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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  September 2, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> that's it for us. a busy morning in america's newsroom. >> great to see you, "outnumbered" starts right now. >> ♪ >> fox news alert. president trump and democratic nominee joe biden both hitting the trail with competing campaign speeches. with two months until election day. the president living for wilmington, north carolina to speak on the battleship north carolina and designate wilmington as a world war ii heritage city. biden will speak in delaware. on the heels of a visit to kenosha where he said those were
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responsible were more than criminals. >> he's are not act of peaceful protest but domestic terror. we coordinated to deploy the national guard to kenosha and stop the violence. >> the biden campaign announcing that former vice president biden and jill biden will visit kenosha tomorrow. in an interview yesterday biden made the point that the surge of violence and unrest in america is happening on president trump's watch. "everyone talked about this when i am already president. the fact is this it donald trump's america. donald trump has done nothing more than pour gasoline on the violence from the very beginning."
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i am melissa francis. david, what do you think of joe biden's scramble now to kenosha? >> when you are reacting, you are losing. the reality is right now president trump is controlling the narrative of this election. whether it will be a discussion on law enforcement and protecting american citizens or whether it be the biden campaign is out with a vaccine ad and how to handle the coronavirus all in response to the measures in the news that the president said about moving forward on a vaccine and helping with therapeutic medicines and getting resources to state to deal with it. all of these issues play in the president's favor including the economy.
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thus you see the biden campaign reacting including getting him out of his basement to go to wisconsin. you would have heard the media screaming the president should not go. will they say the same thing about joe biden tomorrow? >> melissa: it seems like the vice-president was ahead and now he is playing catch up. responding to what the president is doing as the poll numbers seem to close in. >> well, the polls are tightenings, but joe biden is still up in national and state polls. and joe biden also announced in the last hour a record breaking month of fund-raising in american political history. he raised over 360-million dollars. that crushes every record we have seen by donald trump or anyone else. joe biden's campaign feels like they for a good position. their goal in the wisconsin visit is to draw a contrast with what president trump yesterday. not giving any credence to the
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concerns of black americans who are protesting peacefully. police brutalities. basically igforeing it. just talking about law and order. posing in a front of photo shop where the owner refused to pose with him. they had to get a former owner. joe biden is in direct contrast to the divisive language we heard president trump use yesterday and for weeks now. >> melissa: lisa, do you want to respond on that? >> i would love to. we know that joe biden and kamala harris don't care about the violent riots because they didn't mention it the week of the dnc convention. they could have condemned it. we saw others lose their lives to the violence happening. no mention until it became
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a political liability for their campaign. further, we heard a lot from democrats that president trump is increasing racial tensions in the country. what do you think it does when you have joe biden and democrat governor evers putting out support for jacob blake invoking race. we don't know if it was racially motivated. no talk about what the police kenosha association put out. jacob blake was at his ex-girlfriend's house and it was a warrant for felony sexual assault. he was allegedly trying to steal keys to a cars that was not his. he evaded a taser and had a knife with him and put a police officer in headlock. there is a compelling other side of in that we don't hear from
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joe biden and don't hear from tony evers. they are the once that are stoking the fires and stoking divisions in the country. that should be condemned for doing that. >> i heard juan williams say yesterday that white people don't understand the systemic racism or won't acknowledge it. we have two divergent points ever view. is that what this race will come down to for most people or something else? >> i hope it doesn't come down to that. that's probably the most divisive issue you could put in front of citizens and voters. we should be thinking about ways to find commonality and have respect for each other and for our fellow human beings. i want to address what marie said. yes, joe biden raised a lot of
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money. but the problem as we saw in 2016 hillary clinton outraised donald trump 2-1 and that did not help her become president. the race is tightening, but polling hasn't changed from 2016. there were no polls that showed president trump was ahead in wisconsin not to mention florida and pennsylvania. the "new york times" as you remember had president trump losing by 95% probability in the early part of election eve. you have to be careful about that. the other thing with joe biden. is there is systemic racism and we grant that, then he is one of the people who helped create that with the bills he authored in the '80s and 90s. with segregationists. that will be tough for him to run away from him. right now it seems like he is
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doing what he should not be doing. saying this is how i will communities safe that are burn asking three things i can do to not only protect citizens but reform police department so we have smarter policing and not make cops the enemy. >> melissa: speaking about money. there is a big ad war between the trump campaign and biden campaign. the biden has a major ad blitz addressing the violence in major u.s. city. >> fires are burning and we have a president who can't stop the flames because he fomented. >> melissa: the trump campaign is out with their own ad attacking biden on his response to the unrest in kenosha. >> lawless criminals terrorize
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kenosha and joe biden takes a know knee, which led to chaos and violence. >> melissa: i want to start with the biden side first. the talking point during the convention was this was peaceful protesting. that has turned dramatically. even as i hear democrats come out, they use the same phrases you hear in the ad. he is fomenting this racism and pouring gasoline on the fire. these talking points are out there. what caused that change intacts? >> well, democrats have been saying since 2016 that donald trump is fomenting racism. i don't think it's a change in tactics. we saw the vigilantes expanding
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beyond portland. even in the past few weeks the problem has grown. he was always planing to speak about it. it's interesting when we talk about ads. one of the campaign's biggest decision size where they spend money. joe biden has expanded the map where he is competitive in places where hillary clinton wasn't like ohio, texas and georgia. he is probably going to spend money there because the polls show him as competitive. donald trump also will have to. this is interesting to watch. where they spend money in the next few months. >> melissa: absolutely. it's telling. it shows you the road map that will use for victory. biden campaign raced a record in august. we believe that's the most
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raised by a presidential candidate in a single month. that make the trump side nervous? >> well, we are at the point in the every 4 years where we can't wait for the trial lawyer ads to come back and get the political ads off. we will have our share of political ads over the next couple of months. a lot of money is being raised. people are excited about this election. it won't be a series of tv ads that wins this election. it will be who turns out. as you think about it, you have many of these -- many democrats who are pushing to make it hard for election officials to do their jobs. as opposeed to making it easier for people to vote and make them feel safe and confident their vote will count. you have democrats who are trying to upset the system.
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ultimately so they can claim that the only way the president was able to win was to cheat. in the undermining of democracy that everyone should be concerned about. >> melissa: yes. portland's police chief slammed the city's elected officials over their failure to stop the nightly violence and a local business owner says police officers hands are tied. >> we want to see some action here. this is just so hard for so many of us. three thousand dollars. three thousand dollars!! that's how much veteran homeowners can save every year by using their va benefits to refinance at newday. record low rates have dropped to new all time lows. with the va streamline refi there's no appraisal, no income verification, and no money out of pocket.
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>> melissa: we have breaking news. we are learning who will be the
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moderators of the upcoming presidential and vice-president jail debates. chris wallace on september 29th will hold the first presidential debate. that will happen in cleveland, ohio. the vice-presidential debate will be hosted by susan paige, the washington bureau chief of "usa today." the second presidential debate in a town hall meeting formal is steve the senior executive producer for c-span on thursday october 15th. the third presidential will motterated by anchor of weekend today and happening in nashville, tennessee. very exciting news. our own chris wallace will moderate the first debate.
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i can't wait. kennedy, let's watch it together. >> you know it. i will bring the margaritas and you have the food. ted wheeler said he will move for the safety of his neighbors. but he is not moving to iceland. after protestors set fire to smash windows at the building where he lives. the city's police chief is slamming elected officials for not doing more to stem the nightly violence. posting a statement on the city's website: emergency calls for service are not answered. this is impacting the safety of our entire city and actions needed. our elected officials need to draw a line in the sand and hold people accountable. the owner of the downtown subway sandwich shop said police told her they could not do anything about a break in at her store during its riots.
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she told fox news they live in near. >> a young man was robbed. it affects people so differently. he was just traumatized. he will never come back. the young lady is just uncomfortable. her parents don't feel comfortable with them working here. i can't blame them. >> david, let me ask you this. we see this in new york city. there is a disconnect between the police and the mayor and the day. -- d.a. how do you bridge that divide? that is making these cities so dangerous is the feeling of lawlessness? >> the happiest people in portland right now are wheeler's current neighbors because he is leaving. the unhappiest people are wherever he is moving. typical of most democrats he will move into a gated community to protect himself. it speaks to why despite marie's
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take why the president visiting kenosha yesterday was so powerful. it was not just about law and order. it was saying to all communities we want to keep your air safe too. the numbers are overwhelming how long it takes a community to recover after a riot has gone on. the economic or perception damage. the president's message is we are going to keep you safe. the other thing we know about all of this, it's not republican or democratic election officials that these rioters are targeting. they are trying to cause destruction to everyone. as americans we have to decide will we allow the laws on the books to be carried out to keep
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us all safe and allow us all to pursue our american dreams? >> yes, you bring up a good point. this is not a bunch of democrats who are running around in the streets. the antifa people who are well organized. they want structural change. they want to bring down this system. ted wheeler tried to go out and march with the protestors and cry. another mayoral toy-boy who is feckless. what does the left hate ted wheeler so much? >> i would not call the rioters the left. >> you can in portland. i will correct you there. antifa is very well organized. they are vocal. the woman running against ted wheeler for mayor who has a good shot of winning tweeted out publicly i am antifa!
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>> [overlapping talking]. >> there are all a number of protestors who are arrested riots. >> no, no. i am asking you -- >> can i finish what i am saying? >> no, not unless you answer this question. why does the left and people like antifa hate democratic mayors? >> let me finish what i am saying. what is so frustrating the people leading the peaceful protests that were happening in portland separate from the rioting are pleading with the rioters and looters to stop. we have seen protestors saying very clearly this did not represent them. it is rioters come from all political backgrounds. the arrests and court documents show they are not all antifa.
9:23 am
some are from other groups, a variety of different political points of view. what is frustrating to democrats they condemn the rioting and the looting. the protestors are asking for them to stop. there are no easy answers to get this under control. people who say send in the national guard. >> yes there is. >> that's not an easy fix. >> yes, there is. >> marie the reasons americans won't buy kamala harris and joe biden's about-face on law and order you saw the democrats create a cult for criminals in the states they control including portland and even when kenosha when the mayor rejected federal assistance. we have seen people on joe biden's campaign as well as kamala harris encouraging people to bail out the individuals who
9:24 am
are out there. some protestors but also rioters arrested for the things they did done in minneapolis, minnesota. this is why we have seen in kate brown the governor of oregon's request for assistance, we saw the mayors in washington county reject her help because of the environment in portland, oregon saying we can't send our people in when the same people night after night are getting arrested and nothing happens to them. it creates the culture of impunity for criminals. citizens in the areas don't feel safe. that's why the argument is not bought from biden and harris because it's garbage. >> i can answer kennedy's question? >> yes. >> kennedy, you asked why are these mayors so hated by the left? the answer is because they made these cities impossible to live
9:25 am
in. the peaceful protestors, they don't want violence and chaos. only antifa wants that. there is nothing the mayor can do other than dissolving the government to make antifa happy but that's who they are playing too. they are letting them run amuck and they lost control. no one is happy because they can't make that group happy. all of the fires and all of the chaos and the looting and the loss of income and making it an unsafe place to live, no one wants that. wheeler said he wants to express his apology to the damage to his home and the fear you are experiencing due to my position. i thought maybe he was issuing that to the entire city. every single constituent is
9:26 am
living in fear because of his position. nobody wants their city burned down. only antifa who only be happen until it's total chaos. >> does that answer your question? >> it does, but i want thing to get better. i don't chaos. i don't like seeing families torn apart because of who they side with politically. it's ridiculous. we have 30 seconds. i want you to answer, it joe biden becomes president and he has a great shot right now. how will he make all of this go away and what if it doesn't? >> i don't think he can make it all go away. his rhetoric and policy he put toward to address police brutality making clear all police are not bad. most are good. he keeps saying. that the president of the
9:27 am
presidency is enormous. what you say matters and the policies you put in place matter. joe biden is saying these are complicated issues our country is facing. we have to listen to both sides and we have to have better conversations. i want to ask why republicans were running these cities donald trump and this level of rioting was not happening. it's a complicated question. >> you saw homelessness rampant across the country before these riots happened when mayors unpopular. we will see where we go from here. hopefully a much better place. rules for you but not for me? nancy pelosi getting a little heat for getting a blow out inside a hair salon shuttered by covid. the back lash next. >> it's frustrating. it's ridiculous. >> you continue on your merry
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>> house speaker nancy pelosi getting heat over a hair salon visit in san francisco at a time when california businesses are limited by coronavirus restrictions. video shows pelosi her mask around her neck rather than on her face walking through the establishment. a stylist follows her wearing a mask. president trump tweeted crazy nancy pelosi is being decimated for having a beauty parlor open when they are closed and not wearing a mask." the salon owner told fox news it was a slap in the face that she went in. she feels that she can just go
9:33 am
and get herself done while no one else can go in and i can't work. a spokesperson for pelosi said she followed the rules as they were explained to her by the salon. salons in san francisco have been closed since march and could only notified they could reopen on september 1st for outdoor services. kennedy, one of the amazing parts of this story is she immediately threw the poor salon workers under the bus saying it was their fault. the working people that she supposedly stands up for. that who she served up to be devoured. rather than she knew the law. she had the salon explain the law to her in a way she misunderstood and it's not her fault. it's these poor hourly workers. they are the ones that are blamed for her going in without
9:34 am
a mask. >> kennedy: she is lying. that's a bold faced lie. he has plenty of minions and servants who work for her that could tell her what the rules are in san francisco. who would not love a blow out? you know who would really love it? people who work in salons who are not making any money. they would love to work does get their hands clean and blow out tresses, but they can't do that because of the restrictions with clearly don't apply to her. she has no problem telling everyone else how they should limit their ability to make a living right now. she has plenty of money and plenty of power. >> melissa: marie, do you worry this fuels the anger at the ruling class, ruling elite. who says these rules are not for me. hard to keep your mask on if you get your hair done. the rest of us have to do it if
9:35 am
you can go somewhere. in her city you can't. apparently her tresses are essential workers. >> [laughing]. i have gotten my haircut wearing a mask several times in washington where it's legal. she should follow the same rules everyone else is. she should also wear a mask inside. we all should. i agree she should follow the rules. if she didn't, i don't think that's a good look. i think that the republican outrage over this including president trump is not based on the fact that she wasn't wearing a mask. it was based on the fact she is not doing the same thing everyone else s. i was yell aski asking -- yelling and screaming during the rnc that hundreds of people were there without masks on. i would love every politician to abide by the rules and wear masks and stay apart from one other. that's what i would like.
9:36 am
>> melissa: david, the reason why everybody is fired up about this is because she is a complete hypocrite. this is exactly what got president trump elected in the first place. it's the hypocrisy in washington. this idea that she has stood on a soap box and talked about following the science and wearing a mask and the president should mandate that everyone in the country wears a mask. yet there she is not doing it. it's the hypocrisy that drives us all crazy. your thoughts? >> under her own definition talking about president trump she is now an enemy of the state because she didn't wear her mask. there is a far bigger point here that is tragic and nancy pelosi spent more yesterday at that appointment than the $300 the president is fighting for to give americans every month who are trying to battle through the
9:37 am
coronavirus. the stimulus money the president encouraged to put into the economy to get jobs created so men and women can restore their checking accounts and get their retirement accounts going. instead of nancy pelosi being in washington to move this forward she is in san francisco not taking this as seriously than others. >> melissa: she is breaking the law. >> you made the point there is a realignment in the parties. the democrat party is the party of the elite. it's not just nancy pelosi. it's the mayor of philadelphia who indoor dining where others
9:38 am
can't. and bill de blasio letting stars aattend the vma's and not having to self-quarantine. people attending funerals for some while families who lost loved ones to the coronavirus can't do. the fact that nancy pelosi don't see it underscores how out of touch she is with every day americans. >> melissa: yes. gangs in chicago putting police on notice. the warning that has the fbi investigating.
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an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. >> just moments ago we saw the president boarding air force one on his way to north carolina to
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visit the battleship north carolina where he will be designating wilmington, north carolina as an american world war ii heritage city. look forward to. that the chicago police department confirming to fox news that the fbi sent out an intelligence alert warning area law enforcement about a pact among street gangs to gun down cops. the chicago bureau sent an activity alert last week that read in part: chicago former cop says this alert shows why all of the talk about defunding the police is
9:44 am
wrong headed. telling fox news it's just another huge crack in the foundation holding up chicago. we have seen 2,815 people shot and 520 people murdered in chicago in just 8 months. now we have a bounty on our police officers and there is still idiotic talk to defund the police. according to our own fox research there is no every day to defund the police department in chicago. specifically. but david, let me ask you. what do you think about this warning about a bounty on the head of chicago police officers? >> it only adds to the morale problem among our police officers. they are doing their job. they are trying to keep law and order. they are arresting those who are committing crimes. you have district attorneys and
9:45 am
progressive prosecutors who won't execute the law and enforce the law and try to put these people behind bars where they belong. this is what happens when you have the bail reform like you have in new york. when you don't have prosecutors who are going to prosecute the law. when you want to be selective to score political points. i almost fell out of my chair when marie said there was no it rioting going on before donald trump got liquid. -- elected. perhaps she was out of the country and she didn't see ferguson or baltimore. joe biden is talking about the need for community policing in 2015 to get police officers in communities to build relationships to help keep people safe. >> melissa: marie, do you want to respond? >> yes. i have talked quite a bit ferguson on tv. this is not start with donald
9:46 am
trump. this is not donald trump's fault. but we as a country have to look at what is different now. ferguson did happen and baltimore also happened. the president of the united states barack obama at that time made an effort to try to bring both sides together. put in place community policing agreements to get at some of the systemic issues. it was a different tone than president trump's trump tone is. when it comes to chicago, melissa, this is why joe biden says i don't want to defund the police. he says that over and over again. he says most police officers are good police officers. we need to have a conversation about why violence is up. we need to have that in a non-shouting and non-partisan way. it's hard, but we need to get at the root causes in chicago
9:47 am
because the situation is not good on the ground. >> melissa: you are right. >> [overlapping talking]. >> melissa: lisa, one thing that is causing it and i don't want to leave this out, the coronavirus lockdown. a lot of people are in economic dire straits and they have been locked inside and lost their job. without questions one of the other factors we have not mentioned that led to a lot of these problems has to do with the closing of so many businesses and the loss of so many livelihoods. >> that's why i am i proponent of reopening the economy. president obama did nothing to stop the division in the country. he put out a statement in support of michael brown before his own doj would later find it was michael brown who was the
9:48 am
aggressor. what the media and left did was take that narrative and drove it. they went with it. seeking to prove a narrative as opposed to the facts. that's what we are seeing too often. in chicago the superintendent davis round said he saw 51 chicago police officers shot quadruple than in previous years. this was is the same man that was the chief of police in dallas where he saw 5 police officers gunned down in 2006 because they were police officers. we have a lot of issues that are going on in this country. we need to be honest about the facts that are going on. >> melissa: a programming note on this story. chicago anthony will join me in "outnumbered" in the next hour live. massachusetts senat
9:49 am
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>> melissa: a blow to one of america's political dynasty. ed markey defeated joe kennedy
9:53 am
iii in the state's democratic senate primary. president trump weighed in on the race. see even a kennedy is not safe in the radical democratic party. pelosi strongly backed the loser. the first time a member of that family has lost an election in massachusetts. what does that tell you about the state of play in democratic politics right now, david? >> i never hear a story about a kennedy in the election and not thinking about joe kennedy saying about john kennedy's election is don't buy a single vote more than is necessary. i am not playing for a landslide. unfortunately joe's grandfather was not around to help him out.
9:54 am
the really tragedy is we republicans don't have a competitor to take on marky to defeat him. >> i got a lot of condolences messages on twitter. nancy pelosi endorsed joe kennedy iii. the squad loves ed markey. what does this tell you about the democratic party? >> yes, joe kennedy could never really come up with a good answer why he was challenging ed markey. primary voters like when the incumbent shows up and fights for it. joe crowley did not do that and ed markey did. he and joe kennedy believe the same things on policy. kennedy could not make a good contrast on policy. he was just making the argument he is younger and a kennedy. ed markey fought for it. he criss-crossed the say the and
9:55 am
ran a great campaign. i wanted to joe kennedy to win. i like both of them. buoyed ed just wanted it more. this was pure on the ground get-out-the-vote. knocking on doors virtually. he ran a better campaign. it will be interesting to see what markey does next. there could be an open senate seat against in massachusetts. >> this is shaping up to be the year of the old white guy. >> [laughing]. i thought marie's analysis was fascinating. old white guys? yes. we will see. >> all right. we have more "outnumbered" in just a moment. stay with us. when you start with a better that's no way to treat a dog... can do no wrong. where did you learn that? the internet... yeah? mmm! with no artificial preservatives
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>> congratulations to chris wallace, who has been named to the first presidential debate moderator. he is going to be tough, he's
10:00 am
going to be fair, he's going to be incredibly prepared. maria come are you excited? >> absolutely. it's a great lineup. that is much watch tv. >> amen. david, maria, lisa, you so much. here is melissa and for harris. >> melissa: fox news alert, joe biden is set to speak in delaware at any moment for his plan to reopen schools across the country while president trump is scheduled to land in wilmington, north carolina, this hour, which is a key battleground states. this is "outnumbered overtime" and i'm melissa francis. their rival candidates will be doing events one day after president trump visited kenosha, wisconsin, where he surveyed the damage left behind after violent protests after the police shooting of jacob blake. biden plans to visit the city himself tomorrow. the trump


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