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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  September 7, 2020 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> on this labor day a brand-new deal for some exclusive fox news in gear, percent off your purchase, go to look at this. rachel, shirts! ♪ >> chaotic scene overnight and brooklyn, at least five people shot including a 6-year-old boy during a street party to celebrate the start of carnaval and caribbean culture. the event was suppose to be virtual this year due to the pandemic but that didn't stop hundreds of people from flooding the streets. no motive for the shooting has been identified. none of the victims were seriously injured. meanwhile today kicks off a busy week of campaigning for both presidential campaigns planning to hit some crucial swing states
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with less than two months to go until election day. good morning, happy labor day, sandra smith is off, happy to see you. >> happy to work with you for the first time. president trump and joe biden are turning their focus to pennsylvania this week where the real clear politics average shows him leading by four points. the former vice president will travel to harrisburg and the two sides not holding back as we enter the final stretch of the 2020 race. >> every time i see biden speak he says delaware, delaware, he never leaves. i'm all over the country. and then when i watched before getting asked questions that are really meant for a child to answer, anybody could answer, and i look at the level of questions that you people ask. honestly it's disgraceful. >> donald trump is not fit to be
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the commander-in-chief. the american people need to understand. all pain and suffering stems from president trump's failure to lead. >> blake: that is just a table setter, meantime vice president pence and senator harris are set to campaign and wisconsin. that is where we find peter doocy this morning. what is on the schedule there today? >> later today, let harris is going to tour at electrical workers training facility and then she will host an economic roundtable. the reason this is her first day out on the campaign trail by herself since being named to the ticket is of course covid-19. to that point, she is also saying that if there is a vaccine before election day she might not take it. >> let's just say there is a vaccine that is approved and even distributed before the election, would you get it? >> i think that's going to be an issue for all of us. i will say that i would not
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trust donald trump and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he's talking about. >> trump won wisconsin and 25 i, 5% are undecided. she will campaign and milwaukee where the party canceled their convention less than a month ago and mike pence will be on the border where the campaign is trying to turn red. minnesota, joe biden is going to be an pennsylvania hoping to hold the lead in there, but these are places the trump campaign and says they're doing better than it looks. >> you know we always discount public polling because they oversample democrats and under sample republicans. our internals for a long time
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and eve are today show that in the 17 battleground states, the president is very strong either tied or ahead of joe biden. >> the center of attention as wisconsin and a real challenge for kamala harris and mike pence is going to be breaking through the local story in wisconsin today, and that is the milwaukee bucks being one game away from the eastern conference finals. >> beat my miami heat in overtime last night. peter doocy. thank you. >> let's bring in byron york, chief political correspondent for the "washington examiner" at a fox news contributor. always great to have your expertise. let's talk about the trump campaign and then we will move on to biden. do you believe the trump campaign has done enough to resecure pennsylvania? >> they will do a lot more. the president was in pennsylvania a few days ago an
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end then in late august as well. back in 2016 donald trump's path to victory was fairly simple, he had to win all of mitt romney states and then he had to win florida, ohio, and pennsylvania. he did that and then he threw in michigan and wisconsin for good measure. right now it looks like all of those states are now becoming the same important states again in 2020. >> julie: should the president be out in the campaign trail where workers are obviously looking for the candidate that's going to most support the blue-collar voters, especially today on labor day? >> joe biden is they are today. he has a huge amount of labor union. biden is there. joe biden is a native son and pennsylvania. he was born and some of his early life and scranton. this race is actually close as
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it's tightening and pennsylvania and other states. over the summer biden had an 8.5 percentage point lead in the real clear politics add, today it's less than half of that, 4.2%. look at florida, is 1.8%. north carolina is a fraction of what it was. a lot of these key states, michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, the race has gotten tighter. >> julie: blue-collar voters is where biden does really need to advance. he seems to be flipping a bit in that category. the american federation of labor and industrial organizations, the largest federation in the united states. together it represents 12 million active and retired workers. how important is this meeting for biden to connect with blue-collar voters, specifically these union leaders that say
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there are thousands of employees and voters and workers that are at risk? >> look, it's a huge part of biden's campaign, not just for the votes, unions and the private sector or nothing with what they were a generation ago or two generations ago when joe biden was starting and politics. on the other hand he does have strong reports. by the way, the unions, police unions which are supporting president trump for obvious reasons. >> julie: you have union leaders, lawmakers, fossil fuels obviously carry a network of jobs, training, trade construction. that is where these voters are headed. they're looking for a leader that's going to protect them. a lot of these leaders say that joe biden's energy platforms threatens the jobs of thousands of blue-collar workers. could his acceptance of the
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progressive energy and climate policy risk alienate all those workers that he needs to carry pennsylvania in the election? >> absolutely. and the obama-biden administration, a lot of progressive policy people made no secret out of their desire to destroy the coal industry. donald trump's 2016 campaign platform on that was, i'm going to promote you, i want coal to be alive. i wanted to be a real industry in the united states. and that dynamic is still in play today. you have workers who feel that one candidate wants to destroy their way of life and the other wants to preserve it. it's pretty clear which way they're going to go. >> the international union of engineer is worried. they say it's 8,000 members are in jeopardy. they say, "it's going to be difficult to support or endure
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joe biden with the position he seems to be leaning towards when it comes to energy." that's the business manager quote there. code biden may be be going down the same road as hillary clinton and 2016, which as you remember, many people believe ws a big reason for her loss? >> absolutely. there were two reasons for her losses in and slovenia and michigan, and in wisconsin. one was that she did not connect. she could not connect with the white working-class voters. the other was that she failed to match barack obama's appeal and democratic strongholds and pennsylvania, detroit, and milwaukee. biden will have to do both of those things. he will have to match the obama performance and those places and he will have to draw those white working-class voters who were very attracted to trump. we just saw an article by the
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way, very liberal magazine, "the nation" and it talks about how president trump talks about jobs all the time and joe biden does not talk about jobs. that's a hughe huge issue. >> julie: appreciate you coming on. blake? >> blake: of the former fbi agent peter strzok is now speaking out, coming to the defense of his former employer. what he is saying about the flaws and the bureaus of original investigation with the ties to russia. plus, the president setting his sights on a new target, senator kamala harris, portraying her as a threat to the working class. is this the way to win over swing voters? we will get into it next. >> there is no question that donald trump has been an abject failure and incompetent when it comes to addressing the severe job loss that has happened as a result of the pandemic. ♪ to severe psoriasis,
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your wireless. your rules. only with xfinity mobile. >> blake: welcome back, as new york city struggles to contain gun violence, police data shows 25% of shootings this year have ended with an arrest, those figures through late august.
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about 1,000 cases, to ten have seen one suspect arrested. nypd officials have said the normal rates are about 30-33%, they blame the low arrest rate on reform, the covid-19 pandemic, and an increased scrutiny of police parents >> julie: portland and rochester, demonstrations gave way to violence and multiple arrests and both cities. and rochester more than 1,000 people came out for a fifth day of protests over the death of daniel while the mayor and police chief promised police reform. mike tobin is live with more. what have you seen from demonstrators. >> we saw they passed the milestone of 100 straight days of protests. they were not peaceful. one of the demonstrators caught fire from one of the incendiary devices used in the crowd.
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that was saturday night. the molotov cocktails appeared around 9:00 p.m. and then law enforcement declared a riot. they showed up with shields and protective gear, police officers were hit with rocks. one officer was injured when he was hit with a firework that burned through his glove and entered her's to make his hand. two of them had knives, 150 calls for service were unanswered because police were busy with protests. for a fifth night demonstrators marched and rochester, new york. more than a thousand people showed up. injuries to both protesters and police. they were ignited when daniel prude died in police custody after police put a hood over his head to prevent him from spreading. the kentucky derby around without fans and the stands, there were crowds in the streets. demonstrators continue to march in protest of the death of breonna taylor, she was shot and killed when they had a one for her boyfriend's apartment.
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they were met with counter demonstrators. a man who was shot by a kenosha police officer spoke from his hospital bed, jacob blake says he has staples and his stomach and back, he's him in 24 hours a day. >> i'm telling you, change lives out there, we can stick together, make some money, make everything easier for people out here. this is so much time that's been wasted. >> blake: there were demonstrations in chicago, the demonstrators outnumbered those. >> julie: mike tobin, thank you. >> blake: the trump campaign is setting its sights on a senator kamala harris. after months of slamming the former vice president joe biden on his 47 year record and politics, he is hitting his running mate. betraying her as an extreme california liberal who would hurt working-class voters. bent on a niche, the senior
6:18 am
editor of "the federalist." hi peered >> good to be with you. i guess this makes sense, 57 days until election day, you either go after biden or harris. started there. >> i think the trump campaign is acknowledging the very thing you can't say which is come expecting the presidency, expecting kamala harris pro codependency, a situation where she is going to be running the show when it comes to these policies. i think with what we have in terms of a record from her. >> blake: what you mean by that? >> people understand that this is not a decision that indicates that joe biden is going to be the person driving all the policy decisions. i think kamala harris is the kind of person you pick who was a very ambitious person. she's going to push biden to the side on these decisions that are going to be made, it's only
6:19 am
given. and her case in particular, that should concern a lot of people. she has the second most voting record that you can find in the senate, and her 10-year. that's not some partisan measure, that's the thing that is used by all sorts of academics, the measure that is used to analyze votes, the second most leftist voting record in the senate. she's also someone wh who is notoriously anti-bipartisan in terms of her record that something that the leader center at georgetown found as well. these are not measures that are put up by the g.o.p. or by some conservative group, other measures that indicate how far left she truly is. >> blake: here's how the trump campaign is trying to frame her, "kamala harris is a california liberal who has defined herself as a radical democrat with her support of the green new deal, socialized medicine, fracking bands, tax raises, and tax funded abortions." there is a lot in there. do think that's the way the
6:20 am
trump campaign should go? >> i think there is one aspect in that that deserves more attention, kamala harris has one of the most antireligious, anti-catholic records you can find. she said that obviously a member of the knights of columbus should not be able to be on any kind of court. that's a membership organization through the catholic church that obviously jfk belong to. it's a extreme position to have. she was criticized by her own party. you will continue to see that issue put forward. nobody really thinks that joe biden is a radical, but they do believe and it's accurate to say that he's too weak to stand up to the members of his own party who want to put the country in a radical direction. >> blake: if you were to be president he would be the president and he would set policy for that party, no? >> you have more faith in that than i do. i don't think that joe biden is the person who directs the
6:21 am
situation on the democratic side and to call him the leader of the party is an accurate. the party is being led by a radical leftist agenda. i don't even think that nancy pelosi directs her own conference in terms of the votes she's had to take. she is notoriously opposed to impeachment, something that ended up dominating what democrats did. and i think this is an indication that a new generation of leaders is taking over the party and that they do represent a more radical vision of the future, including kamala harris. >> blake: we will see kamala harris out on the trail and wisconsin, she's meeting with the international brotherhood of electrical workers and then speaking to black business owners. the latest polling in milwaukee, not good for president trump. joe biden is up by 4 in that state according to the latest fox news poll, joe biden is up by 8. what do you make of wisconsin and what you think we see of
6:22 am
harris today? >> i don't think that senator kamala harris is going to have a very warm welcome. joe biden didn't get one. while i do respect of the polling evidence there, i think the trump campaign has its mind on turning out a lot of white working-class voters, people who are difficult to pull, these are the same numbers we saw last time around. i expect we will see a similar result in 2020. >> blake: we have to leave it there. good to speak with you. have a good one today. >> julie: a longtime critic of joe biden says she's voting for him for president. three decades ago anita hill testified before the senate committee considering the nomination of her former boss clarence thomas to the supreme court. women's groups were outraged about the way the committee dismissed her claim of sexual harassment. joe biden was the chairman. he will tell cnn, she is now with biden regardless.
6:23 am
>> who would you like to see elected? >> i think joe biden is the person. >> would you be willing to work with him? >> yes. my commitment is to finding solutions. i'm more than willing to work with him. >> last year biden said that he had wished that he could have done a more to get hill the hearing she deserved. speak to the u.s. navy is searching for a sailor who won missing from an aircraft carrier, coming up details on that rescue mission plus, wildfires multiplying in california during a record heat wave out there. as we learn the cause of one destructive fire that has grown by the thousands of acres. >> it's been a mess. [laughs] one minute you are just sitting at camp and the next you're driving through pu flames and
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around the nose and mouth with juvéderm xc. tell your doctor if you have a history of scarring or are taking medicines that decrease the body's immune response or that can prolong bleeding. common side effects include injection-site redness, swelling, pain, tenderness, firmness, lumps, bumps, bruising, discoloration or itching. as with all fillers, there is a rare risk of unintentional injection into a blood vessel, which can cause vision abnormalities, blindness, stroke, temporary scabs or scarring. ( ♪ ) juvéderm it. talk to your doctor about the juvéderm collection of fillers. >> julie: the bottom of the hour here. here are some top stories. the protest and portland, police say they have arrested 15 people last night after the crowd set mattresses on fire. authorities say it was much quieter than saturday night when
6:29 am
a riot broke out. >> blake: joe biden out on the campaign trail today. he is traveling to harrisburg, pennsylvania, to participate in a virtual event. mike pence mike pence and kamala harris on opposite ends f wisconsin as well. she is meeting with union workers and business owners, the vice president will speak with owners at the power cooperative. >> julie: the brutal heat wave, temperatures climbing to 120 degrees in woodland hills yesterday. that is the hottest temperature ever recorded in los angeles county. ♪ speak to julie will stay there as a wild fire breaks out. more than 200 people airlifted to safety and now fire crews have determined the cause of the el dorado fire which has burned more than 7,000 acres. christina coleman has the very latest this morning from los angeles. >> it was a scary holiday
6:30 am
weekend for campers at a popular camping site in northern california. they were there when this raging wildfire trapped them. the california national guard had to step in to help them, airlifting 207 to safety. the helicopters were used to rescue the campers late saturday and into sunday morning. 20 people were hospitalized, if you were critically injured, some were burned and others had broken bones. crews were grateful to get them to safety. >> all of the individuals that they rescued were greeting the crewmembers with hogs as they were boarding onto the helicopter and then again after getting off the helicopter, a lot of high fives. >> julie: the creek fire started friday and have burned more than 45,000 acres since then, the fire jumped a river and cut off the only road into the mammoth pool campground and the sierra national forest where
6:31 am
those campers were trapped. other campers drove out of the flames like these two, they made their way through this a capitalistiapocalyptic scene, tg thousands of other structures and businesses. it's unclear what caused this fire, but we do know what calls the el dorado fire that burned more than 7,000 acres yesterday and san bernardino county. it was caused by a pyrotechnic device during agenda reveal party. this is 1 of 23 major wildfires burning right now. the governor jus declared a staf emergency. this weekend is a record-breaking heat here in california, it also drove up electricity putting a strain on the grid. they declared an emergency last night and said power outages were imminent yesterday evening after a transmission line at a power plant went off unexpectedly. hundreds had power outages last night and people here also being
6:32 am
asked to conserve energy again tonight because of this in an effort to avoid rolling blackouts. >> blake: christina coleman out in los angeles, thank you. >> julie: more record heat is expected across southern california today. it could last until wednesday. adam joins us now. we have never seen temperatures like this. what is going on? >> that heat is going to continue. maybe a couple of degrees cooler than we saw yesterday, but still getting up with record breaking heat. we are talking about heat watches and warnings, and it will be a big issue from arizona to southwest. running all the way up the coast, what does that mean for daytime highs? we are getting well above the triple digits. that is the case and a lot of spots around california, running all the way up to sacramento, getting up to 110 or more. a lot of extreme heat and this does drift off to the east. look at this 94 degrees in
6:33 am
denver. i want to show you what happens in 24 hours. there is a cold front that will move into the mountain. tomorrow's forecast, 37 degrees, that's no relief for the folks, but that's a winter storm that suddenly sweeps into some of the mountain states. we will be talking about as much as 18-24 inches of snow in that area so we have winter storm watches, kind of a wild weather weekend. >> julie: thank you. blake? >> blake: fox news alert as we turn our attention overseas as the search is underway in the north arabian sea for a sailor who went missing from the aircraft carrier. trey yingst is live in jerusalem. what do we know about this ongoing search? >> good morning. the search continues for this missing u.s. sailor in the arabian sea. last night around 7:00 p.m.
6:34 am
local time a call went out for a man overboard and this is still considered a search and rescue operation. this led to a full search of the ship on surrounding water. the sailors rank and name are being withheld per u.s. navy protocol, the service member is listed as duty status whereabouts unknown. he is normally stationed on the board, this vessel is based out of washington and arrived in the area around late july. it was dispatched amid ongoing tension with iran. the nuclear power supercarrier with more than 5,000 personnel on board, it can hold more than 80 aircraft's. this vessel is joined in this new search by a member of the uss princeton. last month a sailor went missing from the uss abraham lincoln and was declared death after nobody was recovered. the pentagon is expected to update as there is much anticipation around to this missing u.s. sailor. >> blake: trey yingst live in jerusalem.
6:35 am
thank you. >> julie: julie and a staunch appearing in a london courtroom today to fight extradition to the u.s. lawyers for the wikileaks founder saying the prosecution is a politically motivated abuse of power. facing 18 counts of espionage for publishing secret military documents. he has spent almost one year and a british prison. he faces up to 175 years behind bars if convicted. >> blake: the world's top ranked men's tennis player is out of the u.s. open. the incident that caused him to default is coming up next. recent polls show joe biden support among hispanic voters slipping in a very key battleground state. we will talk about it coming up. ♪
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6:40 am
world, novak djokovic. the u.s. open he loses a point, hits a ball and all the sudden he is like, no, no. watch close. the ball ends up hitting the line judge in the throat. she went down. you can see her they are grasping at her neck. she was winded. djokovic was disqualified. and his winning streak and 18th bid for a grand slam title. he then went to instagram and said "i'm extremely sorry to have caused her such stress, so unintended, so wrong." he knew it right off the bat. he was like, oh, no! >> julie: it's the poor sportsmanship, she looks like she's in agony. imagine getting hit full speed at that speed of a ball hitting you in the throat. thank god she wasn't badly hurt. >> blake: it's one thing if me or you do it, but djokovic.
6:41 am
>> julie: he's a little bit stronger. >> julie: it's bad sportsmanship. that's a bad turnoff. somebody get angry and throwing and losing their temper on the court, especially now under this pandemic when people turn to sports to be uplifting, this isn't the way to do it. you don't even have fans in the stands. no polling showing joe biden lagging among hispanic voters in the battleground states of florida. even trailing hillary clinton's case back in 2016. at the same time president trump is running slightly ahead of his statewide performance in 2016 by about four points. what is going on? joining us now is the and seek communications director, thank you for talking with us. i want to talk about a real clear politics average between the president and biden. it takes a look over there averages over the last three months and you will see that
6:42 am
biden's lead is slipping between july and september where he led trump 48-43. both candidates taking up in august but that in august of biden's lips while the president is about 46%. what do you think is going on in florida? >> i think you will continue to see polls fluctuate and we will continue to see the race tighten. we've always believed that this is going to be a close race and that is why the dnc and the biden campaign haven't been investing in these battleground states. the dnc actually put organizers there months ago even in the middle of the primary to make sure that we're reaching out to voters and talking to them, especially latino voters. one thing i want to point out is that even in a place like florida we have did focus groups they are and we had the top three issues among latino vote voters, covid, the economy, and health care. one of the things that we continue to hear down there is
6:43 am
exactly -- especially latino families are worried about the administration handling of the virus. specifically about that and their kids back to school, that there is no plan to get them out of this virus, and especially in a place like florida where you continue to see cases at an all-time high. i think that right now what latino voters and now that it is labor day everyone talks about how labor day is the kickoff to the sprint election, but we will see these polls tighten. that is why we made historic investments in places like florida and now have the largest latino outreach program in the history of florida. >> julie: it's interesting you mentioned the three top among latino voters, i noticed you didn't mention one and that is legal has been asked in this country are concerned about immigration. they don't want illegals to come into this country and skip ahead and they want them to do it legally, the way many of them
6:44 am
did. that is how they got to be citizenship. there are many legal hispanics in this country that want to look to a leader who will be tough on immigration. i believe that is the reason why joe biden perhaps might be failing a bit when it comes to resonating with those legal latino voters who don't want to see a president let the immigration crisis in this country fall by the wayside. is that an issue? >> what they want specifically is a plan and they want a plan so that you get a pass to citizenship. what they want is comprehensive reform. what they believe is that daka or cyprian's and we should have daka and you should give them a path to legalization. right now all across the country, they understand is the administration continues to divide us. they understand what donald trump is doing. they see the photos of children being separated from their families. latino voters don't agree with
6:45 am
that. they don't agree with donald trump continuing to divide our country. they don't like this. what they want is they want a leader who can actually have a plan, work with congress, work to get comprehensive immigration reform. make sure we are providing legalization. that is what latino voters want to. they also want someone who will look out for them. unemployment is in double digits and you continue to see this pandemic impact voters by 20%. >> julie: the latino civil rights and i want to quote from the president of the civil rights group, "the campaign needs to reach out to latinos directly and specifically and ask for their votes. we haven't seen enough of that yet." what would you say to that? >> we will continue to ask for their votes and i respectfully disagree because i think that we
6:46 am
are arguing that currently. you see especially in a place like florida where we have expanded our team. one thing that is significant is when the biden campaign made their election, they invested in not only spanish language media, but latinos also watch tv and english. my parents are latino and there watching new shows. we need to make sure that were reaching out to all families whether it's in english, spanish, bilingual, and to the biden campaign is doing that. especially if you set kamala harris, she did a virtual event and she was focusing on the latino small businesses. we will continue to do outreach like that. >> julie: thank you so much. we appreciate you coming on. >> blake: fox news alert, the president announcing on twitter that he will be holding a press conference today at 1:00 p.m. originally there was nothing on his schedule. the vice president out campaigning, the president,
6:47 am
kamala harris, made you think i'm a well, what might the president do? he's going to talk about the economy and the job numbers. we will bring it to life when it happens. >> julie: prince harry and meghan markle will be drawing a big paycheck from netflix, but they're also drawing a lot of criticism for nixing a fund-raiser for wounded veterans. what prompted the cancellation coming up next. several companies working to develop vaccines will pledge not to see government approval unless they are sure the shots are actually safe. president trump saying doses should be available by late october. >> i would not trust donald trump. i will not take his word for it. he wants us to inject bleach. i will not take his word. >> tech: at safelite, we're committed to taking care of you
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>> julie: prince harry and meghan markle may be in the money, but they're in hot water as well. facing major backlash for reportedly canceling a fund-raising event for injured veterans after selling a multimillion dollar deal to netflix. it was said to be aired on amazon which is a competitor. the organizers of the event say they canceled it because of the pandemic. >> we will remain on track to deliver a vaccine before the end of the year, maybe even before november 1st. we think we can probably have it sometime during the month of october. >> julie: a vaccine may be before november 1st, however three american drug companies working to develop a vaccine are expected to release a statement this week. that is according to "the wall street journal." the company say according to the journal that they do not want to
6:53 am
ask for government approval until the vaccine is proven to be safe and effective in human trials. joining us now, she is a fox news contributor. hi. the journal says it has seen a draft statement from these three companies, johnson & johnson, madrona, and according to the journal it reads, "we believe this pledge will help ensure public confidence in the covid-19 vaccine that may ultimately be approved in adherence to the rigorous scientific and regulatory process by which they are evaluating." what do you make of that statement and as well these companies coming forward feeling like they need to do something? >> i think it's great. they're seeking to ensure that there vaccine is safe to ensure to americans that what they're doing is abiding by the guidelines, providing a vaccine to help save lives. trust is very important. especially when were coming
6:54 am
across a healthy population. again, these vaccines go through very regulatory processes and this scientists, the cdc are held to the highest ethical standards when it comes to putting something in a healthy human being. we have to remember in phase one and phase two we have already proven that in the human -- the vaccine has been safe and it has been shown to work. we are going from vaccinating hundreds of people to literally thousands of people worldwide and we will have interim results next month. once we see those results we will move forward. keep in mind, they won't move forward unless they know that they have proper representation, minorities, hispanics, latinos, black spirit those are the populations that were hit the hardest. they are moving forward with respect to help of the nation, not just to quickly get it on the market.
6:55 am
the fda will not approve this vaccine if it doesn't show to be 60% effective. they won't green light it >> blake: you say trust is the most important thing. there are some who are concerned that november 1st as a target date, two days before the election. does that concern you? >> you know, that's a goal, it's okay to have goals, but the fda will not approve without at least 50% efficacy to show that it works and to the pharmaceutical companies themselves, they don't want to tarnish their reputation they have other drugs so it would be harmful to them if they put out a vaccine that didn't show to be safe and show good efficacy. remember this is just one tool, one weapon in our fight against this virus. we still have steroids, plasma, lots of treatments available. this is one tool to help fight
6:56 am
and again what is called herd immunity because the virus is still here. last night i had a entire family who is sick, coughing, mom had pneumonia. it is still here. the virus is still traversing the globe. we need to do everything we can. >> blake: they could be here for a while as well. doctor, we have to leave it there. thank you. appreciate it. >> julie: no rest for the candidates on this labor day. more on that, plus this. another violent weekend in portland as the city marks a major protest milestone. next. ♪ little things can become your big moment. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not a cream. it's a pill that treats plaque psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable.
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♪ >> blake: fox news alert, a fifth night of protest and a rochester, new york, over the death of daniel prude. 1,000 people marching in the streets last night demanding justice become a black man who died after police restrained him back in march during an apparent mental health emergency. welcome back to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom." hello once again. >> julie: good to see you and thanks for all of you watching at home on this labor day. protesters confronting democratic congressman joe marelli when they saw him in last night's demonstration. they told him it was not a photo off and then demanded to know
7:01 am
how the plan or how he plans to use campaign contributions from police to help the black community. meanwhile the mayor, announcing police reform peered watch. >> we are doubling the availability of mental health professionals at the suggestion of counsel vice president lightfoot, we will take our family crisis intervention team out of the police department and move it and its funding to the department of youth and recreation services, where our pathways to peace program already resides. to better and more humanely serve our residents. >> blake: senior correspondent laura ingle with the very latest out of new york. good morning. what's new? >> good morning. there is a lot going on with this story. over the weekend in new york attorney general who is overseeing the investigation, into daniel prude's death announced a grand jury to get
7:02 am
into what she has called "an exhaustive investigation into this matter." this has been going on for months. the city of rochester has seen a wide range of protest and response to the death of daniel prude who died after being restrained by police back in march. last night was the fifth night of demonstrations and was calm her. friday and saturday's protest escalated into chaos, and protesters started going after businesses and restaurant patrons, chasing people the way, pushing over tables and chairs and writing in the streets. this reaction to the newly released police body cam video of daniel prude being handcuffed naked in the streets with police putting a hood over his head to help restrain him during what his family called a mental health crisis, although he had pcp in his system, his death was ruled a homicide. city leaders have found reform included the practice intervention team from the police department to the youth
7:03 am
and recreation services group. >> it is my solemn duty to honor mr. prude, do not let his death be in vain and to do everything possible with how we police our city to protect and serve our residents. >> while there were some arrest last week, rochester police report no arrest last night. >> blake: laura, brooklyn is seeing a violent night, 20% of shootings and the city have ended and a rest. what happened there overnight? >> there was a horrific scene and a brooklyn overnight and we want to show you some tape that we got into our newsroom. five people including a six euro boy were shot during a celebration on the street of brooklyn. the child's mother was also shot along with three men, all five transported to the hospital with injuries not considered to be life-threatening. the chief of department tweeting
7:04 am
that two men were arrested and two guns were recovered. here's a really troubling stat, there has been a 166% increase in the number of shootings across the city for the month of august compared to last year. back to you. >> blake: laura ingle in new york. thank you. >> julie: there is also been violence in portland this holiday season as the biggest city passed 100 straight nights of protests since the death of george floyd. >> this has been declared a riot. >> julie: they arrested 50 people as people through fireworks and molotov cocktails at them, one setting a protester on fire. things were calm her last night, no arrests, although demonstrators did light a mattrs on fire near a police precinct. ♪ >> blake: we just got word
7:05 am
that president trump will hold a labor day news conference on the east coast while vice president pence will spend the holiday in wisconsin meeting with workers there. the president over the weekend tweeting, "our economy and jobs are doing really well, next year will be a record setter, stay tuned." white house trade advisor peter navarro one after joe biden's record on china. >> we lost over 70,000 factories, 5 million jobs and it was because joe biden likes made in china, donald trump came along in many ways because he said, that's not good, that's not right. i'm going to fix that. beijing biden verse is made in america donald j. trump, that's one of the stark differences between the two sides. >> blake: a message coming out of the white house, we have team fox coverage with the latest on
7:06 am
the biden campaign. david's font is at the white house. >> we are inside two months of the presidential election and it is code time for the trump white house and campaign when it comes to the economy. president trump announcing a news conference today, teasing it with a tweet, hinting that it's going to specifically be about the economy. jobs, numbers, the economic comeback are looking great, happy labor day. the last time we saw him yesterday, the camera captured video of him getting back to the white house after golfing around a golf in virginia. just about an hour after returning and going to the white house he put out the tweet, talking about the economy. this is all after the friday job reports shows promising signs. 1.4 million jobs added and august lowering the unemployment rate to 8.4%, down from ten, clearly an improvement from where things were.
7:07 am
this morning here on fox news, eugene scalia prays that jobs report. listen. >> one of the reasons were coming back quickly now is the series of decisions the president has made in the course of this year, beginning with the u.s.-mexico canada agreement. i'm traveling to wisconsin today, a wonderful way to spend labor day and that's a state that will benefit from that trade agreement replacing nafta. >> the secretary and vice president will be in wisconsin at a power plant in la crosse to talk about the jobs come back. president trump having that news conference at 1:00 p.m. today. >> blake: big day on the campaign trail, but what about the president schedule? >> he will be in north carolina, winston-salem for a rally. he will be in michigan, outside, that's on thursday. on friday he will remember those who lost their lives on flight
7:08 am
93, of course september 11th and pennsylvania. also in pennsylvania on friday, former vice president joe biden. >> blake: both at the same spots at the commemoration. david's font, thank you. >> there is no question that donald trump has been an abject failure, incompetent when it comes to addressing these severe job loss that has happened as a result of the pandemic because he's failed to address the pandemic itself. >> julie: kamala harris slamming president trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic. she traveled to battleground wisconsin today continuing a long tradition of democrats campaigning in milwaukee on labor day. joe biden heads to pennsylvania to join a virtual event with the country's largest federation of unions. joining us live outside washington.
7:09 am
how is the team mounting its latest attack on the president? >> good morning. look for the biden campaign to reach out obviously to working-class voters today, but especially blue-collar voters who may have supported president trump four years ago. they're targeting two very important states, wisconsin and pennsylvania. kamala harris is going to be in wisconsin meeting with leaders. the challenge for democrats here is to put an contest those job numbers that came out last week that showed a significant drop in the unemployment rate. they will argue whatever recovery is taking place it's uneven and unfair. >> folks have to ask themselves at home, is this recovery working for you? economists are calling this a k shape recovery, it's going well for folks at the top, but middle-class or below, it's going down. the question is, is this working
7:10 am
for working families? the answer is no. >> that's going to be the major emphasis today. the impact and the downturn on working-class families, on this labor day. julie? >> julie: both biden and harris have been hammering the president over coronavirus response as a development of a possible vaccine. what's the latest going on there? >> they may try to tie all of that to gather because the impact the virus had on the economy was significant. the cause of the downturn. they're also bracing for the real possibility that we may have a vaccine before election day. >> his priority was to do whatever he thought was politically expedient. no, i would not trust his word. i would trust the word a public health experts and scientists,
7:11 am
but not donald trump. >> blake: the president has expressed his confidence a number of times that there will be a vaccine released by the end of the year. >> julie: great to see you. thank you. it has been more than a month since coronavirus eight expired for millions of americans all across the country and steven mnuchin says that he and the president do want another relief package. with talks stalled on capitol hill, he blames the speaker of the house. >> people thought we would get 25 employment, and never came close to that. the president and i believe we should do more stimulus. the speaker has refused to sit down and negotiate unless we agree to something like a $2 trillion deal, but we need to do more and 30 days, we will do more. >> blake: that's the republican side, they say the $1.3 trillion falls short of what is needed for a phase for relief package.
7:12 am
lawmakers to return to capitol hill tomorrow. senate republicans are expected to propose a narrower relief package at some point this week. >> julie: more than 300 new york city restaurants are suing andrew cuomo and bill de blasio over the ban on indoor dining. one of them is lady gaga's father, a restaurant owner who says his business might not make it through the fall. >> once the weather gets cold we are pretty much out of business. if they're not going to give us the indoor dining we have to get it ourselves and that's the bottom line. we have to force them. >> julie: they seek over $2 billion as damages. a spokesman for governor cuomo says he understands people are unhappy but "better unhappy than sick or worse." >> blake: one of those massive wildfire started at a mom's gender reveals party. how that happened and what has
7:13 am
come of it. plus, as president trump stokes debate over mail and ballots, the communications director joins us next while one republin governor says his state has nothing to worry about. >> we have a very good system in ohio. for many years, two decades, voters have been able to vote absentee with no reason. we are confident things are going to work out fine.
7:14 am
7:15 am
7:16 am
7:17 am
>> blake: a gender reveals party gone very, very wrong. that's the result right there. california fire officials say the el dorado fire east of san bernardino started because of a smoked generating device that a couple expected a child used in their gender reveals gender reveals celebration. that wildfire has charred more than 7,000 acres, forced more than 3,000 evacuations and fire officials say it's only 5% contained. >> it's cooking out there. even being next to the fire, it's already a reflective heat, it's so hot. >> blake: here's a statement from fire officials, "with the dry conditions and critical fire weather, it doesn't take much to
7:18 am
start a fire. those responsible for starting fires due to negligence can be held financially and criminally responsible." >> julie: a warning from house minority leader kevin mccarthy that president trump's attack could hurt the g.o.p. come november. he tells axios, the party cannot afford to have anyone stay home over fears of catching covid-19, while democrats flood the field with male and ballots. here's part of what he said. i tried to show him, do you know who is most afraid of covid, seniors, and if they're not going to vote, were screwed. the trump 2020 present communications director and she joins us now. are g.o.p. congressmen and the president screwed? >> absolutely not.
7:19 am
that's normally what goes on. there is no issue whatsoever here. the only people who are conflating universal mail in voting, 100% voting where you get a ballot, everybody is there, we know voter rolls are notoriously filled with errors. absentee voting is the media. they're allowing for the two to be conflated time and again. there is a big difference between, the president who votes by absentee, he can't be home on election day. he submits a request for a ballot and he receives it, signs it and submits his vote. that is very different with what democrats are trying to do in nevada which is sending out live ballots to universal voting rolls to people who may not be active voters become a people who may have moved or died. you're putting -- that's roger lehr, you're putting a ballot out to everybody and that means if they're not there, someone could grab that ballot. that's an issue and that's what were talking about here.
7:20 am
that's what democrats are trying to do. chaos and to the election system to upend it before election day. >> julie: mccarthy has a point, if there is one demographic that is fearful it is the seniors. there are the most at risk for covid-19. with the president sending out a message that you should not go into your postal office and that you should not be mailing in your vote, you should go in person and those seniors would be president trump voters, that could possibly scare away older voters who might support the president? with that in mind, is there a different message that the president should get out there for exactly those voters, the seniors? >> the president by no means has had that people should not vote absentee, to request a ballot, to put a ballot into the mail. what he is saying is what democrats are trying to do with upending the election system,
7:21 am
it's frie ripe for fraud and ch. if you are in that section of the country, absolutely, requester absentee ballot and submit it early. make sure your vote has been counted. the president has had clear, he wants to make sure people can vote safely and do so. >> julie: i'm going to switch gears by this article by the atlantic. here's the headline, "trump, americans who die in war are losers and suckers." he has repeatedly and this is what the article is stating and i'm quoting, "for sparing the intelligence of service members and asked that women veterans be kept out of parades." i want your reaction to the article. the president has said that it's completely false and that he has never defended the military more, he can defend the more.
7:22 am
could this hurt his campaign? >> this is why the president is so fiercely a critic of the media because you see four anonymous sources go out there and not be willing to put their names to absolutely disgusting allegations against the commander in chief of the united states. there is no bigger defender, not only of our active military, but our veterans than president trump. not only in words but in action. he rebuilt the united states military, he has reformed the veterans administration, he is allowing them to get better care than ever before. there are 14 people on the record with eight of them at least with first-hand knowledge to refute these claims, to refute this story. the atlantic should be ashamed of itself. there is no better champion for america's veterans than president trump. p1 i that actions do speak louder than words and you point out a good point, the president has done a tremendous job in helping troops get out of afghanistan
7:23 am
and fighting crimes overseas, but let's talk about those words. this is in the first time that he's been accused of disrespecting war heroes. when he attacked john mccain. "he's not a war hero, he was a war hero because he was captured. i like people who weren't captured." john mccain is not the only war hero and i will emphasize the word hero because he was one. he gave his life and he was physically abused and permanently scar and physically find that capture appeared to not recognize as a war hero, is that not a slap in the face to all of those veterans who either died in captivity or managed to escape with their lives after being tortured for years? i believe those comments sort of are coming back to those that were extremely offended by his comments about john mccain. >> did you see the president bring united states capitol to have flags flown at half-staff
7:24 am
across the country? look at what this president has done, not only for senator mccain to honor his legacy but all veterans. this is a man who loves the troops more than any other president ever has and it's very offensive that anybody would dare say such disparaging words about this president and his love of the troops. videos exist of this president hugging veterans, meeting with families at arlington, look at what this president does, he fights for our troops. let's remember how the fake news is out there saying the president was out golfing when he shows up at thanksgiving dinner with our troops. this is more fake news and we need to understand that the president of the united states is commander in chief, there is no stronger ally fighting force in this country for our veterans and our active duty military then president donald j. trump. >> julie: thank you. >> blake: a coronavirus warning on this labor day as
7:25 am
millions of americans get together for the holiday. why health experts believe there could be a surge in cases. plus, unions across the u.s. getting behind black lives matter. how they plan to show support for the movement next.
7:26 am
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without talking to your doctor. so help heal your skin from within, and talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent. if your financial situation has changed, we may be able to help. ♪ >> blake: it is the bottom of the hour, time for the top stories. record fire atomic temperatures that are exploding across california. burning thousands of acres and forcing thousands to evacuate their homes. >> julie: protest continuing in portland over the weekend, police declaring a riot saturday night and made more than 50 arrests. >> blake: joe biden and kamala harris hitting the campaign trail, the former vice president joining a union event in pennsylvania while senator harris will meet with union workers in milwaukee. mike pence will also be in the badger state speaking and touring.
7:31 am
>> julie: unions across the country say they will walk off the job to support black lives matter before election day. unions wrapping teachers, autoworkers, truck drivers and more say the goal is to force local and federal lawmakers to pass police reform and address systemic racism. doug mckelway is live in washington. how soon can we expect these mock-ups to happen? >> no specific date is set but one rep says the threat will continue, protest and potential walkouts as long as it is needed. in a statement that was first shared with the associated press, three big major unions including the national education association or at least branches of it, the american federation of state workers, and seiu said this, the status quo of police killing black people, killing demonstrators is clearly unjust
7:32 am
and it cannot continue. that statement made no mention that ongoing riding and protest and support of black lives matter had disrupted life, caused injury and death, and untold economic harm. the statement called upon local and federal governments to "divest from the police to redistribute the stolen wealth of the billionaire class and to invest in what our people need to live in peace, dignity, and abundance, health care and housing, public job programs, and save working conditions." quite a lineup of demands. >> julie: unions are hardly unanimous in their support of black lives matter as well. >> that's right and keep in mind that the number of union membership in this country who votes democratic is along the lines of 80% and their threat comes as some police units have rallied around president trump. new york's police association
7:33 am
are among many endorsing the president and how many companies are in a quandary over employee support for very divergent political causes. american airlines announced on saturday for example that the flight attendants will be allowed to wear, on-duty, black lives matter pins and other companies workers have been penalized for wearing maga hats are at the president for a boycott from goodyear tires. the experience and division we are seeing in american life are expressing themselves in corporate life as well. back to you. >> julie: doug mckelway, thank you. ♪ >> blake: temperatures had to drop in the coming months, infectious disease experts are warning about a potential surge in covid-19 cases both this fall and in the winter with the peak they say arriving after election day. charles watson has the very latest live from atlanta. >> good morning.
7:34 am
as labor day comes to a close there are concerns that reckless behavior could lead to a coronavirus disaster in the fall. 25 states already reporting rises in cases going into the unofficial end of summer. public health officials across the country are pleading with people to follow safety guidelines to avoid the same spike in cases the country sought after people held a large gatherings following the fourth of july and memorial day weekend. >> for the emotional health and behavioral health it will be important for people to get out and have a good time, but the responsibility behind covid-19 is that we continue to wear a mask, we continue to social distance. >> manufactures in a rare move are expected to make a pledge that they will not brush a vaccine to the public. a statement reviewed by the publication says, "we believe this blood will help ensure public confidence in the
7:35 am
covid-19 vaccine that will ultimately be approved in adherence to the rigorous scientific and regulatory process by which they are evaluated." on public health officials question if there was political influence at the cdc after the agency told states to prepare for a vaccine that could be released days before the presidential election. northeastern university is dismissing 11 first-year students. the university says the students were found crowded inside a room at a temporary off-campus dorm, a violation of the school safety protocols. northeastern university is also the planning to return of the $36,000 in tuition the students paid. the good news for the students, they can appeal that decision. >> blake: charles watson, thank you. >> julie: a dramatic rescue caught on camera. firefighters in china say a
7:36 am
6-year-old boy who got his head stuck between the metal bars of a fifth floor window, he's dangling from above over the street. it took a 12 man team at the scene to carry out the operation. one group one inside the operation to secure the boy while they use power tools to cut to the railing and then set him free. incredible. the second group was waiting outside with a stretched table ladder. they got the boy and they got him down to the street safely. no word of any injuries, but the way he is turning his head around, thank god he's okay. this poor little kid with this weak child neck could have broken his neck hanging with all his weight. amazing. >> every time my kids get close to a railing, i'm like you say in bold, can't run fast enough. it's hard. very hard. >> blake: the nominee kamala harris says she has big
7:37 am
concerns about russian election meddling ahead of the election. while her comments are raising eyebrows to salm, plus a closer look at the claim that the economy is recovering only for those at the very top, while lower wage earners keep struggling. is that the case? >> you will see a phenomenal third quarter gdp. some people think it's going to be in the neighborhood of 30, 35%. if your dry eye symptoms keep coming back,
7:38 am
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[ engine rumbling ] [ beeping ] [ engine revs ] uh, you know there's a 30-minute limit, right? tell that to the rain. [ beeping ] for those who were born to ride, there's progressive. >> julie: a baseball losing a legend and hall of famer, he died sunday at age 81. the st. louis cardinal outfielder was diagnosed with cancer, he battled diabetes in recent years as well. he had over 3,000 hits and his decade-long career, it ended in 1979 good at one point he held the major league record for stolen bases with 938.
7:42 am
♪ >> i am clear that russia interfered in the election of the president of the united states and 2016. i served on the intelligence committee, we have public detailed reports. i do believe that there will be for interference in the 2020 election and that russia will be at the front of the line. we go it cost you the white house? >> theoretically, of course. >> blake: less than two months from the november election and the democratic nominee kamala harris warns that russians could be meddling to try to hurt joe biden's presidential hopes. the biden campaign is also pushing back on the idea that the economy is recovering with a v like look. they say it resembles a different letter. joining me now is robert wolf, former economic advisor to
7:43 am
president obama and ceo of 32 advisors, he is also a fox news contributor. good to see you as always. i think we got you plugged in. we will get to the economic stuff and a second, but first those comments by the vice presidential nominee. what do you of them? >> i think what she is saying is just the facts. the g.o.p. senate led foreign intelligence committee has already said that russia meddled in the 2016 to the benefit of donald trump and the detriment of hillary clinton. the national security advisor has recently said that russia is trying to metal again. we are also now hearing about china. >> blake: just to stop you there, the security center has said of russia is using a range of measures to denigrate biden. go on. i wanted to clarify that. >> that's part of the national
7:44 am
security umbrella of this president. it's clear that they've meddled in the past and they will try to metal again. we are hearing the detriment of joe biden, also hearing about iran, china, and north korea. it's critical we make sure that the elections are always fair and the outcome is right. that's what every president should want and no difference going into 2020. >> blake: elections often are also one based on the economic situation and if there is an incumbent, how they have handled the economy. president trump has been talking about a super v, meaning the economy dipping and going back up. the biden campaign is choosing a different letter. listen here to one of the advisors to the former vice president. >> folks have to ask themselves if this recovery is working, condiments are calling this a k shape recovery, it's going well, going up for folks at the top, but her folks were middle-class
7:45 am
or below, it's going down. the question really is, is this working for working families and the answer is no. >> blake: a k shape recovery, those of the top have kept their jobs and have done well and a rising stock market, but those at the lower income levels have lost their jobs or been furloughed and haven't made as much money this year as they have in years past. is that part of the argument? >> what is interesting is not only economists are saying it, the chamber of commerce said it. i wrote a piece on this last week to many of the people i advise. it's clear that we do have a k shape recovery. we have the haves and have-nots. we have 10.6 million jobs, but we've lost 22 plus million. 87% of those in the stock market are the top 10%.
7:46 am
you places like amazon, target, stock is up 100%, at the same time 100,000 small businesses are closed for you look at what is happening in poverty, food insecurity, and covid were 2.8 times the number of people are being impacted in the black and brown community versus the white male caucasian. there is no question that this is a recovery with the wealthiest doing better and the others are not. that's a fact. >> blake: i'm glad you brought up jobs because there is one jobs report left before the november election. you look at the end employment rate the last five months, since april, 14%, 13%, 10%, 80%. it's going down. maybe we might see seven or 6% before the election. if that is the case, does president trump have a winning hand? >> i would tell you, first of
7:47 am
all, 3.4 million people have left the workforce permanently, 5 million jobs have been lost, 24 million people are actually working less were not working at all. let's just be clear, june was 4.8 million, july was 1.7, august was 1.4, this recovery is slowing. it's not a v shape, it's the opposite. i would say that i hope we have a great recovery, i hope we have unemployment under 5% and i hope we have 20 million new jobs, but the data does not tell you that today. >> blake: i think everyone hopes that. especially on labor day. robert wolf, good to talk to y you. >> julie: protests are turning violent yet again across the country this weekend. portland police declaring a riot, but the question is this, where are they coming from? we will try to answer that. scientist shocked and confused by a new discovery on the moon.
7:48 am
what is it? next. ♪ ♪ when the moon hits your ♪ like a big piece of pie ♪ that's nce, so you only pay for what you need. what? oh, i said... uh, this is my floor. nooo! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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it would have been easier than this. so wear a mask. do what you can outside. stay six feet apart. because some things you just can't take back. do your part to lower the risk.
7:52 am
>> blake: believe it or not the moon is rusting and that has scientist scratching their heads and rust, like what they're seeing happens when iron oxidizes from exposure to water and oxygen are the moon is pretty much oxygen free, but water has been discovered at its poles which could explain what is happening. the discovery could also reshape our knowledge of the moons polar movement. >> julie: portland police declaring a riot on saturday
7:53 am
night, but are these rioters local or are they coming from out of town, where they coming from and who is supporting them financially? let's bring in the former detective. where do you believe they're coming from? they come in droves and it seems like the numbers keep going up. i don't think he can hear me right now. can you hear me? can you hear me now? it's julie banderas. >> now i can hear you. >> julie: there are reports that many of them while they're local here, they were under the belief that there were a lot of out-of-state errors that are converging in these cities, where you believe that coming from? >> there are a lot coming from out of the city to participate in these activities, it's giving them a form to go crazy because of the fact that there really is
7:54 am
no justice, no peace, meaning people are getting arrested and they're getting right back out like a merry-go-round and their exciting the riots, looting the business and hurting the public inside new york city. >> julie: many local mayors, many of the states and democratic states, the local political leaders that are supposed to be protecting law enforcement are being accused of not doing enough to empower their local police in order to stop these rioters. at what point, and this is a thought i thought of this morning, to the state start to consider conducting traffic stops or checking driver's license? making sure these people who are driving into these cities are coming from over the state lines and consider a ban on travelers entering the state when you are talking about deadly force like this. it could potentially save lives.
7:55 am
>> most definitely. also with all this, they need to take the handcuffs off the police officers to allow them to be police. there should be evidence-based and data, they're looking at the numbers, they're seeing the murders going up, but when the people are rested there letting them right back out. they need to let the police be the police. they're talking about lord knows, but these states are hindering the police effort and the ability to protect their citizens. at the tame time there not giving up their details by they work around their utopia or their own bubble. >> julie: it's a same time shamt it's become political because they are law enforcement. an interview with laura ingraham, the president when he spoke to someone who was on a lane from a certain city and in the plane it was
7:56 am
completely loaded with thugs wearing dark uniforms, black uniforms who planned to do big damage and they're flying from city to city. anyway to stop that from happening? >> yes. one of the things is checking identification, documented, just like how when you go to another country -- say that again? >> julie: i ran out of time. we are up against a hard break. thank you. >> blake: the race for the white house shifting, we are live on the campaign trail. more from around the country as we come back. an army family who is always at the ready. so when they got a little surprise... two!? ...they didn't panic. they got a bigger car for their soon-to-be-bigger family. after shopping around for insurance, they called usaa - who helped find the right coverage for them
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♪ >> julie: fox news alert and unrest across america showing no signs of slowing down. violent protests rocking cities coast to coast, the chaos raging out of control. welcome back to "america's newsroom." i'm julie banderas and for sandra smith. >> blake: more than 100 straight nights and portland, a milestone marked with more violence. it got pretty heated over the weekend with fire bombs flying through the air, one of them hitting a protesters while onlookers try to beat the flames down with their bare hands. >> julie: more than 2,000 miles away protests
8:01 am
spiraled out of control after the controversial death of daniel prude. last night protests stayed peaceful with hundreds of marching the streets. >> blake: demonstrators based off a head of the kentucky derby, the events usual colorful hats replaced by protesters instead and camo. sometimes carrying guns instead of that. molotov cocktails that nearly sent a court house on fire. mike tobin is covering it all this morning and he's live from chicago. >> it was saturday night when portland crossed that threshold of 100 straight nights of protest and the demonstrations were not peaceful. most dramatic, a demonstrator was hit by an errant molotov cocktail setting his legs on fire. they started appearing in the crowd about 9:00 p.m., that is when law enforcement declared a riot. the protesters had shields and other gear, a number of police officers were hit with rocks,
8:02 am
one was injured when a firework burnt through his glove. the demonstrators had been firing commercial grade fireworks at police. 59 people were arrested, two had knives, 150 calls for service went unanswered because police were busy with the protests. demonstrators were out and in rochester, new york. they put a hood over the head of daniel prude, it was to stop them from spitting but he died, both police and protesters were injured in the demonstrations in rochester. the kentucky derby ran without fans in the stands. they had crowds in the streets, demonstrators continue to march in protest over the death of breonna taylor who was shot and killed one police served a no knock warrant on her boyfriend's apartment. the protests were met by pro-police, pro-gun protesters. the man who was shot by a kenosha police officer triggering deadly ride spoke from his hospital bed. >> you do not want to have to deal with this.
8:03 am
24 hours, every 24 hours, it's pain, it hurts to breathe, it hurts to sleep, it hurts to move from side to side, it hurts to eat. >> blake: demonstrators march and chicago here, but this time the police demonstrators outnumbered those who want to get rid of the police. >> blake: mike tobin, thank you. >> julie: more on this with darren porter, retired police officer. thank you for talking with us. portland police have declared riots for 100 straight nights as firebombs were hurled at officers. rochester's, protesters rallied for the fifth consecutive night over the death of daniel prude. and then in downtown louisville, hundreds of demonstrators facing off the head of the kentucky derby, they had guns, camouflage, law enforcement it seems our losing control by the day.
8:04 am
have they lost total control of these protests? >> i don't believe they have lost complete control. we have to refer to what is the disease, it's the behavior and the cure is law enforcement. elected officials need to let difference to sustain a level of calm. often times people the closest to the problem are closest to the solution and that would be law enforcement so as a result the posturing by elected officials is subsequently taking a lot of these places in the wrong direction, therefore now is the time to coalesce behind a strategy that can move forward and be successful, but you need to include law enforcement and that conversation. >> julie: these governors need to stand up and that is the only reason there are arrests because the police have their hands tied and that's the bottom line. what is it these mayors need to
8:05 am
do? that is clearly backfiring, smut what points does change, because this cannot continue >> you have to understand, recognize that if you read the tea leaves it's been unsuccessful in connection with defunding the police. police officers are not afraid of the rioters, they're afraid of the elected officials because the elected officials are the people that can place these officers in jail. we have to understand what of the dynamic the situation is. we have writer's behavior that needs to be eradicated, how can you put off the moratorium on this violence and that is when you have to have police executives, elected officials, and community leaders engage in a negotiation and come up with a plausible solution and implement
8:06 am
it. that hasn't happened because people have subsequently been separated. >> julie: i got cut off earlier so i have to ask you this about the question of where these riders are coming from. they're not all locals. the other question is where are they getting the funding. there was an interview with laura ingraham and the president, he said he spoke with someone on a plane and it was almost completely loaded with thugs wearing dark uniforms, black uniforms of gear who planned to do big damage, implying these organized rioters are flying from city to city. who was blin buying their plane tickets? a lot of these protesters probably don't have jobs. what do they do to prevent these riders from moving from city to city? >> in terms of putting forth an agenda to eradicate these people that are coming from outside, this is when the elected
8:07 am
officials need to coalesce behind to the community leaders so they can understand, identify, and recognize who these individuals are and place a referendum on these officials. you have a multitude of different organizations such as antifa and black lives matter that have been gaining financial support. that in many ways is fueling the agitators that are coming from out of town. the boots on the ground in those particular areas where the riots are occurring, they need to posture and that's not happening. >> julie: thank you. i appreciate it. >> blake: and assistant high school principal who recorded himself at a protest yell income "f the police" it happened on friday. he reportedly released a video on facebook after he said police used pepper spray. the school district apologized and said it would not condone his remarks. they added the district stands
8:08 am
and solidarity and support of racial equality and systemic change. the statement said any potential punishment would be kept secret. some on social media were outraged by that response, still nearly 5,000 people have signed a petition demanding this womanist rater not to be fired. not only are criminals shooting more people in new york city, more are getting away with it. data from the near police department that "the new york post" has analyzed, according to the post, 20% of shootings ended in a arrest here that was through the end of last month. it's below the normal number of shootings that ends and arrests, that's around 33% which itself as you can imagine has a lot less to be desired. staten island has the best rate of shootings solved, about half, while shooters in brooklyn are likely to get off scot-free with 15%. >> julie: the sierra national
8:09 am
forest in california is on fire. massive rescue operation is underway. helicopters flying over the flames rest during 200 people, christina coleman has been reporting on this all morning and she's been covering the story line from los angeles. christina? >> it was a scary holiday weekend for some campers and northern california. they were hanging out at this popular camping site went all the sudden they're trapped by this raging wildfire. the national guard tapped in to airlifting 207 people to safety. military helicopters were used to rescue the campers late saturday and into sunday morning, 20 people were hospitalized, if you injured, some were burnt and others have broken bones. crews were grateful to get them to safety. >> all of the individuals that they rescued were greeting the crewmembers with hogs as they were boarding onto the
8:10 am
helicopter and again after getting off the helicopter, a lot of high fives. >> the creek fire has burned more than 46,000 acres since friday. it jumped a river and cut off the only road into the mammoth campground in the sierra national forest where the people were trapped. other campers drove out of the flames like these two. they made their way through this apocalyptic scene as the creek fire threatened a marina and cabins near shaver lake and burnt homes and businesses. it's unclear what caused this fire, but we do know what caused the el dorado fire that burned more than 7,000 acres in san bernardino county. it was caused by a pyrotechnic device during a gender real party according to firefighters. this started on saturday and 1 of 23 major wild fires burning in california right now. the governor declared a state of emergency to help get these fires under control and the record-breaking heat is also straining california's electric grid, there was power outages
8:11 am
last night and people are being asked to conserve energy tonight to prevent rolling blackouts. >> julie: christina coleman, thank you. >> blake: president trump not taking a break this labor day, said to hold a news conference and two hours from now, 1:00 p.m. on the east coast. he is going to be talking of the economy. when that happens we will take you to it live. plus, the white house booking done my pushing back hard on reports that the president trashed fallen american troops, while i won a gold star widow is coming to the president's defense. today takes up the final countdown to election day, but as we enter the home stretch officials have a new warning about the results. ♪ way things get done.
8:12 am
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>> blake: labor day marks the unofficial last dash, but their warning we might not have an election day as much as we have an election week with results trickling in for days on end.
8:16 am
election officials are making contingency plans, michigan secretary of state says the emphasis is on counting the ballots accurately and not quickly. >> we should be prepared for this to be closer to an election week rather than an election day. the bottom line is we are not going to have the full results and accounting of all of our ballots on election night. we arty know that. >> blake: the likely delay and results is just one of a number of concerns that some have heading into the election. ongoing partisan lawsuits could be following all of this, meaning last-minute changes to rules and procedures. state legislators are still debating laws that could change how boats are processed as well. >> julie: as we enter the home stretch of the race, joe biden is heading to pennsylvania, the state that president trump president trump narrowly won in 2016. mike pence and kamala harris are
8:17 am
stepping in wisconsin where we find peter doocy. >> good morning. senator harris should be touching down here in milwaukee within the hour. first she is going to tour and electrical workers union training facility and then she is going to host business leaders roundtable. this comes just a day after she made some waves by claiming why she might not take the first batch of a covid-19 vaccine. >> let's just say there is a vaccine that is approved and even distributed before the election, would you get it? >> i think that's going to be an issue for all of us. i would say that i would not trust donald trump and it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he's talking about. >> when it comes to who
8:18 am
wisconsin voters trust to do a better job on the coronavirus, biden-harris have a 17-point advantage, but there tied with b5 and mike pence on the economy and they claim that's going to lead to their reelection. >> there right on policy but they're not dumb and they realize this race is tighteningd they realize they can't just run a stall tactic and try to win by stumbling into the finish line. they need to get out and campaign. here's what's important, why is the race tight and why is there momentum for our side for the president and our campaign, it's because of the economy. >> wisconsin is the center of the political university because harris will be here in milwaukee and mike pence will be in la crosse, wisconsin, which is just across the border where the trump campaign has been investing a lot of resources. >> julie: peter doocy,
8:19 am
thank you. >> blake: even though some polls show the race tightening, president trump still lags behind joe biden. the latest real clear politics average polling average shows the president trails the former vice president by roughly seven points. the president also behind and real clear politics battleground state polling average by a few points there. an article in "the new york times" sums it up this way, and their words, "no president has entered labor day weekend, the kickoff of the fall campaign as such a clear underdog since george bush and 1992, still the president's surprise win in 2016 weighs heavily in the thinking of nervous democrats and hopeful republicans alike." making it real clear politics let's bring international correspondent. we normally do this in person, good to see you. happy labor day. i think you can throw the national polls away because you
8:20 am
look at the state average that you guys have, it's a few points when you talk of the six or so most important states. the trump campaign communications director was asked about their internal numbers over the weekend and i want to get your reaction after this. >> our internals for a long time and even today show that any 17 battleground states that we survey, the president is very strong, tied or ahead of joe biden. president trump has made an enormous inroads among black and latino voters. in 2016 the exit polls show the president got a percent of the black vote, some of these public polls show the president getting in the mid-20s. >> blake: do think the president is tied or leading in all 17 battleground state? >> i think, i'm not surprised to see the trump campaign be very bullish about their internal polling. this is something the campaign always seems to do. i'm glad that you joined both
8:21 am
"the new york times" headline with ercp polling because history is a very good guide, but history does retire context. it's true that president trump is going into this reelection very similar to president bush, but the context is important. the context is that while trump is underwater and an underdog he's had to combat this pandemic. he's behind joe biden by seven points, but if you look at those six battleground states that we have pulled and that average, it shows a rather narrow race. i think that democrats, unlike in 2016, they're not taking anything for granted. >> blake: polls are snapshots in time and as you say the battleground states are narrowing so as we go closer or get closer to election day, to think they still continue to narrow? because that certainly the hope of the trump campaign. this remind me of a conversation
8:22 am
i had with minority whip steve scalise, i think it was in may or june. his argument was, the reason why the president at that time had not narrowed, got closer to joe biden was because at that point the race really was between us, not just the president and the democratic nominee, but against the coronavirus as well. there had not been as much of a contrast. his theory of the case is that after these conventions you can have a one-on-one comparison between the two camps and the comparison of the trump campaign wants to push right now, they want to push the comparison on the issue of violence and rioting and looting. >> blake: before we go, kamala harris will be on the campaign trail today for the first time and we see joe biden starting to get out on the trail again. does that move things in his direction or is this built in as a very unusual election year? >> it's very unusual because it's been so virtual but
8:23 am
something i've been impressed by by both campaigns to be quite honest is that their retail politics have not suffered considering the challenging circumstances that we've just had. maybe those two conventions, those infomercials didn't move the needle too much, but what we saw and that preprogramming was two candidates who did their best to be empathetic and actually interact with voters. i think biden and harris do a very good job working the rope lines. obviously it's going to be socially distance, but i think it will lean into that advantage as they come down the stretch. >> blake: see you tomorrow, enjoy the rest of your day. >> julie: the senate's top democrat chuck schumer now calling for an investigation into the postmaster general after five former employees say that he pressured them to support g.o.p. causes. they say he even reimbursed them with company funds for donating
8:24 am
to republican candidates. "the washington post" first reporting the story and now he's tweeting, "these are very serious allegations that must be investigated immediately independent of the trump justice department." he is independent of donald trump and he is the right person to start this investigation. >> still to come some alarming news from the pentagon, one nation ramping up its air force so fast that it could threaten our forces in the u.s. that warning coming up next. plus parts of california setting record temperatures as a heat wave scorches that state up and down. how long will it last? the forecast is coming up. >> i'm trying to beat the heat a little bit. we are from the valley. it's going to be outrageously hot out there anyway. that's why there's otezla.
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8:30 am
search and virus cases much like we saw following memorial day. >> blake: of the most fighting force in the world the u.s. military facing a challenge from china. the pentagon reporting the communist country building up its air force and fast. also warning it could soon overtake our air forces aging fleet. it's not just the air force they're worried about, china already has the largest navy in the world. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has the very latest from the pentagon. >> this report known as the china power report has been required by congress for the past 20 years. this year for the first time the pentagon did not briefly pentagon press corps on its findings and has tried to downplay its rollout. its conclusions this year are, it's not just advances and china's air force technology and aspirations, but china's navy surpasses out of the united states. in the 2019 report the pentagon
8:31 am
said china had the largest navy in asia. >> china now has 350 warships and submarines compared to 293 for the u.s. navy making it the largest in the world. in its annual report the pentagon says beijing is increasing its shipbuilding for all naval classes. >> we face eroding military damage. >> the deputy assistant secretary of defense for china and spoke to the american enterprise institute. >> it is likely that china will seek to build a military that is equal to or somewhat superior to the u.s. military or the military of any great power that china receives as a threat. >> any past year the defense department has said china has added to its stockpile of intermediate range missiles. the new report says china will double its nuclear warheads over the next decade. that's not nearly as alarming as it sounds.
8:32 am
they say china has roughly two had nuclear warheads. the u.s. military has 3800. for context when it comes to the larger navy they say the warships, they're far more powerful than china's, but at a time when the national defense strategy calls for a shift to great power competition, it's clear from this report that china's military has grown in the past year and size and its abilities. >> blake: jennifer griffin, thank you. >> julie: more on this now with chairman of the institute for the study of war and fox news strategic analysis to. always great to see you. jennifer's report is alarming. china is growing. new drones, fifth generation fights, reconfiguration planes and defenses obviously making even deadlier. you agree with the pentagon's assessment that the chinese air force is becoming a massive
8:33 am
threat? >> oh, yeah, i agree with the whole report. what has taken place here is china for more than a decade has been the most rapidly growing military in the world. as jennifer mentioned, they have the largest navy, but they also have the largest army, the largest coast guard, the largest offense of rocket and missile forces in the world. and there increasing the capability of all of those services and as noted here, the capability of their air forces. their air forces are not the largest, but they are the largest in the region to include u.s. deployed forces and that region. the united states air force is larger than china, but china has state-of-the-art aircraft, state-of-the-art defense systems, state-of-the-art drones and layer building the world's first on-demand stealth bomber. we haven't seen in this
8:34 am
competition since the soviet union post world war. china wants to do economic and military domination worldwide and replace the united states as a global leader and eventually change the international system that has been an place for 70 plus years since the end of world war ii. that is where they're going. >> julie: they reported to include a total of 2500 aircraft's. here is gordon chang talking about what china has that the u.s. doesn't. watch. >> china has whole classes of missiles the united states does not have and the reason is that we were in the treaty which prohibited intermediate range missiles here china was not a member of the treaty and so it developed missiles that can hit u.s. navy ships. clearly we have a long way to go to even get to where china is in some classes of weapons. >> julie: of the united states
8:35 am
not having missiles, that's a bg issue, is there anything we can do to change that? because we are rapidly changing that. what gives us a real pause for concern is not where china is going to be 20 years from now because we have allies that are uniting with us just as we do against the soviet union. we have allies that are a part of a coalition. in the near term it is true, what concerns us, if china wanted to go to war in taiwan or in the south china sea, they have offense have long-range missiles that can take out our ships and we would have assets, high capital assets destroyed on a scale we have been seen. they would also take out all of our bases in the region. that is what gives us huge concern. we have to put missile defense is out there and we have to have our own offense of missiles to hold theirs. that is why the trumpet defense buildup is so
8:36 am
critical. it's more critical than the reagan defense buildup post-vietnam war. >> julie: general, great to have you on. >> good talking to you. speed to the university of southern california placing a professor on leave after he used a chinese word that sounds a racial slur. he was giving a virtual class on how different cultures use filler words to take pauses while talking and then he used a chinese expression that sounds like a racial slur. some students complained saying they were offended, the university apologized and the professor said there was no ill intent. >> julie: the temperature and one part of los angeles county reached 121 degrees yesterday, can you believe that? the scorching heat wave is expected to blanket southern california today. meteorologist adam klotz has been watching it. what is going on?
8:37 am
>> that he does going to continue to day until probably the next couple of days. we have advisory stretching across the large portion of the west and to california and covering the entire state. you run all the way from the northern part of the state and into the southern portion of oregon. you will get the heat well into the triple digits. the forecasted highs, close to 110 degrees, closer to 120 degrees and some of the usual areas, death valley is always hot. suddenly you're at 111 degrees and sacramento, extreme heat hanging in this area. it pulls itself back to the mountain states. denver is 94 degrees today. this does hang along the coast for tuesday's forecast. you see a lot of hundreds, but if i take you back up to a spot, he wen94 degrees today, just a e
8:38 am
drop off the bottom, it's a winter storm. winter storm watch from wyoming up until my stomach montana, 18-24 inches of snow, it's summer and it's winter all within a few hours of each other. >> julie: thank you so much. speak to a gold star window surprised to see a picture of her young son and in the newspaper, especially since it accompanied a story about president trump trashing u.s. troops. she says her experience with the president reflects something very different than the recent reports. she will join us live to explain next. ♪ that cat ered to so many including the staff... (announcer) mr. peter walsh. peter...
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>> blake: an update on covid-19 across the u.s., official sounding the alarm about a potential surge and new cases after the holiday weekend. you are looking live right now at new jersey, the jersey shore, 45 miles south of atlantic city. a tourist destination, enacting new safety measures as you can see why, pretty big crowds. off the coast now to northeastern university as they have picked out 11 freshman students, partying at a hotel near campus. that's a violation of school rules. for the first time since the great depression the majority of young americans are now living with her parents, a research study finding 52% of adults age 18-29 live with at least one parent. have you thought about halloween yet, you might want to, halloween candy is trying to hit store shelves much earlier this year. candy makers are pushing to boost sales this month since
8:44 am
fewer people are expected to hand out halloween candy. >> julie: as the white house pushes back on reports that the president trashed fallen u.s. troops, a gold star widow is coming to his defense. britney jacobs decided to share her story after a picture of her young son was used in "the washington post" story under the headline, "trump said u.s. soldiers entered and killed in the war are losers." she says there's more to a picture. she joins me now. first of all, i want to get to your husband and your loss. that's the most important bullet point here. your husband was killed in combat in 2011, can you tell me about him? >> he was killed in a training accident in 2011. he loved to hunt, he loved to fish. i got to see the sweet, caring, genuine side and everybody else got to see jake, the funny end
8:45 am
of the life of everybody who was around. he was a very outgoing and fun person. love the life. >> julie: how old was your son when he passed away? >> he was eight months old and he was just a baby. >> julie: i can't imagine. how old is he now? >> he has nine. >> julie: and this picture with the president and i want to put this up, the headline features a picture of the president with your son, how old is he there? do you go three years ago so he would be six. six years old. >> julie: i want to know how the atlantic headline made you feel when you read the president said that u.s. soldiers injured and killed were losers. especially since they used a picture of your young son with the president next to the article separate of "the washington post" article. >> i just felt hurt.
8:46 am
i felt hurt from my son who admires the president and he's met him on several occasions and he looks at the president as his friend. the president has called my son his buddy before and that to a little boy mean so much here to see that an article of the president being accused of insulting the fallen, it hurts. i've seen the complete opposite. that is not the character i've seen. he's been so sincere, caring. when he talked to my son he was so focused on him and he was so engaged. it made my son feel special. my son looks up to him. it really hurts because what they're saying, it is and what i have seen. as a widow that is something i can speak on. >> julie: how do you think the president views the military, those that are no longer with us
8:47 am
and fighting right now? >> i think he supports 110% he has supported us, he has supported my son. he has done speeches on my husband and christian meeting him twice. it was so special and so memorable. he's done so much for us, the veterans time of the system, for us widows. we have been fighting for over a decade to get rid of the offset and this year under the trump administration it was repealed. it was eliminated. it was nice to someone who is so caring and loving and supportive of the fallen and the troops. >> julie: we first of all offer you our deepest condolences and we really appreciate you coming on. we needed to see and hear a story like yours to get balance. britney jacobs, thank you very
8:48 am
much. god bless you and your son. >> thank you. >> blake: thank you. a man from michigan becoming the first double amputee to canoe the entire mississippi river and he did it for a very good cause. more on his incredible journey and how he is using it to help disabled veterans coming up. ♪ into a smaller life? are your asthma treatments just not enough? then see what could open up for you with fasenra. it is not a steroid or inhaler. it is not a rescue medicine or for other eosinophilic conditions. it's an add-on injection for people 12 and up with asthma driven by eosinophils. nearly 7 out of 10 adults
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♪ >> blake: america together and now, the first double amputee to canoe the entire mississippi river, all 2300 miles of it. he launched the journey to
8:53 am
launch free wilderness excursion so others can experience the outdoors. he is a founder of courage inc. and he joins us now. good to see you. nice to talk to you. >> thank you for having me. >> blake: i want to get to the organization and a second and how people might be able to help, but tell me, 109 days on the mississippi river canoeing it, what was that like? >> yes, sir. we had a plan for about a year. we wanted to run the american flag down the country and that's what we did to inspire other people with physical disabilities, adults and veterans to get outside. the only disability is fear. >> blake: i wander and i have to imagine when you do something like this for that long you might learn a thing or two about yourself. what did you learn? >> absolutely.
8:54 am
it tested me more than i thought it would, that's for sure. it's a very big and long river. and i was expecting a lot of things, but i learned a lesson every day of the week, sometimes multiple lessons every day. the best part of the trip was the people. the people up and down the river from minnesota to louisiana, absolutely fantastic. speak to you i have to imagine people are at home watching thig about the biggest challenge. >> the biggest challenge, there is a lot of mud. i'm a double amputee, my nonveteran, but crawling in the mud, that in the southern states, it was definitely tough but it pushed me to the limit. it put the persevere there. >> blake: $20,000, your goal
8:55 am
of 20,000 for raising money. tell me about that organization. >> we started it and 2015. i started and michigan to pay it forward. me and our cofounder, we started it up and our goal is to take adults with physical disabilities and veterans, one weekend we might have a vietnam veteran. our goal to take them into the rustic woods and change their perspective a little bit. something they thought they couldn't do anymore. we make it happen. we supply everything. i'm a ceo but i still volunteer. we are all volunteers. it's a great organization. we were getting busier and busier and we thought this trip would be a great fund-raiser to help us get better gear and safety equipment for ourselves and our clients. >> blake: and a thin, incredible trip and a true
8:56 am
inspiration raising money did you see it on your screen. very nice to talk to you, incredible journey down the mississippi river. if you do something like that ever again, reach out to us. thank you. >> julie: that is so awesome. just over an hour from now we are going to be her hearing from president trump on the economy and job numbers. we will bring that to you in that event starts live. ♪ ta-da! did you know liberty mutual customizes your car insurance so you only pay for what you need? i should get a quote. do it. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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>> blake: a live look in milwaukee, wisconsin, and there she comes off the plane. kamala harris, her very first solo campaign appearance. i'm blake burman. julie, it was great for don't like to work with you on this labor day. >> julie: great work if you, as well, a little bit distant. "outnumbered" starts now. >> kennedy: this is a fox news alert, president trump said to have it hold a labor day news conference in less than an hour on the economy. this just days after the on employment rate dropped to single digits for the first time since the pandemic began. it also comes after a vital weekend for many parts of the country putting portland, oregon, which marked its 100 straight night of protests over the weekend. yay. rioters threw molotov cocktails and one lit another protester on fire.
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