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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  September 29, 2020 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> bret: coming up, tucker carlson. >> please stay with us at 9:00 eastern for the first debate between president trump and joe biden. i martha maccallum. >> bret: i'm bret baier, good evening -- it's finally here from cleveland. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to tucker carlson tonight. it is here, finally, an hour from now at 9:00 p.m. eastern, the first presidential debate of the 2020 election cycle. live from cleveland, ohio, just 60 minutes from now, and yet it is still hard to believe this is really going to happen, apparently it is. joe biden, he's run for president three times. at no point up until the moment he unexpectedly won the democratic nomination had the people around him taken biden seriously as a national political leader. barack obama certainly didn't, he famously mocked joe biden for
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eight years, so did many in the u.s. senate when he served there. there. his peers have been making fun of joe biden for 50 years, many of those people are gone now. he will soon be 78 years old, he is the oldest man to ever run on a major ticket. it shows, biden is fading, no honest person denied that. during a primary debate, former secretary julian castro looked incredulous, are you forgetting what you said 2 minutes ago it was nice to hear somebody say the obvious out loud, at that moment it seemed inconceivable the democrats would choose a man like joe biden to face off against a predator like donald trump. then bernie sanders of vermont surged in the polls and came very close to winning the whole thing and the democratic establishment panicked. within weeks, joe biden got the nomination. it's a risk to run a candidate who may be senile but as far as
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wall street was concerned it was not a tough call, they found bernie sanders economic populism terrifying. here we are, will not be honest and if you watch the show you already know this and can see we never thought biden would show up tonight. of his handlers have hidden him for months, fearful that unscripted talking might tank their campaign and yet we are about to see joe biden on stage for 90 minutes straight, no handlers insight. how will that go? the trump campaign is convinced that the biden and his staff will try to feed him lines through an earpiece, they called for a third party inspection of the candidates years before airtime, apparently the biden campaign has refused. >> they agreed to the air inspection, it's simple, it would've been by a third party and they went back on it, why? i don't know, they will have to explain that. regardless of the pregame tactics, i do believe there is going to be a revelation, unmasking of sorts for the
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american public who joe biden really is. >> tucker: they agreed to the third-party air inspection, has there ever been a presidential debate like the one tonight? know, there never has been. we're going to take you to show time at 9:00 p.m., talked of the smartest people we know for context, perspective, and predictions for what we are about to see. we're going to start with fox news' senior political analyst brit hume, happy to have you always. leaving aside the question of whether third-party ear inspections were agreed upon, it's too amazing -- what are we likely to see tonight? >> i suspect the president will do his best to try to get biden off his game and rattle him and hope that confusion that senile people often experience will come into play. i don't think that can be counted on and i'm not sure it
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was all lies for the president to talk about how out of it joe biden is, remember in the last debate it was just the two of them, a televised debate very much like what we're going to head tonight and biden did just fine. elderly people experiencing memory loss can go for periods of hours at a time and be just fine. i don't think there's any doubt he's senile but it doesn't mean he's going to show up tonight and i expect he will be well prepped, well briefed and anything can happen. i don't think anybody ought to count on him having a bad night and now the expectations for him have been set so low, if he comes out and doesn't drool and gets there everything pretty well, it could end up being quite a boost for him. >> tucker: very smart point. all of the conversation, most of it on the right has been around biden's capability, can he do this, will he show, we spent a lot of time talking about
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that -- we were wrong. very little conversation is been about what they're going to talk about, what are the flash points are going to occur? >> chris wallace laid out the areas beginning with the records of the two men, something president trump has been talking about a lot lately. he will argue he's done more in 47 months than biden did in 47 years, the advice he's given and roles he's played particularly as vice president, he will managed to score some points. he will get into covid-19 at least in terms of public opinion, i think biden will be tough on him for that. if it's not clear to me he's done a good job defending it or making the case for it. you know the issue of the president's taxes and how little he has paid in taxes will come up here at the president has called at all fake news. there is a case to be made that
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he is acting legitimately by taking advantage of the various tax exclusions and so on that the tax codes provide businessmen, men and women with big complex businesses often have losses from one enterprise offset by gains from another enterprise. you hear tax experts talk about harvesting losses and many of them paid very little in taxes. warren buffett has said, a democrat and popular on the left, has said he pays more taxes than his secretary did, this is not uncommon but it doesn't look good. the president will need to have an answer to that better than calling it fake news. those are some key areas, there will be others as well, that will give you a sense of where they will be going. >> tucker: it's been the case for a long time, our tax code has changed somewhat during the last four years but the loopholes, the exclusions that
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made the president's tax returns possible remain. do you think the white house regrets allowing republican leadership to craft a tax bill and not fix what most people think is a problem? >> the cycle of this has been clear. in 1987 which seems not as long ago -- which seems longer ago to you than it does to me at my stage in life. they had a sweeping tax reform bill and cut the race but they crept back into the tax code because people come before congress because what i'm doing is causing a problem or i'm doing green energy and i need help. congress puts these exclusions and benefits into the tax code to promote causes and industries and before you know it you have an enormously complex tax code
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that smart tax lawyers acting on behalf of businesses can find ways to cut people's tax bills weighed down. it goes on all the time, it always has. i think the president might be wise to come out and say he's all for closing the loopholes, but it's going to be used against him tonight. >> tucker: it will. i should just say, i don't know if you can see this, we have a live shot on the screen, joe biden has just arrived at the debate hall in cleveland. many people predicted he would not show. this show was among them, made a bet with dana perino, we lost it. are you surprised? >> i was surprised he agreed to three, he probably felt he had to agree to at least one or may be. i said there's a distinct possibility he could have a good night tonight and be sharp and clear the way he was in the last debate with bernie sanders. i think the odds are a little more against him if he does this three times as he has committed
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to do, it remains to be seen. remember this, the first debate is often the most important particularly in a case like this where we have seen so little of biden. we see trump all the time, you turn on the radio and turn on the television and there he is, he's talking all the time, a lot of people are tired of hearing from him and hearing about him. this is going to be biden, to an extent we haven't seen. it could be the most important debate. >> tucker: i think that's probably right, thanks so much for that. we play the tape for you over the past six months, joe biden sometimes forgets where he went to school or where he is, but what can you expect from joe biden on the debate stage less than an hour from now? rick leventhal electing some of the great joe biden performances of the past. >> no doubt the trump campaign is hoping to trip up there democratic opponent and hoping he will trip himself and he might based on past experience
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and performance when he didn't say exactly what he probably meant to say. >> 150 million people have been killed since 2007 when bernie voted to exempt the gun manufacturers from liability. >> nobody should be in jail for nonviolent crime. >> make sure you have the record player on at night. >> no man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger other than in self-defense and that's rarely ever occurs, we have to change the culture and keep punching at it and punching hampton punching at it. >> there could be an opportunity for president trump to remind his opponent that his choice for vp didn't hold back, when they squared off as potential nominees in their own debate last summer. >> i'm going to direct this advice to senator biden. i don't believe you're a racist
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but you worked with them to oppose busing. there was a little girl in california who was part of the second class to integrate her public schools and that she was busted to school every day. that little girl was me. >> we are on standby for fireworks here in los angeles. >> tucker: we certainly are. i don't think i've looked forward to politicians talking like i am now in a long time, are you watching tonight? >> it should be very exciting. full disclosure, i am wearing an ear piece earpiece. >> tucker: so am i. if we got no third party in our studio. great to see you. one topic we are certain will come up tonight will be the coronavirus and the federal response to it, that makes sense because according to joe biden, the coronavirus has killed more than 200 million americans which is to say most people in this country are now dead whether they know it or not. we'll tell you what that conversations going to look like
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♪ >> tucker: less then an hour from the first presidential debate of 2020 taking place in cleveland, ohio, earlier this month joe biden claimed that donald trump the sitting president is responsible for every single death in the united states caused by coronavirus. biden looked at the data, the fact-checkers confirmed it, so he went with it. >> of the president had done his job, done his job from the beginning, all the people would still be alive -- i'm not making this up, look at the data. >> tucker: i'm not making this up! joe biden said to. we know coronavirus will play a role in the debate tonight of course -- what will they say about it? alex berenson is the author of
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unreported truths about covid-19 and the lockdown come apart two -- we are happy to have him on tonight. i'm wondering what you think if you were donald trump and i have no idea what your political views are but let's say you were advising the president tonight. what would you tell him to say? >> donald trump has never been able to make this case but what joe biden has said is clearly untrue, all over europe whatever strategy they pursued they've had roughly the same death rate as the united states. if i were donald trump i would say we can be sweet and or we can be spain. sweden didn't lock down, they got through this, they have almost no new cases now, even "the new york times" today just posted a story about how well sweden is doing -- or we can be spain. spain locked down early, they lock down hard, they had terrible unemployment, they had more deaths than sweden and more deaths than the united states per capita, and guess what? after one of the hardest
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lockdowns in the world, a lockdown that cost our economy to contract by 23% in the first and second quarters combined, basically the worst performance anywhere in the world, now they've unlocked and because they didn't allow the epidemic to take its natural course, they are having a second epidemic right now. by the way, spain today had more per capita deaths than the united states -- forget sweden, more per capita deaths than the united states, it's not even close. and there was a riot -- we'll say a violent protest last night about an effort to impose a second lockdown which they really don't even want to do but they are afraid they are going to have to do in parts of madrid and people are so blown out by what's happening to the economy there that they don't want it. if i were donald trump, i would say you go ahead and be spain, you listen to dr. fauci and impose another lockdown if that's what you want and impose a whole bunch of stuff that's never been proven to do anything -- i'm going to go with sweden, i'm going to go with arizona and florida, i'm going to let people live their lives.
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americans trust their health care system to take care of them to get sick -- that's what happened in the sun belt this year and guess what? and a lot of the sun belt, people are back to living their lives. the unemployment rate in a state like georgia is less than half of the unemployment rate in a state like new york right now. >> tucker: eve seen the governor of florida almost make that case out loud. florida took a huge amount of grief as you know for the past several months and now the governor is saying we did the right thing by not getting hysterical. >> that's right.
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what i call team reality, the people who understand the data and have looked at this for the last six months need to push back and they need to -- schools need to reopen, they open all over the world, why aren't they open here? lockdowns were never proven to do anything effective except possibly delay the spread here. why would we consider that again? let's forget masks, let's take masks off the table right now. no lockdowns ever again, no school closings, we are going to get our kids back to school. if you're rich, your kid is getting education right now, whether in an educational pod or a fancy private school, if you are poor, your kid is getting terrible treatment right now and most the big city at best, a couple hours of zoom instruction a day, it was not even that. >> tucker: it takes courage to say that but i'm glad you're doing it. alex berenson, thank you. so amy coney barrett was nominated to the supreme court by the president over the weekend, democrats are enraged by this. ahead of the debate, joe biden and kamala harris both refused to rule out packing the supreme court, enlarging the size of it and putting more democrats on it. they claim trumps nomination is illegitimate, listen to a fake
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war hero explain how it is. >> i refuse to treat this, process, sham, illegitimate process as legitimate. >> the process was so illegitimate that i don't want to validate it. >> this process has been illegitimate from the beginning. >> undermining their legitimacy. >> we need to think seriously about everything we can do to try to slow this down and show how illegitimate this whole process is. >> tucker: looks like the talking points have been issued -- illegitimate! you're hearing that on all the other channels, 24 hours a day. we thought it would be interesting to speak to someone who knows amy coney barrett. she's one of her former law students, and want on to become one of the judges clerks, she joins us tonight. thanks so much for coming on. let me ask you the first and obvious question. what is she like as a person,
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judge barrett? >> she's like the person that you see in the person that you saw saturday and you saw in 2017. she's a person of uncommon grace, kindness, warmth, and integrity. she's also a person of courage and conviction and firmly committed to applying her role impartially. >> tucker: it must be odd for you knowing her as you do looking for her to see these attacks on her face, on her family, on her children -- what's your reaction to that, what do you think her reaction is to what? >> judge barrett as a model of class, civility, and integrity and i think we will see that throughout. she will take this in stride whatever comes with courage and integrity and we all have to do the same. >> tucker: what do you think the chances are and you are probably pretty close to this --
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from your perspective do you think this nomination will make it through, do you think she will sit on the supreme court? >> i think she would be a great addition to the supreme court, she's a fair and honest judge committed to applying the law as it is written impartially and without favor. i think she would be a historic addition to the court. she's a mother of seven, a working mom from south bend, indiana, and notre dame law school. there's something so familiar about her and yet so powerful and aspirational. it's something i get excited about and i think it's up in the country will get excited about. >> tucker: i couldn't agree more. when this whole process started, you had to ask yourself is she ready for this -- she will be nominated by donald trump to the supreme court five weeks before the presidential election. she has to know the incoming is going to be without precedent, is she worried? >> is she ready for this? absolutely. i think your life is a testament
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to being ready for anything. she's been successful at every phase of her life and i don't think this will be any different. >> tucker: it's an amazing story and i hope you're right. thanks so much for joining us. we've got a live update from cleveland, ohio, the debate will begin at 9:00 p.m. eastern. it turns out joe biden has not, contrary to what we told you in the last block, arrived at the debate hall. the press pool was provided with information that turned out to be wrong. if we are sorry about that. joe biden is instead expected to arrive any minute now, that's the point at which we lose our bet with dana perino. the president will arrive in cleveland shortly after the former vice president does, keep it right here -- we'll be right back.
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>> tucker: the first presidential debate between donald trump and joe biden about to begin in about 33 minutes, peter doocy life for us in cleveland tonight. >> donald trump still at his hotel about a two minute drive when you're in a motorcade away from here, joe biden has been spending the last few hours at a private residence in cleveland where he has been for most of the time since he's been in ohio. we do expect to see him arriving any minute at the debate location. you may have heard about this today, last-minute negotiations about ground rules for tonight's debate. the trump campaign was trying to pressure the biden team into allowing a third-party to come in and make sure that neither of the debaters had any kind of electronic device or listening implement in their ears and the biden campaign said they wouldn't do it. now joe biden is trying to make this into a joke, he tweeted the
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following a few minutes ago. it's debate night so i got my earpiece in performance enhancer ready -- a photo of your buds and ice cream. if there were no cameras allowed and the only thing that the biden and trump have done since they got into ohio which was a walk-through, they did not run into each other, we haven't seen them since they landed but we have seen someone invited guests, we've seen some of biden's top surrogates, chris coons the senator from delaware, tim ryan the congressman from ohio, conor lamb the congressman from pennsylvania -- there are a lot of riot police and national guard very well protected outside just in case troublemakers to show up. everybody who goes inside has to prove they've got a credential and a face mask and they've got a wristband that says they've got a covid test negative at the cleveland clinic. >> tucker: wow.
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peter doocy, thanks so much for that. a little bit of unexpected news, pretty sniffing at a piece of it. the director of national intelligence revealed declassified information today about the russia probe. this could and should come up into nights debate. documents show in july of 2016 in the last election cycle, u.s. intelligence intercepted analysis by their counterparts in russia according to the russian analysis, hillary clinton "a proved a campaign plan to stir up a scandal against donald trump by tying him to putin." then cia director john brennan brief to barack obama, on the intercept. was joe biden briefed about this, we aren't sure. the intelligence structure also revealed that u.s. intelligence officials sent a referral for investigation to then fbi chief jim comey saying clinton had hatched the plan as a means of distracting the public for her
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use of a private email server. wow. calhe will appear tomorrow to answer questions about this. senator josh hawley sits on that committee, he's been on top of the russia investigation for a long time. thanks for coming. this seems like kind of a bombshell late in the game. >> it's a big deal to know that the cia refers to the fbi for investigation possible let's just use the word collusion between the hillary clinton campaign and russia, then the fbi apparently did nothing. we'll and find out, will have an opportunity to ask james comey tomorrow. meanwhile, the fbi was busy lying to a federal court in order to get a wiretap on the donald trump campaign. this is the most unbelievable series of events, interference and a presidential election by the fbi against donald trump
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when they had referred to them in investigation against hillary clinton, it's extraordinary. >> tucker: it went on for years, it derailed the first half of the trump administration it's fair to say. and we are learning about it now little more than a month before his reelection. so why are we learning now? >> because the deep state has held back at this evidence, they've done everything they can to sit on it. you listen to the people who come up before the judiciary committee, we've been having hearings on this and you listen to rod rosenstein up before the committee a few weeks ago and i asked him tell us about lying to the federal court repeatedly over and over, the fbi lied to this court in order to wiretap and spy on the trump campaign. who is responsible? lo and behold, no one will take any responsibility. sally yates said it wasn't me, we'll find out tomorrow did jim comey take any
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responsibility? what we have here is an unprecedented attempt by the fbi to interfere in a presidential election and now nobody wants to talk about it, nobody wants to taken responsibility for it, there needs to be responsibility taken, heads need to roll and there needs to be top to bottom reform at the fbi. >> tucker: the pictures we are seeing, we think show the president arriving at the debate hall in cleveland. why has no one been punished for this? i've known people who were sentenced to long prison terms for lying about things that didn't matter at all. where is this famous investigation from the u.s. attorney that's going to make everything right and bring justice to all of this? have we been lied to again? >> hopefully it's coming soon because i can tell you, we've been told on the senate committee over and over, don't get ahead of the durham report.
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don't step on the toes of the durham report. it better, and it better hold some people accountable. what we have here is falsification of evidence. let's go back to this court, federal court lied to over and over in order to get wiretaps on the trump campaign. we know the fbi falsified evidence in order to get those wiretaps. somebody should go to jail for that. >> tucker: i think that's exactly right -- what a scam. thanks so much for coming on tonight, i appreciate it. so male in balloting almost certain to be a topic in about 25 minutes when the debate starts. there is clear evidence that male in balloting poses fraud risk. if the latest example came today when we learned nearly 100,000 new york city residents received a mismarked mail in ballots. justin haskins is a research fellow, he's been following the subject carefully and joins us
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tonight with an update on it. male in balloting, there are legitimate reasons people mail in their ballots of course, but on a scale like what we are about to see on election day, how concerned should we be that fraud will be the result? >> i think we should be incredibly concerned. not only because as we are seeing in new york tonight tons of confusion because of misprinted envelopes that were sent to people, absentee ballots that have the wrong names printed on them which could invalidate votes but also in addition to all of that -- malfeasance that you might see from people casting incorrect ballots either on purpose or maybe people just incorrectly casting ballots who don't understand their ballot is not going to count. you also have people acros acroe entire united states -- i'm
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losing you. >> tucker: i know you'll be back and i'm sorry for this, tech snafu finishin preventing m finishing her sentence but i agree with what you're going to say, the people in charge of mail in balloting are the same ones in charge of public education and mass transit in cities, the same ones in charge of keeping the streets clean, they don't make their own beds. these people are not capable of running a male in ballot election. sorry we lost you. there are a lot of things making joe biden's handlers nervous but nothing terrifies more than the possibility he will be asked about his biography. he claimed he went to a historically black college, he started there. >> hbcus. i got started out of an hbcus, delaware state, i don't want to hear anything negative about delaware state, there my folks. all kidding aside, the fact is
5:37 pm
hbcus are in trouble financial financially. let's remember why we have hbcus because black folk couldn't go to white colleges. >> tucker: so why would joe biden say something like that -- because his handlers told him to pander. pandering is harder than it looks. that can be why this year joe biden simply decided that anybody who doesn't vote for him isn't actually black. >> long wait until november, we got more questions. >> i tell you, if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or trump, then you ain't black. >> tucker: it seems pretty patronizing. why does he keep doing it? candace owens is the author of the book blackout, great to see you. so, will he continue in this vein? it doesn't seem like he needs to, he's getting a lot of the black vote already -- why does
5:38 pm
he do this? >> it's who he is, he's being an honest person. he doesn't think black americans have the agency to think as individuals and he believes the democrat party is owed to the black vote based on pandering. it's excruciating and it should frustrate and anger all black americans to hear him say something like i don't understand why black americans weren't allowed to attend these white colleges, that's why this exists. let me remind everybody in america that joe biden was the person when he was a senator who was against a school integration, was against the integration of buses because he insisted black americans liked being segregated. now he flip-flops and we are supposed to his record on race? kamala harris didn't forget until she got in line and suddenly doesn't think he's a racist anymore. the pandering has gotten past a point and i do believe joe biden views black americans as a group of people who need to behave and you can sense his frustration when charlamagne tha god says i
5:39 pm
have a few more questions -- to him, we aren't allowed to have questions. he believes he is owed our vote and all he has to do is give us 15 minutes of a pander amongst entertainers and rappers and stars. >> tucker: someone said to me today, will not find out if it's true in about 20 minutes, that biden may try to push the president to say black lives matter. do you think black lives matter donald trump? what should trump say? >> i think he should talk about black lives matter as an organization being separate and he should ask joe biden back whether or not he believes that the rioting, the looting, the burning down that has taken place in black communities because of black lives matter the organization -- which is really just a bunch of white liberals, white elitist liberals in blackface that are putting millions of dollars into this organization to watch black communities burn so they can secure the black vote by pretending all this madness is
5:40 pm
happening under president trump administration. he should push that back and ask joe biden for an answer and then ask him a couple questions about his record on race because it isn't trump that's been in the government for as joe biden said last week 180 years, trump has been in government for a very long time and his record is very shoddy. >> tucker: that would be an amazing exchange if he were to say that. i wonder why more republicans don't say that, of course black lives matter, it goes without saying. the slogan -- the organization is marxist, it's against the family, it's against the united states commits violent. why is it so hard to make the distinction between the sentiment, which ought to be universal because all lives matter, it's the basis of christianity, and the lunatic organization? >> this is the game the left plays tucker, it's linguistics. it's like saying planned parenthood. should you plan parenthood? of course you should but they
5:41 pm
aren't planning parenthood, they are aborting babies. they killed 18 million plus black babies since 1973. playing with words while doing the exact opposite. >> tucker: man that's a good point. how can someone say i really care about you and because i care so much about you, i'm going to put abortion clinics in your neighborhood just to make sure you don't have too many kids, why does nobody call that out? >> i call it out every day and black americans are beginning to wake up to this and this is what the left is fearful of. they are harping on race in a manner they've never done in the past and you can sense their fear. something is cracking in black america, it's a conversation we haven't had in decades and i'm so happy to be a part of it. >> tucker: you're absolutely right, people get extreme when they are afraid and they feel their power ending. that's when they become really crazy. candace owens, great to see you -- thank you. the one thing you can bet on for
5:42 pm
certain because it never changes is that at some point tonight in the 90 minute exchange, joe biden will call donald trump a racist. we've heard that for years in the polls are showing it may have diminishing returns. what actually seems to matter to people of all colors are the issues. we've seen that in recent polling. pedro gonzalez, assistant editor at american greatness wrote a fantastic and insightful piece about this -- thanks for coming on. i hope that all of our viewers will read your piece on what hispanic voters want from politicians and it's really insightful. one of the points you make in that piece is the pitch is the campaigns are making to hispanic voters are not what those voters care about, i hope you will be more articulate than i just was. >> you're right, trump is doing well with latinos not because of
5:43 pm
pandering, though there is pandering going on like you pointed out, because of his increasingly hard stance against rioting. the law and order message is probably popular. g.o.p. analysts are intent on missing this. latinos are not much different from their white working-class counterparts, they value their physical security. what good are things like tax cuts and antisocialism talking points if your illness and home and person are threatened every time agitators feel irritated by something. >> tucker: that's exactly right. people with jobs -- i think you can be racialized it and say people who work for a living don't like disorder because they are vulnerable to it. this seems simple to me. >> i bring up that aspect because the g.o.p. is going to recycle these talking points, they patronize latinos by saying the one group does the jobs the other group doesn't want to do -- it's not just untrue, it's
5:44 pm
morally repugnant. the republican party is falling back into this attempt to beat the democrats at their own game but they shouldn't do that. trump should play his own game because he's good at it and the messages popular. fight for every day people, fight to keep our streets safe. right now, federal immigration agency's plan to provide a permanent residency to hundreds of thousands -- the number is somewhere between 100 -- upwards of 150,000 workers, permanent residency. that benefits no one more than the fortune 500 that are bankrolling organizations like black lives matter which in turn are fueling rioting. instead of backing off of these issues that i think the g.o.p. rightly notes are controversial, they still resonate with people. >> tucker: if you see things in terms of class rather than race, you do better with the groups you're trying to pander to. if you just made a pitch to the working class, you would get a ton of hispanic votes.
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>> that is exactly correct. i think on the "law & order" side you saw a gallup poll in july that said 83% of latinos who wanted more or the same policing in their neighborhoods, a june poll found 15% wanted the military deployed with the police to put down rioting. in terms of immigration, latinos said they'd like to his immigration policies even though they dislike him. 69% said they supported an immigration moratorium during the pandemic. there's no reason the g.o.p. should back off these issues, they are popular across the board. >> tucker: pedro gonzales, very smart. great to see you tonight, thanks so much. typically hear the analysts say debates don't really matter, no one is saying that tonight. this debate matters and this election matters. the filibuster, the electoral college, the supreme court are all at stake, it's not an
5:46 pm
overstatement, it's literally true. as we watch the debate which begins in about 14 minutes, what should we be looking for? we want to end our analysis tonight with victor davis hanson, one of the smartest people we ever talk to. what should we be looking for? >> we want to see if joe biden will be candid about what he believes in because this is not as you said an issue or a disagreement over politics or ideology, this is the first time in our lifetime that we are talking about the structure, the rules in which we conduct politics. i want to know and i think everyone wants to come after 150 years are we know longer going to have a nine person supreme court? after 233 years, are we know longer going to have an electoral college? after 190 years, we know longer going to have a senate filibuster? are we know longer going to have 50 states? are we the inheritors of a revolution that fought a foreign
5:47 pm
power for liberty and freedom, or are we defining 1776 in the spirit of the french revolution, a class warfare with barricades on the streets? he brought these structural issues upon himself because he is waging a virtual campaign, not since garfield and mckinley in 1896 have we seen a candidate stay on his front porch but he's in his basement. we've got millions of americans, especially young americans, who have never seen him in the flesh and not at a rally, in an unscripted press conference. if they are curious, they want to know these rumors that he's cognitively challenged are bunk or accurate? they want to know what he thinks about the new green deal or reparations ar, he's got a great chance and a great liability. if he comes across like he did with sarah palin and paul ryan at bernie sanders and he's
5:48 pm
specific in his answers, than people are going to say "wow. i was wrong and the republicans were wrong about this." if he comes across and says things like he's been in the senate 180 years or 200 people died of covid or he has a you and black type of outburst and he just says trump did this and he doesn't answer specific issues, then people are going to feel they've been had. this candidate was a shadow candidate that was thrust upon them for a larger agenda to carry through the new green deal and the socialist protocols and policies that otherwise didn't get very much support in the democratic primary. >> tucker: it's a reckless move. in the 40 seconds we have, what should the president -- what should his posture be tonight? what should he do to approach it? >> i don't think it helps to go over what he's done, i think everyone understands that we
5:49 pm
have a booming economy and we have a lot of great foreign policy. he's going to have to defend his policies and you've had guests that made a good point, not in a vacuum, compared to the european countries and others we are doing quite well. he's going to have to say that this is a time to choose, for the traditions and protocols of america, individual and free rights and i want us to have race incidental, not essential to who we are. we aren't a hyphenated society. or are we going to revert to a tribal society, we are going to identify vibration to be at each other's throats and have diversity rather than unity. he's going to have to ask joe biden, what do you believe about what's going on in portland? i want to know what is your position on the 6019 project? very specific, he's got to do that. >> tucker: i hope he says exactly what you suggested he says. victor davis hansen, thank you. that's it for us, we are about
5:50 pm
15 seconds away from our predebate coverage with our friends at bret baier and martha maccallum, they are in cleveland tonight. 10 minutes to go, we're going to turned over to them. >> martha: good evening everybody, welcome to cleveland where we are just minutes away now from the start of the first 2020 presidential debate. if i martha maccallum. >> bret: i'm bret baier, we are live on the campus of case western reserve university and the cleveland clinic, and the anticipation for this debate could not be higher as we awaited the moment president trump and former vice president biden will face off for the first time making their case to the american people. >> martha: here's what we expect in the next few minutes. tonight's moderator our own chris wallace will take the stage, he will reach an audience of a few dozen people behind us and he will explain some of the ground rules while the candidates had to their holding areas backstage. after that, we are going to get opening remarks, then it will be
5:51 pm
game-time. >> bret: let's get some last minute analysis from all-star panel. brit hume, dana perino, donna brazile, juan williams, katie pavlich, and karl rove. this couldn't be a bigger moment for all of those involved. >> i agree, this is a big deal. first it debates create impressions that prove hard to erase over the course of the campaign. this is the first extended look we will have of joe biden and donald trump's presence showing whether he is the senile old man that the trump campaign claims or whether he is capable as he showed in his last debate with bernie sanders of being sharp and on point, and i think if he does do that, i think he's senile but he's fully capable and has shown it of having a good night. if he has a good night, i think it could be a boost for him that could last for quite some time.
5:52 pm
>> martha: we have seen president trump debate before but not for quite some time, we've seen joe biden on the democrats stage, what do you expect tonight? >> i was thinking this morning, we have to remember that incumbents are very hard to beat. only twice has that happened since world war ii and that's when the economy was really bad. that was in 1980 and again in 1992. the economy before the coronavirus was very good, at historic highs. i expect president trump to try to press that advantage and to remind people that he will be the one to bring those jobs back and joe biden would not. i would say what brit hume just said, debates tend to harden whatever trends already happened in the race. you have to win the day, you have to win the next 90 minutes. >> bret: a big night for chris wallace as well, we're going to hear from him momentarily to talk to the cro
5:53 pm
crowd. he obviously had the last debate last cycle and now the first debate in this cycle. >> he knows how to get the candidates to talk about the issues that matter. at six important topics and what an important evening it is to hear from both candidates. their vision and most importantly, the plan ahead. i hope they would take the mantra of first lady melania trump and be best, be their best selves and give the american people what we've been hungry for and that is some solution and not just a litany of all of the problems. >> martha: a quick thought before we >> we are going to learn tonight it's easy to attack your opponent. it's a heck of a lot harder to lay out your idea of where you want things to go and contrast them with your opponent. the one that is going to be easy -- it will be easy for both of them to attack each other but
5:54 pm
the one who does a better job of laying out their vision and contrasting with the other is the one who is going to come out on top. >> bret: this is a different type of debate because we are in the cleveland clinic. we are trying to be very safe about all of this. covid-19 hangs over this entire thing and this entire nation, as we've lost more than 200,000 americans from. >> in fact, what you see is infection rates rising in 21 states over the last few days so it's very much a hot issue and you can anticipate that the biden campaign is going to drill hard on that because of the polls that indicate a great deal of displeasure on the part of the american people, but i think overwhelmingly what we've seen is that the convention didn't change, we don't anticipate that the debate could do it, but if there is someone who wants to have a game changing moment, it's president trump. he wants to shake this up in some way and i think he's
5:55 pm
capable of doing that. that is why everyone is going to watch. chris wallace, bret baier and martha maccallum are going to set a record tonight in terms of ratings. a lot of people watching. >> martha: the president has said time and time again that he feels that joe biden has not been put under the scrutiny that he should be put under by the media and by questioners, so he will get an opportunity tonight to sort of jump in and try to do that a bit himself as they go at each other after the jumping off point of chris' questions. >> chris wallace has put out his list of topics for the night but i have a feeling that president trump has another list of topics that he wants to get to with former vice president joe biden and this is a moment where the biden campaign, we will see if keeping him away from the press, away from chuck's interviews come away from chuck's questions actually pays off in his ability to articulate what his plans for the country are. it's going to be tough for him to debate president trump on
5:56 pm
issues like nasa when he has already admitted that nasa was in grade for the country, pushed it through, that the usmca is a better deal for the country. the president i'm sure will press him hard on those issues come hard on jobs that were pushed overseas as a result of democrat policies and he's going to have to push back on that and prove that he has come of the time he has run for president, the real person who should take america into the future. >> bret: chris has described his role as monitor as setting the table. he said he wants to be invisible. we both know chris very well, he will not be invisible. your thoughts on that? >> it's a very challenging job he's got. you mentioned, when he moderated the last debate of the previous season for two years ago that he's clearly the best at doing this. he's the best host and maybe the best debate moderator ever.
5:57 pm
i expect him to be crisp, i expect him to be pointed, i expect him to be balanced, i expect him to be tough on both candidates but fair. really in the end it will be known about the moderator but about the candidates and how well they handle themselves. big night, especially for joe biden but very big as well for president trump, who is behind in this race by every available measure, and he needs to have a big night to begin to gain ground, which he has been trying to do but so far has not done very well. >> martha: fascinating, dana. watching the families walk in. we remember these moments from prior debates. everyone is masked. we just saw the trump family enter and dr. jill biden entering as well. your thoughts -- here is chris. hold that thought. >> dana: all right. >> chris: -- why it needs to be so quiet, but i'm not sure
5:58 pm
it's going to be much of a factor. in the primary debate, i'm sure a lot of you have been two primary debates, a lot of times there is a lot of hooting and hollering -- >> dana: we are going to jump back in. chris wallace is talking to the crowd, giving them the lay of the land. >> bret: they have and put his up for us. >> martha: just jump back in there for a moment, if you well. >> dana: sure. let's all remember this. this is a historic moment. america is an exceptional nation. you have all of us here watching together. we might have all different viewpoints, but we are one and more connects us then divides us. there might even be personal attacks at the debate but at the end of the day remember, america does a democracy extremely well and i'm really glad all of us are here watching this together. >> bret: as you look at dr. jill biden there, the trump
5:59 pm
family at the other side of the aisle, chris is telling this audience how important this moment is, not only for this moment in the election but for american democracy. it is tough to overstate how important for this race this moment is. >> dance right. it's an unusual campaign year, an unusual campaign and as a result more people are going to be watching this event tonight and the outcome could be deeply affected by it. just a few minutes ago, i bet you a bunch of people said two candidates, good luck, honey, i think you're going to do well and somebody in an authentic tone of voice said "just be yourself." it sounds like sort of crummy advice but it really is true. we need to see these two men as they really are. this is the closest we come to a sort of national examination of them. there is no artifice, we see them as they truly are, and it matters a great deal to the
6:00 pm
american people, what they take away from those appearances. >> bret: you can see in the tight shots of these phases, some anxiety, some anxiousness. we are getting ready for the biggest moment of this election so far, the first presidential debate. >> martha: it's a big night, and here we go. >> meanwhile at the coronavirus -- >> with the battle to replace her on the supreme court already going -- >> in a time desperate for answers, two candidates emerged -- >> it is their time to put their foot forward. >> a bold president with a passionate base. >> i refused to back down. >> who is now under fire to defend his administration. >> donald trump the failure of leadership has cost lives and livelihoods. >> versus a worthy opponent with questions of his own. >>oe


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