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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  September 28, 2020 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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live with post debate reaction. 11 p.m. eastern. i will be in cleveland. we hope you set your dvr, 9 eastern on the fox news channel. laura ingraham is next. predictions for tomorrow? >> laura: biden will have a few tricks up his sleeve. >> sean: yes, that he's been practicing all summer. i agree. >> laura: there will be a few tricks and i think wiley old trump will have a few tricks as well. sean, at midnight, i follow you. we are rolling late. >> sean: we will be rolling. we are on later so we ask our audience to stay up later. >> laura: that's fine. >> sean: i will watch you after i watch me. >> laura: i am laura ingraham and this is the "the ingraham
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angle." the white house covid-19 doctor atlas has come under attack from dr. fauci and others. he is here to respond. raymond arroyo brings us the latest duck-and-cover games from the biden camp including a new tactic from jill. the blm and critical race theory movements have become a financial scam. the numbers and names behind the racket. first how to debate joe biden. that's the focus of tonight's "angle." when chris wallace welcomes the candidates to the debate stage tomorrow night, we will see a spirited back and forth between
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president trump and vice-president biden on the most issues facing us as a country. first on our covid-19 response, we know that joe biden was against the president's decision to shut down travel to china which saved a lot of lives. and that the obama administration's response to h1n1 was a flop. >> we did everything wrong. 60 million americans got h1n1 in that period of time. it's lucky that it was not one of the greatest casualties in america history. it had nothing to do with anything right. it had had to did with luck. >> laura: biden's argument is that the president doesn't take this seriously. >> the president doesn't have
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a plan. well, i do. if i am your president on day 1 i will implement the national strategy i laid out since march. >> laura: stop right there. when biden says national strategy. he can't mean more tests because we do more than any other country. he can't mean ppe because we are all set and we can't mean on the vaccine development front. operation warp speed is unprecedented. so biden along with a national mask mandate biden will lock down america. >> would you shut this country down again? >> i would shut it down. i would listen to the
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scientists. >> laura: which scientists are we talking about? how will the biden administration locked be enforced. check out melbourne, australia. >> mayhem at the market. protestors coming face-to-face with police, tackled to the ground and forced ed into country. linking arms, they blocked traffic forcing them to pluck protestors out one by one. >> laura: it's unbelievable, but this virus was a terrible tragedy and we dealt with it better than any country in the g-7 because we did not let it devastate our economy.
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now the economy, biden doesn't argue he will raise your standard of living because he won't. the trump policy of deregulation and tightens the screws on china produced phenomenal results for americans. we had record wage increases. median races rose to a record. an increase of $6,000. last year it was up more than $4,000. even with the blue states slow to reopen, new home sales were near a 14 year high in august. ama amazing given what we bring through. biden will try to blur the lines with an assist from his pals at the "new york times."
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their big scoop is that donald trump takes business depreciation and business losses as tax deductions. the "times" put this in the worst light but could not conclude any wrongdoing on the president's part. biden's recessitation squad thinks you are stupid. >> this is really the smoking gun of a criminal presidency. >> democrats put out bumper stickers that said i paid more in taxes than donald trump. >> this is one of the most important stories of the past 5 years. >> laura: didn't he say that
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before? dig a little deeper into the "times" piece and it falls apart. for starters the "times" article shows that trump has paid tens of million dollars in federal income taxes and coughed up 23.3-million dollars due to the alternative minimum tax. trump would have played more in taxes if it was not for the left's most legendary class warrior. barack obama. what am i talking about? until 2009 businesses losses could be used to wipe away taxes going back only two years. but in a bill mr. obama signed as part of the great recession recovery effort. so are americans to believe that
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biden is not aware of his administration's position on business loss write offs? has biden given speeches advocating that individual business owners actually be taxed on their losses? i must have missed those speeches. the names piece confirmed what we thought all along: that trump ran for president at great financial sacrifice. so much for the alleged violation. the trump hotel in d.c. lost 55.5-million dollars and zero evidence of any financial arrangements with the russian soviet unite. this opens the door for trump to
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bring up hunter biden who received 3.5-million dollars in a wire transfer from a russian billonaire while daddy was handling ukrainian policy. the "times" didn't go there. does this feel familiar? that's because it is. the "times" has printed a bombshell every year trump has been in office. every time they do we find out the same thing. mike many other american business owners president trump used legal deductions to offset his tax burden. he actually employed people.own legal deductions to offset his tax burden. he actually employed people.bus used legal deductions to offset his tax burden. he actually employed people. on the issue of antifa and racial violence, biden should be
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asked what would he do if left wing protestors filled the park across from the white house? would he clear the park or allow them to set up a permanent camp as they have done in portland? will biden commit to protecting federal statues including ones of jefferson and jackson? would biden protect mount rushmore? president trump opposes violent protests and the desecration of public monuments. for the issue of race and crime, biden supported the crime bill that triggered protests while the trump administration worked with congress to lessen the severity of sentences for key offenders. the trump campaign is fighting for americans of all races and biden has sold out americans of all races. finally, biden insulted the
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country by saying it has systemic racism. he wants to exercise international leadership. why would anyone help a country with systemic racism? his rhetoric makes it impossible for other countries to take him seriously. and on the supreme court the constitution is clear. what is relevant is not justice ginsburg as much as we want to honor her memory. the voters have a right to have their wishes carried out until trump and those senators are out of office. the reality of the situation is that biden wants to put radicals on the court who would impose a hard left social agenda on the
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nation. trump's judges? they respect the rule of law and give power back to the people. biden claims this is about obamacare. that's nonsense. if obamacare is unconstitutional, it could be fixed by statute. when left wingers oppose abortion in all 50 states no amount of legislation can address the issue or any concerns about it. if you trust the people and you want trump style judges or you trust the hard left and you want to give them free rein over the rest of us, you have to go with biden. that's on all 4 major topics. for 40 plus years he's been a professional debater. while donald trump was building businesses, biden was parked in
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d.c. getting little done that mattered except raising a lot of money and running for president 3 times. not a charm. tomorrow we will see how the invisible candidate fares without his handlers or jill whisking him off stage when the questions get uncomfortable. that's the "angle." joining me is victor davis hanson. picking a president is like picking someone to represent you in negotiations. given biden has been played as a sucker from much of his career, why would anyone pick him to represent them? >> [laughing]. well, we will find out tomorrow night. the criticism against biden is he is running a 19th century
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campaign from his front porch. for 90 not he will belie the impression he has memory lapses. it's important because there is a whole generation of democrats, millions of young people who don't know about old joe biden from scranton. they have not seen him. the few times he's on tv it's always scripted. if it he does well, if he stands there for 90 minutes and doesn't do what he's been doing in scripted interviews, that will multiply his advantage. on the other hand, if he says he was in the senate for 180 years or 2 hundred million people died of covid or you ain't black, the people will say i have been had. this guy hasn't been out. this is why. it's up to him to dispel
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impressions. the second thing is we don't know what he stands for. he is a vessel of the left and carrying these positions that are very radical and reputed by the voters in the primary. bernie sanders did not get the nomination. and cory booker and kamala harris and beto all crashed and burned. that resurrected itself and is being carried forth by biden. he has to say this is what i believe on fracking and who i would support for the supreme court. >> laura: doesn't this also demonstrate that they went with biden, they chose biden after all of this. he is not up to campaigning. he made a calculated decision. he thinks he is ahead in the polls. he can coast to november 3rd and
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show up at the debate. i never thought he would debate so i was wrong about that. it's tricky to pick someone of an advanced age who has lost two or three steps, it's a risky deal. maybe he can pull a rabbit out of his hat for 90 minutes. pelosi gave a hint about how democrats might come after trump on taxes. >> the president would try to undermine our commitment to nato and giveaway the store to russia and what is the connection? we will see. >> laura: will joe have the same line of attack? >> probably. nancy pelosi said biden should not debate. she should know about taxes. she is third in line for the presidency and her husband is in the same business as donald
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trump. where you have appreciation and loss of gains. she won't release her tax returns because it would show the same up and down as donald trump. she understands that better than anybody. that's why she is not releasing them and sheens better than anything there is not much of an issue here because donald trump has done anything wrong. until the irs says he owes this or like gavin newsom delinquent on property taxes. will joe biden have an agenda to answer a specific question of what he is for? will he just say it's trump versus the virus and the recession and i am just a bystander, that won't work. a lot of people will be angry they were had by this surrogate
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candidate. >> laura: i have to roll. now that president trump dominated amy coney barrett to fill the empty supreme court seat of ruth bader ginsburg the senate gop wants the confirmation wrapped up biten of the october. but top senator democrats are so adult, they refuse to be in the same room as judge barrett. >> i have no intention of meeting with judge barrett because i simply refuse to treat this process as really legitimate. >> i won't meet with her. >> i won't be with her. >> laura: joining me a long time friend of judge barrett.
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caster, are they afraid to meet her because they might end up liking her? she is kind of hard not to like. >> it's what people said about justice thomas. if you don't want to like him you never better meet him. it's extraordinary to number the presence of such terrific people. amy exudes decency and intelligence. >> laura: i was at the white house on saturday. you were there. i saw you from a distance. i got teared up watching her and her family, the occasion so momentus but it made me sad because we used to have confirmation hearings that
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respected the role of the judiciary and they were lopsided until bork, but her family story is a beautiful one. >> very much so. her talk about the friendship between her mentor justice scalia and ginsburg is a beautiful reminder of how things used to be where people that disagreed with each other didn't hate each other until now when they don't want to even meet with her. >> laura: the associated press -- we will put up a tweet on the screen -- which i was shocked by.
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this is where they are going on this. this is where they have been going. she is about to be confirmed -- i will get ahead of myself -- on the supreme court but submissive to her husband because of her membership in a devout group. >> our husband jesse must have commanded her to become a supreme court justice. honestly, i have known this family for 15 years, if anybody is subgateed in the family it's jesse and not amy. they run a great school in falls church, virginia, near where you live. they are normal nice, decent and
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sweep people. this is laughable if the stakes were not so high. >> laura: it's everything they hate. good people. love the country and the constitution. to the left it's a total nightmare. carter, thanks for joining us. my next guest has come under attack from dr. fauci and redfield. dr. atlas will respond. stay there. go go go ♪ go go go go on a real vacation. visit go or your nearest rv dealer.
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>> ♪ >> laura: cdc director robert redfield has a history of bungled covid-19 communications is taking out his frustration on the newest covid-19 task force member saying everything dr. atlas says is false. he suggested that atlas was giving trump misleading data about masks and covid-19's effect on young people and herd immunity. late tonight dr. fauci joined in on the atlas bashing. >> the cdc director is concerned
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that dr. atlas is sharing misleading information with president trump? >> yes, i am concerned that things are said that are taken out of context or are in correct. >> are they working together or against each other? >> most are working together. i think, you know. >> laura: we welcome to our show the outliar. dr. atlas. i thought having opposing voices is part of the scientific process, is it not? about an issue that has so many tentacles coming on the of it like this covid deal. why are they so threatened by you? >> well, thanks for having me. i think is all feeding into
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a false narrative that the president doesn't listen to the scientists. the reality is i was called in because i can translate the medical science into public policy. i advise the president to do things like what he is doing. do everything to protect the vulnerable, to open schools and open society and make sure hospitals are not overcrowded. this is the right policy. it may not be the policy that everyone agrees with, but it's in concert with many of the world's leading epidemiologists and doctors. it's pretty good company for the president. he listens to a lot of people.
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he understands what the science shows and what should be done to save american lives. that's why i am here. i not here it make friends. there are certain experts that say what i just said. vulnerable people protection and save lives by opening society safely. others say you should not wear mask or yes you should or a mask is a better than a vaccine. another expert said no don't wear a mask, then we should wear a mask and everyone should wear goggles. you won't hear me say that. >> laura: dr. fauci doesn't think the u.s. is heading in the right direction. >> you said the u.s. needed to get to 10,000 cases per day to get control over this virus. right now we are averaging 40,000 new cases a day. how would you describe where we are as a nation right now?
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>> well, we are not in a good place. >> laura: the cdc showed that e.r. visits are nearly back to the baseline from a year ago. deaths from pneumonia and covid-19 is almost back to the baseline. that's the cdc's own data. where is the disconnect? i am not a scientist but i can read a graph. what are the people missing? >> there is more data that corroborates what you said. hospital levels are down at the lowest level since march and down from the peak in july to,
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what it was before the peak in march and april. the sick people coming to the emergency room are 1.6% of all e.r. visits. we will see more cases especially if you test on college campuses. we just put in another 50,000 cases. the people at that age don't have a significant problem tip ittically with this. looking at the states that are opening -- like north dakota and south dakota, the virus was not there before. we will get cases. the key is that cases are not the most important metric. that was think fwhak march when we didn't know what we were doing. most people don't have a significant problem. protect the high risk people like the president just did with the state-of-the-art tests being
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sent to senior centers trying to protect them and to stop hospitals overcrowding and to open society. prolonged lockdowns are killing people who are skipping medical care. that's why i am here. >> laura: they want you out, dr. atlas. you are the skunk at the picnic. they want you gone. >> i have never been called that before. >> laura: sorry. it's a stanford thing. one final thing. this is from the cdc today. their new guidelines for the holiday season. no fun allowed. the cdc recommends against attending thanksgiving parades and going to pumpkin patches
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where masks are worn and social distancing is kept are moderately risky. no so pumpkin patches this year. >> that's dr. redfield's domain. sometimes they put up listings and take them down. it's appropriate to use social distancing and hand washing to protect the vulnerable. we should take it seriously. it's very dangerous for people in the high risk category. i am not sure if pumpkin patches themselves are high risk. >> laura: dr. atlas, thank you very much. coming up biden calls another early and gets exposed for lying
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about his college record. raymond arroyo is here next with seen and unseen.
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>> ♪ >> laura: it's time for our seen and unseen where we reveal the stories behind the headlines. 36 days before the election biden is in hiding with no public events. for details we are joined by raymond arroyo fox news contributor. i have to get your reaction to this interview with jill biden and cnn social distancing with jake tapper. >> your husband has been known to make the occasional gaffe. >> you can't go after there after donald trump, you can't say the word gaffe. done. it's gone. >> the gaffe issue is over? >> so over. >> laura, you can't do
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follow-ups. that's a real problem. i think he was in west virginia trying to ask a question. gaffes are the least of joe biden's problem. it's a mental decline. you cia -- see evidence of a mental deline. this is an interview he did over the weekend. >> 1% of the money is out. 1% -- that's not the paycheck. the bill for -- >> [inaudible]. >> 1% is out. >> laura: i thought she was going to do like hand puppets to talk to him. she should get like two little puppets that talk back and forth. that would be clearer. >> i was delighted to see that
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visiting angels is expanding their services. that's nice to see. >> laura: raymond, we have secured some exclusive video of the biden debate prep. what is it? >> this is a mock video. just a mock video. watch closely. >> where is the hell is the teleprompter? i can't see it with these damn glasses on. how can i give good answers if they can't read them? >> he is working hard. >> laura: wait a second. biden has actually teeth. i don't understand that puppet with two teeth. there is a risk here because you have been cataloging all of these lapses of joe biden's. what if he comes out tomorrow and he is like on his game? >> that's what he has to do tomorrow. not only does he have to clear
7:43 pm
community his agenda. he has to do is coherently. it's not a gaffe. it's an inability to complete thoughts. he did not perform well in the debates throughout the season. in new hampshire he came in fifth and second to bernie sanders in nevada. his performances are not great in debates and if you need a reminder try this one >> make sure you have the record player on at night. make sure the kids hear words. go to joe 3030 and help me in this fight. no man has a right to raise a hand to a woman in anger. keep punching at it and punching at it. >> laura: all right, we
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mentioned that biden has had problems like basic ones where he went to school. this is something he mentioned repeated repeatedly. >> i started in delaware state. i don't want to hear anything negative about delaware state. they are my folks. >> there is only one problem, he didn't attend delaware state. they came out with a statement today. a man said vice-president biden didn't attend here but he was a speaker in 2003 and 2016 and got an honorary doctorate degree. >> laura: that's a deep connection. you for scranton for a special event tomorrow night? >> a debate watch party and joe
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biden's hometown with committed and uncommitted voters. we will have it all tomorrow on the "angle." i can't wait. >> laura: distance yourself like jake tapper was from jill biden? >> they will will be in scranton and i will be in new york city. >> laura: at midnight. the witching hour. raymond, bye. still hoed. faux intellectules to big money from taxpayers. we will expose those grifters don't go away.
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>> laura: while the overwroth reaction to it trump's tax returns there is a new scandal. black lives matter are bilking americans, most are of them guilt ridden white billionaires of million dollars. where is all of the money going? in many cases toward promoting hate.
7:51 pm
hateful propaganda. beyond the fact that he didn't deliver on anything, he profits on desiminating hate. he accused amy coney barrett of being a white supremasist for adopting children from haiti. full disclosure, i adopted 3 children internationally. how do focus like kendi, become so influential when they are so
7:52 pm
hate. >> they have an organization that involves shaking down money. they have to produce some output. he made this claim which is flat out wrong that in colonial times that columnizers took over black and brown children to civilize them in the ways of the white men to cut them off from their own parents. in india there are british couple that took over indian kids and civilized them. i don't believe there is a single such case. if there were it was extremely rare.
7:53 pm
then, what does this have to do with amy coney barrett? did the barrettes go to haiti and force children into the ways of the white men? this is absurd. you have a very poor country. and you have all of these kids who are abandoned orphans. the barrettes took two and gave them a better home. so you get this bizarre racialized attack on amy coney barrett. it's all the product of a demented theory that is well funded these days in academia. >> laura: yes. i need to get this today. there is a voter fraud ring in indianapolis linked to congresswoman ilhan omar.
7:54 pm
>> who is filling out the absentee ballots? >> people who work with omar. >> where do they pay the money? >> they sign it and that's who you can pay. >> laura: we are working on confirming details. the minneapolis police department is investigating. total media blackout on this story. imagine if the shoe were on the other foot. >> if you are a muslim or black or a woman, you think you can claim immunity from the normal practice of laws that apply to everybody else. >> laura: thank you very much. still ahead. last bite and it's a good one. now, simparica trio simplifies protection.
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♪ >> laura: msnbc nicole wallace and jeff daniel starring in their own dumb and dumber remake. >> do you think that there is an explanation known to all of us
8:00 pm
yet for why the lies of our russia? >> not known to us yet, no. if as speaker pelosi says, all roads lead to putin. >> laura: i like them better when he was flat. that's all the time we have tonight, you got the reference. join us together. midnight, shannon bream and the "fox news @ night" team to get all from here. >> shannon: thank you so much. now the amy coney barrett set to kick off october 12th and all eyes on vice presidential hopeful senator, harris. on the senate judiciary committee saying how hard she plans to go after the federal judge. will it be a replay of the cavanagh firestorm? will senator harris commit to meeting with the nominee? i'm sure that will happy.


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