that they intercepted information about an effort in july were hillary clinton approved an effort to link trump to russia, the mob. did you have an investigation to look and see if whether that was true? >> i cannot so that, i've read the letter, which frankly i have trouble understanding. >> hillary clinton spokesman nick merrill says the mention of her name in recent days is "baseless b.s." martha. >> martha: mike emanuel, thank you very much, mike. that is "the story" of this tuesday, october the 6th, 2020, but as always, the story continues into changes every day, so bret and i will be here with you tomorrow evening at six clock eastern for our special coverage of tonight -- tomorrow night's presidential debate. we will see you then. have a good night, everybody.
5:00 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." donald trump got the coronavirus last week. on saturday, some of his aides suggested that he could die from it. the media happily seconded that diagnosis. trump, they informed us, has a condition known as clinical obesity. whatever. it sounds significantly worse than cancer and far more unattractive. so for a time it looks like curtains for big orange. and then, an amazing reversal. trump strode out of the hospital, thumbs in the air, back from the grave tweeting like a savage. today he was at his


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